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Boom, is that working? Yes, yes. I don't know why, like all my sound settings got messed up for some reason. The computer needs a reset. What can I say? Those goddamn Talpiot boys! It's messing with me. I just wanted to do one more drop. Wait for it, wait for it. Where's it gone? Where, where, where have they gone? All right, ANC report, there we go. Just drop that we're streaming in there. Got an ANC update today when we get into the details, but yeah, as my mic was shut off, are we getting all the rotten politics in the house? Dude, I've got a section from a little clip I'm going to play from you. I think it's brilliant and so good to see you in the house, brother. Let's see. I'm trying to tell. Yeah, so the chat is mixing right on the screen. That's good. That's good. All right. Yeah, so I'm a proud, proud owner of something called a geek vape. I'm sold on it. I've become a vaping convert. No one, no one dare, no one dare put in the chat how it's bad for you in any way. I don't want to hear it. I don't want to hear it. I think I've already gone through a tank like an evening, but yeah, it's great fun. Let's see. What can we do? I guess I should just do a little bit of commentary and tell you what's coming up. I will be doing a stream tomorrow with Charles. We'll be continuing what we were doing in the previous stream, which is just, you know, sort of break down the, the column is and, you know, the stuff that Jay is actually say, pushing, pushing the boundaries. Let's see. What's that says? The group says, fuck that shit. Tokyo cafes did not allow real smokers to go into a room with a coffee. Only vape has come. Dude, do you see people vaping in Japan? I don't think I've ever seen it. I've seen those little Icos things where it's like actual tobacco and it's got like a little electronic sort of heating device, but they've always tasted a bit yucky to me. But this, this is the future people. This is the future. Yeah, I need to fill it up, but yeah, what can I say? Can I give it a quick review? It's a sort of metal casing, rubber handled, got digital screen on the front, takes two pretty large batteries, smooth pole. I think I could have gone with some higher nicotine level, but it's great fun and let's say I haven't dropped it yet. And I would, you know, I've been sitting here thinking, Oh, I just need another one just so I can keep it in the car. So I can have one in the house, one in the car and blow some O's. No, I ain't that good. Those people, those people that can puff rings and stuff. Just, just how did they do that? I don't know. I like the color. Yeah, I don't know. Like they said it, I don't know what they called it, but I wanted just a black one, but this was the only one I could get. And if you're, if you're thinking about, I don't think this would be an entry level vape because of the price. You could get some that was sort of a quarter of the price. I decided I'd rather lay out the cash, get something that's going to last me. And I'm, I've only had it a few hours, but I'm very, very satisfied with it. It's called again, a geek vape and large tank and yeah. What can I say? Very, very impressed. Get black one and use that for spare parts. Karma Doc in the house. Good to see you. All right. So yeah, later on tomorrow, I was supposed to do a stream with John Brisson earlier today. I put, I postponed it cause I thought I was going to stream with Charles and I was speaking with Charles and we were just sort of pretty burnt out on the whole issue. We just want to finish the job though. So we'll do that tomorrow morning. And yeah, what else has been going on? Vapes, dealing with the usual nonsense. Obviously my setup has gone crazy. Are you doing adverts for vapes? No, I'm just, I was sold after my trip to the U S I've never, I've never vaped before and I bought some disposable ones and I should have just, I could have put that money and bought a refillable one actually for the price of those disposable ones that I bought. And you know, I don't find it heavy on the lungs. It's, it's meditative blowing smoke and it looks cool. It looks cool. Even the kids love it.

So yeah, and today we're not going to, I'm just sort of covering stories of interest related around disease. One of the, one of the four horsemen of the pandemics. I've got, I've got a clip from rotten Pollux politics. I wanted to play as well because it just sort of plays into where we're going. And we're going to spend, we're going to do a deep dive into the interview between Robert Malone and Andrew Huff. And the reason that I want to do that is because I think that the two of those, because of the positions that they've held, they've worked within the bio-defense sector, I would say. I think there's information that helps sketch in the picture that we're building. And yeah, I think it's worth going. And so we'll do that at the end.

So, ah, let's see. It's the geek vape. Yeah. It's a geek vape Zeus. Geek vape Zeus. You can pick thousands of flavors. Yeah. This one, I just got mint. I like mint. So let's see. Tishbite is testing. Good to see you. All right. So let's get on to the main screen. And yeah. Why? Why, why, why is that? And now for some reason, that's odd. Someone just do, now you need to do, let's get a USP grade glycerin and propylene glycol. Some Nick flavors and Nick's own juice. Yeah. I mean, I'll get into it for sure. For sure. Um, all right. So I don't think that's updating. Yeah. Yeah. No, it is. You have the vape version of Virginia Slims. Cheers. Cheers. It's not man's one. Um, covert beef enhancement. Well, this is the, um, it's the theme. It's the theme that we're locked into at the moment. Covert moral bio enhancement. And, uh, they're weaponizing all manner of information feeds and who knows? Fuck you. This men don't suck on purple things. Oh, um, how dare you, sir. How dare you. Right. I think, um, I'm getting a repeat, right? Of the things. So I think everything is going on there. So I hope, uh, no, maybe not. Maybe not. Camera off. Oh God. I didn't want that. I wanted that. There we go. Ah, it's like trying to fly the Starship enterprise. This thing. It's just sweet for Marsh. Good to see you, bro. Hope you well. Hope you warm. Uh, right. Why is the rumble chat so delayed? Um, that's a good question. Um, I don't know. Again, I'm dependent on all these, um, software integrations and things mixing together. So look, it is what it is.

Be grateful. Be grateful that you've got something and a good doggy in the chats as well. All right. So if you strolled in here and wondering who I am, that is me. I'm a real researcher. You can go find my work, uh, plastered over the internet. And, uh, now I, uh, form part of a, I don't know what it is, just a small minority of scientists and doctors trying to reach out, warn you, warn you that the public private partnerships, the corporate, the corporate government, government predators are not your friends. And, um, yeah, it's not a new message. If you want to, uh, bore yourself with, uh, previous work that I've done that sort of helped establish my credentials to talk about this. Um, you can, uh, you can go to research gate. I'll put the profile here. If you're really, really interested in, uh, just from our says another day in paradise, um, March, I just, I just have the feeling that, um, it's bloody freezing where you are. All right. Moving on. Um, for some reason the stream is not working on McCairnDojo again, tax-evading blicks. You get what you pay for. Um, but, uh, this, uh, this science podcast for the people by the people, uh, is, uh, supported, uh, by donations. And, uh, what I would do is ask that, uh, if you want to continue to see this work, you want to see, um, cutting, uh, analysis of the circumstances, the, uh, the individuals, the organizations, please, please, uh, throw a shackle or two in my way. You can of course become a patron, um, W T Y L dot live tip jar. If you want to throw a shackle, um, to the good doc, uh, whilst he's streaming, uh, there's also the Streamfags/Gay-Pal, buy me a coffee, uh, other links as well. Uh, what I would say is a joint with discord. Um, you have to use that link there. We'll let you in and there is a register to be notified. If you would like an email sent to you when I go live, I do try to get that sent out and let's move swiftly on. Oh yeah. So, uh, an…

An announcement for, uh, we talk, you listen, um, Ryan Dawson, uh, AntiNeoCon Report will be streaming on the platform. Um, he has a stream planned for tomorrow and, uh, he's put a bunch of other channels in as well. He's already dropping content. Um, I'm looking forward to that. And uh, yeah, I think it will be a significant move for the W T Y L dot live platform. So, uh, yeah, welcome aboard Ryan. All right. So, uh, I wanted to get to this.

So, you know, we spend a lot of time talking about the core corporations and the, uh, the technocratic fascist future that they have in store for you. And Britain, Britain is streaking into the lead and I'm going to let, uh, my good friend from politics tell you what's happening now in the UK. And, uh, this is coming to a town near you. You can rest assured. So, uh, our pace, uh, take it away. Hey, everyone. Welcome. We all warned them. Didn't we? If the nation allows lockdowns, did you use them for everything? Warned everyone. I loved one strangers in protest that were attacked and ignored. So we were blue in the face. Didn't we? We were right. Now this is a trial that's now happening, not a lockdown for the Lurgie Lurgie or the jibby jabby. Oh no, no, no, no, no. They've changed it now. And now it's a climate lockdown. Yes, you heard that right. Oxford city councilors are to introduce trial climate lockdown in 2024. Now this is a dystopian as you can imagine. Let's have a listen shower. Oxford city council is going to trial a scheme whereby the residents of the city are divided into seven zones. Oxford city of county council yesterday approved plans to lot residents into one of six zones to save the planet. And we're getting sick of that for Asia from global warming, the latest stage in the 15 minute city agenda. Now, if you're not too sure what the 15 minute city agenda is, there is a clip at the end that will explain it a little bit, a little bit better. And if you're like me, it will creep you out to high heaven, but let's have a listen. Now the 15 minute agenda is to place electronic gates on key roads in and out of the city, confining residents to their own neighborhoods, hunger games anyone split, split off into segments under the new scheme. If residents want to leave their zone, they will need permission from the council who gets to decide who is worthy of freedom and who isn't. Under the new scheme, residents will be allowed to leave their zone a maximum of 100 days per year. But in order to even gain this entry, residents will have to register their car details with the council who will then track their movements via smart cameras around the city. China social credit, isn't it? Now Oxford Mail reported this slapping the face by the highway counselor. Traffic filters will divide the city into 15 minute neighborhoods, agrees highway's counselor. 25th of October roadblocks stopping most motorists from driving through Oxford city center will divide the city into six 15 minute neighborhoods, a county council travel chief has said. And he insisted the controversial plan, and here's the slap, would go ahead whether people liked it or not. It's not very democratic, that is it? Now people can drive freely around their own neighborhood and can apply for a permit to drive through the filters and into other neighborhoods, but up to 100 days per year. This equates to an average of two days per week. Now what I'd like to say, what about if you've got family that's in a different zone? You're only allowed to see them when they want you to on the day they want you to at the time they want you to, two days a week. What happens if you've got ill family that you have to travel to look after? What about this sort of stuff? They never think about this do they? What it'll be is they'll just give out permits willy nilly, but charge you for the privilege. That's what this will be. It's always about money at the end of the day isn't it? Even for councils, let's continue. And for all the chances as well out there, you know you're listening, and refusers who think there's angles and ways to evade this etc. Don't think you can beat the system. They've thought of this as well. If you are a two car household say, they say that those two cars will be counted as one, meaning you will have to divide up the journeys between yourself. So say there's a hundred journeys into a different district, it's per household. So if you've got two cars, you get fifty journeys each. If you've got three cars, thirty three point three journeys each etc etc etc. So you're only getting it per household. So you're not going to evade it by having multiple cars effectively. Now let's have a listen to what a fifteen minute city is. Now this is the BBC. Let's have a listen to them gushing and drooling over the concept of Hunger Games UK, fifteen minute dystopias. So we think about how many people can we get into the city in the morning and out of the city in the evening. Rather than travelling in from the suburbs to the centre to work, shop, socialise, the fifteen minute city takes a different approach. The fifteen minute city is a really simple concept in many ways. It's really just saying that every urban citizen should be able to meet their basic needs within a fifteen minute walk or cycle ride from their house. The concept of the fifteen minute city was proposed by French Columbian scientist Carlos Moreno and aspects of it are starting to be adopted in cities like Paris, Barcelona and Bogota. It's been described as a return to a local way of life. Forced everyone isn't it? It's all by force. That's not community, that's prison with bigger walls. Social credit is there everyone and it's a Labour, Lib Dem and Green Coalition doing it, the council. Time for another party that has our rights and interests at heart to rip the reins of power from the grasp of tyrants. Now at this point I'd like to remind people of your rights, I need you to understand this. Nobody in the UK, not police, not politicians, nobody can stop you moving freely within the UK if you've committed no crime. As a sovereign man or woman you are free to travel anywhere, anytime. But I'd like to know your opinion everyone, let me know what you think. Please share this out, break YouTube's algorithm. Stay sane and I'll see you on the next one.

Thank you Rotten Politics for insight into what's coming for the future folks. I want to think of George Soros telling us that Covid-19 allowed them to put the control measures into place. They battered you in, or battened you in with lockdowns and now they're going to continue and I've said this many, many times before. Those smart cities, you already live in them. If you're in a city it's basically going to be a smart city. Now they might build some shiny new ones of course but you connected to the fibre optic network in the city and you having cars and particularly in the UK where they've got every type of camera watching the citizens and it's been like that since the 80s. I remember the cameras going up and at the time I was just thinking, hey we're not supposed to be doing this, isn't that what they do over the Berlin Wall? But no, it's just accelerated in pace and I would say that probably the UK is one of the leading countries with respect to civilian surveillance and yeah, Rotten Politics is right when they're saying all they've done is basically build a prison around you and under the pretense of making community and this should frighten the crap out of you, okay, because this isn't going away. What are some of the things Kev Baker notes about Glasgow? What exactly makes a smart city? Well a lot of it is the surveillance and tracking of individuals as they move around and the forced imposition of diktats of bureaucrats. Now as a remedy to that, RP said it at the end, within the UK you are essentially a free man on the land. They cannot take those rights away from you. The only time that they can is when you agree to engage in their statute and contract law and you're free to travel wherever it is that you like and I think, I'm pretty sure that that applies to vehicles as well, so long as you're not engaged in commercial activity. It's just classed as travelling and so yeah, if you've got to go and see relatives who are outside the 15 minute zone, as far as I understand it, that there are no laws that you would be breaking should you utilise your vehicle. Now of course, if you do, you will get hounded by little licks, little busybodies that will send you little bits of paper with demands and send it back to them. Don't open it, send it back to them because you were doing nothing illegal. That is the stand that you must take in all these impositions that they're going to try and put on to you. And yeah, fuck these kaffirs.

Let's see, Gabriel says, here's a good debunk of the Guardian UK's main ESG climate shield. Who is that? George Monbiot? I can't stand that dude. Let me see, what is this? Yeah, had to be Monbiot. Oh, it's 38 minutes long. I'll have to watch it another time. But yeah, the Guardian is a cheerleader for the imposition of this digital prison that they're building around you. And it's coming, whether it's the vaccine passports, it's the imposition of you not being allowed to travel outside of your designated zone with your own private vehicle. Monbiot of the Grunyad, yeah. These people make me sick, man. Pedro, Pedro says I mean the doc with fellow borough boys. Borough borough boys, indeed. Let's see, RP says yes, that's how I understand it too, with respect to being able to travel. Yeah, don't let these petty bureaucrats impinge onto your sovereign rights. Okay. And again, they will use all kinds of corporate trickery to have you come and stand under their little statutes. Don't do it. Don't agree. Just say I'm traveling. I'm on my way. And you sir, you sir are impeding my right to travel along the public highways. So Oscar Nett says suddenly all these new electric vehicles with shit range make sense. Yes. Yeah, yeah. And look, what they'll do is they'll basically begin to filter in the driverless cars that you'll be able to come and hire and they'll pick you up, et cetera. They'll just make it more and more inconvenient to use your car, your own private car. That's what they want. And it will be a grim fucking Hunger Games future. I mean, yeah, you might have fast internet, but should you decide to actually switch the machine off and go out into the real world? They're waiting to pounce on you. Don't let them. Okay. Right. So that's the bit for social commentary today.

Let's get into, shall I skip this? I'll quickly mention this. This is a paper. I put it in the discord earlier. I think it's worth reading. Published in the British Medical Journal, which is basically just saying that the forced mandates of vaccination onto those who are at less risk, particularly those attending universities, et cetera, the risk far outweighs the benefits. And they've done a risk assessment, risk benefit assessment. And we need to encourage this type of research being published, as much as I think that that system is completely broken and I don't want anything to do with it. Those that still want to play that game and push out papers that push back against what it is that the petty bureaucrats want to stick into you or enforce onto you, I applaud. So I encourage everyone to read that. It is a bit of good news. All right. So what did I call this? Tripledemic.

Tripledemic. Now, during the summer months, et cetera, I said that we have to wait for the winter months to see if there's any carnage as a consequence of, one, forced vaccination, and two, of course, the... I don't want to say lockdowns. I don't know how really strict lockdowns were. I didn't experience it. We didn't have it here in Japan. Schools stayed open except for the first month. I wasn't impeded from going anywhere. There were no 15-minute zones around me. I wasn't forced to stand out at my front door beating saucepans for the nurses and doctors. No, there was none of that nonsense here. My prediction was that potentially we could see a ramping up of infectious disease. Now, there could be many, many reasons for this. And two that spring to mind are, is there a long-term impact on the immune system from being forced to take vaccinations? And you have to remember, it wasn't one or two. There's multiple boosters on top. And there's evidence that would just seem to indicate that your innate immune system takes a hit. And this may be... The data that we're going to look at now may be an indicator of that. And what we're seeing is opportunistic infections begin to emerge because people's immune system has taken a hit. Now, I will caveat that statement with the idea that potentially the same could come from exposure to SARS. Now, again, I don't think we really have the data to be definitive either way. I think a lot of suspicion should be pointed at the transfection, the gene transfection technologies. But we also still have circulating pathogens as well. And so the first clip that I want to look at, flu and flu hospitalizations reach a decade high. Flu hospitalizations across the country and the Commonwealth are on the rise. Doctors are concerned hospitals could soon become overwhelmed. Sarah Wilson joins us in the studio with more, Sarah. Taylor, health experts say we've already exceeded the peak of past five... I miss the days when you would just get hot, hot chicks on TV. Oh, bring back the eighties and the nineties. What the fuck am I looking at there? What is that? Jesus. Jesus. No, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no. Bring back the hoties, not the fatties. Get them off the screen. Fence me. Flu seasons and now there is concern that as we officially enter the winter, cases are only going to go up. After a two year hiatus during the pandemic, flu season is back in full force. If you look at the graph, it kind of briefly slowed down and it shot way up this week. Cases in the Commonwealth already surpassing peaks from previous seasons. It is now early December and flu season doesn't peak until January or February. Nearly 50,000 confirmed infections have been reported across the state. About 12% of them here in the mid state. It's not just cases that are up. Hospitalizations are too. The type of flu that's circulating is called H3N2 and it usually causes three or four times more deaths than every other strain of the flu. Why the strain is more dangerous, doctors don't exactly know. The health experts emphasize this season's case count is so high for a number of reasons. We have a lot of people who, because of masking and social distancing, weren't really exposed to the flu the last two seasons and have less preexisting immunity. On top of that, flu vaccines are down. I think there's a combination of vaccine hesitancy and I think there's vaccine fatigue. I frankly think that we've got some real intel on the ground. Karma Doc saying she's not admitted anyone with flu. Karma, what about COVID? How can they differentiate COVID from flu? In this case, they're using PCR testing. People are tired of getting shots. But that outlook has experts concerned cases will only climb. What I fear is that it's going to go up, stay up, go down slowly. That fear prompting this plea as UPMC beds fill up. We don't want to see it get worse, which is one of the reasons we keep telling we try to make it as clear as possible possible that you should get your flu shot. Karma Doc is saying about 30% COVID and 70% flu in Texas. Well, I've got I've got a story from Texas to look at that thing on the screen. Jesus. No, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no. Even though it is December, it's still not too late to get your flu shot. Doctors say if you do it now, you'll have protection and about two weeks, Taylor. And of course, the push for the vaccines. All right. I don't know where that is. It might have been Canada, I think. But let's see. Respiratory syncytial viruses are surging and or chimpanzee cariesa virus. But is the shot relevant for this strain? I don't know. It affects his fans. You doing the news now? Too shy, bro. Mount Sinai. So this is New York, I guess. For a parent, there is nothing scarier than watching a young child struggle to breathe. Unfortunately, many people here in our area and all across the country have endured just that which has put a strain on them and doctors. For thousands and thousands and thousands of New York families. Senator Chuck Schumer is talking about respiratory syncytial virus or RSV. He says RSV hospital admissions among children have jumped 49% this year compared to last. Schumer was joined yesterday by a doctor who knows about the spike all too well. I've been practicing for almost 40 years. We have never seen an RSV surge like we are having over these past few weeks. This chart shows the dramatic increase in cases among New York City residents from the week ending on September 17th to the week ending on November 12th. Cases fell a bit in the week ending November 19th. Schumer called on the Department of Health and Human Services to develop a plan to help New York hospitals that are straining under the caseloads. Ten simple letters. That's why I'm telling HHS to address RSV ASAP. This help from the feds, Schumer says, could take the form of additional staffing. RSV symptoms include runny nose, sneezing, coughing and shortness of breath. While the virus looks like the common cold, it can be especially dangerous for the young and old. Typically we would see less than two years of age. Now we're seeing it a little older as well. And what we're seeing is a lot of cases are coming to the emergency room. Again, I would have to ask how many of these children received COVID vaccinations? That's a question that needs answering. Sorry. It's just, it's got to be part of the epidemiological analysis. Because the kids are pretty sick. Couple that with COVID and flu cases and you have. Um, who said that? They've tried RSV Vax before. Yeah, I don't, I don't think there's a functional RSV Vax and, but Moderna of course is saying that they're lining up a, a gene, a gene transfection technique. Color me not surprised. Nick in the chat. How you doing bro?

Hospitals that are struggling to treat everyone that needs it. And here's another scary thought. The problem may very well get worse before it gets better. Well, look, I've got a question for Nick. Um, you've, uh, does this look similar to the emergence of HIV? Are these opportunistic infections as a consequence of damage done to people's immune systems? If you could answer in the chat. Um, no, you can call in if you want. I don't mind. Um, if you've got, if you've got an opinion, uh, let's see. Let's see. Karma says for the most part, the kids five and under I've seen with RSV were not vaxxed. Uh, yeah. Is that not Texas though? What about New York? This is in New York. So is there scientific literature out there on vaccines messing with the immune system? Jay posits the theory that they activate T cells non-specifically and not regulated back to normal state. Um, well, there's, well, there's no, there's no vaccine for RSV and the only change in the vaccine schedule that I could think of would be the introduction of the COVID shots. And you know, there, there seems to be a signal that T cells become exhausted. There's potential of interaction with spike protein and T cells potentially make them dysfunctional. I don't know, but again, I would just preface this with what I was saying at the beginning, which is, are we going to see carnage during this winter season? And how much of it is down to SARS and the medical countermeasures for SARS? Um, Karma says can't speak for New York. Fuck those guys. Yeah. I agree. And at the peak in terms of the number of respiratory virus cases, the child says RSV certainly is opportunistic. There's no vaccine for it and anyone to come close to lots of kids in the late sixties. Yeah. Um, the vaccine caused ADE, the original chimpanzee creasal vaccine vaccine. Yeah. Uh, Cecil says there seems to be a shift in the West about acceptance of the myocarditis evidence. Yeah. Look, there's only, there's only so much you can ignore before it sort of bleeds through into the, uh, the public's consciousness and young men getting myocarditis after, um, exposure to vaccines. It's a thing. We know it. And so, you know, at least on rumble, we're allowed to talk about it. Uh, I guess is they're testing much, much more for RSV. Yeah. But wouldn't, wouldn't that be the consequence of patients turning up? Right. I mean, it's not, it's not like they're doing mass screenings like they were with COVID. So I'm, I'm going to make the presumption that these are real cases turning up in hospitals. Uh, we never used to test anyone, but little kids for RSV. Uh, now there's a combined PCR test. Yeah. That, that doesn't surprise me. That usually happens late December up through mid January. And one person who has been dealing with the state's RSV response is the state health commissioner, Dr. Mary Bassett. And on Friday, she announced that she is resigning effective on New Year's day. Bassett says she will be returning to the Harvard Chan School of Public Health. She sees what a shit show is. She's out of there. It's all about making money. Uh, wouldn't surprise me. Um, all right. So, uh, Texas is having issues as well from what, uh, from this report. I've been in private practice here for 21 years and it's, I would say the busiest year I've seen. If it feels like there's something going around right now, it's because there is Dr. Catherine Frank's pediatric office in McKinney is getting so many calls. Their lines are jammed each morning. Things have been extremely busy and hectic here at cook children's in Fort Worth. Dr. Laura Romano says they check in a patient every two minutes. Now nobody's wearing a mask anymore. So we're getting a lot more people who maybe haven't been exposed to RSVU or the flu for the past two seasons. The Dallas Fort Worth Hospital Council says in the past week, flu hospitalizations have gone up 30% and COVID hospitalizations are up 70%. Pediatric hospitals are now 99% full. Please keep your kids home. If they're sick, teach them to cough into their elbows and sneeze into their hands and then wash their hands immediately afterwards. Fort Worth ISD is no longer immediately requiring a doctor's note if kids are sick. Dallas ISD says it's not at that point yet. Frank and Romano both believe another reason cases are so high is fewer vaccinations. See if we can get Nick on. He's trying to call it. Because of COVID vaccines spilled over into the flu vaccine, which like logically doesn't make a whole lot of sense. Frank says to call your pediatrician for treatment questions and that ER trips should be reserved for persistent or severe symptoms like trouble breathing. Fever is in some ways beneficial. It's the body trying to fight whatever infection is there and to not let the actual temperature scare them. She's optimistic we're nearing the peak. With hospitals and doctor's offices nearing capacity, any more increases could be overwhelming. In Dallas, I'm William Joy. So did I have another one? Oh yeah, Bay Area COVID cases rising. Those vaccines work in a treat. No sound. Family healthy and tonight COVID work in building a better Bay Area is focusing on what it takes to keep you and your family healthy. How are you sir? I'm well thank you. Must be a terrible time for you. What time is it? It's 8.35 in the morning. Oh okay. I'm at work but I saw the stream so I wanted to weigh in. So you had a question about opportunistic infections. Yes. Yeah, this is precisely what was happening. From a PR perspective, nobody was dying of AIDS at the beginning. They were dying of cancer, they were dying of pneumonia, they were dying of toxo, some strange exotic infection from their pet. So that was the public perception and then once everybody understood that there was a communicable agent, they started laying the blame. But biologically, this is what I've been trying to remain calm about because it seems like not as necessarily targeted or virulent as some of the deaths that I saw in the 80s. I mean, well, I mean, turbo cancer, you know, that's something that seems pretty similar. What a word. What a word. Turbo cancer. The fact that they did a George Orwell with it and turned it into a new contraction. To me, that's just part of the predictive programming. You know, saying we're going to see a whole lot of people whose P53 gene has been downregulated. They have no innate defense against cancer. The cancer they had five years ago is going to come roaring back or all of those oncogenic pathogens that they've got in their bodies that have been sitting there quietly for some time are going to suddenly take center stage. You know, I think that's why they say turbo cancer. Like it's a new thing. It isn't. It's called rapid immune surrender to cancer. You know, that's it's if we have downregulated B memory cells, we have a downregulated P53 gene and we're all from, you know, from environmental exposures, vaccines, sexual contacts, just through our lives. We, you know, our pets, we collect this big farm of endogenous viruses and retroviruses that for the most part our body is able to keep in check. So this seems very similar to what we were seeing in the early eighties. And well, I guess, I guess the question is, is it temporary or is this a, is this the new normal? And, you know, like I say, we were waiting for the signals and well, in your opinion, you think this would sort of fit the picture of a sort of immune suppressive effect at a population level? Well it's immune dysregulation right now. So I'm definitely, here I am, Kevin, all these years later and I never got HIV and I navigated the era of the Peter Duesburgs, which I know personally accounted for the deaths of more people. I mean, I know people who gave up their fight against safe sex as soon as Duesburg came along. And, you know, it's not a direct analogy to sort of what we need to do to take care of ourselves. But coming back to is this, you know, what's our long term outlook? I'm going to remain fiercely, you know, defiant that it's not reversible. I'm going to continue to explore this space with people like Karma Doc and others who are, as much as we're trying not to get overwhelmed with the doom and gloom, we're leaning hard into what are all of the therapies, you know, what are things that we might find in the literature, very simple solutions from 20 years ago, 30 years ago of something that was experimented on on coronaviruses in the lab, somewhere in those 6,000 coronavirus papers I've got in my Zotero. You know, I'm still digging. So I think the point is your body is now making, if it is long term persistent, you've got to assume that your body is still producing a protein that the rest of your immune system recognizes as a threat. So the tissues in your body that are still involved in spike production are going to be the target of your own autoimmune syndrome. We know that autoimmune syndromes and persistent inflammation are pivotal in the cancer paradigm. So I've heard some excellent, excellent spaces. I listened to someone on Twitter, Apothecaryl. She's a frontline RN in Texas. So she has to walk a very careful line with what she says in her spaces. But she's talked about just committing to essentially an ongoing anti-inflammatory diet. That's a tonic step that we can all take. We can all look at what causes inflammation when we eat it. And what's going to only exacerbate inflammation in the brain, in the heart, in the sexual organs. Well, sorry. But wherever there's a tissue tropism for the spike, we want to think about how systemically can we help the body reach, come back to a point of homeostasis. How much do you think is, you know, I struggle with the premise that it's lockdowns and masks that have caused this susceptibility. It's a difficult one for me to pull out a coherent pathophysiological mechanism. Because, look, people can be isolated all the time, right? Well, and they get ill as soon as they take a trip to the city. That's not how it works. So yeah, I guess the point I'm trying to get to is that this does strike me as unusual. And it's not just the US. So this is data from Germany on the screen. And the red line, the thick red line is 2022 compared to other years. And I think it's just respiratory illnesses in general. They've all been grouped together. But that's so outside the range that they've seen in previous years that, again, a few days from school has caused this. I struggle to think that. And what we do know is that Germany is a high, high vax country in the last two years. And yeah, to me, this signal is concerning. And, you know, I don't want to start ringing panic buttons just yet. But like I say, I've been waiting for us to sort of roll into this season. And it's shocking to see such such large increases. And I don't know. Can you convince me that it's from lockdowns and people wearing masks the last couple of days? Not at all. Because, you know, what we've done, I mean, I'm going to be intensely empirical about this. There's nothing different in the behaviors of staying home day after day than there is staying home on a Saturday and Sunday. There is nothing different about your environment, your behaviors, your exposures. You know, you can go across the board. There's no change. Now, the skin problems on the face, you know, the persistent and aggressive staffs that, you know, getting mask face, that's a direct cause and effect. Hello, you know, we can we can swab what's inside the body and swab what's growing on the skin and say there's the correlation right there. But these this emergence of first of all, there's two there's two fronts here. One is, yes, it sounds like we're seeing, you know, it looks like we're seeing a dangerous signal. And let's come back to that. The other is the underlying challenge of getting accurate and real data from any source at this point in time, from the point of who is actually classifying the disorder, you know, when when when the procedure when the billable encounter is done. And, you know, the doctor or the nurse is saying this was a RSV test or this was a pneumonia checkup, whatever that procedure code is, that's what rolls into the chart data that you were just sharing. And if it's if it's complex, if someone comes in and they're presenting two or three things, you know that that will sometimes shift what appears in the data. So, you know, and also with the open question still of were many different types of disorders being classified as COVID because of the financial incentive. I think we've seen enough anecdotal reports and some written evidence about this, that that's something that we need to take into consideration in the immediate term when it comes to where are we getting our data about disease trends. That's the it doesn't I know that doesn't make any of this easier to untangle, but I want us to be suspicious of the data just underlying, you know, double check your data, double check your source. But coming back to the changes in physiology and the changes in presentation of disease, I think it ties right back into what we see across the board across different conditions presenting first time acute psychiatric presentation. You'd think why did that happen? Why? It would must have been so awful being, you know, being in your home playing PlayStation and watching everything on Netflix. No, there was there was nothing there was nothing clinical about that was that's going to put a new pathogen into your body. But we can go to the RSV and flu vaccine study paper that I pulled in, you know, in my big, you know, my big collection. And it's got a study of 10 years in New York, of watching people who receive the flu vaccine, and then the correlating wave of RSV pneumonia presentation and pneumonia deaths. And wouldn't you know, every year in the data, shortly following the big push for influenza vaccines in New York, there was a correlating wave of pneumonia and deaths. Yeah, and then come to find out, you know, if they're growing it on Vero cells, or at some point in production, there's a there's a primate cell solution, you know, anything in the production process, you can be contaminating your product with RSV because it's a chimpanzee based pathogen. Yeah, no, I was just gonna ask you to sort of, in case we've got new people listening, why don't you give us a little bit of history about respiratory virus? There was an excellent, I'll try to go back and find it. There's an excellent conversation with RFK Jr. and a couple of doctors, I think within the last week talking about RSV and revealing some more information I didn't know. But regardless, the important thing to know if you're not, if you're seeing RSV in the news today, this slots into several different diseases that are now endemic. They're part and parcel to human public health as the result of the use of contaminated materials in the production of human medicines. What do we mean by that? In the mid 50s, at least the paper that really caught my eye was a batch of children had received an experimental vaccine. And many of them began presenting an aggressive pneumonia afterwards. And the researchers determined that the materials that they had used, for those of you that don't speak virology and vaccinology, this is called substrate, the cells, think of dirt you put in a pot when you're growing a flower. The substrate was contaminated. And it was made from chimpanzee kidneys or a monkey kidney. And they pulverize it and they do some filtering steps. They think that they get it cleaned out to a base group of cells upon which they can grow concentrated amounts of the virus they're trying to protect you from. So they use it as soil, and then the virus are all of the seeds. And then they let that concentration grow up. They think that they're isolating the concentrated virus from the substrate. But along with the substrate comes all kinds of passenger what are called non-target pathogens, things we didn't want in the formula. So that's kind of the source story of chimpanzee carisa agent, which is what they called it when they found it. And very quickly, they said, oh, we, we can't call this chimpanzee carisa agent, because that's going to draw unnecessary attention to our practices in medicine. Let's call it respiratory syncytial virus. And that's what RSV has been called since. Such, such a disturbing anecdote, man. Well, SV40, RSV, you can recover from. SV40 is a much bigger risk to human health. And they just swept it under the rug by saying, oh, you know, we don't want to tell the public that, you know, there's some problems in pharmacology. We're just going to pretend that it's not a problem. And in the meantime, they built the cancer care industry in the background to catch all of those new emerging cases of cancer that were a side effect of SV40 triggering cancer in the vaccine recipient. You know, that's, that's, that's still with us today. Both of those are our passengers from this era. So I mean, if you had to give it a percentage, how much do you think is this down to the COVID vaccinations? Well, you know, so a couple of things. When, when I was a little kid, you know, I heard about HIV AIDS. They didn't even call it that at the time. They called it GRID, Gay-Related Immune Deficiency Syndrome. And I had a growing sense of doom and hopelessness, as did a great number of people. And soon it became quite clear that this was a bullet that we could all dodge if we would modify our behaviors, if we would, if we would buckle down and fight against the compulsion of testosterone, which is, which is a thing, we might stand a chance. And we did. You know, a lot of us survived. A lot of us walked right through that fire and said, no, this, you know, I'm not going to cave into group behavior. I'm not going to participate in, you know, promiscuity, the way that people were practicing it in the seventies. It's just not going to work. It's a different situation. So it comes down to Darwinism. Those of us who adapted survived. And there's those of us in today's fight that are going to survive, you know, RS, RSV SV 40 aside, coming back to COVID. I think what we're going to find out about shedding in a real serious and we'll say quantitative way is going to be important. And I think what we find out about immune dysregulation beyond what we know today is going to be directly linked to your question, Kevin, we're going to, we're going to find all, you know, very, very soon we're going to see in the major journals, the clear mechanisms, because it seems like there's a coming out party with being able to actually question, you know, the narrative and major, you know, more and more major channels are still, you know, coming out with, with good pieces. They're not hard hitting. They're not expose journalism, but they're at least they're asking the question. They're not sweeping it under the rug. And at the same time, you go to their next segment and there's an advert for the vaccines. Right. So it's going to be, it's going to be a mixed bag. Okay. Well, we can but wait and see, right? This is, like I've been waiting for this data to sort of come in. I know the UK is the same. And also they're, they're reporting very aggressive. What's it called? Strep. Strep. And they've already sort of blasted past the number of deaths that they would expect from out of control strep. And, you know, that's one thing for me that that seems such an easy thing to, to treat and, you know, why, why is it getting out of control? And I don't think that they don't have the antibiotics to hand. So again, I'm, I'm forced to look at or entertain the hypothesis that something has changed within the physiology of, in this case, children that have been affected. And what's, what's the difference with these kids? Well, tell me how many, how many people were really dying of COVID when they were saying how many people were dying? Can you, can you quantify that? I can't. I don't have any means to check their math. Well, it's a tough question. All I can say is that there was excess death, right? Yes. And there's a number of factors that come into this. And one is the disease, one is the medical treatment that was, or the changes to medical treatment that were initiated as part of the public health guidelines, there was the iatrogenic sort of consequences of those dictates. And yeah, I think it, well, short of going back and autopsying all of those excess deaths, I don't think we'll ever know. That's right. That's right. And so my point is with obfuscation of reporting with unreliable data on actual numbers, I would unfortunately remind you that the RSV message has a product right behind it. So I'm sorry, but I don't trust what's coming out from the press about RSV and your comment about where all of our conventional pre mRNA therapeutics, they're still there and they're still available. And I doubt that any parent is going to let a child slip into a serious, you know, start presenting pneumonia, which is much different than a sniffle and not do something about it and just sit around and, you know, clutch their pearls. I don't, I don't trust that. So this message about this sudden relentless creeping doom of new RSV in kids has got to be directly correlated to a push to get children to take a new injection. That's, that's where I look, I just look to, you know, oh, you know, stimulus response. We don't even have to go to the Autobotos model or talk about the Hegelian dialectic. It's just stimulus response. They're, they're trying to scare people to get them to take something. It's the same mechanisms that have been used to get people hungry, to buy their food products, to get them feeling, you know, like, Oh, I'm going to be sexy. So I'll buy that car. It's just media manipulation. It's just marketing. Yeah. Yep. I have no doubt that those that think they've got a new product in the pipeline would be rubbing their hands at this sort of reporting. But I still think that there's something unusual. This is an unusual volume. And I agree. There's something has changed in their physiology. And it's being the message about it, in my opinion, is being exacerbated by folks that want to position parents to get yet another product. And that, well, we know that they want to do the gene transfection as a flu vaccine, RSV. Yeah, I'm, I'm conscious of this. And, you know, it, but that brings to mind that, you know, was there an understanding that mass rollout of COVID vaccinations would lead to this to open more markets in this fashion? I mean, that, that's really dark. It is. And, and here's the deal. I feel you resisting it. And I'll tell you, I like that about you. I like that your heart and mind don't just naturally open up to these really, really horrible possibilities. But unfortunately, I'm going to have to hurt that heart and mind by showing you the empirical evidence that this isn't an idea, a concept, or a whim. It isn't a conspiracy theory from QAnon. It's something that predates any of this technology or our ability to communicate like this globally. It's been around for a long time, and it, it ties to specific approaches, which include vaccinology. So I think maybe getting Spartacus and you and I together on a discussion sometime soon might be good. It's going to be a black pill, but let's not wave our fingers in the air. Let's go to the source material. Let's see how much of it we can thread together, which might demonstrate that it's a narrative, that it's a long-term actual operation versus just someone's, you know, pipe dream about reducing the planetary population. And let's see, let's see how practical we can get that data to tie into WEF or anything like that. Let's, let's get our heads together. Yeah, yeah. I'm all for it, bro. Okay. Well, you know, no doubt this data is going to evolve rapidly. So I imagine within days we'll have more answers. So whenever, whenever you're free, dude. Okay, well, we'll, we'll kick it around in the bunker and, and we'll, we'll nail something down. I've got to go. I've got, I've got a work meeting to jump to, but thanks again for having me this morning. And hey, raccoons, have a good Tuesday. Thank you, Nick. Always a pleasure, bro. All right. I think Nick is out of here. Let's see. Cecil says, whose tonic called it out earliest in my memory that they would roll out mRNA idea of propaganda for all things. Yeah. And look, we know, we know that the Moderna pipeline is looking at all these disease testing pathways, I guess, funding opportunities, not funding, commercial opportunities. But that, that would imply that they've had, or they had some sort of prior knowledge or understanding that the last two years would lead to this new state, that they, they would be in a position to be able to sort of roll out these next, next products. So, so, so dark. All right. I worked in NICU PEDs for spiritual disease and adults. I put people on ventilators, successfully took them off. Medical science has been corrupted. Yeah, I agree. Let's see. Mark says the next generation of virus V vaccine from Pfizer is for pregnant women and women of childbearing age and causes a permanent genetic modification of the unborn child. Oh, damn. It just gets darker and darker. Thank you, mom. Oh, someone says, please get a Nick Spartacus Kevstream ASAP. Yeah, I'll try to make it happen. Let's see. Bill says met platforms oversight board recommended on Tuesday that the company revamp its system exempting high profile users from its rules saying the practice privilege the powerful and allow business interest to influence content decisions. I know what that means. Let's see a link from Mark. Open, please. Pfizer Moderna J&J see respiratory virus RSV as vaccine target. Doses can be given to pregnant women to protect newborns if large studies validate shots this year. Holy shit. After COVID-19 vaccine makers next big target is the respiratory virus that kills up to 500 children a year nationwide and has been among the leading causes of US hospitalizations for decades. Chimpanzee cariesa virus or agent infects nearly everyone at some point causing mild cold like symptoms for most people, but it can lead to serious health problems such as difficulty breathing and pneumonia for infants and older adults. The virus has for decades eluded efforts to develop a vaccine, including a major setback in the 60s. An experimental shot harmed some children in testing RSV is one of the last remaining childhood diseases without an approved vaccine. Now several drug makers are testing shots that infectious disease specialists say show promise at safely preventing RSV disease. Initial development of these vaccines predate the current pandemic, but the rapid success in finding effective COVID-19 vaccines has energized the RSV effort, according to analysts. If large studies underway in tens of thousands of subjects validate safety and effectiveness, Pfizer, J&J, GlaxoSmith clients say they plan to file for regulatory approval later this year. That could lead to one or more of these shots becoming available next year according to companies or analysts. That's a long article. Here it's linked to the Google Drive if people want to read the full document. It seems a very, very wretched business, these vaccines. I don't trust just about anything anymore. Yeah, I hear you. Can't trust any data that you don't collect yourself. Yeah, I agree. You have to have a jaundiced eye looking at this data. I mean, how much is part of the corporate push? It is a factor. But the question was, has the success of the COVID-19 vaccines led to some acquired immune syndrome? Let's hope it's just temporary. I did that one, did that one. Now, a change of tack, folks. As we're now on Rumble, we can have time for we've got some Shaheeds that we can celebrate. So let's see what we've got. An actual Shaheed in Jordan. Jordanian bodybuilder Alaa Tora died of severe heart attack. May God have mercy on him and forgive him. He was the captain of the club in which I was training. We belong to Alaa Akbar. And to him we shall return. Pray for mercy and forgiveness. He was a classy, indecent person. And he prayed for us in the group at the club. Yeah. He looks just like the kind of person that would have a heart attack. We salute that Shaheed for sequestering his carbon. Setting an example. We all should be following. This one is great. It's a bit old, but I wasn't playing it because of YouTube. Virologist Dr. A. Oveta Fuller, who advocated for emergency use authorization of free COVID vaccines has sequested her carbon suddenly from a brief unknown illness. Let's have a listen. We've also learned this evening that Dr. Oveta Fuller has died. She's the internationally renowned virologist from Ann Arbor who was instrumental in securing the emergency use authorizations for the three COVID vaccines. Dr. Fuller passed away yesterday morning after a brief illness that was not COVID related. Alaa Akbar. We salute that Shaheed. Bravely sequestering her carbon. Doing what you haven't done so that the WEF can continue to eat their juicy steaks. Let me see. What other Shaheeds do we have next? Death of Boy 14, three weeks after COVID jab of significant public concern, says the coroner. I believe this might have been in Ireland a little while ago, but yeah. 14 years old. That's the type of Shaheeds. That's up there with Ayatollahs sending the young boys with their little plastic figurines to clear the minefields. We salute that young man. What a Shaheed. What do we have next? Dr. Kevin Pineda passed away at the age of 29. Proudly, proudly showing his Pfizer vaccination card. I can't imagine why he would have passed away, but we salute this Shaheed as well. Praise Alaa that he stepped into the breach when you haven't. Another young, I'm not sure about this, but died suddenly. So sequester the carbon anyway. Doing a bit to make sure that the WEF managed to keep their private jets flying whilst you have to take public transport. We have one more I think. 43 year old Air Force vet Oris Caulfield died suddenly from an aggressive rare cancer after two Pfizer shots and leaves behind four kids and his wife, Jennifer. We can only hope that his family step up as well. Sequester their carbon. Those were under population pressure. We salute them. We salute the Shaheeds. Let's see, what did I have next? Now, this is sort of going along the same lines. So Chris Whitty warns Britain faces prolonged period of excess deaths not caused by COVID due to collateral effects of lockdown. And in this particular article, I'm not going to go into it in depth, but they're talking about increased cancers, increased cardiac events. And those are signals that we're seeing, I want to say globally, but in countries that are, well, I would say should be giving us somewhat accurate data. And again, the question has to be asked, is it just lockdowns? Is it just missing appointments at the doctor? What is the contribution of the vaccines as a precipitating factor in the continued excess death that we're seeing? All right. So Shaheeds aside and blaming excess deaths on the lockdowns now, we're going to get into Andrew Hough. This is not any sort of analysis into his past or anything. This is, please, if you want to have a, how should we say, a deep investigation, go see Mark who's Tonic Live. If you want a deep dive into Andrew Hough, I'm going to state the position at the moment that as far as I'm concerned, he's one of the few people directly linked to the networks that I think is a way to help collapse the whole of this system. And all the time that he's speaking out, I'm going to use that, how should we say, fire down range to move in on the target? And in response to Andrew being, well, he's doing eco health, eco health with the griff links. They don't fucking stop hundreds of millions of DOD dollars and there they are with griff links on their page. Bastards. Anyway, Eco Health Alliance have put out a, I guess, is it press release or a statement? So Eco Health Alliance statement regarding a book by Andrew Hough. Andrew Hough, a former employee of the Eco Health Alliance has published a book entitled The Truth About Wuhan, How I Encovered the Biggest Lie in History. According to press reports, Mr. Hough claims that the COVID-19 pandemic was the result of a lab leak from research conducted by the, with basically, in collaboration with the Eco Health Alliance. Mr. Hough is entitled to his own opinions, but not his own facts. The actual truth about Wuhan is Mr. Hough was employed by Eco Health Alliance from 2014 to 2016. However, reports that he worked at or with the Wuhan Institute of Virology during that time are untrue. He was assigned to a completely different project, working on computer-based algorithms to assess emerging diseases. Mr. Hough alleges that Eco Health Alliance was engaged in gain-of-function research to create SARS-CoV-2. This is not true. Au contraire, Eco Health. I think we have you bang to rights with the diffuse document. Mr. Hough makes a number of other speculations and allegations about the nature of the collaboration between Eco Health Alliance and the Wuhan Institute of Virology. Given that he never worked at or with the Wuhan Institute of Virology, his assertions along these lines cannot be trusted. Mr. Hough claims that SARS-CoV-2 emerged as a lab leak from the Wuhan Institute of Virology based on research conducted there on bat coronaviruses, and further that this research was related to US intelligence-gathering efforts. This is not true. Please don't look at our relationships to Department of Defence. Dr. Francis Collins, then Director of the US National Institutes of Health, issued the following statement on October 20, 2021. NIH wants to set the record straight on NIH-supported research to understand naturally occurring bat coronaviruses at the Wuhan Institute of Virology, funding for a subaward from NIH-granteed Eco Health Alliance. Analysis of public genomic data and other documents from the grantee demonstrate the naturally occurring bat coronaviruses studied under the NIH grant are genetically far distant from SARS-CoV-2, could not possibly have caused the COVID-19 pandemic. Any claims to the contrary are demonstrably false. Again, I would just put that in the context of the diffuse and the words of Peter Daszak saying that they've got hundreds of samples that they wanted to test and put in furin cleavage sites. And again, let me tell you, any scientific proposal that's been submitted, much of the work or at least the first couple of years has been done and you're always looking to springboard ahead to make sure that you've got money. I'm not so sure about that statement from Eco Health there. The scientific evidence today indicates that the virus is likely the result of viral evolution in nature. No, I don't buy that. Potentially jumping directly to humans or fruit and what are they going to link to here? Misinformation. Oh dear. Historically, many viruses have emerged from animals to cause epidemics and pandemics including influenza, Ebola, Zika, West Nile fever, SARS and more. Importantly, after an intensive investigation, agencies in the US intelligence community agreed the virus was not developed as a biological weapon and most agencies assessed that SARS-CoV-2 most likely was not genetically engineered. Oh, we've got an uphill struggle folks. I hope you're listening to this Charles. Mr Huff argues that the origin of COVID-19 is definitely due to a lab leak, yet he provides no scientific evidence to support his case. To the contrary, the emerging consensus based on peer-reviewed scientific studies is that COVID-19 originated through zoonotic spillover. Substantial published scientific evidence indicates that COVID-19 originated via a similar pathway to SARS involving a spillover from bats to immediate animal hosts. Yada yada yada. We've heard it all before and I'm not buying it. Sorry. Sorry. Where's my guilty button? Guilty. Guilty. Guilty. Guilty. Alright, so that brings us to the the final part of this stream, which is this interview between Robert Malone and $25 million Robert Malone and Andrew Huff. And like I say, I'm going to play it because and sit here and make some commentary because I think there are some interesting insights into the the scientific infrastructure that was in place geared towards bio warfare research. And I'm of very strongly of the opinion that that's what we're dealing with. And anyone, anyone who can give us insight into this, I think, at least deserves to be listened to. And the simple fact is, is that Robert Malone and Andrew Huff did work directly with these institutes. So I think it worth listening to this, this interview. I'll begin here. EcoHealth's Predict Partners programs. Whilst this starts, I'm going to just take a quick break. Meta biota, which has a checkered pass. If you go searching out a biota, wait, meta biota, I might just I might just hold off on the wee break there just to listen to about meta biota. What a scumbag, a scumbag organization directly linked to Epstein. Nathan Wolf led that organization and they were in a number of disputes with foreign countries over insurance they were going to provide or informing insurance policies based on their pandemic prediction models, as I recall. Very strange. I think I saved one of my friends who said that you want to go work at meta biota and I told him that you know you don't want to do that while I was working at EcoHealth. But so we have these three organizations and even though that UC Davis was the prime, each organization was always fighting with the other organizations for who can have the most country. So they're all fighting for control of the of the program. And the strange just to say control of the money. Control of the money, yes. So UC Davis School of Vet Med was the prime contractor and you were a subcontractor in this, is that right? Technically, but it was never treated that way. And Dr. Gassack made it a priority for us to do really well at the time so we could have more of the pie, so to speak, which makes sense. What didn't make sense either retrospectively or when I was involved was that there was there were sort of frenemies all the different organizations. So we had to share genetic data or other data that were being collected and put into collective databases. What is very strange was I felt like EcoHealth at least as far as I could tell was the only one that was collecting intelligence for potentially the agency, I guess. But that doesn't mean that Meta biota was too busy collecting young girls. That's reality. It's hard for me to believe that a bunch of academics at UC Davis can be sucked into the intelligence collection activity. And if you look at the countries that EcoHealth Alliance was assigned, they would be the high risk bioterrorism countries or countries that would potentially have bioweapons programs that would be concerned with. And I don't know if that was by design or just random chance. And this was USAID money or this was a biodefense? This was USAID money. So the prime contract was USAID to UC Davis PetMed and then you were technically subs to them? Correct. Okay, cool. And how many other subs? It was EcoHealth and? Well, then once you get to the subs of the subs, that's where it gets really interesting. So once you contract and then once you work through a country like Jordan, for example, then we'd kind of contract usually with a research institution if we could, a university, maybe a ministry of agriculture, a ministry of health or. Okay, so those were your subs, secondary subs, you were the EcoHealth was the prime sub to the School of VetMed? Okay, so the money pipeline goes USAID, School of Veterinary Med, you name the program officer, we can hunt down their academic appointment in their department. And then it goes to EcoHealth for the countries that are higher risk for I'm assuming, let's just say in the various activities, and then you would contract for your surveillance and data gathering activity with in country expertise. So then, so you were you were basically washing USAID money and engaging with useful entities and individuals in those regions. And as I recall from my interactions with various of these players, one of the main objectives is to move towards some sort of general data gathering capability that would allow early warning signals to be detected, suggestive of some regional player messing about with things and causing some cluster of outbreak signal that would have an unusual pattern in terms of various laboratory markers or diagnostic findings that would be potentially picked up through cellular traffic or other types of information feeds. Does that sound about right? That sounds about right. It's a bigger picture of the 10,000 foot level now to the ability that would actually be effective. I don't think it is. I mean, there's a simple way and you're a medical doctor. I mean, the only way that you're going to pick this up is if you clinically diagnose someone and you test something and you find it in a sample using a lot of corollary data, which is after the after the event, so to speak, is not necessarily the best way to collect this type of intelligence. And for the biological samples that they were collecting, they weren't collecting sufficient sample sizes and they weren't systematically or routinely collecting samples through the predict program. I mean, it's almost laughable at the size of the budget. So that's one of your main points is that if this was intended for its purported purpose, it was poorly designed for that. And so you believe or you're suggesting because of the exclusive focus on coronavirus and particularly MERS-like viruses, which at the time everybody was scared silly about in retrospect, you know, in any case, we clearly things have played out otherwise. But so you were you were being engaged to operate. Wow, Maple says, so where he is all around the country have reported the same in schools. Kids keep getting sick over and over. They're deteriorating new onset seizures, cephalages, problems to concentrate. And now we have under 10 year olds dying from heart attacks. I'm beyond pissed. I imagine, dude. Hold in there, bro. In largely the Middle Eastern desert communities that were more politically risky to specifically perform surveillance for MERS-like coronaviruses that may be circulating in those populations in terms of the physical sample collection activity as opposed to the information processing technology over a copy. So my take on that is, well, first of all, I volunteered for the northern North African and Middle Eastern countries based on my combat experience in the Middle East. I knew because of those experiences, I understood the culture where the risks probably could be from actually going going over there and having to do the work and politically how to handle situations because a lot of this, I realized, was just very political. It was very different. And you were at the time, you were so calm or you were army or what? When I was in Iraq. Yeah. So my first deployment, I served in the end of OIF2 and all of OIF3, which would have been the end of 2004, all of 2005 when things were pretty intense and then left at the very end of 2005. You were combat? Oh, you're infantry. You're about to say, OK, OK. So I served in the heat of it. I actually have PTSD. It's I have nightmares and a heightened sense of anxiety from it. But it's sort of a joke that that I think about halfway through a deployment. Forty or forty five percent of my company were on either antidepressants or sleep medications and everybody had issues and nobody was really talking to them talking about that. Everyone started talking about it. So yeah, we actually, you know, I served in the height of it. I get it. So so that's your you're you're kind of got a battlefield experience, cultural awareness, field operational capabilities and that are kind of have to do with your cultural awareness. And so you feel comfortable operating in those theaters. And that was you were tasked with. And that was an unmet need that eco health was helping fulfill. But what how do you what what is your inference about the exclusive focus on the coronavirus collection and how did that operate? Were they going collecting camel poop or blood samples from camel drivers or what was going on there? Well, the first thing that we always do is you look at the budget and you look at the budget and see how much can we accomplish with these funds and how low of a rate can we negotiate with partner? So then right away, viral isolation is very expensive for a sample. So then you start looking at that cost and figuring that into the budget, travel, all these things, the necessary costs. Then you take a look at it and say, well, let's see what we can get. So can we get fecal samples? Can we get sputum or some kind of nasal some kind of nasal swab or any other excretions from the alien? You know, you want to collect as many samples of different types of fluids because you never know you're going to find something. And that's that's a fishing expedition. That's not really surveillance by definition either, because the definition of surveillance is the systematic collection of samples or information to then hopefully get an early warning to prevent something from happening. Well, fishing for going on a global hunt for viruses is not a systematic collection of information. So back to the state admission of what the predict program was and what they're claiming to do. It wasn't doing any of those things. It was simply just collecting information and hunting for viruses. But I can tell you from from working closely with the DITRA bio defense folks, they're not always the sharpest tools in the shed. I'm lost for words. But hey, DITRA are the dimbo's. OK. And they could, you know, they might say hang on. I want to say thank you to someone Australia. Thank you very much. $25. Much, much appreciated. And let's see. That was another one. Someone in Tennessee. Thank you. Much, much appreciate it. Keep the wheels rolling. Keep the lights on in the dojo. They often see their mission space as more pilot program like, not more comprehensive operational. They're they're often trying to prove a concept that then gets passed off to bigger funding. Is that is that comport with your experience? Yeah, absolutely. And it depends on the program manager that gets assigned to your your project. Some program program managers are very much go getters, want to be involved or interested. And some program managers are just passing their time to get a good review on their portfolio so they can make the next lateral movement or advance in Washington, D.C. Howard says, I'm sorry, but you don't get to use military lingo to garner a sense of camaraderie when your fat ass has been sitting behind a desk with nefarious free letter agency and fucked up. What can I say to that? Part of the emerging pandemic threats program. But what became weird was every time we were operating in a different country is that you would get the USAID people in the mission assigned to that country and whatever State Department people were associated with it. So there's a lot of appointees. So it was it was a wide variety of characters. There were a certain leader leadership personnel that were always involved. But depending on which country that shifted dramatically. But I didn't answer your earlier question, Solomon, about the funding and how this ties back into Eco Health Alliance. So there are a number of organizations funding Eco Health Alliance. So private foundations, the Google Foundation, the Skoll Foundation. So a lot of big, big foundations funding one off projects, Google Foundation. Interesting. And just because it's a nonprofit organization does not mean that it's not profitable. So we're actually quite profitable, especially when I started bringing money into the organization. Things were improving profits were increasing at the organization. Well, what does a nonprofit do with basically unrestricted funds? You invest that back into research. And I think Dr. Malone, you'll understand this, but I think a lot of people outside of science don't understand the simple fact. When you submit a proposal to a sponsoring entity, whether that is a drug manufacturer, pharmaceutical industry, the U.S. government agency, we typically already have the first work done in the proposal before you submit it. And if you really. Yes. Yes, yes, yes. And this this is why the the experiments laid out in the diffuse proposal are so important for the public record, because, like I say, any any scientists worth their salt who's been in a position where you've been receiving grants, you know, you're always a year or two ahead of the data that you've submitted, always. And so what that indicates is that what was in diffuse was very, very likely ongoing. Even if it wasn't funded, they still would have done it. They've got institutional funds to carry out that research. They're just fishing for extra. Ideally, you have about the first year of results, if not the first third of the proposed. This interview sponsored by Jill. I'll have you know, Mark, that this this is a geek vape, not a Jill pure, pure as the driven snow. It's going to go there. And the best thing to say, no, I have a friend that is actually three years ahead in his his grant cycle funded. And you become so good at this that there's no easier money or money to obtain or get than the work that you've already completed. And you sort of sit out, you polish it. And then you start to get to this point where you can cut and paste out your proposals. If we research work almost effortlessly and because machine, especially once you get postdocs and other advanced researchers involved, it becomes becomes a game. That the intercept reported through to drastic. We're actually I hadn't been affiliated with drastic at the time, but I was actually independently steering Miranda Devine from New York Post to the same proposal that likely exists and telling her how to find it. So I said, told her to start looking at the proposals and I would look between, you know, a ditch or a DARPA between these years. And he got published at the through the intercept first. And this is key because if you look at the DARPA diffuse proposal and if that work had occurred, that's the exact work that you would do to have an accidental. Salute to Commander Rixi for the diffuse proposal. I think more people need to be mentioning Charles every time the Fuse proposal is mentioned and they don't they don't mention him once in this interview. Intentional release of SARS-CoV-2 in September of 2019. You look at the timeline and the fact that EcoHealth Alliance, like most other successful scientific organizations, work ahead of the proposal. They were probably already a year, two years, maybe three years ahead of the work that they were submitting and asking money for. So your thesis is that EcoHealth was funding the Gain of Function kind of Rube Goldberg that vaccine project prospectively prior to DARPA's proposal evaluation, determined that it was had excessive risk that wasn't mitigated and then subsequently got passed on to Tony. And you know, metaphorically speaking, and that that research was pretty much already in the can. And I heard you mentioned September 2019 as an event date. Why did you pull that particular date out of the hat? Well, actually, it could be earlier, but I have more confidence. So I like to stake my reputation on data than I'm confident. There's no denying that the disease was spreading before the military world games took place in China. And to have the velocity of an outbreak based on the reproductive rate, based on the fact that athletes are reporting that the city is shut down at that time in the world military or military world games take place. They're already in response mode. So you'd actually have to be at least 30 days prior with the R0 or the reproductive rate to get to Wuhan. Yeah, I think it's not very clear in this interview, but what Andrew is saying is that the onset of SARS-CoV-2 was much, much earlier than December. I'm very much in that camp as well. And yeah, where's the medical records and the samples that we could take from those athletes? That would be interesting data to get our hands on. Lockdown at that point in time or another region? I believe it was Wuhan, is my understanding. So that's not true. Jay mentions me in Diffuse all the time. Well, yeah, in the negative, I would like some who are using it in the positive to make sure that you, Charles, you, Nicolà de Rixi are given the appropriate credit. Wuhan was open until after the Chinese New Year. Well, I'd have to take a look. I might be mistaken on that, but I believe it's kind of important. That's important when you put a pin in. So I'll have to double check, but I'm pretty sure as one, I make mistakes. So maybe it's misinformation. I just Google check myself. But athletes reported that the city was a ghost town during the military world games. And there are reports that they were doing testing, et cetera. There was a lot of suspicious activity at that time. And if I remember correctly, there were exercises as well, I want to say just prior to the games around contagion prevention. So again, I do think the military games is a good place to sort of start an investigation. So ghost town doesn't mean lockdown. I know that they didn't lock it because Callahan escaped by boat out of there. And I remember clearly that the lockdown happened after the Chinese New Year because I was shocked at the time because Callahan had alerted me of the threat. And I was, you know, they moved around all over the country and also flew in and out of the United States. Like a scientist, Event 201 was actually after the military games. I want to say November. It was the Wuhan military games, then Event 201, then basically the announcement of the pandemic. Concurrent with the New Year event, which is a major time of population flux. People go back to their home, et cetera. There are leaked documents from Chinese corporations talking about what's happening in Wuhan in early November of 2019. So that would actually then correlate then with what the athletes reported at the military world games. And if you know a communist country like China, it's not really a company that's... Guy River, have you and Charles Rixie ever interviewed George Webb or do you know of his research in journalism work? Yes. I can't say I know George well, but enough to talk to, enough. He came to see me in Texas. I did a short little report with him that he put out on Twitter. And look, I'll say this about George. Sometimes he's unerringly accurate. Sometimes he seems to just... I don't know. I think I get the feeling he can get a bit too carried away in his conclusions. But I will say this. Over the last three years, a lot of his investigations into NATO do kind of ring true. And he was talking about Ukraine long, long before many, many people. And I think for that, he should be given credit. Well, I guess it's the difference between being a scientist and him being a sort of investigative journalist. I tend to err on the side of caution when trying to come to a conclusion. George tends to jump in with both feet. But look, I watch out for work that George does. Like I say, I can't say I agree with all of it, but I've come... Like I say, over the last three years, I've come to think that there's probably more truth than people would give him credit for. That's reporting this. This is like Communist Party communication within... Yeah. Callahan was in country in that region under the cover of his Harvard appointment in the fourth quarter of 2019. So that fits with this timeline. And then he calls me on January 4th saying that this thing is getting out of hand to get my team spun up, which happens to be a DITRA chem biodefense team. I have a hard time believing that. So from a policy, the 10,000 foot level, there's one policy option that you have when you detect an infectious disease outbreak, and that's... It could fizzle out. So what you do is you don't do anything. That's your decision. And you sit back and you watch and you see whether or not the infectious disease outbreak is going to fizzle out. But I firmly believe that the coverup of this began on day one, because that was when the DARPA program manager, or the person who I know is affiliated with Argus Bio contacted me and tried to recruit me into the DARPA program as a program manager unexpectedly. So that date was, you said November? When they tried to recruit me? No, it was September of 2019. September. Okay. And at that point, you were more Middle Eastern centric, and now you're being recruited to industrial China. Is that true? Well, no. So this is the weird thing. So I left the E.C.O. Health Alliance in 2016. Then I became a tenure track professor at Michigan State University. I was in the College of Veterinary Medicine with appointments related to geography and then also human medicine. I served as a hospital epidemiologist. Going on about research, teaching students. Three years go by. Juul Laboratories, the e-cigarette company, finds out about the work that I did at Sandy. I actually did some of the early work on determining whether or not we're evaluating the health effects of nicotine e-vapor products. They give me a financial offer. I can't refuse. I take it. So I move out to California and I'm an executive at Juul. And I got the contact from this woman, an affiliate with Argus Bio, just randomly as I was walking into work. And she gave me the hard press on three different phone calls to take this position. And I declined it. I mean, I was just making too much money. And I didn't want to move back to the Washington, D.C. area. And I really didn't want to have a security clearance again. I mean, I had a security clearance most of my, actually all of my 20s and into my early 30s. I did not want to have to have one again. So that's an interesting tangent. So they're approaching you around the time of the games. September 2019. And your inference is that just based on your knowledge, because at this point you're not working for EcoHealth. I haven't worked in years, yeah. But you're aware of the workflow at EcoHealth. And so you're speculating that from the documents that you've seen subsequently, like the Veritas release by the major from DARPA. By the command of Rixie, I'll have you know. How dare you? You would predict based on the normal business practices at EcoHealth that at the time they submitted that proposal, they would have already completed. Mark says, I get all my best executive job leads from random people in parking lots. Oh, that's funny, bro. Let's say I'm just going to stick with the man is standing up and frowning, frowning banners into their cogs for legal action. I'll take it right now. Our backs are against the wall. And, you know, Charles, you know, very eloquently said that, you know, if we've got whistleblowers, you know, we should sort of be somewhat gentle with them because we need more. We need more whistleblowers. Due to significant fraction of the post-work. And so you're inferring based on that, that they were actively engaged with Wuhan lab. Carl Mastoc says he was a veterinarian, no, or at least did some classes. How did this translate to a job at Jewel? So my understanding is that the work he did at Sandia, is it Los Alamos, was to do with, well, apparently nicotine products, vaping nicotine products. So the maybe that sort of greased the wheels for him to take a position there. And, you know, maybe Andrew likes money. Who doesn't like money? Support the doc, Hit those links. Give the doc, give the doc a penny or two. In the bat vaccine research strategy that's outlined in the proposal that we have a copy of thanks to Veritas. Is that, do I have that right? Thanks to Charles Rixie. And I don't know if I can say his name, but the major in DARPA. Correct. Then I think there's some additional information here. So did I mention that Dr. Dasik came to me looking for advice, whether or not you should work with the CIA? You mentioned that. What was the timeframe? So that was in December. So it's interesting. So in around the holidays in 2015, Dr. Dasik and I were closing up the office late at night. It's a vaping like in the valley. Yes. Yes. 10 o'clock at night walking out. We're in the vestibule. He goes, Andrew, do you mind if I ask you a question? I said, no, Peter, what do you got? And he responds back. He's like, well, I've been approached by somebody from the CIA. And right away I'm like, oh my God, what's he, what's he telling me? Cause my, my, my previous experience in national security and the next thing is, you know, they're sort of interested in a few of the things we're working in. He's like, do you think it's a good idea if I, if I, if I work with them and right away, I'm like, oh my God, what am I going to say to this? And I say, Peter, it never hurts to talk to them. There could be money in it. And he said, okay. He's like, well, you know, I'm going to follow up with them in, you know, in a few weeks and that was sort of it. Making small talk. We get on the elevator, we leave, we walk, walk out the building and I walk him back to his car. He had a parking spot just off 34th street and I lived up on 45th street in New York. Started walking home. I get home and I tell my wife about it and she, you know, she sort of shocked to hear this. And my wife actually worked at San Diego national laboratories, laboratories too. She's a PhD level scientist and um, why would she be shocked? Well, um, she's a, she's a forester, uh, ecologist type person. She, she, she didn't work in the national security side of things. She's not really in our world. Um, she's in the climate for us. That's what I would expect to happen with Peter Dazic and eco health. Um, so then it, well, this is where it gets interesting. Um, is that over the next six weeks, he gives me updates that the conversations with them are going well. He's the CIA is interested in the people that he's working with, the places that we're working, the data we're collecting. And he's telling me this in between executive meetings or the coffee break area when nobody else is around. And I'm like, huh, really? This is interesting. This is an interesting direction for the organization and you know, it's sort of making sense. Now I'm going to skip forward here in the timeline. So after, uh, I started sort of calling BS on what we're being told, um, about, uh, the origin of COVID and when it happened, because I came aware of it in mid December, 2019. Um, I have a friend in the region who's a epidemiologist and he starts telling me where things are going on. I started seeing the videos on the streets. Um, presumably, um, I also have another person in their contact that I speak with or communicate with in a professional forum who I've never met. It was sort of saying the same thing. So I decided to go pull a satellite, um, pollutant data, uh, for, uh, PM 2.5 and, and look at to see what the air quality looks like. And I overlaid that with known crematoriums, uh, in the region. And it looks like these things are operating in an overdrive 24 seven. And I'm like, holy crap. This is, this is the next big one. Uh, December of 2019. So of course, you know, I'm actually start freaking out about this and like, holy crap, how's this not in the government? You know, excuse me, how does this not in the media? How's this not in the media? And, um, I'm becoming more concerned because now I'm watching and looking at this and looking at alternative news and media sources. Um, and I think this is the next big one. I, I bet on so much. I get out of my lease early in California and panic by a house in the upper peninsula of Michigan. My wife was still a professor at Michigan state university. I get a house off the grid. I buy six months worth of food, MREs and a stockpile stuff for whatever's coming. I get full face, face respirators for two years from the family, not knowing what's happening, but knowing, knowing that something's coming and we move up here in February, late February, early March of 2020. And I feel like we've escaped at least what could happen in the urban populations, especially in California, none of the stories lining up. And then I started to investigate my own records and, uh, and equal health, because I knew that equal health had been doing the work in Wuhan. And the fact that they were communicating over this period of time that this disease that are emerging in a wet market was BS. So, you know, typically the type of place that we're concerned with this, uh, with this, this type of emergence or infectious disease emergence are live animal markets and live animal markets are within the definition of wet market. And it was a sly move by the, whoever's doing the messaging to say that this, this emerged in a wet market. And then I looked at the pictures of this, the seafood market, typically wet market means seafood market. It looks like a clean place that I would eat. And I've actually ate at some of the really disgusting live animal markets in third world countries. And I'm looking at this and this doesn't look right. I can't find any pictures of bats or, or the other types of animals or the ecological niche that's been created for this disease emergence. It's just, it's just not adding up. And from day one, I'm like, this is a lab leak, this is a lab leak. I've been telling all my friends that, but I'm not going super public. This is, this is circa January, February. You're saying this correct. Okay. And so then I started digging through my records, um, in later about June of, um, 20, I guess it was 2020. And I discovered the incutel proposal that Peter Daszak had me add slides to. And now going back in my timeline and you're, and you're fully aware of what incutel is. Yes. I pitched my own company to incutel, my startup company. So I'm fully aware of it. Oh, and it even gets crazier than this. So what's the timeline for the, what's the timeframe for the incutel? You're going to put this together right away. October of 2015. Okay. So then I, then Peter comes to me. So you have, you have, okay. So the Peter comes to you after that or before that? After that. Okay. So the incutel documents are the, uh, camel's nose for the agency who's now interacting with Peter. And then fast forward. Um, look, I, I do remember seeing the, um, data that would indicate that there was, I don't know, how should we say bodies being disposed and, you know, the city was supposedly on lockdown and yeah, we saw all these, uh, clouds. I don't know. I don't know how much you can put faith in that data, but I remember seeing at the time. 2019 fall. Um, and also, also the boxes, the piles and piles of boxes of ashes. Looks like the shit at the fan starting September, uh, signal gets really strong in December. Um, I get called January 4th, uh, Callahan had been there ostensibly and under the guise of his Harvard appointment, by the way, David Hone, who's the chief medical or chief scientific officer for, uh, did your chem biodefense called me, uh, not the sharpest tool in the shed, apparently, as I mentioned in Bobby's book and told me specifically, we had nobody in country at that time. And Michael Callahan is lying. Uh, and I should stop talking about it. So that was about as clear a signal that, uh, all of the above was false. Um, as I've ever heard now, Michael told me, uh, late January, when I asked him about the lab leak hypothesis, he said that our people have been all over this virus and there's absolutely no signs of any genetic manipulation associated with it. Well, that's a lot. Uh, yeah, I beg to differ on that one. So that, right. So that's clearly, and Michael is a very skilled liar by the way, of course. And I've met many of them. The funny thing is, like I said, getting to this point in my career, now in retrospect, I didn't realize how, how, how many of them they there were in my proximity and all these things that had been working on my whole life. I actually believe that I was being soft recruited probably, um, since I was a PhD student. And I came to that conclusion actually, after speaking with RFK junior on the telephone, he sends me a copy of his book. I read it and I read the last chapter and I'm like, I know all the people. And then I look at the timeline of my, my mentors connections to these people and, um, I can believe it. And I called up one of my mentors, a Colonel John Hoffman. He helped stand up to the department of Homeland security after 9 11. And I asked him, Really? I'd like a few words with that gentleman. I'm like, what are the odds? Do you think that the CIA has actually been actually trying to recruit me for all these years? Maybe I was just too stupid to go or too smart to go jump through the hoop. And he started laughing. He's like, Andrew, you're the exact person they want to recruit. And it just sort of clicked. I don't know. So my reaction is to that, to that is where did you get that bumbling incompetent company storyline? Um, uh, there's no question in my mind that the, uh, um, the, the logic laid out in the bid, uh, to DARPA that Veritas revealed, uh, Charles Rixey, sir. Charles Rixey. Sounds exactly like the kind of logic that I used to hear from my old colleagues at UC Davis that were involved in HIV, S I V chimeric research involving insertion of human cytokines into the recombinants to make them more pathogenic because they were frustrated that they couldn't get monkey disease in the way that they thought they should be able to get it. So this kind of hubristic, uh, you know, we are the chosen and we can do whatever we want to do and not really questioning the logic. Uh, when I, when I read the bid, the proposal and the associated documents, uh, from that, uh, DARPA release from the major, what I read sounded entirely, uh, likely as somebody who reviews grants and contracts, uh, it, it, that kind of squishy thinking, um, uh, uh, you know, that, that we can come up with this, uh, logic of, uh, boxing and the ability of the virus to evolve. That's exactly the way these guys think. So I, I, you know, they're the DITRA, as I mentioned before, DITRA is not, um, they're not the sharpest tools in the shed typically. And, uh, and this kind of, uh, goofy, uh, fuzzy thinking, um, uh, I think is entirely consistent with the type of people that I've known. And I, and I, so maybe I'm casting shade and you're interpreting it as indication of a, uh, bumbling incompetent organization. No, I'm just saying that, um, the scientific logic behind this type of strategy is consistent with what I've, uh, observed in the past and seemed entirely plausible to me. So I personally believe that those documents are real. And by the way, I do have the major's phone number. I just have not called him because I didn't want to intrude, but, um, he's a real person. Uh, the, uh, um, uh, but I, I, uh, I always assumed that DASEC and eco health, uh, were, um, were one of the entities, uh, employed by, uh, the IC and, and, uh, that world, uh, to do this kind of work. They, their behavior and logic and thought and, uh, text is entirely consistent that, um, uh, the intelligence community has invested in virus isolation for decades and decades and decades. That's, uh, um. I think that's a critical point. And you know, this is, this is why I love speaking to Nick so much is that these aren't, SARS didn't just emerge out of nowhere. There's like I say, a long, long dark history, uh, that brought us to this point. And we, we have to get a handle on it. It, it, it, it's a cancer that's just been fueled by high pressure, money hose. And you know, look, I get that people are, have, not contrary, have perceptions of Robert Malone and Andrew half that because of their associations, make them less than reliable witnesses is the wrong word, but well, whistleblowers, they're acting as whistleblowers and I'm, I'm prepared to listen to them, to see how far it is that they want to go. And you know, it doesn't stop at eco health. It goes into all of these programs, DITRA, DARPA, DOD, all the corporations around them. They all need weeding out. I mean, Spark has, has made us the map. Uh, Mark has given us the encyclopedic library. Um, let's go clean house and let's make sure that these people, because these people are involved in, in the, uh, surveillance state that's being pulled out, constructed in front of us. And I, I'm telling you how we have very, very little time in which to be able to, uh, effectively push back and maybe too late already, but this may be the best that we've got. Zika was, uh, isolated through one of those programs and often it's USAID money that's behind it. There's, uh, reveal documents going back. I mean, they've been, they've been monitoring Africa and African jungles for emergent viruses for years and years and years and tracking virus flux in bird, migrant bird populations. All this kind of stuff is right dead center within their real house. What they've done is over time now added these additional, uh, um, information technology based, uh, signal processing capabilities. And Argus was the prototype for trying to, uh, enable that where you brought in other data streams in addition to the kind of just more typical surveillance part of that surveillance historically was done through the Smithsonian, by the way, using surrogates. Uh, so somewhat akin to how we're suggesting that eco health is operating. So I, what I hear now, um, I'm going to take a different view. Okay. That I think in this day and age, uh, they're being a little, a little selective about the capabilities. And I think that's exemplified by what we see in Ukraine, where I think that the modern approach to bio warfare is geared around incapacitating agents. And what they're trying to do is to find pathogens, local pathogens that they could modify in such a way that it makes it very, very difficult to track that something, something has changed in the environment such that you can unleash your ticks, your mosquitoes, your drone sprays, and then, and then you go in and send in your operation with countermeasures on board. And then you, you come out and, um, I want to see them. I would like validation of, of if that's a possibility, because it seems a very, very, um, tangible, um, research and particularly, uh, an offensive capability. And again, it's, it's just camouflaged in the sort of eco, uh, green type, um, projects that they, that they push to the public. Um, I'd like to speak to these two. You know, I've got, I've got questions that I would like to be asking them. I don't care about Robert Malone's mRNA. Um, I want to know what he knows about the, the structure and operational capabilities of these programs that would be looking for, as I say, um, incapacitating agents and their, um, their, their ability to control them and leverage them to their advantage. That's where, that's where I think these programs were heading or have headed. And I've got a feeling it's kind of blown up in their face. Here is, uh, everything rings true to me. What I don't hear is anything so far other than the, the documentation of, uh, involvement with the CIA's investment fund. That's new news. Um, the timeline of September, uh, in, in, uh, preceding years leading up to that, that's new information to me. Sounds like that's more robust than what we've had before. That's correctly correlated by blood donation samples in the United States that, that actually would indicate, um, the disease was circling, circulating in the United States in December of 2019. So you can do the math based on travel data and the epidemiology that puts it back before at least November or potentially September of 2019. Yeah. So, so it all, that, those, that timeline all seems reasonable, uh, um, for, for what it's worth. I, I, um, you know, it sounds like what you bring to the table that's new knowledge is your repository of documents up to, uh, 16 when you departed the company. And then these, uh, sounds like somewhat frantic attempts to recruit you, uh, around the time of, of the presumed, uh, crossover event or leak event. I'm, I'm completely there that, that this, I've already, you know, I've already spoken about it publicly multiple times. The, the, uh, reveal from the DARPA proposal from eco health finally dropped in the last brick in, in the logic train that I was missing, which is why the heck would they be messing around with this? Because the various claims like the Chinese dissident, that this was just the PRC messing about, uh, building a bio weapon for world domination just seemed a little too, uh, convenient. Um, but the, but the logic of, oh, we're, we're going to develop an aerosolized bat vaccine that would constrain the ability of a, uh, related coronavirus to evolve to become more pathogenic and humans. That sounds plausible to me, like not that it would be a good idea, but that it would be the kind of idea that these types of folks would try to advance. Okay. So I asked, uh, my DITRA GS 14 level buddy, um, and hone is GS 15, by the way, uh, just so we're calibrating things and how does somebody I've known since he was postdoc, he stayed in my house. I've stayed in his house. I knew his ex-wife, his current wife stayed on our farm, you know, for too long. I know about their domestic squabbles. I know too much. Um, uh, but this GS 14 level person, I asked him about this and I said, I advised him because I've been asked by David home to mentor him. And, and I told him, you better keep your hands off of anything that has got, uh, the touches this eco health situation in any way, shape or form, because it's going to eventually blow up and bite you. Um, and he said, I asked it, he said, it's not within our division can bio-defense is what he said. He said, we're continuing to fund the Wuhan lab, but it's coming through the threat mitigation branch, which is a, it's one of their big splits threat mitigation, as you know, well, uh, has to do with the old, uh, uh, what was his name? Andrew, I forget his last name, uh, initiative where he went into the Soviet Union and bought the loose nukes, which is kind of what gave Detroit its Genesis. Oh, Andrew Webber, Andrew, we've sold everything with Mr. And a Webber, um, so, uh, threatening, what he said was the threat mitigation branches is as ongoing funding with the Wuhan lab. And the intention is by putting them on the payroll, um, they are going to reduce the risks that these Chinese scientists get engaged in. Uh, we'll just call it nefarious acts. Um, and, uh, that they'll be able to maintain some sort of a connection and I guess monitoring surveillance in some way. I, when I listened to this, I thought it was grossly naive because, uh, we're, we're, we're, we're dealing with the PRC. Um, that is not the former Soviet Union. And my sense was that what it sounded to me like the logic that was being advanced there was, um, based on, uh, a program, a historic program success. That's a little bit legendary within DITRA, um, uh, in a, in a field environment of, uh, the collapse of the union. Um, and they're applying the same logic to, uh, the situation in the people's Republic and it's a completely different political landscape. Uh, but that, that was the explanation I was given, you know, whether or not, and this is from an individual that, um, is a LDS church member and generally pretty straight arrow, kind of a guy that, that my experience is he doesn't lie. He'll manipulate things a little bit, um, for, uh, you know, program. All these liars, all these people with domestic troubles, uh, starting to sound a bit, uh, a bit like a soap opera. But, uh, I doubt that he was directly lying to me. So he had said that the funding continues and that it was being routed through threat mitigation and to Wuhan lab. But I thought Wuhan lab was actually built the modern building by us contractor. Uh, did I, did I get that wrong or right? Wrong. It was built by the French and, uh, what's the company? Sanofi, Sanofi, Avantis. And, uh, who's the, and the guy went to, uh, Moderna, right? Oh, that's a mark question. The French built it, built it, built the laboratory. And after the French were kicked out, um, the American program stepped in and I agree with your, your assessment, um, sort of the history behind probably Dittre's involvement at the laboratory. I came to a conclusion that's a little different though. I looked at it this way and it's a very simple question. Why on earth would the Chinese ever allow us into that laboratory? So if they're doing bioweapons development, they have their, they have their own program where they do not need our money. I mean, the Chinese government, and that's the whole student about a lot of how people have ignored this problem. I think do what they do need is our advanced biotechnology and they need our training. And when I look at this end of the day, this looks like an exchange for biotechnology for access to their laboratory. And the problem with that is if it's failed already once, the example of SARS-CoV-2's emergence, it's going to, it's going to happen. It's going to fail again. And a lot of that training gets routed through Harvard in my experience. And that's the importance of Michael's appointment. So what Michael told me was they have a very active cultural at basically. Home to Jeffrey Epstein and an office there. The academic exchange program that's run through Harvard. And it works for both sides. His agency gets access. By the way, the other day a New York Times reporter that was in our house that we later learned is in the disinformation beat. I mentioned to her, so that's already suspect. I mentioned to her the story of a CIA officer and she immediately corrected me and said, X CIA officer, which just rang my bells. You know, cause that was too precise a knowledge for somebody who's not otherwise connected with the IC. And that's exactly, you know, under kind of a mockingbird environment, that's exactly the type of position that you'd expect it to be involved. So I think that what Michael said was they had this very active exchange program and that it worked for both sides. The Chinese scientists got the benefit in terms of their promotion and tenure within their system of having the impronter have spent time at Harvard. And then from our side, we got access and intelligence in country, which is what Michael was actively collecting at the time when he was there. So that's, that's the, that's my understanding of that little ecosystem is, is, and it's entirely consistent with your thesis. And we know that there's a lot of that flux of technical know-how, often through Harvard, through a variety of different programs. So that all fits your, your, your thesis about what the quid pro quo was from their side. And it could well be that Ditra, in my experience, is a little goofy, a little naive. And so, you know, if there's goofy here, it may be more in the Ditra side than in the EcoHealth Alliance side. Well, and I think there's a lot of goofy to go, go around to the different government agencies that are all on the periphery of this. And when I've been at the cocktail parties in Washington, D.C., and you have people from HHS, CDC, Alphabets, Department of Defense, Ditra, I'm probably leaving other agencies, or even the White House, for example, there's a lot of ditzy. And you can tell that there's a lot of people, it's just the typical, you know, the type of They'd barter there as well. And again, to me, this is indicative of that these networks are very wide, the, the, the organizations, the people involved, and we have to crack it open somehow. And if this, if this is a way to sort of knock out some of the foundations and plant in some demolition charges, then, you know, I'm, I'm all for it. And, but we shouldn't forget the, I don't know, peripheral is probably the, the wrong, the wrong word. But the, the whole system has been geared towards this surveillance, surveillance, development of incapacitation agents, and, yeah, it's the countermeasures as well, because the pharmaceutical side, it's, it's all very suspect. And so if these, if these guys are prepared to speak about it, and we can pass that information and look through it, and I'm, I'm gonna take it. I think it's a technocratic elite where people are trying to get their next job promotion. They're not really thinking about the consequences of the program that they're putting into action. Absolutely. Or, or, or the, the, the, the, how effective that program will be, or the second or third order consequences. I think the reason why I'm good in my field as a scientist was because of my military background. Well, you're always thinking of the what-if scenario as your multiple scenario planning, and then you're planning contingencies on contingencies when inevitably everything goes to crap. Which is not how most of those people think. No, absolutely. And they, they think of, well, I just need to check my box. We need to do this. We need to check the box and move on to the next thing. It's about box check. Absolutely. Yeah. It's not about, it's not about actually concerning about the consequences of the actions. And I think there's a real problem in the United States with how we view our relationship with the Chinese. It's a very abusive relationship. And we keep trying to be a scientific diplomat, at least, and go back and have a constructive relationship. Yeah, it's grossly naive. Yeah, but, but they keep taking advantage, and it's grossly naive. And from my mentors, military, non-military, we understood that very well, but we keep selling ourselves back out to them, but we're getting played over and over again. And my worst fear is that the Chinese either intentionally released this and made it look like an accident, you know, for the quote unquote great research. And that's, that's, that's conspiracy theory, right? But there definitely seems to be evidence which supports that. But, and I'm not even there yet, but- Oh, we'll bring him up to speed. Don't worry. It doesn't seem like- My working, my working hypothesis, having been a primary center investigator, in remembering that respiratory syncytial virus is likely to have been a Silver Springs crossover event into a technician from a monkey colony. These kinds of crossover events happen. Oh, absolutely. Ralph Barrett's- Syncytial virus is likely- Made it look like an accident. He's talking about RSV there, and letting slip. It's chimpanzee carizovirus. Yeah. And then, you know, for the quote unquote great research, that's, that's, that's conspiracy theory, right? But there definitely seems to be evidence which supports that. But, and I'm not even there yet, but it doesn't seem like- My working, my working hypothesis, having been a primary center investigator, in remembering that respiratory syncytial virus is likely to have been a Silver Springs crossover event into a technician from a monkey colony. These kinds of crossover events happen. Oh, absolutely. Which is different to what Nick is saying, that RSV was probably the product of the tissue processing and maybe its use as a vaccine type intervention. Robert Malone seems to be implying that it was a zoonotic leap, I think. And we'd say at Ralph Barrett's laboratory in 2003 or 2004. Yeah. So, so that's my working hypothesis is either number one, a animal got sold out the back door. But now that I've seen the facility, that seems, the pictures I used to see in the facility made it look like it was second rate. But the pictures that I've seen more recently about the facility make it look like it's a, it's a premium property. And so that doesn't fit with the technician is selling a monkey out the back door in it. Then I got to go to the technician becomes inadvertently infected as the more, you know, if this is an intentional nefarious release, it had huge damage on their economics. So that's in the concerted effort to deny it, a wallet spreading within their population. One of the other things that Callahan told me was the Chinese investment in PCR surveillance was massive in specifically targeting at coronaviruses. Now you're suggesting that- Well, there's like a threshold set, too. I have no idea. He knows, though. But I'm also sure that he won't take my call anymore. Although I do have his number in my Rolodex. So that was his position was that they had made a massive, massive investment in surveillance capability, specifically around corona, consequent to SARS-1, and that they were aware of this as it was brewing. But clearly there was a concerted effort in the logic that's been promoted. It was local apparatchiks that didn't want to get blowback from Beijing that were sitting on the data and trying to hide it because it would mean that they had failed in one of their major responsibilities consequent to all this investment. That was the story that Callahan told me back in the day. Gain-of-function research is a major research thread. But in fact, what it is, is a standard laboratory technique in virology that has pervaded the entire system. It's also become more normalized since 2014. The gain-of-function work, this is my big problem with it, is that you can't have, at least with the dual use of a researcher concern, you can't have a definition of something that enhances the transmissibility and pathogenicity about the virulence of the agent. You treat it in a peaceful manner, but it's also going to be used as a bioweapon. Because if those two Venn diagrams overlap, you always have to treat it like a bioweapon because you never know when someone's going to go wrong. This is what I've been saying all the time. Until we can clear off the table any suspicion that we're dealing with biowarfare agents, etc., that has to be the priority. The problem is there's way, way too much overlap. You're obligated. You're obligated to maintain your line of research and investigation down that line. Roger, something's going to go wrong. This is why it's classified, the dual-function. That's why they put everything that was dual-function under wraps. Why a lot of the dual-function money is black. CDC used to be doing data function research with H1N1. This has become a standard way. It's a fun way for a virologist to get a bucks for tinkering. You can do this through forced evolution, or you can do it through molecular modification. But to tinker with a virus, to figure out what makes it more pathogenic in filling the blank species, can be justified as a way to identify risk so that one can mitigate that risk, which is essentially the logic of the bat vaccine strategy is threat mitigation. You can justify it in other ways. One of the things, Saul, and I don't know, we haven't touched on that, but I think I've spoken to you previously, there's a huge hole in the Biowarefare Treaty, which is that anything that is not lethal in capacitating agents are allowed. In my world, this is well known. Absolutely. If it's dual-use and it goes under the black budget, that means that you've got a whole other pot of money you can pull off. There's a bigger logical problem with why would you gain a function? The idea is that they always sell and they try to pitch it. Peter was doing this at Equal Alliance, and he's recording and saying is that we want to try to figure out if we manipulate these viruses in a way that makes them more transmissible or makes them nasty in some way, then we can build a vaccine or a countermeasure to mitigate the risk. Why that is false logic though is that if we're not doing gain of function work, then viruses and pathogens are naturally emergent. If you look at the history of viral or pathogen emergence, it typically does not happen the same way that humans do gain of function. That's a false premise of the logic of why we do gain of function work, and that's why I've been opposed to it. It doesn't follow viral evolution theory, and the theory is backed up by hard facts of data collected over centuries. If you take that same logic and you look at the evidence for SARS-CoV-2 being a lab leak, the furrowing cleavage site is a perfect example of something that would only be manmade because it wasn't found in beta coronaviruses. I think the argument that I'm making here holds water. The other thing that Hapfield pointed out yesterday when I saw his slide deck is just below the furrowing cleavage site is a superantigen domain that seems to be engineered, that looks like it's derived from one of the binary agents that we had developed that some in this world described to mean the true thing that stopped the Soviet Union. As Charles has pointed out, and we've had those, I think he said, since the 50s. Because it would make it so the tank commanders would die before they would hit the channel. So I just wanted to put the marker there that at least Stephen believes that there's a superantigen that was engineered into that thing also. But I agree. The other thread, though, I think is a very human one. So I'm not convinced that. So for instance, the alpha virus story just smacks of, I don't want to say bioware, well, it is biowarefare, biowarefare that is compliant. Say it. Say it. Yes. Look at the truth out of them. With the treaty, incapacitating agent development is kind of what the alpha virus story seems to be all about in my experience. And as this thing emerged, I've said repeatedly, it looks like it is to a significant extent would meet the criteria for being an incapacitating agent. So what I think is, in my own construct, having a long term one. So folks, covert moral bio enhancement is in the eye of the beholder. If they can inflict on you some long term neurological damage, then you've been enhanced. Been in this world as you have been, but at the bench level. There's a lot of these folks, there's a certain hubris of believing that one is of an elite that deserves or is entitled to work at this cutting edge of virology, say it can be a real engine for academic work. To be able to say that you have this particular mutation will cause that particular phenotype. It is a huge engine for high profile academic thought leader research. And a lot of these folks seem to feel entitled to mess about with these things like that. Yeah. So I think you're asking about surveillance. Here's the problem. Once you have an infectious disease outbreak occurs, you have an index patient, you have some sustained transmission, you're already tracing your tail trying to figure out what's going on. And the problem is the response team or government entity might not know that they're walking into a bioweapon situation because you can't tell because all you're seeing are the people showing up at hospitals with an illness. So you have no idea what the intent of that was or whether or not it was naturally emerging. And that's where you have to have a government agency or entity has to collect intelligence on their enemies to understand whether there's a motive or a tent or something's happening. Because once the release happens, then you're instantly in response mode. And there are certain agents that would immediately signal that. Andrew is live on Alex Jones. I don't know if they got into Dr. Budasic, but I mean, do you know how ridiculous it is that the leader of NIAID, the guy who funds all the gain of function work doesn't know who their best world famous virologist is and you can't remember who he is? I mean, this is the insanity of what we're dealing with. And, you know, we're really dealing with a big problem in our country. It's the unit party. Democrats or Republicans do not want to touch this. It's toxic. And a big reason why they don't want to do that is here's another fact. The SARS-CoV-2 agent and the mRNA medical countermeasure, the vaccine as they call it, it's not a vaccine, were co-developed. That's in the book. It was patented by Ralph Baric, Moderna and a number of other U.S. government scientists. So you have to ask yourself, you know, when the hell is this insanity going to stop? I mean, we have to do something about it. That's why I wrote the book. And, you know, I realized the side hop that's been going on against the American people is this. They try to confuse this whole discussion about the origin of SARS-CoV-2 or COVID by talking about this detailed minutiae of virology. So I actually became friends with Robert F. Kennedy Jr. He called me up and it was a really interesting conversation. He said, you know, I heard that you're from E. Colton Alliance. You work in all these places. I hear that you're getting harassed by the CIA. My family and I have really interesting history with the CIA. And it blew my mind. And so he sent me an autographed copy of his book, told me to read it. And, you know, he covers everything so well there. I realized they've been bogging everyone down with the detailed technical minutiae of virology. So nobody can understand it. I mean, people at my level can barely understand a lot of the technical detail. It actually takes me some time to read through these virology papers. So what I do in this book is I break it down in layman terms so that a high school student can understand what has happened here. And I firmly believe if we can make every American understand, and, you know, I'm an educator, I love teaching, I want everyone to be able to understand, then we can prevent this from ever happening again. And that's really my goal here.

It's just incredible. And you've got so much courage. But what I get from this at first, you were just trying to be helpful. And then they came after you and describe some of that harassment for folks that don't know what this is like.

Yeah, it was really strange. I mean, so the first thing that happens is the military grade quadcopter drones are hovering around my house. And I get really freaked out about this. I mean, I live in a remote area. And my driveway is a mile long. I live in the upper peninsula of Michigan. It's one of the most remote areas of lower 48. Everyone speculates that I moved here to run from the deep state. And the reality is, I'm still connected to a lot of people in the deep state. I mean, I worked with these people for years. Some of them are great scientists, not all the bureaucrats bad, some are terrible, obviously. So that's what's happening. And, um, you know, I go to law enforcement, we call it up, uh, call up the local, uh, sheriff's department, state police, and they verify seeing all these weird drones out here, people out hunting in my neighbor, see all these drones and, um, it just continues to escalate. Then I start getting followed, followed by teams of people everywhere I go, complex tailing operations, five to 10 vehicles. And you know, there's a crazy moment that happens and it's in the book. I think it's around December 12th is a specific date. The U S government hovers a coast guard and helicopter over my house. I snap a picture of it. And I started laughing because at first I thought maybe I'm like, this is, you know, contractors, you know, hired by the Chinese or what happens in these situations is that the U S government will sometimes work with foreign intelligence agencies to conduct illegal domestic operations. This is well documented, but no, it's actually the U S government doing these things. And, you know, I started experiencing hacks on my devices. My wife, um, every, we started experiencing these hacks, probably at a rate of every two weeks. So I'm spending a fair amount of time just trying to keep a computer, you know, a network operational devices operational. They try to delete and wipe all my equal lines records, which I just posted on Twitter. I saved it for this big moment so I could release those today. Uh, so your audience should go check those out and download those. And they want to see the original, the ties to the Rockefeller foundation, the Google foundation, uh, welcome trust. Um, I mean, it's just some really damn stuff. Meta biota, which has ties to Hunter Biden on radio, tell people your Twitter address, uh, A G H U F F A G Huff. There it is. And let's scroll through that show viewers. This is incredible. Please continue.

So, you know, it continues to escalate. So I finally realized that my only way out of this, cause I actually really feared for my life. I didn't know whether or not they were going to try to put a hit on me. Um, it's just hard to know because you can't figure it out. So I'm contacted or approached by a number of people. Some are probably, um, intelligence assets. I actually, some of my identify, you know, so I can trace some of this back to the FBI, the defense intelligence agency, the department of Homeland security. I mean, I'll have a little bit soup of, uh, agencies they went to and they actually, actually partnered up with the Michigan state police. Um, fast forwarding through this story, that harassment has continued to escalate. They actually backdoored my security system on my house and I figured out how they did it. It was a closed system. I put it in after all this harassment started happening. They dumped, they did some real petty stuff. They dumped acid in my wood boiler. I had a new, um, high efficiency wood boiler installed. They dumped acid in the tank. Stay there. This is incredible. And then let's come back and talk about what it is you discovered and how you've reverse engineered what really happened. This is incredible. We got to get you back again too. Wow. Cause we need to really promote this. This is huge. We'll be right back. I am asking your help in the tremendous task of informing and alerting the American people. Well, we are opposed around the world by a monolithic and ruthless conspiracy that relies primarily on covert means, on infiltration instead of invasion. We have all the money in the world, all the power you need. What's the point? What's the end goal? We said the end goal is to get everybody shipped to control the whole society.

I know he's your friend, but I don't care.

That's We were going in a direction that was irreversible. This was not an election. This was a revolution. This was irregular warfare at its finest. We have what we call citizen journalists. We have an army of digital soldiers. You're here because you've made a decision about something in your life. You can't sit back. You have a responsibility. We must. You have to. You have to fight for this country. This is going to be better than ever. This is going to be better than ever. Leading a frontal assault on the lies of the New World Order. It's Alex Jones from the front lines of the information war. It's Alex Jones. Well, we have the former vice president and the head of their operations, Dr. Andrew Huff on. This is the whistleblower of whistleblowers and so much the intel we got the last two and a half years came from him, but he was behind the scenes and went through incredible harassment. Now he's got a book that is now out, the truth about Wuhan from Skyhorse destined to be a best sheller, how I uncovered the biggest lie in history, Dr. Andrew G Huff, former eco health alliance, vice president and senior scientists. This is the guy that sent the document reports to the Senate committees. This is the guy that got massively harassed for it. And now he is standing tall, fighting harder than ever. So we're finishing up with the harassment. Then let's get into what they don't want us to know. How you reverse engineered this, working in these labs, what you know, they really did and where this is all going, doctor. Well, I didn't reverse engineer anything. And that's, that's the whole stupidity of this situation. And this is what the book looks like for the people who want to buy it. Nice and shiny. Um, you know, and it's sad that it got to this point. So the, there were a number of peer reviewed publications that came out recently that look at this from like a Bayesian or statistical approach, which say, what's the probability of this occurring in nature? And there is no chance it's highly improbable is one in the billions that this would, this could emerge from nature. Now if you go back, then you look at some of the other publications that came out over the past year, really, since, you know, they started clamping down on me. So the funny part here is if they would let me come forward a year ago, this story wouldn't have been as big because other scientists who did some great work prove that a certain aspects of the genetics of the SARS-CoV-2 virus had been patented by the likes of Moderna, NIH and Dr. Ralph Baric. So think about this. They go out and they surveil and they look at scientists, look at the disease that's circulating the planet, okay, after it emerges. And then they look at the genetics of it using some, something called BLAST. And then they find perfect matches to specific sequences that have also been patented back in 2015, 2014. And that tells you everything right there. It shows that the agent SARS-CoV-2 and the, um, the medical countermeasure, the vaccine were co-developed together. And that's typically what happens, um, in bioweapons programs. I get that question a lot. So they're, they're like, you know, people ask me, is, is this a bioweapon? Well, not in the traditional sense. So when you want to use a bioweapon, if you're a state sponsored actor or military, you want to use it to knock out, debilitate your enemy. And, you know, if this is a bioweapon, it's not a very good one, but it could be used for a new type of asymmetrical warfare where it could be used to stoke fear, like in terrorism, or economically. Um, I don't believe that it can be used as the pretext for lockdowns and the, the great reset. Exactly. And, and why that's so interesting is that, you know, people come to me like, oh, this is all a big part of the master plan. Well, um, maybe some people had, had this as part of their master plan, but I don't think all the players were on board and that's why they have this event 201. Um, you know, one of the things I talk about in the book is that the epidemiology of this disease is clear. This, this infectious disease emerged in late August or early September of 2019. That was months before the U S government told everyone what was going on here. Um, and I didn't do that work. Other scientists did that work, but I went and looked at it. It's excellent. And it was replicated in other people independently to different studies, which were correlated or validated the other people's work. So this is all rock solid scientists that had been done by science, by the, by the global community. You know, a lot of scientists who, you know, we weren't all bad, some of us really did the right thing. So give us the bottom line then. I mean, obviously it was made of a composite, a chimeric virus of a bunch of already patented strains. They've been lying about it. Senator Paul's on it. He's got your information. What do we need to know about this and where this is going? Well, I don't know where it's going. Hopefully, you know, I'm sending, you know, hopefully what happens is we're sending Dr. Anthony Fauci to prison. Hopefully we send Dr. Ralph Barrett to prison. I hope we send Dr. Dasik to prison because that's what they all deserve to be. I mean, this is the biggest, biggest scam, travesty that's ever happened to humanity. And I can understand why the Chinese government, the communist party and the US government tried to cover this up because it's terrible. But if you want to have these key people making stupid decisions, one after another, just to fuel their own greed, we wouldn't have millions of deaths around the planet. We want to have these lockdowns and the fact that our governments then go along with these globalist type people like the World Economic Foundation, Klaus Schwab, these maniacs. I mean, it's just insane. The whole premise of our freedoms being restricted and taken away to prevent this disease from spreading was ridiculous. And this is why I signed the Great Barrington Declaration early on. You know, I actually helped work on some of the national pandemic preparedness plans for different agencies. And they talked about lockdowns. We actually modeled and simulated these to see when you use them. And actually, it does make sense when they first came on and said, we need to lock down for two weeks. That was actually part of the plan. But when they said we needed to lock down for another 30 days, we need to lock down for another 60 days, we need to keep extending these emergency relief acts, it's all nonsense. And really what they've done is they've created a whole biomedical military industrial complex around this gain of function work, which is nonsense, and the medical countermeasure of a vaccine that doesn't work. And to explain this to your audience, how I've come along and how I evolved, when this first came out, I was pro mRNA jabs. I said, everyone should go and get this. I trust the government. And then I started to see the histopathology data, the pathology reports coming out. And then that added with the fact that when I read the clinical trial reports of the tests that they conducted, it was clear that the jabs were not preventing transmission. In fact, they were causing the new variants to emerge. The more you jab people, the more variants you get. Then you get to the point where you realize, okay, well, this is having no impact, it looks like it's having no impact on the burden of disease. And it might actually be hurting people and there's no informed consent. So here we are, our government is still recommending this poison to people, it doesn't make sense to me. And the problem is it's a slippery slope. You go as a scientist like me, I worked for the government for a number of years, everyone thinks I'm deep state, fine, I'm deep state. But they violated my trust too. And through that process, I now question everything that they tell me, what can you believe from these people? And a simple fact that I like to point out to the naysayers on Twitter about this is that the vast majority of scientific research in medicine and psychology cannot be replicated. They call it the replication crisis. And there's a reason for that, if it can't be replicated, it's not valid. But they don't want you to know that the government doesn't pay to replicate studies. And this problem has been going on for years. And now they're just pushing this product on people to basically keep a new economy going. Well, that's right. And when we end the last segment with the harassment, with them breaking into your new security system, finish up with the harassment, has the harassment stopped now because it didn't work? Or what's happening? Well, yeah. I mean, basically, I beat these guys. I mean, the height of it is I actually got in a gunfight with these guys on my property. I reported to the Michigan State Police, nobody showed up, there's witnesses to this. My neighbors, my wife, it was a prolonged engagement. That's what we call it in the military. It was an hour-long engagement. Well, I mean, describe that story. Tell us about that. Well, it was simple. So I was sitting in my house, actually in the room next door, and there was a man hiding in the bushes who was armed, operating a small drone around my house. Well, who cares about the small drone? But I have an armed guy trespassing on my property. So I did what any American would do. Out in a rural area, this is a stand-your-ground state, I grabbed my firearms and I went after him. I called the police first. I told them there was an armed trespasser on my property. And I went after him. They shot at me. Actually, he turned at me with a firearm in his pocket, and that's when I started to shoot at him. And then they started to return fire back across the swamp. I own 200 acres in a remote area. You know, the whole thing is... Well, just a lesson to everybody. You fired back at the real... You know, people say, oh, you work for the deep state. Yeah, we should be ready to have defectors back to America who were never bad and wake up and tell the truth. The key to bringing them down is going to be people like you and Edward Snowden. It's going to be insiders. So when you finally shot back at them, they went away after that. They ran away, and they actually... I had them pinned down so bad. This gentleman deployed what's known as a tactical rescue beacon. I hadn't seen one of these things in the military, and I laughed, well, I mean, I was so happy that I had on top of this guy, but this guy actually deployed something into the sky that made a sonic noise and emitted, I'm guessing, other technology to rescue vehicles would come to his location. I mean, you can't make this stuff up. The rescue vehicles actually came down to the front of my driveway, a mile-long driveway, and they were waiting to pick this person up. When I came back, I had my wife call the Sheriff's Department again to find out where the heck they were. I reloaded. I went back to the point where I thought this person was escaping, and the Sheriff's Department actually went by my driveway with their sirens on at about 100 miles an hour, and I couldn't believe it. I mean, I was just shocked, and I did an interview with Majid Nawaz after this shortly happened with my wife, who's a professor at Michigan State University, I mean, and she was a firsthand witness to all this. No, no, I hear you. Just stay there. It's just incredible what they do. Their intimidation backfired. You are the foil, you are the fake, 40 years later, still on the take, funny how time hasn't tarnished your name, maybe you're finally out of the game. You are the shyster, you are the shill, running your racket on Capitol Hill, you are the sentinel, you are the science of an immense and unholy alliance, you are the hero in your own book, you could be Nero, you could be Hook, you could be someone but not anymore, now you're the world's biggest industrial whore. So fall on your sword, Mr. Fauci, dare say you won't be missed, another ruthless thug will surely take your place, but at least we'll never have to see your smog and smiling face again and again, Mr. Fauci. This honored assemble and twist, history will hairbrush your sordid lies, but deep inside I think you know it's time to say goodbye. We are the workers, we are the beams, across pollinating, spreading disease, dreaming our dreams in a terrible mess, you are the doctor you think you know best. We are the people, the petulant masses, you fill us with pills, you spray us with gases, inject us with fear in a media blitz, scaring and selling us out of our wits, selling us out to a ravenous power, a Kissinger laughs in his ivory tower, a killer, a thief and a consummate liar, I'm here to set those lace panties on a fire. So fall on your sword, Dr. Fauci, welcome to your Waterloo, our naked little emperor falls from grace, so why is it we're forced to see your smarmy face again and again, Dr. Fauci. You've artfully dodged your doom. The knots that you have woven will take decades to untie, the who and how and where of it, the one and when and what, I'd ask you how you sleep, but it would only make me cry. You've put your greedy fingers into every pie, haven't you had enough my friend, it's time to say goodbye, goodbye, goodbye, goodbye. Goodbye, goodbye, goodbye, goodbye. Goodbye, goodbye, goodbye. Leading a frontal assault on the lies of the New World Order. It's Alex Jones. Final segment with our special guest and then loaded phones, your calls, one after the other in the third hour. Dr. Andrew Huff, The Truth About Wuhan, we're going to tape a special hour long commercial free show this Saturday at noon, later about two o'clock or so, we're going to add a bunch of documents and clips to it, but that'll be out Saturday, but we're live right now. The book, The Truth About Wuhan, available on, Skyhawks Publishing, you name it. And everything he sings document, he was the vice president of EcoHealth Alliance. He did release all this info that turned out to be very accurate. And now he's got this book coming out that's going to be a best seller, incredible. In the nine, eight, nine and a half minutes we have left here, you go through a lot of stuff in the book here about what were the potential goals of the program, how has it helped the globalist agenda, the gain of function. As you pointed out earlier, the asinine-ness of Fauci with two attorney generals, Louisiana and Missouri, within a seven hour deposition, he doesn't know who his best friends are for 30, 40 years and the heads of people he runs projects with. It'd be like Obama saying he doesn't know who Joe Biden is or Batman saying he doesn't know who Robin is. I mean, this is crazy. Oh, it's absolutely crazy, but I think that's going to happen here in the near future. I believe and I hope that Congress fully investigates. You should question everything that I'm saying. And I like that type of scrutiny. We should be questioned. This is a big deal. These conversations, when I said they're inflammatory, it's massive in terms of the type of impact I could have on geopolitical relations. Go ahead, question everything that I'm saying. But when I'm proven to be right about all these things and I continue to be proven right, we need to hold these people accountable. This whole idea that we're doing gain of function work where we're enhancing the virulence, the pathogenicity, the infectivity, we're making so these diseases can survive longer in the environment than increasing their environmental persistence. It's nonsense. I mean, to evolve an agent to 150,000 years into the future and then make a vaccine, which isn't a vaccine, the mRNA platform to treat these Frankenstein diseases that we create makes no sense. It's a huge waste of taxpayer money. And because we created this massive economy, we have to do something to stop it. And otherwise, my fear is this is just going to continue into the future. It's going to be another reason to oppress humans around the planet, actually. This is a global fight. I mean, this isn't just an American one. The same fight that's happening here, and I think you're showing clips of it earlier, that the same thing is happening in China. I mean, people in China are standing up against the Communist Party and what's going on. I mean, the one funny, funny thing here I like to point out to people, and people will think this will just make perfect sense. When this disease breaks out in China, do you really believe that the only city that has this disease is Wuhan? But the only information that the Chinese government are putting out is, well, we have this contained in Wuhan. We locked on Wuhan. The disease isn't going to spread out. I mean, that's insane. It's going around the rest of the planet. But Wuhan's the only place... Well, obviously, they're training people for a global social credit score, the red code, the yellow code, the green code, telling everybody to randomly stay in their house over 100 days. That doesn't stop a virus locking you in 130 days in a high rise when the virus only lasts a few weeks or whatever. I mean, it's all so incredibly obvious that it's a giant exercise of power. Yes, power and grab for money. If you look at these organizations, the WEF and some of Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, they're not directly tied in my story. They're all around it and you ask them, well, what do these people have to gain from what's happening? And they want to create, in my opinion, it feels like they want to create a world that's good for them to live in where we have to then change the way that we live so they can have their lifestyle. That's right. At least stay locked down so they can go out and enjoy themselves. I mean, look at this video of the Pied Piper just came out today in China of one medical tyranny worker leading thousands of people to a camp who came up red code. I mean, this is all just an exercise in total control. Oh, absolutely. And it makes you wonder, could that kind of thing ever happen in the United States? And the worst fear is that that kind of thing could become a reality, but it won't as long as people stand up and fight. And that's what I encourage all of your audience to do. And not just, you know, actually fight and nothing about guns here, but you also have to be politically active. You know, people would say, well, I'm not going to get a lot of, you know, traction with my congressman, who am I or my center, but you know, when they get inundated with letters, phone calls, you show up to rallies and or their, their, the places that they're appearing and talking and you get loud and vocal, they hear you and they're terrified of not. I totally agree with you. By the way, they should make a Hollywood movie about you because it's all on record. This happened. And you finally, you know, they brandish a gun, you start shooting at them, they run. And so what the harassment stopped after you did that. Well, a couple of things happened. So I started working with Tom Brands. Tom Brands files a billion dollar lawsuit against these clowns, uh, equal health Alliance, dr. Anthony Fauci, dr. Ralph Baric. Um, there's a thousand does list. And what that means is we can expand the case out to anyone that is brought in through depositions or testimony. And that's what we plan to do. We hopefully get to people like dr. Anthony Fauci and the people behind these people. Um, that's really our goal here. Um, so when that lawsuit was filed, and a couple of other things happened, um, I caught the Michigan state police trespassing on my property with who I believe to be the FBI. Uh, they were pointing what's called the long range acoustic device at my house and I caught them red handed, but who do I have to call? You know, who, who's going to investigate, investigate the state police and the FBI trespassing on my property? Uh, you know, playing loud, annoying, annoying noise out for the geometry of folks can't make this stuff up. And how, how petty the whole thing was, they were trying to make you crack up. Yeah, I think so. I mean, the whole funny thing is I actually thought that was part of, part of their playbook just by, uh, you know, I'm not a super religious guy, but I, there's a few times where I prayed my life and what was in combat in Iraq made out of that alive. And another time was through this, um, through this craziness. And I came to the conclusion, like, maybe they're trying to make me look crazy. Um, just by a twist of fate, uh, the local VA medical center here, um, happened to have my psychologist working there that I saw at the VA when I was a young man, when I had pretty bad PTSD, when I first got back from Iraq, I saw him for a number of years, made great progress and, uh, he had been promoted up to the, the chief of, uh, counseling or psychiatry at my local hospital. So I gave him a call up. I went down there and saw him and, um, Dr. Strom asked me, we write, write a letter saying that I'm not crazy. After I told him this whole story, uh, to him, he's like, I believe everything you're saying. He wrote me the letter. I've actually posted this to Twitter too, because I've been completely open on this. And then I sent a copy of this letter off to the Michigan state police and the FBI, um, along with the loss of being filed and it all stopped. Oh, beautiful. You're, you're a real hero, brother, and we appreciate you. And it's good people that have been in the government like you and these private corporate systems coming forward, they're going to stop this dead in its tracks. I can't wait till Saturday. We'll tape for an hour commercial free. You'll, you'll be able to go over all the exhibits. Anything you send us, we'll, we'll, we'll, we'll put it up there because there's so much your story you haven't had a chance to tell yet here today. The truth about Wuhan, how I uncovered the biggest lie in history, Dr. Andrew G. Huff. I'm going to buy a bunch of the books from a sky horse because we also sell my book published by them. The great reset in the war for the world and then for, we're going to sell your book. I can't wait to read it. And I can't wait some time for you to come to town. Listen, Joe Rogan's known in 25 years. Good friend of mine. He has a pet peeve though. He doesn't like me recommending guests to him or anybody else doing it. Though I did get Dr. Peter McCullough on and a bunch of other guests I hooked up with Joe. So I'm going to break my rule. Let me get your number and info to the producer. Get in there mate. After I take calls, I'm going to call Joe and say, you got to get this guy on. Only thing you got to do though is when you come to Austin, come in studio with us, but I'm going to call Joe Rogan today and say, Hey buddy, you need to check this out. Incredible job. God bless you. We'll talk to you soon. Thank you very much. Thank you. All right. So that's a big deal. That's the real deal. All right. Um, it's four o'clock in the morning. Look, um, lawsuits, everything, um, let's get it on. Let's get it on. There's nothing else we can do. All right. Um, I'm going to dip out. I will just, um, remind everyone, please, uh, keep the lights on at the dojo. We might, we might not be in gunfights yet, but, um, we're doing our best and, uh, hopefully later today, uh, we'll do a stream with, uh, Charles, but I don't know how my body clock's going to do. I wasn't expecting to stream so long. So, um, just, wow, I don't know what to say. Gunfights. Holy fuck. All right. I'm out of here. Take care guys. God bless. I will see you. I'll see you in the next one. Right. You don't know how angry I am. I was just leaving for fucking work. You do not understand how fucking pissed off. After reading that little line, I will be arrested for not taking a fucking vaccine. Fuck these pappas. I will fucking kill each fucking kappa. I swear. This is no fucking joke anymore. This is fucking dead serious. I am fucking dead serious. These people don't know who the fuck they're actually playing with. Fuck these pappas. No fucking vaccine. Fuck these pappas. Fuck these pappas. Fuck these pappas. Fuck these pappas. Fuck these pappas. Fuck these pappas. Fuck these pappas. The MRA will ever touch you, my fucking boar blood! Never! I will fucking die, fucking fighting for my fucking thieves and my fucking bullfighters, and my fucking lineage! Fuck these motherfuckers! All of them fights, should have technically 5,000 turns in. Fuck off! Fuck they exhaust us! Fuck these fucking scammers!