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Working, working, working. Nice, nice, nice. Not many people turning up tonight. What's this? Shitty time to stream? Oh well, get on with it. And well, I was going to do... This one's a special one for Simon. I'm going to e-beg for Simon. He's looking skinny. He needs some macudies and instant coffees. The hamster wheel's running in the background. So, as I always promise, any shekels get sent my way today will go directly, directly to tax evading blick, Simon Phoenix. Yeah, it is a great tune. Remember, your government loves you, folks. Your government loves you. In the current climate, one should be a little skeptical of your ruling classes, I would say, as we're gearing up to emancipate the eschaton. But we're going to look at a few things today. And yeah, a lot of... some SARS neuroscience. And I looked at it briefly, and I think this is something that we covered as a pre-print some time ago. So nothing new. But there's been some interesting, interesting developments that I want to... How should we say? Give my... give my tuppence worth with respect to what I feel about things, because there's certainly... things are looking a little strange, a little weird. And that's all in the context of hybrid, hybrid fifth-generation warfare. I don't know what to call it. You give it their names, and I'm just worried that we're sort of amplifying their... how shall we say? Their powers, as it were. So the letter sounds late already, so we'll dive straight in. I hope the soundboard is going to behave because I've rebooted everything. Yeah, yeah, so not much chat. Come on, chat, you bastards. Oh, what can I say? Armando with a $50 donate. That's going to keep tax evading blick. So I'm in Phoenix happy today. Central Pete, good to see you, bro. And I just want to see, did... did rumble come through on the chat? It didn't, did it? It didn't. God damn it, why? I was messing around with it for ages, trying to get it to work, and it's picking up. What am I... Why is that not working? Can I do something really quick? No. I'll have to figure it out later. I was trying to get Odyssey to work as well, and I always find that really, really flaky. So I'll keep my eye on the rumble chat here. I'm sorry it's not coming up on the screen. And I did, I kind of had it working the other day, but like, too. So forgive me, a lot of technical problems. But yes, have you ever heard of a thing called... You had enough? Well, Simon's hitting the jackpot today. Let me just see who's sending in the shekels there. Let me do this. Just say thank you. Thank you, thank you, thank you. And Mary, boom. Yeah, getting up there. Thank you, thank you very much, Mary. I think we can have a... What should we have? You had enough? There we go. Thank you, thank you, thank you. All right, so just following up from yesterday. This meme made its way out of the ether yesterday. And you can't read it because of all the crap that's on the screen. But it says in Lord of the Rings speak. The ring passed to RFK Jr. who had one chance to destroy evil forever. But the hearts of men are easily corrupted and a ring of pedos has a will of its own. Shout out to Good Doggy for that. And look, I said yesterday that that stream with Jon was going to make me as popular as venereal disease in a brothel. And I've received, how shall we say, mixed responses. And some people have provided me... I was, how would you say... Not being American, I didn't know much of the history behind the Kennedys prior to sort of JFK. And I learned quite a bit there how they sort of scrambled up the hierarchies of power, I guess. Which is kind of interesting. And there was one thing, I wanted to address one thing. Just excuse me for the tangent, but it was... Let me do this. It was a comment left on that stream. And I felt it was an unfair representation of what I was trying to relay in the comments. I replied to it. But someone said to me yesterday, so shocked and saddened to hear your take on apartheid Israel-seller colonialist state Kevin unhappy face. And I think that comes... Well, it derives from the fact that I said... I made the statement that the idea that in the current day you're going to completely redraw maps is a naive one. You're not going to push whatever the population of Israel is, six, seven million people, something like that. You're not going to push them into the sea. And if you try, you're just looking at enormous bloodshed. Yeah, maybe a lot will leave if there's a war. But I'm kind of sort of anti-war. I don't want to see people torn up by machine guns and explosives and artillery shells and missiles and all sorts of other nasty contraptions that human beings are capable of thinking up. In that part of the world, they'll weaponize anything. Can we not just be a little adult about it? If I had my way, if I was emperor of the world, I would say we have to accept that there are changes to maps that occur, particularly after things like World Wars. I don't think that there's a strong case for giving back or rearranging India to give back Pakistan. You would be looking at millions of deaths. You would be looking at millions of deaths if you were to try and do the same in the Middle East. Where do you stop trying to redraw the boundaries and borders? And I'm kind of sort of, you know, as a nationalist, I want people to have a right to self-determination. I don't want them going and oppressing their neighbors. I think we should get that under control. You know, a few battalions of UN peacekeepers in there keep the IDF under control. I think that is a kind of sensible option. And so I think it's unfair or short-sighted to just think that there's just that one problem in the world and that will solve everything, right? Because the world is a big complex place. And where do you stop redrawing these boundaries? And I haven't heard good ideas beyond, oh, we'll push them into the sea. Oh, really? That's what you're going to do. More death, like we don't have enough already. We don't have the threat of basically a global holodomor already looming down on us, and you want more war and more conflict. You don't think you might want to just reappraise the situation a little bit. You don't think that it would add to the waves of migration, the storming across Europe that we all sit here complaining about. So how about something a little bit more sensible, right? Try to think that the world does move on. It does change. And sometimes, folks, you've got to accept that those borders have been redrawn through blood and whatever other fucking sneaky mechanisms that they use. But try to keep a lid on it, shall we? Try to avoid the massive escalating conflicts we're teetering on the edge of. I'm sorry, I went off on a bit of a rant and a tangent there. So sorry, but the comment irked me, because I think it's a really short-sighted way of looking at the world, OK? Because, like I say, where do you stop? Where do you stop? And we could be going in the complete opposite direction with globalist wet dreams that we have at the moment, where they'd like to dissolve all borders and just have you in economic regions. I don't want to go down that pathway either, OK? I think we should sort of nurture the countries and nations that we all have, all nations, no matter. Some of them are full of scumbags and liars and weasels. No, every country has them. But please, be somewhat sensible in how you're looking at geopolitics. So take sense to the sea with them all. I get it. I get it. That's a sentiment, right? And we can easily fall into our most based emotions, right? The most foul expressions of behavior. But you want that blood on your conscience, right? Because it's not just one side that's going to suffer, right? And I would, again, just let the adults talk for a change, right? Instead of ideological spurts who are just wrapped up again in their Armageddon fetishism, right? How about give a clip round the ear to all of them. Tell them to behave. How about that? I've lost my comment page. So I'm going to get to that, Bill. So if you've wondered in here, wondered why I'm ranting, normally I do science and the neuroscience of SARS. I do, again, in the context, the framework is next generation hybrid, fifth generation warfare. We're deep in it right now. And we've got to find a way through it, OK? And make sure that we get all of us and all our loved ones through to the other side. So that means that it's imperative that we understand the science. And that's me. I'll do, what's his face? That is me. I am a legit scientist, all published and shit. All published and shit. Which means that when I'm not ranting about geopolitics, I try to address some of the science. And you can find me all over the internet, PubMed. ResearchGate is a good place. I like that website. It sort of aggregates and gives you all metrics and scores. Stuff like that. So you can see that, let's say, I'm a published and shit. All right, so let's see. Central Peace says, RFK Jr. Shilling for the intelligence community, just trying to keep focused on Fauci. His stupid voice can piss off. What can I take to that? It transcends. It goes far beyond one man. This needs to be fought against. This cannot be taken lying down. So that's me. And now I've found myself, I don't know, I'm not a Robert Malone, but I've become a feature of the landscape of the resistance to medical tyranny. That they want to redraw maps. I don't want any redrawing of maps. Stop it. Knock it off. I've had enough. OK. And fuck off with your open borders. All right. So if you want to go find out the scientific background, go to research gate. There you go. And what I would say is what you should do is bookmark. This page, McCairnDojo, is a bunker in the battlefield of this next generation warfare where you can find me. Most of the contacts there. Twitter seems to be stable now. So there's an up-to-date Twitter handle. I post on Getter. Well, I just post when I'm going live. Telegram, that group is somewhat active. And of course, the griff links that keep this show on the road. If you would like to become someone, help Kevin stabilize his income because it's not going too well at the moment. There's Patreon. There's the, let me put links there. I'll be link address and got a tip jar. That's the best one that has less overhead. Like I say, today is it's all Simon tax evading blick. Simon Phoenix. Everything goes to feeding him today. We've got to he does a lot of work in the background. So we've got to got to look after him. And, oh God, I've lost the, wait one second, folks. Let me do this, this and this. All right. So do that. Monkey King says, what is it over if we want it? Well, look, my own personal take with this, this isn't the forties anymore or the fifties or the sixties or the seventies or the eighties or the nineties where we had, I don't know, how would you call it, fourth generation warfare, maneuver warfare and the states battling each other and I should say over half a century of American imperialism. So we can you can try to avoid engaging in this in this warfare, which is driven a lot by psychological operations, a mass scale on on us all. And like I said, we have to find ways through it, support each other. And, you know, I've I've found it very, very useful to become part of these networks that I am. I'm part of the sift and work through the data on multiple fronts. Like I say, science is a big part of it, but also the geopolitics as well. Got to keep an eye on it all. And, you know, I try to absorb and understand. And I've had to change a lot of my viewpoints over the last few years. And I'm have reached the point where I'm I'm concerned that the the body count is racking up through various, various mechanisms. Pyramid seven says interviews today. Wish me luck. Well, I do wish you luck, sir. I hope the best prayers, prayers for Pyramid. Janet, good to see you, of course, on the home page. If you would like to get into the daily chat, you can find me most of the time in a discord. The link is on that page as well. There's also a register to be notified if you would like an email. When I go live, you can just click that link and you can unsubscribe anytime. I won't do anything with your data. I'm not. What's his name? The Amazon dude, Jeff Bezos. So, yeah, that's that's where you can find us. And the links are there. And I've decided I'm going to try and dip my toes back into YouTube because I found the YouTube seemed to make the chat flow easier. And I don't know, I'm just going to have to make sort of 10 20 burner accounts just accept the fact that they're going to get chopped down. But for each stream, throw one up just so people can access and chat easier. Because the simple fact is we are creatures of habit. And we we use those those platforms because of convenience. Look, I'm so I'm so stupid and stuck in it, even though I'm not allowed, you know, like a YouTube account or have to make new ones. I can't build up sort of subscribe thing. But I'm still hunting for YouTube for stuff that I might want to watch, you know, things that I used to watch before the world went fucking bonkers. Pyramid seven always says, remember, where is she? Sad Angie. And did she leave Twitter? There was a poll that she was she was going to leave. I hope so. YouTube seems to be loosening up a bit. Well, yeah, because I do I do think that the primary goals were reached over the last three years. They've tested or released a pathogen literally got 80 percent of the Western world to line up and take experimental medicines. I don't know what that means, Thuban. Sorry, I've got to put you on mute for the moment to do that. Right. So it says, how do you for all our fellows in the EU, you can sign a petition to hold responsible van der Leyen on infringement of union law on corruption. Yeah, I'm all for it. Remember, folks, your government loves you. And what I will do and a bit more a bit more grift for Simon. You know, he's running and has made all this sort of slick streaming site possible where you can watch the replays, et cetera. I mean, Rumble's doing a relatively good job right now. But I like this because it's it's ours at the moment. And we don't know how long the corporate world is going to allow us to sort of function, especially if we're, I should say, when we're calling out the kingpins for crimes against humanity. And I'm I want to take them all down. Let's see. Holy shit. Let's fucking go. Kevin Boyle is streaming to get me a brewbaker rifle. Let's have a bit brew caper. That's right. This stream is so fucking based. We're supported by the First and Second Amendment. That's right, folks. Brewbaker arms manufacturing.

That's right, folks, when the government goons come and kick in your door, make sure that you've got a brewbaker to hand. Get them before they get you. John says, Doc, another. Do you have enough info to evaluate the claims of Dr. Kelly Victory? I watched a video with her and others and I thought she was reasonable. Anyone know? I don't know who she is. I don't. I'd have to see what she's talking about, John. Send me a link, please. I will assess if you have the questions. So, yes, again, keep Simon working on the site. Any donors today? All going to him. Let me just check if there's been any here and then we'll get into the meat and potatoes of the stream today. Right. That's it. Nothing else to do. Right. Yeah. Well, well, well, hybrid warfare is upon us. And. Ha ha.

This is the Indian Pakistan border and things are teeing off there. But no. No, no missiles, no guns. They're doing it old style. Boots, fists and sticks, folks. This is this is full on. Take it away.

Wait. Pause. Some dude just coming out. He's got smashed in the face with a lumber wood. Look, she could consider himself lucky and it's not a two, two, three round. Hypersonic supersonic, I should say. Play. I'm rocks. I'm rocks. I'm rocks. Now, I think. I think that was the Pakistani side coming out on top, so they will get a. But I have to say, a fine, fine performance by the Indian side as well. Release the hounds. And we can says, since you mentioned crimes against humanity, this one is still running brought to you by Dr. Fleming it out. Yeah, look, I'm part of that crimes against humanity. So go to ten letters dot org. If you're in the United States, fill out a letter, send it to your attorney general, whatever it is that does the prosecution. No more streaming on J tube. Excellent. But she's princelings. Yes. This is a war zone. This is not a picnic site. Tank battle, air bombard, rockets, missiles. Everything has been hitting here. So what can I can I can I edify you as to why the exchange would happen like that? Apparently the so India has obviously borders with Pakistan, Bangladesh, China, and they are essentially where the board where the actual physical borders are. There are treaties in place that there are no weapons allowed. And if people cast their minds back, I want to say two years ago, India and China were clashing in the Himalayas. And I think I think the Chinese came out on top where the Indians were expecting it to be a bit of the old fisticuffs and Queensby rolls. And the ching chongs turned up with bats and hobnail boots. So it's just it's just the way of the world there, folks, the way of the world. And, you know, maybe maybe that's a better way of doing it. It looks kind of savage. But, you know, the men, the men get their yahoos out and, you know, they go one side goes home happy, the other with lumps and what have you. I don't know. Let's see. I'll take a look at this. What am I looking at here? I don't know. I would have to watch this. Can you give me a quick synopsis? Yeah, what did they find? Oh, birch gold. I'm surprised they always, always come through. All right. So going from. Is it funny? Is it funny? I'm not so sure. What's beeping at me? Stop it. Whatever it is. You know, it's it's Telegram. Telegram will spam you with. I don't know. Odd, odd sort of crypto channels and stuff. Anyway, moving on to more serious stuff, and I'm going to be covering more of the Ukraine Russia conflict in the coming week. I've got a stream scheduled with the one and only armchair warlord for next weekend. And, you know, it comes on a week where we have. Editorials, I guess, opinion. It's opinion and commentary in the Wall Street Journal for a quicker end to the Russia war. Step up aid to Ukraine by Boris Johnson. No negotiated settlement is possible. And the longer the conflict goes on, the costlier it becomes. Well, the the last part of the sentence is correct. But why not try to withdraw down when we have the the neo cons are going full tilt in Ukraine. Now, hopefully, hopefully it remains constrained, but it. Well, it was my is that you have scumbags, Uxbridge buggery boys like Boris Johnson coming along and and just being so flippant with people's lives. And we have what was it we're listening to the other day as a fund delay laden talking. And she was saying that there's been one hundred thousand Ukrainian dead, military dead. That's a fucking extraordinary number. And I would imagine the casualties on the Russian side are very significant as well. But, you know, the simple fact is it's playing in Russia's backyard and Russia can just keep pouring in men and materials. And I, you know, from what hours and hours that I stay glued to Telegram, it does seem you know, there was a hiatus through the sort of end of the summer going into the autumn. And, you know, there's a bit of back and forth, but it does seem to be stepping up. And the the pictures that are coming out just seem particularly grim. I don't know why. Maybe maybe I've got like a reincarnated soul that was just trapped in one of those trenches. Because every time I see sort of trench warfare, I just shudder at the thought of young men having to be stuck in in a form of warfare. What did that? Oh, actually, that was. Just Jesse, Jesse Macchi. Good to see you, bro. But I'll see if I can catch up with Jesse. If you want to get a good take on Epstein circles, Jesse matches channel on Telegram is a good one to watch. He got taken out Twitter fairly early on. He was he was building good momentum, just sort of tracking the Epstein networks. And, you know, he was doing a bang up job. And I did a few streams with Jesse and as a perfect, perfect gentleman, I would love to get him back on the stream. So Boris Johnson is one in more. And now saying we say mission creep full blown war with Russia is a real possibility. NATO Secretary General Jen Stoltenberg warned Friday that he fears a full blown war between Russia and NATO is a real possibility and a rare acknowledgement of the dangers of backing Ukraine. Russian officials have made clear that they believe they are fighting against NATO in Ukraine. And, you know, that would appear to be an accurate assessment, in my opinion. And we know we've been pumping in, how should we say, mercenaries, OK, through privateers and contractors and mercs. And look, I have little sympathy for those that profit from war for, you know, literally for extra paycheck. They're not they're not they're really fighting for their blood and soil. It's just it's just profiteering. And to get back to that, but just bear with me. I'll get back to that. So sorry, getting interrupted. Real time intel coming in, folks. Anyway, where were we? Despite the risk, Stoltenberg stressed that NATO countries should continue arming Ukraine. No talk about, you know, a negotiated peace. Try to try to get some borders in where maybe maybe maybe the Russians and Ukrainians can revert back to some sticks and stones. And how about that? I bet I bet they'd actually prefer that the young lads that are on the ground rather than being bombarded by heavy artillery and drones and whatever other freakish weaponry that we've devised in the last few decades. Stoltenberg said Russian President Vladimir Putin knows it's one for all and all for one, referring to NATO's mutual defense commitments as outlined by Article five. The risk of escalation rose last week after Ukrainian drones struck air bases hundreds of miles inside Russian territory, killing free Russian soldiers and damaging two Russian bombers, citing unnamed US military sources. The Times reported Friday that the Pentagon has given Ukraine its tacit endorsement to launch such attacks. Stoltenberg said that he understands why some people in Europe are getting tired of supporting Ukraine as they face rising energy and food prices. But the NATO chief claimed that the continent's peace and freedom would be threatened if Putin wins in Ukraine. Really? Really? I'm just finding that particular turd sandwich a difficult one to bite down on and swallow. This was a war of choice by NATO. They were they were building up for nearly 10 years. We've just had Merkel coming out saying that they had no intention of applying the Minsk agreements. What's Russia supposed to think? And again, just flip it around. Imagine the same thing was happening on the US's southern border. This is this is a terrible, terrible direction in which we're heading. And what have they done in the last few days? Oh, they've now said they're going to be sending Patriot missile batteries to Ukraine. Well, that definitely means that Ukraine's NATO is going to be involved in the war then. It's what they what they just hand over those missiles to Ukrainians to work to use. I don't think so. And so what happens then? When Russia takes them out, we escalate and escalate. No off ramps, blown up pipelines. Many, many people who are on the edge already because of bills and inflation are going to suffer. They're going to die from the cold. And he's fucked. These globalist neocon vampires are insatiable. So, you know, can I can I add to that? Well, what's what's disturbing is I've done that's covered in that article. And I've used up me credits with New York Times. But this is how bad the situation is getting on the ground in Ukraine when the Zelensky proposes, barring Orthodox Church, the answers to Moscow. So now instead of it just being a sort of how you could say a political geopolitical disagreement, they're now going to go after the the religious fabric of the country. So basically just turning it into a religious sectarian war. It just adds another very vicious dimension to the conflict. And again, no pretense to trying to de-escalate this situation. Instead, going down the avenue of warfare that becomes very, very difficult to stop once it's ignited. And, you know, this is this is why I sort of had the segue at the beginning of this stream where I just said, be very, very careful what you wish for with respect to places where people have deeply held religious beliefs. And you think what you think you're just going to go and scrub out lines, scrub out holy places with an eraser. And that's it. People need to be thinking very, very carefully and I don't know, sitting in most days just saying that everything's broken. Maybe they'll just get their way and we just have to sit back and shock and horror at what they do do. And it's it's not just a headline. You know, there's the tablet, the International Catholic News Weekly. I mean, it's got a specific editorial stance, I guess. So it's I guess it's sort of pro-religion, but it's disturbing when they're reporting that priests are being arrested and tortured. And again, this this is a very, very dangerous form of escalation. I would say more dangerous than sending in things like Patriot missile batteries because it has such a visceral hold on the population. And, you know, that video here.

So. So. Stupid keyboard. I don't know what that key is. I always want to press escape, but Ukrainian forces assault the churches of the Orthodox faith. Footage that resembles pogroms in the pale with elder parishioners terrorized by banderite thugs. Some of them members of nationalist battalions of the Ukrainian army. It's not going to end well, folks. Not at all. You know, when you're having discussions with people and their virtue signaling with their yellow and blue flags, you might you might just want to remind them that this is what it is that they're supporting. Try try to deescalate would be my advice. Let's see, as you said, the Patriot missile system is just ridiculous. Who's going to operate them? NATO forces have to operate them. Well, what happens is, is that they'll basically have trained individuals resign their commission within the armed forces. They'll get taken up by I forget what they're called. Black Rock, not Black Rock. What's the Merck company that was famous in in Iraq? But those private private contractors, military contractors will be paying top dollar for those individuals to go in and operate those weapons systems. And it sort of allows for an air of ambiguity as to who's operating them. But again, very, very dangerous situation. Blackwater. Thank you. You do. Blackwater. Comfortably numb says tornado warning here. You've prayers for comfortably numb. I've seen some terrible pictures today with respect to tornadoes. I don't know where that was. Tallahassee, I think it was. Let's see. Let me just catch up with the comments real quick. Boris Johnson is apparently waiting for it. The Jew. Yeah, I had heard that. Let's see. Groomer Boys from Oxford. I agree. BJ is another front hole. Classic turn of phrase. Who knows? I salute you. Things will continue to ramp up over the next two weeks in Ukraine. Yes, I think so. And, you know, that's that's why I'm. Well, of course, I'm looking forward to speak face to face with Armchair Warlord. But, you know, the topic of discussion is a very, very grim one. Let's see. I always toast. Nick, you're not allowed to engage in that type of humor. It's just cringe. Let's see. Viper says the last time Russia had AWACS over Belarus was in February. The invasion. Yeah, look. It's it would be stupid for Russia to allow NATO to keep building forces. And so if Russia is sensible in any fashion, they'll try and finish this really quick. And so I would expect that they would try to come from the sort of northern directions of Kiev and sort of open up multiple fronts and sort of try to get behind the fortifications that are in the Donetsk region. So, yeah, things things could get very, very dangerous. And, you know, that's that country's got no electricity now. And the the industrial scale warfare is going to kick up a notch. Wonderful. Wonderful. Can't you just feel the Christmas joy and spirit? Clarification. The missile system isn't ridiculous. What is ridiculous is the US saying they'll send it as if it's readily operable. Yeah, yeah, I agree. Blick border. Yeah. Also, Aegis Defense Limited. Regrettably, I worked for them. Yeah, look, you know, lots of people get dragged in to those types of industries, et cetera. And, you know, it's everyone fucks up, right? It's it's it's have you recognize that you maybe have engaged in acts that were ethically dubious or, you know, should you have thought twice about taking the job, knowing what you know now. But, you know, hindsight is twenty twenty. And, you know, it's it's actions now that speak louder than words than the past. So no electricity, no war. Yeah, I agree. What's this little butlers wants me to click on? I probably do it this way because then. I'm looking at. Parliament, as it most exposed and told a picture is when they had a debate on C-19 vaccine safety, Andrew. Yeah, I saw this. And, you know, he was basically saying they've got a whistleblower from, I don't know, British equivalent of some cardiac association and saying that they're basically covering up the impact from. Gene transfection vaccination. Again, it wouldn't surprise me. And yeah, of course, at the bottom there is those rat bags. Voting on their pay rises. Remember, folks, your government loves you. I get out of that. But yeah, nice juxtaposition. Thank you. All right. So I did. I did the churches being mobbed and sectarian warfare ramping up. And so, of course, we have no sound, no sound, but M1 Abrams tanks on their way to, I want to say it was Poland, Romania. This is this was the footage I expected to see in the eighties. I was growing up. I thought we got past this. No, the war hawks and neocons must have their blood. The military industrial complex must must turn a profit. And, you know, we should we should be concerned about such imagery. And I had another one. I did it again. Sorry, folks. So, yeah, thanks. Similar in ships. I have no words. Seven hundred combat vehicles for the first infantry division of the U.S. Army, including tanks and other armored vehicles. But they might want to think about changing the paintwork, at least just that desert. Look, it's not good on the plains of Ukraine. All right. So moving on, foreign mercenaries ready to retire from the Ukrainian front. The situation on the Ukrainian front lines remains tense, inflamed by positional battles and heavy artillery duels. The Donbass front lines remain almost unchanged on the northern Donbass front. Intense artillery duels and counter battery fighting continue along the front lines from Kupyansk to Lishchansk. The armed forces of Ukraine fail to break through Russian defenses to the north of Swazilov after their counter offensive operations in the area of Kuzmovka led to no significant results. The Ukrainian military has suspended their attempts to assault the village. At the same time, the A.F.U. accumulated forces and launched a counter offensive near the village of Chernobyl Popovka in an attempt to cut off the road between Zlatva and Kramenya. The intense fire of Russian artillery pushed the advancing units back to their initial lines. The Ukrainian advance is hampered by Russian control of the commanding heights in the area. In their turn, Russian forces have been on the offensive for several days in the area of Kramenya. They advanced over several kilometers in some areas on the front lines and managed to take more control over advantageous positions for further advances. Russian offensive operations were launched near the villages of Ploshanka and to Shibrona Dubrovka. The advancing Russian troops are covered by a wide range of weapons including all types of howitzers, Tu-2s, sub-Siblok, Krasnopol guided missiles as well as by Russian military aircraft. According to several reports, the losses of the Ukrainian army in the recent two days amounted to about 200 servicemen. On the outskirts of Solidar, the Russian Wagner fighters have recently reported on their gains in the village of Yakolevka. Ukrainian units were pushed out from their positions in the village where the Russian mop-up operation continues. In the Bakhmut region, Wagner fighters are yet to secure their stronghold in Opetnaya, located on the southern outskirts of the city, as Ukrainian forces continue their attempts to counterattack the village. Fighting is also ongoing in the industrial area on the eastern outskirts of Bakhmut. The Ukrainian military command is transferring additional units, including foreign mercenaries, to the area in an attempt to make up for heavy losses. However, it seems that the foreign volunteers are not willing to take part in the bloody battle anymore. For example, the founder of the US Mozart PM... What a one-dimensional thinker. So the Russians have Wagner groups, so they've got to have a Mozart group. Mozart's okay, but a bit on the gay side. They could have chosen something a bit more powerful. I see a retired colonel of the US Marine Corps, Andrew Melbourne, complained that members of his so-called humanitarian mission in Bakhmut... Oh, do me a favor. When we look back at previous conflicts and we can just see how one-dimensional the propaganda was, say, pick a recent war, but they're really scraping the barrel here. Bakhmut are survived Wagner fighters. Unfavorable circumstances like evil Russians and the lack of funding from the Ukrainian command may push Mozart mercenaries out from Ukraine. Evil Russians? What? So the people that they went there to kill are fighting back, so they're evil. In early 2023, retired Colonel Melbourne also confirmed that the media is not lying, claiming that the losses of the Ukrainian army amounts to about 70% of its personnel. That was the right key that time. But yeah, I don't think it's looking good. And Giggs is saying they have hit three more times into Russia. Is that in the last day? Like I say, it's hardly calming down. I don't see them engaging in games of football, soccer, on Christmas Day. Negative zero says the Wagner-Mozart groups remind me of General Mosquito and his rival General Bugspray in Liberia. Johnny says, don't you make me laugh out loud when I'm making butternut squashes. You can't take some honk pills with the black pills, I guess. We're getting to the science. I've been meaning to sort of cover this Ukraine stuff and after I've put it on the back burner. Those who are of a sensitive disposition might want to look away right now. So this is footage from Backman. Just to give you some context here, these are Ukrainian forces basically exposed in open fields coming under mortar fire.

What's up, Tolya? Tolya, 300! We've got 300! We've got 200! That's it, guys, we've got 200. That's it, guys, we've got 200. That looks like he's missing a leg. Now, what I find disturbing about this footage is there's no attempt to sort of retrieve the body now. It's a tough situation, but isn't that what you train up for? Like, leave no one behind. These dudes just, I mean, I kind of get it, you're under fire, but they just leg it. Yeah, there's a leg missing. I don't know if I'd be wanting to put fluorescent yellow tape on my helmet. I mean, you're just making it easy for snipers. That's it, guys, we've got 200. Don't freak out, it's all good. Guys, let's go back. I don't know if anyone's there. Let's go! That's it, let's move back, guys. Let's move back, guys, let's move back. Are they taking videos with their phones? No, I don't think so. They've probably got, like, helmet cams on. Again, you know, I'm lost for words and, you know, our so-called elected officials are saying that there's no negotiated peace to this, right? No surrender, just keep sending more of those young men in to get chewed up by fucking artillery mortars. These people are gross, they're psychotic. Oh, this was interesting as well. So this was a raid. I'm not sure where, but what caught my attention was you see some Israeli weaponry. These are Russian, I don't know, whatever, whatever their seal equivalent is, I guess, going in and clearing a house. But yeah, there are Israeli weapons in the house. And, you know, how come? That's a question we should be asking. Again, this goes back to my original point when I started this stream, which was, you know, I don't think there's much we're going to be able to do with sort of pushing them into the sea, but how about holding them to proper conventions, which they just blithely ignore at the moment. That's the type of position we want to be getting into. That little shield is just sort of flapping about. I think I'd be wanting something made of half inch steel. My full body length, not some flappy bit at the bottom. Jesus.

Well, I suppose it's got to be light enough to hold your pistol. Okay. Top notch walkie, no. Make music. I just wanted to get to the end scene of this.

Yeah, that's an Israeli table rifle. And, you know, we know we looked at that several months ago, but, you know, Israelis were part of the, how should we say, teams that were involved in enhanced interrogation techniques in some of the impromptu prison camps that they'd set up. And, you know, it's pretty disgusting. Anyway, that's why I wanted to show that. So, do I want to do this one? I might skip that. So, people are aware that a reporter at the World Cup, there have been three reporters die, one from the UK. Part of it was an ITV heart attack. He died suddenly, a local Arab one as well. And this guy, I want to say he was 45 years old. And the interesting thing about this individual, as he died suddenly, he became a Shaheed, is that his wife, Grant Wilde's wife, is actually a high profile figure in US politics herself, while was married to Dr. Celine Gounder for over 20 years, and she posted a tweet acknowledging the support she received in the hours following Wilde's death. I'm not going to read that. Gounder herself is a well-known figure over in the US. She served as member of the COVID-19 advisory board under Joe Biden during the pandemic, while she remains a regular guest on US news outlets such as CBS. Gounder is one of the most well-respected and decorated medical professionals in America. She has three degrees from three highly decorated universities, while she's won numerous awards for her contributions to her field. The 45-year-old has also worked as a medical journalist with her work being published in outlets such as the New Yorker and the Atlantic. Now, we support Grant in his efforts to sequester his carbon so that his betters can continue to eat steak and drive cars while the rest of us are subject to eating crickets and cockroaches. I just wonder if she's going to be able to push investigations in a direction where it might be useful. Can we find out why what appears to be a healthy 45-year-old would, I presume, fully vaccinated, would die suddenly like this? Are we going to get the autopsy data? Anyway, we salute this shaheed. It's one of the more interesting died suddenlys, I guess. There's many, many I could cover. And actually, he had a bit of controversy because he was going round, he's got a gay brother, and he was going round in a devoutly Muslim country with a football with a rainbow around it. And, you know, they were offended by it and told him to turn it around and, you know, your gayness offends us. They apply rule one. Rule one, no pofters. And it's their country. They do what they want. And, you know, again, tragic that we're losing young people. And why? This is what we need to find out. And, you know, maybe the Surgeon General in Florida is going to be able to get some answers. They seem more proactive there. And we'll see. I remain to be convinced. And, you know, I found this article interesting, which just stars with Lost in 2022. Now, you know, 71 years of age, but again, aggressive cancer. He doesn't look so old. 56. Christine McVean. I don't know many of these people, but oh, Fleetwood Mac. 79. The older people, maybe it was just their time and, you know, the pressure of a pandemic. Who knows? But how old was this one? 63. How old was this one? 34. He was found dead in his BAFTA, but is home in Lancaster. Adult life was marred by controversy, battle with addiction and substance abuse, as well as several high profile countries. Still young. That guy was shot in his 60s, but killed over. I think he hit his head, this one. Police on the scene said he died from trauma to the head caused by an accidental fall. But what caused him to fall? Old, we don't care. Coolio is dead. Again, not really clear of cardiac arrest. Died suddenly. Oh, Nurse Ratchet. One flew over the cuckoo's nest. She's passed on. She's sequestered her carbon and I presume she must have been quite old. The lizard herself. Good riddance. But again, another young one, Shelby Dean, and she was 32. And does it say where she died? No. I guess it just died suddenly. Relatively old. 81, don't care. Olivia Newton-John, old, old, old, old, old. Ivana Trump. Oh yeah, of course. She was heavily vaccinated, right? And boom, she got taken out. Old, old, old. Andy Fletcher. 60, not so old. Ray Liotta's dead. Holy shit. 67, passed away in his sleep. Dang. He's lucky. He's lucky he made it to whatever age he was. Let's see, I'm just scrolling through. But there's been a lot. Young guy here, 30. Does he say where he's died? No. Just passed away. Let's see, 33 years old, 50 years old, food fighter's drummer. One we could celebrate, Madeleine Albright. Where is it? I will say she's probably very much feeling the heat of the hot place. John Clayton, 67, old. William Hurt is dead. Still old. But anyway, the list is going on and on. Now, she doesn't look that old. 43, cause of death, not immediately known. Died suddenly. Dang. Let's see, she was 30 years old, wherever she was. Chesley Christ, Miss USA 2019. She's a hottie. Ken doesn't say why she died. Just died suddenly. 73, old, old. Meatloaf is dead. Holy shit. No. Another young one. Let's see, he was hospitalised after suffering a head injury and did not recover. Again, why are these people falling over and collapsing? I don't know. God damn it. This list just goes on and on and on. Bob Saget, of course, we know about. Sydney Poirier is dead. Dang. Himi Su, 29. That's this girl. Old lady. 36. Her death was unexpected. And, you know, this recent. So, Ty Princess, 14th December, heart attack, running, unlikely to recover. UCF, Ty and Jake Hescock, 25, dies, heart attack, jogging. Grant, what are we did him? DJ Mighty Mouse dies in his sleep. Aortic aneurysm. Now, I don't know. Did celebrities just keel over like this in other years? Or are we looking at a significant signal? Certainly seems strange. And I came across this. This is I'll put a link to the substack. Elgato Mallow. Sudden death from unknown causes. This is German data and reveals that sudden deaths with unknown cause have increased by three times since the start of vaccination in 2021. You know, you could make arguments that maybe it is the virus, but anyone who's not putting into the equation that the medical interventions might have something to do with this is not looking at the data objectively. Let me just we're going to get into the science now. So bear with me. I'll patch up on the comments. Third journalist dead in Qatar. Pull that link up. This is that this is the guy from ITV. Yeah, he was the first one, I think. That passed away, but, you know, relatively old, but no, just go away. Yeah. Lightning striking more than twice. Who knows says Shaheed time is my favorite time. That did that. Let's see. There's anticipated Israeli self-loading rifle hits the market. The table is one of the most anticipated rifles since the end of the assault weapons ban is well widely respected as having some of the finest military equipment gear in the world, including recent unveiling of this 2014. But yeah, there's it's a it's a fine looking gun. I'm I'm a fan of bullpup rifles. I own one myself. Let's see. It's fitting that as people's immune systems being compromised by transfection technology, society's immunity against suspicious death from such technology as being compromised by propaganda and censorship. I think so. And, you know, but the annoying thing is, is that we should be getting, we should be getting autopsy data. And again, I'm I wouldn't dismiss the role of the virus and the combination of the two together. You know, it's, it's very odd seeing how polarized people are becoming around its data at the end of the day. And, you know, I can read on some forums that are sort of pro vaccine that they think all these people dying suddenly. It's because of because of covid and not wearing masks and completely disregarding the fact that a lot of these people have been vaccinated, whereas, you know, on the other side, it's all it's all because of the vaccine, etc, etc. Now, we don't know yet. Kind of suspicious of the gene transfection technology, but I await more and more data. Let's see. Grant Mitchell says the match he was at was a bit of a thriller, to be fair. Too shy, bro. See, he did write that he was feeling quite unwell. Yeah. And, you know, I'm going to get into MERS today a little bit. Edura says I thought he had an aortic tear was all jabbed up and his wife is already swearing it's not the Vax. And again, you know, that's someone who's not looking at the data objectively. Sorry. We don't know right now. Let's see. Junior says his brother was beside himself because Grant was taking a sand for the homos. Can we just have a break from the homos just for once? Can I just go watch football? Do we have to have the bloody rainbow shoved down our throat every minute, every day? We get it. We get it. You like taking it up the dung hole. OK. And we've even allowed you to get married now. But you know what? In the Muslim world, they ain't too keen on it. They expect Allah's wrath to come down on them. Real Clash Bob says 58 is the new 80. Climate change is real and taking out all these people. Yeah. And we're being gaslit all the time. You know, there was a headline, a sort of hot and cold weather in Canada is driving heart attacks again. Come on, please. Can we not get the autopsy data? Can we not start getting proper scientific analysis done? And, you know, I feel that the it's coming slowly, but we shouldn't we shouldn't have got this far down the path where I'm doing skits and making off color jokes about people who are dying unexpectedly. And a young age younger than me. Gaffer says in that obituary for that Miss Universe chick, it said she felt were deaf and then further down, it says her impact. What's the page that with all the stars that are dead? I just came across it by chance, but here you go. Miss impact live on. They all died for the cause. The Thai princess is dead. Well, they did say she didn't think she were going to make it. So at least she says, I assume I missed the Shaheed's just joined. You did. I'm afraid you did see the genius says our sensibilities can't handle the pediatric deaths. So they just not report them. Look, I'm seeing them right. But look, I'm I'm already sort of pushing the bat, like even I'm sort of going, you know, making jokes about this sort of, I don't know. You either laugh or cry. But, you know, this is important data and but I can't do it for the kids that are taking the hit. Let's see. What's this German data? Oh, that's the presentation, but it's it's in German. Sorry. Let's see. We should make a very condensed fact sheet for people at a relative pass away, like what test to ask for, which organs need to be sliced. Yes. Color says, did you see the MP? Yeah, I did. And yeah, to an empty House of Commons, we did that. I showed this picture, right? And to me, this is just about sums it up, right? That's him talking to Parliament about whistleblower from some cardiac institution in the UK. Empty. And there's all the MPs there to vote on their next pay rise. Your government loves you. Let's see if we found that the vaccine has a higher case fatality rate than the virus. I don't know, man. Look, there are billions of shots that have gone out now and. Well, wait on the data, I guess. I mean, it's not looking good. Steve Kersh just posted she died 44 outside. Yeah, I saw unvaccinated being blamed for more car accidents. Anything, anything right to distract. Josie says, Doc, what data would be the clincher? What do you need to see as a scientist to say jabs, a cause of death? So I guess what you do is you have to build a clinical picture. So it would it would be tough to say off an N of one. But, you know, if you get a thousand cases and, you know, 80 percent of them, they find, you know, myocarditis and, you know, these little focal spots that can cause arrhythmia. There was the German paper a few, few days ago, a few weeks, a few days ago, where they were able to identify that. And, you know, these were top German pathologists who were making the scientific claims. And so if we see a sort of tsunami of data heading in that direction, then, yeah, we can say that it's there's a definite risk. I think I think we've all concluded that there is. But, you know, there's this one thing massaging your own confirmation biases. And there's an other next level which you have to get to with respect to nailed on scientifically accepted causal mechanisms. It's a tough job. And if they're not doing the autopsies, then we don't get the data. And the sad fact is we're in a situation where the there are too many vested interests in that data not becoming public or widely known. And like I say, I can I can watch across different forums people who are true, true believers who can't countenance the idea that they might have exposed themselves or others to a potentially lethal risk or life changing pathology. And then there are there are there are those on this other side who are 100 percent convinced everything is the vaccine. And, you know, I've had this issue about the people who, in my opinion, are having seizures and they're rotating and they're saying, oh, look, it's a new form of death. And these people are seeing demons as they pass away. And I would say, look, until you see a nailed on death certificate for those types of events, that's just a bit you whatever telegram nonsense that right now is confusing the picture. And, you know, it's it's stupid as level of analysis and it doesn't help. Let's see, I agree that these people wearing rainbows in the Middle East nations and that breaks with that. Yeah, this is an interesting graph. But where is it? Something's going on. Now, look, there were there were athletes and young people collapsing before the vaccines came out. I know this because I'm speaking to people who are collating data Europe wide. And something was happening. So, again, as a probability, yes, it's very likely as a high probability that the medical countermeasures are part of the problem and have exacerbated it. But, you know, we've still got a circulating pathogen that we know is it's not it's not flu or pneumonia. It's a systemic epithelial disease and coagulopathy. And, you know, who knows how that well, we're kind of getting a firsthand lesson in how it impacts people. But again, you've got to be able to get in there. And, you know, that's the paper I'm going to get to with the neuroscience next with looking looking at causality and you've got to do all the scientific steps. That means, you know, histochemical staining of tissues that you think have been impacted, critical organs, heart, brain, lungs. It's not an easy business. See, but breaks. Good to see you, bro. So, yeah, this is the MP we can watch him. It's also been brought to my attention by whistleblower from a very reliable source that one of these institutions covering up clear data that reveals the mRNA vaccine increases inflammation of the heart arteries. They are covering this up in fear that they may lose funding from the pharmaceutical industry. The lead of that cardiology cardiology research department has a prominent leadership role with the British Heart Foundation. And I'm very disappointed to say that he has sent out non disclosure agreements to his research team to ensure that this important data never sees the light of day. Madam Speaker is is an absolute disgrace. I mean, if that's true, right, every ethical and moral framework, which I was trained with, right, because I've worked clinical neuroscience. To be thinking that they would be so nefarious in their actions to try to cover up that data. So the public doesn't know. And they really know that there's a safety signal there. It's very, very difficult for me to compute. And like I say, a few years ago, I wouldn't have believed you. You know, I figured that the mechanisms were in there to sort of, you know, pick these signals up. And people, you know, people that my peers that I trusted who I thought were were good at the job and were, you know, they followed the ethical frameworks. But that appears not to be the case. And so, yeah, you know, we're seeing evidence of something going on now. Is it a like a kill shot for humanity? I'm not so sure. I'm not so sure. Is there going to be pain and loss? Sure. Yeah. Should it be covered up? Absolutely not. But that's the world in which we find ourselves right now. And that's why it's important that we have these discussions all the time. I need to make sure I'm streaming because streams have been up a lot of the time. All right. So that's we're still good there. Let me do that. Oh, 106 watching on Rumble. Kate says, Hello from Utah. I'll be shoveling snowy driveways and listening. It snows in Utah. Really? Wow. Let's see. Did that. OK. So I think. All right. I'll quickly cover this reprint, which just came out and convergent evolution in SARS-CoV-2 spike creates a variant soup that causes new COVID-19 waves. And they talk about various mutations on the spike and they say in the article, the most likely reason for this convergence is the selective pressure exerted by previous infection or vaccine elicited immunity. So literally another element to add to the equation here is that the vaccines are driving the pandemic, sort of akin to what Gert van den Bosch was predicting. And here are the papers starting to come out. All right, let's get to the neuroscience. So this this is autopsy study and this is focused on the pathogen published yesterday. Nature SARS-CoV-2 infection and persistence in the body and brain autopsy. Let's see. COVID-19 is known to cause multi organ dysfunction during acute infection, severe acute respiratory syndrome, coronavirus, with some patients experiencing prolonged symptoms termed post acute sequelae of SARS-CoV-2. However, the burden of infection outside the respiratory tract and time to viral clearance are not well characterized, particularly in the brain. As the old doc has been saying right from the beginning, here we carried out complete autopsies on 44 patients who died with COVID-19 with extensive sampling of the central nervous system in 11 of these patients to map and quantify the distribution, replication and cell type specificity of SARS-CoV-2 across the human body, including the brain from acute infection to more than seven months following symptom onset. We show that SARS-CoV-2 is widely distributed predominantly among patients who died with severe COVID-19 and the virus replication is present in multiple respiratory and non respiratory tissues, including the brain early in infection. Further, we detected persistent SARS-CoV-2 RNA in multiple anatomic sites, including throughout the brain as late as 230 days following symptom onset. In one case, despite extensive distribution of SARS-CoV-2 RNA throughout the body, we observed little evidence of inflammation or direct viral cytopathology outside the respiratory tract. Our data indicate that in some patients SARS-CoV-2 can cause systemic infection and persist in the body for months. Now, my initial impressions from that abstract is there's a disconnect between the presence of viral particles, proteins, peptides, whatever they're detecting using their methods and lack of signatures that they would classically look for. So this gets into the discussion about causality. When you really get down to it, it can become very, very difficult to nail causality. It can get a little slippery. But, you know, going with first principles predictions, as we've focused on on this channel, the brain appears to be a primary target. Primary is the wrong word, but a major target for the expression of these viral particles. And anything that gets into something as sensitive as the central nervous system, how much disruption do you need to cause catastrophic events? My experience is not that much, actually. You just got to hit the right spots. So, let's just have a look. Yeah, I'm sure I think we've looked at this paper as a preprint, but the take home message here, can we blow this up? Yeah, OK, so 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, so 11 patients, and I'm interested in the neural tissue. And here we can see a whole bunch of targets and all my favorite area, basal ganglia. And out of 11, we have 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 5 showing it's not high levels, but detectable within the basal ganglia. The highest areas of expression are the hypothalamus. And so the hypothalamus and the pituitary, the brain covering, if you like, surrounds the rest of the brain becomes very thin because you have to put out a lot of hormones from that area. And as it says, hypothalamus underneath the thalamus, thalamus I would consider part of the basal ganglia, but as it's so anatomically close, I'm not surprised to see that you would find high levels there. The dura mater is another high place, which is the covering of the brain. But the take home message here is that the brain is a target. Now, are there other areas that have higher signals? Yeah, the areas where the infection takes hold in the lung tissue. But the point we keep trying to hammer home is that the tissue tropism of SARS-CoV-2 because of the fearing cleavage site is far, far wider. And it's the fearing cleavage site which is a primary suspect in this picture of the disease that we're trying to build. And there's a lot of suspicion about where that fearing cleavage site comes from. And that's a paper that I'm going to get to in a minute. And what that paper will say is, I'll spoil it. I'll wait. I'll keep you hanging in suspense. Just hang on a minute. But yeah, well, that's the paper and there's their table. And there you go. SARS-CoV-2 hits the brain. Here's the – no, no, no. There was more data in this. There was immunohistochemistry. Yeah, so RNA in situ detection in extra pulmonary tissues. So now you should be aware that, you know, often the sort of brown staining against the background stain is then picking up what they're detecting here, but spike of viral proteins. Let's see. It just says SARS-CoV-2 virus. I'd have to read through the methods to get what they're looking at here. But here we can see it being expressed. So green is SARS-CoV-2 in central nervous tissue and, you know, quite clear signals. Pictures from the hypothalamus. And again, you know, nothing that we didn't know. It's just – it's nice to sort of – it's nice. These are dead people, dead people who probably could still be with us had we not engaged in the type of dangerous research, which many, many organizations have been dipping their fingers into for various reasons. And I'm of the opinion – and look, I'll state this. I don't think that by focusing and trying to shut down these programs is going to automatically ramp up the surveillance state. We can be in a situation where we just say, no, there's no more money going to that. And if there's no money going to that type of research, then I don't think there's any need – there's no excuse for them to be rolling out the surveillance technologies and the sort of horrible looking dystopia that we seem to be heading to. But yeah, let's stop these people. All that military spending, how about we knock it on the head? Make people abide by treaties. And you don't have countries being able to circumvent those treaties. Looking at you as well. All right. So, yeah, I don't think I'm going to go much more beyond that paper. It's there in the central nervous system, pretty clear. Let's see. Staff NEC, 0.2% of hospitalised kids in Germany diagnosed with C, died of COVID, according to DGPI data. That's 14 to 15 kids, 3% in ICU, 14 kids in three years is not that bad. Yeah, look, you know, we've learned a lot during this pandemic. And, you know, one of the small blessings is that children – it tends not to impact children so much. Let's pray that it stays that way. If we're to take a cue from the planning and the exercises that we're doing – I forgot what it was called now. Something catastrophic contagion, the exercise they just did, another Bill and Melinda Gates special. You know, we can see where they're going, where they're heading, and they're talking about the next pandemic that's around the corner. Well, I think we can stop those pandemics by stopping that bloody research and stop being gaslit by these people. Who knows? Thank you very much. Touche, bro. Let's see, Lisa says, so hence CFR Vax will easily surpass the virus as predicted feared, at least in that age bracket. Maybe, maybe. Look, I wouldn't be surprised. Look, just my scientific training just says to me, you know, before going all in, make sure you've got all the data. Were we to be doing a real time sort of base in analysis or say it's not looking very good for the medical countermeasures? That's for sure. I'll skip the German data. Nick says scientists will move on the risk factors of the vaccine when it's safe and effective for their careers. Yes, yes, absolutely. And, you know, I'm, I'm of the opinion that anyone who kept their mouth shut during from the beginning of this pandemic to now needs to go. They can't be trusted in those positions. They gotta go. Let's see, if we consider that you're not considered vaccinated until two weeks after the second jab, then all those deaths in that period will unlikely, would likely exponentially increase the case fatality rate. Yes, I agree. Pustitis, Nick said. Well put. I agree the spinning seizures don't really prove anything. They don't. And, you know, it's stupid. If you're, if you're trying to get into a discussion with someone about the potential risks around, you know, around dual use, gain of function research, the medical countermeasures that have sprung from it, showing them people spinning around and having seizures when you don't know the providence of that video and you don't have a death certificate. That's a, that's a stupid thing to do. Yeah, I mentioned the German study little butlers tip the ticks evading blick. Nice. Let me just check if I see any more there, but I think we can get some Mac EDS to Simon colorist, you can have, can you have genetic genetic genetic genetic or biases. Thank you very much, Simon will be happy. Let's see, Dr. Asim Malhotra on Twitter top doctor orthopedic surgeon sports conservative MP calls for complete suspension covered mRNA vaccines, given serious adverse events and allegations of cover-up. Look, you'll get no argument for me. In this instance, it has to be investigated. And I'm pretty sure if I had to bet that we'll find out that there's a problem. Now, you know, the question is, how come some people can get their fourth, fifth shot and not have a problem. And, you know, again, that probably comes down to the manufacturing that probably seeded the field with blanks we we found evidence for that. But thank you for that link amyloid plaques always white. Look, my experience looking at protein misfolding, you always have to stain the tissue. The tissue for specific with specific chemicals and stains to be able to make a definitive judgment as to what you're seeing these long tangled looking plots that may be being pulled out of body bodies by multitions, etc. I've never seen anything like that. Is it amyloid, I think, highly likely. Professor Burkhardt, Ryan Cole seem to agree. And, you know, we await the autopsy data. And, you know, it's not a hard thing to do. Ah says the world a meter for Israel is showing little to no cases but solid ramp of death, 80, perhaps. Yeah, could be 80 he could be, you know, the go watch the discussion I had with Nick. And, you know, we spent a long time, we'll talk about lots of things but the, there may be a significant impact at the population level for immune health. And in that environment, other infections could be taking hold and all having synergistic effects. So, you know, the, again, we need we need proper data and we need the, you know, detailed autopsy is to get to the bottom of it. My advice right now is, avoid, avoid any boosters. So as we make clear in the announcements video we're releasing by file or MP3 is all done, you can get and find them here on the telegram channel. Next up the emails from the Biden laptop. Is that true? That's funny. Let's see, we need a lot more data on the rubbery clocks, not just shock films. Yes, I agree. Look, there are medical professionals who I'm putting faith in, or trust in, or faith is the one we trust in, to be reporting honestly about them. Now I wish I could get my hands on some. It's not it's not a hard tissue processing to stain it for amyloid. Let's see, Jana says listening on rumble out for a run with the dog. You'd be careful jogging. Jogging's become a dangerous activity. What's this? For Charles? Good to see you bro. Tales from the grift. How to stop a blood sucking soulless undead bureaucracy. Yeah, we just like the oversight has gone. All right, so MERS. MERS. Now this this paper is caught my eye. And, you know, I said, you know, spoken Twitter a bit, I said, bioweapon confirmed. And in this study, they, they're able. Well, the problem is, is that I going through it, I believe this to be a more computational study. But what they what they show is, is that the MERS virus, which is a beta coronavirus, the only way that it's able to develop the poly basic fearing cleavage site that we see with SARS-CoV-2 is if you do serial passaging through human tissue. And their conclusions are that, well, let's let's read the article. Hang on. I might get a bit hoarse. Let me just give me give me two minutes, folks. Let me just fill up my tea. If I do this, I'll be back in a sec. Okay. Okay. Okay. Okay. I need to get a bigger stream deck so I can see which buttons are on. I have to sort of scroll across. Help me get a new stream deck. Hit that donation button. Bloody sounds. All right. What was the title again? So pre-pandemic artificial MERS analog of poly functional SARS-CoV-2 S1, S2 fearing cleavage site domain is unique. Among beta coronaviruses, Andreas Martin Lysewski School of Science, Jacobs University, Bremen, Bremen, Germany. Maybe you Anna knows this person. So the SARS-CoV-2 S glycoprotein fearing cleavage site is a key functional determinant of SARS-CoV-2 virulence and COVID-19 pathogenicity as Charles and myself discussed at length last week. Go watch those streams. Very, very informative. Located at the S1, S2 junction, it is unique among SARS-CoV-2 viruses, but is also found among other beta coronaviruses. Recent evidence suggests that this proteolytic site extends to a 10 amino acid long poly functional domain with two additional functional motifs. A PAT7 nuclear localizational signal. Now that sounds disturbing to me. So it can translocate to the nucleus. I'll just keep that in mind. And two flanking O glycoside threonine serine residues. However, a systematic analysis of coronavirus as protein sequences bearing this poly functional domain has been missing. Here we report that among spike protein sequences of genus beta coronavirus and outside of the SARS-CoV-2 clade, an analogous poly functional domain was found in only one other virus. An artificial MERS infectious clone. Described already in 2017, which constitutes an adapted genotype from serial passage in genetically humanized mice. In contrast to this artificial MERS coronavirus, which has no natural primary host and which during passage acquired the full PAT7 motif as protein sequences from all other beta coronaviruses did not present a poly functional S1, S2 junction domain analogous to SARS-CoV-2. As the evolutionary closest beta coronavirus outside of the SARS-CoV-2 clade lacked all its free functional features, this critical S1, S2 poly functional domain becomes an unlikely product of natural evolution alone. This evidence implicates a possible artificial origin of SARS-CoV-2 and extends the current view on its pathogenesis. They haven't done the experiment in here. This is this is a computational bioinformatics paper and you know what I'm gonna do. Let me just just impose myself on Charles will Charles is in the chat. Let's get Charles take on this. Can you can you answer? Can you answer Skype Charles? Let me try. Just impose myself. Wake up Rixie. Get out of bed. Charles take on this is so rude. No answer unavailable. Pick up Charles. Call me back bro. I'd be interested to get your take on this. So we'll read on the unusual fearing cleavage site the S1, S2 domain junction of SARS-CoV-2 has been recurrently discussed in the context of SARS-CoV-2 origins. Give me a sec. I smell weakness Rixie. A sec. Good day. Charles is coming on. Excellent. I'll keep reading too. Just do audio bro. So be very very skeptical about those particular sequences. The closest genomic relatives to SARS-CoV-2 the reference Wuhan isolate sequence features a four amino acid PRRA insert between two adjacent serine and arginine residues resulting in a minimal fearing cleavage site motif that has not been seen in other SARS-CoV-2 viruses. On the other hand, fearing and fearing like cleavage sites at S1, S2 domains in other beta coronavirus spike glycoproteins have been known and used as evidence against arguments that SARS-CoV-2 fearing cleavage site might not be of natural origin. That would be Robert F. Gary's argument and we know what we think of him. Another local sequence features the novel polybasic fearing cleavage site at the S1, S2 junction domain has been more frequently discussed. Even though it was already predicted in early 2020 Anderson and Lattell that paper should be withdrawn and then experimentally confirmed that this FCS is also flanked by two proximal O-linked glycosylation sites. O-linked glycosylations with these two residues implies their functional roles as modulators of fearing cleavage site, membrane fusion and virus penetration activity, who are misses. In addition, Sattar Lattell recently identified the S1, S2 FCS itself as part of a PAT-7 nuclear localization signal. In line with the functional prediction from this nuclear localization signal, they showed that SARS-CoV-2 spike translocated into the nucleus while a PAT-7 deficient SARS-S did not. Now that should be ringing a whole bunch of alarm bells right now because we have to presume that the same phenomenon is being expressed in the medical countermeasures if it gets a hold and it's putting out a high fidelity copy. So, you know, maybe that data which has shown, you know, I'm thinking of the in vitro studies out of Sweden where they identified, I mean, those were cancer cells, but, you know, it's a data point. And hang on. It was beeping me. Have we lost the stream? I embedded live audio on Oh, interesting. Yeah. So people just want to listen to the audio. You can go to Let's have a look at that real quick. See if it's working. Yeah, there's an audio only for cancer cells, but there you go. It's working. Real radio station. All right. Yeah, I did. I did refresh it. But yeah, very, very cool. Let me get back to doing science, though. See, your money's well spent with tax evading blick Simon Phoenix. All right. Wrong paper. While the functional implications of this discovery remain to be elucidated, the results of satire tell suggest that interesting possibility that SARS-CoV-2 spike nuclear translocation is linked pathogenesis in a similar way as is the nuclear capsid protein as one of the classical nuclear localization signals. I just call it NLS for now. Path seven is defined by seven consecutive residues, starting with the proline, followed by a stretch of four residues that include three basic amino acids, together with this new putative function of path seven NLS mediated as translocation. We hypothesize that spike SARS-CoV-2 S1-S2 junction domain between residues free and E6-7-8, valine 6-8-7 is polyfunctional, bearing at least the above free functional motifs. To systemically analyze the occurrence of analogous polyfunctional sequence domains across a comprehensive set of relevant virus species, we turn to the curated beta coronavirus spike glycoprotein collection of overlapping homologous superfamilies. This collection represented the entire genus beta coronavirus through 2465 evolutionarily diverse spike protein sequences across 38 virus species. We then extracted all 98,122 predicted furing cleavage site motifs within a constant frame of 20 amino acid residues, which was subsequently automatically filtered for path seven NLS motifs. After removing the sequent fragments and duplicates, this procedure resulted in a set of 20 representative sequences to which two related beta coronavirus sequences were manually added as path seven negatives. The presence of the adjacent threonine-serine-oglycoside residue pair was homology inferred within the SARS-CoV-2 clade and for other sequences individually checked with the standard prediction software NetOglyc4. While most resulting virus sequences corresponded to with the in-clade SARS-CoV-2 variants that preserve the entire polyfunctional TPRR-RS consensus motif, two additional motifs from distantly related sequences were also detected. One from the spike of human coronavirus, HKU1, the other from a urine-adapted MERS coronavirus isolate MA30 denoted as MERS MA30. The HKU1 isolate presented the minimal furing cleavage site consensus embedded into a full path seven motif. These papers are difficult to read. PSSRKR. However, there was no threonine-serine-oglycoside pair at the expected flanking positions and therefore the sequence represented not a full functional analogue of the corresponding SARS-CoV-2 domain. By contrast, MERS MA30 compromised the entire polyfunctional domain TLTPRR-VRSV with the robust iglycoside predictions for threonine-744 and serine-752. These data indicate that within the broad and representative set of beta coronaviruses, MERS MA30 was the only instance of a complete functional analogue of the S1-S2 polyfunctional domain of SARS-CoV-2. The corresponding TPRR-RS consensus motif between the spikes of SARS-CoV-2 and MERS MA30, which overall share a level of 32.7% in protein sequence identity, was not a product of convergent evolution. Now I've got to try and, what are they really saying there? So my understanding from this literature is that when you're looking for phylogenetically close relationships, the height, anything sort of below 80, 90, they just say, oh, that's too evolutionarily distant and it's not related. So I'm trying to sort of pass this. So are they saying that because they are so different, it's not a convergent evolution? This was evident from two, maybe it will become more obvious as we read on. This was evident from two distinct observations. First, the closest parental strain to MERS was the MERS, or the murine MERS, was the MERS first isolate EMC 2012, which lacks the PAT7 motif. Only during the adaption and serial passage in artificially humanized mice, the PAT7 sequence PRS-VR-SV was fixed through a non-synonymous mutation. Serine 749 arginine in MERS-S, MERS MA30-S PAT7 FCS is therefore a product of directed adaptation in bioengineered host cells. Figure 1A, let's see if we can see that figure 1A. In fact, I think this paper only has one figure.

So I would interpret this PRS-VR-RPRS. Okay, so my take home message from this paper is that the only way for this poly basic motif to emerge that has what they're claiming is this nuclear localization signal is it has to be sent through an artificial passage through a living organism, in this case, humanized mice. I don't have enough background to sort of... We need a... Commander Xe, sir. Hello. Check that background out. Well, I'm trying to flip it around because it's backwards, but... Bring that on here. Hey, very cool, dude. Have you read the paper? Yes, I have. Your opinion, sir? Well, you are correct in that it's basically saying that Jesus didn't immaculately send this manna down from heaven to recombine perfectly the way this is. So it's just further confirmation that it was either engineered or passage, and there's no other scientific explanation for it that they've seen so far. You know, we spent quite a few hours honing in on this point for multiple reasons. One, obviously, because of the... Well, the suspicion that arose almost immediately that it shouldn't be there. There's the obvious CGG-CGG alignment of amino acids that the molecular biologists sort of honed in on as being synthetic. Someone, I can't remember who asked it, it might have been Genovator, actually, was asking, what's the significance of CGG-CGG codons in that particular position? I didn't really have a good answer, except that's what molecular biologists use as a, I don't know, like a restriction site? Well, they... I'm not a scientist, so I'm just going to make up whatever sounds good. Basically, that combination wouldn't happen, it happens very rarely in nature. I want to say it's like 1.4% of codons, but it's a human codon. So you would not see it cropping up in bats, flanking a human-targeting cleavage site. So it's just further evidence that it's not natural, because that exact codon set is what is used for engineering purposes. So it's further confirmation that it's completely ridiculous and completely unnatural. The disturbing conclusion to this is that all our talk about biowarfare as being a possibility, we keep moving further and further into that domain. Whether it was meant as an offensive agent or just as a pathway to a medical countermeasure, it's still part of that research domain, and it doesn't look good for the programs that would be involved in that type of research. Well, of course not. At the end of the day, there's no justification for having a furan cleavage site. I'm trying to see if... somebody said that there's feedback, but I don't know if it's still... Sounds all right. I can try Zoom. I do think Zoom is better. Yeah, it doesn't matter to me, but I was just going to say that you would never have any furan cleavage site in the vaccine. You just wouldn't. There's zero reason to have a furan cleavage site on a vaccine of any kind, because you don't need cell tropism. You don't need increased cell tropism for a vaccine that isn't supposed to go anywhere, that's only supposed to interact with an immune barrier. So the fact that a furan cleavage site is there at all is a site that this is not a vaccine. And if it is a vaccine, the only thing that I can think of is that it was meant to be a transmissible vaccine, which is basically like... it's kind of like that covert moral bio enhancement. That's like a covert vaccine, which is... that's not better. No, it's not. It's just as bad. And whatever this is, it's not what they're claiming it is. And I think that's the key takeaway. I'm just trying to see if I can get... oh no, sorry. On Skype I look very small, but with just the regular camera, the setup looks okay. Sorry. Size doesn't matter, Kevin. Right, so what you do with it, right? It really is. Sorry, could you just relay that last sentence there again? So the tropism... Size doesn't matter. No, not that bit. Before I started, before my ADD kicked in about the layout. Yeah, so it's... cell tropism, basically the ability of... well, in this case, a pathogen to be able to infect or enter into a certain type of cell tissue. The Fearing Cleavage site exponentially increases the ability of any pathogen by... exponentially increasing the range of tissues that it can infect. So that is completely worthless for a vaccine. The entire point of the vaccine is to interact with your immune system at the barrier of the skin, the mucosal barrier. It's not to spread throughout the body. So not only did they do that, but then for the jab itself, they further protected this Fearing Cleavage site by wrapping it in a ball of fat. So even though the Fearing Expression increases with hypoxia, and even though hypoxia of lower than 90% oxygen level causes the blood-brain barrier to be permeable, now the jabs can do all of those things, and it's even more able to pass the blood-brain barrier than presumably other such barriers throughout the body. So it's completely antithetical to what you'd want in a vaccine. Yeah, and precisely what you'd want in something where you're trying to inflict harm. You're basically taking the hypoxia Fearing Cascade, which is tied into amyloid development and to cancer cell growth, and you're piling those cascades on top of being sick from SARS-CoV-2 itself, but even if you're not sick with it, you then have your body expressing these proteins. And so guess what? Let's say that your body is still expressing these proteins, and then you get sick, and maybe it's something completely different. Maybe it's flu or RSV or whatever. If there's hypoxia present, then hypothetically, you could just be further triggering that even months after you get jab, or months after you get infected with the virus itself, depending on how strong your immune system is to begin with. So there's just so many negative possibilities, and it cannot be a therapeutic device. It brings up the issue of the peptide persistence in specific tissues. And so I don't know if you saw the stream I did with Nick where we were looking at, again, this was in vitro study, but they were just taking the GP120 peptide sequence, and they were able to show that even in the experiment, it was nanomolar, but picomolar level concentrations in neural tissue, so dorsal root ganglion, it was able to essentially inhibit growth. So you didn't have the dendritic expression and the axon growing properly, the fast axonal transport of vesicles was impacted. Well, it's not a presumption. We know that the concentration of spike protein delivered by transfection is equivalent to that which occurs in a severe clinical case of SARS. And so now we're left with the prospect, very real prospect, that there's a deliberate peptide sequence that allows the tissue tritism. It's closely associated with GP120 epitopes as well that looks designed to hit the most crucial and sensitive elements of the body and do it in a fashion that, I would argue, in a lot of instances, it's geared towards chronic expression and disablement, especially if there's not the acute immune response that occurs with, say, natural exposure. I got called up for saying natural infection, but I think that's okay to say. It's part of the environment and you're going to run into it. Well, I think that part of this is that we keep forgetting that there are several things, including the GP120 sequence, that are designed to minimize your immune response. And the fact that the mRNA just automatically goes into the cell, from a non-scientific perspective, to me, it's basically ensuring that it's going to last much longer than a typical vaccine would, because in its very beginning, its first actions is to infiltrate the cell membrane and start producing these proteins. So it wouldn't be surprising at all that this has completely thrown off the signaling that your body, so your body doesn't realize that these are alien substances being produced by your cells. It doesn't send your cells to go and kill the cells that are producing this. And I know that, I think his name is John Paul, he's been talking about this. And in fact, I was talking to him in DMs about this and what we're seeing with RSV, for instance. And just last night, I found that I was going back through, because the other day I posted something, a chart that showed that one of the key auto-antibody-producing epitopes on SARS-CoV-2 genome is from an RSV glycoprotein B. Yeah, we looked at that. Yeah, and what I remembered is that that same sequence, the ELDKY sequence, is actually discussed multiple times by Bill Gallagher in that same January 31, 2020 paper, as a known, as a known causer of many different things. And it's just before or just after the peptide or the fusion peptide. And he had identified it in the SARS virus. It was a common feature of Class I fusion protein viruses. So we're talking about something that was known, completely known, that exact sequence. And here they are pretending that they have no idea what's going on now. Dude, it gets darker by the day, man. I mean, Barney Graham, Barney Graham, get this, it gets better. The reason Barney Graham got into virology or to vaccinology was RSV. Like, you can't make this up. About a week ago, I read a book that was about the development of the vaccines. And it was within that book that I found basically one of the only references where he explains his justification for leaving the Fearing Cleavage site, which is basically, I thought we'd try something different. You're talking about an RSV vaccine here? No, I'm talking about the SARS-CoV-2 vaccine. So basically, they don't have any justification for what they're doing. In fact, what he said in the book was that Moderna would never have come up with this idea on their own because it's against the common knowledge. Common sense dictates you would not leave the Fearing Cleavage site, but that's what they did. And so this RSV epitope, it's not just RSV, it's found a bunch of things, but it's just one more thing that they kept that they would never have kept in the past. Holy shit, bro. I mean, you can't make it up. No, no. Barney Graham's, literally his reason for going into the vaccinology was because of the enigma of RSV back in the 60s. I don't know if Nick would know, but back in the 60s, they tried to do it. They came out with a vaccine. It killed a bunch of kids real fast. They took it off the market. Well, actually, it might have just been in testing. I don't remember. But the bottom line is they've been trying for decades to figure that out. So it's horrifying to think that, guess what Barney Graham and the VRC is working on? One of the things, an RSV vaccine. But for me, what's truly sick about the RSV thing that they were looking at is what they want to do is vaccinate pregnant mothers. They want to vaccinate the fetus in the womb before it comes out. Seems like a good idea. Yeah, that one rises to the top of the list of goals, experimental goals and aims that you would put in your proposal. They're not going to stop. They're not going to stop. Jesus Christ. Did you see the stream I did with Nick the other day? We were looking at the RSV and I had no idea. So my sort of limited experience and understanding was that HIV is the canonical virus that hits these CD4 T cells. And then we find out that RSV does it as well. And if I remember correctly, I don't remember which immune cells, but I want to say it's the same for measles. The reason why measles is so effective and its immunity lasts a lifetime is because it hits your immune cells very, very young. Very, very young. Just trying to get this message out to people so that so that they fully grasp the implications of it, because, you know, the extent literature would tell us that, oh, you could be looking at multi-year disease progression. But again, because of the distance between initial exposure and the onset of clinical signs rather than just being able to go in and measure individual neurons. Or its sort of impact system could be extended out so much in time that it does give these people wiggle room to say, oh, it wasn't me, Governor. I don't know. I think that everybody says forget that they had been doing mRNA experiments. My guess is they were even doing some that weren't published. So for me, it's impossible for me to look at this and say that they didn't know that this was going to be bad. And even if they, even if they didn't know, under no circumstances should you have vaccinated four billion people with ten, well, with nine billion doses of mRNA before you knew what was going to happen in the long term. I mean, to me, it's impossible to justify. And I think that we have to prove that it was not a fluke because we can't let them get away with this. Because the scale of this is so massive and the fact that there's all these different epitopes, all these decades of learning and research that have gone into this. We can't let them get away with it because that's what they're going to try to do. And it makes it makes you wonder what they do know about those. HIV inserts, right, that because they because they were, you know, orthodox research, they were being left out for whatever reason. Something was known within the discipline to say, oh, you don't you don't put those in yet. And you see them now with, you know, we can say with greater than 99% probability that the furion cleavage site is a sort of synthetic construct. No synthetic is wrong. An emergent construct that comes from engineering or passage. Yeah, it doesn't cover nature. That's the one thing we can, we can pretty much say for sure. And so, you know, I don't know if you saw the graph that I pulled up earlier, which was just German data, which was classed as, I want to say it was just sudden death. I want to say 20 2017 2018. No 2018 2019 2020 21 22. And there's just a little bit of 22 on that graph and literally it's sort of it, it, it triples in size, with respect to the events and that's just, that's just spontaneous death that seems abnormal enough for it to be registered as a clinically clinically significant such that it's in the records. So, yeah, the, the scale of ongoing harms to those that haven't died, if you know you get into a difficult calculation because we don't know, we know that the purity that was being delivered was very suspect. Right. And so, in a way that's a blessing, but it's very difficult then to make predictions about how, how it's going to express clinically. I think that that another part of this. So first of all, somebody was saying that it's a 5.8 billion. Well, I'm only referring specifically to mRNA. So it might be 5.8 billion, but I want to say it was closer to 4 billion. It was specifically using the mRNA jabs because there's different, there's all different types. But yes, I think that another part of this is that your immune system is seeing all these crappy unfinished products, like, because you're not getting the fidelity of the, of the protein. So it could just be that your, your immune system is so distracted by all trying to make things all these different variations that it, it leaves you more vulnerable to anything else. And I mean, that's probably, I would assume that's part of the, the mix. I don't know what percentage, but to me, it makes a lot of sense that literally in every single way, these are just giant disasters. And the fact that, the fact that they're in Germany. Well, yes, that's exactly what you, yeah, you're seeing people dying suddenly. I don't even know if you saw in the chat earlier, somebody posted something. There's a link to where this guy coughed up like a perfect mold of part of his lung. It's like, it's literally like a perfect cast of the Africa, they're called the bronchi, or whatever the tubules are. Yeah, they're like a perfect cast of it. He coughed up. And this is, this is from a study that was published in the New England Journal of Medicine, like, he coughed up this perfect cast of the interior of his lung structure. And I was just like, Oh my God. I just, I just saw it and it jumped, jumped by it. But yeah, I know what you're, I've seen them before, but it's always fascinating. And I just had it and then the discord jumped. Man coughs up, giant blood clot in shape of his lung. That was sick, man. I'll share my screen, Charles. Yeah, so I'm sure that's legit. I'm sure that that happens all the time. Jesus. Let's see. Yeah, I didn't come up. So if I do that, then if I minimize. Oh, there we go. Yeah. And then put that. There we go. That's just check for amyloid. The thing about the journalist grant wall. I remember when his brother like immediately posted on Twitter, something saying basically that the Qataris were that he was murdered, which I thought was impressive, because, you know, I wonder if I was able to think of another alternative reason for why he died suddenly, but I wouldn't have jumped to murder by the Qataris in public. Well, he did wear that right by T shirt. I mean, they normally start into death. Right. But, I mean, then, but then there was also somebody's claiming that it was MERS, which I also thought was impressive like, so, so we will literally go to murder or MERS, rather than. And look at blood clots. So, what are you gonna do. But yeah, that's beautiful. That's a piece of art blood clot right there. Yeah, yeah, it's it's stunning. It's so disgusting just to even ponder that a new story can be written about this and no mention. You know, it's, it's almost it's almost like God laughing at us with his wife's position as well. Right. Yeah, she's not. She's not slow. Right. And so, you know, she should be able to work through permutations of the possibilities of what could have gone wrong. And the MERS was obviously the number one. Not something like this clot. So the, you know, the question the question we then get into is just how, how is what we're seeing going to continue sort of searching, or is it, are we going to sort of see it level out. I mean, I guess everyone and no one can really answer that. I mean, what I'm seeing currently is that the sudden deaths are like you're seeing a decline, which would make sense because my guess is that the calling for lack of a better word of the initial. So whoever was going to die within a few weeks of vaccination, most of them have died now and so now it's, it's, it's still above normal it's above baseline, but it's lower than it was, you know, and at the beginning of the year. And I think that will. So, I don't know I think from now on if just going off of, you know, civilian non-scientist corner Rixie. My guess is, is that we're just going to see everything else trending now. So we'll still see blood clots, but we'll see, you know, amyloid formation and other stuff near degeneration. Yeah. In that situation, again, you're stepping away. I mean, especially in the minds of someone who would be a true believer like, what was his name, while while while. Yeah, and, yeah, put puts us in a very, I would say dangerous situation because the, you know, we can see where they want to take these programs like you say the RSV shot, where they, they've made the calculation that in order, in order to have the impact on the disease that they, they think is therapeutic that they've got to get in at the feeders. That's the dumbest thing I've ever heard. And I can't believe they're considering that. So, I mean, how many, how many lost babies, do we have to, because, you know, there's, there seems to be evidence that we are seeing needle death, miscarriage, malformation, I forget the name of the doctor, the obstetrician who's sort of come forward. He seems pretty legit, he's like 40 years of research, he said, and clinical practice. One of the things they've talked about is, I forget what the, what the gene is, but, but basically, the, the zygote, you know, it's, it's like a syncytia, of cells. And one reason why there's, I don't remember when I saw this, I was reading a paper, literally yesterday, but the, basically, one of the things that could be happening is that these, these signals that are cues to the body to, to do, you know, whatever it's doing, the very earliest. Yeah, the staging. But it's also one of the things that like masks these clumps, as these clumps of cells and amyloid or whatever, whatever it is for each individual person, like, one of the mechanisms is that your body is being confused by this collection of cells and it doesn't understand that it's supposed to filter it out, but potentially because it's, it's being masked as a result of this other thing, which could be tied to fertility issues as well. So, I mean, there's so many things that they have no clue, they have no idea what's going on at the bottom line. And, and if, if we're seeing sperm motility down, if we're seeing the miscarriages could go up, I mean, there's so many, it's probably like a dozen different factors. And I think that's part of what helps them get away with it is that they, there's not one specific thing that's causing all these things. It's just a flood of different things happening all at once. Yeah, it's a very, very complex set of variables to try and pass out. You know, the question that just keeps coming into my mind is, well, how long does it go on till, you know, it's so obvious that, you know, phalidomide, for example, it didn't take that long for them to say, oh, you know, there's a causal relationship between the drug and the birth defects. I think it's actually worse than that, because in this case, they're just not being born at all. So like, in the 50s, I'm pretty sure that's when that was happening in the 50s, they, you had babies being born without limbs. And so you could visually see, holy shit, there's something there. With Zika virus, you could see hydrocephaly or whatever it was, the swelling of the brain or the shrinking of the brain. So you could see the physical manifestation of something, whereas with this, you're not seeing it. It's an absence. It's a decline in something that the only way to really notice that is if you work in a maternity ward and you're seeing numbers drop. And that, that's a lot harder to visualize for people. So it's actually more insidious, I think. Yeah, yeah. So you're relying on them being honest with epidemiological data. And, yeah, right, right now, it would make sense for them not to publish this data. So that this actually might be the case in the UK. I had a guy's sub stack, I follow, John D, I think his name is. He's a statistician by trade, and basically, he sort of normalized death deaths from the last five years pre pandemic and during the pandemic, and basically his conclusion is is the Office of National Statistics is hiding data right now because everything, everything has dropped off, and it just looks artificial so like this, there's no death or massive drops in the numbers of deaths, right, which, you know, that's that doesn't happen people die. There's a constant sort of churn of it so if the if the data is not going in it means that someone someone's physically intervened in the data to say, we're not going to put that out and we'd, they would even take the, the hit of non reporting and that showing up route rather than letting the data speak for itself, and that's exactly, that's exactly what the ethical skeptic is doing in the United States, is he showing that, that there's an obvious gap that what they're doing in the United States that they're lagging. They're drawing out this reporting so that way, you don't see the immediate impact up front. And it's well ironically it's exact same concept that I've been arguing was happening in Wuhan, just with case information and death information during the first step of the outbreak was that they're, they're masking this giant gap that exists in the data. And, yeah, I mean, they're going to draw it out as much as they can. And I do think that they're it's insidious, because it's, it's simply a matter of them hiding something, whereas you can't, you can't hide a baby with a missing limb. You can't hide a thousand things, but you can hide a thousand babies that are never born very easily. Right. And, you know, the same, the same goes for, well, you know, ethical skeptic has done a very good job of sort of honing in on the cancer deaths. Right. That's my understanding when I catch one of his tweets and not just cancer, but that's, that's the biggest, biggest signal from what I've understood, looking at his data. And, yeah, if you're, you know, if you're stretching out your reporting and you're claiming that there are database changes or there are code changes to how they're recording this data, it all, it all begins to add up to the sort of ambiguity. And yeah, it looks very, very sinister. They're kicking the can down the road. In fact, that's also what's happening with the, with the DMED data. So the military adverse event data that Matthew Crawford has been excellently, you know, trying to dig into. I mean, he's basically shown that it's, I mean, we have proof that they manipulated their data. And in that case, they, they used a database refresh to, to make their claims. And then it was, it just so happened that I had found the historical records, which proved that that was bullshit. But he, he took that and then was able to show statistically like this is exactly what they're doing. They're, they're just covering it up. And so for that to be happening on a global scale from all these Western countries, like it's just sick. And it's hard for it. I can't, I sit here and I ponder, but I can't imagine a situation where there's a justifiable non evil reason to be suppressing that information. Even if you, even if you had messed up, you would not then hide it so that more people are killed. Right. I mean, you know, yourself or someone like me would be wanting to pump the brakes and sort of trying to this case. It's not complicated. They've just hit the gas, even more. They've got mRNA jabs for RSV to fetuses, mRNA jabs for like a dozen different things. And the, and, and basically the FDA said, well, we've, we blessed the mRNA concept. So now you don't even have to do the, you don't even have to do the animal trials to show that this is safe because we've already injected 4 billion people. So it must be correct. So they're hiding the evidence, they're hiding the evidence. And like it, it's evil. It's just evil. Well, there's a clip of Obama, right? At some, some event where he's saying, yeah, we know it's safe. We've just, you know, we've just injected it in billions of people. Go on, get out and get some more. You know, the, just getting back to like the disease mechanisms, right? Yes, we understand that it's associated with distinct pathologies, but we've added this new, new component to the equation. We, we don't, it might have whole different pathways for expression to disease that people are not going to be looking for. And that, that's concerning at a clinical level, again, because you're going to be dealing with stubborn doctors, institutes. You saw the photo earlier of the parliament in the UK, where there's the politician talking about, you know, he's got a whistleblower from the British Heart Association saying that they're, they're seeing an inflammatory disease. Of the blood vessels. Yeah. And there's like four or five people in there. And then underneath juxtaposed is, is politicians then voting for their pay rise. Right. That's right. Well, don't want to black pill everyone, but we're screwed. Hey, don't, don't worry that everything is fine. Don't worry folks, everything's fine. Yeah. What a great, what a great background. It's a, it's a, it's a, it's Fauci and Hotez on a swing set, talking about how like we don't understand the, the adverse events, like we're missing. We just, we're, we're too stupid to realize. There you go. Man, the audacity of Hotez right now, again, to be saying that criticism of, of this data is tantamount to right science. Yeah. Well, but he's, he's labeling it as right wing supremacist ideology, anti-science ideology. Anti-science is fascist, right? You know, dogma. So obviously, and what I said for a year, like I said this in a thread to Peter Hotez, but I'm surprised he hasn't blocked me because I've been on this case for about a year. And he pointed out that, you know, it's rich for him in a peer reviewed publication to state, like he's, he's quoting Elie Wiesel, the Holocaust survivor, and claiming that he's, he's saying that the anti-science is, is running amok when he is on the side of the people who are currently censoring us. So basically the slave drivers have the whip and they're cracking the whip on the slaves and saying, oh, you're anti-work. They cry out in pain as they beat you. Exactly. They cry out in pain as they beat you. And that's the sickness that we're seeing with this. They're willing to go as low as they possibly can, because I can pretty much guarantee you that Elie Wiesel would not agree with Hotez's portrayal. If we're doing experimentation in the human population, that's, that's not, that doesn't make Peter Hotez part of the persecuted numbers in Auschwitz, okay. It's just not. Sorry. This claiming victimhood is, well, I would say it's a, it's a... Yes, yes, I know what you'd say, but my line is, is that whatever it is, Peter Hotez is not a victim. No, no. He was nominated for a Nobel Prize for creating a patent-free, low-cost mechanism, method for a COVID-19 vaccine. Well, actually, you know, to give him his due, my understanding is, is that it might actually be one of the sort of safer routes because it's a subunit type vaccine. Right. And that's good. Like, I'm glad, I'm glad that he's doing that, because if, if it's the worst of, or it's the least bad of a set of vaccine technologies, hey, that's, that's something, I guess. But the problem is, is that he's concurrently stating that his opposition are Nazis. And they were fascists, but we are the ones being censored. Like, the fascists are the ones burning books. They're not the ones getting burnt at the stake. So, as a historian, that's especially disgusting for me, because it, it's a warping, the only reason that anybody could possibly think that is if they were taught nothing about history, which is exactly what the left ups. Well, yeah, there's, there's a reliance on a degree, I'm not going to say ignorance, but just look, a lot of people don't have the time or the resources to, you know, to study these things in depth and, and they're dependent, you know, we live in this very sophisticated society and so we, we defer to experts. Right. And, you know, look, when my car's making a funny noise. I can have a good guess at what might be going wrong. But am I going to get in there with, you know, my wrenches and tools and, you know, take out the crankshaft and replace some bearings? No, I want to take it to an expert and have someone look at it. But in this instance, the, it's the equivalent of going to the mechanic and him telling you that, oh yeah, those bearings that you can hear rattling away in your, in your car, it's not really those bearings, it's air filter, air filter needs changing. The problem is, is that you're watching too much pornography. That's the problem. I've never really seen the movie but you know the concept is sort of pretty, pretty straightforward right that they're just, the guy's driving his wife nuts, just by sort of tweaking the light levels in the, in the house right, so that it's on a massive scale to the point where, oh, we can, we can see international events, right, so just if you take the World Cup, free, free reporters. Three journalists drop dead. Yeah, suddenly. Yeah. And we're supposed to not notice that. And, you know, that's what that's what my background means. This is Gaslight of the Gods. I made this. This took me a while to this good piece of art. I'm appreciating the little steroids. The layers to like, to make that work. But that's why I use that motif for the name for like an entire series of articles because that's exactly what this is. This is gaslighting on a global scale. Yeah, and they literally set the world on fire. And then they're blaming us for crying because we're burning. And so it's all our fault, you know, because we, you know, there's too many of us, we don't respect the environment. When this has nothing to do with the environment. This has to do with, you know, bioweapons research. And, I mean, it's just disgusting. Yeah, gaslighting on a global scale. You know, you couldn't you couldn't think of a more disturbing aspect of human. I'm loathe to call it ingenuity but research direction that that's what that's what we're dealing with. No warfare. They don't want to admit it because it's their fault. And so their solution is instead of admitting that they were horribly wrong, and they did something incredibly stupid or evil. What do stupid evil people do? They protect themselves. And so they're willing to let millions of people die to avoid taking responsibility for this. And, you know, there's a, there's another scientific point here which coming back to that MERS paper that so the packaging, which leads to, I would just take the assumption that that papers correct in it in its mechanistic hypotheses. That that process, whether, whether free packaging or some molecular wizardry introduces that fear and cleavage site, and it's persistent. That's, that's the. That's what we've seen and persistent enough that it can go global. We've let ourselves get into a position where we're constantly adding the same or seeding the environment with the same epitopes artificially as well. Right. So it's almost like the best, the best solution would have been to not do anything beyond, you know, try to mitigate symptoms in the, in the initial phases, right to try to let it burn out, you know, if there's a. But instead we've, we've literally taken gasoline and just bought it on. And, oh yeah, because, because otherwise they have to admit that, that it was their fault. So instead of, instead of simply making it was their fault and warning the world that, hey, this might become a problem in the near future. So instead, let's just lie about everything, blame humanity. And, and then make money while we're doing it. That's literally what they're doing. This is the sickest. I've never seen something this evil. The scope of it is, yeah. Well, in history, because we've never been at a point in our history where wonder technology could so rapidly permeate so many, so many different countries and, and be forced, I guess, forced, forced onto the population by coercion, threats, the idea that you can't, you won't have access to your job, employment, to even, you know, there were cases of divorce cases where, you know, children were separated from parents because they had different views about vaccines. It just permeates so many different. So disgusting. Yeah, yeah, there's, there's not a, there's not anything that's comparable. You could say we probably had smaller versions of it, you know, like Tuskegee or something like that where we've, you know, we've deliberately sort of done an experiment, without, without sort of informing the participants, right, and done a lifetime of medical research on them but you know that was sort of contained. This is, this is global. Yep. Yep. See, you're a conspiracy theorist, because you're sadistic, like, how could you possibly think that we would, anybody could be that evil. And the crazy thing is, is that that's literally what they're doing. I mean, it's stunning. I'll give them credit. This is the, I could not have imagined that they could have been this bold. Well, only in the fevered imagination of Alex Jones. You would have been, you would have been called a conspiracy theorist because, you know, that's exactly, because nobody would ever be this sick. And yeah, well, oops. Yeah, there it is right in front of us. So, yeah, I mean, you look at the data, probably more than I do. So, you're thinking we're seeing, you're seeing a decline in the all cause mortality for the moment. I mean, I see a decline. It's still above baseline. Right. Yes. I mean, it's, it's gone down. Now that could just be a lack of reporting. Yes. I don't want to get like super, like, I can't say that that's anything other than just a statistical anomaly at this point. But, but yes, there is a slight decline at the moment. So, I've just been told the sound is, is, is bad. Let me, let me call you on Zoom, dude. You might have to lose, you might have to lose your cool background. Zoom does, Zoom does backgrounds. Hang on a minute. Because sometimes it doesn't, I'm calling your end. As soon as I see you pop in, I'll shut the Skype. I'm stopping Skype. Okay. Hang on. Yeah, I hear you. We don't see you. Yeah, there we go. Yeah, it sounds much better. I know Zoom, Zoom is just they've got their, they've got their game when it comes to the sound. I'm trying to, hang on a second. Let me just switch off on camera. You know, the, the obvious question right now is, as, as we, as we move forward, they're still, they're still including the original epitopes as part of booster series. Yeah, because why not? Again, I would, I would just put forward the premise that that, that speaks to a more malicious agenda than, well, what else could it be if, if they know by now, like even if they didn't know in the beginning, they would know by now. And so to me, like it, it strains credulity for them to say that they don't understand the mechanisms at this point. So, look, at what point do we say we're in a, we're in a fight? They're taking shots. We've already said it, but the problem is, is that getting, getting other people to, to believe, which is why I've tried so hard to, to tell people that, about the fact that they understood that if you're in cleavicide and, and what it means, because that's really, once you understand that, then it's easier to, to kind of reconcile everything else. But you have to, cause once you realize that they had to know what it meant, then you can start opening the door to, to everything else. But I think that right now people are just in denial. They don't understand what was known. And so it's easy for them to just assume that everybody has good intentions, because they don't know what else is going on. So, you know, this comes down to sort of tactical thinking. When we understand that we're in this situation, right, you know, that there are metaphorical bullets passing overhead. And at what point do we say, okay, enough's enough in this instance. And again, I'm not, in this type of fight where it's this next gen hybrid warfare, what the, what the appropriate response is. Or, you know, when I've, when I've, I've said this publicly, but, you know, I speak to people in the background as well, to try to sort of hammer this point home. If you want, if you want to grasp how dark and malicious this is, so that they've deliberately aimed at children. Right. Yep. And that, that then, well, in my mind, steps up the, the, it's not aggression that you're dealing with, it's, what am I looking for, the maliciousness of the attack. Because, you know, that there are, there are rules of war that, you know, we try to limit collateral damage and we, we aim for competence. Supposedly. You don't, you don't attack medical personnel. You don't attack women and children. You only go after them, you know, combatants in the field. And this isn't about, like what they're doing isn't collateral damage. This is all out targeting of the people who cannot defend themselves. Yeah. So, you know, we're, we're, well, we've, we've shot past Dresden, Tokyo, Hiroshima type events where that was deliberately targeted at civilian populations. And, but it's on a, it's on a scale that's orders of magnitude larger. Yeah. You're the military dude. What do we do? I mean, I don't know, because as the WMD person who, who understands the history, like I've literally never, there is no, there's nothing to compare this to. Because we don't even know that, because what we see is, is warfare, but it's not warfare against a country. If it is, it's expanded beyond whatever it was, because we're not dealing with nation states. And that's terrifying to me, because if we're not dealing with nation states, then what are we dealing with? Who, who, who is it, like, who are we fighting and what is it they're fighting for? What is their definition of victory? Because it doesn't seem to be, it seems to be self-preservation. But at the expense of whatever it takes, be it your own civilians or other people's civilians, it just, it's disgusting. So, I don't know. I really don't. I don't either. And, you know, I had this, you know, I got a lot of good feedback from the discussion I had with Nick about, you know, my concern was in this sort of warfare that we're, or that we're fueling it in a way by, by pointing it out, by trying to laze onto the people who are responsible, like that wanker. That's ridiculous. You can't fuel evil. Evil is evil. It's either evil or it's not. And so that's just an excuse for us to avoid calling something what it is. And that's, that's stupid. That's appeasement, basically. That's the reason why you had 11 million people, you know, six million Jews and 11 million overall, they were slaughtered in these camps. And that's because they, because they were victims and we just pretended like we didn't want to call it what it was. And now you've got the background working. Hey, yeah, I do. Oh, no. It's a kiddy thing that I did. No, no, no, hold on, hold on. Well, no, it's not actually, but that's, that's depressing. Because basically this one says safe and effective if you're in for a surprise. And it's got a, it's got Fauci instead of the Coco Melon guy, but yeah, so you can't, sadly, it's not all. It's not all on the screen, but yeah, if you're in for a surprise is, yeah, that about sums it up. I can fix that. The obvious question is then this, this is a military problem in my view. Right. And so there has to be a military pogrom, but that might be different. Yeah, it depends, depends which, which end you're looking at it from. But, but I would presume that there, that this is, this must be being gamed out at some level. And presumably, yeah. And so there must, there must be strategies of how to counter, how to maneuver, how to, you know, whatever, whatever steps you need to take. Once, once you, once you understand that conflict has started and, you know, there's projectiles, in this case, projectiles, probably not quite the right expression. But, you know, blows are being traded across populations. It's hard, it's hard for me to imagine that there aren't people, if we're thinking about it, then surely others who are keyed into what these agents are and do, where they came from, the current technology and where they project to, that must have been war gamed out somehow. By someone, yeah. And even if it wasn't the beginning, it is now, assuming that it wasn't the same people who are still in power. Assuming that they did have good intentions. I mean, yeah, where do you go from here? I don't know. Yeah, this is evil. Yeah, I think my, yeah, my thought process is such, it's a, it's a form of desperation in the hope that there is a sort of white hat type group who, who, well, yeah, recognize an existential threat and, you know, honor and duty bound to step into the breach, as it were, and just do something. Because right, right now, you know, that's, that MERS paper, for example, if that holds true and solid, and I haven't, I haven't seen any objections yet, of course it's only a day or two into its, its release. But the, what it means for everyone, even, even, even if it's a case that the munition itself, and whether we're looking at a sole agent or binary agent of interaction with the virus, the well, quote unquote medical countermeasure, it doesn't, if it doesn't hit everyone, right, there's still, there's still significant casualties that it, it, it betrothes a sort of response, and I don't, you know, I'm very conscious of, you know, what sort of happened after 9-11, which is rah rah rah, we're gonna, we're gonna go and do X, Y, Z and I forget who the person was, but they basically sort of on some, some late night American TV show basically just said, well, we've got a list of countries that we're going to take out. And in retrospect, you can say, ah, you know, from my, from my perspective, you know, it looked a bit sort of contrived. Where's the, where's the equivalent of that type of thinking in the current circumstances? Where? I don't see anybody thinking right now. They're trying to prevent everyone else from thinking. I think they've already made their decisions. I mean, I don't, I don't know what else you could read in from what they're doing now because they're actively trying not to look at the details of all this. My mind goes to, you know, it's probably not the best fit, but, you know, the concern after, you know, third World War type scenarios of missile exchange and tactical nuclear warheads, etc. Because of where I grew up, it was just sort of known that the problem was, wasn't so much the exchange itself was, but was how you deal with all the population post, post the strikes, right, because you're not going to, you don't take everyone out. It's just that there's the, the follow on effects. And so there's, there's all this sort of civil planning. You still there, bro? I'm getting back real quick. Well, what, what I was saying was that in those situations, there's, there was a civil contingency plan where the premise was to keep calm. The idea was to keep calm. And I think Charles has lost internet connection. Such that you wait, you wait until you can't contain the problem anymore and then, and then you come out on the streets with sort of shoot on site, looters, people who are outside of their homes and I wonder if we're in a sort of 21st century equivalent of, you know, stay in your homes and maintain order for as long as possible and then that their contingency plan is just to wait for the dam to break, so that people sort of, let me just try doing this. Yeah, still, still no response from Charles, but they're just like a cork on a bottle waiting for it to, yeah, I will do it. Bear with me folks, technical problems. Well, I'll have got to rephrase that or repeat the question for Charles when he gets back in, but let's see. Wow, there's over 150 people watching this. All right. There we go. I'm gonna, I'm gonna be honest, I literally just did that. So that way I could reset the background picture. I feel really terrible, but not really, because I wanted you to see that. So I don't have a better reason than that. It's okay. I mean, if we're in the world that we think we're in. We're down with goofy breaks. May as well get them while we can, right? So, yeah, the point I was trying to get to was so sort of civil planning in a war type situation where tactical weapons have been used was to maintain population to the point where, okay, you try to keep everyone calm and they, they know that there's going to be a breaking point, and there are orders in place to say okay when that happens. It's the sort of shoot on site. Anyone that's, you know, breaking the curfews or the plans that have been put in place. I have to, I have to wonder how close we are to that. If, because it's, it's an existential. It's an existential threat right now that we're right but, but I've never seen plans that were based upon the idea that the population was the enemy. And, and there, there wasn't an external threat. It was like, I've never seen. So where are these contingency plans are they've, they've not been shared. The American public has never been told that their government was plotting against them. So, I don't know what happens because why would the population. The only thing that I can think of is that they're there gambling everything on trying to start a nuclear war or something. Because they don't have another out, which is, which is itself an incredibly dark and ridiculous proposition so I don't know, I don't know what the game theory says for this but sick. That's the, that's the sort of conclusion I'd come to a sort of few months ago was Ukraine is them sort of lighting the fuse to obfuscate what has been done, because actually what that does is pull pulls us more into sort of classical doctrine, where they can say oh we're, you know, it's country, it's states fighting states and people, people conceptualize that easier than the global, global pogrom that essentially is indiscriminate and highly unpredictable in its effects. Yes. And then the only thing to me the only real question is why. Because once it gets to a point where it's obvious that the deep state is not acting in the interest of the American public. What are they doing. But why on earth would. What is the, I don't know if you're a believer in the sort of dumps deep underground massive bunkers that they just think that, okay, we can just ride it out. Whatever, whatever happens and. I don't know. I think that they have to be stopped. And the problem is is that they're so pervasive that. I mean, we're sitting here talking about, okay. What happened in the 2020 election what happened in the 2022 election. If it really was, you know, rigged. Then yeah, I mean, how do you stop that. But the bottom line for everything. At the end of the day, patriots have only really one choice. That is, whatever is happening. We have to do everything we can to stop it. So if we could spend all day pondering. What if and what if, but the bottom line is, you have to fight in the trenches where the fight is. And by that, I don't mean we need to go to Ukraine and fight in trenches. But we need to be doing everything we can to roll back. And that's the best we can do. I mean, we're probably not going to do that by by arguing for dumbs. I mean, maybe they exist, maybe they don't. But the most important thing we need to do is the next step. We can't worry. We should think ahead, but at the same time, we're not we're not going to get five steps ahead from now if we don't if we can't get one step ahead. So we can't spend all of our time trying to figure out every aspect of every conspiracy. Because right now, kids are dying, like people are dying suddenly because, you know, because of murders or because they're wearing rainbow shirts or something. All right. Nothing to do that fear. People are already dying. So nothing to do with the fact that, you know, this yet another paper comes out and finds a an FCS motif that it's like what we see now. And the only way they've ever seen one come about is through a serial passaging. So yeah, I mean, guess what type of experience they were doing in the way of in 2017 and 2018. So they were doing murders and they were doing feline coronaviruses. So I said, so we we know we know that all this was ongoing and, you know, that's, you know, it's been decades in in the making. You could argue. Well, it's not an argument. It's it's a statement of fact. Still there. Yeah, I'm here. But the my question is, it's like, like, what's what's the what's the physical responses in in this situation? Like, OK, I get it. We're trying to sort of follow the legal routes and even if we sort of lose and the systems are corrupt, et cetera, we have to do that because you have to have some sort of moral and ethical construct on your side that says that you're on the right side of this. And that that has to be in place. Right. Because you have to have a just war doctrine principle for the next step. But what what what does that next step look like in that situation? Are we just dependent on enough people realizing that something has gone terribly wrong? And but then what does that look like? Mass strikes? Well, you. You have to get. You have to get a president and or congressional leaders in place who will actually tear down these institutions. I think that the fact that some Republicans are even calling for like the abolishment and like reconstitution of the FBI. I mean, just saying that verbally is a good first step because that's literally what's going to have to happen. It's a criminal enterprise. So. I think that the pieces are there. I think that whoever is doing this realizes that it's not gone as well as what they wanted. Or at least it's not they're not. They don't have as complete a grip as they would like at this point. So we just have to keep pushing because right now we do still outnumber them. But technologically, it will eventually get to a point where that won't matter. And I think that part of the part of the really shitty outcome of this is that. Well, the things that they've hidden. Like the like the epigenetic signature stuff that we've talked about. And we discussed that offline. But the point is, is that they're withholding technologies from us. For what purpose? The purpose simply like it seems to literally be so they can conceal what they're doing. It's not legitimate. It's so it's obfuscation. And so from a game that they're thinking in these terms already. Right. That's that's the hard point that we have to get across to people. Oh, these people are gaming out your eventual. I don't know, demise, internment, something they've got up their sleeve to maintain their position. And there's not like sirens we can sound like for like air raids or something to to get people to get a population to move. And so we have to educate them. And we have to we have to use while we still have some technological ability to to communicate. We have to we have to beat them with their own game using their own using technology. That's really the only chance we have. And we have to once people are aware of the truth, its inertia will at least force a conclusion. But all of this rests on the fact that they've hidden all this from us. And so we can the more we can shatter that veil, the harder it will be for them to get away with whatever they're doing. And I think that everything that's happening in Europe right now is is then just across the Rubicon. And they're going to go with starving their people and fomenting further war in Ukraine, do whatever it takes to destabilize things enough that they can take as much control as they possibly can. And they obviously don't care about the collateral damage. And you know, you have you have to make the presumption right now. OK, so we've got a European theatre of war because of the nature of what we're dealing with. So it's already in the United States. How does that theatre begin to emerge? And how do the sides sort of shake out in this? So my my concern at this point is that militarily, it's especially if the gloves come off in this sort of scenario where they've shown their intention that pop civilian casualties are not a concern to them. And the military question is, how much do you think the US military would continue to follow orders in that type of emergent conflict? I think that it really depends on how I mean, the military is looking around and the soldiers on the ground understand something is right. And everybody I talk to is that way. And so there's there's a massive disconnect that's been growing between soldiers in the ground and the Pentagon. And I think that if I do think that if President tried to give unconstitutional commands that large portions of the military wouldn't follow. So so I don't know how long it would take to get to that point. I'm trying to remember the net the legal posse commentators is it that you can't come at times. Yeah, you can't deploy US forces on on the ground. But I know that that was reversed. I want to try to. Well, it's it's not that it was reversed posse commentators says that you can't use Title 10 forces for police or military actions within the borders of the United States. Now, the only the only troops that bridge that gap are National Guard. So I it would be stunning for me. I have a hard time believing that just based upon what I heard from troops who were forced to go into Washington, D.C. because it was a federal enclave after January 6th and the period around January 6th and then the targeting that took place afterwards. I don't think it's possible that they could establish any sort of martial law. I don't see that the military would do that, at least not not the majority of it. So my thoughts go to the change in doctrine that we've seen emerge, particularly over it's more than the last four years, where the focus is, you know, they shift the language to right wing. Why, whatever, you know, we know the the framing that they're trying to build. And OK, so let me let me frame it this way that the the algorithms and the computation are so good that they're able to predict 60 percent of the population are going to do what they're told. Twenty percent will, I don't know, won't be won't be active competence. But there's there's another 20 that probably would. But they're fully confident in their ability to be able to quickly wrap up the 20 percent who they think would be problematic. Now, what that 20 percent, I would make the assumption that that 20 percent includes a lot of ex-military. But we would be we be targeted and for good reason, because we are the ones who are most likely to stand up with the ones who are most likely to have weapons, we're the most most likely to use them and we're the ones most likely to have strong feelings about honor. So in pretty much every respect, we would be targeted. I mean, that is that the trigger we have to look for then is that that's when the go signal is that they start. We have to wait for that point for I don't know for the for the act, because look, it's it's like the law of physics, man. I mean, they already they already obviously tried because January 6th, that same day, they were already calling for, you know, Rush Limbaugh to be removed for I mean, Rush Limbaugh has the largest radio audience in the United States until he died. But they called for Fox News to be taken down for all conservative commentators to be removed. And and that was that was the day that I decided, holy cow, this is this is real, because they're literally they were literally trying to make it a crime to be, you know, they're trying to criminalize 50% of the population in the United States. So, like, so they were already trying and if they could have gotten away with it, they would have they would have kept going, but they just couldn't. But they tried. They're already trying. They're purging. They're purging the military the same way. I mean, I can only imagine if I had still been on active duty, what they would have that I would have been on some watch list or something. Well, in the context of this conversation, the mass deployment of the vaccine against the military suddenly takes on an even more sinister tone. It's been sinister for a year, because if I mean, obviously, one of the reasons why the defuse proposal was released is because it was so it was so idiotic for the military to be mandated to take something that had already declined. To fund as a as a proposal in bats, like, how could you how can you say, you know what, this isn't we don't think this is a good idea to do a bat vaccine study. And three years later, you're mandating it for all military personnel. After the same scientist said, yeah, no, we're not going to do that. We don't think this is a good idea for bats. And now, the entire military is being mandated. It's, it's unconscionable. And they did it. That was, they did it as soon as they could, like as soon as they had Biden as the president elect. He basically signaled that he wanted to mandate it for all civilians and all military. But wouldn't that have happened if Trump had stayed in power anyway? I don't think so. No, I don't think I. The generals that he had in charge, they would not. That had to be that was a political decision. And there's not a chance in Hades that Fauci was going to convince Trump to to mandate that for the entire troops. In fact, I don't know how anybody convinced Biden. But that is an anti-American thing to do because you're risking the health of the entire military force. It's stupid. It's suicidal, potentially. Well, I don't think I don't think Trump, I can't imagine a time where Trump or his or the generals would have done that. It was only by presidential order that Biden was able to do it. And I had heard zero. There was no chatter about a mandate prior to Biden taking over. At least not from non-military. So, well, I'm trying I'm trying to. And I say that because I was talking to, you know, I was talking to people on Capitol Hill who would have who knew about that. And so there would have been they would have been discussed or disgusted even sooner than they were had that been a realistic possibility prior to the election. I mean, so what were they doing? Were they they were essentially gauging the well, one, it was an attempt at crippling. The other was an attempt at gauging who would follow orders in this situation. Perhaps. But I would say that's a that's a secondary. That's just something that you learn as a as a consequence of taking the action. I don't think that was in any way like the major driving force. That's just a bonus. But at the same time, it's stupid. Like, it doesn't it doesn't matter what your reasoning is, if you truly cared about the military, if you thought that you would need them even against your own people, why would you poison it? Like, to me, this is such a cynical and it's just evil. OK, I'll put a hypothetical to you then that they're so confident in their ability to automate soldiery that they think they don't need them. It's possible. Whoever was doing this was deliberately undermining the military readiness of the United States. I can't see it any other way. I don't know why, but that's what they were doing. The United States has not become stronger in any way, shape or form by demoralizing its human forces, by disrupting the health of those forces and by wasting, you know, wasting all this effort in supplies and stuff in Ukraine or just abandoning billions of dollars with the crap in Afghanistan. And the Afghanistan pullout took place like two weeks before the military mandate took effect. So you're talking about like within a few weeks, the military had to absorb that crushing what may have been the worst exit of any conflict in American history. And then they came right back home after people falling from planes and being told, get this shot or get out. That's a stunning one-two punch that they've not recovered from. Yeah. I'm trying to avoid more exotic hypotheses. But yeah, I'm just I'm just I mean, once you get once you get to this point, I mean, I don't even know what other hypotheses. I don't even know what you're going to say, but we have to address possibilities because I mean, what we've already seen is unconscionable. Like, I'm just telling you the reality of like as me as an observer and as a military, former military member, like I there is no excuse. So whatever this is, this is evil. So, you know, trying to trying to gain this out, not gain theorize this out. So let's let's make a presumption that there was a lot of blanks that was delivered to the military bases. And so they just they wanted to just see who would who would follow instruction under those circumstances. So perhaps, perhaps the physical assault isn't as bad as it potentially could be. Were, you know, those were high fidelity shots given to, you know, what's the military personnel, two million, three million people? Yeah, approximately two million. Yeah, well, it's it's a little less, but at the end of the day, how much how much of that is immediate readiness to fight? Oh, geez, I mean, that's that's a more complicated calculation. But let's let's let's say there's a million at any given. Like if you needed to, you could have a million. They might not be in perfect condition, but you have a million people. But the problem is, is that the number of adverse events that I was hearing about in the fall of 2021, as the mandate was taking effect, it would not indicate to me. Like there had to be a significant portion of those files that were legit, just based off of what we've seen. Yeah, so that that's a terrifying. Yes, there's two factors at play here. One is that one is the physical degrading of the force. The other the other is a they're running a real time test on who's who's going to follow orders in, like I say, the type of warfare that it's very, very hard to wrap your head around. And so they could further divide the forces right now. And you're seeing that right now with this heavy US armor going into Europe, right, right up into the border of Ukraine. I mean, three months, six, I mean, to build up enough to have a what they would say would be a peacekeeping force that would be outside the United States. So you're looking at probably 300 to 500,000 personnel. Yeah, I mean, if I remember correctly, there's any given time. There's like, you know, 100,000 ish station in Western Europe. But I don't know. I don't know what's happening because, like, why would what's hedging right you have to you have to break the old systems and so you need, you need to be able to remove the military physically from the United States. Okay, yeah, I guess I guess I guess if you're saying that, okay, to remove them as a to keep them from being able to intervene. But then, what is your physical presence? Like, who, who is going to be your enforcers? Because I don't know if there's enough. I mean, the United States is a big place. Yeah, I think the only way that getting it out, I mean, the only way that they could really. And I think this, they would go this route, regardless, they would strike it. You know, infrastructure, they would strike a food, which we say that we're seeing this right. Right. But what I'm saying, what I'm saying is they would just turn the lights off. And turn the lights off so that way there can be coordination, so that way people can understand what was happening. To me, that's, that's always been the easiest and most direct solution. And then, once they're divided, it's easy to conquer, because they can use whatever propaganda they want. Because they will have some of the only legitimate, like, capable lines of communication. So, I mean, now, would they? I have no idea. Like, once you get to that point, I mean, it could literally be anything. And I don't know, there's. The lights out, lights out would go first, because electricity, that would, any population. Any population where you cut the electricity. Oh, most people would break into, dude, just pull the Internet. Most people will lose their mind. Right. And don't get me wrong, like. I would. The only way we're able to communicate now is because, because of that. So to, that's exactly, forget all this other crap. They would always cut the power first. That'd be the number one thing you do. Damn the populace. And just, you know. Yeah, and that's, that's where you get into this situation where, OK, the order goes out, stay in your homes. And then whatever, I don't know, you, you. They've made a calculation as to which, which elements they would send out the United States that they think could be problematic. They keep the they keep military force within that they think that they can use for martial law and. Start moving forward that way. The reality is they don't even. Marshall, I don't think they could. In a traditional sense, I don't think they'd be able to keep martial law. Because. There's not enough supply chain. There's not enough. People would begin starving. I mean, there's already homeless people, but. They wouldn't. I don't think that they have the strength to impose martial law. Because you can tell people to stay in their homes, but it's not going to take very long for people to say, yeah, no, I'm going to leave my house because there's things I have to do. And I don't think they could impose. They could prevent. People from doing whatever they need to do. But what it does is it's basically impossible for anybody without a massive. You know, coordination to be able to. To resist. Because you're basically cutting off. Everybody from everybody. And saying, you know. To the victory of the spoils and everybody else just. Yeah, so I would do it like this. They hard point certain strategic areas and they just let the rest animalize on each other. Exactly. That's what I would do. If I was in their shoes. They don't. Because then it becomes just a matter of you're not facing off against 300 million people. You're facing off against groups of people. And. The the opposition would have to. Be enough to. Overtake. Some of those hard points. Because otherwise, I mean. You just. I mean, if I was them. Just to be on the safe side. I might even. I might even use an EMP blast. Just an upper altitude. Nuclear blast just to fry electronics so that way. There's not even the possibility. Like. Because then. Most electronics wouldn't be able to. You'd greatly reduce. Well, you could use mobility. But if it comes like you would only be dealing with what. Most sort of small towns who were probably. I don't know. They had a good church and they were. Well coordinated that way. Or something. So. You know. It seems kind of wild. What we're. Theorizing. I don't know. That's from a, like a strategic perspective. That's what I would do. Because it. If you really just didn't care. That. Which is it. They've shown that they don't. Right. If, if. What we. If you follow the reasoning. Of the fear in hypothesis. Right. They, they don't care and they've taken their swing. As it were. And they don't. They don't know what they've been shot at. Basically. Right now. And they don't realize. They don't realize that. In the instance of any of this. All of those. After effects. So if they've really suppressed the immune system of. Half the globe. Then we would still be dealing with all these effects. Right. And. We would still be dealing with. Vastly fewer resources. Yeah. So. Simply by. By attrition alone. I mean. It's staggering. I don't think about it because. Because. They have. They have. And so. We're. Kind of locked into. Their. And. You know. That's why we. That's why we have to stop them because. Because the more. The public understands what's been happening. I mean. Every day that goes by that. That more of this is exposed. The risk of retaliation from whoever is doing this. Increases. Because the cost. Becomes that much higher. And so. And so they. They have to maintain control. The more people understand. Because the one thing they absolutely can't do is. If the entire world understands. You know. They're getting stabbed in the back. Then they cannot stop the entire world. So they have to keep the subterfuge. And so. The more people understand what their goals are. And like I said, this. This doesn't have to mean that. This dire scenario was the end. Game. But. What it will people need to understand is that. Somewhere out there. There's a group of people. You know, whatever it is, they hope to attain from this. They're. Even if it's not. Total control. You know, They're trying to get people to understand this. And. Everybody else. Stands to lose. Yeah. Well, whether it's global in scale or not. There is, there are actors out there who are trying to exploit this. And that's the best case scenario. So. That all we can do. All I try to do is. Get people to understand this. Yeah. So this, this sort of brings me back to the point I was making earlier, which is. In terms of the, could we be making the escalation worse? By. You know, putting this out. Into sort of public format such that people are listening to this and saying, Hey, hang on a minute. There are. There are people that have a couple of days over there. And they're trying to. Poison us basically. Through very sophisticated mechanisms. And in effect. There's a, there's a whole. Decision tree that can be followed from that. If we keep pursuing. This line of reasoning. Right. And. I don't need convincing that there are, there are. Psychopaths that would. Go down that, go down that direction to make sure that they maintain. And I don't know if it's power or control, but. I don't know. Escape mob justice. I don't know, but. The big question that's really in the air is the scale. Because. The proof is in the pudding. Something is happening. Yeah. And some people have been victimized and some people. Have gained from this. And what we can see. Publicly is that. The only people who've gained from this. It's transnationalist globalist. Yeah. The public. There's no public. There's no group of people. In the public. They have benefited from this. From this. Like we've lost trillions and trillions of dollars. Just the United States. And the middle class has. A lot of money. Just in the world transfer. So. That alone is telling you that again. The actions that they're taking. At a scale and degree of maliciousness. That again is unprecedented. The only, the only corollary that I could think of is sort of. Bolshevik type Russia. And now, now we're looking at the. Global scale. And everything sort of compressed. Down. Like that. Their most egregious tactics. To be deployed all at once. So, you know, you. You use these next generation agents. You aim towards a sort of global holiday more. You hard point. The. Basis and areas where they want to. Maintain their lifestyle. And, and you watch the rest of it burn and then come out. And sweep up. And. Yeah, just. I think that. I think that. What is it? The place in Switzerland where they. Davos. Davos, yeah. Now we should just go ahead and nuke that place right now. Yeah. Because that's exactly like, where would you go if. I mean. Mountains are. Pretty. Mountains are pretty hard to cross. Maybe there's a reason why. You know. The Romans. Struggled. Against the hell that he I 2000 years ago and. Why I was so incredible to handle across the mountains with any. Elements is because. Mountains are high. And. So. Have you, have you ever. Not driven. I've, I've been trains through. If you drive into Switzerland, right? So you have to go through all these tunnels and. What have you. You know, At the entrance way to all these tunnels. A large artillery pieces. Active artillery pieces. Yeah. Yeah. The Swiss don't mess around. In that. I mean, I remember. In 2017, I was in Slovenia. And we briefly crossed over. Generally. And yeah. The mountains. All those passes where. Where troops. Came through. In the world of wars. They're still fortified. Now granted. A lot of times they're not actively fortified, but. But they don't have to be people. I understand that. Mountain ranges are pretty hard to get across. They actually. They're much harder than. You know, like an island. And. You know, You know, There's a reason why I sneak there's a snake pit. Up in Davos. It's because it's a. It's a fortified place. Yeah, it's hard. It's hard to get to. They've privatized the police force. They've. Yeah. It's a, it's a pretty significant bunker and hard point. Yeah. I've down with taking it out. Just hit the button, sir. I remember. Gosh, I remember visiting burn. It's in the middle of the, you know, this gorgeous Valley. And. But I mean, just thinking like. That's exactly what. You know. These cocks would do. They would hide. It's just like the Eagles nest. Where Hitler. Yeah. Who would camp out. I mean. This is the type of thing that these people do. They're they're ultra wealthy. And they think they can. They can. Get away with whatever they can. Which makes. Bill Gates is. Purchase of land here in the United States is just sick. It's totally disgusting. So, you know, every, every metric. That we have. That's publicly available. And. It says that we're. Way down this road. To the, to this sort of. Conflict fight. Whatever it is. And they, they seem to be dictating the pace and the tenor of it. And we're, we're having to react. To it. Right. As if they deserve. The right to be able to dictate any of this. So. Now I. They're definitely dictating it. And I think. I think that. Should justice be done. As I hope it will. Anybody who is involved in things like this. I think that. They should be executed by just. Being injected with mRNA. And. We just IV. Yeah. Turn to one giant bolus. Whatever. Because. I'm sorry, but. Regardless of anything else. The suffering that they've caused. Been. Tremendous. Yeah. Everything's off the charts, dude. Like. And most people. Okay. Can I assure you of this? I'm not going to be able to sit here. Listening to this conversation. And. Grasp what it means. For. Their lives and their future. Because. You know, it might be. You know. In part of their calculation. Oh, we can draw this out. 10 years. 15 years. Right. And. You know. It's sort of. You have the frogs. You have the frogs being boiled. Yeah. It's exactly what they would do. Because why go through all the extra. Ass pain. Of doing everything at once. When they can just slowly turn up the heat. Well. Not in Europe right now, but. Turn up the heat. And. In this case, just. Freeze the poor. Basically just pick off the lower classes. And just. Make it so that people will realize that everybody's becoming the lower class. And. And yes. At the end of the day, what you end up with. Is Russia circa. You know. 1905. Russia 1910. When. They were. Trying to privatize. And. They were suffering. And there was a class of people who was. Attempting to. Manage that transition. And. That's exactly what happened. Is that you. You had a very few people who got extremely wealthy. And. Everybody else. Millions and millions of people died. They were. They were pushed into poverty. They were. Their land was confiscated. Their standard of living declined. Which is impressive when you're a surf. And your standard of living declines. That's exactly what happened. And. Whether or not it was intentional now, that's what's happening. Right now. And it has to be stopped. So. And if people are doing it on purpose, then they're inhuman. Well, I see a lot of purpose driven activity. And you know. I have fewer in is a good thing to be sort of. Focusing and sort of rallying around and trying to. Explain to people. It's so basic. Yeah. Why did they, why did they leave this in here? Knowing. What it would do. Knowing that it could not be good. That's the matter. I've literally been trying to ask that question for more than a year now. And I keep finding more and more evidence. That. It's just. Blame proof. That they knew that they shouldn't do it. But I asked. In July. Last year. I asked. When. The only question that matters is when did Fauci. Learned about. And now. I've answered my own question. And. It still hasn't been asked him. So. We have. We have JC. Going off on this tangent. Where he's he's trying to. Bend evidence around some idea that's dumb. That doesn't match the actual evidence. He's taking things that are true and mixing them with things that he wants to be true. But what's really happening is it's distracting from what really matters. The fact that we already have and that we should be launching. Over and over and over again. And the fact that. That they would set that aside. You know. So that, you know, he can write a book or whatever it is he's doing. And he would attack the people on our side. Instead of. Just. Like he went back and. He went back and forth. And he was trying to find something that wasn't even in question, like going and talking about these things. And we. We had rightfully moved on. To all this evidence. It's mounting. And what has he done? He's. He's distracted from it. To achieve what. Explaining that it's a lie. Doesn't tell us anything we don't already know. Because of the. Totality of the. Situation that the sheer. Magnitude of the. I guess enemy. Well, it doesn't matter. It doesn't matter if he writes a book. If there's nobody around to read it. So. I would encourage him to just. You know. See what's happening. And. Because that's. That's all that matters. Like. Yeah, well, I like to. What I like to someday. Not be in my. Step parents basement. Sure. Yeah, I would. But. It's irrelevant. Like why on earth would I buy a house right now? Why on earth would I do anything right now? If. What's happening in Europe could happen here next year. Yeah. And. You know, that's that's my. I don't know. Got feeling. We're a year away. Probably. If we let this continue, we're a year away. But that's assuming that, you know, nothing else happens. A year away from from. But millions of Americans not being able to afford to heat their homes. And that's that's what they want. That's how they win. Of course. And we live. We live in one of the best countries on the planet. So if we could even contemplate getting to that point. And it's pathetic. I mean, if we're emptying our reserves and refusing to. To. To open up. Like. Like American pipelines. And we're begging the Saudi Arabians. Why on earth would we beg them? We're literally. It's it's economic suicide. So if and as long as we have. People in charge who are actively endorsing this, then. There's no reason to suspect that we are that far behind Europe. Yeah, and I guess. I guess the coming weeks will be a big weeks. A few months will tell us a lot. My. Don't want to think about it, dude. It's. You know. You know, like when you when there's a fight going to happen, you just. I'd like to just fucking get it over with. Not just this hanging about is. Yeah, does your head. Well, and they know that right. That's that's a tactic to use. All right, keep keep irritating you. In that that direction. Keep the pressure on. So that way you can't. You can't relax. You can't. Gain your footing. It's it's maintaining the initiative. It is. It's a hallmark of combat. Yeah. There's still the journey in the initiative. Yeah. And every indicate to me says that we're in. This, you know. It's combat. But the thing is, in this environment, it's like everything can be weaponized. It's. It's not just the. Yeah. It can degenerate into a sort of Ukraine like situation. Very, very easily. In the lead up to that, everything is open to manipulation. Like I say, it's it's a it's this principle of disabled, destabilized perception all the time. So you don't know what the base reality is. And once once they've sort of got you in that state, then they're in your that they're inside your decision making tree. Such that they like say they might think that they're they're in a position to win. Right now. I don't I don't know. Well, need more data, dude. No, we don't need data. We don't need more books written. We need we need words spoken by people in positions to speak them. And until we do all of this side dramas, this is drama. And it's it does nothing but make it easier for them, whoever they are, to do whatever it is that they're trying to do. That's it. Okay. I've I've heard some people in the UK are having to resort to eating dog food. That's in the chat. Yeah. I mean, you I've wiped my butt with MRE plastic before, you know, when you're in the desert, you do what you can do. And, you know, they're better off just using sand, bro. I don't know. We can argue about that some other time. We don't want to get to that point where we're we're making decisions and and we're having to confront things like that. We should humanity should be peaking right now. And so anybody that would anybody that would be trying to undermine that is. Well, you have to look at it from their perspective. Right. They think they're peaking. Right. This is this is the perniciousness of the covert bio enhancement. Right. But it's not about them. It's not about them. They're not I've never met humans. OK, I guess I should rephrase it. Our future is for all of us. It's not for some of us. So anybody who who who believes otherwise, absolutely shouldn't have anything to do with being in charge of this. But they are they're making the moves, bro. And so we have to we have to give them a giant middle finger in every whatever way we possibly can. We have to make it we have to make it so painful that they realize that that they can't. They don't try again for another 100 years. Well, I mean, this is it. I mean, this is this is we're not going to be the same after this. Whatever happens the next century is going to radically change what we're doing, no matter what happens. Yeah. Who's in charge? And so my my perspective has always been that as we move towards, you know, whatever is coming in the future, our our path needs to be set by the best of us, not by the worst of us. Chinese communist values cannot be what we enter in the next stage of humanity with, you know, class swab, douchebag retard selfishness cannot be what drives humanity forward. It just can't be. That's not the best of us. That's the worst of us. And so we have to my my only mission in life, really, when you boil it all down is to is to ensure that that my kids live in a world where it's the best of as much as possible. It's the best of the ideals that drive us forward. That's it. Yeah, man. Everything else is secondary. Well, we'll see. We'll see what happens. I've got to take it. Take a leap. Let's wrap it up. I got to have a life, too. And we're about to drive. We're going to drive out tomorrow. Oh, nice. Back down to Texas for Christmas. So, yeah, cool. You're going to do packing and stuff. Yeah, it's Christmas, man. Well, stay in touch, dude. And everyone listening, you got to understand this furion issue. Right. I'm waiting for the rebuttal to that paper. But as a summary, as well, what's concerning in that paper is the nucleus localization that they're talking about. If that's legit and real and they've gone and I don't know, it depends. It depends how good their agent is. But if it's hitting the nucleus, the point is they're trying to they're trying to hide us. They're trying. They're doing everything they can to prevent us from understanding what's happening. So, yeah, that should tell you everything you need to know. All right, bro. That was dark. Yeah, I'm glad we had this Christmas message. It was sweet. Merry Christmas. Well, let's say it's. Bring it on. I'm fed up waiting. Hey, fuck it. Kick the tires like the tires. They they fucked with the wrong ring. Hi, I'll let you go and I'll wrap this up. Yeah, but I didn't get to the the last bit, which was the we never do. And we'll have to do it, though, because it's it's interesting in this game theory of who we're fighting and what was right. Well, we want to go now and we'll we'll figure it out. Yeah. All right, dude. You take it easy. Yeah, man. Jesus. All right. On that note, I will remind everyone I'm on the I'm on the eBay today. Feet tax evading blitz, Simon Phoenix, Christopher as well. We all got to survive. Everything, everything I make goes to them today and understand, understand the fury and understand the if if this I've lost it now. Where did it go? If this paper means what I think it means. Hearing is synthetic. It's aimed to do harm. Yeah, stuck up on dog food. Oh, shit. That's not going to work out. Maybe it does. Weighing up the probabilities. It means we're probably a lot further down the road than you'd like to think. OK, I don't like thinking it. I'm not in a position to be engaging with it. I've got young kids, but it is what it is. And yeah, just spam. Yeah, get spam for when shit hits the fam. All right. So I'll just remind everyone. Please support this work. There's links, McCairnDojo, Patreon, WTYL, stream fags and gay pal. And we'll be here. Try and be on the ball looking for this data, looking for these signatures and I'll do my best. That's what that's all I can say. All right. Take care, guys. God bless. I will see you into the next one. We've still got to do the ACE2 binding polymorphisms. I think that's an interesting bit of evidence. And maybe, I don't know, it's five a.m. I don't know when the next stream will be. Take care. God bless. See you in the next one. You don't know how angry I am. I was just leaving for fucking work. You do not understand how fucking pissed off. After reading that whole line, I will be arrested for mostaking a fucking vaccine. Fuck these tappers. I will fucking kill each fucking tapper. This is no fucking joke anymore. This is fucking dead serious. I am fucking dead serious. These people don't know who the fuck they are. Fuck these tappers. No fucking vaccine or MRA will ever touch you, my fucking blood. Never. Motherfucker. I'm a fucking guy fucking fighting for my fucking billions and my fucking forefathers and my fucking lineage. Fuck these motherfuckers. All right. What did this guy do? He sent me $45,000. Motherfucker. Never. Never. Never. Never. Motherfuckers. Boom. Never.