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Alright, alright, welcome, welcome, welcome everyone. Good to see breaks in the chat, Susan Headless, Ruth Sturtmore, Dan Beans. Oh, a whole bunch. And of course, big heart for our karma doc. It's actually Saturday morning for me. I've been, how should we say, I had to get my bearings after the last stream, the one with Charles. It was very, it was a long one, complex, a lot to take on board. And yeah, and I have to apologize. I screwed up at the at the end. And so I had to take it down, reedit it. And I threw it up on the wrong Rumble channel. So I apologize that it wasn't where people expected it to be. It is online. And yeah, I had to just compose myself somewhat because, you know, the conclusions from that discussion, or my conclusions were that we're entering a different phase right now. And this is, I've kind of taken the time to sit, sit back, not be, you know, rushing ahead and just trying to get a feel. And that means, you know, trying to watch multiple events. And, you know, that's handy. I have ADD and can switch between multiple monitors all the time. Maybe I'm not getting to the bottom of every story, but I'm getting the gestalt. And there's been a couple of developments.

That's what that's what I called this stream, “Framing the next narrative”. And then the other stuff is just the usual sort of Twitter news, I guess. And of course, Shaheed's I'm going to be busy on the Shaheed button. It looks like we're still in that hockey stick phase of that part of the data. So we're going to have a look at all core or just deaths in general and yada yada. And you get the you get the idea, not normal runner things. But, yes, I'm my own personal view is that, well, let's state our axioms first, right, that it's pretty clear from the evidence that we've collected that what we've seen has been a orchestrated series of events that's used biological agents, however you want to frame them, whether they're they're viral particles, infective clones, the the gene transfection technologies, I class them all in the same category. And what we have to do now is to gather gather the data to see do what we see unfurling in real time, where where is it swinging on the on our hypothesis matrix so we can we can be have some foresight. Right. And, you know, there's not everything. Well, I would say that the peak COVID is going to we're not going to have a peak like 2021. Right. And I think we can see that in in the data right now. We're seeing a extended period of excess death that is quote unquote, not not COVID related. Of that, I'm not so sure. And we have to now, in my opinion, get ready for the next the next phases, whether whether that's the transnational organizations from the WHO, getting everyone to sign away sovereignty to WEF drones and their warped ideologies and whatever they've got planned. I don't know. I'm just keep making this statement. I don't I don't think WEF that's an archetype. There's more. There's more. It's just clouds. It's too it's too it's too orchestrated and too in your face to be the real real power behind the throne. And the don't get me wrong. Those people make me want to vomit. Right. We saw from their last one right. Who cares what they're talking about? When you're going to top tier.

Meetings where the the entertainment is an artist with a woman in a gimp suit on a swing, tracing her ass cheeks out onto sprayed paint with people just standing there gawping and watching it. Right. That that that to me is a indicator of the degenerate nature of what we're dealing with. Right. So I don't want to because a lot of people, you know, focus on WEF and I could keep pulling up stories about WEF, etc. And this is a good thing. Event 201 attending CIA Avril Haynes is not WEF meeting as DIA. Okay. Everyone says WEF, you know, they're a shiny object of distraction. Yeah, for sure. Look, and again, I'm not saying they don't have power per se. And it's a networking group to public to public for what we see. I think maybe I'll be proven wrong. But it is it is what it is. So let's it's probably going to be a long stream. And it's already one a.m. in the morning. Of course, today is grifting. Every payment I get will go to feeding tax evading bleak. Simon Phoenix. Oh, I should have. We've raised 100 bucks this month. But everything I get today goes to tax evading bleak Simon Phoenix. Keep him in Mac EDS. There's a reason why everything's integrating and whatnot. So please, please, please spare a shackle for those that are running in the background because the coffers are low. I get it. I get it. It's after Christmas. Christmas and everything. So just just wait a second. All right. So let's move on. Hope soundboard behaves. Yes. Again, if you're new here, you've got to understand covert moral bio enhancement and critical to what we're dealing with right now.

Whether it's pick your favorite devil to show the evil, evil villain archetype, they're all doing the same thing. It's all about controlling you, trying to keep you in the matrix, as it were. I don't like using such corny language, though. And they're doing it through the ability to control your perception. It's a finely tuned are built on centuries of psychology, centuries of deviancy, modern neuroscience, modern technology. And they can move multitudes at the press of a button. It is the preferred weapon in this next phase of the war. So, yes, always keep in mind covert moral bio enhancement. Shout out to you've been nudged for this one. Oh, you can't see my it's me. I'm in the corner there. That's me kicking bingo up the fucking ass. It's sick of it. We're sick of their warping of reality, the warping of our values, the warping of our moral frameworks, the the vicious attacks on the minds of children. We say no more. Enough, bastard. So just moving on. If you're new here and you're wondering who I am, that's me. I'm now retired, of course, but I was a PI. I had my own lab. Successful science career.

I now find myself as part of, well, just I gave my information early and we're seeing how it played out. A lot of predictions. Scientific hypotheses have been nailed on. If you want to find out who I am. Research Gate is a good place to go. Always plug it. But any of the scientific aggregations on the internet, PubMed, etc. You can find my, how would you say, orthodox science, my contributions to the system, me building the hardware for an understanding the neural networks that they're tweaking and nudging with their shiny screens.

You had enough. That's the first Mackey D for our Simon Phoenix. Let me just shout out to Karma. Thank you. Thank you very much. Simon will be happy. Keep tax evading blick. It's in Mackey D's and for is to drink. He needs them. What I will do, of course, is plug the home page, No, it won't let me put it in there, will it? Please, please, please bookmark that page. Please become a patron if you can. It supports not just me and my free little nippers and misses. It supports a cadre of how would you say a network of people who just value freedom. Right. We see we see where this is going. And, you know, a lot of where I'm going to go today is about how the shifting narrative. Please hit wtyl dot live tip jar. That's the best way. And you can use the QR code. Use the weapons of the oppressors back at them. Keep me keep the screens on. Keep the kettle boiled. The dock in vape. I don't ask for much more. And just a car tax, I guess. That's coming up. And we can we can land one on their nose.

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I remember skeptical Kevin who doubted the fun vax product. I still do doubt the fun vax product. Sorry. I don't I don't think it's it's so easy to knock out things like religious conviction. So there you go. You might look you can make we can make people emotionally flat for lots of ways. So far, far easier ways than trying to get should we say neurotropic viruses in to just surgically strike out the limbic system.

Bio-Moral enhancement? Right now. I think it's primarily through information and and your your brain the degradation. Okay. You can argue bio enhancement being in the eye of the beholder. Right. And you can make some you can degrade someone, whether that's through chemical biological exposures, all those things. I don't I don't think it fits into the fun vax category. VMAT2 gene downregulation? Again, you'd have to you'd have to show me that the that that would be that would be specific to the idea of religious further I think it's a little more complex than that.

Right. We're going to talk about Robert Malone because that's part of the narrative framing. So if Robert Malone has done that, I want to know. Thank you, Jigs, for bringing that up. Let's just put that in tab. So we're going to look at and we'll bring that over. But I think we're starting to see the true colors of one Robert Malone and we'll have a look at it today. Right. So narrative framing.

So I think a lot is about positioning pre positioning for getting ready and framing the battlefield for the next phases. And, you know, I think the use of biological agents has been part of that this is these are long term goals. These are people. These are psychopaths. Right. Sociopaths psychopaths who literally are trying to profit off your enslavement and the blood and carnage that they that they revel in. They revel in because they just can make bank. Okay. It's not it's not a new concept or anything. People have been talking about it for a long time and we can we can all go back and forth about who it is, etc.

But now has what's the what's it called? Solidar. Solidar has fallen. The propaganda is being pumped out. Russian army is so degraded it won't recover in lifetime, says Ukraine advisor. And do I have to read this? Not so much. But, you know, here's the link if you want to read the article. But there's all this sort of personal, how would you say, personal heart heart sob stories about how ex-military goes there and meets up with the general. This is this is all about gearing the American people for a 21st century. I don't know if it's going to be a Cold War or a standoff. Maybe maybe there's been discussions at the WEF in Davos about how they're going to make their new world order. I don't know. What I do know is usslubs get fucking kicked in the nuts when they do it. Okay. But here you can see that they're they're doing everything they'll play down what's happened in the Ukraine as Bakhmut begins to get surrounded and it will fall. It's a numbers game. And from what I can tell, the Russians are coming out on top. Now, the question is, how much of the Western powers prepared to escalate in the current environment? Well, I would argue that they've been. I don't know why. Just respond to that. Robert the agency Malone, Robert Q Malone. Yes. Yes. You can take the spook out of the agency. Yes. Yes. Yes. I agree. I keep telling them Malone has a agenda and it's not the truth. Yes. This is why I'm keeping a close eye on him all the time that he's firing down range about. In my view, that's helpful. Right. Don't vaccinate children. He's made allusions to that we need to be withdrawing from these corporate transnational systems, building something local and more wholesome, wholesome nationalism, if you like, and respect your borders, etc. He's made. He's made all the right noises. But I think that he's been like. He's it's too. It's too convenient. What's happening with him. So, so again, you know, he's take take what's good. And then when when the colors start to show now we now we can properly compartmentalize the Malone phenomenon. Right. And then deal with the information that he's putting out in the appropriate manner. So, where was I. So do we do we have to listen to Zelensky Zelensky. Russians are afraid and rightly so because they're losing one one one. No, no, no. Right. I'm I'm sick. You've you've got a little deviant Jews Zionist scumbag profiting off the blood of Ukrainians of Orthodox Christians fighting one another. What do oligarchs at literally fist deep right into the blood to grab out their shackles. Right. And now, you know, let me just see if I can find this clip because I think these people do not care. OK. The more war they make, the better business it is for them. And, you know, it's not all the Jew. But you know what? You keep finding their fucking fingerprints all over at the time all the time. Now, victory. Is this what victory looks like? Let me just see if I can find this clip. This is this is what this is what they want for you. OK. This is literally I'm guessing it's from around Solidar. It's a short clip. This is vicious close quarters combat. OK. And these people revel in it. And Ukrainians are getting their ass handed to them. Now, if you are of a sensitive disposition, don't watch this clip. Sure. But this this is what they want and what they're what they're calling for. And I've seen one side always trying to go for negotiations. I think that train might have left the station right now. But this is a glimpse into the type of depravity that they love.

Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Now, that was a brutal situation. Split seconds and lives lost. Now, looking at that, the guy told them to surrender, I'm guessing. Hands up, hands up, he's probably saying. And the guy who was on his right did not let go of his machine gun. And boom. Two lives lost. Two families destroyed for these motherfuckers. Um, so, you know, do I have. No, I didn't I didn't bring maps up. But the. This is this is where they brought us. This wasn't just something that emerged. They've had multiple opportunities to de-escalate this situation. And I see it only getting worse. And why am I speaking about it? Because I see it linked to the last couple of years and expect it from all probabilities to to get worse. From now on and the impacts that it will have. And that's how they control population. Pestilence, war, famine. And they will try to drag the US into this. They will try to drag the UK, Germany, Europe into this. And all I would say is do not do not take the bait in this instance. If no one turns up to their war, then it'll be a short lasting affair. And she says, I indirectly know someone who fled to Ukraine, to US because Ukraine was going to draft them into war. They're staying with family who I know trying to get established in America. I wish them the best of luck. I really do. And, you know, I don't I don't have easy answers to this conflict. I think it's a I think it's a travesty. I don't have, you know, I'm somewhat open to the reporting coming from Russia because I see how warped the Western reporting is. It's the same reporting systems that gave us the last three years with respect to SARS. It's been weaponized against you. You must be aware of that. So in this, I think I wanted to put this here. So, of course, it's going to want to play in telegram. So they're basically saying the Russian army is kaput. It's not going anywhere. In the same time this week, we get this. This is NATO. Maybe I could start by saying that you are right. What's that? They depleted their stocks, have they? Is that not a degraded military? And here they are, you know, psychological operations in full effect to get people to, I don't know, to give consent. But are they taking silence as consent as they screw you, right? As most people, as most people feeling the pinch right now, rising inflation, fuel costs, the everyday living costs are going up for everyone. Europe, Russia here. Funnily enough, eggs have become an issue in Japan. Don't ask me why. I would I would argue it's probably, you know, they've hit the button. We must have egg shortages right now. And this is, like I said, it's obvious they're positioning for global conflagration or at least leading up to it so they can play the game and us schlubs get pulled along with it. So they're going to throw everything at you. Right. And, you know, I can I can remember a million people turning out for not invading Iraq. I mean, what happened to that sort of sentiment? It's it's I'm stunned in the current circumstances where we see the liberal left leaning side of the spectrum. They're the ones who are egging on warfare. The ones who I see who seem to be critical of this is I can't say, looking at the politicians, but it's criticism seems to come from the right and I'll say libertarian but but freedom rapper types. I can't I can't give a bad labor because I don't think the Republican Party is a good a good example of an organized political body that's saying no to this conflict. We've seen Republicans saying that they're going to fight fight with that with their bullets using Ukrainian blood. Literally, that's a paraphrase what they were saying. Let's see. Are they disarming our military by attrition? Maybe. Where is one guy talking about getting drafted? I don't know. The standard withdrawal was set pretty low in AFG by Biden himself. I said we follow his lead in Ukraine. I'm not sure what AFG means, Charles, but expand on that. You're welcome to call in Charles if you want to have a professional give his opinion on the war. What happened with that sentiment? Well, the million demonstration that Iraq invasion did not matter. That's what happened. Yeah. Look, man. And at the time, like I say, my rage boner for mothers was I was like, fuck it. Go in there and give him a good kicking. I have my own personal reasons for that. But you know what? I kind of saw what happened and I learned from it and I realized we were being played by cunts like this. What about Afghanistan? Right. Thank you. Yes. Yeah, they did set the bar pretty low for that. Anyway, let's listen to NATO scrambling for what seems like depleted stocks to me. And that has been the right thing to do because this is also about our security. And of course, we need to use our capabilities, our stocks, our ammunition to support Ukraine. I've also been asked and I've told NATO allies that if they had to choose between meeting all the NATO guidelines on stocks, on capabilities or to support Ukraine, it's more important to support Ukraine. This is just direct admission that this is a NATO proxy war designed to grind down Russian forces for what? I'm old enough to remember Perestroika, not one inch further east. Therefore, we have been able to provide unprecedented level of support to Ukraine over many months. But of course, when we are depleting our stocks, there's only one long term solution to that, and that is to produce more. And that's also the reason why NATO defence ministers took decisions to increase our stockpiles of munitions and equipment when they met last fall. We have also a long standing defence planning process and capability targets for each and every ally, including stocks and ammunition. And we are revising them. Van der Leiden standing there when it was her husband who was linked to Pfizer, but they were making bank on medical countermeasures. These people are gross. Just Skype me, Charles, if you want to have a pop at this, because it's an interesting article I've got next, which goes towards the narrative framing. To ensure that we have enough stocks, both to protect our own territory, but also to provide support for Ukraine. And we are also working with the European Union. We had the commission here just before Christmas, and we are on the staff level looking into how we can coordinate our efforts. And because this is about ramping up production, of course, in EU, NATO allies, but also in allies that are not members of the European Union. That would fix it. But the problem is it's the arms companies. I saw a clip of Ben Shapiro basically talking about the money going to Ukraine and how we were getting a fantastic return on investment for being able to degrade the Russians in this manner. Russia was a country that was prepared to do business with Europe. Maybe they're not as, quote unquote, democratic. But I don't see democracy in a shining beacon in the West anymore. It's just a facade. Anyway, the point I wanted to get to is that all the talk that you're going to hear about Russian imploding and I watched another thing I watched this week, which was Joe Rogan. And there was a guy on there who was like an analyst who's basically saying Russia's in the last froze of collapse. It's got a demographic crisis. Their military is no good. We should be we should essentially be applauding the war and its aims. It was a very, very hawkish view on the conflict, not not discussed that brothers, cousins, cousins in faith have been pulled into a war by the likes of fucking Ben Shapiro who's sitting there rubbing it around his hands, talking about search gold and thinking how much more money he's going to make. And then just just as I'm going off, I'm on here. Peter Zahan, thank you AI Vector. I didn't pay much. I put it on in the background and I was just, the dude was infuriating. But, you know, Israel has now decided to begin sending defensive weaponry to the Ukraine. And again, it shouldn't be lost on you that there's a there's a particular heap. How would you say interest in Ukraine, especially from the Ashkenazi branch. So let's let's get to this part, which is an extra layer. I put this in for the troops or the readiness level of the US military forces, as I've discussed with Charles has been severely impacted by the mandated vaccines that were pushed on to all branches. No, no, no exemptions, nothing. And we know from the data that there's been significant impact on troops health and the they've had to drop this mandate because recruitment levels are so low. I don't feel that there's a whole bunch of let me rephrase that there may be longer term strategic goals, but the chaos of the bureaucratic level and the levels that are looking to feast off all the money laundering that's going on and making situations like this. And these situations will roll down inevitably again on to us. And we just get shit on from a very high. What I've done is where you drop one in the hole. We're right down at the bottom. And this is this is the next story. Where is it? This one. So let's see. Let's see the order. I've got these. So, yes, more narrative spinning. So apparently now we've got Iranian plutonium coming from via Pakistan into Amman and landing in Britain for a white for a dirty bomb to be detonated. And so, again, I would say, look, who wants to take out Iran? You've got Benjamin Netanyahu come back in and who can remember his shitty diagrams? I think it was in the U.N. where he was talking about Iran here with their enrichment. We must bomb them. We must we must get dragged into more forever wars. No, no, no sort of. Well, I'm just putting this here as part of the information that's being pumped out right now. Propaganda, I would say. And look, man, do I do I think Iran would ship, I don't know, a couple of grams of uranium to Pakistan and to be found magically by Britain's terror. Please. No, I don't. I'm not buying it at the moment. I've been fooled by that one before. No, thank you. Oh, it's a video. Let's play it. I didn't realize. This could have been used in a radiological sense in the same way as, for example, that radiological attack on Litvinenko in 2006. So this could be just. It was a fucking tiny amount then. And I'm not sure. I'm not sure. Maybe Litvinenko, but Skirpols? I'm not so sure. Something as simple as poor, dangerous air cargo, but it could be more maligned. So, for example, at the moment, we know that there's the Iranian Revolution and it could have been that where this was going to go was a front company for the IRGC Quds Force. The Iranian Revolutionary Guards Force Quds, Quds meaning Jerusalem. This could have been used. Got it. Again, I don't think the walls for the Holy Land are quite over and they're probably spreading. So let's just see what other gems I had up here. What was this one? Russian Head. The third wall of trying the customers weirdest food orders. Today we've got fish, two pots of peas and mash. Shut it. Oh yeah, chemical, chemical warfare being used in Ukraine. Drones being loaded. Maybe Charles to chip in here. Thank you. What's that? What agents are they keeping in a fridge or freezer? I don't think that's your RDX. Anyway, it's probably better for me to keep plugging away on a big Watchmakers sequel this afternoon. I'll have it tonight, tomorrow. Definitely do the next one. Yeah, sure, Charles. But I'll be looking at them making drones with chemical agents on here. Look, maybe this is Russian propaganda. I'm not sure. Again, we have to think that we're in a war like situation right now. Yes, Nick. I encourage everyone to watch Nick's work. Get an idea on the anthropology of biological warfare. And Nick does splendid work. Doesn't ask for shackles, but the doc is asking for shackles. Today is Simon's Day. Let me just see if anyone has thrown a shackle or two. Let me just check. Make the shackle monkey dance. Oh yeah, another one for Simon. You can have Matt. You can get a tip of the spear edge of the knife. Douglas Conan McGregor said Ukrainian troops have rapidly spreading TB. Yes, I agree. Is there a video translator app? I don't know. Don't seem to be many options in here, but it says this video is shot, as they say, by the commander of a separate tactical aerial reconnaissance group, Magyar Berds Robert Isobivovich Brovdi. I can't read that. Nie Vladimir Ilovich Batsko, which shows how Ukrainian fires are bearing small unmanned aerial vehicles that are designed to drop very interesting improvised munitions, which are most likely equipped with chemical weapons. It wasn't that long ago that we were chomping at the bit to launch into Syria for, shall we say, evidence less incriminating than this. Well, has this been unleashed on the public yet? I don't know. We know that TB was part of the, how should we say, DITRA forward operating bases in Ukraine, and Russia has come out and said that they were antibiotic resistant strains of TB being placed onto banknotes and being handed out. I have no doubt. And, you know, when you think about that type of weaponry, you can give it to your soldiers and then have them captured by the Russkis. It's a spread TB there. So again, all very dirty. My advice is try to avoid getting pulled into these conflicts and let us get to, I think we're going to get to Ukraine. Not Ukraine. Robert Malone's article. Now, this article wasn't written by Robert Malone, but Robert Malone has reached a significant reach now among, what should we say, medical freedom advocates, those who are a little bit skeptical of the government narrative and how a CCP operation ensnared the US government. And so basically this is a plea, a plea for clemency for US institutions. They were tricked by those sneaky ching chongs, those yellow monkeys. Oh God, we were just doing scientific research. We were just trying to predict pandemics. We weren't doing biological warfare. No, no, it was all those institutes run by the CCP. Now look, don't get me wrong. I'm not absolving the ching chongs here either, right? All sides are dirty in this conflict and we either stop it now, refuse now, or we get dragged into ever more degenerate cycles of warfare. And it's just going to be a whole bunch of too-co-co argumentation. Oh no, you did it first, you did it first, you did it first. Best just not get involved or keep your head down whilst the initial flurries are going off. Lots of articles, Ukrainian troops receive Patriot missile training. Yeah, I've seen that. But there you go. So I think, again, there's a positioning here. Okay, Robert Malone has come in and like I say, I don't know who Claire M Lopez is. Okay, but this is all about how, well, again, it's a plea for clemency for US institutions because of the tricks that the Chinese have played. Don't fall for it. Don't fall for it. And, you know, they're feeding this through the conduit of Robert Malone. Robert Malone, who is balls deep into those weapons programs, has been for decades. It's made him a, how should we say, comfy lifestyle. Claire is CIA retired, but not really retired. Why? Not surprised. See, there are legal consequences for treason. Yep. I don't watch BBC, neither do me. Let me be clear. Fuck Ukraine. Malone keeps waffling back and forth between focusing on China and the US. It's weird. Yeah, it's narrative setting, Charles. It's narrative setting. There is, there is, he's not acting independently. That's my, that's my tactical assessment right now. And again, I've been waiting for this type of information to be coming forth. And as we're seeing, I mean, I had another clip about how they're sort of shaping the battlefield. This was a general in Asia and positioning supplies in Japan, I don't know, to force project onto the Chinese. There's a very, very dangerous situation occurring right now. And I wish, I wish I had a more positive outlook on the way I see things going. I think, I think the initial phases have been done, mission accomplished, with respect to SARS right now. Now, now comes the escalation and standoffs, which will require lots of military spending, etc. And again, people like Ben Shapiro, thinking they're getting good returns on investment. America needs to shake off the neocon war hawks and the Zionist eschatological freaks who are dragging the country down, in my opinion, America can do much better. Well, who knows in this day and age. But anyway, so this is what I think to this article, but be be very, very is the link. Be very skeptical now. And I think we're getting a good, a good understanding of what Robert Malone is. Again, that's the same old playbook there for narrative control. So moving on. Do I have more narrative control? Oh, yeah. So this was what's this? These are pretty strong accusations, but deserve to be taken seriously investigate further, we must protect our children, they and their minds and souls on a plate always to be exploited by the rich. Newspunch. Okay. Okay. A controversial initiative being promoted in corridors of power by Klaus Schwalz World Economic Forum. Okay. Age gap love laws violate human rights. The controversial initiative being promoted in the corridors of power by Klaus Schwalz World Economic Forum in Davos is set to have families and anyone who cares about children up in arms. The World Economic Forum is now calling for the decriminalization of sex with children arguing law. Well, they wouldn't be the first. I don't know. Is this true? What the fuck, man? Oh, Papi Putin, please, when they're in Davos. You can you can you can save on warheads because the mountains will reflect the blast back in and do the world a favor. Oh, please, Papi Putin, zap them laws against age gap love, more commonly known as pedophilia violates human rights, rather than being a scourge. The pedophilia epidemic that sweeping the world is actually nature's gift to humanity. According to Klaus Schwalz World Economic Forum, whose world economic forum has declared that pedophiles are being created by nature in increasingly large numbers for a reason. According to a research paper presented at the WEF in Davos, the pedophile phenomenon represents nature's attempt to cleanse the earth and save humanity from itself. Minor attracted people are far less likely to produce large numbers of offspring. According to. Did they really have a research that somehow somehow it's it's got the. To me. Data and the so called underage people they have so called relationships with are statistically less likely to go on and become heads of large families themselves. This appeals. Well, yeah, because they're psychologically broken and then go down that track for gender reassignment and ever circling grain of the adult industries. I don't know if this is real. I'm waiting for some sort of validation. Where's the tweet. But do I think, do I think the World Economic Forum wants smaller families. Yep. Do I think they're advocating pedophilia. Someone give me a positive. Positive idea on that tweet please. A vision of destroying the family unit and depopulating the earth. The WEF, which is ordered mainstream media to begin pushing the narrative, wants to introduce an international policy that will require the majority of countries to decriminalize or at the very least relax their laws against pedophilia. The New York Times, always at the forefront of the globalist agenda, ran an op-ed arguing that pedophilia is not a crime. According to. I expect nothing less from the New York Times. Who is that speaking? I don't know. I just clicked on this video that's a link from Robert Malone and look man I agree with Robert Malone on this one. Let's go to war with these people. There's a war I can get behind. According to the Times, civil rights protections must be extended to pedophiles. Without legal protection, a pedophile cannot risk seeking treatment or disclose his status to anybody for support. Not to be outdone, CNN countered with an article proclaiming that pedophiles are not monsters or social deviants living in the shadows. According to CNN, it's high time for society. 2011. These are old reports. Where's the where's the recent report from the WEF? You know, be skeptical of the information you're receiving. That is the tweet Andrew Bridgen was fired for. Yeah, I'm going to get to Bridgen. It's update its image of pedophiles. CNN followed up this article with an even more explicit call for sympathy rather than considering child molestation. 2012. This is the lowest of the low. We should reach out to them and seek to understand them because according to CNN, one cannot choose to be a pedophile. The psychologist Jesse Behring, author of Perf, the sexual deviant on all of us, also. Fuck you. Fuck you, right? If you if you haven't been, well, I'll rephrase this. A positive family environment should be churning out individuals who are resistant to this type of subversion. Sorry. You know, look, can I can I have some off color thoughts for sure? But you know what? I'm pretty good at battening them down and just saying, yeah, you know what? I'm not going to do that. I'm not I'm not going to go and beat the snot out of my next door neighbor because they piss me off again. Which is the reader to sympathize with child molesters, writing that people with pedophilia aren't living their lives in the closet. They're externally hunkered down in a panic room. Salon also got in on the act, urging us. I can't read the date. It might be 2019 to meet pedophiles who mean well and the BBC, which famously spent decades covering up for BBC. Say no more. Since most notorious pedophile Jimmy Savile also wants us to think positively about the new generation of pedophiles. Pyramid seven in the chat asking for fat Angie. Let's see if it works. Mistake, a coordinated attempt is underway to present pedophilia as harmless. What is going on? The media are presenting us with a classic case of the Overton window. According to the political scientist Joseph Overton, there is a window within which there are ideas considered acceptable by society, tolerated therefore even by those who do not share them. Yeah, this is covert mobile enhancement yet didn't get to the thing I'm not. If there's not a direct link to the presentation at the World Economic Forum, I'll just put this one on that sounds sounds plausible but age gap love laws violate human rights. Where's where's that tweet. Can anyone find that tweet, please. All right, I'm going to move on, and going an hour already. All right, so this is important. Right, so we've just had Robert Malone have a retired CIA whatever her name was Claire Lopez, try to, again, orientate towards bad ching chongs. Now again, why is that maybe things aren't going quite the way the deep state wants in Ukraine. Let's move to focus. And now what we've got is national security expert experts, multiple criticize media scientists who dismiss covered 19 lab, again, lab leak theory in open letter, do not let them use this language lab origin group 43 national security experts published an open letter on January 11 criticizing news organizations and scientific publications that dismiss the possibility that covered 19 pandemic might have been the result of lab leak. The letter is addressed to the editors authors and contributors to major scientific medical and journalistic publications worldwide. The address is include the Lancet nature medicine, the New York Times and Time magazine. The letter was coordinated by Vandenberg coalition and included signatures from House Foreign Affairs committee chairman, Michael McCall, former US National Security Advisor, Robert O Brin, former US Deputy National Security Advisor, Matthew Pottinger. We should have. Where's Mark where you need him. I just say nuclear, nuclear weapons. Who are these people? Let's see, leading scientific journals censored dissenting voices. This is true. Many science writers at major news outlets promote narratives or set conclusions unsubstantiated by evidence reports failed to make even cursory attempts at servicing potential conflicts of interest of the sources. The letter states this served to hamper national and international policies policy discussions about how to mitigate against future pandemics of any origin, natural accidental or deliberate. The letter faults editors and reporters at news organizations and scientific publications for stifling debate on the origins of the virus. Again, I'm all about agreeing. I agree with this. But the focus here seems again seems to be lab leak focus on China, not lab origins, not disseminated by warfare programs that have metastasized through academies, and essentially has become a gravy train for them. It needs it needs wrapping up and needs shutting down. The letter references Fox News article about May 2021 tweet by New York Times reporter he said someday we will stop talking about the lab leak theory, and maybe even admit its racist roots, but last the day is not yet here. New York Times report deleted the tweet the same day she wrote it. The letter being prosperity depend on a rigorous scientific debate research and scholarship, as well as an intrepid and independent news media that continues. What about shout out to those of us who stood up at the beginning and said hey, something's not right here. People who have been at the cold face people like Charles, who's probably more than anyone to get work into a concretized form that's there you can go and research all the articles he's even color coded it for you, so you can dig stuff out. The responsibility of scientists and journalists alike is to ask hard questions and seek truth by prematurely dismissing or stigmatizing certain questions from the very outset of the pandemic, many prominent scientists and journalists failed in their duty. The letter went on to list notable failures by various news and scientific publications. A February 2020 statement by the Lancet said without evidence that questioning the supposed natural origin of COVID-19. We know all this. We know all this, and we know all about Peter Daszak, eco health, we were on top of this nonsense to begin with, and I don't know. I want to link to the letter itself. But anyway, it feels to me like there's a shift now to take the lab origin phenomenon, and to turn, turn the population's perception to focusing on China. Don't fall for it. If we can get this far, I think we can do a good job of dismantling it all. And, you know, lead by example, and, you know, we'll, we'll knock down our BSL four labs, and, you know, we'll have fully transparent programs where it is just for monitoring. I think the technology is there now to do that. No need to be engaged in studies that are involved in prediction. Do it all in silico. Fuck these virologists and their pseudo virium particles. Let's see, don't forget the Princess Diamond cruise ship and the faulty PCR test. No, and let's not forget Callahan as well was in Wuhan, then the Diamond cruise ship as well. All right. So, again, this seems like between my conversation with Charles and this stream, this is, you know, what I've been seeing and how I've, how I'm watching stuff change in real time. That's all that I'm just trying to provide some analysis here, some aggregation, and, you know, potential landmines that we could be treading on. And, yeah, we need we need to make sure that it, it doesn't go that way. And, you know, I'm, I'm for having investigations and, you know, if those investigations are best comported in the United States, so be it. I'm not, I'm not fixed on tribunals in the Hague, etc. You know, I want, I want to see payback for what was done over the last three years. And, well, you know, in my perusal of the internet, I did watch after speaking with Charles I watched the stream with Brett Weinstein and Joe Rogan, and they sort of had a long segment where they were saying, oh, you know, we've got to be forgiving to the other side who were acting. How should we say, they were ideologically possessed in a high, high pressure moment. Yeah, I mean, look, the average YouTube or Twitter account, you know, if they didn't know better and they didn't have the scientific chops or background to be dealing with these sets of variables, you know, live and learn more, how should we say coordinated groups, those that technically were qualified to speak about it, the doctors, the scientists who covered for lab origins covered for the rollout of gene transfection technologies. I think we should be holding those people to account. Absolutely. Do, do not let them scuttle off under the floorboards to rear their ugly heads in five, 10 years time. We kind of says nothing yet about the money masters using DoD to depopulate and job count measures into people. Look, I cover that aspect all the time. Okay, it's today I'm focused on how they're moving the narrative. And, again, go to the last stream I did with Charles. Charles did a very eloquent job of saying, you know, pointing fingers. The DoD, the traditional DoD is missing the bigger picture. It's missing the deep state apparatus. I think the DoD was pretty miffed about all their personnel being mandated to take a toxin through these next gen technologies. So, again, be careful about getting caught caught up in narrative. Sasha Latypova. Shout out again to Mark Kulacz, Her daughter is soph. She has a loud mouth, Q-tard version of, what's her name, Greta Thunberg. This is, be very careful about the information that they're seeding forth. Sasha has bought useful information forward, but, you know, links to Ukraine, her daughter being involved again in what I would call psychological operations and the soft phenomenon in 2019. Be very, very careful right now. This is deep state cancer. The DoD is not the Pentagon. Yes. I'm with Charles on this. I think these organizations still have good people in them, but the zombie-like nature of the bureaucracies have got out of control. And it goes deep. And I wish, you know, I went back and forth with Charles about what best to call it. I guess deep state is a good catch-all. I sort of ruminated on that over the last few days. And there's deep states in every country. And, you know, we have to, as the public, these are organizations that we create, we allow to be created, and so we can dismantle them. I believe. Oh, yeah, that I have no doubt for sure. This was dropped into the Discord, which I found, I can't remember who dropped this, but it's a nice little summary of infectious clones. And I should probably TG enterovirus. Anyway, it's a sort of history of first infectious molecular cones of coronavirus with RGS. Let me, I just want to put this here as a crucial bit of information for anyone that's missed it. It's kind of interesting that we have the technology emerging and this would fit with Jonathan's hypothesis that infectious clones are the driver of the SARS-like pandemic phenomenon that has punctuated the last 20 years. And the infectious clone emerges and suddenly in 2002, the first SARS-CoV emerges in China. Then 2004, they have HKU1, etc. And then more and more advancements, 2010 MERS, and then, this is a, I see a pattern here in this, in this data. We need to be highly critical of these programs that would be making this, and it just have probably been instrumental in the emergence of this technology. So, we'll leave it at that, but I wanted to bring it up in stream because I think it's an important little piece of information, and I'm not sure where it's from, and I forget who posted it, but thank you, whoever did, and let's move on. A draft. No way they pull that shit for Ukraine. That can't be real. I don't know, man. We need a good name for our team. Hi. Dirty dozens been taken. All right, we're going to get to Huawei. I'm going to take a little break, fill my tea, so just give me a minute. I feel myself getting a little, little hoarse. So just, I'll be back in a second, folks, and then we'll, we'll look at the kvetching that's gone on this week. So I'll be back in a sec.

Okay. Okay. Okay. Okay. Okay. Okay. Angie. Those are days, innocent days back then. All right, so I think we're sort of closing in on to let's have a look. Yes. Let's start with the kvetching. Obviously the Tory MP who in the framework of stood up in, what was his name, Andrew Bregan. Bregan. What did I say? Bregan. So he stood up a week or two ago and basically said, what's going on? Why are we seeing potentially a fallout from the vaccines? And I think his words were that it's the worst crime since the Holocaust. Right. And he mentioned the Holocaust word. And as, as per usual, this is why I take the piss out of it and have done for three years, because this is the reflex. It's the British reflex of woke, how would you call it? Well, it's, it's the, the racism canard is, is pushed all the time. It's the third rail that you can't touch. And we've got to defang this ability for them to shut down conversation by saying, oh, it's racist. We saw it when they're talking about the first reports around lab origin, that it's racist to be to be looking at China. No, it's not racist to be looking at China. It's not racist to be comparing mass casualty events to historical events like the Holocaust. You can go there and do not allow these snakes to shield themselves right to shield themselves with the power of virtue signaling and the hiding behind the six million cookies being burnt up in chimney smoke. If you believe that does the prime minister agree with me that the disgusting anti-semitic anti-vax conspiracy theories. Again, this is them. This is Nudge unit language. Okay, they've sat around and sat around in little meetings saying, what should we, what card can we pull here? Well, anti-vax is a good one. And anti-semitism is a good one. All these canards are pushed out. You've got to be able to walk through it. Okay. And, you know, maybe I don't know if my way is the best way, but I, you know, I think from my perspective, if you take the piss out of it, you, you, you minimalize that they're, they're, they're attacks, right? It's old. It's stale. We don't care anymore. This is, this is about breaking that Gordian knot. The woke Python boa constrictor that's wrapping itself around our neck as these fuckers who are very likely getting rich off these vaccines and off this, off these wars. Okay. Are using it to control and push people down. How dare you say these things. Anti-vaxxer. That have been promulgated online this morning are not only deeply offensive. This fucker, this fucker was behind the rollout of basically the Midazolam morphine outscouter to death in the UK as they burned through the elderly population. A good proportion of those deaths are down to this man, but anti-scientific and have no place in this house or in our wider society. Well, can I join with my right noble friend in completely condemning those types of comments that we saw this morning in the strongest possible terms. Obviously it is utterly unacceptable to make linkages and use language like that. And I'm determined that the scourge of anti-Semitism is eradicated. No. Fuck you. Fuck you for using this line of argumentation and this straw man cluster bomb, right? To try to, to try to distance yourselves from the fuck up that these organizations have been responsible for. How dare they? No. Not this time. Not this fucking time. No. No, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no. No. No, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no. No. Not this fucking time. No fucking way, no fucking way. No fucking way, no fucking way, you made me look like a right cunt. Absolutely no place in our society. And I know that the previous few years have been challenging for the Jewish community. And I never want them to experience anything like that ever again. Oh, the Eternal Victimhood. I'm fucking sick of it. Shut up!

You've got your country now. Fuck off over there! We've had enough!

Right? I won. And we've had enough of these cunts leveraging it!

Right? Or leveraging just the language of anti-racism in general.

It's a cudgel that they use to get away with programs that impact, well basically the working class that I came from as they engage in population replacement. What the hell am I saying?

I don't want these bastards ruling over me.

I've escaped that aisle.

Pojo's looking to come back. Can't be any worse, can it?

At least you know you've got a buffoon. So more of my Dazzle and Matt here. And again, this is all of them trying to build distance between the actions that they did take, the gaslighting that they made on the public, okay?

And we should not forget any of it.

And I would say these people had a pretty good idea of the synthetic nature of SARS. And, you know, there was a right way and a wrong way.

This morning I saw some absolutely disgusting, anti-semitic, anti-vax comments by an MP. I got in contact with the Chief Whip and said he needs to be thrown out of the party. And I got the chance to ask the Prime Minister about it. Like, it's like fucking schoolgirls. ...Minister's questions. He was really robust in his response. This is what I said. Does the Prime Minister agree with me? Yeah, we've seen that.

Now aggressively deflecting, let's just see what this says, Matt Hancock, I will take no lessons on ethics and morality from this man. Lied about VD, lied about care homes, lied about roll out to children, lied about vaccine passports, lied about transmission. Now aggressively deflecting to avoid scrutiny. It won't work. Let it burn! Let it burn! Ha ha! Yes! All right, so there's a statement. Let's have the man who's been accused of...

If you're a racist, it's up there with being a paedophile in the UK. And they're trying to normalise paedophilia now. I'm disappointed that the Chief Whip Simon Hart, with the support of the Prime Minister, has chosen to suspend me as a member of the Conservative Parliamentary Party. My tweet of 11th January was in no way anti-Semitic. Indeed, it alluded to the Holocaust being the most heinous crime against humanity in living memory. Of course, if anyone is genuinely offended by my use of such imagery, then I apologise for any offence caused. I wholeheartedly refute any suggestions that I am racist, and currently I'm speaking to a legal team who will commence action against those who have led the calls suggesting... Can you brace your casual racism, sir? Don't... don't let them push you around. Just set the lawyers on them in the first place. I mean, you've been kicked out of the party anyway. But to be accepting, you know, you're almost sort of giving legitimacy to their accusations. Oh God, I'm not a racist, I've got black friends, blick friends. Indeed, the Israeli doctor I quoted in my tweet has stated that there was nothing at all anti-Semitic about the statement. The fact that I have been suspended over this matter says much about the current state of our democracy. I agree. I agree. Woke ideology permeates every level, and it's been weaponised. It's been weaponised. The thing is, it doesn't matter. I could go on and on about the state of Britain and its, how shall we say, social policies. Common purpose, one. The march through the institutes, one. And it was the, excuse me, it was the language of egalitarianism, anti-racism, OK, that basically turned the country upside down, warped reality, that opened the door, that opened the door to the trannies and the perverts coming in, dictating how we should run our culture and society. It's all symptomatic of the same underlying problem. The right to free speech and the apparent suspension of the scientific method of analysis of medicines being administered to billions of people. As I've consistently maintained, there are very reasonable questions to be asked about the safety and effectiveness of the experimental mRNA vaccines and the risks and benefits of these treatments. There are reasonable questions to ask of a government that is considering extending the use of these experimental vaccines to children as young as six months of age. Jesus. Jesus. Jesus. These, ladies and gentlemen, are babies. There are reasonable questions about the side effects of mRNA vaccines, especially when we know categorically that the current risk of harm to most of the population and especially young people from Covid-19 is minuscule. We have a government who indemnifies vaccine manufacturers from claims against the harms caused by their products and a government who, it appears, actively look to remove MPs who raise questions about those harms. I was saddened to hear yesterday of my suspension, but I'm not downhearted. I've received huge support from ordinary people, medical workers who are too intimidated to speak out, and, of course, from those who've experienced vaccine harms themselves or to a loved one. Hopefully, the media interest around my suspension will finally get the issue of vaccine harms into the media, who have been so reluctant to cover this issue for so long, an issue which is clearly a huge and growing concern to many people across the globe. No, sir, you can't. He will offend us as he dews. You can't do it. Albert Bullard will be... I don't think he got an award, right? Like, Jew of the Year. How about we... Let it... Open it all to sunlight. Bleach it all. Let it burn. Reasonable questions about the safety and effectiveness of mRNA vaccines must continue to be asked, and I will continue to ask them. If I cannot do that as a Conservative Member of Parliament, then so be it. Highlighting these important questions, questions about life, death, serious injury, must override party loyalty. I owe that not only to my constituents in north-west Leicestershire, but also to the wider British public, and especially to our children and young people who are the very future of our great nation. Thank you very much for listening to me. And, yeah, well, what can I say? I support his... I support his casual racism. And, yeah, look, again, I'm repeating myself, but it's symptomatic of the problem that we have in the West, OK? And we must defang this reflex that they have to... When you want to criticise social policies, government policy, medical policy, you want to say, look, there are patterns we can see in their evolution and the people who are involved in it. And it means that we must have all the vocabulary we need to describe the phenomenon. And calls of being racist, et cetera, just shouldn't be able to play. You should be able to compare it to the Holocaust. Why not? Why not? Till we get there, till we finally batten down that data. I'm... Again, I'm all for it, and I do not like the... Well, I've never liked the UK for that. That's why I don't live there. I'm a fort criminal from the UK. I'd get arrested should I go back there. All right, so moving on, we have... So I'm just going to cover this quickly. Now the rats are leaving the sinking ship. FDA vaccine advisers disappointed and angry that early data about new Covid-19 booster shot wasn't presented for review last year. Oh, imagine my shock. And now, again, as the data comes out and as we see what appears to be, how should we say, knock on effects. And again, I think the data is complex. I don't know how much is co-infection plus vaccine, et cetera. And, you know, the individual tapestry of each individual and their interaction of genes and environment, et cetera, that maybe is causing the headlines to appear as they are, people dropping down, et cetera. And I have a whole slew of Shaheed's that we're going to look at. And I didn't even pull all of them. There were so many between Wednesday and today that popped up in my feeds. But in lieu of bridging, you know, saying that there's potential Holocaust going on, extra deaths in 2022, close to highest level in 70 years. How much NHS failings to blame? I think we can categorically state that because this the levels of excess death seem very consistent across different countries. Now, some countries are a little bit worse than others, but it's not I wouldn't say it's the NHS that's at fault here. Now, you can scroll down this article that I wanted to see. So this is excess death and you can see 2013, 2015, 2016, 2018, 2019. So there was a drop in 2019. So maybe there was a bit of a tinderbox, but we can see that they go up in 2020. That was the Midazolam morphine contributing to that 2021 and 2022 when everything should have passed. And we have to ask why? What's going on in this situation? And we can look at Euromomai's data. We can see significant peaks. We can see the SARS pandemic here, the very, very sharp rise again. How much of this was down to? Well, you know, I'm not a believer in this was all just changes in procedure. I do think that the virus was contributing, etc. But for sure, changes in procedure, venting Midazolam morphine, withdrawing antibiotics for sure enabled this peak to have a impact that authorities were looking to stamp onto the population worldwide. OK, so again, complex scenario going on again. Shout out for Mark's efforts with respect to drug addiction being part of the casualty list here. But what's what's interesting here, and this is leads from the discussion that I had with Charles, which is that what are what are the well, to summarise a little bit about what Charles and myself were discussing around the class switching with antibodies. When you when you take the view that you're looking at this through a biological warfare, chemical warfare lens, how much of these emergent phenomenon were predicted in in the calculations? At a organisational level, the you ever pulled the trigger, how much did they know that we would see these knock on effects from the implementation of the medical countermeasure? I wouldn't call it medical countermeasure. I would say from a biological impact, their binary agents, the virus and the the gene transfection technologies combining in a fashion that we see or we would predict that there would be a long drawn out. Emergence of death and morbidity, and we see that in the data. So twenty twenty one is when the vaccines rolled out, and since then we see a sustained excess death. This is Europe wide data. And again, it's peaking. Of course, it always goes up in the winter months. But again, how much of the hockey stick are we looking at here as we're getting into the winter months where the pressure against the systems biology of all the people that have been exposed via gene transfection, via reinfection? How how much is impacting on their system to cause these more dramatic events happening in public eye and in the newspapers? And right now, as I argued for the pre-anergic amyloidogenic properties being a weaponizable construct in that genome. I think we should be looking at the class switching phenomenon as a stated goal, or if it wasn't a stated goal, it's something that they've learned in the process that they can tune for next time. Right. They've got big, big live fire test of their agents. Oh, let's see. Let's see. Just tweeted your stream. Tony Bridgen suggested he get in touch for an interview. Let's see what happens. Yeah, I might I might just be a bit too edgy for the man, but I would be happy to have a discussion with him. So, you know, all age groups show some indicator, but particularly as we get to 45, 64 ramps up. And of course, the elderly are most impacted. But what I would like to sort of hammer home around this this excess death that we're seeing, it's not it's not a clean cut off in the data. Right. There's you've got to go through whole stages of degeneration before dying. And the data would appear to show that we're seeing that in the potentially the younger cohorts. And so these are these are the long hauler syndromes, the incapacitating components. People are struggling to get by day by day. And it's occurring not only in those who come into contact with the pathogen itself, but it's also occurring to those who come into contact with the gene transfection technologies. We must keep that in mind. And so there's a spectrum of responses. And again, through the eye of bio warfare. Yeah, that's it. That's a win. That's a good result. So. In this in this paradigm where we're seeing these excess deaths and potential impacts on the immune status of the individual and at the population level, we have to be looking for other signatures that would indicate that there's these knock on effects. And of course, thanks to the great work of Nick, we've become very clued into the role that opportunistic infections may play. And so we've you know, there's claims of that. There's a triple DEMIC, et cetera, RSV flu variants. And I found this article, which is interesting. Fungi that cause serious lung infections are now found throughout the US. And again, this was published on January 4th. Why January 4th? I don't know, but it would appear that fungal infections. And this is something that we've seen from early on in the pandemic. It really sort of rose to prominence in India. And maybe it's a consequence of the treatment regimens that are being used. The the steroid treatments, butasinide and or it could be a consequence of direct impact via those HIV like sequences impacting and transfecting or infecting immune response, T cell response. And there's plenty of evidence that that occurs. So, you know, we're in the data gathering phase still. And we have to we have to be somewhat detached from this data, but we need to be looking for these indicators. And things like large increases in fungal infections will perhaps indicate that, yes, the immune readiness of the population is under assault. Again, just just another data point, which quickly catch up with the chat. Britain has a biology related degree, Matt has a politics related one. Well, that tells you all you need to know. I hope they're tolerant of that. OK, let's see. These people are not normal, but smoking and vaping give unacceptable levels of freedom. I agree. That's my new favorite hobby. Keep the dock in vape and send the donos. Let me see if anyone else has been generous, please. The the griff links are down below. Keep this science show on the road. It's one of the best ones on the net, I think. I'm a wish we say secret pleasure for many. But none dare speak my name. No, you're all to do. What can I say? All right. Moving on. I think we're getting to Shaheed time. Oh, no. Public service announcement. I want to put this one up. It's from Jikkyleaks, obviously, in light of Lisa Marie Presley, obviously passed away from a heart attack. So if you've received any of the mRNA vaccines and have noticed early morning wakening with your heart pounding over the last few weeks, please comment below. We have an idea. Let me just put the link for this in the chat.

Please follow Jikkyleaks.

Do this and make sure I put it in.

Does it come up on? Yeah, it comes up on. But does it come in the Rumble chat after specifically put it in there? Wait a sec.


Let's see. Ethical skeptic showed a graph yesterday about increased meningitis cases likely caused by the class switching. Yes, maybe. Again, these are data points that we have to be looking at. The cancer epidemiology, things like fungus, meningitis, opportunistic infections. And again, how long is it going to last? And I'm of the opinion that the data that you first see is what you'll continue to see till the phenomenon stops. Are we going to see huge spikes? Maybe. Is it going to be beyond the spikes that we've seen in other years? Like this one or this one? I don't know. It'll probably go up and then back down again, et cetera. But bubble along. But how many people? How many how many lives are going to be wrecked, right? Whilst whilst we were in a situation where we were being gaslit for years, what we had, this is this is what Charles was saying. We have the evidence to go after these people. And it's a shame that people are focusing to again, I get it. Charles tweeted, you know, it's a good problem to have that these doctors are back talking again on Twitter. It's great. Great. It's a good point. But let's not let's not fixate on that phenomenon. Let's let's get the evidence that we've worked hard to get together and let's push it over the line. Let's let's try and make it so it's difficult for these people to try and pull something like this off again.

Oh, do do do do. It's this one. So let me just scroll down. Please understand that this is a conversation in evolution. We have reasonably good evidence that the circadian rhythm disturbance induced by the mRNA therapies via micro RNA, in addition to subclinical myocarditis, may be prompting these events, but they might be preventable. For technical background, please see Doorless Carp. Doorless Carp does good work. Let me click that, open a new tab.

Let me just put the link here.

But shout out to Doorless Carp. Tab. Put it here.

I want to read through Jikki's thread. I'm not I'm not going to spend an inordinate amount of time on this. So myocarditis doesn't have to be florid to have these effects, but we don't yet know that the myocardial effects are only restricted to myocarditis. Oh, my favorite hobby horse, amyloid, has also been a concern. Either way, something is messing up myocardial conduction.

This plate shows cardiac tissue in the process of being destroyed by the body's own T cell infiltrate an mRNA gene therapy, so-called vaccine.

The recipient was a number of who died. I think this is the German study that show this to every Twitter doctor who denies myocarditis kills. That's a good turn of phrase. So the main tweet on this thread is to glean information from people who have noticed this early morning phenomenon and ask them not to dismiss it as anxiety or just a mild side effect or just a few palpitations. So there's the public service announcement from Jikki. And, you know, it's important because, of course, we're seeing people die now. Are we going to see another turn of the screw of the narrative control machine because Black Lives Matter co-founder's cousin dies after L.A. police blasted him with a taser.

Body camera video released by LAPD shows officers responding to a traffic accident involving Keenan Darnell Anderson, a black man who died at a hospital after he suffered a medical emergency, about four and a half hours after his arrest. Let's watch it for the gory details. Officer investigating a traffic accident involving a suspected drunk driver. He encounters 31-year-old Keenan Darnell Anderson. Have a seat against the wall, have a seat against the wall here. The officer radioed for help, but in the meantime, Anderson went back into the middle of the street. Turn over on your stomach right now! The body camera and video from a witness show police attempted to take him into custody. There was a struggle. Anderson was tased and later taken to the hospital. They tried to kill me! Hey, stop them or I'll tase you! Stop them or I'll tell you! They tried to kill me! I'll stun you too! Stop them or I'll tase you! Yes, sir! While at the hospital, some manner of medical emergency occurred. After more than four hours following the use of force, Mr Anderson was pronounced deceased at the hospital. He was clearly not in his right mind. Yet he was... He was drunk. Aye, probably. Look, man, I'm no angel. You know, I fought the law and the law won. I ask a man, says, oh yes, black person not listening to the cops, simple orders are reaping the consequences. Look, man, I don't think you should be dying when you get taken in by the cops. And again, are we looking at the manifestation of this subclinical damage to the heart? Getting shocked by a taser. Is that enough to start causing the... What would you call it? The dysregulation of heart conduction signals? I don't know. I don't know. Again, we've got to suck this data in, be aware of it, make a record of it. Was handled with such force. Another incident involving a woman contacting police about a man at her home who she said had violated a restraining order. She told police he was not in his right mind. Hey, you have to come out now and talk right with us. The man identified as Takar Smith is shown retreating into a kitchen when he grabs a knife. Knife! Knife! Knife! Drop the knife! Drop the knife!

Drop it! Drop it!

After being tased, he went to the floor. The police video appears to show him picking up a knife a second time, which is when he was shot. The third case, 28th and Central, a call of an assault with a deadly weapon. A man reportedly throwing objects at passing cars armed with a knife, at one time threatening a driver of a car that he had stopped. Police say they found him on a second story landing, that when they approached, he came at them with what police called a two-foot long makeshift spear. Hey, put that down!

Again, have we got to keep the American public distracted? Do we have another Floyd of Fentanyl chimp out coming? Again, be wary of how they're going to play you folks. Loads of zombies, indeed. Covid zombie hypothesis lives, folks. Let's see. Centripede says they've been hammering away on the issue of microRNA for two years now. You have indeed Centripede. Doc Hex says did someone say myocardial conduction? Sounds like the problem is electrical. Sure it has nothing to do with injecting static positively charged nanolipids. I'm sure it doesn't help and for sure they're going to the heart. You know, I'm a bit biased myself and I'm going with the amyloidosis and fibrosis. Right, zombies are using weapons now. Yes, indeed. Alright, this is... I shouldn't revel in the passing of individuals, but I have to say I've got a degree of schadenfreude about this particular one. Science based medicine. That's right, folks. Pedo adjacent David Gorski's team has taken a hit. Yes, the gene transfection pushers. The man who told you that prion disorders can't be anything to do with these new platforms because there's no bovine serum. Whilst I told you years ago, no. No, there are toxic epitopes on that spike protein being expressed, which are amyloidogenic. And pedo adjacent David Gorski. That's right, he took money from Epstein group, Epstein himself. And now, they're saddened to announce that the skep doc, Dr Harriet Hall, has passed away as Managing Editor of Science Based Medicine. I'm greatly saddened to have announced to our readers that Dr Harriet Hall has passed away unexpectedly. Lars has died suddenly. Her husband informed Steve and me earlier this afternoon and the editor of the news sent this email. My name is Ron Jett and I am the editor of the skep doc monthly newsletter. It is with profound sadness that I report to you that my good friend Dr Harriet Skep Doc Hall passed away in her sleep quietly and unexpectedly last night in Seattle. Kirk Hall, Harriet's husband, has kindly allowed me to notify you of Harriet's passing. We were currently working on the January edition of the newsletter and that final edition will be delivered within the next few days. If like her, you believe in truth and science based medicine. And I know you do, please have a kind thought of her. We'll miss her dearly and I know you will too. We thank you Science Based Medicine for the data point and just to make sure that I give the finger to that scumbag, that scumbag Gorski. Just I'll play this one.

Yes. Guilty. Yes. It's my guilty button work. Let's try it. Never does. I have to do it manually. But yes. Guilty. Guilty. Where is it?

Never all. No. Now do it. Now do it. Come on. Okay. Guilty. Guilty. Guilty. Guilty. Wait, uh, they shouldn't even bury the body toss it in the trash. There they are. And let's, let's just, let's just take a look at their front page. Shall we?

How much, how much mRNA are they pushing?

Now anti-vaxxers laid the groundwork to blame COVID-19 vaccines for Damar Hamlin's cardiac arrest. Let's see.

What's 2022? The year of the gas lighter with respect to COVID-19 from our Jason, David Gorski. Let me just see if I can find that particular gem in my files right there folks. Where'd that be? Oh, my hard drive got mixed up. Last format I did.

Just bear with me folks. Um, I never want to, never want to miss the opportunity for, uh.

Yeah, there it is. Yes.

There he is. The man, the man himself. David Gorski, MD, PhD. Oh God. Epstein was never on SMG's board. Uh, that's science based medicine group. Uh, the one who's just had a, uh, suddenly as far as we've been able to ascertain from public filings. Um, so, uh, just, uh, just point out that, uh, engaging in a bit of a lie there because, uh, Zenny replies, thank you. I've since read an email being sent around by seed that states any Jeffrey Epstein and or Ghislaine Maxwell interaction with seed would have been via Vexner Foundation, Epstein controlled. Is that true? Oh no. Busted Gorski. He says, yes, as dirty as it makes me feel to realize now that back then I was affiliated with a group in which Epstein had invested. I'm curious to learn just what that connection was. You know what it was Gorski. You're pedo adjacent and you're probably a kiddie diddler. Always, always comes through folks. There we go. I hope that brought a little smile to everyone's face. Uh, let's just see the science of carbon sequestration. Yes, we salute that Shaheed, salute that Shaheed for sequestering the carbon, uh, her carbon. Uh, let's see the great Jeff Beck died of bacterial meningitis, but that can happen with the weakened immune system and we know that can cause that. Yes, indeed, Fez Woody. Now, um, let us, uh, move on. We should play, uh, it is time for the Shaheed, the Shaheed role for the string.

Don't you know folks, there's an environmental crisis going on and, uh, the likes of Klaus Schwab as he flies to Davos wants to make sure that he keeps eating steak and foie gras and driving around in luxury cars and private jets. That means that you, yes, you should step into the breach and sequester your carbon by stepping up and taking the gene transfection technologies. Um, here's one that we can watch a potential stroke, uh, in action.

Uh, we can't salute that Shaheed. I think she didn't go the full way. Klaus is disappointed.

Uh, moving on to the next one. Oh, generalist dropping dead at the speed of science. Let's watch that one. We salute these Shaheeds.

Myocarditis is noted by the Canadian pediatric society as a possible side effect of MR.

We salute those Shaheeds. Bravo. Bravo. Does anyone know what happened to the Canadian reporter? Um, Scott Adams claims these were staged. I don't know. Maybe, maybe again, information warfare, hybrid warfare folks, be on your toes. It's just a bit of fun, bit of a laugh and a giggle, all these black pills. Um, no doubt I'll pay the karmic cost, but, uh, it's worth it. It's worth it to see science-based medicine and pedo adjacent Gorsky getting a taste of their own medicine. Nice. Right. More Shaheeds. Um, what's happening in Michigan schools. A 39 year old teacher is dead after suffering a major heart attack and fighting for a life six days in ICU and an athletic trainer who was only 40 dies from complications related to blood clots. Uh, let's have a look. Oh yeah. She, she looks like she was right for carbon sequestration. We salute her efforts. Bravo. Bravo. Let's see, do the next one. Uh, Heather Klein and again, she just, look at her, look at her, a picture of disease and degradation just waiting, waiting to be swallowed up by the ground. So, uh, the right cows can be fed the right grass to keep cows in stakes. Uh, let's see. She was triple jabbed. Her health is private. Thank you. Um, hang on. We've got, uh, breaking news. Is that that? Let me just bring that up.

Can I bring that up? Is that open? Ah, I can't click the link. Does it come up in the stream? What is this? Uh, when breaks bring something. Uh, let's have a look. Gas pipeline connecting Lithuania and Latvia was hit by an explosion on Friday. Okay. Uh, yeah. The ball is hotting up. Um, uh, thank you for that breaks. Let's get back to the Shaheed's. Uh, we did that one and, uh, let's see. Another Canadian high school athlete, uh, sequestered his carbon in his sleep at age 18. Science based medicine doing its thing. Uh, sudden death of 18 year old Theo Gibbs on December 30th. Uh, let's see. Uh, let's see. Uh, let's see. Uh, let's see. Uh, let's see. Uh, let's see. Uh, 18 year old Theo Gibbs on December 30th. Gibbs, who graduated from Martin baseball program in the spring, sequestered his carbon in his sleep at his Regina home. Uh, we support this Shaheed and his efforts, uh, for carbon sequestration. Keep it up. Keep it up. Uh, look at this picture of unhealth. Sarah Gray, Ohio passed away unexpectedly. Strep and low blood pressure. Can we say opportunistic infection sent her body into shock? Uh, my opinion, if you didn't have COVID and didn't know you were sick until after the shot, it's not long haul or COVID, it's the vaccine. Maybe, but, um, let's have a look at this. Oh yeah. Look at that. She was just ripe for carbon sequestration. COVID is no joke. Praise appreciated as I'm miserable and praying no one else gets it. And yes, I was fully vaccinated, uh, loved by everyone she met. Sarah had an uncanny ability to connect with people and she's now sequestered her carbon. Uh, moving on.

Another journalist fully vaccinated. I might have done this one. Greek journalist world has plunged into mourning after the hashtag sudden death of Panagiotis Tesanos, the general media manager of Para Politika group at the young age of 46. Ah, you know, he was starting to get a bit of middle-aged spread. Maybe he was asking for it. Um, we salute this Jahid and his dedication to the cause. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. High school senior dies of cardiac arrest. Searching for answers after their 18 year old son unexpectedly collapsed in school last week. Now it happened January 3rd at the Amplus Academy, which is not too far from Durango and Sunset over in Spring Valley, but the teen passed away a few days later on Sunday. Joshua Pagaro joins us now live in studio after speaking to the family, Joshua. Now Jordan Brister's family says he was a selfless, caring person. And even in his death, that legacy of that's why he sequesters his carbon before you lazy lick spittles have done it. Those in need.

Jordan's mom says his teachers at Amplus described the high school senior as a southern gentleman. The Bristol family moved from central Louisiana to Las Vegas nearly two years ago. His family says Jordan collapsed Tuesday in the bathroom of his school. It was about 25 minutes before someone found him. His family doesn't know what happened other than his heart stopped. They say he doesn't have any medical history and say he doesn't do any drugs in a statement to eight news. Now Amplus says Jordan experienced a cardiac arrest at school and staff provided him with medical attention until paramedics arrived. He was then transported to Southern Hills Hospital. Jordan was kept in the ICU until Sunday so his organs could be harvested. The school He went the full sequestration route. We support that Shahid. Bravo.

Let's see what do we have next. Tragedy heartbreak as cherished schoolgirl dies suddenly leaving fellow students devastated. The year 12 schoolgirl. So I don't know what that age is. Maybe she's like six former 17 18. Naled parents. The headteacher confirmed the heartbreaking news and said the schoolgirl would be missed by everyone after her carbon sequestration. Sixth former adjoint yes I guess she's 17 18 joined four Oaks in year seven was a popular member of the school community. More children passing away folks. Swimming on with the Shahids. 18 year old dies suddenly while playing basketball. Authorities want autopsy. I think this is in the Bahamas maybe.

The 18 year old woman died unexpectedly during a basketball game. We must probably those gas stoves everywhere that did it. More Shahids. The Shahid the Shahid track isn't long enough now. I need to cut a longer version. Supermodel Tichania Patiz dies aged 56. German born model rose to fame in the 80s and later starred in George Michael's Freedom 90 video. I want to say she had a turbo cancer. Let's see. What does it say? I can't see it from the scan but yeah you can see her in the buff there.

We salute the Shahid. Bravo. What does it say? Anyway. Dead.

Heartbroken Sheffield dad's tribute to fearless daughter 29 who collapsed taking son to dance class. Look at her. Just inflammation everywhere. No wonder she was ripe for sequestration. We support the Shahid and her efforts. Moving on. New York high school girls basketball star 16 has stroke during gym class. Was found on the floor. I'm not sure which individual that is but I'm not sure if she's jabbed or not but it's going with the theme at the moment. Lisa Marie Presley, singer and daughter of Elvis dies aged 54. Now there's been a did Lisa Marie Presley die from vaccine? So we've got an attempt at debunking and let's see we go down and lots of difference between cardiac arrest and heart attack get you all tied up in how should we say gobbledygook. Unknown if Lisa Marie Presley was vaccinated against COVID-19.

Oh I beg to disagree. I've seen tweets today had I this came up as I was getting the stream ready but uh she was a four four times recipient so um yep uh tech uh tech up you need to uh how should we say adjust do some editorializing editorial changes on your article uh I said done that one done that one done that one uh another Shahid Air Force Academy offensive lineman and cadet Hunter Brown die suddenly while walking to class look at him ready for sequestration next one oh that's it that's the Shahid's done thank you thank you uh al-akhba um shout out to Anando you can have a uh uh let's keep up the great work Kev I'm trying I think it's a rather odd uh job I found myself with at the moment uh shaking my uh tink up please folks uh everything today goes for uh Mackie D's for uh Simon Phoenix tax evading blick Simon Phoenix keep it up and no more come on hit those don't know buttons down below let me uh let me just remind you go there hit the uh tip jar, Streamfags or Gay-Pal if you uh if you so wish uh let me just put that in the chat um this is the link I've lost the page now there we go feed tax evading blick Simon Phoenix make sure he gets Mackie D's uh for the rest of the week uh let's see let me just catch up on the chat real quick and do I have the I'll just cover them quickly maybe let's see um let's see I did that one did that one next up autoimmune disease and cancers uh well yeah there's um evidence that we're seeing that uh yes pretty horrifying uh let's see Nicky from general chat props to shy eyes uh yeah shout to shy eyes just great stuff in the discord the news agency said Jessica is all good uh maybe um but again you know it's uh it's uh how should we say and again I would just add it with the caveat that uh in a information warfare landscape who knows how much they're elevating these stories maybe these were happening all the time we just weren't paying attention to them but you know put it in the context of we're seeing this um elevated excess death we've been seeing it for a year now and it's spiking in the winter months um unsurprisingly uh let's see doc says interesting gas pipeline blows up the day EU natural grass prices fall below pre-war levels yeah interesting indeed uh yeah she collected with ala um see my quad jab neighbor just got diagnosed with Alzheimer's if that counts uh look um again that's uh what makes up a lot of that excess death dementia type disorders we've gone over that data many a time uh good news is you forgot he hates me oh tax evading blick in the chat i'm working hard for you bro trying to get you back eds let's see we need a shaheed folder uh yeah we probably do um chris james says so someone will get his jabfield organs yeah yeah uh let's see what's up with the gas stove banning crap is it force people to the cities isolate people live in remote homes maybe something about me well again i think it's uh it's all part of coordinated hybrid warfare information warfare push right the the green agenda is a big part of corralling um populations uh it's a divisive issue um do i think there's an issue with gas stoves not really um you know i think the uh well the the bio warfare is something we should be worried about more than uh your gas stove uh let's see they want everything electric so they can hit the cutoff switch at any time they like indeed um but with those smart meters they can probably cut you off anyway uh let's see karma doc says presley was double jabbed and twice boosted yes if you can cook on a gas stove you can't be controlled with electricity rationing you have a modicum of independence yes uh let's see hard to find a dual citizen in this group of sequestrarians uh maybe this one from science-based medicine um maybe uh i don't know maybe maybe not uh let's see uh let's see two years later and they start dropping like flies who would have figured uh yep uh fes woody wants me to play a bit shoot video do i want to do i want to um i'll try it better be interesting uh i haven't let me copy it let's do this each dream i don't see it there so there's a rumble chat uh all right what am i looking at here more data points all right and uh i would assume fully vaxxed and all of that uh yeah i think we covered this one earlier in the week i did mention him but uh this is this is uh he was like a 70s tv star yeah i just got my booster actually last last week so i'm triple triple vaxx yes anybody who's not please get vaccinated be part of the solution not the problem there you go every time i mention the word phone especially extension phone dad has a corner don't talk to dad before i talk to him he'll blow it well what everything that's actor adam rich who rose to fame on the tv series eight is enough today we learned the former 70s and 80s child star died at his home in los angeles rich played the youngest family member nicholas bradford in all five seasons of the hit show his family did not reveal his cause of death adam rich was 54 years old thank you for the uh shaheed much much appreciated uh let's see uh tax evading blick siren phoenix says the gas stove thing is so they can sell the gas to europe at 10 times the price uh maybe maybe uh lots going on uh lots to be aware of all right let me do i oh i've got this paper lined up a couple of papers uh this one t-cell responses to sars-cov-2 in people with and without neurologic symptoms of lung covid i think i want to do a sort of deeper dive into {stream interrupted here}