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Ep 169.5: Channel strike on video on vaping deaths in 2019 - More Juul exec censorship?

Good evening! It is 6.04 p.m. Eastern Standard Time on Wednesday, December 28th, year 2022. This is episode 512, a follow-on, a number 5 of the 169 series that I knew I'd get back to eventually. I had a hunch I didn't plan on it being today, but so be it. I'm the host, Mark Kulak, this is my little show, It's really brought to you by someone who's in the data storage industry for a long time as a competitive analyst, product marketing director, product developer, engineer, operating systems and device drivers, all within the data storage industry, also did some tech training with several big technology companies, Dell EMC, NetApp, Data General, Corporate Technologies, Reseller, Datto and a few others. And I use my background in competitive analysis, research, data collection, archival, and putting those skills to the test for the benefit of the community. And it started off really as someone who just wanted to research and raise awareness and provide advice on how to deal with addiction and a few other health issues, chemicals in the air, from off gassing, fabric softeners, and of course the challenges that the United States Medical System has with chronic Lyme disease. One thing led to the next and here we are in our fourth year.

The 169 series is kind of about huffing and puffing. It has things to do related to, I won't say any individuals just yet, but personnel out of the United States, Los Alamos National Laboratories concerning social distancing, concerning air quality, concerning, you guessed it, protecting the food supply and so on and so forth, and of course the risks of vaping in particular in the fall of 2019. Now in the fall of 2019 there wasn't just a small increase of vaping injuries. It wasn't just something that caught up to people. It was a catastrophic monumental increase, monumental increase that just happened to correspond with the breakout of coronavirus in Wuhan. I don't mean it was up 20 percent. I don't mean it was up 40 percent in the United States. Illnesses, lung injuries, scarring, all symptoms very similar to what they saw in Wuhan. I mean it was up 10 to 30 times, month over month.

Now even the CDC said back then, because there's actually a lot of good people at a lot of these institutes, regardless of the corruption that tends to lead them, that there was no way to be able to tell the difference between that and flu. So I keep mentioning these vaping illnesses as another thing that was going to add to flu-like illnesses and would have been rolled into starting in March of 2022, would have been rolled into coronavirus illnesses as well. It's just the way it is. Now we don't know exactly how many vaping illnesses or deaths there were. We don't know exactly because many of them were being diagnosed as flu and even the CDC admitted that. I don't know if the World Health Organization admitted that, but the CDC admitted that. And everything that was flu gets included as COVID. Anything with flu-like symptoms, any flu-like symptoms, lung symptoms, all rolled into COVID. Now whether or not it was underlying cause, we don't know. Sure enough, there were a lot of people sick. I'm not questioning that. But was the underlying cause in those actual sick people COVID? I don't know. What we are saying though is that there was an increase in vaping illnesses. And episode, let's call it out here, say hi to chat a little bit, I'm not really in a big rush today.

And it was episode 223, episode 223, number 223, it was number 90.3, okay? And that's what I actually took a snapshot of the cover. I can see I've lost a little weight, that's good. And this is the community guideline message that we got today. So it appears as though this video that was over a year and a half old just got a strike today. Medical misinformation, it says, YouTube doesn't allow content that disputes local health authority or a World Health Organization information by explicitly denying the existence of COVID-19 or its severity. All we did in that video was highlight several things which were adding up and contributing to the overall death toll. That's all we were doing. We weren't, we didn't say it doesn't exist. I mean, we can think whatever we think, but we did not say that explicitly. But just by mentioning, and what's going on right now? Why is it after all this time, someone seems to be haunting me about mentioning vaping issues? Hmm, I don't know. I don't know.

What I do know is this, is that it was just what, three months ago, Dr. Andrew Huff, who was a Juul vaping exec, called out my mentioning of this massive increasing vaping illnesses, misinformation. And then he asked everyone who followed him to block me. And I know that Andrew Huff was a Juul vaping exec because he said so, and he said so on an interview that was done with Robert Malone. And Dr. Robert Malone, who in 2018 or 2019, I'm not exactly sure exactly when, took several multi-hundred thousand dollar contracts for vaping companies. And we know that this vaping illness burst happened under Scott Godley, an FDA executive, who was also an ex-vaping executive.

Now that is a, that is a, now that is a constellation of coincidences. That's kind of hard to overlook. And now, more now, the channel strikes are coming. Now, whatever. You know what? They're going to play the game that they're going to play. I don't know exactly who filed the strike. I don't know. It's just a happenstance, I suppose, and coincidence. We can highlight coincidences, although we don't know exactly who filed the strike. But here we go, here we go. Now there's multiple parts about this that are upsetting. And I'm going to highlight why in particular, okay? I have to keep up with this. Because it wasn't so much as a month ago that Andrew Huff had an opportunity to get on Kim Dotcom's show and tell hundreds of thousands, if not millions of people that SARS-CoV-2 and only SARS-CoV-2 virus, nothing else, not one other thing, contributed to a million excess deaths in the United States of America. Andrew Huff, the vaping executive who was interviewed by a person who did vaping contracts under and saying that it's misinformation to talk about vaping illnesses that happened under an FDA executive who was also a vaping exec, says, no, can't talk about that. And he missed his opportunity here. Now we don't know.

Maybe it was only less than 10 people, which is tragic. But maybe it was statistically inconsequential to the COVID-19 numbers, or maybe it was a large number. If it was statistically so small that it was beyond mention, I could understand that. I would understand that, not doing that breakdown. However, we also know that for two years, the flu numbers went from, on average, from 20,000 to 50,000 a year down to zero. And because flu deaths were being symptomatically reassigned as COVID deaths. But that, in and of itself, does not cause excess death. The only way an excess death can occur is if somehow other people die to make up for those missing now 20,000 to 50,000 deaths a year from flu, which are now reassigned to COVID. And it just so happens that even though we had record numbers of opioid overdose deaths and drug overdose deaths overall going into 2020, the numbers were so much higher in those three years that it easily made up for the 80,000 to 100,000 missing flu deaths. Hence, because of this shell game that's being played, we have opioid overdose deaths facilitating an excess death number which COVID is taking advantage of. And Andrew Huff, a well-paid whistleblower if he's living in the 40th Avenue area of New York City and an executive at Juul, is calling me misinformation, telling people to block me while using the death of my son as a way to be able to justify the point he's trying to make.

And he had an opportunity to tell hundreds of thousands of millions of people this. And he failed to do that. He chose not to. Now that's not exactly the spirit that I would expect to come out of a Marine that supposedly was putting forward his life to save the United States of America. I would expect that person to want to represent the interests and the losses of Americans, not use them in the way that he did, but he did. And that's that.

So we're in this little game right now. It's a very serious game because I got into this trying to raise awareness of the actual problem with addiction. And it's not just because we have a bad border or there's bad people in China. It's far more complicated than that. And actually, I think the border is one of the least of the problems, as much as I still think that it should be secure. I got into this before coronavirus even started. And all of the steam on this problem, all the air has been taken out of the room. The energy has been removed. Not only has the energy and the focus been removed, funding hasn't come through. People still don't understand it, but it actually got worse. It got worse, monumentally worse. So it's very difficult to say, well, we're all on the same team here. It's not just a matter of splitting hairs. This is actually, demographically, the biggest problem right now, crushing US demographics. And it's one of the main reasons why we have such a substantial drop in life expectancy. And it includes my son's death, his friend's death, and multiple others who were lost over the last couple of years.

And I can't get attention to that right now because these people continue to want to say that it was COVID and only COVID that caused a million deaths. Now I don't know exactly how many people the SARS-CoV-2 mutated virus or the spike protein that came out of the lab in Wuhan actually did or didn't kill. Not saying that it's zero. Not at all. I'm saying it's not the most deadly thing that anyone ever laid their eyes on. We can't do a total breakdown. We'll never be able to show exactly what number it is. What I am saying, though, is that the number of losses from this drug crisis is so substantial that it is absolutely, totally irresponsible to continue to spew off this one million number without any attempt, without any desire, any effort to break it down. That's not just being dishonest. That's literally using funding, attention that other people need to justify your own selfish goals.

So where are we right now? Well, the situation we're at right now is I got another channel strike. And of course, it's going to come back to vaping. I don't want an apology. What I want is for you to share this video. I want as many people as possible to look me in the eye and understand exactly what's going on here. We're not on the same team. We're not on the same team. If the reason why we got into this, I did, to fight this issue is being hijacked by you for your efforts. We're not even close to being on the same team.

So with that said, we'll look at comments a little quickly. We've got 17 minutes in. And it's also why I did a couple of shows recently on identifying fallacies. I was trying to exactly understand how this construct applied to the breakdown of deaths, the excess deaths. And it's a misunderstanding that COVID-19 is a new reason for death on a death certificate. But that does not, because it's being used as a put on death certificates for people that simply symptomatically met the reasons for COVID-19. It's not as if COVID-19 deaths wouldn't have happened anyways. That's the issue. Now, if a new cause of death was, I don't know, dying in a flying car or something like that, something that literally didn't exist before and wasn't simply a reassignment of something else, that's one thing. But COVID-19 on a death certificate is not that. Also, this is why I keep highlighting that, although it's very complicated, the Sackler family of Purdue Pharma, the number one and number two recipients of their billions of dollars of philanthropy was gene therapy and synthetic exosome research and indirectly Moderna. Now, it had to go somewhere, and related to something pharmaceutical, it is what it is. Think about that. Think about how, have a little bit of skepticism about how the gene therapy companies, which got their opportunity because of all the excess deaths, got a lot of research dollars from the company that enabled the opioid crisis in part. You don't think that's a little odd. Why isn't everyone talking, not talking about that?

So let's do comments a little bit, and I don't want to be on here too long. I do vape. I know a lot of people that vape. And it's not that, there's long-term illnesses with almost anything, right? I mean, I'm certainly not the picture of perfect health myself. I'm not saying that, and I'm not saying that everyone who vapes got sick. What I'm saying is that it's very clear if you look at the numbers, early first week of September, the numbers were catastrophic increase, 500% minimum. That's not something that just happens because it just caught up to people. That suggests contamination. That's what that suggests. That doesn't suggest long-term injury. If it was up 10 to 20% year over year, that's a really hard signal. No, no, no. It was a massive increase.

Also noteworthy is that the increase happened before Wuhan took its virus databases offline. I know the drastic group talks a lot about how China taking their databases in their Wuhan lab. Excuse me, I meant Wuhan lab. Their Wuhan virus databases offline is a signal that they were planning to do something or already involved in a leak of sorts. If you look at the order, those databases were taken offline after it was announced that we had this unprecedented, unexplainable surge in vaping illness in the United States of America. It's hard to say that Wuhan was only responding to something that was happening in Wuhan when something that was happening in the United States with very similar symptoms was happening before those databases were taken offline. Something for the drastic group to consider.

Yeah, good for you. How are you doing, Horatius? Horatius says, I do vape, but I make my own liquids. That's fine. I think vaping overall is what it is. We're not talking about the overall health impacts pro or cons of vaping. What we're saying is that the signal was off the charts. You can't say it was a long-term impact. It was clearly contamination, and it was in the thousands. As it was going up, it no sooner started to go up, the number of emergency room visits, then it went down because it was being called flu, and then it was being called COVID if it was still happening, which I think it still was. Am I late? You're not too late, Horatius. This is a short video, just a quick status update and trying to tie together a few threads that we've done recently.

In this case, it's about a channel strike that we got for a year and a half old video where I dare to mention vaping as a component of COVID-19 deaths. I appreciate the fact that there are many people who are having a debate about the overall damage of SARS-CoV-2 virus, the method which it spreads, et cetera. I am not in a position to do a full breakdown on every single death, and I'm not going to. That would be foolish and getting over my skis. But I'm on absolute solid ground, 5,000 PSI concrete here when I'm saying that there was an excess death attributed somewhere between 80,000 to 110,000 over three years to the drug overdoses. Because of the way things have been rearranged in the shell game of causes of death, that gets rolled into the excess mortality numbers, which are now being counted as part of the 1 million COVID deaths. Now, that's not 100% of the COVID deaths. It's 8%, maybe on the low side, 7, maybe 11. There's a lot of confusion right now, but it's a high enough number, and it's also predominantly people under the age of 40, which is one of the reasons why we have this massive life expectancy decrease in the United States right now. And without an attempt being made to parse that out, to highlight that, Huff had a million people or so listening to this podcast. He could have called that out. He could have called it out and still had a very high number of people for COVID deaths.

Now, of course, there's other factors that go into that, which I think should be further broken down. But again, it's getting a little over my skills and out of my subject matter expertise. However, he chose not to call out the one thing that's impacting the most young people. And he knows it, and he did so dishonestly and intentionally. That's not what a hero whistleblower Marine does. Something stinks here. So it's more than just a little division, a different way of tackling COVID. This is very, very serious, and it's taken me a while to actually even myself realize that it was this energy, this funding, attention, everything else that was been siphoned out of the drug overdose issue and taken by COVID. I didn't even quite understand it myself. Until now.

Hey, Marty, how you doing? Yep, yep, that's right. That's right, Marty. So any other quick questions here? We did have a very, very, well, I shouldn't say we had a good Christmas. We had a very low key Christmas. It was a tough Christmas. You know, there was some blessings, and it was some challenges also. But we got through it. Lots of fentanyl coming over the border. There is, but there's a lot of fentanyl available from veterinary clinics. There's fentanyl available from many other sources as well. There was a loophole. I don't know if it still exists. Some people were able to order fentanyl directly from China, and I don't know if it was either FedEx or the United States Post Office, wouldn't actually be checking the packages. There's lots of ways it can come in, and you could have enough fentanyl to kill a hundred million people. You still need to actually get them to breathe it in somehow or inject it, although it has caused a lethal problem with repressed pills, sometimes people who are 14 years old doing what 14, 15-year-old kids do, which is being stupid and taking chances. I don't know why we make kids that way, but it is what it is. They go to a party, and they've never done drugs before, and they die that night because of some artificial repressed pill that actually contains fentanyl or fentanyl-laced marijuana. But the real problems of addiction are complex. It has to do with bad diet, all the electronic stimulus around us, the breakdown of the family, all of our other dependencies on pharma, it's a litany of reasons. It's although the border should be secure, it is what it is, but if you talk to families who have lost children from this, you'd be surprised at how seldom they say border security is the real issue. They want secure borders, but most of them, there's actually a lot of them who will actually get really mad if they say, if you come out with border issues, because what they're thinking of is when their kid had their wisdom teeth pulled and were given a 30-day supply of Oxycontin as the time that they lost them. They're not thinking about a border issue, and it is what it is, nonetheless, borders just should be secure. I don't understand it. I don't understand why, at what point. I'm not saying insane, just anyways, that's a whole other issue, but you can see how it happens. I've been trying to ask my congresswoman about this, and she doesn't get back to me about it. You're taking time to go on your holiday parties with the Bidens. You can't get around to this. No change in laws required.

If we have so much money to spend on so many other things, it just highlights it. If it wasn't for all of this energy being taken by this fight over COVID deaths, that also would restore energy funding attention to the drug overdose issue, but it's not being relinquished. In fact, they're still continuing to misuse those numbers, and it's not an obvious way. People go, of course, that those numbers, there's no way drug overdoses are being counted as COVID deaths, not directly known. You have to understand the shell game that has happened. Many people know flu didn't go from 20 to 50,000 a year to zero. Most people know that, but they haven't put together the myth that what they're missing in their mind is that excess deaths don't happen just because you'd call a flu death a COVID death.

When Rick Bright says we had a million people die, that would be here otherwise. We had a million excess deaths, and we had a million deaths from COVID, so all the excess deaths might be because COVID exists now, but whereas beforehand it didn't. That's a disingenuous statement, and he's able to make that statement because we did have a million excess deaths. We had a million excess deaths. That is not up for debate in the United States. We had that. Why? Why is the attitude? If we can't blame it on COVID, it's almost like saying they didn't happen. Who is seeding the community with this logic? Is it these no-vax's people, the people who don't believe in viruses? How is it that we actually have a million excess deaths over three years, and the logic is if you don't think it's COVID, you don't think it happened? Who got the larger community to think like that? That's the game. That's what we're up against, guys. I don't want this video to be any longer. It's already 31 minutes, and there's going to be a great show tonight on John L. Laughlin's channel with St. Nick and David Underdown. Check it out. It's 3 p.m., and that's all, guys. Thank you for watching. Thank you for all the support. You guys are great. Love you, and we will be around again soon.