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Yeah, I've realized vaping is not a safe alternative to smoking, they make it out to be. If you suck on it all day, like I do, it feels like you've had a layer of bitumen placed on your lungs. So, excuse the coughing. I've just rolled out of bed. And we have to, of course, address this, how shall we say, I'm going to try and be kind, because, not kind, critical constructive criticism, let's put it that way. And with this constructive criticism, what I would hope to do is to take what is a useless rabbit hole that comes from the Stupid Peters, what's her name? Not Judy, Ruby, Ruby Skin Flaps. It comes from that side of the internet, and it's part of, well, I don't know, I don't know how much is them sort of grifting for clicks on Substack to, I don't know, maybe they believe what it is that they're saying.

But when we're dealing with what appears to be a family that has a, what shall we say, a pedigree of being involved in the psychological operations being pushed on the American public, remember that Sasha Latypova's daughter is Soph, and Soph, shout out to Mark from Housatonic put it this way, is the Q-tard's Greta Thunberg. And when we see manipulation in this fashion, like I say, Sasha gets to go around all the alternative streams and push, well, you know, I don't think there's much wrong with pointing at this being a military operation. But again, how much of it is designed to distract, give you some of the truth, and then have you sort of drop away going down useless avenues? And what's happened is she's put out Substack earlier today, I guess, last night. And this, a lot of the wild stuff ends up on TikTok. Yes, yes, this is the this is the battle for attention and mind and consciousness. And you've got to be very, very careful of it. And these, it's important to make sure that you don't just take people's word for it, because, oh, they've they've managed to get a little bit of clout. And, you know, when I've gone on stupid Peters, what did I do? I didn't I didn't sit there trying to suck up. I told him that he was pushing bollocks. And Carrie Madej, Bertha, were just pushing very, very poor science that they it's obvious that they didn't know what. Well, that would be being kind. But when you're saying that there are nano hydras in the shots, and they're they're making 5G networks in your body, which if you listen to the subtext of what La Piovia is saying, it's very much the same thing. And we're going to spend the stream looking. It's a watch party. And then we're going to get the scope out. I've decided I'll get some we'll get some juice on some slides. And I've got a 5G dongle. This one's not so noisy if I put this here. Do you hear anything? Often I can often I can pick it up in there. Maybe not. But yes, this is a router dongle 5G. And it's just picking up 4G at the moment, but it does do 5G. And we'll see if we can get a replication of the phenomenon that they're talking about. Now, I know from actually having the tech required to go and look at this stuff properly that they're looking at cholesterol crystals. OK, and this is we've got to drop these again, these stupid distractions, because then you then you're missing the target, which is I make a solid hypothesis that this is all part of pushing and nudging the population to a warlike posture where or preparations for war where digital control is enforced and the vaccine type programs become essentially a tool of oppression. This is the space I think we're heading into. And all the time that you get distracted or you or you grab on to the to the notion that there's graphene in there responding to 5G waves being beamed at you. OK, you get dismissed because you're not talking about the toxic biology, which we know is in there. OK, so good idea with 5G jungle. Yeah, let's just I'll do that in a bit. Right, so we can we can jump straight in because it's we're going to watch something that's I think about an hour long. I watched the first 10 minutes, etc. It was enough for me to say, OK, I've got to dream about that. And then we'll switch to the scope and we'll like I say, we'll see if we can replicate any of their nonsense. And we'll might be difficult to get it in the first few minutes. We can, of course, review and look at slides that we've done already and see if we can see similar things. And again, you know, I just put one on there. This I think this is a vaccine. But again, you know, the arguments that they use that there's this complex structure when you're dealing with crystals is a asinine one. Let me first of all, just do this, though, and hope the soundboard is reset. Thank you. And of course, why are we here? Kofor moral bio enhancement and bio enhancement being in the eye of the beholder. OK, so and of course, I want to shout out to pull this one up. Baby Raccoon says, I'm I'm getting tired of it to tell the truth. I am. And, you know, it's the same stuff again and again and again. And the. What should we say? Those who have, you know, made a or staked out a position in the freedom, sovereignty domain that we don't want this type of technology being used and abused against us. There's I'm just looking at my tabs. There's a there's another we've got to be careful about how what we tell people. And let me I'll get to it as we get to the watch party. But if you've wondered in here, I'm wondering who I am. That's me. I am a legit scientist. You can find me. This is a link to research gate. You can read all my research that I am a legit scientist. I'm one that's actually been calling out from the beginning the lab origin, the the sketchy nature of the vaccine programs that they've pushed out on us. But I try to do it properly. I try to constrain it with my scientific training and experience. And it's got us this far. OK. And we've been pretty good at being able to dismiss a whole bunch of nonsense. And yeah, the WTYL I don't know. Again, it's migrating. Simon's doing a lot of stuff on the on the back end. Just navigate past it. It's not doing anything sketchy. If you want to watch that comfortably numb says I'm so angry with the idiots that keep feeding the graphene's graphene of spectacular crap. Yeah. Yeah. All the time that you do, you're falling prey to this fifth generation warfare and La Piova because of again, if Mark is in the chat, let me tell you, you know what? I'm just going to disturb disturbing right now. See if I can do that. Just get the just get a quick update on him. Let me do this real quick. Get out of bed, Mark. I want you to hear it from Mark's mouth if you haven't watched his dreams. But let me just see if I can start a voice call with him. But this is the mother of soft. And people want to get well, just use the Internet, go back and look at the phenomenon that soft was and how she was pushed around again, all these alternate websites as a counter to the left wing Greta Thunberg ideology is wrong. The tool, right? You take a young child and you put them in a position where it's easy to manipulate adults and you get a you get a young child saying, wow, this is what I'm doing. And look, mine is for comedic effect. And the it's not it's not there trying to rile up the the sovereign citizens to go out and grab guns, etc. IA operations. Yes. Yes. Yes. Yes. A word from Mark. So we'll keep moving on. What I will do is say that our ability to rapidly respond to scientific drivel is dependent on support from the community. Please, please, please consider becoming a Patreon. Hit the tip jar on McCannDojo. If you swing that way, stream facts, gay pal, buy me a coffee, subscribe star, cryptocurrency, I'll take it all. Cost money to be able to do this type of science. I'm opening, I'm open to hearing any idea on what the facts are doing because it's clear something's up and governments are lying. Yeah, they are lying. They are lying. But if you get sucked into the more egregious side, right, that yes, they're pumping you full of nanobots that they're going to control with 5G beams sent at you, you get you get wiped off the the battlefield for this fight, fight for minds. And, you know, the the more lurid stuff doesn't help. Right. You've got it. You've got to be able to prove it. Okay. And all the time that you're just using an optical microscope, you're not streaming the whole thing so people can see from start to finish. Watch you crack bottles open. Remember, I don't think anyone else has done what we have done, which is literally show you so you can hear the tops of the vaccine bottles being snapped off. Okay. Anything else that they push, you've got to treat with a high degree of skepticism. I mean, so please, please support the stream. It's hard work doing this. And it's expensive. It's expensive. All those servers that we have for you can watch back and I don't trust Rumble, even though Rumble's kind of cool right now. You know, they could they could could take it away from us. Okay. So we need to make sure that we're able to move a role with the times as they change. All right. So what did I had this up right? Meryl Nass, again, is pushing false information. There's no official investigation taking place in Japan into the nature of these vaccines. There's been a couple of press conferences where they've been pleased by professors. So to look at vaccines, but that's it. So Meryl Nass, I would I would take this one down. It's not it's not confirmed. I'm in Japan. I can tell you it's fake, fake news. I want to have a look. This just dropped fifth general fair terms and tactics. Another Robert Malone. And again, Robert Malone has I'm very, very skeptical, particularly after the direction that he's taking, which is to wasn't him, but some retired CIA, if the information I got was correct, using the substack, reaching out to millions of people and saying, how is the Chinese? We got deceived by the Chinese. Right. And I'm very, very skeptical of this man. Malone is fluorescent green glowy. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Maybe. All right. So this is the nuts and bolts of the main frost of today's stream. Now we're going to watch this, watch it through. And then we're going to look at slides and see if we can see the same thing. I'm going to give commentary as to where I think there are errors and what they're doing. Correct or incorrect, I would say. So let's do this.

Hello, everyone. This is my show due diligence. My name is Sasha. We are now due diligence. I would be skeptical of the name to begin with recording for trial site news. And I have a very interesting guest today, Dr. David Nixon. And we're going to be discussing a lot of interesting findings and testing of vials of various vaccine, so-called vaccine products, mRNA injectable that David was able to do using just a standard microscope. So David, maybe you can introduce yourself and give a little bit background. Good morning, Sasha. Thank you very much for inviting me to come along and present some of my findings. I have to ask why do all the crank doctors or most of them come from down under? What is with it? Are their standards that much lower, south of the equator? What's going on? I'm a GP or general practitioner and family physician. It's probably better known in your part of the world. And I've been working in that field for the last 25 years. And certainly the COVID-19 vaccines have been quite confusing. So earlier on this year, I decided I'd get a microscope and have a look at the vaccines and had the blood to see what I can find, having been aware of what other people have been finding and talking about within the vaccine, like blood analysis.

So were you concerned because you were seeing patients that were having problems with these products? Why did you decide to look at this yourself?

Well, there was a lot of things that didn't make sense. I've actually entitled my talk, my presentation today, the COVID-19 vaccine conundrum. And like you, I'm aware that certainly a lot of things that don't add up and don't make sense. And it was becoming very apparent early on that the vaccines weren't safe and weren't effective. And clearly the work that you've done has highlighted a lot of those issues as well. So I wanted to see for myself what I could see. Okay. Yeah, that's very interesting. And the whole microscopy around this has kind of grown and become very important area. So that's why I wanted you to share your images, which I find just stunning. Yeah. So I set it up so you can share the presentation if you have. Fantastic. Let me see if I can. Just got to have it in the right place. Okay. Right. So this is my microscope that I've had for a bit, four or five minutes now. And I've been getting to know it as fast as I could. I'm just...

Like a standard light microscope. This doesn't tell you anything. You just get to look at pretty pictures. Is that showing the right way around? Okay. Great. Okay. So one of the first things I looked at was the Pfizer vaccine. And certainly there were a number of objects that could be seen very readily. There's been a bit of conjecture in the last week or two that these structures that we're seeing actually in the floating vaccine are cholesterol shards. Cholesterol shards. Done it. We've gone and done the Raman spectroscopy. It's cholesterol. Cholesterol, cholesterol, cholesterol.

And it's not the last few weeks. We did this over a year ago.

It's difficult to see that that's what all of them are.

Cholesterol. So we're going to be looking... And full. Full of bacteria. Rods and cocci. So again, he hasn't snapped the seal for you to see. Okay. So, you know, like we're dealing with used vaccines here, but this is what I'll use today. And I bet you we see lots of rods and cocci in them as well. But they're not there. We didn't see them when you crack open the vials. And it's just contamination from the environment. You stick a needle into them multiple times. And yeah, you're going to get bacteria in there that grow. But they don't want to...

They won't put that forward as a hypothesis. It's all... Look at that. We say something weird. Oh, it's cholesterol. Down the microscope, everything's... I'll just pause it for a second. All this background is flickering, as you can see. So this is a couple of drops of Pfizer vaccine that's drying out on the slide. This is the area that's already dried out. This is the beach feel like between where the drying is happening. And this is a very large structure that came into view. So this preparation of Pfizer had been in pretty... And I can tell you from looking at that, he's probably looking at it probably a hundred times. So this is not hyper nanomaterials in the nanometer range. This is large. And it's not going to do anything to a cell. It's going to do and it's not going to do anything to a cell. It's not going to penetrate into a cell. Again, is it trash and garbage in these vaccines that have been scaled up? Yes. Yes.

For a number of weeks. And we do see that the visible structures get larger every time.

They seem to join up. So this is... You mean they crystallize? 400 times. They crystallize as the fluid is drying up. Well, color me not surprised.

It's not self-assembly nanomaterials. So how big is this object? Can you estimate?

Compared to a red blood cell, it's probably about six times the size of a red blood cell. All right. So it's probably in the order of 15 microns across. So it's quite large. It's quite large. Yeah. So these are not nanoscale at all. They're not nanoscale. So most of my pictures are actually in the order of only 40 times, 200 times magnification. So what does one do when one is faced with this puzzling stuff? One listens to music and sets it to music. So I'll shout out to Mark and Pete, who helped put this together. Mark Bailey. I think that's probably Mark Bailey he's talking about. And oh, yeah. What do you do? You put it to music. Yeah. That doesn't see it. That doesn't feel like propaganda, does it?

You don't just get to say metallic structures. You've got to do the EDX mapping on it or some type of mass spectrometry. Sorry. But he set the science to music. Yeah.

This is I mean, it's fantastic. Well, it's fantastic. Is it that are you doing due diligence there, Sasha? It's that it could be a part of like really cool art installation if it wasn't so sinister, you know, so but yeah, that's it's just stunning. These images. So the first part of that video was a section of visuals of just looking at the vaccine in a liquid state. But if we let it to dry out, then we get a view that looks like this.

And we can see there's a lot of what appears to be debris in the background, somewhat circular, but most of it is rectangular in structure. And the question is, of course, well, is that something that we need to be concerned about? This is all that dried vaccine residue in the background. And this is sort of the beach area, if you like. So that's a bit that dried out earlier. And this is a slide taken, a photo taken the next morning. And much to my surprise, there were these couple of central squares. And I thought for a moment there must have been some contamination that had blown in. They looked really quite unnatural. Oh, square, square crystals, especially cholesterol is not unnatural. Just mind everyone.

Let's do a quick Google search for cholesterol looks like. This is my favorite.

Cholesterol crystals. And I get the same in my piss. Maybe I'll even go and draw some of the sacred ambenecta today and we can look at my piss under slides. And look, if you look at that through a dark field view, like he's using here, OK. Then you'll see the edges within the crystal.

And this is, you can pull it out of your piss, especially if you've got high cholesterol like me. All right, let's move on. I realize that crystals can have strange shapes, but these are quite flat.

By focusing in, it's possible to actually focus on the back or focus on the top. So they do have a three dimensional aspect to them, some of them more than others. This one had more of a three dimensional aspect and some of them were this one was more complex. Wow, that's extremely bizarre.

Is it? Is it that bizarre? Holy fucking shit. Like I say, I've pulled it out on slides multiple times. OK, and we've gone to the lab and we've done the Raman spectroscopy on it and they come back as cholesterol crystals. And all the time, it doesn't matter what fancy light source that they're using or filters on their stage. That's what you're looking at. Cholesterol. Trying to discount this as cholesterol crystals. They don't seem like cholesterol crystals. They don't seem like cholesterol crystals? Really? Really? Now, again, I would have been disposed to Lapovia, but because there's this history of, how should we say, being involved in social engineering, a part of the fifth generation, hybrid warfare, IIA activities. OK, you've got to take everything that she says with a pinch of salt. What are your thoughts on this? Certainly, some of the images that I wish I'd shown, there's no way I'd consider it being cholesterol crystals. Under what definition? What quantitative analysis have you done to make a statement like that? And again, I know that he's associated with Bailey's Down South and these two people stink at the moment because they can't even do a fucking simple Google search. And I'll do this. I offer to take those samples and I will go and do the Raman spectroscopy on them. You can watch it in real time. I'll stream it in real time and we'll see what data we get. We'll see if it comes back with a graphene signature or a cholesterol signature. I bet you it comes back with cholesterol. The other suggestion is that it's saltions or sucrose crystals, and some of them do resemble salt and sugar crystals, but we'll come to that shortly. So on close-up, you can see there's quite a lot going on here. And these lines are totally parallel. You know, a lot of symmetry in there amongst the chaos. I don't know what to tell you. This is better than anything that I can pull up. Probably when we start going and fishing around in the juice, we'll see something. But this is a psychological operation, folks. It stinks. It stinks. And anyone who's unquestionably bringing La Piovia onto their streams right now and not doing their due diligence enough to steal her title. Let's see. Now, I'm going to go back to the to steal her title. Let's see. Now, whether they're planting the ideas intentionally, whether they may be real later is a separate matter. Maybe trade with your piss sample. Yeah.

I'll run it through mass spec as well. So I looked around the rest of the slides and this slide only had four drops of Pfizer vaccine on the slide. So considerably less than what goes in an arm. And there's this one, which was the other two, but the smaller ones appeared to be a practical version of the larger ones. They seem to be similar to that. Hang on. It looks like George Webb has myocarditis from his J&J shot. Oh, interesting. How do I get to that? Let me just pull that up. Well, he shouldn't have listened to Paul Cattrall. What can I say?

Okay. Hello, everyone. George Webb here in Chattanooga and just been with Premier Heart here in Chattanooga. You can see Wuji of Wuji Aptek is a sister city here. And of course, there's the city in Israel. I don't know where Ham is in Germany, but anyway, you can see the medical, quite a medical community. Tennessee has a lot of investment in medical and and Premier Heart is no exception. And I spent about, I was tested and I spent about half an hour with Dr. Shen, the cardiologist on my test. It takes about 10 minutes, arms, two leads on each wrist and two leads on each leg and then a heart monitor as well. So 82 seconds for the blood to completely circulate the body. So it measures that whole cycle. It does it five times. So you get pluses and minuses. You don't want pluses. And GW, unfortunately, got some pluses in the myocarditis. There's three or four plus a couple of pluses in the pulmonary heart disease category, which I didn't like too much. So I need to get to work on diet changes, reducing the carbs and exercise. And also they want to limit your, they want you to reduce the amount of time that you consume food. So time-based fasting. And then they reanalyze you when you go to the next stage. So this is, this has been an eye-opener for me to be, we've got a live shark cam here. I don't know where the sharks are, but there's the live shark cam. I'm trying to think. It's from the Tennessee aquarium. It says live a shark cam. So come visit Tennessee. Of course, Vanderbilt outstanding institution here for heart. And I say, George gets better. And let's see, there's a whole industry coming out as full speed from vax industries. Yeah. This is, well, one of the, one of those hypotheses that we're through. Well, by, by digitizing your medical records, they're putting you under a degree of surveillance. And when, and like I said, I've said this innumerable times, the Bolshevism at the 21st century, isn't a class warfare. It will be controlled through the medical system because everyone needs medical at some point in their life. And the older you get, the more you need it. And the pluses that he's seeing, I'm guessing it's just, it's not a quality quantitative measure. It's a qualitative and just says, okay, we're your, whatever they're inferring from his EKG is, um, is, is problematic. So, um, yes, he was waxed. Um, he was waxed. So let's go back here. I want to get on with this. I hope George gets better. All right. Yeah. Don't, don't, I don't have any animosity to George. I just look, my problem with George is just that my problem with George is just that he tends to go too much out on a limb, which is for me, he's trying to do it, do this through a more scientifically constrained manner, trying to aggregate data and try, trying to make data-driven hypotheses. It's, it's a little too much. And of course he's, uh, he's besties with, uh, Mandela ball control. The ones with the smaller. And there was quite, quite often an association with crystals. Some of them appear to be less well developed. This one certainly, um, doesn't appear to have the detail that a lot of the others do. Um, some more of them have this type of structure. Structure. Let's throw cholesterol cholesterol cholesterol cholesterol cholesterol. Yeah.

And this is one aspect I'll come back to, but in the background or around these structures, there's quite a lot of debris and it's all rectangular and square. Yeah. Many cholesterol crystals.

This is a close up of that, as you can see this video. So, so this is only 400 times a major vacation. It's not a large vacation.

Um, the next two structures, um, seemed completely bizarre and not, and don't appear to be natural at all. It's hard to imagine that this, uh, is the result of cholesterol, salt or sugar crystallization. And this one, um, is really quite amazing.

So what's the brighter perimeter? Is that because it's metallic or what is it reflecting something? Um, this was thinner, this area here, and the light was shining from behind it more.

So if I turn the light down, that would disappear and appear thinner, you know, appear translucent.

So it's not glowing by itself. That's all light from beneath.

So associated with these structures, um, were crystals of all shapes and sizes. Uh, this one was right in the middle of the, um, uh, these ones, uh, look more like salt crystals.

One of the best samples that I've prepared. It's quite a dramatic looking crystal. Um, this one is a crystal, um, from those effects. And this rectangular structure, um, does, is quite commonly seen in salt crystals. Uh, and some of this dry pattern, um, is, is similar to what appears in salt crystals. So that's, that's the snorlax. Yeah, that's an, that's an overact that I left over. No. Yeah. That is a crystal from Pfizer, just showing some general complexity. And this crystal came from, um, a concentrated form of the finds of a vaccine.

So this, I found a few of these more complex crystals, but they always appeared in the more complex sample, more, sorry, more concentrated sample. This is another Novavax crystal. Uh, I think they have the central bubble and there was other aspects to it. They were a little bit different, but, um, I assumed that it would be naturally occurring. This is what Moderna crystallization looked like when left overnight.

Very different from the Pfizer crystals. No. In alongside the crystals, there was often this association with these ribbon structures. Um, fibers and stuff. Some groups are concerned that these may contain graphene. Um, but I'm certainly not in a position to analyze that, to make that dissemination. So I'm just going with the ribbons for now. Did they, did this ribbon appear overnight also, or was it all? It did. This is actually the video. Um, and the ribbon was on top of all these crystals. I thought I should, you know, clearly it wasn't happening by chance. Um, I assumed that there was some sort of, um, traction in order for it to be there.

Right. Just a sort of summary of the things that I observed. Um, the structures appeared overnight from a dry sample of the vaccine. And we're only talking about the Pfizer vaccine. I wasn't able to grow structures in any of the other vaccines. Uh, the back of the structures do not seem to fit with some crystals at one root speed. Uh, and they grow predictably. So I can, I can tell you that, um, to crystallize our Moderna takes a long time. It doesn't, I would say that their emulsion is better mixed than Pfizer. Pfizer, it's easy to get, uh, those crystalline structures, Moderna not. And the fact that he didn't, it's just that he didn't take enough time to, uh, to do the job properly. So contamination seemed unlikely.

These structures do not seem to fit with simple crystals that one would expect, and they grow predictably. So contamination seems unlikely. Um, again, uh, I'm just gonna, just gonna point to this. Okay. Um, did you, would you predict that? Would you predict that? Hmm?

Structures, um, didn't grow overnight. Uh, when I shelled the slide from the Welland's Router, and that, and on one occasion the router was turned off unexpectedly and that didn't grow that night either. Uh, the router was switched off and no crystals formed. Okay. Okay, buddy. Okay. The complexity of the growth, this seems to be related to the concentration sample, the depth of the sample, and the speed at which the sample dries. Uh, the structures grow in the nature, but crystal is evidenced by what appears to be various stages of growth. We'll come on to that shortly. Uh, and this, and it appears to be related to the crystals and the structures in a relationship also between the ribbons and the crystals. Um, so this is my Faraday bag. This is a bag you can put mobile phones in if you don't want them to, um, be listened to. So, so this is the sample, um, that I had on my microscope with no shielding. And you can see there that they grew their typical sort of structures. The next one, this is a very thin dried out area vaccine. And this is sort of like the beats that I've shown you before. Um, and then I've got a few examples of slides, um, from shielded, uh, slides, slides of action in the bag overnight, rather than exposed in the wireless router. And as hard as I could, I couldn't find any significant structures. They were all just black dots, blocks. Um, yeah, so this was shielded, shielded from EMF, nothing grew, right? This was the closest thing to something. But it's obviously very different from Ella. That's the closest thing I found.

But even this is the background vaccine. This is the sort of drying out area. Um, and this is from a shielded sample. And we can see the background is quite in front as well. There's no rectangles, it's all circles. Uh, this is another example. And that's, this is taken from the slide I had up before, just showing the debris in the background. Wow. So very different. Um, so these next few slides are structures that were grown from a more concentrated form of biosexalt. The salts only form endophyte. That's his claim. Okay. And, um, I'm, I call, I call bollocks on that.

In the more concentrated form grew more complex structures. And, um, and, and the more complex they were, the more they were similar configurations to the crystals themselves.

So I just put one back in there just to highlight the relationship between the ribbons and the crystals, um, but also the relationship between the ribbons and the structures.

The other thing noticeable in here, obviously, is that the number of small squares that are in the background as well. Um, and there's a relationship between the structures and the crystals. Again, this was with a concentrated sample, um, and a grown, more complex structure.

So it begs the question, um, what could be going on? And this is just an idea, but, um, this is drawn from a recent paper. Recent progress in nanoparticles simply shows that these things aren't nanoparticles because they're actually a lot larger than nano. So, but the same principle, I assume, would hold, um, that we can get ordered nanoparticle assembly, produce a substrate, and that's known as epitaxial growth. So we'll just look that up on Google. So it's growing a crystal layer, one mineral on the crystal base of another mineral in such a manner that it's crystalline orientation is the same as the actual substrate. So it's using one crystal to grow another mineral. So it's growing a crystal layer, one mineral on the crystal base of another mineral. So it's using one crystal to grow another structure. That's what I took from that. So that's what I'm wondering is going on, whether these squares are coming from here.

Um, these, uh, dagger-like ones, my presumption, I see these more with saline than, uh, the lipids. This, this one I would say is, uh, cholesterol. It's not quite so obvious when you've got a lucent crystal that looks like that. Um, so the next thing I did was to add more sample. And what I discovered was that I could then grow crystals that looked like that.

Oh, so that, it starts like that kind of cross type of a surface. Yeah, it sounds like that's just a well-known phenomenon, crystal seeding. You've got to, you've got to get a seed, uh, to start. These people not, they've got to buy chemistry or chemistry. But if I, if I market liquid again and add more sample, it then looks like that. And then some of them look like that. And it's a bit more apparent that this could be, you know, it's very close to being a structure and obviously these two have separated off. Um, so these next few slides are just various stages of crystals. This one's got less substrate, but clearly we can see that it's growing along these two axes. Um, this one's halfway there. This is a square that doesn't have the growth or the color, but it does have some of the internal complexity. Some of this one, uh, some of this one is for the development and this is a similar one. Um, and there was a close association with the ribcage as well. It's almost like it needs a few more electrons. Yeah, it's missing some. So these are all, so these kinds of square shapes, uh, are growing. That's all Pfizer, right? You haven't seen. It's all Pfizer. I haven't seen this in any of those. I had to exit some more Pfizer samples, so it's mainly what I've concentrated on. That's a more developed one with, with more sample and more color. So this is from the, a still from the, from the video. And this is usually how, how it dries. It's just all white. That's at 40 times magnification. So this slide is about 100 times. So it's considerably higher. Um, and I've added more substrate, so it's no longer white. It's white and flick. Um, and I've actually got a little bit more of that. It's a little bit more flick. Um, and I've actually got some time-lapse photography of these things growing.

So, so instead of a, a clear or a white growth, we've got it looking like this.

This side was some drops of, uh, that's, um, sample that had dried out and then I added some more and then when it came back and came back and crystallized with increased, um, complexity and also the increased color, I just thought they looked sort of astrological somehow.

I mean, they, they do look like art. You can make prints and, uh, Yeah. Well, I need to talk to somebody who's an artist. So yeah, I gotta look them up.

Maybe we can do something. Maybe we can publish a calendar, um, for the new year. Yes, it might. Nice. Maybe not. Um, so this is a sample that's had extra, extra added after it's actually dried and you can see this is, this is the extra bit come through. So this is one of the original crystals that dried with very little black in it. This is one of the new crystals that dried with more black in it.

But there's obviously, you know, concentration going on, but I've got a few slides now. It's just illustrate the crystal growth and the squeeze distally. So hopefully I can capture this process in time, but I haven't managed it yet. So this is a similar sort of image.

Um, and then yeah, like watching frost form on windshields, this is, it's incredibly infuriating, um, to be, uh, sitting and watching this, especially after we've gone to such lengths to, to test it, to show it in real time and, um, to have, um, well, all scientific method being sort of promulgated as, oh, you've got to look here. Scary, scary, scary crystals. Once again, the ribbons seem to be associated with the crystals, but also with it until the structures. And this is just another one. One of the reasons I put this in is because this type of appearance is very similar to some of the structures we see in the blood. So I'm going to come back to that. So this is, um, Moderna. So it's the same, same, but different. Um, again, we have that, so this is only 40 times. So we've, we've done and found the same phenomenon with Moderna and the, again, qualitatively it's, it's different to Pfizer. And again, you know, we saw all these, um, small, small little, uh, reflective dots, doesn't tell you anything till you go and do the, uh, the quantitative analysis. We have the same sort of sparkling.

Yes. I remember one of the, um, that was Pfizer's case though, uh, was one of the whistleblowers from manufacturing in Pfizer was saying that, um, the, the substance in the vials was glowing blue. So this might explain the sort of sparkling, because we see, we see how it's, you know, it's, it's sparkling and moving around and Pfizer's substance in here, that may explain the, the blue glowing, uh, that she was observing under certain light conditions. Right. I'm not sure about that. I do know that if you put any sort of fine particulate matter in the liquid at this magnification, they would have been able to move. Um, and that in itself can be a normal phenomenon, the movement. Um, but we still need to explain what, what they are.

And like the Pfizer vaccine, the, you know, larger particulate matter appears in the Moderna vaccine. So this one is, I think it's about a hundred times magnification.

And this is 200 times. So the color's changed a bit. Um, but this is the type of thing that we were seeing in the Pfizer vaccine, also seeing in the Moderna. Um, this is Novavax 40 times magnification. So there was a few structures, but not nearly as interesting. Um, when it dried out, however, uh, there was same sort of ribbons that we've seen. And this is Novavax. So Novavax had this ribbon, same as the Pfizer. Um, and it's relevant because, because on close inspection, it looks, they look exactly the same as what we're seeing in the blood. So this is a blood sample, um, from a venous sample, this one, um, and put straight on a slide with a color slip on top, and you'll get straight under the microscope. So it's worth commenting that it's what's called a dark field microscope. So it has a different condenser underneath the slide. So you put oil between the condenser and the slide, which produces, uh, more diffraction and allows for greater contrast. Um, this is also similar to what we're seeing in the vaccine. This is a large piece of something, again, from a venous sample. Um, this is typical of, um, what we also call a ribbon that we see in the blood, and sometimes they have quite frayed ends on them. So I've only been looking at this for the last four months, and it's been a long time trying to work out whether what I was looking at was artifacts or not. Um, but people who've been doing live blood analysis in the community for the last 20, 30 years haven't seen these structures in the blood other than the last 12 months. Yeah, I remember discussing that, yeah, they said that we've never seen this before until people started getting vaccinated, and now we're seeing them all the time, these, these particular tubes and ribbons and fibers. Um, yeah. And these red cells are quite atypical. I think it's probably because this photo was taken, um, quite a lot, some time after the drop had been put on the slide. Um, so this is a ribbon for my own blood. Um, it seems very, very transparent. You can see the red blood cells underneath. So this is about a hundred times of amplification. The ribbons appear transparent, but they can be also, you know, I think we looked at it, they could be also kind of a lattice structure, right? So that would explain the transparency or translucency, I guess. Um, yes, this, and this type of appearance is certainly what we see in the ribbons in the vaccine. Uh-huh. We also see this type of structure. Um, and there's a, you know, it's thicker, there's a bit of a rolled edge to it. Um, often, or not infrequently, um, these sort of structures have white cells, in this case a neutropel, um, attached to them. Uh, the neutropels get attracted to these structures and they try um, can, you know, take them. Um, but they, it's obviously a futile exercise. And again, you can see this, this, this is one of the thicker ones. It's not translucent in the same way. And it's got a rolled edge to it. This is one that was taken, uh, from a finger sample. It's actually high magnification, it's about 200 times. So this, just to orientate you, this is one of the black structures. And this is one of the ribbons in the, so this is a vaccine photo. Um, and this is, you know, this rolled edge is very similar. Um, and, you know, this type of appearance, it's not just someone from that type of appearance, this type of rolled edge is better. So the magnification on these two shots is very similar. Right. That was a bit quicker than I thought it would be. Um, more questions than answers. Yeah, definitely. At this point, more questions than answers. But, um, have you, so how often do you find these things in the vaccine? Like how many, how many, um, analysis have you done and how frequently does, you know, do these? Oh, look, look what just popped in my, uh, inbox. Oh, look. Lapovia and skin flaps. Yes. That's right. Genocide operation. Oh, look at that. Oh dear. Oh dear. Oh dear. Uh, will you be covering the paper that you began on your last stream before being abruptly cut off on Rumble? Um, yeah, I'll try to get to it in the, uh, in this week. Um, let's get back to this, but yeah. Um, hanging around the, uh, Griff Peters network and, and skin flaps, uh, tells you a lot, folks tells you a lot.

Here, um, in the blood or, uh, let's start with the vaccine, you know, with just the vaccine itself.

If I put a sample on the microscope, leave it overnight and the router is on, I will collectively have structures the next one. So a hundred percent of the time, I'm going to have a sample of the blood on the microscope. How often do you catch this? Um, I probably looked at about 60 or 70 patients, but now, you know, I think I've seen the ribbons probably about 90% of the time.

Do you, do you think, or do you find that these ribbons and structures in the blood are more associated with people having symptoms? Um, like, um, you know, like, um, you know, um, do you, do you think, or do you find that these, um, ribbons and structures in the blood are more associated with people having symptoms? Um, like, do they have more of them when they feel worse? So how does this work? Yes, I think the structures, uh, the more structure associated with more, um, what we see is fresher than the blood film and that correlates with blood tests called a G-diamond and the appearance of the red blood cells and also symptoms that patients might be having. So typically the sort of symptoms that people bring to my attention is shortness of breath, palpitations, fatigue. Yeah. I mean, that would be expected because you see all these red blood cells, you know, stuck together. So the surface area is now smaller. Again, coagulopathy. Uh, we're familiar with all this, but again, um, this muddying the waters with, uh, fire and routers being on and, uh, you, uh, or artifacts appearing in vaccines and blood. Um, I don't buy it from these cretins. Sorry. Sorry. And like I say, we've gone, and I'll make the offer, right?

Send me the slides and I will go to the lab and I will run them under Raman spectroscopy for you. And it'll, it'll come back as a cholesterol or, um, complex carbon molecules. And the oxygen carrying capacity is also reduced. So yeah, people would, people would feel out of breath and, um, so that, yeah, that, that, that would explain it. Um, and have you tried to report any of this to Pfizer or Moderna or any of the manufacturers or any health authorities? I've certainly, um, attempted to discuss it with my colleagues and certainly I've been in touch with several people in academia, you know, such as the university and the hospitals to bring to the attention and those discussions are ongoing.

Okay. Yeah. We're, yeah, we're trying to also bring this up, elevate this issue. And, uh, and I know there's a lot of difficulty with this, um, because they're obviously trying to prevent us from, from testing and from looking directly. So, but, uh, yeah, uh, I, I, you know, I applaud your effort and, and others who are doing this and looking at this, uh, because this is a big problem.

I say, um, all the, all the same circles, all pushing the same thing. And I'd say skin flaps pushed, uh, the hydras and the magnetic nano disks, which are just bubbles, et cetera. And, um, and now Lapeyovia is on skin flaps as well. Um, it stinks, folks stinks to high heaven. Don't.

And I say, um, send me, send me your slides, send me slides. I'll take them to the lab and I'll, I'll run the Raman spectroscopy on them. And my bet is they come back as salt sugar. Um, um, not, not graphing. This should be appearing, you know, for any of the listeners, none of this should be appearing in the vials of an injectable, injectable product. Um, so I also, I think we've discussed, you know, if you tried looking at saline for comparison or other, other injectable products, uh, that you might have to just look at how, how normally things should look under microscope. Yeah. I've tried that saline, saline crystals. Um, I've had look at all the flu shots, flu vaccines we've got at stock as well as the number of the other vaccines.

Are you finding anything similar in these structures? I haven't come across anything in other vaccines, but I'm aware that my colleagues have, have found, um, problems with, uh, uh, flu shots, particularly flu vaccines this year. This year. Yeah. Uh-huh. Yeah. So we, we also, we have a lot of concerns because, um, as far as I know, these, uh, traditional flu vaccines also being switched over to mRNA, at least the companies made a bunch of announcements and I'm just concerned that they're, they're just doing it without, without notifying the providers. Um, and, um, you know, I know your colleague found some structures in the flu vaccine. So that was, that was extremely concerning. Yeah. Uh, well, so that's, you know, basically what I wanted to discuss today. Unless you want to add anything to this analysis or what you want. I think there's, there's going to be more to tell. And I'd really be keen to have another get on a couple of weeks. One of the things I've been doing in the last couple of days is locking some of my older samples from two months ago. One of the starting things that I've found is that, um, the sample has skipped a whole week over that time. Um, crystals keep growing.

These people are so fucking dumb, man. So dumb. All right. So I think, I think this is just on my monitor right now is, um, these were blobs of Pfizer that I did, um, dust has obviously settled on them, but, um, nothing. Oh my God, look at that fibers. Um, these, this seems very much like salt and you tend to see this around the edges of the sample.

Ah, red fibers. And it's, let's see if we can find something that looks a little, um, how should we say freaky looking. Just, uh, just, just bear with me folks. I will put on some, uh, background, uh, doom. Now, now the, uh, the science is going to begin. I'm going to, I want to put some under a, uh, cover slip, some vaccine because, uh, that helps it sort of form these, uh, very orthogonal sort of flat sheets. So I'm going to sort of prepare to do that. So, uh, bear with me. I'll keep an eye on the, uh, chat. Let me just do this real quick. Um, imagine being a kid and these people are your family or friends. Well, again, Sven, um, Sasha Latypova is the mother of Soph, and Soph was doing the rounds in 2018 or 2019 and is a, what should we say? Just because it's so perfect. It's the Qtards Greta Thunberg. So let us, uh, let's begin to, um, get ready. And let's say anywhere, anyone who's, um, talking about, uh, five, 5G interacting with these crystals, um, is a crank, but, you know, you can see, you can see here, I'm seeing, um, very much the, the same phenomenon. This, this is, uh, salt. And I want to see if I just want to check through my samples, see if I've still got my salt, uh, my salt control sample.

I'll put on some round music whilst we do this and then we'll, uh, we'll begin the process of, uh, looking at some stuff under the scope. What did you miss Karma? Um, basically Sasha Latypova, who again is, um, doing the rounds right now, uh, who, as we found out from Mark, is the mother of Soph. She was doing the rounds in 2019 on Owen Troyer's show, um, is all part of, uh, IIA, um, operations and they're claiming that what they're seeing is, um, well, spooky looking crystals in the, in the vaccines. And, um, those crystals are cholesterol, I'm afraid, I'm afraid nothing else, nothing more. You can just tell. And you know, the, we have the perfect, um, I don't want to do that. Um, and so I feel it sort of incumbent upon myself, um, to, um, put out rebuttals to these people and these people will never, they won't speak to me is, uh, okay. We doesn't, uh, doesn't stand for a bullshit. I think this one might be salt. Maybe a lot has fallen off the slide. Let me just have a quick…

yeah, I think this was so it was a sold crystals.

You know, I guess if you're unfamiliar with stuff looks like down a microscope you will get spooked by it I guess yeah I'm pretty sure this is so I'm looking on that one so that that's soul crystal and just to mind it hasn't degraded in the way I expected to yes that that's what cholesterol looks like and he's basically just showing lots of samples like that under dark field microscopy and the I think it's important to constrain constrain these people right because they're running a mock so this is Moderna that's been left a very very long time now in the slide box and actually it's begun to crystallize I mean I'm just interested to look at this one in fibers and I'll get some get some actual vaccine out and I want to cover slip it because cover slipping it helps helps form some of the more complex structures this is very old Moderna just tell me if the background music is too loud just a sound check on the really loud for me how loud is that for you guys what the strings um dust I'm guessing I can see there's a lot of particulate matter on these these slides but please tell me if the music is too loud or you know what it's loud for me sound check sound check please too loud turn it up turn it down I'll wait for the chat to catch up needs to be a little louder okay how about now I'm much louder than the music it's good I just want it in the background because I'm gonna be busy with my hands and stuff so just sort of keep that in mind so and I want to get prep some slides and I don't have any slides that I've done all the cleaning on right so that's a that's another issue remember it's very difficult to not get artifacts when you don't properly clean the slides so those ribbons for sure are dust I can see I can see that they've fallen so that the substrate of the injection is very sticky and those those ribbons are dust and Hmm, yeah, nothing. Nothing that I wouldn't consider just normal. Normal stuff that you see or that we've seen. So what I, the goal of today is I want to take some of these samples and put them under a cover slip. Just bear with me whilst I prep that.

This is a sealed bag of slides. So these are brand new out the out the packaging.

We'll see how clean they are just straight out the box. We'll check that again. Good to it. Good to refresh everyone's memory that just unless you go to great lengths clean. I mean, just looking at it I can see the slides are always covered in something. That was an old Madonna we were looking at. Completely, completely new slide and lots of probably looking at stuff on the underside there. And because you're looking in dark field, it picks them up. It picks up these little pieces. And if I just change this to normal light, you would, you would see very, very little. Only the bigger, bigger parts. So let's just see how that those dust. And it could be paper because between each slide is like a little, little sheet of paper, a bit like a cigarette paper. So that probably adds these little doesn't help.

Anyway, that's, that's an example of smuts on the glass. Right. So I want to get some vaccine and cover slip it and then see if we can, as it's drying, see if we can see the crystals begin to form.

And as Sven just pointed out, well, you can get those cholesterol crystals in your pee.

That. So we're going to see if we can get something akin to that. Some little. If you put luck.

Right. So. These are, these are, again, they've already been opened. My prediction is we'll see a lot of bacteria, but we're going to see if we can try and get some crystallization. But let me just do this. Need that Pfizer-BioNTech COVID-19 vaccine. Me. Me. Me. Me. It just looks so bad to the naked eye. I've got to try and wipe it. I can't, I can't, I can't just let it pass like that. I'm just using a lens cloth just to see if I can get some of the obviously bigger. Me. Me. Me. Me. Me. Me. Me. Me. The ball cover slipping and we'll just. Me. Me. Me. Me. This is lowest power magnification. Good times. They're in the middle of the screen. You can see something sort of wiggling and moving. Sort of floating off to the bottom left. Me. Me. I'm going to say bacteria. All right. So I'm going to cover slip it so it's more uniform because it's kind of like a blob at the moment. So just just bear with me. Me. Me. Me. Me. Me. Straight away with a cover slip. You can see. Crystals. Let's try and find the edge, but it's drying out very quickly. Okay, so that's that's the edge of the cover slip. So we're looking at 100 times. What is the sample? It's an it. Well, it's a new batch of Pfizer, but it's opened. So I wouldn't. As far as I'm concerned, it's contaminated. I wouldn't. What I'm trying to do is to try and see if I can get a crystallization. In the top left hand corner. You can see the fluid moving in the underneath.

You can see the fluid moving in the underneath.

You can see the fluid moving in the underneath. You can see the fluid moving in the underneath. That's the lowest magnification. That's the lowest magnification. That black line, I'm guessing is some. Like an air bubble. That's the lowest magnification. Hi Sandra, good to see you. Edge of the cover slip. I don't know. I don't know. I don't know. I don't know. This is just free. Refloating. Sorry, non cover slipped Pfizer. Lowest magnification. So that's, you know, you can see there's none of those sharp crystalline forms. If I go to the other Pfizer. This one is cover slipped, you can see the edge of the cover slip. That's the lowest magnification.

That's the lowest magnification. Oh, by a stranger's face, licks his blood off the floor, rips her clothes. Just another coincidence. Climate change. Covid zombies everywhere. Put it in the zombie folder. Nevermind. In Japan. It begins. Is it Japan or China? Maybe China, right? I think, I think that's China. All right. So, you know, I can see the crystalline forms just sort of emerging as you can, you know, magnification. I want to try and see if we can get good cholesterol form. I want to be reaching. I want to be reaching. Still stuff moving underneath. Hydra. Hydra. Hydra. Hydra. Hydra. Hydra. Hydra. And these kind of resemble the ribbons that he was looking at. And, you know, this is this is just a consequence of dropping a cover slip on it. Last one. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. I think these little spots are bacteria. That sort of examples of his tentacles winning. This is a 400 times now. I can look at the. This is the without cover slip. So, again, these are those orthogonal crystals that he was spagging about salt to me does this a lot. And it's occurred to me that because we see bacterial contamination in these files, they've been sitting around for a long time. I would make the presumption that they would digest the lipids. So it may be that we don't get as good a data as we would like.

Yeah. Yeah. Oh, so, so. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. So you can still see. So there's a depth of field rate. So if I sort of go down through the slide, you can still see little bacteria wiggling about. Yeah, see. Yeah. You stop on a crystal and watch it grow. Well, I mean, I could try, but it's likely to be slow. What I can do is we'll look at some already formed ones from samples that I made these, I prepped these before we were the ones we've looked at in the lab before. Yeah. Yeah. What can I tell you? And, you know, we don't know what the back. I would presume that the bacteria would eat the lipids as an energy source. So it may be that it be difficult to get anything spectacular out of these. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. I'm going to put the last of the sample on one slide to try and make a big thing. And I've got some older samples that have crystallized. You know what? And I'll, I'll sit it. I'll sit it on the router. How about that? I'll just check it's on. Yeah. Look, I'll place it on there and we'll let it relate to do its thing for a little bit. And I've placed it near the big router as well.

Yeah. Big boy. That is working. All right. So this is a long time to crystallize out. This is Pfizer that we've done ramen on. Yeah. Yeah. I will remind everyone, as I said to me, boy, daddy is working. Let me see if there's any don't knows. Keep the dock. Keep the dock in microscope slides. Come on. It is a weekend as well. Keep you entertained. But much, much appreciated. Jeff, I want to say thank you very much. And Laura, thank you. Much, much appreciated. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. There's some nice crystals. Nice. Yeah. So you can you can kind of see this is obviously very macro multi layered crystal. But if you can. Oh, shit. Of course. There you can see how like you're looking. So the top left hand corner is cholesterol from P urine. And you can see that because this is like a concentrated fluid. It's layer upon layer. So it's very, very thick. And you can see that it. I can see it that the patterns are congruent with what we're seeing, but it's just thicker. In the field, you always you always lose some. We're not looking for sharpness to the image. It tends to always be a little a little blurry. The phase contrast. But you can you can see the. Similarities in the pattern. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. So our sample on the router is partially dry, partially wet. So I'm going to quickly do that. Let me. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Because we'll have a look. We'll look at some platinum coated. Yeah. So we should have some phase liquid to solid phase. But this one's been sitting on a router for 20 minutes. So there's the where it's dried. The strings look like classic bacteria sample. Yep. Can you turn up the doom music? Yep. This is kind of on the boundary between dried and. Liquid still. The left you can see sort of liquid and stuff moving. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Well, so I'm just going to quickly get drink, but I'll leave it on the. I'll find a good boundary. You can sort of see it crystallize out, but just give me a second to hit the bathroom and get drink. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. No Hydra has emerged. What a surprise. Remember folks set this one right on a router, high power router. And I figured as I was going to the bathroom, we'll do some more science. Let's get somebody out there and connector onto a slide and just see if we can see some naturally occurring cholesterol as well. Let's see. Really concentrated one. So hopefully we'll strike it rich. Yeah. Yeah. Oh yes. Things I do for you. Can I say, all right, so just have a quick scoot around this to see if we see any flex. Yeah. Next level straight. Um, I have, uh, I have done them in the past, Liam. So just, just waiting for this one to dry. I should have caught, I'll place it on the router. Far be it from me to not repeat conditions. Let that dry for a little bit. Um, now I wanted to look at, um, I saw we've got platinum coated Moderna. I know we've looked at these before. Thanks. Once I've done with blood as well.

Hey, before, before we look at the platinum one, let's just have a big scoot around this. It's drying out nicely on the edge here. The edge.

Alright, so this is, I'm just interested because it has been coated for platinum for electron microscopy. Just see if we see, and this was from, I want to say it was unopened Moderna. I remember correctly. Check my notes, but. Yeah, you can, you can kind of see that it's got that layered, but it's just much thicker than the example in the top left hand corner.

Oh, magnetic nanodiscs.

No, it's not me moving the scope and the type of light you're using to look at it. I'm just, I'm just trying to kill time was the natural sample.

I've got some, some dried and liquid. Let's, let's see how my cholesterol looks today.

Hang on, I just need to go deal with the kids.

All right. Let's see if, see if we get any luck today. Lots and ribbons.

Not much cholesterol today folks.

Ah, some times you get lucky, some times you don’t.

Basically pushing cholesterol, cholesterol cry tals.

I have one Pfizer I did the other week.

If you want to find out who Soph is, go to Mark’s stream.

The one in the center of the, see how it's got similar lines. I can't get it quite as cuboid.

Some times you luck out, some times you don’t.

Track that one.

I’ll keep the string recording, just for data’s sake, but I’m stop the stream itself. If anyone wants the video file, let me know. If you want to bore yourself by watching paint dry. Let’s do this, take care guys, good bye, see you in the next one.