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Next-Gen Warfare With Charles Rixey (pt 2)

Alright, that should be better. Alright, so there was no introduction there. Yeah, so tech is still unstable.

So what I was saying is we’re going to do another live stream whilst I’ve got Charles. And we wanted to sort of pick up, so we hadn’t finished yesterday with going through some bullet points. We wanted to just do maybe a post election. Oh, it’s not post. Running commentary on the elections.

Kev, my auntie and uncle are dying, bro. Oh, sorry Jim. Sorry to hear that. Hi Charles. Charles. Well, getting high has been part of the landscape. There you are. There’s Charles. That sucks, bro.

So yeah, there was a number of things, topic items that I wanted to go through. Just sort of listening to that interview. Again, there were points that you touched on that we didn’t yesterday. You know, sort of emphasizing the DC-SIGN pathway. And just how much that… that rope’s distracting. I thought we had a body jump past the window, but I think they’re doing some maintenance on the outside of the building. But we’ve got this odd rope swinging backwards and forwards.

So yeah, let me ask you a question, bro. I’m happy about the elections. I’m very much on tenterhooks with the results, so what do you… Well, careful bro. No, we messed up the force, hold on. I mean, it’s still connected.

You were on sort of tenterhooks. What’s your feeling this morning? I don’t know, because the… I don’t remember a time when there was many House results, still outstanding. In my guess, the majority of them will be going Republican. Which if they do, like I took all the ones that were left and kind of gave you how I thought they might go. So it looks like it’s going to be something in the 230s with the total. So 218 is the minimum to take control of the House of Representatives. So I mean, they’re going to take control and they’re going to have a nice cushion.

And just to add, we have confirmation that Ron Johnson has won his seat. Yes, that’s good. And we’ll talk about that in the House. It’s weird because based on what I’m counting, I mean, it’s still going to be a pretty healthy win once the votes are tallied. But the news is portraying it as some like, I don’t know, a collapse or just like a failure. Even if you still get control and still won. Right, I mean, we’ll get control of the House and we’ll probably get control of the Senate. But even, it was just very surreal because in 2020, it kind of made sense why it would be 4 o’clock in the morning. And, you know, they would just stop for a while. But now we’ve got like 70 or 80 or 90 House seats that still have to be divvied up. And that seems kind of weird because that’s a lot slower than it was before. So, I don’t know. I mean, to me, it still looks like that’s a pretty good thing when they had both Houses. But I’m confused because the numbers don’t seem to square with what I’m seeing. So more election shenanigans, is that the…? I have no idea.

But I mean, I said yesterday, like after we streamed, I ended up going on to that Crawford stream, rounding the earth. He was doing an election special. And what started is me just filling in for a little bit. He ended up talking to me for like another two hours after he got back from his lunch or dinner or whatever it is. So I was paying very close attention to the results, which I wouldn’t have been doing anyway. But I believe that what I want to happen is going to happen, which is we’re going to have both Houses.

But something is really strange with the fact that we woke up today and there are still so many House seats to call because it’s not complicated. And regardless, from our sort of community perspective, the runway is clear now for these congressional hearings being led by… Yeah, mostly. I mean, if the Republicans can’t get the majority of the Senate, then that will severely limit what…

You know what I’m reminded of in these moments? Do you remember the election, the presidential election? Peter Daszak basically putting out tweets how they were celebrating Biden winning. Before he’d actually won. And look, Daszak came on my stream basically saying, I can’t wait, literally his words were, I can’t wait till Biden is president, etc. And he’s going to squash all you conspiracy theorists. Those were his words, right? On a stream that I was doing, you know, I was taking the piss out of his white powder. Well, he deserves it. You’re saying the white powder, like that character, the spider from Game of Thrones? The eunuch? The eunuch? He starts with the eunuch. Oh, yeah, yeah, yeah, I know who you mean. The sort of advisor guy. Yeah, yeah. Those paperclip anchor babies, bro, what can you do?

So, yeah, so it’s not, it’s not, there’s no disasters as such right now. And we’re, I’d say lining up for the runway where Charles is poised to really land some killer blows, I think. And let’s sort of launch off from that. So what’s going to be the first thing that you bring up when you speak to Senator Ron Johnson? Well, I mean, well, right now what we’re waiting to see is if the Republicans will actually take back the majority in the Senate because Ron Johnson, who was formerly the chair of the Oversight Committee in the Senate until the Democrats took over a couple years ago, he would return to that spot as seniority. And that’s vital. It takes time to get to that point. And so just the value of him being in that position is worth a lot. But as everyone should know by now, Senator Johnson has been very active and…

Oh, you know what? People are saying you’re a little low. Do you think you could move low setting? Oh, because it’s going off that? Yeah, it’s going off that mic. Well, I was trying to get the bat close to the window so it could fly out of the table. See, I didn’t want to get closer to you, but you know, it is what it is. I had a shower a few days ago. That’s true. That’s true. So hopefully you can see my shirt. I got a nice bat shirt from Austin.

So, yeah, so he’s going to remain head of the… Well, hopefully he’s going to return as the chairman. Right now he’s the minority chair. If he becomes, again, the chairman of the oversight committee in the Senate, that would mean he would be in control of any investigations in the Senate. So not just COVID, but like Hunter Biden, Ukraine, anything. But for our purposes especially, all the COVID origin stuff and the COVID doctor treatment, giant pile of turd. Yeah. So all those things he would be able to set the schedule for and really dictate what happens. That’s pretty cool.

So I think while we’re enjoying this moment, it would be cool if I could get some help in naming this bat right here. Yeah, names for the bat. Yeah, name the bat. So I want to see some interesting… Peter. Peter, well, that’s too obvious, but you know, it’s going to be a little hard to concentrate with a dude hanging outside of our window. You know, we’re going to have a bat naming thing. There you go.

But getting back to the Senate, one thing I want to point out is that a week ago or two weeks ago, there was another report that came out from a different senator’s office. And that it was a COVID origin investigation that was published, but only by a single senator staff, which is interesting.

Well, let’s refresh people’s memories. So, you know, getting back. So I think it’s important to sort of frame how important DEFUSE was here. And, you know, it blows my mind every time you talk about this, which is that it was just sitting on a server when there was supposedly the Biden investigation that was going to call on the combined efforts. So here’s what I’ll do is because I think I can tie this together with what I just said about Senator Burr’s report, because the reason why it stood out to me was because Senator Burr is about to retire.

And so this is a strange for you to do a COVID origin investigation without any others. And my guess is because there were some hints that there were allegations of impropriety with, I don’t know if it was campaign finance or lobbying or whatever. But so the word in the street is that he was in some trouble and there was a thought that he might, you know, get out of it if he was pressured to, I don’t know, produce a report that was favorable to someone. And like I said, this is just a thought that I have. But given that many, many Republicans are just as bad as many Democrats and that they have pharma ties.

And so when a report comes out from a senator, unannounced, that only covers COVID origin stuff related to the market hypothesis, it’s rejecting it. It’s doing so and not even mentioning Baric. How do you have an origin investigation document that doesn’t mention Ralph Baric? And so my guess is that this surprise…

Just to refresh my memory, did they talk about grants going to Wuhan, the DoD grants? In this latest one? No, the original one that you were talking about. Yeah, there’s been multiple congressional documents and letters that have come out asking for more documents and tied to the investigations that are going on in the House because there’s two of them currently. One is that this one smells like a pharma slash intel community, like get it out of everyone’s mind kind of thing. So I wasn’t impressed. And it smells like, well, apparently like the results from a lot of the elections yesterday. Richard Burr, thankfully, he’s retiring and his seat was won by a Republican, but I say good riddance because we need people who are actually going to investigate and not have investigations led by people we don’t even know. Who was the investigator then? Oh, I know who it was. It was Robert Kadlec.

So that was the other thing about this. That was the pharma link. Because if you don’t know who Robert Kadlec is, he was the Assistant Secretary for Preparedness and Response during the pandemic. And what that means is that he was the one who was in charge of the national stockpile. He was the one who… or RT-PCR or not funding other things. He worked with Fauci and friends to control that process. And he’s super shady, and we’ve known that for a while. And he’s also the person, by the way, who he created his position. And prior to that he spent a decade basically running wargame simulations of technological attacks. Including… he was putting in a bunch of hints and things. He was part of the driving force behind the anthrax stuff that was going on prior to 9-11. So he’s about as sketchy as you can possibly be.

And guess what? He is the boss of somebody named Chris Hassell. Chris Hassell is his science advisor. Chris Hassell was also the chair of the P3CO committee that was supposed to choose whether or not function research could be conducted or not. We went for that yesterday. And non-binding decisions. So even if Fauci submitted something to him, he didn’t have to take the recommendation. And then he could give a recommendation to Fauci, and Fauci could just say, oh, thanks, and then move forward. That is the P3CO process that replaced the gain of function during accruals.

So all of this is to say that there’s plenty of people, they’re still in Capitol Hill, they’re still trying to dissimulate, hide, obfuscate what’s been happening. Which is all the more reason we need to get there as quickly as possible. Well, in the context that under true definitions, they knew that we were in the domain of gain of function, biological warfare type research. Of course they did. Robert Kadlec was a former colonel in the army and bio weapons. So, yes. And guess who else was also a former, well, he’s an active colonel, I think, but he’s a medical person, Chris Hassell.

So Chris Hassell prior to going to his position, he worked at BARDA, and prior to that he worked at other places in DoD, and he was in charge of other aspects of our bio defense program. So we’re talking about Kadlec and Hassell, who, there’s almost nobody else in the government who’s more in the middle of all this giant pile of poop than they are. And so for us to move towards anything approximating an objective investigation, they’ve got to go, really. Right. But at the very least, Robert Kadlec should not be the lead writer of an origin investigation that only mentions China and fails to mention the gain of function scientists working for Robert Kadlec.

So, you know, so there was that, and that came out like two weeks ago, and that’s just an example of the type of BS that we’re still given. Now what Kevin said before, you were hinting about, actually I don’t remember, it wasn’t DEFUSE or something else. No, it was, you mean today? Yeah, it was DEFUSE and just that there’s, it is a roadmap for all this research, and in particular, so I wanted to focus on the DC-SIGN component and refresh my memory, but what I remember that is mentioned specifically in that document. Yeah, so I guess yeah, so yesterday, we spent a lot of time discussing the quasi species swarm. We spent time discussing what gain of function is, and whether or not infectious clones are, like, they’re part of what gain of function is. And then we went through some examples of evidence that calls into question the thesis that the infectious clone swarm will dissipate very quickly in the, once it meets up with the normal coronavirus quasi species. And I felt like we made a good argument that there was still plenty of open questions, and there’s still more to figure out. Yeah, and these are, well, there’s science and biology questions that need addressing, I mean, I don’t think we’re ever going to be in a position to test them, maybe the vaccine impact in animal models. And there’s nothing settled here and the idea that an injection of enriched clones into the swarm would disappear virtually instantly because of inherent instability, not instability, but just the benign nature of the swarm. It’s not completely benign, but it’s designed for, it’s designed to survive and keep moving forward. And so the, when you get infected with a portion of the swarm that’s enriched, well, no, I’m just talking about a normal one, because when you, let’s say you get a seasonal cold, and it is due to a coronavirus as opposed to something else. The reason why the common cold is so weak is because it is highly transmissible, and it’s played the game of transmissibility versus lethality, and transmissibility almost always wins. Which means that if given a choice in just random conditions, a virus or a swarm will try to make the most natural. The most stable state within its ecological niche that allows for lineage. Right, it allows it to continue without too much stress. And so that is, we saw a year of stable clinical presentation, which I think, you know, we have to lean into that that would, that would be the metric by which I would have operated in my lab. And I know many other clinicians and clinical neuroscientists would have done, would have done the same.

Right, so, so I want to point out here that there are many areas of agreement. And so one of them is, is that J.C. in particular has, has said that the natural coronavirus swarm is, is probably capable of producing a variant version or a swarm variant that is capable of sustaining a pandemic. And I think that’s entirely plausible. It could, that could absolutely be the case. But what we are dealing with is not natural. And so we can’t assume that it’s going to behave in the way that the natural virus swarm is going to behave. And we can’t assume that if a natural virus emerged and caused an outbreak, that it would be different as well.

But the bottom line is, I agree. I think that coronaviruses are kind of crappy. They’re not dangerous. They mutate a lot. And because they mutate, they’re constantly getting weaker or transmissible. They’re already at a baseline. And we just can’t tell. And there’s a, there’s a lot for the argument that they were looking at these agents as because of because of how benign that they are as a delivery vector for peptide peptide sequences of interest.

For quote unquote gene therapies, the… it’s an open question as to what happens when you inject in enrichment. And again, I would fall back on the the nuclear metaphor where think of it as fallout. Right. Right. Radioactive ionizing type radiation. And we don’t we don’t know the extent to which the injection of a particularly nasty spike protein would what it’s what its decay time is basically what’s its half life and how long how long to get down to a background level where you wouldn’t see it.

And yeah, I get the arguments about the PCR being abused for many, many aspects of the pandemic that was part of the psychological operation. But it’s it’s not as it’s far, far from set of what that decay rate is. Well, half life, I should say. Yes.

And so the general gist of the points that I said yesterday was that there’s evidence to suggest that this process is slower in terms of reverting to the mean than the mean of the virus. Than we might have thought. And that’s we say that because the evidence that we discussed yesterday leans more in that direction. And, you know, this, this is the Ebola Chan’s work right that shows that when it emerged, it just wasn’t. It was stable. Yes, as it emerged and it wasn’t mutating. Well, the chance, I assume you mean Alina Chan, not that we’re that concerned about her feelings. She’s a big girl.

But yes, one of the pieces, one of the big biggest early pieces and probably the biggest piece that DRASTIC didn’t find out itself was that during the early parts of the pandemic. The SARS-CoV-2 virus was mutating very, very slowly. And that is antithetical to what we know about outbreaks that occur because an outbreak… The natural spillover. First of all, it wouldn’t be as good at attaching to humans as it is. But in the case of SARS-CoV-2, it had 99.5 percent, near perfect ACE2 binding and and a reminder to everyone that ACE2 binding and underwritten by this pre on like signal, which isn’t there in any other coronavirus. Yeah. And, you know, in science, you want to things don’t just pop out of nowhere. And yeah, look, it doesn’t it doesn’t take away from the argument infectious to produce all these attributes. Right. Right. But it’s still it still means that they were in contravention of treaties as we understand them. And there was a organized deliberate cover up from day one.

Yes. Right. And then that’s why. So the… when DARPA rejected the DEFUSE proposal. There’s a couple of main reasons why they did it. And. But when they talked about that the vaccine would fail. They weren’t talking about the viral swarm. So. And furthermore, these. If there… if there were fusion peptide inhibitors, because they wanted to have an antidote for this. They would have needed them if it was a vaccine, because you don’t create antidotes for vaccines. Although it’s probably a good idea right now. Because that would be very beneficial to rebooting our immune systems if you’ve been vaccinated. You don’t make an antidote for the vaccine. Now, what do you make an antidote for? Not a vaccine. So I feel like we can probably we can probably figure out.

So, yeah, I mean, I’m I’m very much on the page of the live attenuated vaccine hypothesis is kind of dead in the water. If I was to steal man, the argument from the other side, that well, maybe they were making a vaccine to. That would target DC-SIGN path by HIV. And so maybe they thought that they had to put these overlying epitopes. That’s a good thing to get into, actually, is the. So the criticism of Pradhan paper was that all the epitopes that you’re seeing are from different. So. So.

A lot of what we’ve been talking about recently has been the DEFUSE proposal, because there are questions about its value, questions about whether it’s real. And as I said yesterday. I based on the amount of information and just the information I have about the DEFUSE proposal. I would have to be like I would literally have to be right now acting to misinform you. Or it’s true. So at least you have a 50 percent chance. And I’m telling you, I’m not acting. I didn’t give up my house to play pretend for DRASTIC or for for anybody else. I give my house because I’m tired of people dying. And because I feel like my priorities are in the right place.

So another criticism that I’ve heard is that because I was a military person. That made it more attractive to use me. And there’s different variations on this. It could be that. I would not question. Something that was linked to me by somebody that I felt like a trust or something. There’s been a lot of weird things. I mean, I was accused of. Of being of working for DTRA. After I told somebody that I had been on for Belvoir for a few months. What I told them was I had been at Belvoir for a few months because I was going to PTSD treatment. So I said this and then I was accused of, you know, of working for DTRA. So I wasn’t. Because I wasn’t getting paid for that. Not like how she was getting paid twice. So there’s really only so many ways you can prove that you’re you’re not. Actions, actions speak louder than words. They speak louder than words.

Of course, I don’t know what to call them. Name yet. So just say fraud. I think was the fraud. Oh, that’s OK. That’s a good one. That’s a good one. Once again, the DEFUSE document was a proposal to DARPA and it was rejected. But what we what was generally understood is that when you’re doing things like this, you will work ahead. Now, in the case of EcoHealth Alliance, we don’t have to pretend that hard that they were working ahead. Because if you take out the bat vaccine part of DEFUSE, which is the part that makes fun of as being ridiculous and no way to work. Well, we know when we analyze the DEFUSE documents, we said that was probably just a sideshow anyway, because it wasn’t going to work.

So what does work in these contexts is this idea. This is this next generation bio warfare, which I think needs hammering home. It’s that they they could be brewing up. Diseases as incapacitation agents who work towards where they have a medical measure for it. And maybe the swarm dynamics would be such that you could spread it over a city that you wanted to… Well, I mean, you could definitely spread it via different means. You could disseminate it. We have. We have dissemination devices. I mean, whether it’s just a bomb with bomblets or it’s a spray device is typically what you hear about. It would definitely be drones now. So there’s a lot that could happen.

But the bottom line is, if we take out the part that was absolutely ridiculous and made no sense and wasn’t going to work and was rejected, then what we’re left with is all the work prior to that vaccine, which was almost step by step what they’d already been doing for a decade, actually, at that point, for five years in one of their NIH grants. I can’t remember something about emerging viruses. They’re actually doing it two different ways because they had an NIH grant. And then they had a USAID grant under something called Forgiveness.

So EcoHealth Alliance was getting paid just for the work with WIV, more than like 15 million dollars a year. So there’s no incentive for them to not keep going. Did we cover the variable loops? Well, yeah, no. So we’ll get to that. This is very important. So basically, what I want you to understand is bat vaccine, that’s not real and we don’t care. It doesn’t matter. So if the bat vaccine isn’t what DEFUSE is valuable for, then what is in DEFUSE that is so damning for us now? And the answer is exactly the steps to make a virus that looks exactly like SARS-CoV-2.

Now, another criticism I’ve heard is that why would someone leak this to me if this lays out step by step exactly what you’re going to do? And one theory has been that they would do it because they want people to be concerned about the fact that these experiments were going on. And so that would make it basically where you had to keep doing the research because you had to keep up with your neighbors. Which is, it doesn’t really make a lot of sense because the United States has been engaged in biological weapons research offensive or defensive in some form for like 85 years, 85 years. They have never publicly stated anything about anything, about anything because it’s not what they do. I can tell you from experience, biological weapons and nuclear weapons are always top secret or higher, nuclear weapons have huge clearance. So anybody in any time that you’re going to be doing something that could cross over into that classified realm, it’s automatically top secret, automatically.

So the reason why we don’t have a bunch of paperwork from 85 years of research is because they hide it and they don’t want us to know about the research that they do. So if that’s the way that the military, intelligence, industrial complex, deep state, deep state, dupe steak, if that’s what they do for an entire lifetime, an average lifespan of an American prior to the pandemic, because they trade shade off. That’s what they always do since the National Security Act of 1947.

Why would they choose now? Why would they choose me to deliver to me something that directly implicates all of the people who are under suspicion? Because then all of those people and everybody connected to them would be in trouble. They wouldn’t do that because Ralph Baric is the best coronavirologist in the world that we know of. I’m sure they have, you know, Johnny Five and some Antarctic bunker, but Ralph Baric is really good at this, if you haven’t noticed. They’re not going to risk Ralph Baric getting thrown in prison forever because of a document or a proposal that wasn’t supposed to be made by anybody. That’s not logical. It makes no sense. It doesn’t help your argument. If your argument is, here, this is proof that gain-of-function work is going on. Okay, but what it’s also proof of is that you’re guilty. They don’t do that. I don’t know how many different ways I can explain this. Probably a lot, but we’re not going to waste that time. Well, we can just keep— The documents came to me from somebody— With a literal step-by-step, what they were going to do that we see the fingerprint of. Right, okay, so they came to me now.

The next thing is they would never, if they were actually going to create something, they would never release the blueprints. I found documents— I forget what they’re called exactly, but the gates, the logic gates or something, they’re used for internet. {correction: maybe routers} Well, I found a document from 1982 that actually uses the term internet. It was classified at the time, talking about the advanced networking things that they were doing with the internet. Seven years before, Tim Berners-Lee {correction: Vinton Cerf in 1974, in RFC 675 which “contains the first attested use of the term internet, as a shorthand for internetwork.”} supposedly invented the term internet, which is pretty interesting because it’s literally in dark documents. So they do not show their hand. They don’t. So that makes it much more likely.

Now, plus, I know a whole bunch more about who gave it to me and those circumstances, which makes it pretty clear to me that that wouldn’t have just been done flippantly. And so I suppose— Is it possible for you to say why a person, what’s sifting through these documents to find them? Can we go there? Well, I mean, if—I don’t really know that I can explain that without really going into that. But the bottom line is that someone who cared about the future of America and the potential impact of what could happen with this spike protein came across the documents. And they weren’t where they were supposed to be.

But here’s the real kicker. If you’re going to release documents—and hopefully this can end it—if you’re going to release documents that come from the highest level of surveillance that the intelligence community can only use, you would not do it in the middle of a 90-day window when the intelligence communities are compiling information to deliver to the president about the origin of COVID. You wouldn’t do it. But that’s exactly what happened with these files. The date that they were put into a file, a top secret classified server, top secret SCI—I don’t know what else, but it was published by Project Veritas, the actual address on the classified server—the date that it was dropped in there was after that 90-day review period began. And they were found before the report was filed. And I knew before the Biden report was published on August 27 that these documents existed. And I was literally waiting for what the intelligence community was going to do. And they lied to the American people.

So I don’t know what else I need to say. The intelligence community lied about the DEFUSE proposal. And why? Because the intelligence community didn’t know that they were going to get leaked. Because if they did know that they were going to leak, they wouldn’t have made it so that way I could prove that they were lying during the Biden report. And to just put that on its own, the intelligence community lying, to pick that up, that’s a big enough deal. Or just that one factor. And there’s many other very facts that we have directly linked to it and have followed from that intelligence report. And who can forget Biden saying he’s going to get to the bottom of this?

I think we should turn this camera off and see if it runs any better, because it’s still glitching out pretty bad. Maybe. I don’t know. Because I see people talking about it. Let’s tap your voice again. I think it’s just the hotel internet, dude. So, just just try not to move too much. So, basically, what I’m saying is that the fact that DEFUSE was with help from the public and the President and President Biden’s report, we can be pretty sure. Certainly not that the documents themselves were not shown to anybody.

So, the fact that, just to add to this, right. So, one thing that we did speak about with Sachs when Charles was relaying this DEFUSE report was Jeffrey Sachs said that, you know, because the objection is that, oh, it didn’t get funded, so it’s a nothing burger. He knew the person that reviewed the work that went into the DEFUSE proposal. Right. So, it’s everything that’s been in place. All these all these research directions were, whether they were already at that point, were converging onto this… well… agent, one of the better expression. Well, and so basically, Andrew Huff was the EcoHealth whistleblower, who has come forward and since he came forward or started like the process of coming forward last year. He’s been hounded by unknown forces with drones, and unknown agencies like the FBI and, you know, who, I mean they broke into his house, he has hundreds of pictures of drones using the deer cameras around his house because he lives on at the end of the long drive in the middle of nowhere in Michigan. I have hundreds of these pictures, they can reserve, because he’s stored in many many places. So, they’re, they’re doing that because he can be, he can, he can say under oath, tying EcoHealth Alliance to the intelligence. And they’re interested in keeping tabs on things in China. And what I do know is that they’re hazing him. And that’s, that’s just because he can say that EcoHealth was involved with In-Q-Tel. That’s it. That’s like one sentence.

So, why on earth. If they knew. They gave something to me on purpose. I could completely blow this up, because it proved that they lied to the American people. That’s far more significant and far harder to disprove, because it was in the public eye. And they didn’t know that documents were going to come out. It could. They can mess with that. So, I could be wrong, or I could be lying to you. You just have to trust me, I guess, because, because we still have the documents. And what’s in the documents?

What’s in the documents is either the best guesses on the history, any history of the Earth, or it’s not a guess. It was just an outline of realistic things that they were going to try that built upon all the work they’d already been doing. And it involved the exact same personnel that were already working on these other projects.

Except for, remember, except for the bat vaccine. So, but remember, the bat vaccine is a stupid idea. They rejected it. DRASTIC said it was a stupid idea. We rejected it. So, we can stop worrying about the bat vaccine, because that is not a realistic proposal. Now, the other 80% of the proposal basically has been found. The products of that 80% is found within the SARS-CoV-2 virus. What are those products?

The first is a furin cleavage site. By the way, that furin cleavage site is adjacent to a QT, QTNS sequence that not only does it come from the bookends of a piece of the Gag protein from HIV-1, but when you combine it like the way that you do, the furin cleavage site needs the preceding sequence to be stable. Because if that’s not there, then that FCS goes away.

Now, that same sequence forms the majority of a superantigen sequence. It resembles the superantigen perfectly in Cephalotoccus internotoccus. {Staphylococcus Aureus? → staphylococcal enterotoxin B} So, if you don’t know, and a lot of people haven’t heard this before, superantigens are a type of antigen, they’re a type of toxic peptide sequence that, by the way, was in the US arsenal for bioweapons back when we had an active bioweapons program in the 1950s. So, the fact that that might appear randomly, perhaps as an antigenic sequence to replace an adjuvant in a vaccine or something, that makes a lot of sense because the United States has had the capability to do that before my parents were born. And something that’s been in a quote-unquote library for that long, they know it inside out. They know it inside out. In fact, I found a 1990 military doctrine thing that’s now unclassified and I can look at it. I found these documents online, and it’s just talking about, I think it’s from the mid-90s, and it’s talking about the US biological weapons program history, and it has entire chapters on the superantigens and the different types of superantigens that they used.

So, that’s just another part of just one insert out of the four inserts that these Indian researchers put out on the Pradhan et al. paper. That’s only one insert by them and identified on January 31, 2020, which was the day before the meeting, called to respond to that threat.

But wait, there’s more. Because not only is that sequence, and remember, we are just talking about insert number four at this point, not only is that sequence a superantigen, and it’s a furin cleavage site, and it’s, oh gosh, I remember, I’ve already listed so many. Prion. It’s also a prion. It’s not the same one that’s in the receptor binding domain. It’s another one. Another one. And it’s ENaC. It’s a sodium channel that’s in the lungs.

So, you have four things that make it supremely effective against human body, against human pH, against human lung tissue, against human other kinds of tissue. That’s pretty impressive, because I don’t know a lot of bats that open their stomachs up and mix and match these things and make it work like that. In fact, I think thus far in my experience, I’ve only found, ever, two of those four pieces in consecutive sequences, ever. And those two, by the way, are the superantigen and the furin cleavage site, which is kind of a lie, because it’s not exactly that, but something similar is what is in the Gag protein of HIV. So, that is one insert.

But the problem for people who want to disregard DEFUSE is that that’s exactly what they said they were going to do in DEFUSE, which they had never said they were going to do like that in a publicly peer-reviewed document. So, it seems a little strange that in the only document that we ever found of a proposal that was proprietary and was given to DARPA and wouldn’t have been published. Maybe the result will be… Proceeds by several years. It just so happens to be that if they were working on this in 2017 and 2018, then by the time they finish that work, it would be maybe 2019. Just a guess. I could be wrong.

So, that is just one piece, because within the DEFUSE document, there’s an explicit statement that became the reason why that DEFUSE document became world famous, which was that they would insert the human furin cleavage site, human-targeting furin cleavage sites, into SARS-like coronaviruses to measure tropism. And to fiddle fathom and find things that might be able to jump. So, that’s exactly what we find. And that’s one piece that’s in DEFUSE.

But wait, there’s more. Because there’s another piece that’s in DEFUSE. And that deals with interferon dysregulation, which I’m not really going to get into because this is literally going forever. But what it means is that the virus, parts of the virus, not on the spike protein, just other parts of the virus, can mess with your body’s signals that tell your immune system to come and take out these weird things in your body. Which, how I’ve learned about the interferon system so much, they’ve learned a lot about it because they can mess with it in bats. Because bats have a very different and weak immune, or a weak interferon response, which means that they don’t, their body doesn’t react to these viruses. They make them super sick. Why is this important? Because this is one of the main drivers for why bats are such a good habitat for these viruses. Because they can live in the bat. Acting as a reservoir. But it doesn’t kill the bat and cause major problems for the bat because the bat immune system is not seeing it.

So I’m just saying, that seems, that’s interesting, because as it just so happens, in the SARS-CoV-2 virus, we have multiple parts of the virus that can do, that work to mask these interferon, or to dysregulate these interferon systems in the human body. Because remember, we don’t, if you tried to put SARS into a bat, you couldn’t, which is suspicious by itself, but that’s another story. So there you go. That’s the second thing. So we have the hearing cleavage site and interferon. And if you go into the DEFUSE proposal, the meat of it, which is about 30 pages, describes how they would do this. It talks about hearing cleavage sites. It talks about trying different ones. It talks about batified mice. Batified? Batified mice. They literally made up a word. Yeah. And of course, I made a meme for batified mouse, or what I believe batified mouse to be. And it happens to have Ralph Baric’s face on it, but I’ve taken Ralph Baric’s face and superimposed Darth Maul’s face onto it. So it’s got Darth Maul painted in Ralph Baric’s face. I’m rather proud of that one. It took a while. So it’s a mouse body with bat things with Ralph Baric’s Darth Maul head. Anyway, that was not in DEFUSE. Yes, I’m vaping, Horatius. So we have batified mice. And you should look that up because those were developed by Linfa Wang, who, by the way, was very interested in this interferon process.

E, Horatius. Sorry, dude. I should get out of my cigar or something. I don’t think you’re allowed to smoke in there. You’re probably not. In fact, I know you’re not because the entire building, you can’t even smoke outside on the deck or the pool. Okay. I won’t talk about it.

So anyway, we’ve got, okay, so they’re making batified mice. So number three was, oh my gosh, DC-SIGN. So this is near to my heart. Because the third element that we found that was predicted to emerge from, not predicted, it was a stated goal of the DEFUSE proposal to produce a virus that could infect T cells like the original SARS could, but preferably better. So as it just so happens, there is one virus on Earth that absolutely infects immune cells better than SARS-CoV-1. And that is HIV-1. So now I know what you’re saying. It seems ridiculous. And I’m sure this was all leaked to me so that way I could make a fool of myself. And ridiculous function. Not a threat, but we’re over.

I’m sorry. That is not the case. And how do we know that? Well, because the Pradhan et al. paper identified three other inserts, inserts one through three. And what were those? They were placed on the outermost edges of loops that were abnormally long in the structure of the spike protein, at the exact place where it was most able to, if it ever ran into a T cell, that it could use the CD209 receptor, which is dendritic cells, which is DC-SIGN. There’s a longer thing. I’m not a scientist, but I understand it well enough to be able to say that DC-SIGN deals with these receptors for dendritic cells, which is what we’re talking about, without going into more details about HIV.

So we have these three little pieces. But how do we know they work? Well, we can see the clinical evidence, because the lymphocytopenia that we get arising from SARS-CoV-2 is every bit, if not more prevalent, especially in severe cases than with the original. And it’s more prevalent, you’re more likely to have long-term effects, long COVID, than with the original SARS. Now, the original SARS had a CFR of 10 percent. That means it could kill, on average, about 10 percent of the confirmed cases that it ran into. MERS could kill about 35 percent of the confirmed cases. So those are really, really super, super bad. But the original wild-type viruses, SARS-CoV-2, my guess is that when you do away with the probably 90 percent of cases, they were false positives or asymptomatic, which is an impressive thing that they did there, you’re actually left with a virus that isn’t 0.01 percent lethal. It might actually be 0.1 percent or 1 percent. And that, you know, that’s enough.

But the real problem is that most people don’t die from this virus. But if they do get a decent case of it, then that means that this virus has had a field day inside their body and it’s weakened them, which is why there is a very high proportion of severe cases that have long COVID afterwards. Well, you don’t even have to have a severe case. And you don’t have to. I’m saying that that’s where it’s like your odds are better to get it than not get it when you are severely, because there’s a systemic, there’s multiple cascades of bad things happening.

It’s almost it’s basically like trying to use a nuclear weapon to break into a bank vault. It is what we’re talking about here. It’s unnecessarily antigenic. And especially with repeated exposure, it can be worse and worse, especially if your first exposure was really bad.

And my own mom dealt with this a few months ago when she got what should have been an easy case. She’d been vaccinated and she has immune autoimmune issues anyway, and she got vaccinated. All of these things are within the virus sequence of SARS-CoV-2. And that, remember, that virus was still causing very similar symptoms after a year of being out in circulation. So, once again, maybe pulling at this point. Oh, yeah. OK. Yeah. So I guess I should mention that.

So the three pieces, three tiny pieces, so instance one through three, what they come from is GP120 structure of HIV-1. We’ll just call this spike, basically, GP120, or HIV-1. And that, GP120 happens to be found in experiments, in bioweapons experiments, going back to the 80s here in the United States. In fact, at Huntsville Prison, which is about 120 miles to the east of where we are right now. In the mid-80s, there was an outbreak of odd autoimmune disorders from some prisoners at Huntsville Prison. Passing my way here. I didn’t stop by or anything. So when they did tests on these prisoners in the mid-80s, they did blood tests. And doctors, since samples and study samples was found, bits and pieces of HIV that might be used in, it appeared like some, there were different batches of something that had included different pieces of the HIV proteins. So there would be GP120 in one part. There would be envelope protein pieces in one part. There would be red. It took way too much time doing this, but just understand, there was different pieces.

Within a couple of years, there was, in the town of Huntsville, outside of this prison, there was an outbreak among young children, especially, of autoimmune disorders. Among young children. And when those kids were tested, they saw the same thing, but with a somewhat different mixture of bacterial infections that were along with it. And what that probably means is that the original, the most, the main bacteria that was probably the vehicle for whatever it was they were doing, the bacteria that they were putting pieces of HIV into, was, had like dissipated. And so it allowed other endemic and endogenous bacteria to come and infect. Because what was it doing? It was suppressing the immune system. And so kids were getting a lot… they were having multiple infections of different bacteria and things all at once. Where else do we see this? We see this in acquired immunodeficiency syndrome. And other things that can contribute to this are super antigens, by the way.

So in the 1990s, someone named Garth Nicholson, who was a, he was a professor, an MD, and I think PhD professor of cancer stuff, at the University of Texas in Austin, which is down the road right here. And he began investigating this outbreak that took place in Huntsville. And so he went back and looked for records and did everything. And a year or two into this, he was fired, basically. As a tenured professor, he was not allowed to go back. I don’t know all the details. I haven’t talked to Garth, but I want to. And Garth, he was, he was actually of Gulf War syndrome. In the Gulf War syndrome, vets who were coming back from the Gulf War with these weird systemic problems. And it turns out that most of these people with Gulf War syndrome have autoimmune disorders. And it turns out that there’s a couple of units that were nearby a biological research facility in Iraq during the first Gulf War. It was blown up like in the aftermath when they were, like, they wanted to destroy it because they wanted to destroy the capacity for Iraq to do this. Well, it’s ironic because about five years earlier, the United States had given Iraq some bulk supplies of biological weapons in reserve because they were afraid that Iraq would lose if they ran an Iraq war. And so they ran a little help just in case, just in case so they wouldn’t get overrun. So, yeah, it comes full circle jerk. So after the war was over, they decided to blow up some munitions. And so they blew up a giant pile of munitions. And amongst this apparently was some of something which magically included mycoplasmas that had GP 120 in them. How do we know? Because every service member who was in the vicinity of this explosion had autoimmune disorders with a GP 120 specifically within it.

So what that probably means is what we’ve seen is in the early 80s, they were testing different things to try to figure out what worked and what didn’t. And they ultimately zeroed in on the GP 120 sequence in particular. Because why? Because it was good for tropism and apology. And something that I learned from Johanna, Dr. Deinert, which is that that GP 120 sequence is also a trigger for ADE, antibody dependent enhancement. So she just said that in the thing there. And see, there you go. Published by Osterhausen. I’m on the same page with you, Johanna. I’m on the same page.

So remember everything we talked about yesterday. I just told you 30 minutes worth of stuff without repeating anything from what I told you yesterday. So I’m just going to tell you that they would not have published DEFUSE because they would not have told us. They would not have laid out their prescription for an actual virus that was actually amongst us. They wouldn’t have done it because that would be like handing the cops the gun with your fingerprints on it after you admit to killing the person that’s in front of you. The dead body that’s laying there. You don’t do that. And you especially don’t do that when you’re talking about an international level. This is a diplomatic, international thing. Because if this was ever traced back to any country, this is a violation of the Biological Weapons Convention. Well, it’s already a violation. We just don’t know who did it. But this is a big deal. It puts a lot of people on the chopping block. People that we know that we’ve been tracking for a few years now. And people, there were people doing this before we were that were honing in on the same, the same ne’er-do-wells.

Nick in particular seems to have a… Nick was a ne’er-do-well. Oh, yeah. Well, that’s it.

Okay, so anyway, so there we go. So that’s DEFUSE. And so all of those things we’ve slowly been learning more about. I’ve been finding more evidence and things that build this picture for us. It shows that these were all things that people were studying and they were listed in DEFUSE. Why? Well, the reason that they were going to make these things in DEFUSE was so that way they could test them against, you know, cell cultures and various things to see what might possibly jump from a bat to a human. Okay. All right, that’s cool.

Why would you put all of those things in one virus? Because we already know that any of those things is going to produce some sort of response in the body. So why would you put something that is extremely antigenic on the same virus with a furin cleavage site that allows that virus to go anywhere, not anywhere, but to every major part of your body, pretty much? And that’s just the furin. Why would you do that? To test in a cell culture, to test to see if it could emerge from nature. Because what you just created has nothing to do with nature. Because, as it turns out, furin cleavage sites that target human proteases are relatively uncommon in viruses, especially in coronaviruses, and they don’t exist as far as we know. And because of the genetic distance between these viruses and other coronaviruses lines, it can’t happen that way.

So within the other question is, OK, well, then did it mutate? Except you can’t have this amino acid mutate all at once inside the sequence. Converging on essentially increased pathogenicity. Correct. What I just told you is impossible. It cannot emerge from nature because there would never be a set of circumstances. Even if you had humans mating with bats in a cave, and there’s like just massive numbers of bats all around, this would not happen. And I think even if there was a hint of this thing having a sort of natural origin, it would have been tracked already in terms of clinical, its appearance clinically.

If we can… if we can find mycoplasmas back in the 80s with GPs and autoimmune disorders, transmissible viruses with all very, very close together, all in functional positions. It’s not it’s not it’s not like they were sort of tucked away. I don’t know. I mean, you could you could argue that each individual piece of this and they have. But parts of this have never been really in the public discussion with the superantigen. Well, I think kind of it has because the MIS-C, I don’t want to say outbreak, but the high incidence of this inflammatory syndrome in children that was occurring throughout the first year of the pandemic. Like after this infectious clone was released, it was continuing on. Well, that’s because of the superantigen sequence, which there have been papers that have come out that said, OK, well, this isn’t this this isn’t the superantigen sequence. Possibly the United States had an arsenal of like 30 different ones in the 80s of superantigens. I’m pretty sure we could get more creative if need be.

And if you were a psychopath and wanted to pretend that you’re making a vaccine, I suppose that maybe you would put this on there. But a superantigen by design is designed to supremely piss off your immune system. It’s not it’s not signaling your immune system. It is signaling it. It’s over signaling it to the point where it’s causing dysfunction. And then it’s putting that it’s it’s keeping that massive amount of your immune system busy on just this one aspect. And that’s a simple way of explaining it. It’s not good. In fact, it’s probably unnecessary, even as an as an antigen or adjuvant inside the vaccine. So there you go.

So that is why. Oh, OK. See, because there is one more piece to this. And this piece just emerged about a month ago or a couple of weeks ago, which is we’ve seen that the DEFUSE proposal listed furin cleavage sites, interferon dysregulation, DC-SIGN, which code name HIV, and superantigen. Is that make four? Oh, yeah, that’s OK.

So then there’s a fifth thing, which is after we have this this this proposal, which is different than all the public proposals. And it has all of these elements in it, all of which are known and which U.S. doctor, U.S. scientists for sure, and probably Chinese scientists as well, but definitely U.S. scientists. They can do all of these things where they’ve been practicing these things.

Then one month ago, after people kind of lose track of DEFUSE and the elections coming up and all this happening, Alex and Tony and Valentin publish a paper, a preprint, where they look at these restriction sites. And the easiest way to explain it is what they discovered was the invisible, the supposedly invisible construction method that Ralph Baric had invented, being used in a virus that… within the SARS-CoV-2 virus, the structure of it compared it to the natural viruses with the restriction sites. Well, this is interesting because the SARS-CoV-2 virus is at one end of a very large array and scale of these restriction sites in terms of probability. I think the right word that they use, but basically it’s at the end of a spectrum, which means even if it’s not a perfect bell curve, when you’re talking about probabilities that you’re going to find this in nature, it was at one end of this problem. So it’s highly unlikely. So what we have is we have basically all of the major human targeted disruptive elements within the virus being listed within the DEFUSE proposal. And then we just discovered what was supposed to be invisible that this virus appears to have that Ralph Baric or his acolytes would use, acolytes being included in the WIV. So it’s possible that any one of those things could be random. It’s even possible that the purine cleavage site somehow could have emerged, I suppose. But when we look at all of these things together, it is for practical purposes impossible that this could be by chance. And what that really means is that that means that DEFUSE, for somebody to release DEFUSE, they would only have released it if they had no idea what its value was, which makes sense because it was hidden and it was hidden during the 90 day window of the Biden review. So it was not meant to be found. Hopefully we can put this to rest, that this document was not meant to be found. It was denied. The first thing they said and the only thing they really said was, well, it was never funded, so it wasn’t done. And that’s the only comeback that they’ve had. You’re right. And get this, two weeks after this, see, people weren’t paying attention. I was paying attention. Two weeks before and two weeks after, there was a series of releases of FOIA documents, and these FOIA documents from three different sources, requesters, they showed different years’ worth of annual reports from the two major grant streams of money that were flowing into the EcoHealth Alliance. One from USAID, i.e. the CIA’s charity arm, literally. And the other funding stream was, I’m sorry, that was PREDICT, the PREDICT program.

The other funding arm was coming through NIH, and that was just the emerging coronavirus something. It was a grant from the NIH. Those had never been published for public use. And when they released, what they showed was exactly the kind of experiments that you would do in coronaviruses if this is the kind of stuff that you’re doing. And when they released the year five report, the year three report, and the year five report, I’m sorry, I take that back, I believe it was the year two report, and the year five report. I think that’s correct.

But at least in two of those years, they conducted gain-of-function experiments that NIH saw when they received these documents, and they said, hey, you just did gain-of-function. And the first time that they did it, the NIH, after a little bit of deliberation, eventually said, you know, yeah, you’re right. It wasn’t gain-of-function. Yeah, you’re right. And we’re just going to tweak the little wording inside the P3CO documents, which are coming out next year, and you guys are good. So in the exact middle of the ban on gain-of-function research, they blessed EcoHealth Alliance behind the scenes to go ahead and keep doing exactly what they’re doing. And the only reason I think there was a furor with the year five report is because it may have been a different program manager or something who wasn’t part of that discussion, but didn’t realize that the cover-up was already in the fix.

But Congress discovered that there were two occasions that they were doing this stuff and completely ignoring the rules. And in the year in between these two things, 2017, the WIV did their own gain-of-function experiments, including with Open Reading Frame X and other things. And in that paper, which was never published in English, and it was a thesis, the thesis advisor, I’m sorry, dissertation advisor, was Shi Xingli. They were using restriction-side construction, practicing it, which they had been learning from Ralph Baric in the previous two years. And they were doing it on their own, only in Chinese, only in dissertation. It was not published.

So the DEFUSE is real. I would bet, I don’t need to bet, DEFUSE is real. And if somebody has an argument, a good argument, that they want to come and say, and they can negate all five aspects of construction that were found within that virus, they come directly, basically, they explain how to do those things to create that virus in the pages of the DEFUSE document. And the people who invented all these techniques to do all of these things, Linfa Wang in Singapore, Ralph Baric in North Carolina, Shi Xingli, Peter Daszak didn’t invent anything. He invented new ways to screw taxpayers out of money. So that was his superpower. So the people that invented all of the processes for coronaviruses that could have created this virus were all working together. And then, by the way, this unpublished proposal, which was a follow-on for everything they were already doing, basically closed the gap with these last editions of antigens and the HIV sequence. So I don’t have any doubt.

And I will testify to Congress, to the effect, under oath, that these five elements appear in the SARS-CoV-2 virus genome, and they come directly from the pages of DEFUSE, which is actually a more damning appraisal than even the whistleblower complaint thing written by Major Murphy laid out. In the first one that was released, it was kind of laughed at. But with this restriction site stuff, and you put it all together… Like I say, what happens is they’ll hyper-focus on one thing. Oh, yeah, that’s right. So one thing that we talked about yesterday, and so we’ll mention again, is…

Something is ringing… No, it’s fine. It’s fine on my phone.

So yesterday I said that every time a new discovery comes out about this virus, it’s odd, it makes it seem more unnatural. The zoonotic, the proximals, whatever you want to call them, the implicated scientist wanker turds, they always hyper-focus, but they never mention any of these other pieces. Because for them, they’ve been able to get away with it, because so few people understand this. They’ve had help from the very top. Any discussion was squelched, any objections, laughter, any… There was nothing approximating what I would consider a scientific discussion around all of these facts, all together as one subject matter. Yeah, it was very, very deliberate. Now we can see that. And yes, so yesterday I also said that…

So, well, let’s put this in context. We have just discussed the elements, not even all of the elements, but these are the main elements that happen to be in the DEFUSE proposal. There’s more suspicious elements. We could talk about the prion-like domains, which the SARS-CoV-2 virus has more prion-like domains than any other coronavirus. I know, because I went back to 2018 to look at all the potential ones listed in Tets and Tets, the first Tets and Tets paper. And even though I’ve seen arguments against these prion-like domains from, I think, Brian Mowrey and some other people recently, remember that one of the mistakes that we make is we look at things in isolation. And we tend to disregard things in isolation, because we don’t understand how everything works. I’m familiar with this objection. What’s the objection from this individual? Oh… We can do that in a second. In fact, I can pull it off as I’m talking about, I guess. But I just read it yesterday. So basically, the SARS-CoV-2 virus has more prion-like domains. And what is a prion-like domain, Dr. Kev?

A prion is what stands for proteinaceous infectious particle. And these are disease mechanisms that we have very, very little grasp on. And I would put forward the premise that they’ve been the subject of intense study as a new vector for bio warfare. It’s a difficult to understand disease process. And you have to look at the number of suspicious sites. And it’s not just the spike protein. There are other ORF6, ORF10, which are not associated with other SARS viruses, which, again, you could put in with an infectious clone. Anything where you’re taking a DNA plasmid and putting in sequences that you know are pathogenic. And if they’ve had superantigen sequences for decades, they’ve been looking at prion-like disorders, especially since mad cow. And here’s a funny anecdote. Actually, I was speaking to a clinician at the meeting in Houston. And he was saying to me that in the US, if you were resident in the UK during that period, you’re still not allowed to give blood in the USA. But this is how seriously they take them and understand them, right? Because prions are bad. Yeah. It’s not something that you dismiss lightly. And let’s say my hobby horse is that they’ve come to understand these particles in a way that would lead to weaponization. And just that alone for me is enough to say we need to be investigating it more thoroughly and looking at who knew what, where, and where. Yeah. And what did they lead to? The classic Creutzfeldt-Jakob diseases, but Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s, all those degenerative disorders. Diabetes. Diabetes, yeah. Cancers are all linked to prion-like pathologies. And what do we see right now? What is the leading cause of death where we’ve still got above average death? It’s dementia type disorders.

It tells me that something’s upset the equilibrium that was in place where we know that there’s a nutrition rate due to dementia, but suddenly that’s shot through the roof and you have to ask yourself why. And we’ve got a priori piece of evidence that would suggest here’s a culprit. And that applies not only to the virus itself, but also the gene transfections which are supposedly making a like-for-like copy. So, once again, there are so many characteristics of the virus that are unique. It becomes impossible to look at the virus and see how it could have been natural. Because, I mean, the odds are pretty good that…

Oh, that’s a good one just from Johanna. Generalized amyloidosis causes cardiac conduction issues. There you go. Oh, yeah, it’s cardiac conduction issues. And I know Johanna and I think Walter has talked about that. So, all of our smartest minds are seeing the manifestations of what would come from these things. Hyper-exposure. Hyper-exposure.

And so, I literally the other day read a couple of articles from this one author. I don’t know him. I wouldn’t mind talking to him because that’s what I want to do. We want to have these debates because we’re starting to connect with each other better. We’re starting to have lots of scientists looking at different things from different angles, and we’re getting a little more efficient. But we’re really cracking into the heart of the matters of this.

And can I… Sure. I don’t know if I came up yesterday. I forget. But the guy with a map, Mark Jurido, he’s saying that everything is a consequence of lipid nanoparticle. It’s such an absolutist type statement. And one that in the light of Professor Arne Burkhardt’s work in the last few weeks, where they show in the autopsy brain of individuals that the spike protein is expressing around one of the microvasculature of the brain. And you have to think of it as like dominoes falling. And they find amyloidosis, and it’s going to…

You stole my thunder. Because literally, because I read this paper, and Brian Mowrey, who this person is, I don’t know his background at all. I just know he has a substack, and he’s talking intelligently about various aspects dealing with the spike protein. Actually, he also has an article that’s older that talks about how DEFUSE is ridiculous and can’t be real. So hopefully he will watch this, too, and have some of his questions answered, or some of his non-questions answered. So he wrote a two-part thing that was looking at this prion thing. Are there really prions? Are there things that can have these prionopathies, these triggers, inside the spike protein? Well, again, outside the spike protein. Okay. Because I’m sitting here with somebody who does believe that’s the case. And I have other scientists watching this right now who believe that this is a very likely possibility. I do, too. Mostly because they say it’s likely. And because I trust them, and because I’ve also read two dozen just prion papers, which is super exciting.

So now, the case that he makes is that the prion-like areas or domains within the virus genome are not strong enough signals to be enough to sit here and say that they’re triggering anything, because it seems like it’s based upon what he kind of basically goes through some stuff. But he says that this is not driving amyloid prion things. It’s not driving the dementia waves of this thing. Right. But let’s be sane. So here, I want to just offer a few points, because remember what I said is that we can’t look at these things in isolation. And I’m stupid. I was an enlisted Marine. But let’s just think about this, because I don’t remember him mentioning hypoxic conditions. So hopefully I’m not going to lie right here on this one. But one thing about…

Have we lost the stream? Just to check here… Hopefully we didn’t lose the stream, because this is an excellent stream. Well, we’ll find out shortly if we’re still talking or not. Refresh the page. Yay! Okay. We are still… Yeah. Again, apologies. We’re using the hotel Wi-Fi. It’s just… I think it’s just my PC not having a proper GPU. It’s a sort of ultrabook type thing. Most typically when I’m at home, this will happen when I’m discussing sensitive subjects.

So anyway, one of the things… His basic argument is that when you’re looking at the profile of… The argument that tests and sets use that discusses what’s called PLAAC, basically it’s not significant enough to be driving the things that we’re seeing. Oh, but he says it’s probably not a prion virus the syntheic vaccine RNA on the other hand. Oh, okay. Well, I mean, I was going to be a little more… I mean, the scientist who deals with neurodegenerative diseases says he’s just about to retard, whatever.

Brian, I’ll just say that one thing that I would recommend if you haven’t looked at is hypoxia and how that figures into the development or the cascade that might come from this because that is exactly what’s happening with furin, which is further adding to the triggering of cancer cell growth while an environment of immune suppression is also occurring. So it’s a double, triple whammy effect. But hypoxia also affects these processes. So perhaps the threshold… I’m spitballing, I’m not a scientist. Perhaps the threshold…

Thank you for showing your hands. Was that it? I think she was actually… No, you got to rank higher than me if you want to give me orders. Sorry. That’s the way it is. That’s the way the Marine Corps works.

So the bottom line is there are a lot of things that point to… We’re seeing this come out. We’re seeing the signals. So we can’t just negate it when we’re seeing such strong signals. And there are multiple things happening which we don’t have a complete understanding of. That’s all I would say.

Now, he was more in-depth, but I recommend that people go to the substack… I don’t even know which substack it is. The substack is called Unglossed. And I’m a big fan of broadening this discussion. So Brian Mowrey at Unglossed, he is fighting back against this hypothesis, among others. And I encourage you… I’m always encouraging people to read the opposing arguments of something. You see, he’s fixated on prion protein. He doesn’t understand that it extends beyond prion protein.

I think we should have a celebrity wrestling match with Walter. And maybe you, too. I don’t know what it’s all about. So there you go.

Now, I also want you to know that the reference list, the giant database of thousands of resources, like links to all the origin articles and things that I’ve been compiling, I have always included both sides of arguments where they exist. I do not refrain from adding in documents for any reason, regardless of which side they’re on. I give a color code to the perspective of the author or the potential conflict of interest of the author. But I put all of it in there, so that way anyone can go look at all the arguments for something at the same time and point to your own conclusions, which, by the way, is the opposite of what science is doing right now. So I encourage you to look at this. I encourage anyone who disagrees about these DEFUSE proposals, please sharpen steel. Censorship does not sharpen censorship. So we want and we need these discussions. We need people to educate themselves. And no one is going to know all the answers to this, but all of us deserve to know the truth. And my goal is simply to provide an Excel file that anyone can go to and pick out one thing or 2,000 things, however much they want to research the origin of the pandemic, and they will get an unbiased set of links.

I find that very important because that’s not what the zoonotic supporters are doing. They are shouting down opposition. They are not discussed. They are not even responding to questions that arise. So there we go. We just did a pretty exhaustive explanation of the elements of the DEFUSE proposal, and I feel like that is a solid set of things. Yeah.

I mean, there’s more because we haven’t even talked about all of the other Watchmaker conclusions from my Watchmaker argument because, well, because that tab in my Excel file has almost 500 links in it now, and almost all of those on that page are scientific articles discussing the major elements found within DEFUSE and that also tie into HIV homology.

So prions and amyloid, other disease processes, vitamin D and therapeutics and what should be and not be used against it, all the different suspicious elements of the spike genome, everything. And that is tab 29 through 33, the current version. And I’ve even separated them out, so that way you can only look at the 40-something vaccine studies, which support my conclusion showing that they never used to put these furin cleavage sites in there. I have another one that shows all of the fusion inhibitor studies.

But let’s, before we go down there, the furin cleavage site being in the gene transfection technology, that just from an operational perspective, what that means is with this lipid nanoparticle technology is that it will transfect all tissues, basically, including the brain, including the heart, including… And the immune system is going to do its thing, and this is where we get to the neutrophil elastase issue, which what happens is it goes in, it chews up that spike protein and basically splits and makes the product that are all these amyloidogenic peptide sequences. So basically, it’s like seeding all your organs with these amyloidogenic, prionopathy-inducing peptides and inviting in a cascade, if you will, because the immune system is going to try and… I actually forgot about that. I’m going to point it out, because after the cleavage, as it turns out, that another one of these things that becomes exposed… So not only what he was just talking about, but in addition, the superantigen that I explained to you becomes fully exposed based on the conformation or the positioning of the spike. So aggravate the immune system even more. Exactly.

And one of the hypotheses with Parkinson’s is that T cells are driving the pathology, and they initiate… Oh, my God. Wow. And there’s a lot of work that needs doing in that domain, but again, it’s… Well, chronic inflammation being the bushfire in which these more complex disorders emerge. And again, it seems to me that someone has developed a very, very implicit understanding of that disease process and leveraged it. And again, I’m riding my hobby horse here.

The comments section. Interesting things there, but let’s see. Let’s see. Da Church of Eppie. That’s an interesting name. Simon Phoenix. I don’t know why I’m just reading the names. Things are locked up in compartmentalized silos, yes.

And that’s intentional. And it’s probably because the people that are doing this are intel people. So that’s what they’re used to doing. They’re well-versed in doing this, and they’re just applying it to the civilian world.

I don’t know if that’s exactly what you meant, but these DARPA and other military papers sure sound crazy. The road trader said, why is everyone not sick and dying when they’ve been mainlining that juice? Well, hang on a minute. There’s an excess death that’s continued long beyond the acute stages of the Wuhan OG strain. It takes time to murder this way. Yes, yes. And the more distance they put between themselves and the initial events, the harder, the thinking would be, the harder it would be to bring people to justice.

I’m sorry that I’m causing the choppiness because I’m seizing my arms and stuff. I apologize for that. I do want to say…

So Johanna says, flavonoids seem to prevent the amyloid buildup and help countering. The baicalin, I wanted to bring up baicalin, is a potent SARS-CoV-2 3CL-Protease inhibitor as well… so prevents ADE. Baicalin! Let me remove the chat. Johanna is speaking from experience about something that she knows that works, that she feels very strongly about, based on her actual experience, unlike some people, that can help both with the virus itself and with potentially the medical countermeasure injuries. And this is, again, what you look for in clinical science. You want a proof of validity. Right. And often that is, does it respond to treatments or specific treatments? Because when it responds to specific treatments, you know you’re dealing with a specific disease class or entity. Right. So, yeah, that’s just another little piece. Or it could just be the wild type swarm.

You need to tie Charles’ arms to his chair. I’m sorry, I’m normally not this hyper, but it’s a little cold in here actually, and so my nipples are frozen. It’s just the way it is. If you watch me normally, I look like I’m dead. This is actually kind of an improvement. Let’s see. Rockets, air, bombardment missiles, everything is hitting here. Charles, put it on your hands. Why would you sit on your hands? You should just tie them together behind your back, and then it’s working. Just cuff him. But we’re in a hotel room, and I don’t know, I feel kind of weird at the moment. Let’s see.

Let me try to end strong here in these streams. I mentioned Joe the other day. I did. From his sidekick, Epic Con. I don’t know who that is. I’ve heard of Joe. Yeah, right. It’s Coast to Coast Radio. He’s the OG conspiracy radio dude. Sounds like you’re Jesus. More like you’re Moses, I guess. Moses, yeah. Let’s see here.

Start fighting. Start fighting. We’re trying. I thought they meant like the two of us. Did you use to film from a drone on YouTube channel? Did I use to film? No. Okay, apparently that was a serious question. We need the truth, but more immediately, we need the mRNA injections to stop.

Yes. Now, I’m not the smartest prion protein in the MHC one or whatever. I have no idea what that is. I just like using big words. But if we don’t know what’s going on, I would say that there has to be some way that we can pull out the proprietary sequence of what’s in the MCMs. Because if the spike protein was intended to cause damage, then I feel like at some point the patent has to be in a bucket or something. We need to know what’s in there. And perhaps we don’t know because there’s nothing in some of them. There’s different things in different ones, and that’s what’s causing the variance in serious adverse events. I don’t know. But we need to know what… And the problem is that the NIH and the… have gone full bore into not just immunizing these people from prosecution, but they have no interest in ever showing us any sequence of any vaccine. We had to reverse engineer the ones that we… I think all of the ones that we have, at least the Moderna one. So we don’t actually know, which seems like a strange… Yeah. You know, again, it’s… which just… you start sweeping with ever more broader strokes as to who is vicious here and what they’re… Right, but we paid for the shots. Right. And we paid for the virus. We paid for everything. I don’t know, maybe it’s just me, but I feel like we should at least be able to know what we paid for.

Someone is asking, do I know Dr. Sona Pikova? I remember that person speaking at the beginning of the pandemic. I haven’t… I don’t remember much of them or anything new from them. Let’s see.

Oh, did we figure out the bat’s name? What was it? Fraud Chief. Fraud Chief. Oh, I do like that. I think Jeff is getting all this info from Kev. We’re trying to mix it up a little bit. There’s a lot of important information, and we haven’t even given you all the info, even in two days. But all of these things, we can’t look at each piece in isolation, whether that is the quasi-species swarm or DEFUSE or the virus genome or what’s happening with excess deaths. All of these things… The institutions involved that have made money and continue to make money, like, I’ve got the name, the new grant that they did after they had their telephone call. Creed. Oh, yeah, the Creed Pearl Quo. Dr. Ebert said yes.

And so because this is so massive, we have a responsibility to keep our minds open because we don’t know when… I mean, how many times during this pandemic already has new information come out that significantly changed your perspective on certain unsolved mysteries and questions and stuff? A lot. I’ll be honest. Well, first of all, I didn’t know anything about this biology when I started, but… And it’s OK. Like, if I’m proven wrong and DEFUSE, it’s an absolute just utter… Honey trap. It just honey traps you for… OK, well, but OK. But right now, it’s getting us where we need to go. Mm. So… And I’m not saying that flippantly, I’m saying that I don’t see any proof of that.

But everyone’s scared from it, bro. It’s that… It’s hard for me to put things on Twitter without… And have other people see it because they’re just… They’re scanning or whatever my tweets, just like they do with a lot of other people, and they throttle the ability of other people to engage in these things. So… But at the end of the day… And let’s be clear, that’s… People had suspicions, but that was policy right from the beginning.

I can remember by and up against it, it just didn’t make sense to me. But now, in retrospect, we know that they were… They were engaged in all of it. Everything from the boosting of your Twitter followership to making you verified, which they did to a bunch of people all at once in late March. The third… From March 21st to March 29th, someone magically bestowed verified status on a whole bunch of scientists, all of whom happened to be on one side of this argument. It could be a coincidence, just like it could be a coincidence, that in the first week of March, Trevor Bedford was getting more followers per day than Joe Rogan at the exact same time. Who knows? I mean, he’s got kind of that rustic look. When he has his beard, I don’t know. And it hides the freckles and the super-nerdiness. I don’t know. But he didn’t go from 14,000 followers to 400,000 followers in a few weeks because he changed the world with his ideas or his good looks. So… And he’s not the only one. And that’s just one aspect of the censorship that’s been quantified and tracked and shown over and over again.

And I am taking an R&R moment. I’ve been enjoying the change from just railing a camera to being able to speak to someone that’s just around you all the time and just having normal conversations. As normal as we ever have, I guess. And it’s nice, man. I like it. Old Kevin feels a bit isolated in Japan. Oh, here’s a suggestion, Boergle bat. Can we have more Boergle in the world? There was a rusty Shackleford on YouTube who filmed Epstein Island and even did so when the FBI were there. It was pretty impressive drone filming. Oh, yeah, yeah, yeah. I remember that. Do we have the same rusty Shackleford in that? I… I do see a rusty Shackleford. I presume that’s good, yes.

So, yes, we need to stop the injections because we just need to stop the injections. Because if you don’t know what’s in it, then you deserve it to know what’s in it because that’s what medical… Like, that’s what the FDA used to be for.

Look, we’re in a situation where under no circumstances should they have been approved, were all mechanisms working like they should have done, right? Like just the early treatment protocols that were whether it was hydroxychloroquine or ivermectin or just getting hold of people’s inflammatory status and making sure that they weren’t sent home and coming back when their lips turned blue, right? That’s, you know, all these things you have to keep tallying up and saying, you know, that was wrong and, you know, some semblance of justice needs to be paid for. Yes. Well, and so the vaccines, yes, like, I’m not a doctor. I can’t recommend you. But here’s what I will say.

One of the other things that I discovered was that the HIV inserts were not just random like they were claimed to be because one of the first, one of the main attacks, one of the reasons that the preprint was withdrawn and never came back is because scientists argued that these sequences, they all came from random different variants of HIV and SIV and HIV2 and a lot, they were, they came from different continents sometimes and they all ended up in this virus. How could that happen? It could have been that, you know, an HIV infected person got infected from three different prostitutes on three different continents and then… So we can blame marines for this? Well, I mean, probably not. Actually, yeah, that’s probably true. They went to Phuket and then, yeah. So, and then this person went to Wuhan and ate bat soup or something and did something and did something. So it’s unlikely. But what I discovered when I was going back and looking through these vaccine studies to see about the appearing cleavage site, I learned something else, which is I began to understand the way, like the mindset and the way that they were structuring these vaccine prototypes.

And it turns out that in the year before the pandemic and in the decade before the pandemic, the primary method of construction of an HIV vaccine and also other vaccines, but because I’m talking about the HIV inserts specifically here, I’m only referring to the HIV vaccines. Most of the candidates produced during the last decade before the pandemic were multi-clade constructed, which means they had bits and pieces of different types of clade or variants of HIV.

I have a winner for the bat name, dude. General Bat Chi. Oh, General Bat Chi. Oh, that’s pretty good. General Bat Chi, that’s pretty good. I think that one might win it.

But yeah, this objection to the HIV sequences and the Pradhan paper, it’s, well, I’m disturbing you, but you can carry on. So basically, if I had my slides up right now, I would be able to quote you from one of the many studies where they said the rationale, what they discovered by doing this a few times with these multi-clade constructed viruses, is that they were able to get a much better antigenic response, even though most of the time they’re only using a small portion of each variable region. And that’s important because they were getting more efficient, and that meant using smaller inserts, which… that is incredibly precise. And that only happens when you’re doing HIV research for a long time. Can you come to understand the epitopes that well?

So if you take three inserts from three different types of viruses from three different continents, and you put them all on the SARS-CoV-2 spike protein, and all three of them are each in the exact spot, on the exact spot of each variable loop that they’re on, to be the most exposed that it could possibly be, surrounded by the rest of the genome in its genome vicinity, that gives it a higher positive charge, I think it’s a positive charge, that has a strangely slightly higher pH than other things, that creates a high hydrophobic, which means super want to, it wants to be in a situation where it’s connected to something else. It doesn’t like water, it’s trying to solve that problem by bringing something close to it, I guess is the easiest way I can describe it. Like the interstitium, so the extracellular fluid, it doesn’t like that, it wants to bind itself to the cell, but that hydrophobic region isn’t, well, it will just be pushed by its innate physics towards shield it. So there you go.

So right there we have evidence of very deliberate, because that statistically to have a prop of a nature is ridiculous. However, both the Vaccine Research Center of the NIAID and the WIV, and just China and the NIH in general, they were doing things exactly like this. They were constructing viruses exactly like this. And when you have four inserts that are so precise, the odds of those four inserts is ridiculous, but the odds of those four inserts being in the exact spaces that they need to be with a slightly risen pH, with like an atomic charge, well, a nuclear charge, I’m off as this, that charge stuff in this stuff, there you go, see, just like that. So the odds of all that happening, so making it efficient like an HIV virus and able to like efficiently latch on to all sorts of cells, but especially T cells, that’s pretty low. I’m just going to say it’s pretty low.

And that’s only this fake GP120 that you’re constructing on a completely different virus for which the only three viruses in existence that have any of these, any one or two, three of these inserts, are two of them were found by the PLA, the People’s Liberation Army, and the Wuhan Institute of Virology, RATG13. And at least two of those appear to be fake or unnatural. They appear to be constructs in a development cycle that would eventually lead to something else. So it could be wrong.

And that’s just one of the similarities to vaccine construction that I found, and there’s more that I’ve written about in different places. So I just wanted to provide one of those things just that you could know.

There’s an entire category of other types of evidence that I’ve also found. And as it just so happens, that was actually what I found. So I’m not saying that with, you know, hubris, it’s just a fact. But in general, the argument that I’m making is the gathering of so many different pieces of evidence that have been gathered by so many different people, who have sacrificed time and energy, or even jobs, or houses, or sanity, or whatever, to try and fight this.

And this is in the context, again, with respect to the medical countermeasures, that they had not just the early treatment, but the peptide fusion inhibitors. Which we haven’t even gotten to. So I was trying to figure out in January and February how this stuff started to fit together. And I actually just had a really good conversation with a journalist from Norway who had, two years ago he had written stories about some of the other researchers, the senior vaccine researchers who were finding anomalies and they were trying to report it. Birger Sørensen, Angus Dalgleish, I don’t remember his first name, but they basically further carried on the experiments of Pradhan et al., who kept finding more findings. Jean-Claude Perez and Luc Montagnier, they kept, they verified, that the NEM preprint was pointing in the right direction. And they published their own paper. And Brian Mowrey, if you happen to be listening, I would love to get your thoughts on Luc Montagnier and Jean-Claude Perez’s paper, that they did just before Montagnier died, in which they analyze, I think it’s 29 cases of Cruzo-Jakob disease, early, fast onset Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease that appeared. Well, his get-out is that the vaccine, the medical count measures probably do. I don’t know, I’d have to read it. Okay, well, that’s true. Granted, we probably weren’t keeping as good records of the Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease in 2020 or whatever, but the point is, is that…

No, we have very good records of Creutzfeldt-Jakob. That stuff was studied intently and we know in France that they would average one case per year. And so 26 and 27 or 29, that’s slightly abnormal. Yeah, yeah, yeah, and literally… And poorly signaled in correlation with the… Medical count measures, 11 and a half days average. 11 and a half days to death, not from onset or from diagnosis. I guess it doesn’t really matter. I’d have to go back. Right, so we’re kind of… The point is, it’s not the time to onset. It’s the fact that there’s 29 times more in France than there were in the year before. And there’s this dementia signal. That’s where I expected it to show up and it’s exactly where it is right now. And it’s the leading cause of excess death right now in the US.

Well, thankfully, because uptake is still low now, that we’ll get a better feel for the magnitude of the impact of these things because we won’t have that consistent stream that we did for a long time. I wouldn’t say we’re going to start weaning ourselves off of it, but we’re going to be able to see different signals with a lack of signals, which will also be useful information. But the best signals to see are the ones that we don’t ever have to see at all because we never put ourselves in these positions. Much of this could have been avoided had they released the peptide fusion inhibitors. Sorry, we’re getting sidetracked. But yes, so…

Kevin keeps talking about peptide fusion inhibitors. And this was really, I think, the key for me because it tied together some science and some people who were doing all the science and then later covering it up. I’m sorry, I know I just did the sign language and my hands are moving. Now I can’t feel my toes. So the fusion peptide is something that occurs in a lot of viruses. And in particular, Ebola viruses, viruses like HIV, the SARS viruses, all of these, influenza and RSV, but specifically… So basically, this class of viruses all have a fusion peptide, which is just a part of this process of getting into the cell, but specifically dealing with fusion membrane. They all have a very similar fusion peptide. And what that means is that that part of the genome is very stable. And that’s not going to evolve or mutate very much. There’s not going to be much pressure on it to evolve. Yeah, the virus is dependent on that. And it doesn’t, it’s not meant to shift or… Different dynamics, but the point is instead of… Well, not instead of. Robert Garry was one of the authors of The Proximal Origin of SARS-CoV-2. He wrote a paper in 2003 on May 2nd of 2003, less than four weeks after the sequence of the SARS virus was released. And very quickly they had noticed that the SARS virus fusion peptide was very, very similar to the fusion peptide of the HIV virus. And so a new drug, I think, that had just hit the market that year for HIV, called Fuzeon, worked to block this step in the act of the HIV mating with your cell. And it turns out that they hypothesized that this might mean that you could use this fusion inhibitor, that had originally been developed for the HIV virus, for the SARS virus.

So later, when the pandemic started, Chinese scientists had already identified one really good fusion inhibitor that worked with multiple coronavirus. And they kept doing this. In fact, they spent a decade before the pandemic, and even after the pandemic started, they’re still doing it, researching and developing fusion peptide inhibitors. And they know that they work, and they found a lot of them. They found more than two handfuls that could probably work for SARS-CoV-2. And what that means… Well, actually, in the two years since then, it has been proven that many of these are pancoronavirus, which is exactly what the goal was for the vaccine. But they found a pancoronavirus inhibitor. And now they have a handful that not only cover all coronaviruses, but they also cover HIV, 1 in 2, and SIP. So these fusion peptide inhibitors, most of which have been developed by China, can block. The same one can block HIV and SARS. And that would have negated the need. And they knew this very early on in the pandemic. When I say they knew this, I mean everybody involved in these discussions knew it. And some of the people involved in the discussions had invented this class of drugs. So they knew.

So there you go. Once again, that’s just another aspect of this. And the reality is that decisions were made to censor things. And because of those decisions, three years later, our quality of life is terrible. Because we’re having to deal with all these things that are now happening. In the midst of, we still have people dying from whatever… Well, until we can dismiss it, we have to look at, you know, what’s the cause of death? It’s dementia or cardiovascular events. And in each instance, we can look at the molecular biology of the, not only the spike protein, but like I said, I’m not convinced all this excess death is just medical countermeasures. I think it might be a combination. It’s never such an easy… And it makes sense. I mean, we want it to be easy in the sense that we want all the deaths to be easy to categorize or anything. But all of this is connected. The censorship began the day after, like truly began the day after that Indian preprint came out. So, we can draw our own conclusions. But time is running short. Because however it’s disseminating and whatever it’s doing, things are still spreading. Deaths are still high. Deaths are still high. Medical countermeasures are still… It’s the wrong medical countermeasure. And it’s wrong. Deliberately wrong. Deliberately wrong. I mean, Rob Berwick helped invent remdesivir. And even he knew on February 13th and 14th, he was at a national vaccine conference event, whatever. And he explicitly stated that that was the case. So, I just had a great fun. Well, we’re still just talking about what they knew with respect to measures that they could put into play very early on. And there’s a whole aspect of this which we were not talking about deliberately. But that we know negates the need for PCR. So, all of this, there have been so many lies that the lies have traveled around the world and have formed a swarm. And we’re seeing them recombined and it’s getting crazy. And we’re still being actively censored. We’re still being actively, actively censored. They’re still telling lies. And to me, there’s no other choice. We have to keep speaking about it.

But the best part is, is that all you have to do is do like 80 hours of research in a little introductory course. And then you can start making fun of scientists on Twitter, too. It’s a good sport, bro. I highly encourage anyone who’s listening to this. Please, support everyone you can because I guarantee you we appreciate it. We all do. And I guarantee you that each of us, we’re doing it because we want to help you and protect you.

Here’s a question. If the Chinese have these protease inhibitors, why are they still locking up? Wouldn’t they have got out of it two years ago? Good question. Good question.

First of all, it’s not a protease inhibitor. That’s actually separate. So the protease inhibitor would be dealing with the human protease, the proteolytic cleavage areas, which in this case would be furin or similar thing. There’s other things that you can do because you might not always want to directly target furin. It’s rather difficult to do. And there’s damage.

But so if they invented them, where is the stuff in China? That’s a great question. I tend to believe that it is in China and they are using it and they’re using it in the exact manner in which they said they wanted to use it, which is via spray. I don’t know exactly how they’re doing that. Well, there’s different formulations. You have a nasal spray. You can have an inhaler. But what I think is happening is they either don’t care about their people, which is this is possible. They just don’t care. Or they’re just mass forcing people to take medication in some form or fashion, which in the very beginning of the pandemic, they were doing with everyone. They were force feeding medicine if need be. But everybody was getting everything. I guess after enough prisoners died from vaccine injuries or medical countermeasure injuries, I guess they might have dealt with it.

But what people have to understand is that the fusion of peptide inhibitors, that science was invented by American doctors. One of those American doctors rode proximal origin and was there with Fauci at these meetings. They literally had personal knowledge. Personal knowledge. Because remember, at the end of that May 2, 2003 paper, it says that they have patents pending on Fuzeon. They helped invent this antiretroviral, which, by the way, was the very first one. And the Gallagher paper where… That’s correct. So he knew about it because he had invented it. And between the first and final draft of the proximal origin of SARS-CoV-2, Bill Gallagher, the mentor of Robert Garry, who was the finder, he was the discoverer of the fusion peptide in the HIV sequence in 1987 before some of you were born, he found that. And then he and his protege helped develop the version drug for it. And then on January 31, 2020, he recommended that they use it very highly. And there were several reasons. And you can read them. You can open up this 80-page book and read it. But Bill Gallagher wrote something that laid out the rationale for doing some of what was done. And Pradhan et al. on the same day were laying out the rationale to stop doing what they were doing because of what might happen. So…

We could listen to Fauci. We could listen to these people who are making these arguments. But I’m not even halfway through the list of evidence. I don’t intend to finish it right here or anything. I’m just saying we could literally go on for a very long time. But at the end of the day, the virus does not show… it shows every appearance of being unnatural. Millions of people have died. And all of our various research chains are starting to come together and link in this very powerful way with a lot of evidence supporting it.

Well, we’re getting to this point where, OK, we can seem to get a picture on what looks like very deliberate malfeasance. And I’ll just add this anecdote. It’s been shocking to me to arrive here in the US and see empty shelves and to hear people’s anecdotes of supply chain issues. Now, how much of this is playing into a darker aspect or some bigger global plan? I don’t know whether a sort of good analogy is the sort of Bolshevik takeover, you know, 100 years ago. And we’re looking at the 21st century equivalent of it, but there’s a degree of forethought that’s gone into a lot of this that says to me that we’re very, very far from the end of these people’s plans. And, you know, maybe part of it is this, I don’t know, holodomor-like situation for the US where it does become difficult to maintain a living, to be able to feed your family. And in that instance, I would argue all bets are off. And, well, we’re in a situation where these people have no other choice but to follow through on every last detail to push events in there. This is existential for whoever is doing this. And therefore, at some point, we have to be willing to match them in their efforts, because that’s the only way that we have a chance to prevent further damage is if we actually try to do that. Because if history is any metric, we’re at a point where, OK, these people seize control, and you could argue that they’re already in control.

But what comes next historically is the purges. And I don’t think those purges would just stop people like myself and Charles. It would mean them coming for everyone that’s listening to what we’re saying and agreeing to. So all our asses are on the line here. And I haven’t seen anything, no, no piece of evidence which would suggest that this is a transitory event that we’ve seen the worst of it. And we can we can just go or try to restore normalcy as as we remembered it. No indicators whatsoever. And so, you know, what, what do we do next? Well, I think we, we have to go down this, quote unquote, official investigation pathway hopes that the American political system and at least push back to some degree, hope that we can get someone like Charles onto bigger platforms to, like I say, his knowledge is a sort of encyclopedic. And I’m, I’m, I’m sitting here listening. I’m learning every day. Well, so if I was actually on, I don’t say an actual stream, I understand we have to tailor this for the audience that we had because not everybody, this is not a suitable, like, like way to have this firehose. But really, what we’re trying to do today, yesterday was kind of catch people up to the bulk of basically what we’re looking at. We want you to understand that what we’re looking at in terms of evidence, once you understand why we feel that it’s important to not disregard certain hypotheses.

And we want you to understand that when we, I know I can speaking for myself, if I’m writing conclusions and telling you about conclusions that I have made regarding this virus. I have done so based upon a significant amount of research. James says he’s more confused now than a year ago. Don’t be confused, bro. Yeah, you don’t need to be confused. Because you expect everybody to be biologists. All we want you to understand is that the evidence against a natural origin is so overwhelming that it’s, it’s so obvious to anybody who has a background better than mine. It’s criminal to not, to do anything to prevent and to do nothing to enable any sort of holding people accountable. Because they know. I don’t know who they is. I don’t know exactly the number of they, but I know that it’s a lot more than we think. A lot of scientists have betrayed us. A lot of politicians have betrayed us. A lot of politicians have made mistakes. And you know what? We should, we should try to differentiate between those two things because we need as many people as we can get. And I have never, I guess I shouldn’t say never because I haven’t met Fauci yet, but I have never met someone whose life was worth less than, you know, than my, I don’t know, than my need to be in the dark about the truth of the life or something. I don’t know where that is going, but the bottom line is it’s not natural. And if it is natural, prove it. If it is unstable, prove it. If there is, if there is no amyloid properties, show us. But the main thing that we need to focus on is whatever we can to save people’s lives, to not have this destroy our entire universe.

And we have to be smart enough to at least hold people accountable. So, so please support us. You don’t have to support me with money. Just support me with, with prayer or with, you know, like hotel rooms or I don’t know, empty carbs. I do have empty carbs. The big box of goldfish attest to that. What we want is to protect you from whatever this is. Yeah, we have to get as many, many of us through to the other side of this, make sure that we’re in, we’re still in a position to be able to push back.

And it’s not, it’s not like we’re not having effects. Right. They wouldn’t be censoring so hard. They wouldn’t be. Yeah, I mean, right now it’s, it’s not physical threats per se. But, you know, the implicit threat is there in censorship itself. So just, yeah, keep, keep on, keep on keeping on.

That’s what I would say. So people talking about empty shelves here. So someone’s saying there are no empty shelves in the UK. Well, you know, I hadn’t seen anything in Japan, but it was striking here. That’s good to hear. Sorry. Like really, I mean, like, I, I don’t notice as much. I guess it’s been this way for a while now. So yeah, up in Pennsylvania, dude. There’s a lot of… and I’m seeing it in gas stations for some reason. I don’t know why, where we got that Rion spray. You didn’t notice all those empty and just being like one item on the, on the hook. The. Well, I’ve been in two states now, and I think I’ve seen the same thing. And it’s concerning to me that somewhere like the United States, which is so good at moving materials for consumption around where you, you know, packed shelves are the signature of US. That’s true. According to Mikhail Gorbachev, when he came here in 1991, I think it was 1991. The thing that impressed him the most, or maybe it was Boris Yeltsin, I don’t know, a Russian leader. That was Gorbachev. At the turn of the USSR came to America and leaving America. The thing that had impressed him the most was being able to walk into a grocery store and being seeing full shelves and being able to get whatever he wanted or whatever he could possibly want to eat all at the same place at the same time. And for the, for a very low amount of money. So, it’s about depopulation. It’s always been about depopulation, the Genesis playing God. It’s in your face now from every angle, food, energy, health, mental health, every angle points to the same conclusion, conclusion, depopulation.

It’s, it’s sweeping. I was Yeltsin, sorry. But yeah, it doesn’t, it doesn’t. It looks very, very concerning to me that to see these, to see it emerging on the ground and like I say, I’ve, I’m very insulated in Japan, I don’t see or I don’t speak to people, I don’t get the feel for the vibe, you know, that you get from talking face to face with people. And here, yeah, it was immediately obvious. And, you know, I’ve, whether it’s true or not, but I’ve heard rumors that diesel is in a bad way. And, you know, what, what happens in that situation? We’ve just, we’re in, in a, in a set of circumstances where the middle classes and the business owners have all been gutted over the last two and a half years, nearly three years now. And what, there’s more of that coming. I mean, my, my advice in this situation is again, be, be prepared, hope for the best, but prepare for the worst. Let’s see, you’ve got the election map up there. Is there any?

No. No changes? No. So Democrats are plus one Republicans. Well, that’s, that’s, that’s a feature just of which states have already declared that. But yes, so what, whatever is going on, there seems to be like, it’s just, it’s just strange to see the day after the election, with no presidential election, and with far more states counting their early votes prior to election day. So that way they don’t have a massive pile of account afterwards. I don’t, I don’t know what’s happening. But it seems strange. So, who knows. Yeah, it’s very, it’s very odd. We probably should think about wrapping up. Okay. All right. That’s it, folks. We’re up for this is the end of the stream. I hope it was useful. And yeah, I hope the quality wasn’t too bad. But yeah, we’re out of here. Take care. God bless. See you in the next one. I don’t have Boergle baby. I just got to do a hard finish. So we’re out.