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Welcome, welcome everyone, and yeah, you’re lucky you’re getting a stream. Kev was procrastinating between doing the housework and doing the scientific work as it stands on all the tabs that are building up on the backlog, I guess, and I’m weeks, weeks behind with stuff. And I’ve just, since the stream yesterday with Spartacus, and I’ve been ruminating, ruminating on covert moral bioenhancement. The more I think about it, the more disturbed I am.

And you know, we’ve, it’s not a new topic for the channel, but the, what I’ve decided to do is I want to cover two papers, one neuroscience one, which has been in my tabs for some time now. And it’s data to do with amyloids and the relation to spike protein. And I think it’s important to do that. And the, the next paper that I wanted to look at is I just wanted to go through word for word that bio enhancement paper. I think it’s important that we take a deep dive into it because the simple fact is, as we were discussing yesterday, whether the technology is at that point yet with the transducer type nanoparticles to get into your brain, the intent is what matters. And we live in perilous times where these people are going all in right now. And so it’s incumbent upon us to understand fully their thinking and ideology and cover moral bio enhancement is I would wager a very, very big pillar within their thinking. And so I think it’s incumbent upon us to read through that paper and just, see what it is that the, what that individual is proposing and how nefarious it is. Because just the little bit that I read yesterday where they were talking about basically using medical countermeasures programs, I’m trying, I’m trying to play safe with YouTube at the moment, folks. So you’ll have to forgive the fact that you’re not getting the edgy Kev that you usually expect, but the, there’s a, as much as we need to understand the history, right? And, you know, shout out to, of course, Mark, I was just talking to Mark on Discord, but you know, we need, we need to understand that history. We need to understand the eugenesis.

We need to understand the paperclip progeny and what it is that they’ve been up to and how they’ve been gaming this system. And we need to be able to project forward into time and be able to make predictions with respect to how they’re going to turn, pivot and maneuver as we try our best to push back. And, you know, our pushing back essentially is just trying to be as, as ungovernable as possible. No, ungovernable is not, is not the right word. You know, you need, you’ve got the, there are some social norms which you should stick to, right? We’ve worked those out over millennia and we shouldn’t just toss them out the window. What I’m concerned about is the way that we’re just lining up to toss out medical ethics as a discipline for the sake of these technocrats. And we should do everything that we can to preempt, that’s a word that’s tainted now, right? So at least, at least have something in the way of coordination with respect to what we, what they may be doing and how we, how we respond. And so I want to, I want to devote much of this, probably most of this stream to going through the moral bio enhancement paper, just giving commentary on it, et cetera.

So let’s see, someone was asking about the music in the chat. I put on it, et cetera. So let’s see, someone was asking about the music in the chat. I put all the artists down below and you know, a lot of people asked me about, um, Boergle Baby. Uh, that little clip was made by someone called Radz. Uh, his name is, or you can find him on Twitter @FunctionGain and the, uh, well it’s obviously a remix of Pink Floyd, but the, um, those are the words of Prophet Boergle, um, speaking to you across the, uh, across the ether and, uh, words that we should live and die by, I would argue they become more apropos as each day goes by and the, um, camera, we want spooky monkey in that. There we go.

Um, so you know what, let’s, let’s just dive into the stream. I’ve got that there’s one story which I want to go over. I sort of linked it yesterday, et cetera. And let’s, let’s just dive into the stream and let’s do this. And yes, I’ve brought up, uh, no more, uh, your government loves you. Uh, back to, have you ever heard of a thing called covert moral bio enhancement? Shout out to Good Doggy for, uh, what is a top tier meme? Uh, it’s great. Um, let’s see. Thank you for the music links. That guy is banned everywhere. Um, Radz is banned on Twitter? He is? That’s, uh, that’s unfortunate, but hardly surprising. Um, I still haven’t got my accounts back and, uh, I’m on a, uh, six day, six day lockout, six day lockout for, uh, bashing the, uh, sheep shag of Botley crew. Um, they can’t help themselves. It’s those, it’s those reflexive totalitarians that really, really rubbed me the wrong way. Their science, their science is shit. It’s, it’s the, uh, it’s the reflex they have to try to smother, smother speech that they don’t like. And it’s the same reflex that the, uh, the managerial class managerialism is that what, uh, Spartacus called it. I think that’s a very apt description. And, um, you know, we must, must stay on top of it.

If you’ve wandered in here and are wondering who I am, that’s me, Dr. Kevin McCairn. I was principal investigator, Korean Brain Research Institute. I used to be a, uh, how would you say a normie normie neuroscientist, uh, relatively successful at what I was doing enough to have my own lab, et cetera. And, uh, now I’m that way because I, as, as I explained yesterday, I, I was helping build the infrastructure that’s part of the reason that they’re building around you. And why was I, why was I building it? Well, you know, the motivation was, uh, I’m going to be rich and successful, aren’t I? I’m being it for me. And then I would, then I would tack on that we were going to help all kinds of, uh, health issues. And, and the problem was the nature of my research was because it, it covered the neuropsychiatric domain. Okay. It, it was, it could be weaponized and in a fashion that we’re seeing right now where in Canada, should you have an objection to medical countermeasures at the moment, like the Soviet union, they’ll literally label you as mentally ill and force you onto a pharmaceutical regimen to straighten out your mind. That is literally what the Soviet union used to do for people that used to question the party. Yet here we are. Here we are. And I was a cunt hair away from being, um, yeah. You would have seen me on videos extolling the virtues of machine learning to predict behaviors and getting there and zap your brain to nudge you in a particular direction. And the last three years has been a wake up call. So what these people want to do, and that’s why we’re going to focus on moral bio enhancement. But if you want to read, uh, all the boring stuff I used to do, uh, research gate is a good aggregator. Um, of course, PubMed you can go there and, um, what we do have, um, in fighting the, uh, the digital war right now, let’s hope it remains in the digital trenches because you know what the other side can’t meme whereas we’re top notch and it always makes it a fun fight. There’s no, no slogging through mud just yet. Thank God. Um, but you can go to and, uh, I highly encourage you to bookmark this site because that will, that’s our little stronghold and, uh, there are links where you can watch, uh, down here, live stream, et cetera. Um, you can join the discord chat, um, click that link and, uh, we’ll let you in provided you pass. That’s a simple test. Just want to, um, exclude the bots. Um, of course I should, uh, point this out registered to be notified. Um, if you want to know when I go live, because you can’t trust that the mainstream channels are going to, um, remain active. They, they’ll take them a whim. I had two taken, um, for speaking with Charles Rixie whilst I was in US. They just zapped them. Boom. And, uh, they’re gone. So, uh, we’re, uh, I’m trying to sort of walk, walk the line right now with respect to what I say and the things that I talk about, but I do think that we are allowed to talk about these topics that we’re going to cover today on YouTube. So there’s no worry there, but you can, um, you can get an email alert and, um, this is a paid service that we have to use, but, um, if you, if you want more, more junk coming for you by email, I highly recommend, and you can unsubscribe of course, and I will not sell your data. You have my solemn promise on that.

And, yeah, I was going to mention the, uh, this with Charles as, um, please, uh, when you finished listening to me, um, Kim Dotcom hosted, uh, Charles Rixey and Andrew Huff today. And, um, I was talking with Charles earlier and literally he had 10 minutes notice and, uh, he did a cracking job as usual for just relaying, um, the concerns that we had, the scientific concerns, actual scientific concerns around the programs that have spawned SARS-CoV-2, spawned the medical countermeasures and Andrew Huff did a very, very good job as well. So, uh, a salute to those two. Uh, may they, uh, may Allah guide them and keep their arrows straight. Um, what else should I do?

Oh yeah. On the homepage, this, this science for the, for the public, by the public, it’s only possible via support. So there are support links, um, on the homepage, uh, Patreon. Um, the is the best one. Um, it’s Stripe powered and, um, I, you know, they just handle the money, et cetera. Um, but it’s the lowest overhead with respect to if you want to help support me in the work that I’m doing, you know, like, uh, going and analyzing, uh, vaccine samples and, um, sticking vaccines in rat brains. Um, you should, uh, you should support, uh, you should support your friendly neighborhood neuroscientists. And of course, Streamfags/Gay-Pal. Uh, if you have a GayPal account, you can use that link, uh, to send me some support as well. There’s buy me a coffee, subscribe star and the digital tulips as well. Send them all to Kev. Kev needs them. That’s that Wolf of Wolf Street. Uh, I need the money. I can spend it better than you. Kev boring. What? How dare you?

Uh, let’s see. So, uh, NWO is going to be centered in the best country in the world in the middle East. We’ve got seven whole judges at Gentiles. I can’t wait. Um, I’m not so sure about that, but, um, I’m, I’m going to cast a BDI at Switzerland to tell the truth. That’s, that’s where I think they’re, uh, uh, they’re going to be holding out because look, I could tell you from personal experience, Israel is kind of shitty, far, far nicer places around the Mediterranean and the Adriatic than Israel. And, uh, those who, uh, have unlimited resources. Um, I think, I think they’d realize that as well. And, uh, a chalet in the Swiss Alps, it would be far, far more preferable than the, uh, mosquito ridden, um, dusty streets of fucking Tel Aviv. Right. So, uh, moving on, uh, yeah, I did the tip jar.

Of course, uh, we have our own streaming platform. Uh, we talk, you listen where you can watch live and you can also watch the replay there. And let’s say we’re on Rumble, YouTube, et cetera. We’re trying our best to get out to as many platforms as possible. Spread the word folks, spread the good word. Right.

So just, let’s do some funny shit. Um, this popped up in my feed as I was getting ready to stream, but, uh, Ye, what a name, why would you call yourself Ye? But, uh, through a hissy fit on, uh, milquetoast, Tim pool. Now I can’t understand why people follow or like Tim pool. Like I say, he’s a vapid vanilla milquetoast lickspittle in my view, but somehow seems to attract a large audience. He’s not based. He’s not, um, hardly, uh, at the tip of the spear. Um, he’s a, uh, limited hangout. And I think, I think ye catches wind of that as he, uh, as he legs it from the studio, but let’s watch this. I think, I think they’ve been extremely unfair to you. I think. Who was they though? We can’t tell you. They. That’s it. I’m not using the, I don’t use the word as the, as the way I guess you guys use. No, isn’t it? I mean, because when you think about it, consider it in 2018. What do you mean? It’s not what, what do I mean? Like, uh, uh, okay. So how about you leaving? Are you afraid of the press?

That’s fucking great. How nice, how nice to have, uh, fuck you. Ah, fuck you money. Fuck you money and resources just to, uh, take a tool like Tim pool and just, um, no, when he’s, uh, he’s being at lickspittle, he’s, uh, he’s worried about, uh, his, uh, YouTube channel, et cetera. Um, um, so, uh, yeah, big, big fail on, uh, Tim’s behalf. And, uh, yeah, I bet you, I bet you he’s having all sorts of panic attacks right about now as, uh, as people, people see what spineless little toad. He is, uh, I covered, uh, the Charles Rixey. Let me just put the link for Charles Rixey’s, talk with Kim Dotcom. Um, let’s do this. Um, let’s see.

Daph B three TA says Tim accused Ye of bringing up arbitrarily when in reality Tim introduced the show with an article about you being an anti-Semite within the first four minutes of the podcast. Is that true? That’s hilarious. All right. So let’s move on. So, um, we’re going to speak about covert moral bio enhancement.

So there, I had some, uh, stories lined up and I kept alluding to this one, uh, yesterday and, um, FTX was heavy into funding vaccine research, biotech engineering and other, well, like I say, it’s a click bait headline globalist depopulation agendas through scientific research community. Now, um, yeah, it’s hardly the most, uh, editorially, neutral article, but, uh, there’s a lot in here, which, um, is concerning. So the hundreds of grants and investments totaling at least $132 million, uh, that were earmarked by the FTX foundation and it’s FTX future fund for use in developing new bio weapons, uh, quote unquote, the V word and other chemical and pharmaceutical products are officially null and void and their recipients are now in a panic about it. Wow. That’s what happens when you lose those funding sources, when your PI starts to Twitch a little bit. Um, so, uh, let’s see, following the announced resignation of the entire future fund leadership team on November 11th, one of the companies that was supposed to receive a cash card from it, SecureBio. Oh, that, that doesn’t sound dystopian at all, does it? Lamented the fact that employees that is firm will now be out of a job unless emergency backup funding is procured. Well, just get on the blower to, uh, Klaus. I’m sure he’ll, uh, dig you out of a hole. We don’t think it’s right that anyone should lose their jobs over a financial calamity, totally unrelated to the excellent work they’re doing announced SecureBio co-founder, Kevin Esvelt. Well, you know, when you’ve got no money, people tend to lose their jobs. Uh, fact of life. Tell that, tell that to all the working class stiffs that have been shafted over the decades. Uh, let’s see, SecureBio had initially been awarded 1.2 million grant to develop a better pandemic defenses according to coin. And, uh, that probably was all to do around, uh, QR codes and surveillance, uh, secure bio, um, sounds. I don’t think that they were developing drugs, uh, by with their company name. Another company, a biotechnology firm called a Sherlock Biosciences was supposed to receive 2 million from the future fund to study infectious diseases. Helix Nano, a similar firm within the same field was supposed to receive 10 million for, uh, V research. Then there is our world in data, which was supposed to be given seven and a half million to track trends relevant to humanities, long-term press books. That is supposed to mean indeed. Um, FTX was also involved in research to debunk the merits of Ivermectin as a viable remedy for the Wuhan coronavirus. Uh, that was the, uh, together trial discussed that yesterday with, um, Spartacus, uh, another entity that was supposed to be on the dole of FTX is philanthropic efforts via Sam Bankman-Fried’s building a stronger future initiative is ProPublica, which was to receive the first transfer of 5 million grant this year, followed by more disbursements in 2023 and 2024. According to Molly Kovai, a lawyer, a member of the effective altruism group. Again, that just sounds so dystopian. Uh, all of these organizations and others that received money from an FTX entity within 90 days prior to its bankruptcy declaration could be forced to pay it all back for a process known as clawback.

Two days after Kovai announced this on November 14th, Open Philanthropy, the philanthropic funder that Kovai represents announced that it’s seeking applications from grantees affected by the collapse of the future fund. Each application will be evaluated and provided funding at the group’s discretion. Meanwhile, US senators, Elizabeth Warren and Richard Durbin are requesting that SPF, the former FTX CEO and John Ray, the current CEO, provide more information about what happened to collapse the fraudulent cryptocurrency exchange. Well, you know, job done, right? Money rinsed through Ukraine and now just leave them to slog it out in the, uh, mud, mud filled trenches of Ukraine. Um, let’s see some 13 different requests for documents. Listen, answers have been sent by those two are still waiting on some behalf of the American public. And, you know, we know that the upper echelons of, uh, the U S political class were involved with, uh, FTX. I don’t see anything happening. Why hasn’t, why hasn’t, uh, Bankman Fried being arrested yet? Um, you know, still going around, I still tweet in as far as I know. Um, let’s see, uh, let’s see, has the chat stopped working? Is this, was it? Yeah, I think, oh no, no, no, it’s working. Sorry. Uh, let’s see these developments justify our longstanding concerns about the crypto industry is built to favor scammers and designed to reward insiders and to afford mom and pop investors. Oh, like the stock market. Then you mean SPF and Ray have until November 28th. Yada, yada, yada, yada. Um, nothing will happen. It’s white collar crime. They waltz away into the sunset with all the millions that they have stashed and the, uh, boats and, uh, luxury apartments in the Bahamas. But let’s say it’s interesting that, um, this organization run by a literally a child, um, was heavily, heavily involved in helping roll out this, um, dystopian infrastructure that, um, they’ve all got planned for us. Um, let’s see, 32 B disappeared. Um, 32 billion, you mean? Yeah. Uh, SPF is too Clinton like to be touched. Yes. Um, I would, uh, think so. And if he says dimples, that is stupid. Yes,

I agree. Now, um, let’s see, what did I, oh yeah, I had this about, um, FTX as well. Vast numbers of scientists who could have and should have spoken out, remained silent or worse and their voices. What was this article again? Uh, how many from Gates and FTX bought scientific silence, um, or lent their voices in support of the outrage. This means lockdowns and, um, the, well, the lighting of the fuse of the technocracy that we have right now. Much of the reason has to do with how science is funded at the university level. It’s all about getting the next grant.

This is true. It’s tragic, but there’s a strong motivation here to curate one’s opinions in a way that pays way for future funding sources. Yep. The institutes are full of lickspittles, lickspittles, and toadies. And like I say, where were they? Why, why aren’t they speaking out about the direction that humanity is taking, particularly the Western, um, world, uh, Kevin, nice guy, O’Leary, I thought you were talking about me. Uh, Kev is a twitchy asshole. Cheers, bro. My screen’s blurry. Um, my screen’s not blurry. Uh, turtle grams. Uh, yours is blurry. Um, you need to up the, uh, your bit rate. Um, I’m streaming at, let’s see. Uh, it’s a little low. I mean, maybe I will bump that up a little bit. Let me just stream. Oops. Output, uh, should be, it should be 5,000 kilobits per second. Maybe, maybe it’s the adaptive bit rate. Um, but, uh, is anyone else, uh, having blurry screen issues? Let me know in the chat. Um, let’s see. Do I miss America? Yes. I love the U S always have done, um, always will do. I’m just sad that there’s just such a, um, sordid mess of corruption running what should be, um, important, um, institutes that could be of benefit, um, to too many, uh, or to humanity.

Uh, so anyway, that’s so reading on about how they bought the, uh, quiescence of scientists. This is why it’s not necessary that every sellout scientists be in receipt of direct funds from Gates, FTX, or the pharmaceutical industry. All that needs to happen to control a whole sector of opinion is for word to get out on the streets that are funding sources there with countless millions as ready to fork over. As a result, even the smartest and most credential people can be easily made to fall in line. Yes. And I think that’s been writ large over the last couple of years. I really, really do. And no question that FTX quickly picked up the reputation of somehow being concerned about pandemic planning. Yeah. I wonder why that would be. And so the whole of the industry lined up with their palms out. After all, FTX promised a hundred million in grants, and that’s no small amount. This is why the Washington post reports, the shock waves from FTX freefall have rippled across the public health world where numerous leaders in pandemic preparedness had received from funds from FTX funders or was seeking donations. So that sort of encapsulates, uh, the problem that we’ve had for the last few years and nobody knew about FTX until recently. Right. It was all, everyone was just pointing a finger at Bill Gates. Uh, let’s see. So moving off now, I had some, um, this is, this is where they want to take us folks.

Um, central budget, the third way we think, wait, how loud this is the third way we think CBDC can improve financial inclusion. Hang on. Let me, let me, let me try and up the volume on this, but it’s talking about, um, central bank digital currencies, which are going to be part of the framework of the covert moral bioenhancement, um, that, uh, we all should be concerned about. Let’s do this audio. Let’s do that. And it’s a max. All right. Hopefully this should be a bit louder for you. Through what we call programmability. That is, CBDC can allow government agencies and private sector players to program, to create smart contract, to allow targeted policy functions. For example, welfare payment, targeted functionality in your welfare payments. So after they’ve automated all the jobs away, okay, here comes, here comes your nudge factor, because you’ve got to feed yourself. And yet, uh, universal basic income probably is coming, right? But, and if it’s coming, we have to make sure it’s on our terms, not theirs.

Uh, rock girl says Canada banks announced last summer, CBDC framework underway. Yeah, of course, of course it’s underway. Of course it’s underway. That’s, that’s, that’s why we’re going through this process that we are right now. And this is one of their end points. For example, consumption coupon, for example, food stamp. You think that slimy little toad is going to be worried about consumption coupons? This is, this is just 21st century Bolshevism in your face. By programming CBDC, those money can be precisely targeted for what kind of people can own and what kind of use this money can be utilized, for example, for food. So this, the fact that they’re having open conversations about this in the public think… thinking that everyone’s so brilliant. Oh, fantastic. We’re going to, we’re going to be controlled by smart contracts that they can just withdraw a push of a button, which they’ve already shown, right? They don’t want me speaking that they’ll take away my ability to use internet banking services, right? It’s why we have to have, I don’t have PayPal, right? I’m just, I’m just waiting for a letter from my bank just to tell me to come fuck myself, right? For speaking out the way that I do against what is the blossoming what is the blossoming tyranny emerging in front of our faces. Smart contracts for food.

Holy shit. Financial programmability can help government agencies to precisely target their support to those people who need support. So that way can also improve financial inclusion. Of course, I want to end with a caveat, because CPDC is not a panacea. CPDC cannot solve every challenge in financial inclusion. There are some as- What, what Orwellian language, financial inclusion?

Fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck these buffers! Financial inclusion is not related to technology. For example, financial literacy, digital literacy. So CPDC has to work with other policies together to try to improve financial inclusion. I stop here.

How about you just stop, full stop? How about that? How about we’ve had enough? What’s wrong with money? What’s wrong with cash? They don’t want you to have cash because they can’t track it, right? They can’t shut it down.

Let’s see. What did I have next? Oh, yeah. COVID-19, COVID-19 also helped legitimize instruments of control. COVID-19 also helped legitimize instruments of control.

And I’m not going to argue with the wrinkly old bastard. But like I say, I, you know, all the, like I said, this is why we have to be very careful about shutting down the space for the lurid kooks, right? To steal a phrase from Ryan.

Because what we’re seeing right now is that they don’t have to put next-gen technologies into these medical countermeasures, right? This is all about seeing how many people they can get to comply, how many people are prepared to surrender their sovereignty to having digital vax passports. And here they are in your face telling you.

What did I have next? Oh, yeah. PEDO. PEDO Emmanuel Macron telling you how it’s going to be.

Are you on the US or the Chinese side? Because now, progressively, a lot of people would like to see there are two orders in this world. This is a huge mistake, even for both the US and the US. We need a single global order. Do we? Do we? Because that single global order, again, is already showing us how tyrannical it is. We want to just keep letting these people get away, chipping away at us. We want to just keep letting these people get away, chipping away at us. Ha! We want to just keep letting these people get away, chipping away day by day at your sovereignty.

We just, like I say, it blows my mind that people would vote for these people. But, you know, no accounting for other people. All we can do is try to maintain our clan, our tribe, and it’s about making sure that we propagate information or understanding about what these people are after multi-generationally. Okay? And, you know, yeah, it might be some black pills for your kids, but it’s important. It’s literally us or them. But there they are in front of you from George Walker Bush telling you it’s a New World Order as they went in and began smashing up the Middle East. So here they were, I don’t know what this was, APEC? Yeah, APEC, saying that, yeah, we’re going to solve all these problems. We’re going to have a transnational governing body that’s going to send down dictates to you on how you can be able to comport yourself via central bank digital currencies. And the weaponization of the biomedical domain is literally the tip of their spear. Let’s see. Sustainable WEF clubbings. Yeah. The Doc is completely correct. Thank you. A single global order. It’s for the greater good. Yeah. And that’s how they think it’s for the greater good. Good to see Doc Keck. Any links to the videos you’re showing would be much appreciated. Well, here you go. Here’s Macron. How the fuck are they all still alive? Seriously? Yes. That’s a question that we have to be asking ourselves. And who doesn’t get a frisson of joy when we see Emmanuel Macron skipping up to the crowds and some French citizen doing the world a favor and giving him a slap on the cheek? Let’s see. The biosurveillance dictatorship for the kids. Yes. Yes. Viv Le Pen. Yeah, I’m a Le Pen fan. Look, I’m four. You can put me squarely in the nationalist camp, right? I want countries to maintain sovereignty.

Now, you know, should you be culturing networks of goose-stepping Nazis being paid by oligarchs and the tribe? I might have a problem with that. But that’s a conversation for another day. What else did I have? Yeah, I think so. This was to set up the groundwork for looking at the paper covert moral bioenhancement, right? So we’ve got an idea how these people are thinking.

Let’s dive into this paper. So we touched on it yesterday. And this is, I don’t want to think about the technologies that are essentially once we reach those, we’ve reached the tech event horizon. We don’t know how that world is going to look like. But we should try to shape this current world on a day-by-day basis to make sure that Parker Crutchfield and his ilk don’t get away with injecting these types of arguments and ideas into the minds of people like Emmanuel Macron.

Let’s see. Sorry, lengthy. Don’t know what means. Most normal people don’t even tap into this reality, let alone think it’s more than conspiracy when presented with anything related. Yeah. And, you know, this is why I’m trying to sort of hammer home that you’re not going to save everyone, right? Our job at the moment is to be able to sift through this information tsunami and essentially try to decentralize and decouple from these transnational corporations, these public-private partnerships between stakeholders that would have your rights taken away. And we build alternative parallel systems. That’s what I think the way out is. And, you know, how to do that? I can do the small things that we are doing and we should all be grateful that we’ve got a Simon Phoenix in the background working feverishly to make sure that we’ve got alternative streaming platforms that should they pull the plug on me, you can still listen and get a, if you find what I say interesting, some might take an insight into this type of publication. So,

“Compulsory moral bioenhancement should be covert”. And that title alone should strike fear into you because that’s basically saying this should be a first strike option. Once they have the technology, they should unleash it without you knowing or camouflage it in some, well, let’s say a pandemic of global concern to make sure to get their infrastructure into place. And bioenhancement, we’ll get into the details here, but that can operate on multiple levels and literally can just be behavioral operant type conditioning to make sure that you comply with the dictates that come down from the weffers. Gene Roddenberry has already injected most of these ideas into the mind of Gen X. Just watch any episode of Star Trek The Next Generation and you’ll understand.

Yeah, I mean, you know, you could say it’s been around for a long time and, you know, they just didn’t have the, they didn’t have the technology in place that they do have right now. And as a preface to this manuscript, what I would like to do is maybe say this, the augmentation turning you into a, just so that increasing your IQ points by 10%, you know, making sure that you can run marathons easily, et cetera. It’s actually way, way harder than you would imagine, right? Because you’re trying to improve on what evolution has already, the solution that evolution has come to through endless iteration. And what we’re going to improve on God’s hand, I’m not so sure. But in this instance, what I’m concerned about is that they can degrade you, which is why I want to bring in this paper as well, right? Which is SARS-CoV-2 spike protein S2 subunit modulates Gamma secretase and enhances amyloid beta production in COVID-19 neuropathy. Okay, bio-enhancement from their perspective could be the degradation of you so that it’s easier for them to control you. And what have they done? They’ve gone and gene-transfected the whole world. Now, again, there’s questions about the viability of each shot. And, you know, our data would show that there’s variation within batches. But by degrading you, they make you more dependent on their systems. And it’s this that we need to be on the lookout for.

I think the nasal route of drugs, the nearest to the blood-brain barrier is worrying in that if that route is weaponized, we’re in trouble. Well, we’re already in trouble.

All right, Let’s get on with this paper. Some theorists argue that most of the data that we’ve got is written from a paper. Some theorists argue that moral bio-enhancement ought to be compulsory. I take this argument one step further arguing that if moral bio-enhancement ought to be compulsory, then its administration ought to be covert rather than overt. That is to say that it is morally preferable for compulsory moral bio-enhancement to be administered without the recipients knowing are receiving the enhancement. And again, you’ve got to be, you’ve got to read very carefully between the lines about what these people might consider enhancement. It’s, it’s, what they’re saying is control, control for the greater good. Its administration is a matter of public health, so the greater good argument, and for this reason should be governed by public health ethics. Well, we’ve seen them just burn those ethics to the ground in the last three years. These people are not to be trusted. I argue that covert administration of a compulsory moral bio enhancement program better conforms to public health ethics than does an overt compulsory program. In particular, a covert compulsory program promotes values such as liberty, utility, equality, and autonomy better than an overt program does. That’s a covert compulsory moral bio enhancement is morally preferable to an overt one. Advancements in technology and globalization. And there we go. Already, my heckles are rising at this fort, because yes, you could argue that there are some aspects of globalization that, you know, have been useful. You know, who doesn’t like being able to go down the supermarket and buy some nice Belgian beer, for example, or some French cheese? That’s kind of nice. I don’t eat either, or drink either now, but there was some good bits, right? You know, don’t throw the baby out with the bath water. But here you can see already the framework is through a globalist agenda. So these advancements are making opportunities. Among them are not only great opportunities to enhance our capacities for cognition, but also to use those enhanced capacities to cause ultimate harm, which is an event or series of events that brings about either the annihilation of humanity or a condition of living that is so poor that life is not worthwhile. I would argue that betters are banking on the second. They want you living in conditions, in their smart cities, where you’ve been enhanced, modded so that you don’t care, or dependent on their systems for relief of conditions that they have inflicted upon you. Global in scope, ultimate harm is characterized by high rates of death. Oh, really? And for those that survive, immense suffering. Examples of potential catalysts of ultimate harm are familiar and include, of course, global warming, terrorists, and short-sighted scientists unleashing a plague. Some argue that as cognitive enhancement increases in scope and availability, the potential for ultimate harm is greater, especially when conjoined with some of the possible catalysts of ultimate harm. But an event or series of events doesn’t have to be caused by an agent or agents to be ultimate harm. A large meteor or supernova could also bring about ultimate harm. Persson and Savalescu claim that in order to prevent the greater possibility of ultimate harm is necessary for humans to be morally enhanced. More specifically, it’s necessary to morally bio-enhance the population in order to prevent ultimate harm. Moral bio-enhancement is the potential practice of influencing a person’s moral behavior by way of biological intervention upon their moral attitudes, motivations, or dispositions. And again, I would focus on the fact that augmentation is incredibly difficult. Degradation is easy for these people.

So to get you to comply, they can get you chronically ill, for example, inflict you with brain fog, ramp up those microglia. Where were we? The technology that may permit moral bio-enhancement is on the scale between non-existent and nascent, but common examples of potential interventions include infusing water supplies with pharmaceuticals that enhance empathy or altruism or otherwise intervening on a person’s emotions or motivations in an attempt to influence the person’s moral behavior. And I read that as basically controlling your speech and thought. Don’t engage in wrongthink or you will be shut down. You will be debanked. You will be depersoned. You will not be allowed to use the infrastructure that’s been put in place that’s blossoming as part of this fourth industrial revolution. Qwerty gives a link to “The Road to Fascism for a Critique of the Global Biosecurity State”. Yeah, we should do everything we can to fight that. Do not surrender your sovereignty.

The proposals of engaging in moral bio-enhancement has since generated a lot of controversy, resulting in substantial literature debating the ethics of moral bio-enhancement. Among the issues with moral bio-enhancement are its impact on autonomy, whether moral bio-enhancement will result in a more or less egalitarian society, whether it will erode personal identity and whether it will benefit others or just the people who are morally enhanced. There’s also been debate around the empirical issues of whether a means of bio-enhancement is or ever will be feasible and whether it really is necessary. And again, augmentation is hard. Degradation is easy.

I adopt this argument, but go a step further. Not only should moral bio-enhancement be compulsory, it should also be convert, conducted without the knowledge of those who are being enhanced. I’m not sure enhanced, modified. I have previously argued on the grounds that the only way for a program to be affected is for it to be covert. Here I argue on ethical grounds that a moral bio-enhancement program ought to be covert if it ought to be compulsory. My argument rests on two assumptions. The first is that moral bio-enhancement is necessary to prevent ultimate harm. Whether moral bio-enhancement is so necessary as an empirical matter, here I assume it is necessary. The second assumption is that whatever moral bio-enhancement is used will be safe and effective. Where have we heard that before? A hundred percent safe and effective, folks.

Moral bio-enhancement will be safe and effective when it can reliably intervene on a person’s moral capacities and do so without causing serious adverse events. Whether this assumption is true is also an empirical matter. Admittedly, there are demanding assumptions. And for some readers, this demand may push what follows into the merely theoretical. Perhaps I give too much credit to scientists. You think? And too little to the moral motivations of large groups of people. But I don’t find the assumptions to be merely theoretical. Moreover, most of the recent discussion of the ethics of moral bio-enhancement has proceeded from the assumption that moral bio-enhancement can be safe and effective. Again, similar language that we’ve seen across programs that are being rolled out right now. It is a common assumption. And without it, we can all stop discussing the ethics of moral bio-enhancement until the science is settled. However, even if the argument that follows is merely theoretical, then at least it represents the limiting case from which it is possible to reason out other potential interventions upon moral behavior. And again, I would put this in the context of the augmentation is a long way off. You’re not going for a shot of lipid nanoparticles and some genes and scaling Mount Everest and becoming a world chess champion. We’re far, far from that. And we have to think about this in context of mass control.

The argument that follows is intended to support the claim that if moral bio-enhancement ought to be compulsory, it ought to be covert. I do not offer a vigorous defense of the antecedent of this conditional that moral bio-enhancement ought to be compulsory. Others have defended this elsewhere. But I do review this argument for this position in the second part of the discussion. Next, I argue that contrary to the focus of the literature on moral bio-enhancement, moral bio-enhancement is a matter of public health and is therefore subject to ethical norms that guide decisions on public health interventions rather than the ethical norms that guide individual medical decisions. And I would argue that his article should just be burned up, screwed up, and thrown in the trash because we’ve seen what a failure those programs have been in the last three years. But these people are intellectually and financially invested in these programs.

Hey, Karma Doc. Good to see you. The final step is to argue that according to these frameworks, moral bio-enhancement ought to be covert if it’s to be compulsory. Compared to an overt program, a covert program is better. This conclusion is likely to be a result of a lack of public health interventions. I aim to establish the implication of covert moral bio-enhancement from compulsory moral bio-enhancement. If the consequence of this implication is unacceptable, it is a short step to the notion that moral bio-enhancement should be voluntary. And if it shouldn’t be voluntary, the only alternative is to forego moral bio-enhancement completely. I conclude with a discussion of these inferences. Compulsory moral bio-enhancement, part two. Given that the costs of not preventing ultimate harm are indefinitely high, there is no intervention the costs of which would outweigh utility of the prevention of ultimate harm. That’s a bit of a word salad.

Thus, if an intervention is necessary to prevent ultimate harm and the intervention will actually prevent ultimate harm, then that intervention ought to be carried out because the cost of not doing so is indefinitely high. The argument for it’s for the common good. And again, I can’t really reject those arguments because the common good argument supersedes your sovereignty.

Just say no, folks. Don’t let it happen. Moral bio-enhancement is necessary because as cognitive enhancement makes causing ultimate harm more accessible to nefarious moral agents, ultimate harm is much more likely unless everyone is enhanced. Where it used to require an extraordinary coordinated effort to cause ultimate harm, now or in the near future, it only takes one person. Thus, moral bio-enhancement ought to be compulsory for everyone. To get the conclusion that moral bio-enhancement ought to be compulsory, three propositions must be true. That the costs of not preventing ultimate harm are indefinitely high, that moral bio-enhancement is causally necessary to prevent ultimate harm, and that moral bio-enhancement is safe and effective. That the costs of not preventing ultimate harm are indefinitely high is disputable. If ultimate harm has occurred, then most of us are either dead or in a state of living that is so bad that death would be an improvement. But that this is the worst possible outcome is contingent on valuing life and freedom from intense belonged suffering. And I think we’ve had a good lesson in the oligarch class showing us that they don’t value human life. It’s there for their machinations, I guess. To be deployed as they see fit. To take you for their benefit. Is it a dot cap? How was it? Sparkers? Human farmers? Human ranching? Something like that. If there are things more valuable than this and ultimate harm doesn’t cause their loss, then ultimate harm may not be the worst possible outcome. For the sake of the argument that follows, I assume that moral bio-enhancement is causally necessary to prevent ultimate harm. Which is to say that there are no alternatives that exclude moral bio-enhancement.

I’ll have to think about that for a little bit. But if moral bio-enhancement is unnecessary to prevent ultimate harm, it doesn’t follow that it shouldn’t be compulsory. It may be logically possible that ultimate harm can be prevented by a combination of many programs rather than moral bio-enhancement. My claim is one of causal necessity, not logical necessity. That moral bio-enhancement ought to be compulsory doesn’t follow simply from the costs of not preventing ultimate harm being indefinitely high and the necessity of moral bio-enhancement to prevent it.

Moral bio-enhancement must also be safe and effective. And again, we keep hearing these words and we’ve seen it rolled out again and again and again. From talking heads to politicians to lickspittles on Twitter. 100% safe and effective. And if you’re not part of these programs, then woe betide you. This is some minority report logic, faulty as hell. Yeah, look, I’m not going to disagree with you. The reason I’m reading this is to get an insight into the type of thinking that’s driving these programs. All these programs that utilize the idea of it’s for the common good. Aurora Storm says, the problem is the methods and institutions that implement non-biased checks and balances have been hijacked fiscally and morally. Yes.

Yes. Like I say, any institute that you can think of and point a finger at that has a public face has been captured in some form or another. We know this. But it will not stop them trying to implement the tenets of moral bio-enhancement. And I would argue that that enhancement from their perspective could mean a degradation of your ability to function. Let’s see, where was I? If moral bio-enhancement is not safe and effective, then it may be that moral bio-enhancement is necessary to prevent ultimate harm, though not sufficient. And if it’s not sufficient, it may be that ultimate harm is inevitable. So the cost of making moral bio-enhancement compulsory, whatever they happen to be, needlessly add to the cost of ultimate harm. So here’s someone who’s just thinking in the abstract, okay, has probably never been, or the closest he’s been to working with a biological organism at a fundamental level is maybe, hopefully, he’s had children and has a, I hope, some form of loving relation, family-loving relationship with his children, not the type that we expect from the oligarch class.

Karma Doc says “enhancement” better come with a boob lift and a tummy tuck. Yeah.

They do not care. Jerry Adams IRA called terrorism. Eric Prince Blackwater was terrorism. Oklahoma McVeigh, that was terrorism. Everyday USA, that’s terrorism. Everyday UK, that’s terrorism. I don’t know what that means.

Best thing for the common good would be for weffers to be the long-term test subjects for their own experiments. Yeah, but they’re not, they’re already showing you and telling you that the rules do not apply to them. They can collapse and steal people’s hard-earned money through FTX scandals, Bernie Madoff, or any other of the litany of white collar crimes that we’ve been subject to. You could put, I would argue, the biowarfare programs that I rail against into essentially white coat crime, because the white coats that have been part of instantiating and promulgating these programs seem to be nary concerned with any of the fallout. They make a pretense to caring about bioethics and ethics in general, but they still go ahead and do it. And why? Because they want money and clout. But the real concern is the higher up the pecking order, that we go, and how they see themselves, again, as your bettors, your controllers, and how they want to maintain their over-generous size of the pie and to keep slicing into yours.

It is clear that there is not currently any type of moral bioenhancement that is so safe and so effective that it would meet standards of safety and effectiveness. And I don’t think there ever would be. But it will not stop these people from trying. This does not mean that it never will be safe and effective, but if it’s possible for moral bioenhancement to be safe and effective, then any argument for the use of bioenhancement would be significantly weakened. If it’s possible for moral bioenhancement to be safe and effective, then any argument for the use of moral, that doesn’t make sense. But impossible for moral bioenhancement. Yeah, so if it’s impossible, then the case would be weakened. Yeah, I don’t think they’d be worried about those details.

Part three. Compulsory moral bioenhancement is a matter of public health. The case that a safe, effective, and necessary moral bioenhancement is a matter of public health is also rather straightforward. Moral bioenhancement is a health intervention. The main aim of any health intervention is to improve well-being, but sometimes the intervention aims to improve the well-being of an individual and the individual’s close social circle, while other times the intervention aims, and this is the important bit, the intervention aims to improve the well-being of populations and only secondarily the well-being of a particular individual. It’s that line of thinking that we need to resist. One significant ethical difference between interventions aimed at individuals and interventions aimed at populations is the range of values that one considers in whether to administer the intervention. In the case of an intervention on an individual’s health, these considerations includes the patient’s preferences, the promotion of what’s good for the patient, and the prevention of what’s harmful and the personal relationships the patient has with others. In the case of interventions on a population’s health, the values of concern are those that apply to the whole population, such as whether the intervention is administered fairly, promotes liberty or opportunity, uses resource and, this is where they will now scrap this bit, they don’t care about fairly, liberty, or opportunity, but uses resources appropriately and engenders a net gain of well-being, and again you have to put it in the context or the lens through which a globalist Malthusian would look at the needs of the population and how they see their needs. The aims of a compulsory moral bio-enhancement program are to prevent ultimate harm. Again, who’s on the receiving end of this ultimate harm? The oligarch class are going to be concerned about ultimate harm to themselves. Ultimate harm is a condition of large groups of people. Compulsory moral bio-enhancement is a health intervention aimed at preventing large groups of people from being harmed, an intervention aimed at the public health. Therefore, whether a compulsory moral bio-enhancement program ought to be instituted is a matter of public health, and its ethical permissibility ought to be determined by the ethical frameworks of public health interventions. Now again, just think what’s happened in the last three years.

They denied you access to early treatment, they’re removing your access to supplements and vitamins, they pushed forward therapies that were medically untested on a massive scale.

Take it one step further and look at China and you can see what their bio-enhancement looks like. You get a QR code that tells you to go and basically imprison yourself within your little tower block and await further instructions. The ethics of using moral bio-enhancement to prevent ultimate harm do not resemble the ethics of a terminal patient’s choice to die on his own terms, or the decision of a pregnant woman to abort a fetus, or an infertile couple’s decision to use new technologies to reproduce, or even an athlete’s choice to use performance-enhancing drugs. The primary difference is that the effects of moral bio-enhancement are much more widespread than the effects of an individual’s medical treatment, thus the framework of biomedical ethical reasoning that have been developed to investigate the ethics of decisions that limited the individual or individual’s close social group should not be expected to also adequately inform the ethics of issues that are of such great public concern. The move to public health ethics is significant because the values considered in administrating the intervention are different from those of interventions aimed at individuals, and again we should thank Mark for dragging out from all the data the one health concept. This is a argument, this is a one health argument that’s being relayed here.

Abort your fetus, eat zee bugs, change your DNA, it’s for the greater good. Yeah, yeah that’s pretty much it, okay. I don’t think God’s organic creation needs augmentation, it’s our flaws and our capacity to reflect upon them and adjust accordingly that makes us human.

Yes, I agree, and you know the idea that bureaucrats and individuals that have been, that have led a life of privilege are in a position to be able to tell the Üntermensch what’s right for them is a very, very slippery slope. Well you could argue that we’re already hurtling down it, but for God’s sake try to grab on to something. Try to stop what it is that they’re trying to implement right now.

Where was I? I’ve lost my place. The fact is obvious when we consider the ethical permissibility of quarantining a patient with a highly infectious disease and the ethical permissibility of quarantining a patient with a disease that causes equal individual harms, but it’s not infectious at all. So the fact is obvious when we consider the ethical permissibility of quarantining a patient with a disease that causes equal individual harms, but it’s not infectious at all. In the former case, the quarantine is ethically permissible, in the latter it isn’t. The restriction in liberty is justified by the greater expected utility of preventing the spread of infection. Other examples of the permissibility of liberty restrictions for the sake of the population’s health are the fluoridation of public water supplies and mandating the vaccination of children if they are to attend public schools. And again, I would have issues with each one of those interventions as it stands right now, as we’ve seen the ethical frameworks implode over the last few years. And not only implode, mutate into, again, this digital prison that they’re constructing for us.

You must have your vaccine digital passport. It’s coming. And there hasn’t been a country that said, no, we’re not going to do it. The G20 signed off on it. And that includes Russia if anyone was expecting Russia to come in and save the day. Public health ethics frameworks.

Development of frameworks for public health ethics is relatively recent. Several distinct frameworks have been developed advocating for the consideration of a wide variety of values that ought to be considered when implementing a public health program. Given that public health interventions are intertwined with liberty interests and potentially competing interests in utility, it’s not surprising that the frameworks all call for consideration of these two values. What one would hope. Ross Upshur developed a framework that proceeds in the way similar to other discussions in bioethics via principles of action. He claims there are four of these, that liberty restrictions can only be justified by the prevention of anticipated harm, that the least liberty restricting means must be used, that public health officials must reciprocate for compliance with the program, and that the program should be transparent. And we’ve seen that they’ve blown each one of those out the water with their actions over the last few years. You think you think Klaus Schwab lined up for a lipid nanoparticle shot? You think he was wearing masks as he waltzed through airports over the last few years? I don’t think so. Other authors formulate their frameworks as a way to balance a range of potentially competing values. Childress Hotel suggests that the values that should be considered include maximizing benefits and minimizing harms. Kind of science that sounds like Sam Harris. Distributing benefits and burdens fairly, respecting autonomous choices and liberty of action, protecting privacy, keeping promises, being transparent and building and maintaining trust. Sounds like a program I could get behind. But again, who’s behind in operating these programs? We’ve seen that they’re all bent as a nine bob note.

Let’s see, the Jonas Brothers are here. They’re out there somewhere. Sasha and Amelia are huge fans, but boys don’t get any ideas. I have two words for you. Predator drones. You’ll never see it coming. You think I’m joking. Oh, that was, uh, wasn’t that a bummer? Fluoride is a neurological toxin, isn’t it? Affects your pineal gland too. Um, uh, you know, I don’t know, I don’t know about this pineal gland stuff, but yeah, fluoride, fluoride can be toxic, but you know, there’s a, there’s an argument to be made that maybe dentition was improved. I don’t know. I mean, I have, uh, I don’t have many root canals. One, one because of a brace that I had a reaction to, but as a child, um, but the, I don’t know, maybe, maybe I don’t have, uh, false teeth right now because of fluoride in the water. It’s a deep topic. I don’t, I don’t know enough about it, um, to really comment. I, I would just be, um, in, in the current environment, very, I’m just very jaundiced with the type of language that we’re seeing being deployed all the time and the methods that they’ve used, which is this gaslighting of the public and censorship and, um, censorship of critical issues, one which, um, Charles very eloquently talked about with, um, earlier today. Where did that fearing cleavage site come from? How, where, who put those HIV inserts into SARS-CoV-2? Um, it does nothing for dental health. Like I said, I couldn’t comment on the, I don’t know enough about the biology of fluoride in the body to really, really comment on it. Intelligently, just, just that I’m very, very wary right now of anything that comes, um, dressed in the, um, language of it’s for the common good.

Putin wants digital currency. Well, I guess quarantine is a fancy gulag. Look, look, I’m of the opinion they don’t need to build gulags per se anymore. They can literally gulag you into your house right now. And once, once they make it such that all cars are self-driving, et cetera, and you, you won’t be able to interact with, with the infrastructure that they’ve put in place. We’ve already seen that being done to me. Um, Ryan, who we spoke to, uh, on Saturday, that’s been rolled out on him. Um, it’s been rolled out on many for people raising concerns about where the ethical frameworks around which these people are operating and the way that they break their own rules. Cars will not be self-driving anytime soon. Well, you should visit, uh, Austin, they’re self-driving cars sitting down there all the time. Fluoride makes the cusp of the tooth flat, resulting in less places for decay to start. Is that true?

She’s obviously eating rump steak and looking more like Napoleon from Animal Farm. Yeah, yeah, I agree.

Uh, all right, let’s move on. Uh, so maintaining trust, like Upshur, they also give several conditions for infringing on one of these values or how to balance the different values. In fact, the conditions are similar in content to Upshur’s principles. The conditions are that infringement be necessary or that the infringement be necessary, effective in achieving the desired public health benefit, the benefits proportionally outweigh the infringement and that it be the least restrictive means and to be publicly justified. Exactly the reasons that were used for the last two and a half, three years. And look where that has got us. And again, um, exhibit A being China right now. The frameworks of Upshur and Childress Hotel place the balance of utility and liberty as the central feature of determining the ethics of a public health program. Others broaden the range of values even further. For example, Selgelid argues that rather than adhere to the principles above the ethics of a public health program should be determined by the balance of utility, liberty and equality as it is possible that sometimes the promotion of equality outweighs potential liberty restrictions. And again, um, I’m, there’s just, um, elements to that language that you have to dig into because when they’re talking about equality, and that, well, equality for pedos, because that’s the direction that we seem to be heading, right? That we, that the fact that tranny storytime hour is a thing now ought, ought to raise concerns. And the thing is, it’s those types of events are using this type of language.

Grillen Dawson argue that a wider range of values ought to be considered. They write that some values that we would ourselves include in many public health decisions are individual health, population health, health equality, individual liberty, solidarity, solidarity, social trust, and material wellbeing, as well as the honoring of duties, the non-infringement of rights, and the expression of virtues. They go on to provide a method of making decisions about public health programs that is neutral between these values. And I’m not sure you can just say that they’re all neutral. Um, sovereignty of the individual must come first. We’ve worked, this out hundreds of years ago, yet, yet somehow, somehow technocratic language like this is being used to subvert those principles. Um, trans, I presume you mean transition surgery never stopped during lockdown, no cancer treatment, but training. Okay. Yeah. I mean, um, that wouldn’t surprise me. Uh, island news and review says global homo is the juice for on Christianity. Uh, I’m inclined to agree. Uh, we have a Bakshi transcends. Uh, let me have, uh, we do a Bakshi transcend. Has anyone sent a donor? Can I, uh, trigger some GD Bakshi? Let me see. Um, oh yes, I can. And I want to say thank you to, um, trying to work out Montana, someone in Montana. You can have, and let me get back. There’s one more. Um, this is, uh, United States again. And, um, it’s either Denver or Houston. Um, you can have a, uh, what can we have? Yes. Oh, it didn’t work. You stream, stream deck. Stupid thing. You have to have, you had enough. And, um, I believe I missed one from yesterday. Um, just, uh, Denver, maybe Florida maybe, uh, whoever was in Florida, you can have, um, let’s see. It will make your rump flat. What will make my rump flat? How dare you be speaking about my rump is flat. I’ve been suffering since, uh, coming back on the, on the plane. Um, it was a, it was a long flight back and then I, then I had another, uh, connecting flight. Um, I’ve been so sad or sore that when I’m, when I’m not sat in front of the PC, I’m literally, uh, having it lay down. I got a sore ass.

Why do you think the BRICS countries are experiencing civil unrest, Brazil, China, Iran? Well, you know, it is, it’s, it’s part of the great game and, and you’re going to see, um, people jostling for their position at the table. Um, but one thing is abundantly clear that these, um, the idea of centralizing control and centralizing decisions about how you comport your life, how you, you know, the choices that, you know, we took for granted, you know, how many children you’re allowed to have. We know that cultures and societies can go in a direction. Again, I’ll give you exhibit A China, um, one child per family. You don’t, you don’t think that that’s what they want to roll out these Malthusians?

How dare you have two children? They’re going to cut your UBI in half.

Uh, Lloyd Braun says Clockwork Orange was all about this, as was the much older movie in book, things to come and the gas of peace, which changed the enemies for patterns. Yes. Uh, in public health, poverty is a major factor as well. As we know, adequate sanitation, sewage disposal, access to fresh water and non-concentrated housing factors also in disease transmission.

Um, one child policy worked out swell for them. Um, yeah, I mean, you know, they have, uh, a excess of fighting age males, which is problematic. Um, but like I say, they don’t care whether it’s problematic. They care about whether it fits their Club of Rome Malthusian outlook, right? These people are constantly pushing the idea that there are too many people, that resources are scarce, that we, we have to constrain. And look, anyone listening to me, I doubt has got multiple mansions and, and driving, uh, Porsches and Ferraris everywhere. Um, you know, if there’s one thing I’ve come to sort of realize, I’m, I’m kind of a voice for, uh, the dispossessed and downtrodden. And, um, they, the rich are not going to feel the pinch, but the question is, where’s that cut off?

And what we have to hope is that, um, these people are so greedy that even people who thought that they, that they were all right, Jack, and they’ve got, they’ve scaled up the ladder and they’ve got their, uh, rental properties to make sure that their, uh, that their pension is well padded, et cetera. They’re going to feel the pinch too. That that’s, that’s how strong these people believe that ideology. And the people who were sold or bought into the system are going to realize that the opportunities that they had are being taken away as well. That’s, that’s our hope.

Um, let’s see. They addressed this hundreds of years ago. We’ll have to reassert ourselves unless we want to be slaves. Yeah. Like I said, these, this is a discussion that was worked out. You could go back to the Magna Carta basically, and, and work from there. I think that, you know, as the Anglosphere, the West, et cetera, we did a very, very good job of coming down and realizing that individual sovereignty was the best operating principle under which we should allow our societies to operate. Right now, they’re putting in place the language and infrastructure to take that away. Uh, let’s see. Collecting the different frameworks, we have several principles or conditions and a wide range of values to consider. The conditions are that it’s necessary, effective, proportional, publicly justified, and the least restrictive means. Again, they showed that was not the case over the last few years. The values are con, the values considered are liberty, utility, equality, fairness, transparency, transparency, promotion of individual population health, trust, solidarity, respect of autonomy, and honoring of duties. The present issue is not whether the public health program of administering moral bioenhancement ought to occur. It’s a very, very important matter of administering moral bioenhancement or to occur. It’s a matter of how it should occur. Let us suppose that if we were to occur, were it to occur overtly, it would occur similarly to vaccination programs for children at the age where moral bioenhancement is safe.

What fucking language.

Oh, so disturbing. Uh, at the age where moral bioenhancement is safe and effective, children would receive the moral bioenhancement from their pediatrician or family physician or community health department. And that would be that. That information would then go on their health records and then go on with their more moral lives. Holy shit. What the fuck, man? Wow.

I’m lost for words at the moment.

Let’s also suppose that if the program were administered covertly, it would be conducted in similar fashion. When children are scheduled to receive vaccinations, they at the same time, given the moral bioenhancement, but neither the children or the parents or guardians are told about the moral bioenhancement and doesn’t go in their health records. Holy shit. Wow.

I guess as long as it’s just a hundred percent safe and effective, right?

The administration of it could be double or even triple. So we’ll do medical experimentation while we’re at it.

So that only a few individuals are aware of the moral bioenhancement. Everyone would go on with their lives unaware of the moral bioenhancement. The question is, which is the most ethically desirable scenario? I argue it’s the second scenario in which moral bioenhancement is administered covertly values in public health ethics. Five point one. The task is to compare the two methods of administering the compulsory moral bioenhancement and see which one is the most ethically permissible. Consider first the fact that as compared to covert moral bioenhancement program that is blind to everyone except a few, an overt program would reduce the expected utility of the program. This is because if people knew they were being morally bio enhanced, at least some of them would fail to receive the bioenhancement. It just sounds so Orwellian.

They would request exemptions from the policy on the grounds that it conflicts with their religion or their personal convictions. Yeah, how dare they? How dare they assert their rights and sovereignty and religious beliefs? They’re bastards. Well, they would falsely believe that the moral bioenhancement leads to various disorders or diseases unrelated to the intervention. People would slip through. People would slip through because of failing to pay attention while others would outright refuse the intervention. That this would happen is obvious when we consider policies on vaccination or quarantine. People refuse vaccines or otherwise fail to get them and people slip through quarantines and other methods of isolation. If the moral bioenhancement were overt, the expected utility would be less than it would be if it were covert. It’s not that the utility of preventing ultimate harm is less, it’s that the expectation that moral bioenhancement would succeed in preventing it is lower. The more people that avoid the compulsory moral bioenhancement, the lower is the expectation that ultimate harm will be prevented. If the program were covert, people would be unaware of the intervention and so would not be in a position to avoid it, resulting in many fewer people failing to receive the intervention. Both overt as well as covert compulsory moral bioenhancement programs would restrict the range of moral attitudes, dispositions and behaviors of its participants. How dare you engage in wrongthink?

Now again, look look where our societies and cultures are heading. Where literally they’re targeting children and if you raise objections to that, well then you’re breaching their moral frameworks. You’re open to enhancement here. Oh man! Convlamis says if childhood vaccines truly cause cognitive deficits, then covert moral bioenhancement is already here. This is how I sort of prefaced this discussion in that it’s far far easier to degrade someone, to knock off 20 IQ points than it is to give them an extra 20 IQ points. If I have time, reading word for word articles is hard, but you know if if we’re looking at, no not this, “SARS-CoV-2 spike protein S2 subunit modulates [Gamma secretase and enhances amyloid beta production in COVID-19 neuropathy](”.

Now one of the things that we’re dealing with is we’re dealing with a massively rolled out program which has the potential for exposing you to amyloidogenic disease-like outcomes and that would that basically would involve yeah it’s it’s a loss of cognitive capacity and from a controller’s point of view that’s ideal for them because not only do you become easier to control you become more dependent on their systems and so yes you could argue that it’s already here that was the point of of today’s stream. The range of moral attitudes, dispositions and behaviors that would be restricted would be the same for both types of programs as it is the intervention upon these that is presumably necessary to prevent ultimate harm. So the extent to which the interventions themselves are liberty restricting the liberty restrictions will be equal between a covert and an overt program but for over compulsory moral bioenhancement programs participants would also know that their moral attitudes dispositions and behaviors are being intervened upon. Some of these people who know their moral capacities are being restricted will desire to not be so restricted thus the desires of these people will be frustrated which results in suffering.

If the program were covert the people who desire to not have their moral capacities restricted wouldn’t be aware of any restriction so from their perspective the desire to not be restricted wouldn’t be frustrated which means they wouldn’t suffer from knowing that they are participating in a compulsory moral bioenhancement program. Now again reading that to me that breaks everything that I learned about medical ethics experimentation anything to do with you know impacting another person’s life ability to pursue happiness as they see fit. I’m flabbergasted that this this has been written to tell the truth but I just take it as an operational principle for the oligarchs.

Is this uh with rising rates of autism and effects on conditions of result yes I agree perhaps already started rolling out this enhancement maybe things like that are being implemented. Maybe things like tick tock and CRT are the outcome of it yeah yeah um I you know things again um ideologies like critical race theory the the wokeism as a catchall okay that’s been decided at a high up level to be the operational norm for society. So much so that they will come and target your children. The decision has already been made.

Now if you if you object to it on moral or ethical grounds this this article is saying that you you are front and centre for reprogramming. Again this is this is Orwellian it’s a um it’s the wet dream of Stalin basically and should be resisted at every opportunity. Uh so this point rests on the idea that all things considered there is this utility in not just having desires frustrated but also in knowing or believing that they are frustrated. The same point could also apply to other public health programs such as those that are not in the public health program. So this is the point that I’m trying to make. So this is the point that I’m trying to make. So this is the point that I’m trying to make. So this is the point that I’m trying to make. The same point could also apply to other public health programs such as those that require people be vaccinated. Yeah it’s amazing how this just dovetails with vaccination programs.

Um it’s it’s it should be it should be sending shivers down your spine.

Uh Lloyd Brown says they don’t take into account any unintended consequences of how this might affect true individual. If it makes you more docile then you might not defend yourself or even flee a dangerous situation. Well it’s that’s what they’re aiming for right because you there’s a very very small percentage of the world’s population holding on to most of its resources and having access to the levers of power and they want to maintain it that way. And this this is a blueprint for them to do that. Now just take out or reorientate yourself to understand that enhancement could mean degradation at an individual level for yourself. But from their perspective you’ve been enhanced. Um did I cover the recent resignations from the FDA over the approval of an Alzheimer’s drug that was utterly ineffective. The trial data was photoshopped um the attribution of beta amyloid. Um yeah that was a while ago. Um I did cover it and you know it’s kind of funny how um you know therapies for Alzheimer’s are being sort of ushered in very very quickly um to the point where you know people with some morals and ethics were resigning from the FDA. They still pushed it through uh whatever it is there’s an antibody type therapy I forget the name.

Uh Idaho says they don’t care about us plebs we’re just useless eaters, cal and fodder, pollution, trash. Yes yes I agree. Um people need to be taught course on weasel words in high school so they stop falling for this kind of language. Um yeah and you know I I don’t think I don’t think the schools are the place to do it. It’s the role of the parents to do this. But the problem is is that many parents are ideologically captured. Look at the parents who are gladly taking their kids to tranny time story hour. Look at their look at the parents that are taking their kids to um climate protests. You know the list goes on and on and it and you know in an in an you know in an in an ideal world I I’ve the climate protests etc I don’t have a problem with personally if you if you there’s nothing wrong with wanting uh clean air to breathe etc. But it’s been weaponized and weaponized by Malthusians who who literally would revel in the fact that the there is excess death right now. That that they’re chipping away at the ability of the population to procreate. We again we’ve seen drops in birth rates. We don’t know if that’s going to be sustained yet and we’re we’re operating in an environment right now where we know that the especially the lipid nanoparticles are um making a beeline for the ovaries. We don’t know what the long-term impact is and the fact that they’ve put it into children again I wouldn’t have thought possible just a few years ago. But here we are.

He said we’re taking a little Jimmy Tranny story time after his booster shots for school. Yeah um geoengineering is causing the climate change. Is it or are these just natural cycles and that the earth goes through? I mean I’m more inclined to think natural cycles.

Let’s see. The frameworks of public health ethics require balancing the expected utility with the promotion or demotion of other values. One of these values is liberty. In your face folks we’re taking some liberty from you. A covert compulsory moral bio-enhancement program is less liberty restricting than a similar overt program is. The discussion above points out that if moral bio-enhancement programs were overt inevitably some people would refuse or otherwise fail to receive the intervention because the program I don’t begin sentences with because because the program is compulsory. However policies would be required to compel such people to undergo the intervention. These policies would take the form of isolation e.g. preventing dissenters from fully participating in society like they’re doing to me uh taxes or fees as penalties or in severe cases imprisonment. All of these methods of compulsion restrict liberties. Moreover given that the expectation of preventing ultimate harm is lower for an overt program the potential for more significant liberty restrictions is greater as our liberties may be more likely to be restricted by our harsh environments that result from having undergone ultimate harm and upon one’s death from ultimate harm one’s liberties are fully restricted.

Oh um

Waifu okay sorry go I have to just uh just attend to this real quick just bear with me.

Let’s see most people haven’t gained basic enlightenment are still animalistic basically real life NPCs until they’re made aware of the bigger picture if they ever do this is written for them yeah um well you can you could argue it’s been written for all of us right they they want this implemented for all of us and um you know it’s again it comes down to us saying no. Right now there’s still space to say no and make sure that your children understand what a critical issue this is it wasn’t wasn’t that long ago that you know most americans had a bloody good understanding of the meaning of the constitution and how sacred it was etc and all of this is whittling that away so where were we and upon one’s death from ultimate harm one’s liberties are fully restricted dead people have no liberties these liberty restrictions should not be overlooked the world in which ultimate harm has occurred is a world in which people have very few liberties compared to a covert program an overt program makes this world more likely if the program were covert however enforcement of liberty restrictions would be unnecessary as people would be unaware of the intervention in the first place and so there would be no need for such policies to compel participation and for the potential for the liberty restrictions that ensue from having undergone ultimate harm is also lower some may think that utility and liberty are the most important values to consider in implementing a public health program balancing the liberty and utility of a covert program and an overt program the better balance is that of a covert program because it has greater expected utility and is less restrictive of participants liberties well you know again it depends depends what it is that you’re implementing in this covert program.

And if it’s, if the enhancement is your degradation that’s not true it’s a faulty premise but even when other values are balanced with the utility of preventing ultimate harm a covert program doesn’t I just read that um no but even when other values are balanced with the utility of preventing ultimate harm a covert program is preferable a covert program better promotes equality god I hate that word um because by keeping the program covert to everyone the program ensures that all participants are treated equally it is totally impartial yeah right right again you think that our leg up class are going to be subject to these measures in an overt program it would remain open that some populations are in a better position to avoid the intervention such as those that could easily afford the penalties imposed for refusing or those that do not rely on public health clinics another potential source of unequal treatment is that likely many physicians would disagree with the policy well you would think so but again we’ve had a bloody good lesson in that not being the case in the last few years putting them in a better position to refuse to administer the moral bioenhancement based on this variance of attitudes within physicians it’s likely that the treatments would be administered unequally similarly a covert program would be fairer than an overt program because everyone would receive the moral bioenhancement there is no population that would be forced to bear a disproportionate burden some populations may bear a greater burden such as psychopaths whose morals whose moral psychology must change to a date greater degree than others for these populations the burden of the moral bioenhancement would be greater similar to a higher tax but it is not a disproportionate burden an overt program however may encourage others to find ways to avoid receiving the enhancement meaning they wouldn’t be required to bear any burden which is unfair a covert program would also better promote population health than an overt program and again you’ve got to ask yourself what’s that definition of healthier as discussed above the expectation that ultimate harm will be prevented is lower in an overt program so the threat to population health is greater for the same reason an overt program may not promote individual health as much as covert program would otherwise the two programs would promote population and individual health equally. The promotion of other values may also turn out to be equal between over and covert programs solidarity would presumably be the same between the two types of programs though it’s possible that it would be greater in an overt program the administration of the program could induce people to join each other in protesting it and if revealed a covert program would undermine social trust.

Yeah it would. It would like like gaslighting the public into thinking that sales was a natural spillover event that’s gone and eroded the public trust they they gave zero fucks and are still digging their heels in about it indeed the disclosure of a covert program may undermine social trust so much that it could destabilize the society and its government (maybe that’s what they want) in this respect the potential for such deep destabilization is much lower in an overt program however in the event of ultimate harm society is also destabilized I claim above that an overt program is less likely to prevent ultimate harm so although in one respect an overt program makes destabilization less likely in another respect it makes it more likely (that’s some twisted thinking there) but it’s therefore not clear that an overt program promotes social stability more than a covert program does though it may better promote social trust. Another value is that of transparency obviously an overt program will better promote this value.

Yeah, there’s no transparency with a covert program and again that’s what we’re suffering with at the moment. It’s a lack of transparency, a lack of transparency that’s permeated all our institutions and all our institutions that are essentially been captured.

Comparing the two programs, a covert program wins on the values of utility liberty equality and fairness they’re approximately equal in promoting health an overt program wins on the values of promoting transparency and solidarity and potentially trust what about the values honoring of honoring duties and respecting autonomy I assume that many readers are uncomfortable with the notion of a compulsory covert moral bioenhancement program you think and that the source of this discomfort is the judgment that such a program undermines a person’s autonomy which we have a duty to promote this I assume constitutes the primary reason that one would object the proposal of making the compulsory moral bioenhancement covert I just I addressed this objection shortly okay um conditions in public health ethics I might just skip this and get to implementation because we started to touch on this yesterday um we get we get his point, right? That um a covert program in his view uh has a greater public utility and satisfies the criteria of the the greater good better than a co than an overt one sorry implementation I have argued that a covert moral enhancement program is preferable to an overt program and have done so on ethical grounds. Yeah, I’d like to know where… I’d like to know where he studied ethics man, holy shit!

Though the argument is valuable even if it’s impossible for a covert program to be implemented the practical implementation of a covert moral enhancement program is not at all valuable even if it’s impossible for a covert program to be implemented the practical implications are much greater if such a program can be implemented it is admittedly difficult to provide examples of other public health interventions of the sort of covert moral enhancement program would be if I know about them then they weren’t very covert and so wouldn’t be examples of how a covert moral enhancement program should be administered but there may be ways to administer moral enhancement to the relevant populations without these populations knowing about the enhancement the method of delivery would depend on the mechanism of action of the enhancement but one possible way of distributing it to the relevant populations is by way of the public water supply just drugging uh just roofing people without their knowing right I thought I thought we’d established that that’s a no-no uh so uh water supply obviously be careful so another way it could be distributed is by packaging it with various vaccines while eliminating most exceptions or perhaps it could be distributed through four-stair systems in public buildings or some combinations of this.

This is frightening this is frightening that someone would put forward these arguments as as something something that should be aimed towards. I am struggling to put myself in the shoes of this person but you can be sure that there’s some think tank that’s looking at this and, oh yeah, look we’ve uh we’ve had the ethical argument, it’s been had in the academic press, we can we can push straight ahead. There are of course members of the population that don’t use public water don’t get vaccinated and don’t visit public buildings based for example there are many people in rural areas who get all of their water from wells drilled into natural aquifers these people wouldn’t regularly come into contact with a public water supply but they would still spend time in public places or get vaccinated both opportunities to receive the enhancement there are still individuals who never use public water never get vaccinated and never go out in public ah kind of like me and if the enhancement were only administered through these channels such individuals would never receive the enhancement the threat of ultimate harm is greater now than it has been because people now have greater access to information and materials that are capable of triggering ultimate harm such as advancing technologies or widespread use of fossil fuels.

Oh there you go, there you go, how dare you warm your house this winter? Those of you those of you in europe right now right you should you should be reveling reveling in the fact that you don’t have gas to heat your homes right now because you you’ve done the ethical thing you stopped using fossil fuels folks. These fucking people man!

Find them and destroy them. People who refrain from public services may not make widespread access to the information and materials that make ultimate harm a threat. There are large segments of the human population who lack access to utilities vaccinations or public services of any kind and if these are the channels of distribution then these segments of the population will not receive the enhancement but these segments of the population aren’t the ones who increase the threat of ultimate harm they not only lack access to public services but also to the information and materials that make ultimate harm a threat in some cases individuals in these segments could travel to places where the information material are accessible but in so doing they would be traveling to a place with and very likely use public services and would receive the enhancement that’s right folks that’s that digital id for the vaccine passport it’s the bad actor with access to a published recipe for bird flu and the intelligence and infrastructure to produce it or the person who consumes the resource which contribute resources. Sorry, so you you who are heating your homes with gas right now, how dare you?

…which contribute to climate change that we have to worry about rather than a member of a recently discovered amazonian tribe or someone who never engages with the public. Yes, so look, a lot a lot of this framework is coming through this idea of Global Warming, right? They’ve bought into this Malthusian idea hey you can’t you can’t eat your food can’t eat yourself right yeah you think you think Klaus and his buddies are going cold this winter?

I’m eating with seal blubber, that’s the way. They tried putting lithium in the irish water supply. Is that true? Is that true? Really? Holy shit covert chemtrails yes dangerous is joseph kerbals is touching himself in his grave yeah um jesus uh could fluoridization of the water supply classifies bioenhancement? Yes yes definitely by a Berkey water filter. Yep. John Stone says covert versus overt makes no difference as long as government is all lies. Yeah, I would again I would agree these these people do not don’t have the moral or ethical um grounding to be speaking to us in this fashion.

Again they’re ideologues ideologues in this instance a lot of their ideology is coming from that this idea of uh you you should be limited in your access to resources that we previous generations kind of took for granted that we’ll be able to go out and get a bit of coal a bit of wood to heat our homes cook over though the methods of distribution described above occur by way of public utilities or public spaces there is no implication that the administration of covert moral enhancement must be a matter of public policy (What? So private organizations can just go ahead and do it? Oh that’s that’s wonderful governments and bureaucrats are possible administrators but the argument doesn’t require that a covert program be carried out by any particular individual or group a covert program would indeed require excellent coordination and control to not only maximize the number of people who receive enhanced moral capacities but also to maintain secrecy.

Oh what? Groups like the World Economic Forum, Council for Foreign Relations? Such are we trusting here? Holy shit. Such coordination is not logically impossible but metaphysically impossible or what what um such coordination is not logically impossible not metaphysically impossible and not even practically impossible. It may even be easier to administer than other attempts at secrecy if the administrators themselves are being enhanced (Oh man that’s great.) as their moral motivation to maintain secrecy may be stronger than it otherwise would be keeping a pro keeping a covert program covert would be a challenging obstacle but just because it would be a challenging obstacle doesn’t mean that my argument is unsound.

There’s plenty unsound about you, buddy. Further if one is concerned about the difficulty of implementing such a program and for this reason doubts my argument consider that it may consider that you’re going to the gulag your government loves you consider that it’s also no easy task to cobble together a range of public programs which individually are aimed at preventing one potential avenue of ultimate harm but collectively aimed at preventing ultimate harm it’s not clear that would be any easier to implement such a collection would need to include programs aimed at stopping or reversing climate here is again climate change programs preventing the proliferation of nuclear arms and other devastating weapons along with information used to manufacture them programs protecting democratic institutions from electing powerful bad actors programs preventing dictators from becoming powerful bad actors programs preventing scientists from developing even accidentally threatening materials or organisms programs that prevent a mock AI programs that allow humans to colonize space from death the sun etc.

I mean look there’s some uh points in there that I I could agree upon with um we need to we need to get a handle on these programs and the people running them that’s the basic premise of my channel and the reason that I sit here most days reading tripe like this. Don’t worry we can get away with it because we’ll morally enhance the uh those that would implement the programs, that’s all right governor, we’ve got it covered. Seems reasonable to me that a covert program can be implemented others may not be convinced. I am very very far from convinced after reading this article I I am just frightened after reading this article that this would be permeating think tanks, as he’s just said we don’t want uh we don’t need um voted in organizations to carry out these programs, maybe better to not have those types of organizations. We can we can ruin we can look to our WEF buddies.

One could instead argue on the basis of a covert program’s impossibility that it’s false that a covert and therefore compulsory moral bioenhancement ought to be carried out this argument requires that it be true that ought implies can um it just seems like a bit of a word salad to me uh the ought implies, the ought implies can principle, the ought implies can principle is one that ought to do something only if one is able to do that thing it’s controversial that the principle is true but if it’s true and if a covert program is impossible then it’s false that moral bio enhancement ought to be covert by the all implies can principle and if it’s false that moral bioenhancement ought to be covert then it’s false that it ought to be compulsory by the truth of the conditional I argue for. Again you’re getting into I’d have to read this paragraph a few times by myself just to wrap my head around some of the arguments here. So the impossibility of covert moral bioenhancement doesn’t refute my argument that if moral bioenhancement ought to be compulsory then it ought to be covert because the falsity of a consequent doesn’t entail the falsity of the conditional. Uff… I I again I would need time to pass that um paragraph but…

I mean we know what he’s saying he says just any any bioenhancement that they can think of should be covered it’s the it’s the ethical thing to do uh anyway let’s get let’s get to objections how long do we have here I might do this in two parts folks because I want to get to um I want to get to some neuroscience so objections I’ll do I’ll do that in part two so so he’s laid out the groundwork that um bioenhancement is the ethical thing to do in the uh well in the face of objective ultimate harms I guess but then you know who’s deciding on the harms here etc so um well we know who those those who are frightened of climate change that’s that’s a lot of where this um or or the target of this article seems to be aiming all right let me catch up on some comments real quick um I’m still I’m still aghast that they tried to put lithium in uh highland’s water um let’s see honestly lithium in water supply is so stupid and they don’t know who is on what and it could mix with what a person is already taking yes. California has outlawed the sales of Berkey… is that true? is that true? This paper is fucked up yeah it’s all it’s all sorts it’s all manner of fucked up um I mean I’ll do the um you know there’s there’s…

I’m about halfway through it but he’s laid out his his case and you know there’s there’s many many there’s there’s many many objections that I can think of um this author is like renfield plaving the way for Dracula yes. The covert bioenhancement is working. Yes, just like the surgery for children yeah and so that’s that’s the moral and ethical standards by which we should measure it measure ourselves now right that’s what they want and um that was I’ve got breath in my body uh yes marty thank you support doc’s work let me just see if uh anyone else has sent a uh don’t know um but I think um I think I covered them all yes I’ve covered them all.

I don’t know go go go go go refresh refresh refresh yeah I’ve covered them all uh let’s see comments uh for a few Tesla cars in the rivers that should be yes uh his patients were much more placid after his procedure uh perhaps what Jackson Freeman the Second was an early pioneer in covert bioenhancement um Is that the lobotomies? uh Let’s see yes okay so we’re up to date on comments and so now I want to get into this and perhaps I should download the pdf.

Hello no pdf. All right what’s going on.

All right let’s uh.

All right it seems a relatively short paper. Okay um so this is published in Cell Discovery, part of the Nature group. “SARS-CoV-2 Spike protein S2 subunit modulates γ-secretase and enhances amyloid-β production in COVID-19 neuropathy”. Okay dear editor SARS-CoV-2-induced multi-lineage neural cell dysregulation has been documented. SARS-CoV-2 infection elevates neuroinflammation, alters brain structure, leads to abnormal accumulation of neurodegenerative amyloid beta and phosphorylated tau and increases the risk of cognitive impairment in COVID 19 patients.

All the things that you would want to do which were you to subdue a population. However the mechanisms underlying neurological dysfunctions following sars-cov-2 infection remains largely unknown. To evaluate long-term impact of SARS-CoV-2 infection to the brain humanized transgenic mice as described previously were intranasally infected with a single low dose of prototype SARS-CoV-2 and maintained for up to 30 days post infection presence of SARS-CoV-2 was found in cortex.

You know what I probably should um do this and let’s do this and do this and let’s get the um ah right of course oh no it is allowing how can I close all this there we go all right so um here’s our experimental protocol uh transgenic mice checked with SARS-CoV-2 some euthanized at seven days some you to euthanized at 30 days. And they want to say that they found um virus in the cortex… supplementary, ah of course of course they would be supplementary, let’s do this, go here, uh of course of course they would be supplementary let’s do this go here well when where’s the supplementary material the online version contains supplementary material okay let’s do this let’s zoom out download it as a word doc thank you um all right well we’ll take their word for it that they found virus in in the cortex. I’m concerned about opening word documents who knows what type of moral bioenhancement they’re going to send my way all right so let’s try and keep this figure in mind so okay uh presence of sars-cov-2 was found in cortex seven days dpi but not 38 dpi um via spike protein immunostaining so it’s supplementary figure do I have to open it, so…

It’s pages long they’re uh the supplementary all right there’s the figure um there all right mark and then the red is the uh viral RNA I guess… spike protein it’s staining for spike protein a little bit 30 days. Okay. We found a remarkable activation of iba1 microglia so there’s microglia again folks and uh gfap positive astrocytes astrocytes are the sort of support cells for neurons in the hippocampus and cortex of infected mice at 30 days dpi supplementary why would you like that isn’t that the main point of your paper why wouldn’t you put that in the uh paper itself all right so um here’s the hippocampus I guess and um iba1 I’m would need to let’s just find out what that is iba1 I guess it’s just a signal from microglia activation uh iba1 marker antibodies stain in cell and tissue samples uh is iba1 specific microglia ionized calcium binding adapter molecule is a microglia macrophage specific calcium binding protein iba1 has that actin underling activity and participates in membrane ruffling and phagocytosis and activated microglia interesting all right let’s move on uh literally the the second paragraph is all supplementary data

Okay uh all right. We looked for further brain changes by analyzing transcriptomics of the hippocampal tissues at 30 days dpi supplementary figure two, not one not one um not one reference to the main figure in their paper just yet. Supplementary figure two and a and what does it say quantification of the mRNA expression in sars-cov-2 infected brain hippocampal tissues principal component analysis of hippocampal slices from SARS-CoV-2 infected mice at 30 dpi blue dot n equals three oh an uninfected mice oh so um already I’ve got a problem with this study with just n of three when using mice is uh weak to say the least uh based on RNA sequence data be relative mRNA levels of trem 2 gfap map 2 syn 2 bases in hippocampal tissues of the mice 30 days dpi and the presumed mark so trem 2 is increases gfap increases map 2 decreases synapse into decreases base one same presenilin no difference okay do we get to uh where’s the amyloid come on a series of dysregulated genes or pathways were identified we did that gene ontology analysis revealed that the up-regulated genes were mainly enriched in pathways related to antiviral immune responses and aging while the down-regulated genes were enriched in neuronal function related pathways such as synaptic physical clustering figure 1 b all right we can dispense with the supplementary data right now okay so um biological processes that were augmented aging response to mechanical stimulus cell matrix adhesion negative regulation wnt signaling pathway lung alveolus development fatty fatty acid beta oxidation positive regulation of epithelial mesenchymal transition positive regulation of bmp I don’t know what that is signaling pathway positive regulation of epithelial cell migration response to interfere on gamma sperm axonome assembly cerebral spinal fluid circulation hyperosmotic uh that’s a salinity I thought that said it’s a sanity response I was like what uh salinity response and um pathways that were down um regulated neuron migration axonogenesis positive regulation of synapse assembly synapse organization synapse assembly adult behavior endosomal transport synaptic vesicle endocytosis positive regulation of exocytosis synaptic vesicle exocytosis neurotransmitter secretion clathrin co-assembly synaptic vesicle clustering. um Now, you know…

Do I know all the the gene and molecular pathways for this? No, but as a as a sort of 30 000 foot view um it’s striking to me that in this instance when it’s supposedly a low dose exposure um we’re seeing um such radical changes to such fundamental um neural processes and not and not just neural ones in this instance um I’m not wading through their supplementary data to pick out how they’ve um done this but um we’ll just we’ll just take it as a given that that’s what they’ve found um so we did that we did that and um specifically the neuroinflammatory genes m2 if if itim if if ifitm3 and gfap were significantly upregulated whereas the neuronal genes map2 and synapsin2 were downregulated we just looked at that unexpectedly mRNA levels of amyloid precursor protein processing related genes such as base1 afh1 presenalin1 narkastrin and p-senin were unchanged the upregulation of trem2 and gfap the downregulation of map2 and syn2 and the unalteration so this is odd to me because um I I was under the impression that they were saying that the amyloid was um uh enhanced uh so it’s odd to see that these genes that are associated with the amyloid precursor protein are unchanged okay um the upregulation of trem2 and gfap the downregulation of map2 and syn2 and the unalteration of base and p-sen1 were validated by quantitative real-time pcr such expression patterns were also observed in the brain transcriptomic data set obtained from COVID 19 patients by single nucleus RNA sequencing supplementary figure 3a and c.

Wow, you’d think the human data would be um would make a more important paper than some some mice but there you go um these results suggest that the presence of the neurodegenerative hallmarks in COVID 19 brain might not be regulated at the transcriptional level but through an unknown regulatory mechanism okay to explore the potential mechanisms underlying COVID 19 related neuropathology we tested whether SARS-CoV-2 membrane protein plays a role in this process um so the m protein um does does carry a um significant signature for prion analysis using the PLAAC software so uh keep that in mind so the Gamma secretase complex constraining pent we better just check what Gamma secretase what does that do um I guess it’s a membrane protein I did pull up a paper um Gamma secretase in alzheimer’s disease so it’s um it’s got a known association with alzheimer’s um and I’ll just put the links for the papers in the chat here and here all right so we tested by the SARS-CoV-2 we tested by the SARS-CoV-2 membrane protein plays a role in this process the Gamma secretase complex comprising penn or that we’re not so concerned about the acronyms is a critical membrane complex contributing to amyloid beta production in alzheimer’s disease and its pathogenesis initially we conducted co-immuno precipitation in heck 293 two cells and found that SARS-CoV-2 spike s2 subunit but not s1 protein interacted individually with pen 2 figure 1d.

All right what’s 1d?

So vector so this is um I guess western, western blotting looking for proteins let me just through there immunoblotting immunoblotting was described as briefly and brief protein samples were separated by sds page transferred to pvfd membrane by semi-dried transfer the membrane was blocked incubated overnight with commercial primary antibody okay okay so I believe I said western yeah but I I do believe it’s western I I I’m prepared to be corrected on that but um so in this case they’re um they’re looking for the presence of a protein and using the weight of the protein so a lighter protein will travel further through the gel than a heavier one and then they’re staining and then looking for its presence and I guess what we’re seeing here is s1 we see it’s a vector negative negative pen 2 s1 flag s2 flag and this kind of looked like the weight I would expect for the spike protein pen 2 okay okay beta actin let’s see what they send the paper here um so heck 293 cells and found that SARS-CoV-2 spike s2 subunit but not the s1 protein interacted individually with pen 2 and aph1 figure 1e okay and ps1 and nct and even bound to all these four components figure 1h yeah so s1 s2 these look like the individual subunit weight and whatever these I guess these are the components of the Gamma secretase that’s we better take a look secretes I did I did take a look Gamma secretase is a multi-subunit protease complex itself an integral membrane protein that cleaves single past transmembrane proteins at residues within the transmembrane domain proteases of this type are known as intramembrane proteases the well-known substrate of gamma secretase is amyloid precursor protein a large integral membrane protein that when cleaved by both gamma and beta secretase produces a short 3743 amino acid peptide called amyloid beta whose abnormally folded fibrilliform is the primary component of amyloid plaques found in the brains of Alzheimer’s patients Gamma secretase is also critical in related processing of several other type 1 integral membrane proteins such as notch uh cadeering yeah whatever um okay so this is uh it’s a critical enzyme in Alzheimer’s and I guess the finding or the demonstration here that it’s interacting with the s2 subunit okay um all right let’s move on the inverse co-ip could not validate the interactions between the ss2 and ps1 or nc2 determine whether the c terminal transmembrane domain in ss2 constitutes the structural basis for its interaction with Gamma secretase we examined membrane protein of membrane protein of SARS-CoV-2 but found no interaction with pen-2 and ps1 suggesting a specific interaction between s2 and Gamma secretase we next performed glutathione s transferase pull down and found that s2 can directly bind to ps1 and nct immunocytochemistry assay showed the co-localization of s2 with Gamma secretase components individually in hella cells and in the brain sections of infected mice now so um a lot of focus is put on the s1 subunit as being the um the driver for a lot of this or a lot of pathology associated with sars exposure um a direct interaction with via s2 which you know in the cleaving process how much how much s2 is is sort of free form and floating willy-nilly around the system I I don’t know but um this is well you know it I would I would like to think that this was a huge huge leap forward um but I’m I’m not surprised to tell the truth so yesterday yesterday we looked at the amyloidogenic signature of the spike protein both the wuhan and the omicron strain and we we maybe I can find that real quick actually and the the whole length of the spike protein triggers uh signals for amyloidogen amyloidogenic type sequences so in this instance I’m not surprised to see that the s2 segment is having these types of interactions um let’s see try and um keep up with the answer if I says gfap god please no it’s no november do not remind me is it okay get wifey get waifu um what does SARS-CoV-2 prototype consist of is this cDNA infectious clone of og Wuhan strain? Yes I think that’s um the case uh I’ll just check the um um

I’ll see the methods here virus the SARS-CoV-2 strain was kindly provided by Guandong Provincial Center for Disease Control and Prevention was described in our previous studies the virus was propagated and titrated in vira e6 cells which were cultured in demon sounds like live virus um so not um um clonal so I hope that answered that question uh let’s see did that did that I lost all my guns when my Tesla drove itself okay uh sucks the yeast through the straw groundbreaking science powered by yeast is crowdfunding soon on republic I don’t know what that means. Mary Shelley was a prophetess I’m sick of the Frankenstein approaches to science it’s so freaking arrogant. um Oh, look I, again I’ve it’s not um I don’t want to seem like the ladi, it’s just…

It’s very obvious that we, that’s there are some branches of biotechnology that from an ethical and moral standpoint need to be reined in. We can’t have defense departments pumping billions of dollars into it that’s got to stop, and if we if we’re gonna do this type of research it needs to be some sort of international collaboration in the middle of the Pacific ocean where it can have minimal impact on human populations. um That’s what I would say. It took reddit only 20 seconds to ban my new gif on the FDA trial result indicating the rights of women indicating the rights of women and all that and all that means link paper please I think I’ll put it in the chat um let’s see what happened on the grand tour stays on the grand tour okay taking the mother away from home and vilifying it whilst stoking the false belief that women can be emancipated by adoption of the worst traits of men uh yes uh that is a problem uh mary shelley was writing about the english legal system metaphorically interesting I didn’t know that brain naturidic peptides belong to a family of protein hormones called naturidic peptides these naturidic peptides an important role in regulating circulation thank you um I’ve seen accelerated aging in some of the jibby jabbit um yes but you know you could argue that you’ve seen accelerated aging in the um viral infected as well that that’s what long covid is um so let’s see danger we try to warn them not to take a jab very few will connect it to their newfound problems.

Well but the you know just to try to balance the dialogue and debate somewhat there are many many people who have been exposed to the gene transfection and seem a okay my mum for one my sister for another um again I don’t I don’t think it’s a be all and end all at this moment you know the the the question actually isn’t about um SARS medical countermeasures right the question is a bigger ethical one about where it is that they’re taking us with respect to things like covert moral bioenhancement. That’s that’s the bigger question right now, SARS is just a the the mechanism by which they’re introducing and instantiating these frameworks and you know if covert moral bioenhancement is going to be a thing um I don’t even have to tell you um I mean…

I’m I I would make the presumption that um that article on covert moral bioenhancement is is at the extreme end of any ethicist discussion and I would hope that the uh the paper is um trashed within the academic literature again my my concern is just that the idea is there and the intent is there as as I discussed at great length yesterday with Spartacus. We may, you know, all these novel technologies the nano transducers and etc it’s probably a long long way away the issue is the driving force and the direction that the research is taking that they would be heading in in in that particular direction and what do they often do that they wrap it up in whether we’re going to help people with disabilities and we watched that clip yesterday where oh we’re going to help the blind person and literally in the next sentence the warfighter came into the discussion and that’s what that’s the problem around around this type of research and thinking we we have to we have to somehow put a the brakes on it that the um the militarization of these of these projects is is neutered somehow such such that it can’t be it can’t be weaponized against you by the oligarch class I mean an argument could be made that it’s too late already right the trigger’s been pulled right we’re just in the bullet time moment and we’re um we’re the…

We’re the ones sort of watching everything happen in slow motion whilst the rest of the plebs are still playing catch-up, right? Look, we we’re virtually three years in and you know we’re getting a paper about amyloid um on the s2 subunit which is something that I’ve been that I’ve been warning about right from day one, right? And in a sense you know I feel a sense of frustration and boredom right sort of going over the same stuff but then you know there are people new people coming to the channel who um hopefully I can um direct and that’s that’s my role here is to um even though I know it I need to I need to introduce it to people who who this is a novel concept.

And you know, the the problem is is that we’re dealing with this multi-factorial problem it’s not just a um single event around the virus release and its engineering it’s all the other stuff that’s um emerging around it that we have to we have to stay on top of and I don’t know whether I’m doing a good job or not but um you know yesterday we were holding we held 170 people for five hours um there’s over 105 people watching right now and you know this is this isn’t a short attention grabbing um YouTube/TikTok-type video. This is an in-depth look and I’m stretching myself try you know having to read through these documents and I do it I don’t I don’t read the stuff beforehand I I try to do it in real time so you can sort of um see my thinking process as as I as I do this, right? Because I don’t I don’t want to be the um sort of the argumentation from authority right you know I I have to learn and find my way through this stuff as well and yeah okay we get we I harp on endlessly about the risk from um amyloid amyloidogenic disease pathways um and you know it seems some people seem to like it all right I can’t believe with all the papers coming out that people still don’t see the connection no they they don’t you know um and they they won’t look right that they will be they will be all research directed towards the amyloidogenic properties of the viral spike there will be zero directed towards the gene expressed spike even even though essentially they’re fundamentally the same.

I was talking to a friend about the mRNA gt does and said don’t tell me you’ll scare me more so maybe people are just not believing they took jabs without being informed in the first place jabs are being informed embarrassed um how can I get a wife I’m 21 kev nobody my age wants a commitment like that. My parents were married at 21 and had three kids actually by that age no not three uh one and me on the way I think and then a year later my my sister but um um get get started early if I if I had one regret right it’s that I had kids so late in life, right? Because I’m old now and you know I’m I struggle in terms of just having the energy to um engage with them as much as I want. Like the other day I I did the I did the stream with Ryan it was a long stream and my son was like oh will you play with me daddy and I was like you know what I’m I’m tired big boy daddy’s gotta go lay down, right? Have kids while you’re young and have many that would be my advice.

Don’t you think it’s questionable they’re using a Wuhan SARS prototype how does this apply to currently circulating strains? Well again we looked at the omicron strain yesterday it still has all the amyloidogenic spikes uh peaks, let me let me just bring that up real quick, just so people can see it or maybe I…

All right let me let me just um find that real quick, just bear with me, I’m gonna I’m gonna try and show you that um in terms of amyloidogenic peptide sequences very little has changed in the spike protein and in in this particular instance um they’re also talking about the membrane protein as well, just, I get so much email now god damn sub stacks, fuck you sub stack, it was filling my uh email with and you know this was uh an email that was just sent to me by uh you know someone that watches the stream um

Here it is okay so let’s put this here so this is the amyloidogenic profile for the Wuhan spike and this one is for omicron, and so this is the og wuhan spike and every so this is the length of the amino acid sequence and the I guess the I don’t know what the amyloidogenic regions what the metric is here as a weighting but um there’s very very little difference between this and um omicron now there’s work done by Jean-Claude Perez which shows that the rayon like the prion domain that we’ve seen in the original Wuhan strain has disappeared somewhat in omicron um but all all these little peptide fragments that are studded through the spike protein they’re all still there the furin cleavage site is still there and you know this is this is why I think we’re seeing the phenomenon of people who are having mild exposures yet still going on to develop the long covid phenotype because of this because once you initiate these cascades and again it’s not everyone but there there’s just going to be some people again the best analogy I can give you is just like hay fever there are some people who are just highly susceptible to pollen right me it’s never bothered me right but I you can I can see that there are other people like my wife’s one she you know a bit of uh pollen in the air and um you know she’s runny nose and red-eyed and um there’s just different strokes for different folks.

I hope that answered the question lance um let’s see the denial is so strong these days in the jabbed um yeah uh what’s going into it and I find people are more responsive when I add and the virus can do this when I try and get through to them yes you must you must say that both sides of the equation are problematic now that what I would try and then do is say you know what I would try and then do is say you know your body has evolved mechanisms and barriers that uh would make it likely that recovery is more more of a possibility than an unknown when you bypass the respiratory epithelium, the gut epithelium, and then you directly gene transfect cells throughout the body with amyloidogenic sequences this this here is the whole problem and what are they doing.

They’re asking people to go for third fourth fifth booster shots now it may be that um someone with nefarious intent thought that it would have far far greater impact than it has done. I don’t know, no I don’t think we’ll ever know all we can do is try to sort of pick our way through the uh the available data and what what I would I could I could summarize this paper um with this paper here right and as this shows the length of the amino acid sequence the distribution of amino acid sequence the distribution of amyloidogenic triggers is essentially the equally distributed through the spike and these have done some fancy um immunohistochemistry and um pcr and eliza and god knows what else and and have honed in on the s2 subunit as being um problematic well okay it doesn’t it doesn’t really it doesn’t really add that much to what we know and predicted from first principles a few years ago from a few years ago and in my opinion gene transfecting people without telling them that there’s this amyloidogenic risk that is where the problem lies that’s just the um the slippery slope of uh ethics and um moral values being thrown down the shitter moral values being thrown down the shitter for a better expression for the common good and again I would put forward to you as as a hypothesis it’s a um I would argue it’s a valid one that someone who was looking to augment you somehow for for their benefit would look at something a distribution like this and think it a bloody good idea to unleash it upon you without telling you and you know the one saving grace that we probably have is that the scaling up and the fidelity of the protein that they were expecting probably isn’t that good um ex-scientist says out of 30 friends I have four hospitalizations and one dead from medical countermeasures that sucks I just add to them listen oh true the quality control issues they’ve had with mass production of clot shots means some people get lucky and get injected with maybe maybe and I think that’s a high probability um I think that’s a high probability um I think that’s maybe and I think that’s a high probability um let’s see I think the major problem is people who are inoculated even more than three times again yeah and this is another thing we don’t know the interaction between receiving the natural infection and the synthetic um spike as being dispersed through the body but no one’s doing those studies it’s just all guesswork see this happens with the flu too um my circle is stronger and tighter that’s good uh space means says you’re doing a great job dude thank you um kev is a g I don’t know what that means a git did you listen to last friday’s episode of jimmy jean regarding a potential technological avenue for bioenhancement no I haven’t you know I get I get very little chance to listen to other um streams um and if I do it’s sort of I’m it’s at twice the speed whilst I’m trying to read other stuff uh let’s see sanity check I prefer the more regulated scientific kev to be honest um thank you it’s like when you first start smoking cigs peer pressure what is did science uh let’s see have 100 kids and name them all dr kev yes uh that’s that’s a policy I can get behind I’d even I’d even argue for uh covert I’d do the covert moral bioenhancement the ladies look nice and see I have friends that refuse to look at the data too because they think it’s scary now they’ve basically said they prefer to be lighted by the media it’s less scary yeah um I don’t know I don’t know what to tell you this is this is the world in which we find ourselves and again it it’s you’re not going to save everyone it’s up to us to build a strong community clan okay and within that clan we have to make sure that the information is propagated multi-generationally against the people that would um salivate over the idea of covert moral bioenhancement that’s that’s all we can do I don’t think you’re going to war with these people you’re not you know um you know if they turn up at your doorstep by all means uh break out the break out the armory and defend yourselves but short of um short of complete societal collapse these people literally control everything and so our job is to like get chameleon like make sure our clan stays stable and that we propagate information you want to know who you need to learn from they’re really good at that right learn from them learn from them do the same look after one another right make and again make sure that the learning is passed on and you know hopefully within that community there are enough people with enough skill sets and skill stacks that we can um we can adapt and and propagate and sub and survive uh let’s see uh naming them is mandatory social services would take them off you if you didn’t I don’t know what that means uh in one sense I’m glad I waited as far as my maturity goes however as far as energy and keeping up with her it’s hard she wants a movie and I fall asleep all the time for kids yeah it’s tough um I’m on kev’s side sleep is a commodity yeah actually you know what I’ve been sleeping a lot um and I don’t I think it might just be sort of jet lag and the the trip that I did just sort of catching up with me but um link this please um the paper I I have linked the paper here I’m not sure jc’s hypothesis stands up no I don’t I don’t think jc’s hypothesis stands up and you know that real real world data trumps um hypothesis every time and the this the cigar lab work um is is a sort of nail in the coffin right so um go go read uh this and um that that would sort of argue that there’s a reversion back to the um to a neutral normal quasi species form I I don’t and I I have to go with experimentation rather than postulation um let’s see just find this out there not everyone needs to be married or even have a significant other it’s a sham that people say that you have to society breeds ignorance well um I would argue that the family unit is the um foundational functional block for society culture and we should do everything in our power to make sure that that remains a sacred institution not not allow the covert moral power enhancement that would come in and shatter those ideals um evolution over millennia broadest to these constructs and they’re they’re essentially almost universal and they’re they’re essentially almost universal there are variations in how marriage is sort of implemented across various parts of the world but the the fundamental principle is the same man woman get together and and make offspring and you know nature has sort of built into you a bonding relationship with um your other your significant other and your and your children you know a la akba uh let’s see I said all along I do have a problem with forcing the body to make its own pathogen yes um especially one that is highly amyloidogenic now you know maybe maybe we should run the blast sequence for uh or get the amino acid sequence for the hemagglutinin receptor for flu maybe maybe it’s highly amyloidogenic as well but you know what up until recently they weren’t gene transfecting people with these with these peptides uh let’s see uh hovering up all the injuries and deaths is even worse at this point um look I think the um the deaths are not being tinkered with at the moment right otherwise otherwise if they if they were we wouldn’t see the all-cause um mortality increases that we do and that you know the increases in cancer the increases in Alzheimer’s the increases in cardiovascular events um but that could change if if they if they feel that they need to get a control of a restless population it would be an easy thing to do there’s a few key strokes uh when most people think it’s just like other vaccines I had before you know um including my science teacher from school um uh kam says had my speaker 2 learning session with nick love that guy yep we all love nick um not in a home my way though kevin 100 kids named kev your response is narcissistic uh we will intergenerationally destroy them I hope so we need in-group preference yes yes there’s nothing wrong with that yeah it’s it’s that’s nature and biology doesn’t mean you get to be a cunt to everyone else but you know look after your own it’s what it’s what the oligarch it’s what it’s what the oligarch class do and that but they just call you racist or or whatever for for wanting to do the same for yourself right it’s a constant attack on your your and your family’s ability to prosper and that attack is always gaining in sophistication gaining in um well I was I would say efficacy um but perhaps perhaps that’s not the case now maybe maybe things are imploding uh let’s see we don’t need a moil though no I’m not down for general mutilation the vaccines they’ve already had also dangerous enough of virtually zero protection from whatever illnesses they intended to prevent um I mean that’s a discussion for another day but um you know I think there’s you know this is something that jonathan has um covered uh with um christine’s the bell is the name where literally they found that some vaccines that do confer a general improvement in um population metrics of health but they tend to be the live attenuated vaccines why that is I don’t know um I could think of a bunch of potential hypotheses but you know I think I think the data is fairly well established and accepted accepted um does does that hold true for these new gene transfection approaches no I don’t think that’s the case ketamine healing maybe maybe jet lag maybe uh let’s see um no link the figure on the right showing amyloidogenic peptides oh um this here you can have the link for that so that’s omicron and this one is uh wuhan strain let’s see you don’t blame you one of the business guys I know jimmy show is about being able to target electrical signals to a person’s dna the whistleblower had mRNA poster behind him um again I’m you know I I wait to be convinced of the um efficacy of these newer newer technologies right you know it’s the idea is there and the intent is there just is it going to um manifest in the way that they that they think and you know I would I would say a lot of the problem that they have is just the dogma of um genes genes controlling everything where I think that there is a more higher order or not there’s a there’s an interaction between genes per se and the the field constructs that are the the central nervous system being the best example um that exist that operate on on a much much faster time scale than um gene expression or gene methyl methylation so um you know I’ve done those lectures a few times and um I’m sort of lagging a bit with this one but um I’ll I’ll I’ll try and get into it um another another day uh let’s see uh let’s see I like bar that’s the only one reason every family people like calfman they make a good argument about breeding and not everyone being fit obviously there’s more to it than that but that’s the rough outline you could obtain a dna sample and determine a resonant frequency or something that basically ruins someone’s biology I’m not so sure I mean what what we’ve got techno voodoo dolls now I remain to be convinced uh let’s see um let’s see that’s unfortunate I was hoping doc with poke holes in it honestly poke holes in what didn’t know calfman was a genesis as well as being a viruses aren’t real bro grifting see you next tuesday I don’t know what that means um what happened to bulbasaur bulbasaur at this sort of time of year has to um concentrate on work but um bulbasaur is around um kev the real comment I wanted you to cover was the human body designed to destroy foreign bodies it isn’t designed to make its own pathogen and then attack it um more autoimmune disease yeah um I would uh I would be I wouldn’t disagree with that you know the the counter to that is just um exposure time dose etc and um in in this instance I would well we we have two two issues one is the sampling from germinal cells they’ve found active mRNA 60 days after exposure and two um amyloidogenic cascades once initiated are independent of the three plasma levels of um spike protein for example and that’s that’s why there’s the metric within neuroscience there’s no safe dose of exposure to prionogenic peptides um poke holes in the dna emp stuff um I I don’t know what you’re talking about specifically um let’s see um bio photons um yeah we know that the bio photons are real but again um how much is um what are the extended field effects of these phenomenon and you know I’m I can tell you from my experience trying very very hard to see if there was any evidence and you know you could say maybe my sampling frequencies just weren’t fast enough but everything that I saw in the brain tended to conform to more classical descriptions are there quantum processes with in the cell yes um I don’t have a problem with that do those do those properties extend out far beyond the cell itself and I I would make the argument that what you’re more dealing with is extended um ion field structures that are intermingling and interacting that have that do enable the exchange of information beyond the cell belt the cell membrane but again how how far they really extend I don’t know um I’ve I’ve I would guess not not that much more beyond you we know that there’s a bioelectric field etc but um you know I haven’t I’ve never seen anything to really convince me of um our our ability to modulate that in any meaningful way but that’s that’s just my experience um um when has kevin claimed to be family friendly never uh let’s see all right so that’s me up to date with the I’m I’m kind of and look um the the s2 subunit um is amyloidogenic as well we can see that um through this type of analysis here um and Gamma secretase whatever that um collection of enzymes is seem to play a role in the emergence of amyloid um I think that’s about all I can manage uh with respect to this paper I’m about about gassed out and the kids are um about to come home so um as as a as a sort of wrap-up to this um yes I’m I’m concerned about the intent of um thought leaders academic circles think tanks that would be operating on principles around things like covert moral bioenhancement bioenhancement from from it might not be enhancement from your perspective but from theirs very much is so if it makes you controllable and um seeding the environment with amyloidogenic sequences and then making it such that you don’t have access to the clean foods and therapeutics vitamins supplements etc that your body would need to help mitigate these problems is um inconscionable in my mind and yeah I don’t I don’t think I have much more to to add beyond that um but yeah I did like so I wanted to I was just ruminating on um covert moral bioenhancement I’ll try to do the second half where we look at some of his objections hopefully um he realizes that author realizes he’s being a douche um arguing those sorts of programs we should fight tooth and nail to make sure that um common good um programs are never implemented in the future and that’s never implemented in a covert fashion and um wonder what sacs have to say about this covert moral bio I don’t know I don’t know um I haven’t spoken to sacs since we had the the meeting that we did and you know I’m I’m still um stuck on my hobby horse which is I’m I’m concerned that um the weaponization of amyloids is the new frontier of bio warfare and it’s not it’s not the warfare of your grandpappy anymore this this is uh warfare of the oligarchs against us peons we are um unfortunately the untermensch in their eyes and cattle um to be used for their well gain amusement I guess uh control and um just be very very suspicious of what these uh neo malthusians are offering you um make sure make sure that you’re not um um you’re not covertly taking in a handful of amyloids that could cause a whole bunch of problems um from from now till your dying day all right let me just check uh the if anyone sent a dono come on no you’re always a g right I’m out of here take care guys god bless um sorry I didn’t do a bad job with this uh paper but just that covert mobile enhancement sucked the uh stuck the life out of me like they intended I’m out of here take care god bless I will see you uh in the next one bro you don’t know how angry I am you do I’m like just leaving for fucking work you do not understand our fucking first off after reading that little line I will be arrested for not taking a fucking vaccine fuck these papers I will fucking kill each fucking gaffer I swear this is no fucking joke anymore this is fucking dead serious I am fucking dead serious these people don’t know who the fuck is insane but fuck these chapters no fucking vaccine or m.I.a. will ever transform my fucking poor bread never I won’t fucking die fucking fighting for my fucking the keys and my fucking forefathers and my fucking limit fuck these motherfuckers all the five this guy so technically