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More properly Merry Christmas folks, Merry Merry Christmas and yes, I'll ask him for a YouTube link, Punjabi Prepper, it now seems that YouTube won't even bother sending me a strike notice anymore, they just shwack channels. There's the new one, there you go, you can go up there. No Santa, I don't have one to tell the truth, sad to say. So yeah, what was I saying, I've got no chat on the screen, do I? Why's that not working? No, not that one. Come here, where's the chat on the screen? I deleted it. Why isn't it showing up? No chat showing up. I think I know the problem, yeah. If I go to this, no, this, restream, restream, where'd you go? Refresh. All right, that should, should in theory, fix that problem. Now, did someone write someone in the chat real quick? Chat, no, no it didn't. I hate this tech, I really, really do. It's this, this is what happens when you, you don't play by the corporate rules, you get shoved into the digital ghetto and no chat is available. Now, what if I do this and do this and I've lost the, I've lost the chat everywhere, restream, boom, put that on, okay, copy. That, that's fixed that. Tell people, boys, yes, even on Christmas they can't leave me alone, those fucks. It's just such a pain in the ass to set up. Everything just, not, you expect it to work and boom, nothing, nothing does. Well, it is what it is. So, Danger Mouse says he blames, I'm inclined, I'm inclined to agree. They're everywhere, dastardly, dastardly hook noses. Orlando, with respect to the rats, thank you very much for the donation. Right now, I'll gladly accept it as it's Christmas, and the, the issue is, is that I can't do anything without Rimo, and Rimo is scheduling, how should we say, a, some, planning a baby through the month of January. So, I can't, I wanna, I wanna do it. I will name a rat and I will ask Armchair Warlord to let you into his Twitter. Again, my, my Twitter is always short and fleeting, much like my YouTube channels, even though, even though, look, when I don't do anything, right, I just, the last stream was literally talking about Robert Malone and analysis of fifth generation warfare, and there were no strikes on that channel. Nothing, no warnings, and yet, boom, they come in and take it out, and, I don't know, I guess that there'll be some corporate laws that once banned, always banned, etc. This is, this is the territory in which we have to operate. It's, it's just how it's gonna be, folks. I can't stress that enough, and, you know, I wanted to have a little, little pep talk, maybe, that's what my father used to do with me. He always, uh, Brenda's German hackers mass reporting you. Yeah, probably, something gay like that, and, you know, no one, no one ever asks how, uh, Brokeback Brendan manages to stay up on YouTube. All the time he's telling people he wants to kill and do all this, and, uh, he is, he's, I can assure you, you can go and check Brokeback Brenda's claims to having international arrest warrants. Uh, they would be listed on Interpol, they're not, and, uh, despite 10 years being on the run, he still seems to have a functional passport, and, uh, bank accounts are stunning. How stunning, indeed. It's just, uh, let's say there was a discussion in the Discord the other day. He's, he's just a, uh, what do you call it, Five Eyes asset, and he's, um, how would I say, his editorial stance is, uh, one of misdirection. Oh God, don't take, don't take part in the culture war. Please don't, uh, don't, don't notice all those predators and groomers coming for your kids in the libraries, waving their genitals in your kids' faces. Oh God, no, don't, uh, don't get upset about that. Worry about backdoors into, uh, Intel microchips from, uh, 10 years ago. That's a Belt and Road initiative. Oh wait, my battery's flat. Not even my fucking, god damn thing. I'm gonna have to go and replace the batteries real quick. He's probably Jewish, to be honest. Um, maybe, maybe. Um, he's definitely, uh, definitely gay. I can tell you that much. Uh, Brendan is anti-Semite. I kind of understand how his channel stays up. Yeah, um, like I say, ask yourself these questions. Okay. Who gets taken out? Who gets, um, what should we say? Uh, uh, uh, a greasing of the wheels. Now look, do they make it, uh, do they make it easy for him? Maybe, maybe not. Uh, can you use VPN fed Brendan? Yeah, um, fed Brendan, indeed. Look, I want to go get my, um, spare batteries. Just bear with me for one second, folks. Uh, sorry. For all the tech, uh, issues. Oh, no.

Okay. So have batteries replaced. Uh, marvelous, marvelous technology. Don't even have to go down to shop to get packet fags nowadays. Um, this, this, yeah, what were we talking about? Broke, broke back Brendan. Um, yeah, there's, uh, again, um, his claims to having international arrest warrants out for him is bullshit. Uh, his, uh, I would say, um, everything about his story becomes more and more flaky. The more you sort of read it. Oh God, I punched out my document of thousands of words with my broken wrist. Yada, yada, yada. Um, no one can confirm. What did I all of this? We can just look at, how should we say, uh, metrics metrics and the current information board. And I say limited hangout, uh, always talking about stuff. That's everyone. Everyone's got the picture now and anyone who watches his stream, what you do, you're going to sit there and listen to him screaming Whitney for fucking an hour. And just sounding like he's got a bunch of sour grapes because he never got on, uh, Alex Jones. Just do me a favor. He's, uh, he's, um, mentally unstable and, uh, uh, best and, uh, a glowing fed at the most probably realistic level. Uh, maybe Brenda will transition. Maybe, maybe, maybe, uh, but enough about, uh, broke back latent homos. Uh, what was the, uh, other thing that I wanted to bring up? I did, um, I did the, uh, should go back and watch him and Dawson debates. Um, is, is there debates? I'd happily watch those. Um, I was unaware of them, but, um, maybe Christmas junior, the, uh, I did the censorship issue. Yeah. I wasn't, I wasn't expecting the latest YouTube strike because I was so, uh, so focused and I was like a laser beam focusing on, uh, Robert Malone. And the, uh, what I do want to do is, uh, get on with the stream because there was a important, important thing that I wanted to touch on as it's Christmas. So, um, of course we've got a festive, uh, covert moral bio enhancement, uh, announcement and, uh, remember folks, bio enhancement is in either beholder flow on some holiday music. It's, uh, um, I don't know what holiday music you would, you would like. What am I supposed to, uh, to play there? I'm supposed to be talking, not, uh, Christmas carols much as I love Christmas carols. Um, it's a time and a place for everything. Um, let's see. He got nasty. Same with some of his appearance on talpiot talks. Uh, who got nasty? Uh, Brendan. You mean Brendan lost his shit? Oh, color me surprised. Um, I'm telling you, I, I spent many an hour talking to him and, uh, he is, um, yeah, bipolar, I would suggest.

And, uh, anyway, we keep talking about him. What I wanted to get to was the main, main points of the, uh, the stream, which is of course the housekeeping. Um, if you were, if you wandered in here, wondering who I am, that's me, Dr. Kevin McCairn. Uh, I was a principal investigator, I have my own lab and everything. Uh, now I'm part of a, uh, small ragtag of resistance trying to push back against, uh, what is the coming, um, dystopian future that they have got nailed on for you. Now, um, wonderful, wonderful that, uh, everyone is being allowed back onto Twitter. Uh, I'm not. Um, you can talk about SARS, uh, at the moment. Of course, uh, I would say that that's, uh, that, that topic will, will fade into the distance. And it's, it's down to understanding the, uh, the fifth generation warfare and calling out, um, those who are engaging in fifth generation warfare against you and your families. Remember, it's a very personal type of warfare beamed into your living rooms and your smartphones designed to warp your mind. Um, the, uh, and, and your biology, let's not forget that. Um, the, I don't get that centripede, but you must be drunk, sir. Um, are you saying that, uh, I keep eating all the pastries? What's that? Um, if you, if you, if you're legit about calling out the protagonists behind this, uh, this next gen warfare, for sure, you will be debanked. You will be censored, et cetera, et cetera. And, um, it's important that we, you know, we maintain a rock solid, uh, platoon, a battalion, maybe I would be, uh, yeah, battalion, thousand, thousand people, um, coming in here every day to, uh, watch the streams. And the, uh, okay. It's got, uh, let's just say it's, it's speaking about broke back again. Look, he's, he's, um, fixated on, we're not fixated. He's, he's holding a particular line and, um, you know, it's, it's a line that I find increasingly more untenable as he continues to rah rah for more American empire. And, um, I was, what's his solution? Uh, Marine divisions, uh, storming the, uh, the land of Israel. Um, I think, uh, that's probably going to be a, uh, an unlikely scenario anytime soon. Uh, he was fixated on some chick. Yeah. He's fixated about Whitney Webb. Right. That's why he just, that's why every other fucking sentence he says is Whitney. Right. And he's, he's got bust, bust vagina. How other people get credit and no one talks about high for it. No one talks about the Jew enough. No one talks about them enough. And it's only, there's only so much you can do. I try. I try to do that. I'm, I don't hold back in my analysis. I do think that, uh, the, uh, how should we say the, uh, Jewish power has a lot to play in current events. I do speak about that. Um, but Brendan Kuhlberger, the Nazi the other day. Yeah, I know he's clueless.

He's clueless, but, but then when you getting fucking information from, um, uh, what was this face? Roger, Roger, the gay German, just, what do you expect? Um, anyway, moving on housekeeping, housekeeping, housekeeping, uh, If you want to stay up to date, uh, with links and, uh, grift links are there as well. Uh, dangerous says sent a Christmas tip and, uh, I should, uh, I should give, uh, an under a, um, something from the soundboard. Let me just, uh, see what I could do. Maybe you could have, uh, a fault. Was this going to work? No, it's not. Stupid thing. Stupid stream deck. Uh, maybe that. You had enough and, uh, let me just see. This is, uh, uh, oh yes. Oh, thank you very much. Someone, uh, oh, two today. I don't have to, uh, he begs so much. Uh, let's see. One looks like Florida. Uh, you can have a, uh, does this work? I'll do, uh, what's his face? That is me. And, uh, another one from, uh, I'm guessing that would be danger mouse. If it's from the, uh, emerald isle. It is indeed. And, uh, you can have a, uh, are you in Brendan O'Connell, a gay couple? I think you must be drunk. Uh, chocolate is good says I left Brenda's Patreon because of his obsession with Whitney. She's a great investigative reporter. Um, yeah, I don't, I don't read. I don't have time to read 10,000 word essays. Um, just get to the point. Uh, give me the condensed version, please. And yeah, that one does require some ivory. I agree. Okay. The, um, you know, what does, what is he wanting? He's wanting everyone to just be just on the massive nations of the international Jew. And, um, yeah, we get it. We fucking get it. But you know what? There's many, many fronts in this war and all the time that he's calling supporting what seems to be a very, very corrupt American empire as it goes around bullying nations across the planet. Uh, and this is no reflection on, uh, the, uh, the salt of the earth Americans, um, is your federal government and, uh, ties with the corporate, uh, infrastructure that I think is the problem, the neocon agenda. Um, that's what, that's where I think much of our problems lie. Um, we, we must do our best to rein it in because it will, uh, well, it's, it's if anything persistent in its war profiteering, uh, let's see the money laundering Ukraine operation. Yes.

I'm going to try and get to, uh, a little bit about Ukraine. Well, I'm going to spend a lot talking about Ukraine because I'm trying to stay on top of, uh, the Ukraine war somewhat more as things are heating up. And, uh, just before Christmas, uh, the Russians put out a bunch of, uh, how should we say? Um, fresh accusation of nothing new and that, but there's a whole bunch of new documents, which because of Christmas, I haven't had time to read all the way through, but I want to just sort of get a gushed out for some of what it is that they're saying.

But before that, let me just, uh, plug our live streaming platform and video, um, playback platform. Um, that's where a lot of expense goes because again, I don't, I'm not sure how much we can trust the corporate platforms, particularly all the times that you, you, if you're accurate in calling out, uh, the deep state, I guess, uh, whatever it is, the corporate state. The, I think your name is, there's so many to choose from, but it's those, it's those that want to throttle your freedom. And there's, uh, of course, of course there is a, uh, how should we say? Hey, like, like all groups, right? There's, they've got vested interests. Now I will say that we have to understand the eschatology behind, uh, some of these groups. I think that's important. Much, much like we would, uh, lay bare the readings of the Quran and the Hadith to understand the motivations behind Islam. I would say that we need to do the same with respect to the Jewish lobby in the United States as well. They are a powerful group. They will debank you as Kanye West will testify to that. Now, um, rainbow fascism. Yes. Uh, rainbow fascism is a good one. Uh, they're going to come and stick their, uh, gender bending, uh, doctrine in your child's face and, um, have you, uh, shut away for, to a, uh, psychiatric institute. Should you dare to question their, their goals and motives? It's, it's that simple. That's, that's what's coming. You, you will be considered an abusive parent. Should you, uh, how should we say? Get in the way of your child's exploration of its gender identity. Um, that's where these bastards want to go. And look, I get it that, uh, can indeed that link… I've been trying to get that link to work. It does not work for me. Now I would, I just wonder if it's gone work. Damn you. The one, the one you dropped earlier, it just will not work for me. And I wonder if, uh, Japan might be putting a block on it. Um, maybe, maybe, maybe, maybe, but, uh, yeah, I would have, I would have liked to be able to see that article. And I can't be bothered to switch the VPN, but, um, yeah, look, um, I know as well, like, you think that, uh, my, uh, my deep banking comes from, uh, being, how should we say, uh, diplomatic around the questions of Jewish power. There's a modus operandi to their behavior. Um, does it work maples? The, uh, the article, but you see it's not loading for me. Um, VPN, I use it for some Israeli documents.

Look, I'm in the public eye. So now I'm not, I'm not, uh, giving, uh, hiding my location, right? So, or who I am. And, you know, I think it's important that we have, you know, a public face to this talk of, uh, resisting the state corporate public private partnership. That's, uh, well, you know, got a, uh, shitty brown line of, uh, DoD wet dreams, uh, riddled through it. Yeah. It's Nippon BS. Okay. Um, thank you for confirming that. Uh, good to know. I, I will, um, I will switch on the VPN when I, when I go and check later. It looks like parts from our T if you can bring that up. I think RT is banned in Japan actually. Is it RT banned? Maybe. No. Okay. If anyone has the RT link, then bring it up. Send me the link. Um, I will, um, Israel grounds, top-notch us fire jets. Oh, interesting. Hmm.

Where was I? Moving on, moving on. Yeah. I wanted to get to this, um, Arkmedic’s blog, put this out a couple of hours ago and I think it important and I'd like to use that as a launching pad for getting into the, uh, the main. The main got, goddamn, uh, distraction. I'll put that over here with the bio warfare, um, bit of this stream. Um, Jikky does a good job of, uh, hammering home the point that there, we have them on the back foot with respect to SARS. Well, I'm going to keep calling it what it is, uh, by warfare and the, um, the infighting and the squabbling should be, um, look, just brush it off. It's high pressure environment for a lot of people and, um, small differences of opinion in the scheme of things. Don't really matter that much. Um, it's, it's about getting to the next objective. And as I was leading to earlier, I think you're going to be hearing less and less about SARS and, you know, just to sort of preempt some of those stories.

What we have right now is China, um, is going to stop publishing any daily COVID data, as is the UK. So, um, there I've, uh, dispensed. Oh, didn't realize that had a block on it. Maybe I can, um, put that in another browser, come back to it. But we are going to be seeing less and less of this because what they want to do is to obviously mitigate the, um, the data that's coming out that would show the, um, the, what continues to be excess deaths continue to be, uh, a very, very strong safety signal.

But I would take this moment to say the following in whatever's coming next. And I'm sure I have no doubt that there is because there's been this such, such a massive, massive, massive push forward. Um, China going out with its middle fingers up. Yeah. China gives zero fucks. Literally. They don't care, right? That, that is, um, any, anyone who has any illusions as to, uh, the, if we say the cuddly, the panda side of China, um, needs to disabuse themselves with that notion. Um, China, China's looking out for itself and its interests and, you know, again, you know, pulling back some broke back bone in here that their interests are very much in establishing trade routes across the Asian continent and making sure that they continue to get a big, massive piece of the pie.

So I would suggest that the current landscape is one in which, uh, the Russians may be a fly in the ointment. Maybe Papi Putin doesn't want to play along with the globalist agenda anymore. Or maybe it's all theatrics. I don't know. Um, I don't, we can only look at the data as we get it and just say that they're, um, they're putting their money where their mouth is with respect to, uh, holding the lines with respect to their, um, cultural, um, references. But no globo-homo for the Ruskies and no NATO on their borders, uh, particularly in what were once, uh, you know, I guess Ukraine as a country, it's, it's debatable. What was what, et cetera. And, uh, versus Soviet borders and Crimea. I get it. It's all, it's all very complex and, um, the, oh yeah. Did I, I forgot to bring that one up. The, the hamster. Where did I put that? Please tell me I put that in my, uh, didn't put that here. Yeah. The hamster, the hamster, uh, that's, that's what it is. Um, was, was absolutely brutal. Um, what did, where did I put it? I was gonna, I'm sure I, sure I grabbed it. Did I? Oh yeah. There it is. But this, this, uh, after, uh, after globo-homo, um, uh, fuck you to globo-homo. Agitprop with them saving the young boy from, uh, the woke, uh, parent one, parent two. Um, it's game out. Um, it's, it's brutal. Fucking brutal. So let me. All is calm. So tender. Deep in heavenly peace. Uh, Merry anti-Russian Christmas. Uh, if your media doesn't tell you where this is all going, RT is available via VPN. Um, we were supposed to be streaming VPN on wtyl, uh, dot life, but as it's usual with tax raiding flicks at the cold face. Backburner somewhat. Hamster soup. You wouldn't get any protein off it. It would just be a flavoring, flavoring for the wood chips that you've. Base Russia. Yeah. Oil chips and bad. Yeah, I guess that's your hamster on top. Uh, I've, you know, I've, I've thought about that. I've thought about that. The, uh, you know, the animals we have around the house. We don't have hamsters anymore. Some fish. They would literally make a meal. That would be it. That would be it. We'd be so screwed without spam. Remember folks get spam for when shit hits the fan.

Comfortably dumb says I have my own hands are laying. I won't starve. Yeah. Till, till the, uh, till the zombie hordes come out of cities. That's what you love the fact that people think that once the civilizational collapse happens, it's going to be some sort of bucolic existence. Smoking, uh, cold cobb pipes and, uh, watching your hands rustle around the, uh, the yard fling them, uh, supplies grain from your supplies. I don't think it works like that, folks. I really don't. Um, there will be hordes, hordes of people who will be moving in waves of true, true zombie apocalypse on your hands. And I don't care how many barrels of bullets you've got. You ain't stopping human wave because the thing is what you don't think that they're not going to have guns and bullets. You think that they're not going to be arriving in Mad Max type vehicles with some gimp attached to the front. You can eat rats. They taste okay. Ha ha. Do they? Ha ha. Do I want to eat a rat? No, I don't. I really, I really, really don't. The junior says, I don't like spam. It's not nice to me at all. But, um, you know, if you've got a few slabs of spam and, you know, six or seven 10 kilo bags of rice, you could eat out, uh, a thin winter. Maybe, uh, as they sort of get collective groups together to farm the next seasons in the paddy fields as you all, we all get drafted into food production. And, but the, you know, once, once trade breaks down, once the power goes off, it's people, people thinking that this is, uh, you know, gonna, gonna be a pleasant experience. Uh, fucking clueless. The only people who will have it all right is what I talked about with Charles, where they will hard point specific areas, you know, military bases and the, uh, the whatever, the oligarch class, uh, you know, ensconced inside of them. They won't, they won't be trying to engage in, um, mass policing actions. I don't see that. And like I say, if you've, um, if you've been, if you've been forced into hunger that, and you can't get warm. And there is no, there is no aid coming, right? Because, you know, at the moment we sort of curtail conflicts by sending in NGOs and their, their kiddie didler, um, hunters into conflict zones to traffic, um, fresh young organs out for, uh, those particular, um, special interest groups. Uh, get a good knife basic for survival. Yeah. Um, what's the, what's the virtues of, uh, you know, Bowie knife versus machete versus, I don't know. I don't know. Right. I'm, I'm sort of banking on the, um, you know, there may be some sort of scrap of civilization left that, you know, we hopefully, uh, realize we've got to have a younger generation coming through and, um, we, we sort of coalesce around that. And, you know, I guess sort of take our policing actions. You might, you know, what might sort of stand a chance is if you're in a well organized sort of town, that's got a lot of, um, countryside, um, between you and, and the next, uh, the next village or township. But you know, once, once you've got millions and millions of people moving on mass, I don't know what that looks like. I mean, that's, that's literal armies of, of the dead spreading out. And all bets are off in such signs. I'm sorry to drop with such black bills on Christmas, but you know, what fantastic agitprop from RT. Um, all I need is a beach chair, pair of sunglasses, some popcorn, let it burn.

Yes, that's, that's basically the, uh, the, the mentality that you can't take. Let it burn. I'll be taking the neighbor's body parts before they take mine. I will live. And like I say, probably, probably your only real chance, like if, if it really, really goes down, right. Some, some sort of small township that where they're very cohesive. Right. And you, you, you do have, um, capabilities to take out what would be civilian type light armor, but I don't know, man. Once, once those warlord parties start, um, coalescing and aggregating and you want to, you want to get an idea of what it's probably going to be like. The movie, the road is a good… or the book. The road is a, I preferred the book myself, but that's, that's probably what it would be like. And you know what, you re, you want to be in that? Not sure I do. Not sure I do. I want to, I'll be reincarnated once humankind manages to crawl out the cesspit of animalistic, hedonistic drives that would just turn that, turn that time into a complete nightmare. But yeah, um, beach chair sunglasses. Well, I mean, I mean, that's all right till I guess, you know, you get like a, uh, I don't know, like a limb blown off. You've got to struggle, walk around for a few days. Wait, waiting for the, waiting for the stray dogs to come get you. Because that's another thing. Uh, let's see, James says small towns, rural areas will do fine. Community is key and they have that, but fent use in such places has definitely made its mark. Yeah. Well, you know, I'm, look, if we're, if we're in a situation where like all of Europe, right, looks like this. It doesn't just, it's not just Ukraine, right? But let's just, let's just say, um, I don't know, the, we can dispense with the hypothesis that we'll take as given the nukes are real and Russia feels itself under existential threat and we'll use them. And, um, what just stops Russia and boom, they, all of, all of civilization goes out and then, and then what, how do, how do you run your generators? How do you do many, many things will disappear. And, you know, it takes, it takes some fucking hard man balls of steel to, to live, you know, above the 45th parallel, a few hundred miles north of that. It starts getting fucking cold. So, um, the dogs in Ukraine have been eating. Well, what a fine Christmas for, uh, you said nukes, Mark is going to hop in for sure. And I want to congratulate Mark on his last stream just about, uh, logical fallacies in thinking. Um, if there's, uh, there's anything you need to be aware of, it's those, uh, logical fallacies. Um, but this, this, if, and, and this, this is, um, look, her pot's all nice and shiny. You think your pot's going to look all nice and shiny when, when you're having to cook over damp wood and you're, you're concerned that your smoke signals are going to give away your position. I say, maybe, maybe if you're in a small rural township, right. That's, uh, yeah. Hasn't been invaded by fentanyl and, uh, you, the church, the church is solid and, you know, you can sort of maintain some, uh, cohesiveness in that might work. Or you just literally go lone survivor and you're out with a poncho, um, eating off, uh, bugs and bark. Maybe that might work, but then probably you're going to have to worry about, um, other predators, bears, wolves, all sorts. And, you know, there's only, there's only so much ammunition you can carry with you. Uh.

Merry Christmas to you, bro. Mark, do you want to come on? Cause I was, I was just going to dip into, um, some bio warfare and there, there are some names that we can look at. Um, maybe you can, uh, you can fill in the blanks as I, uh, as I bring them up. Let me, let me just rudely interrupt Mark's Christmas day. Let me do this. If I don't see a card in the chat in 30 seconds, I will try to call Mark. Let me do this. Let me do this and, um, let me do this. Let's see if I can get, um, Mark on the blower. Um, quick, quick Crimbo chat. Yeah. You think you're going to be getting bread? I'm not so sure, man. I'm not so sure. Let's see. I'm trying, I'm trying to ring Mark and, uh, it's, it's not Charles this time. It's, uh, Mark, Housatonic Live?

Let's see if we can get him to pick up. Uh, cause what I wanted to do was, uh, after, after the cheery, whoops, after the cheery Christmas message, uh, from Jicky. We got through. Oh yeah. I still didn't get to what I wanted to say to that. But, um, what it's, we should count our blessings because, but despite sort of fractious sort of infighting and what have you. Um, I think the job has been done with respect to who you can look to going forward into whatever they do have planned next. And the, you know, that's likely to be famine, pestilence and war.

Oh, we've done pestilence, but famine and war. So I think, uh, that's, uh, that's what we have to expect. So no, no, um, no response from Mark. So, oh yeah. What was, uh, interesting in this? I didn't know this, but, um, Jicky points to an interesting paper in here and, uh, he was, uh, it's this one. Uh, let's see. ”It doesn't matter that Michael Sanger misinterpreted the spat on his sub stack and declared JJ to have rejected the lab hypothesis because he didn't, he just said it didn't matter because they could never have made a virus transmissible and lethal enough to cause the worst pandemic ever. What this means is the coronavirus

Oh, there's Mark on the line. Hey, bro. Merry Christmas, sir. I can hear you. How are you? Uh, I am at the end of my Christmas day. I figured as much. So I'm hoping you've got a few minutes. Yeah, I can make a few minutes. My, of course, you know, you and I, once we get talking and, you know, quickly becomes three hours. Oh, what's up? Merry Christmas to you and the audience. Uh, well, I was, I was going to be looking at the, uh, the latest Russian accusations. So they've done a sort of aggregation of, uh, individuals that they, uh, have put high up on their wanted list, I guess, as a way of putting it. I don't, I guess charges haven't been filed, but, um, a few names I recognize, uh, some I don't. And the, I thought you could, maybe you might know, um, because I, as, as, as I was sort of discussing at the beginning of this and, um, jumping off into all sorts of different tangents that, you know,

I'm of the opinion and I have been since starting the streaming that we're essentially in a form of asymmetric warfare, fifth generation warfare, whatever you want to call it. That's being conducted by, uh, a, essentially a global elite to push towards, uh, a, well, technocratic future, I believe is probably the most accurate. Skype interrupting to apologize. Um, and the, um, Skype interrupted me. Definitely a technological aspect to it. Well, yeah, research, whether it's it's power with, I mean, you know, that's where it gets in more nuance, but yeah, yeah, that's, that's definitely part of it. Yeah. So, you know, rather than sort of spurging about, you know, this super emergent transhumanism that people kind of believe is going on, maybe, um, I'm sure the intent is there. The, the eugenics definitely, um, surely is has been for a long time, but, you know, my, my sort of more immediate concerns are the five, 10 year timelines. And, um, in, I don't know, please just jump in and if you disagree, but the, the push right now is to have people surveilled all the time extracting data for essentially you could put that into the transhumanist wet dream box, but primarily, I think the, um, the control, it's just control and maintaining their grip on power. So that's, that's, I think the primary driving modus right now and you've got a very, very, um, well, you're just going to have competing groups within that and for sure the Russians are their own group. Um, and they seem to be the target of what would appear to be Western for one of a catch all because I don't think that includes just the United States. Um, I think I could take a big swipe at the crown of my country, Mark.

If I, I am seeing a lot of non US Caucasians, you know, very high power places of power in the United States. I don't know what that means. You said it's a non Caucasians or a non, non, non American-born Caucasians, like a lot of Australians and in particular, uh, Scots, English, which is, you know, you know, Australia’s a nationality. It's not really ethnicity. Generally speaking, uh, it's just, it's just odd. And, you know, I mean, yeah, we should, I want the best subject matter experts in the world, but it's, it's really odd to see, you know, like, like a specific branches or just like a whole row of directors. Like we're Australian and just kind of scratch your head. You're like, that's, that's odd. Well, you know, I is that not being called out a little bit. Uh, so, you know, honestly, Kevin, I can't even tell you who's running what anymore. I'm just as confused as anyone else, man. Uh, it's is bizarre. Uh, you know, even when we just say the Russians, it's like, well, Russia's divided you, you, you're honest. I don't know. I'm with you, man. I don't know where Putin stands at anything. The guy is steel faced, you know, I mean, maybe he's got 20 gay lovers behind the scenes, you know, and he's, he's putting on an act. I honestly don't know. I mean, I don't really care. It's just that I just can't tell anymore. What's going on? Um, how much is theatrics? How much is real? And I wish I could just talk about it for hours, but, um, I'm just as confused as anyone else, man. So I try to stick with, you know, the evidence I can find.

And, uh, uh, however one would define fifth or sixth generation warfare, it's undeniable. There's been a lot of extra deaths around the world, several million and million. I don't know exactly what the number is over the last, what, two and a half, three years. Oh, I want to say that putting the number 18 million. Yeah. So, uh, now 18 million worldwide. I mean, how many people typically die every year around the world? It's, it's actually much higher than 18 million, but still that's, you know, unless there was some like, I don't know. I mean, that's, that's way more than catastrophe beyond human control. Yeah. So it sort of sits between some type of warfare activity. Yeah. Yeah. It's, it sits between second world war and I don't know what's the lower metric. I don't know how many died in Vietnam, but I mean, that was pretty bloody. It was well, Americans, I think it was, uh, the 60,000. Yeah. How many, how many, how many Vietnamese or officially in Vietnam and yeah, not American. Correct. So, you know, I don't have, uh, Stalin said, right, you know, one, one deaths of tragedy and millions, just a statistic, right? It's hard to imagine what, what that looks like in terms of, uh, bodies, but you know, I've seen just in the last few days, right. From just perusing telegram cut that cut that app is dark, dude. God, if you, if you want to, you know, get a view into the warfare on the ground in, in Ukraine. And I've, I've seen shots of, you know, dozens and dozens of body bags laying on the ground and then being shoved into backs of trucks. And it, it's, I don't know. I never get used to sort of seeing it. Um, and I guess those that do see it, I kind of, uh, I kind of understand the, well, the PTSD that must come from. I'm just having to having to do that. You know, someone's got to do that job, right? So let's go back up, back up the broken bodies and hold them off somewhere where you would at least hope. Maybe, maybe if nothing else, I mean, obviously there's the respect for the dead, but it is a sanitation issue. Yeah. Talk about spreading disease. You have to clean that up. Yeah. And, you know, this is, this is where I sort of think things fall into, um, you know, extending the bio warfare analysis. And I don't think that these individuals involved, let me share my screen with you.

And by the way, that also, uh, shout out to, uh, see account Jiggy?, Jikky, Jikky. Yep. Excellent breakdown on the, uh, uh, possibility of a, of a, one of the research goals being, um, how many cells can be transfected? Uh, I mean, that would be different, a different approach. I was thinking it was trying to reverse engineer the ribosome, but either way, um, it's along the track of, look, this isn't being done to help people, you know, deal with coronavirus necessarily. Um, it's a, it is data gathering and I found it to be a, probably even a more likely scenario than what I, than what I thought. I mean, there is diversity in my book and expression of proteins still, but I know I, they're a long ways away from collecting as much data as necessary to really start tabulating all of that. This is just, this is, this is just the opening, the first inning, whatever you want to call it. First, first salvo, right? And, you know, I'm, I'm often sort of, uh, I wonder how much of this was just, you know, they know that they're going to get into some, some conflagration of some sort. So how much of this is sort of training, um, trying to test out the, um, I don't know, large scale population dynamics with respect to different stimuli. And, um, cause, cause look, you can't, you can't have a war like 70, 80 years ago where, you know, it's easy. Point at the Bosch or the, I don't know, what did the Americans used to call the chaps back then in the second world war? No doubt there was some derogatory, uh, derogatory term. Oh my gosh, I can't think of it right now. But the, that's much, much harder to do in, in this day and age. So they have to find what works and what doesn't with respect to moving population and getting it to, uh, to take, I don't know, maybe civil defense measures, et cetera. Um, maybe that was one goal in what we were dealing with, but the, um, I think it's sort of, well, I've got my ideological blinders on, but, uh, you know, I think the pin got pulled. And now we're, we're seeing where everything falls out now from, I don't know. I don't know what the time scale is five years, 10 years. Do you think the pin pulling, the timing of the pin pulling was, uh, planned in many, many, like, like 10 plus years beforehand, or do you think that something had happened to say, well, we're not, it's not, we haven't baked the cake yet, but now seems to be the better time to pull it.

Maybe schedule up a little bit. If there was something, it might've been Trump, maybe. Um, maybe he threw in a wrench into the, um, the gears, as it were. And they, they decided that, um, America was, because once America becomes a bit more inwardly focused on its own sort of national interests, rather than sort of going around, trying to police the world, then a lot of the bigger, more complex, let's just call them economic aims, I guess, become difficult. And maybe that was a, you know, they had, they had the plans ready. They were just waiting for the precipitating event and it could have been any number of those events and yet maybe, maybe it was Trump, maybe. I don't, again, I'm not sure. This is this sort of destabilized, uh, perception and, you know, I'm, I'm very, very suspicious all, all the time of the prophecy or people's interpretation of prophecy driving events. Uh, because I think we've seen, we've seen that time and time again through history. Um, so any and all of the above. Agreed. Yeah. I think the, I don't know, I, who knows, right? I mean, Mike, I'm currently of the, of the belief that a potential movement of a little bit more populism, if that's even possible, because, well, you can see a lot of urgent action taken through organizations created in laws passed from December, 2016 and early January, 2017 and see it, it, it was like a panic to, to get things aligned, you know, new FDA laws, new, um, you know, the Coalition of Epidemic Preparedness. Um, there was a lot of things just very, I think more conveniently, you know, uh, without haste could have been put together a few months before the election. Why wait? Why wait till last minute? Unless that was all the plan. I don't know, but it's just, it was a knee jerk response to, uh, an unexpected, uh, election result. I mean, Trump's been an actor. His job is to act. He is part of the machine, but he really did genuinely look freaking surprised that he won. We don't, we don't know the academy award performance. If he, if he wasn't surprised, he looked really surprised. It says, you know, if the data analytics are so good and they're, we know they're looking at everyone's communications. Anyway, right. They probably knew that something was coming with respect to what would be their preferred candidate as it were. And maybe they didn't have, although if you think that they, if they had the possibility to spoof voting machines, et cetera, then the, you would you would think they could have done that in 2016, I guess. And why didn't they, I guess is the question and I'm sure they did. That was probably with spoofing. I suspect. Yeah, because I wonder, you know, is, is the country really so finely divided 50 50. It's, I find that sort of different. Well, again, I'm sort of living in a bubble, right. You get reflected back at you what what you, what you will see a lot of the time.

What names were coming up in this fifth generation, sixth gen. I don't even know what, I've lost count. I actually like the term hybrid. Hybrid warfare is, I think, a better way because the, all elements of warfare can come into play, right, it's just, it's just what the competitive sides decide fits their needs at any one moment. As it gets more sophisticated. I guess you could argue that you've got next iteration, but look, they need to they'll have you standing there slugging it out with spears and arrows, what have you. They've, they've, they've got no I didn't, I didn't catch that. I just broke, keep, keep breaking out like the. It could come to that it really could be like the scene and gangs of New York where people go out with knives and, you know, table, table saw blades I mean anything with sharp edge. Anything that can do some blunt force trauma, just pick it up. Off we go. Yeah, again, I recognize this issue of always trying to keep you off balance, all the time, and then that enables a, the other side to engage in what actions, it, it seems best because we're always we're always responding to them. And, you know, I'm, I'm, I'm certainly the opinion that they, I think they fought the zoonosis would hold better than it did. And that might have been a bump in the road for them. And the, the problem is, is that with the with these iterations that come with the sophistication of the technology. Most people just can't grasp it. And so, even though we're talking about it. They, they will never, it's going to be very hard to sort of budge the needle on the median of the population, I don't know the median IQ, average IQ, right around that sort of distribution.

And again, they're able to push further and further ahead, such that they always have time to respond. So even, even though, you know, there was pushback with respect to zoonosis. They don't care. They've kicked the can down the road enough that, you know, they can let, they can let everyone back onto Twitter now, and they can give a little win for the dissident side as they feel that they've scored a victory. But the game has moved on. And it's kind of why I was saying that the beginning of this, I think, in a way, it's a blessing because people, people listening, know who they can be genuinely honest actors in whatever's coming up next, and all those that were trying to sell you vitamins, trying to sell books, trying to, trying to do whatever to profiteer from the events, I think can be put in the, you know, maybe there's some useful information there. But do you, do you really want, are you really going to follow them into battle, as it were, because they're just going to be looking out for their own. That's, that's what I always associate with that mentality. That they jump on anything to, to profit from it. And, and so in that respect, the last few years has been good in sort of whittling down, well, those who are listening to us, what you can and can't take as good guys in this, in our camp, our camp, Mark, my camp, our struggle.

Let me, let me do this. So, my screen is sharing right, do you want to be on the screen? Well, for the, for the screen share. Oh, this was an interesting tidbit. Let's see here, I'm seeing, I might actually need to open up in the agent, but you might have to for screen sharing. So, you know what, you don't need to share the screen. I can actually just view the live screen on Twitch. Oh, okay. Okay. So it's almost in sync with our audio. So, okay. So the, funnily enough, this just came up as I was getting ready. So Rishi Sunak, for those that don't know, because it's not an Anglo sounding name. It's currently the Prime Minister of my former home country. It died in my heart a long time ago. Maybe you can, maybe you know who these people are. I was a founding partner of Theleme Partners. Heard of those? No, sorry. Major investor of 380 million pounds. It's no small amount in Moderna, who signed a five year deal with AstraZeneca in 2013 to discover, develop and commercialize mRNA. Oh, that's a question I wanted to ask you actually. It came up in the Discord chat the other day. What's your sort of earliest dates that you have of DARPA pushing for mRNA technologies and sort of cooperating or, you know, wasn't Moderna a DARPA spinoff? I'm sure they got some of their intellectual property from DARPA. And do you have recollection of when? I wouldn't be able to agree with or deny they are a DARPA spinoff. The founders that I've seen do not seem to have had a relationship with DARPA. And that includes Nalbar Afian, the Canadian Indian. Their chief scientist or scientific officer is Melissa Moore, who went to MIT and her mentor was Philip Sharp. So of MIT, he's a, his Wikipedia page, he's kind of a big deal. He's actually, Philip Sharp, the person who mentored Melissa Moore of Moderna.

Couple of fun facts. One, he was one of several people who had his life threatened by the Unabomber and was interviewed by the FBI regarding that, if he received the package or not. And he's also the second largest recipient of philanthropy money from the Sackler family, who are behind Oxycodone and making so many, I can't say that they made Americans addicted, but their policies or sales policies of produce certainly did not help. And it was extremely unethical. There was a, I haven't gone through the name of everyone involved in Moderna. I haven't seen a lot of DARPA, I haven't seen a lot of defense in general. Or even DTRA for that matter. If anything, there seems to be a lot of MIT connections, a lot of Institutes of Health connections, but no doubt there's money that came from multiple other institutions one way or the other. I'm sure DARPA was some of it. He plays a big role here, surprisingly big role in Moderna, which makes sense because it's literally headquarters is across the block or on the other side of the intersection of the MIT Radiation Lab, going back to World War II. DARPA is? No, Moderna’s headquarters. Moderna is also one block away where an officer Sean Collier was assassinated and that's related to the Boston Marathon bombings from several years ago. There's a lot of stuff that you just look at it at the top level and all I can say is, I bet my life that is not a coincidence.

But every one of these paths is almost a lifetime of research work to go down. So you can just list it out and you go, man, I hope someone takes that path, because I got to keep going on some other path. Yeah, like I say, praise the Lord, every time I watch your streams, I'm like, dang, and you get you, you've got this ability to recall it as well and the, my Dunbar number was exceeded a long time ago. So I get the gist out of what's going on. That's, that's enough for me. And the, well, we still, we still didn't get to the main point.

But anyway, it just… this popped up. I clicked the wrong tab. So I wanted to speak to you about. So this is actually a good place to launch off because you've done work around this, which you've got interesting ideas about. For me, before I actually do want to just look at some of my notes real quickly before we move on. I want to be sure that I mean if it's not huge red flag here. Let's see here. Yeah, the whole back story of the two inventors with the. Who is it Katalin Karikó or Kariko, Drew Weissman. I'm sure they're they're very capable scientists, and I'm sure that they've been part of the, you know, the innovation of it. But there's there are too many trails to suggest that large components of this of this synthetic exosome or the lipid nanoparticle technology has been developed by many people. It's not just, you know, two people by the coffee machine. I can't stand those narratives. It makes me mad. Well, we all know Robert Malone was the inventor and creator of mRNA technology. He was definitely present when some big ideas were going down. I mean, in all fairness, as critical as I've been, you know, he has a career that almost anyone would be super proud of. As far as patents being present with other highly accomplished scientists. He doesn't need to fib or lie about anything in that respect. I mean, it's it's actually it's incredibly impressive.

But there are other names on those papers also. And I think he. For some reason, other people haven't picked up on, but I think he does himself and the community a bit of a disservice by just not calling out some of the other individuals that he's worked with. OK, let's see here. Yeah, I don't… Again, I don't want to say that Moderna is not a spin off of DARPA without, you know, really being able to dig in a little bit more on that. But it's never struck me as one. It… Well, let us, that’ll lead us… October 2013, the company was awarded the 25 million dollars by DARPA to develop messenger RNA therapeutics in November 13. The company raised 110 million dollars of equity financing. So there we go. That's 25 million. That's a good chunk of change. How much of that is their overall funding? I'll need to dig in. But that is that's right. They had funding going back before then. I see 2011. Afeyan, who was still their largest shareholder, Bancel, he was goes back to 2011, 2010. They were getting stuff out of MIT. So, yeah, so absolutely. They did get money from from DARPA. I'm just trying to get a day founded September 2010. Yeah. I'll be one of the most important names to follow is a as a Dr. Giuseppe Ciaramella. And it is odd that that was also the name of some whistleblower against Trump. I don't think that they're related at all. It's just a it is a crazy coincidence, though.

Anyways, he was considered to be he has his name is one of the main names on a lot of their lipid nanoparticle technology patents. I posted on your website a video that was unlisted. Somehow or another, I managed to find on YouTube of some technology presentations that he did. I mean, it's kind of Mickey Mouse stuff, but it was so difficult to find anything on him. But he left Moderna in 2019 or just before the pandemic started. And he's off to another company that is, I think, using the synthetic exosome or lipid nanoparticle technology as part of being able to provide what the right word is it like a stem cell type therapy for for damaged hearts, sort of building on what we've heard some other people suggest as a potential direction of this mRNA technology. So he's moved on this, I guess, Ciaramella and it's a good name dig into to to see where this where this this product line is is moving towards. And also Nalbar Afian, his mentor was a a Chinese American scientist who was one of the powerhouses with respect to also at MIT. Let's see, I would need to dig into him. A one second. Dr. Daniel Ai-Qiao Wang passed away a couple of years ago. Let's see here. He was a longtime MIT professor, chemical engineer, UPenn. His research on fermentation, monitoring and control of the bioprocess, renewable source, resource utilization, enzyme technology, product recovery and purification, protein aggregation and refolding in a million cell cultures made him a pioneer, a pioneer in biochemical and biological engineering. So, yeah, that would make sense as far as him being a mentor of a fan. Anyways, I'm sorry, I'm going off on a few tangents.

There's a lot to dig into. You dig into the scientists of Moderna. And I mean, and I would encourage everyone in the audience. Look, there's it's an ugly world. Okay. And I think that there's a lot of good. I do have to believe there's a lot of good scientists and engineers that get involved in these fields. They have no idea what they are walking into. And then they have to make a choice. You know, they can they can advance the science in the context that it's been constructed in these institutes and they have to play along or they can seek a different career. And I try not to be judgmental about exactly who is approaching it in, you know, in which different ways. Right. But nonetheless, you can get a lot of insights into the companies by following people's patents, looking at where they came from, where they're moving to, et cetera, et cetera. There's a lot more going on than just, oh, they just want to help people deal with COVID. Yeah. And they're even founded as a company that ever considered making vaccines. It was not it was founded as a as a company that was going to use gene therapy. They were going to use lipid nanoparticle shells to be able to deliver mRNA to help the regenerative process, to help with fixing genetic defects, et cetera, et cetera.

It seemed as though a switch flip at some point that said, hey, you know what? Maybe we can make some money or maybe we can help out in some agenda change by now presenting ourselves as a vaccine company for a little while. And it's not really a vaccine. That's a, you know, transfection, et cetera. But that's that's how it went down. So I'm sorry.

I'm sorry. No, no, no. It's what I was going to say is what just came up in the chat, which is, you know, the issue with scientists like everyone else, the humans, they may idealistically sign on. I know I did, to projects and not… not fully understanding the well the where the end results could could lead, and the and chocolate is good just said in the chat “a lot get compromised and blackmailed along the way”. And for sure, that's the case. And I would I would just say that most scientists are… they're not grizzled Rambo types that can survive. They, they what, you know, they're a bit squishy and like their creature comforts and ego massaging that comes with them being sort of the high priest of modern, modern culture. And so to expect them to stand up, it's rare. It's, it's rare to have a Kary Mullis, for example, as a leader of a field. Right. And generation, dude. A different generation. Yeah.

You're well, and again, I don't I don't think you need that many people at the top, but because everything's so… doesn't even have to be like deliberately siloed but the technical jumps required to even just move across what you would think are close disciplines. It is a lot of a lot of work. So, you know, I can somewhat approach the genetic pro economics molecular biology, but only because I had a sort of smattering of it as a undergrad and then, you know, I had to do journal clubs and what have you and to stay on top of my domain area but what for me to just completely move into the, you know, the domain of, well, yeah, genetic therapies, etc. There's, there's so much that you have to handle on. Like I said, it's a lifetime of research to go down any one of these avenues to have it down, so you know it, like the back of your hand. And this is, you know, I think that played into a lot of their calculations of what if we get if we're going to do it anytime you might as well do it now type scenario. Maybe they could obfuscate blind people with science, as it were, as to what, what was going on and, and now sales will be become sort of academic discussion or something akin to sort of 911 discussions on whatever 21st century equivalent of message boards, etc. A¶nd so this is why I'm sort of more of the opinion you've got to move forward and think bigger, bigger picture right now. And that's just the nature of the conflict in which we find ourselves, and in a sense you have to be somewhat… You can't be ignorant, I guess, is where I'd want to go. Because, you know, and I go back to what I, what I said earlier, which is right now, after the last three years we've got a pretty good idea of who sort of firing a straight arrow, as it were, rather than, rather than sort of trying to manipulate who they've been there sort of to profit from, and I'm sort of seeing it on Twitter already, as you know, as people have been allowed back on, like each, each one of the sort of pet theories that they have where it's lockdowns or the population or whatever. And they're going to keep bringing to the fore and, you know, they're going to just carve that off into Twitter space and let them, let everyone sort of go at it and. Okay.

Now what do we do. And that's why I think we've got to, we've got to keep an eye on the bigger framework. Hello sweetheart, you kids back from school. Just to entertain the crowd, I'll set up something for you, Mark, which is, as we move into this. Sure, sure, I'll look at the chat. Just, no, no, no, I'm just going to be 30 seconds dude, just, I just need to do something. The Ukraine and Iraq, but chemical bio warfare. Yeah, that's a great kickoff point. While Kevin steps away. So, while we certainly don't know the extent of biological weapons research and development in the, in Ukraine's territory, I always want to say the Ukraine, I guess I played a little bit too much risk as a kid, but in Ukraine's territory. We, like, what we can say definitively is that the United States government was not expressing a major concern or worry about biological weapons development plants or research scientists in Ukraine before 2004 or so. I found a couple of soft references to the possibility that there could have been scientists who work with the Soviet Union who had subject matter expertise that went to Ukraine after the breakup of the Union. But most of the development, the VECTOR factor… lab and other factories, the official narrative anyways, is that it was in, I think it was now the nations of Uzbekistan or Kazakhstan and or Kazakhstan and not Ukraine. And the mainstream narratives or I should say the mainstream sources, newspapers, etc., even congressional testimonies, I've gone through that.

Sometime around 2004, 2005 took a different stance to suggest that Ukraine was a nation that we needed to address their, their, their former biological weapons programs and scientists who had subject matter expertise. So then the year 2005 comes in the year 2005. Indiana. The United States, one of the two United States senators from Indiana. Sam Nunn was a senator from Georgia. You're breaking up a little bit there, bro. Okay, Nunn and Lugar had previously worked together on the Nunn-Lugar program to locate and secure and over time work with negotiations with, have negotiations with Russia to reduce the amount of weapons of mass destruction, which at that time were identified as nuclear weapons, nuclear weapons and other offshoots of that. So now we're in 2005 and suddenly there is a elevated discussion and concern over biological weapons technology in Ukraine. And a young junior senator from the state of Illinois, Barack Obama, recently elected, one of the youngest senators in, I think U.S. history, is, develops a relationship with Richard Lugar. I don't know why. It's a very, it's weird. I mean, the states border each other, but nonetheless, Barack Obama's first international trip, was actually Richard Lugar taking him to Ukraine to tour areas with development in the past to tour Chernobyl and to, to discuss and look at places which could have been used as part of biological weapons development. And then the U.S. signed a treaty with Ukraine, a short treaty about the two nations agreeing on control of biological weapons and biological weapons technology. Now I didn't know this, but treaties are immediately elevated to very, very high levels of, I mean, they almost trump the current federal, other federal laws as they are, they're international agreements. I'm not a legal lawyer, I can't say exactly why. They carry significant legal weight. It's not a case of just dismissing your international obligations once you sign treaty laws. That doesn't have a focus, so. But there wasn't any, again, unless it wasn't disclosed, there was no prior evidence shared or discussion of Ukraine having these, these programs. They might have existed and they weren't told, right? Just because something hasn't been mentioned doesn't mean it wasn't so. But it is true that it was not mentioned or at least not highlighted as a concern. Now, now, now this is, now the second thing I'm going to say here is also a fact, okay? There was claims that Iraq had a weapons of mass destruction program, or I should say biological weapons program, much of which was focused on the research of and development of anthrax. There were weapons inspectors sent to Iraq. There were claims that Saddam Hussein might have had systems or factories. The factories might have even been mobile to develop or to grow and to take anthrax and to probably put into some type of storage containers or other devices, which could be then used as weapons, bombs, etc. And as the as the search for that stuff was going on, it was stated that Saddam lost his, his biological weapons labs, many of which were mobile, sometime in 2005. I couldn't even believe, you can't make this stuff up, Kevin. There were actually claims or eyewitnesses that they were mobile labs that were that were taken, disassembled or moved using large cranes. I mean, like the cranes that you use, you know, to take down a tree next to your house. I mean, you know, big enough to be able to lift up an 18 wheel truck or a railroad car, bigger cranes, mobile cranes, nonetheless, but bigger. And so that happens. At the same time, we signed an agreement with Ukraine that says we need to control Ukraine's biological weapons program, which might include anthrax. And Ukraine withdrew its military from Iraq in the middle of early or middle 2005. And Ukraine has the world's largest, or at least the airplane, probably the only airplane in the world that could actually move a mobile biological weapons lab facility. {Antonov An-225 Mriya} And now these are coincidences doesn't mean that it actually played out like that. I mean, I've just seen these with far less evidence, get way more time on info wars. And this has a lot of evidence, and it seems to make a whole lot of sense timeline that time wise, and I've never seen anyone else mentioned it. If it's not true, I would love to see it disproven. No one mentions this. It's, it's so in your face. It's, it's kind of funny.

And then the sorry that the idea of mobile labs. It's not a make believe thing. I just quickly. I just punched in mobile BSL for lab. This one's. They say free but three or four… You're not worried about biosafety lab ratings, when you're, how would you say, skirting conventions, right, it's, whether the lower various precisely what's required versus what you can get in a mobile lab or treatment of wastes, etc. These are, these are technologies that have been around for a while. And, you know, it's your lab should not be at risk from drunk drivers. There you go. So, yeah, just driving while intoxicated, no vaping, even on those weed vaping. The premise that there was a transfer of. I mean, whose, whose technology, do you think it was that was that had made those labs, something bought from American companies from, I mean we're looking at Chinese lab here on, on the screen. I mean, it's not out. Well, specifically, the, well, while we don't actually have a foot. That is. Remember, let me start that again. Yeah, yeah. The, the one developer that I can find that is one of the largest possibly the largest manufacturer of mobile BSL three, BSL four laboratories is a offshoot of a company called Dyna-Mac. They also took a lot of the mobile laboratories for the United States Department of Homeland Security, DHS. They provided a lot of the mobile labs which are used and the, then the anthrax letter investigation and September 11 2000 investigation. The name Dyna-Mac actually is a abbreviation of the name Diana MacArthur. Diana MacArthur was the niece of Lady Bird Johnson, the wife of a United States President. And is the person Nick knows him well, who requested 10 million… I'm going to make an intervention …in 1969. I'm going to make an intervention I think this is discord, just struggling with Christmas traffic. I'm going to send you a zoom link. Let me. Wait, wait, wait, wait, because it's important what you're saying and it's it's getting lost in the ether. Let me just paste this in here. You can stay on the line I guess till that pops up. We talk you listen, think. Oh, shit. This. And I got asked to send you a Merry Christmas from John as well. Merry Christmas. Oh, you dropped out. I saw you in there and then you dropped out bro. Can you hear me. Yep. You popped in. Yeah, okay. All right, you might might have to. You're not in the studio, I'm not in the studio. All right, so switch. Not. Okay, okay. All right, let's see. I turned off the video. It's just audio. All right, let's. going to be better because you're basically dropping out every sort of 30 seconds or so. So anyway we've got the Dyna-Mac BSL… mobile BSL 3, 4 laboratories and you were talking about some lady and then it sort of gobbled up and I didn't catch what you were saying. Diana something. Yeah.

Dyna-Mac it was initially founded as a company called Enviro Control Corporation. They have let's see have they been renamed since they might have been renamed or purchased but they've been around for they were around for a long time. They did a lot of interesting things they one of the things that they worked on was the taking taking airstream trailers and converting them to be decontamination labs for NASA back in the 1970s because of all those pesky germs that can come out of space. What's that movie called where they get a satellite come down and… Andromeda strain? Yeah Andromeda Strain which Dr. Joshua Lederberg emphatically claimed he had nothing to do with even though he actually ran that program for NASA. Okay just another one to chalk up there. So before I go off on too many tangents which can just lose the audience I mean it's we can talk about this company Dyna-Mac for days but they they did get involved in environmental data collection they had. They were… They really did kind of push the limits with respect to using computers in the 1970s, 1980s for analytics and they did develop mobile laboratories which were purchased and used by the Department of Homeland Security in the early 2000s. You can find pictures of them they may be rebranded as something else but they did manufacture such facilities which makes a lot of sense, you know, if you have a water treatment plant and some type of other environmental disaster there's a lot of very pragmatic scenarios where a laboratory that has environmental controls in it, you know, sort of a clean room would be would be beneficial. So the name Dyna-Mac itself that is a… it's a concatenation if you will of Diana and MacArthur. Diana MacArthur was the niece of Lady Burr Johnson who was the president… oh excuse me was the wife of Lyndon B. Johnson who of course replaced Kennedy after Kennedy was assassinated, but her husband Dr. Donald MacArthur is someone that our common friend St. Nick would know because Dr. Donald MacArthur is the person who was running the scientific research department in the United States military and personally asked for the 10 to 20 million dollars in 1970 to research cancer-causing viruses, which Nick believes was a or at least I think we all agree played a part in the advancement of… of HIV and the and and the AIDS epidemic. Now of course it's the fact that he actually asked for the money in Congress is like well did he have to do it so blatantly sometimes I look at something like that is like was he trying to you know just drop some evidence that this department over here was definitely doing it he could have asked for it in some other clandestine way, probably even gotten more money if he was working hard enough on it, and that's all the espionage bullshit that happens here. But the… these mobile labs are now I've no reason to doubt that there's other companies and other nations making them the only ones that I do know about though are okay you got to put something in the mud a little stick in the mud is this company and from the United States Department of Homeland Security is one of their biggest customers and it's it is rather shocking that their founder was the same guy that asked for cancer-causing virus research in 1970 and that is one of the biggest pieces of evidence that dr. Leonard Horowitz uses in his book emerging viruses that St. Nick often refers to. It could just be a coincidence but it's hard to say that… It's hard to ignore it. Anyways it so yeah this mobile lab concept now if you look at the pictures of the mobile labs like in the United States newspapers of what they suggested these they looked like they almost look like like something you would see going back to what you said earlier in Mad Max, it was like, you know, these rickety trucks with you know tanks you know strapped onto the side and it did not look like at least at least they're the artists that drew those pictures okay made it not look like something that was legitimate it did not look like something the United States would have sold it almost looked like like you would actually expect the post-apocalyptic bio warfare engineer to develop something that looks like that right I'm just I'm just like I found a PowerPoint presentation from dynamat corporation and look I've worked in smaller lab space than what you can get in these trucks right and I'm looking what's on the screen right now and that's bloody well kitted out lab space now you know do you want to be handling the most dangerous pathogens in them if you if you if compliance is your your major concern. And look when you're a BSL 3 you can handle all pathogens, right? It's just whether you intending to do anything with them that you need that extra BSL for stipulation but if you're if your intention is just to be well I guess we are monitoring or culturing even even the scary Ebola or Zika or something like that I think I'm I'm pretty sure BSL 3 is good enough. Now again, if you I guess if you don't you don't care about what you're putting down drains and I think there's evidence to show in Ukraine that that's been an operational principle for quite some time. They, they did have a I want to say swine flu outbreak that was very very suspect and then there's I want to say cholera as well and these are, well the Russians are also claiming TB resistant sorry antibiotic resistant TB being in fused into banknotes etc., lots of lots of sketchy stuff seems to have been going on on the ground in, in the Ukraine and something like that, oh for sure would be more than adequate to as we say facilitate facilitate your bio warfare needs if that's what happens you know with the resources and the espionage capabilities if they were afraid of their laboratories getting found, why not just dig a hole and bury them? Why, why all the effort to move it to another country?

So there's… I mean, I can come up with a hundred reasons why the hypothesis I just put out there would be kind of absurd but nonetheless there's a lot of reasons to consider it and there's opportunity there. And maybe there's other components of it that we just haven't thought of yet. I mean anthrax is it's, it's almost as if it's not really anthrax itself that's a concern, because there's a lot of anthrax in the world small amounts that are not harmful, unless you're already a rotting animal, that's what it does it's part of the process. It's… it really… it's the manufacturing facilities and they can make it in quantities that are just you know abnormal and would easily overwhelm someone especially someone that doesn't have access to good antibiotics or other life-saving measures so the technology to manufacture is because is the bigger concern than just you know just anthrax in nature I was just gonna say even if you do have access to antibiotics you get a big enough dose of anthrax that they might not be able to save you yeah it's not where it's so easy but the well…

You know, I guess, I guess the point here is that all of all of this technology is extant now the treaties etc. may well… I don't think that they're a guarantee that what they say they're doing within these programs are all that they're doing, right? Amen! I would go so far as to say what it does is it in effect can provide cover for, because once you've got legitimate scientific traffic going on it's dead easy then to start slipping in packages, especially diplomatic packages that are not, not subject to scrutiny. And the well Gileana you I'll never pronounce her last name dude what's her last name bro? Dilizhiana…? Dilyana Gaytandzhieva. She did a pretty good job of showing that they were using diplomatic packages between laboratories that were under these agreed upon treaties particularly Georgia was her focus primarily, right?

But if they're doing it in one country you can take it as given that they're doing it in others. And you know which sort of inexorably leads me down the path to Ukraine. Ukraine has been central to US, or I don't want to just include US, in this West Western NATO five eyes I guess, five eyes six eyes if you want to include a greatest ally in the Middle East, strategic planning for many many years decades. So if you if you go back to you know the fall of the Soviet Union and our favorite action man diplomat Andrew Weber who was single-handedly defusing every every known WMD out there. You know his first wife was Hillary Clinton's executive secretary? I oftentimes… I mean, look, I mean it's, you know, we need strong men in the world but I'll tell you what there's a lot of times you look at the wife and you're like okay so that's who wears the… yeah yeah yeah, so someone sent in the chat Meryl Nass said anthrax isn't really a good weapon because it doesn't disperse very well well and… Connected. Are you back? Yeah. It's just someone in the chat saying Meryl Nass said anthrax isn't really a good weapon because it doesn't disperse very well well that is until you make a Marifrax and you can pulverize it down to and I don't know what they're doing to it precisely, but so it doesn't clump that the individual virions don't clump together, right? virions, bacteria spores don't clump together and then you get the fine dispersal maybe maybe what she meant was that the you can't, it's not really good for killing a lot of people or incapacitating a lot of people. Precisely look the the response to those Marifrax had some profound impact on the United States US law rights of the citizens etc so in that sense it was extremely effective but that was the combination of more than just you know a couple of terrible fatalities it was a combination of what the government seemed to already want plus media plus all of these other institutions added up to that but if it's in Army A and Army B in the battlefield you know lobbing a few envelopes of anthrax across the field is yeah even dropping strategic bombs that people have the right mask on or or even if they do inhale and some they can fight for a little bit longer and then he can seek first aid I thought was really her point the this what we seen on like the the start of the Stephen King movie the stand of you know some by a chemical can knock people out really fast certain chemicals we know this but there's not many germs that can just within two seconds have someone go from walking to being dead it's there's not many germs a big germ like a lion could do that but a little even lots and lots of little germs it's it's I don't know of any I don't think there's not there's always a lag between exactly and that was Meryl Nass's point that was Meryl Nass's point but I think she would totally say something otherwise with respect to can it disrupt the whole country and turn it upside down it from that's exactly what happened with the Marathrax absolutely yeah and so you know someone's agenda seems to be always being instantiated with these with these agents and this is yeah it's it's concerning and you could say that they were they've had sort of little bites of the pie so to speak and in the last three years you could again just one hypothesis that they've they've done it on a much much larger scale and you know where does that leave us in the global political or geopolitical frameworks right now and you know someone just want to so Yana said in the chat in Ukraine's statement today from Sergey Glazyev there is no doubt that other US bio about laboratories in the former Soviet Union are developing ethnically selective viruses to target local populations and here here is what I've spoken about before is where I think this modern present generation of agents is going is high high selectivity and the and you know to stay within the letter of the law incapacitation and they they can well I think a lot of what these laboratories are doing especially if you know there's a lot of interest around the borders of Russia as it stands at the moment so the former Soviet states I think that there's the potential to get in there with current engineering technologies and be able to take a passage a local pathogen tweak it so that it sort of ups its its incapacitation abilities and you use you use it in in a local context from from a military perspective that's that's what they would want to be thinking now you know there's you know I wouldn't dismiss Jays hypothesis of it's just it's impossible or more multiple seeding events to sort of drive the idea of a global pandemic in fact why not I would put that all in the sort of bio warfare category it's bio warfare that's still biological warfare that's still using biological agents yeah yeah and that that's that's the lens for which you have to you have to look at everything right now and the actually say that the the glee and vociferous approach around Ukraine right now but literally they're putting blood and treasure on the line to contest the region with with the Russians I would I would say it's highly it's there's a high high probability that there was there were these programs ongoing in Ukraine and maybe that maybe they rejected out far enough that they realized the game was up so they had to pull a sales event to sort of by cover I don't know I don't know but for sure there's something very very sketchy about the programs that were in place that we we see well just in the the evidence that you've brought forward and I don't think the Russians are being it's not just all agitprop from Russia with respect to their concerns about these programs and their role they could be playing in Ukraine right now that would be my current sort of gambit if I had to sort of you know weigh things up with respect to you know what what data the public have available I would say we're seeing the sort of fingerprints of of what I just described and if you have a different take but the it would make sense that that I mean without even evidence in front of us I would believe completely that some researchers some scientists and other military technicians have been or or have or are actively pursuing biological agents which can select based upon genetic factors they would you know if something like that is possible I'm sure that's a tool they would love to have in the toolbox and you know with what we know I can't see why that would not be possible today or someday in the future the question is is is the state of the art right now such that that that can be done now and the question has to be asked because and and we need some scientists to dig in and they're probably gonna have to do it independently like you and and figure it out because I could see it sort of the the narrative even if that technology it doesn't exist yet a narrative could be pushed that it does exist to then justify certain precautions taken in the future to describe events that may happen in the future so there's always this it's not that the technology is never going to be possible is it available today because it isn't it sometimes just people to convincing people that were already there is enough to get a desired result I would say the technology is there the question is how clean is it is a good point the only the only piece of one evidence I have and it's it's it's not it's not a proof case by any stretch the imagination right but the if you if you look at the the demographics within the United States of people who have COVID on the death certificate gets which I'm very skeptical of all the different reasons that go into that but nonetheless okay I mean the law of averages here will sort of take that out but they have COVID on the death certificate and if you look at a state like California that has a very noteworthy percentage of the population is is is Chinese the number of deaths of that list is COVID in California of people who are also of Chinese ancestry is almost the same as the percentage of the population of California which is Chinese meaning if there was some ethnic component of COVID that was designed to impact people of Chinese ancestry less it did not there were no there was no sign of that there was no signal of that within the United States over the last two or three years now that's just one one subset of one one state of one country which might not have even have had a if there was multiple strains the same strain but you know these the allegations have been made and I can't prove or disprove it but again I'm just kind of doing a lot of speculation here and and if the technology is there well you know what does that mean for what does that mean for Americans who are generally speaking very ethnically diverse I mean even most Americans who are Caucasian are you know on average probably about like really only like 80 90 percent European there's a there's a lot there's been a lot of mixing in the United States you know white Americans are just a little bit different it's like it's like it's like John Travolta said you know and pulp fiction everything in Europe it's just a little bit different a royal with cheese please hey dip that stuff in mayonnaise yeah I love fries and mayonnaise it's awesome yeah well where did you grow up man yeah okay but we had ketchup it's not I remember going to Belgium actually and no it was Holland and getting yeah well it was on a street vendor thing and I just I ended up I got my order and there was just mayonnaise in there I was like hey what's going on here but actually it was pretty good it's good I mean look we put a fried seafood hmm yeah with with the batter and yeah anyways I don't know what I know what it means for countries let me let me put it this way so if you would if you were to leverage that technology right then the genetic marker that you would want to use or if it was to be useful you have to have you have to have it operable within a very very select population or I'm talking about defense from or lower the probability from the agent having impact one because of the genetic noise that you have and so for people who are just tuning in at this we're about to get j-pilled right now and there were a number of papers which came out at the beginning of SARS which showed that the binding strength of the virus was limited or the race most least at risk from SARS were Ashkenazi Jews then Finnish and some reason Finns and East Asian now there's a lot of crossover between Finnish and Asians apparently I didn't I didn't know this apparently apparently they consider themselves different to the Europe Europeoid and and so if and I'll just throw this out as a hypothetical if you if you were going to go and leverage an agent like this it doesn't it doesn't mean that it can't affect you all you're doing is is you're lowering the propensity for it to inflict major harms and in in such a in such a scenario if you've if you've got a heads up and like that play have you did you watch the last stream I did where I played the clip of Benjamin Netanyahu I watched a lot of your stuff I missed the last stream I'm sorry I think that was the Malone stream or maybe yeah it was the Malone stream so if I gonna share my desktop with you here and sound and you just I'll just put this up on the screen and in this yeah you're gonna love this because it fits with much of your observations about data analytics aggregation and broke back Brendan fans are gonna have a field day because it's it's Benjamin Netanyahu and he loves he loves Benjamin well you know I'm I'm how should we say that's just I'm suspicious of them all dude yeah so hopefully you can see and hear this it's it's it's two minutes long and I'll play this and then I'll continue my thoughts on where I want to go awesome give me one example so you'll see because I don't want to bore you with the detailed detailed plans I but they are detailed in my mind we came out of covert first I described that in my book my conversations with Albert Borlau Pfizer and I persuaded him to give tiny Israel then the necessary vaccines to get us out first from the covert and the reason I could do that is because we have a database 98% a medical database 98% of our population has digitized medical records and little card and anywhere you go in any hospital in Israel north-south doesn't make any difference boom you punch it in and you know everything about this patient for the last 20 years I said we'll use that to tell you whether these vaccines what do they do to people not individual people not with their individual identities but statistically what does it do to people with you know with meningitis what does it do to people you can hear this right yes I can okay just just checking is with high blood pressure what is it you know you want to know that so Israel became if you will the the lab for Pfizer and that's how we got out and we gave the information to the world not only been published in medical magazines and so that's our database we have I intend to bring on that base database of medical personal medical records for entire population a genetic database genomes okay give me a saliva sample volunteer but I'm sure most people would do it maybe we'll pay them now we have a genetic record on a medical record of a robust population it's got you have to have diversified populations we have people from 100 lands this is a very powerful engine now now let pharma companies let medical companies let them run algorithms on this database okay I'm telling you right away that I'll give preference for a few years to Israeli firms but you can create and then to the world but you can create you know a biotechnological industry that is unheard of right now unheard of unimagined even and these are just the example so we can become a lot of stave off Iran become a light on to the nations in groundbreaking technologies that will benefit not only Israel but our neighbors in the Middle East and the entire world which is what is happening anyway but bring it to us so that that that's the end so did you pick out any salient points them up well I was already well prepared for the the sales pitch for the the databases and collection of genomic data and the big data analytics it is it is it's powerful how so many people have been encouraged and had were made excited to take a medicine that is safe and effective and yet they can't see that the that the elected leaders are then actually then saying but we're excited to find out what it does right yeah we know it's safe and effective but we look forward to testing it on people even though we've already tested it so that that should that should leap out at you now there's a another little bit in there that leaps out at me which is well we give preferential treatment to Israeli firms first mm-hmm or first by at these databases and and make a note that he said you know we've got high genetic diversity in the country right they do they don't have as many people's us but they did I to my understanding that Israel is just pretty is rather rather rather diverse nation and so in in this new world aside of course from the little Palestinian the Palestinians that are squished into little corridors that's there's jihadists from all over this jihadist from all over to go there dude for their sabbatical yes but the the point I wanted to get to is that in in an environment where yeah they want to leverage this technology they want to be doing the database aggregation etc and in in wanting to get the technical jump right you want to make sure that one you've got be able to get the technology or the technologies out there and test it etc and you know there's a degree of well you want to make sure that we have as minimal impact as possible and I would I would look forward the premise that as a viable hypothesis I'm saying it's the only one but in this particular instance it makes sense for race specificity yeah in this context race specificity makes sense right because that the higher up levels those quote unquote Israeli companies okay are going to want to minimize risk to themselves now you know maybe there was some human testing of SARS beforehand I don't know I don't think anyone will ever really know but in in in a world where we're moving forward to a different industrial paradigm where data is still a cheesy term the new oil they want they want to get a jump on the competition and so in this instance it makes perfect sense for me that we could that we see we see these data pieces line up now does it mean that's exactly what happened not necessarily but I would look forward with the argument that in any if we're to get any investigation that has to be looked at and in an environment where that country is not subject to any scrutiny with respect to its bioweapons research of course they could spin up something like that and so you know the the racial component to me you know this is where I can see it being leveraged to make something that's you know you're just gonna pick off I don't think from as Israeli perspective the Arab in the in the shopping malls or on the on the West Bank and you know be lethal to them I don't think is it's that likely right but in in something in a scenario hike hyper complex scenario like we're looking at right now what I just described makes more sense and so again I would say it's still it's still a form of bio warfare it's still it's still caused harm it's still caused distress loss you know you name it it's gone out there and you know with the with the added benefit that there's a chronic component to it that leverages a customer base even more going into the future right if you if you can knock out 30% of the population and give them an ME type illness chronic Lyme type illness mm-hmm right then you've you're opening the door to all sorts of new new interventions and therapies that could be of benefit and also leverage right so doesn't just have to be money can you know if you're if you're sick enough then you'd look relief from anywhere and if that relief comes with strings attached which is I don't know you know it's like any sort of soft diplomacy right ah we'll come and we can fix that for you just just stop stop criticizing our settlement program and any other of the elements we could point at our control of banking industries black rap artists Israel's definitely had a role here this is a great video it highlights the you know them being proud of getting there a jump I do recall that they seem to be embracing the vaccine rollout yeah so you know people very early people say but they did that they subjected their their country to the vaccines as well well yeah of course they did they want to know that they want to know but if you if you know not to take it right you know how many who knows what was said to what little temple yeah you want you might want to steer clear of this this medical countermeasure this time just yeah and there's a good chance that there could be a few nurses that you know miss right you know like there might be like one particular room at the at the clinic where you notice there's like a pool of MRA just blow it out from under the door missed miss arms housing it down but the is a element that I'm gonna bring up here and that is the I mean all these countries they're all both allying and stabbing each other at the same time China had routes Belt and Road and transport routes through Ukraine I think they would have preferred to go Ukraine and now with Russia in Ukraine it's a little bit more tricky India is you know they have their routes true right now more what they're actually gonna have to be using the water the waterways still because of geographical limitations at the moment anyways but a lot of the most impactful reports that have come out which have raised raised the alarm as to what China's role is has been or is with respect to the SARS-CoV-2 the COVID-19 pandemic have come out of India but I think India which was sort of used as a place to rinse these this research which actually came from Israel so there's this Danny Shoham last name S-H-O-H-A-M first name D-A-N-Y okay who wrote most of the articles in this Chemical Biological Weapons magazine which was published by the Manohar Parrikar Institute for Defense Studies and Analysis in in India but this Danny Shoham is actually a Israeli military strategist who has published in Israel and who has also worked directly with the United States government regarding I think going back to 9-11 so the the concerns about Chinese scientists being involved in espionage providing Ebola samples to China or to the Wuhan lab etc well some of that curiously came out of India and you could see India isn't always on the best of terms with China a lot of those authors at least in this case Danny Shoham is actually from Israel so you could see Israel sort of stirring up the shit and at the same time knowing that you don't want to do it directly you want someone else to publish your papers wait are you saying they were poisoning the well between yeah yeah you mark just yeah Israel is a very very competitive state with some very competitive people in it I have no problem saying that it is what it is man you know I mean I believe that the response needs to be to well let's out compete but that said it yeah they it's that's exactly what has happened so everything from all of these players needs to be taken with more than a few grains of table salt or kosher salt if you prefer and what's involved in kosher salt I mean isn't isn't so I don't know I don't know it does seem to work pretty good with fish meals though but anyways it doesn't have the I don't think it doesn't have the iodine okay so it's it's it's I think for health reasons it's not necessarily preferred but anyways whatever you know these are all elements to consider you could see how I mean economically China's definitely been has taken a hit from this it I can't see how they have come out winning after this event maybe you know the how they have benefited just hasn't been revealed yet so that doesn't mean that they're necessarily innocent maybe the whole plan all along was to have this nice zoonosis narrative everyone was gonna play along and someone in India and might have even been some Israeli Institute using India said hey guess what we can create we can we can fast forward the lab leak narrative by a year by dropping this paper out there and it totally it is totally stirred things up but the plan may not have been to talk lab leak possibilities until much later I don't know it's just it's not clear but you have to be aware and the longer I go the more I'm skeptical I am of all of these players in this mess was Russia's invasion of Ukraine certainly does seem to be it's definitely going to be screwing up a lot of these trade routes the brush and then you go well I mean Brendan O'Connell has said some things have been really infuriating to me especially about law enforcement but he has brought forward evidence about collusion between Putin and the Russian government in Israel and then you go wow so if Russia knew that Israel was going to use India to backstab China and then make China have to go through Russia to get its stuff to Europe right if you follow me there I could see now Russia being like hey Israel I have an idea we know this COVID things gonna happen tell you what you take this paper no one will expect us to come out of India and you create the lab leak narrative at this time and it's gonna force China to have to ship their supplies through us because we're also gonna own Ukraine by then it's it's it's amazing so this all of this genetic research agenda is is is being done in tandem with nations using these narratives to you know capture trade routes as well it's and I mean Kevin I'm not equipped to talk about all of the geopolitics of it I'm not I haven't studied it I just you know look at things as the topics come up right but it's pretty clear it's the two agendas are merging and they probably been that way for for quite a while right now yeah and look that the simple fact is is that look us been a mensch and supposed to know we're probably lucky that we're getting the glimpses that we are right at this time because look even go back to the second world when that good bracketing event you know what do people have have for information the daily newspaper and the radio and that was probably it and then I don't know no no they if they went to the movies before the before the feature film started the US government would play like a two to five minute film reel about about how awesome the US military was kicking the kick in the butts of the Japanese and the in the Germans Oh Pat they real that's not French though pathway anyway that was their sources of information you know we're lucky lives believing that believing that they could not have possibly been misled about the risks being proposed and about how much their sacrifices were helping the country which makes them literally like some of the best people that have lived here but they were used by a really ugly machine and that machine's not gone away and this is it's that machine that I think we're we're dealing with right now and I would say that it's shown itself that it's it'll go to any lengths to push its self-interest and in this respect we have to I don't know hope that there are sort of competing elements higher up the chain such that it you know scraps fall off the table that's dogs at the bottom right it were begging for well at this stage I guess and a smidgen of freedom that we had we thought we were entitled to a few few years ago been disabused of that notion and like I say we're probably likely to get disabused of it far more once these deep learning algorithms start tearing into the genomic data with the medical records etc and I think you still need a human at some point in that loop but you know who which which humans are going to be privy to the information etc and if Russia maybe thinks that its self-interest aren't being served at the moment I don't know but you know I also look at in Russia that they've got digital IDs rolling out etc and all all sorts of what we would consider dystopian measures as well so the yeah again who's I always say it comes down to which which which which tyranny do you want global homo or trad trap trad family tyranny call me biased I'll go with a trad family one and so right now if Russia's spiking their tires somewhat then I'm well I wish them Godspeed I guess Godspeed good luck which brings me we can finish on what I wanted to drag you into the stream dude which is this this list oh Kenneth Myers yeah he was the yeah he was I was gonna say he was a director of DITRA before before Weber yeah so these are shadow members in the US military biological research and this is just one slide of a bunch of slides that have been put out by the Russians some of its a little blurry I can make out George Soros open society and I'm not sure what the hunter Biden I guess that's Rosemont Seneca investors NCOs NGOs I can't make out what that Pentagon contractor is on the left meta but is that what I see I see Tara or tool the terrible tool yes so there's a something that doesn't get mentioned enough is incutel I think as a you know I wonder how much they gave to Moderna incutel is the it's an investing like a hedge fund if you will of that represents a the portfolio of investments made by the CIA and it's my understanding that many of the investments are not even fully declassified at some point it's like you know there's so much there's so many redactions in the document why are we even talking about it yeah it's well they just they hope that they can just you know get away with it I guess there's a pretense to transparency and law and things that you know that's it's still public institutions whatever they whatever they might think right they well maybe not now but they were initially sort of set up that way and the mercy might mean that's great dude oh man so many freaking redactions yeah yeah and you know it's and again it's across so many different levels layers organizations where do where do we stand with you know to trying to pick it apart when you know what they what they do let us see I I would you know I put into damage control right so we can we can take a bite out of them right now with diffuse documents right but they can I would imagine that's been factored in and so you know you have a day Zach eco health type infrastructure in place and you hope that that ever doesn't get blown when it gets blown boom okay then we've got we've got think about next stage hope that hope that the mob is satisfied with day Zach and eco health and hope nothing else gets picked out but then you know it eventually it you can take bigger and bigger chunks but these are just public facing organizations so we can take a bite out of NIH NIA ID okay but we will never ever get to the core of the issue because it will always come under national security interests and you know when you know okay we might wrap up the public you know an incutel maybe but no doubt have got something else that they can just always fall back on in in these types of scenarios and I would you know sort of long-term sort of people should steal themselves for this type of struggle national security will always trump the public's interest to know always it shouldn't be like that but it will be and yeah I'm you know I sort of take the view that we can but by taking a big enough bite out of them they they have to reorientate and you know there's an inertia with that and it sort of stops them or makes them sort of re reconsider certain elements that maybe would have been less favorable to us on the on the receiving end of all these programs etc but the yeah you know are we are we gonna get all those documents redacted no I I don't think so I mean Kennedy being a prime example right they still won't release all the documents nope nope there's still a a sizable contingency of well-meaning people who believe that you know the all the details revealing all the details of the Kennedy assassination at this point will I don't know liberate the United States however you want to word it and you said something earlier that I'm coming around to myself Kevin and that is at some point you just have to boy excepting sounds like giving up but it's a strategic decision you know this whatever this larger agenda is is still marching forward rapidly and and it will showing that a couple of specific people or an agency or two was involved stop it if it did if we if it really was the case then let's go for that but if it's if it's just gonna distract us while the bigger thing keeps on going and there's no and and we lose time perhaps trying to reveal this this massive civilization altering data mining experiment well then that might not be the right way to go have a whole lot of time to choose either because I think that's what the the JFK people kept thinking you know what just two more months just one more year and we're gonna expose that it wasn't just Lee Harvey Oswald in his is his poorly tuned gun that that did all of this and and now it's what sixty something years later and you know we're we still have YouTube now we have YouTube shows talking for hours on end still can't get to the bottom of it yeah and you know I think there's a lot of I think we can walk and chew gum right so I don't I don't think there's the legal stuff is in it's in there right now and like say if we can take a bite out of them then what we should do because you know fight to your last breath in that instance but the these programs are maybe unstoppable in any frame of reference that we we think that we could bring to bear through legal channels or I mean yeah short of completely imploding all the all the countries involved to the point that they're but they're all Libyans proto-libyans waiting to emerge they even then that's no guarantee right they'll still keep they'll still keep trundling along because they've got safe houses and money stashed away and all sorts of hard points that they can retreat to so you know I'm me personally I'm of the opinion let's let's in the public domain where we we can operate we need to keep that like a Japanese Zen garden right and make sure we know the position of every pebble and pine needle and keep it well well maintained and hope and hope in doing that the the the more darker elements operating in the background just realize that they're they're running out of space in which to run their current types of operations now maybe in asking for that I can see a scenario where well I think they may as well just lose any pretense to the idea of what we consider to be functional societies and freedoms and laws and they may as well just bring in the tyrannical boot at that point and who knows the if there's a data gathering component of this and I think you and I may be in disagreement as to exactly how much more is required and that's that's cool but if there was and that's long term it would be very difficult to implement that in a a post-apocalyptic society you know people need to be happy and then going back you know listen to multiple views you know I think that the you know what with Brendan O'Connell has put forward here you know they're gonna build nice cities you can have nice restaurants everything's gonna be comfortable while it first you go well why would nice things be built for people if you want to oppress them well it would be a wonderful thing to give people if you just want them to be relaxed and submit their lives to medical experimentation that would make a lot of sense to me now if it's mostly about power well maybe you don't really need to wine and dine people quite like that in that case that may not be the way it goes so again you know we we will continue to have this fruitful hopefully open and productive discussion you know what is the bigger agenda you know maybe it doesn't impact all countries the same maybe Israel US Canada Europe South America maybe there's places which are which are more likely to be valuable for data collection and other areas which have less genetic diversity which would be somewhat less valuable because you know you only need to sample so much of the population before you maybe the computers just stop finding patterns so you know we'll talk this out and when we can make these projections and then I think you know having some potential projections can help us understand you know what is you know things like you know did do we really need to be worried about society completely falling apart well I mean it's always a possibility but if if the hypothesis that we need data collection is correct that would seem to be unlikely to happen that would mean that the agenda is not being met in that situation I don't know how you feel about that well I'm sort of of the opinion they probably got most of the data well they've got a time slice of data right and but they've got an awful lot of it now you know how long it takes to run all the analysis because you don't know again you don't know what you know you might need to do newer analyses further on down the line and you've still got look I've got data that I've never even got close to looking at beyond sort of cursory look at the raw data as it's coming out and making her Jots in a lab note have I applied the right statistical tools to them etc no I haven't and you know maybe there are concepts and frameworks that have still yet to be developed that you can go back and use to leverage datasets now you know that I can understand the argument that you would want to track each person through time to better fill in the the dots but you know one of the features of these you know sort of hidden Mac off deep learning type approaches is that you you can take essentially what looks like noise and extract stuff out of it so say maybe they have the computing and the frameworks available maybe they we don't I don't know I guess we don't know you don't know I mean I mean but I think it's important that we acknowledge we don't know and then you know we you know we make projections based upon is it close is it really far away oh it's not it's not clear I mean as a you know with I don't have a background genetics but I do a background in an operating system development device drivers and and I was always blown away sometimes how hard it can be to get even simple things to work in complex environments we need to run on you know multiple iterations multiple configurations multiple operating systems sometimes we would have platform independent code it is it's a lot of work and the human genome is a million times more complicated than anything I've ever worked on and we didn't even really have the source code for we just have some values and some crude correlations but there's probably more known than than this being disclosed either way you know we we keep open we voice the unknowns we voice the you know what directions it would go and based if it if the unknown is this versus if the unknown is that the was there was something a little bit later here but there was one more thing to mention based upon some of the good insights that you just had there oh yeah yeah so something which has been we've seen in the news mentioned the alternative media at least has been willing to talk about it is to highlight some of the the rapid evolutions or at least the mentioning of advancements of synthetic embryos synthetic you know growing and humans outside of our synthetic wombs excuse me growing humans outside of a natural environment probably there are I have the best man for my wedding many years ago they had some challenges they needed to seek a another mom to help out with their child so there might be some cases where you know this technology could be incredibly beneficial someday to some families who have to have challenges and I totally understand that but there is this really spooky possibility and mention is to a few people where imagine if you will all right you want to or some scientists have this idea that they can make targeted genetic modifications to a brand new fertilized egg right when it's super small and they want to see what the impact of that small genetic modification is well it's very difficult to do that at scale with actual pregnancies and you'd have to measure it you know you have all of the different ways that the that the update could be made the timing of it maybe you want to update multiple values etc okay now now compare this to the possibility okay of having a factory where you could fertilize eggs I don't know how you would even get them a hundred thousand at a time and then you make your a variety of updates to all 100,000 you see what happens after two weeks you collect the data and then you flush them down the toilet just like in the matrix and then boom let's get another 100,000 in here so you can effectively test updates to millions and millions and millions of people in a laboratory environment in a way which would never be possible if you were actually testing ready it's in place because there are you can do experiments on artificially fertilized eggs human eggs up to two weeks I think is the cough but I don't know maybe things have changed in the last few years but it's but and people been desensitized to this and I know there's that old to be but to think that it's just done at such a industrial scale I I it feels Kevin like at some point we really have crossed a line and God's not gonna be too happy with us going down these paths and maybe I fear that maybe and Pfizer has openly stated that they want to do this with their next vaccine for RSV they want to the the preferred group of people are women of childbearing age not even pregnant yet okay and maybe I could already see a play out maybe it backfires maybe there's it doesn't work out so well maybe there's some birth defects oh no how are we going to save the human race from the horrors of RSV? Well, fortunately we can use this factory technology now. It's just throwing some stuff out there.

It's really… It's horrifying the directions that this stuff can go and maybe sometimes things are meant to fail to create enough popular support for an alternative which otherwise would have seemed grotesque but people like well hey you know what it's just enough it's in an industrial scale it can it can it can collect data so rapidly that effectively fast forwards the data collection process the evolution process what have you all things to think about all other dimensions of what may be going on right now it's all on the table man yeah all on the table all on the table and I would again I would just be remiss without again riding the hobby horse in here which is all through the bio warfare lens because you know oh yeah absolutely it is by a warfare it's it's by a warfare used to to justify the research is by a warfare used to make humans available even if they die during the experimentation for this it's by a warfare used for other geopolitical resource agendas you know even if the in some cases the threat may not be as big as it's portrayed doesn't matter it's it's it is part of creating the fear justifying the response etc so even if anthrax letters didn't kill a million people it's still bio warfare it's it's the fear of it being used to to manipulate the population and so on so the intent the intent is that whether that whether they pull it off look if I catch you trying to strike you lighter outside my house and that there's a there's a slight smell of gasoline around I'll kind of lay a beaten down on you whatever hey just wait where it's gonna be and you know you say why your house didn't burn down well yeah this time right so this is this is why intent is important in this in this discussion right and you know that this is why you know I'm I'm less concerned about the more futuristic I'm not gonna say science fiction but futuristic scenarios it's not is not my immediate concern my immediate my immediate concern is five years ten years and I would I would say right now is you know again who bubble gum and walk right we can hold try to hold people to account as best we can in in the current environment but that window will surely close for sure and you know we have to make sure that in a year two years three years that we're we're still aggregating data and putting it out there even though it seems hard at the moment you know little cracks in the dam appear and you know you can grab a few more people and you know me I would just be satisfied with you know it's a over multiple generations is to get this information out there and you know I would imagine 60 years ago you know how many people were delving into JFK and looking looking at the evidence there and doggedly pursuing it and how were they getting that out you know magazine the guy in Shawshank Redemption who gets out of prison slow and steady breaking away the concrete it's not it's not with a lot of fanfare it doesn't it doesn't give me many days it just doesn't feel as though you you chipped away much but that's the guy that got out again I know it's a fictional book but that's the guy that got out I I as I thank you for the positive words about the little video I did today we have you know some of our biggest challenges are you know how how much or how readily bad conclusions are embraced from both sides if you will of this debate and and and and so I have you know take take for example this do Peters movie have people died suddenly well it certainly does appear so have they died from reasons which have the movie has suggested well I'm not sure has the pursuit of understanding why this seems to be happening now did that get advanced by the movie which starts off promoting the Loch Ness monster well I don't think so I'm not sure how many people who were curious about this before watched a movie all the way through so did that did that help I wanted to help Kevin I really do I'm not sure did but it gets a lot of attention a lot of flash tells people what they want to hear these some people bias confirmation but you know work that you're doing especially the work that I'm doing it's slow it's steady it's methodical but I know it definitely is breaking down that concrete little by little by little I wish it could be done faster but there would need to be compromises made to do that and you know this this was not my plan to do this I'm in my fourth year of doing this full-time right now this was not my career choice dude and saying it would be wonderful if if you know if it could just be done I guess but it's it is what it is man I don't want it to take any longer than it needs to why would I want to drag this out if I could just get it done it would be great but this is this is the way the battle has to be fought and fortunately you're here and you know st. Nick is here and man is here and now out Charles John Merry Christmas John try to think of her name the doctor that diner oh yeah I know yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah and it's just a long long long list and I'm sorry I'm not even thinking of all the names but it makes it easy some of I know some of you guys now better than actual people I've worked with side by side you know in the tech industry which is good because I guess we're gonna be at this for a while yeah well you know best-case scenario that's that's what's happening or that that happens I mean God God forbid it's something just just use the first for the first level of the parking garage and you'll be all set first level of the parking garage what do you mean well it's just it's hard to die being thrown off the first level yeah I can live in a bungalow from now on first first floor houses only there you go so I do have to scoop this was great unexpected little Christmas gift thanks for having me well well let me any any other names on there quickly before you run away just any any that are new to you that let me we can finish with that I'm not familiar I haven't heard of Wordsworth before or or or or Dalston I'm not familiar with either of those two individuals well they're private companies so yeah so yeah we know of Francis Collins and Friedan's Friedan's a funny guy I he spooks me they all spook me dude well not spook they creeped me out it's more more than anything disgust me the one individual in spite of the the terrible name Tara O'Toole you know she she came from relatively modest background you know there were no you know from what I can tell spooks or you know billionaires in her family it was more of a very middle-class Massachusetts family so I hope that you know means something but I'm gonna go from that jawline and neck dimensions it should be Nathan O'Toole just saying um if you have the capabilities to figure that out good for you well what I kept what I feel confident is in doing is quick let me find it is Meyers family though is big time spook big time Meyers I think it's Kenneth Meyers the third or the fourth so you know other Russians do they have grounds here for suspicion as it was I guess the I'm sure they do but it may not be characterized properly you need to get on that papi pew in payroll dig into okay so dig into some of the records which came out of Georgia the nation of Georgia regarding the medical testing from I can't remember which company it was but it was like a it was a vaccine if I remember correctly and there were just people left right and center right yeah it was like it was a it was some hepatitis I want to say it was a hepatitis it was the therapy that I found it was actually that the medical countermeasure seemed to be more involved with their the outcome then the then whatever it is they were exposed to initially so while the at first glance it looks as if wow there was maybe some type of vaccine test maybe they were testing a vaccine maybe there was even a pathogen leak from the research facility a lot of the deaths seemed to be the death records anyways that that were shared by deliana's organization or whoever she represents right and had mentions of a Gilead product on there which was not remdesivir there was some other type of funky antiviral and it appears as though you know this this antiviral is this it really does potentially meet the definition of a military countermeasure if you if you take some of these products early enough and I mean like at the moment the stuff is being gassed into the population you're probably gonna be pretty well protected it's gonna shut down a lot of the systems or protect a lot of your systems for a little bit that would otherwise respond negatively to the agent in the air or if you take it you know one or two days later it's gonna it can help you and if you take it more than several days later well it may either not help you or be detrimental and hence that's the this that's the the chameleon nature of remdesivir where in some cases it can be beneficial and in other cases it can make things a lot worse were they testing some of these antivirals with military personnel in Georgia upon exposure to some type of biological agent maybe that is a better way to describe what was actually going on there as opposed to well maybe there was just a leak and they just wanted to help people out there might have been other data points which were being collected so saying it was a vaccine test I'm not saying you're saying that but what may it look at first just look like a vaccine test might have actually been a way to to test the timing of medical countermeasures different medical countermeasures administration time etc yeah I might be I might be conflating Nick's argument with my recollection I don't think you are I talked with Nick about this a little bit before and it was actually only like two or three weeks ago that I observed that myself I mean I didn't find any new documents I just looked at them in a new way we you know it here we go I was biased against like remdesivir in a in a big-time way at first but the the research papers kept telling me that there were times when they could find ways to have improved outcomes with remdesivir usage okay so even though I was biased against it based upon stories that I've heard there was still reports that suggested otherwise so you have to open up and you go well what they all have in common the earlier you use it the better it is and I don't mean just like like like almost unnaturally early like who knows that they just got off the train sitting next to an asymptomatic infectious person no one's going to know that unless of course you just happen to be spraying a bottle yourself it's it's so early it suggests that you almost need to have knowledge of the dispersal of the agent for that to be beneficial this is where these chip arrays come in with so many sensors on gene chips and uh-huh what have you it sort of can give you a real-time hyper high sensitivity broad broad spectrum type sampling of of the environment and then yeah I guess the the other corollary of that is some device that you know has a built-in sort of pharmacy whatever on your sleeve or something that's part of the MBC count on measure PPI I guess PPE sorry not PPI so you're sensing and delivering you know so the minimal amounts to be therapeutic so you're not getting into the disease states and the as a civilian that would be difficult it's I understand what you mean though but and perhaps technology will be there you know continue to advance there but but in immediately for the military I could see it being especially if these are being actively used right now either on the battlefield or as part of psych psych ops I can it would I could see immediate therapeutic value or strategic value of of these these antiviral medical countermeasures and I'm well you know that's that's the landscape in which we find ourselves and as the civilian population in this we we have to navigate it as well and you know like I keep saying every stream you know our job is to get to the other side of what these bastards are doing and you know the most immediate sort of analogy that I could give you know if there's a you know if you live in a village on the line of contact in Ukraine right you probably you're probably at that point not fast about who's firing which shells that are landing on top of you right your job is just to get through the night to the to the next day and so you know one you don't go for an evening stroll to help digestion after dinner there's some common-sense things that you do in that sort of particular scenario and just imagine that scenario but just stretched out across time that we don't know a sort of in indefinite end to it and all I would to finish up and I know you've got to get going but the we have we have to make it such that the civilian space is kept as sacrosanct as possible from the predations of I guess military industrial complex is as good a analogy as any but the yeah what a classic clip and remember that was Andy Weber who followed Myers right actually shaking the anthrax vial in Ukraine while standing next to Senator Junior Senator Obama on the trip with Luger it's this and I said those were anthrax labs that went missing I mean and now he's just showing up with a bit it's just it may be nothing but it's you know I don't think it's nothing dude because he's he's the one who was going round like say encourage everyone watch 80,000 hours podcast with Andrew Weber and him he sounds orgasmic about how they think they've squashed the existential threat from bio warfare chemical warfare agents through mRNA platforms and the problem that we have is that I don't know who the other people are on these screens but when you're dealing with essentially technocrats or bureaucrats at this level they don't have scientific experience they're gonna be reliant on the 10-minute pitch that's given as they they're getting debriefed right so he he's a believer in these in the technologies themselves being able to sort of untie the Gordian knot that we're we're making for ourselves and you know I'm sort of of the opinion that we should rather rather than always looking for ever more technical solutions which is the current paradigm is it is a much more harder block on the research itself because if anything's become apparent over the last three years it's the it's the research itself which drives us into the into the space we find ourselves at the moment and it says it's a self reinforcing shit show is what it is and remove the remove it the incentivization that exists in these programs would be my solution and that includes across private and public domains and make it such that it's excruciating in terms of punishments that's brought down for people that are not who are breaking the rules in this instance that the the academic pursuit and the medical countermeasure pursuit is well it's existentially dangerous in in where it leads I would argue yeah we have to we have to be be ever vigilant and then the prize is making it very difficult it's I don't know what they say behind closed doors hmm but it's it's not money it is you know life extension and human enhancement that's layers because there is I'm sure very hardcore competition but you you could get you could get the life extension aspects of it thank you enough people would go for that research and it's what most medical research is predicated on there's there's no there's no I'm with Francis Boyle on this there's no justification for this type of research to be done in the context in which it's done and there should be very very strict ethical boundaries that just should not be transgressed in this environment you know let's let's not go down the pathway of 100,000 I steaks flush down the the the drains oh I'm with you I'm with Francis Boyle on that too that's but the I just think the it there's just there's a seduction with what is possible and you just know that if I don't know how many parties are actually playing at this but if one party or two parties say you know what Francis Boyle and UN weapon inspectors whoever else you guys are right we are not going to be subjecting people to testing anymore someone's gonna figure out you know what but if we just bend this little rule it's innocent enough but it's the lead it's my statement Kevin isn't that I agree with that my statement is is is the is is trying to be cognizant of how much seduction there is and drive to push it which makes it very very difficult to hold it back there's just an axiom in science of if it can be done it will be done and you know yes we have to we have to have some realistic expectations but from my perspective I could have I could think up innumerable ways to have avoided the situation we we are in but well they were always vested interests that are gonna be pulling pulling the strings and you know I guess Henry Kissinger doesn't want to let go of his stem cell access I don't know these are this is why term limits asset limits all these things need to be sort of it may sound very idealistically communist I guess but yeah you shouldn't be profiteering but then you know we've made all sorts of rules and laws against profiteering from war we still do it though right now it's just harder to catch right I'd love to talk for another hour but I really do need to get some sleep well thank you very much and pleasure thank you man Merry Christmas even the audience and Merry Christmas to you bro we'll be in touch again soon man yeah easy well there you go folks so that was deeper longer who were mrs. stream than I was intending for Boxing Day I had something a little less in depth but yeah at least we at least we got we touched on briefly the the Russian accusations of weapons or biological weapons I think that is the lens that we have to be looking at all this through we need to be doing everything that we can to stop well leading into public the space beyond that I don't have much well I have have this to add for all those people on that list and with that rather large inhalation of vape and bacteria off my thing I'm gonna wish oh yeah you might have noticed a QR code of tyranny down in the corner that's that's our you can do that now if you want to support this stream you want to support this type of work you can just scan that now and you can use Apple pay G pay whatever online didgeridoo that you use for payments and that that can go to keeping the lights on in the dojo can keep me developing stomach ulcer I've got one at the moment I've noticed God be careful with these things it does it does get your stomach acid you can't it's hard to judge it's not like smoking a cigarette where you yeah you can just keep you keep sucking on these till the the actual nicotinic effects really kick in so yeah to help Kevin not have an ulcer use the QR code 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