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Streaming With Walter Chesnut - Sudden Adult Death Syndrome (continued)

I'm trying to restart the stream.

Interesting. Right? When we're talking about this issue, yeah, it's gone back up on two.

Okay. Good. Um, rumble, rumble, no.

Oh, no, it says streaming on rumble.

Okay. Good.

So maybe it was just that maybe they've been going for, sometimes when it goes for a certain time, it automatically cuts off on some platforms.

Uh, not usually. I mean, I did a five hour stream with, um, spark us the other day. I didn't have a problem. Um, but, well, maybe that's a good, it could be a glitch.

Yeah, I'll put that down to a glitch, dude, but, um, you know, we were, we were treading into the hypothetical weeds somewhat, I'm going to have to read this paper and yes, let me know your thoughts. Cause I think it's extremely important because there's no end in wrong code is just S and it's coming from somewhere. Obviously it's not, yeah. Yeah. And you know, the, um, the presumption would be, you know, well, the gut is always one, uh, one area of concern, but then you would have the end as well. It's, it's just the S that's the problem. Um, the, yeah, it's network, Kevin's network.

Wow. Yeah. Um, it's dropped everywhere.


Um, well, that's just what Simon is telling me.

Um, but sorry, dude, we were just, this, this is the world in which we find ourselves right now. And like I say, I can, I can only see it getting, um, worse and the rumble is good.

I'm live, live, live on W T Y L.

Um, so it's working.

It is working.

Okay. Good. Um, but I don't know how many, we probably lost a hundred people.

Um, how many are watching?

Uh, Oh, it says a hundred and thirty, a hundred and sixty still. So that's fine.


Um, yeah, I don't, uh, folks, I don't, I don't know what happened there.

Um, we're live on Twitch.

Oh, good. But yeah, it's, it's incredibly frustrating to have to sort of deal with this type of stuff on a day to day basis. Well, like I said, everything, everything is valid medical discourse. None of this is, none of this is, is, is, you know, Martians landing and injecting people with green fluids.

This is the, um, well, you know, it's why, it's why I've said I'm not I'm not going back to YouTube because they, they're just striking for inane reasons, like I, I don't know, did you see the stream I did with, um, Charles when I was in the U S and we, no, I haven't.

So we did, uh, sort of two, two streams, um, talking about the validity of the diffuse documents and sort of how, how important they are as, um, you know, just trying to spike their tires somewhat and, you know, maybe, maybe that's a discussion we can sort of get into a little bit, um, the, um, but we're talking about the, how complicit the narrative control, so from Fauci down, you know, all, all the group that were involved in those early email exchanges and, you know, what we've got on email, um, FOIA release is damning enough. We don't know what they were doing on those burner phones, right?

We know that they're burner phones, cause that's straight from, um, from Farah's mouth, right?

Um, and so, and you know, their, their modus operandi was specifically to squelch anything that would, um, Point or discuss a lab origin around SARS-CoV-2 and you know, that's damning in and of itself, but then we have the collusion between the state and big tech, big tech, is it proven?

Yeah, that's in, in your face, uh, proven and we, we're always fighting uphill in, in this regards and, you know, and so myself and Charles was spending, oh, it was like eight hours over two streams, talking about the importance of having a whistleblower from within DARPA release the diffuse document to show that, that, that is literally a, um, step-by-step guide to creating SARS-CoV-2 as an agent and, um, I was, I had it streaming out on two different YouTube channels and they both got struck and they were, there were no strikes on those channels.

They just zapped the channel, both channels completely.

Yeah. Permanently just took those channels out. Out of the blue, no warning. No warning. Yeah. Just, just nuke them. And the, well, in the last 24 hours, you know, my, my sort of larger YouTube channel, um, they took down as well. And, you know, I was, I was walking a very, you know, I was being within the terms of service, right?

And, um, wasn't playing the more edgy elements on my soundboard. Um, and yeah, they just nuke that as well.

No, no reason given.

Um, well Archimedic put up yesterday that I guess, Snap Tech got suspended.

Yeah. The, the Twitter account, I mean, just for, just for six days, but that's me just shit posting with that bot. Oh, okay. All right. Yeah, Archimedic put that out yesterday.

I didn't know why I just saw it in his feed. But, um, you know, again, we're dealing with people who have a, um, well, they've, they've, they've bought into the narrative, right? And you, you have, you have to remember what you're going to tell these people who were ardent believers in the, in the technology that what you've, you've now just gone and exposed yourself to pre-energic agents that, you know, pre-energic agents that, um, by any normal metric shouldn't have been allowed or would have never been allowed.

They, they don't want to cognitively process that. And so are going to actively engage in trying to squelch that information.

So, and, you know, there's millions and millions of people who have, who have bought into it.

Well, I was on the front page of the expose a few days ago.

And thank you.

And, um, you know, I was, I don't want to be that guy. I want my work taken seriously. I don't want to be saying, Oh, he's a conspiracy theorist. I want my work taken seriously. And I was talking with, um, with several, um, MD, PhDs and, and, and one said, Walter, it doesn't matter what platforms are thought of.

The truth is the truth.

So I, I appreciate that, but I also don't want, you know, I don't want to be dismissed because of who quotes me.

I don't want to run into that.

That concerns me.

Yeah. But I would just say this, um, we're in a fight for our lives right now.

Oh, for sure.

And so any, any avenue that can just keep getting this information out, we should use. And, um, you know, damn their eyes for, um, for ha making us have to go through those avenues. It's ridiculous.

I can't believe people are being attacked for discussing science. I, I honestly cannot believe it's happening. I can't, to me, this is, this is, it's people don't understand that we are living in the absolute worst possible time to be alive.

People don't understand that yet.

This is the worst time to be alive.

Well, I would just say that when you, when you think how many people or talking head scientists and institutes who are literally on the chopping block right now, should a critical mass of enough people's realize what's happened over the last few years. And that starts from lab. Well, it doesn't just start with the lab origin. It starts with the decades of research, which led up to this point that they've actively tried to hide from the public and gaslight the public. And had they got their way, they would have had everyone believing that it was a consequence of those filthy Chinese eating bats in caves in Yunnan, right?

Right. And the follow on from that is all these programs, which they're still trying to unleash onto the public, which is nature's too dangerous.

We're going to have to now, um, constrain your movements and peer into your activities to make sure that it doesn't happen again. Whereas if we're in a position to be able to say, well, hang on a minute, this was, this is a consequence of DOD funded programs that have, I don't want to say spun out of control.

I want to say that have been maliciously used and positioned to bring about the, you know, the oligarch wef wet dream.

You know, the Stalin could only wake and even picture a, a set of mechanisms that they could bring into play, like they're trying to right now.

I'm just, I mean, I'm simply just immensely sad that the world is in a state that I could never have imagined when I was young and, and the fact that people seem to be okay with it greatly bothers me. Um, that's another statement, but what concerns me is that, you know, what concerns me is that with the technology now available, it's possible that tens of millions of voices can be silenced and never heard.

Yeah. And it is so easy to do.


Well, it's already been done. Hundreds of millions, a billion voices can be muted.

Without anyone. Have you got your Twitter account back yet? Mine hasn't come back.

No, of course not. I think it's all, I think it's all, um, BS.

I don't think anyone's coming back.

Well, unless you're, uh, Jordan, unless you're Donald Trump and then, and then you can come back, I guess you have to be a former world leader to come to get your account back on Twitter. So hang on people, unfortunately, I'm not people are asking as we're discussing that I stopped the screen share. It's just so people can see us.

Um, talking. So, uh, if you want to get back to paper, just let me know. But the, you know, I know I don't have to convince you about the individuals and the programs that sort of got us to this point, the, the real, the real concern here is just in my mind, they've, they've pushed all their chips in right now and there's no, there's no going back for them, right? So they, they have to try and follow through on this globalized surveillance surveillance state.

And, you know, I, I've had a bunch of papers that, um, I wanted to sort of get ready, but you know, it's disturbing that all of them have this premise that the next pandemic is coming.

Right. And, or did you see, uh, John, uh, the, the, the excellent YouTuber, uh, John and, um, the PhD nurse is shelter John Campbell. Did you see his excellent presentation on the next pandemic and how it's going to be governed by the WHO treaty?

Uh, I haven't seen that. I'm, I'm an excellent, I'm not a fan of him to tell the truth.

I just, oh, you're not. Oh, okay. Well, he, he, he, um, he bought hook, hook line and sinker, the orthodox line right at the beginning, he's not doing that now, he's not doing that now, but then, you know, how much blood is on his hands to begin, he did. You're right. He did.

I mean, he is, he is seeing the error of his ways.

Yeah. And I don't want to get into a sort of purity spiral and, you know, if he's getting the word out, then, okay, we should again, take the winds where you can get them.


That's my, that's my view.

But yeah, the, I mean, you are right.

Yeah. He's got a lot of atonement too.

Yeah. You are correct about that.

I'm not, you're not going to get any argument from me, but at least he is now like, wait a minute, what was I, but he's, but I think it's important because I think a lot of people are doing the same thing. I think it's very important to see what he's going through, because a lot of people did the exact same thing and are now thinking, why did I do that?

But then again, all throughout history, people have said, why did I follow the baddies?

Yeah. And you know, there's always that perennial question, you know, how come Germany ended up doing what it was, what it, and, you know, that's a very superficial way of looking at it, but yeah, just, just see how many people followed the official line that weren't skeptical of what they were being told from the very beginning and you know, there was, there was very, very few people that stood up and said, Hey, there's, there's a problem with this data as it relates to the lab origin, there was, absolutely. Um, crazy, um, suppression of the Pradnan paper and the HIV insert. And he saw it right away.

He saw it immediately.

And I knew he was right.


And, you know, I couldn't believe that paper was retracted. I was like, what?

That's what I also knew something was very, very wrong. Yeah. That, that, that for me was like one of the, that was a big red flag. Yeah. I mean, I, I had, I, I sort of was highly suspicious anyway, just cause of, I had early contact with SARS and I was like, Hey, that's, uh, that's not normal.

That's not, that's not at all. That, that was what really made that. That was one of the key things that drove me to research even more when I saw that it was like, something is very wrong here. So, and you know, and we're still, we're still sort of, um, you know, we're still sort of, um, there's the question around the fury and cleavage. It's like, look, just yesterday, um, Fauci was on some, I don't know, breakfast program, I guess.

And basically he's saying, well, yeah, it could be a lab leak, but it's not, uh, lab origin, but it's not anything that NIH funded.

Uh, hang on a minute.

Hang on.

We've got those diffuse documents. And I know right that, um, I spoke with, uh, Jeffrey Sachs and, um, he wanted to do the discussion in private, but, um, he relayed the, the, so their excuse is that the project wasn't funded. And so there was no, of course, there's nothing to worry about.

Whereas I will, I will tell you as a, I was a research scientist, sort of fishing for grants all the time that you, you do that work prior to, right. And you're always, you know, you have it in the bank and then you're trying to get money for you, for your research, et cetera. It's just like a film composer, all the themes for Star Wars, he had written just to have on file years before even the movie was considered and he just pulled them out to you. So same thing.


Yeah. And, um, Sachs spoke with one of the reviewers of the, or knew that they'd already done much of the work, right. So, you know, we have, and, you know, love or hate him.

Um, Jeffrey Sachs has at least sort of dragged it into the public domain. The idea that a lab origin was a viable hypothesis. And for that, um, we owe him a debt of gratitude. Do I, do I buy into his, um, premise that we need, that we need the world health organization and new transnational organizations to be set up, to be.

Preventing the next. Well, like I said, they're, they're, they're just convinced that the next one's just around the corner.

And well, isn't that curious? How can, how can, after a century, how can one be convinced that another one was right around me?

That's rather curious, isn't it? Right.

Right. They just, you can't predict these things. It could be tomorrow. It could be a hundred years from now. It could be a thousand years. I mean, it won't be a thousand years from now.

But the point is, is that there should be no premonition. That's not scientific to, oh, I think their media is going to hit the earth very, very, I mean, maybe, but you don't operate under that.

And it usually doesn't happen.

So there are two, um, axioms that bleed through in this literature, right? And I've, I've, I've spent the week sort of focusing on a paper and shout out to spark us for, um, bringing it to my attention, which is something called covert moral bio enhancement, right?

Which is the premise that from a public health standpoint and for the common good, that any intervention that they deem to be advantageous, and in this, in this instance, they're just saying, um, public health, but if you look at it through the lens of those who would want to have ultimate control, that manipulation could be anything like making you more pliable and more controllable, right?

And in, in that context, the two axioms that they always pull up are global global warming, climate change, and the next pandemic that's around the corner.

And I have serious concerns. Oh, the stream's gone down again, dude.

Well, I mean, what I was going to say is that I just don't be, see, this is the problem is that I am into medical research.

I don't want to have to discuss politics. I want to discuss medical research. But that, but those two, those premises are highly political though.

I know, but I don't, I just, in my mind, I just like, I wanted to, I want to solve, you know, I see a medical problem that needs solving. I want to help solve it and I want people, yeah, as the stream has gone down again, dude, well, this has been wonderful.

I mean, it's been two hours anyway. So I think that's, we should just do a stream of your opinions on the technocracy.

Well, I don't really want to get in. I don't want to, I want to be a medical researcher. I don't want to be a political commentator, but it's linked now that they're joining. That's my point. And this is, this is the world in which we find it. The world in which we find ourselves now. And I'm, yeah, it saddens me.

And it saddens me too. It really does. And, you know, is the stream off at the moment?

It's streaming on my platform, but you know, I don't know how many people listening and what have you. So it's just, I mean, I mean, I'll think about the, because I really, you know, all I do is research. The vaccine programs, it bleeds into, and you know, I'll send you this paper, right? You should read it just for- I will. Just because it'll blow your mind, right?

And they talk about using vaccine programs to engage in this covert, in what they call moral bio enhancement, right? And like I say, when you think about it from a oligarch perspective, it's the, like I said, the enhancement isn't giving you 10 extra IQ points. Enhancement for them is dropping you 10 IQ points and making you dependent on their systems. And this, I don't know, this frightening medical tyranny that seems to be emerging.

Well, send me the paper and let me read it. So these are things I don't really think that much about and I don't know how comfortable I am discussing them because I don't really know enough about it because I don't really, I don't delve into the politics very much. I'm so obsessed with research that's really, I'm reading papers constantly. Well, this is a paper and like I say, this will be circulating through those think tanks, right? And you've got to, well, we need a brain like yours to be thinking about these issues as well because they are interlinked at a very fundamental level. I'm just resisting that they are linked and I don't want them to be. And in an ideal world, they shouldn't be.

Eat that black pill well.


Well, please send me the paper. I'll read it. Yeah, I'll see if I can just pull it up right now.

But I think I will, since it's been over two hours, I think I will wish everyone a wonderful night. Yes, well, you have a pleasant evening. And we've had a wonderful discussion and a lot, I think that the big takeaway is to discover what would be causing simply the expression of the S protein in the bloodstream. Yeah, again, I don't have a easy plausible explanation, except somehow it's functionally being taken into the chromosome and is active and being translated somehow. But beyond that, I don't have a good, plausible, parsimonious explanation as to why that could be.

And I don't either, but that's what I want to think about a lot. And I want to, as always, thank you for your work. It's thank you for yours. I mean, it's been on the cutting edge from the beginning. So, I mean, thank you.

I'm just surprised that you're not quoted more and I'm surprised that I don't see you on the MX archive, you know, the MXRIV and places like that. And I hope you get more. Have you been putting any papers out?

No, I mean, I'm waiting to do these rodent experiments and, you know, just to see if I get a Congo red hit by exposing the brain. Please let me know if you do, because that's so important.

And my hunch is that we will. But I'm almost certain you will. And almost certain. In fact, I would be very surprised if you didn't. Yeah, yeah. And but, you know, if Burkhart can't move the needle, I'm not sure what, you know, injecting vaccine directly into the brain is gonna really do. I mean, I've said I'll do it, so I'll do it.

But I think the glial activation is also something to see if injecting the vaccine in the brain will do that.

Does it cause the brain stem?

Well, I mean, to do that experiment, I'd want to do a more systemic approach, so sort of intravenous or intramuscular and see it. But the equipment needed to do that is just like cost wise is out of my reach.

Injecting rodents and slicing the brain and doing a Congo red, I can cover that right now.

You know, the bigger issue for me is just trying to make sure that we've got alternative platforms on which we can keep speaking. So, you know, although all the main channels went down, but the streaming platform that we built,, that's still going, right? Fantastic.

The thing is, it's incredibly expensive to run those servers every month, but people need to realize how important it is to have that avenue available because we don't know when this oligarch class will come in and shut it down because it was mentioned at the beginning when I started streaming that Peter Thiel Peter Thiel has taken a big stake in rumble and, you know, I have mixed thoughts about Peter Thiel's motives. I mean, like there's a dude that's literally a vampire, bro.

He's into infusing young people's blood into his body. Well, I mean, I don't know what to think of all that stuff, but I don't even want to talk about it.

These people do it, man. It's like this, I don't know how to pronounce it, Brasher Jenga, the fashion house.

Like I've been just sort of keeping a peripheral view on that. Have you been following that at all?

No, I mean, I literally don't. Literally, I just want to talk about medical research. I really don't want to talk about anything else. Yeah, it's so disturbing, dude. Like literal, I mean, big fashion houses with, you know, Adidas as part of the, and that they've got children in essentially, well, it's child pornography type fashion shows. I mean, yeah, that kind of, no, I just, that's anathema to me. I really want to just talk about medical research if that's okay with you.

I don't want to talk about vampires or child this or that. I want to talk about, please, I'm just going to talk about medical research. Those oligarchs, that's what they're all into, man. They're devils, demons.

All right, I'll let you go.

Well, thank you. And please send me that paper. I'd like to read it. I'll do it right now as I wrap the stream up. But yeah, it'll blow your mind, dude. And just, I will read it. And just think that's how these people think, right? And augmentation from their perspective means your degradation. And what a way to do it by weaponizing amyloidogenic disease pathways.

I will read that and I will talk about that too after I read it. Okay, I'll send it to you. I'll wrap this stream up and then I'll send it. Well, I'd like to thank everyone for watching and thank you for having me as always. We pulled in a bunch considering not using YouTube. There was 160, 170 watching across the platforms we were using. So that's wonderful. Yeah, that's great. It's encouraging that we can just drop evil Google. What they call them? Alphabet, right? That's what they call themselves, their parent company. Yeah, of Google. Yeah, they can take a running jump off a high cliff as far as I'm concerned. Well, thank you as always for having me on. And same to you, Walter. Thank you.

You're welcome. Have a wonderful night. You too. Take care, bro.

All right, folks.

I guess I'm still streaming on WTYL. I don't know why it went down the way it did, but yeah, we're still in there. 16 people still watching. And again, I'll just finish with this, that look how frustrating and potentially dangerous it is when those communications get shut down and I saw the rumble counter hit 452 views. Wow, that's great.

But those platforms went down and it stopped a very, very important discussion. And it's very, very expensive to maintain this platform, and I want it to succeed, but so far, it's not getting the traction I would like. I would like for the thousands of dollars that's been poured into it, and Dojo and WTYL are up with 40 people. That's great.

And like I say, I'm not going to beg for rodents at the moment. I've squirreled away enough to cover those rodents in that first series of experiments, but we need to think about just the running costs of doing this. And look, the simple fact is that I'm here on a daily basis calling out essentially deep state oligarch apparatus that's coming to engage in covert moral bio enhancement on you. They will do everything to shut me down. I'm not overtly concerned for my physical safety at this point. They probably consider us just an irritation that can be contained via censorship. And my goal is just to make sure that we have a clan, a clan that will succeed across time, right? You know, I will imbue into my children the fight that they're involved in. I can't make them pick up the sword, I guess, or the pen, or the streaming, or the camera, whatever way you want to describe the metaphor. But you know, it's tough work. Simon and I have been doing this for a long time, and we've been doing this for a long time. You know, it's tough work. Simon works really, really hard in the background, trying to keep all this stuff up and running, trying to make it possible that you can, that you're not relying on Peter Thiel's rumble anymore. And you know, it should be a priority to try to build these platforms out. And you know, you can do that by making channels and uploading information to those channels, okay?

Try to look at it as a sort of archiving-like project, because we don't know how the future is going to play out. And as I was just saying to Walter, these people are all in, right? They're making their goals known to you, and we have very, very little recourse. And as much as I'm trying to pursue or help with the legal aspect of it, I don't know how much we can trust courts and judges and corrupt politicians.

In my darker moments, I wonder what the point is, but you have to try, right? Because unfortunately, what happens when that process ends, it's just look at history, and it's usually painful and bloody and terrorizing. And you know, if we can avoid that, then I'm going to work because of it.

It's only probably the most expensive thing to try to do because of the amount of traffic and video processing, et cetera. Yeah, I get it. And look, what else do we do, right? You can't rely on YouTube. I'll speak with Simon about probably what went wrong. I don't know if it was just a re-stream issue, but the... They will look to shut us down all the time. And if this platform goes that you're watching on right now, what's left? What's left? What, you're just going to listen to Nurse Campbell?

Looking at what you've been lied about in history is a better use of time than Netflix. I agree. I agree. And, you know, it's for your children's sake, right? Because, well, if you don't do that, you're just basically feeding your children to Moloch.

Carrier pigeons. Well, you know, it may come to that. Only thing left is Alex Jones' band video. Yeah, but no one else can use that platform. I guess there's Rockfin, maybe. I should look to stream on that as well. But, you know, I'm encouraged that without YouTube, we had 170 people watching and we were able to go over some very, very important pathophysiology. Pathophysiology that you should be aware about. Because I don't think it's just going down the stupid Peter's route and saying, it's all just vaccine. Scientifically, it's a non-starter, in my view. We could make channels and give them to you to get banned later. Pirate stream like T-LAB does. I don't know what pirate stream means. I don't know. I don't know. I don't know. I don't know. I don't know. I don't know. I don't know what pirate stream means. Can't name. Can't name it on Rockfin. What about Gab?

Gab. What was the issue with Gab? I was looking at it and oh, it's for people within the US only.

That's the problem with Gab. Let's see, for chat and file sharing, Tox is good, RetroShare is good, but harder to set up. And, you know, that's some of the projects that we're trying to set up, which is sort of archiving of material that, you know, it's difficult to find on the internet right now. You know, it's not just the streaming that we're trying to do, so, you know, there's lots of work to do. And I would just say this, you know, if there's someone with front-end coding skills, right, that would want to help, has some time to spare, please let me know, because Simon could really do with some extra hands at the pump in that respect, and it will help tidy up the platform so that other people will want to use it. Do you know what we have to make new regulations for the embalmers? Yeah. You're just going straight into the ovens, cremation, cremation straight away, yeah, I could see that. All right, folks, I'm out of here, oh well, let me just see if, I know there was a, what do you call it, someone bought me a coffee, so Luxellian, thank you very much for the coffee, and let me just see if anyone sent anything via the tip jar, and, oh, we got a bunch. I better just say thank you then, I want to say thank you to someone in Illinois, whoever that was, much, much appreciated, I'll go back real quick, let's see, Calgary, Canada, thank you, and I've done well on Dono's today, this one, Bay Area, thank you, and, you know, that's something that we need to sort of set up that we get an alert that the tip jar has been activated, and, let's see, Florida, thank you, and finally, whoops, finally, New Zealand, thank you very much, all right, folks, let's see, yeah, we can upload Charles's conversation to WTYL, but, yeah, just one final plea, like I say, if there's someone out there who's a whiz with front-end coding, please get in touch with me, we could use your help, and Simon's just informed me that Restream status page says major issue, yeah, I think we found that out. All right, guys, I'm out of here, thank you for listening, and the next stream, I want to be looking at British Medical Journal, understanding and neutralizing COVID miss and disinformation, we'll have a look at what these dribbling wank stains have to say, all right, take care, God bless, see you in the next one. All right, guys, I'm out of here, thank you for listening, and the next stream, I want to be looking at British Medical Journal, understanding and neutralizing COVID miss and disinformation, we'll have a look at what these dribbling wank stains have to say, all right, take care, God bless, see you in the next one.