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NFL Shaheeds, Dan (Bog-Brush) Wilson GoF, SARS Neuroscience

Oh, you don't know how angry I am, and that's just a god damn technical difficulties. Clip the beginning of the stream, and yeah, just press the wrong button right now.

Fucking dead serious. Shaheed, Shaheed, Shaheed. Yeah, we can...

We get straight into Shaheed's today with events in the last 24 hours. I will opine on what's going on, and yeah, what is this?

I would just say this at the moment.

Urge, I'd urge caution right now, more than anything.

You don't want to be, you don't want to be seen to be scientifically rash right now. And the...

Well, I think we'll just get into the sections when we're doing the Shaheeds. And the...

What else do we have? Oh yeah, Bog-Brush Wilson! Lol-cow Bog-Brush Wilson has... Dain't to opine on gain of function. It's hilarious how wrong he is, and how...

Just how much the... How should we say this? The documents.

Just a quick perusal of the documents show him how spectacularly wrong he is. And then, if I've got the energy, I've got the kids at home. So it's not like I'm running around having to do anything, but it's still sort of, as you say, disrupting to this old man's schedule. And so I apologise for the randomness at which, times at which the streams are appearing. So I'm trying to sort of... Normally I would try to do them in the morning, early, late morning, my time. This is now. Yeah. It's only just gone morning. It's only 12.30.

What medical difference is there between falling forwards or backwards? Ha! I guess. Look, a lot of that just depends on your gait and the position in which... You clutch your chest! As Allah calls you back... Allah Akbar! Said to me, good to see you.

Yeah, is there anything else that's been of a catch the docks eye in the last 24 hours? Not really. I did two streams in sort of like 24 hours, quite both long ones. So I was a bit... How should we say? Nah, not my fighting best afterwards. Pyramid 7 would like a fat Angie. God, I'm supposed to discharge! I'll do a... Not that one. Well, we can have a fat Angie. Why not? Go on. Nah, fat Angie won't work today. Stream deck needs something wrong with it. Let me try and sort that out right now. Let's see if I can... Hmm. Maybe that's what the problem is. If I do this and do this...

Boom. Will it work?

Let's see. I'm just waiting for the software to restart. It's a finicky little device. When it works, it's amazing. But Shaheed's starting off the new year. Yes, very strong. But I'm worried my Shaheed button won't work. It where it misses. Why isn't Stream Deck coming up? God damn tech.

Run. Run, run, run. Something's wrong. Something's wrong.

I might disappear off the screen second, folks.

Let's click and do this. Hmm. It's odd. It's not in the task manager either. What's the matter with you?

Now I'm...

Yeah, it's in task manager. All right. So let me see if doing that allows it to restart. Come on. C'mon, Stream Deck. C'mon, we need you. Yes. All right. Let's see. Thank you for the stress test with Fat Angie. Let's see if that works now. No. No. What about Fat Peter? No? Nothing. Stream Deck is... I'll have to restart OBS. Yeah, no. God damn Telpiot boys. Always messing with me. What can I do? They've backdoored me. All right. I might as well just get on with the stream. If I have to do any sound effects, I guess I will do them manually in the OBS panel, which will be a goddamn pain. Fuck these gaffers. At least that works. My rage button. My burgle rage button is working. All right. So let's see if this is going to trip any... Of course. I'll let Yasuo play. It's your heat time.

Oh, I might have found the problem. Fat Angie. How do I do this? Fat Peter. Ah, this is gross. Where's my Shaheed? Shaheed, Shaheed, Shaheed. I can't have my Shaheed music. God damn it. Where is it? God damn Telpiot boys. There, there, there. Not that. Not that. Not that. Not that. Not that. That. Shaheed's is not working. It says it's playing. Oh, it is. Ah. All right. Shaheed's is working. I don't know. Sometimes, like, Stream Deck has this issue where it'll play sound effects OK, but, like, little... When it has to sort of jump to the graphic or something, it often fails. Anyway, you're here for some covert moral bio-enhancement, and... No, it's just shitty Stream Deck, and I should reset the machine more often. The problem is that there's so much to set up to stream because I'm not allowed on YouTube or regular platforms, and it's a massive job just to stitch everything together, email alerts, and God knows what else, and it's half an hour to sort of do everything in coordination, but... What did I... What did I have next? Oh, yeah, this was a good... Just after the last stream. Oh, you can't see that, right? The lady don't protest too much. I'm not a deep state operative. Yeah, let's say I'm still... I'm making my mind up about old Robert Malone. I can't... Like, some days I'm like, oh, brilliant. Thank God. Thank God there's a Robert Malone out there, and then I'll see. I'll go back and look at some of those connections, and I'm just like, oh, dear. What are we to do? Is this the best that we have? Have you jabbed mice or monkeys with bioweapon yet? No, I can't, and we have to wait till at least January is over before even moving or attempting to move forward because I require Rimmo to organize on the ground, basically, to navigate all the Japanese infrastructure, and she's not incapacitated, but she's... How should we say? Well, trying to bring a baby into the world. That's what she's trying to do. So she's kind of out of the loop, and so the science has to be on hold. But, you know, we'll look at some neuroscience today if I get the chance, and I think we've got the data from the post-mortem studies. I don't think the rodents will add a lot, maybe. So she's busy getting busy. Yeah, just it is what it is, and... what can I say? From little scientist to James fucking Bond, maybe. Plug it in with your mic. Stream deck? No, you can't do that, it's USB. It's the software running in the background. Is she up to duff yet? No. She's trying, and... Well, I guess we can just pray that she has success. So the HIPAA rules prevent me from saying much more. All right, so please look into rate of strokes and related stats on Haiti from 2020 onwards. Is there low vaccine and deaths amid SARS? It's still circulating and may provide many answers on how fuckered we are. Yeah, but again, Haiti... Isn't there like two sides to the island? And I think we looked at that data before, and like there's a shitty side where the blinks run everything, and the other side where I think whitey still has the burden. So, let's see. It's KarmaDoc in the chat. Let's see. Oh, this can bob you like now. All the tech issues thrown me through a loop and the things that I wanted to say. I forgot what we were doing. Oh yeah, this is me. Forgetful neuroscientist. So yeah, I'm a legit scientist. I speak with authority around scientific matters. And as science has been turned into such a joke lately, I'm treating it as one. It's the jihad science joke run by your humble host, Dr. Kevin McCairn. You can find all my details at ResearchGate. It's all aggregated there. Of course, you can go to the regular PubMed, other databases. You can find me everywhere. Where was it? So, done that. And of course, the most important thing, keep the lights on, the memes rolling. Bookmark Please, please, please, in the New Year, become a Patreon if you can, or use a very, very cool tip jar. You can also use that QR code. I'm not above picking up the weapons of my enemy and trying to use them against him. The QR code will send an extra dollar and I'll suck that up like coral reaching for plankton. So, let's see. Stringfags, gay pal, if you're inclined that way. Buy me a coffee. Subscribestar Digital Tulips. You can join the Discord should you be wanting to get in with ads. It's a cool, cool, it's a comfy, comfy, cozy Discord. And register to be notified. Oh, you can watch the stream live when I'm live on McCann Dojo. If you want to watch the recordings, please go to our streaming platform. We talk, you listen, I forgot to put McCairDojo in the chat, didn't I?

How did Kek’s court case pan out? They basically said he had no standing and the reason was is that the vaccines are not considered research products. And so, I don't know, ask him. Yeah, I did a stream about it. Look in the archive, click for the doc extreme. And yeah, no standing. It was to do with not being, the vaccines not being human testing via research. And so, consent was not required under essentially EUA and essentially national emergencies where, I want to say there was martial law sort of interpretations that needed to be taken into account. So, yeah, I hope that answered that question. Monkey King, good to see you. Danger Mouse says I managed to knock up a bird on the pill. Just saying. I managed that when I was a young man. You do just wonder if there's a bit of motivated forgetting on the part of the ladies. Of course I took it. I don't like any, any sprouts that I managed to seed into the world. That's a victory for mankind as far as I'm concerned. A bird, it's UK slang for a lady, a woman, a bird. Yeah.

All right, Shaheed time. That's right, folks, there's a global crisis going on. The carbon is getting out of hand and we've been dropped with this gem from Monday Night Football and we'll watch it in all its glory. Why not? We celebrate Shaheed's here. There he is on his path back to Allah, realizing his materialistic ways playing for the NFL. Allah frowned. Allah frowned on that materialistic bread and circus lifestyle. You should be worshipping Allah, not the NFL. The simple fact is that whilst there's no autopsy and he's still in intensive care, I would make a presumption that the... So are we coming to Japan mid-March? Really, Karmadoc? I'll be researching smuggling techniques. I wouldn't risk it, sweetheart. I wouldn't risk it. They've got dogs. Dags. Dags waiting for you. Right, what was I going to do? I've forgotten. I was flashing across my mind just then. Well, just dogs sniffing at Karma's crotch. I don't want her... I don't want you... how shall we say? Your dignity taken by a Japanese... Japanese drug dog.

Back to this. I keep missing it. So scientifically, I'm at the opinion that until we can get his heart out of his chest and look at his charts, and we can make sure that the tissue is processed properly and it's not switched out on the way to the morgue and the vested interests of the NFL are not brought to bear on the autopsy results, the thing to do right now is to wait. Now, what's the probabilities here? From what I've seen in the last 24 hours, this type of injury is exceptionally rare in the NFL. The padding that they wear does cover the chest. It doesn't look a particularly high-speed impact, but it does hit him in the chest. And... So until then, I would advise, just don't go sperging out on Twitter. He hasn't died suddenly just yet. And I would wait on the results. Just because he wasn't... It wasn't like he was standing around or like other incidents we've seen with... Was it Ericsson? That was a good one. The Norwegian footballer? I'll say Norwegian, Danish. Danish or Norwegian, whatever. In the Euro... whatever international competition it was. Euros, maybe. I can't remember. How many got right up? Yeah. And so, you know, is there an underlying issue with the heart? Potentially.

Now, this paper is out there circulating sudden cardiac death risk in contact sports increased by myocarditis, a case series. And let's see, what can we get from this? So we know what myocarditis is. We report here in two cases of life-threatening ventricular near secondary to non-penetrating blunt chest trauma while playing contact sports. The first patient, a 26-year-old man, described a brief loss of consciousness after having received blunt impact to the chest, typical intensity, while playing a rugby match. The loss of conscious was total and preceded by rapid and regular palpitations. He had a history of viral myocarditis 10 years prior with a fibrotic sequelae in the intralolateral wall and cardiac magnetic resonance imaging. Left ventricular ejection fraction was 71%. Right atypical ventricular pacing induced a sustained monomorphic ventricular tachycardia reproducing the patient's symptoms. A subcutaneous implantable cardio-defibrillator was implanted. The second patient is a 22-year-old professional rugby player with no known notable history. During a match, a direct blow to the chest wall was followed by cardiac arrest. A ventricular fibrillation was cardioverted to pulseless electrical activity. Patient died despite cardiopulmonary resuscitation. An autopsy identified a myocardial sequelae of fibrosis with no acute inflammatory remodelling compatible with the previous myocarditis. Now, the years when this took place, this published 2021, I don't know if this can, we don't know the year that he died. And so I can't point to a definitive, oh, you know, one of these rare, rare, rare events has happened elsewhere and is associated with vaccination. So again, like I say, I would urge caution right now. And remember, myocarditis is associated with the illness as well. And until we get that tissue and it's stained for S1 protein or other viral proteins or RNA or anything that might give us an indicator, I'm reluctant to say that he's a pure shaheed at the moment.

Let's see. Well, let's just say we do have an actual shaheed. OK, so let's get these. OK, so let's get these vaccine mandates and vaccine passports up and running ASAP. We see in children die daily from the unvaccinated and vaccinated selfishness. Pregnant women at risk to protect life mandate the vaccine. Don't tell anyone who refuses to protect life on 14 February 2022. But a mandate on getting a vaccine has no malicious intent either. It's to protect me, even if it is five percent more protection, it may be enough to keep me from getting a huge viral load and long haul Covid. The FedGov is obligated to protect both of us and not just you. Build it up, build it up. Rest in peace. Unce Nawari played seven seasons with Jaguars 2007 to 2013, forged a strong bond with the Jags fans that remain to this day on behalf of the Jaguars organization and my family. I fought with Uche's family and fought with this shaheed as he makes his way to Allah. Some potential shaheeds coming up. Martina Navratilova. I admire Novak Djurvic, but can't defend his vaccine choice. This was January 12th, 2022. Martina Navratilova diagnosed with throat and breast cancer. Tuesday, January 3rd, 2023. So I think that that finishes the shaheed section. Let's move on to our current events. I'd like to stick with some current events. Was he hit on the chest? No, well, I don't think obviously that didn't happen in game. Otherwise we would have heard about it, right? It would have been the same as what was this other guy's name? Damian, Damer Hamlin. So, you know, just one of those died suddenly shaheeds. What can I say? Let's see. Thanks for playing. Yeah. And, you know, how bad is it going to be? I don't know. I mean, we're seeing signals. We see excess death. Again, going from the discussion about the IGG4s and their class switching and basically becoming, well, immune suppressing, right? So they bind, but they want to stop the immune system from overactivating. And in that scenario, if there's innate damage or innate evasion, innate immune evasion, potentially you're in a situation where you would have a far, far worse viremia. And it could be a subtle type disease process, like a sort of arteries filling, et cetera. You know, there's a lot of sort of chronic conditions. It may lead to excess death. I don't know. Like how much is too much excess death? Ten percent. We're already at that. Twenty percent. Australia hit 18, right? And, you know, coupled with potential immune damage, we know the lipid nanoparticle will go to bone marrow and other critical organs for the immune system and spleen. And this is uncharted territory right now. And I wish I had better answers. I'm sitting here munching popcorn like the rest of you, waiting for, what's that movie called, where everyone all just disappears and they go up to heaven, left behind, right? Is that that series of movies? You know, are we just going to be having that, where people are just going to be left, right and center? I don't know. I mean, I'm sort of looking at this. If this injury and catastrophic event around Daymar is any sort of indicator, those dudes that are playing that game, they've all been mandated vaccines, right? As far as I understand it. There was a quarterback. I'm not an NFL fan, so I don't remember the name, but, you know, he caused a big stink because he wouldn't take it. That's a year and a half ago, two years ago. Aaron something maybe. And it can be the Vax Trumper. Yeah, and I don't want to get my train of thought. Now I've broken my train of thought. Yeah, what I was trying to get at was if there was such subclinical myocarditis as a consequence of the gene transfection technologies, wouldn't we be seeing it more because those guys are crashing into themselves, training a week or I would presume so. I mean, you know, again, it didn't it didn't look a super hard tackle to me. And, you know, that I imagine that happening in the training ground. Surely we would be hearing about them more, right? Yeah, I get it. We're seeing them. But, you know, it's not like half the team has just keeled over right now. And, you know, maybe that will change in the coming weeks. I don't know. But the we might be sort of seeing the peak of the effect right now. You've got to you've got to keep that in mind. And until until we have you just need more time in your in your data collection to to have a really, really good understanding of where where it could go. And, you know, I pray that we get through this winter. And this is we don't see any more worshippers of Mammon, the red and circuses, clowns keeling over. Let's see. Perhaps the vax makers change the recipe because the terrible side effect profile, like watering down. Maybe. But, you know, there's. Yeah, I mean, look, it's a possibility. We know that they changed. I think it was Moderna, right? They put in Tris Tris buffer into the into the concoction. I want to say it was Moderna. So, you know, Tris buffer. When you've got cardiac issues and. What's this? A lot of a lot of fuck offs going on in the chat. Let me try. He's dead. Hello, says Karmadaq. Is he? Aaron Rodgers. Oh, thank you. Thank you. Let me just try and see what's. Church of Epi. It certainly merits a question about it. About what? It can be the Vax Trumper. Apparently, the FBI stationed at the hospital where the player is because of anti-vaxxers. Well, that's true. Oh, do me a favor. Really? What are they going to do? People are so dumb. Is that true? Can anyone confirm that? Why the FBI? Can't the local police handle that? Why is it? Why is it going to be the FBI? I thought there was. What did they say? It's not your jurisdiction. All right. Let's see. The denial on social media that it wasn't the Vax is rampant. Yeah, look, I can see the extremes on both sides. The correct thing to do is actually wait on the result. And we should we should have a result pretty quickly as to the cause of the heart condition. Right. And if it's myocarditis, we know that it's probably a good a good high odds that it was caused by gene transfection technologies. But then again, it could have been caused by the virus. And, you know, this is the it's difficult to have full. A really complete granular fine resolution data in these instances and, you know, that if if he's. If he's had like a recent booster or anything like that, you know, that hopefully the. Staining in the tissue will be able to pick out what happened. The real issue is, are they going to are they going to process the tissue honestly and scientifically? That's that's the concern I have right now. So if that's what the happy getting so mad in the chat about we were to not be able to inquire about it is really fucking strange. Any of those fucking morons suggesting it's a jab. Fuck off and those smart people telling not to question it. Fuck you have to. Yeah, I say you have to question it. You have to question it, especially in this in a censorious environment of moral bio in a covert moral bio enhancement. What the fuck is Tris Tris is a. Methylated nitrogen compound trees buffer. Tromethamine. There we go. What did I say? Anyway, that's Trimethamine Tris Trimethamine. Sorry. And it's a it's a. Buffer used in medicine and they had they use it in see medical. It's used to an alternative to sodium bicarbonate in the treatment of metabolic acidosis. That's about as much as I know about it. So you're up to speed there. Let's see. It's not like the FBI has anything else to do like fight crime or anything. Well, they're a bit of a loose end now. They've been kicked out Twitter, right? It's well, may as well go hang around and clout chase with the fallen NFL stars. All right. Let's see. Lawless America. Look at that. The situation is an emergency question about the potential of jab injury to not allow. Yeah, I think I've covered that now. There will be no autopsy. There will be MRI scans and CT scans of his chest if he's in the hospital right now, because they've got to know what they're treating. So that data should come out at least. Let's see. Thank you, Centripede. You answered the question for me. 1226, 2022 booster per man who administered. That was a fake account. It's not true that tweet. I checked it. It's the hide your head in the sand because vaxxers don't want to be reminded of what could happen to them. Yeah, look, man, who wants who wants to admit that they got no one likes admitting they got taken for a ride. It's one of it's one of the most indignant things right to say that you got conned into doing something, especially something that's so because it's not like you had your weekly paycheck snatched from you because you were, I don't know, you took a tip, a betting tip or something, and you thought you were all in because you had the inside line and they took you. Or should we say a FTX like Ponzi scheme? Let's see. Have we confirmed it wasn't a jealous second stringer spiking? Maybe. Let's see. FJB going to visit tomorrow. Weird. Who's FJB? Don't know who that is. Where's Tiffany Dover? So I've heard that she is alive, actually. So make that what you will. It's got big house now, so I think she probably got paid a lot to keep quiet. Let's see. Get rid of this danger house. Oh, tip. Let me have my sample. It's all broken, but you can have. Let's see if this works. No. Damn it. What can I do for? Maybe. No. What about this? And you can have a. Wow. Hot dog Bimbo Bailey. How about that? Thank you very much. Much, much appreciate it. Let's see if anyone else has been generous and sent in a donor. All donations. Much, much appreciate it. Keeps the wheels rolling. Oh, got another one. So let's see. So one from I'm guessing that's danger mouse and another one. Let me see. I want to say thanks. Shout out to California, California coming in. Much, much appreciate it. Let's see what you can have. We haven't had it in a while. Can I do it? Oh, God. No. I'm not doing it. I can't. I can't. I can't. I can't. I kind of do it. You can have a. I'd rather do the kuma. And I know the kuma is enough to set people off. Let's find out what else. What else you can have? You can have a G.D. Bakshi. Generating, generating, generating, generating old viruses. Let's see. Her family got paid. Yeah, I don't know, man. You know, where's the death certificates and everything? And it's not like. It's kind of hard to hide, hide the body. Maybe, maybe I'm see the shots for coming next. Don't know. I get you can have a kuma focus for the new year. A good coming for the new year. I'll keep an eye on that, that don't know screen. We'll. Shoot our load. Right. Let's get on with the news before we get to the science. So what did I? Oh, yeah, I wanted the current events. That's right. Yeah, there's a war going on. Didn't you know that a war of choice, I would argue a provoked war. I did this. The West must not be tempted to negotiate with Vladimir Putin, says Jade McGlynn, some blonde haired fucking bimbo who probably doesn't know one end of a rifle from another. She wants more. Now, I got about a paragraph into this before. I pissed myself laughing. But let's see. Why am I shouting? You should be up and about anyway. Did I wake you up? Yeah, I did. Yeah. Well, it's time to get up, sweetheart, because it's the afternoon. You were up late last night, weren't you? Were you playing computers? Close the door, please, sweetheart. Apologize. Kids are on deck. I'm getting told off. Stop shouting. It's usually supposed to be the other way around. Let's read this. Moscow welcomed Kiev into 23 in the only way it knew how. With another volley of missiles and drones on one wreckage, Ukrainians found a sobering message in red ink. Happy New Year. Fair bit of that going on. At New Year, there was a significant high mass strike on... Don't ask me to pronounce the name of the place where it was at, but the death toll could potentially be in the hundreds. This fucking type of agitprop makes me want to spew. God, the horrors of this war have shaken Europe's policymaking fraternity. Fraternity? Really? So what are we calling it now? I would just say rainbow-colored jackboot. That's what I would call the EU right now. Many, especially in France and Germany, are asking what New Year gifts they could offer the Russian president that might bring this terrible war to a close. Maybe Crimea and Donbass. Assurances for Russian speakers. A clear roadmap for Russian elites to make merry in Europe once more. Some security guarantees. I think probably the last one. That budging up of NATO right up against their borders when they had a memorandum of conversation. Not one inch further east. Literally. I'll just put the tip in, dear. Let me just put the tip in. Let me see. Nah, no kuma yet. I'm keeping an eye on it. Let's see. Our prospective negotiators would be better off buying Vladimir Putin seasonal socks or an engraved N. They would have just as much chance of bringing peace to Ukraine. After all, he already had Crimea and Donbass before 24th of February. No, not really. They're still slugging it out. It's not like they held the referendum and the Ukrainians fucked off. He can care less about Russians in Ukraine or at home. The elites are helping him fund the war. And how do you reassure a man who thinks gay propaganda is a conspiracy against Russian demography? Sending 300,000 young men off to die is a good idea. Oh, God, the gay propaganda. Won't anyone think of the gays? Oh, my God, no. Look. I read that and then, you know, a conspiracy, a conspiracy to homify your nation. And this fucking freak popped up on my own. Trishbite might put it in the Discord. I don't know why he's scoping around for traps. But look at the state of this. Non-binary trans-transgender rising star of the Church of England, Reverend Bingo. What? Bingo? Who the fuck calls their child Bingo? Bingo Allison talks about Transgender Awareness Day. Does Bingo make you more or less likely to attend the church and do you see them as an evangelist for Christ like St Paul or St Peter? Well, if St Paul or St Peter chopped their cock off and inverted it and stuck it into their pelvic cavity and had to dip their gaping gash in iodine every month to stop it stinking, then maybe she is a bit like those dudes. Going round, facing down, with lions and legionnaires. What's this fucking nonsense? I just can't see the Orthodox Russian Church just picking up on the old tranny agenda. I just don't see it. Not yet. Not for another 100 years at least. But let's just listen to this freak. Good morning. Ah, the deep voice with the reverb in the church. I forgot that. Good morning. And welcome to the Church of St Margaret of Antioch. It even looks like that only gay in the village. I'm the only gay in the village. I can't even get a fucking dog collar on straight. What a fucking mess. This is the pillar of the community that we need. Do me a favour, Governor. In Toxta. And today is Transgender Day of Visibility. Toxta, Brixton, London. Now, I can imagine that there is a dwindling congregation while the mosque down the street is doing fine business right now. My name is Reverend Bingo Allison and I am a non-binary transgender priest in the Church of England. Ah, dear Allah, please. The smiting. I need the smiting to commence. Allah Akbar. Allah Akbar. Allah Akbar! As part of our commemoration of Transgender Day of Visibility, we have a morning prayer service that works. Where's the tranny prayer in the Bible? Where is that? You know, it's for this reason that Islam wins out in the end. You know, the bit about throwing off full-story buildings and stoning, you know, when things get really tough, right? You know, when people have been hungry or cold or thirsty and... Is the tranny here going to be holding it together when the iodine dries up? You can't get iodine for that stinking surgical incision between its legs. I'm pretty supposed to be celibate anyway. What the fuck is going on? We're going to read now. And most of the liturgy is either directly quoted from scripture... It's very manly sounding cross there. Or it's written by myself. Fuck these capers! Serious. Serious. I mean, look, doesn't the word profane mean anything in religious circles anymore? You know, I'm not a Bible-thumping Christian fundamentalist, but I can kind of see how many in the congregation would be feeling a little on the peeved side. Danger mail says England's full of Islamists. This is the best the English Church can do. More estrogen jabs with your tea, Vicar. Babies are crooked too! All right, let me catch up with the chat room. You in orange by proxy. Got more dissentered. Like, you've got to be careful on Twitch for gamer words. I can't say gamer words. Like tranny. See, the sentence under her hairline makes no sense. What's this one? His disastrous war in Ukraine means his regime contains the seeds of its own demise, stands firm and in time it will crumble. Well, all things come to an end, but I don't see Vlad crumbling just yet. I'm afraid. My concern is if they're unable to decisively take the territories that they've annexed, I guess, or brought back into the motherland, it will drag out and it'll be a very brutal, brutal campaign and has dire implications for all of us. So I want to read. Look, it's just the usual crap, right? Why shouldn't we be looking to negotiate a peace right now? The Russians have been open to it much. I think I think those security guarantees might go a long way. But no, blonde fucking bimbos. I want to tell you about how to send more working class lads out to get their feet blown off and their limbs blown off. Yeah, let's do that. Holy shit. Let's see. I thought Ukraine was kicking ass. Palos Pony sends fifteen dollars to the rumble chat. Thank you very much. It says thank you, Doc, and I promised the Kuma. Now I've got to find the Kuma without my stream. So if you wanted the Kuma or not, here it is. Brace yourselves. Just just think that that fucking thing is doing that. Not leading a life of piety and celibacy. No, just indulging its genitals every every turn. Oh, God. I tell you, man, the UK is on borrowed time. Oh, yeah, for fucking sure, man. Look, it'll implode somewhat and eventually something will come out of the ashes. I think a bit more bit more wholesome than bingo here. Let's see. That's a mid-level religious violence. Yes, it is. Is this person like St. Peter or St. Who? Sounds like Apple Rachel Levine. Ralph. Ralph Levine, you mean? Karma Doc says the Nephilim were androgynous. Right. Couldn't you just couldn't you just do away with the sexuality? Let's see. Baphomet is androgynous. I've been told that. Yes. TJ could see you, bro. Let's see. Putting this here as a reminder. What will happen after Boris Johnson's words about a retaliatory strike on Russia? Okay. Very small, very weak. Very weak. Very weak.

Very weak. Very weak. What can I say to that? Pappy Putin, please. It's all out of misery. Let's see. Is this a Benny Hill skit? Unfortunately. Let's see. And if you would suggest that Bingo is not like St. Peter, you're a phobe. Indeed. Shut down the Large Hadron Collider now. I agree. Scary. Yes. Fess up, Kevin. We know. What? Should ban you for that, Nick. Let's see. James Madison. Oh, man. Friendly bombs and full-on bingo. Oh. It's wild as fuck and I love it. I suppose for the comedy, let's say it's easy comedy to do. Let's see. Easy there. Mr. Marine biologist. Let's see. Such a great name. Masons must not want to go to church anymore. So they send the bent wrist people to church to destroy it. Yes. Blitzkrieg. Let's go. Oh, another video to watch. Well, today I welcome Colonel Douglas MacGregor, who is an expert. Oh, it's a long one. I'll have to watch that. England is as big as Texas. No, I think it's smaller. Much smaller. Let's see. Hashtag Blackpeel23. UK still under the impression that they have this great Navy and military. Yeah. Likely to get a rude awakening very soon. And can you? Are you going to send bingo off? Send out the paras? Who wants a blessing? Who wants a blessing before battle with bingo? All right. All right. All right. All right. Enough. Enough.

Serious stuff. So this came out. A bill in Comifornia. Bill number 2098, which now basically outlaws a doctor's ability to give informed consent. When people ask about the nature of the vaccines, I wanted to show that there's essentially a, well, governmental actions in the side of censorship and constraining of the scientific process. Medicine is science. Primarily. There's an art to it too, but we've got the medicine we have today because of science. And this section is Orwellian in its scope because by extension they can just start rolling it out to ever more profane, well, the word of the day, profane medical procedures such like the administration of gender-bending chemicals to people like bingo as they sire, spit out, spit out, spit out, limp-wristed progeny into this world. They'll make it such that it'll be illegal to give, you know, to tell kids that, you know, you know what, chopping your cock or your tits off. You might come and regret that once you're 18. And this, you know, we kind of sort of know this is coming, but in the last sort of 12 hours, this has happened. So Canada, not the US, but forced re-education is now a Canadian practice. Now, there were very, very little news reports. All I could find was this one. It's so recent, but Jordan Peterson has been called in for re-education because he can't stop posting. That's right. You can't even. It's not like he's some fucking Hedge Lord shit poster on the internet. Look, Jordan Peterson, as it goes, is a pretty well-spoken, eloquent, well-to-do individual that, you know, has expertise in irony, I guess, and potentially helping the existential angst of young men that are brought up in a society that elevates the profane. And he has the resources to just move. Yeah, but, you know, if there are hills to die on in this culture war, then these are the hills, right? And this is a very, very dangerous path because you say, OK, he can just move. So you let this legislation stand. And then what happens in five years, ten years if the Sarmat missiles? If Pappy Putin hasn't come and bleached everything with the bold sunshine beforehand, what are we going to do? The lunatics will be taking over the asylum. And I predict some random close-knit gang of people will end up possessing and controlling the rebuilding of the country formerly known as Ukraine. Oh, yeah, of course. But I think I think Vladimir has read two hundred years together. Let's see. What are these? Dr. Marrone talks to Hamelin. Scott Ritter analyzes Ukraine. What is this? Kim Iverson. Wow. Look, I actually need to just we break for a second. Oh, it's an hour long. Or where we have to where we have to insider is we don't need to give me a second. I'll be back in a minute. But it has absolutely not withstood the test of time. And it's a it's a fascinating piece to go back and review because it's a snapshot of only February of last year in terms of what the accepted narrative was at the time. So what for you, you know, after that whole thing coming out and saying, you know, and first of all, I do want to say, you know, I've read through there's actually a great thread on Twitter that you've pinned to your Twitter account that actually goes over whether or not, you know, it answers the questions whether or not you actually did invent the mRNA vaccine technology because people are saying, oh, no, you didn't really. And what is great is that thread really kind of breaks it down, showing that, well, in fact, you did that. And the good analogy I saw was you don't say the Wright brothers didn't invent flying aircraft simply because they didn't invent the Boeing 747. And even though maybe you didn't invent these mRNA vaccines that are actually out in use today, you still invented you came up with the idea. It was nothing before you came up with it. Well, thank you. And let's give a shout out to Alex Alexandros Marinos, who does a lot of these deep dives and put that one together. I think he's he's certainly done me a big service, but he's done a great job in kind of citizen journalism on many, many topics he continues to post. So I recommend any listening to follow Alexandros Marinos on Twitter. OK, so we are now what it was January of twenty twenty three. So we've been in this pandemic now for three years, a little over three years now. Right. Is that right. It was my math right. Yes, it absolutely is. And it came to be to be forthright with integrity for all of us. The data are still out in terms of when the true release date or or. Right. Entry date, let's call it entry date for that place into the population, then we're not then we're not. Did I just. At some point, the virus entered the population. We can all agree on that. And so I don't know what he's saying. I have to watch it later. Sorry. I meant to leave that as some sort of entertainment. That's this blog of times. Israel acknowledges Jews, in fact, Kazars. Let's see. Israel acknowledged Jews, in fact, Kazars, a secret plan for reverse migration to Ukraine. Yeah. Hashtag day always come through. Let's see. Russian and Ukrainian correspondents. Okay. Fast breaking developments. How old is this? Oh, this is old. Let's see. Let's see. Fast breaking developments. Followers of Middle Eastern affairs know two things. Always expect the unexpected. Never write off Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, who has more political lives than the proverbial cat. How prescient of them considering to twenty twenty two. He's just got back in. Only yesterday came news that Syrian rebels plan to give Israel the Golan Heights in exchange for creation of no fly zones against the Assad regime. And an even bolder move is now revealed. Israel withdraw its settlers from communities beyond the settlement blocks and relocate them at least temporarily to Ukraine. Is that true? Did they do that? I'm not so sure. Ukraine made this arrangement on the basis of historic ties and in exchange for desperately needed military assistance against Russia. Can anyone validate this? Is this true? This surprising turn of events had an even more surprising origin. Genetics, a field in which Israeli scholars have long excelled, a war like Turkish people and a mystery. Oh, those old Kazars is well known that sometime in the eighth, ninth century, the Kazars, a war like Turkish people, converted to Judaism and ruled over a vast domain in what became southern Russia and Ukraine. What happened to them after the Russians destroyed that emperor around the 11th century? Empire has been a mystery. Many have speculated that Kazars became the ancestors of Ashkenazi Jews. Arabs have long cited the Kazar hypothesis in attempts to deny a Jewish historical claim to the land of Israel. The UN debate over a Palestinian. Wait for it. Wait for it. Where is it? Palestinians say, I've got just the thing for you. Now, it's a long article because area two, all Jews who wish to return would be welcome back without condition as citizens. The more so if they take part in the promised infusion of massive Israeli military assistance. Well, that didn't happen, did it? Including troops, equipment and construction of new bases. If the initial transfer works, other West Bank settlers would be encouraged to relocate to Ukraine as well. After Ukraine bolstered. Is any of this true? I need something to confirm this beyond the times of Israel. Was there a migration of I know a lot of Ukrainians went to Israel as the war started and I've heard about the idea that it's going to be Liebens around for Israel. All I can say is hashtag always comes through. I'm not sure I want to get sidetracked by this. I want to get to Bob Rush Wilson. So I did Jordan Peterson and as we're talking about Israel, as I noticed as I was reading this article, Andrew Tate was in there in the left hand corner. And I was reminded that Syrian girl, I don't know who she is, but she looks a bit of a hottie. And I get a cam session with her. Breaking I was wrong. They both Andrew Tate brothers have Israeli passports as per journalist Stefan Loredon on spaces. And apparently that's a picture. I can't confirm or deny this, but color me not surprised. Who did that? Color me not surprised that a dude involved in pimping and degeneracy just happens. Happens to have he bloodline. He's a Red Sea pedestrian. Yeah. And his father being in the CIA as well. Syrian girl doesn't like the Tate. Yeah, I kind of picked that up. Did that, did that, did that. We're up today. Research how bad roots in Ukraine. Look, I have no doubts about the sort of crossover with Israel and Ukraine. I used to know a very hot Ukrainian Jewess in Israel. The ties are there. Are they again looking to reshape the world out of global conflagration? Maybe. Is Russia helping them? I'm not so sure. I'm not so sure the Ruskies are down with that. Maybe I'm wrong, but I'm not so sure they are. So let's see. This blog post is a work of satire. It was published in 2014 on the eve of Purim, the Jewish holiday that celebrated with wild merrymaking and raucous comedy with a particular emphasis of poking fun at anti-Semitism and ignorance. Yeah, I mean, it just sounded a little bit too verbose. But you know what? In the current climate or the current historical timeline that we find ourselves, it's not so far from the truth. Yeah, it's a long, where do they say that it's a joke? In the red writing at the top. Thank you. It just seemed like it. Let's see. Truth and comedy, I guess. All right. All right. All right. Let's let's move on. Let's get to Bob Brodsky. Yes, Andrew Tate. The pimping, pimping trash talking prisoner, prisoner of Romanian authorities. I think I'm still convinced there's a degree of, how should we say, media gaming going on. I don't even write that. Well, what can I say, DJ? Always, always comes through. They'll jokingly tell you they're going to stab you in the back and you'll dismiss it because they're joking with you. Let's get to Bog-Brush Wilson. And I like to think that we've got some way to making him shave off that bouffant hairdo. He's trimmed his afro. I think the Bog-Brush memes were getting to him. So we're going to do Fauci did not fund gain of function research in China. It's a short video, so we'll get into it. Bob Rush isn't looking well. No, it's looking a bit peaked, right? I guess when you've gullibly gone and taken part in a massive gene transfection experiment and the ADE is kicking in, you're likely to feel somewhat under the weather. Looking more like a dumb terrier. Sideshow Wilson. Yeah, without the massive bouffant hairdo, it's not as funny. Let me see if I can rectify that. Wait one second. Let him begin his spiel. It seems to be all up in arms. All the conspiracy theorists, all up in arms because now Elon Musk is emboldening them. So again, with the dismissive of conspiracy theory, it's all conspiracy theory when you look at scientific data and you still have questions and you aren't satisfied by the greenhorn answers, the boilerplate answers. A midwit here is always pushing out onto the public. Well, I let him speak. I wanted to do something. I think I can improve this stream. Yes, big boy, daddy's still working. I might have to cut this stream short. He does look more thick. Wait, wait, wait. By tweeting things like, my pronouns are prosecute slash Fauci. Really Elon Musk. Yeah, why not. That's what happens when you start distorting the language the way that wokelings like you would like it. We can. We can start putting whatever the fuck we like. That's about that. My pronouns are fuck you. I still haven't got the link on. Where is it? God damn it. Awful. Just terrible, terrible take on everything. Not only is he just disregarding an entire culture of queer people, but I knew it. I knew it. The woke the woke came seeping through. You know, you know, he likes getting pegged. No, even though he's married, his missus looks terrible, by the way. Queer comment, community comment incoming. Yes. I still haven't found the what I'm trying to do. I'm looking in the wrong Discord. I've got to clean up the meme folder and make it with the server. Fuck up. We lost a whole bunch. So we got to re-re-upload. So I got a fish around now for Bog-Brush memes. I can improve this. I can improve this stream massively. Where'd it go? Let's do this. He's also encouraging people to go harass a public figure and even encouraging them. Asking questions of Mr. I am science is not harassment. Sorry. And when he's engaging in, well, I don't know what you call it where you just basically basically pleading the fifth right in the deposition he was forced to give in court. It's like, oh, shucks. I can't remember. Oh, oops. Just yeah, we're allowed to get all the public are allowed to get the get the rotten tomatoes and stinky eggs out. Shame. Shame. Do this. I'm sure I'm sure I can still improve this to threaten him. So literally, literally right. He's setting up his argument based on two appeals to victimhood. Right. This this is the caliber of the PhDs that we're churning out right now. Reversing every not not getting to science got to do work shit. All these people are now saying that they're vindicated, just because Elon says so that Fauci lied to Congress about gain of function research, blah, blah, blah. But Elon Musk, just sit down. You don't know what gain of function research is. Oh, wait. Bog-Brush is about to tell us. I can't wait. Gain of function research. What is that? What is that? Young, young Bog-Brush Wilson. Tell us, please. As you just learned the word like last year. So let me quickly just go over for people who might not know what the story is here and why Fauci did not lie about gain of function research. So the research being struggling. Hey, we can. We could do that. We can we can have a Bog-Brush on his face. Done in Wuhan was not in a function, at least not what was funded by the NIH. The NIH funded the Wuhan Institute of Virology through the EcoHealth Alliance to conduct characterization research. They were funded to go out, search for viruses in the wild and characterize them. That's right, folks, the hundreds of millions of dollars Fauci being paid by essentially DOD and NIH. None of that. None of that comes into his calculation. Just now. Now we're going to be tried. So under this was all all. What do you call it? Comparative research. Why not back to conduct characterization research? They were funded to go out, search for viruses in the wild and characterize them. How did they do this? Well, we know because they published a paper on it. And again, so what he's going to try and do is say, well, it's it's the appeal to a scientific authority because of it's been published in the scientific literature. And without again, what I see looked around all the all the programs, all the crossover with DOD, DITRA, any of that. Does he know any of that at all? So here's the paper that people were freaking out about and still are freaking out about. This is what Rand Paul showed Fauci in Congress and was like, this is the 2017 discovery of a rich gene pool of bat SARS related coronaviruses provide new insights into the origin of SARS coronaviruses. Now, what the what Bog-Brush is going to fail to tell you is that there is a concerted program to not only swap out spike proteins, but also also to put in furin cleavage sites. We know they were doing it because it's part of the diffuse documents. And I can assure you, assure you that they didn't just dream up that subject matter for diffuse for 2018. That data and that project was in process and still in process. But instead, what he wants to tell you is that the paper's been published, all they're doing is looking at samples in the wild, just see if they're effective. Like, why were you funding being a function research in Wuhan and Fauci said I was not. And he is correct. Because this is the work that was funded. What they did was they found viruses in the wild. And then they wanted to ask, how do these viruses actually behave. So a dangerous way to do this might be to grow the actual virus itself and see how it performs. Or, as the diffuse proposal describes, make clones. Now, this is, this is where, you know, they're going to try and hide behind scientific gobbledygook as you as people sort of struggle with the technicalities and the intricacies of the techniques. But this this cloning method has been around for a very, very long time now, decades. Right. And this is how they consistently get out a sample that they can they can run experiments on right you can you can make it in in reactors, basically sort of biological, bacterial reactors. And he's going to try and tell you that that's not gain of function research. In cell culture and animals. These are completely new viruses that they're discovering. They don't know how they're doing it in bacterial artificial chromosome. Yeah, so bacteria and see clones with the backbone of with one and variants of S gene from eight different bat SARS-CoV-2. And so just remind everyone the proximal origin of SARS-CoV-2 said that SARS couldn't be lab origin because it would have used an established backbone. Now, that's a horrendously weak argument to be putting forth scientifically because who says that you have to use the with one backbone, you might be you might be interested in the features. What makes up the rest of the virus so you clone that too. You might want to be interested when you add an extra open reading frame and then add in 19 nucleotide insertions that aren't there in other spike proteins. Yeah, the list goes on and on and on and on and you do that all with clones. Did they only fund this paper? No, they've done many, many studies and look. Just as he's going on from that, we can just refer to the emails. Peter Daszak, Monday, 11th of July, 2016, to grid Jenny. This is terrific. We're very happy to hear that our gain of function research funding pause has been lifted. That's the same grant number as that paper. So literally the authors of the paper are calling it gain of function. But Russ Wilson, the arbiter of scientific truth, is going to try and convince you through Technobabble that this doesn't count as gain of function research. No way, no help. Dangerous they might be. So you don't want to grow them directly. No, you want to characterize their genes. So they have this bacterial artificial chromosome, which you can you can consider just a construct, a big battery flat. Give me a second. No, not that. Just give me a second. Yeah. You want to work, do you? Sorry about that. What Bob Rush is failing to tell you is there are such things as infective clones. String of nucleic acids, an artificial genome, if you are, and they call a clone of this with one. This is the backbone they use to study all of their viruses that they found in the wild. This is just a little picture, a little cartoon of what a bacterial artificial chromosome might look like. It's a circular piece of DNA with these little rectangular colored markers. Wow, what a description. Not that this is DNA material where we can slot in slot in genes of interest. They're rectangles in his mind. That's right. Right. Yeah. You know, that spike gene that, you know, is very, very suspect looking with human optimized codons interfering cleavage site at one. So when they found and sequenced viruses from the wild, they would take that spike gene sequence that they discovered, cut it out of that virus and paste it into this bacterial artificial chromosome and ask, Hey, if we take this newly discovered spike protein and put it into something that we know how it behaves and sorry. Gain of function. You mean, I wonder if he's going to mention that they can be translated and formed into virions. Infective particles characterized. Does that change how this how this thing behaves? They're characterizing it. They are characterizing the proteins. Let's pull that paper up. That's what we found in the wild. That that that that that that that.

Now, you know, been a while since I looked at this, but. Let's see if we can find infectious. How infections of two different clades were detected in two samples. So using reverse genetics technique we previously developed for with one, we constructed a group of infectious bacterial artificial chromosome clones with the backbone of with one variance of S gene. Meaning that we can they can be expressed from the bacteria and virions will come out. Hey, and then they transfect cells, right, the other six strains with deletions failed to be rescued as no cytopathics was observed and viral replication cannot be detected by immunofluorescence assay. In contrast, when viral six cells were respectively infected with the two successfully rescued chimeric SARS-CoV-1 SARS-CoV with one RS-4231S and with and the newly isolated RS-4874 efficient virus replication was detected in all infections there. So take not just not just a gene study, not just comparing genes, but actually making an infective virus. Slotting in and out. Let's let's go back. Hey, so that in the paper, they're saying, effective, effective clones and authors to funders of the study and the authors are commonly referring it as gain of function experiments. These little rectangular. Yeah, we did that. We did that. We did that. Right. So rescue of bat SARS-CoVs and virus infectivity experiments. It's literally written there. That is the very, very definition of gain of function. Sequenced viruses from the wild, they would take that spike gene sequence that they discovered, cut it out of that virus and paste it into this bacterial artificial chromosome and ask, hey, if we take this newly discovered spike protein and put it into something that we know how it behaves and it's already characterized, does that change how this how this thing behaves? Does it give it gain of function of the words you're struggling to find their Bog-Brush. Just characterization. Oh, yeah. Nothing to worry about. We'll just do that in BSL two. They're characterizing it. They are characterizing the protein Using gain of function. Yeah, it does. It doesn't look in good shape. Might have waited till he had a bit more. Can I say color in his cheeks. We're not safe. Are we allowed to say he's looking pasty with that be a microaggression of proteins from viruses that they found in the wild. How are you supposed to do this without doing those kinds of experiments. That's not gain of function. And that's, that is the whole whole rub right there. Should we be doing these types of in fact experiments. You know, the scientists far, far more qualified than him for it was worth putting a hold on these experiments. You know, there was still some common sense echoing around the halls of academia before before the the queer quick media. What else did he say other other victim group victimhood for Fauci or the victimhood took hold of tranny research. Research that is characterization. Will there be instances where they do this and their backbone gains a function. Sure. But that's not in a function research funded by the NIH. He's just twisted himself up into pretzel like logic there. It's just it's just characterization. The fact the fact that we see a thousand times increase in infectivity. You know, we'll throw that one in the incinerator real quick. That is a consequence that might happen during this work. And it's what happens in every field of molecular biology. If you're studying E. coli, how E. coli works. Yeah, that's going to function to that way. Weaponized E. coli virus bacteria. Sorry. Well, we can weaponize all sorts of things through gain of function. You're studying how tuberculosis works, how another virus works. Insert those bacterial resistance genes in like they were doing in Ukraine and smear it all over banknotes and hand it out to children. If we're to believe the Ruskies. These kinds of experiments, you have to actually characterize the proteins. You have to put them into different contexts. You have to mutate them. You have to do these things. So keep giving them gain of function, you mean? In order to understand how they work. So it becomes really useless, this term gain of function, when it's used outside this context of what the experiments actually set out to do. And like I say, their experiments would extend to modulating spike proteins to put in things like furin cleavage sites. And what would appear to be HIV like sequences. Extra open reading frames. He acts like they even know which proteins are in that soup. Look, you can have a good go at the proteomics these days. The characterization I would argue is becoming very sophisticated. You know, the real scientific question is, is there the scientific need to be doing these this type of research? What's what's the cost benefit ratio? And should it be being done in a permissive environment like a university, for example, or somewhere that's allowing, you know, a trial of students to come through and basically do much of the donkey work? Right. You might have to put some rules in place like you need minimum of 10 years experience, you know, just making sure that you know all the procedures correctly for mopping up and making sure that all these all these experiments just don't have any or give them the opportunity to create breakaways for unknown combinations of events. And his hubris in thinking that we understand all these mechanisms and all these variables. When you add in the human side, the human error that occurs, lab accidents always happen. It's like the tide going in and out somewhere right now. There is a lab accident happening. Cecil Rodeo says, of course, he cannot understand what gain of function really means when he has himself volunteered for human gain of function on mass via the gene transfection antibody specific experiment. Yep. Yep, yep, yep. And that IGG class switching looks like it's working real well on him. How's those seasonal illnesses doing this season? Young Bog-Brush. So if the researchers are setting out to actually enhance transmissibility or enhance pathogenicity in order to study the path. Just it just says it. It literally lists what gain of function means. Adding in added pathogenicity. Again, the pretzel logic and the cognitive dissonance that must be rattling around his bouffant powered hair is stunning to me. This has this has become people's touchstone for logical and scientific direction through the last three years. Shocking. Let's just listen to that bacon. If the researchers are setting out to actually enhance transmissibility or enhance pathogenicity in order to study the pathogens in that context, then that's gain of function research. But if we do characterization research and what we're characterizing gains a function because we put it into a new background. He's he's really struggling here. It's characterization research that is no, no, no. You've you've blundered into the space of gain of function research. It's why the definitions exist as the way that they do. It's why it's why we're so wary of this type of research to begin with. It's why they put pauses in. He doesn't see working with communist Chinese as being wrong. Look, I would say this. It makes sense to have scientific relations between countries, right, even even if there's a degree of great game competition going on because you cut you do get a window into what it is that they're doing. The problem comes when we've incentivized the research so much and people are able to game the system, much like Dayzak and EcoHealth did. And, you know, we've only found EcoHealth and Metabioda and Labyrinth. There will be many, many more companies like that. All jostling for funds, all all trying to do their bit and contributing to this this expanding domain and field. And again, we have to we have to have very, very strict criteria of what gain of function means. And anything that has the potential to cause gain of function has to be categorized in in that definition. You can't you can't just say it's comparison study. Because we put it into a new background. It's characterization is necessary for us to understand how these things work. And and then what about inserting fearing cleavage sites into it? Bog-Brush. Set designer is flawless. Yeah. That's just missing some rainbow LEDs, right? So to Elon Musk and anybody else who is saying prosecute Fauci because he lied. Um, yeah, we are. We are. We've got paperwork pointing to it. Data emails saying thank you for allowing us to continue our gain of function research during the gain of function research pause. Like he said, you don't know what you're talking about. And it's just getting ridiculous how. Even in Congress. They're allowed to just say spew and say these things. Well, there they. Question the science. Now, yeah, and we'll prosecute you prosecute you too. Yeah. Yep. I think I think that's a fair. Fair outcome. In with what's transpired for sure. Any anyone who, especially if they should have known better and they should have known better. And so all that mutton crew. Let's see all this group, the swear down mutton crew. So cracks. All of them. Right. We've got the Twitter files now and we should be finding out who they are because we know that they've been using these psychological nudge units and whether these people were directly employed by them or were being used by them. Or perhaps they became vocal and were out there speaking publicly, adding, adding to the pressure for people to be shunted in to experimental programs that were run by the DOD. This wants me to click on an image. Well, you know, the hair is. Please change the graphic. It's meant to offend. You should visit swear down your one stop shop or nudge unit. Whoever did this was genius. Right. I think I'm not going to get to the neuroscience. We'll do it later. What I wanted to do was this paper amyloid beta related angitis of the central nervous system occurring after COVID-19 vaccination case report. A lot of good stuff coming out of Japan. I want to get to that and I'll save it for another day. I'm the kids. Misbehaving time to time to hand them over to the PC babysitter. Yeah, they hate. They hate it. I also own a whole bunch of other than knowing. All right. And let's say I think I think I've done. All right. All right. I think I'm going to wrap it up there. But, you know, just here's the link. If you would like just to send that sent that link to Bog-Brush. So, so happy they're able to continue their gain of function research. Not characterization research gain of function. All right. I am going to head out of here. I've got things to do and kids to take care of. I will see you guys in the next one. And yeah, sorry, it was a bit sort of sloppy and everything today. But what can I say? Here's the way it is. I'll reset the computer, get the stream deck working. And I don't know if it'll switch to the outro. Probably not. Let's try.