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Yeah, welcome everyone. Another day, another stream. Doc’s, Doc’s come back from his hiatus in the US and it’s non-stop and my backside is feeling the just covered in breadcrumbs and stuffing a sandwich down my face. It’s getting ready. But yes, there’s always something to address and we will do our best to...

Well, I actually had some questions sent to me after the last stream and critique, I guess. And so maybe I’ll open by trying to address that. It’s to do with the amyloidogenic sequences that I’m being circumspect with the truth that I’m just... I’m hiding data from you and far, far be it from me to engage in such a nefarious activity. It’s what the other side does. And so maybe I’ll begin with that.

And today I think it’s going to be a relatively short stream or shortish. I’m finding that I’m sort of loading up tabs and I’m not getting through them. And today we’re going to have to do another sort of paper reading in the context of covert moral bio enhancement.

And just an article yesterday, Covid-Claus showing his true colors maybe. And yes, we’ve got... My name is being bandied about there, but I want to just bring some precision and accuracy to those that are using my data and we should... But we’ll take a look. It’s Karen Kingston again. And I’ll just spend the time and we’ll have a look at what she’s saying.

So welcome to everyone in the chat. I see little one there, rock girl, Susan. Colourist says never, never indeed is what we always say. And, um, let us, let us, uh, move on, shall we? Bloody hell. Bloody hell. Bloody hell. There’s always something, there’s some button I forgot to press. Genetizing and tickling with viruses. It has to stop. This is not picnic anymore. Uh, let’s see. Jonas has been ill for a few... Well, I hope you’re feeling better, Jonas. Um, uh, uh, a cold and nothing. I don’t know what mo 54 means, but, um, I hope you’re feeling better. All right.

Of course, covert moral bio enhancement is the theme of the week since, uh, the epic stream I did with, um, Spartacus. I think I’m going to try and, um, it’s such a pleasure to speak with him and he has such a soothing tone to his, uh, his voice. I’m going to see if I can try and make that a more, uh, regular regular, uh, set up. Um, cause, uh, he’s just, uh, he’s incredibly knowledgeable and, um, yeah, it’s just a pleasure to speak to him. But, um, yes, covert moral bio enhancement came up in that discussion. We did a sort of deep dive into, um, what they have justifications for a covert moral bio enhancement is the ethical thing to do to you. That’s, uh, that’s what we learned yesterday. I promised that we would read the second half of that paper, which would be the, um, his, his objections maybe, but, um, there’s, well, there’s only, there’s only so much time in the day. And if, if there’s less direct stuff that I have to address, I’ll circle back around to it. So, um, I’ve not forgot it.

Uh, centropede says, uh, Peter Daszak is, uh, you are right, sir. You are right. Uh, at least USA advanced in the world cup. They did. It’s welcome. I thought the world cup was supposed to be in the summer. What’s going on with that? That’s just, that’s the well gone completely mad. All right. Uh, right. So let’s do this.

If you strolled in here, that’s me. I’m a real scientist. Oh, I can do me, uh, come here. Come here, mouse. Come here. Is it, where is it? Do this. Play. I’ll do, uh, what’s his face? That is me. Uh, I am a legit scientist, all published in sheet sheet sheet published and sheet. I am. And, um, generally I’m considered a subject matter in systems, neuroscience, um, surgical interventions for all manner of, uh, neurodegenerative and neuropsychiatric disorders. Um, I have a grounding for a grounding in, um, the modeling of these disorders. Let’s, let’s put it that way. And so, uh, I feel comfortable, um, speaking about these, uh, subjects. So that’s me. Uh, ResearchGate is a good place, uh, which, uh, aggregates the work, but of course you can go to PubMed, et cetera. Um, it’s, uh, it’s all there for you to, um, bore yourself to death with. So if you want to, um, if you’re a glutton for punishment now, of course that’s not where you go. What you should do is bookmark McCairnDojo. Um, this is a bunker in the digital trenches. Bookmark it. Don’t forget it. Um, that’s where you can get in touch with me.

You can find the links to where, uh, we’re streaming or the channels where we’re, um, active on because we do get struck a lot. I’m trying to walk a more, uh, should we say walk the line? Uh, what’s the Johnny Cash song? Well, I’m not going to sing. Well, put you through that.

But, um, just hot vape, sick, harsher, hot, the vape, sick, Sasha. I don’t know what that means. Um, but I will, I will put out the plea. Someone, someone DM me the other day, um, asking me if I, um, wanted, um, help with vaping. I would, I would happily, happily invest in a, uh, vaping device and, um, some juice. If some, I just don’t know where to start. Um, if someone, um, would guide me through this process so I could get a refillable vape device, I find I actually quite enjoy the process. I’m sure it’s not good for you. Um, but then, you know, nicotine mints, are they really good for you? I don’t know. Um, but I am, I am, uh, well, were this 30 years ago, I would be a chain smoker like my father and I would probably be suffering COPD right now were it not me, um, raking the addiction to the evil, uh, evil weed that it is and, uh, sucking on mints. But the, uh, when there’s better technology available, why, why shouldn’t you, why shouldn’t you use it? Why shouldn’t you use it? Why shouldn’t I satisfy my appetites for nicotine with a good quality vaping device? I just want to be, I want to be able to just buy a, um, good quality rechargeable device and get, cause I have to order stuff in to Japan and so I want to be able to get some juice in bulk. That’s going to last me a year. Right. So I don’t, I don’t have to keep sweating bullets…

Wow, someone, someone straight in with a dono. Thank you very much. Uh, GD Bakshi leaping out there at me, gave me a fright and I want to say thank you to Kate. Much, much appreciated for the donor. It keeps the, uh, keeps the wheels rolling. Um, what’s that? Spartacus died in the end, but he was willing to try against all odds. Just saying, well, look, man, you’re all going to die. Um, like from, uh, Braveheart, what will you give for just one chance? One line in your head. Yes. And now, but it’s one chance just to be able to stick it to them. And you know, that’s, that’s what we’re here for. That’s what we’re trying to do is to, is to push back. And yes, uh, Mirage, I don’t want any juice from, uh, Talpiot boys. I’ll be careful. I want, I want a good source for, um, for vaping, vaping juice. But, uh, yeah, I’ve, I’m, I’m sold. I’m sold on it. Sold, sold, sold. All right. Crystal Shaman, good to see you. Um, so the class is basically assembled. Uh, can’t afford a rat yet. Um, look, the, um…

I’ve got enough for the first series of rats. Um, so now it’s just, uh, a case of me lining stuff up. And the problem is, is that we’re rolling into December now and there’s new year coming and, um, it’s going to be a difficult time. So I would expect new year to be after New Year’s holidays are over is when I’ll make the, um, the push to do those experiments. Um, the lead up to Christmas is just, it’s just too complex and, um, too busy, et cetera.

Uh, I, am I a 12 or a sixer? Um, you’re on about the size of my cock. What’s, what’s that about? What’s a, what’s a 12 or a six? I’m a 12 or God damn it. It’s like a, like a baby’s arm. All right. Um, Nick salt blech. Uh, yeah. So I’ve been told that nicotine salts are not so, um, good for you. Um, I’ve always, I’ve never had a problem with these, um, nicotine mints. Um, uh, this is four milligrams per little, um, per tablet. And I tend to break them in half when I, uh, when I suck on them. Um, but the, uh, that’s the, I still don’t know where a 12 or a six comes into that. It’s a four. Four is not the size of my cock. Uh, DJ says a modest six. Well, look man, I’ve, I’ve received strikes for, uh, what should we say? Titillating material on, uh, on YouTube for, uh, getting out my chair, showing a bit of, uh, ass crack, I guess. I didn’t think it was ass crack. It was just, just the love handle that spills out. Um, have you tried snuff stock? Um, no, I haven’t. Uh, but you know that it’s those little sort of powders and stuff, right? And, um, I just, I want to be able to say I’ve got a good reliable, I want to be out of clouds of clouds of smoke. I love it. I love doing that. There’s just something, something about the, uh, the exhaling of clouds. I don’t know. It’s just, uh, very, very meditative. And, uh, unlike, uh, unlike the devil weed or the green mistress, um, your lungs don’t feel like, uh, someone’s taken a wire brush to them. And, uh, you know, it’s, I’ve got to justify, I have to justify just wanting to have a vape. Is that it? What I want to do is, uh, just, just some, someone that knows a thing or two about vaping, just, just point me to websites that I can, I’m happy, I’m happy to buy it where, where I can trust the, the, the fluid that I’m buying. Um, let’s see. Uh, what’s this? What’s this? They’re like tiny nicotine teabags that you put to it. Yeah. I mean, I’ve, I’ve heard about those and, um, I’d rather just stay away from the plant nicotine.

Looking at, uh, global warming for the two cultures. Fuck their global warming. Fuck, fuck their Malthusian bollocks that they keep trying to shove down our throat. Um, like this, like this, Klaus Schwab declares on Chinese state TV, China is a model for many nations. Yep. That’s right. Locking people into their apartments whilst they burn to death. That’s a, that’s a real, real human ideal that we need to be aspiring for. Just the flick of a switch telling people that they’ve got to imprison themselves in their apartments for months on end. Yeah. That’s, uh, that’s something we really want to go for. And God, that’s why it’s just a tab left open, but I’ve got, I’ve got to take it down a tangent. They’re playing on my ADD. How dare you all?

Uh, so let us do this. So yeah, just, uh, it’s the, uh, on the homepage, you can support me, Patreon, uh, tip jar. Um, that’s the best one. Um, you can, uh, that’s the least overheads there, but if you’re, if you’re wedded to gay pal, uh, stream facts, GayPal link is there buy me a coffee, of course, work, subscribe stuff, please, please support the good Doc. And I will continue to, uh, bring you, uh, the jihad science. Uh, maybe we can have a bit more jihad.

Uh, the Chinese are protesting with white blank posters. Yeah. Look, it’s quite, well, two thoughts about that. Um, how is all the video footage getting out of China for one thing? Um, I get that there are VPNs, et cetera. Um, but, uh, the other is, uh, look, those people are standing up when they literally stand at the threat of having their organs harvested and those of their, uh, families harvested as well. So, uh, for you feckless bastards, just sitting on your backsides, hoping that, I don’t know, the cavalry is coming around the corner. Um, you, you should get up and do something and write the, well, I’ve tried to give the advice, um, don’t, don’t blow your cover so much right now that, um, you paint a target on your back, right? There’s a, there’s a few of us that are sort of standing up and hopefully that’s all, all it will take, right? Because otherwise, otherwise I would have, I would have been keeping a low, low profile, but the, um, the circumstances are such that I can’t, what’s this from unstable mutation, uh, drip tip vaporizer of best and juice can be made by steeping tobacco in vegetable glycerine for a few months. Um, oh, I want something that doesn’t taste like tobacco or nicotine to tell the truth.

That’s okay. I want, um, I want, uh, it to be all tasty and nice. I just want to billow out clouds of, uh, um, uh, smoke. That’s all. So, but, um, steeping tobacco in vegetable glycerine for a few months. Doesn’t that, doesn’t that taste rancid? This vape tastes like how a dumpster smells. Yeah. That’s what I, that’s what I imagined a cigarette dipped, um, glycerine must taste like.

All right. Uh, let me see. Just, uh, I’ve been doing that for five years now. Never trust commercial stuff. Um, yeah, look, if someone wants to show me how to make, um, mint flavored, um, nicotine, it doesn’t taste, it doesn’t taste like, uh, the dirty ashtray that my wife has in the kitchen where she smokes her cigarettes. Um, um, all ears DM me please. And right.

Speaking of DMs, I said, I said that I would address the, uh, the questions because I was, I was accused of being somewhat intellectually dishonest by, um, uh, showing, uh, this data, uh, where we were looking at amyloidogenic, um, sequences. This one is of the, uh, Delta spike and, um, and then this one, which is from, uh, Omicron. And I was making the point and I’ve been making it across several streams now, um, with, I want to thank, I think it was Chris who sent the email, um, with this, with this data, but, um, the, the, I, I was, I was just making assumptions that the, uh, the, the, the gene transfection medical countermeasures, um, would carry the same amyloidogenic, um, burden. And so I’ve, um, ran that comparison and, uh, this is what you get with the amyloidogenic profile for this one’s Moderna. Um, but I expect very little difference between this and, um, Pfizer. So there you go. Um, um, now where did I, I mean, well, I have to, do I have to run the analysis in front of you? I guess, I guess I could do that. Um, I just wonder what I did with the tabs.

Hmm. This one.

Yeah. So, um, I got the sequences from, uh, Jean-Claude Perez’s work. Um, I do, uh, I do the, I do know that the sequence is the same. It was just an easy get to, um, pull this data, but, um, there’s the, uh, Moderna sequence. I’ll copy that and I will plug it into the Waltz software and we’ll run the analysis. Boom. Uh, we want to detailed with graphics and submit sequence and click here to check results. It’s that fast folks. There we go. And, uh, boom.

Loaded, riddled with amyloidogenic sequences. And you know, the issue here is that the, what the body does is take these foreign peptides and, and tries to break them down. But in breaking them down, you’re going to sort of set off a cluster munition of, um, these sequences. And the simple fact is no one knows what the long-term consequences of repeated exposure to this is, especially when you’re wrapping it in a highly permissive particle that we know distributes around the body can get into the brain. Um, and various other parts, it’s not just the brain, there’s various other, um, parts of the nervous system that are, um, sensitive and, uh, amyloidosis in its various forms can manifest, um, well, cancer, um, cardiac, uh, what are the issues spring to mind? What did I say? Cardiac, well, diabetes, cancer, um, there’s, there’s many, many, um, disorders that are associated with, um, amyloid, prionergic mechanisms that, um, we as biologists are still feeling our way around, uh, as to what they, what it means. But, you know, there’s a general consensus that you should be avoiding them and gene-transfecting them, uh, is probably a bad idea.

Now, um, to further sort of hammer the point home, I, I, I thought I would take the time and, um, you know, maybe, maybe every virus is like this, right? So I picked, you know, something that is medically considered very severe, um, H1N1, and I ran that through the same analysis as well. Now, keep in mind that H1N1 is a known neurotrophic agent, meaning that it can get into the brain. We know it can cause all kinds of neurological problems. It’s, um, it looks like you can go back and see lectures that I’ve done, and I make a specific point of, uh, mentioning, uh, the influenza viruses. And here is the Waltz analysis for H1N1, and, uh, significantly less, um, amyloidogenic sequences than, um, than the SARS spike protein. And this is the hemagglutinin, um, spike equivalent on, on flu. Now, what you should be thinking about and be concerned about is that they’re now, they’re now using mRNA platforms for both flu and, um, SARS. And so gene-transfecting you with these permissive particles that have this inherent risk in.

Um, where are the long-term trials on this? Nowhere. You’re the trial. You’re the guinea pig. You’re the monkey that they’re testing on. And so, you know, you, you need to be very, very circumspect. And when people tell you that, uh, oh, it’s just, it’s just, it’s just a vaccine, just acting a little differently. Well, it’s nothing to worry about. What’s the matter with you? Well, keep this in mind. This, I think, is the, uh, the primary or the fundamental danger around this pathogen, short of the short-term, uh, pathologies that occur with, um, natural, um, exposure and infection. Um, any, anything that’s synthetic and unpredictable should be avoided in my professional and humble opinion. So, um, I hope, uh, that’s, uh, that’s answered the, um, the critique and the, I, I don’t know what else I can do to try to convince you that, um, you should, you should remain on your toes. Um, DM me again if you, if you think that, um, I need to be, I need to be doing more. Um, but, uh, like I say, I tried to, uh, I try, I try my best. Uh, Zero Mass says, I bought enough to last years. Do some dig it. You’ll find it. Look into Dash Vapes out of Canada. Um, I will do. Just, uh, just DM me, please. DM me links. Just, just someone send me easy links so I can just click and, uh, uh, bye. Uh, no vaping of, uh, no, I can’t do it. I can’t do it.

Steeping tobacco brings tar. Yeah, that’s, that’s, that’s what I would think. That’s what I would think. I want to avoid any tar. Um, it doesn’t all feel like I’m up in on Bigfoot’s peepee. Oh, DJ, I love you, bro. Uh, Dash Vapes. All right. I looked them up. Dash Vapes. Dash Vapes. Before we get into the, the Dash Vapes. Uh, Dash Vapes, Canada’s vape shop. What do I need? What do I need? Oh, dammit. Um, I wonder if they ship to Japan. That’s the, that’s the thing. What, what do I need from here? Um, see, I want one of these big, big handheld ones that holds like, uh, 500 mils of fluid. What do I need? Start your gen. Yeah, it’s too complex. It’s too complex. I mean, that, that kind of looks nice. Holy shit. That’s expensive. But, um, I’m, I’m prepared. I’m prepared to make, uh, the investment in, um, in, in, in a device that, that’s going to last me. Um, how much, how much are you getting here? This is a flavorless e-liquid. Um, frosty peach. Um, um, will they ship to Japan? But, uh, god damn it. Um, 10, 10,000 Japanese yen for this.

What’s that? What do you get for this? What, what, what am I looking at here? Right. Vupu Argus MT Starter Kit. Is this a good one? Is this a good one? Um, I don’t know. I don’t know what I’m looking at. I really don’t. Just, how do I make lots of clouds of smoke, people?

TPP mesh coils. You see, what, what’s a mesh coil? Why do I need mesh coils? An integrated, intelligent chipset is capable of temperature control constructed from durable zinc alloy to give us a protective shell. I mean, it all sounds wonderful, but am I being ripped off? Am I being ripped off if I buy this one? Like I want to just be able to buy one and it’s done.

Is that the, um, is that the thing? No, no, no delta rate for the doc. That would still be illegal, um, in Japan. Um, you know, I had a, I had a 80% THC vape, uh, shout out to Karma Doc for, uh, for that little gift. And, um, I smoked that sucker dry in the hotel room before I left.

The, uh, I, I couldn’t, I wouldn’t dare bring it to Japan. No way, no how. Um, but I don’t, I don’t, none of, none of these things mean anything to me in terms of the specifications. I don’t know, I don’t know what makes a good vape, right? So, um, I, um, I’m the student now, please someone, should I buy this one? Should I buy, it’s called a voopoo.

Do I really need a voopoo or should I get something else? Should I get something else? Why is it called voopoo? I want to be sucking on poo. What?

Oh, why? What a name. What a name.

Uh, let’s see, let me just catch up with the chat real quick. I found patents for transgenic birds, chickens, animals, et cetera yesterday. Yeah, of course. Um, they’ll, they’ll do all sorts to livestock. Um, that’s where much of the research is done because, uh, there isn’t the ethical constraints. So, uh, keep that, um, keep that in mind. Uh, My flash says good morning, dear Kevin. Good morning to you. Uh, let’s see.

Why is it always worse than suspected? Um, you mean the amyloidogenic, um, sequences look, you know, maybe it, maybe it doesn’t amount to anything, right? But I think that there are signals in the data that just tell us that we should be, um, you know, not letting our guard down with these bastards who, uh, were all sold on covert moral bio enhancement.

Nancy says buy Kev a coffee. Yes, buy Kev a coffee. I agree with that. And, uh, let me just see if anyone sent, oh, someone sent a don’t know yesterday. So, um, from, let me just see, uh, I guess the Bay area, um, you can have a, uh, not working. Let’s try this. I’ll do, uh, what’s his face. That is me. Uh, I am a legit scientist. You’re published and she, uh, yeah, thank you. Uh, whoever that was yesterday. Um, that can, that can go towards, uh, paying for my, uh, paying for my food. See, this is this far down the road. I’m going with amyloid is intentional. Yes. Yes. Um, I, I think so. That’s my gut feeling at this point and the, uh, the extent to which they continue to push. Now, of course there was a glimmers of hope because I saw, uh, Fauci on some I don’t know, talking head program where he’s saying that the uptake for the bivalent, um, boosters is running really, really low. And, ah, maybe ticket old America saying, fuck you. Fuck, fuck, fuck. God bless America. Uh, let’s see. Uh, by smoke, but brand smoke brand, um, smoke, smoke PP. Oh God. I, I mean, it’s cheaper. Uh, but it’s only got 2,000 million power battery compared to the food. What should I do?

What should I do? You need to sub home coils for clouds. I have no idea what that means.

What’s a sub home coil? Why is a sub home coil? Please. Ah, you had enough. And thank you to, uh, come up. Thank you. So just sweetheart, love you.

I’m trying to find ways, new, new inventive ways to poison myself. I’m just, I’m sold on that one. All right. Um, my lunch group has stated, if you don’t have any vaccines, you can’t come to lunch. I think they’re out of their minds. If you haven’t had a vaccine within the last four to six months, it doesn’t matter. You need to replace the mesh coils every week or so. Is that, is that true? Um, wow. I thought these things were sort of indestructible. So that what’s the coil is like the heating element. Is that, is that what that is?

Um, just by a few did couple of this, but yeah, I had some disposables I bought in the US and, um, they’ve kind of run out and, um, I’m, I’m missing it. And, um, I want, I want a vape.

I want a VP, VP Argus starter kit. Um, um, nice, uh, tip mesh coils. Okay. And, um, I just, I don’t want any fancy flavors, just mint, just mint flavor. What, what, um, what e-liquids should you get? Oh God, look, there’s so many, what are you, how are you supposed to, uh, do they have nicotine in? How do you know how much nicotine they have? What’s, what’s going on here?

Um, nicotine level, three migs per ML. Um, you know what, just, uh, let me just hang on a minute. Let me, uh, do this and no, sit this way. Um, let me, I’ll just be back in a second, folks.

No, didn’t work. Fuck you. Why? Oh, let me, uh, just, just put some…

Enough! Great. So I have, this is the last one that I have and it’s been my least favorite one. This was a flavored one, um, blue raspberry, and it says 5%, 5% nicotine. Now I don’t know, is that strong? Is that a strong nicotine vape? Make sure I get one that’s, uh, 5G compatible. Okay. Um, uh, um, you see, um, it’s, this is again, I’m, I’m overwhelmed by, uh, all the, all the options here. What do I, what do I get that would match this? This one is called a, uh, escobar, um, pastel cartel, disposable vape. Um, it’s nice. Uh, running out though. I’m sad. Um, train wreck mental. All right. Uh, let’s see. Uh, I don’t know. I have a long-term payment income, individual paying suggested Venmo and Zelle. He’s also a neck. I don’t know what that means, but it seems he scales completely intact. The suggestion was pre COVID era. I don’t know what this means. Um, there was evidence was correct. Needless to say the payments up remained remains old school. I don’t know what it means. I can’t recommend this highly enough. Thank you. Like that, that’s what I need folks. Okay. Tank volume, two milliliters of cookies.

I mean, it looks cool. It looks cool. Um, you can, you can just buy these from Amazon. Um, please help me someone. Uh, let’s see. Geek vape kind of guy. Cheap and the nicest ergonomics of any piece of tech I own. Um, currently unavailable. Uh, remember that Jack Black movie with vape who rise? No, I don’t. Um, you’re on a streaming streak. Hey, yeah, I can’t make up for lost time. Um, do you have any experience with the th 17 market? No, I mean, just, I know it’s, uh, an immune cell, um, uh, subtype, I guess that’s, that’s about as far as I know. About the immune system. Um, there’s a Korean band named bumblebee. Oh, is that true? Uh, let’s see. Uh, but head says doc, a doctor in Florida named Ross Hauser says treating head posture is very important in treating chronic conditions. Um, maybe, yeah. Um, silver or nickel pleated vape snoop dog style. Um, yeah, I’d love to be out forward here. I’ve got to do this on a budget folks. Uh, let’s see below one Ohm link the man to one guys. Yeah, please just, um, link, link me one. I can, I can buy that’s available and juice. What juice do I need? What juice do I need that can match the, this, like I say, it says 5%. So I don’t know if that’s, that, that sounds incredibly strong compared to what was on offer there. Uh, he wants a battery big enough that can fire the cartridge for his face. Yes. Have you ever tried to Jencom? No.

Kev didn’t sneak any weed back to Japan. So it must be high on life. I am high on life. Karma. Um, no, I don’t want weed, weed vapes. It’d be bad enough trying to get a nicotine once in Japan. Apparently vaping is illegal in Japan. Search YouTube for vape reviews.

Too much hard work. Can’t someone just, um, can’t someone just send me a link. Thank you for, uh, the, um, where’s it gone? This I will, I will peruse this, this website, but, um, I don’t know what, what’s the, what’s the amount of nicotine you should be getting in? I don’t want particularly strong nicotine to tell the truth. I actually, I actually just kind of like puffing out clouds of, uh, of smoke or vapor. Um, so maybe I’ll just go with the, uh, standard. What happens if you put five migs per ml? I don’t know. And how long, and how long does a bottle of this stuff last?

Can anyone answer those questions for me? Uh, is Fleming making any progress? I’m going to get to, uh, Richard in a minute. Um, six milligrams is good. Thank you, Kate. Um, six migs is like a light cig, 12 mig for like full flavor. Um, yeah, I don’t think I need, like I’m not, um, I’m not like craving smoke or nicotine per se. I lit, I’m literally just enjoying the, uh, billowing out of, uh, of vapor. Nice. Uh, join Patreon. Yes. Sounds good. Got to get focused on rats and the pathway to the US. Uh, yeah, I was saying to the, uh, for the rats, I’ll do it after the new year with Christmas and stuff coming up. Um, can I get Delta in Japan? No, it would be illegal. Um, five inches is good enough, Kev. Yeah. It’s not what you got. It’s what you do with it.

Yes. They’re called Escobar. Can you mix in terpenes to your juice? Then it tastes like weed without breaking the law. I don’t know. Can you do that? Can you buy terpenes?

Please send me links, folks. Seaweed vape could wean a person off of the old nicotine.

I don’t want seaweed. Uh, murderous headache and a close eyes and listen. Oh, feel better please. Uh, sweetheart karma. Uh, the glass is breaking is a common problem I’ve dealt with until this tank. Um, okay. I can send you Nick juice, bro. Uh, Kush. Um, I would, I’m, I’m happy to take the nicotine juice. Um, two to four milligrams is a soft vape. Yeah. Kush, if I could just get the, um, soft vape, uh, neuroscience PhD can’t figure out vapes. Now I’m too old, too old. All this new fancal tech. I just got a CBD with terpenes in it today. Um, I’ve been getting my EG stuff from Canvape for years. Okay. Um, I mean this, this Canadian one seems a good, good one because, um, it says express shipping to Japan. Um, um, I’m inclined to, uh, give them a well. Uh, it says he’s lost both hearing aids. Imagine how the neighbors feel got Kev blasting so I can hear. Okay. Is that, is that really a thing that you can buy terpenes for vaping? Is that really, is that true? Um, oops.

Can’t be reached. Have I spelt it wrong? What happens if I just, uh, search for terpenesUK? Okay. I’m a complete noob at this, uh, terpenes thing. Okay. Um, are they, are they legal? Wait, there’s a Japanese one there. True terpenes. Okay. Now, now I’m intrigued. What do I, how do, how do I buy these? What do you do with them? How do you, how do you get them into your juice? How do you get them into your juice? What’s the, what’s the deal? Can you vape this shit? Um, all effects. Um, oh my word.

Okay. What, what, what vape, what, what terpenes vape should I be buying? And how do I, how do you get it into the, how do you get it into the vaping machine?

Is that, wow, what a fascinating modern age we live in. Um, just squirt a few drops into your juice as a flavoring agent. Okay. Um, mad crazy coils. Okay. I used about a five pin head sized dot of CBD sublingually last night. The house two doors down completely. Uh, what do you want it for Dr. McCairn? You can decide. I just, I just want to vape my, my little disposable vapes that I just bought as a treat, but I’m, I’m, I’m hooked. I just, the, the vaping is quite, quite relaxing. I just want to be able to billow out clouds of, uh, clouds of smoke and not smell like a dirty ashtray. All right. Let’s get on with the, uh, the stream. So, um…

Crimes against humanity. Uh, Richard has just done a new stream, um, Please, if you haven’t written your letter and sent it to 10 friends, um, please, um, go watch, uh, Richard’s latest, um, interview. And, um, like I say, all, all we can do is just keep submitting letters. Um, this is down to you in the US folks. You’ve got to, uh, you’ve got to, that’s not even that much to do. You just sort of download the letter. It’s, it’s pre written for you. You’ve just got to sign it and send it to your, uh, uh, attorney general. I think.

It’s my inner dragon, maybe. All right. So let’s start the stream. Uh, I’ve just, uh…

I’ve just got to do some Thailand News because Thailand News always cracks me up, uh, for their hilarious, um, hilarious editorializing. “Great news! Harvard study showed that more younger adults than the age to died from COVID-19 in United States for 2021. The mortality trend is shifting!”. That’s fantastic. So, uh, already a, uh, eyebrow raising headline from, uh, Thailand news. Anyway, I’m, I’m reading through this and, um, you know, the, the age differential is just, you know, instead of the above eighties, it’s the sort of 60 year olds who are, um, who are getting, uh, hit right now. Um, but it was just this article at this paragraph man have me in stitches as I was reading it. Thailand medical news would also like to add that preliminary data that have yet to be published also showing that in terms of excess deaths due to COVID-19 related heart failures, strokes, sepsis, and other organ failures, more younger adults in the United States and Europe are at risk of such a fatal outcomes, which we hope would continue to be the trend and also hopefully increase, especially among the STEM graduates, et cetera, as these are the groups who always arrogantly think that they know better. God bless Thailand Medical News. Okay. That’s right. STEM graduates, do your bit, sequester your carbon.

I take it terpenes have no connection with Dick Terpenes. No, they’re, uh, um, like the citrusy type things that give orange, oranges and lemons. They smell right. That’s what terpene is. All right. That’s, that’s, that’s all I wanted to say about, um, Thailand Medical News, but let’s, let’s move on. Um, and of course, uh, I’m not going to, uh, as we’re on, um, YouTube again, I’m not going to, uh, comment here.

I’m just going to, I’m just going to let this based Japanese who’s head of Kyoto University. I can’t remember if I played this the other day or not, but, um, um, let me just put it so you can see the, um, this is head of Kyoto university. I want to say, um, yes. Uh, and that’s, uh, my former employer. Um, he’s, uh, he’s, uh, you can, uh, you can surmise for yourself what he’s talking about. I’m just going to play it.

Okay. There you go folks. Based Japan. Go off King. Yes. And let’s say Japan has been a, um, redoubt of sanity, um, during the last few years. Um, I’m not sure. Yeah. It’s, uh, look, it’s, it’s not considered, um, the, the, the oppressive article that people in the West see it here in the East, right? They were very, very common prior to COVID and, um, they, they love them. I just, but, uh, it’s been watching. I’ll be surprised if that guy’s from a line of Samurai. He’s pretty fucking based wherever he’s from.

That was great. Right. Let’s get to, uh, how freedom warriors, the piranhas eating each other. Uh, this, this article popped up yesterday. Um, so turns out, Covid-Claus Robert Malone is suing Peter Bregan and his wife for $25 million. $25 million. Holy fucking shit. What did he do? Go in and rape his family at gunpoint? How do you, let’s say it’s absurd. It’s absurd when you read this article, just, um, how Malone would think in these terms, because I’ve made exactly the same criticism. In fact, I believe I was the first to do it. Um, at the ages of 71 and 86, Ginger and I are in the fight for our lives in all our years of doing reform work. No individual, no group has ever been so intensively and persistently attacking us on a personal level as Dr. Robert Malone starting ever since August, 2022, when we criticized his concept of mass formation psychosis in depth without even mentioning his name. And I think the mass psychosis, uh, mass formation psychosis is a shitty argument because it, it just, it can just be turned around either way. It doesn’t have any quantitative basis to it. It’s just a subjective interpretation.

Centipede says, told you he was in it for the money. Maybe. Dr. Robert W. Malone filed a lawsuit on October 30th, 2022 against Peter R. Bregan, uh, seeking damages for $25,350,000. Why would Dr. Malone make his claim so large over $25 million? The effect of what he is doing should be obvious. It threatens us with financial ruin. You think $25 million.

Oh, Malone has PTSD. Uh, it threatens us with financial ruin, ties up our energies. Does he want to make us too afraid and too exhausted to criticize his public policy theories and his numerous highly destructive attacks on leaders of the health, freedom movement. The defamation suit, meaning libel and slander, was filed in the US district court for the Western district of Virginia. Whatever service has been discussed between the lawyers for both sides and agreement was made by Dr. Robert Malone. The suit already filed and ready to be unleashed has had a suppressive impact on our planning and activities over the past two weeks. Contrary to some rumors, rumors, we have never made personal attacks against him. And indeed the complaint that is filed in court focuses on our scientific and public political disagreements with him. However, Malone’s defamation claims focus on our public policy differences. Much of it relates to opinions and analysis, which we already don’t know. We have not defamed Malone in our entire 110 plus combined years of reform work. No one has ever threatened us with a defamation suit because we simply do not defame people. Dr. Malone’s unprecedented attacks on us exceeded only one, only by one decades ago, except for one occasion. We have never had to endure such personal attacks, not even from psycho surgeons in the 1970s whose lobotomy practices, my international campaign closed down and whose research institute led by Harvard’s director of neurosurgery, lost all its government funding. Not even from the electroshock company and the cabal that in 2018 was forced by my medical legal report in a product case to inform the FDA and the medical world that shock treatment causes brain damage. Not even the US government agency director who lost his job and his many other compromised colleagues whose eugenical racist program Ginger and I forced to shut down. Their huge inter-agency program was about to be funded by Congress to do eugenical research on inner-city children from in the womb to adulthood to find biological and genetic causes for their alleged propensity for violence. The one more dangerous set of circumstances. The only other time in our lives that we have been so threatened was in the early 1990s. I had been approved as the single medical expert confirmed by a federal judge to review the discovery from Eli Lilly regarding alleged harms from Prozac for a consortium of attorneys handling approximately 150 cases involving suicide, murder and psychosis. Of course, Eli Lilly tried to discredit me in a myriad of ways but the federal judge approved my credentials for appointment as the sole scientific expert for reviewing discovery and the judge for the first trial would do the same. I was qualified to testify not only about psychiatric drugs but also the corporate and FDA approval process. I was empowered by the courts to have access to all of Eli Lilly’s secret files about the development and marketing of Prozac including all their clinical trials and all FDA correspondents. My position as the central scientific expert for all the dozens of lawsuits against Eli Lilly was not merely a threat to that one drug company. Multiple other companies had Prozac like drugs such as Zoloft and Paxil coming down the pipeline. Many financial interests had motives to do what happened next. In fact, we have many threats against our lives and contacted the FBI about one of them. We consulted with local police about wearing vests and carrying a gun, as you should, both of which we eventually decided not to do. As we were getting nearer to my initial deposition against Eli Lilly everyone in our house became progressively sicker from week to week. I, Ginger and our daughter became chronically ill with exhaustion and dry nagging upper respiratory infections. Multiple visits to physicians could find no cause. This went on probably for a couple of months until a plumber on a routine job was agastified that someone had entered our basement and removed the chimneys from the converted oil burner and gas water heater, spilling fumes and particles into the house. We are not complainers and have rarely talked about what we’ve been through as freedom fighters together for the past 40 years and decades before then as individuals. Nor do we feel sorry for ourselves. By our deeds we have earned our enemies and the good that has come from my work has confirmed our choice on how to live. Before we were together and then as a team we have each searched our souls when something evil has appeared on our horizon. Impulse has always been to step forth. We have at times been penniless as a result of our reform efforts but separately and then together we were always young enough to feel confident we could recover. But now at our ages the lawsuit by Robert Malone does threaten financial ruin. Is Dr Malone merely protecting himself and his new career transition from the man who invented mRNA vaccines, one of the worst disasters in human history, to the man who is leading the health freedom fight on a worldwide level? Or is Malone’s mass psychosis concept being further developed and used by others such as the Department of Defense or the intelligence community? Oh that I wouldn’t be surprised. Malone has boasted about his deep state background. I have historically worked with the people who have been truly deep state intelligence community. I have decades of experience in biodefense. I’ve been deep in the belly of the beast. I’ve won literally billions of dollars for my clients in grants and contracts. I’ve managed hundreds of millions of dollars in grants and contracts in the vaccine space. Oh this is Robert Malone’s words. Malone has stated that these deep state connections have been severed and no longer have influence over him. We first heard from Malone through emails to us on August 6th and 7th 2022, 10 days after we published criticism of Mattias Desmet’s book The Psychology of Totalitarianism. Malone has used Desmet’s concepts to develop his concept of mass formation psychosis. We invited Malone to come on my TV radio show and later on to join me on someone else’s venue but he never responded to us and later verbally attacked one of the venues that invited him to debate me. Next on September 5th 2022 on a short phone call Malone issued the first legal threat against me and hung up immediately.

Voice very dark demanding tone. Is this Dr Peter Bregan? Me hesitantly yes thinking it’s spam ready to hang up. This is Dr Malone. Why are you targeting me? I will have to send you a cease and desist letter. Are you threatening me? Then calling Ginger who’s nearby. Ginger it’s Malone on the phone. Ginger entering my office. What’s he saying? I put him on speaker. Malone hangs up. On his sub stack the following day Malone referred to reading my comments about his phone call to me. He even provided a link to my column without denying my description of it but within a short time afterward he seemingly had second thoughts about confirming the call and deleted it from the end of his sub stack. After that on September 26 2022 his attorney Stephen Bliss sent us a demand letter that included other defendants mainly on the grounds of their interviewing or publishing us. The letter demanded retractions, apologies and money for compensation. Dr Malone demands that you retract the false and defamatory statements, issue a written apology and fairly and fully compensate him for the presumed and actual damages suffered including loss of income, insult, pain, humiliation and embarrassment, mental suffering and injury to his reputation. The demand letter also cited legal cases to threaten us with large amounts of money we would have to pay if they sued us. Our attorney briefly replied that the demands were unacceptable and the allegations are untrue. We began to learn more about Dr Malone’s threats and criticisms of other leaders of the health freedom movement. We felt that someone needed to alert the community to these disruptive and harmful events which were wreaking conflict among others. On October 6 2022 on America Out Loud we published Dr Robert Malone attacks and maligns leading freedom fighters.

I wonder who he’s linking to there. Citing attacks on his sub stack against Peter A. McCullough, Harvey Risch and the wellness company to which they belong. Um try to discredit and ridicule Peter McCullough and Harvey Risch. Okay uh okay um let’s see 25 days after our column exposing his attacks on others on October 30 of 2022 Malone filed the lawsuit against us. In accordance with our attorney’s warnings we have written nothing about him or his suing us until now. On October 19 2022 an extreme left-wing magazine the Daily Beast ah it is indeed a cesspit of woke. The Daily Beast quoted an interview with Malone about his April 26 2022 demand letter sent to Ginger and me as well as to other entities. In his interview with Daily Beast Malone attacks journalist I wouldn’t call stupid stupid Pete as a journalist and skin flaps Ruby she’s not a doctor by name and mentions us as two allied conspiracy theorists without naming us. Malone’s motives in making available to the Daily Beast the contents of this relatively private demand letter are unclear but the result is a grand humiliation of the health freedom movement. The Daily Beast declares in its headline inside the anti-vaxxer civil war yet Malone regularly presents himself as wanting to bring people together and end the conflict in the movement. Based on early experience Malone should have anticipated that dealing with the Daily Beast would result in negative propaganda against people in the health freedom movement. Malone had a verbal conflict on air on Fox News with Alex Berenson who’s a wanker a former New York Times reporter who’s known for in-depth analysis of the failings of the COVID narrative. The Daily Beast quoted a Malone sub stack where he fumed at Berenson after incident and the Daily Beast must have delighted to title their piece Fox News favourite anti-vaxxer guests are at war. Ironically Dr Malone makes speeches complaining that something is tearing our movement apart.

I mean it’s a it’s a long… well, what how can we extract from that 25, 25 million dollars.

For what? For criticizing mass formation theory? It’s a shit theory let’s see uh just uh Malone is a retarded person says centropede.

I’ll just say he’s a cunt right now but um what the fuck 25 million for her fee fees he’s Jesus uh Gaffer says we better make all donos in vape juice to the good Doc. Malone’s gonna come after him which jurisdiction is he gonna do that in you can buy some sweet horses for that man yes absolutely he unbelievable um no vax salesman yeah yeah yeah um um nothing like maintaining personal hygiene um

Malone’s pissed about the clot exposure and Died Suddenly. Now, look, I I what did I watch? I think it might have been that other pillock Mike Adams right I can’t stand him there there are problems around Died Suddenly, right? There are, there are deaths that are shown in there that were pre-covid hey plaster it with bigfoot and ufos um you know the scientifically the direct causal interactions between medical countermeasures and these amyloid clots has not been demonstrated um and you know I I think there’s a lot of uh where there’s smoke there’s fire and we should be doing everything that we can to investigate um this phenomenon um but that I’m look you know you know died suddenly as obviously um raised the issue and the um of that I’m glad because you know from my perspective as we looked at earlier in the stream there are these amyloidogenic sequences which are riddled through um the expression products and those are highly problematic in my mind those would account for all of the um adverse events that we’re seeing, coupled with obviously a um inflammatory delivery mechanism that the lipid nanoparticle is.

Malone is mad his kids make more dollars than him is that true my kids make more dollars than me um how can you sue someone for misattributing your theory I don’t know I don’t know I mean but maybe there’s some side of the story that I’m not getting here but you know 25 million seems particularly egregious over a um intellectual disagreement and you know maybe maybe Bregan has has gone off and teed off on Malone that I’m unaware of but um 25 million holy fuck how do you come up with that number um let’s see Covid-Claus is now the grim reaper

Okay. Pilek brings back fond memories of me dad that’s a great word um let’s get some bits and pieces from the undertaker yeah look if I could get my hands on some of those um fibers clots let’s let’s see if they are amyloid it’s a pretty easy test to do um Shem says what about the stringy clot substances from the veins morticians embalmers are finding look I don’t doubt that they’re pulling these things out um but there’s there to do science properly you have to establish causality to the best of your um scientific capabilities and showing people face planting isn’t um showing causality in this instance and you know there’s this these images of the people who are sort of circling and um falling over and and in until I see proof of death that’s a seizure. um Malone the cointel persona um

Yeah, look and you know I want to investigate this these stringy things and you know we’ll hopefully in the new year we’ll set up some of these uh these rodents and see if we get the same phenomenon. But the, you know, we must maintain standards scientific standards when it comes to um laying out accusations etc um it could it could still be a consequence of SARS we don’t know we don’t know and that and this is something that um Spartacus was raising very eloquently and something that I’ve raised numerous times before that by convincing people that SARS is a respiratory pneumonia and that’s the primary disease mechanism we’re we’re we’re ignoring the what we do know which is it’s that it’s a systemic coagulopathy and uh a very unusual coagulopathy which we know induces amyloidosis that’s and that this was established even before the gene transfections were rolled out so it might be that people have have come into contact with SARS and so it might be that people have have come into contact with the virus uh developing these amyloidogenic um occlusions and the thing is that they’re self-propagating and do I do I think that gene transfecting them are a good idea no no I’ve shown you that the amyloidogenic sequences are the same across all the different uh spike variants and much worse than H1N1.

So uh the indian railroad worker, yeah I mean when you fall under a train death is uh usually the uh the outcome but we don’t know if if he wasn’t just having a seizure and he might have just fell on the floor dead but you know the the the fixed limb um contortion that you’re seeing that that is classic seizure behavior and until until we have death certificates for each one don’t go shooting off from the hip that that it’s definitively the gene transfection. Then, Doc one theory I read on the fibrin clots was transfected endothelial cells something being able to reuse the pseudouridine base to create a runaway protein creation of endothelial cells hence the rubbery clots not sure if used RNA based can be reused forts um I wouldn’t think that there’s enough enough of the pseudouridine to be making such large um conclusions if you want a better word so um the…

curious clinical says “How covid jabs cause intravascular growths”, is the Exposé um let’s see um let’s make ribosomes to make more and more spike proteins that’s bad enough as we wrote that this fake base might then find its way into other normal cell processes and start making other cell emas again this is it’s all just conjecture until until you’ve done the scientific work to uh establish this and um and like I say my suspicion should fall on that first we know we know that amyloid has a prionergic mechanism that um is like I say self-propagating and once once out of control leads to all manner of diseases and pathologies and you know you’re just falling into Stupid Peters and Ruby Skinflaps territory by um just jumping gun and making that assumption you know my advice would be to tread very very carefully right now we must we must make sure we complete the job and you know so we can hypothesize about what it’s doing and like I say that this this makes me very very concerned as a biologist as someone who’s worked in clinical neurosciences all my life well my adult life I didn’t come out the womb uh stitching up monkeys straight away um but this this should be the primary concern right now everything else is just conjectured this is this is solid biology that we’ve we’ve understood for decades answer this question first disprove this mechanism and then and then we’ll think about um whether lipid nanoparticles are the direct driver or not but it’s it’s this and like I say we don’t but because of this right because this is still in the omicron variant that’s more infectious than measles right it can still be going round causing these cascades and god knows what the interaction is between it and the medical countermeasures no one knows now you should be cautious of course I would advise not not bypassing your immune barriers and um having your body express synthetic versions of it for sure express synthetic versions of it for sure but until you’ve um until until we’ve definitively shown that this is not a problem this has to be the primary hypothesis.

Prion cascades, yes! Prion cascades, this is this is look look what happened around my around mad cow, that’s the sort of level of scrutiny and um um awareness of a problem and potentially actions that we should be taking around a threat like this be be vigilant right now.

Now all right so um I might I might skip the British Medical Journal I’ve spent too much time speaking about vaping and what have you and we’ll get to uh this this because uh apparently I get a mention in this and um I think this is gonna be an hour of um let us uh let us um jump in here and again think about this right I’ll bet you everything that you’re seeing that they’re showing they’re gonna show in this uh little thing, whatever it is, I’ve got no name, she’s from New Zealand I think, right um, could be explained by amyloid I don’t think there are nanobots or uh fucking microchips just to remind you okay? Doctor Kev pisses out microchips it’s just cholesterol it’s just cholesterol that we know makes up the lipid nanoparticle okay? Let’s see, denying mRNA modifies DNA should be criminal it’s a fair and playing on the ignorance of society um yeah look I’m I’m I would wait for well I think the data’s out there right that it that it that it is being integrated somewhat but then how functional is it etc again that you you need you know to be making assertive statements you need the evidence to back yourself up and um we we don’t really have it right now and you know I’m I’m inclined to believe the the in vitro studies that are showing that it is co-locating in the nucleus somewhat um but again you know is it what what it could just be garbled mess going in and not not producing anything in terms of um the spike protein as we understand it um piss-based indeed yep but that I’ll guarantee you that’s what these people are going to be talking about right but apparently I get mentioned around the 10-minute mark.

So who are you to properly define whether it’s a human or a robot so transformed through artificial intelligence not only the Department of Defense but the whole world and this was really shocking when we first did it this was back in December of last year a lot of people weren’t aware of the agenda to merge humans with AI but the problem is that it’s in order to do this we’ve got a never-ending cycle of injections and this is something that Karen uh proved in this interview so for anyone who hasn’t seen it I’m going to link it in the description below you need to watch this in light of what we’re being told right now at b20 they want to launch a globe sorry sorry um uh my stream deck’s killing me today shut it shut it uh why did why did it it switched off why did it do that uh sorry sorry maybe some maybe someone sent a dono and uh it was a pre-emptive uh no you’re old to do what can I say global health pass they want us to be injected all the time pre-emptively injected uh to prevent pandemics this is also in Australia’s pandemic preparedness yes all very concerning and again this is why we have to tread very very carefully okay and you know the we have to push back but I would I would once someone starts talking about the current shots being loaded with microchips now we have a problem okay this plan published in conjunction with CSIRO who was involved in gain of function in Wuhan also we’re told so I mean the pieces are really coming together for anyone who’s been following the agenda but but right back to that original interview it’s all starting to make sense now Karen as to why they said this will be a never-ending cycle of injections.

Uh, Yeah I mean the information that I presented from the past that I found last year it’s um unfortunately it’s all it’s all coming to fruition right I mean it was clearly laid out and it wasn’t you know we also talked about the organization for economic cooperation and development um which is another 32 nation strong organization similar to like the WEF and they were saying oh look um yes we need to merge humans with artificial intelligence and they wanted to uh fill the artificial intelligence work gap um and that was a big part we talked about too the whole the whole misgendering people the whole point is so that we accept robots as humans right so you know if we if we don’t properly define a man and a woman then they’re going to say well who are you I would agree I’m on board with Karen Kingston at the moment to properly define whether it’s a it’s a human or a robot so you know it’s really it’s it’s really perverse it’s really demonic this plan it is you know as we talked about this is um this is not of of any of God’s kingdoms and um the world needs to to to wake up because AI is not for our benefit uh it is it is for our enslavement uh they’re going to experiment on us and it’s really going to be a loss of your yep yep yep covert moral bio enhancement folks um your free will your uh individuality in your soul and so um people really need to start waking up and speaking up and holding their ground um locally and stopping this I just want to back up something that Karen’s saying here she recently on a previous interview with me exposed what’s listed on the organization website and on their website I just did a recent interview with Amman Jabi a former Silicon Valley engineer who’s talking to us about the dangers of surveillance he called it an open air concentration camp smart cities are the final lockdown if for anyone who hasn’t seen that you need to watch it yep yep yep agree agree agree uh but this is new and emerging technology for adult social care uh and they talk about um the example of home sensors with artificial intelligence which is talking about um they’re saying that it’s a way to improve care oh DJ I love you uh bringing God into it grifter confirmed yes yes yeah there’s one way to uh ramp up your views with the uh the my pillow crowd it’s just uh start getting hallelujah start claiming you’re born again christian the views will come flooding in air and address pressures but sensor-based technology with artificial intelligence capabilities is one type of technology that may be useful although there are gaps in evidence that need to be addressed and uh and they do talk about um the the focus of this study was on decision making processes and implementation we’ve been told by these globalists that the time will come where humans won’t even need to make decisions for themselves ai will do it for them and then we have on the website as well which previously as you showed us Karen says they will be able to manipulate human behavior coerce people into doing things that they wouldn’t normally do agree agree agree um like I say these are things that we we should not let them get away with right whether the technology is there or not the the intent is there and so we must we must resist at all costs right because the qr code tyranny is coming for you at an ever accelerating pace these are these are all things that I can agree with okay what what I’m concerned about is when you start bringing in poor scientific interpretation methodology and springboarding from there into um well it’s it’s sort of tarnishing our ability to push back because they’ll just say you’re a kook.

The potential of nanotechnology for molecular manufacturing if we think that this is only about manufacturing let’s say you know objects we are very very wrong so Dr Anna you’ve been doing more research into the quantum uh quantum field uh when it comes to nanotechnology the fact that it’s disappearing sometimes that under the microscope it’s dependent on 5g waves 4g waves so talk to us about how all of this is going to merge and what else you found.

So this is really based on the work of David Nixon who you’ve also interviewed who’s shown that these structures are assembling and disassembling and there is science that states that some of this nanotechnology has what’s called quantum cloaking devices and that these are transistors on a level that is nanoscale and they create something called a time crystal what that means it doesn’t require external energy and it can quantum compute so it is able to have an enormous amount of ability of computations and so it is similar to the record scratching across vinyl here um again um i i would say that’s a bunch of pseudoscience bollocks being pulled out right there let’s why can’t we just concentrate on the toxic biology we have in front of us that we can that we can demonstrate can we not just stick with that the human brain in that for example in the book nanobrain the researcher discussed that this can compute in 11 separate dimensions so we are multi-dimensional beings and and the way uh Karen explained this is that this is a multi-level war so we need to look at it from many different levels so we can look at it from this aspect of nanotechnology but then also we have to define well what is a divine human being and and and acknowledge that it has a spirit it has a spirit it has a real problem with that because they want to keep spirituality and science separate but in this case Duval Harari and the globalists are acknowledging that they are raging war against the soul and the spirit and they specifically say that this is the last generation that will actually have such a thing and that it’s a thing of the past and that they are endeavoring to create unconscious consumers so then looking at it from that context what is the platform the technological platform that can change the brain of a human being and what is the of a human being meaning the the processing of consciousness which occurs in the microtubules in the brain i’ve discussed this at your last show and then uh really um as much as much as i like the Orch OR hypothesis it’s uh it’s still just a hypothesis it’s there utilizing what we’re seeing so these are graphene carbon nanotubes with hydrogel that can mimic neurons and glial cells meaning it can literally create brain like tissue programmable matter and so if we look at that that it is a sending and receiving device it can be programmed externally but it also can transmit your information and so therefore this is a hijacking also of human consciousness and if you hijack the consciousness and the the brain and the mind of a human being you’re affecting the soul because there is a quantum program of who we are incarnated that says hey you are maria and you’re different than karen and you have a soul purpose and that’s basically you’re under attack and we have to look at it from all of these different levels and the problem is that a lot of clinicians are unwilling to to look at it from the broader context but then you do not understand what is going on. Absolutely, okay you’re absolutely right Dr Ana, and and this is exactly why we keep exploring, this is why we keep digging you know? When when Karen first came on and showed us these these this cycle of never-ending injections people thought how on earth are they going to do this this seems impossible where now we can see how it’s going to be achieved and more importantly we can see why they want to achieve this why there is this never-ending cycle for the rest of your life i compare it to the movie equilibrium often uh for anyone who hasn’t seen that basically the plot is uh you know the the story is that people live having to take injections several times a day in order to comply with big brother so uh it’s very much indicative…

Microtubules are interesting that the Orch OR theory of Hameroff and Penrose is is fascinating um i i do um i do like that aspect of um but you know that’s that’s actual science she’s saying science is denying that no no that’s that’s quantitative science moving us towards a oh you could argue that some sort of reductive understanding of um what consciousness processes are um but it’s a these are very very big leaps uh to be making and um yeah i’m just just pulled up this uh for extensive research Dr Malat… Mihalcea ties together in a unique way multiple scientific disciplines biophysics genetics torsion and quantum physics biochemistry and neurology with with the power of the mind how we think manifests the state of health or disease this tapestry of context provides a fundamental basis for how modern miracles of healing can happen and are intentionally created based upon teachings by Ramtha the Enlightened One what what who the fuck is Ramtha the Enlightened One?

Ramtha’s School of Enlightenment is an american new age spiritual step near the new rural town of Yelm, Washington, US. The school was established in 1988 by J.Z. Knight who claims to channel a 35 000 year old being called Ramtha the Enlightened One.

The school’s teachings are based on channeling sessions. Critics consider their organization to be a cult. You think? Oh God damn it man! You know we can have such nice things we’re really good we’re really good the society that we’re living in today and what world leaders are calling for at the moment but the only way out of this is to know what we’re actually dealing with and the problem that we have and dr ana you’ve got some slides for us uh the problem that we have is that it’s actually harming people and people need to see exactly what’s going on in the blood so you’ve got some live blood analysis for us so i just wanted to make a point here that there are several different groups actually looked at vials and many of them didn’t find mRNA which then calls into question the whole narrative about the spike protein so what did they find they didn’t find in nitrogen or phosphorus for example here this Dr Kevin McCurn… McCairn! McCairn! and um look i worry i worry about someone’s veracity when they can’t make the um the leap or a conflating stuff because um she’s going to mention Steve Kirch uh as well steve kirch was talking about our observations uh of phisa and they’re not and they’re being a missing um phosphorus signal um but she’s going to make out that these are are different groups so she hasn’t even done her due diligence in that part so we’re supposed to believe her and her ramp for the enlightened one and uh her ability to heal your microtubules uh in in uh the injections even steve kirch looked at two phisa and two moderna uh no no Steve Kirsch was talking about my work injections had a team do this none of them found mRNA there’s other people like Dr Daniel Nagaze he found metals but again Nagase um it’s welcome you’re welcome people’s names right no uh molecules of of life and so the european medicine agency did document that the mRNA is either truncated or fragmented uh and and so that’s very concerning double stranded RNA was found proteins all kinds of things that aren’t supposed to be there so that really determines about what what risk are we taking for the vaccinated as well as the unvaccinated because we know that they wanted to develop self-spreading vaccines and then 26 teams worldwide have looked at the contents and found all of these different metals cesium barium cobalt iron chromium titanium serum got aluminum aluminum silicon sulfur um let’s say the only thing that i would um think is is this other stuff uh but the steel that the japanese found copper that we found in the jansen um i don’t know who’s um saying the found cesium barium sirium gadolinium um that sounds like uh they may have been doing um uh what do you call it when you you coat it with um you coat specimens with uh platinum for example to give yourself a better uh contrast in the image um these a lot of those i would um say could be artifacts from that to uh tulium and antimony so these are uh individually toxic materials for example aluminum is a mitochondrial toxin so then they found these large structures and what is important is that this is a finding that’s been around the entire globe many different teams have found this and most recently this is from Mike Adams posting he looked at the clots that were found from the embalmer Richard Hershman and then he analyzed them and he found that these are highly combustible that they’re not made of blood that they attract different types of elements uh highly combustible i watched that stream and again um everything that he pointed to could be explained by uh amyloid-like clots so um well i guess i guess if you dry anything out from the body it becomes uh highly combustible uh then i’m i’m uh concerned about this lady’s ability to understand and relay information doc have you reached out to Kirsch you two are in select few yeah i speak to steve now and again um and he won’t he won’t part with any money he’s tight or than blood would and that there is a self-assembling carbon rich structure this is what we’ve been discussing from the patents from karen kingston’s work and then what we’ve been seeing so in these uh Pfizer shots these are images from dr david nixon’s if you just leave the a drop of Pfizer material uh on a slide it creates these ribbons and then from that grow microchips as david nixon but these microchips those microchips showed uh but this appears to be the optical communication highway uh that is utilized and the concerning thing is that these strange structures started appearing in the vaccinated blood initially this was also described by uh philip weldenberg from the uk these are images from dr david nixon uh so this is uh vaccinated people but then all of a sudden we started seeing at least at least they’re not calling them hydras now and like i say i i would put dollars to donuts stain those plates for congo red god damn it in unvaccinated blood i personally do live blood analysis in my office i initially as a marker of shedding and so these are people who either had covid or never had covid but are finding these strange ribbons that are very similar uh and then they have this rouleau formation and so this is very concerning because obviously this leads to blood clotting the d dimer it’s like the view but with the science um yeah very poor science and again not not take not taking time not being um to do science you have to be hyper critical of your data at every step no just hop skipping the jump into um these are the information transmission pathways and microchips isn’t that sensitive you have a lot of micro clotting that it didn’t doesn’t pick up um so so i just want to pause you here dr anna because karen karen’s looked into the ability for these injections to self replicate um they are self replicating injections so through the research that you’ve done karen these if you just go back to the previous slide dr anna this is exactly what what you were warning about un-injected individuals ending up with their blood looking like this because the vaccines have been injections have been programmed to be able to do this is that correct yeah well they’re again they’re parasitic in nature right so they’re part biology and part um technology and they’re they’re very infectious um parasites so that so that’s what’s that that’s what um can happen with with shedding but you know as we say this you know what we talked about before we began recording the three of us were discussing is that you know it’s not just the vaccinated that are suffering um from these bio weapon inoculations or you know there’s aerosol attacks in our communities they’re putting it in certain foods and certain beverages so um you know the reality of the situation is it is it’s it’s it’s not promising if we don’t if we don’t change course but i don’t think um at this point you know the concept of a quarantine strategy um is is not i don’t believe a strategic way to move forward we need we need unity um and so i would say like a quarantine strategy is not something that people would want to consider right now unless you’re a young woman of childbearing age and looking you know i mean like looking to get pregnant very very soon um i think it’s important oh god don’t don’t don’t want to spoil the grift um when dealing with uh these are existential bio warfare agents where we were where we perhaps should be um you know hunkering down if that were the case no no no don’t mention that gotta gotta go with the gotta go with the uh the what do i call it the health the health freedom vibe right um no no lockdowns with these uh with these uh what did you call them information pathway microchips no no no just uh you carry on exposing yourself right and that we need to realize um that we’re all being exposed to this in one format or another but they are self-replicating self-spreading um bioweapon parasites is what they are and it’s very important to say you know this can come from these chemtrails sprayings that’s been analyzed uh that uh these do contain uh graphene rainwater that’s been shown by matt taylor and by other researchers so we don’t know where this is coming from it it may not be shedding and maybe the food supply and maybe water supply uh but clearly what is interesting is…

Covert moral bio enhancement, but again um there’s a there is a very very serious discussion to be had about all those things there is there is but going off half cocked like liked it like it’s the view that’s uh as dj was saying ain’t gonna help isn’t gonna help at all and you know if you’re listening to me, Milasha, whatever your name is Kingston, Congo Red it’s real cheap it’s real cheap take your slides stain it with congo red and see if it shows up as an amyloid and then you know what all your ideas about um information highways and microchips are blown out the water and you’ve got to go with the most biologically plausible the most biologically plausible is from this basis it’s loaded with amyloid egenic peptide sequences as people have speculated well what exactly are causing symptoms and if i may just say for example i have seen an enormous amount of people who are unvaccinated who’ve been suffering severely with cognitive decline with extreme debilitating fatigue with neuropathy is rapidly progressing they have not been vaccinated and even if they were careful you know so they could have been exposed to Covid then, or SARS that would induce the same thing as well and again you’re seeing an example of binary thinking, it’s just got to be the gene transfections nothing else this isn’t how science is done folks sorry.

What what i’m seeing is that these structures are in the blood of the unvaccinated and you can see this rouleau formation the clumping of the red blood cells which impairs yeah like you’d expect with coagulopathy right the oxygen carrying capacity uh you know someone like this is going to be extremely tired that people jesus their cognitive decline is probably from listening to her nonsense and what uh what here what you can see here and this is a higher magnification people are saying that these structures are fibrin it is not if you look here this hair like uh fibers that’s fibrin and you can see my amyloid bitch amyloid micro clumping here just a little bit and then you see your white blood cells who are trying to eat up this structure uh i don’t think this is artifact clearly the blood is trying to clear it uh and it’s it’s a mark of also extreme acidity this background you know graphene has a ph of 1.3 is an extremely acidic thing and uh people are always asking well have you…

No that’s not true, that’s not true.

…have i personally chemically analyzed this? No i do not have the equipment for this so…

Okay so you’ve done no analysis, you’re just looking at pictures on the internet and then again going off half-cocked you still haven’t uh but but the assumption is that you know there’s some correlation with what we’re hatfish says Kev you didn’t even showed what she claimed you took another probe and showed RNA freaking selective cherry picking bitch um i didn’t even showed what she claimed you took another probe and showed RNA uh that doesn’t make any sense bro i don’t know quickly give me money that doesn’t make any sense bro i don’t know quickly give me money i’m showing you exactly what she’s saying is she’s saying she doesn’t have the equipment to look at it. This is amyloid, i’ll put dollars to doughnuts on it.

…seeing in the vials as well as in the blood and uh you know Karen you can comment on this you first presented this i actually found this uh through you that edta may actually be uh helpful for the dissolution that’s uh what was his face oh tier one grifter at the beginning who um legged it to new zealand and then oh what was his name batar batar edta collation therapy so they charge you 500 bucks for an ivy bag with the edta and yeah of of the hydrogel uh plus it does um uh get out the metals from the body, right Karen? yeah yeah that’s correct no it is the body does respond to this um this collation so this was actually one of the the patents where they they were saying that the tj says instead of wanting to describe in more detail like they should they stay more vague while trying in unrelated opinions to trigger emotions to draw listeners in um uh as far as i remember you had a second bnt bottle and found RNA there or not yeah i did we just we found one sample that didn’t have um phosphorus or nitrogen in out of the ones that we have tried that’s it the rest had the signatures that i would expect to see just one just one mahat fish so um you know like i said i’ve got a bunch of uh bunch more to go test we’ll see if there’s uh nitrogen and phosphorus in there and you know again when when they’ve scaled up production to push out billions of doses who knows what what’s going on and you know were they intentionally flooding the market with blanks maybe maybe maybe we just fucked up on that one analysis that’s a possibility too but as a scientist i’m prepared to hold that idea in my mind whereas these people are are 100 sure that what they’re seeing is microchips and fiber optic cables um the hydrodel does respond to um the edta chelation and i um i think chelation therapies are very important there’s um other research they found in um one of the government databases too that even talks about um zinc or calcium uh dtpa chelation is used to treat radiation right so i i you know in one of the the military databases they there it was under covid-19 and there was a bunch of radiation treatment so huh you know um that also um would be effective in treating radiation uh-huh you know um that also um would be effective and it goes to what you what you’re talking about in regards to what dr nixon observed is like how is how are these structures appearing and disappearing well they’re based on quantum dot they’re based on q dot which is based on um the bore particle which is based on a field so depending on the electromagnetic field will actually create the technology will actually come into existence or disappear but that being said that means it is a uh device that emits radiation so it would make sense that radiation treatments chelation radiation treatments would be used to um to stop and reverse this and actually eliminate it um so yeah so this is um these are really important you know and i think you’ve made some important conversations is that you know there there are we need to look at the whole body of evidence for treatments and not um you know not discredit the fact that people have devices in their bodies now and and art this artificial intelligence and and that needs to be addressed and treated again you see this is where i have a problem okay why can’t we just address the known toxic biology why can’t we do that first why why do we have to run off and say that like say we’ve looked at we’ve looked at the day you know the publications i did that with spark because it’s not that i i want to completely dismiss it etc okay but we have to we have to work within the scientific method if we’re going to get out of this and let’s say i will not excuse them for the intent of where they want to go covert moral bio enhancement as a first strike option is incredibly repulsive to me okay i’m prepared to speak about all that but to be making claims that this is this is happening right now when there are more parsimonious explanations for what we’re seeing um is not helping anyone right because as as we try to push against this qr technocracy they’ll just point to mad witches like this and you’re done you’re out of there you’re not going to be of any use whatsoever.

Can i ask you something off topic dear kev do you have experience with th-17 cd4 subset and the typical markers? no i don’t sorry bro, i don’t.

Does the immune system as does nutrition as does um immune therapies for viruses and bacterias but but so does the technology we can’t deny that this technology exists and it’s in people’s bodies and it needs to be um removed with treatments that the general public doesn’t need to be um removed with treatments that the general medical community has not been comfortable or even aware of before because they’ve never been faced with this before absolutely i wanted to discuss the quantum dots and what’s actually in those a little bit later but dr ana um if you want to keep taking us through this i’m going to try not to interrupt too much because i do that a lot but i just have so many questions let me just show you just a couple more uh so this is uh someone who had uh chronic fatigue um had covid had an elevated d dimer found these strange structures and then we just did two infusions did another live blood analysis i didn’t find any structures so uh you know i i’m working with a number of people with before and after data because i think that’s really important to figure out uh what really clears this and then um you know how can we come up with treatment protocols that we can verify because one of the things that i see is for example this is somebody who just had quote-unquote covid and they were full of these structures and they were full of relapse coagulopathy and amyloid who who would have guessed who would have guessed this is a mid-30 year old with extreme fatigue and brain fog so clearly uh you know there’s something here that needs to be addressed this is the same person you can’t find a red blood cell that is just solitary it’s all just clumped together around you know these ribbons there’s something else here to consider that clearly shows up under this live blood microscopy uh you know we are taking into account that there are certainly metals that have been found in these vials so helping people detox from this and then also protect the unvaccinated by understanding environmental uh attacks by understanding shedding by understanding the food and water supply may be contaminated how can the population uh help themselves and understand we are in a full blown war again i’m i’m stunned that the fact that she couldn’t make the connection someone post covid showing extreme signatures of coagulopathy there and the same phenomenon occurring in the uh medical countermeasure cohort and some somehow somehow they’re qualitatively and quantitatively different in her mind this is unrestricted warfare and if you look at it from that way every human being on this planet has to protect their health in every which way they can absolutely pj says this late bloomer boomer red pill nonsense is absolute cancer yeah late bloomer boomer oh that’s hilarious dude agree with you karen do we know what uh what will be in the quantum dots because i know you’ve been looking into it a little bit uh is it going to be the same sort of graphene technology because for anyone who doesn’t know yet the uh us military actually is funding a project uh to develop these dots which will be a mark in your right hand it seems uh in which you your health data your financial data everything will be in that quantum dot is this different this technology to what’s been injected inside of people well quantum dot is um it’s a it’s a it’s an energy source so i think it’s kind of like you so quantum so i’m trying to think how you can explain it so there’s there’s a number of different there’s there’s there’s they’re going to probably make thousands if not millions of different q dot technologies right but quantum dot q dot is simply an energy source and the quantum dot is about um the largest there is about 0.1 nanometers right and the nanometer is one one millionth of a micrometer so i mean you’re talking one one billionth you know one one trillionth the size of a virus sometimes so the very it’s a source of energy and that energy and it’s it’s uh and it’s and it’s from optics so it uses light to to emit energy and to receive energy um and so i think that’s what people have to think of it so there’ll be a whole series of technologies that are backed by quantum dot and it it is energy from the quantum i mean it’s the quantum field it’s a different uh it’s not an energy field that we’ve typically um used before use a standard you know again it’s from optics it’s from light it’s um so i think you take a look at the patent and it’s based on it’s really it’s based on frequency it’s not um and frequency can be emitted from 5g towers and our technologies but we also as anna has said we human beings emit frequencies too so it affects the frequencies in our body right so as you become inoculated with these quantum dots you’re going to be they host electromagnetic field you’re emitting radiation within your body why is it always graphene yeah and again you have to you have to ask yourself why why this um continual push for something that and again uh i i shout out to the uh the german group for their work i mean it it put my work to shame and i spoke with them at length okay and i spoke with a carbon nano uh specialist okay and he was of the same opinion as me there was there’s nothing there except cholesterol nothing and they looked at 100 vials and they had um the mss mass spectrometry as well um none of this stuff um adds up to a coherent picture and yes quantum dots are real right they’re just tiny tiny little particles that all fluoresce basically it doesn’t mean they’re popping in and out of existence you know your energy field will change does that make sense well it does when you dumb it down for me because i’m not you know uh certainly not an expert in this area but i’m learning and i’m keen to learn because it seems that they’re hell bent on pushing us into uh this type of um reality i guess so are we saying the does that mean that that that people may not even need to go and physically get this quantum tattoo karen are we saying that this technology is even potentially able to i don’t know uh interact with the luciferase inside of people now if it’s light activated uh i mean you can get inoculated with this stuff and anyway right i mean uh i mean i always told him here’s now i and here’s the thing that they may as well just be flooding the air but you know going down the covert moral bio enhancement route with these kinds of tiny little um particles no need to inject them into people just have them breathe them in i’ve been sick i was told i’ve got a tick so someone just came up and prayed with me at an event and you know i got a full-blown on military-grade weapon you know um inoculated in me and you know as what anna was showing that’s my blood looks like that my blood’s reload i’ve got the technologies i mean you know uh searching for decent doctors to try to to treat me but so you don’t you know so the the quantum dot part the point that it’s going to be on your hand because it’s going to be on your hand because it’s going to be on your hand or whatever on your forehead whatever they’re talking about uh you know do you need to physically go have that done no it’s an intelligent technology you know uh once it’s in your body it can be programmed um or it can you know it can be programmed or it can have the consciousness to go and assemble wherever it needs to go and assemble so nanoparticles have consciousness now again um my my advice would just be to steer way clear of these people and again it’s not it’s not like they’re not looking at this technology the question is what’s what’s happening right now and what what can we do about right now but we can we can address things like the lab origin we’ve got we’ve got a library full of documents that we can we can take some of the perpetrators to court let’s let’s focus on that part let’s focus on that part instead of filling people’s head up with pseudoscience gibberish well you know where i’m going with this i’m going with if human beings have this inside of them i’m trying to figure out what that final mark yes she did say that she’s got this nanotech inoculated in her submission is where we say i can’t buy or sell without this thing right so my thoughts are if even the uninjected are having this shedding which i don’t think is our fault we didn’t purposely do it we did everything we could to withstand many of us lost our entire lives and careers standing against this thing right so so it’s not our fault but if the point comes where they say oh well you can no longer buy or sell without this digital id and you don’t even know that you have this technology inside of you is that your consent i’m really trying to be very cautious so so i so marie i know i mean you know i’m a christian and i read the bible and i understand what the book of revelation says but you have to understand what this technology can do and what they said they’re going to do which is they’re going to put it in our food supply our water supply our clothing you’re not so the plan this is why biden signed the executive order on september 12th saying…

Timber Misheva says the Rounding the Earth with Maria covered the myriad production problems rationally and without the retardation. um I haven’t seen that on if you could drop a link i’d be happy um but yeah there’s like i say there’s there’s a whole host of issues that we could be wrestling with right now right now yeah the the access to treatments from the beginning the issues around random severe that the list goes on and on right but no we’ve got we’ve got to indulge these silly cunts to i i don’t know well i guess the z has a how many people have watched this 23 000 views wow wow these women need a good lay or something.

…needs to be programmed like a computer uh because they plan on poisoning our environments with this ai bioweapon so are you going to be able to buy or sell no you won’t be able to drink or eat anything that’s not going to be inoculated with this parasite there’s not going to be a there’s not going to be a choice if we don’t stop this i i thought we went i think we went over this last time but the patent says like we have magnetic meat in america okay the meat people just go in and test out the meat supply um they there’s this gel that they put in the meat supply that they that they’ve been coding our meat with and so when you eat meat you’re going to be inoculated with this ai nano weapon right that gets into your body it causes the autoimmune disorders and it has CRISPR nanotechnology CRISPR Cas9 in there right to to start hijacking your cells and we can go through a little bit of that too for people will understand what this technology does but it is a nanotechnology that is very durable i mean it’s it’s almost indestructible that you know from one of the patents that can withstand um i think up to 170 degrees fahrenheit um so it’s it’s a nearly indestructible parasite and it’s highly infectious and it’s intelligent and it’s aggressive wait i thought it was highly combustible before parasites so it it’s going to want to live and have its own life form um that’s that’s what this is doctor and i have a question for you under the microscope have you ever uh tried to destroy those nano ribbons well so you know this is on a very high magnification you can’t really destroy it it’s it’s that’s very challenging you know i’m just in a medical office here in you know but i i do have colleagues who are looking at things for example in rainwater there have been other people who have more sophisticated equipment but it’s still you know challenging because what we discussed earlier is that this hydrogel is a programmable matter and it carries a blueprint that can be invisible so the the to get back to the point of that david nixon showed that if he shielded his his slides from emf radiation these microchips that were clearly visible just disappeared then he uh you know exposed it again they would reappear so what that means is that there’s a program so so gullible so so gullible it’s infuriating in the substance that is able to reassemble whatever that program was whether or not so it is now a material reality meaning unfolded from what we call the quantum field of reality or it is in folded meaning not visible to us you would call this quantum cloaking uh but but my concern is is that that we have to also address technologically the underlying program in this programmable matter and and that is very sophisticated if you think about uh you know from from a technology uh perspective how far advanced this is you can look at charles leaver’s work the liquid computer that he wrote about in 2001 where he clearly showed that there are transistors and and uh you know circuitry that is almost you know atomic size and so this is very complex and they’ve had this stuff for this these people have probably never read any of charles leaver’s papers don’t understand what that is just just ah for 20 years and i’ve weaponized it we know about the neural dust about all kinds of other things so it’s it’s a very complicated technology and i just want to explain real quick last year in 2021 um dr piergoryev was a nominee for the nobel prize and he developed the gene wave laser model and that clearly showed that our DNA has a photonic program what did he do he was able to transfer the genetic material of one species of a frog via a laser to another species of a frog meaning the light and the sound of that DNA was uh was encoding the entire genome so now our technology is so sophisticated you can manipulate genetics with a photon you can manipulate the skin state of photons so what karen is talking about the quantum dot you don’t need crisper and and slicing and dicing the na you don’t even need mRNA you can you can modify human and the genome via resonant frequencies and electromagnetic frequency via optics via magnetic fields and this is all documented so literally the only way to stop this is to stop 5g to stop 4g i mean do we even need to stop three i mean i’m kind of interested does anyone know about these frog experiments and the um the changing of what would be a genus of species of frog to another that would be kind of cool the world won’t do this well so just just so what anna said is absolutely um correct right i mean this is the the optics lights you know um sound can actually modify our our DNA but subtly normally but normally it’s subtle but from what i’ve read in their patents what i’ve read in the sec filings um from um cloud minds which which is launching the 5g species they’re calling the species right they they clearly state it’s all dependent on 5g so uh you know you know if we really want to stop this yeah if you remove the frequency that is a part of the source of the energy um for this demonic technology then that’s going to um you know help stop it and and reverse it you know um so there i think that is an important i know that’s an important part is is removing 5g from our from our environment that being said there’s not a lot of time because as this stuff progresses as it continues to develop in our bodies as they deploy more and more of these quantum dot ai parasites on us um and they develop per their patents per you know and this is common sense at this point they start developing their own electromagnetic field they host…

Oh gosh, I won’t be surprised if these people are part of modern day operation mockingbird program. Yeah i i agree i want to go back i just want to try and find um what she was talking about i’m intrigued about these frog experiments material of one species of a frog via and they’ve had this stuff for 20 years and i’ve weaponized it we know about the neural dust about all kinds of other things so it’s it’s a very complicated technology and i just want to explain real quick last year in 2021 um Dr Peter Garayaev was…

2021 Peter Garayaev um well let’s the 2021 Nobel Prize uh let’s see so this is all looking um very good nothing here in 2021 but you know if anyone can find me a link to what she’s um talking about um um so the 2021 prize was for discoveries of thermal mechanical transducers how we sense the physical world um no frogs or laser beams in there i’m intrigued by that i want to know about that sounds fascinating they’re turning the phone god damn it um do you need optics do you need 5g and do you need l um you know and and led to operate so um but again um it’s all based on it’s based on frequencies and you know i think it’s an interesting i mean we can go to some content i can share with your your your viewers so they can understand i mean they can see what this is doing in 2001 i heard yeah we’ll talk about stuff the world why do this well so just just so what anna said is absolutely um correct right i mean this is the the photons so what karen is so now our technology is so sophisticated you can manipulate bell price and heat of circuitry that is almost you know atomic size and so this is very complex and they’ve had this stuff for 20 years and i’ve weaponized it we know about the neural dust about all kinds of other things so it’s it’s a very complicated technology and i just want to explain real quick last year in 2021 last year in 2021 last year in 2021 um you want to read the fuck they did to pdl1 um dr piergoryev was a nominee for the nobel prize and he developed the gene wave laser model and it clearly showed that our DNA has a photonic program what did he do he was able to transfer the genetic material of one species of a frog via a laser to another species of a frog meaning…

Let me just transfer frog genetic material to a laser and so on and so on please find me that i gotta know frogs with laser beams uh and again this this is why it’s so important to have some precision and accuracy in what you’re doing especially especially when trying to push back against um edifice of evil these silly bints aren’t doing it i’m afraid.

…the light and the sound you know about two certain technologies on their own don’t need any source of energy um but um specifically um the ones that i’ve looked at that are fueled by q dot to do the hybridization of humans and to produce viruses and humans do need um do you need optics do you need 5g and do you need you know and and led to operate so um but again um it’s all based on it’s based on frequencies and you know i think it’s an interesting i mean we can go to some content i can share with your your your viewers so they can understand maybe they can see what this is doing and um yeah we’ll talk about talk about the vaccines but understand that this is really related to um the technology the vaccine is just one delivery um form it’s it’s interesting that you talk about led as well because…

Okay lipid nanoparticles from blipers and mRNA delivery a landscape of research diversity and advancement yeah again um and look i i take the view that um the this type of technology is neither good or evil right it’s and in some instances it might it might really be the next best thing since sliced bread that they might come up with um cancer treatments that maybe maybe light years ahead of the current chemotherapies that we have right now but we shouldn’t get those um what i’m against is the ethical breaches that come from the the the idea of force forcing um untested therapies at essentially gunpoint onto the population at large that’s that’s the bigger question here and this this sort of spurging around um a misunderstanding of the technology here is um incredibly frustration. Women, know your place!

…that’s exactly what my just just released this week my interview with the manjabi talks about the reason why all of the led lights are being built for the smart city network they all led lights and they can all right here we go uh who put this here uh qwerty thank you um continue reading ah fuck you um be working not working why let why let me in the humans in fact they’re designed to make humans look down um wow yeah i think i’m pretty sure that might be right here in this pattern we’ll go we’ll go into the the quantum dot patent first which does discuss the led lights i believe um so just to get if your viewers haven’t seen before this patent is part of one of the uh mra patents that you can find on the moderna website so within the modern on the modern website you’ll find a patent for the lipid nanoparticle technologies within that patent you’ll find this patent which was blocked um last year was made uh an intellectual property secret but i had a copy of it from my early research and so it’s clearly it clearly states so the lipid nanoparticle technologies use semiconductor crystals known as quantum dot they’re based on the bore particle so as anna was saying to us they’re based on frequency the technology um it appears it disappears it functions or it doesn’t function uh based on certain frequencies and those frequencies can come from 5g your towers they can come from optics from lights they can come from led and they can also come from within the body the body certain chemical reactions can also trigger this um and the quantum dot um they also call it it’s a nanocrystal or q dot and this is owned i think this is important you’ll know q dot this is owned by thermo fisher scientific um which is the world’s largest biotech company and they are you know a manufacturer of the lmps for the mRNA vaccines um and it clearly states that they are um they emit electromagnetic radiation so these are these are devices these are…

Electromagnetic radiation would refer to light.

…light magnetic devices that emit radiation the same way as your microwave does in your cell phone…

No. No. They emit light.

…and they’re inside our bodies now um and then they talk so this is what’s interesting though so this q dot they go through the structure the shell structure the core structure the nanocrystal and as you go through it that structure happens to be the same as oh the spike protein which is also similar to oh human cell structures right so they’ve created these things um called you know synthetic liposomes using um i think it’s called dendromers we’ll get into it so they’ve synthetically recreated um cells and cellular structures within our body that are part biology and part technology this is exactly this is exactly what dr anna said in my last interview with her they’ve been able to essentially recreate the human brain they can yes um so i have the patent on how they rebuild the human immune system i haven’t found the one on the brain but i probably could find it pretty easily i don’t know the database yeah.

In the last decades has been growing interest in using therapeutic messenger RNA together with drug delivery systems naked and formulated mRNA is however unable to cross cell membrane here we use graphene quantum dots functionalized with polyethylene ethylenamine as a novel mRNA delivery system our results show that these modified graphene quantum dots can be used to deliver intact and functional mRNA to um cell cultures basically of cancer cells at low doses that these gq ds are not toxic although cellular toxicity is a problem for these first generation modified particles functionalized gq ds represent a potentially interesting delivery system that is easy to manufacture stable and effective now look if if this is a way of if this is a next-gen way of treating cancer okay um i i’m i’m all for it why not why not and and stop um stop reading into stuff that uh they’re emitting microwaves and not as quantum dots they they’ll emit visible light.

So there’s over 100 different dendromers that are q dot base so that’s to rebuild 100 different cellular cells and cellular structures and we’ll talk about that that’s in this so yeah it supports what you said so okay so these are so you know as you were saying and they weren’t finding the mRNA well these are quantum dot mra delivery systems what does that mean it doesn’t mean the quantum dots delivering the mRNA means the quantum dots doing the um the rna editing within the cells it’s using it’s hosting electromagnetic field and it’s creating the new rna structure from uh DNA sequences or aren’t you know or within within the cells that’s what it does so that’s why there’s no there’s no rna in there because it’s a program wow that’s huge karen that’s huge for people to understand actually that that you’re saying the q dot is manipulating the mRNA inside the cell it’s not an external mRNA that’s getting put this is a huge point yeah yeah and there is i’ve got to i’ve got to write it up um yeah it uses something we’ll go through a little bit they use fish technology yeah so it creates the new the synthetic um the synth the synthetic rna from the mRNA sequence is created within the cell it’s created within the nucleus of the cell right i didn’t catch that um the rna editing within the cells it’s using it’s hosting electromagnetic field and it’s creating the new rna structure from uh DNA sequences or aren’t you know within within the cells that’s what it does so that’s why there’s no there’s no rna in there because it’s a program wow that’s huge karen that’s huge for people to understand actually that that you’re saying the q dot is manipulating the mRNA inside the cell it’s not an external mRNA that’s getting put this is a huge point yeah yeah and there is i’ve got to i’ve got to write it up um yeah.

That’s not what it says at all! A novel graphene quantum dot based mRNA drug delivery platform was prepared to result show that these modified graphene quantum dots can deliver intact and functional mRNA to these liver cancer cells at low doses the transfection efficiency of functional graphene quantum dots mRNA complexes was 25 of the formulation concentration of 4000 nanograms mRNA per ml but comparable transcription efficiencies could be achieved at much lower doses the ratio between carrier and cargo was optimized this work describes the first steps towards potentially interesting preparation method for stable and effective mRNA delivery systems that’s not what it says at all and um i i’ve from that link um i didn’t get a pdf i didn’t find no nobel prize winner but um i found this um electromagnetic transfer of genetic information transfer of genetic information between animals and between plants by means of any electromagnetic signals has been reported in a popular magazine by a scientific researcher in eastern russia well that fills me full of confidence according to dr jiang kanjian the transfer of genetic and biological information for electromagnetic waves from one living organism to another has become possible his experiments using a special installation for transferring electromagnetic electromagnetic waves a particular frequency spectrum from a donor to a recipient reportedly produced the following hybrids from a duck to chicken eggs 400 chicks were hatched 25% of which had webbed feet an original article shows a chick with partly webbed feet 80% flat duck-like heads and 70% had long necks from green wheat sprouts to sprouting seeds of corn and you know i’ve heard all this stuff before um let’s uh let’s see where the actual data is and the science please um but no uh no 2021 nobel prize winner okay all right uh i’ll just i’ll leave this plan i’m gonna um just dip out for a second.

Yeah it uses something we’ll go through a little bit they use fish technology yeah so it creates the new the synthetic um the synth the synthetic rna from the mRNA sequence is created within the cell it’s created within the nucleus of the cell and that’s and that’s that’s the toxins and then and what’s produced is not just us and it’s not just a biological now virus it’s not about it’s not a biological sprite protein it’s part biology part technology i’m going to show you how that happens too so this is just validation again moderna is working on the lmps um and they are producing they they are supplying quantum dots i mean it’s in their patents they’re also supplying some of the liposomes and stuff so within this patent which i i will go get to it in a second it does explain how they do let me go to this real quick before we get to that uh within the moderna within the quantum dot patent here it says um right here that the external source of energy to fuel the quantum dot can be chemical thermal electrical magnetic electromagnetic physical um you know low energy radiation high radiation and photons so that’s all in here it says any other energy source any other energy source it says yeah yeah basically yeah at some point yeah but but i want to go back to the inventors though which we will we don’t i’m not going to do it right now but the inventors of the 5g species specifically talk about 5g so 5g is definitely um a foundational uh energy source but this is the quantum dot so this is what’s scary is this is the quantum dot patent and it talks about using um surface enhanced ramens scattering so that those are the DNA probes these are DNA probes that are used for genetic editing in cells in labs that’s what this is this this is crisper cast 9 um and so this is what this quantum dot technology is um and the whole um you know it talks about how it’s delivered using metallic nanoparticles that can be used of any metal or any alloy um and it’s used here silver copper gold lithium aluminum palladium and the like and so this technology um those like some of those little spikes that you see on the spike protein those aren’t spikes those are DNA probes to actually extract DNA sequences um and so okay so we’re not dealing with spike proteins anymore it’s uh it’s it’s uh well we did see uh copper nanoparticles i guess this goes into it a little bit more they actually specifically talk about so what is the quantum dot DNA probe technology it’s called fish fluorescent in situ inbred hybridization and it explains right here um that um the oligonucleotides are the codon sequences of the you know the the three code sequences that you would have for that make up different genetic sequences for proteins um but it goes in it tags um you know it’ll tag a cell and so these can be pre-programmed to go into tag brain cells to tag neurological cells to tag the ovaries to tag the sperm right and uh it will have a program to then go in penetrate the cell penetrate the nucleus um and then partially or completely um clip out the code codons and put a new code on so and also keep in mind you can’t do mRNA editing without electromagnetic fields so the quantum dot hosts the electromagnetic field so that it can actually um uh with the word like splice the DNA you know you can’t it’s not like i mean they have these these scientists show these little scissors i’m like they’re not scissors okay like you actually have to host an electromagnetic field to do mr to do gene editing right and that makes sense i mean that that makes sense like little miniature nano scissors doesn’t make sense um so that’s why the quantum dot does this um and can it be programmed and reprogrammed remotely karen once it’s in someone yeah it can then start it can then start um creating new genetic structures as it as it um it can get new programs and it can also learn you know we showed that last time it has it has consciousness so it can it can then decide um all right let’s just do this real quick uh let’s get an orthodox um how it wants to continue to do gene editing within the body dr anna’s nodding along from here so it says right here the conjugate can also be used to detect cell morphology and fluid flow cell viability proliferation and function uh endocytosis exocytosis but but basically they go on and you know because you go through the patents they the you know they say today we will introduce fluorescent insider hybridization essay a four parts what is fish the probes the proceed the applications fluorescent insider hybridization is a molecular cytogenetic technique uses fluorescent probes that bind to only those parts of the chromosome with a high degree of sequence complementarity the DNA contains two strand-like molecules coiled together into a structure known as a double helix the bases in each strand are able to bind to each other and hold the DNA together when two complementary sequences find each other they will bind together or hybridize fish works by exploiting the ability of one DNA strand to hybridize specifically to another DNA strand one DNA strand to hybridize specifically to another DNA strand fish works by exploiting the ability of one DNA strand to hybridize specifically to another DNA strand and if you’re similar to pcr this is small DNA strands called probes that have a fluorescent label attached to them the probes are complementary to specific parts of a chromosome when DNA is heated the patient’s two DNA strands break apart or denature and the probes are able to hybridize to their complementary sequence in the patient’s DNA if a small deletion is present in the region complementary to the probe the probe will not hybridize if a duplication is present more of the probe is able to hybridize no doubt it’s just a matter of measuring the intensity of that fluorescence and are they using nanoparticles for fluorescence that wouldn’t surprise me are they uh are they writing in real time to your brain that i’m not so sure say that the ai is um obviously more intelligent and more effective at doing gene editing than any human um experiment has ever been wow absolutely brilliant and so what this is saying is that the mRNA injection is a cover story for an artificial intelligent frequency-based gene modification system that is self-learning and that can decide how to edit that human did you just say that karen we need this right now yeah thank you for understanding me i feel heard thank you you know so the thing is when doctors there i’m not saying that there are no viruses being made viruses are being made um but they’re not they’re not biological they’re biosynthetic um and um you know we’ll we’ll go into that a little bit more i think i have to hit escape because i want to go back now to um uh here right previous i want to go back to um i’m sorry guys i want to go back to to don’t stress i’ll edit it out okay well my editor will edit it out and she’s amazing if you think i would i’m just so not text-adding oh this is where i want to go back you can say that again i would just uh do this an ordinary dinner party the sort of occasion we all enjoy the men are exchanging poetic stories and look at the women aren’t they pretty look at the way they laugh they’re delightful but now the conversation turns to more serious matters i wonder if the government should return to the gold standard i think it should good then we’re all agreed but oh dear what’s this one of the women is about to embarrass us all i think the government should stay off the girls standard so that the pound can reach a level that will keep our exports competitive the lady has foolishly attempted to join the conversation with a wild and dangerous opinion of her own what our big drivel see how the men look at her with utter contempt definitely we’re going home women know your limits look at the effect of education on a man and a woman’s mind education passes into the mind of a man see how the information is evenly and tidily stored now see the same thing on a woman at first we see a similar result but now look still at a reasonably low level of education her brain suddenly overloads she cannot take in complicated information she becomes frantically and absurdly deranged look at these venomous habitants they went to university hard to believe they’re all under 25 yes over education leads to ugliness premature aging and beard growth now let’s see the proper way good so we’re all agreed we should return to the gold standard oh i don’t know anything about the gold standard i’m afraid but i do love little kittens they’re so soft and furry what a delightful thought your dear sweet fragile little thing women know your limits in thought be plain and simple and let your natural sweetness shine through oh bravo harry infield right it says women know your limits too yeah so we’ll pick up where anna was just saying because this is exactly what she was just saying i swear what you just said nobody has understood so far and i didn’t understand this is the most important interview ever i’m going to share it everywhere oh my god so if you can sorry don’t if you can just really hammer home the point because i’m not sure that i fully grasped it myself so if if when karen’s done going through this if you just want to take us back to that point and really hammer at home that’d be great yes okay so let’s pick it up so we’re just talking about how the quantum doubt technology um it the lipid nanoparticles are it’s not about delivering an envelope mRNA sequence it’s about delivering a gene editing technology uh into the into the human body and that technology is part biology and part technology so it’s an it’s an ai um so as you go through the again this is the quantum dot patent that’s in the lipid nanoparticle patents for all mRNA vaccines um what they talk about is um that the quantum dot is um converged merged with dendromers um and uh what a dendromer is is um it’s like an exosome or um a liposome right it’s um it’s one of the shells to make up a cell or a cellular structure that’s basically what it is and it can mimic up to 100 different types of dendromers so when they talk about the cationic lipid that’s in the um vaccines that’s the thing with the positive ionic charge what they’re talking about is essentially a synthetically created cell membrane called a liposome with a communication platform that would normally be called an exosome and it’s fueled by an energy source and that is the quantum dot dendromer which mimics a human liposome and exosome it mimics it and they can make hundreds of these so the quantum dot mimics of um you know an anatomically or sort of like a you know couple atoms within layer of a cellular surface that is both um it’s both material based so there is there is structure to it um and it it probably has the polyethylene glycol the piglet lipid in it um so you know it’s obviously visible to the naked eye it’s nanosized so it’s structure based but it’s also energy based uh and it’s intel intelligent so um these dendromers we’ll take a look at them um they they mimic an exosome so they can penetrate any cell and the exosomes are are like you think of them as like like part of like the cytokines it signals so it takes over the communication platform does that make sense like so the dendromers are they’re they’re very thin materials you know they have an energetic field and they take over the communication of the cell that’s i think the best way to um to describe it so it’s not um a spike protein that’s penetrating the cell um it’s this dendromer this synthetically recreated like a zone with an exosome layer basically or an exosome functionality uh and that’s the gene delivery system so it’s not the spike protein this is which this does look like a spike protein this is the delivery system it’s a quantum dot field dendromer and that’s the coyote see that cationic lipid that was just a lie it’s not it’s not true i mean did they well this can be this can be merged with the lipid but it’s an intelligent platform and it as i say it disrupts the integrity of the cell and um and it goes in and it hijacks the communications and as we saw before it has the um the saris and the fish gene editing probes as part as part of the technology and i don’t i have no concept of how that works um and you don’t have a concept of how much works here here’s some stuff on the frog is this is this work is this work this is my first video for the year 2009 and i’m going to give you a message that i want to give it to you from the very heart of my being up until now i have done many videos for you gave you many techniques but i have often tailored everything for you just wanted to give you candy bars so that you can listen to me not that i’m going to stop giving candy bars but then i have to do something that i want to really do that’s something that i really want to give to you what do i want to give it to you i want to give it to you something that is permanent not temporary not a stopgap but something that will fix humanity once and for all and what is that i have been talking about this light body versus the meat body what is going to give a permanent relief for human beings is evolution evolution from an animal body and animal mind to a divine body and a divine mind as long as we have the animal body of flesh and blood which i call it a meat body there will be problem because the meat body is subjected to decay old age diseases pain and finally death you’re looking pretty out there me out sunshine it’s not working for you humanity as a whole should prepare themselves to set this light body as their goal there has been many many saints who came here with this message at least in in india some of them were able to get the light body some of them were not able to get the light body let me tell you that those who gain the light body are those who are devoted to lord shiva the highest being who has the ability to give you this light body and how did he give he gave through his own grace and mercy and that’s how i got my light body whenever i came to the earth plane and i was so devoted to him and i was not wishy-washy and i was 100 devoted to him and that is the prerequisite for everyone to do it and i just want to mention that this was not for the yogis the only path to gain a light body there are many paths yoga herbs yes yes yes neighbor prize candidate okay one of the greatest molecular biologists of our age pioneer scientist and discoverer of the wave genome Dr Peter Garayaev died on november 17 2020 aged 79 no mention of his passing can be found in russian news outlets and consequently nothing of the news has yet reached the interested public in the west Dr Garayaev’s life and achievements are too profound and significant to quietly go back to normal his discoveries have the potential to change our whole perception of life and existence for the better i therefore feel impelled to encourage everybody with an interest in the future of science and of life on this planet to study his work i followed Garayaev since 2001 i was intrigued by the results of Garayaev’s experiments and the concept of the wave nature and field behavior of chromosomes because such a possibility had been described in the keys of enoch by jj hertug a visionary text of spiritual scientific ideas that i have been teaching for the last 20 years in this book it is said that future quote bioengineers will have the ability to transmit a genetic code by laser engineering to members of another race and that quote man will be able to understand this transfer principle by employing a light beam with a specific wavelength on a chromosome i was subsequently privileged to work with academicians like petrovich kazachev and dr alexander profimov and it is their institute of cosmic anthropoecology novice yes that is also the origin of the career and research of Dr Peter Garayaev there the electromagnetic communication of living cells originally discovered by alexander govich and later expanded by fritz popp and others was first documented in experiments for anybody who is yet unfamiliar with the work of Peter Garayaev i have produced an extensive video presentation about the wave genome for the solari report and i humbly suggest to review it in order to to begin to appreciate the revolutionary nature of this research and what it means to literally each one of us in 2012 we invited Dr Garayaev to the academy for future science european conference in austria where he gave a two-hour presentation to almost 600 participants present and i last saw Peter Garayaev in 2019 at last year’s tcche conference in london where we both spoke on the multi-dimensional aspects of the genome Peter Garayaev’s work and legacy is groundbreaking not only did he show that the living organism’s genetic information is unified in what he calls a chromosome continuum a kind of stable wave train that travels throughout the organism along the highly ordered geometric structure of the DNA molecule this grid or quasi crystalline gel state stores the genetic information in form of electromagnetic and acoustic holograms which he recognized as the true source of the blueprints of life and biological function what is more the spectrum of this electromagnetic holographic code can be captured through laser interferometry using a broadband laser that is focused on to the DNA which is wait wait wait wait wait there was a reference there DNA decipher journal uh let’s see this paper introduces the hypothesis that during the biosynthesis of prion proteins the ribosome works in the opposite direction and thus it is a prion poly anticodon dependent mRNA polymerase well very fascinating sounding and accordingly in violation of the central dogma information flows from protein to rna this requires the dogma formula to be rewritten as follows DNA rna protein the idea of contextual orientations of the ribosomes on mRNA during protein biosynthesis is introduced this ensures a selection of the correct amino acid or stop position due to the strategic role of the wobbling of the free prime codon nucleotide in non-synonymous codons this leads to the transition of the genetic code from a purely physicochemical level of its operation to a mental texture one this is a representation of the fact one of the levels of non-locality continue continuity of the genome there are six such levels of non-locality level one organizational here non-locality is expressed with the ability to regenerate for example in planarians level two cellular from every cell and not just from zygotes you can grow a whole organism level three cellular nuclear enucleation of nuclei from somatic and germinal cells with the subsequent introduction of other nuclei into them does not prevent the development of a normal organism level four molecular the ribosome reads the informational rna not only for individual codons but for the whole rna taking into account the context that is non-locally continually level five chromosome holographic the genome has a holographic memory and this is typically distributed non-local associated memory at this and subsequent levels non-locality requires a new quality a dualistic material wave character since holograms as a substance are read by electromagnetic and or acoustic fields that carry the genome wave information beyond the substance of chromosome level six quantum non-locality of the genome up to level six non-local locality of genetic information is realized in the space of the organism level six has a special character and a new quality it manifests itself in one of the forms of quantum non-locality namely permissive postulate in this work in this case the non-locality is realized both in the space of the biosystem in its own compressible to zero time gene wave programs are instantly distributed in such ways isomorphic to material ones work in the body here and there at the same time therefore the semantic construction first and then loses its meaning and this is a strategic factor an extraordinary achievement for multicellular biosystems we have obtained theoretical and experimental results confirming our ideas um okay um is that pdf um let’s see some data let’s see some ducks that have turned into chickens um the DNA which is equally labor-like in its highly coherent photon emissions in this way an electromagnetic interference pattern is created that can be stored and transmitted this means genetic information can be transmitted or teleported through light even over a distance the positive as well as negative implications are not difficult to grasp pathogenic organisms could theoretically be radiated over any field of crops from an airplane and in fact this has been done it makes one think about the current viral pathogens going around the world Garayaev was completely aware of the potential misuse of his discoveries and had always vehemently objected to any such practices his own experiments in contrast were looking to obtain the holographic information of healthy cells and organs and when those are radiated onto deceased cells astonishing healing and longevity can be created famous is his experiment with rats that received a pancreatic poisoning the genetic information of healthy pancreas cells were retransmitted by laser and the animals were programmed back to health remarkably Garayaev narrates that after this breakthrough had been made he returned to the laboratory one morning and found all equipment research results and documentation removed the lab was empty Garayaev also demonstrated that there is a direct correlation between the genetic code and the structure of language which led to his formulation of see i have a problem with uh when the paper that you’re linking to um doesn’t have any well the pdf that comes up is wrong um something in here just show me me show me some biology images images i’m big on video and uh pictures with my science um all theory linguistic wave genetics literally the resonance between human language and the genome or put simply DNA can be coded by language or words for Garayaev the current and outdated paradigm of molecular genetics including CRISPR techniques and gene modification would always lead to severe consequences and possibly irreparable damage because the model is incomplete and erroneous as it ignores the quantum optical and wave linguistic principles of DNA Dr Peter Garayaev’s discoveries and those of academicians casachaev and trofimov dynadi shikov hargit miller fritz pop luke montagnier jacqueline veniste carl aventura and many others are a complete paradigm shift that will one day give rise to a totally new understanding of both the biosphere as well as the new sphere with what is going on right now in so-called biosafety laboratories and with the pharmacological race to produce untested next-generation DNA vaccines this great and independent researcher and pioneer of life sciences could not have died at a more critical and precarious moment in the history of medicine Garayaev’s last article was dedicated to this question of the appropriate response to fighting covet 19 he was convinced that the quantum biological approach would offer much more effective cures and safe immunization without side effects based on a holistic communication of all levels in the biome had Garayaev’s work been recognized and studied by universities worldwide the medical community today i believe would be in a different position in handling a challenging virus certain of his academic colleagues and people who knew him are concerned that his passing at this time despite his age of 79 is unusual as he was known to be of excellent condition he died of a brain edema when in fact his official recognition may have been just around the corner as only weeks earlier he received a letter of the nobel prize committee to inform him about his nomination as a candidate for the nobel prize of medicine in 2021 imagine the dramatic impulse this could mean for the future of medicine and our evaluation of life so he was a nobel nominee um so we’ve squared that particular um circle let’s let’s get back to these silly witches but uh and here i was right i haven’t looked at this in a while and i said yeah polyethylene glycol is a big part of it so polyethylene glycol is you know petroleum based kind of a plastic base and it mimics um it can mimics all kinds of material in our body it can it can mimic um it can mimic blood it can mimic skin it can mimic endothelial cell lining it can mimic nerve tissues uh everything so there’s thousands and thousands of different series of of peg that mimic different types of materials and they’re not drugs by the way they’re categorized as materials as devices by the center for devices and radiological health at the fda so these are not vaccines they’re they’re devices they’re material grade devices um so here so that’s so the dendrimer they said here as i said right here there’s there’s hundreds of families of them every every system in your body it can mimic a cell and cellular structure in your body um and then this this is a peer view publication on the lipid nanoparticles um this is what they they look like so this this would merge with different dendrimers they could put more than one in here to mimic different types of cells uh nerve cells brain cells um blood cells what have you um this is what i wanted to get to i don’t want to skip over this oh this just this just talks about this is interesting um this talks about the the cuba zone so this is probably what this is the single walled carbon nanotubes of graphene oxide because for q.2 um manifest it does need it does actually need to manifest from a field so electromagnetic field or optic so it needs the single walled carbon nanotube it needs this cuba zone environment that’s going to actually receive the field to then bring forth the quantum dot and this technology into existence to then start operating and we’ve designed the nanoparticles comprising lipid in a bi-continuous bilayer cubic phase either primitive or diamond type um yeah again i think she’s reading um lots of stuff into um scientific sounding language that shouldn’t be for the russian guy and his um quantum wave uh interpretations of biology so long as um they’ve grounded and they’ve got experiments and we can see the data i’m happy to look at it until then um it seems a little bit like vaporware and you know i know luke montagne luke montagne had done some uh basically i want to say it was like they transmitted DNA information to water and were able to extract out with pcr primers um genetic hits for genetic material in in just water from what i want to say um i’m again i would want to i want to see the demonstration of that again and again and again before i’m uh i’m fully biting down on that gone over this on i have to write a sub stack on this we’ve gone over this before on one of your shows so this is what was developed by the united states army in just just for my understanding and for the viewers does that mean that the spike is not actually doing anything that it’s actually completely the technology that’s been embedded into people that is doing all of the damage well what we’re calling a spike protein is an artificial intelligence bioweapon right that’s a yeah that’s a dendrimer that’s a dendrimer that mimics exosomes and liposomes in your body wow i beg to disagree on that one and it’s intelligent so that’s the thing so what you don’t say we’re just they’re just calling things the wrong thing it’s it’s not just calling things the wrong thing because what we’re saying is no this is actually proof that this is an ai bioweapon or a biological versus technological bioweapon we’ve got we’ve got to make the distinction here because we’re not no longer talking about even a virus that was manufactured in wuhan we’re talking about a specific weapon that was manufactured that is very different to what a lot of even doctors thought in the beginning and when they’re talking about the spike protein damage no it’s not spike protein damage it’s actually bioweapon damage yeah so we’re in line too that’s that’s correct um um but what what i want to so here’s the thing because this is an artificial intelligent bioweapon that mimics below the cellular level of our body or it mimics our genetic codes what doctors are seeing and what they think they’re seeing as a spike protein it looks like one but it’s not because it’s part biology part technology what’s been produced in the body this is exactly what you’re saying a virus so so all the research that was done out of wuhan and ralph barrack and stuff that research did happen but you know what they left out the most important part of the story which i’ve covered before in many platforms which was it wasn’t about just making all these mra sequences and doing all these tests in uh you know ex vivo and vitro in petri dishes right and weaponizing viruses is about taking those um codes and merging them with liposomes and dendrimers right to then produce inside the human body these viruses so it was a merger of ai codes to produce toxins in the body with an intelligent platform that’s what it was i mean and they say it and they say it in their in their um studies but all of our experts seem to be like skipping over those paragraphs for some reason well i think it’s it’s it’s not i mean let me not make excuses for anyone here but for all of us it’s a very new area um we’ve we’ve for many people to think of covid as a virus or you know even just thinking of covid as a bioweapon no one really understood the level of what that meant until people like you karen started actually explaining it to us uh you know i didn’t understand this information about the spike is the first i’m hearing um explained in this level of detail uh you know in in relation to when when you talk about the quantum dots um or the quantum field mimicking our DNA mimicking our cells or many people didn’t know this existed i agree this is the first time sharing it too i’ve you know i’ve just i’ve got thousands of pages of stuff to share so i understand that but but what i’m saying though is there was information from ralph american eco health alliance in their documents there was information as you know i shared on your platform over a year ago where i said these are not vaccines they’re devices they are extremely advanced devices and technologies that are intelligent and you know i guess there was a lot of cognitive dissonance where people just were more comfortable around the concept of a virus but you know that is the least of our worries and like this triple threat um you know death winter that’s coming up is not coming up coming from anything from nature it’s going to be something that’s going to be produced inside human bodies and it’s likely not going to be actually that infectious right um highly deadly viruses are not that infectious this parasite is infectious okay but it needs to get into your body and then start doing its damage and producing but people this parasite can then produce viruses within people’s bodies biosynthetic viruses that will make them sick well i was just about to say so it may not even be the fact that people that have had the injections have a completely destroyed immune system now it’s that they have this technology inside of them that can be programmed at their will so when they say there’s another pandemic coming best believe i will silver nanoparticles in my seat protect me from quantum dots silver nanoparticles would technically be a quantum dot just so you know they already have the program to press a button and switch it on well and i don’t know if it’s that you can expand on it anna sorry the issue is also hey did you rob him alone yeah he was so you know this whole frequency connection is also very very important because we don’t know now so these ribbons that we’re seeing are those correlating with what is being seen in the in the cadavers these long six feet cloth is this the hydrogel with the metals i mean is is mike adams’s work indicating that because he was saying and then this appears to be a carbon-based structures with metals in it that’s combustible so um amyloid amyloid bitch oh you know is this the artificial intelligence part and the concern is it grows under frequency does that mean that if we are ingesting it inhaling it from camp trails if we are getting it in all of these different ways is this stuff growing in us so that does that mean that we have to continuously clear our blood which is what i am thinking you know i see people who are getting a tachylation they get cleared and then you know they come back later and maybe you know they have more structures because they’ve been places or you know we got sprayed a lot so this is a continuous effort that’s going on and it’s uh it’s pervasive and it appears to be increasing and maybe that’s the reason why they have relaxed all of these lockdowns it’s like they’ve inoculated enough people to create a self-spreading uh mechanism uh it’s now you know it’s been found in all of the vaccines this graphene stuff it’s been found in in medical supplies it’s been found in masks and all kinds of things and so we’re exposed all the time so and i want to bring it up so you know that’s what’s important this is such a good point and i i’m so blessed to be talking to you the two of you right now is that we can’t have a narrow mindset right it’s not that we weren’t just injected with um what they were calling a spike protein or an mra things for spike protein and now we found out it’s an ai bio weapon there’s multiple bio weapons in there right so um this q dot technology i’m talking about is not the only technology in there right those those blood clots we know what they are they’re they’re genetically engineered hydrogel that are soft actuators actuators are um are electromagnetic networks that’s what they are so they are biosynthetic electromagnetic networks that are being rebuilt inside the body now the other squiggly thing that looks a lot like and i haven’t had a chance to review on it uh a lot like a biosynthetic m neo green uh parasite that is part graphene oxide and part of this sea worm oh man this i i might just have to stop oh no it’s like anymore how long’s left six minutes called m neo green and neo green is an ingredient in the Pfizer vaccine yes it is and what is it used for it’s used for transfection specifically it’s used for genetic editing of nerve cells it’s been used in um the study of retinal diseases to create this biosynthetic worm to try to rebuild nerve cells in the retina and so is that another thing that’s in our bodies now and i and i guarantee you that thing was not put in there for it was probably put in there to to what you’re saying and to to help learn and rebuild our neural structures in our brain and possibly possibly too obviously i guess the the vision part would be part of it but there’s all of these weapons that are part biology part technology they’re parasitic in nature and they are intelligent they created new species and we were injected with them we were injected with parasites from new species and and it’s hard for people to understand that and they don’t want to understand that and i understand why you don’t but if we don’t recognize what is actually happening then we cannot save ourselves or our children or humanity um but if we recognize it then we can work with um you know brilliant doctors like ana and come up with strategies to treat the biological parts to treat the technology parts and to stop this as well as to make major changes in our communities and our nations about what we are allowing our government to do to us and our children it’s got to stop absolutely great we’re being lied to being told 5g is not good for us we were told the vaccines they’re not good they’re enslaving us experimenting on us and exterminating us and we have to wake up to the lies i mean how many people died suddenly just dropped yesterday how many people do we have to watch drop dead how many people do we have to watch get sick how that’s nature publication that cites how many parents have to have to dark or a mathematical model for vibration behavior analysis of DNA using a resonant frequency of DNA for um okay uh about any structure so yeah finally by driving governing equation from hamilton’s principle method and solving these equations with a generalized differential quadrature method the frequency and mode shape of DNA is obtained for the first time in the end validation of the same results from solving the governing equations of mathematical model compared to the obtained results comm cell software is confirmed by the help of these results conceptual idea for controlling cancer using DNA resonant frequency is presented this idea will be presented to stop cancerous cell proteins insist on modifying DNA um um again lots of computer graphics um i want to see wet biology wet biology god damn it um tables tables tables um yeah you can you can hypothesize all kinds of stuff um prove it on the bench that’s what i say mourn the loss of their child how many women have to now realize that they are never going to have a child before we rise up i mean it’s we have to acknowledge this was never a virus and it was never a vaccine it’s a bio weapon and uh i just want to second that and i want to say you know this is also spiritual war and what karen has said before this is satanic that that you know there are um declassified…

I can’t keep listening much longer either. Fuck these bitches, i’ve had enough right there’s there’s an there’s enough here for us to be focused on right now which is this we need to solve this problem okay um amyloidogenic sequences what we should do is um maybe look for OC43 as that came up OC43 spike protein let’s let’s put this into Waltz see what we get you’re going to give us give us the someone i’m trying to find the spike protein for OC43 all right and let us sequence this the spike protein fusion one peptide so um i’m looking for the spike protein of OC43 i see 43 come on just give me the amino acid and someone find that um and then one find a faster file of uh the OC43 let’s just see how full that is of amyloidogenic sequences i’ll go on some comments here uh what mental institution did these women escape from the kitchen uh let’s see this is a lot to take even for me and i’ve seen some really shattering things in person yeah the more i watch the more depopulation seems reasonable uh rebuilding your neuro structures in her case might be a good thing yeah just remember it’s not a lie if you believe it to be true they’re pretty convinced pretty convincing yeah um we can’t deny that we’re being lied to constantly it seems they want us to distrust politics in general because that will increase the fear if anything and neutralize from taking action yeah like like i say i do i do think we’re in next gen um warfare um the is this is this the spike can i i do this i’m probably gonna have to so

So, look, even the common, or the OC43, which I guess is a SARS virus, but which they class as the common cold, full of amyloidogenic sequences. There you go, folks.

This is why we have to be thorough in what it is that we’re doing. All right. I mean, absolutely crazy shit is happening. I’ve seen the docks and pounds for years, but how can it be done when disgust and people are denying it? We need more in-group preference than in-group of truthers. Who decides? All right. Cognitive dissonance is a hell of a state, and yeah, well, we got it there, and again, we know amyloidogenic sequences are a thing, and the question is, where do you want them dispersing in the body? Best to let your outer immune barriers deal with them would be my take. Let’s see. This is the stuff that runs rampant among Q-tards and the like. It’s basically a getch-rich grift pass. Don’t you insert yourself into the movement enough like when taking advantage of the religious? Yes, that I can agree on, and we need to... No, we’re not misinterpreting them, so we can look at... I have the ones for natural sequences. I mean, you can find them in normal proteins as well. So they’re there in... So I think the examples that were sent to me were alpha-synuclein and TDP-43, and they have regions as well, but not to this extent. So... Tired. so this one is alpha-synuclein. And this one is TDP-43.

So it’s part of the molecular background. Again, it just comes down to how many there are, where it’s being dispersed around the body. And of course, the physiological state that the body’s in, and from a neuroscience perspective, we’ve long held suspicion of viruses being this catalyst in forming these amyloidogenic-linked neurological disorders, be it Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s, et cetera, et cetera. And from my perspective, a lot of energy went into looking at things like herpes. Respiratory viruses, not so much. So I’ll leave you with that.

So why are we worried about SARS-CoV-2 amyloid doses when the same is presumably happening in common cold? And I bet in any virus sequence we throw it in there. Well, that’s the point. We need to... Well, one, you have to be looking at the symptom profiles. So this is why clinical data is critical in any hypothesis that you’re making, right? Is the data coming from the clinic telling us that there’s something wrong? And I would argue that, yes, there is. And OC43 is a SARS-like virus, it’s just an older one that we’ve developed immunity to. So I did do H1N1. So this is H1N1, which is a known neurotrophic agent, and it has less than the... Well, this is the vaccine, and this is Omicron. This is, wait, Delta Omicron vaccine. I’m not sure I’ve got tabs mixed up now, but this one was H1N1. So yes, they are on viruses, right? We know this. The issue is how invasive they are, and what are we seeing clinically? That’s the question that we’re trying to answer. That’s why you shouldn’t run off with silly bitches talking about quantum dots powering, whatever, AI hydrogels. We have to answer this question first, and there are many, many labs which are trying to address this problem. It’s not an unknown problem. Let’s see. So OC43 is more amyloidogenic than H5N1, or whatever virus you’re talking about, yes. But then, you have to couple that with things like furin cleavage sites.

Does OC43 have a furin cleavage site? No, it doesn’t. So again, it’s the tissues that are being exposed.

Does influenza have a furin cleavage site? I want to say that it does, actually, but like I said, I’m not a virologist.

I’m a neuroscientist, and my area would be, well, this is something to be concerned about, and I would be concerned about gene transfecting this and have it bypass barriers of immunity. OC43 is just an old or a circulating SARS-like virus that has been identified decades ago. But is it equivalent to SARS? Does it cause, again, I don’t know enough about it. My concern just being to raise the issue around amyloidogenic prion cascades.

That’s it, and until we settle this question, focus on this instead of quantum dots, right. So let’s see, I am out of here. How do we test if FCS is still in the spike BLAST? Yes, I’ve already checked that. Everyone still has the furin cleavage site. It hasn’t regressed back to the quasi-species swarm. It still has a furin cleavage site. So on that, I will leave it.

Let me just check if anyone sent a dono. God, everyone is, oh, it’s a Jew. Oh, it’s a Jew. God damn it. All right. On that, I’m going to say goodbye. Have a wonderful day. I will see you in the next stream, and we will look at this pile of tripe from the British Medical Journal. There’s a few papers that I need to cover. There’s one that’s claiming all the clots and stuff as coming from anti-vax misinformation. We need to do that one.

All right. I’m out of here. Take care. I’ll see you in the next one. God bless. There we go.