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Yeah, back, back, and apologies for the breaks folks, but I wasn't feeling too good Friday. I did a stream Friday, right? Saturday, Sunday, I just, I was burnt out, burnt out, but I'm all refreshed, all recharged and ready to rock and roll. And well, I wish, I wish I had more focused, focused stream because there's a, how would you say, a smorgasbord of stories and topics to cover. And it's very, you know, I want to make sure that I try to do my best giving particularly the science, but I do think that the professional opinion, I would be going to find out that much more about the pathophysiological mechanisms of SARS.

Probably not. I'm going to cover it a little bit today because there's a expression of concern about one of the first papers highlighting long COVID. So I thought it important to bring that up. And there's, well, there's data I want to look at, which sort of reinforces the idea that perhaps there's a, an immune aspect to it. And maybe we're seeing reactivation of Epstein and I don't know what I've just seen pop up in my chat there, but what is that? My arm is missing and I didn't lose it. It was strategically removed and I'm doing it again on Friday. I've cut off my arm last year and it's the best decision I've ever made. Yeah. It's not, it's not a new phenomenon that sort of body dysmorphia and people asking for their limbs to be removed. God damn it. What a, what a bizarre looking picture and such a pretty, well, it's hard to tell through the profile pic there, I guess, but the, yeah, people wanting their limbs removed is one of those medical oddities where it seems to be accelerating in pace with all the gender, gender dysphoria that they're injecting into our children. So lots of, lots of limbs being removed and inverted and God knows what else that they do. She needs to munch. Fat Angie is threatening to leave Twitter. I've got…

I've got a few tabs just to celebrate the joy that Twitter has become as, as we begin and what, what else could I, there was a few things I wanted to touch on. Oh yeah. So I was, people have sort of been asking me about Housatonic Mark's, Mark's take on DEFUSE. And I would, I would say this, look, I'm, I'm of the opinion that DEFUSE generally, like all the timing and all the individuals involved, et cetera, all fits a pattern of behavior that we, it would, it's hard to ignore. And in light of Lin Fa Wang, basically saying that doing an interview for science magazine, trying to sort of weasel his way out of the, the parts that were suspect. I'm inclined to believe it's real. I don't, I don't doubt Charles's whistleblower, et cetera. But Mark raises some important points and that is that we don't have the original as submitted on whatever DARPA's website. And as a consequence, yeah, potentially there are holes in, not holes, weaknesses that could be exploited were we are, or if we're successful in getting people to courts. And again, what I would do is make a plea to those who reside in the U S to use the FOIA mechanism, which is available to you to make sure that you FOIA anything and everything to do around DEFUSE. Now do I think DEFUSE is the be all and end all? No. I would maybe say this, that yeah, his name was Wang, Lin Fa Wang, if you want to believe those funny Asian names. The, you know, what's, what, what's my sort of 30,000 foot view of what's going on? And you know, this is something I speak about constantly is that we're in some form of next generation hybrid warfare. The thing that I'm unsure about is exactly who that is against. I have suspicions that we're struggling against. Maybe Kabal is overly dramatic, but a nexus of public private partnership offshoots, the WEF type archetypes, big business, transnational corporations. You can mix it all up and they have plans for us, which is some of the stories that I wanted to cover today.

And they have designs on how they want to shape the 21st century. And you know, we can, we can, but hope that compared to previous centuries, all out wars against nations, barring what we see in Ukraine. And let's hope that remains limited that they realize that any sort of modern war is likely to impact on them such that their holiday retreats are not going to be so pleasant as we're all, we're all likely to be suffering from the effects. So who drives the boat says family member was responsible for creating foyer for government to what it is today. Oh, very good. Um, like I say, we have these tools available to us and I would, again, I would encourage people to do everything humanly possible to at least push back in these moments that we have because for sure as shit, they're not going to stop with respect to their, how should we say their plans, I guess is the other chat isn't updating correctly. Is it? Ah, why, why, why? What about if I do that? I have to put one over here and I have, I have rumble chat and the regular chat. Um, but you know, what are, what are, what are we doing here? And like I say, short, short of naming and shaming their organizations and they are many, they are legion. I don't think there's a whole lot that we can do to sort of stop their juggernaut.

The technology is in place, the programs are in place. And I say, that's what I want to look at. Um, again today, and yeah, Talpiot boys, that's got damn Talpiot boys always messing with me. And the, I, again, I would just say this, our job right now is to make sure that you get through all their machinations as it's going to roll out over the coming weeks and you know, weeks, years, sorry, because it's, it's obviously a multi-year plan and we're three years in, we're three years into them going all in. They've gone all in to push forward the dystopian technocratic nightmare that's barreling down onto us. And like I say, don't get taken out by, you know, rolling up your sleeve for a medical experimentation because that's what it is. Try to avoid getting exposed to their agents as they, as they emerge from laboratories. And yeah, you've got to, we've all got to survive when we do that. I'm speaking, I'm starting to get quite warm in here. It's, it's, it's incumbent upon you, right? It's not, not me. Hey, I can't, I can't do much beyond here and sort of point and laugh at stuff. Maybe do a paper that's important today.

Oh, that's one of the things I've wanted to do is we're going to address a discussion from Kevin McKernan about the quasi species swarm. That's another thing that I wanted to do. So, you know, the, there's no cavalry coming. Okay. And you know, it's, it's great that Elon Musk has bought Twitter and we've got a sort of little bit of wiggle room and having a chance just to put your words into a tweet without worries that the Starzy are going to come in and basically they don't kick in your door nowadays. But let's see, I heard on a podcast, the latest spike protein is losing some of its amyloidogenic capabilities. Is that true? It's lost part of the prion binding domain. And actually that's on my screen right now. This, this, it, it was nicely summarized in work done by, let me, let me just do this. And of course my camera's not working right. That's right. Last stream I did. I was, I was speaking with Charles. So if you want a good summary of what has been lost is that there has been some slight changes to the receptor binding domain, which was identified by Tets and Tets as having this pre on like binding capacity. And we've known this for quite some time. It's slightly different to the amyloidogenic sequences, which are amino acid sequences that are embedded in the spike. Now we, we did a check the other week and we compared it to OC43, right. And OC43, which is a SARS like virus. And I can't remember what we compared it to. I think just the original Wuhan strain are virtually identical. The only, again, the only difference being, and I said this a lot, I think last week was the other week before maybe was the only differences is the fearing cleavage site and fearing cleavage site as I understand it is still there in every, every strain that's currently circulating.

And so yes, in effect, that's true. Now maybe I can just copy that DOI number. It was James Howard Kuntzler podcast. But if you want there that DOI number and this is on research gate and Jean-Claude Perez and Claire Morais Charmin. Oh, and of course, Luke Montagne. And they do a very, very nice job of sort of cataloging the changes. And it's a good ground grounding in what these prion like domains, how they distribute. And the point, I guess, I would hammer home is that the pre-arm domain signature in SARS was small relative to other peptides and proteins and whatever else you want to look at. And again, that's something I was going to cover in this stream, which was how, how we can or what other agents or viruses could be outplaying. Now it's too bloody cold. Cut them. Just can't, can't get comfortable in me. Let me see here. But and you know, I can tell you just at a big picture type analysis in neuroscience, the focus prior to SARS primarily were herpes like viruses. And that was the primary suspect, I guess. And what we'll see is that there's a reactivation of herpes like viruses in response to SARS. I say, I don't think we have all the answers here. Now, again, will someone come up with some very elegant experiment which can go from in silico to experiments in a dish to live organism experiments and map out perfectly all that pathology and how it relates to amyloidogenic pathologies. I doubt it. What's this? Pre-exposure to mRNA lipid nanoparticle inhibits adaptive immune responses. Yes, we know this. So the in public domain science, there's, there's a lot that we don't know. There's a lot we make assumptions about. And there's a lot that sort of fits certain hypothetical frameworks.

Okay, we like to say we don't have nowhere near as much of the answers maybe as some would like to portray. And, you know, it's just, it's my job just to try to highlight risks and for you to adjust your behavior accordingly. Now, look, do I think it's one of the worst ideas ever to go and gene transfect yourself with the genetic material that will encode for the OG spike coming out from that came out from Wuhan. So, you know, I would be just just tread carefully, folks. That's, that's all I would say. And link for paper. Just put them in. And I don't know who James Howard Consular is. But yeah, I hope I hope that sort of answered that question. So let's move on. And of course, it's all covered up with stuff. But shout out to good doggy for this, which is at the top, it says, we are the Borg and variable variable loop inserts. And yeah, you get it. If you want, if you want to grab that meme, there you go. See, James Howard Consular writes about peak oil, American author.

You see, there's another thing that I don't believe in. I'm not sure there's such a thing as peak oil. I'm I'm kind of sold on, I forget who it was the author was Deep Hot Biosphere, or something like that, which is, you know, we know that there are bugs, which bacteria which spew out methane, etc. And just under the heat and pressure of the Earth's crust, I imagine that oil is just something that naturally, it's just intrinsic to the chemistry, that it'll make longer and longer chains and thus the oil that we some of the oil. Now, I don't believe that it's just rotted or dinosaurs that got crushed under miles of Earth crust, I guess, maybe some of it is. I mean, coal, I kind of believe that those are ancient forests, kind of, maybe. I don't know, I don't know enough geography. But what I am certain of is that they're leveraging environmentalism as a as a means to control populations. We've seen that and that's I want to sort of discuss in this stream. See, the idea that oil becomes economically unfeasible to frack out of the ground. Well, that's that's just dependent on the prices, right of the oil. It's not if they can get $100 a barrel, then it's probably economically viable. If it's $30 a barrel, maybe not so much. And I would imagine in the current circumstances where they decided that Russia and Russian oil is persona non grata, that the fracking and all the other ways of drilling for oil become more economically viable. But the problem is, is that they don't want us to have these fossil fuels or these access to easy energy because it suits their agenda. And that agenda is one of control, Malthusian driven form of psychosis, where they want to denude the population and the the current numbers that we have. And, you know, for maybe maybe they are just psychopaths and revel in death and misery, maybe. But I'm I'm more inclined to believe that they're just they're believers, they're believers in their own propaganda. And as a consequence, us, the Untermensch, us proles, are just are just going to get rushed under their diktats and programs that they push from up on high.

There's there's very little that we can do again, as I say, except to survive and make have children, lots of children. They don't like that. Let's see. Let's see. Green River Basin, so say holds more than Saudi. It's shallow and too thick to flow. Fracking doesn't cause earthquakes. I don't know. I don't know. Like I say, it's a bit out my wheelhouse. All I'm certain of is that I don't I don't like where these technocrats are pushing us. And if anything, the last three years have they've shown their hand and they're confident in their hand such that zero fucks are given. It's like they're not going to be eating bugs. They're not going to be cold. But you are. OK. We all are, I should say. Too many human monkeys running around, says Klaus. Maybe, maybe. I just I just think that it's control. It's control and them having the mechanism or the hands on the levers and the mechanisms to control populations such that they can commodify your behavior. And in a world where it's very likely that much of the trades are going to be automated away. Now, no one gave a fuck when it was Joe Blow who had to go down the coal mines or traipse into the factory floor. Nine to five or not. Whatever factory hours. When I worked in factories, it was all bloody hours and shift work. But these are that they want control. OK. And they what you think you think they're just going to relinquish it for a bucolic meritocracy. Where you, the commoner, are going to be able to rub shoulders, rub shoulders with royalty for the blue blood or the Bitcoin fucking trillionaires. Right. Ain’t happening, OK?

You're going to be shoveled into the smart cities. You're already in smart cities, OK? If you're hooked up to Internet, you're hooked in, OK? And you've got smartphone? They're tracking you, right? The hooks are in already. Now that now they're just going to turn the screws and sort of instantiate the 21st century equivalent of Bolshevism, where literally you're going to have to have papers and fucking QR codes to travel 15 minutes from your house.

Blowing up the Georgia guidestones was a DMS for the Masons. I don't know what the direct message you mean. Maybe. Maybe. I don't know. I mean, I'm I've watched that footage endlessly. OK. And it's kind of kind of look like a lightning bolt, but maybe dead man's switch. OK. I don't I don't know. I don't know. But anyway, let's let's get on with the stream, shall we? And I'm making Stowaway cool again. Yeah, look, you want to be free. OK. Go go live out in the woods. You can have to do it with probably it's probably going to be a pretty harsh existence unless you've got the upfront collateral to make sure that you you have all the off grid of luxuries that you that you expect. And, you know, if you've got a fracking well on your property, you're probably all right. The rest of us, we're going to be in bugs. All right. Let's see. Hope you have some shared updates. Can't stay long working on my stream.

OK. Good to see you, Marie. Right. So let's move on. So if you've wandered in here, wondering in my. Yeah, I am a legit scientist. I'm not going to harp on about this. Get fed up saying the same thing all the time again and again every week, every day. But you can you can find me on PubMed, etc. But ResearchGate has has it all aggregated. You can go there and you can see that I did used to I used to do I used to be a believer in the system. OK.

And it was I was this close, this close to selling on technology that would just just be part of the ability to control you down to a exquisite detail. And, you know, you can. What was it me in a moment of existential angst that just said, oh, my God, I'm not doing it anymore. No, it was just circumstances sort of. Flip me down this pathway. And where I still hooked into that system and one of the privileged technocrats, I might be on the other side of the equation. I like to think that I wouldn't. But, you know, human beings are short sighted monkeys a lot of the time. And, you know, if I was coining it in and everyone everyone was going to fly me around first class so I could go and talk to other technocrats at international conferences in nice parts of the world, I might still be doing it. It's only because I fucking cracked my noggin and couldn't carry on doing this right now. Sounding the alarm, getting a Cassandra complex. Where was I? Right. Yeah, this this I want to please, please, please become a patron. Become if you like the entertainment and the insights become a. Oh, you can send a tip. I wanted to say send it there. We talk, you listen. If you’re wedded to Gay-Pal, we have a link. Stream fags gay pal. Probably probably not helping my cause. So obnoxious on my front page. But this is this is the style in which I chose to fight this fight. And, you know, help help by struggling. I'm relegated to coming at the Internet. I'm proud to say that that was something I got hold of long, long before I realized. Stay away. Stay away from the pornos on the Internet. There's a reason they give it away for free. And they want you. They want you all combed out. No fight left in you. Right. Stop. Stop watching pornos, folks. It's a bust. Oh, yeah. Make me see the light. All right. And did it make me see the light? It was just it was just I wasn't able to do the job that I was trained to do. Right. To run a lab and write grants and papers requires an inordinate amount of dedication, especially when you're still sort of climbing up the ladder. And it took a long time for me to get over the long term consequences of that impact. And just in doing so, I'm I'm now a pauper. That's it, pauper. That's why that's why I put e-griftlings out there. Make my little tink up. I mean, like I can…

I can still leverage my scientific credentials. I have access to a lab where we've gone and looked at vaccines. Oh, that's another thing I wanted to look at. I mentioned it last week, but I want to take a look at the high wire and the discussion with Ryan Cole, because there you're going to see experiments that we've done already. We did them months ago. And it's good to well, it's nice that someone's getting the same data, the same results. Thanks to our newest monthly site supporter, Jason in Utah. Thank you, Jason. Thank you for supporting me. Support, support this broken, broken neuroscientist. And, you know, there's it's not just me. I've got kids and those individuals you see. I can't really point at it. In the top left hand corner. I tried to. If I if I'm making money doing this, going to lab and websites are working. There are people work in the background as well that I'd like to chuck a little bit to as well to say thank you. OK, I'm not I'm not some greedy fucking dragon sitting sitting on my Patreons. Just breaking it in. What's that? I went out the other day and got money out of the telemachine. I've been in too long. I saw a thingy for that new money. What is it? I've got the name Bitcoin Bitcoin. Yeah. No, I didn't get my traumatic brain injury through corn. I sent it. Yeah. Sorry, Marie. Knock it off. All right. So…

What I want to do as well is say we do have our own streaming platform. I should be live on there right now. Maybe. Yeah, they can see all three people watching that live. Yeah, there's a lot that goes into that. It's bloody expensive. And but I'm I'm sort of of the opinion that, you know, we can't trust anything that's corporation right now. And so I'm trying, you know, you're you're funding to me. I was into running this. This isn't cheap. I don't know how long I can keep it going at the current rate. But the it works. It works. You can stream on it. If you want to stream, drop me a line. You can stream on it as well. If you want to upload stuff, there's try to archive stuff. Use use all this storage that we pay for. Please. I beg of you. Otherwise, it'll go away. All right. Let's get on enough. Enough of me talking about me. Let's talk about something interesting, which was this came up whilst I was getting ready. And oh, wait. He must put out a tweet saying his pronouns are prosecute and Fauci. And of course, of course, some blue checkmark moral fagging. Year in space, New York Times bestselling author goes on to say, Oh, God, please don't mock and promote head towards already marginalized and at risk of violence members of the LGBTQ community. They are real people with real feelings. Furthermore, Dr. Fauci is a dedicated public servant whose sole motivation was saving lives. Now, look, Elon Musk could have left it at that, but it's come to say I strongly disagree. Forcing your pronouns upon others when they didn't ask and implicitly ostracizing those who don't is neither good nor kind to anyone. Bravo appear common sense. Hallelujah. Hallelujah. As for Fauci, he lied to Congress and funded gain of function research that killed millions of people. Not awesome in my opinion. Again, far rather based retort. I mean, when you own the platform, I guess you can you can get away with it. And I would like to say thank you to Elon because I'm using one of my own older channels that we talk you listen one WT while underscore live. And yeah, just give a middle finger to the mutton crooks. I know you're watching and we know who they are. These people, these people who have me banned left, right and center. Fuck you. That's what I say. I'm struck that nobody asked. So yeah, bravo. I'm I'm I'm really enjoying Twitter at the moment. It's fantastic. What can I say? You know, but before people used to call 999 for their per fee fees. This is how human exchange used to take place. I used to have to, you know, your parents instilled in you sticks and stones may break my bones, but names will never hurt me. Scott Kelly, you faggot. You need to man up, man up and stop fucking virtue signaling and waving your rainbow crotch in everyone's face. That's what I say. But of course, in response to that, of course we have great help Peter Hotez. That's right. His daughter, who's it's a retard goes on for the record. Dr. Fauci has done nothing wrong except serve our nation. In the meantime, Mr. Musk should know that 200,000 Americans needlessly lost their lives from Covid due to this kind of anti-science rhetoric and disinformation. I'm asking you to take down this tweet. This is the same Peter Hotez who put articles out there literally asking for more censorship because of memes, memes that we were putting on the internet, taking the fun out of people who we know, we know have been lying about origins, the roles of laboratories, the covering, doing everything to obfuscate all those institutes that we know are complicit in driving us in the direction that we're going. And I look forward to the day that Peter Hotez is standing in front of a jury of his peers, a very pissed jury because they've likely lost someone to Covid or a vaccine, a vaccine. Let's see, taking the piss out of what? Kelly and his wife's anti-gun BS. I'm not sure what that means. Kelly took John McCain's seat in Congress after the piece of shit finally went to hell. What? I don't know what you're on about here but Elon is a shill of the highest order, mark my voids. Qwerty, you're a spag of the highest order, okay? I've never seen, learn that engaging in purity spirals isn't good for you, okay? Because eventually you're gonna be ending up in a foxhole with someone, okay?

And you wanna hope that they're firing in the right direction. And if they are firing in the right direction, don't get your daggers out and stab them in the back, okay? I would put it in these terms. There's probably a lot of people who thought that they were just gonna be fine and dandy as the new systems were being brought in. But as they realized that their middle class lifestyle is gonna be trampled on, realizing that probably that they need to get into foxholes as well. And you know what? You're gonna hold a purity spiral over me because I used to physically work on the technologies that was all about categorizing real-time behavior and sending in electrical impulses into the brain to stop it in its tracks. You're gonna engage in a purity spiral about me? Give me a favor, dude.

Mark Kelly. I'm not sure why we're talking about Mark Kelly. Why is this come up in conversation? That's an American politician. Oh, that guy. I see. The virtue signaling faggot, right? Thank you. Thank you, St. Tropeed. He has an interesting story. I don't wanna know it. I want to know how... I want to know my foxhole mate will know how to cook bugs well. Yeah. He makes some gourmet cricket toast. Sorry, St. Tropeed. I wasn't making the connection, so bear with me. Let's see. Lady Warrior says, Elon is actually showing people that the elites do not give a flying fuck what you think your pronouns are. They don't care. It's done now.

Yeah. Again, these are all control mechanisms that they're pushing in to place. And maybe Elon Musk just doesn't... Not down with the program. If it's anything, he's eccentric and likes, I don't know, likes solving complex problems. Maybe he doesn't like the woke agenda. Maybe he's fed up. And especially after having cleaned house at Twitter, he's probably realizing what a shit hole philosophy that it is. And he's just trying to do his best, just doing his bit like I am. Let's see. All right. So... What did I get onto? So, yeah, this was kind of interesting to me. So this sort of Venn diagram was published and sort of network diagram, Venn diagram, I don't know, Venn network. It looks kind of Venn-like to me.

But basically showing how much sort of censorship of major accounts there were. And it's made me laugh. But pro-Trump slash QAnon activists, political right and the left. And this is how things used to look on Twitter. And you can see black is deleted accounts. And I can say there's a slight imbalance in the accounts that were censored. And I imagine a good proportion of those are mine. So just take that in, right? Have a look at that and just realize how bad the censorship was. So right now, I'm going to take the wins where I can get them, OK?

And if Elon Musk is poking holes in those that want to force pronouns on us and those that want to dance naked in front of little children with the pretense of reading them a book, I'm up for it. Because I think things are so fucking desperate right now. I don't think I make up half, but it's a good proportion. It's a good proportion that are mine. Let's see. Where was I? Looks like a massacre. Yeah. If that was bullet holes, right? Someone had their scope honed in on the right and the Trump-tards and Q-tards of this world. Doc is constantly laughing. I try. I try. Otherwise, they're all just black pills. Black pill after black pill after black pill. All right. Tried to make it funny for you. All right. So yeah.

So this I can't I can't confirm this, but apparently as well as Fouch's daughter working at Twitter, one of the leading persons on Twitter's trust and safety board was Leslie Podesta, John Podesta's niece. Comet ping pong, anyone? You know, rampant paedophilia amongst the ruling elite. And we know that child pornography has been a major issue on Twitter for some reason, right? I would say probably this side of the network diagram of those are the ones that are responsible, primarily responsible for all the kiddy diddler porn. And it's true. Is it like I say, I haven't had any. It wouldn't surprise me. It wouldn't surprise me to to find out that that's the case. It just goes to show, right, that the odds are stacked against you. OK. And right now, I'll take the wins where we can get them.

I don't know. Maybe Elon Musk is herding people into the next trap. OK. And he's going to be harvesting data, et cetera. And the robot dogs are going to be bouncing down the street with their machine guns on top and rounding us all up. Maybe, maybe. But you know what? I'll deal with that problem when it when it arrives. This problem where we're just trying to get speech out, trying to have discussions. I'll take, like I say, I'll take the win. Thank you. And those wins are very few and far between at the moment. What's this? The enemy of my enemy. Yeah, sometimes there's a strategy that works. What's this? Three of us reside. Yes, there's a Podesta there. Oh, you couldn’t make it up, man. Oh, there she is. Look, Leslie Podesta. And what do we have? What do we have? A fucking fag flag virtue signal in the bio. I'm sick of these people. I really am. I'm done. And you know what?

In Japan, it's still an island of sanity here. You don't see it. Right. People have got more important things to do. But in the West, you're under a sustained attack of subversion right now, normalizing behaviors that literally, you know, I don't think you can get rid of it. And, you know, it's some homos out there. All right. I like Nick. I'm glad Nick's part of our community. OK. But going around shoving rainbow and rainbow is such an insidious thing because kids are naturally drawn towards it. So, yeah, again, if we can give a middle finger to these people just for one, just just so we just get a bit of satisfaction as we're taken to the digital gulag, a little a little poke in the eye of our robot overlords, I'll take it. I'll take the win. Is he putting chips in brains? No, I don't think so. Look, again, yes, the intent is there. But the technology is far, far away. And they don't need to put stuff in your brain. OK. They're close. I don't have a phone here. But they're close enough with the phones right now. And think of all the people that go around with smart watches. That's that's giving off loads of biological telemetry, etc. And Yuval Harari is and his wet dream is is well on the way to completion. So, you know, I don't I don't think that there's a within the next couple of years, you're not going to be lining up to have electrodes and probes put in your brain. It's too difficult.

We don’t… Again, we’re having problems with a quote unquote simple vaccine gene transfection, OK? We're a long way from them being able to either through cracking open your skull or finding some futuristic nanomaterial that will cross the blood brain barrier and have enough resources to beam out a constant source of telemetry on what your brain is doing. They don't they don't need that, OK? I heard Elon wants to make some WeChat out of Twitter. I don't know what the difference is between WeChat and Twitter. Let's see what this is. Leslie Podesta has previously confirmed she is in fact related to Hillary… Hillary Clinton’s chief of staff and modern day bogeyman John Podesta. Yes. And this one for vaccines. Let's see. I've clicked that one. I do like this account. That one's not opening for me. It just gives me the same one. Oh, OK. Here we go. Leslie Podesta.

Leslie Podesta has had a long career in public policy, administration and advocacy, particularly in regard to children. No shit. Marginalized people and digital rights. She was head of the Office of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Health for Commonwealth Australia and led the National Childhood Immunization Program, the development of national health incident response to communicable disease outbreaks, including HIV, Hepatitis C, SARS and avian influenza. Well, there we go. That explains a lot. So fuck these people. I hope I really hope that they've got a bucket full of sand in their vagina right now because people like me being able to post on Twitter again and aren't posting that much just when I go live. Thank you for that. Much, much appreciated. All right. Now, what did I want to get onto? Oh, yeah. So some dystopia, right?

This was this was sent to me. Now, it's cheesy. It's cheesy as fuck. But we're going to, we're going to watch a bit of Kino, folks. It's called Early Warning, made in 1981. And I just want to watch a couple of minutes of it just just to show you that the concepts that we're dealing with are not new. Now, forgive the cheesy acting and the terrible music and the that over the top makeup. But I think this is I might have to just slow it down. One second. I'll do it this speed. Now, three, four minutes of this and I'm going to vape away. So. So, yeah, just this this movie is called Early Warning, folks, Early Warning. It's my segway into the next section. So just to set the stage here, this is a reporter who thinks that he's broken a massive, massive story. And it doesn't explain why he's in this data center precisely. But he is he is in this data center. And now it gets interesting.

“Since our last meeting, we've made tremendous progress. And I'd like to say that most of the credit goes to our extremely efficient International Research and Development Committee. I would like to thank each and every one of you for your hard work and dedication to our cause. In reviewing this year's progress, let me say that we have been highly effective in conditioning the people's minds to accept our solution to the world's problems. The energy crisis here in the United States was exceptionally successful worldwide”.

That was that was classic. Bravo to that. I was going to use the SN word, but…

“We expect similar success with our upcoming food shortage. Our labor leaders have made great progress by causing confusion and work stoppages in all areas of the world. Financially, the dollar is being devalued even faster than we could have hoped. Politically, the public has lost total confidence in any form of government. The threat of universal war is a daily possibility. As you know, we ourselves do not need to hold any visible office of leadership. As a matter of fact, it's better that we do not. If we control the finances, news media, food, transportation, energy, we control everything. It is important that you as world leaders keep our program before your countrymen. With our World Bank and computer program operation, we now have the capacity to control the financial affairs of every human being on earth by giving each person his own computer number. Anytime his number is used, we would know his financial situation at once. He cannot buy or sell anything without his computer number. It will simplify the lifestyles tremendously. The end result will be a one-world monetary and government system that we alone will control. Yes. What about the people who forget their number or their cards are lost or stolen? We've made provisions for that. By using this laser imprinter, we can painlessly and permanently affix a person's number to the back of his hand or his forehead if he so desires. The numbers would be easily read by this new ultraviolet scanning equipment. For the purposes of demonstration, I've had such a number imprinted on myself. Once this number is imprinted, it cannot be lost nor can it be changed. Now, are there any questions? What about the individuals who refuse to have this number implantation? We expect some minor resistance, especially from highly motivated religious groups. But eventually hunger will cause even the most zealous to conform to our program. Mr. Chairman, I am concerned about the situation in the Middle East. We've given Russia and Israel a great deal of consideration. Russia is, as you probably already know, considering an invasion of Israel in order to obtain a Mediterranean seaport. Our policy is to support such a move and supply Israel with the necessary nuclear weapons to fend off such an attack. The mental conditioning of the Israelis is he has nothing to lose and subsequently will attack the Russians before they can get their planes off the ground. Gentlemen, I believe that within a year, two at the most, our one world government will be a reality. If we continue on our present course, it is my opinion that we could present the devil himself as a world leader and the people would accept him”.

I just thought that I just thought that was kind of funny. And for a movie plot from 40 years ago, it's pretty close. Now, you know, could be said, are we are we in the end times? Is this it? I'm not so sure. I'm I'm kind of wedded to the idea that those those shady people in that meeting understand the actually say the eschatology and will use it to their agenda and for their own nefarious purposes. And they know that a whole bunch of people will just go along with it, OK? So… Documentary? Yes. All right.

With that in mind, this came up in Twitter yesterday, but it was from October. But we have a new Event 201 everyone.

“Officials in two Latin American countries alerted the WHO of several outbreaks of a new infectious disease that's mysteriously appearing across the region. Severe epidemic enterovirus respiratory syndrome 2025. Over the past six weeks alone, there have been 500 confirmed or suspected cases reported. The virus could cause a severe pandemic if early containment and mitigation efforts are not successful. The pandemic in this type of situation and trend would be a risk for the global health security. Pandemics are inherently political, financial and so much broader. We have not spoken on the leadership in country and I think that we need to be also very careful. We cannot decide a lot of things without the leaders be involved and agree on that. There is no substitute for national leadership. It's important to support the local response and the national response. Training those that are in these areas first, enabling them with the tools, protecting them and if needs be, regional solidarity first. At this stage, communication is key and communication should include not just scientists with data, but also social, religious and political leaders. Trust. This is an essential issue and trust was broken among countries, between populations and health care systems, between health care systems and governments. I'm very sorry to say that in 2025, we need to strengthen the health system. WHO needs to be a voice for the voiceless. No one is safe until all others are safe. As of today, there have been an estimated 1 billion cases worldwide with more than 20 million deaths”.

I'm still playing that cheesy movie? Well, that was the point. It's just to show you that if they're anything, they're consistent, right? And look, at some point we have to, wow, can we stop this? I'm not so sure. I'm not so sure that we can. And in this, again, I'll come back to all we can do is try to get through to the other side of this. That's all I would say. Yes. Good point. I'm still playing that cheesy movie.

“That's including nearly 15 million children. Countless millions are alive but left with paralysis or brain damage. The most successful countries are those which invested in preparedness and trained for this moment years in advance. This included having full-time pandemic preparedness and response teams which conducted detailed operational planning and routinely tested those plans through exercises and drills. If more countries had participated and heeded the guidance, the toll might have been much less”.

So there we have it. This was a Bill and Melinda Gates exercise, I guess. It was done in Belgium. But it just goes to show you that they're not stopping. Despite what is a pretty vocal pushback, right? They don't seem to have their fingers on the pulse of the common man if they think that they can still get away with this type of nonsense. And like I say, I would put forward the premise that they think that they can continue down this pathway. What are you going to do? Short of the insurgency. Look, most countries, there's only the United States that can really, really do anything, OK? Everywhere else is disarmed and a subject to the whims of their ruling class. And I guess you can try noncompliance. I am. That's the path I'm going down. I'm going to try to help with putting my voice forward for criminal cases being brought against these people. But yeah, I'm not so hopeful. Do we have the medical industrial complex? Yes. Yeah. And I've said it before and I'll say it again, that the Bolshevism of the 21st century will come through the medical system. Why? Because they realized that the class arguments of the last century don't apply. They don't work because you can only ever get about half the population. And we had a situation where people were able to sort of climb out of poverty if they were to put the hard graft in. And now, that's not so much the case. I worry about the opportunities that are going to be available for my children.

I worry about if they're going to have partners that they can breed with at the current state if any of the declining birth rates signal of where we're going. It's scary when those semi-automatics come in your home. We had that in our house. Next apartment over, told us to stay inside. Well, you know, get your own semi-automatic. That would be my advice. Some bulletproof vests. All right. So if you want to, if you're a glutton for punishment, you can go to their website. There it is in the chat. I'll put it in both there. And do I need to harp on about this much more? Let's see. There's some bullet points here. Country should establish a global network of professional public health leaders who can work together to improve epidemic preparedness and response and drive consensus on scientific issues in advance of the next major outbreak. And again, I just have problems with this where they just keep making this assumption that haven't we just had that one in a hundred year pandemic? Which kind of indicates that they've got more up their sleeve. And, you know, again, the health system being the conduit through which they sort of enact their totalitarian policies.

Why wouldn't they? Why wouldn't they continue to release pathogens? Only this time they've learned that they've got to be more careful about the fingerprints that the pathogen creates or has. Country should prioritize efforts to increase trust in government and public health, improve public health communication efforts, increase the resiliency of populations to misleading information and reduce the spread of harmful misinformation. Again, another common trope that we're seeing around these programs. We've seen how they or what they class as disinformation. Well, access to early treatment. The fact that you might have concerns about being lined up and your job threatened because you're a bit concerned about these fundamental procedures that they're mass rolling out on people. WHO member states should strengthen international systems for sharing and allocating scarce public health resources? Yeah, well, this ties in exactly to vaccines. And, you know, there could be an argument made that much of the follow on from the last three years will be that they didn't have the coverage that they would have liked with respect to vaccines. And they want to get them into place quicker. And, you know, Australia is a good example where they've spent billions on new infrastructure to pump out the next generation of vaccines. And, you know, there's a possibility that they're going to be far more surreptitious in how they deliver them. So, you know, you'll let us, for example, might be the vector for the gene transfection. David doesn't sound so crazy now.

Yeah, but the problem is, is that the people like David Ike take very legitimate concerns and then take a turn in the punch bowl by talking about lizards. And maybe there are. I don't think I don't think it's helpful, right? You have to sort of constrain your argument somewhat and not spurg out about any and all eventualities. And, you know, like a good example was where did it go? Like this, this was sent to me. Right. And so the death spin phenomenon. Right. Of course, we're going to have all spooky music. And now apparently animals are doing it. And I'll say this, I've said it before, until I see death certificates for each one of these. I'm going to say it's a seizure, right? It looks to seizure like to be some unique phenomenon related to. That's the wrong way of putting it. Just, just we must, we must have confirmed death certificates for anything like this, because seizures do look horrible when you see them. Okay. But I've seen, I've induced that type of behavior so many times in a monkey, not deliberately, but it's just a consequence of the experimental approaches that we would use. It was, it was a common occurrence to see reactions exactly like this. But you know what? Give them a minute. Okay. Give them an IV shot of diazepam and they will write as rain.

I like to say this one, probably he died. Right. But that happens, tends to happen when you fall into train tracks.

Now watch this. Um, you know, I think that lion is they tranked it. So, so again, just, just be, um, you know, have a tight filter when it, especially when it comes to bit shoot videos, classic five G yes. The lion was from many years ago as well. Yeah. Again. Um, but it's amazing how many people will still send me this stuff. And so you've got to look at this and look, I appreciate getting all the emails. I really do. Um, but you know, some look like they were hallucinating first before the seizures. Yeah. But hallucinations are part of seizures, right? You've got to remember that the brain is just misfiring. And especially in like a grand mile seizure, like it's basically spreading all over the brain. Um, it's, it's problematic. Um, wait, I think there's someone at my door. Just bear with me folks. Um, I'll be back in a sec.

Apologize about that. Where was I? Yeah, World Health Organization and let's see, so of course, just to remind you, again, that they've got this lined up for your future.

I'm brought to you by, of course, World Economic Forum. Again, we have to be very, very suspicious because what are they looking for? Again, slightly old story. I think I covered it the other day, but they're looking to put into place these treaties and bring in these universal passports, vaccine passports. And again, I just did a bit of traveling and I can tell you, even though I managed to get exempt from having to get exposed to these gene transfection technologies, it's a pain in the ass. And most people will comply. In fact, I can give you another little anecdote. So, as you do, sitting at home, oh, I want to say thank you to Jason, much, much appreciated, and Matthew for upping their Patreon. Much, much appreciated. Thank you very much. Let me just do this and do this. You deserve, both of you deserve, A, is this going to work? You've had enough? All right. You've had enough? Let me just see if people are donating, if I've missed any more. So…

Yeah, these treaties, these plans that they have, the digitization, the surveillance, it's coming. And most people are going to acquiesce. And like I said yesterday, as we're sitting on the sofa, me and the missus, she gets a call from her brother, my brother-in-law, and they have a conversation. And as you do, and they had their first baby, I want to say, I don't know, half a year ago, maybe something like that. And his words to my wife were, we'd like you to come see the baby. But it was a caveat. You can't come unless you've been vaccinated. Now, as far as I'm concerned, I'll give it a miss. Thank you very much. I don't want to be exposing myself to these gene transfections. No, no way, no how. But you know, it's impacting… or… The point I'm trying to get at is people who are not listening to people like myself, who are keyed in to the science and are prone to listen to the diktats from experts, they're all in on this shit. And the simple fact of the matter is that we, despite all the negative press that you would see, all the suspected adverse events, the confirmed adverse events, etc., most people are going to be clueless about it because these people have such a stranglehold on the information. So much so that I can't see my newborn niece, which is incredibly sad when you think about it. But this is the predominant paradigm for most people. And you've listened to me, you are a fraction of a percent who are in any way keyed in to what's going on. Now, I wish I had better solutions to this. And again, it just comes down to the making the choices and sticking to them and having some principles. And you know, I've always objected to the idea that I'm someone's, especially an upper classes object of to be abused and messed around with because they, they get some sadistic pleasure from it. So, 40% of the population is legally retarded, always keep this in mind. Yeah, I get it. It's, but I wouldn't, I wouldn't say he's retarded, not in the normal sense. But these are people that are just hooked in hooked into the system. And, you know, the, am I going to sit down and be able to convince him otherwise? Very unlikely. And you see, the simple fact is, is that most people will have received two, three, four shots, probably felt a bit crummy, and probably be okay. We hope. But we'll get, we'll get into some Shaheed's in a minute. But I don't want to sort of done that. Yeah, I sort of…

So another headline that sort of came up, and I wanted to sort of, it was the WEF plans to exterminate your pets. Now, I'm, I'm as salacious a headline as it is, right? It's, I couldn't find any official source for that storyline. But I've seen it plastered, like for the last couple of days that they want to, your pets are a carbon burden on the system. Now, look, do I, do I, do I think that they would like to get rid of people's pets in the dystopian future they've got ahead for us? Very likely. Any, any sort of crumb of comfort, they'd happily take it away from you. But again, I don't want to, I don't want to push what is essentially nonsense information. But as I was looking for that, what I did come across was this “Post-2020, global biodiversity framework, and what it means for business”. Now, you know, I've had a scoot through this document, it's quite long. There's nothing I can really extract from it, except the same message that we've been getting for the last few years, which is that they're, they're going to decarbonize everything, right? Or, well, that might be being too generous. What they're going to do is they're just going to play bureaucratic sleight of hand as they shuffle stuff around for taking carbon credits and using them as a sort of trading commodity. And you are going to be a carbon credit that they're going to, they're going to use in their trades.

And so as I was, as I was sort of looking for that, I came across, or through this, this came up, right, which is Ritchie Sunak. This is, this is old, right? But it kind of, it kind of lays out where it is that they want to go. And this is the push towards the totalitarian framework in which they, which they're going to imprison us. Now, remember, folks, that this guy now is not only is he nailed on WEF, right? He's also the prime minister of Great Britain. Now, it's, it's a kind of long speech, but I think it's important just to, in light of that document, which I just showed you was this month. Okay. So it's very much part of the program. It's why I labeled this stream green totalitarian tiptoe. Just listen to the language that this reprobate uses, and then try to disambiguate it somewhat and realize that it's coming for you and your family. Okay. And, you know, 15 minute zones around your house and not being able to travel, except if you've got digital passes, is very likely likely the near term future of where we're going. “This is the first COP to bring together so many of the world's finance ministers, businesses and investors with such a clear common purpose”.

God, I hate that. Like if anyone's from the UK, right? The words common purpose should send a shiver down your spine, right? That that was the mechanism for which they subverted much of our, not that organizations needed much subverting in the UK, but common purpose is the tip of the spear of the Fabian socialist.

“To deliver the promise made in Paris six years ago to direct the world's wealth to protect our planet. The good news is that the will is there. At least 80% of the global economy has committed to net zero or carbon neutrality targets. Our challenge now is to deploy the investment we need to deliver those targets around the world. To do so, we are accelerating three actions today. First, we need increased public investment. And I want to speak directly to the developing countries of the world. We know that you've been devastated by the double tragedies of coronavirus and climate change. That's why the G 20 is stepping up to provide debt treatments more swiftly. It's why the IMF are providing a new $650 billion allocation of special drawing rights. And Kristalina will say more on this later. And it's why we're going to meet the target to provide $100 billion of climate finance to developing countries. And while we know we are not yet meeting it soon enough, we will work closely with developing countries to do more and to reach the target sooner. Over the next five years, we will deliver a total of $500 billion of investment to the countries that need it most. And we can do more today. I can announce that the United Kingdom will commit £100 million to the task force on access to climate finance, making it quicker and easier for developing countries to access the finance they need”.

“And we're supporting a new capital markets mechanism, which will issue billions of new green bonds here in the UK. Green bonds, carbon credits, it's all another Ponzi scheme that they're building up. And again, as the theme of today's stream, which is that we're heading down this pathway, right, they've got the pieces in place. And again, it's just them flicking on the on switches right now. And the amount of money, it gets even worse. When you realize how much money is at stake here to fund renewable energy in developing countries, two tangible, practical examples of how we're delivering our promise of $100 billion. But public investment alone isn't enough. Our second action is to mobilize private finance”.

“Let me pay an enormous tribute to Mark Carney for his leadership, leadership that is delivering results. The Glasgow Financial Alliance for Net Zero has now brought together financial organizations with assets worth over $130 trillion of capital to be deployed”.

$130 trillion? Where did that come from? Again, these, I don't think people, a trillion dollars, even a million dollars is sort of hard to sort of visualize physically. $130 trillion. This just goes to show you the scope and scale of the problem that we're going to be dealing with. Now, you know, maybe, maybe it was bullshit about the them wanting to come and take away your pet pooch. Okay. But that type of money means that they're, again, all in.

And what does that mean? All in. It means control of you. Now, it was that number that I wanted to get to. And you just get corporate gobbledygook after this about how they're going to implement it. And I don't believe it that they're going to be bringing in jobs. And again, you have to ask yourself, how much, how much of them forcing the agenda in Europe right now, where, you know, they've gone and blown up pipes, gas pipes from Russia that was keeping much of Central Europe all toasty and warm during the winter. How much of these global events are part of the push towards this direction? Because I can assure you, when they turn around and they throw up on the screen $130 trillion, okay, there's a good proportion of those people, right? This one percent of one percent. Well, it's not even like one percent of one percent, right? Because to be part of the one percent is some ridiculously low threshold, like $40,000, $50,000 per year in earnings, right? So it's a fraction. Think how moist they're getting at the idea of being able to play with $130 trillion with the added bonus of playing and fucking around with you. Putting in 15 minutes from their house. That sounds perfect. We'll implement that one. Right. Here's another one right in France right now. I don't have it the story, but they've stopped internal flights. So like flights from city to city. But you know what they didn't stop? Private jets being able to do that. Now, I don't want to sound like some sort of homie, eat the rich type of individual, okay? But there's a serious problem here. And part of it is, well, we're seeing how that's being implemented. And it's through the health. Health fascism, I would say. And we've only it's only just begun, in my opinion. All right. So I want to I want to move on from that. And I was going to do some Shaheed's, but I realize I've got basically half an hour left before the kids get home. So I've got to pick what I want to do here. So I might skip. I'll do the Shaheed's another time.

And I'll do the quasi species swarm. I'll finish on this. And this was an article put out by Kevin McKernan. Here's his substack, if you want to follow it and addresses addresses, how should we say the issues around the robustness of the quasi species swarm, something that myself and Charles were sort of discussing, and it's become a point of contention. But I think this is a very, very balanced article that hopefully should put a sort of end to some of the the discussion. And I think it worth going through. Now, just my email, but so there's been a lot of discussion lately about SARS-CoV-2 existing as an ever evolving, shape shifting quasi species swarm. And Jonathan Couey has covered this and it's worth entertaining. There are a few points I have contention with in his description of coronavirus conservation. About one hour 27 into this cast, he speaks to conserved protein regions in coronaviruses, which can provide cross reactive immunity. This is true, but this doesn't always translate into conserved DNA sequences, as DNA has wobble bases that can diverge as silent mutations. And often the conserved amino acids are not derived from the same DNA sequence. So I don't think this is a fair evaluation of that bat cv paper. This is also why taxonomy is always anchored in DNA sequence, not Mass Spec of protein fragments. There is a second cast on this swarm topic from JJ as well, which goes over a great presentation from Illumina. This is the nanopore sequencing on the nature of DNA sequencing technologies. One hour 31 minutes, JJ begins to dissect the sequencing tech video and he highlights some details most of the public are unaware of in cv sequencing, amplification, primer bias, which will be discussed below. He also gets a few things wrong, but this is not his field and he is humble about his process of learning this on the fly. The most glaring error I see is the assertion that these sequences are akin to Theranos technology.

Again, this is an issue I have, which is that the technology is so novel that it's not to be trusted. And I don't think that that's the case. I think it's well-established decades-old technology that just keeps getting faster and better and more refined. And until there's some sort of knockdown evidence to the contrary, as a scientist, I'm inclined to go with the prevailing data, with always the caveat that you should be sceptical of everything.

For those who don't recall the Theranos scandal, they never shipped a product. Illumina, LifeTech, Roche, BGI, PacBio and ONT have shipped thousands of DNA sequences all over the world, with tens to hundreds of thousands of researchers using them, publishing with them and verifying each other's work for nearly two decades. It's hard to appoint to a more rock-solid technology that exists in the life science today. So what is this Scooby-Doo swarm theory? This swarm theory implies that SARS-CoV-2 did not come from a lab, but was in fact always around and just emerged from the swarm. Over a year later, it disappeared from the swarm with Omicron's introduction. Farmer and politicians capitalized on it with sloppy PCR, rigged public dashboards, bought and sold MSM and controlled social media. Like many hypotheses, there is 80% truth and 20% missing data. JJ has even suggested that the lab origin debate is a controlled opposition narrative attempting to distract the population from the fact that these swarms will always exist and at any moment governments can aim their PCR primers at a new member of the swarm and re-institute lockdowns. As long as they can scare the population enough with the possibility of a bioweapon leak from a political enemy or a new scarian, the population will accept the lockdown and fight over how to better regulate labs and torture Fauci gremlins. This is what he referred to as being Scooby-Doo'd. Earlier in the pandemic, I made note of the fact that the government had such thorough control over the narrative and centralization of PCR that they could have pulled this off with the OC-43. The only problem with the OC-43 is that it's been circulating the globe for years, so unless there was something new about it, why worry? So they simply needed the narrative of novelty to scare the population into compliance. The excess mortality barely demonstrates a pandemic of sizeable proportion or at least a pandemic that is not easy to disentangle from mandemics iatrogenic effects during 2020. These numbers are hard to reconcile given all-cause mortality rose after the government instituted vaccine mandates. There was a wave of excess death in the spring of 2020, mostly consisting of the comorbid and elderly. Much of this is hard to disambiguate from ventilator malfeasance, death certification fraud, and other pandemic artifacts.

So the magnitude of the C19 pandemic has certainly been exaggerated, and this thread isn't meant to resolve the percent of death from the virus or from our misguided response to the coronavirus virus. Again, the response doesn't seem misguided, it seems very very deliberate, particularly in the the articles that i've pulled up in this stream. We've just watched what did they call it? Something contagion, Catastrophic Contagion. So you know it's obviously part of a larger set of goals and programs that are again geared towards mass population control. So this thread isn't meant to expose uncomfortable data for the argument that the virus doesn't exist. In science, ignoring uncomfortable data can often lead to bankruptcy. Independent of the disease burden of C19, what we do know is that this RNA has been circulating the globe and has been mutating at a very defined rate. Six and a half million genomes are now public in NCBI. Excuse me, million genomes are now public in NCBI. This is decentralized data. Researchers from all over the world using different methods are depositing data into NCBI and coming up with similar conclusions about the sequence of this RNA. Decentralized reproductions of results is the highest pillar of evidence we have in science. Again, here's a view of the dashboard for NCBI. And again, unless these machines have all been backdoored and those talpiot boys have had their way with any and all sequences and samples that are put into these machines, again I'm inclined to agree with Kevin here. And you know, I've had two PCR tests for SARS. Both came back negative. There wasn't a false positive each time that I took it. And you would think that the by this argument, I don't want to sort of mischaracterize his arguments, I could mischaracterize. I could hone in on a lot. But the idea that these false positives are driving everything, I think doesn't hold water. So, well, you've got to believe that there's such an all-encompassing conspiracy theory that they would just forego the virus itself and they could just do everything via digital means. And I don't think that that's the case. In my opinion, I think a lot of this was sort of a test run, if you like, for what they've got planned, which is the next catastrophic contagion. And they've learned a lot in the last three years for sure. But to think that they did it without any pathogen to hand, any clone, any type of weaponized biology, I think, would be naive at this point.

So, detractors of this data like to point out many of these genomes are generated with PCR, which will only sequence what you are looking for. And as a result, this data is all an illusion, reinforcing the ancestral virus and camouflaging the non-amplifiable divergent swarm. There is some truth to this, as many submissions use the Arctic PCR primers, which amplify the 30 kilobase genome with two pools of overlapping primer pairs. This amounts to 99 primer pairs, and you can buy them from IDT here. Good to know. Why so many amplicons? With polymorphic viruses, you need redundant primer sets. In the event one primer falls on a variant, another primer will serve as a backup. This makes the process more swarm-proof. You will notice they are on version 4.1 of these primers. That is because when the highly diverged Omicron appeared, two primer pairs out of 99 dropped, and they needed to update them. So when suddenly diverged members of the swarm do emerge, they are detected and corrected, so the primer sets are still tracking the dominant RNA species being traced with PCR. You might recall the TACPATH QPCR assay also had SGTF, specific gene target failure, with Omicron, but the other two primer pairs within the PCR assay still picked it up. Simple amplicon assays were notorious for this type of dropout, and also had primers that picked up SARS-1. So non-PCR based approaches. So regardless of the stones thrown at the Arctic process, what these arguments fail to realize is that some of the genomes in NCBI are derived from whole transcriptome sequencing. This is the process of taking all of the RNA in a patient sample and putting ligating universal primers on all of the molecules and amplifying and sequencing everything. This will include human, bacterial, fungal and viral RNA. It will miss DNA-based viruses and potential circular lariats or viroids. Other methods can be used to tackle DNA-based viruses, but the below work focused on RNA-based viruses. Butler et al. from Chris Masons lab takes this whole transcriptome approach and even complement it with spatial transcriptomics on autopsy samples, which helps to pinpoint where in the tissue the mRNAs are being expressed.

I thought JJ's theory was that it was from a lab in the form of infectious clone. Yeah, but his point is is that because of the swarm and regression to the parent, or the parent is the wrong word, but the origin swarm and its makeup, that any genetic material that's added to it as part of a purified infectious clone will drop out and revert back to the original form and variations of that original form, which I don't think is an appropriate way of looking or understanding even basic evolutionary theory. Because if you induce a trait or add a trait that's advantageous, and we looked at this and it passes, we looked at this last week, go look at the streams I did with Charles, and it passes a certain threshold, then it becomes self-amplifying and it'll exploit the ecological niche in which it finds itself. Let's see, I'm not reading all that gibberish out not quite, sorry. When JC says this is all fair and honest, he's essentially saying that McKernan's entire life work is BS, yep. Let's see, I don't know what Simon is doing, breaking stuff in the background. Let's see, so this from some published study, Butler et al. Shotgun metatranscriptomics platform for viral and bacterial detection. To further investigate the biological characteristics of RT-PCR positive and negative specimens, as well as to compare to RT-LAMP, we developed a shotgun metatranscriptomics platform utilizing total RNA sequencing, RNA sequencing with ribosomal RNA depletion to profile all RNAs from patient specimens. We sequenced 855 RNA sequence libraries across 732 specimens from 669 patients treated for influenza-like illness, whatever that, New York something, I guess, NYPHWCMC, to an average of 63.2 million read pairs per sample. This included 215 QRT-PCR positive samples, 201 of which were also tested with LAMP, 17 positive Vero E6 cells, and 33 negative buffer controls. To assess the ability of deep shotgun transcriptomics to identify QRT-PCR false negatives, including those that might arise from uncharacterized SARS-CoV-2 variants, we sequenced 517 QRT-PCR negative samples. Among these QRT-PCR negative samples, 311 were tested for the standard clinical respiratory virus panel by a fire, which included several common cold coronavirus strains and influenza viruses. Let's see, percent of reads, I guess, SARS-CoV-2, high, and then the rest, not seeing much. I'm not going to try and disambiguate that now. So most notable from this work is that by sequencing all RNA inpatient samples, we can shed light on the blame game. Many people like to claim C19 is just a passenger and something else is causing illness, but that something else has no RNA signatures in Butler et al. Only 3.2% of samples had co-infection with other RNA-based viruses. And in many patients, the C19 RNA was the dominant RNA in the sample, even more prevalent than host cell RNA. So that's interesting. So presumably the cells that come out with this sample, your body makes RNA. And in this instance, the ratio of RNA, it's outweighing even the body's own RNA as it's trying to sort of engage in its moment-to-moment metabolic processes.

So this is consistent with Kim et al. and Long et al. So just to read this, among respiratory viruses discovered across all patients, COVID positive and COVID negative, we found frequent influenza A, 23% of viral positive cases, rhinovirus A, 16%, and human metanoma virus, 12%.

Overall, we found close concordance between these results and the findings of transcriptomics-based viral detection to the results of a standard biofiber respiratory pathogen PCR panel performed within seven days of the nasopharyngeal swab used for RNA sequencing for 156 patients. The metatranscriptomics platform yielded an area under the receiver operator characteristics, AUROC curve, okay, of 0.890. Yeah, an inaccuracy of 0.994, sensitivity of 0.... Yeah, yeah, yeah. Okay. These data also enabled an examination of co-infection within COVID positive patients. Among QRT PCR positive cases, only seven Harvard sequences mappable to other respiratory viruses. Among these, we found human coronavirus 229E, NL63, and HKU1 influenza A, and human master denovirus and metanoma virus. In summary, these results indicate that common respiratory viruses were frequently implicated in many influenza-like illness cases that were COVID negative and demonstrate low incidence of co-infection of SARS-CoV-2 with other respiratory viruses matching results from other studies. So what to take from that? So that the people who were turning up at the hospital with cold-like symptoms, they were able to reliably... Of course, nothing's 100% in these tests, but reliably differentiate between those that were COVID negative, and they would find recognized respiratory pathogens, and those that were COVID positive.

They also get some information on the diversity of the swarm. Spoiler alert, it's not as diverse as other RNA viruses or plant and fungi infecting viroids, and this would probably be down to the exonuclease, which we discussed last week. This is likely a result of SARS having here an exon gene, known to be 20 times less error-prone than other RNA viruses. I'm not going to...

Yeah, I'll skip that. A close-up on this swarm is seen in 3D. Many variants are homoplastic, homogeneous, meaning all RNA strands share the same mutation, and a few are heterogeneous.

Heteroplasm is where a fraction of the reads have the variant with allele frequencies in the 5 to 95 percent range. So, I guess homogeneous variant, so that's all these reads over here, and heterogeneous variant here. So, again, this points to stability within the infective swarm. It's not spitting out many, many different mutations, and I guess, does this include sort of replication incompetent, maybe the replication incompetent, you know, the sort of damaged ones, and that might be part of this cluster here. But the majority of them match, or, yeah, they don't have mutations. They are consistent with known sequences that are put out there in the public. Now, again, you can try to argue that there's some big nefarious conspiracy at the level of the sequences themselves. Maybe, maybe, but I'm inclined to think otherwise.

Another paper that attempts to dive deeper into low-frequency variants is Pathacatel. They're likely approaching the error of the cDNA synthesis step, 1 to 50,000.

Even at these very rare allele frequencies, they are only finding 11 strains per patient. I think this paper is likely conflating RT/cDNA synthesis errors with real APOBEC-generated SNPs in the virus. Perhaps 1 to 1,000 allele frequencies would be a more conservative frequency to measure, as it would be well above the error floor of the sequencing reads derived from Rt polymerases used for DNA synthesis. I suspect this filtering would demonstrate 1 to 2 strains above the 0.1% frequency. So, I guess the key point here, 900% here, 929 of the 1126 samples harbored one or more single nucleotide variances with frequencies ranging between 0.01 and 0.80. In these 929 samples, we recorded a total of 47,779 ISMVs with a median of 11 ISMVs per sample, revealing extensive heteroplasmy in samples. A good 20-minute video describing the sequencing assembly tools used to assemble these quasi-species swarms can be seen here. Have we looked at this video before?

Welcome, everyone. My name is Josmine. I'm a PhD student at CWI in Amsterdam.

I'll have to watch that later. Let's see. Addressing the DNA assembly can-od. Some other folks in the virus-does-not-exist camp tend to equate the process of DNA assembly to Ferguson modeling. This is far from true in his most obvious tale that they are not fluent in sequencing technologies or the quality scores that are computed for each base and each alignment. Ferguson's work is not predictive and based on speculation. DNA assembly algorithms are first benchmarked on synthetic DNA and later refined on real-world data with known truth sets. Feti killer-based genomes are easy to assemble, categorizing all of the subspecies, however, require specialized assemblers like SAVAGE seen in the above video. Much of the sequencing surveillance is simply mapping to a reference genome and likely only seeing dominant members of the swarm with over 5% allele frequency. But there are technologies in the market that can read the entire gRNA in one read with no assembly required. So even if this DNA assembly can-od were true, it would be irrelevant based on Kim et al. Kim et al used the nanopore to sequence the RNA directly without any conversion into cDNA. This platform sequenced the whole virus with 30 killer-based reads. No fragmentation and assembly were required. You can see a minimum of 2000 times coverage across the whole virus in figure B and 400,000 times coverage on the free prime end of the virus at the right side of the virus. So lots of subgenomic RNA is made and a minority of the transcripts are full length. The paper further itemizes the middle region of 2000 times coverage and find 111 reads that span the entire viral genome. The other detail discovered in this paper is that 65% of the mRNA in the sample is SARS-CoV-2 RNA, more viral RNA than host RNA. This supports Butler et al. And again, in science, you're trying to look for overlap between different methodologies and do they converge onto the same conclusions. Long et al. discussed studies that looked at signaling RNA versus gRNA copy number when cells are pelleted. 55% of the viral RNA is sgRNA. When RNA is extracted from the supernatant after pelleting cells, the number drops to 0.4%. This implies the large amount of sgRNA is unlikely to be packaged into virions as virions remain in the supernatant. sgRNA can still infect neighboring cells via tight junctions, but if it fails to package, then it won't transmit via virions to other people. Therefore, sgRNA shouldn't be considered part of the transmissible swarm. One comment in JJ's cast I feel needs correcting at 1:47, he equates sequencing text as a theranomirage. First, one does not need to accuse sequencing of being a theranosmirage when the sequencing actually supports the existence of these swarms and actually quantitates them for you. Sequencing also supports the propagation of what looks like a man-modified furin cleavage site for the deadliest portion of the pandemic. Omicron has a significantly altered furin cleavage site with critical mutations in the superantigenic domain and the regions flanked by BSA9 restriction sites in the genome. If pre-omicron was a lab leak, wastewater data and antibody data suggest it predates December 2019. It mutated significantly pre-omicron until other less virulent member of the swarm replaced it, but this mutation rate never ablated the furin cleavage site. Likewise, this process of swarm divergence was too slow to prevent the alpha furin cleavage site virus from global reach. If anyone leaks a more virulent infectious clone, there is still risk that the rate of cv polymorphism and divergence is too slow to stop global spread. Suggesting the lab leak is a diversion tactic to ignore, I believe, is short-sighted. We should not turn our attention away from the real risk this research presents. Given the large number of lab leaks throughout history, I do not think it is wise to ignore lab safety and GOF funding. Regardless of where the origin story leads us, coronavirus can be readily synthesized in a month for under $10,000. We have the sequencing information to show that the rate of divergence in the swarm is too slow to fizzle out global spread of pathogenic variants. The exact magnitude of these variants' pathogenicity is open to a fair debate, but this is missing the bigger picture regarding the ease of synthesizing potentially leaking more virulent ones. The sequencing data clearly shows the duration of each variants and how long this clade remained the dominant member of the swarm. I see no reason a more virulent leaked clone couldn't last just as long and lap the globe. There is now a $100 billion incentive for a biotech company or state actor to create a new virus and profit from the vaccines or testing industries that will quickly reboot for the next leak. It is also pretty clear that you can get away with such a crime as long as your interests can be aligned with the aggregation of more political power for individuals in regulatory control of these markets. The companies that funded the WIV were some of the first to develop tests for viruses that look a lot like the blueprints laid out in a DEFUSE proposal. They would like nothing more than for you to help them privatize their gains while socializing the risks upon the rest of us. In summary, I think the risk of lab leaks is still very real and the swarming effect won't dilute this out fast enough to prevent global transmission. However, oftentimes viruses trade off virulence for transmissibility and perhaps such an isolated clone would fizzle before it goes global. This is a risk we can't afford to retrospectively regret underestimating. You must also take note of the circulatory circularity of this argument. We know swarms exist because of exquisite sensitivity of next generation sequencing technology, but the sequencing data is Theranos-like technology. Pick one.

I think Kevin's been pretty fair in this article. There's a part which I won't read, but basically relaying how in his household people got sick and he was able to confirm with both rapid antigen and PCR that it was COVID. His brother, who's a super fit individual, also got floored by it as well. It's unpredictable as to who gets ill, et cetera.

It's where the epigenetic testing comes in. There's an argument to be made that this epigenetic testing is already available such that we wouldn't have had to have the PCR debacle that we did have, but that's a discussion for another day.

I'm hoping that this puts an end to, not an end, but tampers down the discussion about whether the virus itself is a mirage. In my mind, the discussion should be about the overstep of all these organizations, all these individuals, where they're heading, the zero fucks that they give about us as human beings as they pursue ever more obscene profits and ever more dystopian visions for the future. That's where the fight is at and that's where we should be focused. To be spurging out the way that Jay did isn't helping. All it did, all Jay's crisis of conscience, I don't know what it was. All it did was just give ammunition to people who think viruses aren't real. And undoes a lot of work put in by a lot of people who have tried to, again, lay out the biology, lay out the networks that are involved, lay out, again, the medical malpractice aspect is a huge part. We don't want that happening again. If you go down the pathway but if you go down the pathway of thinking everything is fake and gay, that's constructing a fictive reality and actual reality will come along and kick you in the nuts. It's always been that way, always will be. It's a law of nature. Let's see, Dizzy Inca says, I have friends currently who are sick with COVID for the first time at Vaxxed and are testing positive on home tests. Word on the street is that rabies and raccoons is real. Yeah, it is. All right. Hi, Sandra. Good to see you. All right. Let me try and address this word salad from Qwerty just before the kids come home. Some of my comments from the other day that I caught was about way more than JJ's claims is about stuff I addressed above, very little of which was presented here before recently suggesting lab leak is a diversion tactic to ignore. Huff is a controlled narrative shill.

Well, again, I'll state this, anyone right now that's prepared to stand up and sue stuff legally, if he's firing in the right direction, great. Now, maybe he's engaged in gun fights to the okay corral on his property. Maybe. I don't know. But you know what he has done? He's signed off on legal documents. And that's some way of pushing back. And right now, there's nothing else. Again, there's no cavalry coming. All we can do is, again, put our faith in what is a human institute in the courts that we know is corruptible and be and do our best to have some resistance, somehow. But to just go down the idea that this is all part of constructing more elaborate control mechanisms, I think is a sort of circular reasoning and thinking. And we must hold the people who were part of the vanguard of this push responsible. Now, are we going to get them all? No. But it may just make them think twice. And if not, just give up, Louis. We just stop and let them have their way with us. I'm not inclined to do that. Let's see. We should turn our attention away from the real risks the research presents. Arrest every mofo involved in all aspects of this science. Coronavirus can be ready synthesized for under 10,000 a month. We have the sequencing information to show the rate of divergence in the swarm is too slow to fizzle out. I don't know what you want me to to deal with in this particular section, QWERTY. Construct your paragraphs better.

Barrick synthesized the virus genome free and pure of any contaminating peptides and demonstrated its replication competent upon transfection. It doesn't get any more pure of an isolation than that mixes other viral evidence is enough to convict. Yep. Yep. Yep. Yep. All right. So let's see. I'm just going to finish up with some comments now. Then I'm done.

Let's see. He looks like he's straight out of some Ivy League frat. Oh, um, Ruchak, the curry jumper, you know, the task force of climate finance mechanism. Yes. WTF.

How did this hodgy wind up in the UK? How dare you? It's like gradually racist.

Let's see. Edge of the knife. Yes, he's wrong. It's assets under management, maybe only a few trillion of real capital to deploy. He's the front man for the Rothschilds. I agree. Elon 650 Gulfstream is always on the go. Absolutely. Let's see. Did that. Did that. Did that. I'll be turning on audio. I just clipped the video I wanted. Okay. I believe that malaria is the exon spliced RNA. Good to know. Thank you, centripede. He still loved cranky or not. Um, hello, Kevin and raccoons. Yeah. I'm shocked you haven't had McKernan on stream before.

I find him fascinating. Um, well, look, the thing is, you know, because of the way that I present stuff, right, it's a, it's a, I, I'm closing down access to many, many people because, you know, it's edgy, edgy shit posting internet humor. It's not for everyone. Right. I made it so that I was, um, I wanted to, like I said, my reason is for speaking to people that I feel more at home with.

Stuck up, uh, toffee nose, sticky beaks are not my usual, uh, usual first choice for hanging around with. Uh, I have, yeah, I did that. I did that. Uh, Fauci is missing in action. Oh, we can but wish he was trying to one up Kenya's episode on Alex Jones show. The Robo docs are cooming.

Uh, I predict something about meat, more deadly virus. Um, I, I'm more inclined to think that they might just go with sort of climate based approaches like the 15 minutes it is. I think that's likely to be more, um, what we'll see in the immediate future. Will they, will they try disease pathogens again? Highly likely, but I, I don't think we're going to see it in the next year or two. I think what we're going to have is the fallout from the last few years. So we're seeing the RSV and the flu and potentially all the, uh, the people having adverse events, et cetera. We've got to let that sort of filter through the system. And the thing to keep your eye out on is the birth rates right now. How much have they dropped? And you know, we're seeing consistent signals that they've dropped in many, many countries. Now what's the reason for that? Again, difficult to say. Could be, could be the, uh, gene transfections. Again, we know that they target ovaries, et cetera. Um, I'm, I'm inclined to put that sort of head of the list, but I'm, I wouldn't, I wouldn't discount the virus itself yet. So that's my, um, that's my take. So amyloidosis, prion diseases. So we're, we're already seeing the amyloidosis, which is the large increase in, um, dementia related disorders. And again, that, I don't know, maybe they are really stupid. Maybe, maybe, maybe they just don't care and they'll just push ahead with the most outrageous, outrageous plans for global domination that we've ever seen. I don't know. I mean, I'm inclined to think they're likely like uprising scare them. Right. And we saw that they pushed China to breaking point. And then when enough people rose up in China, suddenly they turn around and say, oh, SARS isn't a thing. And they're, they've wound back many of the mechanisms they had in place. So I don't say they've, they've learned a great deal right now. And, and like I say, much of, much of what we've got to do moving forward is, um, keeping an eye on the, what was that thing? The task force for climate finance mechanism, right? It's that type of thing you've got to be watching out for. Okay. Right. So, um…

May I just remind everyone, please, uh, support the stream, become a Patreon. Um, you can send a tip through tip jar. Um, we don't see your, um, your credit card details, et cetera. I've got mouse to feed and, uh, need to keep the lights on and, uh, of course, um, buy me a coffee, Gay-Pal, whatever. Um, just, uh, just remember the good dog is here fighting for you. Um, keep him in, uh, keep him in vape. That's all I ask. Thank my kids fed. Right. I'm out of here. Take care. God bless. I can hear the kids, uh, coming back now. Let's just switch that off. Do that. And I'm out of here. Take care guys. Bye bye.