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Alright, I’ve found what the issue is. Is there a chat on WTYL? Yeah, there is. I don’t know if it will come through, but for some reason, even though WTYL, I had that, it was supposed to be muted and paused, it was still playing sound through, so that’s something to fix. You may have noticed, there’s been a few changes, just a few, some nice changes, you can maybe see, look, there’s a little me behind me, just a little bobble head. Someone sent me that in the post, I want to say thank you very much, it’s very cool. Even got my mail pattern boldness correct. So I thank you for that, there was a dictionary of slang that came with it, and yeah, I’ll be using that. I need some new curse words for today, fucking tech, I swear to God, I’ve just gone and closed a whole bunch of tabs that were meant for the stream. I apologise everyone, I promised that the last one which was technically sloppy would be better this time, but it’s worse! It’s worse, I do apologise and everything’s now laggy as fuck. And now I’ve got to individually open these pages. Ah, they’re the science stuff, will we even get to the science? There’s so many Shaheeds to look at in the last few days that it’s kind of making the bulk of my tabs to tell the truth. So, alright, let me now try and look in the chat, see who we got. Streaming live on IBN. Yeah, what a fantastic debut. What a debut for the jihad science show. Take it, glitches galore. God damn tax evading blick, Simon Phoenix! Always messing things up for me. Sitting there on his Mac EDS and 40s, pressing buttons and pulling levers. I don’t know what’s going on. I just want to sit down and press go. Just stream please. And no, because we’re working hard in the background and I’m pleased to say that the new streaming platform should be working.

Now I’m loathe to click on the link lest it do that sound glitch again. But let me try this. Let me just try this, see if I can bring it up. Alright, so pause before you do anything. So hardly the most flattering pause, but I can live with that. Self-esteem has been burned away by endless streaming, taking the black pills that I’m about to give you, and I’m streaming on them daily. Let’s see, need to create a new account. You might need to reset your password. Maybe, maybe, I just had to. But it is kind of working. I want to see if that sound glitch does anything. Didn’t hear anything. So, if you pop this chat out and, I’m not, I’m not doing any more tech stuff today. So I’ll try afterwards. If you haven’t drank too many 40s, ate too much chicken. Right, what are we doing today? So I wanted to, just…

Tranny priests! That’s right! Britain, Britain has devolved. When I were a lad, there were murmurings, whispers in the halls of, the ecclesiastical halls that there would be women priests. Oh my god, women priests in the church. Who could countenance such a thing? Surely tradition and the, how should we say, the sacred, which we structured our societies on, would dispense with woke nonsense, with rad fam ideology being shoved down our throats. Surely they couldn’t take the church from us. They can’t take marriage from us, those homos. No, no way, no how, never. No, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no. We have a slight update to that and I found the longer version of the prayer.

And I’ve been taken to starting streams looking at what I think is going to be the primary driver going forward in this year, which is the conflict in Ukraine. I don’t see much in the way of de-escalation. I’m concerned that the new Speaker of the House walks around with a massive Ukraine pin on his, whatever you call that, on your jacket. What is that? Collar? I don’t know. Shirt pin, I guess. But the simple fact of the matter is, I can’t see that much. As far as I can tell, Pappy Putin called for a ceasefire. And again, I’ll just note that it’s always the Russians who seem to want to be calling for negotiations and ceasefires and... Lapel, thank you, Centipede. That’s what I was looking for. I don’t know if there’s what’s changed on the front or anything, if there’s shells and missiles going off. I haven’t seen anything across my regular feeds, but I do confess to not being as keyed in as perhaps I should be. I was listening to the Spaces talk on and off. I was trying to get in there when Joseph Lee was talking. He was talking about 20, 30 minutes ago. And he does come across as an obnoxious monkey. What can I say? He makes very, very bold claims that I think can be dismissed very easily. And so I’m sort of concerned that he seems to be leading a charge somewhat with respect to the scientific, as we say, objection to the tyranny in which we find ourselves. That’s right. A medical, industrial, military tyranny that is... What? British intelligence just said that Russia is out of missiles. Oh, yeah. I believe that. For sure. British intelligence always on the money. Wasn’t Pappy Putin supposed to be dead from cancer? Cancer, Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s and whatever other ailments that they think that they can pin on him. Nothing to do with... Actually, those folks might like Christmas. Maybe they do hold something sacred about it. They’re orthodox Christmas day. Maybe. Maybe. But the... I would be very surprised if the missiles have dried up to tell the truth. All right. It was a joke. OK. So where was I? Where was I? Yeah, the spaces and... Look, all sides in that discussion were just... It was lame. And it’s a discussion that just has... Time has come and gone, I would say. They’ve gone out and done business, basically. They’ve spread their bioweapons willy-nilly and forced a good majority of the population to take the binary component. And what I want to do is there’s been a paper which came out, I want to say last week or the week before, which basically... Maybe it’s even earlier than that. Let me just check. It’s not accurate. What’s the date on that? That says 2023. So it’s older than I thought, but it’s the first time I’ve seen it. But perhaps answers why we’re seeing so many shaheeds.

And I want to get to that and maybe, maybe do some neuroscience as well. It depends how much I can get through in the stream, how much the... The flow of the stream develops and we’ll see. All right. So let’s hope the stream deck, please, please. I don’t want any more. Just clean. Oh, nice. Yeah. All right. So that’s the paper we’re going to look at. And of course, the reason that you’re all here is that you’re probably concerned about the bio enhancement, whether over or covert, that’s occurring. It’s a theme I’m going to stick with. And we’re trying our best to maneuver through this and just to state our axioms, for those who might be new, that we are... Whatever you think World War Three was supposed to look like, we’re in it right now, I would wager. And we’ve been in it, I’d say the hot phase for at least three years since the bio warfare reared its ugly head. And we’re barreling towards a, how shall we say, a dark... Dark, dark future should the ruling class have their way. And, you know, I’m, I say, I don’t know enough about American politics. I’m, how shall we say, concerned about the politics that I’ve seen of Kevin McCarthy. Good first name, by the way. But the, yeah, Ukraine, Thai pins, WEF membership. I don’t know. Just a, just another, another little tick in the dystopia box, I guess. So just kicked off the transcoding batch. If your link goes down, it’s because... Don’t do it. All right. All right. How many do we have here? Let’s just see. I don’t want that. I don’t want that thing. Do I? I’ve closed all my tabs. Let me just refresh that. And, yeah, what I would advise everyone is subscribe to the Rumble channel. Oh, WTYL.Live. It’s, Rumble is knocking it out the park. Every time I try to send dollars to Tip Jar, my bank blocks payment stating fraud alert. Really? What about if you try the... Let me get through the housekeeping. And this is me. Find me on the Internet. I’m a real scientist. Get to the housekeeping. Quick. Someone’s trying to give me money. Grub. Suck that in. You can try PayPal link. This one. That is another way to do it. And I don’t know. Try this one. And I’ve got to... I don’t know. Try flashing the QR code. I don’t have the QR code anymore. Where’s that gone? There. I don’t know. Try that QR code. See if that works. Freys, I’m desperate. Send shekels. You can try buy me a coffee. That works generally pretty well. And if you do buy me a coffee, you should get a sound alert. So please try buy me a coffee.

Let me put the links just there. And they’re down below the... What do you call it? The stream. The video player in Rumble. If you’re watching on Rumble. And yeah. I’ll accept any form of payment or favors. Even bobbleheads are much much appreciated. Brought a smile to my face. You know who you are who sent this. So thank you very much. You can even hear it wobbling away. I’ve already sent shekels. Yes. You think I’m here for the benefit of my health? Your health? I’m working. God damn it. I expect a fair stay’s pay for a fair stay’s graft. All right. Let’s see. I sent a donor. W-T-Y-L tip-jump. Oh God. Let me check. See if that’s working. I closed all my tabs. Let me do this. Do this. Let me do this. Restore. All right. And let me see if it went through. We should. We should be working towards hooking up. Hey Laura. Thank you very much. Much much appreciated. The it should get a web hook and do some some sort of irritating sound effect. So more come when tax evading blick. Phoenix pulls his finger out. All right. Someone with a background in science appreciate you takes me. Yeah. Look. Don’t come here expecting shirt and tie straight lace science. You want that. There’s plenty of other channels that will spoon feed you the data that you want to hear.

I take a very… I like to think it’s funny. Funny for me. I’m assuming that the people that come back find it funny as well. And the you know I try to thread where I think the data is taking us. And so you’re not you’re not going to see me pulling a… came up in our feed the other day, but a Ruby Skin Flaps Stu Peters type of ideological possession. No, no, no. I think the data is always more nuanced. The interpretations require a degree of cognitive flexibility. And we have to have that stuff. He says you love me. I love you to KushToffee, and KushToffee I’ve met in meat space in Texas. So it’s good to know that there are real people out there that are listening to me. It’s not all just AI feedback convincing me that I’m talking to bots. All right. I wouldn’t think to go anywhere else for information doc. We love you. So sweet. All right. So there you go. There’s the look of the new wtyl platform. Am I feeling brave now after the initial shock of the stream not starting. Let me see this. What happens now if you do a wtyl test message. Does it work. No pop out pop out. All right. Now if I pop it out and do. Hey yes wtyl chat coming into the main feed as well. For all the lashings that I give to taxi Vader. He does do some epic work. I have to admit. All right. I’ve completely lost my train of thought now.

Oh yeah. Tranny priests. That’s right folks. We’re going to take a deeper dive into Britain. And for those that are wondering about the slang where I come from. If you bent it means you’re a left hooker. A profter homo bent that one. And it could also mean he’s a wrong criminal. But down my way he’s bent. He’s a bender. Meaning meaning that you aspire aspire to, what should we say, own dresses, engage in sodomy, have a predilection towards young, young, young kids. But let’s, let’s, let’s go on. Let’s have our tranny sermon for the day. Just to get my piss boiling. Let’s, let’s be, let’s begin. How even the look of it. Look at the fucking state of it. What what’s with the hepatitis look of the makeup around that face. It’s gross. She looks well. She’s definitely ill. But here she’s she’s looking like she’s got liver disease. Shit. It it. God damn it. Right. Welcome to the Church of St. Margaret of Antioch in Toxtin. Wait. Why is that so quiet. Hang on. Let me let me try and deal with that. God saturate. We’ve got it. We’ve got to listen to the sermon on high. This is someone that’s picked up. Jesus’s mantle as they’re wanting to feed the five thousand. Yes that’s right. Just completely ignoring all those parts about they shall not engage in sodomy. God damn it. Don’t do it. It’s bad for you. And today is Transgender Day of Visibility. Is it. Who decided that. I didn’t vote for that. My name is Reverend Bingo Allison. I am a non-binary transgender priest in the Church of England as part of our commemoration of Transgender Day of Visibility. We have a morning prayer service that we’re going to read now. The thing is it’s very likely that a deranged priest did that to her. Maybe maybe it was forced to attend a church with nonces running it. It’s less of an affliction. I would wager in the Church of England compared to those Catholics and their kiddy diddling priests because the priests are allowed to get married in the Church of England. Burn it down. I’m close to that. I still hold a smithing of respect for the buildings I guess. They can look great. I mean you can hear the acoustics, the echo they’ve got there. Those people knew a thing or two back then. They weren’t so stupid. Most of the liturgy is either directly quoted from scripture or is written by myself. So that’s still our hearts before God who sees us and knows us. The god that I am about, he’s preparing fire and brimstone for you. God dammit. Dear Allah, let the smithing commence. God dammit. In the first rays of light we shall congregate. With the wounded and weak we shall congregate. With the poor and outcast we shall congregate. I don’t think she wrote that bit but that sounds a bit like biblical text to me. With sinners and saints we shall congregate. With the God in our midst we shall congregate. Blessed are you God who listens and loves. Praise flows from every life and everybody. Not to you it doesn’t. From the rising of the sun to its setting your spirit shines into our souls, changing lives and healing hearts. Help us to live the truth of the image of God you breathed into us. So that we might be witnesses to the good news of your love and sing your praises every day and everywhere. Blessed be God, creator, redeemer and sustainer. Blessed be God forever. The night has passed. The day has come. We begin to prepare to face a beautiful but often hostile world. Here comes the tranny part. Here comes the tranny emoting. Oh my God the world hates us. We can’t go round flaunting our chopped off genitals in the face of children. The tyranny. God damn it. I don’t even have that blocking them now. They can take over the churches. They can do what the fuck they want. Washing, dressing, binding, tucking. Who brings their fucking genitals and their genital habits to the pulpit? Who does that? Who sits there and thinks that that’s a moral virtue that we have to be aiming for? The people of Bent Britain need to hear about how you strap your cock to the side of your leg so you feel more like a woman. You know those synthetic hormones that you’re jabbing into yourself. They weren’t around. That’s a recent phenomenon of the last few years. But even then the scriptures had anticipated it. If you find man who lays down with man I think it goes something like that. I don’t know if it has something to do with rocks and if you’re from Islam or buildings. What’s going on? It wasn’t that long ago that the world seemed somewhat normal. You can go back ten years I guess. It’s not that long. I guess we had bull dyke priests that were women priests in the Church of England. There was a few of them. Now this. Now this. Now I’m baptised Church of England. I’m supposed to renounce my baptism into the faith. This to me is morally offensive. Sorry. Maybe Doc hurts your feels right now but god damn it. God fucking damn it man. When do we say enough? What institute can’t we just keep something sacred without them having to bring their fucking genitals to every fucking discussion? Please. One thing. All make a new beginning to face the world. Let us make a new beginning in our hearts by prayer. I can’t listen to anymore. Sorry. Sorry. The tucking and the binding has done it for me. Who goes up to a fucking pulpit and talks about that? It’s the equivalent of a priest going up there. Church of England priest obviously because he’s married and oh god the wise vaginal dryness. It’s just not helping me these days. It’s such a tight fit getting in. I’m left with blisters. Who the fuck needs that? We want to hear about helping the poor. We’re all sinners and fallen before god and must strive to become better neighbors and love one another. Can’t we just stop at that instead of the what do you call them? Dear flow or whatever. Dear Betty. Please help me. I have to do a day’s work and the sticky tape just doesn’t hold. Even though I wrap it round and round my leg. The sweat from my ballsack means that my genitals will just pop out. Everyone can see my bulge and my feeling of womanhood is diminished. I went to an Episcopalian school and church was beautiful. Look man, there was no kiddy diddling in my local church as far as I could tell. There were two priests during my growing up days. It’s the epitome of where Britain is headed. This is what wokeness does to a culture. Here we have 5th January. Archbishop of Canterbury refuses to scrap school’s guidance that affirms transgender 5 year olds and brands dissenters transphobic. Not only has the spiritual head of the Church of England, not only has he acquiesced to allowing crannies into the pulpit and onto the TV screens. Because you can be absolutely bloody sure. When I was growing up, TV used to be shit. There was free channel. When Channel 4 came along that was a moment. There’s another channel on TV and that was just shit artsy type crap that made no sense when I was young. But now he’s gone so far to say that the Church of England schools, which I wasn’t a particularly good student when I was young, I felt somewhat comfortable there. There was a sort of hierarchy of orders. My father always thought the headmaster was a bender left hooker. You know what? I don’t think I’ve got any repressed memories of him barging into the boys toilets when we were going for a tinkle. Nothing like that. It felt like a pretty secure and strict environment. But now, now the Archbishop of Canterbury, Justin Welby, has rejected calls to scrap the Church of England’s transgender guidance, which affirms children as young as five in gender confusion. In an open letter to the Archbishop, Nigel and Sally Rowe has called on the CofE to scrap its valuing all God’s children guidance, which covers 4,700 CofE primary schools, of which I went to one. If my father was still here, that church would be in ashes. Stream gig around. Why? If you had it once, you had it a thousand times. The letter was sent following the Rose legal victory against the Department of Education in September, which led to a £22,000 settlement for legal costs and a commitment from the government to reform its transgender policies. As part of the case, the parents presented international expert guidance to the Department for Education, which revealed how transgender affirming policies lead to catastrophic outcomes for gender confused children. Yeah, I think that’s probably the case. And these fucking predators who are pumping TV screens with fucking gender confused parking, I don’t know what they are. What do you call these zoomers? Ben left hookers. Yes, that’s right. Them friend left hookers. How long is this? I can read it all. Maybe there’s some some text from their guidance in creating a school environment that promotes dignity for all. Look, they’re not talking about fucking six formers here. They’re talking about primary school children. These are kids aged like three to six. What the fuck is going on? We call for all to live fulfilled lives as uniquely gifted individuals, pupils will be equipped to accept differences of all varieties and be supported to accept their own gender identity or sexual orientation. Let me just say again, sexual orientation of others in order to do this, it would be essential to provide curriculum opportunities where difference is explored. Same sex relationships, same sex parenting and transgender issues may be mentioned as a fact in some people’s lives.

Why? Why do that to small children? I’ll give you an anecdote. My oldest is, how would you say, she’s basically hitting puberty. So the wife and I decided, well, you know, it’s probably important that she gets some sex education. Her body is changing and she needs to understand why. And so, you know, as part of her learning Japanese, we gave her a Japanese textbook about it. And, you know, it’s laid out in cartoon form what the process is of a man woman getting married and, you know, doing the thing you do in the right hole. Part in the pink, not the brown, and making a baby. And, you know, I want to feel a friton of pride that after my mother daughter conversation, I’ll have to chat with the lads when they get a bit older. But, you know, her response was, you know, she’s 10 years old was, oh, yeah, you and daddy did that. Right. So, you know, there was this she had this 10 year window of innocence. Right, where it wasn’t on her radar.

These sick fucks want to target little fucking children. Now, I don’t know about you, but I would say there is a subversive element running through all our organizations. I think it’s been there for a long, long time. And the how would you say their their multi generational goals appear to be emerging. Not just over the horizon that they’re already already come across the horizon that they’re at our at our doors at our at our children’s minds right now. And this is this isn’t a small thing. Church of England schools are the backbone of that fucking country, right? And, you know, it didn’t it didn’t matter pretty much which social strata you came from. Right. The toffee nose kids had to go to school with the council estate kids. I mean, you know, we all sort of gelled along and, you know, you know, where things got sorted out on the playground, we played football, Conkers, all that type of thing. No one, no one. Dane to discuss sex ed with us. We knew it was a thing once you got to secondary school that you would have some lessons, but it was strictly biology. And what we’re doing is we’re basically taking now.

I’m not saying that there aren’t little children that belong to same sex couples. But we’re accommodating a extraordinarily small minority and enforcing it onto the majority. And I for one am disgusted. I’m glad that my children are not in the UK right now. There’s nothing very little about the UK that I can point to in its modern incarnation and say, look, kids, you should be proud to come from this country. It’s a tyrannical, Orwellian, goddamn deviant state filled with sickos and greedy psychopaths.

No, I think I know. No, there’s there’s one more. There’s one more. Just just to just to hammer home how fucking deranged the UK has become. And who can imagine this would happen from 3rd of January? Anger as transit mates revert to males when they leave Scottish prisons. Look, if I if I’m looking at. I’m looking at a stretch 10 years governor in in the clink. Well, you know, my mortal enemies might be waiting for me because I screwed them over. I might I might just be claiming that I’m a woman too. It’s to get in the ladies prison. Your honor, just yeah, my my my history doesn’t quite kick in here, but my cock’s trapped in me five. I demand women’s prison. Right. This is again, you can point to the you might say I was just small people, small sample of the culture. No, it’s indicative of the rot that set in. And if you cede this ground to them, it’s very hard to get it back. Let me let me catch up with the trap. Yeah, lots of effort.

Dead stream. Yes, of course. Call me Loretta. Agreed. Yeah, I think to this point of view is very valid, right? Provided the movement never forgets that it is the unalienable right of every man or woman or woman to rid himself or herself or herself. Agreed. Thank you, brother or sister or sister. Where was I? I think you’re finished. Oh, right. Furthermore, it is the birthright of every man or woman. Why don’t you shut up about women, Stan? You’re putting us off. Women have a perfect right to play a part in our movement, Reg. Why are you always on about women, Stan? I want to be one. What? I want to be a woman. From now on, I want you all to call me Loretta. What? It’s my right as a man. Well, why do you want to be Loretta, Stan? I want to have babies. You want to have babies? It’s every man’s right to have babies if he wants them. But you can’t have babies. Don’t you oppress me. I’m not oppressing you, Stan. You haven’t got a womb. Where’s the fetus going to gestate? You’re going to keep it in a box? Here, I’ve got an idea. Suppose you agree that he can’t have babies. And someone just said it’s so prescient. But this, it’s the women. It’s the fucking women. Like the dudes had the problem sorted. Where are you going to put the fucking fetus, Stan? Keep it in a box. And the women have to get in. This is why. We need this casual misogyny. We must keep our institutes free. Free from the foul, foul abodines that want to come in and make it all fair and equal. That they actually have babies, not having a womb, which is nobody’s fault, not even the Romans. But that he can have the right to have babies. Good idea, Judith. We shall fight the oppressors for your right to have babies, brother. Sister, sorry. What’s the point? What? What’s the point of fighting for his right to have babies when he can’t have babies? It is symbolic of our struggle against oppression. Symbolic of his struggle against reality. Bravo, Monty Python. They were a bunch of left hookers as well. Nothing sacred. All right.

Yeah, just more bent Britain. So now. Now you can get called. Well, we’ve known this has been going on for a while. But should the UK police see this tirade that I’ve done on rumble? I can be called. That’s right, folks. I can be called for questioning in the UK. I can go for reorientation. So let’s see. What is this? I don’t know who this is. Patrick based man. But that looks like an account I should follow. Me back. Copy that. We put that in my secret Twitter. Is that closed? God damn it. God damn it. All right. Remind me to subscribe to Patrick Baseman. What a great novel that was. American Psycho. I remember reading that. I was disturbed. Just the first like 50, 60 pages of just OCD obsession about his aftershave. And I remember feeling a frisson of joy that I had… He mentioned an aftershave that my girlfriend at the time had bought me some. It was some charity for the ladies and Patrick Bateman. Yeah, he is a true to. All right. Dear Mr. Goddard. Ref crime report reference. Blah, blah, blah. On the 4th of August 2022, you posted a tweet on your Twitter account @Goddard2066. This tweet contains a video of Wembley Way and commentary from you regarding the Rainbow Pride Flags, which represent the LGBTQ community. These comments are targeting specifically the LGBTQ community. It would be considered grossly offensive, thus being in contravention to Section 127 of the Malicious Communication Act 2003. I think I would be standing my common law ground and saying, I don’t stand under your statutes or acts, sir. I follow the law of the land, common law. Well, Jaby Prather in the chat good to see, bro. Yeah, I will never accept this abomination of his creation. The smiting will come. Please, please, Papi Putin, the sarmats, let them fly. I therefore require you to contact me to arrange a voluntary interview so this matter can be further investigated. This interview can be conducted near your home address, and I would suggest a mutually convenient date in early January 2023. If I do not hear from you within 10 days from the date of this letter, an evidential case file may be submitted for consideration of prosecution. That’s right, folks, don’t you dare go expressing concerns about the sanctity of your institutions, though the decision has been made. You are now to bow down to them. You are to make yourself subservient to the whims of the tales of the population distribution. That’s right. Now, again, my understanding of this would be I’m not going voluntarily to any station because of something that I’ve put up on social media.

No way. No how. Not this time, not this fucking time. No, no, no, no, no. No, no, no, no, no, no. No, no, no, no, no, no. No, no, no, no, not this fucking time. No fucking way, no fucking way. No fucking way you made me look like a right cunt.

And Danger Mouse, I hope to god there’s no extradition from Japan. Look, there’s no way that I would attempt to go back to my country of origin anymore. anymore. I was already a thought criminal 20 years ago. Bing! Who’s binging me? How dare you?

There’s a pug yesterday. A drunk pug yesterday. We’re all criminals here. Come to the US. I’m too poor. I’m too poor. My days of life on easy street. I need to always have me if you’re in Japan. They don’t yield to the whims of visitors from far off shores. I got crushed. I’ve got grift, grift every shekel right now just to survive. Let’s see. Again, I think there’s the clip down below. It’s just the impressive clip. Literally 10 seconds. Welcome to the home of English football ladies and gentlemen. Welcome to the home of English football where they fly in the welcome. I’m a fag flag. Can we call it that? Fag flag? I think they’re nonce. He said nonce. That’s what we used to call him. He said nonce. All right. What is this? Not more tranny priests.

The cuckoo cult mainstream Christianity is now an implacable enemy of the white west. Occidental observer. Sounds interesting. Judaism isn’t about worshipping God. It’s about worshipping Jews. And it’s so good at its job that it’s persuaded some Christians to take up a judeolatry. Thanks to Jewish subversion at the Second Vatican Council, the Catholic Church went from asking God to lift the blindness of the perfidious Jews to mandating smarmy prayers for our elder brothers in faith. And yes, wait for it. No, not that. The Jew would indeed like to behave like brothers to Christians in the same way as Cain did when he mothered, murdered, mothered. I’m going to say it’s probably prevalent in some instances, murdered, murdered his brother Abel. The Jew have tamed and corrupted American pro-anticism too. They’re convinced millions of Americans to accept the oxymoronic concept of Judeo-Christianity, which has all the coherence and honesty of carnivorous vegetarianism or the Jeffrey Epstein Foundation for the welfare of under-aged shixas. I’m sure what a shiksa is. Is that Jew talk? Jews are also hoping to tame and corrupt Islam. The Jewish Chronicle recently ran an article headline, British Muslims Need Reform Version of Islam, which described the launch of a new Oxford Institute that aims to defeat the extremists and enable proper social integration. Oh dear Allah, do not let them plotth against the seeds of race-blind liberalism. The article was written by a Muslim Shabos Goy. Hang on a minute, this is this type of outrageous casual racism. I’m not sure how I feel about this on this channel. Called Taj Hagi, who earnestly explained to his fellow Muslims that the philosophical evolution of Islam is theologically endorsed. Ishtihad analytical thinking is an intrinsic Quranic precept as exemplified by the trailblazing 9th century Mutazilla, the godzilla who championed rationalism, justice and liberty, and Hagi welcomed support from anyone, including fellow Abrahamic adherents committed to life-affirming and human perspectives. I can imagine as any religious article it’s going to be a little on the verbose side. But, you know, if I had a go in the... It’s not the Quran. What are these stupid books called? Hadith? The end times won’t come until the Muslims right up. Rise up! Rise up dammit! And fight the Jews! And then when they do, even the stones and trees will call out, Oh Muslim, Muslim, there is a Jew behind me! Come kill him! It might be a bit on the strong side. Can’t we just sort of corral them? The Middle East? Wall them off? Let’s see, I’m watching a documentary called We Are Amalek. So far it’s pretty accurate. Um, no joke, whatever. Oh that’s sweet karma. Better talk to my missus when you get here. Right, let’s see. It was much simpler when it was the gays. Yeah, yeah, I agree. Look at that. I’ve had to eject Axeman from the Discord again. He can’t behave. He’s just got overactive juda. But, right…

Let’s go on, let’s try and get some science. What science? But this, this came up between now and the last stream. The German government claims investigating Covid vaccines would be dangerous for democracy. That’s right folks. This is the chutzpah that they have these days. When wanting to understand what’s happened over the last three years and where we metaphorically are raped by our institutions. We want to ask questions. What did just happen? Did they just roofie us and get their evil way with us? Where’s the equalizer when you need him? I watched that movie the other day. I was glazing about. I forget the name of the actor. But they’ve turned the equalizer blick now. But there was a good bit in that where he’s in a taxi. So I would say that I would wager that they were having their wicked way. Wicked way with that young lady. And he goes up there and why am I even going off on this tangent? Oh yes, about the raping. Where’s the equalizer when you need him? Where’s the equalizer come and sort these people out with clever gadgets and sneaky plans? I need to read this. I think the headline speaks for itself. And you know, Britain, Germany, they’re about the same in terms of the societal implosion that they’re going through. But at least Bill Cosby would play himself. Denzel Washington. That’s it. That’s who plays the equalizer now. All right.

I think I think I’ll skip that one. This one is good one. What is it? International Conformed Action Network has found information. So this was clinical information about the AstraZeneca vaccine and we read through this. Where is it? Let’s see. Yeah, I was in the title. Their viral vectored vaccine candidate ordered by the Department of Defense is embedding itself into the sciatic nerve of test mice. So you can be pretty sure that it’s doing the same to you should you have imbibed on the golden cast of vaccines, vacas. All right. So yeah, that’s what I wanted to get from there. But this is not a good sign. And again, sort of indicator of the permissiveness of these technologies. They’re messy. They try to convince you otherwise. Bear with me, folks. I believe that’s the doorbell. We can do this. I’ll be back in a second. Good luck.

Yeah, I don’t know why it’s doing that, god damn stream deck’s supposed to be automatic trigger is it? He’s off, thank you Yasser, I’m kind of feeling that way, I have to see it, damn it, imagine them doing it in a mask. Now look, I have no doubt in some more flexible parts of the world where the, where the ring pieces just don’t quite snap shut, you might find the odd, odd homo mosque, tranny mosque, but that’s somehow, somehow in the deserts of Arabia I don’t think it’s a thing. Where was I…

Right, it’s in the sciatic nerve, it’s going everywhere, it’s not supposed to, and we’re going to be sort of delving into this, I’ll skip that one, we’ll do that another day, and we’re going to look at Shaheed. So I want to preface the Shaheed section with this. So ambulances call, or ambulance calls have massive rise in cardiac arrest calls to ambulances. The average over 7 days black line almost reached 500 daily calls. That is the highest level it has reached ever. I’ve added previous years below for comparison. There we go. And let’s see, does it beat 2020? 400? I’m guessing it does, yeah. So even during the peak, the peak of COVID in the UK, it’s now in excess. Now, what I would try to do, didn’t they stop the AstraZeneca? Yeah, they did do that. I think they might still dish it out in some of the poorer countries. My take home right now looking at the data is spike protein is spike protein no matter the source. And I would be of the opinion that best to have as many immune barriers in the way as possible instead of bypassing it with a very permissive particle that goes all around the body. I have no doubt that it does induce an antigenic response that you initially make these antibodies that may be of use. But you know, now even that data is on shaky ground because of the class switching that’s been reported and we spoke about in the last week or so. So something is happening and I’m... Is that the door again? Fucking hell. I can’t even sit down. Oh, fuck it. I’ll be back in a sec.

All right. So again, something’s going on. We’ve got to try to figure out what it is. And is this... If this was, let’s say, purely vaccine driven and I would put forward the premise that it’s not so much an acute response, maybe that people have been injured with a subclinical myocarditis type phenomenon and maybe the seasonal illnesses, the exposure to the next SARS variant is causing a peak like this. But this is an interesting data point and we’ll work towards a paper as to why I think that might be the case. So I think we can step on the gas. Oh, no, no, no, no, no, no, no. This came up.

Jikkileaks doing the Lord’s work. Allah praise Jiki. So just... I’ll face the Fred. If you follow on Twitter it was the wind that time. It was the post. What you’re seeing there on the screen looks very much like fabricated data, right? Western blots don’t look that uniform when done in real life. And it would appear that our regulatory agencies in particularly Australia, but I’m guessing this is not... The source document sent to me is from... And maybe it’s the US. So I’m guessing it’s the US because they’re talking about them wanting to seal the documents for 75 years. When you’ve been fabricating data like this, you can see why they would. And this... I don’t want to dwell too much on this with the controversy, but this is... It’s disturbing in light of the fact that we may be seeing the fingerprint of contraindications, I guess would be the technical term for these technologies, right? Gene transfection because of, again, its ability to go to all parts of the body and potentially be pumping out spike protein for an indeterminate amount of time, an indeterminate quantity. We want to be sure that our regulatory agencies are there on the ball looking at data and being able to say, this looks problematic. Now, maybe they’ve got some newfangled digital way of doing Western blotting, but I don’t think so. And those straight lines are indicative of them just engaging in data fraud. And that data fraud was the fig leaf, a tiny, tiny fucking fig leaf of justification that they gave for what was essentially a forced medical countermeasure directed by the military institutes of various countries. And so if it was the DoD in the US, it was the MoD in Britain and whatever the euro equivalents of that would be, this seems and it stinks of a military operation. It has done right from the beginning. That’s been my contention. And now, now we’re seeing all the fallout from that. And much of that fallout is the, you know, who doesn’t love watching the faceplants these days? It’s become a entertaining pastime.

But maybe, maybe if we had had scientists and clinicians who were up to the job that they were charged with, that they were paid bloody good money for, you can be pretty sure right now that those people who were charged with looking at and making sure that the veracity of the data matched their working, their decades of working experience, they’re not suffering right now. They’re paying their bills just fine. But many, many are not. Many have been hurt. Many have been literally driven mad with the psychological operations, the pressure and the fear of these events that have been forced upon us. And had, had say Jiki been there looking at the data, would he have managed to dig his heels in and say, no, this doesn’t, this doesn’t fly. It doesn’t pass the sniff test. We cannot let, we cannot let them proceed until they give us data that looks like it they’ve done the actual experiments that they’re claiming to. And, you know, all, all these Western blots are is what’s the, the expression products from these vaccines and that they’re basically trying to quantify the protein that’s expressed. And so it’s just, you know, by weight, right, the expressed protein, the heavier it is, the slower it will move in the gel. And then you put a stain on it and like an antibody and you can say, ha ha, we see a band here that’s indicative of the predicted weight of the spike protein. But, and I would recommend everyone. I know, I know Paul is watching, but I know he was gave me that article I opened, but he did, he did a very nice video just showing what a block kind of, in fact, even Jikky, if you scroll down, you can see what a real blot should look like. It’s, it’s like that. It’s kind of messy, right? You see, it’s not perfect straight lines. And you know, this is a little bit like that. When you get to the sort of bleeding edge, you have to… data is always fuzzy and ambiguous, but literally the people we were charged to look after our health, right? And not just our health, future generations have, have, have failed at that most basic task.

And this is, this is on top of the, the, I forget the name of the type of testing, but basically looking for the length of the nucleotide sequencing. And Jikky got documents which shows that there’s the, there’s primarily the sequence that you would expect 3000 and something base pairs, I think 4,000. And then, and then there are little fragments that no one has classified. And so we’re dealing, we’re dealing with a medicine or an intervention, like I say, where they don’t know… it’s a pro drug, meaning that it’s, it’s a, it’s not an active drug until it’s put in the body. And then usually we have some idea of the kinetics that say that that’s going to give you X amount that’s going to last for 12 hours per the half life till you need to dose again or have your next shot, et cetera, whether it’s vaccination, they don’t know any of that. And this is, this is well, in my mind, it should be enough to be beginning to take people to court or at least, at least beginning to foyer for the raw data, because this, this is not good enough. This is them just literally laughing in your face and rubbing your nose in it. All right. Does Brooke have this info? Maybe I might, might even, this one might even be from a, let’s see, released it. Yeah. I am Brooke Jackson, but this is scientific fraud. Like financial fraud and any other types of fraud should be prosecuted to the full extent of the law, especially, especially once there’s blood on people’s hands. And for sure there’s plenty of blood to go around. All right. So let me do this. I’m still watching “The mouse that roared”. So let me, do you have a timestamp {5 minutes in} for when the, you do the chromatography? Oh, BitChute. Please. Ah, well forget that. God damn BitChute. But yeah, everyone please watch that link. Let me put it in the rumble chat.

And let us move on because I think now we can get into the glory of the Shaheed and why, why we may be looking at so many. So, you know folks that there’s a climate emergency. In fact, your letters right now are booking their private jets to fly off to the heart of Europe, into the Alps. They didn’t even go to somewhere low where they could save fuel on driving into the resort spots that they’ve picked for their meetings where they’ve decided that you’ve got to sequester your carbon so that they can maintain their quality of life. And the first one that we’re going to look at, we’re going to do this every time. It just froze, but a 17 year old softball star dies suddenly after collapsing from heart failure. Now, you know, I’ve been kind of reluctant to, if there’s not a vaccine hit per se, you know, like a tweet. But I think in the current environment we can look at all died suddenlies, especially when they’re young and salute, salute that Shaheed for sequestering her carbon when you, you lick spittles won’t do a thing. So salute to that 17 year old. Much respect. Another pretty young thing. Brianna Cromer, who was an active duty US army fire control specialist, died suddenly while I’m home on leave from the army. Fiancé checked on her in the shower where she had sequested her carbon, just wanting it to wash down into the drains and disperse into the ocean. So to continue to eat steaks and foie gras. Moving on, Modeste Mbami, former Cameroon PSG star dies at 40 after heart attack. And with the athletes, I’m going to make a presumption that there is or was vaccination. And I would make the presumption that the young girl here because she’s US military got vaccinated and 40 years old, he was hardly a fatty 40 years old. He was probably still out on the training pitch. Might not have been a top tier for the big games, but you know, they could call Mbami, you know, should the should the Ovid decimate the team because he got vaccinated. He took one for the team and he’s taken one for Klaus. We salute this Shahid. Bravo. Moving on, a famous, if you’re a computer geek, I guess, Singaporean billionaire, Sim Wong Hu or something Wong, founder of creative tech. Oh, God, I used to have creative sound cards. The guy who sued Apple and won 100 million died suddenly at 67 years old, was scheduled to meet with the online sales team the next day. Funnily enough. Surfers dropping dead. Another fat bastard full of riddled, riddled with disease has died suddenly. He’s died suddenly. Well, it’s been spoiled by Prick Peters. We salute that Shahid. His glorious lifestyle of surfing the big waves. He sacrificed it for you so you can continue to eat your burgers and the WF crowd can continue to gorge themselves on their appetites. Moving on, Vegas High School sophomore, 16 year old collapses and dies while playing flag football game. Three days after Bill starred, Ma Hamlin suffered cardiac arrest on the field. Is she a fatty? No, she’s quite a fit young looking lady, primed, primed for heart failure. You could just sit. Look at it. Look at the state of it. Let’s see. Just heard diamond from Sisters of Diamond and Silk that were big Trump supporters just passed. Really? They got warped sped out of it. Both of them. Just the just one. Just diamond, I guess. Okay. Let’s see. Pedro Pedro says unvaxxed that bowl is going to be worth more than weight in gold. But the thing is, you’ve got to have someone to fertilize when all the young ladies are dropping down dead. You’ve got a problem. And moving on, we’ve got former Olympian. Died suddenly at age 49. One of the greatest athletes to ever come out of a small time. What’s his name? Eric Thomas. Wow. Yeah. Another fat comorbid bastard that was just due his time. Thank you, Klaus, for getting rid of this scourge. And we salute the Shaheed. That’s cruel. It’s cruel, Sputnik. All right. So I have to say the blick are taking a hit here. They’re still coming, though. This is just what’s happened in the last few days. Gregory Yee. Got that JJ. Good, good. There’s his COVID-19 vaccination record card. Short update. I’m about 23 hours post-vax. I’m achy. No energy. I generally feel like a shipping container fell on me. But it’s worth it. That’s right, Gregory. It’s worth it for Klaus. Make sure that they can keep flying around in their jets whilst you’re reabsorbing yourself back into the earth, sequestering your carbon. Let’s see. But he’s dead. Gregory Yee, breaking news report for the LA Times, dies at 33. Well, it’s 33. Must be fake. But if we can put that one down to vaccines, for sure. Let’s see. Beloved young coach at Divine Middle School passes away after collapsing in class. So literally in front... He’s gone to school. He’s gone to work at school. He was feeling that chipper. Maybe the kids was getting a bit lippy. The heart rate went up a bit and boom. He’s gone and done his duty for Klaus. We support and salute this Shahid. Bravo, sir. Just 35 years old. Wow. What’s this? January 6th. Hmm. Do we still got more? Yeah. Brian Reyes, January 3rd, FC footballer, dies of heart attack. Now he looks ripe for the grave. Riddled. Riddled with inflamation. Expanding waistline. Look at it. It’s disgusting. He’s done the right thing. That’s right. Sequested his carbon. What the fuck is going on? Let’s see. Heart attack, I guess. Yeah, heart attack. Yeah. Salute, brother. Wow. Look. Maybe.

Maybe there was the odd athlete. People young dying before. It happened. But in the wave that we’re seeing it right now, this is the question. Where are we in the slope here? Have we reached the peak? Is it going to die down? Maybe it’s linked somewhat to seasonality and the spread of variants. I don’t know. But this is, how should we say? I should be ululating for Klaus in his carbon sequestration program. God, I think there’s still more. How many are there? Colorado college tennis player. That tennis will kill you. Announced, died in his sleep. He was 20 years old. Just look at that environment. Colorado, that mountain air. Just riddled. Riddled with particulate matter. Of course he was going to get a heart attack. The souls from the other side. The Shaheeds. Thank you. Thank you for speaking up about my sacrifice to carbon sequestration. That’s right. We need to bring the population down. The humane way of doing it is the lottery of jabs they put out there that go everywhere. More Shaheeds. Forty is the new 80. Is this the same guy? Same one. Done that one. And I think this is the final one. Liam Coward passed away unexpectedly on New Year’s Eve. I was like these ones. Gregory King. Oh God, so tired of the anti-vaxxers. They should be denying medical care too. Why should taxpayers pay for their stupidity? Liam Coward, it’s getting ridiculous. St Catherine’s social justice advocate dies suddenly. Look, I’m sure that the lifestyle that he engaged in was unhealthy. But is it causing him to die suddenly? Last time I checked clinically, it sort of causes more sort of wasting diseases. But at least now they can’t catch it and pass it on. Right. It’s a sterilizing vaccine in that way, I guess. And they wished for death, says Sputnik Nef. Let’s see. Covid long haulers. I want to give up. Please someone tell me there is light at the end of the tunnel. Ask for help. People I love the most and they basically told me I’m a burden. Doctors, government, society as a whole gave up on me. I’m just witnessing my life trapped in my own body, barely able to work. It’s a matter of time before I get fired. Time is passing so slowly. Death seems like a favour. Yes, indeed they wish that they were dead. So I think that’s the end of the Shaheeds, and…

We want to get to this paper because this paper adds to the weight of evidence as to what what could be going on, which is “Circulating spike protein detected in post Covid-19 mRNA vaccine myocarditis”. So we’ll do a bit of background. Thank this group for doing the work. Where is it from? Doesn’t have the. Oh, so it’s from the same. I believe it’s the same hospital that did this antibody or not. Protein detection in plasma in the nurses. That was one of the first indicators that we had that spike protein was being expressed for longer than the sales brochures were telling us. So cases of adolescents and young adults developing myocarditis after vaccination with SARS targeted mRNA vaccines have been reported globally, but the underlying immunoprofiles of these individuals have not been described in detail. Extensive antibody profiling and T cell responses in the individuals who developed post vaccine myocarditis were essentially indistinguishable from those of vaccinated control subjects, despite a modest increase in cytokine production. A notable finding was that markedly elevated levels of full length spike protein unbound by antibodies were detected in the plasma of individuals with post vaccine myocarditis, whereas no free spike was detected in asymptomatic vaccinated control subjects. The conclusion immunoprofiling of vaccinated adolescents and young adults revealed that the mRNA vaccine induced immune responses did not differ between individuals who developed myocarditis and individuals who did not. However, free spike antigen was detected in the blood of adolescents and young adults who developed post mRNA vaccine myocarditis. So yes, I think we’re probably looking at a causal element here in the... What? How many were there? Like 10? And I didn’t catch all of them. There was the 70s child star that was... Collapsed, died suddenly. These are... A lot of recent bitters. Centipede says nonsense bunch of anti-vax misinformation. Yes, all anti-vax misinformation. Now, you know, let’s...

We don’t have to read this. Let’s just... I think that the money shot in this figure or this paper is this. And... Let’s see. Free antigen... Peak S1 free total and myocarditis n equals 16. So here, I’m not sure what the difference is between left and right here. Free antigen, total antigen. Is that what they’re saying here? Anyway, in the control, these dots here, basically, on the right hand side are indicative of this spike protein being measured in the blood plasma. And the question is, why? Why would you get a phenomenon like that? And why is it different between... You know, why one child and not another for adolescent in this case? And I guess the presumption is, is that in some instances, it probably is remaining localized to some degree, whereas in others, multiple factors that I can think of, but that probably being one of them is the dispersion and it lodging somewhere and transfecting a cell that maybe isn’t attracting the attention of the immune system like it normally should. And so, it’s able to keep pumping out spike protein at a physiologically detectable level. And in doing so, we know that the spike protein is cytopathic, cardio-neurotoxic. And if you’re in a situation where you’re expressing spike, and I’ll add this caveat, it could be that they’ve picked up another infection. They might be reinfections and the vaccine hasn’t helped them. And so, in a sense, the vaccine could have primed them for assault on the heart, potentially. These are all factors that need to be sort of worked out from this data point. But this will be a landmark paper, I think, much like the study they did on the nurses, excuse me, where we were able to look at the data and show that what we were being fed by authorities wasn’t true. Fictive versus actual reality. And I have to, do I have to keep warning people? Don’t give it to your children, whatever you do. You have no idea how that variable interacts with kids in a condition where statistically they’re going to be mild. Give it to granny, maybe. The young and healthy, I think we’re in a different risk-benefit calculation. And so, I think we, well, what I would add with this, and I wish this had been followed out across more time. They’ve done 20 days post-vaccination. What about three months, six months down the line? And this, we could be in a situation where the class switching, so if you suppress the immune response by exposure via this gene transfection technology, you interfere with the ratio of the different IgG proteins, and it just treats it as a, like it would any other sort of irritant protein, and not mount the immune response. Then you’re opening the way to allow continuous infection, and you’re allowing the spike protein to continue to disperse through the body. And we know that it’ll cross all manner of biological barriers, including blood-brain barrier, and very likely the heart as well. So, this is dark, man. This is dark, and just think how many people were forced into having this unknown put over their heads right now. Literally, you could just lights out, go to sleep and not wake up if you’re a 20-year-old tennis player, just about to embark on life, do things that we hope you should do, build a family, not become a tranny in the Church of England. And these people are being lost to us.

And again, if we were to map it out statistically, where are we? Are we on the upstroke? I remember when BSE was breaking out, and the problem with epidemiological data is there’s a lag in it, right? And the university I was at, Edinburgh, was the sort of seat for the Centre of Excellence for Prion Disorder, or BAGCAL basically, the bovine form. So, I would have to sit through lecture after lecture, because that’s where all their post-docs, they come and teach the undergraduates. So, we would have lecture after lecture of saying, well, we’re on this exponential curve right now of this new variant, Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease. Where are we? Now, thankfully, it turned out that it seemed that that peak was, or the slope was sharp, but it peaked early and then we didn’t see the equivalent in young people of mad cow that we saw in the actual beef industry. But, how much has that impacted the emergence of neurodegenerative disorders, et cetera? We spend a lot of time talking about protein misfolding. I don’t want to do that today.

What’s this? This creature is adapted to the crushing pressure and oppressive tolerance.

So, I’ve got a bunch more papers and they were looking at cardiac outcomes. So, “Outcomes at least 90 days since onset of myocarditis after mRNA COVID-19 vaccination in adults and young adults in the USA, a follow-up surveillance study”. Now, I’m going to put the link for this text, this one. The thing is it doesn’t look good. The prognosis is not good should you get a diagnosis. So, let’s just quickly look at the results. We collected data for 519 out of 836 eligible patients who were at least 90 days post myocarditis, 126 patients via patient survey, only... Let’s see. Let’s try and get to the symptoms. Of 249 individuals who completed the quality life portion of the patient survey, 4 reported problems with self-care and with mobility, 49%, sorry, 49, 20% with performing usual activities, 30% with pain and... With pain, 100... No, sorry, 114, 46% with depression. Mean weighted quality of life was similar to pre-pandemic US population value and significantly higher than an early pandemic US population value. Most patients had improvements in cardiac diagnostic marker and testing data at follow-up including normal or back to baseline at troponin concentrations of 200 patients with available data, echocardiograms, electrocardiograms of 311 patients, exercise stress testing and ambulatory rhythm monitoring, I forget the numbers, they had issues. An abnormality was noted among 81, 54% of 151 patients with follow-up cardiac MRI. However, evidence of myocarditis suggested by the presence of both late gadolinium enhancement and edema and cardiac MRI was uncommon. A follow-up, most patients were cleared for all physical activity. So, I would interpret that data that there has been a significant impact. Can they go back to complete normalcy? I’m not so sure. I’m not so sure in this instance because there’s enough of a signal there that, you know, there are enough struggling with pain, et cetera, and quality of life indicators that tells you that there’s something going on and our instruments are only so good. And, you know, the prognosis for myocarditis is, you know, I think it was at 50% or something at five years have passed away. Now, maybe, maybe in this cohort because it’s young, generally, adolescents, fit, healthy, maybe it won’t be so bad. But we don’t know.

When those who would tell you, when a Bog Brush Wilson tells you that, oh, it’s self-correcting, you’ll be fine. I saw Fauci telling people that you’ll be fine. It’s self-limiting heart inflammation and self-death in your heart. Don’t worry about it. It’ll just rub off, it’ll get a bit buff out. Don’t worry. I’m not so sure at the moment, particularly when we’re in an environment where reinfection seems to be the order of the day. And so we have to, again, the appeal from my channel is mitigate as much as you can the exposure as best as you can, as hard as that is in the permissive environment in which we find ourselves, permissive for the spike. And it’s easy to preach from behind the camera. Some people have to go out and work in public environments, et cetera. And I don’t know, man. You’ve got to think about all your responsibilities. How much is the job worth to you? Many, many factors come into. Ah, come on, Rick’s in the chat. Good to see you, bro. I show up in mad cow disease. It’s the first thing I hear. How dare you? How dare you? All right.

So let’s see. I had that. And then this changes of, there’s no figures in this paper, but this just came out. “Changes of ECG patterns after Pfizer vaccine in the senior high school students”. I’ll just go with that abstract. In total, 763 students, 17% had at least one cardiac symptom after the second vaccine dose. Jesus. What a number. What a number. There is no way you wouldn’t have been able to convince me, right, a few years ago, that there would be any medication that had that kind of safety signal in the young that would still be being handed about as the best possible solution to the current predicament in which we find ourselves. No way. Impossible. I couldn’t have believed you. I would have had faith in that the science would have reported. And with these reports, it wouldn’t have even needed to get to the publication stage. The safety signal would have been picked up in the equivalent of VAERS or whatever other signaling system that they’ve got that’s looking for drug side effects. 17%. I’d round it off 20%. 20% of their young has now got a cardiac abnormality. What the fuck is going on, man? It’s just unbelievable. Let’s see. Maybe it resolves, but let’s go on. Mostly chest pain and palpitations. Yeah, look, man. After my run in with SARS, I had chest pain for months, months after. I mean, you know, had I gone to the hospital straight away, maybe they would have my way. It’s like, I don’t know, nine, 10 months. They’d give me EKG and CT scan and they were like, no, no, no real blockages on your way. And yeah, it kind of did resolve. But am I am I back? No. I mean, you know, I was I was on a sort of recovery level anyway. And it’s, you know, I’ve got to if it weren’t for kids, I would have just checked out anyway. But is it true Malone is suing Jane Ruby for 25 million? No, he’s suing Peter Bregan. But yeah, I wish someone would sue skin flaps Ruby. Let’s see. Abnormal ECGs were obtained in 51 of the students of which one was diagnosed with myocarditis. Another four were judged to have significant arrhythmia. None of the patients needed to be admitted to hospital and all of these symptoms improved spontaneously. Using these five students as a positive outcome, the sensitivity and specificity of the screening method were 100% and 99.1 respectively. Conclusion, cardiac symptoms are common after the second dose of vaccine, but the incidence of significant arrhythmias and myocarditis are only 0.1%. The serial ECG screening method has high sensitivity and specificity. Well, look, again, I would say when you when you when 20% a report in cardiac pain, I would I’m skeptical of the the equipment’s ability to be able to detect everything. Again, we’re only we’re only as good as the instruments that we have. And the Shaheed that we’ve looked at the record numbers of ambulance being called out for heart heart related disorders. The footballers and tennis players all dropping dead tells us that there’s it’s more serious than 0.1%. So what are we averaging sort of globally, there seems to be across the board a 10 to 20% increase in excess death. Now, we’re in a situation where unless there’s a significant size control group, that we can say, hang on this, this group has not had exposure to SARS that it’s completely baseline normal. And we can say that they’re there, maintaining the the population like statistics we’d expect with disease presentation. So we’d expect very little in the young. But the problem now is is that we’ve got we’re in a situation where spike is in the environment, it can come either via infection or via gene transfection. And we’re gonna we’re gonna have studies like this come out where they’re gonna say, well, we can see spike protein in the blood of this is adolescence, right. And I don’t know, maybe maybe there’s a molecular tools that could differentiate between spike protein from virus and spike protein from from vaccine. Maybe I’d have to sort of dig into that maybe someone knows in the chat. But this is, this is a weird, weird situation in which we find ourselves. And three years in, and the deaths, the deaths are going up. And you know, I’ve been reading the excess deaths now are more in now than they were during the start of the pandemic. And I’m guessing they’re looking at extended windows. Because I’m not sure I’m not sure we see the big peaks that we saw at the beginning. But then how much of those peaks at the beginning were due to aggressive treatment in hospitals? What I would add is that what we’re seeing, so we’re seeing noisy data come out of China, but we can look to Japanese data. And I think Japan is going to give you a relatively good window into what’s going on in Asia. And Japan is in its eighth and worst wave yet. And this is it. This is a culture with high mass compliance, high vaccination rates, even the kids got it. And it’s worse than ever. Some something’s not right. And maybe some people aren’t going to like this take, but I’m holding my suspicion at the lab, the lab agent and the binary component together. And of course, the knock on effects that we see in the the immune system. So there is that to consider.

How does a nation fix its economy? War! It’s always the tried and true trusted method, which says maybe Deagel was right. I’d never heard of Deagel before I started doing this. But right at the beginning of this, people say, look at Deagel website. Is that even still a thing? Deagel, like population projections for like twenty twenty five or something like that. Deagel. Is it just Can’t be reached. Right. I can’t I can’t remember what the numbers were, but it seemed like an absurd number at the time, which was like 50 percent reduction in population. I don’t know. Maybe maybe we’re we’re in that phase, the acceleration phase. But like but as I said, like the Creutzfeldt Jakob data, you know, the first few cases appeared and it looked like it was going to accelerate and then and then it tapered off. So I don’t know. I wish I wish I had better answers. But I don’t. I would like say I would just what’s the. Be wise as wise as, gentle as doves and wise as serpents, I think is the biblical phrase I’m looking for. If you’d like to check that for me, Paul, my resident Bible scholar, I would appreciate it. Let’s see. I’m going to have to hit the hay. We’ll catch up in the rest of the morning. Well, you have a good night. Danger Mouse did that question. Where have they made composting bodies legal and why? I don’t know. Good question. In Japan, we, cremation is the norm. And I haven’t I’ve never been to one. But, you know, apparently the thing is that your relatives will come and pick through your ashes and take chunks of unburnt bone as sort of souvenirs, I guess.

Let’s see. The important thing about Daigle is that the numbers look possible now. NATO countries lose 50 to 60 percent population. See that? What the fuck? Yeah, if Papi Putin puts us out our misery, he tames he tames the trannies in the Church of England with some Sarmat missiles. I can but pray. Please, Papi Putin, make it stop. All right. So maybe I will do a little bit of neuroscience. That did that. We did the heart. Not the psychosis paper. Not that one. Not that one.

I do this one because I’ve been meaning to do this one for a while. “Amyloid beta related angiitis of the central nervous system occurring after covid-19 vaccination. A case report”. So just a case report, folks. Those things that are easily dismissed by Bugbrush Wilson and the Sheep Shagger crew. Oh, Web Archive, Thank you. Thank you, Karma Doc. Pick 2017. OK, I’ll do that. OK, where do I do this? Yeah, take me to the page. And I just click on it. What’s going on? Launch, damn you. You have to click on one of these. It’s a snapshot. All right. Let’s see. It ran successfully to test S300 air defense system. Where’s the? Where do I find the figures? Countries? OK. Forecast. I’m not going to try and find my way through that. But yeah, I do believe that Daigle said that there was a big population reduction on the way. Fifty to sixty percent in a decade. Is that enough time to bury us them all? Oh, you think you’re getting buried? Click again. Let’s see. Tishwa says my video at Daigle, I reckon it stands for Desert Eagle, the magnum that was licensed to be made in Israel. They also made a gaming skin called Desert Eagle Conspiracy. Behold, I sent you forth sheep amongst the wolves. Be ye therefore wise as serpents and harmless as dogs. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. All right, so…

Let’s do this paper. It’s relatively short. So we’ll just dive in instead of doing the summary. SARS, yes, another coronavirus. Yes. COVID-19 vaccines have been effective in controlling the pandemic. I beg to differ. I don’t think the data is in yet. However, a wide variety of neurological complications have been reported worldwide following COVID-19 vaccination. And actually, I had a paper that I thought would be interesting, which is psychosis after new onset psychosis after almost COVID-19. But anyway, several types of vaccine are associated with the risk of a variety of serious neurological complications. Neuro neurological complications after vaccination can be explained by several pathogenic mechanisms, including molecular mimicry, direct neurotoxicity, and an abnormal immune response. Amyloid beta related angitis, ABRA, also known as amyloid beta related vasculitis, is a rare neurological disorder. Although the causes of ABRA have not been clearly elucidated, several studies suggest that ABRA is caused by an excessive immune response to amyloid beta deposited in the blood vessels. Now, what do we know about the pathology of the spike protein? It’s primarily a vascular disease, and we’ve got hints that amyloidosis seems to be one of the causal mechanisms in its presentation. Now, you know, this is something that I’ve harped on and on about, which is that once those cascades are initiated, even though the spike protein is no longer present at detectable levels, the amyloidosis can self-propagate itself. What is beeping, man?

It’s self-propagating, even though the initial cause has long passed. The issue is how fast is it going to overwhelm a system? Now, in some cases, again, it’s kind of like cancer. Everyone’s getting cancer all the time, but your immune system is coming along and it’s taking out those foreign cells, and hopefully you don’t end up with some lump or metastasis as it goes through the body. But sometimes the immune system doesn’t work, and in this instance then we have to presume that a disease is going to progress and we’re going to see, and you know, we would have predicted we would see issues like this emerging. And this is a very discrete type of condition that they’re describing. It’s not more, I don’t want to use the term, nebulous, but neurological disorders associated with protein misfolding cover a very large spectrum, and it’s dependent upon where the cascade starts and which primary, secondary, and tertiary networks get impacted. In this case, they’re looking at a inflammation of the blood vessels, which we know happens with the disease. We know it’s being reported in vaccine recipients, and here we’re seeing it emerge in the brain, where I’ve tried to explain before the density of fine blood vessels is its most dense within the brain compared to any other organ within the body, except probably the heart has the same degree of perfusion because it’s so energy demanding. So literally every cell needs to be near a fine capillary bed.

Got another review for the population decline. They’re all going to get amyloidosis. Amyloidosis is going to take us out. Deagel 2025, population and output forecast revisited essential guide. The Deagel story. Well, I think most people watching United States, what does it say? Forecast 2025. So in 2017, you had a population of 327 million. Forecast for 2025, 100 million. That’s a million dead. What the fuck? Wow. What does that even look like, man? 200 million dead between now and two years away. Holy shit. Wow. That would that sort of terminate a territory, right? The robots are just stamping over piles of skulls and bones. 200 million, for fuck sake. Wow. All right. A few hundred million is the low estimate, maybe more. I don’t know. Even in a full on nuclear exchange, that would seem like on the high end to me. I get a lot that are in the city centers that are going to be hit. But look, the populations are diffuse across much of the country. And I guess once systems break down, then I guess the disease and pestilence and famine will come and get you. 200 million corpses in the US. Holy fuck. Wait, let’s go back. Let’s look at my country. Please, Papi Putin. Oh, shit. I don’t want to do that. Where’s the link on? Please, Papi Putin, make it so. Make it so I can go back in there. Not be arrested at the border for calling out tranny priests. Deagel came into focus in 2014 for their list of population reduction predictions in many countries on the planet, with severe reductions in some countries. Archives indicate that the website started with no such forecasts in 2007. By 2010, a forecast for 2025 predicted a reduction from 307 to 264 million in the US as of March 2022. Wow, you got that bit wrong. So, you know, where’s Britain? There we go. Population of 15 million. Wouldn’t be nice. What’s a bit of radioactivity between friends? Please, Papi. Papi Putin, do it. Push the button. Push the Sarmat button. Let it burn. I cannot take the nonce priests anymore. Please. Drop it on Toxteth. Two. Two of those Sarmats. So he’s not worried about his strapping and binding anymore.

All right, all right, all right. Let’s do some science. Thank you for the Deagel link. All right. So, yes, we’re talking about amyloid deposition in the blood. However, limited attention has been paid to the triggers of ABRA, such as infection or vaccination. Currently, there is no evidence showing that COVID-19 vaccine triggers ABRA. Herein, we report a case of ABRA that developed two weeks after COVID-19 vaccination, although the causal relationship between COVID-19 vaccines and ABRA is unclear. We report this case to add to the current literature in order to enable a better understanding of the etiology and triggers of ABRA. Chief complains 75 year old Japanese woman. Ah, well, 75 years old. She deserved it. Weighing just 47 kilos. There you go. There you go, Western ladies. Even at 75, they’re maintaining their svelte figures. Receives the BNT162B2 COVID-19 vaccine in late June 2021 and did not experience any adverse effects. Three weeks later, in early July 2021, she received a second dose of the vaccine. She developed the frontal headache after receiving the second vaccination. This post vaccination headache improved within a few days. Two weeks after the second vaccination, the patient’s headache worsened and she subsequently developed progressive depression, aphasia, apraxia, and a gait disturbance. I know how that feels. She was admitted to the hospital for further investigation and treatment. The patient’s medical history included hypertension, hyperlipidemia, and osteoarthritis. Her drug history included chronic use of, that was going to say amphetamine, amlopidine, which I think is a neuroleptic. Let me just check that. Oh, no, didn’t want to do that. Lobby.

There we go. Not neuroleptic. For the treatment, I should have just read on. Treatment of hypertension and additionally, the patient took one tablet of paracetamol, 200 milligram as needed for back pain. Ah, what a lightweight. Fuck knows how much of that stuff I eat each day. Well, I do know it. What do I take? So each like 600, 1200 milligrams I have to function with. Let’s just, let’s just say I’ll care if he has a bunch of breakthrough pains. On admission, the patient had a temperature of 36.7 degrees C, a heart rate of 67 beats per minute, blood pressure of 167 over 91. That’s a ton on the high side. And an oxygen saturation of 98 percent room air. Neuroleptic. That’s better than my oxygen saturation. My mind’s always like 96, 95, 94. Where’s me? Where’s me thing? Even old ladies got better oxygen saturation than me. Chronically starved of oxygen. I’m going to work. Oh, good day today. 97. Look at that. Top four, top notch. Here, 47 kilos is light. That’s like backpack heavy 47 kilos. Where were we? The patient’s brother had a history of cerebral infarction. There was no known family history of vasculitis or autoimmune disease. On admission, the patient had a temperature of 36.7 degrees C, a heart rate of 67 beats per minute, a blood pressure of. We just did that. Neurological examination showed that she had weakness in her right arm, hyperreflexia in both arms, both of which are pyramidal signs and confirmed she had aphasia and apraxia. Yeah. She was on her way out anyway. But that way, let’s see. No abnormalities were found in the complete blood count. We’ll skip the blood count. Blood chemistry showed a C-reactive protein level of 0.04 mgs per deciliter. So low. Autoantibody test results for anti-nuclear antibody, anti-ribonuclear, nuclear protein antibody, anti-Smith antibody. I don’t know what that is. Anti-Rho, anti-SSA antibodies, anti-LA, anti-SSB. I don’t know what these are. I’d be lying if I said I did. Clinical panels and stuff. Carmadoc, I’ll be able to tell you. Oscar in the chat. COVID longhorses told me to take a statin and a baby aspirin for my long COVID. My pulse ox is always at 96, sometimes 94. Yeah, mine drops down to like 92. And you know, I’m animated and talking. That’s why it’s 97. But when I go down and dissolve into the couch, like there it’s 96. But what can I say? Nobody lives forever.

What these blood panel means, I guess they’re all negative. Cerebral spinal fluid tests were not performed because the patient’s neurological symptoms and imaging findings suggested increased intercranial pressure. Oh wow, what’s that in her ventricle right there? That looks odd. So that blob there shouldn’t be there. And you could maybe argue, she might be tilted somewhat in the MRI. So it’s not a good section. So it might just be catching the underneath structures. All right. Let’s see. So MRI showed abnormal hyperintensity suggesting cerebral infarctions in the left parietal and occipital lobe. These lesions were not consistent with the vascular territory. Figure one. So let’s see. Left parietal lobe. So they’re looking here. So MRIs are often flipped. And this is occipital lobe. I guess just that one’s really clear. You can see here frontal lobes as well. OK. So they did a brain biopsy. OK. Did she live or did they do that while she was alive? Brain biopsy of the left occipital lobe revealed granulomatosis vasculitis with multi-nucleated giant cells in the leptomeningeal small vessels, fibrinoid necrosis of the vessel wall, microhemorrhages in the subarachnoid space, immunohistochemical staining of amyloid beta revealed amyloid beta deposits in the blood vessel wall, and multi-nucleated macrophages phagocytizing amyloid beta, consistent with the diagnosis of amyloid beta related vasculitis. Now, my initial instinct with this would be that at 75 years old, you’re often going to find amyloid deposits. So I wonder if this is really indicative of the cause. They should have taken a control from another area of the brain where there was no observable inflammation. So I guess the brown staining is the amyloid. I want to tell you, it’s not a hugely convincing study. It’s a case report, old patient. But we’ll take it. We’ll take it. But that’s our argument. Don’t go spreading amyloidogenic peptides through your system with gene transfection technologists. Don’t do it, folks. It’s bad for you. All right. So according to the modified Boston criteria for cerebral amyloid angiopathy, these findings correspond to probable CAA with supporting pathology. However, the strong reaction of lymphocytes and histocytes to amyloid beta in the vascular wall led to the diagnosis of ABRA. So they gave steroid pulse therapy was initiated on the same day. Prednisone was administered intravenously for three days, followed by prednisolone intravenously on the fourth day. Day five, the steroid was switched to oral prednisone for two weeks and then tapered off by five megs each week until the dose was 20 megs per day. The patient was maintained on prednisone. The patient’s headache, gait, disturbance, weakness in the arms and MRI abnormalities improved, but her aphasia and aporectia persisted. Patient was discharged 90 days for three months in the hospital. Nightmare. Since her discharge three months ago, she has had monthly follow up visits to our hospital and her condition has remained stable. Look, I could pick lots and lots of holes in this. Maybe they’ll bring them up in discussion. Let’s see what they say. Several types of vaccine are associated with a risk of variety of serious neurological complications. Neurological complications after vaccination could be explained by several pathogenic mechanisms, including molecular syndrome. That’s just a copy of the previous paragraph. ABRA is a rare neurological disease that is classified as a primary angitis of the central nervous system. It shares characteristics of both PACNS and CAA. What is that? Cerebral arterial angiopathy, maybe? It’s characterized by deposition of amyloid beta in the cortical and leptomeningoid vessels. Vascular inflammation can also be present in the affective vessels. Two types of inflammatory responses are being reported. ABRA and CAA associated inflammation. Just want to fully understand what this is.

The pace don’t work. CAA. Cerebral amyloid angiopathy. It’s characterized by an inflammatory response surrounding amyloid-laden vessels without vasodestructive features. ABRA is a granulomatous vasodestructive vasculitis that affects the subarachnoid and cortical blood vessels and is characterized by abundant amyloid beta deposition in the vessel wall. Although ABRA has featured similar to CAA with age-related changes, the excessive immune response to amyloid beta cannot be attributed to aging. That would have been my question.

How much of that pathophysiology were they looking at, which was the first objection that I had? The two are 75-year-old brain. I would bet good money if you took a brain biopsy of me, if I let you. You might find signatures like that. Maybe not as severe. It’s... I get it. It’s a case report. I just wonder if... I just wonder if they thought that they could get the publication by linking it to the vaccine exposure. I’m not saying it’s not the vaccine exposure, but the pathology is too close to what I would expect to see at that age. So... anyway, maybe they’ll argue more strongly. The causes of ABRA are currently unknown. However, several studies suggest an abnormal immune response to amyloid beta is the primary cause. It’s been hypothesized that ABRA, which has been implicated in subarachnoid and cortical vasculitis with amyloid beta deposition and increased clearance, is caused by inflammation that occurs as a result of an excessive immune response to amyloid beta deposition in blood vessels. Yeah, but could be age. The pathology of this case showed that the angiopathy met the Broston criteria for cerebral amyloid angiopathy with age-related changes. Yeah. But the destructive vasculitis and phagocytosis of amyloid beta by macrophages could not be attributed solely to age. Why? I’ve got to know why that... getting into stroke territory here. I’ll read that after. Currently, limited research has been conducted on triggers for ABRA, such as infection or vaccination. The lack of knowledge about factors that may trigger ABRA makes this difficult case to explain. Yeah, for sure. Again, I would have maybe... what’s the title? Possibly associated with COVID-19 vaccination. The title is a bit misleading, I would say, with respect to the data that they have. Just my opinion.

Anyway, did that. In this case, there are no factors identified other than the vaccination that could have triggered an immune disorder. Therefore, the diagnosis of ABRA is consistent with an abnormal response to a COVID-19 vaccine. Is it abnormal? However, identifying the cause of ABRA requires a detailed analysis of the immune mechanism at a molecular level, which is beyond the scope of investigations available in a community hospital. Therefore, we were unable to determine the exact cause in this case. Yeah, at least they’re sort of conceding this point. So, they don’t know the exact cause. It’s just the correlation doesn’t equal causation. We report in this case of a suspected adverse reaction to COVID-19 vaccine, as this could aid in timely diagnosis and treatment of patients with similar reactions following COVID-19 vaccination in the future. Conclusion. In the case of ABRA, there were no factors other than the COVID-19 vaccine that may have led to an abnormal immune response. It could have been, again, she might have had a dose of COVID. This is the problem with these types of studies, and that should have been brought up as a potential asymptomatic exposure, maybe. It’s not out of the realms of possibility. Ongoing surveillance of adverse reactions is wanted. I agree.

That’s it. So, yeah, I’ve covered most of the science and Shaheed’s and Tranny Priest’s. I’m about done. Let me just see if anyone is not. Wait for it. Wait for it. And check my dono button. Where’s that gone? You are all. Wait for it. Wait for it. No, no, it’s nice. So, I can trigger the soundboard. So, Laura, you didn’t get a sound effect. So, you can have. You were. Tip of the spear. Edge of the knife. And four. Let me see. Lipmus. I think that was. You can have a. It transcends. It goes far beyond one man. This needs to be fought against. This cannot be taken lying down. Cannot be taken lying down. And let’s see. Yes. And no name. Let’s see. Utah, I guess. Utah, you can have. Let’s see. You had enough. Let me just puff some smoke. But thank you. Thank you for the donors. I think that’s all that is. Did anyone? Did anyone do that with the QR code? I’m using. I’m using the weapons of the enemy against them. They’re using it against us. So I just confirmed that that that works. Can this G pay or Apple pay or those processors? Does that work? Send money. Test it. I insist. Right. Let me just close out with the chat real quick and then I’ll call it quits. I got the I got the chores to do. Centipede says tough to bury, vapor and dust. Indeed, sir. Indeed. Please, please, Papi Putin, the sarmats, the sarmats, let them fly. Buried, burnt, thrown out in the backyard for the coyotes and vultures. Look, I would presume if something happens that kills 200 million people, there ain’t going to be a lot of vultures of coyotes left either. I would presume. That’s it. That’s an end. Like the number doesn’t compute. Let’s see. I’ve been in a while since I’ve seen this. It was well before this covid crap. Famine’s pandemics war. Yes, war. This is a war zone. This is not a picnic site. Tank battle, air bombard, rockets, missiles. Everything has been hitting here. Everything has been hitting here. Let’s see. Mike Sledge and Scorpio said Deagel report is weird and odd. It got passed around like a game of telephone. And so I didn’t know about it till I started streaming it. And then people were like, look at Deagel. We’re going to have a population collapse.

It’s a WEF wet dream. Just a handful of countries devastated, but others OK, bonkers and horrifying. Sledge says, damn, 200 mil and 8200 Talpiot boys. Damn those tapioca boys. They’re always messing with me. All right. Let’s see. I did that one, did that one, did that one. Why?

What US federal agency do this is going to ban gas ovens. What? Too many people committing suicide. Is there a report? I don’t have to speak. I feel my throat going, it’s hoarse. Is that going to work? Damn you. All right. I’ve got to read it. Federal agency is considering a ban on gas stoves as concerns about indoor pollution linked to childhood asthma rise. That’s a new one. Gas stove usage is a hidden hazard. How? It’s that god damn carbon dioxide again, is it? Any option is on the table. Products that can’t be made safe can be banned. Let’s see. The report said the agency plans to take action to address the indoor pollution caused by stoves today. Fuck man. Don’t come to Japan. Everyone eats their houses with kerosene here. I go down and wallow in a sea of carbon monoxide as I get all drowsy for the afternoon. Let’s see. The CPSC has been considering action on gas stoves for months. Okay. Pollutants have been linked to asthma and worsening respiratory conditions. Really? Well we don’t have ovens in Japan. It’s very rare to see ovens, electrical ovens, but sort of combo microwave type things. This is the nanny state. This is how it starts America. This is how you lose your freedoms bit by bit. First they come for your gas ovens. Next thing you know, you’ve lost your cherished brew baker. All right. I think that’s it. I’m up to date with the comments. I give a stat in Insignia. I did that. Low dose Naltrexone for long COVID among other things. Welcome to 2023. Doc, have you heard of people developing Chiari malformation in the last few years? I’ve heard it diagnosed for CSF leaks. So unnecessary surgeries. Somebody in Facebook says they had this post long COVID. No, I haven’t heard that. But I see Charles is about to comment. I’ll wait before hitting the final button. Let’s see what Commander Rixie has to say. But yeah, good to be back in the Griff throne for took a few days off. It was nice. Kids were on holiday. They don’t have Christmas holiday here. It’s New Year is more special. And I got to watch some movies. Yes. Chip away every type of energy that can eat your homes. Last resort. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Just make it so people have to burn wood in their in their kitchen. That’s that’s real clean fuel. All right, folks, I am out of here. Please. I did. I ripped through the housekeeping. But just a reminder, you can join our discord. The link is on I’ll put the link in the chat in the rumble chat. Just in case you need please subscribe on rumble trying to build the numbers up there. And 150 people watching. Nice. And yes. Morning would think of the past for us old men. To get morning would again. All right. I am out of here. Oh, yeah. And of course, I forgot the if you want to be registered by email when I go live, there’s a register to be notified by email. You can of course watch the stream on And of course, don’t forget those all important griff links, Patreon, the, tip jar, stream fags or gay pal. If you’re a left hooker, buy me a coffee, subscribe star, all forms of cryptocurrency gladly accepted whilst they’re I guess they’re going to be legal. Oh, Nick just popped in the chat. Good job you weren’t here for this one, Nick. Your feels would have been all bent out of shape. Right. I’m out of here. I will see you guys in the next one. Take care and God bless. Except the God that’s looking over Church of England and let that one bless you. All right. Take care. You don’t know how angry I am. I was just leaving for fucking work. You do not understand how fucking pissed off after reading that whole line. I will be arrested for not taking a fucking vaccine. Fuck these fuckers. I will fucking kill each fucking fucker. This is no fucking joke anymore. This is fucking dead serious. I am fucking dead serious. These people don’t know who the fuck they’re insane with. Fuck these fucking vaccines. I will fucking die. Fucking fighting for my fucking views and my fucking bullfighters. Fuck these motherfuckers. All right. This guy does a $25,000怎麼 달 Kiai. Fuck flex in this exhibition called Fuck, When I, Fuck, Fuck, Fuck, Fuck Locking shutters. But true both. Fuck I, Fuck, Fuck, Fuck Fuck Fuck, Fuck Fuck Fuck Fuck Fuck Fuck Fuck Fuck Fuck Fuck Fuck Fuck Fuck Fuck Fuck Fuck Fuck Fuck Fuck Fuck Fuck Fuck Fuck Fuck Fuck Fuck Fuck Fuck Fuck Fuck Fuck Fuck Think Fuck Fuck Fuck Fuck Fuck Fuck Fuck Fuck Fuck Fuck Fuck Fuck Fuck Fuck Fuck Fuck Fuck Fuck