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National Immunomythology Update: Gigaohm Biological High Resistance Low Noise Information Brief

Let's try that again. Let's see if this strikes any chords with anyone in the audience. A broken laptop? Please tell me you don't mean like your laptop fell off the counter and broke. That would pretty much suck. He's not impressed, trust me.

I don't think I want to do this job. I feel a lot of humiliation towards life. Think about that. As opposed to learning how to draw, he wants to build a machine that can draw like humans can draw. And he's telling that to a couple of artists. Yeah. A couple of artists who draw. Losing faith in ourselves is exactly what I think is happening right now. And I think it's up to all of us to realize that our kids are walking off a cliff right now. And it's worth three years in. We need to do something more than what we've done up until now. Only knowledge, ladies and gentlemen, only knowledge. We're all going to have to challenge ourselves over the next couple of years to learn things we never thought we were going to learn, to master things we never thought we could master. We need to be like Galileo. We cannot be scared at this moment. We need to step up. We are definitely in interesting times. Definitely in interesting times. You better start thinking while it's still legal. It's a battle for your own, your family's minds, your mind. It's a battle for your concept of reality. It's like it all of a sudden slowed down here. What the hell happened? Maybe I bumped that maneuver a little bit there. It's really hard to read all these, but it's really important to understand that all of these things are true. The banking system is a problem that we're going to eventually have to address. Some people are never going to be seen. Even if you show it to them, they're not going to get it. So we have to move on now. We need to seek out new understanding among new peoples that they understand the big plan. And we can find evidence still in the history that's there and still cataloged on the internet. Because there isn't going to be there forever. I can't stress enough. This is all a big... We need to take this power back. I can definitely see the brick wall at the back of the theater. And I hope that over the course of these last few years, I've been a little bit of a help in getting you to see the brick wall at the back of the theater. Now we need to move on and start bringing more people to see the brick wall at the back of the theater. That's the plan. That's what we need to do. If you've never read this before, please read it from beginning to end. Don't let anyone quote this in the abbreviated form. Make sure that you always see it for what it is.

We are going to discuss biology today. We're going to try and spread it on the bread very evenly. Make sure that we make a complete meal tonight. I feel like it's important. I haven't done it in a while. And there's a lot of confusion out there as a result of my big mouth. And so I want to make sure that I'm not a narcissist or completely irrelevant information. So I want to be sure I'm clear. Don't forget. Your kids need you right now. Your college kids need you right now. You need to remind them. You can remind them. Or if you're a college kid, you can learn this biology for sure. Just don't try to learn it at your college. You can look it up in the history and if you follow that history before it's gone, I think you're going to be surprised about what is there and available for you to hear. What is there and available for you to read for the next few years. It'll still be there. Follow some of these people trails. Follow some of these people trails and see if you can figure out the real history of America because it isn't what they're selling you on television. I assure you. It's going to be very easy to believe that conspiracy theories are crazy and conspiracies are nuts. But in reality, entire human history is comprised of conspiracies. People working together, sometimes being very public about it, other times not. Most of the time not. Conspiracy theory has been, all the teeth have been taken away from it as a result of the way that our apparatus, our COVID-1984 apparatus works. Don't think for one second that there isn't an apparatus against which we are fighting. We're going to keep swinging. Because we're swinging not for ourselves but for our grandchildren really. At this stage it is a multi-generational war. And if they get us to believe what they need us to believe right now, we don't stay focused on the biology. If we don't avoid the bait that they're putting on TV, if we don't love our neighbors we could be in big trouble. And so it's time to be the lifeguards that we've been training to be and start rescuing skilled TV watchers. It's time to stop reveling in our own understanding and start spreading it. Ladies and gentlemen, the people that make this stream possible are Greg, Ben, Rodney, Piper, Maggie and many others. If your name isn't on that screen up there, I apologize to you profusely. And we will soon make arrangements for that to be updated a little bit. I don't know exactly how many names, it isn't that many. But there are a few that need to be added. This is Giga Home Biological, it's a high resistance, low noise information brief. It's not going to be very brief tonight, I'm going to try and go fast. But I do have some videos that I'd like to watch and talk about with you today. And those videos can't be played that fast because it's important to hear it. And so there's a certain requisite amount of time I'm going to be needing tonight in order to get through with the shift. My name is Jonathan Couey, thank you very much. I'm sorry, monitoring myself over there, trying to see if I look okay. This is a one man show, so that's why everything's a little bit awkward all the time because the slides need to be me and the music is me and whatever. It's not that it's a big deal, you shouldn't be surprised or impressed. I just need you to know that that's why it seems like there's nobody else helping him. There isn't. This is an illusion that's sustained only through your participation. That's what I have this up here for. The walrus can remove his flippers from his eyes. We need to remove the hands that we have in front of our face. Maybe it's the screen that we have in front of our face. I don't know where that is. Where did I put my phone? Oh here, gee whiz. The screen that's in front of our faces, that might be what that's all about. I'm a human just like you. We are fighting for team human. We're trying to get team human out of this little trap that they put us in. We're trying to use biology to get out. It's the 17th of December, 2022. We are very, very, very close to the third anniversary. Of what many people might call one of the most monumental history changing events in recent human history. And it is important to keep looking back and thinking about where have we been and where we're going. What we thought a while ago, what we think now, what new data we have, what data we forgot about. Because three years of fire hose like history is a lot to recount. It's a lot to remember. It's a lot to keep track of as we debate the snake oil of the day, if you will. A couple days ago we had Michael Singer on as a book. Interesting to talk to him about this. Interesting to hear the perspective of someone who has a hobby of trying to understand the 3000 year history of the Chinese culture that's impinging upon us now, or at least the TV would like us to believe that it is impinging on us in the Western world. And the interesting thing about Michael P. Singer was that he caught one of my presentations, the one that I gave to the UK doctors. That's how it's labeled on Twitch there in the archive. And it's a pretty thorough recounting of that stream. And he's pretty happy with the idea that the Labley could largely be a controlled narrative or a controlled opposition narrative. It's obviously more complicated than that. But the basic gist of it is, is have there been millions of people that have been slaughtered by a novel coronavirus? Or is there an alternative explanation that doesn't involve a global crisis based on a self replicating molecular entity? So, you know, if you want to boil it all down to the real brass tacks of it, it is also a question of whether anyone in charge, i.e. the people driving the car, if any of them knew that their combination of policies was going to end up with the vehicle that is our Western culture and our nation, in particular, America, was going to be run into a ditch or not. And I think these things are what we're talking about now. And when we get down to arguing about it's a lab leak and lab leaks and clones, can you're being distracted from the main question? And the main question comes down to the idea that there are different ways of looking at what we experienced, different ways of seeing where we're going.

I just recently recorded a podcast with one Geopolitics & Empire. And I apologize to this gentleman because not only do I not have his name on the screen here, but it's also quite a difficult name to say. Let me see if I can find my… I don't have my email open and I don't want to open it right now. I will plug this again. He was a really nice guy, really nice host. I believe he's from Kazakhstan, but his wife is Mexican. And so he was actually talking to me from Mexico is a really interesting conversation. I mean, he has a pretty reasonably highly rated podcast. It was I think it's worth, you know, checking it out. He was able to make quite a nice summary that basically, you know, sums it up pretty well.

Jonathan Couey discusses his evolving covid theory, why he no longer believes the now official lab leak narrative and how the no virus people can get so many things right, yet be so far off the mark. Throwing the baby out with the bathwater. Much of what we know about coronavirus is not done from wild harvest coronaviruses, but from sequences detected in the wild and then replicated in a DNA cloning technology form. This means that these coronaviruses rapidly lose fidelity or potency and our replication incompetence.

So that's he gets it a little bit through the short through the corner there, but it's still OK.

If enough coronavirus were released at best, it could create an initial effect, but then dissipate. His theory is something more akin to covid having been a low yield bioweapon. The overarching idea is convincing young adults and their children to be genetically and biologically monitored for the rest of their lives. Elites want to use this information to achieve transhuman goals.

I don't know. That's a pretty good synopsis. I gotta say he is. He's done really well there. I gotta say.

So as we go into another winter of severe disease, illness and death for the unvaccinated, I thought it would be fun to sort of see what the official narratives look like right now. We've kind of divided them into three. We've kind of said that there's a TV narrative. There's a Scooby Doo narrative. Then there's a no virus narrative. And then there's something like a biological narrative or something that fits. Grabs most of the the the solid handholds that we know of. We've been talking for a while that not only have they changed the way we think, but they've had a good reason to do it. These people have all been in on it. I think if you see and you look at retrospect now at the end of the third year, the beginning of the fourth year, you can start to imagine how diabolical this was now that you look back and see it. And that's why we need to start motivating people to realize that telling people, I feel like I'm just a bit too big. I'm going to fire up my little software over here, which is just a basic a software shrinker. I can't have this software over because it will start to flicker. You're going to see some flickering in a minute. And then when I close the software, the flickering will go away. These things that they they convinced us of through their careful TV theater, social media control theater. Do not think about all cause mortality. A novel coronavirus means everyone is vulnerable and antibodies and seroprevalence matter. It cannot be underestimated when you look backwards in time three years now and you see that this bifurcation of a lab leak or a natural virus and how they were planning to bring us together all along and get us all to conclude the same thing. Basically, and the ones that believe it's a natural virus into infinity, like, for example, what is her name? Jane Goodall was just on the news a few days ago, and she said that obviously this came from a market and this, you know, interaction with wild animals and yada yada yada. Not so not so different than what Brett Weinstein said in March of 2020. And so some people have moved. Other people haven't, but it's the consistent shaking back and forth from a psychological perspective that's happened to us over the last three years and it's all been based on incongruent biology. Nonsensical public health recommendations and contradictory statements and actions as time went on a complete obfuscation of data, complete obfuscation of of of deliberative process. In a way, they have completely and totally reverse the playbook of what a free society should have been in light of a pathogen that everyone could have done quite a few things for themselves in order to protect themselves, protect their family. There are a couple of many, many baseline things that could have been recommended that were not and still are not. And so it's become clear to me and others that this is really a gigantic operation, which whose primary goal is to disable or to remove your ability to give an informed consent to what's going on. You're just going to you're just going to say yes, because you're scared, you're confused, and you don't understand. I interviewed, Meredith Miller, a few days ago and I think it's a really informative interview. There's not a whole lot of me talking. Her, her presentation is extremely succinct, we're going to go over it in a couple days again. And and try to extract some things from it and clarify a few things from a, from my perspective as a neuro biologist because she mentioned some things that could be could be have more light shed on them. But without a doubt, the explanation for what has happened to us from a psychological perspective is is not a one and done thing it's not an already solved problem it's not mass psychosis it's not mass formation or whatever. It is not proven to be that and even if there are some of the 9 billion people on the planet who are engaged in or engaged by some form of mass formation. You will find after you listen to Meredith Miller's description of this, this dramatic syndrome that we're going through. I think you might agree that that it might be a more plausible explanation for what we're all feeling right now the isolation feeling and while we get out of it is a constant, a constant pushback and a constant introspection of what's going on and what has happened and what's happening and how we how we want it to change. And it's not going to happen when we put these people in jail that's not an endpoint and endpoint is much farther away than that. And if we're not aware of that we could slip up. The principle of informed consent means that you're you're told the truth that nobody tries to coerce you or to scare you into doing something you otherwise wouldn't do. No one tries to limit the amount of information that you have in order to make sure that you will do something that you might otherwise not do. Why are they doing this they're doing this to prevent you from being able to exercise informed consent. Well I finally said it correct. And honestly I believe part of the methodology for preventing you from exercising informed consent was convincing you and many others, including people on the left, including people that are pro vaccine. That we have figured out that this was a lab leak which makes taking an mRNA transfection as a countermeasure even more logical. And that's what we mean by scooby-dood. And it it really is something did happen in 2020. Three years ago this week. Absolutely something happened, but it was not a novel cause of death. Because people died of pneumonia. And people die of pneumonia every year but never have so many people died of pneumonia ever ever ever ever ever. Did we forget how to treat pneumonia? Was this a special new pneumonia? That's what they told you. That's what they told doctors. They actually paid doctors and hospitals lots of money in order to treat it like it was a novel pneumonia. In fact they paid they paid hospitals to treat anybody like they told them to treat them for this new disease should they test positive on a PCR test. And that is likely how this this amount of the total all cause mortality, which is shown in the light blue, was roped into this new disease. And yet on the PBS NewsHour and everywhere else they showed you from zero up to the red line and down here and then up to the red line and down here they never showed you this. They never showed you that week on week it could be between 50 and 60,000 people dying every week when they said that there's 1000 people that died this week. They never put it into context ever. That wasn't that's that's not what they wanted to do. Don't talk about all cause mortality. You don't need to know about all cause mortality. My hypothesis is the who declared a pandemic of a novel virus. The novel virus was said to be detectable by a PCR test. These PCR tests were probably not sufficiently sufficiently specific for the pathogen they purported to test for especially those tests rolled out later in the outbreak in America. Please remember that America didn't have its own test for many months because we didn't want to use the who's test and because we didn't want academic doctor academic biologists doing bench PCR tests using the who's published primers because that would be dangerous. And so we have numbers, but the numbers are based on RNA test, which is really a DNA test, which likely very likely many of the instances of it during the first year of the pandemic and the second year of the pandemic which aren't really available anymore could be archived somewhere. But a lot of those companies, especially the ones in 2020 are out of business. And the versions of those tests have been changed. So that in order to go back and adequately verify what happened when how many of these should we rely on what was the false positive rain. There's really no way to go backwards if there are 200 emergency use authorized tests in the United States alone. And of course that was the idea with the prep act there's no there's nobody's nobody's got any liability, as long as it's a countermeasure and we're in the state of an emergency. You can make anything you want to countermeasure, and you won't be held accountable if it doesn't work because I mean it's an emergency you got to try everything throw the kitchen sink at it. And this allowed them to classify using a PCR test, a much larger portion as you can see behind me of all cause mortality to a vaccine targetable disease, then influenza ever was which is depicted in yellow. And so at first you might say, Oh yeah but then Mr biologist, this is a real disaster because look at influences, hardly anything compared to it. Well they've told you that influenza is much worse. They've told you that respiratory disease is largely influenza before this and now it's almost all covert. But in reality, before the pandemic, the vast majority of respiratory disease was bacterial pneumonia, precipitated perhaps by a co infection by a virus but all of the deaths are bacterial pneumonia here. And we stopped using antibiotics in the beginning of 2020, because viral pneumonia can't be treated with antibiotics, duh. So why don't we blow the system up. I mean, obviously we can't just turn off the spigot on the system we have, and then say hey everyone in the world should get this new vaccine we've been given to anyone yet, but there must be some way that we grow vaccines mostly in the way we did in 1947 I know I played this a lot. It's important to hear in order to transition, which we know gives us results that can be, you know, beneficial. I mean we've done well with that to something that has to be much better. You have to prove that this works. And then you've got to go through all of the has to be much better phase ones. This is not to be underestimated the power of that statement has to be much better from getting out of the tried and true egg growing which we know gives us results that can be, you know, beneficial. I mean we've done well with that to something that has to be much better has to be much better have to prove that this works. And then you've just like all of the just like antibodies have to be the correlative immunity that matters, and we should pursue it with billions of dollars over decades, because Fauci says it has to be works perfectly is going to take a decade, and that might be a need, or even an urgent call for an entity of excitement out there that's completely disruptive that's not beholden to bureaucratic strings and is it round. Is it round, really do have a problem the entity perceives influenza and it's going to be very difficult to change that. Unless you do it from within and say, I don't care what your perception is, we're going to address the problem in a disruptive way, and in an iterative way. So do you see he's explaining how if you wanted to change to mRNA, you're going to have to do it from within and disruptive way and just do it, whether you want it or not. The problem with that is, is that making an mRNA flu vaccine isn't one and done. More importantly, it would take 10 years to do that conversion. Furthermore, he's telling you that the flu. Again, keep this in mind the flu. Nobody gets scared of the flu. We're going to have to do something about this, and that's what Rick Bright says, maybe there's an entity of excitement, a circular entity of excitement that we could make a graphic of and display it all around the world simultaneously. You do need both, but it is not too crazy to think that an outbreak of novel avian virus could occur in China somewhere. We could get the RNA sequence from that, beam it to a number of regional centers, if not local, if not even in your home at some point, and print those vaccines on their patch and self-administer. That's pretty extraordinary. I mean, you have to admit that's pretty extraordinary. Maybe I don't need that. I don't need that one, maybe. It's a statement that to me is just shocking. And so I understand that I've shown you this before. I just want to make sure that you realize that the kind of catharsis that's happening here right now is that in 2020 and 21, there was a time when you couldn't say lab leak, when you were censored if you said lab leak. And they did it almost absurdly. And all of us couldn't see it. All of us just saw it. Malone is the most censored man on earth. Malone lost his, his account. Brett Weinstein got demonetized on YouTube for having Malone on his show. It must be true. And that made this common narrative so seductive, right? It made it so seductive because obviously they're covering it up. Obviously they're covering it up. Look all the papers I've found. They all say that they've done it. Chimeric viruses. Come on, man. They're doing it all over the place. It was hidden right in plain sight the whole time for me. I could have seen it in 2020 already. Maybe in some ways I did. But I couldn't quite get it to squeak out of my head. One of the guys that was actually ahead of me in July and January of 2020, 2020 was Chris Martinson. He is still very much on the gain of function viral lab leak Scooby Doo. Now that doesn't mean that he's a bad guy. It means that he has been fooled by this amazing propaganda machine. He gets a lot of stuff right. So the other night when I, you know, kind of used him as an example of people that are still Scooby Doo, please understand. You can be Scooby Doo about the the origin of this virus and still understand that the spike protein has produced during transfection or the spike protein in 2020 and 21 may have had properties which have led to these blood clots. We don't know that. And it is definitely worth investigating because I don't I'm not going to dismiss all of these embalmers out of hand. Although I do think we need to be very measured in our approach and keep collecting data and numbers and evidence, data, numbers and evidence and keep collecting it. Because if we don't keep collecting it, it will go away. Those people will disappear. They won't be able to keep talking. The evidence will be gone. We need to keep working on this. And so it's not over yet. We need to triple down because this is just started right now, whether this came from nature or a marketplace or a laboratory. You know, this is only a couple of weeks ago into this commission report. The U.S. government knows more than it's telling us. He's pushing us right through this, right, so that the left and the right accept it. So you invented the phantom virus. And so we're really being Scooby Doo right now actively. It's going to happen over Christmas as well. You showed up. You were afraid that we would find out who created the virus. So you beamed us into cyberspace. The prize would have been all mine. It wasn't for us meddling kids. We have to be so careful right now because we are about to codify into our our recent history for our children, our recent history that a gain of function coronavirus that could leak out of a laboratory in Wuhan or be found in a market because of animals that were on top of one another in the market. According to the Edward Holmes guy, I mean, this is some seriously far fetched stuff we're talking about here that a single RNA particle could propagate itself almost indefinitely for three years. This was just two months ago. Officials in two Latin American countries alerted the WHO of several outbreaks of a new infectious disease that's mysteriously appearing across the region. Severe epidemic enterovirus respiratory syndrome 2025. Over the past six weeks alone, there have been 500 confirmed or suspected cases reported. South American outbreak. Rumors are that there's already a military action happening in Brazil. I don't know much about it. There's Tom Friedman over there. That's one of the few American dudes. Tom Inglesby seems like it's kind of focused on African countries, which I find interesting. Maybe that's where the next catastrophic contagion is going to be. There is no substitute for national leadership. It's important to support the local response of the national not yet in Brazil, says Mosquito. These areas first enabling them with the tools, protecting them. Listen to the lady at the end and how she explains who survives the pandemic in their scenario. Try not to hear coercion because it is coercion. It's coercion on a global level. There's Tom Friedman. Wearing their N95 masks when they're not talking. Some of them. What's up with the water bottle? Hero. Train. Full time pandemic preparedness. Can you imagine getting paid as an actor to do that and then doing it? How much would you need to be paid in order to do that work? To read those lines into a camera. It's all about informed consent. It's all about learning the biology. It's all about being able to talk about this stuff and not provoke the memory of water and Veda Austin. Here we go. Rick Bright. Come on, Rick. Sing it, Rick. 1,093,064 Americans have died from COVID since 2020. For all who have lost someone, this is more than a statistic. My dear mother, Jacqueline, died from COVID last year. We owe it to those we've lost and to those who have suffered to ensure this never happens again. Chairman Clyburn, ranking member Jordan, and distinguished members of the subcommittee and the witness panel, it's a privilege to be here today. I feel like I should just say this. You know, it's weird to me. He's responsible for the emergency use authorization that prevented people from having hydrochloroquine or access to it over the counter, which is what really the White House at the time wanted. And you can find testimony of Vladimir Zelenko where he explains how this all happened with the help of Janet Woodcock and others. And who in the Trump administration would be aware of it, including Hatfield and other people. So there's a FOIA request, you know, that could find this out. There's a recording of this stuff. There are notes from that meeting. Of course, they'll all block it out because of deliberative process. But I'm just saying this is the guy. This is the guy right here. And we need to find out how it is that he's still in charge of what he's in charge of. We need to find out why he pushed so hard for Remdesivir and fought so hard against hydroxychloroquine. And we need to find out if and when they knew already what they were doing was not in the best interests of the U.S. government and the people of the United States. It's possible that one of the reasons why China hasn't had the kind of toll from coronavirus that we've had is because of their non banning of hydroxychloroquine. And so it is this guy now testified this week. This is the TV narrative on display here. Let's listen. One million ninety thousand people have died in America so far, according to him. We haven't over counted anything right. A career public servant and scientist who has served and spent 30 years addressing pandemic threats for 10 years. I served in the Department of Health and Human Services and was the director of BARTA when the COVID-19 pandemic emerged. It is clear that the United States was unprepared for the COVID-19 pandemic. As I testified to Congress and while he was the head of BARTA, he was directed by then Asper Cadlick to make sure that the American people had access to hydroxychloroquine. And in order instead of doing that, he sort of subverted that order by issuing an emergency use authorization for the drug with misleading language that confused all doctors into thinking that they couldn't use the drug before the person was in the hospital. Since so many doctors actually aren't their own boss like they should be, but are instead employed by an HMO or a hospital, none of these doctors were in a position to make that choice. And the EUA effectively blocked the early use of hydroxychloroquine in patients for prophylactic use and may have even killed his mom. It's interesting. In 2020, we had a narrow window of opportunity to build a defense against COVID. However, the early response was chaotic and reckless, filled with denials, delays, and deceptions from government leaders and others entrusted to protect Americans. And politics prevailed over science. Our long underfunded health care system buckled and we lost hold on two essential components of a response, speed and trust. And sadly, this led to many unnecessary deaths. Fortunately, we did some things well. Decades of public investment into technology platforms, support from Congress, and dedication of government and private sector scientists enabled rapid development of vaccines through Operation Warp Speed. Unexpected partnerships formed unleashing the floodgate of solutions that will serve us for decades to come. The overall pandemic response warrants careful review. In addition to recent reports, Congress should authorize a nonpartisan commission to scrutinize and memorialize the details. The COVID-19 pandemic is not over. Infections, hospitalizations, and deaths are increasing dramatically, especially among older adults, the unvaccinated, and those who have not had their recent vaccine booster. Instead of declaring victory, we need to intensify efforts this winter to save more lives. We must get more people fully vaccinated with COVID and flu. Provide clear guidance on testing, wearing a high quality mask, and staying home when sick. Improve indoor air quality through proper ventilation and filtration. Continue robust testing and genomic surveillance, and we must ensure that all vaccines, drugs, tests, and masks are available, accessible, and free for all Americans. COVID will not be our last public health crisis. We must learn from the past and prepare for the future. The path ahead should include passing and funding proactive legislation such as the Prevent Pandemics Act. And the federal government cannot do this alone. It's important to align federal, state, and local efforts with the private sector and global partners. Despite many challenges, I remain optimistic. I'm confident that science will enable a healthier, safer, and more equitable future. With scientific advancements from the pandemic, we can now make next generation vaccines to reach more people and provide broader protection. Develop new drugs for combination therapy and host targeted treatments that strengthen our immunity to fight multiple pathogens. Create more diagnostics for home use to bring the power of health monitoring into our daily routines and detect infections earlier to guide treatment and reduce the risk of infecting others. And we can build a modern data infrastructure that strengthens and connects our health care systems and modern genomics. What's that? And we can build a modern data infrastructure that strengthens and connects our health care systems and modern genomics. Bring the power of health monitoring into our daily routines and detect infections earlier to guide treatment and reduce the risk of infecting others. And we can build a modern data infrastructure that strengthens and connects our health care systems and modern genomics. Connects our modern health care systems with genomics? What you talking about, Willis? I know what he's talking about. You know what he's talking about. He's talking about feeding the AI. Feeding the AI our data and figuring out a way to make it impossible for us not to give up our data if we want to participate in the system that we ourselves govern and own. Or should anyway. I don't know what I'm yelling about. We can now see early signals of an outbreak weeks or months before it strikes to be able to fight it head on instead of chasing after it. And we can produce vaccines and medicines locally to improve access and quality while reducing costs. Imagine adapting a warp speed model as a best practice for all health care needs. A better future is not just something to dream about. Congress, scientists and American ingenuity can make all of this and more a reality. In the face of war, inflation and climate change, we cannot abandon pandemic preparedness. We must act now to harness momentum gained through the crisis. We must never again be a nation unprepared. Thank you for your doing your part. It's like a high school kid giving a speech that was pathetic and it was awful. And yet he's one of the cardinal individuals that's responsible for this. If it was an overreaction or a mistake, he's responsible for it. If he still takes this all that seriously and really believes everything he said, he's responsible for this. The TV narrative is that it's a novel virus. Probably labs are responsible for leaking it. There's no previous immunity and we need a vax for everything anyway. So, I mean, you know, everyone is vulnerable. You need to get boosted. We need to get as many people as possible vaccinated fully for COVID. It's constantly changing, but, you know, get your bivalent. Transfections are safe and effective countermeasure, especially as long as there's still an ongoing emergency. Millions have died as a result of the virus. One million ninety three thousand, according to Rick Bright. Too bad there are too many anti-vaxxers or we'd already be done with this. PCR works. Sequencing is cool and data is awesome. Amyloidosis, gain of function is all part of the follow out. Long COVID. It's all part of this. You know, we just have no idea because I mean, it's crazy. But you're now recognized for five minutes. Let's see if we can hear anymore. I apologize. Only five minutes. Good afternoon. Members of the select committee on the coronavirus crisis and my fellow panelists. Thank you all, particularly Chairman Clyburn, for extending this invitation for me to serve as a witness in today's hearing. I am Dr. Kizmikia Corbett, Assistant Professor of Immunology and Infectious Diseases at Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health. I often describe myself as a viral immunologist. Is there anybody else here who hears? Oh my gosh, I'm about to say something so crazy. But she said that kind of like a superhero. Listen again. I am Dr. Jedi Master Corbett. And I am. Thank you all, particularly Chairman Clyburn, for extending this invitation for me to serve as a witness in today's hearing. It would be cool if she would land at the table with this. I am Dr. Kizmikia Corbett, Assistant Professor of Immunology and Infectious Diseases at Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health. I often describe myself as a viral immunologist. Which is just a fancy way of saying that I study the immune system's responses to viruses. I more specifically use my viral immunology expertise to inform the development of vaccines and therapeutics for coronaviruses at the Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health. I often describe myself as a viral immunologist. Which is just a fancy way of saying that I study the immune system's responses to viruses. I more specifically use my viral immunology expertise to inform the development of vaccines and therapeutics for coronaviruses and other viruses with pandemic potential. Oh, so she works on other viruses with pandemic potential. As well as coronaviruses. As if coronaviruses have pandemic potential. All viruses have pandemic potential. I wonder how many different kinds of viruses have pandemic potential. Most notable of my 17 years of experience is that, in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, my team and I at the National Institutes of Health co-developed both a leading COVID-19 vaccine and therapeutic antibodies. My first-hand experience as a front-line vaccine developer, and moreover, simply an empathetic human, is why I'm so grateful for you to have convened today to address how we might prepare for the next pandemic. Particularly revisiting the lessons learned, both the good and the bad, from COVID-19. The truth is that while we would all like to put the pandemic behind us, one fact remains. The virus and the medical and social implications of it are here to stay. In fact, just in the past week in this country, we have averaged over about 60,000 cases per day. Yesterday, 400 of our beloved Americans died from COVID-related deaths. These stats come with the reality that we are currently in a season of high respiratory virus transmission, and the so-called triple-demic of RSV flu and COVID. Atop of that, there are over 20 viral families that are constantly poised as pandemic threats. As time would tell, it is not a question of if another pandemic will arise, but when. Responding to continuous viral threats is certainly a task that, like COVID, is going to take scientific revolution, proactivity, and togetherness. I've long been passionate about the power of togetherness with experimental diligence and integrity. It is also important to me that that knowledge gained from those experiments is accessible and digestible to the general public. For many of us, whose work straddles both basic science and public health, the pandemic awakened the direness of that necessity. The direness of getting it right, both in the science and with the outreach, for the sake of humanity. And the work to get it right on both fronts continues. From a scientific perspective, we have learned several lessons. We are able to call upon years of scientific research to develop life-saving vaccines and therapies in record time. This, of course, would not be possible without funding directly, specifically, and targeted towards pandemic preparedness, trusted collaborations between public and private entities, and strict and efficient regulatory efforts. It goes without saying that a plethora of scientific questions remain. Trusted collaborations between public and private entities and strict and efficient regulatory efforts. It goes without saying that a plethora of scientific questions remain. What are the underlying causes of long COVID, which is estimated to still affect about 20 million Americans? How can we properly treat long COVID? Wait, what? Wait, what? 1,093,000 people have died, according to Rick Bright. And now Dr. Corbett says that 20 million people are experiencing long COVID. Holy, holy cow. That's a disaster. That is spectacular. Trusted collaborations between public and private entities and strict and efficient regulatory efforts. It goes without saying that a plethora of scientific questions remain. She probably had that highlighted in her notes to make sure that she said it. It was like, emphasize, emphasis, strict. Scientific questions remain. What are the underlying causes of long COVID, which is estimated to still affect about 20 million Americans? How can we properly treat long COVID? How can we better predict and protect against variants? The continued need for scientific and technological breakthroughs is a reminder that we have to continue to zealously fund research, not only for COVID-19, but all viral and bacterial and other diseases. This is a moment for us to turn the tide of traditional underinvestment in some research areas so that we are prepared in all fronts. As variants continue to emerge, we must prioritize development of universal vaccines and novel therapeutics. And because we are no strangers to each outbreak shining light on communities that have sometimes been neglected and overlooked, we must be strategic and unwavering in our efforts to increase health equity and tackle long-standing health disparities. From a community perspective, there are a plethora of outreach and communication that needs to be done. Only about 15% of eligible people have gotten their booster shot to date. We have to continue to emphasize the importance of increased vaccine uptake so that we can continue to save lives. On any given day, the fact that vaccines work is clouded with misinformation. So we have to continue to be creative in our approaches so that we meet people where they are with the facts. Thank you. On any given day, we are confronted with the fact that vaccines work. On any given day, only we should be pursuing universal vaccines. We should pursue novel therapeutics that can be patented and make a huge profit from it. Novel, novel therapeutics, not drugs that are already generic and cheap. No, novel therapeutics and universal vaccines, whatever that is. You think that they're screwing around? They're not screwing around. They say it at the White House, too. We know we can prevent nearly every death from COVID if people get their updated vaccines and people get treated. So we continue to press that message. Are you considering a return to other restrictions, you know, masking on planes, vaccine requirements? So I think we're in a very different place with this virus and where we were two years ago, where we were last year. What I would say is we now have the tools that we can manage our lives much more safely than we could a couple of years ago. And the most important thing I think people need to be doing is, first of all, they've got to get their updated vaccines first. And then there's a whole host of tools that people can use to keep themselves or families safe. Testing, masking, improving indoor air quality, being in better ventilated places. And treatments, of course. And treatments, of course. We think that is the strategy of the administration that we want to encourage people to use those tools and given how widespread and how available those tools are. I think if people did that, we could get through this winter safely. That's pretty spectacular. Take your vaccine. These two guys, Fauci and this dude, they told old people to tell your kids to get their grandkids vaccinated. Get them vaccinated before Christmas. They told the AARP that from the White House with Jill Biden. Yes, they did. Yes, they did. Actually, Jill Biden left the stage before they said that, but they definitely did. And that was last week, ladies and gentlemen, they're telling grandma to tell parents to get their grandkids vaccinated. You should risk the entire immune future of your little kids to protect my old wrinkly ass. Can you imagine that that's what they told? I can't can hardly breathe. The Scooby Doo narrative, on the other hand, is that it's a novel gain of function virus for sure. A super China lab virus. You have no previous immunity to a super China lab virus. Everyone is vulnerable. It might even be ethnically tuned to avoid the people that they didn't want to hurt. You know, like, I don't know, the Chinese and the the people from the Middle East, I guess, or something. It's constantly changing. I mean, it's a gain of function virus. What did you expect? Transfections are definitely questionable. But I mean, in this with with a lab leak around, I don't know, man, it might be smart to get at least one shot. Millions have already died of this virus. Are you crazy? PCR work sequencing is pretty good. The data we've had, I mean, it shows that millions of people have died. Vaccines work. Maybe these transfections don't. But I mean, Andrew Huff has had 38 different vaccines for 38 different pathogens. Come on. Vaccines definitely work. We need to use gain of function to make live attenuated vaccines. That's one of the best ways to make vaccines. That's what Huff says. Of course, you know, the spike protein could have all kinds of stuff built into it if it's a bioweapon. For questions. Thank you. Thank you, Mr. Chairman. Doctors Rock, should we be sending money to China? A broad question, but I think we should only be investing in research in places that are transparent. We have access to their scientists at their database. But you know what happened? American tax dollars went to EcoHealth. Hundreds of thousands of dollars went to the Wuhan Institute of Virology in Wuhan, China. Should we do that? I mean, just in a broad sense. The last two months, you know, we got a 31, 30 something trillion dollar debt. The last two months, just interest to service that debt. The last two months was over 100 billion dollars. And I think a lot of American tax. Just let Jordan say it. Just let Tucker say it. Just let a clown say it. And at least half of the thinking universe that still watches television for the truth won't believe it. And the other half will rabidly believe it. And now the bifurcation is complete. And at the end of the road is you believe it's from a virus that was from a market in a lab or a natural virus in a market lab or whatever. Doesn't matter. As long as you believe there's a virus that killed millions of people. Everybody that I know that I want to lose will win. That's really how it is. And and there's no real nice way to put it. That's just that's just where we are. It is it is, in my humble opinion, only possible that a laboratory clone could have been leaked and caused any kind of pattern of disease, which have also been trackable by PCR. But I'm not really sure that happened. And I just I have I have my doubts, you know, I believe it's a lab leak. I'm what? Anyway, Jimmy Dior, Jimmy Dior also very recently, like three days ago or so, had a guest on. Let's see. There's a special list edition 930 a.m. on the West Coast here in California. We have a special guest with us, Jeffrey Sachs, economist, academic, public policy analyst and former director of the Earth Institute at Columbia University, where he holds the title of university professor. He is a president of the UN Sustainable Development Solutions Network and served as a special adviser to UN secretaries. And he also authored and edited numerous books, including three New York Times bestsellers. His latest is Ethics in Action for Sustainable Development. Please welcome Jeffrey Sachs. Thanks so much for being here. Great to be with you, Jimmy. Thank you. Now, you chaired the Lancets Group on Covid. And so I just want to show you this. So this is making all the news today. Elon Musk tweets out, My pronouns are prosecute and Fauci. Six days ago. Sorry, I'm losing track of time. I'm going to just show you this. Now, we all remember that when when this first started, if you question the origin of the corona Covid-19 virus, you were called a conspiracy cook. I believe it's a lab leak. And they're saying, no, it wasn't made in a lab. And here's experts debunked fringe theory. This is the Washington Post. Fringe theory. It's a lab leak. And Joe Rogan spreads unfounded conspiracy theory that Covid-19 started in the lab. Included in this little rant is the story from Vanity Fair, where they tell us that Drastic's founder, Giles Demeneuf, and they tell him about this being a massive cover up. It's nice. He can't be sure that it originated from a research related accident or infection, but it was 100 percent sure there's a massive cover up. You see, we have all been Scooby Dude. I've just been a little more Scooby Dude than you because I was in on it really early and really fooled really early. Like, oh, oh, oh, look, look, look, look, look. The most censored man in the world is now able to tweet about it, which is kind of interesting. The most censored man in the world is causing a lot of hubbub behind the scenes because he's filed a 25 million dollar lawsuit against the Breggins, who also wrote a book about Covid. Seems to be a little annoyed by their critique of the mass psychosis theory. I'm not really sure, though. I haven't really read up on it. I think it's very clear that suing anyone for 25 million dollars, if they're on the side of good in this fight, is questionable, dubious. I'll just let them figure it out. The Scooby Doo narrative is that there's a novel gain of function virus. For sure it was a lab leak. No previous immunity, millions have died, blah, blah, blah. Vaccines work, maybe just not these. Probably was amyloidosis. You know, there's all kinds of gain of function stuff in here, so we don't know what they planned. And we figured it out very early. Some of us even knew that it was an amyloid generating or a prion protein already very, very early. Some of us were super clever to get on that right away. Others of us have been pushing the protein as a as a toxin for like a year and a half. Substack followers all over the place. Spike protein, poison, spike protein, poison. Where does the spike protein come from in a viral swarm? How much of the spike protein is pure? How long was it pure? How long did it have any properties that would have been considered interesting and novel in the beginning? But how long did they last? All of this is behind a wall of confusion. I'm not saying that there wasn't a spike protein toxin. I'm not saying that there wasn't a lab leak virus. But I'm saying that the lab leak virus and the toxin that was released in 2020, if it was released, is no longer present on Earth. It's a step forward in the form of the transfections to the RNA sequence purportedly to be derived from the pathogen found in Wuhan. There you might also get some of this toxin, but is it a toxin? I do not know. I think that by far and away, the most important thing is the transfection is toxic. The transfect might be secondary to the fact that transfection is toxic. So it's not questionable. It's garbage. But again, you know, in a bio lab leak thing, you might want to take a transfection. Now, the other trap is the no virus trap. This is the dumbest of them all in my mind. No insult to anyone, no disrespect. But these people are the most zealous of all. They are the ones that are most convinced and arrogant that they are right. They are the ones who are least able to listen to nuanced positions, but instead insist that you pay attention to the hat that I'm wearing and address the questions that I want you to address. And that's how I know that these people are full of baloney. Unfortunately, it's quite a few people that would otherwise be skeptical, but have been just kind of sucked into this as a even more seductive narrative, perhaps than the lab leak narrative, which is, albeit, you know, it is a it's a TV narrative now. So this is still the real the real, you know, alternative truth is right here. This is the real one. There are no viruses. Nobody lied about it. And so the cognitive trap are these three dead ends. You either are sure you've known from the very beginning that the TV is right and Tony Fauci is right and that's why you have a candle with his face on it. Or you're sure it was a lab leak from the very beginning and you knew it and you told everybody and you've been saying I told you so every time the TV mentions it. Or you're a no virus guy and and and you, you think that they've lied about everything and everything's nonsense and nothing is real and all of these academic scientists out there just fooled. They don't even know what they're doing anymore so they can't do any sequencing and they can't do any PCR. The doctors don't know what they're doing. Doctors have all been lied to none of them are thinking either. They've all been part of that system for a long time you see it's a slippery slope over here on the no virus side, but it's all one great big trap. And that's because our recent TV history is false they would tell you that there was a pandemic and SARS with 8000 people infected and 800 people dead in the second quarter of 2002 which lasted till about 2002 and a half. Maybe 2003. There were three different SARS lab leaks in 2004 in China alone. But each time that these viruses are leaking the anthrax attacks after 911 each time they leak. Each time there is a pandemic like the swine flu. It goes away. It's gone. These SARS viruses barely hurt anybody they disappear quite quickly. Then we started enriching viruses then we had all kinds of papers with chimeras up here. And so this is the story they want you to believe coronaviruses are harmless in this story coronaviruses aren't in the background in this story flus in the background in this story. And then all of a sudden at the start of the pandemic there's a new coronavirus that kills a bunch of people because we're all equally vulnerable to a novel virus. And I believe there's a more parsimonious understanding of what the background is. And that involves understanding that there was always respiratory disease every year caused by coronaviruses many of them always unknown. And that the discovery of SARS viruses in 2002 was the discovery of viruses that already existed. Wasn't like it was under a rock like the Lord of the Rings one ring and then you find it and then it went all around the world that no. This was a virus that was already in caves and ever evolving every once in a while people were exposed to it. That's why they found people with zero prevalence at these caves. But it grew in zero six cells. So that's kind of cool because not a lot of coronaviruses that infect humans grow in zero six cells or any cells for that matter. That's kind of handy. We can start playing with them. And they did. And they started making infectious clones of them beginning in 2002 and three. And forever after that most of the coronavirus research done in laboratories at some point or another uses the starting point of a CDC DNA derived RNA infectious clone. And those infectious clones are very capable of jumping out of a laboratory into a laboratory worker making them sick and adding their genes to the background swarm. Just like the SARS coronaviruses were doing in Asia for decades and millennia. And so in the background there was a certain percentage of SARS related coronaviruses from laboratories and from nature. And these SARS like genes contributed to the total coronavirus swarm that caused some percentage of respiratory disease every year. And then maybe a clone was released in Wuhan and Iran. Maybe it traveled to a very vulnerable population in the northern part of Italy that had been vaccinated four times in the last two years. Now we have several outbreaks. But on the background of SARS viruses on a background that would not be completely PCR negative especially if the PCR was run with bad primers and run out to 50 cycles. You can't forget that that's what they did. And so the real biology is is that there may have been likely was a release of a clone. But there is no multi-year gain of function virus pandemic. There isn't. If there was a virus at the beginning it was a lab clone. Of course we have previous immunity because there's SARS virus from time in perpetuity. I mean especially in Asia where they could come from. And we have previous immunity from previous coronaviruses because RNA viruses have many proteins that are homologous. Not everyone is equally vulnerable. Of course some people have been exposed to more things. Some people are older. Some people are more immunocompromised or have comorbidities. But it's not changing. I just heard Vincent Ranson Yellow say that that SARS is changing much faster than the flu. How is that possible? It can't even reassort or maybe it can. And they've been telling you that it can't when it was convenient to tell you that it can't. Now they're telling you it can or they soon will. I think it's really important to understand that the biology of coronaviruses is a very, very dark corner of molecular and pathogenic biology, if you will. The biology of pathogens is very poorly understood in that little corner. And we're going to use the next couple of weeks to go through that and other things to try and really figure out what we know and don't know. But I have a feeling that I've already kind of figured it out. But, you know, we'll see. And so if there's a clone in the background, plus a PCR in the background, then this is what I think happened. It's just the whole vaccination apparatus in America is questionable. That's one of the things that I've come to a conclusion of that the two mainstream bifurcated narratives don't ever address. Huff doesn't address that. Fauci doesn't address that. So whether you think it's a lab leak Huff style or a natural virus Fauci style, you think that the vaccination apparatus in America is fine. And so that's where I think some of the cracks in the scenery can be seen. Millions have died because the response was botched because early treatment was prohibited because we've used drugs like remdesivir instead of hydroxychloroquine. And because people weren't told to take care of themselves. So it could be previously endemic in the background with a local clone release. They could have put water of water contaminated with clone DNA, which would have given them PCR positive samples in the sewers to publish about. It's not constantly changing if it's previously endemic, but the transfections are unnecessary and dangerous so they should be classified as a bio weapon most likely we have to see how they aren't, but it is frightening to me and has always been frightening to me. Previously endemic background would mean sequencing and PCR might all be above board. That's important to understand. Because there are a number of independent sources that really want me to believe that the sequencing data at least most of it is above board. And if that's the case, then we're going to have to come up with an alternative hypothesis other than the whole meta sequencing thing is a farce and none of these viruses exist because that can't be right. And after a few weeks of reading I don't think it is right. But it's a very seductive way of not having to learn anything about meta sequencing and about nanopore sequencing. If you come to the conclusion that that that all the sequencing is nonsense it's a real easy way out for a lot of these no virus people. Also not be endemic but it could have been an earlier release I think I've also opened to open to the possibility that a clone had been released in 2018 already and that there was a circulating variant in 2018 that that the Chinese knew about it Americans knew about it and watched it flow across into North America and watched it spread. And then when the time was right, triggered the pandemic with a clone release triggered the pandemic with a famed clone release and a PCR. Maybe also, that was something that China knew. But in all of those cases it would not be a point release of a virus that then went around the world like wildfire but instead it would be a virus that was present for a couple years, and then announced as a pandemic after it had already traveled the universe far enough. And so that's what I'm kind of meaning there and early release again would also mean not constantly changing probably. That's always flickering like that an early release into the background would mean sequencing and PCR still above board so I think this is the clone plus PCR in the background. You know, on the background is really a nice way to tie together these no virus people with with the, with the rest of us on the side of knowing that that we need to take our rights back. And so how much bad PCR data is there really we need to get to the bottom of that. If we go on sequence cases alone where are we at that's one way to do it. When will the Netherlands, Germany and France release their data and others. It's possible that the clone had a greater propensity to cause disease for two different reasons. The first one being that if it was a clone then the, the ratio of replication competent to incompetent variants might be higher. The majority of the protein selection in the clone might be higher. And then the non replicating particles could all have a toxic spike protein on them and we're going to look at that in detail could have a toxic and protein in them as well. There's another way of cartoon representing the idea that in this is how it was and there might be a little extra for a little while. But this is what they're telling us that there was a little death before 2020 and these are all preventable deaths. They're saying that we can we know we can prevent all covert deaths though. It's just that people are stubborn. Just to make sure you heard exactly what he said, because it is extraordinary. We know we can prevent nearly every death from covert if people get the updated vaccines and people get treated so we continue to press that message. Are you considering a return to other restrictions, you know, masking on planes, vaccine requirements. Yeah, so I think we're in a very different place with this virus and where we were two years ago where we were last year what I would say is we now have the tools that we can manage our lives much more safely than we could couple of years ago. And the most important thing I think people need to be doing is first of all they've got to get their updated vaccines, and then there's a whole host of tools that people can use to keep themselves or family safe testing masking, improving indoor air quality and treatments therapeutics like packs Lovett and other patented drugs, it's extraordinary. Okay. And I know that you see it but I think it's important now to really focus in on how dangerous this is right now, because it is a trap. There's no question in my mind that us teaching our children that one of these three or some combination happened. That there's no virus. There's no disease. This one is probably the most, the least dangerous because at least you disconnect from this system. At least you doubt the FDA and the CDC if you tick the no virus narrative that's why I think these people are worth saving from the charlatans that are pushing this narrative. And I think they're worth going after because there are significant number of people that could be awakened and then instead of being written off by their family and friends because they talk about water memory, and all this other nonsense. They will be able to re engage with their families and try to convert some of their family and friends because they realize that it's been a Scooby Doo, and that they have been bamboozled by some of these people that people like Kevin McCarran have been going after since the very beginning, who won't be honest about the gray, who won't be honest about what they know and don't know. And as frustrating as it is, I do think that for for for the broad picture now, I got to agree that Kevin McCarran has been right to go after them, I do still disagree with the way that he's gone after them. Because being gentle with these people, as you explain how I think you're right about these things A, B, and C, but you're so wrong about x, y, and z that I can't take you seriously would be a really nice way to checkmate these people. And I think that needs to be done. Hell is this. Oh. So let's think very carefully here right because some people are censored and other people are not the founder of drastic Billy Bo Stixson has never been censored. Robert Malone is back on Twitter. I mean Harvard to the big house blocked me and is doing fine. Andrew Huff is the fringe epidemiologist conspiracy theorist national security threat controlled opposition can't be trusted guy who says the drones and stuff are coming to his house. What you really need to understand is the DNA is double stranded and DNA can be copied at high fidelity and if you make high fidelity copies of cDNA that's based on a viral sequence that you find in the wild and then you convert that to RNA. Using any number of benchtop techniques, you are creating a purity of a virus that would never exist in the wild. That's just the way it is because they are RNA viruses and you use DNA to make them. You are making a purity that doesn't exist in nature, but this purity is handy because it can be sent to any lab. It can be used in vitro. It can be used in vivo. It can be stored. It can be renewed. It can be derived from a sequence. And that means you can do in vitro measurements with antibodies. You can do cell culture with with cytotoxic assays. You can do disease models in animals and you can do a screen on which of these clones kills more of my mice. All very handy for USAID NIH NIAID grants, very handy. And so the infectious clone in my humble opinion is the only danger in coronavirus research, and it has been the only danger for quite some time. While they were using infectious clones to try and harness coronavirus as a biotechnology they basically came to the realization that vaccinating against a coronavirus was a useless motion, and that the only way that a coronavirus could be used is in an infectious clone form. And in that form, countermeasures like monoclonal antibodies and antivirals do have some utility. Tada! You can write grants forever. And so the clone wars are on because it is about understanding this. That's how you dispel this mythology. If you understand that the only danger are these cDNA derived RNA infectious clones, then you understand that the mythology that they're telling you on TV that we've got to be careful of all these natural viruses and Mother Nature is out to get us is a mythology. And that's a pretty huge mythology because it is half of the seesaw that's keeping this stupid coronavirus crisis going. One of the other ways that you can start to break through the illusion is to start to try and understand what we know and don't know about the assembly of the replication of sequencing of the isolation of the culturing of coronavirus. Because they can show you all the little cartoons they want to describe how the full genome is packaged around the end protein and then his he vaginated into the engulfed into a an endosomic vesicle that has the spike protein on the outside and then this endosome full of viruses will merge with the outer membrane and spray this virus into the extracellular space. But they can't give you very good molecular data to show that the story that they tell you is true. Let's listen to this video about how viruses replicate in the airway. This is supposed to be a electron micrograph and then this is a three dimensional image reconstructed from the slides and the slices of an electron micrograph and they're going to explain to you how the virus replicates in your lung. In our airways, the air we breathe comes into contact with a mixture of different types of healthy respiratory cells. Some respiratory cells have hair like structures that move the mucus along. SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus targets these hairy cells. The virus itself is deceptively simple. It consists of only a few parts, but together these parts create a highly effective virus.

What's happening is that antibodies to the receptor binding domain would block the spike from binding to cells and that's how antibodies help you. But that means the correlate is there are a lot of antibodies to this yellow protein that won't help you. And so inoculating people through transfection to this protein may not have been the best idea. And in fact, it most certainly wasn't. It has an outer membrane with three types of proteins on it, spike, envelope and membrane proteins. Inside the virus, an assembly of nucleocapsid proteins hold together its genetic material, a single strand of viral RNA. The spike protein is responsible for making contact with the host cell and starting the infection. It has a coat of sugars that hides it from the body's immune system. Many of the variants of SARS-CoV-2 are characterized by mutations on this spike protein, seen here in red. These mutations can influence its function, some making the virus more infectious. Many mutations are unique to each variant, but some, like D416G, are found in each of the variants of concern. When the virus closes in on a host cell, its spike proteins open up and bind to a receptor on the host cell. The outer part of the spike protein is then cut off by a protein on the host cell membrane. This frees the inner core of the spike protein, which is cut open. The spike protein then unfurls and anchors into the host cell membrane, pulling the virus closer until the cell membrane and the viral membrane fuse, allowing the viral genome to enter the host cell. That was a pretty interesting cartoon. Inside the cell, a ribosome meets the viral RNA and starts to translate its genetic code. The result is a long protein chain containing non-structural proteins, or NSPs. Initially, these NSPs are all attached to one another, but some of the NSPs are able to cut the chain. The result of this cutting is the release of another NSP, which is able to grab onto a ribosome and occupy it in such a way that the ribosome can only read viral RNA, and not the host cell's own RNA. This means that the virus takes over the cell's protein production machinery, turning the host cell into a virus-building factory. Meanwhile, the long protein chain is cut into individual NSPs. Eventually, the production of NSPs stops due to the presence of a knot in the viral RNA. That's a G quadruplex, in case you were talking about or thinking about the application to the vaccine where there are many more of these kinks in the mRNA because of the fact that they've added these Gs and Cs and they've also added pseudoyuridine. This prevents the remaining RNA, which codes for the machinery involved in duplicating the viral genome, from passing through the ribosome. The protein production can either stop here, or the knot in the viral RNA can slip, allowing the remaining viral RNA to be read. Because of the knot, the translation of the viral RNA often stops prematurely. This is an ingenious way for the virus to control how many proteins are being made, more of the membrane-modifying NSPs from before the knot, and fewer of the RNA-processing NSPs from after the knot. The NSPs that are embedded into the membrane cause it to curve. This disrupts the flat shape of the membrane and creates a structure called a double membrane vesicle, or DMV. These DMVs create a safe, enclosed environment for the viral genome to be copied. Inside the DMV, several NSPs combine to form the machinery to create new viral RNA. Firstly, a complementary strand is made to act as a reference. This reference then becomes the template for a new strand identical to the original viral genome. In addition to the full-length viral genome, a set of shorter RNA strands is also created. These shorter strands are called subgenomic RNA and will be processed by the host cell to create the proteins that go into the new viral particle. The subgenomic RNA exits the DMV through an NSP pore. After exiting, it makes its way back to a ribosome and is translated to make the main proteins that will constitute the new SARS-CoV-2 viral particle. The spike, envelope, membrane, and nucleocapsid proteins. The newly created nucleocapsid protein sits right by the DMV pore and is a grab-on to the viral genome RNA as it exits the DMV. The nucleocapsid protein then begins packaging the RNA into what will become the contents of the new viral particles. After the spike, envelope, and membrane proteins have been made, they go to a different part of the cell. There, the membrane proteins are able to catch the nucleocapsid proteins and viral genome. This makes the membrane bend inwards and a new viral particle eventually buds. When the membrane compartment containing the viral particle fuses with the outer cell membrane, the viral particles are then released from the cell. But that's only the first wave of SARS-CoV-2 particles that will be expelled. So the idea is that there in that, in that vesicle is where the fusion, or sorry, the furin is. And since there's furin enzyme in here, the spike proteins are cut before they're released and so they can bind without having to open up. They didn't explain that very well. The viral particles are then released from the cell. But that's only the first wave of SARS-CoV-2 particles that will be expelled. Eventually, the host cell produces so many viral particles that it dies. So many viral particles that it dies. Club cells in the lung do not do that in general. And this is still, this is the cartoon, right? The cytotoxic effects, it produces so many viral particles it dies. So many viral particles. In our airways, the air we breathe comes into contact with a mixture of different types of particles into the surrounding tissue. Look at that. Do you see this? Do you see it? Look at that. This completes the life cycle of a single SARS-CoV-2. Now the problem that I have with this is that this is also supposed to happen in the culture dishes that they use for serial passage. Where the cytopathic effects of the virus are caused by millions of particles being produced so that the cell explodes from the overload. It just... Now I want you to think about what this means from the perspective of RNA available to be sampled here. And if this was a tissue culture in a dish and all of the cells in that tissue culture were making virus as they're purported to do when you do serial passage of viruses. And you take the supernatant from one dish and put it in the next dish of clean cells. And then it kills all those cells. You take the supernatant of that and put it over here. And that's serial passage and you're supposed to be passaging these viral particles that get released from cells that make so many of them that they die and they release them. And this cartoon is depicting that. So presumably, if we started with an RNA infectious clone and we grew virus in a dish just like they show there. And then we isolated the RNA because there are so many viral particles and viral particles have their whole genome. Then when we do direct RNA nanopore sequencing and we're very careful, we should be able to get an absolute crap ton of pure RNA full length genomes. Because they're there in that cartoon and in every cartoon I've ever seen about viruses and serial passage viruses and infection. And in that video, he also mentioned that there are sub genomic RNAs, which are produced during the production process of viruses in order to increase the number of proteins of certain kinds and not make too many of the ones you don't need. Okay, so let's think about that for a minute. Here are the consensus sub genomic RNAs of coronavirus, human coronavirus, H229E. I think it's H229E, but I don't know which I think it's that one that they're doing here. They're using the soup of RNA because they have a leader sequence that you can use to grab them and pull them down, you can tag them with fluorescence, you can do lots of stuff, you can use magnetic beads. And so you can find these sub genomic RNAs, they're not fractured full genome RNAs that have been broken because you shook the bottle too hard. They're sub genomic RNAs that are made by reading the genomic RNA in pieces, according to their current best guess cartoon of how coronaviruses replicate. And so when we go in here we find the longest read is 26,000 bases, 26,000 bases for the H229E reference sample. 26,000 bases. How many times did they find 26,000 bases? Well it's not very many actually, it's around two. And in fact they find orders of magnitude, four orders of magnitude more of the end protein sub genomic RNA, which was shown on the last page, than they do any full length RNA. But the full length RNA should be represented by quite a few copies because quite a few viruses are being released. You saw the picture, you saw the cartoon. And so it's strange to me why there are so many sub genomic RNAs which by definition cannot be viral RNA. Because they're already little pieces of RNA, and their claim is that a virus is composed of a whole genome, which we see here is 26,000, it's there. It's definitely there. But not at the quantity, the signal's not as high as I would expect it to be. There are a lot of really easy ways that they could do this. They could take the whole RNA from this sample and they could run it on a gel and then cut that part of the gel out that has only the full genome RNA and then they could sequence that, see how many they get. They could just weigh it, see how many molecules they have. That would be an interesting comparison. According to their own measurements, according to the maybe highly biased nanopore sequencing where they don't get a lot of long reads because it doesn't like them. They get many, many, many, many, many hundreds of thousands of reads of the N protein, the M protein, the E protein, and the S protein, and comparatively fewer reads of the proteins and the regions of 1A1B, the open reading frame of the replicase. According to that narrative or that narration, it's possible, I guess, that I could just be off and that it's, you know, 400,000 copies of the N protein gets sent out of the N protein, mRNA gets sent out of the double walled vesicle to be translated by the ribosomes of the cell. It could be 400,000 copies of the N protein are being translated into N proteins and 100,000 copies of the S are being translated into S proteins and then there are almost an undetectable level of full genomes. But the point is, is that you're going to make that many N proteins and S proteins because you want to wrap up the genome. And I think that's where I've made a pretty big discovery because what I think is happening is what Robert Malone told us about the non-infectious, non-replicating particles. The non-replicating particles are composed of subgenomic RNAs that have been wrapped in the N protein and packaged into viral particles. And it's easy to understand how that could happen if your subgenomic RNAs are at a four orders of magnitude more abundance. What would be even more interesting is if any of those subgenomic RNAs were copied. This is just the methods of that paper to let you know that they used recombinant viruses that are based on full length cDNA copies of the genome, which is exactly what I'm talking about. All of these papers are done with clones. They are all done with a purity that doesn't exist in nature because that's all we can manage. This is the only dangerous form of a coronavirus. It's the only possible source of the pandemic narrative, but it is not a source of a pandemic. These are cDNA infectious clones of a virus that grows in Chinook salmon. You can see that they develop a whole strategy to do the same thing with viruses from salmon. They look for sequences that they can detect, and then they make clones of them and compare them in laboratory models. This has been done ad infinitum all around the world, and they're doing it without a firm understanding of how coronaviruses replicate. This is a paper that I want to go through in detail that talks about the subgenomic RNAs and looks for the positive and negative strand versions of these RNAs because if both are present, then it's possible that the subgenomic RNAs are indeed being replicated separately, regulated separately, and even more importantly, have the requisite positive strand version of it that could be wrapped in the end protein and packaged as a non-infectious particle. Ladies and gentlemen, this line of research has not led to an end. We are not done yet, but I'm telling you there is reason to believe that the kinetics of RNA synthesis in viral infection are not understood. And if they are understood, the information is being hidden or suppressed because it doesn't go along with their narrative. That is probably one of the main reasons why coronavirus infections are not as infectious as everybody thinks because if you're shedding hundreds of thousands of particles that have immunogenic qualities but do not have replication competence, then everybody in your house can get sick when only you are replicating virus. And everybody can develop a T cell response to the N and to the M and to the S protein if you are replicating virus and they are only exposed to the non-replicating particles of your swarm, because they are four orders of magnitude more abundant than the ones that have the full replicating genome. Are you understanding this? Don't worry, I'm going to repeat it for weeks. These are what they want you to believe the danger is, that there are novel viruses in the wild, that there are novel viruses that can be brought into the laboratory and passage to make them even more dangerous than they ever would have been in the wild. And in fact, they can do that in both cell culture and in animals. They'd also like you to believe that they can stitch viruses together and get even farther faster than these kinds of experiments can get. And I'm telling you that this is part of a coercive multi-year plan to get you to give up the sovereignty of your kids. And they targeted mostly college kids this round, but they're going to go after the adults and everybody else very soon. This is not over, because it doesn't matter what's true. It counts what people believe. And that's how they're controlling us. That's how they've broken us up. We believe in gain of function viruses. And everybody that we're fighting against right now believes and not fighting against, but trying to dispel the mythology of his trying to push this narrative, the gain of function research and the viruses that they produce are capable of going around the world for more than three years, and they're not. They are not. Everything from the top of my head to the tip of my toes, my heart, my soul tells me this is not true. This is not true about my kids world. It's not true about my grandkids world, who I don't have yet, but sure hope that there will be. I think we have been fooled and I think the reason why they're doing this is because there is no, there is no good reason to convert from growing flu vaccine and eggs to an mRNA platform there's no reason to convert. But they did it anyway in a disruptive and incremental way just like they described in 2019, the very people who did it are still doing it now, Rick bright Tony Fauci these people are are at the head of the public version of this but there are lots of people behind the scenes, lots of people who set this up lots of people who are perpetuating this, and they all need to be identified and brought to account. Because the goal is total surrender of individual sovereignty and the enforcement of a global fundamental inversion of human rights from rights to permissions. I can't stress enough how these Clone Wars are so friggin important to how we get out. We need to explain to people that the Clone Wars are being waged on as we need to be able to add accurately describe that you need to understand the difference between a clone and this swarm, you need to understand the basics of viral isolation culture and sequencing and serial passage and what can and can't be done. And you need to understand that there are real goals behind this that aren't public health. There aren't saving the old people. It is not even, it's not even selling vaccines and making profit those are, those are small potatoes and and also shiny objects that keep you away from understanding the real reason that they're doing this. The way that they did it is they changed how we think about all cause mortality the swarm, respiratory viruses and immunization. They changed the way we think about the coronavirus swarm by convincing us that there's only one cause of respiratory disease now instead of the hundreds that were before the pandemic. They reformulated the counts to have there be a new cause of death. Only evidence of a new cause of death of the PCR tests. They changed the way we think about all cause mortality but not really even telling you about them and instead telling you that there was a new cause of death in 2020. They convinced the public and governments around the world who let many of the members of which are not clever enough to know the difference but many of which know. And so it's a combination of people in the know going along with it, and people who aren't smart enough going along with it because everyone else is doing it and not wanting to lose the power that they have in government. And they might have a purposely omitted all cause mortality to make this illusion possible. You can see that in Dennis Rancourt's work and the work of Teo Skilders in the Netherlands and you can also see it in a recent report by Dennis about the Indian data which I also think is very compelling, although not yet peer reviewed. They also changed the way you think about your immune system. They tried to lead you to believe that seroprevalence was paramount in order to forego a national security risk that people would not take the countermeasures that they were offered. What was accomplished by D disingenuously emphasizing antibodies to the spike protein and the neutralizing aspect of them. That's all basically mythology, and they have oversimplified the understanding of immune system to avoid any possibility of you engaging and informed and not taking the government product countermeasure. And in parallel with this they've changed the way we think about vaccination. First saying that all vaccines are the same and this is the way we always get rid of vaccines and now they're going to go step and incrementally take that back and say that some of the older vaccines aren't nearly as good as this one. And again, just to emphasize they're going to emphasize seroprevalence from now until the cows come home. They are currently focused on convincing the public that this novel methodology just accidentally works so great that serendipitously we're going to be able to cure cancer and, and, and start personalized genetic medicine because we got really lucky. We invested so much money as Dr. Corbett told us was nothing about these products is known but she thinks she knows everything. And they changed the way we think about vaccination by telling us that vaccines protect our grandmother and Fauci and Shaw said this just a week ago in the White House with an AI RP representative. We all have a duty that includes masking and social distancing and testing they're still pushing that same model, has he clearly stated from the podium of the White House. They are moving forward under continued emergency to justify transfection products, and they are still transfecting women and pregnant women, children over six months old. It is a travesty, ladies and gentlemen, this has to be stopped. They are doing this though because they want you to invert the way that you think about the stewardship you have over your own body and that of your children, because they would like you to give up all of your medical information, including your, your, your, everything from from when you are born. Imagine this future where every single baby is sequenced at birth, where we can get all these genomic information that physicians can then use to provide not only treatment recommendations but also health care monitoring recommendations to the families. This information can be used for treatment options for providing patients with the ability to access clinical trials in a way that it's unprecedented. Obviously this information can also lead to some family planning opportunities, genetic counseling, health care planning, and so on and so forth. Importantly in this potential future, the data that we get from babies can be used to monitor longitudinally the phenotype of these people and patients over time and collectively get all the genomic information to continue to understand what's the clinical impact of genomic data. Genomic data. I wonder who mentioned that before. I think that this is where they're going. That's what they're doing. And the way that we got here the realization that brought us to this stage is asking the question what really is a coronavirus what is a quasi species and what is an infectious clone. It was the writing of that article about the barracks fingerprints being on the pandemic bug that really spurred me to understand this to really dive into it and to realize to come to the realization that so much of this work is based on on models of clones rather than the real deal, because the real deal is very not tractable in a laboratory. This is in parallel under the realization that there's been a long standing plan to change the warm manufacturing base of the flu vaccine over to mRNA. And that's something that they've wanted to do for a long time. You can hear about that on the disappearing flu data, RFKs, a little coverage there. If you want to hear a little bit more about gain of function versus gain of purity, please check out this RTE rumble thing there. There wasn't a novel cause of death that much is very, very certain now. And again I'll plug one more time Dennis Rancourt's paper about the United States data. The reason why we know this is because they told us that viruses go into your lungs, and they make perfect copies of themselves but in reality that's not true. They make many many copies that aren't replication competent and they also make genetic variants and there's two forces there then that are creating the attractor state that is the viral swarm. And for sure, for sure, for sure, I think we've found evidence or signatures of evidence, signatures of this possibility that these are non infectious particles are not deleterious mutated genetic errors but rather they're assembly errors where sub genomic RNAs are assembled into non infectious particles because of their abundance because they are double stranded and there's copied separately and then that for there's a positive strand that's present for packaging. That's possible we don't know it yet but I certainly think that we're finding a lot of things in the literature I just haven't dedicated a whole stream to that but that's really where we're at. I think these things, we were misled about these as potential dangers, under the pretense that we would accept all of the countermeasures that they forced on us and all of the changes to our new normal that they forced on us and this scooby doo was part of it and really the infectious clone is the only thing you need to understand. It doesn't mean that Rixie and McCarran and I are that far off it just means that I'm more willing to attribute this to a psychological operation rather than a double cross rather than the presence of a biological unprecedented replicating pathogen so I think we were scooby dooed I think we were scooby dooed about a lot of this by Fauci's emails about endosomal entry and and early treatment being part of the way that they got this infectious clone to go anywhere but even more importantly, it's the way they got all this pneumonia and stuff to go out of control in the hospitals and get any kind of overload at all. Just by misleading us just by misleading us about the presence of a pathogen. And I think that's where we are I did it though, right, I was convinced just like you. This was about public health and biodefense and we gave up all of our technology just like Huff is saying now, we had to give them all of our technology they didn't need our technology. They don't need us to tell us how to tell them how to use, how to use restriction enzymes to build CDNA constructs of coronaviruses after Barrick published it in 2002 and for they don't need anybody to tell them how to do it. That's like saying that they make a cake over in France that they have to come over here and teach you they can't watch a video or send you a recipe. That's ridiculous. That's a, that's a ridiculous story. And it's a ridiculous story just like a cover up of live attenuated vaccines because live attenuated vaccines work we don't want to stop working on those, says Andrew Huff. Because we can unicorn them you know we can make a limited replication capacity coronavirus that we can make genetically stable, and we can make it high specificity and then we can put immunogens on it that will that will vaccinate people to other things that why would we ever not want to do that. It's a great way of doing science, says Andrew Huff gain a function live attenuated viruses man. I believe we've been fooled, ladies and gentlemen, so I think we have been fooled. That's why I play this all the time, because this is really where we are. These people have had this shift planned for a long time it could be that China knew it as well, and set us up for this failure. But that would mean that nobody's willing to admit that they made a mistake even now. That seems very scary. I don't know where we are ladies and gentlemen but I do know that somewhere along the line. The idea that an antibody was important and that an antibody was a correlate of immunity has been horribly abused to the tune of billions of wasted dollars. The fallacy of antibodies can protect you from a virus is very similar to his idea that in mRNA has to be better than growing vaccines in a culture. And so this is how they did it they change the way you think about these things. They tried to make you believe that these things were possible when in reality they aren't they change the way you think about all cause mortality this human coronavirus swarm. They also change the way you think about your immune system if you really want to understand that I recommend that you understand and look up immune linked recognition during infection and then try to make a metal mental model of how that would work during transfection. They also change the way we think about vaccines and if you want to understand that just compare the changes that happen at a cellular level during infection and where they occur to what happens when you are transfected depending on where you're transfected because that will help you I've done that in previous streams I will do it again in the coming months of 2023 as we try to reinvigorate this fight through repetition and ever sharpening the narrative or the the explanation. We are at a time point where human diversity is at a peak for all time there will never be more time to never be a better chance to collect this genetic diversity I believe that's what this is all about they're not exterminating us. They're not depopulating us the vast majority of us they still want to collect data from has you heard from that lady wouldn't it be great if we could just get babies from birth. Well of course that's why they need the college kids to be on board right now because those are the kids that are about to have babies, so they got went after them the hardest to make sure that in five years when they say hey when you have kids, maybe you can give us their genetic data and let us follow it along. Let us start in the epic system so that all the patrons of the NIH can have all the data from your kids will will will make sure not to make any money from it will will do it all in the best interest of public health and the best interest of humanity. You can go to giga and see a federated version, a non decentralized version of Twitter there where you can communicate with me in a very similar way, ladies and gentlemen, please stop all inspections in humans. They're still trying to eliminate the control group they're still going to try and get you to buy into the idea that mRNA is a proven technology that can now be wheeled out on any other problem and it's just not true. The control group don't let them do it. This has been giga home.biological high resistance low noise information stream brought to you by biologists. My name is Jonathan Cooey. You can find me at giga Thank you very much for joining me and I'll see you very soon. Although the likelihood of that being tomorrow is not not very high. I'm not going to say it's nothing. It's not very high. Thanks guys. I'll see you soon.

Bye bye.