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Wow, it's Friday, ala akhbar, and what a week, what a day, I've been pissing myself laughing. I wake up and there's some masked lunatic on Alex Jones show, literally picking the Overton window up and doing like an olympic hammer throw with it into the future.

We've got to do some serious stuff but literally I think I just want to have a watch party because I haven't watched all that stream, I just got sent a little snippet of Kanye West. Covered in breadcrumbs, disgusting, but holy, holy shit man, it's mind blowing, let's see, we've got 41 people in rumble, yeah we've got enough to kick off, what can I say, I don't have anything of, no updates, we'll sort of update as we go through the stream itself and well today, it's Friday, a day of prayer, I'll say, all donos today go to our Simon Phoenix, so please, please be generous, keep him in Macky D's so our servers are always ready to fight, so, there he is in the chat, I don't know what he's doing in the background so long as some stream is going out there, that's all I care about, so yeah, any donos that come in today will be for blicktex evader Simon Phoenix, so yeah, be generous folks, so let us do this, please tell me, I switched everything off, ah no Nazi monkey, nice, remember folks, covert moral bio enhancement is in the eye of the beholder, it's all about that and let's see, trying to accommodate people from the Congo, is that true, have we really got people trying to watch from the Congo, I think you're being wide sunshine, I think you're being wide, alright, so yes, I do have a whole bunch of mimetic warfare to unleash, been saving it up, but this one, this one about encapsulates where we are, I want to do, we're going to have a look at Europe to begin with, there's news there, of course we try to keep, there's a full spectrum dominance over this next gen warfare they're unleashing upon us, so I want to have a look there and then we'll do some of the science gaslighting, I'm just going to touch on it briefly, I was going to do more detailed analysis of these papers but I've just got to get to the, I can't believe I've seen it, let's see, come through, hopefully it says sent, no, no, let's see, how did you do that on Stripe, let's see, let's see, oh yes, nice, 50 bucks, there you go, you're in Mackie D's already, let's see, alright, so let me do this, if you've wondered in here and wondered what's going on, this is me, I am a legit scientist and found myself, oh we've got no camera on the screen do we, that's from yesterday's stream, let me just do this, that should work, whey, there I am, yes, I am a legit scientist, systems, neuroscience, that's how I made my, what can I say about my life history, that sort of medical retirement took me out, funnily enough a head injury for a neuroscientist, that's the way it changed your life and yeah, I've just been dragged, that's before I was out but I got dragged back in by the, well just the collapse of what I considered one of mankind's greatest achievements, the scientific method, this completely turned into a pile of dog shit basically and we've, where are the people that are speaking up, there's very very few.

We're going to look at one person today, Ryan Cole, that man is a godsend, may Allah protect him as he does the work that he's doing and we will be taking a look at his work, that's where the amyloidosis has been confirmed and I just want to, I want to sort of have victory jig as you know the warnings that I sat here screaming at you and now definitively coming into the public eye and you, my dear listener, watcher, viewer, you were ahead of the curve by sticking with a good doc and medical time was better than disabled, I'm not, I'm not, you know, I've recovered somewhat but I just, I wouldn't be able to maintain the pace that you need to be a PI anymore, I just, I accept that and you know I was talking yesterday about my MRI doesn't look good and well it is what it is right and look I'm blessed, I'm blessed right because I get to be at home with my kids, I get to do this, this is actually most days if the tech is working, actually good fun and I've really, I've really come to enjoy the community that we have, you know that's around the Discord, that's around the streaming, there's some, I've met some fine people far, far more interesting than the dullards that I used to have to associate with doing that monkey stuff, poking electrodes in their brains and that, let's see sponsor a rat we can name in Simon Phoenix, look I've got enough to run a series of rats right now but we'll discuss the scientific questions, I don't want people to give me money for rodents right now, just give me, give me money to help me live and help me run these servers and feed Simon Phoenix McEdeez okay, McMPI requires a high share, yes yeah okay, right, so of course to engage in the guerrilla actions in this next generation warfare we have a readout on the internet, a little bunker, you can go there and you can find the links we need to remove YouTube, I'm not going, Simon needs rat meat, yes, Simon needs rat meat, send Simon rat meat and on that page you can find links to send donos to me and I'll make sure that they get to Simon, I recommend using the tip jar, that's the best method, and of course stream fags or gay pal you can use that, buy me a coffee, if you want to support the channel, Patreon or all the other links but just any flashed donos that come in today I want to just make sure that they're feeding Simon, keeping the hamsters running in the servers, let's see, dojo is working smooth again, nice, nice, that's why folks we've got to make sure that Simon gets his maggie d portions, literally that's why he lives off, fucking maggie d's and uber eats, oh I don't know what to say, I do tell him to eat some fresh food but, oh rat meat yeah, just that rat meat's getting pricey these days, alright there's five bucks from Susan so that will go to Simon and testing out the rumble dono, yeah rumble dono seems to work, I don't know how I'd cash it in though but yeah it's good to see rumble working, fuck YouTube man, look I've walked on eggshells trying to maintain a channel there thinking it was a critical node in the infrastructure and nah it turns out that it's not and I can be a bit more punchy without YouTube, let's see am I not doing keto, I've stopped the keto, I don't think you should be doing keto all the time, sorry, I know that there are keto fanatics out there and I think it's good to have periods of keto but I'm not sure your body's meant to be, we're omnivores remember so let's see, did that, did that and let's just get on with some of the things that made me, brought a little smile to my face so we're gonna dip into Europe and just, this is from the clown world I think but, this cracked me up, this cracked me up, beta soy riddled lickspittles who think it's a good idea to stop people trying to get to work or doctors appointments or whatever it is you do as you're sort of travelling around, I can't stand these little rats and look I applaud their, applaud anyone's right to protest but that's what the town square is for, don't go fucking with people's lives as they're trying to go around doing their business and we've got a, I wanna say a Chad, a Chad Frenchie but he's not messing around this dude and this cracked me up and there's two videos that we can watch, it's hilarious, let's play this, this just brought a smile to my face, that and the yee uncle of Dauphio, I've been laughing all morning, no youtube, fuck youtube, no youtube, no youtube, no youtube, it's hilarious, no youtube, no youtube, no youtube, no youtube, no youtube, Even the flicks are getting involved.

There's one clip and he gets even more mental.

Oh man, he totally cracked her head on the curb there. Hilarious. If they were blocking my traffic, I'd be out there cracking and kicking the fuck out of them. They're dry Tinder, yeah. Literally, literally. Just so faggity and so gay. They have limp wrists. The thing is, it doesn't matter how angry you speak in French, you still sound gay.

But onto more serious stuff. The European Union, after engaging in proxy war in Ukraine, are now looking to seize Russian assets even more. As they're suffering so much. Let's listen to Vondelaiden. The European Union is getting pissy as the conflict is not going their way. Russia's invasion of Ukraine has brought death, devastation and unspeakable... Let me just, NATO's proxy war in Ukraine, get that right please. ...wild suffering. We all remember the horrors of Butcha. Which was a made-up war crime. A made-up war crime. Now, was there fighting going on in Butcha? Yeah. This is a war zone. This is not a picnic site. Tank battle, air bombard, rockets, missiles. Everything has been hitting here. Yeah. And don't forget that they tried to fake war crimes there. And what was the other city, Izium, was it? Where they claimed missile strike was Russian and it was very obvious Ukrainian. These people are devils, folks. Do not, do not listen to them. It's estimated that more... Ha! She's got that unmistakable funny face. Yeah. I agree. Her helmet can't Tuesday. Yeah. ...more than 20,000 civilians and more than 100,000 Ukrainian military officers. Whoo! Is that the number now? Holy shit. 100,000 Ukrainian dead. Jesus. She looks like a reptile. Yeah, she does. They all do. They all do. We know what's trying to break through. ...have been killed so far. Russia must pay for its horrific crimes. Including for its crime of aggression against a sovereign state. What about Iraq, Syria, Libya? What about paying for that? And this is why, while continuing to support the International Criminal Court, we are proposing to set up a specialized court backed by the United Nations. Are we going to set up a kangaroo court? That's what that means. We're just going to set up our own little court. investigate and prosecute Russia's crime of aggression. We are ready to start working with the international community to get the broadest international support possible. I feel sorry for the Ukrainian people, Danger Mouse. I do. I do. It's a brother war, but this was instigated by NATO. It's a NATO proxy war. They were itching to try to take back Crimea, which I would always argue is traditionally Russian. They thought that they were going to be able to break Russia, feast on the corpse, and it hasn't gone their way. So now we're getting kangaroo courts. Kangaroo courts, right, because they're flailing. They're losing. 100,000 Ukrainian men dead. That's significant. That's not a military that's going to be holding up for any length of time, no matter how many fucking mercenaries NATO throws in there. Sorry. For this specialized court, Russia must also pay financially for the devastation that it caused. The damage suffered by Ukraine is estimated at 600 billion euros. All right, folks, send more of your tax money via sketchy Jewish run FTX crypto scams. They need it. They need your money. Russia and its oligarchs have to compensate Ukraine for the damage and cover the costs for rebuilding the country. And we have the means. Well, I think as Russia might just say fuck it and take the whole of the country, they probably will rebuild it and give the middle finger to Europe. To make Russia pay, we have blocked 300 billion euros of the Russian... Let me just, we've stole 300 billion from the Russians. ...Bank reserves and we have frozen 19 billion euros of Russian oligarchs money. Look, I'm no fan of oligarchs, but individuals now can get singled out from countries that these reptiles have decided that they want to go to war with. Is that how this works now? Again, we're treading into very, very sketchy territory. And I don't think the moral wins are in their favor in this instance. I really don't. In the short term, we could create with our partners a structure to manage these funds and invest them. We would then use the proceeds for Ukraine. Is any retard going to believe a word that they say, particularly after the Bankman Fried? Fuck with the last few weeks. Can anyone take these people seriously? I can't. This is... The clan world is so passe, but this is literally it. And, you know, not in my name, man. You know, it's your duty not to pay taxes. So these people suffocate. And once the sanctions are lifted, these funds should be used so that Russia pays full compensation for the damages caused to Ukraine. We will work on an international agreement with our partners to make this possible. And together we can find legal ways to get to it. Kangaroo courts. Shocking, shocking.

And this, this I found hilarious. So this is from Switzerland. Switzerland is, what should I say, the eye of the nest. And electric cars will have to stay in the garage. The Swiss government wants to prevent a blackout in winter with drastic measures. Some hands might be welcomed. Right. That compromising of your lifestyle because of neocon warmongering are going to be welcomed by the people. They're cheering it on. The Swiss must be prepared for hard times. In winter the country imports large amounts of electricity. What are those green windmills not doing their thing? The solar panel is not up to the job. In 2021, five point seven billion Jesus had some number. That's Switzerland's tiny hours came mainly from France and Germany. The Federal Council, the government of Switzerland fears that larger quantities could be missing this winter, especially since France and Germany will not exactly have electricity in abundance. In order to avoid a blackout and nationwide power failure, the Federal Council decided on the drastic savings program. If the planned austerity measures, if you want to have a link and you can read German, there's the link, which are becoming stricter in four steps, do not take effect. Power cuts are planned. Each region then takes turns. So literally rolling blackouts. They're turning you into South Africa. But you can be sure. Her lights switch on and off. Nary a flicker. Only consumer groups with essential services such as energy and water supply, blue light organizations or basic medical care can be exempted from power cuts if it is technically feasible. In the event of such a serious shortage, 34,000 end customers with an annual consumption of at least 100 megawatt hours could also temporarily be cut off from the power supply. The 110,000 owners of electric cars will then only be able to make essential journeys. This should be ensured with controls by the cantons and I guess some governing structure. However, since most of them are hybrid vehicles, this could be avoided by simply not charging the batteries and only using the combustion engine. Imagine that how fossil fuel once again. Skiers will also have to limit themselves because artificial snow is forbidden in the event of a power shortage. A disaster in a mild winter also for the lift and mountain railway operators. Level one sounds harmless though. First of all, state government would make urgent austerity appeals to consumers. But as early as escalation step one, there is a threat of bans, some of which would be welcomed by many. Really? Leaf blowers then have to be exchanged for brooms and shovels. What if you've got a petrol powered leaf blower? What? The fact that the seat heating has to be switched off in the chairlifts will be met with less enthusiasm. Oh dear, cold bottom on the ski lifts. It's Swiss. It's such a spoiled nation, man. Private well pools, body tanning devices, saunas, infrared cabins, steam baths, massage chairs and other electrically operated wellness facilities may also no longer be operated. Strict rules then apply to temperature at the workplace for refrigerators and for food warmers. If you're not good on your feet, it's best to stay at home when escalation level two is announced because escalators are then no longer allowed to run and hotel guests would have to do without minibars. In discotheques, clubs and the like, as well as at dance and similar events, the heating must be set to the lowest level or switched off completely. Streaming services are no longer allowed to broadcast in HD. So they can't even stay home and watch their Swiss pornos. Oh dear. What a bummer. South Africa is the most... Yeah, they want everywhere to be South Africa. Don't be... Or disabuse yourself with the notion that they've got anything less in mind for you. Let's see. Amateur sport events are prohibited from level three, as is the operation of video, DVD and Blu-ray devices, game consoles and gaming computers. You can't bust a nut in HD anymore and you can't even have a game of Quake. That sucks. And in discotheques, disco lights and smoke machines must remain switched off. The mining of cryptocurrencies and high frequency trading are then also prohibited. That's going to stink in Switzerland. Let's see. Worst consequences should be avoided. Federal Council emphasized that each stage of measures aims to avoid worst consequences. Yada, yada, yada. This is precisely because of the... ...war, rougheteering. I would argue that they have engaged in war crimes as well. Like I say, this winter could get pretty brutal for people in Germany, Europe. It didn't have to be this way. But like I say, the neocon wet dream of... I don't know, what were they thinking? They were just going to march into Moscow via their proxy war. But there is literal fallout now onto the proles in Europe. They blew up the gas pipes so there's no off-ramp for negotiations. People will literally die of the cold this winter because of what they've done. And what? You get that silly bent standing up there saying we're going to convene special courts. Do me a favour. Leftist government suicide cult. I don't know if it's leftist per se. I don't know what to call it. They're just mutant demons at this point, in my opinion. I would imagine we're going to be seeing a whole bunch more of this type of reporting in the coming months. I don't see Russia backing down, not at this point. And the images that I'm seeing, I've not discussed much what's happening in Ukraine, but the mud-filled trenches, the 100,000 dead just in military, I'm presuming. Terrible. Terrible. Stealing and money laundering. Yes, very much so.

All right, so that's what I wanted to do with respect to current events. And I wanted to sort of touch on misinformation. They label me misinformation where I've been bloody right from the beginning. And spike-driven amyloidosis is their desire. I think that they've planned for this. It looks too deliberate. And what you're seeing here is them trying to keep grip of their narrative. And, you know, had they got their way, we would have just been sold the poisoned syrup, leapt out of a bat cave, and our ecological footprint is too much, and we're all going to have to cut back, and we're all going to have to take these gene transfections, et cetera. And they're trying nonstop to continue this program. And they're stumbling now. The Emperor has no clothes. And so an article published in the British Medical Journal. I wanted to do the whole article, but I'll just sort of go through this report of it. It is a pile of... I should give the link at least. Where is the link? I did have it up. No, maybe. I changed my tabs. The article contains insinuations and unsubstantiated and unreferenced allegations concerning UK MFA and other organizations, including Heart, Us4Them, and Children's Health Defense, and which appeared to seek to undermine the contribution of our organizations to a critical debate of national importance. And this is true. They've done everything that they can to shut anyone down that tried to speak up. And that's why we have... Because we've been left with no other choice. I'm no longer on YouTube because anything that we try to bring to the table with respect to actual evidence, published or on preprint servers, you're not allowed to talk about. You must swallow their gene, swallow, absorb, I guess, their gene transfections. No other choice. That's all. No early treatments. Chinese-like draconian measures that should have been stopped after a few months once we got a handle on what was going on. And a continued push and an expansion of these therapies into other vaccine platforms, gene transfection platforms. And now RNA for flu and the bivalent mix that they're dishing out for COVID right now. Excuse me. I actually came out today with a report that recorded a little over 6000 civilians dead. Oh, Antje Wallord, good to see you. Yeah, I was going to contact you just to get a sort of update on the... What's been going on on the ground? My trip to the US sort of left me out the loop. But, yeah, whenever you're free, bro, let me know and I'll set up a stream. I have limited visibility to chat because not on YouTube anymore, though, unfortunately. Just use Discord. Get on the Discord and use the live chat thing and you can chat to your heart's content. All right, so let me just see if there's anyone trying to feed Simon McEdees. Oh, yeah, raised 100 bucks for Simon today. Come on, let's make it 300. Let's hit 300 for Simon. Keep him in McEdees. All right, so anyway, Jay Bachachara commenting on it. And, you know, the paper is disgusting and... Where was it? Go down. Yeah, misinformation, disinformation manufactured and spread by the public can also generate substantial engagement. So strategies aimed at tackling infodemics should target both top down and bottom up spread. In doing so, it's essential to understand the nature of any misinformation and disinformation being promoted as it has the potential to spread fear and possibly cost lives. So trying to warn you about the risk from amyloid, both from the infection, but also their interventions, okay. They're going to call that mis or disinformation. We're the ones that are right. When they were telling you, oh, it's 100% safe and effective. And then we had these headlines, right? We've all seen the mixes of, you know, it's 98%, 94%, 85% and it's dropped and it's dropped and it's dropped and it's dropped. And we know that it doesn't stop spread and manner of problems. And this goes in with in the bucket of covert moral bio enhancement. They're they're making their decisions about how they're going to nudge you behaviorally into into patterns of behavior that suits them. Just hang on one second. My son's PC is making noise. A substantial majority 88% of the false or misleading claims identified by Simon colleagues were on social media platforms, television news outlets and other websites. The misleading content that received the highest engagement typically contained a small degree of accurate information that was recontextualized and twisted misinformation and disinformation that included doctored images and videos received the next highest. And again, we have to and it's why I come down so hard on this silly trollops that we were looking at yesterday or the day before yesterday and then completely misunderstanding the science we have. I think I you know that there's another video clip out from Chinkwa column right of them looking at vaccines and we know I can tell you what what you're looking at is cholesterol crystals and bacteria in contaminated vials. And so, yeah, there is a problem. Let me just see someone sent. Just want to say thank you to Sally. Much, much appreciated. Another Macky D for Simon. If I make an account on rumble can I chat from rumble? Yes, yes, the chat is not so active there but it is working, and it does pick up on the screen I think we need to jiggering and jaggering we need to do to make sure that it would be relaying into Discord still but, you know, we're working hard on it and this is this is why we've got to treasure our tax evader, Simon Phoenix. All right, so, let's see, whoever this is, Oh what, you mean those people that were involved in the funding and development of these agents in their sketchy foreign labs? That conspiracy theory. And the US Democratic Party manufacturing COVID-19 coincide with Trump's impeachment, the Wuhan laboratory being a secret. Again, again, this, this is, this is literally Orwellian. And you've got to put it through this lens folks. Moral bio enhancement and bio enhancement is in the eye of the beholder. And this is being published in the British Medical Journal. It's, it's outrageous, but it just shows how far we've gone down the rabbit hole.

Let's see, Twitch is better than Rumble. I mean, just as long as you're watching. That's all I care. Be, be present. That's all. Contribute to the chat. Let's see, Bill Gates having foreknowledge of the pandemic and 5G technology having deleterious health effects were also mentioned. Look, here's, here's the link for the paper. It is dog shit. Yeah, I'll put it here and I'll put it into here. If you want to copy and read it at your leisure. Oh, hang on. What can be done? The public inquiry must identify lessons that can be learned before the next pandemic. And this is, I was discussing this with Waldo. They're just making this assumption. Again, where are these pandemics coming from? I can say we can, we can definitively point to a lab origin now, I would say, 99.9999999% yet they think the next pandemic is just around the corner. And we know their game. We know the One Health agenda. We know that it's a mechanism of control that they're trying to unleash against you and you must fight against it. Do not comply. If you've taken a shot, you know, everyone gets suckered, right? No need to take any more. The advent of social media and online platforms has provided a fertile medium for disinformation to flourish. Recent studies have looked at the effectiveness of several types of information, including redirection, content labeling, content distribution. Well, how about just outright fucking jackboot censorship? That's what they've been doing. And again, you know, when you when you see that the emperor's got no clothes, you see how dangerous this is becoming. And this is this is all I would say it's all very, very coordinated. They've gamed this out and they've they've got a goal that they're trying to reach. It's nice listening to something that doesn't involve you. Well, I want to get to you because it's like for me, it's hilarious. But I'll save it for the end. Again, you know, I'm very, very concerned about where this stuff goes. OK. And how it feeds up the chain to, again, sort of mindless autocrats that don't know their ass from their elbow. And we're giving them far too much power. It has to stop.

Let's see, Doc's getting the Aegis two, which is really good box mod. I don't know what that means. I'll show you the vape that I ordered. I ordered I ordered a full kit. Here, look. Bloody expensive. But I'm sold on vaping now. Geek vape Aegis legend. I could only get purple one. It was hard. It was actually hard to get vape. It was just like, no, not available. Try another one. I don't I don't know anything about vapes. I just figured it's expensive. So I'm hoping it's it's OK. All right. So in in light of the behavioral nudging, need to speak to Neil Saunders again. See what he's up to his investigations. Google to introduce behavioral interventions, the next dystopian idea, including proposals such as pre-bunking. Google has presented its project of info interventions based on what it says is a behavioral science that if these interventions are used as directed, could teach users to the degree they will become resilient to online harms. Again. Cover moral bio enhancement. It's got to stop. It's got to stop. It's literally your life on the line right now. Another promise is that by pre-bunking misinformation, users can be immunized. God damn this language is permeating everything. How's this supposed to work? Google has put up a site that states the goal is to provide accuracy prompts that would refocus users attention toward whatever Google decides qualifies as accurate information. So literally you could have fat Angie when she gone. Fat Angie. Dictating to you what the truth is when we know that they're lying, bought out conflict of interest ridden scumbags. Charles showing their Twitter growth. That's literally machine driven, not organic. Oh Lordy pre-bunking you'll never get a date. Yeah. I saw yesterday. So I don't know if it's true, but someone said Elon Musk is going to buy, is it Snapchat or something, and basically remove all the filters. Welcome back to reality ladies. I think was the was the line underneath. Let's see doc. Make sure you get yourself extra coils. I have and something to wrap around the glass glass like stretchy ponytail thing that glass breaks super easy. Is that true? Hmm. All right. I'll keep that in mind for I mean, I don't I don't go out much so. I'm hoping I'm hoping the the vape survives anyway. Let's see. And to reach it. The hypothesis currently seems to be that reminding individuals to think about accuracy when they might be about to engage with false information can boost users pre existing accuracy goals. Literally gamifying your own digital prison for you. Holy shit. This method of effectively training users to behave in a desired way is unsurprisingly attempting to draw from behavioral science research and Google says it's been validated by digital experiments. This quote unquote gift to the world. Fin says the best vapes are high maintenance still easier than women. Yeah, well, the women are always tough. I hope the vape is easier than women. Let's see the gift of the world come thanks to Google's unit called jigsaw. Oh, that doesn't that doesn't sound dystopian at all. Isn't that what's that? What's that movie with the weird fucking puppet where he puts people in traps and cycle. Isn't he called jigsaw. Set up to explore threats to open societies and build technology that inspires scalable solutions. The corporate company kook with the digital prison they're building you. Oh, wow. A medium post by jigsaw posted back in 2021 declares that research suggests there could be a powerful way to reduce misinformation simply by reminding Internet users to think about accuracy. In other words, goading them until they move to where you want them to go. Wow. There's even attempt to guilt trip users into thinking they're helping spread misinformation by being prone to distractions, whereas having accuracy is defined by Google on your mind might reduce that. Currently, Google explains on its interventions page. If a user scrolls through a feed, they may encounter potential misinformation that would then activate an accuracy prompt that would partially cover the information already labeled as misinformation. And look, get get this straight, folks. When I when I was warning the world about the neuro invasive potential of SARS and how it could lead to neurodegenerative and neuropsychiatric disorders. OK, they were labeling that as misinformation. I was right. I was right. And there's a potential, you know, there's just an overlap between the vaccines and the disease itself. It's the same spike. We've looked at those amyloidogenic sequences all week. Let's see. Currently, Google explains on its intervention page if a user scrolls through a feed, they may encounter potential misinformation that would then activate an accuracy prompt from your happiness officer that would partially cover the information already labeled as misinformation. The prompt contains a short explanation as to why a user is seeing it. So, yeah, it would just be a World Health Organization has decided you can't read this or look at this now as much as I detest those silly trollops that we were looking at the other day. Karen Kingston and the Ram Fam devotee. I wouldn't want to stop them talking. I need the content. But, you know, this this the fact that people would welcome this, that they managed they managed to push people so far that they think that this would be a good idea. Particularly in the current climate. It's all achingly painful. Let's see the problem contains a short explanation as to why a user is seeing it. But in general, a user's attention is now supposed to shift from the content they wanted to see to the prompt, which means they will be directed to consider accuracy instead. They will also be subjected to something called information literacy tips. Like you're a fucking child. Google. What are we doing? What are we doing, man? Just, you're just ceding your sovereignty to machines. That's what that's what. And your little QR code. Are you going to try and get into the supermarket. You're not allowed in. You, you were looking, you were looking at that Dr. McCairn. How dare you. No milk for you today. No insect milk.

Joining discord. Let me just check what problem joining discord. I'll try to remedy that straight away. To join discord. You need to go to McCairnDojo. And you must use that link on McCairnDojo to join the discord chat. McCairn will let you in and you can have a knock yourself out. That's what you can do.

Anyway, let's get back to this article still hadn't read. This is really disturbing. Primed like this, the user's attention is now all on the reminder with the content left far behind. And more importantly, as far as Google is concerned, the next time they encounter similar content, the hope is they will think twice. Primitively about engaging with it. Now about the results of those experiments. Google jigsaw says have been carried out together with MIT and the University of Regina. What was that movie called? Is it? Did someone put it in the chat? What was that movie called with jigsaw where he puts people in traps? That's basically you've got it. You've got to get your fingers out of these metal traps before before the secular soil comes and cuts off your fingers. What is that movie? God damn it. So thank you. Thank you. Jigsaw. Yeah, you got jigsaw telling you what to do. Those who received accuracy tips were 50 percent more discerning in sharing habit versus users who did not. And pre-roll videos on YouTube drove up to an 11 percent increase in confidence three weeks after exposure. Like I say, we're just we're just galloping to dystopia.

If you want that article. Right. So let's quickly run through some more covid related stuff. I want to go… this this this one is hilarious paper. And so I'm going to save it for another day. It's it's more it's more covert moral bio enhancement. And it's so funny. I want to save it. But it's some top tier gaslighting from the scientific establishment. So apparently Paxlovid accelerates cartilage degeneration and senescence through activating endoplasmic reticulum stress and interfering redox homeostasis. Probably goes a long way to explaining why people get rebound infections. They're literally rotting from the inside. Stay away from Paxlovid by the sounds of it. Moving on. This Pfizer vaccine impacts the VO2 max in recreational athletes. It's literally literally suffocating you. There it is. What's the what's the percentage? Two point seven percent increase. You know, not not a huge amount, but still. I like my VO2 where it is. Mine's mine's never that great anyway. Mine's always sort of around 96. What am I today? 96. I see that. So what? I can lose I can lose a three percent drop, drop down close. I like when you start honing in on 90 and that's considered sort of medical emergency. They got get you on oxygen. But yeah. Oh, even higher, potentially clinically relevant decrease of eight point six percent or more occurred in eight of the athletes. Wow. Wow. Just round that up to 10 percent. I need a bar pick up line containing endoplasmic reticulum. Could I breed with your endoplasmic reticulum? Maybe. I don't know. Let's see. But there's there's the link for that paper.

Now, let's get on to as we're not on YouTube, we can get some angry anti-vax sentiment on the roll. We've got Shahid. I didn't call anyone names. Yeah, you did. Are you delusional? Here's something I don't know. Maybe this will work. How about you tell fucking Pfizer? Fuck you, Pfizer. The deal's off. You're hurting my people. I know people personally that would maybe forgive you who hate you right now. Personally. But no, you just keep pushing it, don't you? You won't fucking admit that one single person has died from the vaccine, will you? You won't even tell the truth. You're for Canadians. I love Canadians. No, you fucking don't tell the fucking truth. My boy is dead from your vaccine. Fuck you. I salute the Shahid and the father's righteous anger. Canadian doctors keep racking up death signal. Canadian doctors are dying at four times prior rate under 40s, eight times prior rate under 30s. Unbelievable if this is true. It's like the beginning of the outbreak, right? And again, how many of these Shahids do we believe in? Actually, let me just... I've forgotten about this one.

Rimo sent me... So among the... Where did she put it? One of these doctors as well developed Creutzfeldt-Jakob. I think I'm done with... No, more Shahids. 400% surge in excess deaths in the Balearic Islands. Now, again, depending on the age and et cetera, maybe virus. I would be remiss in my scientific duties to not hold that hypothesis. Let's see. I'm bummed that the... Oh, this is kind of cool. This is our Doc Kev, first time shooting MP5. I love that gun. It's accurate as shit. God bless America. Nice. I didn't find the Creutzfeldt-Jakob doctor. Where is that? Is it here? One prion, starting from 17th minute. At the time, it was 80 doctors who had died suddenly or unexpectedly. That number just keeps going up. With the possible outcome of losing their medical license, having it suspended for misinformation, disinformation, malinformation, you were also talking about some other striking cases that you've seen since the extra 55 victims potentially of these vaccines. And one of them you had mentioned, prion disease. That's right. Since I released the report of the 80 deaths, that number has continued to rise. And one of the recent deaths was actually a 66-year-old Vancouver cardiologist, Dr. Gerald Simkus. And his obituary states that he had died after a short but courageous battle with Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease.

Again, it brings me no pleasure to have predicted this. And again, Creutzfeldt-Jakob is going to be on the extreme end of the responses that we see. It's the dementia where it's really going to show up. And we do have that signal.

Let's see. Guns and vaping. Old Doc is corrupted by the US. Yeah. I love that. I've shot a fair few guns and that MP5 was just nice. Just really mobile, accurate. That was the first time picking it up and shooting it. And I was cracking the little targets with it. And the next day I could double the distance and do the same as well. It was nice. Nice indeed. Didn't bring that home with me. No, my bro has one of those. Yeah, look, if I could have such precious things, what would I have in my house? Shotgun, for sure. I don't know. Difference between pump action or semi-auto. I mean, semi-auto is a lot of work. You aren't all reliable, right? Ten shell. Ten shell pump action. Shotgun. Variable loads. I definitely have one of those MP5s. And then, I don't know, like a really well honed, scoped. Brewbaker. Haven't done a brewbaker for a while. That's right, folks. This science podcast is so cool. We're sponsored by the First and Second Amendment fans. Fucking shooters. MP5s are not cheap. No, badass gun. Let's see.

Arcoscova says, funny enough, I asked Dr. Mackes earlier today if he'd be interested in appearing on your stream. He said certainly. Oh, yeah, I'd happily speak to him if that's the same guy. Especially if they're getting signals like this. What can I say? There's no pleasure in this, right? What's it called? Cassandra. Is that it? Cassandra, who was sort of trying to warn people all the time and kind of feel like that. Do I have a samurai sword above the rice cooker? No. I have various knives and whatnot. I've got this one just sort of sitting next to me. You have to have a license for a knife, samurai sword in Japan. But I've got a nice K-Bar that I keep to hand and various bowed weaponry. I'm a crack shot with a bow. And let's see. Yeah, like a samurai sword would cost you 20,000 bucks, man. More. It was 20,000 when I asked. That was like 10 years ago. Let's see. Thank you for invite back on Discord. Yeah, you're more than welcome to join. Let me just see if you're in there, Sandra. I don't see you, but we'll let you in should you come in. Let's see. Classic Remington 870. I like I like I like those 10 10 shot 10 shell shotguns. That's what I would have. Oto Yamaguchi is why they're probably licensed. Maybe. Yeah, people people lose their shit in Japan occasionally. And yeah, this is yeah. Happy Oto Yamaguchi day. I think you can get lower quality swords for martial arts use for significantly less in Japan. I don't know. I mean, I live in sword making country. So literally 20 minutes down the road, they'll beat one out for you. And yeah, it's it's 20,000 bucks. And I think any sword and now crossbows, not allowed crossbows in Japan. Bastards. But normal, normal bows you can still have 20,000 for display pieces. Yeah, but that's how the Japanese sort of look at it. You get like a family sword and you get it all engraved. And I'm sure I'm sure for practice and what have you, you can. You can get some cheaper versions, but the you want a legit one from from a master. It's Kill Bill. What's he called? Hanzo. It's something like that sword. Let's see. Let's see. I guess I better get my samurai sword checked out and sharpened. It was gifted to my son. Yeah. And look, they're pricey. You want the real deal. Hanzo. Yeah, Hanzo sword. Can you explain the pathology behind the stiff armed rotational seizures? Is this common that we see an explosion post-transfection? Right now, until I see death certificates associated with each one of those images, they look like classic seizure like behaviors. Basal ganglia mediated seizures, actually. I've done it so many times in the lab. It's not funny. And like I say, until until we see that definitive that person died, I would put it in the seizure bucket. The people who are face planting and yeah, I think those videos are legit. And yeah, I think we've seen an increase for sure. You can get the decent one in the US for 1500 bucks. Yeah, I mean, God bless the US man. You're so lucky. But yeah, in terms of pathology, I'm going for grand mal seizure and potentially with some basal ganglia involvement right now. All right. So it's not we've had a happy Otto Yamaguchi day.

That's gone. Let's see. What did we have next? We did. We did the dead doctors. So it's at 93 now. And yeah, Creutzfeldt-Jakob. And we did the 400 percent people. So let's let's get to this.

So this is Ryan Cole speaking about God bless this man, really, because he has he's he's one of the people that stood up at the beginning and tried to destroy his reputation. They've tried to destroy his business. And he's literally got his hands on the the tissue and tissue that it's concording with predictions that we don't sound like a stuck record, but I just wonder if we should maybe maybe we'll just watch all of his slides, because actually they're all interesting. So let's go here. I'll speed it up a little. Gene out of the virus, putting it into the spike or putting putting that gene, I'm sorry, into a lipid nanoparticle, putting that into the vial, putting it into the arm. And I'm just I'm going to preface this. I concur and agree with everything that this man says. He's encapsulating my position perfectly. And there's until until we get a handle on this pathology and the thing is, amyloid genetic diseases are long term conditions. So we don't know what's coming five, ten years down the line right now. And then putting it into our bodies and then our bodies become as by protein factory. And supposedly, you know, we're supposed to make antibodies and immune response. So we'll look at the next slide here. If Caleb wants to jump one slide forward. So here you see a superimposition of a needle on top of a muscle. And you see in the middle that little circle, that's a vessel. And we're told, oh, you get a shot. It stays in your arm. You're fine.

But you see below, that's a little torn apart muscle. And then on the right hand side, this is a technique we use in the laboratory called immunohistochemistry. So, you know, people can say, well, gosh, you know, why isn't everybody doing this? Well, that's my question, because here's a list of countless vendors of this stain, this ability to do this testing in any and every laboratory in the world. And why aren't my colleagues doing it? Where's the billions of dollars for research at the university? Yeah. Where is it? Where is it? People are running scared and it's time to stand up, folks. If if the papers that I've just been reading to you aren't frightening you enough, this should spur you into action right now. OK. And your best course of action right now is noncompliance. Right. Tell the warmongering eugenicists to fuck right off. The university is looking at every sudden death, every clot, every unusual scenario with both covid, post vaccine, et cetera. The billions have gone to the NFL to other people to advertise to get a shot, get a shot, get a shot. But the research should be done. So here in this picture on the right, all those brown dots, that's this technique. We can tag specific proteins in the body and in biology. So those brown dots are in the muscle. And, yeah, those muscle cells are making spike protein. However, let's go forward a slide. You hear a lot about myocarditis on the left. That's normal heart muscle on the right. All those blue dots. That's inflammation that doesn't belong in the heart. Let's go to the next slide and see why. And I'll get to these clots. Don't worry, Kelly. I'm getting there. I'm just building it on the left. Let me just point something out as well. You can see how the normal heart has these, you know, the muscle fiber is long, et cetera. And muscle fibers are all broken here. And the dark blue dots are the immune cell infiltrate. This is a significant injury to heart muscle. Heart muscle doesn't repair. That's normal heart muscle on the right. All those blue dots. That's inflammation that doesn't belong in the heart. Let's go to the next slide and see why. And I'll get to these clots. Don't worry, Kelly. I'm getting there. I'm just building up to it. No worries. No worries. I'll take five minutes and go through this and then you can just pick my brain. So on the left here, that's heart muscle tissue. And see all that brown? That is all spike protein. The lipid nanoparticle, as I was mentioning to Dr. Drew, goes everywhere. It goes everywhere. It can land anywhere in the human body. Any organ, bone, bone marrow, spleen, brain, heart, et cetera, et cetera. So what do we do as a control? People will criticize and say, well, how can you prove that's not the virus? Well, on the right hand side, the virus has lots of proteins and the nucleocapsid that encases the mRNA is a specific protein. We stain for that as well as a control. If it were a viral infection, we would see both of those stains positive. Post-vaccinally, we see only the spike protein. So this is heart muscle. That's highly concerning. Does a foreign virus belong in heart muscle? No. Does the toxic protein from an injection our cells are making belong in our heart muscle? No.

So sudden deaths. Here's one explanation. Let's go on to the next slide. I know many of us have heard about Dr. Molhotra now, a brilliant cardiologist from the United Kingdom. I've had the pleasure of meeting him. His father, unfortunately, passed away after one of these injections. He had a clean bill of cardiac health. And then after the shot, ended up with cardiac blockage, cardiac vessel blockage. Well, here, the red, this is what I look at all day, different slides like this. All the blue dots in that red, that's hemorrhaging inflammation in a coronary artery vessel wall. The paler background, what you see there is spike protein stain again in the laboratory, showing that these vessel walls are packed with production of spike protein. And a concern I have is when does the body, after this gene goes into our cells, when does the body stop making the spike protein? That is a scientific question that hasn't been answered yet. Let's go on to the next one, please. We know it's at least 60 days. OK, here, this is a recent report by Dr. Moritz out of Germany, a case report. And this is to the point that lipid nanoparticles were designed to carry agents to the neural tissues. The blood brain barrier is very sacred and it prevents many things from getting into it to keep our neurons firing and safe. Well, this Parkinson's patient, a deceased, you can see again all those dots on that little tube on the left. That's a blood vessel. That's all spike protein. And on the right, you can see spilling out from a vessel all the little dots that spike. So he's pointing here. So that's invasion of spike protein into the brain parenchyma.

Protein within the neural tissues. Next one, please. I'll put the link in this next one. Again, this is another autopsy case. And this is spike protein just dotted and spread throughout the neural tissues. It induces inflammation and wherever it lands, it's going to. Can I ask a couple of quick questions? I don't want to interrupt too much here, but but but where exactly is that? Is that in myelin being produced or is that in neurons? What are we looking at for me as a pathologist to localize that? Yeah, no, it's in white matter and gray matter. So wherever the capillary vessel is, the spike protein. OK, is it so let me make sure I try to explain this yesterday that the capillary bed network in the brain. Most people sort of have a concept of how the lungs look. And that's a sort of highly innovative is the wrong word, but. Highly dense packing of very, very fine blood vessels because you want to get oxygen in and waste out. OK, it's orders of magnitude, more dense and complex in the brain. And you have to think that every neuron needs to be near a blood vessel to get oxygen. It has to be that way. And so to see spike protein spilling out into the brain in this fashion, it's highly concerning. We don't know what I could have a bloody good idea what those long term consequences can be. If you're really unlucky, you'll get Creutzfeldt-Jakob. If you just go in with the flow, you'll likely end up with Alzheimer's or Parkinson's or some variant thereof. It's your theory correct. So it's primarily being reproduced in endothelium and then leaking out into the surrounding tissue. Is that is that correct? So it's so it's really the why is the endothelium so prone to the production of the spike protein? We know that these these are from facts, samples. And he just said that because there's no nuclear capsid protein, they'll make the presumption that it comes from the spike itself. Oh, Dr. Keck in the chat. See, bro. Let's see. Parasite evacuation due to accumulation of calcium. Yeah. Oh, you had enough. More McEdeese for our assignment. I would say thank you to Curious Knuckle. Every dono today goes to the excavating engineer, CyberPhoenix. God bless him. Well, the endothelium is a replete in ACE2 receptors. The production site. So the spike will preferentially bind both to the ACE2 receptor on the endothelium. But there's another very important one. And this is what we'll talk about in the clotting called the CD147 receptor. And that protein we have on the surface of red cells, white cells, endothelium platelets. And that spike preferentially binds to that. No, I won't tell you about a drug that shall not be named that displaces that spike from that receptor. But there are medications that they blocked you from getting access to. That do displace the spike from those. Before we keep on one last question, which is how does the you're looking we're looking at post vaccine cases. What if we looked at post-COVID cases or even active? You had enough studies on a series of autopsies. And patients that were being suppressed were replicating virus. And they did spike in nucleocapsid stain. And they showed that the virus did get into many parts of the body and replicated for a good period of time. So there are comparators to post-COVID deaths and autopsies here to post-vaccinal. But if we summarize so far, and part of my job is to make sure. Just to hammer home what he's saying, there's a lot of crossover between the two. And the idea that they were sort of going to be inoculating you by using this gene transfection method. I think has fired backfired spectacularly in their face. And, you know, the only limer of hope in this particular instance is it looks like some files were blanks, as we saw with our EDX mapping. And the quality of the RNA is highly variable. So most people probably didn't get the full full exposure. We don't get so far into the technical weeds to lose those folks who don't have science backgrounds. So far we said we knew that COVID was associated with this spike protein that by itself is toxic. It is what caused clots in those people who contracted COVID and had clots. They develop a vaccine that induces you to produce those precise toxic spike proteins with no off switch. Unlike when you get the virus and you will eliminate it with a vaccine. You now have the genetic roadmap or instruction manual to make these in perpetuity. Perhaps we don't know for how long. And with furin cleavage sites and in vesicles that are highly permissive going all around the body. And again, once the amyloidogenic cascade is initiated, it's very, very hard for the body to stop it.

And they knew. I guarantee they knew. Because those studies were never done. So when you get vaccinated, you now are going to produce the toxic spikes. And furthermore, they're going to be produced in essentially every organ system in the body, despite what we were told. They won't stay in the deltoid. Furthermore, because of the nature of the stains that you use that were available, you were able to determine the difference between spike proteins that occurred from the virus versus spike proteins that occurred from the vaccine. And to differentiate that. OK, so so far you now have become if you're vaccinated, you're now a little factory producing gobs of toxic proteins in every organ system. It's quite amazing that this is staying up on YouTube. I guess I guess now you're allowed to talk about this white protein, but not calling out the deep state for their bio warfare programs. That's just taking it. You're just taking it step by step. So far, Dr. McCairn, I must say to you in the body, go from there. And I want to want to clarify to just take some fear away from some individuals. The vector with the J&J and the AstraZeneca is an adenoviral vector. And you're starting with complementary DNA, not an mRNA. And so because of that, you don't get the breakdown. You get it produces a high amount of spike for a set period of time. We know from the 1980s, 90s, the gene based studies with adenoviral vectors caused a lot of clotting. So there were clotting problems with that one for sure. And some antibodies in the blood that also induce clotting platelet factor for anti-phospholipid antibodies. Other things in the body that will induce clotting from that vector. But you don't get the replication for the same period of time with mRNA vaccines. So I had a you don't. I mean, I'd like to think about that because you're sending in a plasmid of DNA. And what causes I mean, basically you're relying on the immune system killing the cell that's producing the spike protein. And why would that be different than the mRNA? I need to think about that one. I had some sort of I don't know if it was thrombotic thrombocytopenia or what. I had all the signs of a transverse sinus thrombosis. I woke up with a raccoon's eye and was sick as hell and made it through, made it through. But that's what you're talking about. So there it is. There's my raccoon eye. Yeah. So move us forward. Shout out to Rakeens. We'll move forward here and I won't be too nerdy. I'll try to be a little more layman's here. So Kev, did I hear that right? The presence in spike that's from the virus and the spike made from the vaccine in the human body. Maybe I'm not understanding this right. No, they can they can test for the presence of spike and then you look for associated proteins. And if there's no associated proteins that you would expect, so the common one is nucleocapsid, you would make the assumption that it came from vaccine exposure. So it's the absence of other viral proteins that is the indicator that you, the response you're seeing is gene transfection induced. We jump on to that. Yeah, there we go. So it's in the brain tissue. Dr. Drew had a great question. Is it in the gray matter? Is it in the white matter? Where in the brain? Wherever lipid nanoparticle distributes and it does get through the blood brain barrier. And we know S1, the spike gets through as well. So it'll follow the small capillaries and leak into whatever tissue it wants to. OK, next slide, please. Now, this is the aorta. This is something that's unusual. Usually you'll see this in genetic conditions where the aorta ruptures. And you can see on the top, that's the the autopsy tissue on the bottom. All those dots. That's inflammation on the right. That's spike protein literally causing the lymphocytes to chew a hole in the aorta. This is the biggest blood vessel in your body coming off your heart. I mean, probably bloody painful, but at least it'll be over quick. Look at that. It's not it's not a little hole. When that ruptures, you're gone in minutes. So that's just another example of what deposited spike protein and the induced inflammation can do. So next, please. This is just an example of how prolific the spike can become once it lands in a tissue. That big circle in the middle is an artery inside your spleen and all those brown dots and all those splenic cells. That's a lot of spike protein. And so we know the spike can circulate in the body for a long time. Traditionally, in vaccine injury from other shots, they say most injury occurs within two weeks. However, with these gene based injections, the spike is persisting for a long time and it's produced in large quantity. Dr. Byrd showed it was circulating for a month. Dr. Bonsall in the Journal of Immunology showed it was circulating in exosomes in the blood for up to four months. So we have spike protein persisting in the human body for a long time. And when some immune suppressed patients, virus persists for a long time as well. So I'm not I'm not throwing one or the other under the bus. I'm just saying this is a scientific observation. So going on to the next one. This is what's concerning. OK, so this is a lymphoma, a cancer of the lymphoid cells within the stomach lining. Now, let's look at the next slide. All of those B cells are stuffed with spike protein. The spike protein binds to a gene in our body that's called the guardian of the genome, the P53 tumor suppressor gene. We know we covered a paper yesterday with Walter. If you want to go watch that stream a little bit about suppression of P53 from in silico studies that the spike will bind there. It also binds to a breast cancer gene known as BRCA and ovarian cancer gene known as BRCA. What does that mean? Well, I made the observation that there's an uptick of some unusual cancers that I've been seeing. But this, I think, is this should just at least open the door to other pathologists and universities to say, well, we should maybe go back and look at some of these unusual fast spreading cancers in young patients that we normally don't see. Is there spike? Where are all the autopsies? Where are all the autopsies? Shocking. Shocking. We don't have paper after paper to refer to at the moment. Protein as a binding to that receptor. Why is the body doing things that we haven't seen on a population level before? So, again, I'm just putting it out there. These are things that are scientific, have been observed. These are observations. These are scientific methods. Others need to continue to repeat these. And let me interject here with if I can interject for a second here with regard to these cancers. Dr. Cole, you are certainly not the only one seeing these. There's been a significant increase in new onset cancers, particularly in young people and a resurgence of cancers that have been deemed in remission. There was just a letter, a very compelling letter written to the British Medical Journal by a well-known British oncologist. The CDC won't release them because of HIPAA. No, I don't think HIPAA would stand in the way of releasing data like this because it just gets anonymized. It's just a case of doing the autopsies and publishing the data. And, you know, there's a whole bunch of excess death going on right about now. 400% increase if you're in the Balearic Islands in Spain. So where's the autopsy data? Where's the immunohistochemistry looking for the spike protein? And named Angus Delglish, who wrote that he said, please stop these. We are seeing this massive uptick in colorectal cancers and in 44 other classes of cancers, particularly in young people. And we need some explanation. And while you and I cannot say with surety, as we sit here today, that these are a direct result of covid vaccination, we certainly are obligated, I think, to have that robust, vigorous debate. And somebody should be investigating these and saying what's causing it. Because the things you are bringing up with regard to the binding of the spikes to these different receptors on certain well-known means, one of the great advances in cancer was our ability to define receptors and therefore have targeted therapy. A receptor for breast cancer, a receptor for colorectal cancer, a receptor for ovarian cancer. And now we have spike proteins that are binding to specific receptors and allowing tumors to grow unimpeded. And that's the important thing, is there's at least a dozen mechanisms that the spike can induce in those cancer pathways. And that's my scientific question and concern, what I've been observing. T-cell suppression in your immune system keeps cancer in check. All of us have some atypical cells right now. Your immune system knocked them out. Interferon is critical for fighting off other viruses as well as for fighting off cancer, especially type 1 interferon. The spike protein suppresses that in our cells. The spike protein damages our mitochondria. It can get into the mitochondria and inhibit the breathing of your cell, the energy of your cell, the ATP. So every cell in your body has these little factories making energy for you all day long. The spike protein impedes that, great papers by Dr. Clough and Abramovich. And those are the tip of the iceberg. And then certainly microclotting can cause choking off of tissues. And cancers do like an oxygen-depleted environment. And I won't get into the weeds on it. That could be another long, long lecture. But you're right. It's all these things added up into one that it's all of a sudden, what's new? Well, there's a new product that's never been used on humanity before that has plenty of possible mechanisms, plenty of proven mechanisms. And yet the scientific questioning, the endeavor to say, hey, there's a signal. We need to look into the signal. We need to fund this. Shocking. It's down to someone like myself pleading for sponsoring of rats to check this pathology out. Right. They could get the answer to this like that if they wanted to. They're not doing it. For me, out of curiosity, what is the tumors you've been seeing? Was it like Burkitt's or something? What have you been seeing? Interestingly, and there is an increase of Epstein-Barr virus, both after COVID and after. And Burkitt's is driven by Epstein-Barr virus. That's a B-cell lymphoma that tends to be driven by Epstein-Barr virus. And interestingly, about half of the long haul patients and COVID vaccine injured patients, they do have reactivated Epstein-Barr virus. So I encourage clinicians whenever they have that fatigued patient post-vaccine or post-COVID, check Epstein-Barr virus titers to see if it's reactivated. My first signal was in women's health. I saw an uptick in endometrial cancer. So that was the one that first concerned me. And then I do a lot of skin pathology and so melanoma in a lot younger patients. And what was fascinating, especially after shot two or three, was the activity of growth of the tumor. So we measure how the cells are dividing and at what rate. And these tumors were dividing at far higher rates. I've been doing this for 26 years. I've seen 500,000 patients in my career. You kind of know the patterns. And when you see something different, you're like, gosh, that is a lot of cell activity in this tumor compared to what I've been seeing. And it's in, like Dr. Victory said, in younger cohorts. And that becomes a concern as well. And so, again, I'm not throwing anyone under the bus, but this is an industry that has something new. And all of these things are the kind of things we should have done long before a rollout of something experimental. You think, yeah, we need an army of pathologists. I'll just let this play. I'm just going to break. I'm talking a large population. All right, keep throwing off the blood clots. So back to the clots. No, let's get to the clots. No, no, no. I'm more freeform like this. I mean, I can get on stage into the presentation, but we can jump a couple slides forward. Let's take a look at those clots, because, you know, there's been some sensational videos. And unfortunately, I didn't have any editorial power and didn't know I was going to be in one. I'm like, oh, gosh, you know, here we are. And so I can dispel some of the controversy if I can. So, yeah, let's go ahead and jump a slide or two, Caleb. Here we are. So people say, oh, you know, these clots aren't real, you know, that's all made up, whatever. People are confabulating. These are from living patients. So these patients, fortunately, are still with us. So I have some surgical colleagues around the country that have seen an increase in their patients, and they've thankfully done the scans, found them and extracted them. So these thick, fibrous clots are in vivo as well. These are in living patients. The interesting tube of blood on the right, this was a patient from a colleague, Dr. Burkhart, in Germany, and she had three shots. Whenever it would get cold, her fingers would start to hurt, kind of a Reynolds phenomenon. They took a tube of blood, set it on the counter, and little fibrils started to form. They spun it down, and the material within this spun down big nugget there is the same as what we're seeing in the clots. So we'll go slide forward. And this is what it looks like. It looks like just this pink amorphous material. Well, that's fibrin, it's reticulin, it's a bunch of amino acids. But more importantly, there's a material that the body doesn't break down very easily called amyloid. And you may hear about amyloid in Alzheimer's disease and plaques in the neurons in the brain. That's what we call a beta-pleated sheet amyloid. There are different types of amyloid. But the problem is the body doesn't easily break down amyloid. Our body can break down fibrin in clots, and you'll form a clot after scraping your arm or knee or whatever, and eventually your body remodels that area. And because we have enzymes that say, hey, you know, there's a clot, it's in the way, let's remold it, put some new vessels in, you know, all done, good to go. However, this type of protonaceous material doesn't get broken down easily by the body. I don't want to scare everybody and say, gosh, everybody that has, you know, the shot is going to have this. No. No. The good news is most people are fine. However, from a scientific point of view, you can't find what you don't look for. So early on, the agencies and Fauci encouraged people not to do autopsies. So you're not going to find if you're not looking. The morticians that started seeing these, they were getting, when a body comes in and they have to preserve it, they cannulate large vessels, they put their needles in large vessels, they started getting back pressure that they hadn't experienced before. And there are one or two that have spoken out, but I know of about another 50 that are seeing the same, but again, want to keep their jobs so they don't say anything. But when we look at these clots under the microscope, this is what we see. We'll go another slide forward here. This is interesting. So here's autopsy tissue. This is a thicker clot within a larger lung vessel and all that brown in the middle. Guess what's in the middle of that spike protein. And again, it's binding to those little receptors we talked about. Let's go back. Let's go back. Here's the amyloid. All made up, whatever people are confabulating. These are from living patients. So these patients fortunately are still with us. So I have some surgical colleagues around the country that have seen an increase in their patients, actually done the scans, found them and extracted them. So these thick, fibrous clots are in vivo as well. These are in living patients. The interesting tube of blood on the right, this is a patient from a colleague, Dr. Burkhardt in Germany, and she had three shots. Whenever it would get cold, her fingers would start to hurt, kind of a Reynolds phenomenon. They took a tube of blood, set it on the counter, and little fibrils started to form. They spun it down, and the material within this spun down big nugget there is the same as what we're seeing in the clots. So we'll go slide forward. And this is what it looks like. It looks like just this pink amorphous material. Well, that's fibrin, it's reticulin, it's a bunch of amino acids. But more importantly, there's a material that the body doesn't break down very easily called amyloid. And you may hear about amyloid in Alzheimer's disease and plaques in the neurons in the brain. That's what we call a beta-pleated sheet amyloid. There are different types of amyloid. But the problem is the body doesn't easily break down amyloid. Our body can break down fibrin in clots, and you'll form a clot after scraping your arm or knee or whatever, and eventually your body remodels that area. And because we have enzymes that say, hey, you know, there's a clot, it's in the way, let's remold it, put some new vessels in, you know, all done, good to go. However, this type of protenacious material doesn't get broken down easily by the body. I don't want to scare everybody and say, gosh, everybody that has, you know, the shot is going to have this. No, the good news is most people are fine. However, from a scientific point of view, you can't find what you don't look for. So early on, the agencies and Fauci encouraged people not to do autopsies. So you're not going to find if you're not looking. Don't do autopsies. Orders from the top. Orders from the top. And this is a direct demonstration of the consent. We've looked at the waltz data, right? We've been talking about rayon binding domains. This is the consequence. And yes, he's right. Thankfully, it's not going to be everyone, we hope. But I would say this. They knew. They knew. And they aimed this at children. They aimed it at children. And just for that alone, we should never, ever stop till we get these bastards. Guilty. Yes. Guilty. Guilty. Where's my guilty? Guilty. Guilty. Guilty. And like I say, all the bullshit that we've had from all these people that have been talking about magnetic fucking nanodiscs and fiber optic cables, et cetera. It's this. This is the problem. And he's right. He's right. I don't think that there are good ways. You have dry nanokinase. Maybe. Maybe. But, you know, how bioavailable is it? Has it getting into the brain? And, you know, that's just there's so many factors at play. It'll kill a 17-year-old, as we saw earlier in the stream. The morticians that started seeing these, they were getting, when a body comes in and they have to preserve it, they cannulate large vessels. They put their needles in large vessels. They started getting back pressure that they hadn't experienced before. And there are one or two that have spoken out, but I know of about another 50 that are seeing the same, but, again, want to keep their jobs. So they don't say anything. But when we look at these clots under the microscope, this is what we see. We'll go another slide forward here. Now, this is interesting. So here's autopsy tissue. This is a thicker clot within a larger lung vessel and all that brown in the middle. Guess what's in the middle of that? spike protein. And, again, it's binding to those little receptors we talked about. And Dr. Pretorius did a brilliant study where the one from Dr. Asa Pretorius, South Africa, where she showed that you can take the platelets out of the blood and put the spike protein in, and it will cause proteins to clump together in the absence of platelets. So this is really unusual in clotting mechanisms. I ran one of the busiest clotting clinics in the world at the Mayo Clinic for a long time. And just understanding all the factors that go into form a clot, to see something like this in a protein that will do this in the absence of other things that are usually necessary for a clot is very unusual and, again, concerning. Do I want to alarm people? No, I don't want to alarm people. Do I want people to be aware? And do I want my colleagues around the world to study this? Absolutely. So we'll go on to the next one here. This is just an example of the postmortem clots. And, yes, they're long and they're very fibrous. And that fibrous aspect of them, there's no, you know, you know, chips and wires and all this crazy stuff. Well said, sir. I think that's just all... God bless this man. God bless this man. He's doing everything that's right. Okay. And he's being measured. He's alerting to a safety signal that is being deliberately ignored and obfuscated. And he's shutting down the hilly wankers who keep pushing fucking nanotech in these shots. It's the toxic biology we have to deal with. Amyloidosis. That's the silent killer here. There is unusual amounts of collected proteins. There are unusual combinations of proteins that make these very difficult for the body to dissolve. We'll go on to the next one. Correct me if I'm wrong. Let me just... We keep referring to these or people have referred to them as blood clots. These, you know, foot long or yard long, quote, blood clots. You're talking about what's in there. Fibrin is, you know, kind of amyloid. But if I'm correct, they also are devoid of those things that we normally associate with blood, meaning there isn't hemoglobin or potassium or iron, the normal components of blood. They have a very different texture. If you roll a blood clot around in your fingers, it essentially will dissolve. If you roll these around, they have a very different texture, but they are devoid of typical blood components, correct? And let me pile on a question on the heels of that. And are they the same in postmortem as in somebody who's... You're finding these in a living person. No. And I've done about 600 autopsies earlier in my career, spent a month in a medical examiner's office as well. Postmortem clots tend to be like a thick red jelly. And like Kelly was saying, you can squeeze them, you can kind of roll them around and just break them apart. That's the uniqueness of this. These are like rubber bands. And I do kind of want to dispel a little bit of what you mentioned, Kelly, because they do house normal blood elements. So they do have the fibrin you would see in a clot. You do have some of the normal clotting proteins. It will entrap red blood cells. It will entrap white blood cells. So those elements are within it. The unusual aspect is the rest of the composition of this long fibrous clot is that amyloid-like material with some mixed sugars, glycoproteins mixed in. So it's the difference of being used to seeing a normal clot, having that part of it there, but this addition to it that makes it elastic and odd. Can I ask another quick question on the heels of this? I've had this very distinct instinct all the way along as we've learned about this illness that there's a significant endothelial pathology of some type, both with the vaccine reactions and with COVID. I've almost, you know, all the microvascular stuff. See my discussion with Walter yesterday. We go into this in great detail. And again, in my mind, we have the proof now of these toxic mechanisms that we've been postulating and hypothesizing about. There it is in your face. Now, you know, the question I have, is it worth going and doing the rodents now? I mean, this should be job done. Stream quit. Let's see, are we live? It says we're streaming. Got 130 people watching. It's great. I think so that's the end of COVID data for today. I don't think there's any, it's just them discussing a little more there. We've discussed that paper before. That's the germinal centers that have detectable mRNA in them for months on end. So I'll give the link for people who'd like to watch the whole of the stream. I encourage watching the whole of the stream. And again, there it is. Everything that I've been warning about for two and a half years writ large by a qualified, more than qualified pathologist to be describing the phenomenon. Again, no nanodiscs, no microchips, no fiber optic cables, just abnormal protein chemistry that we understand the pathophysiology around it and could have predicted it from first principles. And they still went ahead with it and they're still aimed at children. They came for your children. All right. So what did I have next? I don't know what that was. I've got to do some ye. I've got to do it just because it's so, it's so, it's so bonkers and out there that like I say, they've just taken that over and window, picked it up and not shifted it. They've literally thrown it. Hundreds of yards. Let's see what's going on. It says we're streaming. No amnesty, never, never, never, no amnesty. And those sick bastards even tried to pull that shit, right? Oh God, we need to have an amnesty. We need to have an amnesty. And again, it's not just, it's not just the shots, right? It's the virus itself. And the virus is a chimera that's coming out of a laboratory. And right now, think you've got to, you've got to hold all possibilities in your mind. Okay. And these are first strike weapons that they're deploying against you by the psychological level and a direct attack on your biology. It's there all in front of you. Guilty until proven innocent in this particular instance. Am I streaming? I can't tell. It looks good to me. Restream looks good. 99 people watching. Time for ropes, hemp or nylon. Which will last longer as we set them on fire? It's good. Okay. Okay. All right. Let's get to... Where is it?

We just start from the beginning. The dude's wearing like a ski mask that you can't even see his eyes. What the hell is going on? I mean, I'm all for it. I'm down with pushing these bastards and this dialogue. This is a dialogue that the United States needs to have. Want to know who controls you? Find out who you can't speak about. Or if you do speak about them, they come and deep drink you. Then you know who's got the whip hand over you. So let's just dive straight in. Come on, play. We're going to play. Fuck you. I just got to salute you as a Christian and as American because you paved the way to make... What is he wearing? What the fuck is he wearing? Sitting there with his Bible. And like I say, this is some top tier Psyop if it is one. Soldiers like us today. It's like Terminator Part 10 happening right now. Free shipping is back. Absolutely. Well, that's that's that's what Hollywood wants to do, though, is to... What is he wearing? Control everybody through images. Exactly. So I'm in control of my image now. It's no longer the people that froze my account. It's no longer the people that threaten me. We've got past the threats. They tried to throw me in jail for the truth. And, you know, people believe me and people see that I wasn't crazy on what I was talking about. And they tried to write it off and they keep trying to write it off. But the truth is the more and more I'm faithful to Christ, the more and more he's going to keep on unlocking the blessings. You know, he said it on my heart to build communities, to build farms, to build schools, to... Ah, sorry. Sorry. Play. Why won't you play? That player sucks. WTYL is better.

Gay. Maybe more controversial than Alex Jones or Donald Trump now. I mean, we're about the most controversial people in the world. Obviously the most attacked and demonized. Nick Fuentes is here as well. America first. We're going to have Ali Alexander on. Owen Schreuer. That fucking player just doesn't scale properly. Very simple. We're not going to be talking about all this moral code and these standards right here. It's either Christ said so or Christ said no. Yay, powerful information. I totally agree with you. Back in 60 seconds. Join over 400 radio stations. Nick Fuentes Studio. Everybody tell everybody to tune in now. forward slash show. Let's break the Internet today. Stay with us. Well, make no mistake. This Thursday, December 1st, 2022 broadcast is beyond the Twilight Zone because truth is stranger than fiction. Yay. Maybe more controversial than Alex Jones or Donald Trump now. I mean, we're about the most controversial people in the world. Obviously the most attacked and demonized. He's here. Nick Fuentes is here as well. America first. We're going to have Ali. Get over what he's wearing, man. It's like the evil Spider-Man. Alexander on Owen Schreuer. This thing's going to go for the next three plus hours, as long as long as he wants to go. Some stages don't carry the first five, but you just dropped some bombs that I totally agree that are huge. Yay. So recap that and continue on, sir. OK. So I look this up. It's about sin. That's what we're going to talk about. Sin today and how we need to do everything that we can. We're imperfect. But to fleet to free ourselves of sin and repent for sin throughout the day at night and in the morning. So right here, the Bible says right here, I know I'm going to do a Corinthians to like Trump, you know, new new Christian kind of reading of this. So bear with me. I love Jesus, but I'm not the most, you know, experienced Christian. And it says the Book of Proverbs six, 16 dash 19. I'm sure that's the wrong way to read it. It's OK. You got the floor. OK. Identify seven things that God hates, although there are not any punishments prescribed for those. Scripture clearly indicates that God does view sin differently and that he prescribed he proscribed he proscribed a different punishment for sin, depending upon its severity. Now watch this one. It says where is he talking about those, you know, hide laws there. That's a literal swimsuit. The phrase all sins are equal in the eyes of God comes from. As far as I can tell, the most common argument for the belief that all sins are created equal comes from the Book of James to 10. It states for whoever keeps the whole law and yet stumbles at just one point is guilty of breaking all of it. Now I'm a big fan of Steve Jobs, even though he did create Apple. And if you notice, the logo of Apple is actually the fall of men, the forbidden fruit, the bitten apple. Right. So we can get into, you know, what what social media has done to families and all that we can. We got three hours. Right. But I like the way our our incredible American inventors like Disney and Hughes and Steve Jobs, the way they ran their companies and invented things that changed the world. And the way Steve ran his company was his version of a sinless office. Everyone had to be so meticulous to be able to take what was 10 things at one time and make and put it in the palm of our hand. Think about an iPhone. It's your fax. It's your email. It's your phone. Now it's a thousand things. Yeah. It's your camera. It's your your flashlight. Yeah. It's like a thousand things in it. But he had to have his army go in with a sinless approach. And right now, you know, Gideon called God called Gideon to make an army, the three hundred, the real three hundred. Not the move. You're stretching it a bit there saying Apple is sinless. Can we can we talk about wage slaves and literal prison camp working conditions in China? The version that we're all focused on serving this mission at the time. So we have a mission right now to save our families from social media, from Zionist control and bring the Jews, he mentioned it, bring Jesus Christ back to the forefront. And we're protected. You know, I don't have security. My security is the angels. My security is the fact that I didn't load up pornography last night. And I said this addiction is going to have to flee from me. You know, this addiction since I was five years old that has destroyed my mom and my dad's family, that destroyed my family. Like when I take full accountability for the destruction away from those folks, stay away from those destruction, like of my marriage, when I point at the liberals and say you took my wife from me, you know, it took my wife from me the fact that I was married to this beautiful person. But I felt like it wasn't enough. I felt like I still needed to look at pornography in some way. I'd say to her, we'll stop making these images, stop breaking the Internet. You know, that original term comes from my ex-wife actually having a nude photo that I didn't know about that someone used her and put it on a magazine. But there's somewhere where she's like, well, if my husband is looking at this, I still want to be like the girls that are doing this. And this becomes people reliving the traumas, pushing the addiction. The pornography industry is not even a big industry. It's like less than 10 billion dollars. Right. So that means that it's not used for prosperity. It's used for disparity. By the way, George Irwell wrote 1984 and he'd been the number two guy in PSYOP for OSS and ran propaganda for the British government. But he found out that he didn't like Hitler, but he found out that they were actually manipulated and created him. He didn't like the communists. He'd been one of them. He found out that the British intelligence had actually created that and done that. And he explained in 1984 that pornography is something to destroy families, destroy our souls and get us to commit. Yep. Yep. Yep. Yep. And Bravo. Bravo for just bringing this into American consciousness. What can I say? He wasn't even a big Christian, but get us to debase ourselves so that they can control us. Absolutely. You got alcohol and pornography are these legal drugs. Alcohol is a spirit. I'm going to we're going to go into the spirit of Al Kool-Aid. Let's just go to the facts today. Let's not just even do opinions. I love how you brought that in because now you got God's warriors coming together right now. OK, Nick Fuentes doesn't have a Twitter account. Alex Jones doesn't have a Twitter account. But hey, guess what? Elon, I got a Twitter. And today I don't have a Twitter account. I've asked for it back. They won't give it to me. You can't cut. You can't call out the deep state and their bio warfare programs. Apparently, that's a no no. I'm going to have Nick and Alex tweet from my account. You like that? Ari Emanuel. I'm all about free speech and the greatest threat is those that want to silence us. Like the First Amendment. Anybody trying to take your speech is the enemy. Absolutely. Well, and it's I do find it a little bit hypocritical that Elon Musk said that he was purchasing Twitter to create a free speech environment. He says that free speech is the thing that's going to save the West and our civilization. But yet he has taken exception to you, Alex, for some seemingly specific reason, maybe personal to him, but definitely not principled. So I think it's time that the people finally demand a real victory here. We've been at war, essentially, since Trump came down the Golden Escalator seven years ago to put America first, to put Christ first, to free the Internet and do these kinds of things. This got the part of the presidential theatrics, right? This Golden Escalator Trump's going to save us. And here we are all this time later, and it seems like we've stagnated or in some ways maybe even taken a step back. So it's time that people demand we want Christ first. We want America first. We want Alex Jones back on Twitter. These are just and reasonable demands. We want Dr. McCairn back on Twitter. I like this and I want you to be able to elaborate on this, but I don't want you to get his one because he's got so much to say, you know, as he's got off, but I'm going to try to shut up as much. But he we can go four or five hours if you want the main shows actually four hours long, which is hoping for three. We'll do four hours if you guys are up for it. But here's what I'm saying. I am a classical liberal at heart. So I love everybody and I judge people by what they do, not what color they are. And I look at the things you've said and some of them out of context, I don't agree with, but compared to a liberal, a modern liberal saying white people are inherently evil and white people are bad because their skin color. And then that's what the ADL instead of private law center and these leftist groups in Hollywood that's based naming the Jew. Shout out. Name that idea. Do it. With a push. So they're putting out something beyond even what Hitler said, but reversing it onto white people and we're supposed to sit there and accept it. And then he comes out and says, hey, you know, I see kind of a mafia running things and he's the devil. No, that's bullshit. Sorry. All right. We're going to curse a little bit less on this. Yes. Yes, Reverend. I'm going to try. I'll stop. And the reason I wanted Nick, people have heard from Nick, but people haven't heard from Nick with Ye standing right next to him. You know, it's like, that's the thing that the Zionist control, the 300 in control of the media and control of the governments. They don't want us to connect to each other. Like my dad said, okay, they say you're an anti-Semitic, but they say he's a white supremacist and he's asking me, well, what's the difference? I said, dad, there is no difference. It's just separation and confusion. They want to separate and confuse the Christians and make us afraid to stand next to each other. A Christian can stand next to anyone. We can go visit R. Kelly in prison. We can go talk to Harvey Weinstein. That's what Jesus did. Yes. Because Jesus can save everyone. But if the Zionists can get us so afraid that they're going to do what they've been doing to me, attempting to put me in jail, freeze my accounts, smearing me on the media, all of these things, you know, you put on the whole armor of God and they will not be able to break your spirit. By the way, we can do three hours on this subject and you do five hours on it. And let's just get it all going now because I want to get into everything about your plans to try to bring jobs to America, unifying people, running for president, all those other issues. So I'm not staring us away from that. I just run with it as far as you guys want to go and then I want to get into all the other topics that surround them. Oh, beautiful. So where do you want to start? Well, I mean, I would just start with this. There are good people from every group and every type of culture and we all know that. But definitely the left, when it was America defeated Hitler, calls their opposition Hitler when both my grandfathers almost died in the Army Air Corps. Both of them almost died. One of them crash landed after a mission and got all broke up. The other one got hit a German air raid in North Africa and he'd only done like 18 of his missions. And then he had a concussion and he was the captain. And then his buddies went the next day and blew up over Italy and he was always freaked out. But it really talked about till he died. But when he died, we read the letters and all the awards he had and stuff and the things he did after that. And then, you know, re-upping and recommitting to the Army Air Corps. So I take it as an offense to have George Soros and people that actually work for Hitler rounding up people tell me I'm a Nazi when I almost don't exist when my grandfathers went over there. So I got a lot to say about this as well. It's just it's just nuance with the whole thing that's going on. But expanding on that, yeah, give us because I want you to go wherever you want. So just let's just have you talk for 10, 15 minutes more before me and me and we got a lot to hear from. He needs to be heard. But we want to hear from you. Well, I said with Ali Alexander and Nick Fuentes that we're like the SWAT team of free thought. And I go on with this battle ram at the door and then they come in with these laser beams and have that information. And we work together as a team. A lot of times in media, they want to single out one person and burn them to the core. That is a Zionist approach. And they're asking me to use that same approach. Well, hey, don't say all people just say specifically the businessman. And I go on Lex Freeman and I say who it specifically and I still not enough. They're still taking it too far. Everyone knows and agrees now. The Jew always always comes first that it's like a reverse version of American history X the scene when they put the guy's head against the curve and kick the back of it. And now people are like, wait a second, the so-called crime doesn't deserve the punishment. What did I thought? That's right. You're not Hitler. You're not a Nazi. You don't deserve to be called out of demonized. Well, I I see. I see good things about Hitler. Also, the Jews. I love everyone. The Jewish people are not going to tell me you can love a lot more. Oh, man, oh, man. If this was spontaneous and not, oh, he loves Hitler now. Holy shit, man. That's what of, you know, us and you can love what we're doing to you with the contracts and you can love what we're, you know, what we're pushing with the pornography. But this guy that invented highways, invented the very microphone that I use as a musician. You can't say out loud that this person ever did anything good. And I'm done with that. I'm done with the classifications. Every human being has something of value that they brought to the table, especially Hitler. How about that one? Ari Emanuel. How you like that one? You're going to do anything to fix Chicago. Holy shit, man. I've seen like a little 10 second clip. I haven't seen this. Fuck. Oh, you know, Hitler was an artist and that made those nice roads or bonds are great. Speak limits. If he had said, I see things about Jeffrey Epstein are like, that's a bad sound bite. You think? Well, I am worried about the thousands of black folks down in Chicago, but let me explain because that's a nuanced issue. You know, my, my, my, my grandfather grew up in Dallas and from a pretty wealthy family. Also, Hitler was born Christian. I've actually studied some of the history on it, but it's very interesting. My grandfather, you know, grew up and actually some of his family spoke some German. There's a lot of Germans in Texas, but as you know, that he grew up next door to the inventor of air conditioning and the inventor of one of the main rivers of refrigeration. And so my issue was growing up, my grandfather told me the stories about some of the inside baseball and the things that went on. And but later I'm going to get into that. I'm going to tell you some stuff about Hitler that you might not know directly that happened to people I knew. I'd love to hear everything because guess what? We don't get to hear it's hidden. Unlike our truth, the fact that African-Americans were in America before the pilgrims, that truth is hidden that we are actually the native Americans or some of us are native or the fact that what Kyrie got in trouble is pointing out that we're Jewish slave boats, like, and then you look at Australia, they've done some of the genetic typing of the Aborigines there and they're basically Africans. There you go. You know, so all of these truths and then the current truths about banking, about the government, my favorite thing that I got to say with Tim Poole was Rahm Emanuel was right there next to Obama, Jared Kushner was right there next to Trump. What are those two people, those two Zionists, I gave it away, have in common? Nick, can you pick that up and expand on that? Absolutely. Yeah. You know, and it's interesting because you've been going on these interviews with Lex Friedman and with Tim Poole and Piers Morgan and they always say, well, don't talk about a group, talk about the individuals. And I would point out one, it's hypocritical because in the same interview, Tim Poole said, well, wouldn't Ye be so great for the black vote? You say the black vote, we talk about Jewish businessmen and somehow that's a problem. You can't talk about groups when it's one, but not the other. The other thing is that there is something baked into the cake in Judaism, which affects how they're brokering these kinds of contracts with entertainers like Ye. If you look at the Talmud, which is a real Jewish holy book or part of the holy book, there's the written Torah, which is the Hebrew Bible, there's the oral Torah, which was written down as the Mishnah and then interpreted in the Talmud. In the Talmud, it says that Jews have to treat Gentiles differently than they treat other Jews. There's all kinds of examples of this. They say that if you... It's his fucking face. Perfect, man. The Jew. We'll be fuming. Fuming right now. Don't go telling everyone what's in their books, don't do that. Accidentally, if a Jew indirectly kills a Gentile, there's nothing even wrong with that. There's nothing morally wrong with that. They say that for a Jew to have sex with a Gentile is comparable to bestiality. They say that the semen of a Gentile is like that of horses. They also say that you can't give a gift to a Gentile. A Jew is not permitted under the Talmud to give a gift to a Gentile. They're not permitted to charge each other interest, but they're encouraged to charge Gentiles interest. What do they say about pedophilia? They say that that's in some cases, listen. Well, you're telling me in their holy book, it says it's OK to be pedophiles as long as it's not another Jewish person. The Jew. This is great. That's only came from Adam. I'm not 100 percent sure. Well, let me just get this. Let me just get this up front. I believe in free speech and that's why I want you to be able to say whatever you want. I'm quite the historian from a multifaceted views to a certain point. I'm going to give my nuanced views of this because there are power structures and there are mafias and there are cliques and there are groups and there are certainly leftist Jews that call everybody Nazis. They don't agree with you. You don't want open borders. You don't want your guns taken or you don't want to take a shot. The ADL had a meeting last two weeks ago and said Alex Jones is an agent of evil. He's been taking off the air. He's the devil. He doesn't want you to take four shots. And I'm like, what are you doing? Calling me anti-Semitic. I'm not against groups. I don't get into group politics. Adam, I'm sorry. Sorry. Sorry. I didn't mean to say that. Alex. Yes, sir. I've got the perfect answer for the ADL. They are going to have to listen up. What we did is we brought Netanyahu with us. I'm in the twilight zone right now. And Netanyahu, what do you have to say? What do you have to say to Alex Jones right now? Nick Fuentes and yay. It was bad. It was bad for Trump to meet with Nick and yay. OK. I had no idea your voice is going to sound like that, Netanyahu. So you don't like Netanyahu? I just I just heard about this guy two weeks ago. So it's like the tweet. And I thought he had a funny name. I heard he's like really into like he's like a super killer. I could die for saying this. In case this is the last time you ever hear from him. Look, look, look, look, look, look, I'm glad you guys are here and we can we can we can sit here and all I'm telling you is you guys realize that the British government created Hitler and the Milner group put him in power and there's something much more sophisticated. I personally think that most Jews are great people. And I understand there's a Jewish mafia and they're used to demonize anybody that promotes freedom. But I don't blame Jews. I've sat with these folks for millions in general for that. And there is a much larger eugenics, transhumanist, scientific elite agenda that's playing off what about abortion? It's 50 percent of black deaths. There's over 50. Hey, one of the papers I had, you're like, why is all that? You're the director. That's the Margaret Singer Rockefeller founded Planned Parenthood came out today and said because of your white guilt, white people need to give money so we can kill black babies. I swear to God, it's in my stack. If you had moved it off the desk, I could pull it right up for you. Why did I have you move it off the desk, Alex? Because it's cluttered. I'm not bitching. I'm just saying. I'm just a prop. I can literally go look. I agree with you. Look at this. They say white people help us kill black people for your white guilt. It actually says that. Now, this is I'm agreeing with you. Is it a problem with props? We can't. This is the voice of Netanyahu. So you get your mob. You get your mob. I actually I'm going to find the tweeter because I want to show you this. This is a big guys. I said to you this morning, it was it was in the tweets, but you pull it up. It's official Twitter of the eugenics, death cult Nazis. I mean, we're going to have Netanyahu step out for a second. OK, Alex. I'm leaving for now to do is another meeting and then I'm going to say something. You're not only an artist. You're a comedian. But Nick, that's what I'm getting at here is, is that is, is, is that it was a it doesn't matter. I mean, there's there's fluoride in the water killing us all. They're injecting us with GMO. Oh, here's the question. And I'm not I'm not an apologist for Israel. I'm trying to be balanced here. I believe in First Amendment. I believe in free speech. I agree. Israel has other than other than like Singapore and a few places, the most draconian mRNA injections in the world. They have the highest death rate from the shots. They are literally forcibly injecting them like Joseph Mengele and Jews are dying in mass in Israel. So if the Jews are the secret group that runs it all, and I'm not denying it, it's a group within the shark swimming in the sea, AJ's ex-wife was Jewish. His kids are Jewish, too. Yeah, it says this is fucking gold. It is, man. Like I said, the open window just got fucking blasted by rockets. Now that you know, Jews run Hollywood, what I'm saying is the Zionist, the great book is a holy Bible, holy Bible. He's preaching it. OK, well, why would the Zionists be killing Jews in mass in Israel with the poison shot? Because they'd work for Satan. They don't work for God. Exactly. They create atmospheres that get Jews persecuted so they can control the Jews, so they can kill them. I think that's really close to the truth. It's fear of the absurd. Yes. Yes. What am I looking at here? Israel versus Sweden. They're doing great. And again, hashtag not all. And you know, it's that there needs to be a discussion in the US about this in-group, the Sabbath. I'll call them saboteans just for just to say we've got something to name them. And there has to be a discussion about how come BlackRock all at the top of the Jew? How come? How come? Why are they allowed to indulge in their in-group preferences when should a whitey or a blix try to do it, they'll get they'll get all sorts of opproboreum poured on them. That's the discussion that needs to be had. You just did it. Just like George Soros. Help round up Jews for Hitler. That's the next level. Boom, we just got there. And they control the left and the right. They make politics super messy. Like I went in to meet with my boy Trump. And the next thing you know, like he typed, he said, fake news went crazy. And I love Trump like every other good Christian American. We just want to hold Trump to Christian values and say, that's the only way to the White House. And if he doesn't do it, then I'm going to have to do it. I think that Trump is a more senior president. I think I've got some growing to do, but I love Jesus. It's kind of like David, all of his brothers had all this battle experience and he was tended to the sheep, but while he was out there, he had to fight bears and tigers. This is the little I know as a baby Christian, but he was able to beat that giant. And right now this giant, there's a, there's some cleaning. There's some, there's some plumbing that we have to do. Spot on. Spot on you. Taxi Cube said Zionists are quite willing to sacrifice Jews. The average Israeli is not a member of this mob. Yeah. I'm inclined to agree. I'm inclined to agree with that. Laura Luma follow-up interview, Alex Jones and you today. She called out the ADL. Yeah. Look, man, the ADL got a go right there at their poisonous, poisonous organization. You can't have it. And you know, all this, why was me Jewish misery that they pour on top of themselves up? We've had enough of it. We have had enough of it and this again, this walking on eggshells again, because they don't want to get offended. And so it just happens to be a high jay banger quotient in the industries that were involved around SARS. Let's just put it that way. And that's what I'm doing with my style of art, my style of humor and who I am as a celebrity to say, okay, I've been messed over enough by Jewish businessmen to get to the point to say, I'm not going to take it anymore. I'm not the first person that got debanked because of their political opinion. And I represent now the common man. If we go, when we go, I don't like the word if when we go into the White House, it's us now. It's not about specifically an icon or dissent issues. Yeah. It's about the issues in America. Stay there. Stay there. Nick Ford does the studio. It's uncensored folks. We're going to come back after this break and we're going to come back to the break and play a George Soros compilation of him on NPR, him on NPR and him on 60 Minutes saying the best time of his life was rounding up and killing Jews. Ye never killed any Jews. So I want to know, how do I get the ADL to love me? Do I round up Jews in Nazi Germany? Do I get love then? Schwarzenegger said he loved Hitler. They gave him an award. I was just saying, I don't like Nazis and I don't like what some of the Mafias are doing either. I like Hitler. It was actually probably the happiest year of my life, that year of German occupation. For me, it was a very positive experience. It's a strange thing because you see incredible suffering around you and in fact you are in considerable danger yourself, but you're 14 years old and you don't believe that it can actually touch you. You have a belief in yourself, your belief in your father. It's a very happy making, exhilarating experience. While hundreds of thousands of Hungarian Jews were being shipped off to the death camps, George Soros accompanied his phony godfather on his appointed rounds, confiscating property from the Jews. These are pictures from 1944 of what happened to George Soros' friends and neighbors. You're a Hungarian Jew who escaped the Holocaust by posing as a Christian and you watched lots of people get shipped off to the death camps. I was 14 years old and I would say that that's when my character was made. In what way? One should think ahead, one should understand and anticipate events and one is threatened. It was a tremendous threat of evil. I mean, we just saw this asshole the other day, far older and more wrinkly, just saying COVID-19 has allowed us to put in the mechanisms of control. I'm entering the words out of his mouth. A very personal experience of evil. My understanding is that you went out with this protector of yours who swore that you were his adopted godson, went out in fact and helped in the confiscation of property from the Jews. That sounds like an experience that would send lots of people to the psychiatric couch for many, many years. Was it difficult? Not at all. Maybe as a child you don't see the connection, but it created no problem at all. No feeling of guilt? No. For example, that I'm Jewish and here I am watching these people go, I could just as easily be there. I should be there. None of that. Well, of course I could be on the other side or I could be the one from whom the thing is being taken away. But there was no sense in it. There wasn't. Well, I kept it. I said I shouldn't be there because that was, well, actually, a funny way. It's just like in markets that if I weren't there, of course I wasn't doing it, but somebody else would be taking it away anyhow. But I wasn't in the book, so what else would? What? A little psychopath. Whether I was there or not, I was only a spectator. The property was being taken away. So I had no role in taking away that property. So I had no sense of guilt. Are you religious? No. Do you believe in God? No. All right. My mission here today is to offer the first amendment because as long as you're not carrying out violence against someone or asking people to be violent, like the lefts ask people to burn down cities and attack Republicans and celebrate a Rand Paul and Scalise being shot and attacked, then you have your free speech. Your death is their virtue. And when the left came out in the last 10 years and really celebrated the last five, six, it said white people are inherently evil because of the color of their skin and that somebody who moved here as a kid from Poland. That's a real picture, man. Alex Jones, Nick gets pegged by Catboy and that's Spider-Man, black Spider-Man talking about the Jew. Mind blown. They're supposed to pay reparations for what people did hundreds of years ago in this country. It's a divide and conquer strategy. I'm getting into the reparations debate. I'm saying the groups pushing reparations are trying to cause division. So I've said it, the most Nazi-like activities I've seen and the Nazis, it might be war thugs that shot people down to a lot of really bad things. But they did good things too. We're going to stop dissing the Nazis all the time. Okay. We're going to get to that. I don't want to get digressed into this, but remember I told you a story about my grandfather growing up in the richest neighborhood in Dallas and down the street was a famous German American inventor. And he was a first generation person. He'd come here with his little kid on a ship and he was, he held a bunch of the patents on air, on refrigeration and air conditioning. And my grandfather worked from the time he was about eight years old because he took him under his wing in his little tinkering factory that then he had factories in places like Detroit that actually built stuff. And my grandfather, the main reason he joined the army air corps, he told me, and he didn't tell me a lot about this. He's told me this story was because he watched that man very quietly once Hitler got power in the thirties, suck every dime out of him or he would kill his relatives in Germany. And that guy was blonde haired and blue eyed, was as German as you could get as Arnold Schwarzenegger or as Teutonic as Germanic. And the point was my grandfather saw that. So I understand you're opposed to other forces, but I don't think then thinking other forces in history, they're lionized. That's my personal experience of what my grandfather, uh, Clyde William Hammond told me. Does that make sense? It, it not totally to me, but, um, it's, and I'm not saying that to be just because I'm saying like, it literally doesn't totally make sense to me. I'm following it, but I was just thinking about saying that whether it's the Zionists or Hitler, it's not the person. It's Satan using the people I agree with that are controlled by demonic forces. But what I'm going to say is the Jewish media has made us feel like the Nazis and Hitler have never offered anything of value to the world. Meanwhile, there's all of these things that are happening. Planned Parenthood is new world order population eugenics that is happening to this date. I got some jokes here from, uh, Owen Benjamin that I want to read about Ben Shapiro. Hey, I'm going to get some bad brain. This just gets better and better. Candice Owens unplugged this robot before he runs his mouth. Um, Ben Shapiro's cardio is picking up shackles. Uh, Shapiro can tell how much change is in your pocket just from hearing a jingle. Um, Shapiro is just mad that Kyrie won't sign his basketball. Back to you, Alex. Now you're sitting over there. You want to say something? Yeah. Well, um, I, I agree with yay. I think that, um, when you look at what's going on today, so much of the political landscape happens in the shadow of world war two and the Nazis and Hitler. And I think it requires a little bit of an investigation and examination of where those values come from. You know, people talk about Nazis and Hitler, but the United States had camps as well. The United States put the Japanese and intermingling United States injected black people. Yeah. And, and the, and you don't know. I totally agree with you. Uh, it's still involved in bio warfare research crippled us today. The United States has Instagram selling pornography to little kids and they're selling people are selling it. It's prostitution rings. So is your point, let he, without saying cast the first stone, you're just Instagram is a prostitution ring. Like I went 30 days off of Instagram and it was the best part of the fast. Me getting kicked off of Instagram was the best thing that ever happened to me. Cause when I go to it, it's like watching it with the, they live goggles, which is something that, uh, Owen, Owen Benjamin, you guys got to pull this up. Dave Chappelle is a hack and he gets a lot of his jokes from Owen Benjamin. Dave Chappelle went on a Jewish platform and said, they dropped that nigga. Dave Chappelle said they dropped that nigga talking about yay. And he called me Kanye and I'm supposed to be his friend. Dave Chappelle does not believe in God and does not believe in Jesus. These are the kind of black leaders that the Zionists put in front of us. And meanwhile, we want to knock Herschel Walker, but Herschel Walker changed his life for Christ and he might've had abortions, but he doesn't believe in abortion. Okay, what matters is you, I have to, what matters is the heart. Yeah. Go ahead. Yeah. I agree with you. I think that it's time that America has a fearless visionary leader who serves Christ, who wants to bring the future forth in engineering and theology. I think that when you look at the options that were offered, and I said this on my show, the other, just could we turn down the armageddonism just as not just a little place a week in the news said, Oh, he supports DeSantis. I said the moderate Trump, nobody even knows. It's just somebody that all the, the left are all, let me raise that. Let me raise that. Since you guys got into this, we'll do hours on this. I cut you off, Nick. I want you to let them complete us off. So the moderate Trump versus DeSantis will not produce any outcome where America or Jesus is put first. Israel is, or rather DeSantis is mobbed up with Israel and Mossad. Donald Trump, his speech, his announcement was written by Jason Miller, who's controlled by foreign interests. If there's a rep... Thanks for interest. This is, this is, this has got, this, there has to have been some pre-planning into this. Surely. Surely. This is, this is all just theatrics for the upcoming presidential election. Fenters is an opportunist grifter. Well, I mean, black man, why not, why not ride around on black Spider-Man's coattails and get some clout? Why not? Public... Come on. What's the matter with you? ... between them two and they go up against Biden or they go up against Newsom. There is exactly zero chance that we get any kind of regime that's going to deliver the real change. Nick, I got a question. If I say something that's provocative towards the Mossad, is that massaginistic? Hold on. Let's hear from... Hey, hey. I'm ahead of the Mossad. I'm going to kill you and take your children away from you. Thanks a lot, Netten. Back to you, Alex. Please turn your microphone around, sir. Man, I'm definitely overwhelmed here right now., Mara's news today. Listen, all I'm trying to get through here is I believe every group should be able to be... I switched his name to Netten. I dropped the Yahoo, so we didn't have to... I was tired of picking up the Yahoo and the Netten, so for now, it's just Netten. I know some people call him BB, some people call him Yahoo, but we're going to call him Netten. Netten, what you want, man? Hey, yay, right after this, I'm going to say you're crazy. I'm going to take your family away from you. We're not done with you yet. You cannot cause free thought. We have to control the history books. We have to control the banks, and we have to go and kill people. Also, we're in the better day. Ha, ha, ha, ha. So... Hold on. Hold this. This is great. Is this actually yay here? Folks, is this how... The mass is coming off a little while. We're going to be able to have a discussion about this, but I mean, seriously, you have the globalists pushing a poison shot that's already killed 20 million people that they admit doesn't work, and then you're the bad guy for criticizing a group. What I'm saying is when the left said white people are inherently bad because they're white the last six, seven years, they opened the gates up, so what did they expect? It's wrong, in my view, to say any group is inherently bad or has these traits or whatever we should judge the individual, but it's wrong for the ADL to have what are very racial policies. The ADL has played out. Nobody knows who the ADL are. Stop giving them attention. Nobody cares about the ADL. ADL shut up. Well, they run all the censorship and everything. They don't run anything. They play it out. We were on the streets. Well, I'm singling out the ADL, so. That's that. We don't know who they are. No one in high school knew what the word anti-Semitic was until Ye made it popular. No, I hear you. It's definitely a tiger by the tail. Nick, you want to comment here? Yeah, I just want to jump in and say that, you know, I don't think Ye or I are saying that any group is particularly bad or the Jews as a group are bad, but there are Jewish practices that are based on Jewish law, and there is clearly some kind of a Jewish mafia. I'll give you a perfect example. It was Ari Emanuel of WME that called for total boycott on Ye. Ari Emanuel's two brothers are Zeke Emanuel, who is the architect of Obamacare in the Obama White House, and his other brother is Rahm Emanuel, who is the chief of staff for Obama and the mayor of Chicago. Their father, Benjamin Emanuel, was part of the Ergun, which was a Zionist terrorist group in the 1940s. The definition of anti-Semitism, according to the State Department, is if you say Jews have any allegiance to Israel, it's anti-Semitic. If you say the Jews have any kind of conspiratorial influence in America, it's anti-Semitic. So we're supposed to believe that if Rahm picks up the phone and gets on a call with Zeke and Ari, and they talk about their jobs, which are running Hollywood, what about if you say the Jew always comes through? Is that anti-Semitic? I don't know. Running the Obama White House, a conspiracy, we acknowledge that happens. We're called anti-Semitic, but it's the truth. It's a truth that they make those calls, and it doesn't mean that every Jewish person is in on it. There are good Jews like Darren Beatty and Laura Loomer, and you know, there are lots of fine people. Laura Loomer call in, also, it's like there's Jewish people that are basically hiding me under their floorboards right now, under their wooden floors. It's like a reverse version of the Holocaust, because there's Jewish people that saw how I treat it, and they're like, this is wrong. This guy just gave an opinion. I didn't cause any harm. I didn't harm anyone. All I said is, and I spelled it wrong because I was drinking alcohol, and we see the Bible says you can drink, but the king should not drink, right? And I shouldn't have been drinking. I shouldn't have said death con. It's a $2 billion tweet, basically. I know you know about getting sued. I hear you. So let's expand. Yeah, that's also drinking. So let's expand on this. What you say is what I'm trying to say. You didn't kill anybody. You're simply here saying this, and you're being demonized and attacked, and you're saying that that is critical, but that's what I'm trying to tell you.

George Soros admits he went around rounding up Jews with other protected, stole their money and sent them to Nazis. What my point is, is that that's what the left does. They hide behind black people. They hide behind Jews. They hide behind groups, and they use racial politics to control. And so I think that's the most important thing is to understand that we can all come together under Christ. Also, they blackmail. Okay, go ahead about the Christ thing. I want to hear this. I'm just saying, I mean, I don't hate anybody because of their religion or their background, and there's great people from every organization, and I think George Soros can come to Christ. It is a possibility that he can convert and come to Christ. Would you meet with George Soros if he wanted to meet with you? I would meet with anyone. That's the only thing. Laura, we're live. What's up? This is Laura Loomer. I'm watching live. I saw you just said that you wanted me to call in, so I'm calling in. Well, how does she have your number? Well, she called me because she had some concerns about Milo running my campaign. No, that's great. So here's the deal. Can we we've got Laura Loomer's number. Can we call her on Skype or Zoom? Can we actually put her on the show? Laura, you're on via speakerphone. Can you come on via Skype or via phone right now? Yeah, I can't. I can't do video right now, but I could do I could do audio. I texted your producer. Laura, we're gonna call you right now or put you on air in two minutes. Don't trash Milo. Do you like Milo? I'll call it right now. You didn't say yes. Yeah, they're gonna call it. OK, go ahead. This is crazy. Listen, all I'm trying to say is Milo's Jewish. I love Milo. Yeah. And you've got a little bit of the Hitler fetish going on. It's not a fetish. It's not a fetish. That's a term like I I just love information. They have they have some documentaries. Apparently, Bezos is allowed to put up any documentary, but if a basketball player tweets it, he'll lose his entire career. I think that that's that's where I want to go, because you've got to put up a little bit of information. You've got to put up a little bit of information. You've got to put up a little bit of information. You've got to put up a little bit of information. You've got to put up a little bit of information. I'm just kind of not I'm not on the whole Jew thing. It's just it's what I'm saying. I don't care. People talk about I believe free speech. I'm just really worried about the forced injections. World government, 5G, the open borders, the collapsing currencies, war with Russia. What do you think? I don't have all of that information. I have the information that two days ago I thought I was going to be put in prison because my accounts are frozen. No, I get it. You're in Hollywood and the managers you see are so I get it from your perspective. I get what you're saying. Yeah. I don't have all of this and I have to fight this war to make a better place for my for my children and for everyone else's children. I got to put myself, my accounts, my I just I've just got to think of that Curtis documentary that like this is all about destabilized perception, right? It's just it's getting people breathed up. I don't know. I mean, like, laugh at it, folks. Laugh at it would be my advice because it's fucking hilarious.

I name at risk to stand in the front of this war that we have. This is Infowars, right? So we're going to give this information on Infowars. By the way, I asked the crew very lovingly. I love the crew. But you guys gave me the tweet I sent you this morning of the abortion mill, New World Order, depopulation, kill the black people organization, Planned Parenthood, where they said it's white people's job to give money so we can kill black people. It actually says that and you didn't want me to have it on the desk because he wanted to be able to have it all clean and stuff. And I get that. So I'm happy for you. But can you guys give me that damn tweet? Because I love you to death. But I'm asking for an hour. I need that damn tweet. I want to show people this because it is such it is such mind control to say white people. You've got white guilt. Actually say you're bad because you're white. Help us kill black people. What type of freakish crazy world is that? Zionist is that is that too wide of a idea or do I have to just go specifically to who does that? But it's the devil. It's the devil. We all like grandma used to say, we all need Jesus Christ. And where I'm at this position where God is using he's using me as a vessel, everyone always knew that I was special, but now I get to be a vessel. And I feel so, you know, can we I'd like to go into a prayer as a prayer that my cousin wrote. Now this prayer is it's pretty long. So please don't cut me off in the middle of this prayer. I'm not glad. So what happened is I was on a we were doing a family prayer Zoom on Sunday and his name is Wayne. And he tells me, he says, Kanye, he's like, bro, my name is Jay. You say a prayer. And then I said my prayer and I felt that it was very profound. I felt like it was Jay level bars where I said, let's let's remove this whole conversation of morality and let's go let's stick to the Bible and say either Jesus said so or Jesus said no. Hold on. Wait till you drop this. Well, I wasn't. All right. So and I felt like that was profound. It was a prayer that made me top five streaming artists without an album this year. Either Jesus said so or Jesus said no, because we want to bring in our creative direction and our opinion and our moral compass. Forget the words moral compass. Is it in the Bible? What did the red letter say? What did Jesus say about it? And then we make our decisions off of that. So I said this and then I also was I had an idea. Let's stop hoping. Let's pray. Let's talk directly to God. Let's stop hoping for self. I agree with that. He has hope in here and I took it out and I put it back in and then he and I said this prayer and my family members, they didn't say anything. And then he said his prayer and all the whole family was like, oh, that's the best prayer I ever heard. And he's like, I know, I know. My prayers can be intimidating. I know. I know. They're like, did you write that down? That was the best prayer ever. And I was thinking like, bro, why you set me up, why you set me up to say my prayer right before your prayer? But this is his prayer. I was like, go send me that prayer, bro. That prayer was pretty good. It says now Nick is Catholic, so he doesn't like referring to Jesus as Yahweh God. But I am what am I black and my African and my semi what is it? They call me anti-Semite. They said I'm a nigga in rap. They said I'm black. They told me, say it loud. I'm black and I'm proud. OK, James Brown, you tell me who I am. But I know that I'm a child of God and I know Jesus died for us. This is the daily prayer. I would say sort of bordering on schizoid, but damn it, man. Written by my cousin Wayne, Yahweh God, thank you for life, health and strength. Faith, hope and love. And another day to bless, protect your most holy name. I surrender all Yahweh God and acknowledge that all things are spiritual before they are physical. For this reason, we also declare and decree that you are the maker, master, ruler, creator and guider of our spiritual lives. We also acknowledge our brother, Jesus, Yahshua and the blood he shed that gave us blood paid pathways back to the holy of the holies. As we humbly come before you, your almighty throne of mercy and grace, we welcome your glory to the rest, to rest heavenly upon our shoulders. Bless our crown with supernatural wisdom and understanding, Yahweh God, so that we may walk in the true knowledge of who you are and who you created us to be. Quiet our spiritual minds, Yahweh God, God, slow us down and put us in proper alignment and divine timing with the will and purpose you have for our lives. Open our spiritual eyes, Yahweh God, so we may better see all of the divine things of the spirit. Open our spiritual ears, Yahweh God, so we may better hear all of the sacred things of the spirit. Guard our spiritual mouth, Yahweh God, place a sensor over our divine tongues, so we may only speak words that glorify and edify you. Soften our spiritual heart, Yahweh God, so we may walk into deeper communion, communication, commitment, intimacy, understanding and a relationship with all of the divine things of the spirit. Yahweh God, we recognize that we do not battle against flesh and blood, but against spirit and powers, principalities and rulers of spiritual wickedness in heavenly places. It is for this reason that we put on the whole armor of God, Yahweh God. We put on the helmet of salvation and the breastplate of righteousness. We firmly attach the belt of truth around our waist and drench our feet with the preparation of the gospel of peace. We take our sword of life spirit, which is the word of life and the shield of faith with which we will quench all of the fiery darts of the enemy. Thank you for blessing us from the top of our head to the bottom of our feet and everywhere in between with the first, what we need, everything that we deserve, and then the best that you have for our lives, Yahweh God, in Jesus' name, amen. And perfect. And I'm your guest host here in St. asylum world, because the whole world's crazy. All of us are nuts. This is, this is twilight zone 2.0. We will be right back when you say that I'm talking about all of us, the whole world's crazy. It is crazy. Everybody's crazy. I believe that I'm saying the guest host here because these guys are hosting, we'll be right back with our number two. December 20th to push your. Regardless of the fact that we are attacking your fundamental rights or limiting your fundamental rights. And the charter says wrong. We're still going to go ahead and do it. The small fringe minority of people who are on their way to Ottawa or who are holding unacceptable views that they're expressing do not represent the views of Canadians who have been there for each other, who know that following the science and stepping up to protect each other is the best way to continue to ensure our freedoms, our rights, our values as a country. We are not intimidated by those who hurl insults and abuse at small business workers and steal food from the homeless. We won't give in to those who fly racist flags. We won't cave to those who engage in vandalism or dishonor the memory of our veterans. So to those responsible for this behavior, it needs to stop. The Emergencies Act will be used to strengthen and support law enforcement agencies at all levels across the country as of today, a bank or other financial service provider will be able to immediately freeze or suspend an account without a court order. Your future folks, your future. Justin Trudeau, I mean, I thought he was kind of a cool guy, but I started to read what he said. This is a couple of weeks ago. He was, or maybe this is September, but he was talking about people who are not vaccinated. He said they don't believe in science. They're often misogynistic, often racist. No, they're not. That was not part of him at all. Right. He said, but they take up space. And with that, we have to make a choice in terms of a leader as a country, do we tolerate these people? It's like tolerated. Now you do sound like that. Well, the Bill of Rights is a stumbling block on the way to shutting down speech that the left doesn't like, at least in government. But there's a new avenue for those who would like to censor what you say and think, and that's corporations. The left have wised up to this. If you want to stop someone from telling the truth, use companies to do it, the social media giants. And they are. If you want to stop the left, the view seems to have become that if you can't beat them, prevent them from speaking. So far, the most prominent casualty of the crusade against free expression has been radio show host Alex Jones. There is a concerted effort by the Democratic Party and multinational corporations and big tech to silence conservative and nationalist and populist voices. There's also guys on CNN that spend their whole day calling Facebook and saying, can you ban this person? He may be America's best known conspiracy theorist, but this week, Alex Jones's content will be a little harder to find. Shame on the mainstream corporate media for not defending the First Amendment, but instead attack dogging, calling for federal regulators to stop the spread of the virus. People know what's true, they can smell it. Infowars. The most banned network in the world. In a free country, everyone can be heard. In totalitarian societies, only the powerful can be heard. Satanism and cannibalism. Many of them put our faith. As there is a big piece in NBC News, it's time to get to the bottom of this. It's time to get to the bottom of this. It's time to get to the bottom of this. It's time to get to the bottom of this. It's time to get to the bottom of this. It's time to get to the bottom of this. It's time to get to the bottom of this. It's time to get to the bottom of this. is a great option. It's it really just comes down to Trump and yay for the most of them trying to premeditatedly claim it was some secret meeting and he knew it was me with you. That's not true. No. Yeah. And and it was surprising because we had this conversation the day before we flew out. We were at we were in LA on that Monday and I was told it may not even be possible for you to get into Mar-a-Lago. They said because there's so many people that will intercept you. There's a guest list and have to be on it and their security list and all these things. So I was told that I may not even be able to get through it. Well, we pulled up to the club. They checked out. Yay. They checked out Karen's idea and information. We drove up. We walked in. We sat down in the lobby. The president came out of the dining room and that was that he invited you to dinner. And I don't know if it was yay or Trump. But one of them said, well, we want to bring Jamar, Karen and Nick into the dining room. And so we came in. We sat down. Well, we took some pictures. Yay. It sort of lit up the whole room. Everybody wanted to get a picture with him. We sat down at the table. And I want to say initially it was a very pleasant dinner. Trump gave kind of the standard black voter pitch. He talked about the HBC use the opportunity zones, things like that. And then it turned out that Yay had accidentally sent a text message to a lawyer that both Trump and Yay share and forward him some Intel that Karen gave to us about how we were going to handle the Trump meeting and how to read his body language and the kinds of things that maybe we should avoid or things we might want to say. And so before the dinner, Yay accidentally forwarded that to a lawyer who then in the middle of the dinner apparently called Trump to say, hey, accidents. I'm this is all feeling very contrived to me. And I think I think this is a part of either the Trump campaign or I don't know if they do a coin toss for Black Spider-Man here. But it's it's too it's too absurd. Hey, Karen Giorno is involved. This is a setup. You guys are being set up right now. It was really just based on a misunderstanding. And after that call, who's this lawyer? Do you mind if I say the name? Yes, it's yes, you mind. I don't. Okay. It's a Nick Gravante. So he was text. I don't mind. I don't mind any names. I think that's the general just let him finish the entire story. So because we pulled up in the car and Yay said, here, I'll forward you these notes. So he forwarded it to me and I said, hey, I didn't get the text and we kind of brushed it off. And we found out later he meant to send it to Nicholas Fuentes. He sent it to Nicholas Gravante on accident. So the dinner was actually very pleasant. It was very friendly. Yay picked out a song to play. He put on Say You Will off of 808. And then Trump said, Oh, I don't know. Let's put on one of your hits. So he put on stronger. It was very congenial. Well, then in the middle of the dinner, Trump gets this call because Nick Gravante apparently sent the text to one of Trump's guys or somebody. Somebody called Trump and said, Karen is giving a Intel is Karen worked for Trump. She ran the state of Florida during the Republican primary in 16. He got the heads up. They thought it was some big ambush. So he says, unfortunately, the majority of the US thinks this shit is real. Yeah, this this isn't coming off as sort of spontaneous. Yeah, this to me. Sorry. I'm not sold. It's funny. Give it that it's fucking hilarious. But it doesn't it doesn't feel organic to me at all. He gets off the phone and the tone totally flipped. And he starts telling you these stories about how some of his black constituents had betrayed him. He told the story about how he got ASAP Rocky out of jail. He told the story about how he got the NBA basketball players out of the Chinese jail. And the moral of the story was, if you go against me, if you're disloyal to me, I'll crush you. That was kind of the subtext of the stories from Trump. He said that Kim, Kim Kardashian, he said some nasty things about her because she endorsed Joe Biden after Trump released. What is it? Alice, Alice Johnson, Alice Johnson from prison. He commuted her sentence and then gave her a pardon. So he felt betrayed by that. And then he made the proposition and said, hey, I'd like you to be my running mate in 2024. And Trump sort of I gave him the opportunity. I didn't say I would like him. I said you have the opportunity. Right. Yes. My running mate in 2024. Yes. And he wore a mask as well. I think it would look cool. I do think it looks cool. So he sat back and folded his arms and he kind of smirked and he sort of dismissed it. But then he stuck so far up his ass. How can anyone sit there think that looks cool? I just I just don't come out and. It's. Ski masks. He got a little bit heated and he said, you can't win. You'll never win. Don't run. You can win at a lot of things, but you can't win at this. And then he turned to me and Karen and said, you guys are smart. I know you work for him, but don't lie to him. Tell him, tell him he can't win. And you know, I love Trump and I love you. And so I'm looking at Trump and I'm looking at you. They say you're a white supremacist. Are you a white supremacist? No, not at all. Well, spend some time on that. Yeah, you know, I'm a Catholic. I'm Christian. And so I believe that we know that sounds like the premise right there, but it's not. Well, I believe that we're all children of God. And so I think that black, white, red, brown, whatever, we are all we're all siblings in a certain sense because we're created by God. I do, though, believe that there are races, there are black people, there are white people, there are Hispanics. And these differences mean something to people. They mean things to each other. That doesn't mean that we can't get along. That doesn't mean that the left thing is bad to even have a culture. They're saying none of us can be saying I'm this or I'm that. Right. They want to melt us all down. That's what globalization is. They want to globalize the government, the economy and the population. They want a global government. They want to globalize. I'm on board with this. That's a vote winner for Dr. Kev. They want to globalize the economy through free trade. There's no culture. Exactly. And the population through immigration. And they want to make it so that in 50, 100 years, there are no distinct nations. There's no distinct peoples. There's so nobody can stand up to them. Right. Just a slave class, undifferentiated. That's what they want. This is a future president you're talking to right now. Is Nick, your running mate? He's not old enough. Yeah. Nick, how old are you? I'm 24, maybe in a few cycles. And Trump loved Nick. He looked at me and said, where did you find this kid? He had no idea. And so what's the guy that wrote the speech that you didn't like? Jason Miller. Jason Miller lied afterwards after they found out who you were. And what did Jason say in the press to start off? Because it started to be like a series of lie after lie after lie and fake. It wasn't a tweet. It was a truth social after truth social after truth social. So give them the rundown on that. Yeah. So initially we didn't publish anything about the dinner. It was rumored that yay went to dinner with Trump. Then it was rumored that I was at the dinner because I walked through the airport in Miami. Then there was a statement from Jason Miller, who spoke as a representative for Trump. And he said, well, Nick, for one, just was not at the dinner. And it was only at that point, which was a lie, it was only at that point when we began to respond and yay said, he can't say that Nick was at the dinner. That was a lie. But I mean, I actually like the speeches of Jason Miller road. Maybe he was just scared. Who was scared? Trump? No, I mean, I think Miller think it was a setup. They thought they thought, oh, this is a setup that Charles in rumble chat. I see you, bro. That is Kanye West or yay in the ski mask. And the first hour he's he was eulogizing Hitler going after the Jew big time. Just wind it back. That over and window just got drop kicked the full length of the pitch. Just this this has to be all all set up and and pantomime. Someone said WWE politics in the chat. I agree. I think that's what we're looking at here. But OK, but people got to stop lying. Our leaders, our politicians have to stop being afraid and being so political. And we have to put Christ first. And if anything comes from this, like the best thing that could come from this is I'm the president of the United States in twenty four. The worst thing that could come from this is our leaders are held to Christian values, not Zionist values. Now, let's talk about the difference of Trump's truth socials. Yeah. So he put out three successive posts. There's three responses from Trump on true social. And they just get more sort of erratic as the pressure grows. You know, the first one, he says it was a very uneventful dinner. I did meet with Yay. The next post was I don't know who Nick Fuentes was. And it was totally uneventful. The third one, he says, Jay, a very troubled man who happens to be black came for badly needed advice. And so I just kept getting more and more sort of angry and erratic. And I think what he's getting at, I don't want to put words in his mouth, but Trump is surrounded by handlers. He's surrounded by people like Jared Kushner and Jason Miller. He's got three campaign managers who are bailed because he got what he wanted out of Trump. Right. What did Jared do when Trump was in office? He got the Abraham Accords. Jared Kushner with his best friend, Bibi Netanyahu at 666 Fifth Avenue. They brokered the Abraham Accords, which opened up investment from the Gulf States into Israel. What did Netanyahu have to say about it exactly? Netanyahu loves it. Of course, because let's expand on that. Okay. My point is, is that it's fair though for Trump that is a political attack to claim that he endorses or represents even the views they claim you hold that you don't hold. So clearly you can see how the media is using you guys as an attack on Trump. They're using us to try to put this guy we've never heard of DeSantis in office. DeSantis is going to play by the book. The thing about Trump is this guy is one of the best presidents we have. He's top five presidents. He's right there with Ronald Reagan and he was a warden grad. He's one of the best businessmen of all time. And the entire time he was the president, the Jewish media attacked him. They were mad because he was actually working for the country and now they're doing everything, including this meeting to try to, to say he's not allowed to meet with. This is Infowars. Who are you to say who the president can meet with Netanyahu? Like I'm not going to, the Holy Spirit fills me up and the less sin I have, the less angry I get, you know, so you can't make me angry but if I was of another version of Yeh, the Kanye West that you guys know, I would be angry at Netanyahu for even speaking on one of the best presidents, one of our best presidents of all times. I'm offended by the ching chong, slitty eyes on his masks. That's just racist. It's terrible. It feels. Shut the, shut the bless up Netanyahu. This is from Yeh. Now you know who I am. Do you know who I am now Netanyahu? You know who I am now Jared Kushner? You know who I am Josh Kushner? Let me tell you something about softy Josh, right? Marshmallow Josh was out of dinner. I'm at Jared's house, Jared and Ivanka's house. And I didn't realize at the dinner that Josh Kushner had 10% of skims, which was my ex-wife clothing line, which I have 5% of. And it's one of the reasons why even after the attack where Ari Emanuel had all of my deals destroyed, I was still worth $400 million, right? And still had $250 million of cash available, right? So Josh, I say, what do you think about Jared working for me in 2024? And Josh looks at Jared and says, Oh, I would kill him. And so then towards the end of the meeting, I'm leaving their apartment. They do it like a soft hug because I think like Jared, as soft as Jared is, he has to hug Josh extra soft. So, you know, he doesn't melt like toilet paper. And what I realized afterwards that Josh had 10% of a line that I only had 5% double where I, you know, skims is an extension of Yeezy. It's an extension of my brand. Literally I put the creative director from Yeezy at Skims because at first Skims was a lingerie line. And then it was Kushner's idea to make it a shape line. I said, I have the perfect person. Let's take these elements of Yeezy and let's put this here. And then Josh goes in and puts $150 million from some investment firm to then control something that my ex-wife was making for Archie. You're at this meeting and literally realizing, Oh my God, I own this and ran this. This guy's double what I get. You didn't even know he was the owner. Yeah. And that's what I explained to Jared. I was on text to Jared. I said, what if I had 10% of a line with Ivanka and you didn't know, and you only had 5%. I'm sure you- What if he learned you own 10% of 666 Park Avenue? He'd be pissed. What if I had 10% of that 800, how big was the deal that he did after he got out of- So what you're saying is we need reparations from Hollywood. We need the Hollywood elite that have almost all the money. They need reparations to America. Wait, I want to talk about how Jared did that first deal with Neddon. Yeah, he got billions. And this is something that was covered in the wall street journal Jared Kushner brokered the Abraham Accords with Netanyahu. And before Trump was even out of office, they were arranging for how Kushner could take a massive fee from- Yeah, but separate from Kushner getting money. I don't like Kushner. He glows in the dark, he's creepy as hell. But I mean, that's a good peace deal to get the Arabs and Jews quit killing each other. I mean- But I agree with you to some extent, but don't- I mean, actually that's a pretty, I always, I said, that's something good Kushner did. I mean, I don't like Kushner, but- He did it for the money. Mm-hmm. Well, but he got things done. I mean- And I would say- I'm not defending him. I'm saying, isn't it good to try to get Middle East peace? Let's ask Nick. If you want Middle East peace, you have to go to Israel because Israel is the one who has been bombing Syria. Israel is the one that's- And they got 200 nuclear weapons, they ain't going nowhere. Exactly. And that's why they killed JFK and RFK was because of they were trying to get their WMD program off the ground. Operation Apollo, it was Jack Kennedy that wanted IAEA inspectors looking into it. No, and that is probably one of the main, that's one of the reasons Kennedy got killed. What we need to say right now, and we're going to bring Ali on in a second, is both my parents were educators, right?

It's all coming out in the wash now. Go and mention Operation Coast, Project Coast. Do it.

And we're here as the educators. That's what's in our heart. When we get the information, we put ourselves at risk to give you the information. There's a lot of teachers, incredibly intelligent people that have been canceled and kicked out of universities for not playing along with the system. So stop looking at us like celebrities, like we're trying to get media. We're using our position, putting our finances, putting our personal wellbeing at risk to say the truth out loud. And I was on a plane with Nick and I said, it feels like we're in Vietnam in the middle of the war when I back to the wall holding our guns and saying, you know, Nick, how did you get here? Yeah. How did you get here? All the guns are going off and all the media is going off and say, this is info wars, right? So you've got some info warriors on both sides of you and you fought for us. You've been fighting this battle for a long time, Alex. And we just got to salute you as a Christian and as American because you paved the way to make braver soldiers like us today. It's like Terminator part 10 happening right now. Wow. All right. We got to go to break. We're going to get Laurel and we're going to get Olly Alexander. I'm the man to come on. The smartest guys in politics. And we're going to just continue on. Troyer is going to come on. We're going to do on as long as you guys want to go. We'll take breaks and stuff too. And, and, and, and get, you know, yeah, they eat something or whatever me and pick out somebody he hasn't eaten yet. And we're just fasting. He just won't eat. I'm trying to meet. So I'm like, I'm like it, mind you, mind you. So we're going to, I got to watch, I got to watch my accounts because they've been frozen by the Jewish banks. So I'll see. And it's just why people are evil Nazis. So, I mean, I disagree with both statements, but I get those. I don't like the word evil next to Nazis. I think we need to look at, oh my goodness. Just because you don't like one group doesn't mean the other. I love Jewish people, but I also love Nazis. Oh man. Well, I have to disagree with that. But listen, we're going to go to break. I'm, I'm, I'm the, I'm the crazy one here. We're all crazy. The whole world's crazy. And the whole power structure is coming down. This is absolutely lit. This is lit, lit, lit, lit, lit, lit, number one show in the world right now. Everybody's tuning everywhere.

Yay. Everybody. I appreciate you being here. We're going to go to break. We're going to come back and play that little, my favorite promo with yay. And then we're going to air that. Yeah. Let it burn. Let it burn. Come with yay. If you want to. We've done two hours of kids are coming home from school. We'll finish on, we'll finish on yay. Loves and the classics. Oh man. Oh man. Mind the folk and you don't know, go to Simon Phoenix today. Line them up. That's how we've got a little private platform. Always comes through folks. I'm out of here. I will see you in the next one. Thank you. God bless.