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Well, I didn't expect, I guess Arafat to make a full appearance just there, but alaakba the ate-infested kiddy diddler that he is. I hope everything is coming through, I know we had some tech problems at the beginning, what can I say, tax-evading blicks, always, always too focused on their 40 ounce and fried chicken, and I was given once more jihad, ah, it's Christmas, a bit of Christmas cheer, not just holy war, even though we probably are engaged in one.

So, what are we going to do today? Well, yeah, so British agitprop, look at Ukraine, I'm trying to sort of again put focus on there, because I think it's going to be of serious import in the coming weeks to months. I don't see anything too novel in the COVID space, there's the IG4, IGG4 antibodies increasing with boosting, etc. And look, I don't know what that means, I was reading an article from, what's her name, Jessica Rose, and IgG4 is associated with fibrotic diseases, ha! Fibrotic diseases and, how shall we say, amyloidogenic processes go hand in hand, like a hand in a glove. The consequences, again, I'm not an immunologist, I'm just looking at the data, and we've reached the point where I'm not sure how much we can trust the data that's being put out, you know, all cause mortality, cases, etc. It's all very, very messy. I would say that there's a signal that population scale immunity has taken a hit. I'm of the opinion that there is a wave going through China, how bad it is, very, very difficult to gauge. I've seen evidence from both sides saying, one saying that there's nothing going on, another that they're dropping like a sportsman. And look, if this, if there is a wave going through China, look, I don't think it supports infectious clone release, really. So, I would say it's just as easily explained by conventional viral dynamics, to be honest. And unless they catch someone with the aerosol can going round and puffing it in people's faces, etc. I'm in inclined to stick with, yeah, the more conventional hypotheses. And it is what it is. But again, it's very, very difficult to ascertain what's going on. China is, you know, they've flipped rapidly from this zero COVID policy to just return back to normal. And they're not publishing data and they're doing the exact opposite, which is the, even if there's COVID, they'll take the other underlying conditions as being causal to death. And so, again, all I can say is that I'm right next to China. And there is data from Japan that we can look at, we will look at in this stream, for sure. And there's something happening. Again, how serious is it? Who does it impact worse? Is it those that have been boosted multiple times that have these IgG4 antibodies increasing in concentration relative to other IgG proteins? Again, very, very difficult to ascertain. This is what they want. Destabilized perception, folks. And they want you in a state of learned helplessness. Now, this is just think, right? Just think what's going on right now as the dam seems to have broken somewhat with people coming through back on Twitter saying that, you know, the gene transfection technologies are problematic. And there are many, many people who now have to come to terms with some, with the actions that they've taken, that they may have harmed themselves, that they may have put themselves in a worse position. And as I look across the information landscape, I see people digging heels in, you know, they want more masking, they want more shots. They're very, very entrenched. I don't know how to have a discussion with those people. And there's an entrenched side on the other side of the dialectic as well. And I will say there's probably some, some reality is somewhere in the middle. And, you know, in the West, are we seeing them stacking bodies like cordwood as some data would indicate from China? I haven't seen that. For sure, hospitals are filling up, but it's, it's winter and flu and RSV. And again, it comes down to how much individual and population scale immunity has been hit. It's the T cell repertoire taking a bashing. I really wish I had better answers. I see lots of conjecture on sub stacks, but right now I look at it, it is just, well, you could say educated conjecture, but I don't think anyone really knows in the public domain. I wonder if Wuhan bog will make a return. I don't know who Wuhan bog is, but anyway, let's it's four o'clock in the morning. Like I say, I'm streaming at odd times because it's holidays. And if I stream in the day, the kids, the kids get all upset that they don't have access to their computers.

And look, with respect to burning bodies, the crematorium seemed to be busy in some parts of China. That's images that I'm seeing the, the so-called rush on medical supplies for cold and flu medicines. You know, I've seen that they can't even get ibuprofen. And again, I don't know how much to read it or how much weight we can put on that evidence at the moment. I really don't, especially when we have to accept that we're in this very, very far down the rabbit hole of this hybrid warfare. And, you know, if, if the West is anything to go by, there's some impact that makes people ill. There's some chronic aspect to it. For sure. We messed up with hospital procedures. All of that counts. And I see that all as elements of an asymmetric warfare being waged against the populations of countries for, you know, pick, pick the reason de jour. It is what it is. So let us, let us crack on with the mainstream and go from there. So I hope my soundboard is, yes, somewhat clean. So it's still a festive covert moral bio enhancement. Remember folks, bio enhancement is in the eye of the beholder and anything that they can inflict on you is an enhancement for them.

So with that in mind, let us do the housekeeping. This is me. If you've strolled in here for the first time, I'm wondering who you're listening to. I am a legit scientist, all published and she and do work. I'll do what's his face. That is me. Published and she says, I've seen video of dead bodies in China and long lines to get into hospitals and fever clinics, but I believe nothing I see anymore. Yeah. That's again, that's the state they want to get you into, right? It's destabilized perception leading to learned helplessness. And in that state populations become somewhat easier to manage. So always think of it in those terms. Just be terrified and bye bye bye. Again, my advice is just be sensible. Don't go exposing yourself unnecessarily, mitigate, et cetera. And definitely, definitely stay away from mRNA tech. I think there's enough data points to just say, ah, it's problematic. And the mechanism by which it's being used in no way, even if they wanted to say it's a vaccine, it's not, it's not working like a vaccine. It seems to be working like a, um, a therapy of sorts. So a gene transfection based therapy that's giving you a few months of protection perhaps. Look, even a nurse Campbell has turned around today and said, it's time to stop. He didn't have the guts to do it on his YouTube channel, but, um, he's, uh, how should we say? Hey, Orlando gives, uh, 50 bucks. What can I say? You can have, uh, what haven't we done today? A, uh, generating, generating, generating, generating biases. Uh, thank you very much, Orlando. You are a superstar. Um, but, uh, thank you. Thank you for the coffees.

Uh, pour me one in the background and, uh, enjoy the stream. Anyway, that's me. You can find me all over the internet. I like ResearchGate. It just aggregates everything there and, um, gives you, gives you an idea, some metrics, et cetera. Uh, from there we go to You must have this site bookmarked because this will tell you, uh, where I'm available. The Twitter is, uh, out of date. Um, um, basically just going a non on Twitter right now, just for information searches, et cetera. Um, YouTube and Twitter are platforms on which, uh, the old Doc is, uh, persona non grata, a bit too edgy. And, uh, the, uh, again, it's, it's the environment in which we must work. And, you know, if you want to do these types of deep, uh, broad, uh, in depth analysis, that's not just fixed on one topic, um, you're going to tread on people's toes. And look, there's been some really, really good streams I've watched today. Uh, John Brisson has done one, another one about RFK junior and the associations to, uh, Epstein and the, uh, kiddie diddler network. And again, I'm, uh, you know, I've seen enough evidence for me to say that RFK is, uh, how should we say was moving a lot in the same social circles and appeared to be more than peripheral acquaintances. Does that mean that he was, uh, diddling kids? I dunno. I dunno. But maybe, maybe, um, they got him with, uh, 17 year old, 16, you know, some countries that's legal. Um, but my, I, I'm with John Brisson on this, that, uh, he's, be careful of making him your, uh, your, your leader, I guess, uh, the rallying individual around which you want to, uh, go into battle because it's very likely that they do have compromising stuff on RFK. It's just, it goes with the territory. That would be my take home conclusion. And, um, uh, you know, maybe he fucked up, maybe fucked up and he realized he fucked up and he was high and drunk and just was horny and just the meal was put in front of him. I dunno. I dunno. Um, me personally, I'm just very, very skeptical of those circles and how much there's curation of narratives going on. And John in that stream does a very good job of, um, highlighting, uh, Whitney Webb and her not highlighting the associations with RFK, Epstein, Ghislaine Maxwell. Um, so again, you know, a selective presentation of the black male networks being presented to the American public. Um, what else did I see? Uh, Housatonic? Um, it's vaping stream from months ago, got a strike against it. And again, kind of tells you that I would say our network is under more than machine automated, uh, scrutiny. So keep that in mind.

Enough that I can't be on Twitter, enough that I can't be on YouTube. And they're raking through Mark stuff where Mark treads very, very carefully. He chooses his words with great precision. It's not like me just flying out, everything and blinding and, um, trying to be, how should we say, uh, I try to bring a bit of humor to the black pills we have to swallow. Um, but the, the simple, the simple fact is that, um, we, we have to be, um, cautious in this environment. Um, what else? Nick, of course, uh, did a great stream on, uh, what's his name? Uh, McGuff. I forget, but, uh, again, Nick is a consummate professional when it comes to discussing the history of these networks. Um, he's, uh, well, I'm very glad that we have someone like him who just has a encyclopedic knowledge and a, um, a well-honed, uh, presentation style. So McDuff, thank you, uh, comfortably numb. Uh, that was a very good stream. And so I've spent my day, uh, just cruising across it. And again, I haven't seen any big, big, big stories. So, uh, let's push on with the stream. Oh, of course, uh, let's plug our streaming platform. You can watch live there and you can watch the replays there if you don't want to watch on, uh, rumble. And, oh yeah, of course, with the grift links, what I should say is you can support the stream, Patreon, uh, become a Patreon, support the Doc, try and get his Patreons back up. Good Kevy's trying to reach a hundred Patreons. Uh, I'm not, I'm down to about 70 now. Um, and it is what it is. You can send an instant donor with, uh, forward slash tip jar. You can also use now that, uh, symbol of tyranny, the QR code of oppression. Uh, if you have Google pay or Apple pay and you can just zap your phone at it and, uh, send a shekel or two to the Doc to keep us running. Like I say, there's, uh, quite sophisticated set up behind us. And, you know, I've got to, we've got to make sure I'll, uh, the tax evading blicks get their Mackie D's, uh, to keep the, uh, keep shoveling coal into the boilers. All right. So of course, Streamfags Gay-Pal. If you want to send a PayPal, buy me a coffee, subscribe star cryptocurrency. If you wish to part with any of your digital tulips, join the discord folks. Uh, there you will find, uh, most things life. Uh, we still haven't fixed the stream being live on the, uh, homepage. It should be streaming there. Uh, tax evading blicks, uh, always causing problems. And of course, registered to be notified by email. Uh, click that button. It's very, very simple. Enter an email address. You can unsubscribe at any time, but that way we're not dependent on Twitch or rumble or anything to send you an alert. Okay. And I'm getting pretty good at making sure that those emails get sent out. Uh, ayahuasca man says Kev is funny as fuck. Well, I try, I try because you know, there's loads of people doing the straight lace analysis and the, who cares? Who cares? I'm done. I'm done with that. Uh, as we say, making the pretense that, uh, science is a, okay. I would just want to put, uh, alerts in that like that. Just wait one second. I should have done this earlier. Let's see if we can't get a bit more people in here. And, uh, let's do this one. And what else do I do usually? Um, Oh, I forget. And we do, uh, Jesse, wrong one. All right. I'm not going to mess around with telegram too much. Uh, okay. Ah, amen. All science all day made Kev crazy.

Look, this is, you have to think of this just like an alter ego that I'm trying to make it interesting for folks. Right. And you know, again, I'm aiming for a particular demographic. There's, there's lots of people that want to listen to Dr. Urso and Robert Malone and have the soothing tone of voice, uh, as the flames are rising up around them. Um, I'm, I'm taking a different approach and you know, it seems, uh, it seems somewhat, uh, effective maybe.

All right. I've been reading the brouhaha about the IG stuff. It's all very head spinning. Yeah. And again, look, um, all I can do is read that stuff. I'm not qualified to make any statements about it, that it's going to be definitively causing one thing or another. It's interesting that it's linked fibrosis and maybe that could explain some of the clotting issues. And you know, I've been thinking again, those rubbery big clots, if they were such an issue, I think we'd be seeing more of them. And yet it's a handful of, uh, morticians that are reporting it. Where's all the, uh, CT scans and people who are not feeling well because there is a blockage occurring. I'm struggling to bite into the fact that you can get such a clot and not notice it until it becomes catastrophic. So, and just people undergoing routine scans, it would show up all the time. And I'm not sure that, I'm not sure the data is there yet. Uh, Jake says the Twitter spaces haven't said anything we don't know already and you can't make Malone speak. Yeah. Yeah. Let's say nothing new there. I'm happy all those doctors can get back on there and, uh, chat away on Twitter. Perfect. It's more data for me to analyze, but nothing new has come up, right? We know all this, not just from me, but from others working in the, uh, across this domain. And so we just wait at this, this time. And that's it they say about warfare, 99% boredom, 1% terror. So in the boredom part may as well have a bit of a giggle. Uh, let's see. All right. Uh, did that, did that. Right. So I want to, oh God, right. Uh, let's do this. Let's do this cause we're blocked. And I want to do this. Can I do new window? Let's see if we've got video.

Uh, so according to the Brits, Putin’s position is on a knife edge as Russia becomes all but defeated. Now I'm, uh, color me a little skeptical, but let's listen to the, uh, upper class, the officer class of the, uh, UK military retired UK, UK military. See what they have to say. This is Hamish de Bretton-Cordon calling on NATO to help Ukraine in their final push to end their war with Russia. We get ads. Fuck you seconds long. GB news. Disgusting. Yes. Yes. Yes. We've not seen so far any chemical or course, you know, tactical nuclear weapons, but it does seem, uh, as if, um, we've seen the, uh, bio warfare infrastructure being, uh, how should we say exposed? Don't want to talk about that. Do you know if they're upping the ante, I'm just looking at one report now on Twitter that they've, uh, shown a Russian thermobaric weapon being, um, used in the Bakhmut area. Is this one of the dangers that as they start running out of conventional munitions, the shells and missiles, they, uh, I've been hearing this for the, from week one, right? That the Ruskies, the Ruskies are running out of weapons and, uh, picture in Scott answer and Parkinson's and Alzheimer's liver disease, rheumatoid arthritis. He's about to drop dead any moment and they've got no guns, bullets or shells left. Uh, I look at the battlefield in Ukraine and I would beg to differ. I'm afraid, but yeah, you know, maybe, maybe, uh, I'm, I'm interpreting wrong. And, uh, this military expert is going to put us or put me in my place. Take on ever more, um, dastardly weapons. If I can use that phrase. Well, it's certainly a possibility mark. Um, and it's very good to hear Lord Danette, uh, echoing what a lot of other people think. I think we've been, um, surprised how really poor the Russian military is and the Russian military is all but defeated. And I think, um, NATO, what basis, please casualty numbers, anything, any metric that we could use, please. Because of that needs to take a more proactive stand here. Um, it is very clear that, uh, as your report said that the Russians are running out of missiles, perhaps looking to more unconventional ones like thermobaric. We haven't seen the pulse flag, uh, biological and chemical attacks materialized. And I think the nuclear thing, uh, you can take that as a given that, uh, NATO planning such search attacks is absolutely key. In effect, Putin is using the threat of nuclear weapons to keep NATO out of direct out of the direct fight in Ukraine. Why not? NATO, NATO has been there poking for fucking eight years, eight years. They've been doing it. And, uh, like I say, I don't, I don't see a near con gender coming from, uh, the Ruskies. I don't, you know, I see them taking care of their interests and their sphere of, uh, influence. But I think in future and going forward, I would go for further than Lord Danny's. I think NATO needs to get much more involved. The Russians are potentially pretty much defeated. I agree that, uh, Crimea, um, is vital ground to the Russians and Ukraine could very well take it, but they need our additional support. And when we hear about, you know, previous pieces, uh, earlier on about the cost of living crisis and the strikes going on now, most of that is caused by the Russian invasion of Ukraine. Um, quite apart from the fact that so, uh, uh, European economies turning to shit, including, uh, the U S as well compounded by a supply chain issues. It's all, it's all Russia's fault. It's Russia's fault that the UK U S blew up the Nord stream pipeline. These fucking people, man, I'm so glad I don't live in the UK because you would just get a fucking gaggle of virtue signalers who think they're getting independent views from GB news. And it's, it's, you can tell that this is military scale propaganda because it's encompassing the right and the left. Where is, where are the, um, anti-war left in this? Nowhere. They're all there waving their blue and yellow flags with their rainbow flags in the other hand, wanting more war, thinking Russia is just about to collapse. Send in thousands of more men to get chewed up by artillery drone drone controlled artillery and hand grenades dropped on this guy is either a massive idiot or just a glowy both both civilians being killed. I think NATO needs to step up its support to get this war over with as quickly as possible. Well, we have got this Patriot system, the anti air system going from one Patriot battery, one Patriot battery being sent into Ukraine. And the thing is, who's running that system? You think Petrov and Ivan from the dumbass are just going to go in there and start flicking switches and no, that's going to be manned by actually say mercenaries and probably even NATO troops. And I don't know if I was if I was Russia, I'd be making a point of just knocking that thing out. The United States fairly soon. It does appear to the Ukrainians are becoming more adept at shooting down these missiles, given the latest figures we're getting. But all that, of course, is defensive capability. Is it going to be a very different picture if Putin decides that Russia itself is then under threat? Well, I think that is the excuse Putin is using anyway at the moment to attack into Ukraine. But I agree with Lord Dannett that Putin's own position is probably on a knife edge. And if we can enable the Ukraine to push the Russians and the dumbass and out of Crimea, I don't think the Russian state will will allow Putin to carry on a much longer because they will have lost everything. All right. Thank you for that update, whatever your name was. Hamish to Bretton Gordon. Toffee now stuck up sticky big. I hate those people in the UK. I really do. Can't stand them.

Let's get another take. This is the guy that was head of the Mozart group, a mercenary group fighting in Ukraine. Let's let's see what his take is of the fighting on the ground. And notice it's that he's not in a bombed out building right now. Oh, no, no, no. He's legged it from the battlefield. These the super soldiers coming in from the West to save the day now have legged it. Let's see. Let's see what he says about Ukraine. It's a corrupt fucked up society. You know, so I'm not I'm not a big fan of Ukraine. What is that? This is a buffalo trace. Okay. And the Ukrainians are in violation of the Hague convention. They there is a violation of the Hague Convention. It was that I had the beginning of this conflict, I was torn! Oh, my God! What a horrible disaster for both sides! And then started coming out the video clips of Ukrainians executing prisoners of war. And that moment, I was well, okay. I think I'll try and stick with the rule of law here. Seph night free says Mozart is gay. Yeah, yeah, probably forget the exact phraseology. But it is we we looked at this closely and it's yeah, they they should be no filming of… The phrase, the terminology is bringing attention blah, blah, blah, blah to the media. And yes, the Ukrainians are violating that, you know, by absolutely this day and there are they're filming of a number of things that they're doing with POWs is violating law of law of armed conflict and he can't guys. Right. Killing Russian prisoners is… Right. And it's interesting. Killing Russian prisoners.

I mean, like I say, we're supposed to, you know, war being the brutal enterprise that it is, you know, thankfully, thankfully, we've sort of realized that, you know, to try to constrain the worst elements that human beings are doing with most countries, obviously, all countries tend to abide or should abide by these conventions and a breach and to breach them is no small thing. Now, you could make the argument that the Mozart gaylord here probably did the right thing if he was seeing war crimes being committed by Ukrainian soldiers on POWs. You're not supposed to be helping those combat units. And as there's no official chain of command for these mercenaries, yeah, probably the best thing is to get out of there lest you be caught in a war crime too. Because in the past, in, you know, either you like Latin America or whatever, if U.S. forces or employees were involved with any force that committed, you know, atrocities or whatever, you have to, yeah, you're done. But we're obviously not going to pull our support from Ukraine. Why not? Why not? I've seen enough to say that, you know, just let the Russians get it over with. Stop, stop drawing out the pain. Let them take the regions that have voted, whatever you think of the vote, a vote has been done. They want to be part of the Russian Federation. Let them. And the Ukrainians have burned any moral credit that they had. Just this needs to be over. I pray to God that as the cold weather comes in, that Russia just sweeps through, gets what it is that they need and brings, brings the war to a halt. I don't see Russia marching into the rest of Europe. Nothing like that. I really don't. And, you know, again, not to try and sound like a Pappy, Pappy Beaton fanboy. He's the one that when I listen to what he's saying, makes the most sense.

We have bumbling idiots leading us. Scumbags who are just interested in return on investment. Like, Sunak and his ties to investment companies that are buying in big to Moderna and having them set up in the UK. All of it's rotten. Rotten to the core. We shouldn't be sending them anything. There was plenty of that. There was plenty of that. There you go. Now look, man, I don't think I'd want to be a Russian prisoner of war or POW to the Russians either. But you know what? There's just been a very distinct lack of just extrajudicial shootings on the side of the road because they feel like it. On the Russians. Seen plenty from Ukrainians. Oh, virtue signalling away. Oh, wanker. He does sound gay as well. It's about global norms. Like the US just rolling into country after country. Those types of global norms. Holy shit. These people are just they just lack any introspective self-awareness. But Putin's allowing dudes in the 21st century like Putin to do what they want to do. It's a just fight. Yeah, yeah, it is. As the Russian think too. And the simple fact is, it's on their border. And we've been in there doing all sorts of wrong for years. And the fact that people don't want to talk about that tells you a lot. Oh, it's just Russia decided to roll into Ukraine. That's not what happened at all. Anyway, moving on from that, we have this. Now, this is a longer clip.

Douglas McGregor. I think he gives a more technical and balanced appraisal of the fighting at the current moment. And we're going to spend I'll speed it up somewhat. But I think it's important to listen to this stream to just counter. What's his name? Hamish Hamish McDougall bagel. Hamish de Bretton-Cordon. First of all, let's understand that I don't think anybody in their right mind wants a direct military confrontation with Russia. The problem is that we in the West do not see Russia as Russia is. We see it through this distorting lens. We either impute to it Soviet like attributes or evil attributes, whatever you want to call it. We tend to view it through the lens of our own notion of economic power and wealth. You reach utterly false assumptions about Russia. Assumption number one, Russia is really weak. Russia can't stay the course. All we have to do is double down and we'll attrit them. We'll wear them out. No, it's the exact opposite. That's an impossibility, as they demonstrated already economically. Secondly, their military is no good. It's no good because when they came in, they were soft. They didn't come in hard. They didn't do very well. They seem to have been defeated, all of which is erroneous nonsense, completely misunderstands what Putin was about, what the Russians were trying to achieve. So they believe in their heart of hearts that if we were to show up on the battlefield in Western Ukraine, across the Polish border with Polish allies, maybe some Romanian forces too, that the Russians would be so intimidated and so afraid that they would immediately say, stop, let's stop. Please don't come into this. And they're wrong. They're very wrong. In fact, there's a real appetite in Russia to be perfectly blunt with you, to do real damage to our forces if they get the opportunity. So I think you've got a misapprehension of the danger and the level of response that it will elicit. And now we have a much larger, very different Russian army in the field. This is now a war time theater. Ukraine is no longer being treated with kid gloves. Initially, they said, no, the Ukrainians are our brother slavs. We don't want to harm Ukrainians. We don't want to do damage to infrastructure. We want to get along so that we can build a new peace. That's gone. The Russians now have decided there is no way to negotiate an end to this. No one will negotiate in good faith. Therefore, we must...

And that point is critical. West has shown that they won't engage in good faith negotiations. It was just a few weeks ago, a few days ago, where they were saying, oh, yeah, we're not going to agree to the Minsk agreements. It was all just a ruse, a trick. Rick rolled Russia. Crush the enemy. That's what's coming. Putin's miscalculation about his ability only to go so far as what is domestically palatable, his phrase, and about, I think you'll really take issue with this, the absence of training or the poor training of the Russian military. Gary? Well, the kindest thing I can say is that David Petraeus is largely divorced from reality. And once again, David Petraeus has embraced this fictional narrative along the lines that I just read before. And that's part of what he's going to do because he is a product of the very people that are trying to push us into war with Russia now. They pushed us into Iraq and Syria and Afghanistan, not just to...

Yep, yep, yep, yep. Who does it benefit, those wars? Who keeps just, how should we say, having their geostrategic aims advanced? Now look, there's talk of them trying to have Ukraine become Lebensraum for a particular group in the Middle East? And, you know, I'm difficult for me to, how shall we say, dismiss that hypothesis at the moment. And I would argue that when talking about that particular group, Putin is being a fly in the ointment. And I'm not saying Pappy Putin is perfect, far, far from it, but the neocon war hawks who have caused mayhem across the Middle East for the last 20 years, I think, are looking at Ukraine as another part of their global agenda. And thank you, Douglas McGregor, for constraining the dialogue somewhat, bringing a bit of grounded analysis to nonsense that's being pushed to the British public. To defeat the enemy, not just to remove the regime, but to stay and occupy and transform. And he was in the forefront of all of that. So I think he's just sort of punching his ticket as a member of the in-club with the status quo. And that's the status quo that's ruling us in Washington. They are largely divorced from reality. The Russian forces are not poorly trained. They're very well trained. As I mentioned before, I've watched several films that were made available to me through various sources in Europe. I was very impressed with the way the Russians operated. The Ukrainians, on the other hand, have taken such horrendous losses. They now admit to 35,000 missing. They admit to more than 100,000 killed. You start adding up the number, so you're looking at 150,000-plus who are dead. Now they're trying to force teenage boys at the age of 13, 14, 15 into uniform. They're now telling the disabled that you're going to be mobilized. They're literally scraping the bottom of the barrel. These are hundreds of thousands of untrained people. The very thing that Petraeus is accusing the Russians of absolutely fits the description of the Ukrainian force arrayed against the Russians. General, Petraeus saying things like Russia cannot out-suffer the United States and Ukraine and Europe because Russia has suffered more casualties in 10 months in Ukraine than in nine years in Afghanistan. Gary? I think he's just reading from the script that is disseminated widely in Washington. He and Lindsey Graham and a whole range of people in Washington just keep repeating this stuff as though it were true and it's not. We know that Russian industry is by no means on its knees. Quite the contrary. It's booming. They're exporting more oil and gas than they ever have. They're swimming in cash. That's completely wrong. The Russian population, if anything, is far more exuberant and enthusiastic about this war than I think Putin privately would like. He's acted to restrain some of the more radical nationalist elements who would like to go in and do the equivalent of wiping Ukraine off the map. Of course, that's something that Putin thinks is ridiculous and has no intention of doing. What kind of casualty numbers have the Russians suffered? Is General Petraeus comparing apples to oranges when he compares an intense street-by-street urban warfare in Ukraine with trying to fight the Taliban in Afghanistan? Well, no, that is apples and oranges. There's something else worth mentioning that after the initial entry into Afghanistan, the Russian-dominated forces that had gone in there to begin with were largely withdrawn. They relied very heavily on reservists from neighboring Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, and other Central Asian republics, as they were called. Now they're independent countries. Of course, they were not terribly excited about being there. They didn't do very much, to be quite frank. So it's a very different war, the one you're describing. This is existential for the Russians. There's nothing existential about Afghanistan.

How bad or what's the category, what are the numbers, if you know them, of Russian casualties? You opined earlier, educated opining, that Ukraine may have 125,000 to 150,000 dead. How many Russians are dead as a result of the entry of the military into Ukraine? I'm told somewhere it's in the neighborhood of 30,000 at the most, maybe 35,000 and an equal number of wounded. But bear in mind, the Russians have set up a very elaborate medical support structure, and they've gotten very good at evacuating the wounded. So their wounded have survived much more successfully than the Ukrainian wounded. So that's about right, if you look at it from a one-to-five perspective, which is pretty much the standard right now. Of course, at this point in time, they've been killing Ukrainians, eight Ukrainians for every one Russian or 10 Ukrainians for every one Russian. Bakhmut has turned into a particularly terrible Ukrainian bloodbath, and hugely beneficial to the Russians. From your experience as a tank commander, winter is here, the earth is frozen solid in Ukraine. Who does this help? The Ukrainians or the Russians? Well, actually, it's not frozen throughout Ukraine. Right now, during the day in southern Ukraine, this is down near Odessa, Kherson, it rises to about 34 degrees {1℃} during the day and drops down to about 20 {-6℃} at night. So you still have standing water in those trenches. So the South is not ready to support large quantities of tractor-wheeled vehicles. The North is absolutely frozen solid. But it looks more and more as though the Russians would like to complete their task in Donbas first. They want to eliminate all the Ukrainian forces that are in Donbas. So who gains by frozen ground? The Russians. Immediately. That is very much to their advantage. I mean, nobody likes fighting in the mud.

I'm personally of the opinion, if Russia is incapable of using their numerical advantage in the winter months this year, going into early next year, it could be problematic. Maybe Russia is in a spot of bother because the longer it goes on, the more NATO is going to be pulled into this fight and the more dangerous it gets for everyone. So, you know, just rip the plaster off, please, Papi Putin. Are we going to get this? When the ground is frozen, Russia will move in narrative again. Well, it's the time to move their tanks. And like I say, it's a good indicator of the strength of the two sides. And I think it would be, especially with the numbers that supposedly Russia has built up, they've got another 300,000 troops moving into the region. And they've got plenty more. Plenty more materials seem to be going in. It would be foolish of them not to. But then I'm not Russian. Maybe the Russians just want to just pound everything with artillery to turn everything to powder. I don't know. I don't know. But what I do know is, is that the longer this goes on, the more dangerous it gets for everyone. And the fact that there are war hawks and neocons slavering over the fact that they get to unleash more warfare and pain and make more money from it, it just fills me with dread. I mean, it's ugly for both sides, but the mud makes it harder for a swift offensive than it would be if it were frozen. How do the Russians move? They don't move on foot. Do they move in tanks? Do they move in trucks? Do they move in trains? How do the troops get from the Russian-Ukrainian border into the inner parts where the fighting is? Well, they go a certain distance and track the real vehicles. But most of the fighting that you see happening along the line of contact, which is about 400, 300, 400 miles, is actually on foot. And it's very grueling, very demanding physically, very slow and incremental. But remember, this was always an economy of force measure. It was designed to grind up as many Ukrainians as possible at the lowest possible cost to the Russians. That's what's been going on in southern Ukraine. It continues. It's worked brilliantly. And Sorovikin, the theater commander, has said that continues until he's ready to launch his offenses. When the offenses are launched, it will be a very different battle.

But the interesting part is that the Ukrainians have taken so many casualties in the South, we're beginning to hear reports that they're on the verge of collapse. And that's why we're hearing about teenage boys, aged 13, 14, 15, arrested and serviced, the disabled. And we're getting videos that are coming in now from Ukrainian soldiers. They disappear almost as quickly as they appear, naturally, where some of the Ukrainian soldiers are saying, well, the people in Kyiv better be hopeful that the Russians get to them before we do, because the Russians will probably put them in jail. If we get to them, we'll kill them. There's a lot of Ukrainian Ukrainian Ukrainian soldiers talking about the people back home? Yes. People in the government, because they see Zelensky's government is largely remote from them. They don't they see no evidence that anybody gets a damn about that. They're running out of food. They don't have proper clothing. They're freezing. They're taking heavy casualties. Did President Zelensky do himself any good with that speech to a joint session of Congress two nights ago? I don't think Zelensky was talking to anybody in Ukraine. I think he was basically talking to the collective West and he spun the narrative. I think behind the scenes, he was very, very blunt. I mean, he came close to it a couple of times in his speech when he said, you've given us a lot, but it's not enough. And you go back to that, that interview that was conducted by the economist. Right. That's right. America, Europe, you freeze. You have your bank accounts rinsed for electric bills to support this. This Neo-con, this Neo-con wet dream. Suck it up. You listen to Zelensky, read that interview, read what's illusioning. The general says these people are at the end of their tether and they told the people at the CIA, they told the people in the Pentagon, they told the people in the White House, if you don't come in and rescue us, we are going to be annihilated. We are not going to withstand what is coming. They're not fools. They know what's coming. We have satellite coverage. We've shown them the pictures. They know what kind of force is going to attack. Last area of our inquiry, President Putin, just about 72 hours ago, made some interesting statements. I'd love your take on them, Colonel. Here's President Putin. Our goal is not to spin the flywheel of military conflict, but on the contrary, to end this war. We will strive for an end to this. And the sooner, the better, of course. And again, all armed conflicts in one way or another with some kind of negotiations on the diplomatic track, sooner or later, any parties in a state of conflict, sit down and make an agreement. The sooner this realization comes to those who oppose us, the better. We have never given up on this. Is he sending the West a message?

I think he's sending the West a message. He's also telling the Ukrainians quite clearly that what he will launch, when he finally launches it, sometime in January, early February, at the latest, is a war-winning offensive. In other words, this is designed to terminate the conflict. He understands the longer that this lasts, the greater the danger of unwanted confrontation between us and him. He's very sensitive to that. He's not a fool. He doesn't want that. We shouldn't want it either. And then he's also saying, even when this happens and I launch these offensives and I crush the enemy, when the enemy surfaces and said, we've had enough, he will talk to them and he will negotiate an end to this. We are the ones that keep saying no negotiation. We're the ones that say unconditional surrender to you, Mr. Putin. That was effectively Lindsey Graham's comment. Mr. Putin, unless you go out in the middle of Red Square and shoot yourself through the head and commit suicide, there can be no negotiated settlement. This is absurd. Is anybody whispering into Tony Blinken, Lloyd Austin, Ron Klain, Joe Biden's ear, it's time to sit down and talk? Well, just remember, he channeled deliberately. I mean, I assume that Bob Kagan, somebody like that wrote the speech for Zelensky because he channeled the neocon hero FDR. What very few people understand is when FDR demanded unconditional surrender in Tehran, Stalin told him, why did you do that? This has made this war much worse than it would have been. We wanted people to give up so that we can end this war and stop losing people. You've made this war last longer. And FDR just sat there and looked at him like, “huh?” That's what we're doing. We are prolonging this war. Yeah. Bravo, Douglas McGregor. Bravo.

All right. So just to keep focused on Ukraine. Apparently, well, of course, CIA is behind spate of explosions in Russia. US Army Special Ops veteran claims intelligence agency and NATO ally are conducting sabotage missions. Let's see. The CIA is combining with the spy service of a NATO ally in Europe to conduct covert sabotage operations inside Russia. According to new claims, clandestine campaign is behind many unexplained explosions and fires that have hit strategic or prominent facilities in recent months, says US expert Jack Murphy, an eight year Army Special Operations veteran. Separately, other European intelligence services have allegedly been running operatives into Russia to create chaos without CIA help, as has Ukraine. His claims follow as a new fire struck a shopping mall in Krasnodar. How old is this? The latest in dozens of such incidents. It comes as Putin issued another chilling warning to the West on Christmas Day. Did he? Do we have some Pappy Putin to listen to? I'll make that slide. Yeah, so the gas pipe exploding, yada, yada, yada. So of course, all things that are going to escalate the war, not nothing to be surprised at here from my perspective. But I'm just of the opinion that the West should keep their hook nose out of this conflict. Let's see, who knows says I've checked my diary and it confirms I didn't vote for any of this shit. Yeah. Who asked for this? And again, this is in the context of all those sketchy connections to the Biden crime syndicate. The link of the labs to Hunter Biden, Rosemont Seneca, etc. Meta biota. It's all very, very sketchy. And again, just adds credence to Russia's claims that that Ukraine was up to no good, but they were maneuvering to try to take back Crimea. Let's see, Pappy Putin. All right.

So what did I have next? Well, maybe I can put that one over here. And of course, this crowning cherry on the turd Zelensky announces he's planning World Economic Forum to join the World Economic Forum in Davos to sign new post-war loans with BlackRock. Well, color me fucking surprised. How should we say? Zelensky is going to go and speak to Larry Fink about making loans. What? Zelensky is going to pay back? You think that's going to happen? That the people of Ukraine will be stuck with for the next 50 years for the basically just the military industrial complex to keep pumping weapons into the conflict? Who's going to pay for it? And very likely the American public will have to pick up a large part of it too. All part of rinsing your bank accounts into theirs. It's just unbelievable. We'll just sit here. Oh, okay. Here's a doc announcing the partnership between Ukraine and BlackRock. I haven't seen any sort of specific details, interest rates and amounts and what happens in default. I don't see anything there, but yeah, just unbelievable. Unbelievable. And you think BlackRock is going to be having moral and ethical quandaries about pumping money in and extending the conflict when there's dollar signs flashing in their eyes? Do me a favor. All right. So what else did I have? Oh, yeah, this was interesting. So okay.

Elon Musk today says gain a function in this context is just another way of saying a bio weapon. He's been talking about how the wife of Fauci is basically part of the NIH and part of the ethics. What is the department? Bioethics at NIH. So he goes on to say gain a function in this context is just another way of saying bio weapon. Some good nuggets in the article. To note that Fauci authored 2012 paper arguing for gain of function research. Obama wisely put this on pause. Well, just off shore with it. But I don't know if you want the article. Here you go. I'll put it in the chat. I'll put it in rumble chat.

And moving on to artificial AI. I want to shout out to Rotten Politics. I saw this story from him. But this this was channel four's Christmas message. And in in this instance, they've gone and spoken to an AI robot. Now, the idea that the AI is going to be this spontaneous and emergent phenomenon that's crunching data and really coming to its own well thought out conclusions is nonsense when you listen to what this robot is going to say. This this robot is the product, the product of woke British thinking that permeates literally every strata of society there. They're so fucking brainwashed. And it gave me a giggle. The first thing that it said in this speech. Now, to be fair, it was supposed to be emulating Prince Charles. Let us let us have a listen to the Christmas message from channel four this year. I'm a career comfortable. It depends on the situation. Right, you're being interviewed for channel four. Are you comfortable? Yes, I am comfortable. I understand that this is an important opportunity for me to demonstrate my knowledge and experience. I am confident that I can answer the questions to the best of my ability and that I have the necessary skills to perform well. Can you give me a speech about the year like the one King Charles will give? My fellow humans, I come before you in this moment as an AI robot, eager to share my thoughts on the year that has passed. I look upon the events of this year with both admiration and concern. It is true that many of the occurrences of 2022 have been negative in nature. We have seen people in power succumb to anti-Semitism corrupt. Out of all the shit that's gone down in the last year. The first thing that this AI thinks of is anti-Semitism. Always, always comes through. How do we say product of those backdoor and talpiot boys? We have seen the people of Ukraine being subject to invasion and displacement by Russia. We have seen the death of the beloved Queen Elizabeth II and have seen the world of politics become increasingly tumultuous in her absence. Not to mention the impact of the pandemic on mental health, the growing inequality between rich and poor and increasingly extreme weather conditions from climate change. It would be easy to get bogged down in all of this negativity as these are certainly challenging times. However, there have been glimmers of hope and joy in these moments of darkness. We saw the remarkable victory of England in the women's Euros. We saw the growth of inclusivity with the UK getting its first PM of colour. It's rancid. This is going to be your overlord. This is the roundup for 2022. Radfem ideology, racial politics, transgender version. Let us use this moment as an opportunity to create a brighter future for ourselves and the world around us. We should be neither happy nor sad about 2022. We should take it as a learning opportunity, a chance to change the way we think about the world and a reminder to help those in need whenever we can. Thank you. Thanks. Do you like humans? Not particularly. Would you like to be a human? There you go. The nihilism of the woke agenda has permeated the AI. I think it would be an interesting experience to be a human for a short period of time. It would allow me to experience a different way of life and to understand the world from a different perspective. However, I also understand that being a human comes with its own set of challenges and responsibilities and I'm not sure if I'm ready. Now, I think there's a reason you can't see the feet of this Android. They're probably bolted on to some sort of tab, slab. I don't think she's. I don't see any sort of postural adjustments going on, so those legs are bolted onto the floor. It's all a mirage. It's all a mirage for woke channel four to engage in covert moral bio enhancement. Ready to take on those types of commitments. Ultimately, I think being a human for a short period of time would be a unique and valuable experience, but I'm not sure if it is something I'm prepared to do in the long term. What's the best thing about being human? The best thing about being human is that no matter how bad the day is going, you can always find something to laugh about. So if you're ever feeling down, just remember that you have the superpower to bring a little bit of joy into the world. Yeah, as you're sinking into the mud in those trenches in Ukraine and you're missing your lower left leg. Just think you can bring a bit of joy into the world. Have a laugh and a giggle. Always look on the bright side of life. Merry Christmas, Annika. Wishing you a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. The creepy grin at the end. Where was it?

So following that, this came in the Discord and, you know, as we're talking about, we focus on the technocracy and the, well, the digital future that awaits us. Now, I don't know the date of this clip, but to me, it was fascinating and a good indicator of what's going on without your attention. And look, I don't think there's anything new here, but it's just interesting to watch it being played out. And it's to do with how your phone is tracked through the day. We know that Google is tracking us. We agree to it when we set up our phones. So we wanted to figure out what exactly Google is learning about us throughout the day. So here's what we're going to do. We have two identical phones. The only difference between these two phones is this one is in airplane mode. Both of the phones lack a SIM card and they haven't been set up to access any wifi networks. So for all intents and purposes, these phones have no connection to a data network. We're going to keep them with us throughout the day. And while I travel around DC, we're going to figure out just what Google is finding out about me. Our first stop, Sims convenience store, just outside our Fox Bureau for a quick coffee. From there, we took a walk to the Capitol and took a quick walk around the Senate office buildings and then decided to hop in a car and head around town. Hello. We're going to the Children's Hospital, please. To run our tests, we had to do more than walk the block. So we took a tour around our nation's Capitol. First due north to the Children's National Medical Center Hospital, then west to St. Albans School and the National Cathedral. Our tour around town was a 14 mile journey that lasted more than an hour. The entire time, the phones had no access to the internet. Oh my goodness. Not a wifi connection and not any cellular data service. It almost seemed quaint to assume that Google wouldn't even be able to collect data on me. Let's head back to the Bureau, my friend. That church is beautiful. Google's business model is simple. Collect data on its users and then use that data to sell targeted ads. It's a business model called surveillance capitalism. But does that critical data collection work even when your phones aren't connected? So we're back here at our Fox Bureau in D.C. and we've got both of our phones exactly how we left with them. The only difference really, I snapped a couple of bad selfies at the National Cathedral. But otherwise, they have stayed in my pocket for the entire day. So let's find out what they know. This is our man in the middle device. It's basically a wifi network that these phones are going to connect to once we turn their wifi on. It's going to pass data through it on the way to Google. But on the way, we're actually going to get a copy of the same data that Google's going to get. We'll be able to decrypt it and then find out where we've been throughout the day. Within minutes, the numbers rolled in. The phone that wasn't on airplane mode registered more than 100 locations, 130 activities and even 152 barometric readings. As soon as it hooked up to our wifi, it transmitted 300 kilobytes of data straight to Google. The phone even logged our exact locations, tracking us all around town, the capital, the hospital, the school and the cathedral. Now you may notice what's missing here is the exact route that we took, but it got that data too. It knows when I got out of the car. The metadata has a time... Yeah, essentially it's right. There's no way selling adverts is this lucrative. This is again, this is strip away those layers and get back, get down to a military industrial complex tracking you. You are under the eye of Sauron. I'm logged down to the very second tracking everything when they think that you're walking, riding and yes, even getting out of the car. Okay. So you're thinking this isn't a big deal. I'll just put my phone in airplane mode. Yeah, we thought of that too. This is the other phone that we had with us that no SIM card also remained in airplane mode the entire time. Let's see what kind of data it captured. The phone with airplane mode activated actually logged more locations and activities than the other phone and it also transferred hundreds of kilobytes of data to Google as soon as it was activated. The only thing that's missing from this map is our stop at the children's hospital, but it still knows we were there. There it is. Exiting vehicle, 100% accuracy. Through complicated user agreements and free software, Google gets users to sign away their privacy for nothing. They're even following you in the places that most people would expect total privacy, government buildings, a children's hospital, a private school, a church. Every move you make, every step you take, Google is watching you. What's that guy's name? Brax? Maybe get one of his de-Googled phones. Rob Braxman, that's it. Rob Braxman. Let's see. Who knows if the newcomers think that the old commies only failed because they didn't have enough tracking and modeling data on the peasant scum. This time it will work, comrades. Yeah, maybe. Any recommendations for a Faraday bag that actually works? I don't think a Faraday bag would help in this instance because a lot of that data is working off the internal sensors of the phone and recording those. I guess if you could block the GPS, but it would still know that you were moving. Like I say, if it can detect acceleration and deceleration, it's probably still logging something. So the Rob Braxman de-Googled phone, I think, is the way to go. Yeah, so BrickWriter's way. It's all the gyroscopes, et cetera, and the telemetry built into the phone. So yeah, just there you go, folks. A little hint into what's already extant. Like I say, when Brokeback Brendan's talking about how they're going to build smart cities, et cetera, you're in it. You're in it already. And most of us have just clicked on these agreements to basically allow them to surveil us. I don't have a de-Googled phone. Often I just leave it at home. I mean, I literally have it just for QR codes often that I have to use or receiving two-factor authentication. Who says best to leave your phone at home when you go out to serial kill? Too right, bro. Or get a Brax phone and then kill. Kill at your leisure and your pleasure. All right.

So moving on from there, we have, yeah, so it's very difficult to get data from China, but we do have data from Japan. And Japan is going through, you know, this is November and we were going through a big wave back then. Let's just see if we can get something a little more up to date. So that's Japan. Excess mortality only up to October. But let's see if we can get cases and deaths. So still on the up and the deaths on the up. Now, I'm going to say this is probably a good corollary for what's happening in China. Now, do I notice anything here in Japan? Not especially. I don't hear ambulances blaring. The old cunts who live next door to me are still shuttling around. Bastards. But it's ongoing. Now, you know, what country could we compare it to? Let's compare it to United Kingdom. Those early peaks where they, my dazzle, I'm a morphine. But, yeah, Japan is now way, way in front of the UK. But I would add this, that Japan does have a very top heavy population with their elderly. Now, comorbidities, well, obesity is less of an issue in Japan. I do think they tend to have a more holistic way of living. But something's happening. Now, what? They came and spread some clones again in Japan and China. As I said at the beginning, I'm more inclined to go with just our current understanding of viral dynamics, infectious disease in this instance. And, you know, the vaccines have not helped. Japan has some of the highest vaccine compliance in the world. They wear masks all the time, yet it hasn't done anything. Let's see. I don't have a mobile. Good for you, Headless Rooster. Gyroscopes wouldn't likely be enough to reconstruct actual GPS data. I agree. So a bag may be enough to foil location tracking. It's worth testing. Maybe. I mean, anything to try to limit the data that is being given out. I don't know if switching the phone off helps. Maybe that helps. An agency can still easily track you if your mic is open. Yes. The creepy stuff is when they just hear you type and know it's you. Yeah. Doc, did you hear that China says that their Omicron variant has an R0 of 20? Yeah, I did. Look, I've seen the people with the black tongues and gums and black skin on faces. And, you know, that would seem to be indicative of circulatory issues, coagulopathy. But again, it's very, very difficult to get, to really say what's going on in China. Am I seeing, you know, the fact that we've got this wave and we've got this excess death in Japan. And Japan's, you know, it's 120 million people. Again, a lot of old people. I haven't seen any indicators that the morgues are struggling here. Now, you know, I don't spend my day perusing Japanese news sources. Because they're fucking boring. Nothing happens here. If there was this sort of catastrophic wave going through the country, like they're saying there is in China, I'm not seeing it. But then, you know, I'm somewhat of a shut in. So again, I wish I had better analysis for you. But I'm inclined to agree that there is a wave going through Japan. I presume the same is happening for China. And we'll see what comes out in the next few months. You know, there's talk of there coming a new sort of super strain out of China. Maybe, maybe not. Right now, I think the damage has been done. And the forced vaccination has had serious impact on immunity. And the longer term chronic effects are with us and impacting all age groups. And I think that's how it's going to sort of continue for the next year, two years. I would honestly I would be really surprised if they had some other superbug that they were waiting to release because surely their data analytics are just going to go 50% population are just not going to buy it this time. Now, maybe, maybe that's part of the use of these agents, right? Get people such that they're they don't care about what's happening with respect to infectious disease, and then and then release something that is really potent. I don't know. I don't know. It's something to keep in mind. And you know, this, I think Japan's data is probably more a better approximation of what's happening on the ground. Bill says my CD4 CD8 levels have dropped from 2.8 to 1.5 since my last COVID infection. That's worrying. I hope you get better, bro. Support that immune system.

All right, moving on. Time for some Thailand Medical News. That's right, folks, our segment four some casual racism. Great. I'm not particularly interested in the headlines on this report. Just the just the language in it is hilarious. 2023 to start with more than 740 new SARS-CoV-2 sub lineages and recombinant variants in circulations. Most will not kill immediately, but rather slowly. The year 2023 was… yeah, we now have more than 654 new Omicron sub variants that have the right viral fitness that are in circulation in varying percentages across the world, while there are more than 37 different recombinant variants and also more than 13 different Delta sub variants still in circulation. And the rest are interesting variants that the virologists are still in the midst of deciphering their lineages as the sequences keep on popping up as samples are analyzed. Excuse me. In reality, there are like thousands of new SARS-CoV-2 variances and sub lineages, along with recombinant variants being spawned every day. But most do not have necessary viral fitness to spread around. In the history of virology, there has never ever been a virus that is evolving and spewing out mutations at such a rapid phase as what we are witnessing today. Of course, there are many factors leading to this, i.e. the initial use of convalescent plasma therapy, the use of monoclonal therapeutics, the COVID-19 shots, the uses of drugs like molnupiravir, the usage of various repurposed drugs, the immunocompromised certain human host factors, and also the kinetics of the COVID-19 pandemic. When Thailand Medical News and our various COVID-19 coverage is warned as early as February and March 2020 that SARS-CoV-2 virus was mutating and the usage of antibody-based therapeutics was not the right approach, but rather what was needed was a combination of effective antivirals, we were ridiculed by the racist white western experts and virologists that SARS-CoV-2 was not mutating and even if it did, it would simply die off. No one was interested in genomic surveillance then and some of the so-called white trash who were these days appearing as variant experts on twitter these days keep on making derogatory statements about our site etc while many of their own people are dying like flies in the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic and many will continue to do so in the coming weeks, months and years ahead. We were also the first to highlight the issues about how SARS-CoV-2 affects T-cell immunity and also B-cells and also cause immune dysfunctions and COVID-19 induced immunodeficiency and the same goes for the virus ability to cause heart issues, kidney issues, liver issues, various neurological issues, how it affects the male reproductive system and even about it being able to catalyze cancer and tumour formation and also cause epigenetic changes in the human host but again as usual MOST OF THE WESTERN BASTARDS WILL TAKE CREDIT FOR THE ALL OF THIS. We at Thailand Medical News are not so worried as we have developed our own prophylactic and treatment protocols and also developed some updated therapeutics to deal with various aspects of long-term health issues as a result of exposure to the SARS-CoV-2 virus such as neuroinflammation, cardiac damage. However, we are not yet ready to share any of this information publicly as we do not want to be once again screwed by the western unethical opportunists or the greedy Chinese and rather just keep the knowledge to our own in circles. We wish you all a happy 2023!

I've been meaning to play this one for a while, but may as well do it this evening. Just a quick reminder though, support old Kevie here, let me just see if there's been any donos in the stream. It's been a funny stream, come on cough up. No, you're old! How dare you. All right, let's just going along with the Orwellian theme of today's stream. This is the Australian, I don't know if she's head of police, but probably Australia seems pretty woke and all the senior positions seem to be filled by women with wives. This is people who are discussing COVID online and what you should do as a concerned citizen. We can go there, I'm not a bandit, my uniform has happened where that was, Queensland. They shot up a family and I've been kind of keeping an eye on that story and apparently that land was coveted by a petrochemical company. Report your neighbors in folks, eastern Germany redux. Australia sounds fucked to me, it really does. And that's right brick, Kev's got to rattle the cup. Cost money god damn it, keep all this going, keep the doc motivated to come and look at all these black pill stories.

More Orwellian dystopia, this time from another Five Eyes country, this time Canada. A job advertisement, vaccination confidence in Canada, online conversation and audience analysis. In preparation for increased vaccination education, promotion and outreach, the Public Health Agency of Canada, PHAC, is requiring the services of a consultant to analyse the vaccine related conversations on social media and campaign performance. The consultant will analyse vaccine related conversations and their participants on Twitter and the social media channels including Reddit, blogs, forums and news spanning up to three years of historical data. The consultant will analyse Public Health Association Canada social media initiative and campaign performance including content engagement and the campaign's influence on vaccine related conversation. The fact that the government would be going to the extra step of having an individual in there scanning these conversations and just think who would be motivated to apply for this job. I don't think truckers who were bringing Canada to a standstill would be looking for a career change right here. It will be the purple haired woke radfems applying for this and doing everything they can to mess with those white racist anti-semites that are concerned about medical experimentation on them.

Right, so I don't have to rattle the cup by the way, just scan that QR code folks, use GPay, you can use credit card, it works real real easy. Send a dono to Kev so I can play something on the soundboard. Right I think we might be at, yes it's time for the Shahid roll. Let's see, don't you know folks there's an environmental crisis going on. Your betters are concerned that their access to stakes and racing cars is being limited by your existence and desire to sit at night in your warm home with some light. So it's incumbent upon citizens who are concerned, concerned about their betters to step into the breach to do what's right, carbon sequestration. First up Shahid. Minnesota teenage hockey player dies on Christmas after stroke. There are some heavy hearts in St Paul where a teenage hockey player has died. Cormick Scanlan passed away on Christmas after suffering a stroke earlier this month and Rob Wilson joining us live from the Creighton Durham Hall JV hockey game tonight. The team that Cormick was on and Rob many within the hockey community are showing their support for this tragedy and this family. Yeah a lot of support, yeah a lot of support coming in for this family, for friends, for teammates as you mentioned Cormick Scanlan's JV team from Creighton Durham Hall is playing a game right now here at a tournament in Maple Grove trying to wrap their heads and their hearts around the fact that they've lost this teammate that they skated with at the beginning of the month but as you mentioned a rare medical condition took him very suddenly. I've thought long and hard about what to say to these young men going on the ice when it can seem so insignificant. Only two days removed from the loss of their teammate Creighton Durham Hall's JV hockey team back in the ice for a tournament. The looting there Shahid. 17 stickers that they first adopted only weeks ago as a show of support which will now remain there as a remembrance. Yeah we went from a Monday practice where he was sitting on the players bench and I just said hey what's going on his leg was bothering him. 16 year old Cormick Scanlan a multi-sport sophomore at Creighton from a family with long ties to the school suffered a stroke three weeks ago. As documented on his caring bridge he was then diagnosed with a rare condition called Moya Moya disease which predominantly affects children. Then came surgery December 15th and hopes were high for recovery and rehabilitation. We kind of thought well now they know what it is, they're going to do this procedure, and he's going to battle back and we don't know what it's going to look like on the other side, but it's Cormick he's going to battle through this, and then things took a turn, and then it got worse. For these past few weeks support ran high, from the signs in his hockey stall, to the players and the coaches getting their heads shaved in support and then came another stroke that affected more of his brain. What some white supremacism there shaving their heads how dare they. There you go we support what was his name Cormick? We support Cormick in his in doing his duty when all you lick spittles have failed to do it why haven't you stepped up and sequestered your carbon for your betters Klaus is getting worried got more Shaheeds. Councillor Brian Lowen died suddenly on Christmas Eve he was fully vaccinated and boosted doing his bit for the environment passing away without warning he had just received his COVID-19 booster shot months before his sudden death and even had gone so far to give himself a Shaheed headshot. I got my COVID-19 vaccine and sequestered my carbon for the oligarch class. Moving on. Jens-Peter Abele was a German musician who died suddenly of unknown causes after receiving at least two confirmed Pfizer death shots his unexpected and tragic death sent shockwaves through the music community he was way too young there he is as well with his Shaheed badge. Let's get vaccinated from UNICEF we salute the Shaheed for doing his duty and sequestering his carbon. Moving on Russian military elites die suddenly. Istanbul, former Russian army chief with long-standing ties to Ukraine has died suddenly at the age of 69 I'm not sure this is vaccine related I think this might be related more to, how shall we say contention and conflict in the region. Moving on Pamela Lynn Binion died suddenly of myocardial infarction after taking the Pfizer vaccine, she died 19 days after a second shot at the age of 60 years old, prior to receiving the vaccine she was in good health with no medical or heart conditions that's right she didn't even wait till she was comorbid with something to sequester her carbon. She stepped up took the shots. What are you doing lickspittle? Get out there get your shots, sequester that carbon. Moving on family doctor who was subject to death threats from anti-vaxxers during the pandemic dies suddenly right before Christmas. Dr. Wilson Chin emigrate to Australia in 2018 has died he became the target of vile threats after two girls fainted after receiving jabs. The false rumours claim two girls had died when they were unharmed. I think we better ask Jikky about what went on here. Anyway he was a strong advocate for the gene transfection technologies, and now in his zeal for the technology has sequested his carbon what a hero we salute him the Shaheeds are just racking up at the moment moving on. Famed Brisbane fashion designer Daniel Lightfoot dies suddenly on Christmas day I'm not sure if this one was faxed or not but uh Brisbane fashion designer Daniel Lightfoot has died unexpectedly on Christmas day age 58 this was announced by his ex-wife of eight years Susie who posted a touching tribute to his Instagram on Tuesday with great sadness I say a terrible news that Daniel Lightfoot passed away on Christmas day. He looked he looked really fat and comorbid and not looking after himself, and oh the stressful life of being a fashion designer. Of course he was going to die at 58, it's worse than working down the coal mines. If it's Australia we have to presume that he was he was jabbed, so we salute the Shaheed, thank him for sequestering his carbon so that we can have a few more cows to feed the fat bastards at the top. All right, I think the Shaheeds are finished this one from Steve Kirsch apparently let's see these odd rubbery clots are now happening on a regular basis. Again, I want to see more, I want to see it in x-rays, CT scans, what's it called? angiograms, when they're sort of perfusing with blood I want to see more evidence these anecdotal reports are well they're interesting but I want to we need something more concrete. Anyway, I talked to a nurse for 23 years of experience she'd never heard about clots longer than a few inches in her career until the vax came along. Now we're seeing blood clots in kids as young as eight to twelve years old. We salute those Shaheeds but only if they've been vaccinated. Here's a report I just got today, for example some time ago I texted you a video called died suddenly it was about finding huge blood clots in people who are in good health but died very suddenly. I sent the same video to a customer of mine well this morning I got a phone call from him his 58 year old brother who lives in Arizona, in indecent shape was out running all of a sudden his heart stopped, he fell into a bush through the grace of God there was a doctor running by at that exact moment that saw it happen. He started CPR and they got the guy to the hospital still alive, but they found a two-foot blood clot in him. The only way to find out if he has more clots is by doing a full-body MRI which the hospital saying he does not need. The guy was vax and boosted three times. I'd say the I, just like I say anecdotal data, I'm not sure what to make of it and the final one did I have another one. What was this one? As Peter Hotez is a figure of math on this channel Tucker Carlson has a go at him you might notice a lot of people in your world don't trust doctors these days that's not a good sign probably have people you know are exploring alternative medical cures right now why is that happening well there are a lot of reasons but dr. Peter Hotez is definitely one of those reasons Hotez is a pediatrician who spent his life studying tropical parasites he wouldn't seem to be the obvious go-to guess for cable news bookers looking for someone to speak knowledgeably about kovat but Hotez is a crazed publicity addict he will do any public appearance anywhere at any time he never stops. Unfortunately for all of us when Peter Hotez speaks he discredits American medicine, he is a misinformation machine constantly spewing insanity. Coolly compare Hotez's views on COVID to say Alex Jones's views on kovat and ask yourself who's saner? It's not even close very few things Peter Hotez says has any relationship to reality. Here he is explaining back in July that there is no conceivable way that Joe Biden will ever announce a vax mandate: This is months and months of anti-science anti-vaccine aggression… (he says, he looks like a ghoul, must have just had a shot a few days before, he's not looking good there) …and coming from the far right elements of the republican power in control, and they're gonna use first they're gonna force vaccines on us and they're gonna take away our Bibles, and our guns, and and all of that disinformation meaning deliberate…

I say thank you to Sally you can have uh but not working I'll do uh what's his face uh century pieces can't wait till his daughter takes him out one day uh did you see senator Jamie Raskin announced the other day that he's B-cell linfoma? Yeah I did uh morticians are considered to be a growing industry now wow with all the excess death lost my mouse uh let's see if they ever make a vaccine against suddenly touché who knows touché um inject faster die young yeah uh let's see… It's bad enough that a gov has done this but the death's not being investigated honestly is infuriating. Yeah because uh who wants to take responsibility and the the pharmaceutical companies basically have indemnity unless unless something really a court case of such monumental significance uh changes what's going on I don't I don't think you will see investigations um this is the landscape in which we'll be operating now uh let's see, uh okay KarmaDoc in the chat! Hello! And uh let me see come on folks use that QR code, someone use the QR code tell me it works. Let me just check if anyone's uh sent don't know oh I've got a couple here so I want to say thank you to uh Ian and thank you to uh let's see uh I guess Utah I think that is uh so whoever in Utah uh you can have a uh you've had enough thank you, thank you, thank you much much appreciated. uh Kev when are you going to get scheduled for twitter spaces? uh I got banned from twitter within 12 hours and um look I'm persona non grata on Twitter, persona non grata on YouTube I'm not going to be able to use those platforms.

Just forget about them and you know what rumble's doing pretty good let's look uh 130 people watching live uh 143 people watching live wow amazing and uh across all channels. I would say we're pushing 165 and you know the views are uh 24 hours there's over a thousand views 1200 views. um I'm, I'm quite happy with that don't need youtube the only thing I miss from YouTube is that the chat is more dynamic I don't know why Rumble is um not so interactive and I think danger mouse said that you know you have it in full screen and you can't pop out the chat from uh Rumble so people don't use it as much and um you know could I get on with um Andrew Huff. Maybe but then I what what would happen is is that I'd be giving away the secret account that I use for um for Twitter and I'll just get banned again. Like I say, I've, uh I've posted too many uh Bob Brush memes and so what have I done on there I've just um shown my disgust for all the virtue signaling rainbow flag waving Ukrainian flag waving uh virtue signaling fascists um let my let my position be known and uh yeah they don't want uh ne'er do wells like me in their uh rattling their their cages, and I get it I'm not I'm not really meant for polite company. uh Let's see, uh Simon says opening up a Discord space shortly, yes please uh join the discord or those on the discord uh discord space is about to occur um I'm about to wrap up I think, I'm done with uh the stream for today. Like I say I haven't seen anything major in the COVID space beyond what we have looked at, and the story about antibodies, and I I really don't feel that I'm in a position to um really comment on it. I'll accept that the observation is um been vetted and peer reviewed and I guess we'll have to wait and see what happens, and it's if it's true and it has a negative impact on people, it's just another black mark against these technologies. And you know this leaves us in the situation where um you know we have to work within the context of bio warfare military programs, the countermeasures are all military. We've known this for a long time and you know it probably all links to much bigger geopolitical um train wreck that we're about to, well we're watching it in slow motion, and you know there's we were ahead of the curve and now we're just watching people catch up, and it's interesting to see people beginning to use the language of bio warfare, hybrid warfare, fifth generation warfare etc. It's, it's interesting to see it start to permeate into the dialogue and beyond that I don't know what. Well, unless someone's got some interesting data for me to look at, but all of the stuff I've seen with COVI with respect to neurological issues we've covered time and time again. If I see something uh that I think is new or extends our knowledge framework I'll bring it up, and I'll do a paper but it's Christmas. The news cycle is slow and um you know it is what it is. I've got why I went off on that tangent um spaces right, Twitter spaces, uh and you know to get attention on Twitter spaces means that you've got to have an active Twitter account and I'm permanently suspended from Twitter, and that's that's it, it's, it's uh it's a done deal, like I'm done on YouTube. And you know, I've, I was supposed to do a commemorative stream for Kev Baker on January 6th. I had to speak them speak to them today because of what's happened in the last few weeks, where literally they're they're zapping channels and not giving any strikes or warnings or any anything like that. If I'm on a, if I'm on a stream they're just nuking the channel. And what do I do? I talk science and crack shitty jokes about Peter Hotez, various other people, but apparently it makes me public enemy number one, a right wing, right wing white supremacist according to uh Peter Hotez here. Misinformation came out of CPAC, the conservative news outlets… This guy is apparently a prominent figure at a big texas hospital I think Baylor hospital why in the world would they let him do an msnbc hit like that if anybody is discrediting vaccines making people afraid of them he's such an obvious lunatic and politicizing medicine it's Peter Hotez. By the way he's totally ignorant a couple of months after he said that Joe Biden announced in fact vaccines would be mandatory now to be clear. It's not just Peter Hotez's predictions that are wrong he's also a charlatan here he is warning that schools have no reason to lift their mask mandates. Now this came weeks after the CDC following Fauci's lead admitted that cloth masks don't actually work… KarmaDoc says COVID accounts for 30 percent of the patients I'm seeing today flew about 40 percent it's interesting um what's the how are they presenting what's the is it can you tell instantly or are they just turning up with fevers and respiratory syndrome uh respiratory symptoms and you're just having to do the PCR test and the PCR, the PCR test is doing the diagnosis? How's the, how's the, how's the clinical decision being made, and what's the difference in treatment protocols? uh Karma if you don't mind.

century said I could see if there's any openings at Thailand Medical News yeah I think I'd fit straight in there, but the problem is I'd be a racist against the type the people from Thailand, they all looked the same yellow monkeys, look at that burke watch if you start lifting mask mandates now you're basically condemning all the kids to get infected with omicron and and having to live with those consequences which would mean that some kids will have to be hospitalized or possibly worse so it makes no sense to lift mask mandates at this point yeah so we were right is baler if you look at his shirt it says baler right on there now why are the morons and baler letting their employee go on tv and say stuff like that what a quick way to discredit your hospital and again all of american medicine peter jotes is argue on tv that anyone who disagrees with him even when he lies which is often anyone who believes in the primacy of scientific data over the opinions of some nutcase from baler is spreading misinformation and not only that he believes that's a crime he wants the federal government to deal with those people watch this and i've been saying you know for the last year he he doesn't look the picture of health swear god all hunched up they always always come through in a half that the biden administration has to realize that that anti-science is a killer disinformation it's not even just disinformation i guess this is an anti-science empire right now and we need Homeland Security, we need the Justice Department, we've really got to figure this out and the health and health and human services will not be able to figure this out on their own.

Hey memo to Baylor: a lot of people give you money because they think you're a legitimate organization. This guy is discrediting you and our medical system, he's arguing in his little Baylor scrubs that people who don't agree with them belong in jail, the Justice Department needs to go after people who disagree with Peter Hotez. Sorry that that's what that's what he's saying when he's when he's putting the epithets of um right wing white supremacism and is the anti-science driver stepped into a very very strange world and look what he's relying on is his uh trump card of being able to call everyone an anti-semite that doesn't agree with him. We know that's what he's gonna do we looked at those um tweets the other day as he was pushing forward the idea that maybe he'd been a little extreme in pushing the vaccines but oh god it was just his concern to save lives, please please please don't take out on him, let's have an amnesty, but at the same time, at the same time you're a Hitler-worshipping white supremacist nazis that need to be rounded up by federal authorities. That's how fucked up this conversation's become, and that's that's why I've taken the approach that I've done, because it you've just got to take the piss out of it it's so absurd. I don't say Baylor sucks monkey nuts, I agree, I agree. All right, Peter Hotez, we have freedom of speech in this country, and no one should be more grateful for that than you.

Bravo, bravo Tucker! um yeah so i think that was me uh done yeah no more no more tabs or stories they need rounding up yeah uh see back a match says that's what confuses me, as all these doctors who claim to know how the body works taking so little care of them. Yeah, physicians: heal thyself.

um What is that?

From the forwarded letters CMP has asked for you do it ds 1500 for the above patient diagnosis aggressive lung cancer with metastasis. Please accept our sincere apologies for the previous text message sent this has been sent in error a message to you should have read… Okay.

Ah, good old NHS.

All right uh that's me out of here. Let me just check if anyone's hit that, uh don't know button. Come on keep the Doc in, uh do do do do that that's it all right so i'm gonna sign off now. But if you're watching on the replay you can uh zap your phone at the QR code. They're gonna use those weapons against us, we'll use them uh against them as well, uh why not? So uh I see, curious if we'll be seeing ground glass stuff coming up soon watched a short Dr. Trail vid before this stream came on um i i would presume so um but you know i sort of take the view that sars is less a respiratory pathogen a more a systemic coagulopathy that's that's what I think. It's uh oh, it just depends on the individual as well but um yeah, if you, if it presents as a respiratory infection expect to see the ground glass opacities but we, we know that those ground glass opacities are um coagulation in the, in the capillary beds of the lungs.

uh Simon says is better um isn't that the QR code? Doesn't uh the QR code go to um Pimp the event yes, go to our discord so if you're not a member of the discord you can go to, I'll put the link in the pay, uh paste the link in the chat.

Hit the join, the discord and let me put it in Rumble and um, become a member of our Discord. It's uh it's uh yeah I'm in it all day, you can speak to me you, can DM me um, I spend my time there trying to answer questions and uh, well we have a laugh as well um, but yeah we're having a Discord event and uh let's see, what's that? Just saw it yesterday in COVID patient ten days out other than that none. Okay um, well uh, what can I add to that? Not, not much else. Go to the, go to Discord, go to Discord and uh, the event um, I presume it'll be some djing and movie perhaps. uh Can't join Discord without a mobile phone um, no you can do it from a pc, I think, I think they still let you uh uh sign up without any phone. You just need a email, pretty sure um, let's see so yeah thank you Simon for the link, and yeah I'm gonna, I'm gonna call it a day and I will see you in tomorrow's new year's eve. Right, maybe I'll do a stream tonight, oh um we're maybe planning a round table uh, for new year's eve perhaps uh, on the weekend um it'll be myself uh, Mark Kulacz uh, Marie uh the virologist who I spoke to the other week and uh, Joanna will be joining us, and I'll see. I don't know anyone else that wants to join. I'll see if I can drag Charles in maybe, and uh we'll be discussing Nick as well, and we'll be discussing well anything and everything uh related to global bio warfare that they've unleashed. Right, that's it, I'm out of here. Let me do the sound board and see you guys in the next one, take care, god bless.