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Oy Vey Kvetching, IIRT Sasha Latypova Rebuttal, SARS Neuroscience

Hit the outro button, god damn it, nothing ever goes smooth and yeah, it's, let me just check, I think rumble chat is showing up on the screen, let me just test this, 07, boom, oh yeah, wow, wonderful, shout out to tax evaded blicks Simon Phoenix, I don't know how he fixed it, I was doing exactly the same, but some people just have a magic touch with computers and I'm, how shall we say, sometimes I'm just retailed, what can I say, so Merry Christmas to everyone, I think it's still Christmas, we have 12 days of it right, so I hope you're all enjoying yourselves a different time of streaming at the moment because kids are home and how shall I say, my eldest lad, he gets booted out when dad is streaming and he's, he feels the pain, there is pain in his soul that he can't play Roblox, so yeah, for the, I don't know, coming 10 days at least, if I'm streaming, it'll be around this time or very early in the morning, so apologies for that, more euro, how shall we say, more euro, sensitive time I guess, for want of a better expression, so what are we going to be doing today, yeah, some very vague retching, I had some good news today, I was allowed back on Twitter with my original account, it lasted approximately 12 hours, it's got banned already and we'll take a look at why it got banned and what is that, why, why do we get a huge, huge chat in the screen, I know why, let me just sort that out real quick, do this, do this and switch off, do we need, I don't think we need Discord being fed in, I think it'll come from, it should come from, let me check, let me check, let me do this, quick quick quick, tech check, do this and do this, test, okay yeah, so it still comes through, okay, so that should remove that big block of text coming from general text, general chat, alright, so hopefully I don't have to look at any more tech issues at the moment and let's see, good schedule for you, well you know, I'm here to please as it were, so the, what we'll be doing, yeah, so we will be looking at some kvetching, a whole bunch of it today and then I'm going to take a look at, what's her name, Sasha Latypova and the international interdisciplinary research team as my experiments are getting mentioned and I want to rebut some of the claims that are being put out there, so do bear, no not bear with me, I'm going to do that and then some neuroscience if I've got the energy to get through it, so I hope everyone is settled in, buckled in, ready to rock and roll, just close the discord web client, I already have done, Simon, way ahead of you and I just, I wonder why rumble chat is not so interactive, why don't people use it, is it difficult to use rumble chat when you're watching, you should be able to see it coming up on your screen so everyone's chat is integrated, but we can't use YouTube I'm afraid, we're persona non grata on there and might as well just give it a rest for the time being, wait till the Google files come out, I hope that the, ow it's not like Twitter, has been any better let me on and I lasted 12 hours and why does Kev get banned so easily, it's because Kev is straight to the point about some of the more uncomfortable data that's out there that I think needs to be talked about when we're trying to solve the problem that we're in the hybrid warfare, whatever you want to call it, that's dragging us inexorably to the salivating jaws of the rainbow fascists technocratic dystopia we've got in front of us and you know, maybe all those that are paranoid about Noahide laws, maybe they're onto something, I don't know but I do think that we have to look at everything and that's what we will do today so let us dive into the mainstream, let's see, everyone says it's easy unless you're mooching on the couch in full screen mode, yeah and what I would ask is everyone on rumble, click the rumble thing and I don't know, share the stream out if that's, there's a share button there, get people in here, get people in here for a dose of scientific truth that will hopefully wake them up somewhat so let's do this, hope the soundboard is reset, yes not so bad, so of course our festive covert moral bio enhancement, bio enhancement being in the eye of the beholder folks and in this case, I think we've got an idea who those beholders are, it's the oligarch class and maybe, maybe a subset, a subset who like bagels and gel fit fish, disgusting food, Simon says let's just build our own chat and fuck them all, look man I'm down for it bro, I'm down for it, doesn't rumble have an API, do they expose a chat end point, not so much unfortunately, monkey king says rumble allows you to play in background on iphone so many may be listening and not watching the chat, wow go to a lot of trouble to make the visuals all nice, should be watching, all right where was I, Graham says IG4 PDL1 P53 suppression, still I haven't slept in four days, well you're likely to increase all those markers if you've not slept in four days, may I suggest leaving the meth alone, that's usually a good way to get back to sleep, so yes covert moral bow enhancement but one more meme today because I think it's rather apropos, this is cholesterol not graphene oxide kids and yeah we're just going to get into some graphene spectacular with the Sasha Latypova section, so if you've wondered in here and wondering who I am that's me Dr Kevin McCairn I am a legit scientist you can find me all over the internet now if I'm myself just out and into the void, shouting into the void trying to gather my clan, we will get through this and there's a there's a few others out there talking about medical freedom etc and yeah medical freedom is great but unless you're really going at the source of the problem well you're just going to be your medical freedom is going to be constantly attacked and the well hyper focus on just vaccines is it's important but somewhat of a distraction now of course housekeeping you must bookmark I even updated it with my my restored Twitter address but it's gone it's gone boom anyway so let's bookmark that bookmark that half the time the rumble chat doesn't show up on your stream yeah that's been a tech problem that we've been wrestling with and it's hit and miss the little widget that does it and the what can I say it's working today you can see it on the screen so if you want it you can chat in rumble or you can chat in discord so the link for discord is on the oh don't we have a stream coming through no stream oh no stream on mccaindojo that sucks got to fix that another thing to fix so you can go to the discord chat and join there and there's register to be notified here at the bottom look and that will take you to an email page usually there is a live stream on there as well but yeah tax evading blicks never do everything so Nick says we're the people's front of the furin cleavage site who are mrs who mrs hang on more dick jokes in the oh I get it now I'm not a urologist or gynecologist what's that gonna do yes the on this 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that I beg for goes to establishing um our little corner with respect to streaming um archiving you can watch the streamer on um there's a few people streaming on there and just use um yes well that's what the barcode goes to but any and all links and uh all um all cash all cash gladly received um and where was I where was I where was I uh yes the uh the streaming platform it's it's expensive but I think we have to do this because even though rumble is working relatively well um I I can't trust any of the corporate platforms they can pull you at any time um particularly if you start getting a little too close to the truth you start being a little too based with your uh analyses so um always always remember we're trying to always upgrade and it's constant constant work and uh so I hope I hope you appreciate it and of course uh Ryan Dawson uh you can catch his streams on there right now um so that's kind of cool and are we live on there let me just check that yeah it's live oh five people watching that nice uh right so let's get to this and this incorporates a important clip probably it's the reason why I got my youtube not my youtube twitter account taken within hours of being brought back but um the the clip of uh Benjamin Netanyahu I think is an important historical clip it was from Jordan Peterson's interview with him where Jordan was softballing uh him questions about uh Israel's uh biblical history I guess and uh the it's the meme Ralph sorry if you can always rewind it I guess uh so the this clip okay is again historical and it will be of historical significance and a tweet came across my feed from one Aaron Ciri and Aaron Ciri when you read his uh bio managing partner of Syrian Gilmstad civil rights involving mandated medicine class actions and high stakes disputes now this is someone who's uh should be an expert at picking out potential ethical how should we say alumnus that the technocrats are taking with our lives but uh what do we get from one Aaron Ciri um Israel's prime minister explaining Israel became the lab for Pfizer and gloating about persuading pharma to use Israel as a lab for future products one product gone awry and the leaders of Israel may do more harm than their enemies could ever dream of now um I took umbrage with this statement because I I get that Israel jumped the queue which they did right promising if people remember promising to pay extra for the uh access to Pfizer I think it was Pfizer and he he he well in in typical we say Red Sea pedestrian fashion I don't think they paid extra I think I think maybe what what what was offered was the more disturbing elements of that speech and that speech if we get to about here let me just remind you what he said if you haven't seen this as he's bragging about Israel coming first out of the pandemic I'm not so sure that's the case but um let's let's listen to old BB shall we you know you want to know that so Israel became if you will the the lab for Pfizer and that's how we did it we got out and we gave the information to the world not only been published in medical magazines and so on um that's our database we have I intend to bring on that base database now this is the most disturbing aspect and this is what bothers me that's not being picked up because this is what's coming in your future hey forget about I don't know parasitic symbiotic graphing driven um demons taking you over this is the demon that you have to worry about right now uh I'm not particularly talking about BB in that context but you could probably wrap him up in there it's what he says next that should have everyone everyone disturbed of medical personal medical records for entire population a genetic database genomes okay give me a saliva sample volunteer but I'm sure most people would do it maybe we'll pay them now we have a genetic record on a medical record of a robust population it's got you have to have diversified populations we have people from 100 lands this is a very powerful engine now now let so the first part is already disturbing okay that they intend to do that but what did they ask the consent of everyone in Israel if they could do that was that part of the deal as they forced everyone in to get these vaccines now I'm not saying that the people of Israel haven't been jacked over but every pretty much every western country was made to go through the same ordeal okay which was essentially forced vaccination um multiple forced uh PCR testing which would have grabbed your genetic data and um there he is saying that he's going to do that which is a terrible terrible um breach of ethics in my mind and but lays out the blueprint of where they want to take us and of course again the next disturbing bit it's not public access oh no no no no no it's not just being given away for free here we get the the little uh hook nose red sea pedestrian uh fine print clause uh pharma companies let medical companies let them run algorithms on this database okay i'm telling you right away they'll give preference for a few years to israeli firms they'll give preference for a few years to israeli firms now again that's something else that i would just pick up on there when he's talking about just medical information medical firms but what about defense military firms those that are quasi-military and straddle both domains because that's what these big corporations do but anyway um it's that's that's the most disturbing thing every country every country has been mandated to have vaccines so that so the oh my god we're the victims here that uh re whatever his name is siri whatever yeah aren't siri um is whinging about i would argue he it's a deliberate deflection and that's that's what i think because i would guess with a name like aren't siri uh we may be looking at uh shall we say i would i would put i would put good money on uh in being circumcised just put it that way and for him for someone who's supposedly a expert in medical ethics and bringing cases do not point out that it's disturbing so i respond shameful aran siri sg so-called expert on medical ethics doesn't point out the disturbing desire to build data mining systems of genetic and medical records in order to give israel biotech firms the advance the advantage in constructing at world economic forum techno fascism say no to hasbro dystopia now i think that's probably what um got me banned but it's a simple case of find out who you can't talk about and then you know who rules over you and like i said this clip is of historical importance now we know the sort of rough details right we know that israel jumped the queue etc and they've they they have done forced medical experimentation on their own country but there's a subset in that country sharks swimming in the sea that prepared to profit off that misery and instead of saying this is all going to be free open to the public in real time i guess for those for those that could use the data no it it gets leveraged for the next industrial revolution the bioinformatic age and that is of concern to me it should be of concern to everyone here and just just to uh put the crowning cherry on this turd let me just remind people about this so there are people in israel who are rightly pissed that they got experimented on so what did they do well they petitioned the courts to look at the uh contracts that were signed between uh israel and i guess i i don't know if bb net and yahoo was uh there signing the papers himself but he he says in that uh little clip that he was speaking directly with albert baller and they can't find the contracts right now imagine that imagine that and they want to hand over data and uh buy data from all the other countries that were mandated to be running their algorithms on do we get to look at those contracts this this my friends is where the uh real real battle is and all all the time that everyone's going on about uh all my medical freedoms right it's gone it's gone it's past you right and if you if you were stupid enough to uh listen to cretins that have been put in as technocratic talking heads all i can say is i'm sorry and just don't don't get any more don't get any more um the didn't put his signature on anything uh so you know just oi vei oi vei indeed and like i say you know that's a good a good proportion of uh the israeli population of just being bent over and shafted like the rest of us and you know i i got the impression they're probably pretty strict in their mandates i expect if you belong to uh the right temple or so so you know this is um this is the context in which we're working and this is the context in which all the censorship is happening and if people are not talking to you about this they're not doing their job if they're so-called experts now of course we've got to worry about corporations in other countries and the bastards who mandated as well but it's that bleeding edge that we have to pay attention to and like i say that clip will go down in history if if we manage to uh prevent them from memory memory holding it uh in the in the in the dystopian world that they've got coming for us where your where your search results and your data is all going to be individually curated for you because you might be considered you know your social credit score might not be up there uh where where they would like it to be you you've engaged in some wrong think in the last few weeks so your search results wouldn't find that um things like contracts which you think such a massive contract of uh i presume hundreds of millions of dollars to buy all those vaccine doses now i bet you if we uh if we could find that uh contract there was probably no money paid they probably just it was yeah we'll we'll give you this data for you to work on the data mine flavikin suspended as well weird they banned you but maybe could have waited 24 hours to name yeah maybe name look man i've got to do it when it comes up i've got to do it when it comes up and this this to me stinks of deflection right that individual hundred thousand followers okay should should be able to read more into that statement in my opinion but no no it's it's oh oh god oh boy boy boy we got tested on we got everyone got fucking tested on three jabs for free data uh yep yep yep uh graham wants me to click on a link what's this for brazil versus israel uh yesterday a new report relating to the contractual negotiation between faiza and israel was published sadly is inaccurate what really happened in israel and how come brazil plays a key role in our understanding oh interesting um background on july 2021 i've published on twitter multiple unredacted manufacturing and supply agreements with faiza according to exposure faiza leak the first was albania uh the second was brazil which was digitally signed uh i performed multiple analyses and breakdown of the contracts at the first concentrating of the brazilian contract because it wasn't still is the only contract which can be admissible evidence in a court of law the other reason i concentrated on the brazilian agreement was the geopolitical environment in brazil brazilian senate run by the president's opposition to create a very special committee to investigate the government and they had a very special witness the committee had summoned carlos morillio who was in 2020 the head of faiza brazil and got promoted to be the head of faiza latin america yes crawling up that corporate ladder folks the the frameworks of the public private partnerships that are going to come and seal you in to your 10 minute city or your 15 minute city whatever they call it if you don't pay for it you're the product yes yes yes yes is the chat still working in rumble yeah yeah still okay um there are highlights from his testimony faiza started the worldwide negotiation in may 2020 faiza did not prioritize any country faiza negotiated and signed contracts with the same conditions with more than 110 countries around the world the contract model was the same used in all countries obviously each country required adjustments due to local regulations and conditions faiza followed the same negotiation plan with all the countries around the world faiza instructed their subsidiaries to start negotiation in june 2020 hogan lovells is the law firm that was is advising faiza on a global level the negotiation with countries was done by faiza not hogan lovells the conditions of exemption from liability are the same in all contracts faiza contracted all the governments at the same time and progressed in parallel faiza did not have different tiers for different countries when it came to the negotiation faiza demanded the same conditions from all the countries faiza only moved to sign the contract with the brazil after brazil passed legislation four point or whatever on march 10 2021 it was a new public procurement law that enabled the removal of liability brazil called some of the clauses leonine clauses meaning unilaterally prejudices the right of brazil faiza demanded payment to an account abroad contractual disagreements will be ruled in new york city imagine that uh brazil will be responsible for all side effects uh let's see during negotiations faiza needed the conditions set in legislation this is where the federal senate brazilian congress had to approve the new law only then faiza deemed the legal conditions in brazil to be adequate for the signature yeah yeah yeah what about brazil brazil brazil brazil yeah we get it about brazil there was something supposed to be about israel in here where's israel um faiza conducted phase three clinical trials yeah pricing okay uh okay back to israel yesterday uh yaffa raz published an article about the contracts israel signed with faiza after consulted with gal g an israeli lawyer oh she's a good account to follow actually uh when i commented on the article gal block me and then yaffa let's see why um gal has been claiming since july 21 that the contract israel signed with faiza was unique that no other country had such contract and that any claims anyone makes otherwise is false misleading she's never provided evidence to support her claims the above testimony under oath of the most senior faiza manager in latin america allows us to look in parallel to is israel israelis contractual milestones and dates and understand them first let's look at real world epidemiological evidence collaboration agreement which was first released heavily redacted on the 26th of january 2021 and released again slightly less redacted after a court ordered israel ministry of health to provide a signed copy um yeah okay um real world epidemiological evidence collaboration agreement the real world epidemiological evidence collaboration agreement dated yeah yeah yeah between israeli ministry of health actually on behalf yeah yeah that's faiza yeah um conditional confidential sorry entered into confidential manufacturing and supply agreement dated december 1st yeah under which ministry of health agreed to purchase the product as defined below faiza agreed to manufacture and supply the product all in accordance with terms of manufacturing supply agreement and subject to certain conditions okay okay uh article okay notice that all versions of the real world epidemiological evidence collaboration agreement show that it was signed on 6th of january 2021 what we now know is that manufacturing and supply agreement was signed on the 1st of december 2020 article 10 of the reply to israel ministry health that was submitted to the court on 26th of october 22 had stated that the agreement signed between the ministry of health and faiza okay i don't see much in there god it's a long thread ha gonna get to the point uh the article also had two more dates mentioned um cda probably a typo meaning nda confidentiality agreement was signed on july 12 2020 okay so let's look at the dates nda according to carlos morillo faiza instructed their subsidiaries to start negotiation in june 2020 in order for negotiation to start faiza wanted an nda and it seems israel signed it on the 12th of july 2020 side letter side letter as jaffa rightly stated we know we now know that the side letter was executed by the parties on the 13th of november 2020 we have no evidence that the letter of principles is the side letter as he's mentioned separately let's assume so how long is this add to this that brazil has perhaps the world's highest level of vaccination culture and population was demanding any vaccine immediately politicians took advantage of this on both sides i'm sure slightly more complicated the senate was using the investigation committee to try to frame the government if i recall correctly the purchase was also always done at state level not country also bolsa rana tried to avoid that trap but the senate enforced full indemnity explain it to me like i'm five why any country would sign such an agreement yeah i don't i don't um i don't get what he's getting out here so what did they brazil brazil got vaccines first is that what he's saying i don't know it's there uh is there a quick summary it's a bit bit difficult to uh extract all that on the fly yeah there's nothing nothing there to uh all chats connected only on the screen oh and we got uh don't know that you can have sir maybe uh i can do this one for you but working ah ah let me see if i can find that one should work it's not there what if i do this a canon lodge and uh uh sources i do this for the diamond thank you uh yes pay me 50 bucks and you can have yassa arafat he's invested pali hero but uh thank you thank you much much appreciated amanda um oh seven to you sir uh i'm an endless vibration i don't know who this person is and i can't follow him as uh my new account it's already gone it's already gone brazil versus israel um i guess it's just the timing issue is that is that what um is that what he's getting at i don't know some someone tell me what's going on i need it let me just uh uh copy on the fly all right sharp uh right um where was i where was i uh yeah back to this so yeah with contracts everything well all very shady all very uh all very disturbing with old bibby here telling you telling you they're gonna put the genetic data with your uh records i doubt it would just all be medical records criminal records everything will get put in there they'll try and extract everything out and you've got your little magic uh scrying mirror here your little passports clocky where you go yeah it'll it'll all be it'll all be uh up for sale so yeah that's why i think i got um banned from twitter within hours within hours okay sorry folks all right so uh sticking with israel this guy former head of israel biological institute says i made three mistakes Pfizer vaccines are dangerous it's from jerusalem the bombshell tweet issued by one of federal israel's most prominent biologists and the former head of the israel institute for biological research professor shmul shapira the professor says that i made three mistakes with the first vaccine the second vaccine and the third vaccine in reference to COVID-19 vaccines of Pfizer professor added who says that those who were vaccinated can't admit they were wrong okay professor shapira who was one of the originators of an israeli COVID-19 vaccine which was laid at shelf was interviewed afterwards on israeli television and asked to explain his position he said that even though Pfizer vaccines were not fake and it saved lives they had also very limited effectiveness maybe for three months and have numerous side effects many of which are severe and of course loss of life and they're trying to cover this up oh that bit is true and that's why i think these um because of the failing efficacy just fall into the domain of gene therapies uh it's all in uh yiddish whatever they speak um there are publications from various places worldwide about heart infections associated with this vaccine heart infections are sometimes lethal affects young people there are significant neurological diseases associated and even a rise in susceptibility to cancer dr sharon aloi price head of the ministry of health's public health section was quick to rebut shapira's claims speaking on israeli radio price said there is no possibility yet of knowing whether the vaccines could cause cancer oh quick deflect focus on the cancer um which develops over a long period of time and might even be caused by covid itself dr price said the professor shapiro is not in touch with reality regarding the vaccines which do have side effects but none as serious as develop another serious as developing a serious case of covid 19 itself maybe maybe maybe this uh this is not sure mutton crew is still stalking you yeah probably look i piss off lots of people doing what i do um you know diplomacy not being one of my strong suits and again i think uh in the current environment the the time the time for gentlemanly academic debate uh in the easy chairs uh pipe in hand you sir are uh your hypotheses are stretching credulity no no um we've got this very very limited window we must do all that we can and if there's one person that is required to speak out and call a spade a spade um i i'll do it i'll do it i know it's getting out there and now it's leaking out because and it's it's pissing people off and uh and i will be how should i say competent in my interactions with people um it's it's just the way it's um i wish we could have a uh scholarly debate but you know i even listened to the twitter space with uh what's his name the dr drew and the li men yang section was kind of interesting i was sort of half dozing off when she was talking but i heard her sort of calling out steve bannon uh for being a bit of a reptile and uh being dishonest and gao network being uh sketchy as well uh bravo to li men yang for sort of holding to her principles and speaking out i'm not entirely sure that we can blame everything on china in the current environment i did they play a part oh yeah for sure for sure did they think everything up that i'm not so sure about and uh it just seems to me that there were people who were poised poised to um benefit from everything that's transpired in the last three years that's where the data has led me oops it is what it is uh at least i don't think i'm you my new twitter account so far so far graham what can i say should consider it an honor uh comfortably numb says oh my god i listened to dr drew twitter spaces maroon in my honest opinion yeah yeah and you know i look i get it i get it that people want to hyper focus on the vaccines etc it's it's an important topic but it's part of a much bigger uh subject matter and you know if if someone isn't talking about bio warfare at least li men yang's talking about unrestricted bio warfare good on her she at least she's got a plausible hypothetical mechanism as to how sars was constructed um at least she's calling out sketchy networks that are driving the uh narrative uh back and forth culture war in in the u.s. bravo to her um but again i think it i think it more a global issue and now i say i think uh this this it's uh where we should be looking all this uh leveraging advantage for as we say israeli biotech um see quite currently says china had overwhelming help from dc dod of china did this uh yeah maybe maybe maybe maybe um again how much is sort of world economic forum type interactions above transnational governments etc i believe that to be a big factor um you know wef is an easy target i'm sure there are groups behind them that uh really really pull the strings and yeah they're groups that just uh business dealings and uh actually being in the public eye oh no oh no enough enough for them no they'll just be uh dipping in and out of uh private airports and planes on uh other other lilliter expresses uh indulging their appetites around the globe uh we'll be lucky to know who they are uh the jabs are at all not the disease yeah and like i said the one my opinion you can consider it through the bio warfare lens as a binary agent especially if there's there's i think there is there's uh contraindicated interactions between exposure to synthetic spike through lipid nanoparticles or viral vectors and exposure through infection rounds um anyway um sticking with uh israel and uh see juice here's another one bit cultural i had to put this in there just uh well just sort of finished it off but um this is this is the insanity that they're trying to shove down your throats in the u.s uh i'm presuming this is recent who can tell with these people but uh yes this degenerate deviant cross-dressing big wants to tell you and uh how to how to raise your children and um won't betide you should you not uh indulge their actually say uh teenage existential angst that's been fueled fueled through uh military chat tuned psychological operations but anyway let's uh let's have a listen so health professionals have a critical role to play we must continue and to expand their work to address health misinformation directly with their patients now this includes but it goes beyond covid 19 so i'd like to just talk briefly about another area of substantial misinformation that is directly impacting health equity in our nation and that is the health equity of sexual and gender minorities there is substantial misinformation about gender affirming care for transgender and gender diverse individuals we are in this nation facing an onslaught of anti-lgbtqi plus action plus action a fucking onslaught we're facing an onslaught i'm fed up i'm fed up with your rainbow flags and your flaunting your genitals in kids faces because you feel that you've been marginalized by society like if you're gonna act like groomer and predate on kids you probably should be pushed to the edges of society i'm sorry sorry you don't get to indulge it you don't get to normalize it what the fuck is gender diverse yeah what what does that mean in in we're horrible at with two genders that's it maybe maybe some sort of birth defect crossover type mutants in the middle at the state levels across the middle and they are dangerous to the public health the positive value of gender affirming care for youth and adults is not in scientific or medical dispute i beg to disagree on that um we have numerous cases of how should we say gender dysphoric uh individuals who have been how should we say facilitate their path facilitated towards uh bodily mutilation regretting their choices and you know i was reading um what was it some green beret or something like that and he was basically relating that he went to a psychiatrist and within one session he walked out of there with a bag of uh hormones and began transitioning um you know i think i think in the bigger picture of things the the global war on your mind this is an attack vector that needs to be um constrained this is uh don't listen to broke back brendan um this this needs uh constraining we need we need our pappy putin pappy putin coming in and telling you like it is a child needs a mother and a father so we all need to work together to get our voices um out in the front line we need to get our voices in the public eye and we can we know how effective our medical community can be talking to communities whether it's at town halls schools conversations with others and we need to use our clinicians voice to collectively advocate for our tech companies to create a healthier tech companies like like we just haven't seen what fucking nests of fascism that they are we want we want more censorship more more controlling of opinion by tech fascist companies and the fbi and the cia and the nsa that's really what we need right now holy shit cleaner information environment during a moment when public trust in our leaders in our information is very challenged the health care worker community the medical community does i believe maintain a high degree of trust and we have to utilize that and we have to utilize it effectively let it burn let it burn this is this is them in uh corporate gobbledygook telling you that they're coming for your children and uh they they will be well structuring the uh the tech platforms to facilitate the warping of your children's minds let it burn that's why the arab world laughs at us yeah yeah i'm laughing excuse me all right so let's see what was i going to do next right so i think we've finished with uh for the moment so no enough uh no mork vetching that's right mork vetching hotez hotez has put out an apology if at times i appeared too militant around vaccines and immunizations my apologies with highly transmissible virus pathogens we know vaccines equal all our most potent public health interventions my outspokenness was born out of pure desperation to save lives nothing to do with me grifting money from pharmaceutical companies riding riding the wave of uh again the uh tech-enforced narratives nothing to do with their ego boosting there nothing to do with uh i'm sure say eschatological reasons no no no nothing at all to do with that it's just a desire to save lives and what this is this bastard knows that the tide has turned and that there have been a lot of people fucked up over the last two years a lot of people that have lost their lives a lot of people that have been hurt and he was he was there front and center cheerleading it on cheerleading it on what he's asking for here is he's going towards the amnesty oh god please please i was just trying to save lives leave me alone leave me and my retard to what we're alone i'm just a victim don't you feel my pain twitter account's not fully configured to hold this blog sheet i don't even have a twitter account what can i say it's gone i had it for 12 hours so um yeah these people are getting nervous and rightly so rightly so and to just rub salt in the wound how does how does put this out now look sometimes the reputation tropes they've they're you know they've got some sort of basis in reality and this this is a steaming pile of victimhood virtue signaling again trying to make out that um he's going to be the victim when public rage is likely to pick up and they're going to be asking who put us in this situation in 2023 i will have a series of articles that define the links between anti-science and anti-semitism so there you go if you if you've questioned if you've questioned anything about the last three years and you've uh how should we say not listen to your scientific betters you're an anti-semite now you can't look at bb net and yow telling you that you're a net and yow telling you that they're what they're planning with respect to your data and how they're going to leverage it no you can't do that that would be anti-semitic it's not intuitively obvious but i make the case it's a continuous thread going back to the mid 14th century it accelerated in the mid 20th century tweets like this have meaning uh triple brackets jotes triple brackets i don't know what that means maybe it's anti-semitic i don't know but just anything anything becomes anti-semitic when they're when they're trying to wriggle out of responsibility uh thank you uh alberto putting up the transcript for video live with sachet le povier um are we still streaming i hope so it's not finished yet yeah we're still streaming um so i think i think that's the kvetching finished always always comes through folks do not allow that type of woke narrative framing stop you from questioning all the the bastards that have got us into this position you're allowed to ask don't don't let them scuttle off in a in a cloud of uh rainbows and just don't do it oh no just do it you're allowed you're allowed to do it don't don't let them try and bamboozle you saying that you can oh god the holocaust oh yeah and he's semi asking those questions lap origins chew hater all right so i think we're gonna move on from there uh so um this was an interesting uh data out of japan uh looking at uh some interesting as we say observations uh around the world literally on fire foreign oh so i just want to say there's a dono there and another 50 buck one so you can have uh let's see this is gonna work no i have to do it here um but thank you much much appreciated someone i don't know see the colorado and i don't know what that is tennessee maybe whoever that was uh thank you thank you thank you much much appreciated i hope that was uh an apple pay um i hope the the qr code down the bottom folks you just scan it send cash watch my nose grow uh um there was uh another 20 bucks there i think and that was let me see do this uh sorry 10 and and um i want to say be tennessee again maybe oh the other one might be oklahoma or arkansas but uh you can have you had enough of and uh let's see let's go down from this one uh no pause and there's another one one もう一回も 甲緒大学医学部 ワクチン専修後に起きる皮膚の疾患を研究している 佐野茂都市特に教授 この写真はなが十代の男性患者で右腕上腕部の皮膚の組織が 餌食を起こしています Dr. Sanotokunin, who examined the patients who had skin problems after the vaccination, and re-invented the treatment of herpes, and other health measures, examined how to dye the director's tissue with a special dye. What he found was... The green part is the spike protein. The spike protein from the vaccine was dyed on the skin. In the center of the screen, what was found in the inflamed part of the skin was a substance called the spike protein created by the vaccine. The spike protein is like a thorn on the surface of the virus. People's immune system can attack the virus by remembering the shape of this thorn. The vaccine of Pfizer and Moderna injects part of the virus's genetic data and creates a immune system by creating a spike protein in people's cells. What does it mean that this spike protein was gathered in the inflamed part? There are various types of spike proteins. In order to reduce the immune system, the director's tissue is re-invented. Dr. Sanotokunin points out that the spike protein created by the vaccine lowers the immune system and causes various side effects such as skin texture. The work of the spike protein as a side effect is to create blood vessels and to cause inflammation in the local area. If you lower your immune system, you can easily get infected with infection, right? That's right. Recently, the problem is that people who sell vaccines are more likely to get infected with COVID-19. There is a possibility that the total immune system will be a little strange. Well, there we go, folks. So, chronic infections emerging and the take home from that is, well, of course, the immune system damage. It's far away from the injection site. You saw people with herpes lesions under their chest. I saw calves and thighs and arms there. So it means that that lipid nanoparticle is going all around the body. I would presume if it's getting into something like herpes shingles lesion, then maybe a central nervous or peripheral nervous system transfection is causing that. But, you know, pretty disturbing. My dad's bones were eaten away, the bones, what the fuck, he had four jabs. Well, Sven, what can I say, dude? Anyway, that's the link where those videos are. Someone was asking. Let me put that in the rumble chat just for those that are interested. That's what my stepdad gets, every booster, giant burning rash, but his home keeps jabbing him. Let's see. If you tip via, there is more coin. Direct kev. Yes, please. Please, please, please. Right. So moving on. So this from Jackie, just just just to sort of hammer home that maybe there are some some animals that are more equal than others. So what you didn't know that Pfizer what you didn't know that Pfizer employees got special batches that didn't have to go through the TGA analysis process makes you wonder what other special groups had their own batches, doesn't it? Do you know what else is not in the death batch log? So Jackie is looking basically there are hot batches been identified in Australia with deaths and any of the seven batches reserved for Pfizer employees. So Pfizer employees were getting I would say the quality testing done on their batches. It's half two in the morning already. I don't think I'm going to get to half what I wanted to do in this stream. I might have to do it tomorrow. But this was interesting. Rogue antibody and mystery pathogen behind AstraZeneca blood clots. I want to press on. I want to at least get to Sasha. I'm sorry. Here's the link to that. I'll put that in the chat. And I'll put this and oh, wow. One hundred and twenty one watching in rumble. Amazing. So more safe and effective. More safe and effective evidence there for you. All right. So this was interesting. Camilla Georgie among the suspects for fake vaccinations. She got that grip. She's got veins on her forearm like a. I cannot say it, but she could give me a forearm smash any day of the week. Anyway, she's now being taken to court. Apparently, a group of doctors there were giving out fake vaccine certificates. And yeah, they're all this. This is what's coming for you folks when they when they instantiate all the digital IDs. It's been very, very little getting around it. And, you know, even like pro sports players can't find a sympathetic doc. They're just why didn't they just say allergic to reactions? That could have worked. But no, they had to lie. All right. So did did did do that one. But yeah, I think I can with time for shades. Now, just as a caveat to this, I think this was from Steve. I know it's from Dr. Asim. I don't know if these people died. These are people keeling over from doing heavy deadlifts. It's easy. I've seen people pass out deadlifts. Maybe it's just that. But for entertainment purposes, we'll consider them shades. Welcome to TVA World, folks. We salute this heat. No, there's an environmental crisis going on. Sequest of your carbon for your bettors. And apparently, and I might have done this story the other day, but head of Russia's multi shipyards dies suddenly. Even the Ruskies are getting a taste of it. And I don't know what that is. Just I needed something for the Shaheed section. I need a short Shaheed section today. All right, that's Shaheed's done. And let's let's move on. What's this? China news. Maybe perhaps 5000 people dying daily. We'll move on from that. And apparently, it's politicians and celebrities being taken out. There was a opera singer the other day. She was quite a pretty young girl, actually. I would say she was in her 30s, but died suddenly. Well, COVID got her, I should say. And what can I say with respect to what's going on in China? We covered the stories last stream where they're not going to give out data. No country is going to. They've stopped reporting about COVID. So we don't know. We don't know what's going on. And I would imagine that they're going to be fudging death stats, I guess, going forward from this. Can't have the plebs knowing that they're being picked off. A friend sends me Shaheed articles almost every day. It's amazingly ridiculous. Yeah, you know, there's plenty to choose from, but I want to get on to this. So that's messed up my tabs. Let me just do this. We have this from Sasha Latypova. And this is following on from this article she did December 23rd. Nobody knows what's in the vials. And I've been quite impressed with Sasha up until this point, I have to say. I think she does an excellent job working through the industrial side of manufacture and the pitfalls that can occur when scaling up anything as complicated as gene transfection technologies for global population. And like I say, she's done an absolutely fantastic job in that regards. Yet what she's gone and done, I would say, is she's just slept over the edge of credibility because she starts talking about graphene being in the shots. And, you know, she mentions my data. She credits Steve Kersh, but Steve Kersh is talking about my data. And let's see. But who is she looking at? Pablo Campra, again, very suspect. Sandre Bota, I think, is the blonde-haired bimbo who thought the air bubbles were magnetic nanodiscs. The Argentinian group, again, dirty slides, very obvious. German team, again, all these sorts of crystal inclusions, et cetera. Until you've done spectroscopy, I would be very, very skeptical. And let's see. Well, the only people that I know that have done spectroscopy are myself, the German group, and Campra in Spain. And again, I don't trust the Spanish data. I don't trust it that it's come out with chinkwa column, and we don't see them do the experiments. Sorry, until under the current circumstances, unless you've seen them pull the vials and crack open unsealed vials to look at the contents, you can basically dismiss any of the more lurid claims. And like I say, everything that I see here is cholesterol and literal fibers that you pick up in dust in the air. What I've seen these people do, they're not doing it in clean rooms. And you've got to be in exceptional clean rooms to make sure that slides are not getting contaminated. Sorry, you don't get to say that these are graphene internet fiber optic cables that we've heard. Again, what you see on here, very obvious cholesterol crystals, cholesterol, cholesterol. Yeah, I want to say she mentions graphene in here, so let me rather than graphene. Yeah, so almost all vials examined contain high contamination levels of various metals that are toxic to the human body. Not so much in the ones we saw. There was some copper nanoparticles, which were interesting in not AstraZeneca, Janssen. Let's see, so this finding is consistent across all groups and methodologies. Again, I would say be very, very careful making huge sweeping claims like that. And, you know, I'm inclined to agree with, what's his name, the pathologist, his name slips me, Ryan Cole. And it could be coming from the needle that you're pulling out the sample with. Copper definitely isn't, but some of the chromium and all those other metals for sure could. And, you know, if they've gone and sputtered the sample with palladium or platinum, you get all sorts of unusual signals. So additional findings include various forms of carbon, including potentially graphene oxide, which is a known toxin. Finally, almost all vials examined contain a variety nano and microparticular contaminants. Another conclusive finding with plenty of photo and video documentation. Again, I think a lot of the time what people are looking at are dirty slides. Just remember, folks, how hard we had to get work to get clean slides, clean slides that we could look at and just be confident that we were pulling out the confound of dirt on the glass, just handling the slides, et cetera. Like I say, everything that I've seen points to poor handling, poor environment and misinterpretation of the results. The only group that's got it right is the German group, and they didn't find any graphene oxide. We didn't find any graphene oxide. The only person who's found who could really say that they've done a test for graphene oxide is Campra in Spain. But again, I don't trust anything from that group. Sorry, until I see them do the experiment and do the comparison. And again, did any of them have the positive control there with graphene samples like we had? No, they didn't. Kev, get an interview with Ryan Colt. Look, most people are going to avoid talking to me because they happily use my data, but I'm just a little bit too edgy, a little bit too out in front of the curve, as it were, with respect to looking at this data. And it's that simple. And I don't mind it. It's the way it has to be. It's just, it is what it is. I'll ask someone who says, Cary Boyo, any proper scientist knows to stir their slides with their sonic hair toothbrush? Yes. All right, let's see. They appear under microscope examinations. Shapes and structures of various sizes, ribbons, fibers, crystals. Several published reports by qualified and credentialed microscopy experts have excluded the possibility of environmental dirt on the microscope slides. I don't think so. Sorry. Let's see. And just to show you some nice examples of cholesterol. Boom. Still growing. There's some cholesterol crystals. This is it's not dark field. It's a bit higher magnification for dark field. And these are very, very small cholesterol crystals, because you know what? I made those, piss them into a jar for your entertainment, your scientific edification, folks. That's right. How Kevin will work. Go to the extremes. Pull out his blood and piss in a jar. And like I say, that's that's just a nice, well formed cholesterol crystal. And, you know, she even goes on to say that they're responding to 4G at some point in this article or this one. And the. And so this group, International Interdisciplinary Research Team, David Hughes and Daniel Brody video, let's have a let's have a look at this, shall we? Link to the video is here and link to the paper. Now, we looked at this paper. This is this vaccine journal. And as we say, under most instances, I think I don't think it's getting the reviews given by people with, as we say, particular ideological persuasion. And look what they they're showing. And I think this is from this guy in New Zealand where he sort of show he's claiming that the crystal is forming and reforming in in a 4G environment. And now crystal crystals do that. But it's a consequence of the temperature and the solution. And sometimes they can sort of come in and out of solution. I don't think it's got anything to do with 4G. I've got I've got a router sitting about four feet away from my microscope and staples, et cetera. I haven't seen I haven't seen them coming and walking in and out with quantum effects. Sorry, you don't see quantum effects at this scale. In fact, don't let these people confuse you with scientific gobbledygook. Even Tesla coil couldn't do anything to them. But that that and again, until we see the video being done and that looks like a crystal just forming out of the fluid as it's drying. And depending on how the fluid is moving across the slide, particularly if the objective light underneath is not an LED, but, you know, old school sort of pretty cool them tungsten like lamp. You get a lot of heat coming off those lamps. So, again, it'll change the dynamics. And, you know, the fact that these people are linked with good favorites, where are they? I won't do it on this screen. Wait, I'm on the wrong screen. You had enough. So let me just rewind this just to give you what they're claiming is the effects of 5G on these crystals. And I've looked at enough of these samples now. I can see bacterial contamination in there and I see cholesterol crystals. Know why? Because I've done spectroscopy on them. So did the German group. And speed it up and we don't know what direction that's being played with. No sound. No sound. No sound. I have the real Anthony Fauci as well on my bookshelf. Yeah, there are some key techs around at the moment, that's for sure. That's right. What else you got there? Oh, I've got all kinds. I've got Ian Davis's pseudo pandemic. I've got Anthony Sutton's Wall Street trilogy. I've got Nazi billionaires, Nazi Hydro in America. Have you read, I think it's Stephen Poole's Unspeak? I haven't even heard of that one, actually. What's that? What is that? It's really nice. It is a response to all of the rhetorical contortions that we saw after 9-11 and how language was being corrupted by the powerful manufacturer consent for the war. I was very surprised I've not come across that. I was just rereading Edward Curtin's 2016 piece about the weaponization of language after 9-11. Very powerful stuff, you know, it talks about the unthinkable and the new Pearl Harbor and these phrases which are being dropped in even before the attacks happened. And then just amazing the kind of psychological power that they hold over people. It is amazing, isn't it? The power of the word. It really is. Yeah, I recommend Poole's Unspeak. I think you'll like it. Great. Thanks for the time. I'll certainly check that out. Yeah. So I think this will be a good conversation because you and I are coming at the story of COVID, the COVID-19 narrative. We're coming at it from somewhat similar angles in the social sciences.

Coming from it, from the social sciences. Look, look, he's the author of this paper, right? And this, come on, load.

Why? Piece of shit. He's a social scientist dipping his toes into materials science. Again, that's cholesterol, cholesterol. I've seen all these effects. Okay. And this, this is disturbing that we should have senior lecturer in international relations. I think this dude has ever even picked up a fucking microscope, let alone anything approximating in depth analysis of high tech materials. Now, look, to be fair, in that interview, I kind of agree with their take. Where are we going? We're going, they're barreling us towards this dystopia, rainbow fascist technological nightmare. And we need people to speak out. God damn it. If you're going to start making ridiculous claims that the evidence doesn't support, then what happens? You get blown out the water. Between July 2021 and August 2022, evidence of undisclosed ingredients in COVID-19 vaccines was published by at least 26 research teams in 16 different countries across five continents using spectroscopic and microscopic analysis. Despite operating largely independently of one another, their findings are remarkably similar and highlight the clear and present danger that the world's population has been relied to regarding the contents of the COVID-19 vaccines. What I want to do is I want people to stop focusing on what is standard chemistry that anyone who has a background in it will just, again, wipe your floor. Try to get a grip on the toxic biology. Understand the toxic biology of the spike protein. We know that that's going around and is associated with tissue damage. We've got the autopsy data now. What do they find? Expressed spike protein at sites of injury. We just saw expressed spike protein in herpes lesions. Trying to claim that there are special self-assembling nanobots in these concoctions isn't going to help. It really isn't. At least they disclose being social science, guys. All right. Where were we? This raises grave questions about the true purpose of the dangerous experimental injections that have so far been shot into 5.33 billion people. Over two-thirds of the human race, including children, apparently without informed consent regarding the contents. I'm on board with that. Surprise findings include sharp edged geometric structures, fibrous or tube-like structures, or crystalline formations, micro bubbles, not nanodiscs, and possible self-assembling nanotechnology. He's not qualified to be saying that. You know what? The only people who I would say have had the technical ability to really be looking at these vials is the German group. I've spoken with them, and we agree that our findings concur. No graphene, just cholesterol, salts, maybe some metals. And they had they had a specialist who worked with graphene nanofibres structures. Look at these things. And they even did the mass spectrometry. No nanobots quantum jumping super materials from the future. This is this is a form of gaslighting. And I'm sorry. We have to hold ourselves to standards as well. And when these people are going round and like I say, in my mind, it's it's a distraction almost to what's coming next, which is the the closing of the digital gates around your life. That's probably the next phase of this action that they're taking. The blood of people who have received one or more covid-19 vaccines appears in case after case to contain foreign bodies and to be seriously degraded with red blood cells, typically in RULO formation. Again, everything that I've seen there seems indicative of amyloid. That's that's what the autopsy studies have shown. Lights up with Congo red. Taken together, these 26 studies make a powerful case for the full force of scientific investigations to be brought to bear on covid-19 vaccine contents. Oh, and that I can agree. But all the time that you're saying that there are nanobots and transformers in there, that ain't going to happen. Sorry. Focus on the real hard questions. Focus on this, where they want to take you. Who's driving it? Who's asking these hard questions? Kev could be rich, just joined the nano grifters. Yeah. Now, I guess I'm kind of looking back. We'll watch this. And look, I'm in agreement with the context of what they're describing at a sociological level. If that's what they are, social scientists, please, we need your help. Stick to that. Don't go fucking writing high tech scientific studies about material science. You're not qualified to do it. Sorry. And it just comes off as fucking lame and stupid and just giving fuel to the likes of stupid. Over the past couple of years in talking with you and some of our colleagues, I've always been fascinated by how people are conditioned by the media. I don't know what's wrong with this clip, but it sort of jumps. And I think there must be some sort of filtering that they've done to sort of cut out like pauses or where they've gone sort of. And it's sort of it's got an odd cadence to it. And it's nothing that I it's it's not your stream messing up. It actually looks like it just looks odd. Yeah, to do things that they otherwise wouldn't do if they weren't so wound up and agitated. And I think that when we look at the structure of our thoughts and how those thoughts are communicated, it just sounds like a fucking robot to me. In political discourse, how they're communicated in writing, in newsprint, how they're communicated in media. That reveals the structure of those thoughts. It reveals something quite deep about the people's concepts of who we are as a herd, as Lippman referred to us. So I think you and I, the work that we're doing and our colleagues who are interested in propaganda, I think we're doing some good work. It seems to me is really at the base. I fucking beg to differ. You're not helping. You're not fucking helping. It's foundational and it's fundamental to all of these perversions of truth that we're seeing. What are your thoughts about that? When did you begin to smell a rat? Oh, right from the start, in my case, it was with the passage of the Coronavirus Act in the UK in March 2020. And to my mind, this was very, very similar to the passage of the USA Patriot Act after 9-11. In that, it was a large piece of legislation containing some quite draconian measures that was rushed through parliament very quickly under supposedly emergency circumstances. In a state where the public was essentially traumatized and panicked and this managed to evade any kind of democratic oversight, any kind of accountability. And this was in place for the next two years. I agree with them, please. Look at legislation. That's what you're going to be good at. We need people to do that. Please. We need Sasha to be talking about the problems with manufacture and all the regulatory frameworks that it has to operate in and how they've warped those. We need all these people, but please, please, please stop with the fucking nanorobots. So when I saw this kind of trauma based psychological operation being put into effect in order to push through legislation, which in many ways opposes the principles of democracy, I immediately knew something was wrong. And I immediately knew that this was another deep event, to use the words of Peter Scott. So I suppose you could say it's part of the work that you do as an academic and looking for, well, and seeing patterns, looking back through history and seeing how patterns emerge in discourse to shape the way people experience, quote unquote, reality. Yeah. So you referenced the 9-11 narrative and the measures that were put in place through the Patriot Act. Interesting example of doublespeak. So I'm curious to know, you know, we both are interested in this narrative that we're seeing now as it continues to play out. And we are writing about very similar things as regards to the narrative. And I'm just kind of curious why you wrote the article that you did initially in the International Journal of Vaccine Theory, Practice and Research. Right. Well, I was suspicious of the so-called vaccine rollout from the very beginning. I was suspicious from the moment in April 2020 that Bill Gates said we need to vaccinate the entire world. I thought, why? That sounds to me like an assault on bodily autonomy. I was suspicious of the fact that a new form of so-called vaccine was being proposed that could not possibly have any long-term safety data. I was suspicious about the speed with which these clinical trials were being carried out. And they're still not finished. So, technically, these products are experimental. They are unlicensed. I was suspicious of the way the manufacturers were fudging some of their claims, for example, the 95% effective claim, which is a relative concept. It turned out to be about 1% in absolute terms. And, of course, a lot has emerged since, in terms of, for example, Pfizer trying to hide the data, just how untrustworthy these organizations are. Now, most of this was known even before the so-called vaccine rollout began in the UK in December 2020. And then when we get into 2021, I became deeply suspicious because initially the claim was, well, we'll only offer it to the vulnerable and those who need it. But very quickly, that morphed into a very systematic, calculated and cynical attempt to get this stuff into as many people as possible, methodically working its way down the age ranges. And my line in the sand came when they came for the children. I think this is... Well, let's say I'm not disagreeing with this, but again, my issue is around the nanobots. That paper shouldn't be published and be part of the scientific literature. Sorry. It's an absolute abomination. There is no scientific or ethical justification, at least not a sound one, for giving these products to children. So that's why I produced the February paper. It was called COVID-19 vaccines in inverted commas for children in the UK, a tale of establishment corruption. There's a 15,000 word meticulous, detailed, careful analysis showing that at every point, even going back from before the start of the rollout, there never was a justification for this. So in that context, when from July 2021 onwards, evidence began to emerge from all corners of the globe regarding what was actually in these shots, microscopic and spectroscopic analysis. In other words, primary research, primary evidence, not taking the manufacturer's claims at face value, not believing in what the regulators or the governments have to say, but scientists doing real science, not the science. Capital S trademark. I'm vexed. Which is this kind of pseudo scientific cult mentality that they're trying to foist upon everyone. But genuine science, curious independent researchers looking for themselves at what is both in the vials and in the blood of vaccinated patients. And the results were really rather disturbing. So it did remind me again, quite a lot of 9-11, because in my opinion, what we're looking at here is a crime. And one of the great travesties of 9-11 is the general failure, particularly of the academic community, to do the necessary due diligence regarding the crime by conducting a honest, thorough and proper forensic investigation of what actually took place on the day of 9-11. Looking carefully at the events of 9-11, looking at the empirical evidence, getting out of the world of narrative and scientifically examining the evidence. So I was very keen that this also be done regarding the so-called COVID-19 vaccines. And I wanted to know what's actually in these things and what's actually going on and what the ulterior agenda might be for trying to get this into everybody. So I became very interested in these studies, which are being done all around the world. At first, I thought there would probably be maybe six or seven. But when I started gathering them all together, I ended up with 26 that I cite in my paper. Indeed, the 27th came to light just before the article went to press. And what is so disturbing about these studies is that they converge on remarkably similar findings. And this involves a whole host of undisclosed ingredients in the vaccines, very similar items that then appear in the blood work of patients. And also the proportion of patients whose blood goes into what is called Rouleau effect, which is, I believe it's French for stacked coin, to give a visual analogy. So the red blood cells, instead of looking healthy and spherical and apparently free-floating, they instead clump together almost coin-like. This is associated normally with quite serious disease. And study after study was reporting this. So even if not everything, not every image that I show in my article from these studies is necessarily concerning or nefarious, even if some of it has an innocent explanation, there is so much of it. And as I say, a lot of it is quite similar from study to study. And these studies were done independently of one another, and yet they corroborate one another. But it became very clear to me that we have been lied to. And the case is very strong indeed that these injections contain undisclosed ingredients whose purpose can only be nefarious. And if you consider that 5.4 billion people have allegedly taken one or more of these things, they cannot possibly have had informed consent because they were never shown the kind of images that appear in my article. So we're looking here at a mass violation of the Nuremberg Code. And in that case... Again, I'm inclined to agree in this instance, but if you're going to start going down the Nuremberg Code, better to stick with what we know. The toxic expression products and the medium in which they've been delivered. The lipid nanoparticles, which in most cases are cholesterol-based. That's what they're looking at. And the RULO and the structures in the blood, that's coagulopathy and amyloidogenic proteins sticking together. That's what you're looking at. Stick with that. It seems to me that numerically speaking, we are looking at the biggest ever crime against humanity. Yes. It is shocking every time we see the images. I'm always at a loss to... I question myself and whether I should share the findings with colleagues who are still under a kind of hypnotic state. I simply don't. These fucking jump cuts are giving me a hypnotic state. Jesus. Jesus! I don't know what I can do to awaken or to at the very least share this rather troubling information with friends and colleagues. Yeah, so this is one of the reasons why these psychological operations are successful is the degree of mind control is enormous and pervasive right throughout society. The scale of the lies are so huge that ordinary people struggle to comprehend them or to believe that lies on such a scale are even possible. And that, of course, is a principle which we can trace as far back as Hitler's Mein Kampf in 1924. But it goes further than that because the methods used are deliberately designed to be trauma-based. Much of this goes back, of course, to the CIA's MKUltra program. They are conjoined with very sophisticated media mind manipulation techniques, for example. Agreed, agreed, agreed. People planting key messages at the moment of trauma, repeating a message over and over and over again. Certain key concepts, certain key words, language itself becomes weaponized. For example, who was using terms like self-isolation, social distance, Covid-19, lockdown? Who was using these terms before March 2020? And yet, all of a sudden, there's this traumatic rupture in which they want us to believe that a new normal has arrived and that everything has changed. Again, the same kind of concept that was used after 9-11. Everything has changed. Everything's different. This is a traumatic rupture. At that moment, this new vocabulary is implanted. And, of course, every time we use that vocabulary, it is subconsciously triggering that moment of trauma again. I mean, I'm actually writing a book about all of this at the moment, the psychological warfare techniques they used. And there are so many. There are so many. It's extraordinary. Help me out, my PTSD. Toughen the fuck up. Stop. Stop writing papers where you don't know what you're talking about. It would be my help. You're not helping. You're not fucking helping. And Sven asked for this. Analyze this. Analyze these people and their motives. What does it do to people with meningitis? What does it do to people with high blood pressure? What does it do to people with shingles on their face? You're saying that? For Pfizer. And that's how we did it. We got out and we gave the information to the world. Not only been published in medical magazines and so on. That's a database we have. I intend to bring on that database, personal medical records for the entire population. A genetic database. Genomes. Give me a saliva sample. Volunteer. But I'm sure most people would do it. Where were they? Where were they? Social. Now we have a genetic record on a medical record of a robust population. You have to have diversified populations. We have people from 100 lands. This is a very powerful engine. Now let pharma companies, let medical companies, let them run algorithms on this database. I'm telling you right away that I'll give preference for a few years to Israeli firms. Yeah. Do it. That's your fucking smoking gun. That's your smoking gun right there. All the stuff that he's talking about. Yeah, I agree. They're all psychological operations on you. I quite like his sociological analysis. I do. Please, please. Stay away from the quantum nano transformer tech. I'm not helping. Stick to what we know, which is the toxic biology. That's how you land shots in this case. So what this produces is a situation where the majority of society appears to be under a spell. It appears to be hypnotized. And again, that's by design. That's not accidental. There are very sophisticated ways for achieving this. But what it does mean for those who can see what is happening, who can pierce the spell, if you like, is it's very, very difficult to communicate with people under the spell. In fact, it's almost futile to bother doing so because the programming is so strong that it can often elicit a very visceral reaction. So you've probably seen the videos, for instance, there was a comedian whose name I forget, but he was driving down the street with a loud halo, kind of telling people that they've been psyched. And one guy on a cyclist, when the car stopped at a junction, he got off his bicycle, picked it up, and smashed it in the windows of the car with his bicycle. There was another case of a woman talking about this, a very polite, reasoned, friendly American woman who was talking about someone she'd met in 2020 on a beach, was having a very reasoned discussion with this woman until it came to the issue of vaccination. And when she said that she had been vaccinated, the person she was talking to absolutely lost it, and just yelled and screamed at her for about half an hour in front of her kids. So unfortunately, this is what we're dealing with. It goes beyond reason, it goes beyond communicative rationality, and it creates real problems, and it's created real divisions throughout society. Old friendships have been lost over these kinds of issues, deep divisions have appeared within families, and it's really, in that sense, atomised society, and really kind of torn the social fabric. And again, this is on purpose, it's all part of the divide and rule strategy. But in terms of how best to go about dealing with it... Followed by Hotez coming in, calling you all anti-Semites for questioning BB's motives. Oh, we'll just hand that off to Israeli companies, Israeli buy-a-deck companies.

This is very, very difficult, because it's widely known now that you can, as CJ Hopkins says, you can show the new normals, all the evidence that you want regarding the manipulated PCR tests, the fudged mortality data, and on and on and on, and it won't make the slightest degree of difference. At the best, what you'll get is a kind of a nod and a yes, that's very interesting, thank you, and then the person will just carry on exactly as they were. So, in a sense, it's impossible to force people out of this, it's impossible to kind of get them to reason their way out of it. I think all we can do is just keep adding our voices, and keep putting our own message out as we're doing here, not necessarily trying to ram it down anyone's throat, but when people do start to realise that there is something amiss with this narrative, and more and more people are coming to this realisation that the ineffectiveness of the so-called vaccines to prevent transmission, the incredible amount of harm that they are demonstrably doing, and this is all backed up again by scientific evidence, for those who are willing to look. More and more people are starting to come out of the trance, and what we do have on our side is that once people wake up, once they do do a bit of independently minded research, once they do see what's going on for themselves, as the saying goes, once awake, you stay awake. So, in other words, even if let's say there's maybe 25% of the population who can see through this, that proportion is only getting bigger. Who are these guys? This is the author, David Hughes, who wrote this article, and the reason I'm talking about it is because Sasha Latypova I'm not sure how you pronounce the last name, Latypova has basically gone round and oh, Grafinos! Grafinos Spectaculos! No. No, no, no. You can't do that. You need stronger scientific evidence, and you need people who aren't fucking cretins looking at the data. Not, not fucking Bimbo Bailey's crew from New Zealand. Where's she gone? Wow!

They ain't helping. Sorry.

And he is a where was the paper?

He is Senior Lecturer in International Relations at the University of Lincoln.

Again, please let him write about the legislation. I'm all for it. I really am. But when he's publishing papers talking about self-assembling nanotechnology it's literally just blowing a foot off.

Incrementally, now it might be a painfully slow process from our perspective in terms of seeing this awareness rise, but it is rising, and so the odds are actually over time on our side, but we do need things to happen a little bit quicker than they are happening because meanwhile the powers that are pushing hard in the direction of central bank digital currencies the whole green agenda and so on, all of these are Agreed, agreed, agreed. Stick to writing about that.

I watch in what was that? Channel 4 in the UK where you'd have that jerking head and it was sort of like the blocky 3D graphics Oh God, what was that called? And they'd play like music and ah, anyway in the chat, what was that called? And he would sort of stammer all the time. Max Headroom, thank you.

I mean, the thing to realize here is that this goes back a long way in time. The idea of manipulating the unconscious of the public I mean, if you go back to what Walther Lippmann was writing in the 1920s, if you read Edward Benazer's Propaganda, you think about these ideas of manufacturing or engineering consent. If you look at what Aldous Huxley was writing about getting people to love their servitude, what he called the next scientific dictatorship, in 1958 he wrote a book called Brave New World Revisited and one of the points he makes in there is that democracy is premised on people being able to make rational decisions and having the necessary information available to do so but already he was observing that in 1957 subliminal projection techniques were being used in cinemas and he speculated in 1958 how easy would it be in the future to be using these kind of subliminal techniques, not just in cinemas but in public transport, in waiting rooms, in hospitals, in schools, of course young and ill people he claims have the more susceptible minds and this is the way thinking was going, I mean this is over half a century ago, it's well over half a century ago, and he was envisaging a scientific dictatorship and of course this is all bound up with ideas of technocracy. So when we then fast forward to let's say the last decade or so and the rise of the screens that you mention and these screens themselves are designed to be chemically addictive. There was the Facebook executive who talked about the dopamine hits which you get every time a notification comes up. So it's truly horrifying to go anywhere in society and see the majority of the population just glued to their phones. It could be a bus stop, it could be a cafe, it doesn't matter where you go, these things are everywhere and people are literally addicted to them and of course if they've never come across the kind of information that you and I are discussing they're probably addicted to, for example, Facebook news feeds and they'll have no idea how their entire mind their entire world view is being controlled and manipulated because they will be given information which excludes certain things to the powers that they don't want us to know that the information that is provided will be carefully managed and manipulated and biased in various ways. This is how it's done. This is how the minds of the masses are controlled in the present and something you hear occasionally is well, ditch the smartphone, ditch the smartphone, well people come to it and it's very interesting to me and sometimes people say to me well, join Signal, the secure communication channel and I say well I'd love to but it requires a smartphone to scan the QR app so I'm not going to do it but I know quite a large number of people who are on Signal who are seeking to kind of bypass these methods. Oh, you said QR? Yeah, hit that QR code down there folks. More entertaining takes on sketches. The thing is look, I agree with what he's saying about the social manipulation. I do. I do. He's just, he's some flies in the ointment. But I know for a fact that they've got smartphones so even the people who are critical of the narrative, even people who often see what's going on, still have the smartphones so it shows you how almost impossible it's become for people to jettison these slave devices. Now I got rid of mine in 2018 and you know, I haven't looked back. I'm capable of living with this as though it's still 2005 and my life goes on just fine but of course they're always seeking new ways to force you to get one of these things and of course if it reaches a stage where you have to scan QR codes to enter buildings or go to work or perform basic tasks, that's how they'll get everyone but it's far more dangerous than people realize and it's utterly dystopian and utterly disturbing. That's a good point. Perhaps it can also be said that one of the difficulties, almost an insurmountable difficulty, is our pride. Adding our sense of pride in our ability. This tool has empowered us to such a degree that we can communicate to anyone almost at any time, rain or shine, and with that kind of communication the power of that ability to communicate our perspectives to the masses comes a degree of pride and I think that has quite a bit to do with this sense that we can't be manipulated, that we are engaging in the process of communicating to the masses worldwide at any time. This is quite empowering and that feeling deceives us in a way that we come to believe that it's impossible for us to be manipulated to such a degree that we can't see the big lies that are put. And this is one of the great challenges. I was reading a book from 1990 all about cults written by an author whose surname is Hassan and one of the little anecdotes he had in there related to a professor of psychology and I think he was teaching about behavior modification. So his students decided to play a prank on him and while he was lecturing, every time he moved over to the right hand side of the room, the students would appear kind of listless and disinterested and start chatting between themselves and this kind of thing. And every time he moved to the left of the room, the students would become remarkably attentive and hang on his every word. Now, he didn't consciously perceive that this was happening, but it didn't take very long before his lecturing style involved him leaning against the left hand wall for almost the entire lecture. Now, this shows just how easy it is actually to manipulate people's psychology without them having any idea and this was 32 years ago. But what's interesting is when the students then pointed it out to him in a lighthearted manner, by the way, do you realize what we've been doing in your course on behavior modification? We've been modifying your behavior. He didn't kind of laugh and say that's brilliant, well done. He got really angry. And again, it comes back to this kind of visceral response and perhaps a pride thing that people don't want to believe that their thinking is so easily manipulated because we all like to think of ourselves as free agents. Nobody tells me what to think. Nobody tells me what to do. I make my own choices. I make my own decisions in life. Well, yes, to some extent, but when you look at the applied behavioral psychology literature and you come across concepts as choice architecture, what you start to realize is that actually the kind of choices that you think you're making have actually been framed for you in a certain way in advance so that you are actually playing directly into the hands of the behavioral psychologists and governments. And you're really not as free as you might imagine. Now, I mean, that's a fairly simple psychological example. But when you then layer on all of the kinds of technology which has subsequently appeared and all of the potential for hypnosis that that entails, I think this goes a long way to explaining why society seems to be so zombified and why so many people don't appear to be able to see through the narratives. They don't appear to be able to think for themselves. And this really, I think, is the key strength. Look, I get it. I get it. The jump cuts are just driving me insane. I can't take it anymore. There's a part two to this. So if you click on the Interdisciplinary Research Home Channel, there's a part two to this. And who do we find? Who do we find?

Anyone remember this one? Biomedical Technology Nanoscience Nanomaterials. And we can see this government-funded industry has a fairly long history, dating back at least two decades. I've gone back and looked at the research and I can see about 2000, 2001, there seemed to be an official interest from government agencies to begin researching nanomaterials and nanoscience. Nowadays it appears as many people are starting to talk about nanomaterials. It seems to be a topic of public conversation, also a topic of real concern for people. I was shocked, in fact, when I started looking at the literature carefully. And the how the literature intersects with other literatures in emerging technologies and biomedical research. So from your perspective, as a medical professional, what are your main concerns? As you become more aware of the nanomaterials or the nanostructures and their observed self-assembly in vitro. So this is a very new phenomenon that I've become aware of, particularly in regards to the rollout of the C-19 injectables and Anyone remember her? What was it called? She's communing with spirits to do her healing. Ranfan? I can't remember now. What was it called? I have to find out. She's the one that's talking about all these materials jumping in and out of quantum states. You aren't looking at quantum states down a fucking light microscope. Sorry. Look, there's the link still.

What was her thing? Ramtha! That's right. Based upon teachings by Ramtha, the enlightened one. A 30,000 year old spirit. Just ...

Ramtha the enlightened spirit was it? It claims to... The school established in 1988 by JayzNite. He claims to channel a 35,000 year old being called Ramtha the enlightened one.

Fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck, fff observe British gases!


Sometimes I come across a bit angry, you know, and it's just, it's frustration because I do think we're in an existential struggle.

I've got a fight next to Ramfan, the enlightened one. Ramfan, sorry.

I'm going to do the neuroscience real quick. Omicron BA5 infects human brain organoids and is neuroinvasive and lethal in humanized K18 ACE2 mice. Let's see, let's pull up the PDF. Nothing new here, except that Omicron, which was considered relatively mild infection, and that was two modifications to the furion cleavage site, where BA5 gets them back. So something, a little fly in the ointment with respect to swarm dynamics has pushed out recently. So a frequently repeated premise is the virus has evolved to become less pathogenic. This appears also to be true for SARS-CoV-2, although increased levels of immunity in human populations make it difficult to distinguish between reduced intrinsic pathogenicity and increasing protective immunity. The reduced pathogenicity of Omicron BA1 sub lineage compared to earlier variants is well described and appears to be due to utilized or reduced utilization of TMPRRS2. That this reduced pathogenicity remains true for Omicron BA5 was recently reported. In sharp contrast, we show that BA5 isolate was significantly more pathogenic in K18 HS2 mice than BA1 isolate, with BA5 infection showing increased neurovirulence, encephalitis and mortality, similar to that seen for an original ancestral isolate. BA5 also infected human cortical brain organoids to a greater extent than BA1, an original ancestral isolate. Neurons were the target of infection with increasing evidence of neuron infection in COVID-19 patients. Who would have thought?

So this is one of those concerns that I have and we're not going to find out the consequences of this because of the chronic nature of the neurological presentations, I would argue. Now, yeah, maybe it's ripping through China and causing all kinds of mayhem. We don't know.

We don't know. We can merely dip our toe into the videos that are coming out and we have to take them with a rather large pinch of salt at the moment. So anyway, so these results argue that while Omicron virus may be associated with reduced respiratory symptoms, BA5 shows increased neurovirulence compared to earlier Omicron subvariance. Now, let's just, in terms of the pathology and the impact on the brain, I don't think we're going to see anything new here, but there we see BA5. I'm guessing these are staining for spike protein and lighting up neurons, hippocampus, hypothalamus, basal ganglia as well, and looks like blood vessel. Very similar to the autopsy pictures from Professor Burkhardt.

Microglial activation, all stuff that we've seen. Like I say, nothing new in terms of what I've been discussing for the last five years, except we've got now a hyper transmissible immune-evading, vaccine-evading variant that is focused on targeting the central nervous system. Now, from an evolutionary perspective, why might that be? Well, again, the brain being the immunoprivileged region it is, why wouldn't the virus lean into that environment if it can get in? So less respiratory pneumonia, more COVID zombies, and this, yeah, I wish it wasn't the case, and we should have to see how it relates in the epidemiological data. I would say right now we don't know. I would hope that the immune system being what it is is going to adapt. We have to come to terms with this new pathogen in the environment, and the immunological bleaching that occurs via continued exposure to gene transfection, I believe, is a whole strategy long term. All right, so I think whatever happens to prions, well, you're looking at the pathophysiological basis for prion formation. Once you get in the brain, once you form the inflammation, we know that the spike protein is amyloidogenic. That's your prion, proteinaceous infectious particle, misfolded proteins, and we know that it impacts tau and alpha-synuclein, and what did I miss?

It's late. I'll remember the others another time. But if you want to read this paper, there it is. Again, I don't think we learn anything really new about pathology. Just, I guess, be on your toes about what the virus is doing to your brain, and get yourself into a state where you're able to combat it. Stop smoking, stop sucking up. I've decided I'm sort of going off this thing now. I can't go back to mints. All right, so yeah, I hope that answered your question. Has any new sequencing data come out from China from current isolates? No, they're not doing sequencing. They're not publishing anything, and again, put yourself in the paradigm of biological warfare right now. I think that's the most logical framework in which to operate right now, and it is what it is, folks.

Deal with it. Find a way to deal with it. All right, let me just check if there's been any donos. No. All right, so I'm out of here. I will see you guys in the next one. It's 3.30 in the morning. I want to get to bed. Yes, continue to enjoy your Christmas holidays. I will be back soon, no doubt, and just, I think, I think I'm going to be spending a few weeks focusing on this, hammering this home. They want your genetic material, and they want your physiological responses mapped on. They want the corporate advantage. All right, I am out of here. God bless. Take care. Merry Christmas.

I will be arrested for mostaking a fucking vaccine. Fuck these cappers. I will fucking kill each fucking capper. This is no fucking joke anymore. This is fucking dead serious. I am fucking dead serious. These people don't know who the fuck they actually think. Fuck these cappers. No fucking vaccine, or MIA, will ever trust you. I'll fucking draw blood. Never. I will fucking die. I will fucking fight for my fucking fees, and my fucking firefighters, and my fucking elite. Fuck these motherfuckers. All of them die. This guy. This guy. This guy. This guy. This guy. This guy.