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All right. All right. All right. All right. Thank you. Yes, sir. Thank you. Look, I'm late. I've got time zones mixed up. So without further ado, I'm going to ring the powerful John Brisson.

The title of the stream today is RFK Junior and his Epstein connections, something that I think we should should be aware of. So without further ado, let me do this and this and then do see if he does video call, but let's try.

It's ringing. Yes, I don't know. Maybe this stream is going to about make me as popular as clapping a brothel. But oh, there he is. Brother John, how are you, sir? I'm well, Kevin, glad to be back. Hope everybody's doing well out there in the listening audience in this Christmas season that is upon us. Good saw. And yeah, I mean, this topic, well, I'll let you introduce it, but it sure has given me a lot of heat. Yeah, I was I was just saying, it's probably going to make me as popular as clapping a brothel, but he you know, I showed you the email I received yesterday and, you know, maybe maybe I should pull that up as a sort of introduction, but the a lot of a lot of people send me a lot of stuff, dude.

And, you know, I am.

I do read everything to people that are listening.

I don't reply. I can't reply to everything unless I think it's absolutely necessary.

But I have been getting a sort of steady drip of.

RFK related. Intel, I guess, for one of a better stream. Just let me set this. That's better. Let me do this. Hang on. You're not on the screen. And let me quickly, quickly do this. Just turn off that. Right. So that should be everything in place. Yes. So I'm you know, I've gone to great lengths as of late to be cautioning about purity spirals.

I I think in the current circumstances, we should be maybe somewhat a little flexible. But there are some things that just are a little, they're not just a chance encounter or a how should we say?

Well, I'll give a I'll give a prime example, which was Jeffrey Sachs. Right. I met with Jeffrey Sachs.

I was going to hope to stream it. He wanted to do it in private. But now he's he's in Epstein's Little Black Book. And, OK, a lot a lot of people are. And but I don't I don't see.

Photograph after photograph of Sachs hobnobbing with Epstein, Maxwell, that whole search for that whole circuit. And so I do think there are degrees of how should we say? I think it's like Gilbert Association.

I think I said Sachs is not on Epstein's flight log.

He's not on the flight log, but he's in that he's in his little book.

So there's that now.

Well, there was, of course, the other issue that I wanted to discuss. So for people that are listening, I scheduled to do a stream with John last week.

And I wanted to talk to him about you've obviously been censored. So perhaps before we dive into the really contentious stuff, do why don't you why don't you just tell us what happened there and where people can find you now? OK, so I had a YouTube channel. We read the documents almost got up to about 10,000 subscribers. You know, you've been on many times, Kevin. Of course, the streams that we did together, I had to take down and put on other platforms, like Odysee. But I digress there. OK, so. But and so, you know, I had no strikes at the time. I've gotten they've came close, give me two strikes, you know, before many times, kind of like this give and take. But I've gotten down to zero strikes. And I'd taken down my controversial videos that I was getting hits for.

I was getting hits for my finders videos and the research that I did on the finders. I was getting hit by any mention of James Alefantis, which of Pizzagate fame, which mainly my streams about James Alefantis was his relationship with David Brock and Tucker Carlson. So really, that's only what I really talked about.

But the odd mention of Alefantis here or there.

But I wasn't a primary researcher of Pizzagate because I had a done long pass before I had started my channel. But yet any mention of Alefantis would get you a strike for cyber stalking, harassment and bullying. He had a whole team going after any time his name was mentioned.

So those streams I had done, you know, took off of my YouTube.

I had a playlist of the finders on my Odysee.

So the streams that I would have gotten a hit, taken a hit from, I pretty much had, as much as I hate to admit this, self censored myself and put them on Odyssey and took them down off of YouTube. Most of my COVID streams, a lot of the streams that we had done together, you know, I had had moved them a while ago to Odyssey. So pretty much having no strikes, I didn't have anything left up. I had a few finder streams, but it was me going over documents, not giving too much commentary, and they seemed to be OK. I wasn't getting strikes on those. Sorry, sorry, sorry. I don't want to sound a dummy, but the finders is the kid trafficking scandal. The human trafficking CIA operation, yes.

And so, you know, I had taken down most. I mean, Medicare, you know, had been getting strikes and people were going after Jim. So the finder stream that I did with Jim was one that I received a strike for.

So a lot of those streams, I was getting strikes for cyber stalking, harassment and bullying. It was just no, you know, no reason why you're on YouTube. You know, they don't give you a reason. And I'll say here at this specific moment, you said this, and this is a violation of our, you know, policies, but no, instead, they would make it as ambiguous as they possibly could, right, with no explanation. You know how it is. And so, you know, I was, yeah, so I was, you know, I got a message on my phone mid morning one day that said that my YouTube channel had been completely taken down.

For for for gross, numerous violations of threats of violence.

Well, me as pretty much as you can come, Anabaptist, almost nonviolent Christian, I will retaliate if necessary in self-defense. But outside of that, she'll cause a violence from this dude.

All right. So that was the first thing that caught my eye. And I was like, calls their attention to acts of violence.

I mean, first of all, that's truly, you know, what they were accusing me of. And I truly had made such threats, which I didn't. But if I'm communicate true acts of violence with attention, that actually violates the First Amendment of the Constitution and becomes a criminal matter at that point, which I had done no such thing, obviously. That's not me. So for them to make such a baseless accusation against me in such a strong, worded, almost criminal manner.

You know, that's that's disheartening. That's concerning, you know, for them to specifically say that against me when I've done no such thing, nor would I do anything like that.

And so, you know, the secondary thing they gave me was a standard cyber stalking, harassment and bullying. Right.

But the acts of threat and the threats of violence were the main thing that they systematically took my channel down with no strikes.

Well, I guess all I can give in condolence, dude, at least you didn't get taken down for sexually titillating material.

That's happened to me a bunch of times. Well, you know, so every day, I mean, I did do one stream where I put up a simulated Madonna just to show that the Kabbalah tree of life was coming out of her vagina on a NFT token. But I didn't get a strike for that, even though it was very disgusting. Who's going to pay for that? And maybe I should not have shown that. I was kind of scrolling down the website and hadn't seen it at first. And I was like, oh, OK, so that's what that is.

You know, so it is what it is. I'm just stunned that someone would pay for a birthed Kabbalah tree. And she was also birthing, she was birthing more than just the Kabbalah tree. She was also birthing robots as well. There were three different NFTs that were co-signed by Madonna, by the way.

And so, no, I didn't get a ping for that.

I was not, I didn't get put in time out for that.

Even though it's interesting that you got put in time out for that, because let's be real here, do they really care about what's on YouTube? No, there's horrendous things on YouTube. I mean, YouTube has been caught, you know, having, you know, child pornography hosted on its platform, just like Twitter has. I mean, let's be real here. OK. So, you know, them leaving those.

Such videos alone, but coming after the good doctor. Well, that's just try to come after you by any means necessary. The same thing they did to me. Yeah. And look, think what you want about Elon Musk. But Lord be praised that he's taken a big chunk out of the kiddie porn that was sort of rampant. All right. You ready to get controversial? Because I'm going to raise a controversial alarm about that already. You ready for this? OK. OK. So he worked with Eliza Blue, who I do not trust, who came on the scene and was like, I'm a human trafficking survivor, but then started getting C&P clout with people like Temple, which raised my radar immediately. And she also had when they dropped the Twitter files on the Truth and Safety Committee, which I could have written it better myself. Podesta, John Podesta's niece and Tony Podesta's daughter. And y'all Roth. OK. Like, really, really here. This is what we're going with. OK. So the masses, I guess that's where we're going. But they had one of the leaders of NCMEC, the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children.

And you remember the John Walsh, Adam Walsh case way back in the 80s where Adam Walsh was kidnapped and John Walsh and Noreen Gotch to Johnny Gotch was kidnapped. They helped found with Ronald Wilson, Reagan, C&P, Reagan. They found a NCMEC back in the day. I think this will be an American folklore, about folklore. But OK, OK. So Megan Walsh, John Walsh's daughter is on Twitter right now, blowing the whistle about the disappearance of her brother and about her father. And she has the same questions that I have with NCMEC, which works directly with the International Center of Missing and Exploited Children, Kevin. And that was directly founded by the. Which herself, Hillary Rodham Clinton.

Now, who is going to take over policing now, since there's no humans involved with policing now? Granted, those humans were flawed, the humans that were put forth by Jack Dorsey, let's not forget who Jack Dorsey is. And I would raise, let's not forget who Elon Musk is. But where do they go? You know, humans are fallible. OK, we had a Podesta, we had yellow roth up there. OK, so humans are fallible, Kevin. So let's put in Microsoft Photo ID, which is what NCMEC uses, where they store many, many, many, I don't know how many images of child porn that they crawl the Internet for. Who's watching the Watchmen? OK, all this store of child porn that NCMEC has, supposedly. So they can match it to missing kids to see if they've been trafficked, supposedly, allegedly. OK. And so, you know, you have Microsoft Photo ID that's bringing them all of that information, the artificial intelligence, OK? And just so hold it, Elon Musk is going to use AI, and it looks like he's going to partner with NCMEC, and he's going to use Microsoft Photo ID to clean up Twitter. Now, to me, I don't think it's going to happen. And I've been researching... Are you such a buzzkill, Dave? I know I am, that's what I do. I am a buzzkill, that's what I do. I am a buzzkill, that's my job. You can call me John Buzzkill Brisson. No half-measures, Kevin, no half-measures. When you have me on, I go all the way. Yeah, I know, that's why I bring you on, Dave. I crush everybody's hopes and dreams because there are no heroes. There ain't none. So, but yeah, that's exactly what's happening right now. Well, I'll do this then. I'll just constrain my joy that a degenerate like Yoel Roth has been publicly exposed in the manner... No, I'm fine with that. I have no issue with that whatsoever. That should happen. He is an absolute degenerate and a filth bag. And I am enjoying the giggles that I'm getting on Twitter right now. I mean, that is one good thing. Some people that aren't part of this are getting their accounts restored, like you, the good doctor. So I have no issue with that whatsoever. There's going to be some good that comes out of it. Nothing's 100% bad or evil. And nothing's 100% good or evil. That's Masonic duality in that regard. And so, no, I don't trust Elon Musk as far as I can throw a brick. That doesn't mean that there's going to be completely bad in everything that has been going on right now with these shenanigans. I admit that. Well, I'm glad we can find some joy in the black pills. Hey, you're in burning down mode right now. So, you know, I mean, it is what it is. Yeah, well, like I say, I've been under such intense censorship right from the beginning, really. It's like giving a thirsty man a drop of water in the desert, right? I'm just, anything. And like you, it's funny watching all these blue check marks come out railing at how terrible Twitter has now become, yet still staying on the platform and doing, you know, hypocrisy be damned. They're just, they're tweeting away. And so, yeah, I get a frisson of joy out of watching that. I get some laughs too, OK? I'm not going to say that I don't. All of them, them saying they're leaving Twitter is like when all of them said they're going to Canada, right? It's the same thing. It's the same thing.

Well, but just on that point, there's a number of the original sort of zoonosis pushers have quit Twitter in the last sort of 48 hours. So I know Kristian Andersen, his account's been abandoned. And Eddie Holmes has abandoned his account in the last 24 hours as well. And some wins. We're going to lose Peter Hotez. I'm not sure. But he was screeching because of Elon's statement that his pronouns are prosecute and Fauci. Yeah, I saw. And anytime Hotez squirms, I get a little happy after bed. It is what it is. I really can't stand that guy. But I don't see him surrendering the ground anytime soon, unfortunately. But hilariously enough, Fat Angie Rasmussen put up a poll saying should she stay on Twitter? Now it's become a cesspit of misinformation, et cetera. And I'm hoping that that poll was overwhelming. I'm blocked. I couldn't vote. But the thing that sort of strikes me is these people that were given this very, very unfair advantage with respect to what's supposed to be this public square of debate, of bring your evidence and we'll talk it out. And as soon as there's a slight bit of resistance and things not going their way, they're legging it like that. And I guess it's just indicative of the lack of spine that these people have. It's just privilege and nepotism that's put them into those positions. And so good riddance, I say. Anyway, before we really get into the meat and potatoes, is there any other points you want to bring up? Odysee, right? You should mention Odysee is where you... Yes, I am in Odysee. I've been there ever since they allow you to back up your YouTube channel. That's where you can find me now as we read the documents. I'm uploading all my streams to Odysee. And I want to say hey to Jigs in the chats. Good to see you, Jigs. Good to see you. I hope you're doing well. And yeah, I'm still on Odysee. I'm still on Twitter for the time being. You know, I'm going after Elon Musk, so Lord knows how long that's going to last. So I'm actually probably going to get banned off of Twitter probably. And I mean, it is what it is.

I mean, eventually, look, the censorship is going to get so bad through all angles that people who are telling the truth will eventually have no platform to tell the truth on. It's happening. You can't get around it. Yeah, I would say the sort of Twitter change is an aberration that's going to be short-lived. And the, you know, the controls that they're putting into place are ever more encompassing. And the topics that you can talk about will become more strict. And woe betide you should you try and speak up about kitty diddlers holding positions of influence over billion-dollar organizations, which is what we do have, right, politicians and business leaders. Yeah. And a lot of people don't like to talk about it. And, you know, it's going to be more and more that way. I mean, look at Sam Bakeman Fried and FTX, right, who's now claiming in court that the reason why he went down is because of my anti-Semitism. But, you know, we all knew the Democrat donors and everything like that. But when they started talking about the RNC and the Republican donors, the only one that was named was Mitch McConnell and Sam Bakeman Fried was singing like a canary. I funded the Republicans just as much as I funded the Democrats, and that got memory holding into existence. Interesting. Yeah, well, just for the anti-Semitism, I would always say, hashtag, they always come through, always. Yes, it's true. We're bringing back a classic. But that's exactly what happened. When I saw that, I said, no, that's too much. You know, he said my anti-Semitism. It's just the reflex to play on victimhood. People fall for it again and again and again. And then they wonder why you have Joel Roths in positions of power the way that they are.

Look, say what you like about them. They've got one thing nailed down, that in-group preference thing, right? They look after their own, right? And they'll grease the wheels. And, you know, I keep saying to everyone, learn from them. And, you know, screw the dick tats from, you know, HR departments. Make sure it's your brother or your cousin getting that job. Yeah. You know? Do everything that you can. I don't feel, well, it's not a fair playing field to begin with. So, you know, why should you encumber yourself with rules that they don't play by? So let's get into the subject that's going to make me as popular as venereal disease in the brothel house. So I thank you for pointing me to the stream that you did. I had watched it before. So it was good to get a refresher. Yeah, I re-watched it as well. There's actually a few things that I had forgotten. You know, it's quite, how should we say, again, I don't want to be too much on the guilt by association train per se. But he wasn't just in the black books. He was on the flight logs multiple times. So give us a breakdown, dude. Let's start. So I guess one last thing is, is my final video that I did before my channel got completely taken down was a video of me discussing Whitney Webb, who Whitney Webb is now working directly with R.F.K. Jr. and the Children's Health Defense and spoke at the recent conference that he had in Tennessee. And so my video was calling out Whitney Webb, who went on Patrick Ben-David's YouTube channel, Valuetainment. And in her interview, she downplayed Trump's sexual connections and pedophilia to Jeffrey Epstein completely and pretty much equated it to financial crimes that the two were involved in, which I've done numerous streams. I'm not going to talk about this in depth right now of Trump's connections to Epstein. And Katie Johnson claims that Whitney Webb, the stern Epstein researcher that she is, can't even say Katie Johnson out of her mouth. But what really got to me was she goes, oh, there's just one picture of R.F.K. Jr. and Jeffrey Epstein and Clay Maxwell out there. Just one, just one. Just one, few, one, few. That's about it. That's about it. And it was that. It was that that really got me angry, because that's a bold-faced lie. And the head Epstein researcher, the so-called head Epstein researcher who wrote this book for Tryin' Day Publishing, well, should have known better, should have known better, because the stuff R.F.K. Jr. really wasn't that difficult to find. And I'm pretty sure they've deleted some of it off the Internet now. You know, there's probably more out there in the past. They've done their best to kind of clean it up a little bit. And I'm going to talk about that. Isn't that disturbing just right now that the search engines have just become crippled? And it's very, very difficult to. Well, I don't know if there was this sort of clip doing the rounds where literally you'll get sort of five pages of results, curated results. And then it's just repetition after repetition of the sort of like three, four pages of the regular search. And the problem is, is that we've become so dependent on on those technologies that anyone being able to mess with them can do serious harm to the actual historical record. And that concerns me a lot. Me too, as well. How much information has been memory hold for us to never be seen again? For example, in the Finders, there was everybody knows of Ramon J. Martinez's U.S. Customs report, but through me talking with his partner, Robert Harold. Robert Harold's report used to be on Usenet and the old databases back in the day all over the Internet. But by my generation of researchers had come upon trying to look after the Finders, especially during the mid to late 2010s, had already gone completely off the Internet. Now, Robert Harold knows a thing or two about I.T. That's what he was doing for the Customs Department. He had a computer shop after he retired out of the United States Customs Department. We went to go look for his old report. And it's completely off the face of the earth and does not exist anymore at all, period. OK. And so they are scrubbing things left and right. And it's not very difficult to do. And so, you know, most of the stuff that we have on RFK Jr. is preserved. And I'm going to go through the evidence that I have. However, I will say that there are probably some things that were not cataloged because they had scrubbed it during the Epstein information coming out and coming into fruition, you know, mid to late 2010s. And so there's probably some stuff that's lost to the ether that will never be revealed. And there's probably some stuff out there that has not been found yet.

There's a Twitter account called Hash Tigray Daylight. I want to give a shout out to Hash underscore Tigray on Twitter. Whoever that account is, they've done excellent research on RFK Jr.'s numerous connections to Jeffrey Epstein and has digged up stuff that even I had not come across. And so I want to give a shout out to that account for the research that they have done. I'll just put that in the chat and I'll put it up here as well. I have to sort of curate two chats at the moment. But yeah, the link is out there. Yeah, the sad thing is at the press of a button, that's just a Twitter account, right? And short of having some ninja skills, I mean, we do have some available, but them sort of being able to squelch that sort of information. People listening, go and archive that. Fred reader, Fred unroll or whatever that function is and download it as a PDF and try and get your hands on as much of this information as possible. Be my advice.

So, Kevin, have you heard of the claims that Ghislaine Maxwell and Robert Maxwell specifically wanted to Ghislaine to marry a Kennedy? Only through discussing it with you. I'd never heard of that before. Yeah, there was news that that came out in many media reports that that was the case. And supposedly there were rumors that likely have been confirmed that Ghislaine Maxwell and JFK Jr. actually had had sexual escapades together. What a havedine. I wouldn't touch it with. Do you have clips and photos and evidence to hand? Can we do a sort of share desktop? Yeah, I got some of it up. I'd have to have to go back and find some of it while I'm speaking, but I should be able to. My video has it pretty much categorized, pretty much on everything. But I guess where we can start with first is in Jeffrey Epstein. Now, there's two black books that were released. One was the first one that was released that was found by Nick Breiner. Nick Breiner had a hand in bringing it to public attention. Of course, Nick Breiner was the author of The Franklin Scandal, a well-known pedocracy researcher. And so that was the first black book, which I believe if I remember correctly, it was given to Gawker, right? I think so. But there was another one that was later published by The Insider. And that was here recently in the past few years. Now, RFK Jr. and his ex-wife Mary Richardson, which I'll discuss Mary Richardson and her alleged suicide? Murder? A little bit later on. But yeah, they're both located in both black books and also the supposed Rolodex that Epstein had too as well. And there are numerous numbers. I'll get you the link for the black book right now. But you can take a look. This is the one. This was Nick Bryant's. I'll put it in the Discord link. And if you scroll down to page or south of the ties, it should be a little bit easier for me to find it here. It's going a little bit too far. Page number 30, you will see numerous numbers for Bobby and Mary Kennedy, which would be RFK Jr. and Mary Richardson. And so you have numerous home number, work number, emails, emergency numbers, emergency contact numbers, which, of course, is Kerry Cuomo, who would be Kerry Kennedy, who married the Andrew Cuomo, who is RFK Jr.'s sister. And that is how actually RFK Jr. met Mary Richardson, which was through Kerry Kennedy and Ghislaine Maxwell. Incestuous web, man. So Cuomo, I mean, Andrew Cuomo is not our guy, right? Yeah, I think that's a fair assumption. So Andrew Cuomo was married to Kerry Kennedy, and Kerry Kennedy was RFK Jr.'s sister. And Andrew Cuomo and Kerry Kennedy knew Epstein and Ghislaine Maxwell. But I would argue not as well as Bobby Kennedy and Mary Kennedy, because as you can see in the black book and other evidence that I'm going to discuss this evening, there are only a few numbers for Cuomo and Kerry Kennedy. There are numerous numbers for Bobby and Mary Kennedy, so much so more than any member of the Kennedy family. I mean, you have Senator Edward Kennedy, you have Senator Tim Kennedy Jr., you have Ethel Kennedy herself, you have Joe Kennedy, so you have the Kennedy dynasty in the black book. And also, as most people like to point out about the Clintons, the Clintons' numbers and names do not exist in the black book. However, I will say that Doug Band, who was advisor under Bill Clinton and helped run the Clinton White House when Bill Clinton was in power as president of the United States of America. Of course, a lot of people say that he was ran by Hillary herself. But, you know, Doug Band is in Jeffrey Epstein's little black book. Of course, you know, Bill Clinton also flew numerous times in the lead express, as well as the possibility that Jeffrey Epstein had helped found the Clinton Foundation. So I've done shows on the numerous ties between the Clintons and Epstein and Graham Maxwell, which do exist. But I would make the argument that just as many connections between the Clinton dynasty… Isn't there a photo of Maxwell, the daughter of the Clintons at her wedding? That would be Chelsea Clinton, yes it would be. Yeah, you see her sort of poking out, trying to sort of photobomb the shot. But yeah, I don't think there's any controversy in saying that they are linked with Clintons. Again, what I would like to perhaps sort of establish here is, you know, there's… Okay, you might be in a dress book, right? Because look, that level of the hierarchy are always going to be sort of bumping into each other and always looking for… But do they help you meet your wife, though? Well, this is what I wanted to get to, is that… Okay, so you've got a dress books and then there's how much is that social interaction just merely presentries and cordialities, official functions, versus more and more entanglement and more and more socialising to the point that it's not just professional acquaintances, it's becoming personal friendships and, you know, go on from there. And I think that's the important metric that people need to sort of keep in mind during this conversation. Okay, agreed. Next, I have documentation of Epstein's handyman, Juan Lisi, during the deposition that he gave to Bradley Edwards, who was one of the lawyers for Virginia Roberts Giffrey, the alleged Epstein victim, where he talks about guests. And this was before RFK Jr. was famous. It's not like you're talking about him now, okay? It was many, many, many years ago. And so they ask him, okay, so did you see any guests? Did you see any celebrities over there? So he starts naming people. So, of course, he names Prince Andrew, obviously, and he names Trump. Never, sir. How dare you? The royal family. I won't have them impugned. Shocking. But one of the people he names is Robert Kennedy Jr. I mean, he names Alan Dershowitz, but he doesn't name the Clintons. Maybe he was just petrified. But he does mention that he met—he does mention that they met him—they met him on the plane, Lille Express, but not actually at Epstein's Palm Beach estate. So Robert Kennedy Jr. was frequent enough. Now, Trump, you could argue, had a kind of neighbors, right? But Kennedy had the fly from New England down to West Palm Beach. Right. Enough for Juan Elyse to realize he's seen them around. Right, because Mar-a-Lago is, what is it, the same neighborhood that Epstein's little viper den was? I'm presuming that they were pretty close. But maybe that should just cast questions onto why Mar-a-Lago, why there are no other nice places in the U.S. to build golf courses. No, not at all. Not at all. Of course, they supposedly had their friendship on the outs because of the battle over the Abe Gosman estate. But, you know, that's another discussion for another time. Now, there were two times that we know of a possible third that R.F.K. Jr. flew on the Lille Express. Now, there was one of his friends that he did his Ring of Fire show with. I don't remember the gentleman's names offhand. I can get it for you. I talk about him on my stream. Where even his friend is like, wait a minute, my friend R.F.K. Jr. was on the Lille Express. And he said he called up R.F.K. Jr. to get an explanation, right? And R.F.K. Jr.'s explanation was, and this time it was, he only flew once. But there's two almost within a span of a month. And he said he flew and then flew back. It was like a round trip over a day or two-ish. But that's not the case when you look at the flight logs. And it's also been shown that Mary Richardson, his wife who's deceased, his ex-wife, that she flew by herself with Jeffrey Epstein on the Lille Express. And I actually think Richardson was friends with Galane and Epstein. Now, was she part of the more nefarious aspects of Epstein? I don't know. I can talk to maybe why R.F.K. Jr. is in a minute as private diaries of how much of a degenerate he was. Let's hear this. Which diaries? The private diaries that have been leaked about, that have been leaked and have been written about of how much of a philanderer he was. I mean, so many women. And some of them possibly late teens, early twenties-ish. That's it. Just say on the border there, on the cusp. And numerous, numerous times, and we're talking about numerous times, he cheated on Mary Richardson. And, you know, not to disparage R.F.K. Jr.'s character any further, because maybe he's not a philanderer anymore. He's married to Cheryl Hines now from Curb Your Enthusiasm theme. I would just add, having a Kennedy after your name, I would imagine you've just got women hurling panties at you. There you go. It must be. And, I mean, his dad got murdered, assassinated, right? So that's got to have some effect on you, no matter who you are. I'm not discounting that. But, you know, I will say that I'm reading a book. I'm not done with it right now, which I guess is another side. R.F.K. Jr., Robert F. Kennedy Jr., The Dark Side of the Dream by Jerry Oppenheimer. And it points a very soared history of R.F.K. Jr., of drug use when he was young and being groomed by this homosexual, the Kennedy family, kept even though his dad, you know, did not like homosexuality at all. And supposedly, J.F.K. may have had a homosexual affair with this guy. Yeah, I've seen those pictures of J.F.K. with his, how do I say, best buddy. Yeah, yeah. I don't know. I forgot the guy's name. But some of those pictures, man, are just cringe-inducing when you see them. Kirk Lemone is the guy's name. But Kirk Lemone was looking after R.F.K. Jr. when he was like in middle to high school. Like, F.O. Kennedy was like, I need you to take care of my boy. R.F.K. is dead. And, you know, this man supposedly has a homosexual crush in his 50s on an adolescent R.F.K. Jr. It's sick. I'm finding the name Lem Billings. Well, that was his nickname was Lem. That was his nickname was Lem. But his real name was Kirk Lemone. And yeah, some of these pictures, man, are just sketchy. They were mild. That was People magazine. Supposedly, they exchanged time with each other. And it wasn't gay because they gave each other favors. And that's the way J.F.K. looked at it. I guess that's a fun way of putting it. That's why we tried to hold to rule one, sir. Rule one. Oh, boy. I'll tell you what. I mean, so there is a lot in this book about the so-called rumors. And I guess we'll talk about that a little bit more later, which I just didn't come out of the blue with these rumors. I wasn't like one day was like, you know, is R.F.K. Jr. allegedly involved with the so-called suicide of his ex-wife, Mary Richardson, right? Like, you know, like, I understand if I very rarely shoot from the hip as much as I possibly can, you know, I'm not going to make broad based allegations, especially against someone like R.F.K. Jr. and be like, he murdered Mary Richardson, you know, with, you know, without like any like basis of why I think allegedly it may have happened or he drove her to suicide. And so there are allegations and I talk about it in the stream that I did, you know, you know, from this biography that I'm reading right now, this Oppenheimer biography. And, of course, I understand the Daily Hilda Beast. I get it. OK. But the Daily Beast did write an article about it when this was all over the tabloids and this is before Children's Health Defense was big and and all that stuff. Like this is before what's happening now. OK. So when people when they were reporting all this, so you can take that out of it. OK. People are like, well, they just are after him because of his, you know, his being against vaccines, which R.F.K. really isn't against vaccines if you've ever listened to him. OK. Sorry to derail this, but I've got just this comment in the chat. It's just from Good Doggy. It's not gay if you don't swallow. I mean, that's what JFK said. I mean, it's not true. I mean, that's not directly what he said, but that's what he was alleging is if you're getting good time favors from another your friend, there's nothing wrong with that. Now, you know, as a Christian conservative, that you're a homo. All right. You're homosexual. Are you repent and come to God if you're giving your best friend favors? OK. It's gay. All right. But, you know, whatever. But I heard that I'd never heard it before. I was like, well, OK, it is what it is. You know, boy. But I'm trying to find the actual quote in here that was from the Richardson Richardson family where Mary Richardson's, I think, sister pretty much, you know, says to JFK Junior, you killed my sister. But you don't get any point more point blank point blank than that, Kevin. Like, am I missing something? Now, there's a possibility he drove her to suicide. Yeah, I mean, that's that's the is that what she's meaning that he was such a such a cat that he he neglected her and she I don't know. There's no justification for taking your life. In front in Kennedy, Nan Richardson said you killed my my sister. So and and I mean, the narrative changed. She was found in a barn because she loved horses, but then she was found in a garage. The narrative starts getting a little murky. I'm going to do a future stream on this. That kind of changed a little bit of what happened over time is the narrative rewrite as they do with most stories, you know. But, you know, it is it is interesting because Mary Richardson. Well, you know, she did supposedly allegedly turn to alcohol to cope with, you know, RFKs, philandering and drug use. You know, and I maybe that maybe that's what drove her. I mean, we're talking a few splits here and there. Oh, no. Heavy drug use. He's just railing lines of hookers. Heavy drugs, psychedelics and hard drugs. Look, I don't have a word said against psychedelics. But look, once once your wolf of Wall Street in hookers and doing blow off their backsides. He's better now. He's better now. He's better now. All right. Allegedly, supposedly, even though the things that were said about his previous wife, even to Mary Richardson, black, were not good things either. So maybe he's changed for Cheryl Hines. Maybe he's a totally different person for all we know. I'm not going to say that's not possible. However, however, he did attend a party at Glenn Maxwell's house in the mid 2010s with Neil deGrasse Tyson and they're looking all chummy and buddy buddy together. Yeah, if you have that after that's after that's after the the honeymoon, you know, the honeymoon sweetheart deal of Epstein and Epstein serving his prison time. All right. Way after that. Yeah. Do you have a link to those photos? Those photos are pretty easy to find. Give me a minute. I'll get them. Yeah, because those are. Well, Neil deGrasse Tyson was he was on the Lolita Express right a few times. I don't remember offhand, was he? I think so. There was a whole bunch. That doesn't surprise me if that's the case. Many, many scientists, high profile scientists were being courted by Epstein's and the, you know, I don't think we should. But, you know, it's something I spoke about in the past and, you know, it comes up when people talk about Metabiota and Nathan Wolfe sort of thanking Jeffrey Epstein in the acknowledgments of his book and, you know, they were that penetrated heavily into academia and we can speculate as to the reasons why. I'll send you one of the pictures. I'm working on the one with Neil deGrasse Tyson. But I do think transhumanism was a big, big driver in their sort of ideology. And there we go. So, New York, June 5, UN diplomat. How do you say that? Is that picture right there in the bottom left hand side you see RFK Jr. front and center right there. June 5, 2014 at Glane Maxwell's residence. I don't think it's the right link, dude. No, that's it. That's a picture right there. I'm about to show you Neil deGrasse Tyson. There's another picture. Give me a minute. It's the same event. Yeah, I recognize the horrid color scheme. And here is the picture of Neil deGrasse Tyson and RFK Jr. sitting on the same. I'd have to get the rest of the pictures up, but it's the same event. In conclusion to our show, the Beacon fit in New York City, Neil deGrasse Tyson and New Zealand Merman navigate the waters of greed, bad science, and a lack of basic understanding about water. Isn't that the famous actor, Jason Saducus? Yeah, it's him. I don't know. I forgot he was there. I must have missed that picture. I don't have a good picture without a banner over it. I have to go down. But it's interesting that they're talking about water with Ghislaine's, what was it, Pet Project Terramar, right? StarTalk Live Water World, yep. I could make inappropriate jokes about what type of water sports they were into. Oh no, Kevin. Not good ones. Well, I find them funny. I don't know whether other people would. But yeah, there they all are. Well, Clay Maxwell, there's probably kids involved. Yes. It kind of changes things a little bit. Yeah, yeah. Tempo the lurid human. Do you have the ones where you can sort of see? There are some pictures of that event. There were ones more that I showed on my stream that I did. I can't find them offhand right now, but they are out there. With Ghislaine and sort of. Yeah, in all of them, yes. Yeah, sitting very provocatively, I must say. So this isn't all that you covered in that stream. Obviously, there were the fashion events and. There were the fashion events that they had been together with. Oh, yeah. I didn't even mention, I guess, on the express real quick. The thing I guess circle back on the thing that he said to his friend that has family. The reason why they flew on the express was because they went fossil digging. What euphemism. That's literally what he said. And lie, because he said he only it was a round trip and he only went once where the flywalk said he's been it's been more than once. He lied about that, too, as well, even though Lawrence Vissowski, Jeffrey Epstein's pilot, when, again, Bradley Edwards directly asked about Robert F. Kennedy Jr. to him to get more information. He said, oh, I never I didn't see him. I didn't see him. I saw I saw Maxwell. I'm not Maxwell. I'm the Clintons. I saw the Clintons. I saw Prince Andrew, but I never saw R.F.K. Junior, which we know it's a flat out lie. And so there's that aspect. I do want to at least say that where the pilot denies it. But the flight log say otherwise, and we don't have all the flight logs either. Kevin, I do want to make that known as well. We do not have all of them. And so there is that. Also, there was a photo that did show up and I think I sent it to you that Clay Maxwell appeared at Mary Richardson's funeral. Did you send me that? Yes, I did. Right here. She is. Maybe she's rubbing her hands, thinking she's in with a chance for a Kennedy again. I mean, that you do you want the cat? I got here's the Academy of Art photo of them all being together. You'll send it. But I mean, you know, the take home here is that these are not casual acquaintances, not just meeting at the. These are them going to a benefit and sitting at a table together. I mean, you go into someone's funeral that you're supposedly a friend of, friend of the family. OK, so I can make out Epstein there. And I guess that's a young. That's Bobby and Mary Richardson right there. Bobby's covered up, but you can see him clear as day. The same table. Existed. And by the way, we also learned. That Robert Kennedy Jr. and the Kennedy family, especially RFK, is extremely good friends with Alan Morton Dershowitz. They both said in themselves in a podcast that they discussed vaccine mandates for covid and the covid vaccines in a stream they did together debating it. Oh, yes, that was in your your stream. That was what's that show, Valuetainment, right? And the bit that stood out to me was him saying that he was he'd almost worked with RFK's father. And so, yeah, it's sort of established that there was this long, long history between Dershowitz and the Kennedys. And, yeah, I'm sort of left with the control both sides of the aisle type thinking when you're having those two discuss the merits and demerits. And if I if I remember, I can custom my mind back to the time Dershowitz was going around basically saying that they can mandate vaccines under federal law, if I understood correctly. And there was precedent for that from the early nineteen hundreds going way back. And, you know, I'm not I'm not I'm not sure that that clip really sort of says that the well, beyond the sort of in sort of historical relationships, it kind of it didn't, in my mind, provide concrete evidence that they were chummy chummy at that particular time. Now, I'm happy for you to disabuse me of that. I would disagree with you that only because they say that they are and they say they're still friends to the they say that they're friends during that. And like Alman Dershowitz is like, we're really good, you know, like he's talking about how good of friends they are. I wasn't wasn't about his father. No, it was directly talk about R.F.K. Junior. I understood it to be the father. He briefly talks on Robert Kennedy first and that he served under him. But then they literally both confirm that they're really good friends. OK. So literally all the top ranking. Well, Epstein's circle is all orbiting around R.F.K. Junior. And that should be of concern, I would say, considering considering this isn't operating in a vacuum. We know that Epstein's of that network, that ring, I think, you know, to just say it's one man and his silly bint sidekick is naive. Obviously, the public face of a very dark and deep network. But he's. Yeah, I guess I guess the conclusion I would come to again is the dark conclusion is that he knows a lot more than he's he's letting on with respect to. And I guess the new deposition that I just found one, at least he further confirmed in 2016 when asked again and a released declassification of Gryffree versus Dershowitz in January four of twenty twenty two. Again, he reaffirms before asked me about Jeffrey Epstein speaking to celebrities of the House attorney for Jane Doe 102 asked me about John Luke Brunel, Mark Epstein, Daniel Estes, Matt Groening, because we know that Virginia Roberts Gryffree gave a foot massage to Matt Groening, created The Simpsons, Simpsons and Leslie Wexner. I then listed Senator Mitchell, Prince Andrews, the people he talked about during that original deposition they had given Princess Sarah Ferguson, Miss Yugoslavia, Miss Germany, Alan Dershowitz, Princess Diana's secretary with her children, Mr. Trump, Mr. Robert Kennedy, Jr., Frederick Faye Kay and a couple of Nobel Prize winners, celebrities I've seen working for Mr. Epstein. So he remembered Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. again enough to mention him a second time. It's just so dark, bro. I mean, I. I'm pretty sure more can be found. I am. I would have no doubt. I mean, you'd have to. I'd be interested in sort of trying to find more sort of early photographs like this one on the screen. But then again, how much, you know, that's 1994. So long ago now as well. I mean, you know, that's a long time ago. I mean, you know, that's a long time ago that Epstein been doing his thing. Also, here's another picture of Glane Maxwell at Robert Kennedy's Riverkeeper Alliance, hosted by fashion designer Nicole Miller in April, 2007. There she is. I have to admit, she doesn't look that healthy in that picture. Maybe it's not the best, but. I don't know. When did she die? When did who die? Isn't that Richardson in the picture next to Maxwell? No, that's I don't think so. No, that's someone else. That's Maxwell at one of RFK Jr.'s benefits. Yeah. So so we can go back to 1994 and we've got constant data points up till when was that party 2014? Yes. When did he start working for Children's Health Defense? I'd have to look. I want to say it was around then. It was founded in 2016. It was first founded under the name World Mercury Project in 2011. So your assessment, is this a sort of infiltration of that group? The concerning thing is that it's centered around children. That's the first thing that should be raising alarm bells. My concern is, is any point given time the world order can pull the pin on Kennedy and dump all this stuff about his connections to Epstein? And all the efficacy that he's supposedly doing now would all be washed out to sea at that point. Is that fair? For sure. I mean, the evidence is there. You can only presume what's on those hard drives that were being shifted en masse out of Epstein's residence a couple of years back. But I don't know. I'm sort of trying to run a few permutations in my mind. Is it a case of he didn't know? It was just part of that circle? It's just too much. There's just too much. They were friends. How could he not know? He was friends with Maxwell and Epstein. And on top of that, so was JFK Jr. And JFK Jr. had sexual relations with Maxwell. Allegedly. Allegedly. And Robert Maxwell wanted her to marry a Kennedy, which would be the American dynasty merging with the Israeli dynasty. Right. Right. I'm lost for words, bro. I literally am. I mean, there's probably more. We just have to keep digging. I mean, I don't know how much more could be found. I guess what people would say is that he's got nothing to do with child trafficking, etc. Yeah, but they'll hang people for less that have been around Epstein. For far less. I mean, I talked about it in my stream. They'll be ready to send people to Gitmo being involved for Epstein for far less. When there's so many connections between Epstein and Maxwell and JFK Jr., that the only reason why they're overlooking it is because of him being a part of children's health defense. If it wasn't for that, no one would overlook this. I wonder how much that charity is sort of, you know, the network that Epstein and Maxwell were part of hasn't gone away. I wonder how much they're sort of plumbing these charities for victims, I guess. I'd say probably quite a lot, right? But we don't know. I'm going to go back and see if I can find more. I'm going to do more streams. I'm going to expose this as much as I possibly can, and it is pretty unpopular. A lot of people have Robert F. Kennedy Jr. as a hero. They have the Kennedys, you know, in kind of like rose-tinted glasses of Camelot. That is simply just not true. I guess, look, as an American, as a non-American, I don't fully understand the Kennedy dynasty. Obviously the father being assassinated and, you know, was that Israelis because of Demona and weapons inspections? Maybe, maybe, because it's good of reason as any. But from my limited understanding, perhaps you can educate me somewhat. So where did they come from as a sort of family that was considered of renowned and reputation? What was the? Oh, I mean, that would be because of JFK. I mean, for them, for them, but prior to JFK, prior to JFK, you had you had his father who was known to be mobbed up. Joe Kennedy Sr. was known to be, you know, in with the mob. And that may have been led to why JFK won the election in the first place. I mean, if I remember about Joe Kennedy, he was somewhat well, somewhat well known businessman and politician. But the Kennedy family really didn't get their major prominence until JFK kind of RFK also being in the government with JFK. Right. But, I mean, you know, his father, you know, Joe Kennedy, though he was in government. You know, his government, I believe, during the. I want to say FDR administration, I think it was a businessman. You know, he he if I remember correctly, he he had some alliance with Joe McCarty, Senator Joe Joseph McCarthy. And I know that RFK Sr. didn't like Roy Cohn. Now, it may had been a political reason why he didn't like Roy Cohn, or it may have been because Roy Cohn was a homosexual. Well, that doesn't seem a problem in the Kennedy family looking at. Oh, yeah. Yeah. I mean, what was his name? But maybe it was a problem for RFK, you know, maybe, maybe not. Right. But, you know, you know, just as an outsider to this, you know, by, you know, what was sort of drummed into me was that JFK was a war hero. He did. You know, it's not like he was behind a desk or anything. He was out there sort of fighting for real. So, I mean, I have to I have to make the presumption that there's some sort of good standing and, you know, something to build the reputation of the family. Well, Americans just love him because they got the propaganda that they were the dynasty. They were like our royalty. And then, I mean, RFK was, I mean, not RFK, JFK was involved with the Profumo affair. And my friend recluse from Vise of View has written about it extensively of how they had JFK under pedophilia blackmail as well. Those pictures with Lem wouldn't surprise me. And so, I mean, none of them are good, in my opinion. I'm no fan of blue bloods, whether they're from my country or your country, right? They're all most of them are just degenerate scum in my mind. And I get people like the pump and pageantry and what have you. But there's too many skeletons and especially too many children's skeletons in their cupboards and under their floorboards for me to turn a blind eye to this. And, you know, the Epstein affair, I would say, was just, and I think that's just the tip of the iceberg that we were seeing, just shows that that behavior is endemic in those types of circles. Now, I've often tried to figure out why and I sort of settle on that when you can have everything, right? You know, you're sort of born into privilege that, you know, these people need to get their rocks off somehow. And, you know, there's always that frisson of excitement as you sort of push the boundaries somewhat. And I think I think it sort of becomes a vicious cycle because abuse tends to propagate across generations. And for sure, that's happened in UK royal families and upper classes. And you had the Fabian Socialists with their Robin Hood program chasing boys in the woods, right? That's the first time I've heard of that. What? Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. And down in the UK. And that was one thing I was listening to, you know, in the book I was reading about RFK. They were talking about how the rampant homosexuality in the British boys' schools. Yeah. I mean, like Eaton and all those private schools and the Oxbridge set, they're all into buggery. And, you know, it's just part of their culture, man. And you know how Lim told JFK he loved him, right? Yeah. No doubt. Many, many times. He wrote it on a piece of toilet paper because that was the UK custom in the buggery. All right. And, you know, JFK was like, don't ever write me anything on toilet paper again. I didn't know that about the toilet paper. So then you can quickly get to the street, you can flush it down the toilet if you had there's unrequited love, you know, and it's just. Or swallow it, I guess. But RFK Jr., you know, he went to Georgetown Preparatory, you know, all the Jesuits and all the pedophilia and the homosexuality was happening at the Jesuit school in and of itself. You know, I mean, in the book I'm reading, you know, it's talked about that, you know, and, you know, and Lim, he's been raised by Lim, you know. And I mean, at least in that aspect, I do feel a little bit of a little, you know, kind of bad for RFK Jr. In that aspect, you know, his dad dies and a supposedly very strict mother, Ethel Kennedy Catholic mother, for some reason allows a homosexual to groom her son to stand in for the loss of his father. You know, like, if that's true, that's horrific. I mean, no wonder he started using drugs. You know, no wonder he went down this dark and soared path. You know, my issue is, did it stop? My issue is, what is he involved with now? And that's something that I'm going to try to research and flush out. We got some leads, you know, if anybody has any leads, you know, email them to Kevin, email them to me. We read the documents at, you know. What is RFK Jr., you know, what is he involved with now? Yeah, so that's the question and, you know, the concern becomes why children's health defence? Why something involved around children in this instance? And, you know, you've got to be of impeccable moral standing, right, to be in that sort of environment. And, you know, I'm always suspicious of people that want to work with kids, dude, seriously. Yeah, of course. It's just it's a job for women, as far as I'm concerned, and I went to to get all enthusiastic about it. You know, Scout Masters and what have you. It's it's always weird. That's why my son's not in Scouts. Let me I'm just trying to find this email from yesterday because maybe you can. Oh, maybe I haven't verified all of it yet. We can discuss it. I'm drilling down on it. You know, whoever wrote the email, if they want to send me some information of what they're looking at, whoever it is, I'd like some more information. I'm trying to verify what they're saying. I mean, the framework of the email, I think, is definitely true. But what they're actually accusing the accusation parts, I'm really trying to flesh that out. And if it's true, you know, you and I, maybe we can share some research together. Maybe we can look together. And if it's true, this would be a stream that I would love to do with you to break this, because it is something of I mean, it makes sense. I mean, we got to bless us. But I don't think God's creation should be, you know, denigrated very strongly. But I understand the elites are, you know, they're not none of what they do is in our favor with this green agenda. I understand that. Like, I do my best to try not to pollute and leave trash everywhere. Okay. And I understand there's issues with glyphosate and Roundup. I've written about it on my sub stack. You know, of mass pollution by the corporatocracy and the governments. I understand that. But to be, you know, pro carbon credits or pro electric vehicles with Tesla, you know, or be like, oh, a Tesla vehicle is better than, you know, a gasoline vehicle as far as the environment is concerned. You know, it's all hogwash. It's the green agenda, which, you know, Jordan Peterson, who had his meltdown, he was the first to say that. Which, you know, Jordan Peterson, who had his meltdown on Twitter, and I'm glad everybody can finally see who Jordan Peterson is. I've been trying to say it for years and people hate that, too. You know, you know, he helped write the, you know, and not only write, but kind of refined with Podesta, with John Podesta, the United Nations climate change, you know, green agenda. You know, that was one of his original jobs many years ago. They're in early 2010s, you know, we're seeing that come to fruition now. So this is, you know, in defense of RFK, and I will say Jordan Peterson. So Jordan Peterson, I would say is coming out very strongly right now against these Malthusian directives that are beginning to bite hard. You know, it's one of those things where, you know, it's the purity spiral, right? And I think actually Peterson bowing down to Israel where both his kneecaps break. Come on, Kevin and say people can't be anonymous on pushing for. I mean, that's one thing that must is pushing that I have to push back on you on this because much is pushing for. There's going to be strong verification on his ex platform. Okay. There'll be no, there'll be, I mean, let's be real. There's no anonymity on any of these platforms. Okay. Let's be real here. All right. Okay. But even the illusion of anonymity will be gone. And Peterson is having his little meltdowns about the quote unquote, the anonymous trolls and look, you know, there's anonymous accounts right now that are, you know, the chats are rumble. And, you know, and we talk, you listen, you know, and, and Peterson wants them to go bye bye because he's been attacked. He's been attacked for protecting Israel. Okay. I'm boosting. I don't know what that says. Boosting GT IR says JP is a fraud super algo boosted. I agree. But he also says RFK is the truth. Now, I'm going to read out that little segment that I sent to you yesterday just to sort of, we can sort of finish on that. This was, this was sent to me by an anonymous source that way. It begins. RFK junior is also a puzzle. Certainly some red flags concern me and I wonder if many dissenters are quickly taken in by his charm intelligence and the Kennedy mystique. Something we've just been discussing. His uncle Edward was an ardent globalist betraying Americans. Can you speak to that at all? I can and I can also speak to JFK actually wanting to reduce the amount of guns that the United States populace had so much so that he would unite with the United Nations on trying to disarm America. That's all I can say to that. All right. So the uncle, I mean, first I've heard about the uncle. So is he in the book? Edward Kennedy? I have to. Yes, he is. He is. Okay. Uncle Ted chap aquatic. I'm sorry. Okay, so it goes on for me. The two biggest red flags for RFK junior is conformity to the climate change narrative and connections to the roll roll out of something called human capital markets, which represent a backdoor mechanism to install a China style social credit system in the US and in Western nations. Now, I haven't heard the phrase human capital markets. I mean, it sounds very much like the sort of, you know, sort of commodification of behavior and nudge human capital management either. I tried to take a brief look today. So let's see if it came up with any project or anything. Human capital management set practices related to people resource management practices are focused on the organizational need to provide specific competencies and implemented in three character categories of workforce acquisition, workforce management and workforce optimization. It reminds me of what my friend LLB Bork used to say about human resources that you're the resource for the community, you're the company, you're the commodity, you're the slave. Now, cortocracy speak for the moment. So anyway, I'll read on. Regarding the first concern he publicly stated was videotaped that climate change skeptics, skeptics of the official narrative, should be jailed given free shots on a cult. Being jailed for having a contrary scientific opinion is the hallmark of a great freedom fighter and human rights champion? I think not. I want to hear that clip if it exists. I would also say that Tucker Carlson used to say if you believe 9-11 was an inside job, that you should leave the United States of America, you're not a patriot, you should get out. So kind of if that's true, if R.F.K. Jr. said that, it's kind of akin to that. And to me, that is a betrayal. Now, you know, he might have changed his mind. I don't know. Jordan Peterson seems to have changed his mind about climate agenda. And, you know, the It's not about Israel, though. Now, it's hard not to when what's his face? You go with Benji Shapiro. Ben Shapiro, right? You tell Christians and Muslims what to do, but you don't release a podcast telling Jews what they should do. And then you have a sit down with good old BB Netanyahu. I saw that one. And yeah, that was that was some real softball questioning by Jordan Peterson. And look, I'll state this for the record, right? I'm a nationalist, right? And I'm sort of of the opinion. It's a very dangerous path to go down if we say we're going to dismantle Israel, right? It's like the job is done, right? So what we we have to dismantle Pakistan as well. Give it back to India. You know, where do you start drawing the lines? And, you know, I think there has to be some sort of acceptance of some of the borders that we have in place. Look, do I do I agree with Israel and their ever expanding borders? No, not at all. And, you know, it's out of the Palestinian people. Look, I feel sorry for them. I really do. But I often think they're their own worst enemy a lot of the time. And, you know, I'm sort of the opinion that you should try to work to peace, but I can tell you from living there, there's no there's nothing that you can do to resolve that problem because it's so ancient, the struggle that that they have on either side. And the I guess from my experience there, and, you know, I was fortunate that I was working in a sort of science environment where there were Jews, Arab Christians and Muslims all working together and there wasn't any sort of manifestation of the problems. And that to me was an indicator that you could, there could be ways through this. Right. And, you know, that means giving, making sure people have jobs and, you know, their basic needs are taken care of. But the problem is on all sides, I would argue, is when you get into, I've just, I just call it now Armageddon Fetishism, and everyone's convinced that their side of the story is the right one, and they're prepared to kill for it. And I don't think you can stop that in that in that place that that that's cursed land, bro. And you want my opinion, wall it off. Wall everything off and let them have a, whoever comes out on top, they can keep it. All right, I got a clip that I sent you if you don't mind playing it's very quick. Okay. Okay. This is Jordan Peterson on the on the McMartin daycare scandal. Okay. McMartin preschool down there Manhattan Beach during the 1980s. Let me just do this so you can hear it. So tell me if you can hear this. I don't know if you guys know about the daycare scandals that were very very common in the 1980s. Peterson is an Amazon bestseller by the way with all his books. So the algorithm pushes them to the moon and back. And every time I go into Barnes and Noble, his newest books are front and center. And now the trilateral commission gave a speech. So now you hear it horribly common actually this infested many towns. Usually what would happen is somebody who is a little on the paranoid side or maybe a lot on the paranoid side would send their children off to daycare. That was a whole new thing in the 80s, right? Because women were, you know, moving into the workforce like that. It worked but then I lost you. Yeah. So I think maybe we can just listen to it and then I can bring you back on the screen. Everyone can hear you still. There were infants, kids below three say, two total strangers. For some of them that set up a fair bit of worry like it still does. And sometimes that worry got out of hand, especially among the people who were a little predisposed to paranoid schizophrenia. Maybe even it had some previous episodes. And so the kid would come home and the mother would observe or not something kind of peculiar about their behavior. And then she'd fantasize about maybe what that was and then she'd start asking the child if the child had been touched in any particular way. And she'd keep this up for a good length of time and then the child would start to have nightmares and then the child would tell the mother about what the nightmares were and then that would freak her out. So she'd ask even deeper questions and soon her children were telling her that horrible things were happening to them at daycare. And so then she'd go to the police and they would look into her psychiatric background and then the police would go out and they'd start to interview other children. And if they interviewed them properly, then the other children would start to produce all these stories as well. Now how did that happen? Well, a bunch of ways. The first is, the police would ask leading questions. Like, did anyone touch you? Well, of course someone touched the kids. I mean people touch kids. Did anybody touch you there? Well, that's a little question. That's a piece of information. The piece of information is, if someone touched me there, an adult would be very interested in that. Right? So now what's a child doing when he's answering an adult's questions? Well, the child doesn't one well know. What the hell do they know? They're like three. They can hardly organize their story. If you're talking to a kid and you want to get them to give you an account of their day, you have to really guide them through the organization of their memory. And part of what they're doing when you're doing that is they're looking at you, trying to figure out if they're telling you the right things. Which is what they should be doing, because what they're trying to learn to do is to tell people things in a way that they'll understand them. But that makes the child very, very responsive to the non-verbal and verbal cues of the adult. You think about how fast those little rats learn how to pick up language. It's really very fast and no one really teaches them. Little rats. What bastards. They're just paying attention like mad. So you get a bunch of cops who are on a half-cocked adventure and they think there's some serial sexual pervert in their midst. And they go interview 15, 20 kids. And they do it a lot. They use little dolls. They do it a lot. And they do it a lot. And they do it a lot. And sooner or later all the kids start having nightmares. And then they start telling the cops these terrible things happen. Like they're taken into underground caverns and they're stripped naked and they're forced to leapfrog over each other. You just can't believe what happened. You can't believe it. It's all documented in a book called Satan's Silence. Which was written by a social worker and a lawyer. It's mind-boggling. The longest prison sentences in American history were handed out to a series of middle-aged women who were taking care of little kids. And the FBI even came up with a whole new criminal category. Late onset female sexual offender. Well, why didn't that category exist before? It's simple. There are no late onset middle-aged female sexual offenders. That's why we didn't need the category. But once all these accusations came up, well, poof, you know, you had to have some damn category for these poor women. Some of them were put in jail for 350 years, which seems a bit excessive, given that they're only going to last about 40. You know, they'd get 12 consecutive life sentences. And, you know, there was actually a situation where one town went so far as to start digging underneath the town to find these underground satanic lairs where all these weird ritual things were going on. You know, and along with this was not one shred of concrete evidence. You know, and the eventual conclusions, and this affected thousands of people, the eventual conclusions was, well, there actually isn't anybody who's, you know, satanically torturing children in daycare centers. Now, anyways, why am I telling you this? Well, what the children were doing, you think about it, how the hell did the children come up with these weird ideas? You know, I mean, first of all, we should note the children are not stupid. And they can also dream up the most horrible things, you know, because they have an imagination that's capable of extending itself out into the terrifying. Now, everyone knows that because all you have to do is remember when you were a kid, you know, when you were hiding under the covers because there were horrible things in your dark room. You know, you can populate the darkness with monsters with no problem. And you should be able to because there are monsters in the darkness. Even though your parents might tell you there aren't, it's like there might not be any monsters in that particular piece of darkness. And that's a perfectly reasonable thing to tell your children. But in the darkness as a whole, it's like, yeah, look the hell out. So the children aren't stupid. Now, so then the adults start to question them and the kids are the back of their brain, the little imaginative part is thinking, what do these people want? What do these people want? What do these people want? And so they'll throw them out a little bit of information and the adults will perk up. They'll focus right on that piece of information. So maybe it's a cop who really hates child Satanist abductors, which, you know, is a perfectly reasonable stance. And so when the child offers any information about about the existence of such a thing, well, the cop will perk up and then the child thinks, oh, I see. Well, so sort of what's going on seems to have something to do. They don't think this consciously, you know, but their imagination is working. How do I model the reality that's been presented to me? And that's when the dreams start to kick in, too. OK, so by speaking in the appropriate way, you can get all sorts of things churned up in the unconscious minds of your listeners. Hmm. All right. So let me see if I can bring you back on screen. Still there. You've you've gone quiet. John, can you hear me? Yeah, your mic's off. This this the book he references, Kevin, can you see me? Hang on. I'm just trying to remedy that right now. So let's pop you out. Yeah, we can see. Tell Jigs, I just tweeted at Jordan Peterson. I was thinking of the same thing to do that right now. OK, this is a book he references is called Satan's Silence by Debbie Nathan and Michael Schoenecker. OK, this book is all crap. All right. It's a whitewash of what truly happened. If you want the real truth that's written from a non-conspiratorial book, this is The Witch Hunt Narrative by Rossi Chet. Rossi Chet is a Brown University professor. This is over five hundred pages proving what, you know, Jordan B. Peterson just said is a crock of living crap. There are children in the McMartin case that had sexually transmitted diseases from Raymond Buckey. OK, Raymond Buckey, this is testimony given by his by his parents in the preschool would read Playboys in short shorts, bicycle shorts, OK, and would have children on his lap while he was reading the Playboys. And his mother, who was previously sexually assaulted, would check her son for hard ons while he's holding these kids in his lap. OK, let me ask you as a father. I'm a father, too. Not a cold chance in hell would I ever allow something like that. I've noticed I got breath in my body, dude. So when people ask why I don't like Peterson, this is one reason, and it's a major reason. I mean, maybe he hasn't read that other account. Even if he hadn't, if he would have digged in enough. It might be a personality thing. I'm an IATP, he's an IATP. I think he's very poor IATP. For example, he knew the side effects of benzodiazepines. And yes, he went through a stressful period with his wife. But he knew darn well what those drugs were going to do to him, especially with all his health issues, with his gut and everything like that. You'll take my benzos from my cold dead hands, John. But he's also he's a CAA, you know, he's under CAA, you know. So, I mean, there's I want to do a thread about Peterson. I've been I was supposed to do it this week, but haven't had a chance to do so. Of all my issues with Peterson and my qualms with him. You know, I just I don't I mean, he's someone that I really he really, really makes me upset. And that clip is one of the reasons. Yeah, I mean, I've never I've never seen that before. And, you know, look, when I was doing, you know, I did psychology and what have you. And the you know, we did we did about sort of false memory syndromes and that kind of thing. And for sure, it's that's a phenomenon, but for sure is shit. Child abuse goes on on a massive scale. And, you know, we there should be a zero tolerance policy, not only to those that are conducting the acts themselves, but to any and all parts of the infrastructure that are in place that facilitate it. I guess this is this is why the data around RFK is so so concerning. And, you know, maybe maybe he's a changed man. Maybe maybe he's seen the light. I don't know. I mean, I'll say one last thing is there's been no allegations made against RFK Jr. I will say that. There have been allegations made against Trump and Epstein's nexus, Katie Johnson, for example. There have been allegations made against Dershowitz. So I will say there are no allegations against RFK Jr. that have been made publicly that we know of. That is true. So, you know, I mean, it comes down to then, you know, what does he know about those networks, especially if he was so close to them? And I would I would put forward the premise that if he knew them so well, he should be speaking up publicly, at least disavowing. Which I haven't which I haven't heard him be a strong whistleblower against it, especially the interview of Whitney Webb, who had, you know, Epstein researchers. So I don't have the stomach for that type of research, dude. I'm glad there's someone like you out there that's... It's not an easy thing, man. It's not an easy thing to look at. A lot of people don't want to look at it, Kevin. I don't, man. Myself included, but someone's got to do it, you know. And I mean, I guess one last thing is we need to drill down. And I guess you could finish that, you know, anonymous email if you want to. We need to drill down at these allegations made in this anonymous email are true or not, because if there are threads that can be pulled into what the anonymous email is saying, then there are things RFK Jr. is dealing with now that are, you know, something that can be provable if it is true, that is, you know, it's like Robert Malone doing his own vaccine, right? Right. And, you know, it's classic psychological operations to get your people inside these resistance networks. And, you know, this is something that Mark said, that had they been successful in maintaining a zoonotic narrative, would we have ever heard of Robert Malone? Very probably not. And, you know, Mark's research around that is compelling for me. And, you know, the focus on Formatidin and it's sort of paving the way towards vaccines and Remdesivir and, you know, someone so embedded in those programs, it's hard for me to imagine that they just shake that off. So easily. And for sure, they will have contingencies in place for damage control. Yeah. And by harder or in trying to control the narratives. And this was something that I was discussing with Charles, which is that there are levels to which they'll say, OK, if A happens, then B, then C. And we're at the point now where we're getting towards the end of the alphabet. And they might turn around because we're so close in sort of being able to blow apart publicly the extent of these programs, right? Whether it's the stuff around Wuhan to the biolabs in contentious areas like Ukraine to, you know, essentially unethical human experimentation on a global scale. Yeah. And I'm wondering if, you know, part of that contingency plan is to sort of you could have someone like a Robert, RFK Jr. in a position where they can turn around, right? And for national security reasons, they'll essentially go down the brokering of a deal and they'll say, OK, we'll give you all the grievances that you've listed, you know, all the vaccine injuries from the last whenever they made them, they indemnified them. And we'll put our hands up and say, we screwed up. We screwed up. This opens the path to allowing parents who have been and families that have been hurt will open the path. But they can't make that easy, right? But by cleaving off that part and saying, right, you take that deal, but now you sort of stop pursuing the lines of investigation that barrel in on the defense and intelligence apparatus that we have. And that's that's kind of the concern that I have in this moment, like as of now. And so they'll all be hailed as heroes. And in that, they'll include SARS and covid, right? But it'll put a put a break in and we won't be we won't be able to get around it, to get to the wider networks that do need breaking down and getting under control. Because from my perspective, I don't consider I'm not sure they're American institutions anymore. I think, you know, the the. Toys and apparatus of this sort of transnational. And. You know, it's. Well, it's what it's the type of contingency I would think to try to put into place. And yeah, of course, those parents and family should get justice in this case. Of course, the technology that makes up the vaccines, the crazy schedule that the United States has needs to be looked at scientifically. And it's not at the moment. It's driven. Well, I'm not sure it's just profit. You know, some of that covert moral bio enhancement being targeted at a very young age. And, you know, you a sick population is a easier to control population. And that's that's my sort of overarching concern here. And, you know, looking looking at the connections that we've just gone over this last couple of hours. They seem like well-placed. Plants, if you like, for that apparatus. And yeah, we we all we'll all cheer and we all want those heroes, et cetera. But what do you say? There are, there are no, there are no heroes. No, no heroes. I guess I'll say one last thing to you that makes absolutely no sense as we close. I've been blocked by Peter McCullough. And Peter just joined Twitter. Now, Kevin, I have never said publicly anything that I could possibly think of. I even went back and looked on Twitter. I've never said anything unkind about the man. What is going on here? What? I can follow them. Why? I've never said anything unkind about it. I mean, I've said poor things about Robert Malone. Malone got me blocked. Why McCullough? I don't know. Now, do I got to look? Do I got to start digging? Is this a preempted block? That's weird, man. That's weird. I don't think Peter McCullough runs his own Twitter account. So there's probably marketing or some level that's taking care of all that. Right. And so if you get banned across one, maybe that maybe they'll just sort of auto ban you across all of them. And, you know, someone like yourself that comes in and asks difficult questions and can dig up evidence that others would miss. They would just limit you that way. That's that's that's the only semi logical. I guess. I guess one thing, too, is Palantir is connected with the United States government to supposedly allegedly keep track of the transnational organized crime organizations, as you mentioned. So don't worry, Palantir has got it under control, Kevin. We're safe. Yeah, that's what we need to do. We need to do a Palantir stream. Just just what they've been doing in the last couple of years. Oh, it's been it's been bad. It's been real bad. Yeah, they pretty much they're pretty much control almost everything at this point. And I'm not being facetious. I'm being literal. Yeah. Well, this is this even got a grip, an iron grip on your beloved United Kingdom. Good. So, yeah, I have no doubt, but there are there's one in the same to me. All that all that class, I'm not sure there's, you know, you'd struggle to get sheet paper between them. It's all the same connected families and all the nepotistic, degenerate, eat and buggery networks with toilet paper love notes to each other. You know, a lot of a lot of, you know, high influence Americans, they send their kids to places like Oxbridge and Eaton still, you know, they're considered good, good preparation schools. I've no doubt that the education is first class. It's the extracurricular buggery that just put me off. You ever heard of the name Nadir Zarraoui? No. I'm trying to find him. Nadim Zarraoui. Have you ever heard of that name before? Let me see a face. He's part of the COVID-19 vaccination program in the United Kingdom and is now minister without portfolio, which is actually made even a stronger position in the prime minister because he meets directly with the Crown. The prime minister does not. He is a member of the Bilderberg of the right, loss or kill that many people have not heard of. And so he's part of their the secret rights. Step up from the Council for National Policy, step up group. And he had COVID-19 vaccination program and deployment with the help of Palantir and United Kingdom. And now he is, you know, made man strongest people in the United Kingdom and your your home country. Good. Yeah, you know, it's not my home country where my prime minister's called Grishak Sunni and what was his name? Nadim Zaire. Nadim Zarraoui. That this. What? Where'd they come from? Iraq. Iraq. OK. Yeah, just he came from he came from Iraq. He was a Kurdish family in Iraq. And of course, he took it over from Kwasi Kurting. He was another fine British name for the member than the Council for National. And I mean, the loss are cautious in that Council for National Policy. He's also a member of loss or kill as well. Britain was lost 30, 40 years ago. It was high up, high up in the British conservative party. There are guys, conservative party is our guys over there in United Kingdom. I'm just trying to think, what was that? Boris Johnson really represented the people, didn't he? You know, Bojo. Yeah, I mean, I've got a stream lined up for Ukraine. He's put out an editorial in Wall Street Journal just saying that there's there's no no choice but to push on in the war in Ukraine. And we're going to literally we're going to fight to the last Ukrainian that these people make me want to puke. And, you know, the establishment, they're true believers in their own ideologies, such that common purpose driven diversity politics that will take individuals like Swahiri. And I'm just just trying to think of that Lord Rotherham. What was his name? Like, he was, you know, way more about UK politics than me. I barely know anything about UKIP and Nigel Farage and Sargod of Mossad from Applebee's. Which, by the way, when Trump gets back on Twitter, one last thing, and he tweets when he gets his eighty eighth million follower because they've they've covered him around eighty seven point eight for like weeks. All right. So when he finally tweets and he gets to eighty eight, you know, eighty eight, how Hiller, you know, eighty eight as well as eighty eight miles per hour and back to the future, because we all know that Trump looks like Biff Tannen. All right. You know, eventually Sargon or Sargoy will get his wet dream. Eventually, sometime when Trump faces Hillary Clinton for the presidency in twenty twenty four, we will get Trump to tweet Gamergate. He's still fixed on that. Do you know who Mark Judge is real quick? No. The conservative party that was a major part of Gamergate. He was in the book that I'm listening to, RFK Junior. He was talking about how many homosexuals that there were in in in Georgetown Preparatory School. But Mark Judge, there's pictures of him that surfaced on the Internet that were like Asian women because he was over in Asia. He's like over in Thailand and the Philippines of like 18 or 19 or maybe younger, naked on Facebook, reading like the United States Constitution, like half nude, you know. Chat move. But that's the world we live in. Well, I would just say as a conservative, if he's a politician, just be glad it was girls could have been. Nick Fuentes, the Mexican leader of the white race. Catboy furries. I know, man. It's just you heard them. You heard about the Mexican standoff between Bate, Alaska, Alex Stein and Kanye Nick Fuentes, right? You've heard about the black male Mexican standoff they got going on, right? No. OK. Do you want to know? Yeah, sure. OK. Supposedly, Bate, Alaska's adopted lesbian sister went on the Keno Casino with PPP and Andy Worsky and dropped that she has in her possession a homosexual sex tape with Milo Yiannopoulos and Bate, Alaska. OK. So the Gropers have that shot fired against them. OK. And then it came out that the Gropers had a sex tape of Marjorie Taylor Green and Alex Stein, which has all been pretty much confirmed that they hooked up for the most part, it looks like, allegedly, supposedly. All right. Well, he's not even denying it, right? Yes and no. Yes and no. And it might be why she broke up her marriage. OK. So there's that aspect. And then, supposedly, Milo, who's got blackmail on anybody he's ever worked with, all right, he has a video of Kanye, of Ye, or Ye, and Nick Fuentes being passed on his private jet half naked with what looked like Ye was shooting up heroin, allegedly. Um. Look, man, a bit of skag's OK in my book. So which one's going to – well, they're also up to supposedly homosexual acts. Um, yeah, look. They were up to some JFK and some – what was his name? Lem. Lem. Lem. I don't know. But they were up to, you know, being good pals. So Nick Fuentes and Kanye were. Yeah. Holy shit, man. And of course, Milo had nothing to do with it because now he's a good Catholic man and would never ever do something like that. Even though he had a fetish for black dudes. Right. Is he still with that black dude? No, he claims he swore off men and he's straight now and good Lord saved him. But I test Milo's spirit and I don't see it. Yeah, I don't see it somehow. It's all marketing. And, you know, once a degenerate like Milo, you're not coming back from that, bro. No, no. Yeah, look, it doesn't surprise me. I guess there are no heroes, dude. No, there's not. And thank you for having me on. We should do it again, Kevin. We should do a stream on Balladeer. Yeah, I'd love to. Okay. I guess one last thing. I don't keep saying that, but do you still watch the e-drama or are you pretty much checked out from that whole sphere? Because it's like one of my guilty pleasures where as a Christian, I probably should repent of being up on the drama, as they say. But I don't have to know. I have to know. It's like a driving urge, you know, because I don't have YouTube accounts. So there's nothing to sort of subscribe to. You described Nemediker on Odyssey. I should do it. I mean, I love Nemediker. I think he's hilarious. He is dying of cancer, though. We have to pray for Jim. He's dying of cancer. I don't know if that's true or not. No, it is true. Is it or isn't? I think he does have cancer. I don't think he's joking about that. But allegedly, supposedly, Jim has cancer. Yeah, so I guess I should look on. I should be using Odyssey and Rumble More and trying to keep it. Do you miss the drama? I know you like a good laugh, man. Yeah, I used to watch that. You and I love to share a good laugh. Don't tell me you don't love to share a good laugh. I know you because you crack me up on the streams when I'm watching you for the humor. All right. And the information as well, ultimately, above all. But you've always made me laugh. And there's few people that actually generally make me laugh. Just with the childhood innocence that you have cracking up over certain things, Kevin, makes me laugh. I used to tell Mark, I used to tell him, listening to you, that you would make me laugh so hard, it would bring me to tears just because you'd be laughing over something so childish. But that's my type of humor. What can I say? I do miss it. And if I can find the time to get back into it, then, yeah, it's just I don't have easy access. That's the problem. And the issue now is that I'm just spending so much of my time just trawling, reading papers and just trying to get stuff to sort of stream about. I miss the days when that was my pleasure, just to tune into a Metacor episode. You're not tweeting at Laura Loomer and the Jewish princess herself? You remember Jim's video, Laura Loomer's Dirty Bloomers, when she lied about the tire? I don't see it, dude. You don't remember that? That was one of Jim's best videos where Laura Loomer was lying that some Nazis had caused the air to leave her tire, but it was all ruse and the tires just were drove in so bad that the tread, you know, she had this person's tire because it was worn out too much, you know, and Laura Loomer's just... I mean, she's the... That's the worst thing about bringing people back is even though they should not have been banned, in my opinion, all of just the worst, the worst is coming back too, man, like Laura Loomer. Bring it on. Bring it on. Roger Stone. Just let him have it. Isn't he a closet homo piss drinker, Roger Stone? There's so much stuff that Brendan O'Connell's digged up about Roger Stone. Brendan O'Connell's an expert on Roger Stone. Shout out to Brendan. I know you allegedly don't like me and you've had your issues with him too, Kevin, but he is an expert on Roger Stone. I have to give him that, so I have to give him credit to do. Anything to do with homos. He's an expert. All right, dude, I guess on that note, I'll let you go. So is JFK. Good night, everybody. Take care, brother. God bless you. There you go, folks. The powerful John Brisson. Very, very good stream. Charles in the chat, yes. Marjory Taylor-Green has been having it on with some D-list E-celeb, basically. That's about as much as I know about the gossip. So I think that's a good place to wrap it up. Good to see you, dude. Let's see. He was probably high on MEF. Everyone knows Nick is gay. Yeah. Yep, yep, yep. All right. Yeah, thank you for watching, folks, and apparently the live stream ended on Rumble. I don't know when that did, but God damn it. We finished. Shit. Oh, well. Take care, folks. I'll see you in the next one. Bye-bye.