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Fucking stream deck It’s not working it’s always something always something god damn it

Welcome to the stream everyone. Welcome. Welcome. Welcome. But uh, yeah I’m gonna be streaming with Ryan today in approximately 20 minutes So I’m gonna do some chit chat. I wanted to just make sure everything was working Say hello to the chat and salute commander Jigs. Good to see you, bro. I hope everything is well comfortably numb. Nice to see you Tana in the chat. Who else did I miss? Pissed Offerman. How you doing? Yes, those Talpiot boys again! How dare they how dare they keep messing with my stuff.

So what we’ll be doing today, you know, I got to know Ryan during the meetup in Houston. He wants to touch on graphene.

I think it’ll be a more general discussion, but just as a preparation for the “graphenos spectaculos”, old Kev was busy yesterday making, was this going to work, hey, making, making fresh “graphenos” right there and you can all, you can all take a guess, have a guess where that piece of “graphenos spectaculos” came from, let’s see who mentions it in the chat first, but yes, real math, we’re live, but yeah, I made, I made some special for today. Anyone want to guess the brand, anyone, Bueller? Bueller? So like some things it just triggers and then it won’t work when I want it to trigger. Danger Mouse, Danger Mouse must be, is the winner there, Danger Mouse, Danger Mouse on Rumble, well done sir, bravo. I think, I think, I think in terms of scientific findings in my career, the fact that I could just, yeah, graphene is up there, forget all that, forget all that monkey stuff, the busting, the busting of graphene with my pee has to, has to rank up there, so, Marty thank you for putting the links, what can we do whilst…

Are the jumbo blood clots fake news? No, no, I don’t think they are, those are amyloidogenic occlusions building up in the cardiovascular system, it’s a direct prediction from the pathophysiology that you would expect from expressing the toxic peptides in the spike protein of SARS-CoV-2, like the biology is there, there’s not much to work out, what’s fucking astonishing is the fact that we don’t have really good autopsy reports at the moment and instead there’s just a hushed silence and the odd, well, I guess since the, I’ve forgotten what it’s called now, Died Suddenly, that Stupid Peter’s production, there’s been some, of course, the fact checkers coming out and saying, well, that’s just what they always say, the, what’s that, posted pics, my mum’s clots are arms, look, she got shot with paintball gun point blank, yeah, I remember that a while back, I hope your mum’s feeling better.

Brian will be here in 20 minutes, 10am is the kick off, I just wanted to make sure that I was streaming, I can do some, a couple of stories that I had lined up and I know I haven’t done much SARS biology, I promise I do have some lined up, so there is that, so yeah, we’re just, we’re just waiting on 10am, so bear with me, you have to put up with the intro to my stream, alright, so let me do this, hope the, oh fuck you, I’ll do, what’s his face, shut it, always remember your government loves you, your government loves you and because they do, you want to make sure that you’ve got armour piercing, 50 cal projectiles to hand, God bless America, is what Doc Kev says, if it’s going down you may as well be there I guess, plenty of guns and ammo laying around, so I’m leaving this one up, it’s like the covert moral bio enhancement meme, it’s just going to be a reminder and yeah, that’s it, it’s a beast of a boy toy, is that gun big, yes, very fucking big, that’s basically for taking out light armour, it’s not your deer hunting rifle, anyway, let’s move on.

If you’ve wandered in here and wondering who I am, my name is Dr Kevin McCairn, I was principal investigator at Korea Brain Research Institute, I now find myself part of a ragtag resistance online trying to point out the tech medical fascism that’s coming to subsume your life and this isn’t a far off prediction, this is happening right now and what we’re trying to do is to navigate our way through the science so that we don’t become a victim of it and we’re able to push back somewhat, so with that in mind, if it’s late and you’re not quite falling asleep, I recommend going to my Research Gate profile, there you can read my life’s works on neuroscience, systems neuroscience.

Let’s see, thanks for the mods, busy job monitoring and posting links, yes, the mods are top notch here. And again, during my trip I did feel very much out of the loop, I was always sort of seeming to be doing something and I didn’t have the time to sit in front of a PC like I do at home and I missed you guys, I did, I was kind of happy to get back in and into the swing of things, see the discord ticking over and thank you everyone who makes that such an enjoyable experience, now it’s sort of hands off, I don’t have to do anything, we need to develop fart based weapons, it’s literally the only far off victory now, that’s where we’ve got the secret weapon, waifu downstairs, I missed you too, I missed you too, me miss you long time, yes, Punjabi prepper, you can have a, let’s see, of course Fat Angie, that’s the other side’s devastating methane based weaponry, alright, so yes, if you want to find the serious side, you go to Research Gate, you can just look online, you’ll find all my science available and for the resistance you of course should bookmark there, you can get in touch with me, I think now I can put a twitter handle, a new twitter handle there, twitter has been, so I haven’t been banned yet and I’ve been going and kicking the botly wasp nest right in the nuts in the last few hours just for shits and giggles, it’s, you know, I’ve got better things to do with my time, of course I do, let’s see, Doc could you please mod Nancy Drew, let me try and do that, I can’t remember which account, I’ve got so many Google accounts, is it this one or this one, YouTube, no it’s not that one, fuck you, YouTube, go away, sign in, go away, alright, let me go to my channel, I’ll do this real quick, my channel, do that and Nancy, there you go, you can be moderator, is there anyone else, idaho garden girl, you can be a moderator, keep an eye out for those porno bots please, let’s see, anyone else, punjabi, you can be a moderator, there you go, alright, I prefer to use grafenos bullets, well I think the problem with that is that they would just be too light, crumble, crumble as they shoot out the barrel, space marine, I’d mod you but you seem, I don’t remember the name so well, I’m just putting in people that I do know but fuck it, go on, you asked nicely, don’t abuse the privilege, let’s see…

So, vax is harmless? No I don’t think so, I think there’s enough evidence now to say that gene transfection should be avoided, the lipid nanoparticle is toxic, the products, the expression products are cytopathic and extremely toxic and I would advise that early treatment with known medicines is the better route to go and you know, what have we learned over the last three years, it’s the fat inflamed bastards that really end up on the receiving end, you have to, of the virus, you know, with respect to the interactions between virus and gene transfection, that’s an unknown.

Comfortably Numb says send you some dono Doc, well thank you, let me just see if that went through, please folks, you can use the, oh wow thank you very much, that’s much much appreciated, well there’s a bunch here, no, these are old, what, what, what am I looking at, why, succeeded and yes, I see it, and yes, it’s gone through, thank you, thank you, thank you, so if you want to support the stream, you can become a Patreon, I don’t mind Patreon, it gets a chunk, big chunk taken out of it but it’s kind of nice to know it’s there, the tip jar, that’s the best way to give a dono, it’s the least overhead, Streamfags Gay-Pal, if you would, if you have a Gay-Pal account, you can use that to send a dono and buy me a coffee, subscribe star, all of the digital tulip links are there should you so wish, if you didn’t get burned, bye, I want to press my button but I’m trying to keep that on the down low, just for the moment folks, just for the moment, we’ll see now, let’s see, oh, I’m not sure what that is, I think that might be Richard put the link to, looks like a link to a stream he’s done, so if you want to watch a stream of Richard, I think that will work when I’m done with Ryan, still waiting for Ryan to send the link and, oh yeah, of course we do have an active discord and on McCairnDojo you should be able to watch the stream as well, yep, and if you want, because we can’t rely on YouTube, maybe Twitter we can right now, oh, I forgot, I’m streaming on Twitter, I am streaming on Twitter I believe, or I should be, I tried to set that up, let’s see if that’s working, I don’t know, I don’t know, it says it is, no, no it’s not, it says sending data, fuck you, never mind, okay, so let’s, oh of course I need to plug streaming platform, that should be working, spinning wheels, don’t fill me with confidence though, God damn you, Simon Phoenix! Why is it not working? I’m paying all that money for those servers, is it working, no, god damn Talpiot boys, ruin everything, oh it is live, it is live, maybe, maybe, maybe, maybe, maybe, let’s see, thanks reminder on FLCCC, haven’t posted that one in a while, one day if we can link up, I’m very happy to share copies of any of all my links, yes, I think the FLCCC have been generally a force for good, the, let’s see, doc try and catch this RTE, “Pseudovaccine Quality Inconsistency”, I will, good, I don’t know if that’s working but it is working, I don’t know if my computer’s just, it just hasn’t been rebooted for a month so bear with me, let’s see, still waiting on that link, five minutes to go, alright.

So what have we, so people have been asking me about what I showed earlier as it relates to Jonathan’s purified clone and reversion back to the quasi species swarm and the… in science we have to go with the most solid experimental data, okay, so you can have all the theorems you like in the world, a good example being, let’s think of a good one, like the Hubble dark field image, right, where they thought that the sky would be empty and yet when they collected all the data they basically saw that there were formed galaxies that shouldn’t be there with what was considered to be the understanding of the Big Bang universe and as such all the theory around the age of the universe essentially got scrapped with that one piece of data and the same applies in this situation, so the prediction being that when you, or as the virus rumblegates around an environment, an ecological niche, the ecological niche being your body, it will revert back to a more representative sample that forms the quasi species clade.

And let’s see… JC does not have anything said about Burkhardt and his autopsy tissue slides despite breaking information, yeah and again that’s another very big bit of data which needs to be taken into account when Girardeau tries to say that everything is lipid nanoparticle, well no, the data shows otherwise and in this instance what they’ve done, now again there’s always going to be issues around experiments and how to, limitations and you could argue that the limitation in this respect is that this data is done from someone who’s got a chronic infection because of HIV but what we see or what these results show, so this is long cells maybe, but the propensity for the virus to cause pathology that’s recognisable under a microscope which is the joining of cell membranes such that you lose individual cells, they become multi-nucleated synctitia, is increases after time, so after the initial infection they check his cells and as we watch the movie what you’ll see is that they begin to clump particularly around this corner, the right-hand corner and then I think it was like a hundred and something days later, we’ll take a look at that but you can see there, you can see them clumping together right and that’s the disease process and here is after six months of evolution in the host environment and the formation of synctitia is faster meaning that the virus is more aggressive in this instance, now you know I could critique this and say well maybe the patient’s tissues are just less healthy after six months of co-infection with HIV and SARS, that would be one objection but as it stands at the moment this is I would argue the best real world test we have of the attenuating synthetic clone and it doesn’t, it’s not panning out right now.

Let’s see Kompops says a lot of people seem to believe Vaxx is connected with 5G and will be used to control us, oh yeah look the only way it’s connected with 5G is just basically the high-speed surveillance that the grids that they’re building around the cities, the smart cities that are coming, there’s no, there’s no, it’s 10 o’clock, let’s just see, I don’t know if he’s starting his stream as well so let’s see, I’ve just sent a message to Ryan.

So it’s reverting here? no it’s just adapting, right? The idea that it would go back to some baseline doesn’t jive with evolutionary theory in my mind because if you imbue an advantageous trait and it’s stable as it appeared to be in the first year of the pandemic especially, you would, you would expect those traits to propagate and be incorporated, now you know, like I say, it’s not the be all or end all of that discussion but this is a real world example, I’m not sure who that was, but I think that means I just got a dono, let me see, let me just say thank you to whoever that was, it’s much much appreciated, a lot of effort goes into these streams and Mary in Texas, thank you, you’re such a sweetheart, so I see Ryan’s read the message, so I’m still just waiting on the link so let me just keep rattling through headlines, I’ll just, I’ll keep an eye on the chat for questions relating to this experiment and try to answer them as best as I can, alright there’s the link, so no more stories, I’ve got a whole row of tabs lined up folks, I will get to them, maybe this evening, join the stream, link, oh I see, I see, now it might be the case that I might have to use another camera, let’s see, I’m just trying to join with Ryan right now, I’ve got so much stuff jacked into this PC, so I’m just going to do this…

Ryan, there he is, how are you sir, can you hear me, there he is, can you hear me, is it working, nice, good to see you again bro, ready to rock it on the kookabacation stuff, of course, there’s some new movie out that’s just kookatola too, oh the Died Suddenly is the name of it, yeah the, can we dunk on that or have you not seen it, I have seen it, so there’s, look the guy that produced it, stupid Peters, I’ve been on his show, oh you have, yeah, ok me too and basically I went on there and kicked in the nuts a bunch of individuals that were pushing kook stuff, well I’ll put it this way, like they’re right to doubt the Pfizer and the government and all that, but they end up with the equally asinine claims because there is no free dialogue on this subject, so it would kind of be nice to them as possible, because I don’t want to alienate all of them, but they did the same shit to me on September 11th, like I was on and I said all the grown up stuff and then they had some fucking missile denying kook on and I’m like ok, everything I said just, you know, not missile denying, airplane denying, they thought it was missile, missile kooks, right, yeah it’s a difficult environment in which to navigate and the, yes you’re right, people are looking for answers because the orthodox authorities are not being straight in this instance, they weren’t straight on 9-11, post 9-11.

The other thing is like people like you, there’s a whole bunch of doctors that have been straight, you have to almost find them by word of mouth because they’ve never been allowed on Twitter, YouTube and so on, they all get banned, right, I mean they’ve banned RFK Jr’s Instagram and it’s like this is fucking royalty of America and you’re like, oh you don’t get to talk, just say hey if you think they’re wrong, have dialogue, but what happens is when there’s no sound voices and yet they don’t ban all the kooks, they amplify that shit and that’s on purpose, so that means they know what’s right too, yeah, let me just, I’m getting a little thumbnail for us, are we live on your end right now, no, no, no, I’ll hit live, okay, yeah, live on my stream, okay, I’m gonna repeat all this, yeah, I gotta get on your stream after, yeah, okay, here we go, three, for me, three, two, one, boom, three, two, one, bam, all right, Dr. Kevin McCairn, so are we in Texas, yeah, I messed that up, I’m so used to saying McCain that I was like on my brain because I bash him all the time, he’s worthy of bashing, yes, he’s even dead, he’s still worthy, I think that the first time in history a tumor should get a Nobel Peace Prize for going on a suicide mission to take out a neocon, we are live on five different places, yeah, we’re on YouTube right now as well, right, oh, well, good luck keeping that, I guess, talk about kamikaze missions, yeah, so I guess we’re on YouTube then, and also Rumble, and Odyssey, and D-Live, and Entropy, and Cozy TV, and anything else, my streaming platform,, yes, and Kevin’s, and soon to be, hopefully, I’ll be over there too this week, we’ll see, I hope so, we’ll get that back catalog uploaded, dude, we’ve got tons of storage space for you.

It’s so much easier talking to you because you also live in Japan, so we have the same time zone, I’m always up at 3am or whatever interviewing somebody, yeah, and for once I’m like, oh yeah, I can sleep in on this one, I’m like… I’ve been getting up at 3am because I only got back this week from… Oh, that’s right, you were up to the US, so I was feeling the jet lag. Did you go to Michigan, Texas? So I went Pennsylvania, then to the conference in Texas, and the conference was great, folks, for those that were in two minds about whether to attend, I’ve attended smaller science conferences, put it that way. The conference was great because the people that showed up, because it was in such a weird place, like between Houston and Lake Jackson, were all the hardcore, awesome people. Yeah, yeah. I actually met a nice clinician there, who’s a head trauma specialist. You know, there was… Oh, dude, we could tell by the Q&A, both your talk and Sarah’s talk, we had the doctor people there, we had the tech people there, they’re asking serious questions, I was like, this is so nice, because I’m so used to kooks online, and it was like, I’m such an asshole to those people, like, they don’t even bother coming, right? So we just got… The filter worked, like, we got a whole lot of great people. Yeah.

Although, I’ve been let back on Twitter, and I’ve been going, and well, it’s a particular sort of pro-vaxxer group that I’ve been wrestling with for a few years, and, you know, they don’t have the recourse to the span button anymore, so… Hey, I might be back too next week, along with thousands of others. Yeah, I mean, I’ve tried that. Which is openly a woke operation, where they’re like, could there be anybody that doesn’t push our narrative of basically grooming kids? Like, you couldn’t say groomer on Twitter. Oh, dude, Anteep has disappeared, because Elon has clamped down on the pedophiles, and I guess they were one and the same. Yeah. I mean, you’ve got… I don’t even… I have some horrifying stories, because I tracked down pedophiles. I did the Epstein ring, I did the Nygaarden ring, I went into Scully, all these people that tortured an 18-month-old baby for an hour, you know? Yeah, Destruction of Daisy, all those weirdos. They all along, they should just get castrated and shot in the head, whatever. But there was one group on Twitter with 290,000 followers in this giant DM ring, where they’re just sharing… C-SPAN, I think they call it, whatever it is, like child porn and pay-per-view videos of kids getting raped in the Philippines and stuff like that. And Twitter was doing nothing about this, so it’s like, well, I can’t say Kyle Rittenhouse did nothing wrong, not even after he got acquitted by a court, but you can share, you know… At least he actually shot some pedos….fell it on Twitter, that was okay. That’s what Yoel Roth thought was all right. And the rest of them, they just let it be. And that’s why we got adults shaking their nutsacks in kindergartens now and saying, well, I read a book, so it’s okay. Yeah. Yeah.

It’s obscene what’s happened. And, you know, there’s… You know, Brendan O’Connell, right? Broke back, Brendan? Yeah. I had that guy on when he got out of jail. I didn’t know he was insane yet. And when I was working on Trump’s sinus ball and chain, he was like, I don’t know, he discovered the talp on Wikipedia or something, and he started freaking out. He’s like, operation talp. It’s not an operation, but okay. Yes, Israel has a recruiting center for it’s equivalent to the NSA, like every country has, whatever. This guy is so narcissistic that he was saying, why isn’t Dawson helping me with this thing? I’m like, well, you never communicated to me that you’re even working on that thing. And he could have, as I just interviewed on Skype, all you had to do is call me. He thinks everyone’s watching everything he does all the time, like real narcissism, not arrogance, like narcissism, false audience syndrome, clinical narcissism is what he has. Hey, he’s a closet homo, dude. I can tell you from personal experience. Well, he went to jail, but that’s what he says. Everybody’s a homo and a drug addict, you know, his thing. He burned every bridge he’s ever had. I would speak to him sort of off screen, you know, off stream, and he started sort of TRT therapy and was sort of undressing and sort of showing me his abs. I was like, dude, fucking, just you made me uncomfortable, man. I was like, okay, man, like, I don’t like that at all. I was watching him this week, right? And, and he’s always got the same thing, which is don’t care. You’re getting pulled off to the side if you get dragged into this cultural stuff about the Trannies getting in and subverting, you know, little kids. And it’s an absolutely absurd position and line not to defend. And, you know, his, I call them pretend them. Pretend them. They’re not women. Just pretending. Just like the pretend is like Elizabeth Warren’s a pretend Ian, but he’s, he’s way off the mark in, in trying to say to people that that it’s not a, um, he couldn’t go on press TV anymore because he just kept saying Jew everything as a dude.

One’s an ethnic group. Zionism is a political ideology. Fair game. Smash it all you want. You can’t just blame that on soft Jews, right? He could. No, he does. He called for my assassination several times. One told people to kill me. I was left on YouTube for months. He wrote a article and send it out calling me a Nazi. Because, well, you know, 20, well, not 20 years ago, nearly. I don’t know if you remember Mark Collett and Nick Griffin getting pulled through the British courts for calling out Islamic rape gangs. And it went right up to the high court. Yeah, yeah, yeah. And so I donated 50 quid to their court costs, right? But it got me on a list and, uh, the, um, that list just got leaked, um, probably by British authorities because the BMP was actually gaining some momentum. Um, so because of that, I’m, uh, that’s their own fault too, because since they label any opposition to even like a rape gang as Nazis, what’ll happen is the only people willing to oppose these things are people who actually are Nazis because they don’t not like, communists doesn’t care if you call them communists. That’s not an insult. They’re like, yeah. And if you call a racist person racist, their response is, uh-huh. And, you know, so unfortunately they’re the only ones to do it, but we all should be opposing rape and you shouldn’t not oppose rape just because some racist person also opposes rape. I’m like, rape is bad, way worse than racism. Who gives a fuck if someone is racist? They don’t have any power or anything. Like not, not white racists anyway. Zionists have a lot of power.

What happened in the UK was, uh, I think unprecedented. Um, you know, they, they think that it might have been up to like a sort of, there’s either a hundred, I’m going to say a million. They might think a million young girls have been, um, systematically targeted by these gangs over the decades. And, um, you know, and it was, it was so bad that when fathers would try to interject and try and do something, the police would arrest the fathers, uh, on charges of racism. I think they’re hiding behind the wokeism. They’re using like, because I happen to know like Rupert Wilson and he’s, he’s just in a TV documentary talking about this, but they’re saying, oh, we got, they’re a protected class because they’re brown people or whatever. And so, uh, they can basically do whatever you want because it, whatever they want is if you accuse them of some kind of criminal behavior, somebody’s going to yell racist. So we’ll all shut down.

But that’s not why wokeism is their shield. The reason they’re really protecting them is because the police are also involved in these activities. So they’re protecting themselves. Yeah. Yeah. The pedophilia just runs to the very top in the UK and anyone in any position of authority is very likely tainted in my opinion. And, um, I, I wouldn’t set foot back in the UK now. Um, I’d probably get arrested. I went to North Pakistan once. What’d you go there for dude? Well, I was on my way to Ireland so I thought I’d stop by in London, you know, and, uh, you got me with that one in, uh, Houston as well to have my fucking memories. I was like, did I get out of the wrong plane? Yeah. We went to Singapore that over and I had a baby with me at the time and I, and I just thought, wait, because I, I don’t know why I thought this, but I thought we’re in England. So I thought I’d see a lot of, you know, native British people and didn’t see any. Yeah. Top hats, umbrellas, Heathrow, not in the place where I was staying, not in, definitely not in London. I thought, oh, it ain’t that bad. Yeah, it is. They’re talking about replacement and takeover. I’m like, shut up. You’re exaggerating. No, man. No, I was there for days. And the only, I saw way far outside of London. Uh, I saw, um, two white guys who were tourists from Ireland. Yeah. I could speak English, you know, and I was like, wow. Uh, when I went to Ireland, it was complete opposite. It was like 98% white Irish people or more. That’s changing. That’s changing rapidly in the last few years, which is, you know, there’s nothing wrong with wanting to protect the culture and integrity of your country. Right. And they’ve made it a fault crime to even, you know, talk in these terms. Right. I mean, it’s like, yeah, we’re going to have, it wouldn’t matter even if they’re all like French people coming over. Okay. It’s the same race, but it would dramatically change, uh, Britain for the better. Yeah. And, and Britain, Britain, it couldn’t get any worse. Uh, Britain is sort of ground central. Oh, it can. You could be Canada. Good news.

By the way, Jeremy McKenzie has made bail in Texas as well. He’s getting out on bail. Nice. Hallelujah. Nice. Thank you to everybody supporting that, by the way, it was just in spirit or monetarily. I don’t know if my audience knows about that. So you might, you should probably. Basically he was a Canadian, he’s still a Canadian, but he’s a Canadian man that, uh, he does a kind of political comedy show on, uh, online. It used to be too, not anymore, but he’s been banned on just about everything. And his real crime was opposing the COVID mandates in Canada. I remember the trucker kind of the trucker rebellion. He’s supporting them. Well, they singled him out, you know, he’s a ginger. So everybody already hates them as they should, you know, well, yeah, but he said, I don’t know. And in like an hour long or more drunken podcast, which is kind of typical, uh, he made some jokes, uh, you know, about some politician’s wife or something in the same, uh, thread. He’s talking about a time traveling cocaine addicted goat and awesome. Just it’s clearly satire and comedy or whatever, but they took it as like a threat on a politician or something. And like, bitch, please, like you guys actually killed people in Afghanistan and sending arms to Nazis in Ukraine. And you’re worried about a guy telling a joke to like 50 people on the internet at 2am drunk. They threw him in jail, but his real crime was opposing mandates. And he had quite a following. And, uh, the satire he would do on Castro’s bastard, also known as Trudeau and other politicians was just real good.

And you know, the left, they like all their comedians to be in line and reinforce. Well, they don’t have comedians, dude. Right. Like, well, even in the U S too, like all the late night comedians, all, all of them, they all like doing dances for Corona, right? Steve Colbert did a Corona dance. What’s that other guy, Jimmy Fallon? He is all pro Corona and get Ariel Grande, whatever her name is. They just all, it’s like a big COVID commercial for Pfizer because you look at Comedy Central’s and stuff’s commercials, it is Pfizer, right? There’s a few breakaways, like recently Chappelle, JP Sears, Ryan Long, but they’re all like online comedians, except for Chappelle, right? They’ll never be allowed on TV. So, uh, Ryan Long’s pretty funny, right? Oh yeah. I mean, and the guy that does it with him, I forgot his name, but he, I think his name is Kevin, Kevin, whatever it might be. Um, Jeremy was, he would, he could do serious. Like he came on the four horsemen show and he knows that, but he was, his forte was definitely, he could do impersonations, jokes and very witty, very clever on the spot kind of guy. And, uh, it was just, you know, he was the total package. He was masculine. He w he was funny. He was witty and he was knowledgeable and he had a following and he was opposing COVID. He never advocated violence or anything stupid like that. They arrested his girlfriend too, said she didn’t pay for gas even though she did. She’s like, okay, I’ll pay it now. It is whatever they arrested and harassed her and man, and they’re not alone. There’s other Canadians. This just happened to be somebody I personally knew. There are people put in jail for writing the wrong thing on Facebook.

There are people, I know someone that that happened too, Rupert, like he, he wrote a joke to a friend on Facebook and other people like that threatens me. And that’s it. Someone just accuses you. I think that picture is threatening to me. He’s like, yeah, you ain’t even in this. I don’t even know who you are. Cool. They feel threatened. So to jail, you go UK. No, you’re guilty until proven innocent. Yeah, it’s, uh, well, that’s still turned up on your doorstep in the UK for the wrong type of tweet. The police will, will do that. Oh yes. Yeah. Yeah. They’re, they’re bad. I mean, I know what the hell they went after atwood and stuff too. Like Europe in general doesn’t have free speech and doesn’t even have a pretense to it. I mean, they even told Elon for the EU, they’re saying, well, no, we have these rules. You do have to moderate everybody. But it won’t be like that for the US or Japan. They are constitutionally protected in alienable rights for free speech. So it’s not against the law. You can say it. Uh, is that true for Japan? Yeah. They copied. Well, the constitution is the same as the U S is Japan. I would say on paper, you can say whatever you want, as long as it’s not about Japan. Right. You got, and you’ve got to be careful about, um, slandering people in Japan from what I understand. Oh yeah. They’re real strict on defamation. I’m good with that. That’s supposed to be illegal. They’re like, don’t slander, don’t libel. Why not? They, you know, how they all pile on bully over here. It’s like 200 against one. Once the mudslide goes, they all pile on, get back in the collective.

You, you wrote Borg, but I just, I can’t even complain about Japanese problems. It’s like, oh, somebody chewed gum in school today. Oh, someone had a bicycle stolen in this giant city of millions. Yeah. Let’s get this guy. Whereas the U S it’s like, how many people were shot yesterday? Oh, that’s just Chicago. Oh, that was one weekend. Oh yeah. It’s, it’s a, how would I say it’s, it’s a very, if you can hack the culture difference, it’s an, it’s a pleasant place to live, right? It’s clean. It’s, um, yeah, everything runs real well. Internet is great. I mean, I want to service workers are amazing. Yeah. Just actually polite. There’s no tips, right? And they have a better behavior than places where you have tips. Yeah. Yeah. Um, so average weight of a woman is 116 pounds in the U S it’s 170.6 there’s a 54 pounds spread. Yeah. They’ve, they’ve kept their femininity. So, um, oh, that’s the best thing about Japan. Women are women. Yeah. Yeah. And the work stuff hasn’t sort of managed to get its hooks in, you know, they had a, they had a vote. Um, I want to say it’s like two, three months ago about gay marriage and they said, no, um, that’s not happening. Yeah. And long, long may it stay that way. I think it’s going to stay that way. I mean, there are people in Nara that are like, have you seen the gay? I’m like, what do you mean? They’re like, there’s a gay, like one. Yeah. And I’m like, oh yeah, San Francisco. Cause that nickname. And he was just the town, the, the one gay guy, gay in the village. Well, the village is 300,000 people. So it’s not really a village. It’s just, he was the gay. Yeah. I mean, you know, it’s not a, it’s just not on the radar. You need at least two, right? It’s probably a good metric of how prevalent it actually is. I, you know, I’ve got theories about what it is, you know, is that being oppressed by culture or is it being increased? But because you see from time period to time period, place to place, the percentage of homosexuality fluctuates wildly. So it doesn’t seem to be just genetic variation, like being left handed, like being left handed is about eight or 9% all through time. Any, any nation in the world, homosexuality in ancient Greece, ancient Rome or specific locations like a jail or the Navy or what it seems that the male sex drive outweighs the sex preference. So if you remove enough women, guys will do what they got to do or whatever, but…

I have a friend that has a theory about parasites too, like that, that can change, you know, parasites can change your hormone. You know, some parasites can even mind control certain animals. So it couldn’t be something I want to get into that. I want to get in COVID. Yeah. Well, I was just going to, there’s a sort of anecdote. There’s the, I don’t know if you’ve heard of, I think it’s a Universe 25, but it’s a rodent experiment that was done, I want to say in the seventies. And basically what they did was that they built a sort of utopia for rats, right? And they had everything that they wanted and the behavior would be maintained for a few generations. But as the sort of population began to build up, even though they had everything that they needed, it started to sort of degenerate into, and you got sort of narcissistic behavior, funnily enough, where the rats would just sort of green themselves endlessly. And then you had breakaways that would just be engaging in sort of same sex behaviors. And how much that relates to humans, I don’t know, but…

Have we made our cultures such that we’ve taken away the normal pressures that were there for the majority of human existence? It just seems counter to evolution and not procreate. It seems like something else at work. I mean, it could just be, you know, some guys born with a female brain, whatever. I think that’s totally possible, but it also seems like some people just discover it in mid-adulthood. So in addition to just, that’s just your genes, I think it can also be the environment. I don’t think it’s one or the other. Yeah. I mean, it’s complex in play. Like you could just be a psychopath or you could become one through trauma, right? I’m not saying this, I’m just saying an example. I mean, look how they’re traumatizing kids right now, right? And this is why you just do not surrender. I know, Meghan McCain should not be on TV. I agree. It traumatizes kids and adults. Yeah, yeah. But no one’s been more traumatized by Meghan McCain more than the Golden Corral. Have you seen this? I can’t pronounce it. It begins with B. I’ve sort of been catching flashes of it since I’ve got back from the U.S. and it’s a fashion company that literally had naked men posing with little kids. And this was a high, someone put it in. Was it Balenciaga? Yeah, something like that. And like the photos I caught, I was like, fucking hell, man. How are you able to get away with that? I didn’t know they did that. But I saw where they had a little girl and some papers and stuff on a table. And one of the papers on the table was talking about child pornography and some other stuff. And I was like, is this fake news or real? Because sometimes the clown world is so ridiculous. They’re like, hold on. Like with that time when it’s like Joe Biden spent 30 million dollars on free crack pipes. And I went, is that that one B? Oh, wait, that happened for real? Yeah, that did happen. That’s a real story. Candice Evans is just talking about the World Cup and guitar.

By the way, who won between Germany and Japan again? Just like hearing it. Dude, Wales lost to Iran, too. Europe is slipping, dude. Maybe Rona’s catching up to them. But yeah, they she was talking about World Cups and guitar and people were complaining because guitar has very different rules because it’s a different country, different culture. Right. And one of them is you can’t drink beer because they’re Muslim. They don’t believe in alcohol and probably wouldn’t very much drastically reduce the violence. And and she was saying, yeah, you can’t have Budweiser at a soccer game in Qatar. But in the US, they’ll let you shoot up for free. You just go to a clinic and shoot up heroin in the middle of a fentanyl crisis that they completely ignore exists, except for maybe Tucker and Jesse Waters. Like no one will even mention it. Right. Free crack. That’s chemical. It’s like you free crack pipes because they need clean pipes, because the pipes, the problem is not the crack in the pipe. That’s the problem is the pipes that are that day, maybe a little personal something personal there with Hunter Biden and his other children who all smoke crack. And Joe Biden seems like he smokes crack. I don’t know. You can tell the difference. The guy is so out there with dementia, Alzheimer’s, whatever he has that even if he was smoking crack, how would you know? It’s kind of like that Fetterman guy. They said his stroke caused retardation. I’m like, but he’s a liberal. How can you tell the difference? I saw like a few minute cliff of him. He could barely talk. I didn’t, um, Biden or Fetterman. Just be like Kamala Harris. Just show up stoned out of your mind and talk about the significance of the passage of time.

Yes. Okay. I’m on a stream. Do you want my help?

No worries, dude. It happens to me all the time. Let me change something one minute. Yeah. It happens to me all the time. So yeah, so impromptu break folks. What should I do? I’ll just scroll through some comments here. Let’s see. I haven’t gotten to the subject matter yet. No, no. I mean, we’re just just chatting. We had such a great time in Houston and it was really cool to hang out. And you know, it’s funny. We traveled thousands of miles and hours and hours on a plane and, um, literally Ryan’s just a few hours down the road. I could, um, I could hop in the car and go see him by the afternoon. So, um, it’s kind of, it’s kind of odd. So we, we actually, we actually had a lot to, um, talk about and in common. So yeah, it was just, uh, um, a real, uh, a real pleasure to, to hang out with him. And, um, you know, for the, for the, again, I would say for those that missed it, if, uh, Ryan manages to, um, get another one going, I would, I would go again and, um, I would encourage everyone else to, I was, I was just telling folks what, uh, uh, how cool the, how awesome Libby is, the conference and just, uh, and just hanging out. And I was saying, you know, we actually had a lot in common, three kids and, you know, and it’s funny that we traveled, had to travel thousands of miles to meet in the U S when I was just literally just a couple of hours down the road. I could jump in the car and bring the kids over and we can hang out in the afternoon. You ought to. Yeah. Yeah. We should, we should arrange something to do. Um, I, I want my kids to play with kids that look like them, that talk their language.

It’s a real, uh, um, that’s a tough one for me in Japan that, you know, my kids do realize that they’re, um, they are different and the, you know, that, that they, we speak English in the house. So, um, the only Japanese exposure they get is at school. So they’re always, always lagging behind, but, um, just in the beginning, like my 13 year olds completely for life and everything. Um, yeah, ours are doing three cause we get Korean as well. So it’s a, it’s a beast. Fortunately they take after my wife. So they’re smart. Yeah. Yeah. Cause if my kids have my language abilities, they’re, they’re snookered for life. Uh, Japan’s not, Japan won’t be the place for them.

Yeah. Let’s get into COVID-19. Yeah, sure. So there’s a lot, I mean, you have a bunch of videos on what it actually is and what the, uh, what they keep calling a vaccine is and does, but what I’d like to address is the kind of kookification of the anti-COVID movement because you have both, you’ve got like the deniers and the alarmists, right? It is not the black plague. It’s like the worst flu that I’ve ever had. It’s not a lot of things. And, you know, there are virus deniers. There are, it’s caused by 5↔. There’s the, a bunch of ones, the graphing things, a lot of kook stuff. There’s a new film out, uh, what’s it called? The instant death or yeah, sudden, um, Died Suddenly, Died Suddenly, Died Suddenly. Stu Peters. So I think we mentioned this earlier, maybe just you and I were talking about it, but Stu is a good person, like seeking the truth, I feel like.

I don’t feel like he’s a charlatan. He’s just wrong on this one. Um, and this seems to be the case for a lot of people because what happens on social media is if you’re wrong and you’re on the, like the counter narrative, they turn your volume way up. And if you’re right, they turn it way down where they just turn it off. So people are unable to have a dialogue about this and get a nuanced point of view. It’s just one or the other. So, you know, if you don’t jump on every single conspiracy, Coca-Cola thing, then you’re just a government shill. Right. And, and then the other side’s like, if you question what my television has said at all, you’re just a crazy conspiracy nut. Right. And both camps are wrong. And I pick on the official story almost every day, but I think we have to also address some of these kooks because they are discrediting the rest of us. And in your presentation you showed, I think it was, uh, just cholesterol or something, but they’re like, that’s graphene, look, it’s rectangle. I wonder if you could address some of these, uh, medical misinformation for real that are out there about COVID.

So let’s, let’s start with the documentary that just came out because that’s, that’s actually a complex, uh, topic because there is some, what appears to be a repeatable phenomenon that’s, that’s growing in propensity, particularly over the last year. And that’s these, um, white fibrous clots that they’re pulling out of people who are, who are dying, died suddenly, right? There’s my Twitter feed and, um, social media is just filled with every day of, uh, young people who are just, um, keeling over. Um, now medically you have to ask why, why is that happening? Right? Um, young people don’t just, um, keel over. Oh, you know, there’s a baseline rate that has been steady for decades. And, you know, you would hear about the odd athlete now and again who would collapse, but, um, you know, if figures are to be believed there’s been a 1700% increase in professional athletes who have, um, died or collapsed during, uh, during a competitive event. And, um, in, in Died Suddenly, they quite rightly point to this phenomenon, which unfortunately morticians are not reporting. There’s, I can think of one, his name is Ryan Cole, who is reporting on this, but again, he’s being, um, destroyed via the media and, um, for standing up and trying to point out these issues. Um, but with, with the beginning of, um, that documentary they, they, it begins by showing Bigfoot and UFOs, right? And, um, the, well, I guess this is where graphene actually comes in. So the, the many, many people on the sort of counter narrative, uh,

Why would you start with Bigfoot and UFOs? I don’t know. And who made that decision? Um, it’s a, um, it was a stupid one because like I said, they’ve got a legit phenomenon that is a quote unquote medical mystery, right? It’s, it’s, I think we understand what these clots are. They’re, they’re what’s called, um, amyloidogenic, um, occlusions. And that’s what I was talking about in my talk that your, your conference, this propensity to form, um, these misfolded proteins that, um, classically or people are familiar with them because of, uh, um, mad cow, right? In the mad cow breakout, it was so prions of misfolded proteins that cause holes in the brain and you get these, uh, what called amyloid plaques. So you get holes and you get plaques and it’s those plaques that are appearing systemically, um, in these individuals and that’s what they’re pulling out of these, um, cadavers and the, well, you know, I, if you’d have asked me three years ago, I would have said that the scientific and medical, um, sectors would have picked up on that and it would have been reported very quickly. But the sad fact is that the world has changed radically since, um, I would argue the, uh, release of SARS-CoV-2 it, it 99.999% has come from a laboratory. We’ve got the, um… Oh, yes. I mean, well, we know that NIH was doing gain-of-function research in Wuhan through EchoHealth. It’s proven. They said they did and they did. If we didn’t have a shit-lib Congress, there could have been indictments and prosecutions there. If they didn’t just steal the Senate election, that could have happened and would be happening right now.

I’m wondering if, you know, like they named Lou Gehrig’s disease was named after the baseball player that got, uh, um, uh, ALS, right? I’m wondering if there’ll be some severe kind of Alzheimer’s named Joe Biden disease.

Well, you know, Alzheimer’s is the catchall, whether there’s a particularly aggressive variant that we could call the Biden strain, um, perhaps, but, uh, yeah, he’s, let’s say he’s not, he’s not in, um, good, good condition. And, you know, and another, another one of these, um, that we have the data that we can see, and again, I presented that, um, in Houston, um, we can see that there’s excess death happening right now, right? And it’s, it’s in the official figures and, um… You see also newscasters, people playing sports, just boom, heart attack, 28 years old, whatever. That almost never happened in the past. Yeah. And, and they’re basically gaslighting you and telling you to ignore it and saying it was happening. Um, just hang on a minute. No, it wasn’t. No, no, not at all. And like I say, the, the all cause mortality, meaning every, it’s hard to fake the death figures. Um, now I don’t know how long that’s going to last, particularly if it, um, if it keeps pace with what’s been happening over the last year and people become more suspicious of the, um, medical count measures, meaning the, uh, the shots that are being given. Um, I think that, I think that they would deliberately obfuscate that.

And actually, um, they have tried to do that with the CDC data. They’ve, they’ve sort of changed the, changed the ICD codes. Um, they’ve, uh, sort of had delays in reporting, but, and what we’re seeing is we, we, we see, um, increased Alzheimer’s or dementia disorders, cardiovascular events, and an increase in cancers. And we, All of those? Yeah. Yeah. And this, you know, I’ll explain from layman to, if you think about something like chicken pox, you can get shingles 12, 20 years later, right? From that, uh, we haven’t even seen the short term, like four or five years out effects of what COVID has done or the jobs have done.

Yeah. And if, like I say, the current day, We do know it has brain damage because the olfactory center, it’s not your nose. It’s your brain that makes you smell. So if you can’t smell or you smell too much, this disease gave you brain damage. Yep. Yep. Yes. Yes. Very, very, very much so. And, you know, that’s, that’s part of the sting in the tail with, um, SARS and potentially, uh, a long term sequelae that could, could, well, I think it is emerging. Uh, the data, the data is already with us. The question becomes, how much is it going to be? And, you know, the, uh, I’m hopeful, hopeful that, that’s doable. It means able to do and you can do. All right. Yeah. Yeah. That’s a random. What’s that word mean? Yeah. Yeah. That’s cute. Um, so, um, so you know, the…

The counter narrative people do, do have something to argue when, when they’re saying some, something’s not right at the moment. And, you know, I would, I would agree with them. What I, what I would disagree with them is what’s the cause. And it was, it’s very telling that right from the beginning of the pandemic, there were two, there were kookifications that emerged that were, um, signal boosted in my opinion.

One was viruses aren’t real. And this is just a power grab. Well, yes, it discredits people like you and me. Uh, and it also gets them off the hook for creating a virus in a lab because the viruses aren’t real and there’s no way there’s a lab leak because they just believe in the current theory, bro. And they ruin what that means too. We’re talking about COVID-19 and kookification. Does anyone want to take a guess what the little gab and cozy chat retards are talking about in chat? The same thing they talk about every day, race is their only topic.

We did that discussion at the beginning. What’s the matter with? Yeah. Race is real. No shit. Um, I don’t know what else they need on that. It’s like, let’s, let’s put them in a hierarchy in a pecking order. Um, it depends on the time period, doesn’t it? Uh, I guess, I mean, you know, there’s the bell curve controversy, I guess, with IQs and, um, IQs are different, uh, among populations, even within the same race, depending on geographic region. But look, you, you, you Japanese… Charles Murray who wrote the Bell Curve book. He agrees with me. Okay. That’s interesting. Yeah. Um, the, well, I, I, you know, I would say this, you could take the smartest, um, I don’t know, savant from Western civilization, stick him on the African Savannah, see how long his smarts last there, right? Well, I mean, look at the two Koreas. They are night and day. They’re the same ethnic group, same language. One’s like a hundred percent Korean. The other’s 99.2% Korean. They don’t have the same outcomes at all. You could be the smartest motherfucker in the world, but if you’re in North Korea, it’s not going to matter because communism trumps everything else. Right. It’s, you can’t look at outcomes of like, well, scientific invention or this or that. What pervades that isn’t your IQ or your race. It’s free markets is number one. And there’s a list of other things in that formula and way down at the bottom is race. Well, you know, I wouldn’t exclude it entirely from, don’t exclude it. But what they do is they put it on the top and exclude everything else. It is a factor and people will deny that race is a factor and that you’re an idiot if you say otherwise. Sex is a factor too, but it’s not a bigger than race is actually, but free markets are much bigger factor. Sea trade is a big factor. Coastal area is a big factor. How many flood born diseases are in your area? What resources just happen to be there? Who your neighbors are? All kinds of things determine how well one area is going to do over another. Yeah. And yeah, you know, you, you live in an environment where malaria is endemic. See how you do. Right. There’s yeah, the environment is a big… An area that drops is 40 below. Never going to make it there too far. It doesn’t mean they’re dumb. So you can take people from that area, put them in a better suited environment and they’ll thrive much faster.

Anyway, getting back to COVID, I just, these people they’re obsessed with, it’s like, it’s a bunch of white nationalists that their only accomplishment is looking like other people who did stuff. And so people like a lot of races have to attach themselves to the group collective because they, they’re terminally online. Mama’s basement can’t get laid and sell retards with frog avatars. But they’re like, but I look like Isaac Newton, same skin color. I mean, hell, we gotta be the same, the same pigment. As your fucking accomplishment in life is belonging to a group of almost a billion individuals that did things as a, as a little anecdote here, if you’re in your basement and you want to be Isaac Newton, do you know how he’s, how he sort of started to get a handle on optics? You know, he was an incel too, actually. Yeah. Bad example. But he was actually putting wood sticks into his eye and distorting the, like deep in under like the eyeball and distorting the eyeball. So it would cause changes in, in the, um, refractivity of the light through the eyeball. So yeah, if you’re, if you’re at the, in your basement… Well this guy invented bivocals, Ben Franklin. He invented what? Bivocals {Bifocals}, putting a lens on a lens. He did? Oh, yeah. He invented the rocking chair too. A lot of people know his contributions to electricity and, um, always, all his political work as a founding father, he’s on the a hundred dollar bill, but dude made the rocking chair and is based. He also invented central heating and he invented a musical instrument, but he couldn’t carry it around. But it was like a series of crystal cups that make that. And it was just too hard to be mobile with horses and all that. But, um, but he could have it stationary and get some cool concerts like been MC Franklin, right? He was in there rocking the cups. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Son was brilliant too. Um, yeah. You learn something new every day, I guess. So I didn’t, I didn’t know that about the bifocals. I need some bro. My, my, uh, short, short vision is that’s another thing. Like talking about the racial crap and stuff. Think about all the people who would be completely non-productive if we just didn’t have glasses, right? They wouldn’t be able to read. They barely be able to see. They couldn’t even sweep the streets, right?

You put a pair of glasses on that person. Boom. Now they can see, they can read, they can do everything a person with good eyesight can do. And a lot of nerds, a lot of our tech industry people, a lot of like a lot of them wearing glasses, but like with that one invention, you would never know what that person’s talent was. Right. Because they wouldn’t be able to see, they wouldn’t be able to show you. All right. Just that boom. So when people talk about eugenics and stuff like, well, all these people you think are useless might not be. You don’t know what little invention would come along and suddenly bang, they’re all super productive. And it’s as simple as doing that and putting on a pair of glasses. That’s all it takes. Maybe one day we’ll have some easy invention to cure gingers. I don’t know. Well, you know, all they have to do is color their hair and the insanity goes away.

Hopefully we can bring the discussion with COVID to eugenics because there is a big part of eugenics in this. That’s why I’m telling all these jokes to try and save it from being removed. That’s what I try and do, list it as comedy. I touched on this in the talk a little bit. Someone said the unvaxxed is the master race. If you took that as a race, we have racial segregation. Like unvaccinated people aren’t allowed to fly to the United States unless they’re US citizens. So you have categories. These people can travel and these people cannot. That is segregation based on a medical decision. And that ought to be illegal. It doesn’t make any sense because the vaccine doesn’t stop you from getting COVID or spreading COVID. So what are you doing? Does it matter if they have it or not? Even if they did, they can still give it to everybody. And that’s the failing of that technology. I can’t bring my wife to Hawaii. No, dude, I can get you an exemption. I got an exemption. Well, all fair. Tell me about that. You just have to say that you just got to get a doctor’s letter that says that you’re not suitable for… Not retarded. Yeah. You passed the IQ test. Sorry, my IQ is in triple digits. I can’t get vaccinated. If you get… And I can get you a letter. Okay. All right, we’ll do that. And then you just have to do the PCR test. Yeah, everyone has to do that still. Not to go, but to return needed. The PCR test that I took on, I didn’t even bother doing the PCR test. I just got the form. It just typed in. It just filled in the form and waltzed on through. I had COVID, one of my return trips from the US. I just basically went to a place where you had to pay a few hundred dollars and they just gave you a passing grade. The whole thing’s crap. It’s just all about greasing palms. Well, I mean, when you were getting ready to leave the hotel, right? You were running around trying to get that… Yeah, I had to have a person come to the hotel and administer a test. She went like this, put it right there on my lip, didn’t even go on my nose. Just to make sure I passed, right? It’s explained the whole thing. I got to go to Japan, I got kids waiting, just give me a passing grade.

Yeah, that’s… No, it’s a sad sign of the times. And it’s where we’re going. Look, we just had the G20 meeting where they’ve signed off on… Everyone in the world now has to have a digital vaccine passport whose parameters are defined by the World Health Organization. This is very, very dangerous territory into which we’re stepping right now. And SARS has been used to crack open the door to get us into that space. And like I say, the more you dig in and you actually find out the facts that happened on the emergence of this, how it was… Like I say, there was hundreds of millions of dollars poured into this type of research. It was conducted through organizations that had direct ties to Epstein networks. So if you’re… Are you familiar with Nathan Wolfe? Yeah, in the bio labs in Ukraine. Yeah. So all linked up. And this is a frightening edifice that we’re confronting right now. And it’s very, very difficult for most people to… One, you need a good grasp on the biology, the medicine, just to even grasp the nature of the weapons that we’re dealing with. Because I’ll argue very vehemently that we’re dealing with dual use technology and bio warfare agents. That’s where all the money came from to do the research in this direction.

That’s what gain of function used to be called weaponization. Like when they weaponized anthrax, that was gain of function research on anthrax for adding accelerants to them and stuff. Yeah. And if you want to listen to someone who’s really got it nailed down, Francis Boyle. He’s… Oh, he’s been on the show before, but it was about anthrax, actually. But I played a clip of that in Texas, but maybe… Man, let’s get a round table with Francis Boyle and Charles and maybe RFK Jr. Wouldn’t that be awesome?

Yeah, it would. Charles would definitely be down for that. I know Charles speaks with Francis Boyle. Yeah. He’ll remember me too, I think. The movie I did with him in it when it was seen by millions. They kept erasing it, kept putting it up. But he was one of the only people to stick on the anthrax case. He was right. Yeah, he was. He is. It was in your movie, right, where you were showing the handwritten note. Can you pull that up real quick? Do you have it to hand? I don’t have it on hand, but people have all seen it. The death to America, death to Israel, ABS for evil Muslims. Allah is great. Yeah, Allah is great written in English. It’s so over the top. And then it’s like, oh, and then the Israelis lied about a meeting in Prague where allegedly Iraq gave anthrax to Al-Qaeda. Oh, what a coincidence with NH.

They lied. And they’re like, oh, that came out of Fort Detrick. And we’re like, well, we have people in the past who stole anthrax for us from Fort Detrick and tried to pin it on an Egyptian co-worker. They didn’t even, the FBI didn’t even question them. They didn’t even ask about it. And then they’re all taking siflo and stuff before they did this. I don’t need to swear. Boyle was right. That’s all I’m going to say. They pushed it onto, what was his name, Bruce Iverson. After chasing around Stephen Hatfield for years who won a six million dollar settlement. And it was nothing to do with him. You want to look at an individual who’s involved, his name’s Sina Bavari, who was sort of head of research at USAMRIID. He stinks to high heaven. Again, linked very, very closely to all these networks. And Jerome Hauer and Philip Zachariah and Mirian Ripley. I can show who actually did it and why and the whole, but it’s again, because it’s associated in 9-11 and you got people like Astrotar Jones out there screaming about Bavarian death cults or whatever. I can’t do Alex Jones impression. Michael Bicro is the best though. He was so good at it. It was pretty good, I have to admit. Excuse me, scum.

We’ve had bi-warfare attacks, the anthrax attacks. It took years to resolve. You look at the official record, you won’t find the exoneration of Bruce Iverson in those records. You have to go digging. You have to know what it was titled almost to go back and find how he got exonerated post-mortem. He could not have made it. He couldn’t have mailed it either. That’s the other thing. That was easier. Who even had to mess with what he could do in his lab? Was he at work in Maryland when these things were mailed from Florida to New Jersey? Could he have gotten all the way from there down to Fort Lauderdale and then all the way back up to Glenwood without using an airplane? No. Either he has a cohort or he just didn’t do it because if he’s at location A and things are mailed from B and C, then either he didn’t do it or didn’t do it alone. You don’t even have to mess with could he have even done it scientifically. All you have to do is see where it was mailed from. Oh, look, he did. They mailed it from addresses right next door to the actual 9-11 hijacker cells. You just happen to know where the real Al-Qaeda was before 9-11 and sent anthrax from there. It’s almost like you knew about it or something. Yeah.

Look, you want to point fingers at people and organizations, DTRA, DARPA. Look, there are good people in those organizations because there are people that are whistleblowing right now. Speaking of Facebook, oh, you said DARPA. And there are people that are actively helping people that I know right now, trying to bring forward evidence to push back against this global change. You could argue this has been decades in the making. 9-11 was part of it. And this is like the next chapter, I would argue. You mean it’s not Clockwork Elves trying to open a demon gate while you’re on a DMT? Look, I saw plenty of Clockwork Elves whilst I was in the US. And I didn’t have a problem with them. No demon portals or anything. It’s not a bunch of land whales. Yes. It’s striking every time I go, I’m like, wow, that’s possible. I didn’t think you could stretch a person that far. Look, I’m of the opinion that the US is the front lines. It’s global war. It’s next-gen warfare. This is what people have to get into their brains. This isn’t your grandpapa’s war anymore. This is something far more deadly. I’m almost happy my grandfather checked out before Drag Queen’s story. I was like, this is why you went to Normandy. Yeah. I think we fought for the wrong team. Well, my father was saying that. And he died four or five years ago. And in a way, I’m kind of happy that he’s not seeing this very rapid spiral that we’re in right now. Like I say, I have to thank him for instilling in me the values that I have that’s pushing me to want to try and push back against as little as I can. It is small. But that small pushback, people have noticed what’s going on and what I’m doing. Oh, don’t undersell yourself. They have definitely noticed. It’s a kind of thing that no one person can resolve. All of us have to chip away at it. And it’s through attrition where we went. I’m excited about amnesty on Twitter because you’re going to see tens of thousands of actual journalists who are an impact to the system who’ve been banned getting returned, allegedly. Yeah. Well, I hope so. I hope so. I think so, actually.

I hope and think so. I think this is really going to happen. You don’t spend $40 billion on something to keep it the same. Well, I guess the retort to that is just, you know, are they planning just more sophisticated control mechanisms? Maybe. But you know what?

I’ll take the wins where I can get them at the moment. And if we’re able to push back against this degenerate mindset that’s penetrated into everything. Hey, cool it with the anti-Semitism. Touché, bro. It was right there. Yeah, I said that’s a good sound. Talk about the graphene real fast because there’s a lot of well-meaning people that think that’s a real thing. OK, so I was probably one of the first to publicly do the experiments and using the correct tools, not just optical microscopes, to look at the vaccines. And look, I’ve got a whole new bag here of samples to go and check in the lab. That’s expensive work, too. Yes, yes, and…

There is a support button on my web page if you want to know what’s in these fucking things, then help support me. And I’m sort of lining up to do experiments where I’ve got cold-chained ones and I’ll inject them directly into the brain because I want to see the, well, the prediction is that they’ll cause amyloid rats in this instance. Oh, I thought you were going to accuse me of antisemitism again. No, no, no, no. Oh, man. Sydney Gatlett, yes.

Going back to MKUltra stuff there. Just rats, man. So with respect to the graphene, so I’m trying to think who really burst that onto the scene. I’m thinking David Icke. So David Icke had a big hand in it and fuck him for doing that. And the 5G, they’re going to basically be controlling your mind via these new cell towers. They do that with TV. Yeah, yeah. They don’t need it, right? Just look how people are glued to phones. They don’t need to put anything in your brain. All they have to do is censor the people that don’t fall for the propaganda and then they’re unable to wake anyone else up. So if they want you to throw on a Ukraine flag avatar and take a jab and da-da-da-da and worship Chris Kyle, you will because the majority of people can’t think for themselves. They suppress our thought leaders and without them everyone’s blind. That’s how the system works, man. If you take away the thought leader, the rest are just going to follow along and you need worker ants. Like you need the majority to, you can’t have everybody be a cat. It’s like herding cats. You got to have some direction in a leader. They go around, they figure out who they are and they get rid of them. And they did this to American Indians with the Religious Crimes Act and the Dolls Act. They just arrested all their leaders and then everybody fell apart. I didn’t know this. They kind of did it in the black community too. They threw the best ones in prison or killed them and then you’re just left with… And then injected them with rap and hip-hop. Well, the music itself isn’t so bad. It’s the music video and the degeneracy and all that inside of it. Yeah, it’s like, yeah, don’t speak English. Just use demonic. Every kind of like behavior that would lead to failure was wrapped up in black identity. But this isn’t coming from Africa or anything. This is coming from Subner Redstone and MTV. That’s like, this is what black means. You have to act like an asshole basically. And it works.

Practically the families did… Well, they can do it to anybody. It’s like if anybody thinks, well, that race is more susceptible, like, no, they’re all susceptible. Look at all the idiots that wore a mask. Everybody did. Every race. And they all put on the face mask. There’s some individuals that are like, F you, I ain’t doing that. But by and large everybody put on the mask because they target you with propaganda. Your group will also fail. They did it to women. Oh, you need to be like this. They can do it.

I knew it was a lab origin very early on. And so I was be cautious. Mitigate exposure. So for the first few months, a mask seemed if you’re going to be in an area where you’re going to be exposed to coughs and yeah, why not? But once, as we learn more… In the very early stage where you don’t know anything, we can just all agree we have to shut the border with China. Yeah. Yeah. I still think we should do that. And it wasn’t done. They shut their internal borders. I know. Dude, they’re losing their mind. The COVID police in China. Yeah, but you have to ask what is it that China knows that they would keep… That they’re freaking out the way they are. And this is… I mentioned the HIV sequences that were in SARS in the talk in Houston. And we don’t… Again, we don’t know… I think you scared everybody in that room talking about early onset of Alzheimer’s and then talking about AIDS. And then Sarah gets up there and shows how Google controls 92% information flow. And then Pete gets in there with the darkest speech I’ve ever heard. And then it’s my turn and I’m like, spell some jokes, you know what I’m saying? It kind of needed it at the end, right? Because there was some pretty heavy black pills to swallow from… Pete? What was his name? Pete Kiana. It was after you and Sarah. So we already know how medically we’re screwed and informational… And then he gets up there and just starts talking about the Soviets and all the history of this. It’s like, we’re all dead. If we don’t win this, we’re all dead. And he’s right. And then I’m like, man… I know. And then I’m like, God dang, I got to get up there and do my Joe Biden jokes and clown world so far in our end zone and all that. I really think breaking the media monopolies way out of this. People do not see how significant it is if you really do get free speech on Twitter and there’s no longer a Zionist complete control over information.

That’s going to break them because all these silly and stupid ideas can only survive because of censorship. Once the others allowed the talk, you can’t unsee it. When Bill Still and then later Zeitgeist and all these copycat movies started talking about the Federal Reserve and money supply, tens of millions of people saw that and understood it and they could never put the genie back in the bottle. Then you had the Ron Paul movement and all that. And all that started because someone was allowed to see a movie online that would never be in theaters or on TV that talked about how money was created and fractional reserve banking and all that. And once they know, they know. And there’s so many things like that. If I can have five minutes, 10 minutes to talk about what was real, how the Epstein ring came out of the Sunborn Institute and all that. If you knew how states sponsored pedophilia for blackmail, you can never unsee that. Once you know this is how it works, that’s it. And that’s like, we could get a month or two of free speech before the US comes in and says, we need to regulate Twitter.

Well, Apple and Google have already threatened Twitter. Really? Yeah. Yeah. That they will remove it from the Apple store and Android store unless they get a handle on. He’s going to have to make his own payment app again. He’s actually said he’ll make his own phone. Yeah. I mean, that’s the thing. If they come in with US regulators, he’ll be like, okay, bye bye Starlink. Now Ukraine’s in the dark and they’re all going to get wiped out. He’s the richest guy in the world and he’s got leverage on these people. It’s exciting. You have a sperg who decided Twitter was fun because when you’re, what does he have, 200 and something billion dollars. That was the arena where it was just the poo throwing contest and it was entertaining, stress relief, whatever. And Twitter, the woke army just banned everybody reasonable. He’s like, this sucks. Maybe I’ll buy it and fix it because he wants his toy back. And let’s say, you know, there’s plenty of criticism that you can lay at his feet, right?

Oh yeah. But I ain’t gonna, cause the free speech thing outweighs every other stupid thing he’s ever done. Yeah. And if he, if he sort of holds the line in that respect and he said, you know, he’s made a point. We’re going after the kiddie diddlers. He’s going after kiddie diddlers. He called wokeism a virus. I’m like, yes. Yeah. Step on the face. Yeah, I’ll take it. What are you going to do? Be like, whoa, no, you know, pedophilia free speech. Like, no, it isn’t, it’s against the law. It’s an abuse of kids. Kids can’t consent. Right. Cause they’re kids. Yeah. Yeah. And like say folks listening to this, take, take the wind where you can, man. Just take a W man. Yeah. And just keep moving forward because, you know, eventually we’ll come up against another barrier, but you know, we’re learning in the process about how to deal with this. And the other thing is with free speech allowed on Twitter, it’s going to force other news organizations to come closer to our way. They won’t be able to lie as much there now because people go, well, I ain’t sure I’ll go to Twitter and get the news. Like, so all these other newspapers and stuff are going to have to sort of slide this direction and exaggerate less and lie less because they know there’s an alternative and they can also get fact checked. Like I believe they already started fact checking Elizabeth Warren and Hillary Clinton. Like, no, this isn’t true. It’s such poetic justice. It’s so much wins.

It’s like, this is how I felt when Trump won in 2016. I was like, I know who he is and how bad he is, but it’s not Hillary. And that’s such a relief. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Like I say, he’s a, he was a buffoon, but he’s a hilarious buffoon. Just watching him. Dude, he’s fucking. Bullying the Chinese. Fake news. Fake news. Yeah. They are. They tell the truth. He wasn’t really a liar when he did incredibly dumb, crass things. He’s like, yeah. So, you know, they’re like, you avoided your taxes. He’s like, that makes me smart. That’s what he said. I’m like, okay. He tells it like it is. And you know, it’s breaths of fresh air in a tyrannical environment. And like Pete was saying at the conference, we’re one step away. If we don’t break this right now, we’re one step away from the purges, right? That’s what, that’s what history tells us. I mean, Jeremy McKenzie was like, there’s some people already purged, you know, in jail and they were, they’re here aware of it and just killing us. Yeah. Yeah. And you could make a. They’ve killed journalists for reporting accurately in Ukraine. Yeah. That’s already happened. Were they, were they killed Gary Webb or they, they exiled Snowden. They put Julian Assange in jail. He’ll get suicide eventually. I mean, it’s already started. That’s a warning to everyone else. Like, don’t you dare blow the whistle on government crimes. This is what happens if you do.

Yeah. And you know, that’s, that’s something that we’ve really seen with SARS. And again, if you’d have asked me three years ago, I wouldn’t have believed that the scientific community would have gone along so easily with, what was, not science, it’s scientism, right? And, and a deification of authority within, within the discipline. And we, well.

That happens in economics and history and other fields too, where it’s like, this is what you have to say. Yeah. And I thought, I thought the sciences were more, would be more robust because, just because you’re trying to measure objective reality, but the institutes bought and paid for now and, and everyone was just afraid for their grant money and their pensions. And so they, they shut their mouths and it was down to people like me speaking up and saying, hey, hang on a minute. You know, this doesn’t work. So I can never get a clear answer on dietary information because there’s so many special interests pushing this or that. And you know, you, you can ask, you’ll get a whole bunch of different answers on how much protein, how much this, how much, like you’ll never get a clear answer. You’ll never get, there’s certain things that politically they’ve already decided what a conclusion has to be. And so you can’t even bother doing the work on it because if you get the wrong conclusion, they won’t let you say it. And that’s, that’s what, so this week there was another FOIA release of the exchanges that happened at the beginning of the pandemic with Fauci, Jeremy Farrar from the UK is head of the Wellcome Trust, Francis Collins, a bunch of other academics as well, who were on, on these email exchanges. And in, in these email exchanges, they’re, they’re directly talking about a lab origin and how it could happen. And in the progress of that dialogue that they’re saying, okay, we can’t have this. Right. And they literally say it would be bad for relations with China and it would be bad for science to be saying that the pathogen that we’re dealing with has sprung from a lab. And they, they deliberately planned to coerce the, the public narrative towards the idea that there are these viruses leaping out from bat caves and they’re ready to strike us down at any minute.

It’s an infamous picture of a woman in Micronesia with bat soup. And they’re like, see, that’s a wet market in China. It’s like, they don’t do that in China. That was a picture of one person in a completely different country eating bat soup. But that’s, they’re like, it’s from a wet market. I’m like, uh-huh. And the, right. And Benghazi is cause they were mad at a YouTube video. Right. I forgot about that one. They did that. That’s what they said. That was Hillary. Okay. Eagle bear. That’s what I’m just saying. I had a YouTube video and they just, and people, people were just happening at 9-11 and there was a gun running a ring out of Benghazi to Syria and Al-Qaeda. Okay. That’s what they went with. Or here’s one. Al-Qaeda attack because they hate us for our freedoms. Yeah. Oh yeah. That’s why. Nothing to do with vested interests or, uh, well. Why is the mosque firing rockets? Cause they hate us for no reason. And you know, the, the, well, like you’re saying, we have to hope that, you know, within this window of opportunity that there’s, there’s a tsunami of just, um, pushback on, on all these levels.

Russia bombed its own pipeline. Right. They said that. They literally tried to argue that. I couldn’t. That’s these people. And the S-300 went backward and hit Poland. First they blame it on Russia. Then they say it’s Ukraine, but it was an accident. And I’m thinking, why don’t they just say, well, we thought it was an Egyptian ship. Oh, too shady. That was a, that’s what they said about the Liberty. They’re like, we thought it was an Egyptian vote with an American flag.

And we’re, you know, what, I would argue that what we’re seeing right now is they’re going, they’re going all in, right? That the chips have gone all in. And you could say because the previous campaigns have been successful, right? If we take 9-11 as a sort of launching point to, to today, right? It’s taken 20 years to get here, but now, now they feel confident enough to go for what? I don’t know. What is the, what, what is it that they’re planning?

I don’t, I don’t think it’s choose to be saying that, you know, it’s a form of one world governance. You know, when you’ve got Macron standing, I think it might have been the G20 actually saying last week, we need to. They want an immobile economic hegemony with all the peons, just like being the little tenant farmers. Again, they want to control your life. Yeah. And it’s, it’s a technocratic feudalism that they’ll be bringing in that’s controlled through QR codes. And whether that’s your vaccine status, your, I don’t know, is, is there going to be some sort of Chinese social credit type system? Probably a technocratic dystopian nightmare. If only somebody had warned us about industrial society and its future. Yeah. I want to shout out to Kush Toffee cause he sent me the link for the audio version of that. And I was like, okay, Unabomber, whatever. And I started listening. I was like, dang, I’m an unapologetic Ted Kaczynski evangelist. I’ll go knock on doors. And he’d be like, excuse me, you may have a moment of your time to explain to Joshua society and its future. But I don’t know when he wrote that, but 35 years ago. Just 35 years. 35. 35. 35. No. Yeah. More. 35 years ago, he wrote it. Really? Yes. Not, not in the seventies? Well, he published it 35 years ago. He may have been writing it before that. It’s true. Okay. But that’s when he got, that’s when he finally got him to publish his work. But yeah, it’s, it’s unerringly accurate in its descriptions of where we find ourselves today. And you know, you can, there’s all sorts of groups you can, you can point to, but you know, it’s like, it’s like the travel to the US I could have acquiesced and gone the easy route and just said, okay, I’ll, I’ll get a job and have the paperwork.

You have a, you, you have a right to be able to say no, no to, no to these. My body, my choice, right? Yeah. Yeah. And you know, the, the, the push by these corporations to get you into contractual relations all the time. And essentially they’re tricking you to do it. And yeah, you’ve just, you’ve got to, you’ve got to find ways through it. You’ve got to be, well, if you, if you don’t want to, if you don’t want to be Klaus Schwab’s bitch, keep pushing back every day. You have to find ways to say no. And that, that means a multi-generational approach.

You’ve got to be imbuing it into your children and like my father imbued it into me. I didn’t, I realized very early on that, you know, that, that race replacement in the UK, that, that shit was real. Right? My next door neighbor, um, three weeks after nine 11 with a group of other six Pakistanis chopped the head off a young lad, 50 meters from, uh, was my grandparents house. And it’s not racist to point that out. It’s racist to not point that out. And um, they, they, they jump, jump through all kinds of hoops. They, they suppressed that news. His name is Ross Parker. If you want to, um, check out the young lads name, he was just 16 years old when they did it to him. Um, and, and they did everything to cover it up. I remember coming back from the US and the lad who did it was already out of prison and back living next door, my fucking grandmother.

This is why all these vigilante justice films are so appealing. We wish there was a Batman. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Um, someone, someone redressing the, the grievances that they, that they, they drag us through. They cut his head off. Yeah. Well, they attempted to, right? So basically they had like a 12 inch blade. Um, they didn’t get through the spinal cord, um, the bone of the spine, but, um, sprayed him, sprayed him with CS gas, smashed him up with a bull peen hammer. Uh, and then, um, he had, like the night he was, he was only, he was a tiny little lad. The knife went right through him multiple times. Um, they were all laying the 16 year old boy. Yeah. Just walking home with his girlfriend from, um, working in a, in a pub in the city center. And, you know, he, he’d literally just clipped the ghetto where, you know, the reason my grandparents were there was they were Italian, um, immigrants that not immigrants. My grandfather was prisoner of war to the British. And that area used to be Italian, Polish, and it just got taken over by Pakistanis and Muslims from Afghanistan was a big one because the Afghan war, the Russian Afghan war was going on. So there was a lot of Afghans as well. And they just, they’re like a fucking ball collective, right? They get in and they, um, and there was, you know, there was unchecked chain migration.

Um, I support open borders for Israel. Yeah. Yeah. Look, I’ve lived in that country for three years, right? And, um, they, uh, you know, it was a postdoc position that I went to and, you know, what are you studying? Psychopaths or something? I got, I got a, uh, I got, gave me this land. I got a good look, good look at the, what, what I would consider psychopathic type behavior. And it was, it was endemic there. And the, uh, look, I’ve, I’ve lived in many countries, right? Israel, you know, there’s little tells that you can have when you go to different countries and maybe, maybe the third world is, is different. I haven’t really set foot in it except for London. You’ve been to the US. Sorry? You’ve been to the US. Look, but in Israel, if you’ve ever been to Detroit, you’ve been to the third world. I wasn’t far from Detroit in this last trip. But, um, the thing that struck me, right? I remember like my first taxi ride, the guy just robbed me of my change. Right. So that is real. Yeah. And I was like, oh, and, and it was, you have to count your change everywhere that you went, right? Cause they were always like people steal coins. Yeah. There is some tropes that just, you know, kind of, kind of true. And the, well, you know, my, my sort of conclusion after, after leaving there was, um, the, you’ll never fix that place, right? It’s such a long term conflict that, that there’s, it better off to just wall it in. Right. Well, if US just cut off their money, they would negotiate tomorrow. Well, what do you, what do you think about the, um, have you, have you heard that Ukraine is to be Israel too? Have you heard these? I mean, it’s already run by Jewish oligarchs. The difference is their neighbors, Russia, not Gaza. Yeah. They bit off more than they could chew.

I mean, they’re a bunch of Nazis, which is the same, you know, racial purist ideology as Jewish Zionists, um, who got along in the thirties too. So yeah, as off right sector, all that it’s like, well, you’ve got a Jewish prime minister, you have a Jewish president, you have seven Jewish governors. They’re all cloaks. How is it different from Israel? I was just struck at the beginning of the conflict with, um, one of the AZOV pictures and he’s got a brand spanking new Tavor rifle, which is standard, standard Israeli issue. It’s like a sort of bullpup type, um, rifle meant for sort of close quarters. Yeah. Israel was sending them on arms through third parties. Yeah. For sure. For sure. And you know, this, whereas Iran is very open about their drones to Russia. They’re like, yeah, it’s us. Yeah. They’re loving that shit, man. It works. It works. Those fiberglass things. It’s the Chinese, it’s the Chinese air force strategy. It’s like, yeah, we can’t build a good one. Let’s just build so many cheap, horrible ones that we will overwhelm your defenses, get through and bang, bang, bang. Yeah. Yeah. And it’s, I, you know, I, I, I’ve sort of stopped following the conflict because of the trip to the US but, um, yeah, cause then it’s not on TV. It just disappeared. What? Yeah. Wait, the diesel fuels up. That’s not related. Yeah.

Well, that’s, that’s a, I keep hearing these rumors that the US is down to days of diesel fuel. Um, and look, this, this struck me when I was in the U S and I don’t know if you were there sort of long enough to, to notice it, but I was in, I was in Pennsylvania, Texas and, uh, Michigan everywhere that I went. And I, I, I went with Charles from Houston to Austin driving. Right. So we, we did a bunch of stops. Um, there were empty shelves everywhere. And if you told me in America, like the richest country in the world has empty shelves. They were running out of baby formula last June. Right. I remember bringing some contraband from Japan. Like, do you need baby formula? Double the price. Yes. And I just gave it away, but they were like, they, I fundraised for it. So I didn’t pay for it. So I wasn’t going to then sell it, you know, and just gave it away. But, um, it was from orders. It’s like the toilet paper people that went out and bought all the toilet paper and every other kind of paper because they thought they wouldn’t be able to get it because China’s closed the border or whatever. It’s this, it’s panic culture. It’s chicken little because no one’s out allowed to get out there and say, Hey, we don’t import paper from China. We make toilet paper here. Don’t worry. A lot does come from China. Other people with babies couldn’t get it. And then the WIC program was like welfare. It’s food stamps essentially.

They relied completely on like one contractor got all of it for the WIC thing. Well, something went wrong with that factory. And it’s like, okay, is there no other choice to just come in and fill in the gap? All right. And that’s what happens when you have government welfare, whatever company gets that welfare check out, competes the rest of them and puts them out of the market. So there’s no competition. But then if something happens to that one company, you just don’t have that thing anymore. That’s why you need market competition. There’s definitely, there’s definitely something going on in the US though. And I don’t know if you’ve been sort of keeping an eye on like all the food points up there. All these that are on fire. Yeah. Yeah. That is weird. Yeah. There’s a lot of food processing plants that just spontaneously combust. Yeah. And, you know, compound that with avian flu that they’ll go through and just decimate whole regions, flocks of birds for one ill bird. And, you know, you’re inching forward to a position where, you know, but these lights are going off in Los Angeles. Like they don’t have, this is one of the richest, maybe the richest city in America and they don’t have electricity because they went green. And guess what? The windmills and sun solar, whatever. Not working. That’s green policies failing. Color me surprised. Failed just like in Germany, everywhere else they were implemented because they don’t produce enough electricity, but they’re not interested in what works. They’re interested in what sounds good. To quote Thomas Sowell, it’s good. Oh yeah, this is renewable. I’m like, it’s renewable and it’s also not very much energy. Yeah. And, you know, the, well, am I surprised? When they take all the obese people and put them on bicycles and hook that up to the turbine to generate electricity, just dangle some donuts on like a fishing line.

Yeah. And, you know, someone’s saying in my chat, engineered crisis. Yeah. It’s looking very much like an engineer crisis. The holiday mall was an engineer crisis. That’s right. So is the potato famines. Yeah. They were exporting food while there’s food shortages. And so I’m telling you, bro, I’ve, like I say, if I couldn’t, it was boy bands manufactured crisis. Like they did it on purpose.

I hate them too, but I didn’t, I didn’t have them up there with the, with Armageddon. Oh, they’re up there. That take that, those fucking bastards. But yeah, I’m, you know, I think we’re, we’re not going to see. It’s somewhere between like global pandemic and people who talk in the theater. That’s where boy bands are. I can’t go to fear. I just can’t stand people rustling fucking popcorn. Oh, no, you didn’t. Oh, don’t go in there. I’m like, it’s a screen. I can’t hear you.

But, you know, I would urge people to, to be very, very cautious right now. We’re not, we’re not seeing the end. COVID’s not, well, you could argue that COVID is kind of stopping, but the impact of it is going to churn over for a long time. And the, you know, I’ll make a strong argument that the reason that they started the war in Ukraine was that there, we spiked their tires enough around the pandemic for them to panic somewhat. And they’re trying, they’re trying to draw attention away from the fact that these DoD programs have spiraled out of control. And, you know, I’ll pull it back to graphene in this particular instance. It’s why, it’s why you’ve seen that cranking up of this kook nonsense that’s, that’s trying to tell you that they’ve jabbed you, they’ve jabbed you full of graphene and they’re going to turn on the 5G towers and take over your mind. And, you know, what, so just for people that are listening and not fixated on race in the chat, those crystals that they’re showing, right, on all these channels and what have you, that they’re square looking and they’re saying that there are printed circuit boards on them. I can absolutely assure you that those crystals are cholesterol. I encourage everyone, look, look up cholesterol crystals. Okay. That’s, that’s what you’re looking at. That’s what you’re seeing. And it’s a pity we can’t share screens because I actually, I actually made a sample.

I remember the slide in Texas there. I’ve got a different one for you, right? So I was just saying, as my stream started, up there with my scientific career, I’ve made discovery and that is you can, I can take my pee, dry it, and there are cholesterol crystals that are exactly the same in my piss and under the microscope look exactly the same. You can, people watching go and watch the beginning of the stream. I show it. So you have microchips in your piss. Well, that’s what, that’s what they would argue, right? That’s what they would fucking argue, but it’s, it’s not, it’s a, it’s a completely natural phenomenon and we know that these gene transfection technologies are lipid nanoparticles that are made from cholesterol like compounds and they’re made that way to pass through the cell membrane to deliver the genetic cargo into your cells, to make your cells start making the spike protein.

Now to drag that back to what we were talking about with the, with the Died Suddenly documentary, those, those large clots that are coming out of individuals, you would predict would come from the, the toxicity of the spike protein being expressed and released into the blood. The, the molecular biology is understood and we have to, we have to get a, get a hand on, on these stupid narratives and Stupid Peters to stop pushing the bullshit because Peters was instrumental in pushing, so there was, there was, I don’t know if you saw this, but early on in the pandemic there was this stupid bent called Carrie Madej who was saying that there were hydras in the vaccines, right? And a hydra is a sort of little microscopic fresh, fresh water organism that you can see and she was, she was going around and again signal boosted by Peters saying that they’re putting, they’re injecting these hydras into you that’s going to sort of hijack your nervous system and soul and that there’s no hydras in there and I’ve spoke with and there’s, there’s been a far better study done, much more comprehensive by a German group and they, they actually had a carbon nanotube specialist looking through all these samples and he concurred with me and the, the, where we had the same instrumentation to look, we found exactly the same thing, but you, you try and, you try and find that information. It’s, it’s virtually impossible. You’ve got to be following shadow band networks on Twitter and know where to go, yet even now we’re still hearing and seeing the same things and the problem is, is that these people are, they have some argumentation, that’s right, because they, they’re concerned about this, you know, next industrial revolution, fourth industrial revolution, the, the tech fascist, the Kaczynski, the Kaczynski framework that’s going to be enforced upon us and so they, they’re taking a very, very important subject matter and shitting all over it with very, very poorly done science and it’s incredibly frustrating.

They do everything, I mean, you know, calling the hunter laptop Russian disinfo or whatever and they kookified 9-11, they kookified JFK and RFK and not that those aren’t conspiracies, they were, but it’s like, you can’t, you can’t touch it, it’s such a tar baby and they did it with Epstein, saying he’s still alive, he lives in Israel, you can see him and it’s all from the same places, but you know, if we had fair play, even playing field on at least one social media platform where rational people didn’t get turned off and shouted down, I don’t think these kooks could win.

The censorship is their best friend because a lot of people rightly question the government, they’re rightly like, well, I don’t believe big pharma, well, good, that’s step one is correct, but then the first charlatan to come along and say, you can’t trust the government, you need to trust me and there comes some load of crap, right? And I don’t know if some of these people believe their own kool-aid or I think some of it’s on purpose, like it is the government out there giving the official counter narrative and they make sure it’s ridiculous. So someone go up, like they did that with election fraud, they said, you know, QAnon, they’re like, oh, there’s a big shootout, a server farm in Germany and that you trust the plan. No, man, they just, they just mailed in ballots and counted them easy, you know, already pre-written, some of them weren’t even folded and you know, they had pallets on trucks, all that part was true, but then they came out with so many additional kook things that nobody wanted to question the election or go to court on it because it was so difficult to figure out what was going on because the disinfo just wouldn’t shut up, it was a new thing every day. And they kind of did that back in the year 2000 with the hanging chads and Al Gore and George Bush Jr. there say, look, because I have all voting, I can just do this little script and did it, you vote every other fourth vote or something goes to Bush, then you could read it that way. I mean, they did, I mean, they could have, but they allowed all that dialogue, you know, when the Democrats are mad, they allow election denial. And they did the same, but not in 2020 and not in 2022. The fact that you won’t allow dissent, discredits, even if nothing happened, they’re like, well, you should be allowed to question it. If you’re not even allowed to question it, more people are going to question it. That’s what they don’t understand. There’s a certain historical event I can think of that you’re not allowed to question. Like that doesn’t add to its credibility. It detracts from it. Just allow questioning and be confident that the evidence you have is plenty and don’t worry about it. No, they want to shut it down. Well, that’s what’s going to happen in COVID. It’s one of these things that a lot of professionals, it takes a long time to become a doctor, as you know, and you’re really sticking your neck out to tell the truth about COVID-19, because you will be associated with the David Ikes and Alex Joneses and stuff. And they’ll be like, well, that guy’s a doctor. He’s a quack. He said the same thing as David Ike. He’s a virus denier. He thinks there’s a microchip. He thinks this, he thinks that. The only solution I can say is just continue to separate from them and keep telling the truth. In a way, it’s hard to get traction. Like I say, it’s frustrating to see people come out of nowhere, getting millions of views.

This happened a few months ago where they were saying that there was venom in the water. Did you follow that one? Did you see that one? No, I missed that. So this was Stu Peters again, and he put out a documentary, and it was a chiropractor named Brian Ardis, who basically, his, I want to say father-in-law, was killed by Remdesivir in the hospital. And Remdesivir has killed a bunch of people. We know this. We know it’s… What is that for? It was a small molecule viral inhibitor, and it was originally touted for Ebola, and it didn’t work. And you have to look at how the situation unfurled as the pandemic happened. They shut down any doctors that would treat with known pharmaceuticals that were known to impact the virus’s capacity to infect a cell and replicate. So things like hydroxychloroquine, ivermectin. They even went so far as to ban something called N-acetylcysteine, NAC, which is just a fucking supplement, amino acid supplement. But it’s good for helping the liver detox and building glutathione. And they literally were taking that off the shelves. And the only treatments that you were allowed to get, and the US and the UK were particularly bad in this respect, they said, well, there’s nothing much we can do for you if you’ve got infected. Come back to the hospital when your O2 levels have dropped below, your lips have turned blue, basically. That’s what they said. Go home, take acetaminophen, and then come back if you get into distress. And then what happened? These people returned back to the hospital. They get put on ventilators. And a ventilator is a quick way and an easy way to start taking people out.

And in the UK, they were using midazolamine morphine. And basically, they just genocided the old population, put them on vents, and just loaded them up with midazolamine morphine. Well, that’s one way to get rid of the social security and pension issue. Yeah. Just whack them up. What the hell ever happened to the big hype around monkeypox?

Well, it was a faggot disease. So it just burnt itself out, right? It’s a contact disease. It’s not classically an aerosolized disease. Now, there’s evidence that monkeypox had been tweaked as well, because it’s a DNA virus. And these viruses mutate far, far slower than RNA viruses like SARS. But suddenly, this monkeypox emerges on the scene. And it’s got 50 years worth of 50 years worth of mutations in it that shouldn’t be there. And for some reason, you know, you engage in it. I kept asking about monkeypox, and I couldn’t get a straight answer.

We have a Sheckles chat from Cody Fury says, I would love to see you on a program with Gaddy. That’s from Public Broadcasting Network. I think I have been on his show. Maybe they’re talking about you. I don’t know. Well, yeah, RVN is a nice network. I should probably do some shows over there. So should you. It’s a new circle of people. And they really need to hear this anti-coke stuff. Because there’s a lot of coke stuff. It’s everywhere. It’s omnipresent. Omnipresent. And like I say, Stu Peters is a significant node in that network.

Yeah, unfortunately. But I feel like he’s I feel like if he just give them the right information, he’d say that too. What they do is they get people who already have established network about whatever. And they dogpile like, you need to say this, you say this, you say this is what we all need. And they cater to the audience, you know? Yeah. And you know, Stu Peters is funded by the MyPillow guy, right? And yeah, I love Mike Lindell, I think his name, everyone calls him the pillow guy, the MyPillow guy. I don’t know. But it’s like, that’s who he is. It’s like the baiting of this is because the Michael Jackson disease. It’s kind of like what I say to Lou Gehrig and Joe Biden. So the MyPillow guy, you know, Stephen King was dissing on him on Twitter, and it just caused the MyPillow guy’s sales to go way up. I’ve heard that it actually is a good pillow. I mean, if he’s as rich as he is, then I have to presume that what he’s selling is half decent. You know, everybody sleeps and they use pillows. So if they’re ideologically aligned, they’re going to get a pillow anyway, they might as well get it from him. That’s what I think is going on. And yeah, he’s rolling in it. We have a Shackle Chat from N4NTIS says, thanks for this, need more Kevin and JJ on Cozy. JJ. That’s Jonathan Couey. Couey. Yeah. Okay. I don’t, I’ll have to have him on too, I guess. Yeah, yeah. It’s an interesting cat to speak to him. Yeah, he’s got a slightly different take on things than I have. But yeah, he’s been, from the beginning, he’s an academic who stood up and for that, people need to be grateful for…

Everybody that’s sticking their neck out and saying, hey, no, I might not have all the answers, but it’s not that, it’s not that. They’ve got skin in the game. Like some of these people that hide behind a frog avatar with a fake name and everything and say all this racist crap and most of it. Why don’t you say that with your real name and face and see what happens?

Because you know it’s toxic. You expect other people to do it and deal with the consequences and get deplatformed and get demonetized and can’t use payment processors, lose their banks, could even go to jail. And you want to spam it and then get all over their chat, telegram, whatever, which can get it canceled, right? But you never use your real name or face. Why is that, coward? Because you know what you’re saying is toxic. We expect other people, why didn’t this guy say this and that? Why haven’t you said this and that? You can’t hold someone up to a standard you’re not willing to do. You’re like, oh, he’s good on ABC, but he hasn’t talked about this pet thing of mine. I’m like, you haven’t talked about any of it. Because you’re just a troll online, an anonymous face that says things without consequence. Try having your real face and name out there and having to deal with the pushback from the government and everything else. It’s a different ball game. So I don’t want any criticism of anybody that’s from, no anonymous person can say jack shit about someone that’s really there. And you’ve been doing this for 15 years? 21 years. 15 on YouTube, yeah.

And you’ve ran the gamut of what they can do to you with respect to how they can shut you down.

I mean, I would be a millionaire if I wasn’t censored. I’ve lost hundreds of thousands of dollars. Yeah, they took away Patreon, they took away PayPal, they took away AdSense, they took away my hosts, they canceled cards, banks. There’s places I can’t travel. For a while, I couldn’t get guests to come on my show because they just all piled on and called me a Holocaust denying Nazi. Now I get all this shit from the racist. I thought you’re racist, but you’re not. They’re all mad. Don’t believe the ADL, suckers. That organization’s got to go, man. It’s a terrorist organization. All they do is harass people. It’s a defamation league is what it is. Formed to hide the crimes of Leo Frank, who raped and murdered a 13-year-old girl. The origin story is just so messed up, man. When I breathed president of Georgia, right? He had a pencil factory where he’s raping multiple girls. This is just the one, Mary Phagan is the one he murdered. Then he tried to pin it on two different black guys.

They broke into jail to come bring him out and hang him because the governor, they had bribed the ADL, bribed him to do community sentence. It’s like, why? Just because he’s in the tribe, you’re going to let him rape girls? But that’s part of their doctrine, bro. That they will look after their own. I learned this in… Jack the Ripper. He’s killing all these people. They’re like, well, we can’t let one of our own get caught. It makes us all look bad. It’s like, hey, not everybody thinks collectively like you do.

There’s some school shooter that happened to be white or Korean or whatever. It’s like, that ain’t the entire race doing that. It’s that person. Jews commit crimes too. But when you go out of your way to protect them from justice, when they committed a crime, now you really are responsible.

Yes. To maybe wrap this up, one of the things that we must do is we cannot, in this day and age, and this is something that I harped on at that conference, that there are… I checked North Korea, and North Korea, it’s just an outlier, but there are two countries that do not allow inspections of their biowarfare capabilities. One is the United States, after the anthrax debacle. The other is Israel. Because of the anthrax debacle, you could say. Look at these, Sam. They went into Ames Island, destroyed the Ames train anthrax during an investigation in Ames anthrax. Israel’s the only country that won’t allow inspections of its nuclear weapons too. It’s just nuclear ambiguity. They have them, we know it, but they won’t admit it.

And Israel’s got form with respect to looking for race-specific bioweaponry. It goes back to the 70s. They wrote that in PNAC. Yeah. In Project Coast, with South Africa, and in this day of… Man, that’s so insidious. A racially-specific bioweapon. Yeah. Just wipe out the Arabs or whatever.

Yeah. And, you know… Hey, which group is it that’s least affected by the COVID jabs? Well, that’s Ashkenazi. Well, COVID is Ashkenazi. For COVID. Yeah. What a coincidence. What a coincidence. Yeah. And again, it’s not de facto proof, but it just doesn’t look good. And in this day and age, we can’t have that, right?

We cannot be held with this gun to our heads and not be allowed to go and inspect their weapons programs. Sorry. It’s too much of an existential risk. And these people have form with respect to ideologies that are, you know, messianic Armageddonism that is a risk to everyone.

They have these doomsdayers.

And they think God’s going to come back and destroy almost the whole world anyway.

And it’s always within their lifetime. Yeah. Yeah. And I met plenty like that when I was in Israel. But you know where else I met plenty like that? In the U.S.

Right? You said Israel twice.

Now they think the return is coming, the book of revelations, because tomorrow.

And, you know… And then the future doesn’t matter. Like, well, it’s all going to be wiped out. Trust the plan.

You just need to trust harder.

Pray harder, bro. Pray harder.

Always say, let God work through you, not for you.

Yeah. I’m down with that. And there’s a… well, you know, we can just get into a spiral about…

How bad Lincoln was.

Well, I was going to say that… Every stream I dissed Lincoln. It was people are waiting for like a minute and a second.

What did you call him at the meeting? The OG Neocon, right? He is the original Neocon, stinking Lincoln. That was the death of free press. He just shut down the papers.

The birth of state-run media was stinking Lincoln.

Someone in my chat has just said, to be fair, Israel is being hammered by the vaccine too. Yeah. Look, you saw after the Second World War, the Zionists are prepared to burn their own to get their way.

They sank the Patriot with over a thousand Jews on it. Listen, Zionists don’t care about Jews.

Judaism and all that, the Holocaust, all that, that’s just like an excuse to justify their just magnificent behavior. They don’t care.

They’ll say that as a shield because crying anti-Semitism works. They don’t really care about Jews or anyone else. They care about themselves.

Yeah. And I’m not sure… It’s like going to Afghanistan on behalf of women’s rights or going into Iraq to protect the Kurds. They didn’t give a shit about Afghani women or Kurds or Yazidi or whatever. It’s just a more acceptable social pretext to do evil things. So they’ll say, oh, this is to protect the Jewish people and culture. No, it’s not. No, it’s not.

It’s a land grab. A power. It’s often power and money grab.

If I had to sort of pin the tail on the donkey as to who or what I think makes up the core of this, and there’s other groups as well. Wait, excuse me. That was excellent.

But it’s going to be something like the Sabbateans, something like that. That’s sort of… I don’t know.

It was the donor class. You’ve got these billionaires that can just pretty much determine policy.

It’s a cycle. I did this thing on the Port Authority in Trump’s Science Ball and Chain, a film I made where you could see this sort of cycle between states.

You can’t be a billionaire without the state, like even Elon. He’s just a champion to get government grants.

You bribe the state to give you or your company a lot of money, and then you take a portion of that to bribe the politicians to continue this cycle.

After a few cycles, you’re so much wealthier than everyone else that you can legitimately just start buying property, governors, whatever. Israel takes it a step further because they assure that people will not get out of line through blackmail. They don’t blackmail you to cause you to lose your race. They get you compromised, and then they promote you because they know you have to listen. Well, another thing we didn’t really touch on was the eugenics aspect. Do we need a few minutes on that, and then we’ll wrap it up? Or we can talk and we can do another whole show on that if you want, either way.

Yeah, this is something that I would ask you about because I’m no expert on Epstein. What I do know is that he and the network that was behind him had infiltrated into multiple higher education university institutes, and their thing was genetics. They were fixated on, for what we can explore, the reasons as to why. Epstein wanted to impregnate certain ballerina-type blonde blue-eyed women to carry his babies. He also wanted to freeze his brain and penis. Is that true? It’s unlikely that that kind of person is going to kill themselves when they’re seeking immortality, right? They have this need to impregnate a bunch of young women. You’re lucky. You could carry his baby. That’s what Ghislaine Maxwell said to Virginia’s Richard Fredd. No shit. So dark. He gave a guy I know, J.F., $25,000, genetics biologist. They were obsessed with stealing trade secrets. The Israelis wanted trade secrets. Lex Western and a lot of these goons, these are the same people that breed dogs or taste foxes around, like Prince Andrew and all these people. They really do believe they are superior. When Lady Rothschild was going to introduce Maxwell and Epstein to each other, they were constantly talking about this in front of the victims, the abused victims of the superiority of the tribe and how they’re just a bunch of dumb boys and stuff.

But they’re heavily looking into genetics, and I don’t know if that is for eugenics to like make a supreme strain or whatever, or like we were looking at earlier, to figure out how to use this information to make weapons that will wipe out the so-called lesser-nans. Both. Yeah. Both. This drive for immortality, look, when you’re a billionaire and you get your dick sucked by… If I was a billionaire, we would clone Kate Beckinsale. I don’t know. I was trying to think of somebody in Britain that wasn’t ugly. Yeah, this… It’s like she sucked all the beauty out of the whole country in one person. Yeah, there’s… What can I say? Someone like that, that’s that hot and talented and speaks four languages. That’s a weird woman. Not weird, that’s odd for that to happen. Well, that’s a keeper, right? That’s good genes, and you want to make sure that they propagate. Yeah, when you’re like 49 and look 23, that’s something, maybe it’s all the foreskin she puts on her face.

These people are big into it. Where do you think all these babies are getting shipped off to? You think Planned Parenthood are just flushing those down the sink? No, sir. There’s a massive market for that material. You want to know one place that’s really bad for it? Ukraine. Horrible. Yeah, terrible, terrible reputation for organ harvesting. China, Ukraine, China, Ukraine, which one are you going to… China’s got a lot of human trafficking out of North Korea, especially with women, but it’s the normal stuff, sex slavery, getting the field tech and all, but we’re talking about people getting harvested for organs and babies and things for stem cells. It’s so sick a regular person cannot fathom that another human could possibly behave the way they’re behaving. It’s like if a wealthy person needs a cornea or a liver or whatever, they’re going to take it from you. Yeah, and they… well, we could sort of get into the ideology that sort of… I mean, if you’re in the US, click no on organ donor, because they will kill you for your organs. Yeah, yeah. The hospital is waiting for it. They’re waiting to harvest you, right? You’ve got to make sure that you’ve got an advocate turning up at the hospital, otherwise, oh, they’ll keep you alive, all right, until they can slice off what they want. That’s why Ozzy Osbourne is still alive. No one wants any of his parts. It’s like saturated with LSD and this and that. Well, that’s the secret to eternal life then, just mega doses of acid. I should live to a ripe old age. Well, I mean, the Rolling Stones are still around. They’ve been old forever. Organ harvesting, though, again, is a huge black market and money talks. The ethics and all that, like, dude, not everyone has this. They want your heart. They want to live. They want their kid to live, which you would, but yeah, there’s nothing you can do or just wait until someone happens to die or whatever, like, no, no, no, we can kill prisoners. We can do this and just take their stuff. They’re more valuable as, like, spare parts for other people than they are as a person themselves. And it’s sick, man.

Look, I think a lot of what we’re seeing around, well, think how much genetic data they managed to acquire in the last three years just from, and we know they’re using it. We know they’re using it without consent because once they’ve got that swab, they can start filling in. Well, all these idiots did their 23andMe and gave it to them. Yeah. I’m like, you’re stupid. Why are you adding to their collection of your DNA? I want to know what my ancestry is. Why don’t you know it anyway? By just talking to your grandparents and stuff. You already know that. They’re willingly just giving over their genetic information, name, when they’re born or not, their credit card information, too. They have your banking and everything. Now they have your code. And for what? Because you’re curious about what all percentage of ethnicity you do. This is a very American thing, too. We don’t know. No one is going to take that test in Japan. They’re like, I’m Japanese. Because it’s 99% Japanese. But they, and 23andMe is the Google heiress, right? It’s all related. Google’s collecting your genetic information right now. Yep. Bravo retards if you went for your curiosity test to see how pure Aryan you are or whatever your fantasy was. You just gave up your DNA to a bunch of plutocrats and technocrats.

Don’t ever take one of those tests. Especially that one. Yeah. That would be my advice. Just steer well clear of all of this transhumanistic ideology and stop feeding the machine with data. Do everything you can to spike that fucker. You get that swap. That’s why I sent in animal DNA stuff to these groups. It was funny. We had an iguana, like a lizard, and it came back 50% Ashkenazi. Yeah, I’ve heard this. Was that you? I did it once. I had a guy do a voiceover on a video with That Was Us. We sent in a horse, iguana, dog, just to mess up their stuff. And they still, they just lied to you like, yeah, that’s this and this. The horse came back Native American. I was like, I hope my, I was wearing gloves. They’re like, no, they just make it up. They’re like, oh, you’re broadly European. You’re this and that. They can just tell by your last name anyway and kind of guess it. But like, there have been twins that sent their DNA into 23andMe and gotten different results. Like, it’s just bullshit anyway. They’re just collecting your DNA. Yeah.

And like I said, probably a lot of it’s to do with the organ harvesting, the trying for life extension. If you imagine it, they’re probably doing it and like I say, you just have to look at the market from baby parts. It’s gross and it’s a huge, huge industry. And you know, they could confine that with the whole adrenochrome stuff. Right. No. They’re endless and stupid.

Man, I just can’t wait for next week. Like we can finally hit back against the disinfo, real disinfo. We can hit back against that both from the state and from the covert state. Yeah. Well, I’m on there at the moment. I haven’t been kicked off yet. And I’ve been, I’ve been. Well, you probably shadow banned though, like all that’s supposed to end. So we’ll see. Yeah. I’ve been off for years. Now I can’t just create a new one. Like some people, like I have dedicated haters that follow me around and make sure I get kicked off everything. Yeah. Like I say, you’ve been, you’ve been doing this way, way longer than, you know, I thought I would see my life out in academia, but the good Lord had a different, different plan for me. And if that, if that means speaking out against what is essentially a tyrannical fascist. Yeah. Plutocracy is a good. Yeah. That’s what it is. Yeah. And then so be it. Look, I would, I would like my children to have a little bit of the freedom that I had. Right. And I just don’t know. I think like privacy is dead. They get cameras and microphones everywhere with wifi. They can just look at you in your house and stuff. There’s drones. There’s a, there’s the death of privacy is the death of free speech. Like we’re headed in the wrong direction. And like, this is what’s so important about Elon Musk and Twitter. Like if we don’t turn this around, it’s only going to get worse and it will pass the point of no return. And it’s global. You could say that we’re. You know, You know, I don’t want to sound like the, the Putin fan boy or anything. And actually. They’re doing their own versions of. Digital. Surveillance that they’re, they’re bringing this stuff in Russia. Had vaccine mandates. You know, They’re not, they’re not the ideal. People are making them out to be. Look in the, in the argument of, you know, NATO proxy forever wars. And versus. You know, the rights of Russia to sort of maintain. Some degree of. Control over its air. It’s. Sphere of influence. You know, I’m, I’m inclined to lean towards. Russia. But you know, when, when that conflict started, I was, I was very. Conflicted about. What’s what’s right here. But what, what sort of flicked my. I, I wouldn’t say support, but you know, critical eye. Was just, you know, once, once we started seeing Russian POWs just being executed day after day. Right. I was just like, Oh, hang on a minute. That’s how the media treated that. Nothing to see here. That’s a fucking war crime. And again and again, it just, it just kept happening. And, you know, I mean, you know, they killed all these people and blamed it on Russia. That media went with it. They tried that again in ism. But these Nazis were filming themselves throwing bodies in the ditches. So they just were like, Oh, and back to which again. Right. Yeah. It is a war crime. They’re war criminals. NATO. Like the US did this in Iraq. They carpet bombed Fallujah. They tortured people in Abu Ghraib. These people are so fucking evil. And they get to be that level like Russia might not be committing war crimes only because they don’t run the media at all. And they’d get called out on it immediately. Right. Like, it’s not like they’re all those where they’re just good or something like, well, no, they can’t get away with it. Ukraine can. We all know Russia’s committed plenty of war crimes when they could get away with it. That’s what it has to be a free press. Hold people responsible. Hold them accountable. We don’t have that. We don’t have free press in the West. No. At all. No.

This Ukraine conflict makes that glaringly true to everybody. It’s like, what are they going to do after they lose? Because they’ve been telling everyone we’re winning the whole time. And they’re not. What’s the cognitive dissonance going to be then? Well, it’s kind of like Sweden didn’t lock down, didn’t anything. They didn’t all die. How do you explain that? Do I trust your plan? There’s a, well, what to expect is that they’ll pull the next stunt. Right. I think the next one’s going to be so much bigger than 19. Yep. And very, very likely. Cause that’s what I was saying earlier. They’ve gone all, they’ve pushed all their chips in. There’s no going back right now. And you know, the, in a way COVID is a way of unravelling these networks. And you know, it’ll probably go the way of 9-11 and just time. And yeah, the equivocation will get, get people to forget, but we’ve got a window of opportunity at the moment. And it is being brought forward into the political system in the US. There are, Rand Paul’s been going after Fauci. It’s just the, the criminal party, also known as Democrats. They just won’t indict or prosecute anybody. It doesn’t matter what the evidence is.

And it’s like San Francisco. How much did you steal? Only $900 worth of stuff. You’re free to go. That’s fucking mind blowing. If you, again, if you told me that that, that would be a thing five years ago, imagine going back to somebody from like 2012 or something. And trying to explain 2022. Like, you mean you can smoke crack and steal stuff from a store and you don’t go to jail. No, I mean worse than that, you can set the whole thing on fire to seal everything in it. As long as you’re yelling. More racism or something. They’ll let you do it. Yeah. They’ll pay you to do it. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. BLM and the. It’s. Well. Build Large Mansions. Is that what BLM stands for? Yeah. That’s a good idea. I mean, it had nothing to do with fighting police abuse. It was supposed to, it may have in the super duper beginning, but it just became a, a black activist. Yeah. I mean, it was a racist organization that went around chimping out, burning down cities and stealing stuff from people under a duper facade. Yeah. Yeah. And. You know. That was.

Hey, when you think back. Right. That was the sort of start the pandemic. Right. And they were like, Oh, you got locked down, et cetera. And then, Oh, now you don’t have to lock down if you can. Yeah. Because that doesn’t spread the disease with that does. Right. The liquor stores open, but the gyms close. Like they’re trying to kill you. Yeah. They want you to eat yourself to death. Yeah. And, and look, people, people need to wrap their minds around this, right? What would, what we’re dealing with is so monumentally dark. And I think that’s why. Not just the culture training, training stuff, but they’re, but when they’re saying that they’re mandating. This gene transfection technology. For children. We don’t know how that’s going to work out. And like I said, that there are indicators in the data that. It’s. The risk of the virus. There are certain risks when kids are very, very low down on the risk stratification. Calculation. Yet. They’re still going for it. And if you, if, if them not coming for your kids. Isn’t, isn’t going to motivate you right now. You’re done. You’re done. Give up. Cash in your chips. It could be an irreversible. You can’t fix that later. What we do know is from this lipid nanoparticle. It goes to the ovaries. It’s attracted to the ovaries. That’s one of the organs that just. Well, I could go into the molecular biology of why that is, but you know, they’ve done the, the pharmacokinetic studies and it, it goes for fatty organs that process with fat a lot. And you, you inject that into a rodent. Boom. The ovaries light up. We don’t know the con the long-term consequences. Sterilize people. Well, the births are dropping right now. Now. I’m right. God, that it’s a transitory thing, but there’s been like, you know, 15% drops in birth rates. Over the last. Did it go up when everyone was locked down and had nothing to do? No, there was one country where it went up. It dropped. It dropped from all the, and you would expect people being at home to got nothing else. I have to do that. No, but there was one country that did. Is it Sweden? No, no, I would guess. The birth rate went up. Israel. No. Wow. How about that? Um, and like I say, 20 that in Taiwan, it’s 20%. It’s above 20% drop in births. Um, if that’s maintained. For any length of time. Um, the say the knock on effects that I don’t know how you, how you calculate them. And I don’t know. I don’t know how you, how you quantify people’s responses to that.

Once people figure out what’s actually happened. Because if, if, if the worst end of the spectrum becomes. It emerges. I would just argue that all bets are off in that instance. You know, civilization as we know it’s probably. A done thing. And maybe that’s what they want. I don’t know. I don’t know. I don’t know. The. The plutocracy. Um, I, I, I don’t know. Well, you’ve gotten me. Thoroughly depressed. Let’s. Let’s end it on that dark note. Let me check for shackle chats real fast. Oh, Philip drew five. I identify as a Jewish. Religious. And there was a power chat. Oh, I got that. We need more. There’s one before that.

Thoughts on NTI Munich security conference war games concluded March, June 7th. We have to cast a very, very suspect eye. Over all these. Um, Modeling. Um, Processes programs. Um, Are you familiar with the SPARS document? So SPARS was a, again, a gaming, a tabletop exercise. But basically it literally. It sounds, it sounds like. The black mirror episode that we’re in. Where they’re talking about. Well, that they have a global pandemic. But the problem that occurs is that there’s a, um, Because of the. Vaccination campaign, everyone starts developing neurological disorders. Right. You know, there was predictive programming. We did have a hell of a lot of zombie movies prior to this. Yeah. Yeah. When I first started doing this, I sort of coined a COVID zombie as a, as a sort of catchphrase. We call them the branch. Well, at least, at least. Or the branch can be idiots. Um, Not that David Gresham. We’re idiots. And if they’re victims of the federal government. Yeah. But in it, there’s. It’s a, it was a good question. Whoever, whoever asked that. They were anonymous. Okay. But the, yeah, we, we have to, um, We have to go through these programs with a fine tooth comb. And, uh, again, the. Dale. Dale frickin tree sent $10 to say. Okay. Thank you. Let it ding out. I was explaining that scene. It just sounded like a fire alarm up in here. Yeah. And, you know,

Like say I’m I’d love to do another stream because I just want to get your thoughts on Epstein. You know, we just didn’t have to come on your show and talk Epstein. I’ll bring up the matches. I’m going to show off a different map. Uh, This is of the American civil war. It doesn’t show, does it? It’s too shiny. All right. Well, nevermind. I was going to show that. I looked at the camera and it’s too much for glare. Yeah. I’ll come on show. We’ll get the network set up. Um, yeah. Let me talk to you on Skype right after I close this out. Sure. Thank you. Cozy TV. Rumble. Odyssey. And, uh, maybe kick this over to rock fan and bitch shoot BK. It is great to have choices now. It used to just be. My space or nothing. Got a band. YouTube or nothing. Cat band. Now we have choices. Yeah. Um, Yeah. And like I said, Uh, Hopefully we can add another choice with the sort of architecture where we’re pushing. I hope Twitter starts doing videos. We’ll see. I mean, peace. Yeah. Um, I’ll just end my stream. We’ll just account. So yeah. Thanks everyone for listening. Um, Um, Next next time. I’ll call you on Skype from my phone. I got to get out of this chair. Uh, yeah. All right. Yeah. If you want to leave it. I need the bathroom. So yeah. Okay. I’ll call you a little bit. Yeah. Yeah. All right. Um, Yeah. Bye bye.

All right, folks. Uh, there you go. Um, Let me just, Uh, Quickly scroll through the chat. I’ve not, Um, I’ve not been, Um, Paying attention to it. Let’s just see what it says. Um, Let’s see. Uh, Centipede says fuck organ donning. Yeah. Don’t do it. Don’t do it. Uh, Let’s see. Okay. Smith channel blows my mind. Guy’s a legit genius. Don’t know who that is. Uh, Let’s see. Thank you. Mods. Thank you. Raccoons. Yes. Uh, You faked his death, but Ryan thinks he’s dead. Jeff Epstein bank accounts went active for a few months after his death, exactly when COVID hit the news. Fantastic timing is reported on barely. Yeah. I had heard that. And like I said, I’m agnostic as to what happened with, um, Epstein, but you know, the whole thing is just sketchy. The cameras went off, et cetera. And you know, there’s serious power at play when they’re able to do that. Um, so I don’t know. I don’t know what else to add. Um, let’s see. The dead fetus seller, Jeffrey Epstein. Yep. Remember the Harvard agreement. What’s the Harvard agreement? I don’t know. To be fair, Israelis are being hammered by the vaccine too. Yeah. I did that and we mentioned it in the stream. Um, um, look, some of the best data we have with respect to adverse events has come out of Israel and there have been some brave voices, um, that have come out of there. So, you know, be, be very, very careful about, um, the towering, uh, all with the same brush. Um, let’s see. That’s how they fulfill scripture. Uh, says DJ. Um, yeah, they’re all for fulfilling scripture. It’s all a means to end of ushering in the end times. Uh, yes. I agree. Uh, might as well link for Ryan. Thank you very much. How’s that red heifer search coming? Uh, calm it up. Good to see you. Uh, I thought they had it. I thought, didn’t they, didn’t they get a red heifer from Texas? Uh, this is called a long game. It’s going for centuries to overthrow monarchies for bankers. They need democracy never works. USA equals longest ever to them. They’ve been plundering a sinking ship. Hmm. Interesting. It’s not the people of Israel. It’s the Israel elites with their fun of the many scales. Uh, yes. Les Junior. Um, I’m inclined to agree. And you know, if, if I had, like I said, if I had to pin the tail on the donkey, it’s some sabotean like component that is the, um, Israeli, uh, the Jewish component of this, but there’s, there’s the upper classes of every country are riddled with the scumbags as far as I’m concerned. Um, let’s see. Uh, let me just check if there’s, uh, anyone sent me a doughnut. Hmm. Oh, yes. Uh, 10 bucks from, let’s see, uh, Utah maybe. Um, thank you very much. Much, much appreciated. Uh, you have no idea how much that means. Very grateful. We’re my family. Very grateful. Um, and another one, 10 bucks and, uh, it looks like Island. Oh, shout out to Island. Uh, let’s see. The first victims were NYC Jews that refused the measles jabs and made everybody mad just prior to COVID. Um, I don’t know how to process that one. They did. I’m not so sure. Uh, I’m not sure. The donor Carlos and their central banking mafia. Uh, yeah, you know, that’s something I wanted to speak to Ryan about as the, uh, FTX, um, bullshit, get his thoughts on it. Uh, let’s see. Uh, cause he’s a product of us Intel agencies. The agencies, the ones running the pandemic and the MRNA show. Yes. Yep. Yep. Yep. Uh, sacrifice the morning star and put it on your flag, false flag, if you might say what that means. Uh, he had a collection of real eyeballs. Jeffrey Epstein. Is that true? Sick. Uh, not one photo of Ghislaine is odd. Um, Ghislaine in prison. Uh, I don’t know. I mean, they could, they could body double her easily enough, I guess. Um, let’s see. Uh, Pete Davis passed on it. Oy vey. I’m not sure what that means. Uh, rip for me. Yellowstone. Um, I’m stuck on cryogenics with a penis. Yeah, that’s, let’s say learn something new every day, right? Uh, I just imagine hostile being a daily occurrence in Ukraine. Yes. But beautifully put DJ. Nice. Uh, what good is his penis without the gonads to make sperm? Good point. Um, they probably found a woman serving life without parole and offered her a deal. For rich people would be plenty. We’ve got two photos this whole time when she’s been locked up. New peak picks are from far. Yeah. I would have been kept in a drug induced coma for my organs probably after my fall accident. Um, yeah, man, like I say, just that you need an advocate in that hospital with you. Uh, there are, they’re fuckers. Uh, let’s see. Why the double couldn’t grow her eyebrows back in and reshape them? The follicles get damaged. You can’t grow them back to their youthful bushiness anymore. Not just laying in prison. It’s all a show. Okay. Uh, rumor Soros on third heart. Um, I wouldn’t surprise me. Uh, his documentaries are like average four hours each though worth it yet. Um, Ryan’s, um, in depth docs are great. Um, let’s see now understand the importance of critical thinking to where there’s no understand right of consent. I understand the importance of critical thinking. I’m not sure what that means. 23 me is the first husband of Senator Elizabeth Warren. I didn’t know that. Thank you. The multiple, um, if you’re born after 1980 in the U S and Canada, they took your DNA already. They made it a few years back to cure diseases. Supposedly. They apologize. That’s right. Bastards. Uh, 10 is the law. 13 is rebellion. 23 is death. Okay. Young parents used to have to give up their kids a lot of the time since it was basically the common culture at the time or if answers to slept around, cheated or straight up lied about their race. Yeah. Uh, those DNA places never tell you or track the recess fact in the bloodlines. And that’s important part to me. Okay. So many families have a false understanding of their heritage and stuff. Uh, what is Doc’s Twitter handle? My Twitter handle at the moment is, um, I just, uh, I just got this, um, you know, um, you’ve limited some of your account features probably allowed back in three days. Ah, hilarious. Um, is that true? Well, so yeah, streaming Ryan, I guess I put this, I put it on private on YouTube. Uh, what about thousand genome project? Uh, I’m, I’m familiar with it. I ordered a flippin zero. Nice bit of kit. Check it out. Um, let’s see. Technology follow science fiction to look at old sci-fi books and what the hell will be going on eventually. Uh, yeah. They watched me taking a poop. Nice. Uh, I’m a mutant fan. Give me an oligarch riding a beer, drinking vodka over a Demented pedo any day. Um, yeah, um, if I had to weigh it up, uh, um, um, juice. I would choose, uh, trad, trad, trad, uh, just happy Putin. That’s what I mean. I’m leaving in the UK in four days, taking my family away from the ship. Um, where are you going? Ryan is wrong about a lot. I wonder about him. Sometimes won’t entertain the idea. Epstein faked his death controllers. Don’t care what you say. So long as he’s dead. Question everyone. Um, well, where, where is he? It’s the next level hacking tool for all kinds of surveillance tech. Turn on cars, open doors, grab electronic cars keys, et cetera. Uh, I don’t know what that means. They say O negative is the latest mutation. I don’t know. A dirty war means dirty war rules and regulations. Yes. Don’t forget about deadly chem trials. How could I? My advice is join the elites. Don’t fight them. Subversion the way forward would be nice, right? Just have a few billion. Uh, let’s see. Uh, here, Romania is pretty based. Good luck with your family. Yeah. It’s only been out for a few weeks. Figured I’d fork out the 250. I can’t say where, but it’s a good compromise. I love England and the English.

Uh, I smell a hemorrhagic fever coming. Yeah. It wouldn’t surprise me. Uh, my friend was part of it. They found she had some rare illness. Um, a new study came out saying people with more carboxylic acid are most attractive to mosquitoes. I don’t know that applies to resource factor. I don’t know. Mosquitoes love me. Um, a lot of the wild stuff they do it. Mr. Robot can be done with real with the flipper zero. It’s next level. Okay. Uh, gov crack, gov crack coke heroin in Canada. Is that true? Um, Sweden was a control. Maybe. Just think when they cancel the EBT cards. Well, I think there’ll be, um, the central currencies are coming in. Yeah. You can play big boy play. Uh, they want us all dump sick or dead. Yep. Rand refused to meet with top guy. My man, David Martin, David Martin. Right. Um, all right. I think, I think I’ve done enough of the comments. All right. I’m out of here. Take care guys. Uh, thank you for those, uh, for watching and, uh, especially those, uh, who sent a shackle my way much, much appreciated. I will see you in the next one. Maybe I’ll do one tonight. I’ve got a bunch of tabs I need to get through and some biology. Take care. God bless.

All right. Thank you.