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SARS-CoV-2 An Aerosolized Prion Disease - And Potential Symptomatic Profile.

Okay, I'm hoping you can hear me right now. Microphone should be switched on. Everything should be smooth. Hello to everyone in the chat that's turned up. We'll have a little bit of preamble. We have 30 in class already. That normally means for me to go, go, go. But we'll just see if we can get a few more in. You can, Trump can turn over the government to a military tribunal, rest including unconstitutional puppets and the globaloid ghouls. Maybe we can. I don't know. But if we've got five by five on sound, that's good. So we're going to have a more formal lecture today that I want to hope updates everything and gets where we are from a year ago to today. And I'm going to do it in one go. It's going to be long. I'll keep my eye on the chat. And if I see a question that seems if I catch out of the corner of my eye, I'm going to be focusing on the screen. If I catch something at the corner of my eye, I will try and address it. If I don't address it whilst I'm talking during the presentation, please I'll answer questions at the end. Okay. And strap yourselves in. It's going to take a while to get through this. Okay. Because what I want to do is for any new listeners that might be coming from different domains that they need to understand every step to where I'm going. And as I've said in the title, that the and I've missed this. Okay. It's this this paper that's been on a pre print server has been out a year. It hasn't been published. That's my excuse for not seeing it. I want to thank just check seconds. Let's just say I want to thank Walter for this. I hope I hope Walter's listening. And Walter was the person who alerted me to this. He's sent me some very interesting studies, as it were. And yeah, so this is from him. And it sort of changed what I was going to be doing today. I wanted to focus on Angela Rasmussen, the Milly Tan of the virus world, but things this thing is more, more important, I'm afraid. And like I say, I don't want to panic people the whole the whole point of knowledge is to make sure that you you understand what's going on. And with knowledge, comes clarity with clarity comes for fault. And with for for comes the ability to take the appropriate action. Ellie jelly says she's a terrible person. Oh, god, she's a slimeball. She's the worst that takes up the worst example of what I call the the critical theorists taken over the the domain of the STEM fields. She is the tip of the spear. It would seem with the right. So the guy who got Kreutzfeld Jakob allegedly from COVID hope that this is something you talk about all the time. Well, potentially, I do talk about it. Okay, so but what we have here is we have a new mechanism to take into account. And I'm not surprised that we're starting to see people with variations of Kreutzfeld Jakob disease. And hopefully, if you follow this presentation, it will make sense to you what we're seeing. Okay. And what I hope to do is to be able to give you experimental examples of what that may look like, and how it's how it could potentially arise, particularly now people have had infections for chronic infections for a year. Critical theory is one of the worst things to happen to the educational system. Indeed, Dr. Algon, Al Gore, sorry, right on time. So I'm going to begin, there's 38 people here.

So this is me, Kevin McCairn, 20 years plus 20 years now, working in basal ganglia systems, neuroscience, I'm considered an expert on brain interventions, neurological interventions based around deep brain stimulation, I developed the first primate model of Tourette syndrome, vocal tics, etc, etc. You can go to research gate, all my work is there for free. You can contact me anytime at that email, you can go to my website or come to our discord, the invite should be down below. Let's see. So I think that's all about me. If you follow me, what you should know is that when you're going to be talking about viruses, this is how I got into the game, it's important that you have a hard cock. And that means understanding the physiological and anatomical and causal aspects of the disease as it relates to Koch’s postulates. And this is the only joke I'm going to do in this stream. So I have an update to pick in 20 years. True, true. Alright, so let's let's do the the basics first. So a year ago, this was in January, we had reports of a novel Coronavirus in patients in Wuhan. And it was characterized by glass opacities in the lung and seemed to correlate with severe acute respiratory disorder as the original SARS COV. And this group, this is New England Journal of Medicine. What they did is they did, they took samples from these patients, they were able to show cytopathic effects. Again, this is the title you need to brief report if you if you need these papers, you can contact me. They're on our discord. Everything is on our discord. Okay. And if it doesn't make sense to you, please feel free to contact me. So what they showed was that they were able to isolate what looked like can I get a laser pointer here? Is this going to work for me? Yeah, laser pointer bitch. Yeah. So what they saw what appeared to be coronaviruses, this is the classic shape that everyone should be becoming familiar with. Morphology often defines function in biology. And here, we're seeing a classic example of a coronavirus. These are well known virology viral species, I guess I guess you call them that, that are well known to science that the morphological characteristics the these new infections are something else. And we're going to get into what it what they do, and why we need to take extra precautions.

And you shouldn't be listening to people like Iver Cummings, Andrew Kaufman, last American vagabond, or anyone that's told you that you can just ignore this thing, carry on, rip everything open and let it just rip through your population right now is does doesn't fully understand the facts that with or the nature of what we're dealing with. It's very likely that SARS-CoV-2 came out of a lab. Oh, so yeah, just to tell you how good we're getting at sort of capturing these agents, what you can see here, these are electron microscopy, these are Vero cells that have been transfected with SARS-CoV-2. We know that it's SARS-CoV-2 through genetic analysis, we can differentiate its genome from Vero cells. And what you can see all these little buds, that's the coronavirus coming out and coronavirus, this coronavirus seems to do something that's quite I'm, as I understand it unusual in the in the world of viruses, which is make these filopodia, these, these branches that stick out, and these filopodia will puncture neighboring cells. And one virus that does this very famously is smallpox. And what I'm going to do in this first half is try to introduce the premise to you that SARS-CoV-2 has come out of a laboratory. Once we've established that it's come out of a laboratory, and we can then orientate ourselves to understand the neurophysiology and how it might affect behavior. So here you can see the viruses going along. I use the metaphor of anyone who's seen John Carpenter's 1981, I think the thing where the dog at the beginning morphs and attacks the other dogs. It's the literal equivalent to that. For me, that's what you're looking at on the screen right now. 56 people watching here. That's good to see. Apologies if you've missed the beginning. You can always go back. This will be a long lecture if you've just joined us. So make yourself comfortable. Get yourself a drink, get something to eat. I will answer questions.

So in order to establish Koch’s postulates, the way we do it today is we do it via animal models. We isolate the pathogen. We then transfer it to an animal model. We see if we get the same disease in the animal model, and then we see if we can identify the virus in animal tissue. That establishes Koch’s postulates. It's a generally small thing. It's routine now. Anyone who says that we can't do it is blowing smoke up your arse and basically trying to pick your back pocket to move on. This is a science paper that came out relatively early, comparative pathogenesis of COVID-19, MERS and SARS in a non-human primate model. SARS is an established disease. So is Middle Eastern respiratory syndrome and COVID-19, which should be called Wuhan flu or China flu. Somehow we had to make it different because the Chinese were upset. We're not allowed to call diseases from... We break the tradition. So we've had Hong Kong flu, but if it's from China, no, we have to call it something else apparently according to the World Health Organization. But it's established in non-human primate here. The red pointer doesn't work very well, but here you can see lesions in the lung tissue. This is perfused lung tissue and then fixed for staining. These dark patches where they've used an antibody to identify areas of tissue that are expressing viral particles. Another... I'm not sure if this one's been published yet, but it might still be on pre-print, but basically showing that there's species selectivity with the virus. It's more focused on... I want to say it was the mulatta. Let me just check that. Let's just go through. Anyway, old world monkeys, it's more associated to... Yeah, it was mulatta that seems to have the biggest response to it, particularly in the old cohort. So we can establish... And if you're losing 11, 15% of your body weight in a few days in a monkey, trust me, that's crisis mode. You have to make interventions. It's the law that you make interventions.

So let's move on from there here. These are glass opacities that have been identified in the monkeys. So basically... Let me just pull that back up. You can go back up. That's the glass opacity once you take the tissue out. So it's basically more dense because the tissue is... The membranes are breaking down. It's become fibrotic, et cetera. So let's move down. Here you can see the tissue before. It's been fixed with formalin. These red patches again are the glass opacities, as you would see them on X-ray. In this case, they didn't see much in the heart. Swollen lymph nodes in this particular case, but we've recognized it. We can take this pathogen. We can put it into a monkey. Boom, that's your... And it causes the exact same disease that we're seeing in monkeys. That monkey is blinded to what's going on. So my dad took the Pfizer based on my approval. It's fine. My advice to you right now, well, I'm not going to speak about therapies. You should make your own conclusions after this presentation. Again, this is just showing that they can isolate the pathogenic agent in tissues in monkeys. And we're going to go to the gain of function dual use technology, which is coming out of the Wuhan Institute of Virology. This is our prime suspect. This is where the WHO organization has gone to investigate the pandemic. And please look at my other streams. Anything that involves ecohealth, Peter Daszak, you'll find out what a corrupt, slithering mess that it is. And no one has clean hands in this particular case. It's a very dirty tar baby of a hand grenade that's going off. And I would say, yeah, listen to the Norwegian authorities right now. So my suspicions were first aroused about the Wuhan Institute in December, January, when the supposed pandemic was beginning. They weren't they weren't doing what I what I've been trained to do to work in BSL free laboratories, which is fall back till you know anything better. What we found were was the metadata from phones shows that the release probably occurred in early October. This was also confirmed by Harvard through satellite imaging. Again, like I say, if you want these papers, you can get the title from this. That's what the pause button is for. If you can't do that, contact me. And if I'm feeling in a good mood, you'll probably get the paper from me or a direction to where to get it on our discord. So let's go. So again, another image of SARS. This is COVID-19. This is the agent. Get it into your head. These particles are real, and they can be tinkered with. It's a multi billion dollar industry that has defense agencies across the world, slapping, licking their lips, and the the more dubious organizations that are coming into the larger narrative. Again, they are looking very closely at what's going on. And I'll just use two words, the great recent or three words, great, the great reset or great reset, whichever you want free or two. So another sort of close up if you want to understand what we're looking at. So here's the cell, sorry, the viral surface. These are phospholipids. This is the spike glycoprotein. This is a lot of what the fuss is about. And then there's the genetic material inside the virus itself. It's primarily considered to bind to human ACE2. But we're going to see that the story is a bit more complex than that. Is that a demon coming out of that virus? It's kind of close, right? Like a coiled dragon or snake. It's not China's research. I'm not sure what that means. But I don't want to get distracted by comments too much. Yes, China has destroyed all the evidence. Anyone that's thinking that we're going to get anything approximating an objective investigation into the Wuhan Institute, anything to do with the Chinese military, anything to do with the US military is sorely mistaken in this. You cannot trust these institutes. You cannot trust these people. And right now it's incumbent upon you to understand what's going on, okay? And understand the nature of the elements that you're dealing with. And right now it's like the Aztecs standing on the, I don't know how true it is, but apparently because the Aztecs had never seen ships before, they couldn't understand what it was and really didn't see them as the Spanish came and invaded South America and with 30 horses and 30 good men and some dogs, they tore the place to pieces. So we will never know patient zero. Patient zero is the poor postdoc that's supposedly left who we had pictures of in 2018. There's enough people looking out for her. She's not really on my scope, but there are other people who are interested in where she is. And that should be one of the bigger questions of this investigation. So where do I come into this? Not being a virologist. Well, there are certain viruses that we understand to be neurotropic, which means that they can get or get themselves into your nervous system. And once in the nervous system, they can do all sorts of trouble. And this is, this happens with viruses that are natural, supposedly Japanese encephalitis. I'll read them off here. This is just a list from Wikipedia. You can go check it yourself. Venezuelan equine encephalitis, California encephalitis, polio, coxsackie, echo, mumps, measles, influenza, rabies, rabies. I want you to keep in your mind because it will come up again, as well as caused by members of the family herpes viridae, such as herpes simplex, varicella zoster, Epstein Barr, cytomegalovirus, and HHV6 viruses. Those causing latent infection include herpes simplex and varicella zoster viruses. Those causing slow virus infection include measles virus, rubella, and it is called just JC virus and retroviruses such as human T lymphocytic virus 1 and HIV, which is something that will come up again. Neurotropic viruses are increasingly being exploited as research tools, especially in the neurosciences, especially agents like rabies that have this ability to travel up axons in a retrograde transport. It means it comes into the sensory nerve endings and then it climbs along the axon into the cell body and then other neurons that are synapsing onto that neuron, the cell produces more rabies virions and then it jumps the synaptic gap. We use this to map extended networks in the central nervous system. This is just to show you that we understand SARS-CoV-2 to be a multiple system inflammatory disorder. It affects multiple tissues and organs, urinary system, circulatory system, and brain. Brain is where I want to focus on. I'm going to skip that slide. It's a little bit out of date. There's a phylogenetic tree of coronaviruses and this is where SARS-CoV-2 sits. It's an outlier with respect to the phylogenetic tree as the experts understand it. There's a lot of elements embedded into its molecular makeup that are leaving virologists scratching their head when trying to constrain it within the domain of natural virology. Once you take the brakes off with something like dual-use technology, then the properties that we're seeing become more self-explanatory. Cal Smart, how are you doing? Dirty Merkin, how are you doing? Like I say, I'm going to be trying to not take too much focus on the chat. Please bear with me. I want this to be a presentation, lecture, which people can take away, cut up, and share to your friends and family, your loved ones. They need to understand what's going on. Particularly, there's no virus, no freedoms, et cetera, people. These people have to understand what it is that we're dealing with. Outlier because of where it originated. No, it's an outlier because of what we see with respect to obviously the furin cleavage. We're going to get to that. Everyone's very familiar. Remember, we looked at this slide, this glycoprotein here. Let's go back. Here it sits. This is the top of the glycoprotein. Here you can see this is where the receptor binding domain is. Here you can see the receptor binding domain. Here you can see this is the junction between the S1 and S2 segments of the protein. This is one of the bigger indicators that we have gained a function. This is something that's called a furin cleavage site. What that does is it ups the ability to make the virus more transmissible. Thousands of times, more transmissible. Firmly in the Merfreedoms camp. Yes, so should we all be, but you have to fight smart for your Merfreedoms. Don't be a moron when you're engaging in this. There are people that know what they're doing and we can potentially advise and point you to things that you should be looking for in your environment. Let's move on. This is something that we're going to be interested in. The receptor binding domain and the furin cleavage site. I've done plenty of lectures about this before. You can go see other people probably do it much better than I. If they're molecular biologists, what they won't have is how to show you what goes on at a systems neuroscience level. Here's this furin cleavage site. Here you can see other closely related coronaviruses RATG13, which is its closest, probably synthetic cousin. None of them have a furin cleavage site. Nothing's come close to having a furin cleavage site. Everything that they've tried to shove down our throat obviously looks, it's a miss. The problem is that they could synthesize a whole new virus now and we'd be none the wiser basically. That's the level of the technology we have. What we have to do is we have to look at behavior, money flow, and intent as to, or motive as to what these people could want. Title was aerosolized prions. We now have Macau disease as well as rabies. Yes, we're going to be getting to that, Cal Smart. Please hold on to your hats, but there's a lot of steps that we have to get through to demonstrate the logic behind what it is that I'm saying. Is the HIV scan African even real? Kehina, just I'm ignoring it and try to stay on topic with your questions please. We know that there are post-docs, young scientists, who have suffered, it would appear. Li Menyang springs to mind. This young man, I can't remember his name, it's been so long since I've... Bing Liu was shot in a murder-suicide. Like I say, there's the post-doc that's missing from the Wuhan Institute of Virology. He was working in this Yvette Baha's lab at Pittsburgh and was there doing informatics I think. Let's get to SARS-CoV-2 neurotropism, which means growing in the brain and how it attacks the nervous system and brain itself. One of the first papers which came out with respect to SARS-CoV-2, which intimated to me that there was a problem despite the disturbing images coming from China, people in convulsive states, people collapsing, et cetera. The one that stuck out for me was how come so many people were deteriorating so quickly. It didn't make sense from my understanding. I've dealt with pneumonia in monkeys, severe pneumonia in fact, especially with Parkinsonian monkeys where they don't move. This paper came out, the neuroinvasive potential of SARS-CoV-2 may be at least partially responsible for the respiratory failure of COVID-19 patients. What does that title mean? It means that the agent is getting itself into the nervous system. It's messing with regulatory centers in the medulla and other parts of the brain that control your autonomic nervous system. The rabies superantigenic component, which I talked about here, so I should just go back here and focus on this just to keep people up to speed. SARS-CoV-2 protein, here you can see it aligned with alpha cobrotoxin, alpha brungotoxin, rabies virus G protein, alpha cobrotoxin, HIV-1, GP120. There's a lot of synonymous relationship between SARS-CoV-2, furin cleavage site, and these particular reactive peptides we know in biology that cause problems. In this particular case, it would appear that they have an affinity for cholinergic receptors. That's the mechanism by which rabies transfects itself through the central nervous system, also how a lot of neurotoxins work. So let's move on. So let's get to this. So this is some text from that. So that particular paper, this one, the neuroinvasive potential of SARS-CoV-2. So according to the complaints of a survivor, the medical graduate, 24 years old from Wuhan University, she's not an old person remember, just in her case, she got exposed to a large viral load because she's working in a hospital. And she went on to say that she had to stay awake and breathe consciously while she was in the intensive care. So I want you to think about what that means. You don't think about your breathing. I'm not thinking about my breathing now whilst I'm talking to you. It's all taken care of. I'm able to do speech that's modulated through higher order centers, and they're interacting at these midbrain, brainstem levels, and you're seeing this fluid and I hope interesting presentation for you about what SARS-CoV-2 is. Now, once the subconscious element has gone away, and because it's being dysregulated by the virus getting into the medulla, she's having to consciously breathe every breath, right? So she's literally no sleep. She's got to stay there. Well, I guess they could have intubated her, but again, maybe she saw what happened to the intubated patients. She decided to do it this way. So if she had balls, they would be big and made of brass. So let's move on from that. Again, I've spoke about this a lot before. The original SARS was shown to be neurotropic, so they injected it into the nasal passage of rats, and this fluorescent image that you can see here is the sagittal section, which means you cut me this way, and you're seeing the side of the brain, and that's showing you that basically the virus has penetrated into the brain through the olfactory bulb, into all these ventral regions, which are highly involved in what we would call limbic processes. So let's move down a little bit. So what am I talking about with the virus being able to penetrate into the medulla? Well, there's areas in the medulla, we call them the respiratory complexes or Botzinger complex, and Botzinger complex is famous for having this rhythmicity to it, which is what you're seeing here. This is basically more clear here. And when it goes up, you'll take in air, you'll inspire like that, neurons will fire, like we'll see electrical signals in the nervous system, it goes down and you exhale air. And this is all automatic and generated through feedback loops within the Botzinger complex and their projection down to the muscles that are involved in your metabolic processes, or breathing respiration is a better way of putting it. So and it's automatic. But once that once the virus gets in there messes it up, well, if you're if you're unconscious, you need a machine to do it for you. If you've got those big, big brass ones, you can tough it out like the Chinese doctor and consciously stay awake for the breathing. And I guess you could stimulants modafinil or something. Maybe that's a way to get through it. But so here's here's a sort of spoiler of what we're going to get into. And there's a trigger warning for this. If you're new here, you're going to see animal experimentation in order for me to demonstrate my points. This is experimentation done on primates. So if you're squeamish, look away. And but I'm using it to hammer home a point to people. And it's it's just the way it is, like this is how this is how I get this this message out so people understand, okay, and it sort of establishes the the neural mechanisms that we can do that what I'm talking about is understood at a systems neuroscience level. So very early on, we got reports of necrotizing encephalopathy in a patient, this is in New York, a SARS CoV two emerged in the city. And encephalopathy is a hallmark of pre on disorders. Okay. Now, is this a result of immediate fast onset pre on disorders? Maybe, maybe not. It's maybe more down to the inflammatory response itself. We don't know till we do the proper studies. And those studies need doing we need big monkey studies, especially with the vaccines and their mechanism of action. So let's move on. So this is how I'm going to give you the answers and give you today. This is real time electrophysiology. This allows us to record across large scale networks in the frontal cortex, the motor associative limbic regions into the midbrain the basal ganglia and the cerebellar midbrain palms area of the brain and to do this all simultaneously and to show causality in the pattern of neural behavior such that you can predict what type of behaviors that you'll see. Now I've spent a year talking about COVID zombies and the acute effects of exposure to the the spike proteins and the active peptides in that system. So we can combine that with fusion MRI CT scans enables us to target very precisely in the brain. Here you can see it targeting the the nucleus accumbens and through through that we can I then inject exciter toxins basically into the brain much like SARS CoV 2 is an exciter toxin due to its cholinergic antagonism. So let's go down and again we don't also there are other mechanisms which we'll get into and I want you to think of SARS CoV 2 as something more than just a respiratory pneumonia. It's bigger than that and it's highly tuned to attack your central nervous system. Okay so let's move on. Let's take a drink. Okay so these are studies that I've done you can go back let's go back 20 years. These just establish that we can induce different behaviors very specifically. Apologize for the video quality but this was even but this is all analog. Hey we didn't have digital cameras back then and what you're looking at is induction of stereotypy OCD like behavior and well perhaps for this one we might just as you look at the monkey in the bottom corner here Omni if you're in the chat could you put a link to the COVID zombie that you that you put earlier that would be really really useful as I'm giving this talk. So the we're able to go in with that sort of precision targeting that I showed you and then we're able to modulate specific circuitry within the central nervous system to induce these gross behaviors that you see here in very predictable manner. Like say it's been published for a long time it's established pathway and I helped establish the I am the king of the Tourette monkey model. No one else took it as far as I did and with what I've tried to show and as a reason for the what I call the COVID zombie is that SARS-CoV-2 by going through the olfactory bulb targets limbic networks and you're going to see some of the behaviors. All right doesn't do that does it. All right so let's do this. So this is what made me famous really was the induction of vocal ticks by activation of limbic networks. So you get the idea we'll look at human examples later in the in the talk. So as well as that what we also see are autonomic dysregulation. Okay so disinhibition of autonomic systems okay and I want you to grab this concept and grip it firmly with two hands that your emotions are bound intimately with the viscera everybody that's what we talk about you know feelings being it feels visceral feels alive and so when you're if you have this sort of activity going on in your brain then you can have this activation of these large-scale networks and you can see more I might just turn the music down a little bit because everyone's seen that gag now but yeah if you're offended look away now I would say does it cause blink as well it causes a lot anything you name it we've probably done it in this case you're seeing induction of erection it lasts hours the monkey can't do anything about it and that rather attractive brown splodge in the bottom is the bowels of let go and Brad says nice big cock indeed and so we can get all sorts of ticks okay depending on where we make these interventions so you begin to understand I hope as I go through this as I go through this talk why you would see these particular effects and importance of understanding the potential that we're dealing with an aerosolized prion so as a heuristic and rule of thumb what you can understand all those behaviors to be is to be a case of loss of impulse control and I know that seems a sort of banal way of describing it but basically if you're drunk if you you know think about all those times when you've done something you just shouldn't have right in rage etc how do you induce ticks target electrodes many ways in many ways once you know the circuitry you can do all kinds of things so I would say that you know a lot of the the civil unrest that we're seeing right now is being fueled in part by a number of people are probably carrying a chronic infection that is sitting in the brain it's not everything but I would imagine it would play a part or very easily could be fought to play a part so let's get into some molecular mechanisms and the targeting that occurs with the virus uses and this will bring us to wasn't your research primary targeted Alzheimer's no well systems neuroscience and Alzheimer's not so much Parkinson's Tourette's OCD neuropsychiatric disorders things of that nature I've you know I tried to cover as much as you can that's what you do when you research you try to you try to get your name stamped on everything so anyway let's let's move on so one of the disturbing elements that we're finding is that SARS-CoV-2 uses co receptor binding to enable its ability to penetrate into tissue systems and it didn't take long for people to show that SARS-CoV-2 was able to target receptors called neuropilin and by its name that tells you that it's associated with the nervous system both peripheral and central nervous system and so not only does SARS-CoV-2 have a highly adapted binding site ACE2 binding site for primates somehow magically it's got a binding site that's tuned for primate neuropilin okay which means that it's able to get into the central nervous system maybe Kahina well you answer that question afterwards so here if you're into molecular imaging etc this is this is for you this is co-localization I want to say this is the furin cleavage c and r I'll leave that to molecular biologists and what they do for me as soon as I know that it's binding to neural tissue again it makes me stand back and say we need to look at this differently than it being just a flu yes Eugene we'll get to that so like I say please share this out okay you people need to get this information out okay they need to understand what they're dealing with so another this is another study SARS-CoV-2 spike protein hijacks VEGFA neuropilin one receptor signaling to induce analgesia so this thing has adapted itself to make it that you feel less pain okay so you don't feel ill this is the asymptomatic so you're carrying around infection and Kahina maybe it wouldn't surprise me but the in this case this this virus has multiple mechanisms by which it can target the central nervous system peptide sequence around the furin cleavage site that rabies HIV GP 120 sequence that's a cholinergic antagonist okay that's critical to understand that it can explain a lot of why people get it and if they're susceptible can progress very rapidly through the illness because the autonomic nervous system comes under attack I don't need to go through this abstract we're not I just want to get home that studies are being done which shown that it does target neuropilin it reduces spire firing in spinal root ganglion also probably in the central nervous system itself and that was that that leads to analgesia we can skip that this is just electrophysiology which showing again you can go get this is the preprint I haven't updated the talk for that but I'm presuming I think this one is actually made it through and neuropilin one this is another paper again showing that it's it uses neuropilin one and again you've got to ask yourself how come it has all these all these binding sites which are tuned for hominids for humans you okay think that it goes for the CD4 and CD8 receptors on the white blood cells and potentially has long-term consequences there with respect to immunity we're seeing people now report chronic yeast infections you know who you know who else does that HIV patients GLXL says my central CNS related yes I can understand it I can I was there as well it's very disturbing so more about neuropilin and again this all this is here just to demonstrate so again if you're not believing in viruses etc we can co-localize the virus with specific receptors using immunohistochemistry this is standard practice and has been for decades in labs around the world and people have become very very good and adept at manipulating these these systems okay so let's see let's go around there so so here you can see olfactory transmuconal SARS-CoV-2 invasion as port central nervous system entry into COVID-19 patients this this was published just a couple of months ago in Nature Neuroscience it shows that the virus is getting past the the the membrane of the of the sinuses and it's starting to invade into the olfactory bulb which is what I showed you at the beginning with the mouse in the in the parasagittal section where you could see the the virus being highlighted in the like the ventral underside of the brain and it was all through the brain and it in that particular case the the site of infection was the olfactory bulb the same seems to be happening in humans this paper I just I should give a shout this this well no it's not this paper but what this these papers showed that they can take stem cells and they can grow proto brains so they said they have essentially neural structure and they start wiring and firing together and you'll see sort of layered structures and ventricles forming as as this proto brain forms and it's susceptible to infection by SARS-CoV-2 so COVID-19 pandemic caused by SARS-CoV-2 infection public health emergency maybe COVID-19 typically exhibits respiratory illness I beg to differ unexpectedly emerging clinical reports indicate that neurological symptoms continue to rise suggesting detrimental effects SARS-CoV-2 on the central nervous system here we show that a Dusseldorf isolate of SARS-CoV-2 enters 3D human brain organoids within two days of exposure this is a shock for the virology community okay because they're like well what are H2 receptors doing on neurons etc I can tell you this if there's a neuron in the outside of the body you'll find it in the central nervous system as well you've just got to look in the right place and of course oh this is interesting so using COVID-19 convalescent serum we identified SARS-CoV-2 preferably targets soma of cortical neurons but not neural stem cells the target cells type of Zika virus so it differs slightly from Zika virus but expect Zika to be coming along pretty soon and potentially nipper with all these degenerates running the institutes and taking their money and doing what they're doing right now mouth beavers are safe no they're not Stephen sorry it can go through the lungs into the medulla there's not much it can go through every pathway so if you want to go and look at these papers that again they're using immunohistochemistry it's a beautiful technique here you can see different you know the fluorescence different wavelengths and they can show how it's co-localized with neurons etc a very beautiful piece of work to do we can skip that so over 50% of SARS-CoV-2 patients have neurological sequelae okay that means that they don't just have a cough there's this they're coming in with well there's a spectrum obviously from mild to severe neurological symptoms and the list seems virtually endless and what we're going to hopefully come away with once we've gone through this lecture is understand that there could be a very long chronic component that's a consequence of this prion genesis for want of a better word so again these are just images of brain it's interesting that the temporal lobes which are linked very closely to the olfactory system so memory you know think how smells evoke memory etc and in the temporal lobe you have the amygdala as well that's sitting very close it's part of the extended basal ganglia amygdala is involved in fear processing getting you amped up and you've got to be you've got to be aware of this pattern that we keep seeing and this limbic targeting seems critical to a lot of what we're seeing especially in the short term the long term is probably going to look a different little different so you can say these are just links I'll leave you can pause on this screen you can get the citation here you can all of you can type now hopefully and I've done plenty of presentations about this but again these are just MRIs again here you can see in the temporal lobe the back up again lesions in the temporal lobe and here and probably striatum temporal lobe here temporal lobe here it's a very consistent pattern here you can see in the temporal lobe and these are in young patients okay so this is something to keep in mind this isn't these you're not looking at aged brains here these are brains of the young I mean that's a catastrophic failure they're showing up and what I want to get into now is is we're going to get into the nuts and bolts of the pre on Genesis what's what's happening the paper that I missed and unfortunately for you guys this I don't know if I saw it at the time and it didn't register but the title of this paper is SARS sit up in your chairs right now pay attention SARS-CoV-2 pre on like domains in spike proteins enable higher affinity to ACE2 now you know what I had a little let me just find it I I want to thank Bill Gates of Microsoft for forcing an update on me even when I have updates switched off and I I'm delayed somewhat by the the what I wanted to speak about so I just had something that I did want to show that we can I hope clarify what a pre on is and how I how it relates to pre on like domains so just bear with me one second let's go here let's go here let's put this here it doesn't have sound as far as I can tell so nanobot models pre on disease mechanisms of Creutfeldt-Jakobs disease CJD types 85% of all cases of sporadic form 14% caused by family genetic mutation main symptoms social withdrawal insomnia dementia muscle paralysis coma I could take a few of them off right now all these are caused by protein particles they are called pre ons right so they don't even require genetic material it just needs the misfolded protein to start causing the disease okay and these these peptide sequences are infectious and can begin replicating this is this is you know there's a lot of work in systems neuroscience about why do we get Alzheimer's disease why do we get Parkinson's and what we there's a lot of work that's focused on the presentation with the Lewy bodies which are entanglements of the cytoskeletal matrix and as you sort of get older you accumulate more of this this sort of protein garbage in your in your central nervous system you don't clear it it builds up and depending on which system is activated will depend on how you present to the clinician as you begin to check out so this says your work's great thank you Jimmy so let's just carry on humans can contract Creutfeldt-Jakobs disease by consuming material from animals infected with scrapie pre-unformed so this is classic pre on disease okay the bovine spongiform encephalopathy mad cow curie disease which was discovered from cannibals in Papua New Guinea excuse me so in goes the protein right so you can ingest it okay or you could breathe it in you could breathe it in okay and it can be part of that receptor right so when i'm talking about a receptor binding domain there's protein foldings in it that act like prions okay so remember we've established that SARS-CoV-2 can invade the central nervous system okay if i haven't convinced you enough of that by yet and i haven't convinced you that i know what i'm talking about i don't know what else i can do okay i have only seen this once i'm gonna forget it you've seen it in the clinic yeah it's uh pretty grim good to see you richard by the way uh pr i'm sorry let me pause that pr protein uh sorry prion protein prions are produced by an endoplasmic reticulum inside a cell they move towards the membrane surface in the transport vesicles exosomes so here it says prion normal form so in in this i'm guessing they the meaning uh normal protein signaling fragments we know that cells shoot out uh protein signaling molecules etc and what the the key to understanding this is a protein has a particular 3d shape okay called its confirmation and that confirmation is constantly sort of jiggling as it's sort of trying to come to terms with its binding energies etc and uh what's going to happen is the normal prion um is going to come into contact with the protein particle is going to come into contact with the misfolded uh prion okay here comes the misfolded one it looks a bit like the thing again out it goes uh in the signaling vesicle and uh it's transformed the normal one and that normal one now becomes infective as well okay and then it goes on and on and spreads so here you're getting uh that's nice um so uh prion transformation is based on changing strands geometry which is what i'm saying so the abnormal one comes in it's in one particular shape it bumps up against it probably when it's in an open configuration of some form the uh the abnormal prion confers this abnormal shape onto it and like i say it goes on it changes the uh the confirmation of the um the alpha helices and beta pleated sheets so it becomes another infective particle out it goes so this is the lipid bilayer of the neuron in this particular case prion moves to the cell membrane surface transform and aggregate into complex amyloid strands so uh beta amyloid is the like i say the bug bear of uh the neurosciences and the clinical field you know how much is causal etc is still under debate but we know it's there and associated so let's move on so there there it's forming its tangle and where the beta amyloid starts to aggregate will depend on the type of neurodegeneration that you get so if you get sort of kreutzfeld-jakopf type encephalopathy or you get something more chronic like parkinson's disease or multi-system atrophy and what does mccain say about survivors having t-cell immunity to sars-2 um well uh what we're seeing is is that the there seems to be a chronic component we know that sars attacks cd4 uh and cd8 so it attacks the immune system right now a year later we're starting to hear about people reporting uh covid um yeast infections uh particularly in the mouth and that's synonymous with what happens in hiv and the the assault on white blood cells has been well documented now sars-cov-2 so again it doesn't mean everyone's going to succumb right this is what you have to understand it just means that there's there's a spectrum of responses and some are going to be acutely sensitive and some probably it's not going to make any difference okay it's the genetic uh lottery that you that you pick normally but what we do find is that there seems to be a um racial component to the virus the particularly in western nations where dark-skinned uh dark races are seem to be somewhat more susceptible that might be down to vitamin d who knows um so let's move on so yeah here it's forming its amyloid plaque and amyloid plaques are associated with alzheimer's parkinson's disease kreutzfeldt yakov and any number of neurodegenerative disorders okay uh often you see it in something if it's the classic chronic neurodegenerative disorders i encourage you to look uh for something called brak staging b r double a k i want to say rach and brak so hey look at the flu season four years ago to two years ago than today uh i've done all that jimmy steller this is not flu i've busted uh ivor cummins uh stats with respect to flu etc he's talking out of his arse and the fact that we're dealing with a lab-based lab-based agent means that you should uh take everything he says with a pinch of salt he's nothing but a grifting diet book salesman okay and he doesn't know what he's talking about uh so let's move on uh so oops can i get out of full screen please okay so um like i say this is a year old and i am mortified i missed this because we should have been hammering this uh how do you know it's lab by the uh the properties that it has it has everything of gain of function i'd say go and watch the many lectures i've done there are a number of papers now which point to the lab-based origin and the fact that we know that there's a um very very large network of scientists who are complicit in trying to hide the nature of the disorder so if you look into the uh in uh organization called ecohealth person called peter dayzak how they uh corralled the narrative uh in a letter in the lancet saying that um it couldn't it has to be uh coming from nature they chose a pangolin uh this is the intermediate host theory uh it's all broken down nothing holds up and more and more evidence points to it being an engineered uh an engineered agent and this just adds another salami slice to to the evidence so uh currently the world is struggling with the coronavirus again every paper begins you can begin usually a sentence or two in so uh pre-unlike domains are critical for virulence and development of therapeutic targets however the pre-unlike domains in the sars-cov-2 proteome have not been analyzed in this in silico study using the p-lac algorithm we identified the presence of pre-unlike domains in the sars-cov-2 spike protein compared with other viruses a striking difference was observed in the distribution of pre-unlike domains in the spike protein read that again compared with other viruses a striking difference was observed in the distribution of pre-unlike domains in the spike protein okay so the spike protein is where we're interested in a lot of the engineering going or the potential manipulations that have occurred and suddenly we're dealing with uh an agent that has this uh pre-on binding surface in it that's going to form these that has the potential to form amyloid plaques okay and remember what i said to you it's the it's the nature the distribution of the amyloid plaques which will determine the neurodegenerative disorder which takes you out what takes most people out when they get into old age it's either stroke alzheimer's parkinson's okay so multi-system atrophy and so let's go on with this uh compared with other viruses a striking difference i did that bit uh the presence and unique distribution of pre-unlike domains in the sars-cov-2 receptor binding domains with the spike protein is particularly interesting since although the sars-cov-2 and sars-cov-s proteins share the same host cell receptor angiotensin converting enzyme 2 sars-cov-2 demonstrates a 10 to 20 fold higher affinity for ace 2 finally we identified pre-unlike domains in the alpha 1 helix of the ace 2 receptor that interact with the viral receptor binding domain of sars-cov-2 taken together the present findings indicate that the identified pre-on domain is that what this prds where's that what's the exact acronym i want to make sure i'm getting it prds prds pre-on domain site binding site i guess that is pre-on domain site in the sars-cov-2 receptor binding domain and ace 2 region that interact with the rbd have important functional roles in viral adhesion and entry and the consequences of chronic infection so this published by george and victor tetz from uh it was microbiology oh i should have um do i have paper to hand maybe it's in the next slide uh no it's let me just uh uh make sure that i'm quoting that right yeah here's the institute human microbiology institute it's an old institute um but it seems small and um i don't know the providence of it but what i wanted to uh point to is that uh the this pair george tetz and victor tetz have a paper in scientific reports from 2018 about the same thing uh pre-on like domains in eukaryotic viruses where they scanned the whole databases that we have to look for the uh the presence of these pre-on binding sites as they relate to all viruses okay so uh this is pretty high impact journal again i know the impact factor etc is coming under uh evermore scrutiny because of the well the dealings of the of these people that have abused the system so pre-ons are proteins that can self-propagate which is the video that i just showed you leading to the misfolding of proteins in addition to the previously demonstrated pathogenic roles of pre-ons during the development of different mammalian diseases including neurodegenerative diseases they have recently been shown to represent an important functional component in many prokaryotic and eukaryotic organisms and bacteriophages confirming the previously unexplored important regulatory and functional roles however in an in-depth analysis of these domains in eukaryotic viruses has not been performed here we examine the presence of pre-on like proteins in eukaryotic viruses that play a primary role in different ecosystems and that are associated with emerging diseases in humans we identified relevant functional associations in different viral processes and regularities in the presence at different taxonomic levels using the pre-on like amino acid composition computational algorithm we detected 2679 unique putative pre-on like domains within 2,742,160 publicly available viral protein sequences so to find a pre-on binding domain in a virus is rare okay 0.0001 percent okay very very small more than that so to the minus six five sorry so the findings indicate that viral pre-on like proteins can be found in different viruses of insects plants mammals and humans the analysis performed here demonstrated common patterns in the distribution of pre-on like domains across viral orders and families and reveal probable functional associations within different steps of viral replication and interaction with host cells these data allow the identification of the viral pre-on like proteins as potential novel regulators of viral infections and that's very sort of detached way of saying that these viruses which can go around and remember it's a small family okay or small sampling that have this pre-on capacity baked into their structure so this may be designed to take people out prematurely by creating this kind of condition in our young yes and to take out the old as well everyone is going to be exposed to this and like I said it's you know it's the genetic lottery how you get through but we have to look at the fact that there's all these elements that are embedded in SARS-CoV-2 how did it have all these elements just suddenly emerge where was the progenitor viruses where did we see these sort of outbreaks occur and we know that the infection problem of the pandemic started September October time SARS-CoV-2 neurotropism pre-on genesis and here you can see the types of viruses where they found these pre-on binding domains we're interested in RNA viruses so they found 601 viruses that had these pre-on binding domains I don't know how many RNA viruses there are for humans I imagine it's a hell of a lot more than 601 let's go down so as I've read through the papers we're interested in nidoviralis okay and log likelihood of association in different viral groups and coronavirus is part of this genus I guess nidoviralis ask a virologist not me I'm here to tell you what happens to the nervous system and what we can see in this cross-correlation matrix is that corona viridae down here the nidoviralis of mono non givar non mono non givar alice viralis mono nega viralis mono nega viralis I think that's how you would stand that or mono nigga viralis I like the last one so here you can see corona viridae and you can see that you're beginning to see some activation in so the pre-on on the expressed protein so proteins involved in absorption and entry we're seeing some signal biosynthesis it's a bit of a vague term I don't know and this score here again you'd have to look at their algorithms and I'm presuming that they got it past peer review once that someone in the virology world knows and understood what was going on and this hot signal here gives you the log likelihood and corona viridae have this ability have this pre-on domain to them okay it's if you if you just think this is all this all just happened by chance okay I've got a bridge to sell you okay so there was a paper very early on that people got all in a fluster about because someone came out someone had the brass ones to come out and say this looks like it's lab engineered the evidence which suggests that this is no naturally evolved virus a reconstructed historical etiology of the SARS-CoV-2 spike burger sorensen angus dalglish andras susrud to discover how to attack the SARS-CoV-2 safely and effectively our vaccine candidate bio vac 19 was designed by first carefully analyzing the biochemistry of the spike we ascertain that it is highly unusual in several respects unlike any other coronavirus in its clade the SARS-CoV-2 general mode of action is as a co receptor dependent phagocyte so remember those neuro pillion receptors remember those nicotinic cholinergic receptors okay in short SARS-CoV-2 remember the CD4 CD8 GP 120 all those all those areas are suspect now so it's it has multiple targets that it can go through and depending on which target it gets you at will depend on how you express it in this paper we argue that the likelihood of this being the result of natural processes is very small the spike has six inserts which are unique fingerprints with five salient features indicative of purposive manipulation we then add to the biochemistry a diachronic dimension diachronic i think that means sort of evolution across time by analyzing a sequence of four linked published research projects which we suggest show by deduction how where when and by whom the SARS-CoV-2 spike acquired its special characteristics its reconstructed historical etiology meets the criteria of means timing agent and place to produce sufficient confidence to reverse the burden of proof henceforth those who would maintain that COVID-19 pandemic arose from zoonotic transfer need to explain precisely why this more parsimonious account is wrong before asserting that their evidence is persuasive most especially when as we also show there are puzzling errors in their use of evidence uh usually mcfarlane thank you very much for posting it there and again i encourage everyone you can cut this up you can do with it as you will i know it's a long talk and i'll take questions at the end but let's keep moving so let's get back into a bit of uh systems neuroscience okay so uh remember this is looking at the brain sideways in this case looking that direction uh this is the optic track and the yellow areas are sensory motor areas the green is executive function and the blue is limbic and it sort of keeps that structure or that um how would you say that the anatomical segregation along the midline as well so this is now we've cut through the middle of the brain if you like and we're interested in these structures uh this is the basal ganglia striatum globus pallidus external segment internal segment thalamus and basically you have corticostriatal pallidothalamic loops okay that's supposed to be uh shown here if you have if you want to get into these box and arrow diagrams etc i'm happy to do that but save it for the end trust me this is established science this is how we do the targeting and we can induce all these different symptoms okay so um what you can see here is you can see the just turn this up so you can see the spectrum this is just looking at motor behavior so on one end you've got the uh the impulse control disorders so in this case you're looking at Tourette's patient she's got she's got vocal tics you can see the motor tics um i don't know what neuropsychiatric disorders she has here you can see someone with smooth fluid movement that all those networks are in control of engaging in something like that and here you can see uh senescence this is uh parkinson's disease and um a very very uh severe case of it this lady doesn't have long left i'm afraid um but it's these particular disorders these hyperkinetic parkinson's disease uh and multi-system atrophy louis body disease that we're interested in because it's these that are potentially driven by the prion binding domain in sars-cov-2 okay so i showed you these loops etc you can break down the anatomy add infinitum etc but what we're interested in uh very often is the um the output of this palatal segment if you like uh how it influences the thalamus and how it excites the thalamic network and this output depending on the pattern that we get will depend on whether we see normal parkinsonian or touretteism it's the same system it's just depending on the patterns of activity that we have within that extended network okay if that doesn't make sense right now ask me at the end i will go through it again for you okay so what i want to show you is us being able to model the hyperkinetic state in this case the uh the arm tic uh sorry the motor tic that you saw in the girl where she was sort of jerking her head uh and in that case we can we can do it in the face and head but the arm is more clear in this particular instance i've got facial tics published on the net if you want to go dig them up and you're looking at the normal monkey the monkey is just pressing buttons very easily and what you're going to see is you're going to see a involuntary movement there you go so the arm as you that's another one he would say he wants to press the button and then there's a tic right so and what we're able to do in this instance is we're able to record uh in real time how these extended neural networks are encoding this behavior so i want to pause this one just right now uh let's just pause this uh no we'll get it we have to play it's on auto so this is a monkey the only one of its kind that i know of that has a louis body disorder no one knows how she got it and it's the first primate system where we've been able to see these parkinsonian systems usually we have to induce it via neurotoxin and you're going to you're going to look at the neurotoxin component as well so there's another so what i want people to hold in their mind is that there are these acute phases which i talk about as the covid zombie what i'm expecting is this as the chronic effects draw out is that you're going to see more effects like this okay where we think that this was a case of sort of multi-system atrophy in the in the non-human primate it was dopamine insensitive and um had uh very parkinsonian like traits uh the neural activity was uh radically different to uh normal or the the tic the impulse control disorder um so this is us inducing so where i showed you let's go back i want to get my arrow back so uh let's play this so let's just go to here so i want you to keep your eye on this like the tremor the stoop posture think of the old lady that you saw shuffling along okay you see the tremor in the hands and if it if it means saving one person if you like it or lump it i'd go through these look man i love these they're like pets to me every one of them okay um but i would just keep if i thought there was an answer in the monkey i would keep going through them non-stop that's what i've done and it's directly helped children in surgery departments and it's helped us understand neurodegenerative disorders such that i can demonstrate to you what a spontaneous prion like disorder can look like okay so if you start seeing these types of symptoms in younger people and you know that have had a run in with sars okay had the neurological symptoms and then we start seeing now i would expect a year on that we would see this type of uh effect and it would be more pronounced in the elderly all right so uh this is us artificially inducing parkinson's so all you get is a no sorry excuse me so it's a very different type of uh pathology so the animal is very very brady kinetic it can't really stand up you can see it has muscle stiffness you can see the limb gets fixed okay and these are and you would never have a cage door open with a monkey okay this is in my lab um but he can barely move he's got something that looks like dystonic uh almost sort of like a tauticolus like symptom uh and this is a classic mptp parkinson parkinsonian monkey and that you can go from normal to that within a few days um so i hope you can see the difference between this and the other and the monkey that i'm telling you somehow the only one in the world that we know of had this spontaneous parkinson's that looked very much like that old woman that you saw shuffling along okay so i'm gonna so these are symptoms to look for now i'm going to try and explain to you the neurophysiology so this what this shows us is this is the tic state okay and we can look at these are just local field potentials so just aggregates of electrical activity in every one of those nuclei which i said form the cortex basal ganglia and also the cerebellar networks and what you can see is you can see it propagating through the network to cause the muscle contraction okay so this is one of the first times that we've literally been able to study the causality at this sub millisecond level into the expression of behavior also the uh the more visceral behaviors which i would say argue for the impulse control disorders um apologies this is single unit firing uh if you're into if you're an electrophysiology nerd like me this is this is scientific pornography um and this took me years to get this snapshot of the brain in this state to produce this type of uh activity and to demonstrate causality between this is very important point for those that are interested in thalamocortical systems corticobasal ganglia systems that we could reduce activity in the gpi and then we could get this very clear activity in cortex and the driving of the muscle okay i'm very proud of this figure um this is cerebellum it's not important right now this just shows that we can get the latencies of each one of the regions i've published this uh this is journal of neuroscience 2013 uh knock yourself out it's on my research gate page right so this is just uh real time firing it's slowed down 10 times and this is just aggregate neural activity along that network and in the corner is the muscle tick okay so this is how good we are at picturing causality through the brain and networks it's not been seen before in this sort of precision it hadn't been seen before so as protonic storm says that covid tongue now being reported oral candidiasis which is a sign of immune deficiency i'd imagine also athletes foot it's probably going to be coming up um uh jock itch etc etc um jimmy stellar says i will study everyone you have said i will look into every document you've put up i will read everything and i'll use the knowledge kevin thank you very much i'm not sure who that was but just see who i can say thank you too um i'll say the thank you afterwards but whoever that was um thank you and uh let's run along so um this is me just sort of embellishing and gilding lilies just showing that we can do the same we can get all the firing activity in in these different states and i showed you this slide here it is with pet imaging this is uh radio labeled water uh very difficult experiments to do but we did it i don't think they'll ever be done again tell the truth so um treasure this knowledge i would say um this is incidental we don't need this uh it's just about causality and spikes etc uh if you want to talk about if you've got Tourette's or dealing with Tourette's um get in touch with me i'll see what i can do i've been helping some people uh in the background and uh the advice seems to be working somewhat so um so let's skip this and we can skip this it's not important so what i want to say is what can we say about these hypokinetic conditions so we can now compare corticobasal ganglia cerebellar activity and parkinsonism with hyperkinetic activity so we can address the causal network properties of these disease states that the the old lady that you see people like uh i forgot his name now back to the future michael j fox uh all these people so there is such a thing as early onset parkinsons let's see if that starts ramping up relative to the last 10 years okay uh it's excited seeing you stream then see you pick fights with nobody yeah um it's it's the job uh kahina uh who am i to uh who am i to uh well what would i say you've got to if if it's misinformation you've got to tackle it and yeah they might seem like nobodies but they're having an impact on people and so it's my job to uh protect those people as best as i can um so here we can compare to so this is the uh shaky tremulous uh spontaneous parkinson monkey we're able to compare um her activity to uh the acute onset parkinson so we can do behavioral uh ethnograms and we can do um we we can study her through the day with activity monitors and this is control we know she's irresponsive to eldopa which makes us think that it's more a multi-system atrophy than a classic parkinsonian uh set of uh symptoms so if you go to the doctor and you say oh i'm feeling really stiff in the morning i'm i'm a bit shaky etc the doctor will say to you here's some eldopa take it for a week come back and see me in a week and tell me if it helped you if it didn't help you they're going to say you're probably a multi-system atrophy patient you're going to go down this treatment pathway from that diagnosis you've probably got two to five years left to live if it's parkinson's you might get out another 10 15 years okay and it's getting better all the time so again this is just showing electrodes in the brain showing how we can record all this activity and we can cross correlate the behavior with the uh the brain activity in real time and in this particular instance so this is a crucial slide what we saw in this monkey so this is i want to say it's t2 weighted but you can see the basal ganglia a very dark okay all the basal ganglia including the uh deep cerebellar nuclei and um why is that well it's a hypo intensity because there's iron aggregation and where there's iron aggregation what we see is that correlates with the emergence of uh these fibrillary tangles in the what we call the louis bodies okay or the amyloid plaques so iron dysregulation can be a big signal in the aged or diseased brain so we can expect to see these sort of disorders and you know there's iron metabolism disorders already being associated with sars-cov-2 uh a guy in my street was taken away in a bubble suit last night after his partner died in his house um so this what i want to establish with this is that i can tell you what this looks like at a neurological level rather than people focusing on uh you know these digital uh sorry these cgi um molecules that they're twisting in 3d space and saying oh look at this binding site etc this is actual real clinical pathophysiology of these systems and here we have what i think is you're going to see i think i've been pretty spot on with respect to the impulse control disorders and this is what i'm going to expect to see as uh the disease progresses again if you're really interested in these stats this is just comparing the different uh hyperkinetic states uh it's all been done uh it's ready for publication just haven't done it been lazy and um this is all about oscillations in different networks and how the oscillations are different again if you're interested in this stuff i can describe it to you in detail if you're coming to this fresh uh it's probably going to seem a bit like gobbledygook um and yeah with that um at the end basically and um i'll just let the monkey play out and then i'm gonna if you've got a question for me now's the time um what i would do is uh hope uh just see do this i'm uh excuse me uh do this uh ask that you follow me and if you can uh help donate it's your donations that keep me going this far it's charity that enabled me to do all that research the Tourette syndrome of association Tourette syndrome association of america was integral in 20 years of research to paint this picture for you and um yeah i mean that's that's where we're at and this is what i expect to see so um ask about sweden ball companies in the deep state it's a long history um i'd rather avoid the deep state stuff great great reset stuff today uh if we can keep it to the neuroscience and the biomedical stuff that would be better that way i can sort of cut this short um not sure i can cut this into one uh one stream i mean it's it's a functional stream by itself so i have to write syndrome i'm thinking right now let me just i'm going to scroll back see if i see any questions pre-answer misfolded proteins yes they are and what's so what's the conclusion here the spike protein of sars cov 2 has a prion like element to it it causes stronger binding to ace 2 receptor we don't know if that's there in the neuro pillion we don't know if it's there in the other receptors we don't know right this is all sort of cutting edge science and we have to say when we don't know but we know the consequences of these prion like disorders viral infection has long been suspected in alzheimer's in parkinson's in multi-system atrophy here's here's the monkey evidence of the um of it playing out if i can pointer um and you know these we've come a long way okay we've come a long way to be able to describe to you the public what's going on here and you know i'm my prediction is that if we've got a prion inducing site in this glycoprotein that's suddenly getting these mutations which is making it more it's it's increasing viral load 30 to 40 percent we know the spike glyco the the glycoprotein by itself the the spike binding protein the spike s1 s2 component passes the blood brain barrier once it's in the blood brain barrier we know it binds to neurons and all other cells in the central nervous system it can cause a lot of havoc and mayhem and this is what you need to understand for the elderly it's a big issue okay because the the nervous system is beginning to degrade anyway just scroll down um such a small particle can destroy not only life but the peace and quality of life for people yes and the thing to understand is these look like inserts go read the norwegian paper okay there's a there's scientists trying to get this out the people that are telling you uh that that this is um a zoonotic spillover and they need a billion dollars more to protect you etc are lying to you to to take my cat trade they're grifting you okay Jimmy stellar says i bought tons of pork trail products now i'm in a lot of debt the shipments and all the products he's been punting has left me with jaundice that's funny um uh also covid is clearly a nearly active virus since the tax us states with the highest pension liabilities uh maybe um yeah so i don't see um questions as such right now so i'm i'm gonna call it quits again i would say uh if you found this important if you think it can help you um i'm very much appreciated for the support and uh let's let's try and keep this going let's keep monitoring what's going on and like i say platonic storm is finding those publications as predicted where the uh yeast infections are beginning to take hold look at how people are taken out in hospitals with yeast infections especially uh in uh icu departments okay that's that's one of the classic ways that they go they can't control the yeast overgrowth in the patients is basically because it's so difficult to keep them clean uh have an unrelated question do you know anything about neurology and fear um somewhat i mean um i would say it's a question for another day you know um and uh yeah i think with that i'm gonna cut it short here please spread this about get word out don't listen to people like iva cummings don't listen to these great barrington people there is a way to get through this it requires a wartime posture it is an act of war that's been done against us but who's the actual party is really who we have to get out we've got a good idea we know who's at fault on our side okay all of them need uh bringing to account okay there's no excuses to be made here okay and like i say everything about this agent just uh just looks too convenient okay um i'm not saying sure you have named obvious griffs and its participants but take a look in the mirror projection and donate to your patreon right yes the sung man but i'm working here okay and uh i work all day to bring you this information the sung man would you be a fan of iva cummings by any chance and um like i say if you if you want to believe that this is just the flu okay and this hasn't come out of a laboratory that it doesn't have okay it doesn't have prion binding sites in it prion genesis if you want to believe that and you don't want to believe the science that's up to you okay now usually when i was doing all this research i used to get paid to do that not very much okay but it was enough to subsist and do this research so now i'm again i'm working okay i'm on the clock here and i spend virtually every hour of the day ignoring my children a lot of the time just to keep on top of the information to bring you something that's approximating a coherent narrative that you need to be taking to those that want to sell you diet books sell you the idea that uh viruses aren't real tell you that masks don't do anything okay so if that's how you want to put it i'm not going to sell you stuff okay it's it's entirely up to you what you pay i give the information out for free if you think it's useful okay then i'm appreciating if you appreciate the work okay that's it and i'm not selling you a diet book like fat cummings okay so um yeah with that i'm gonna say uh oh yes the final thing uh most crucial of all okay what they're getting you to do with these vaccines is synthesize these active peptides i want you to think about that in light of what it is that i've just talked about and understand that these active peptides pass through the blood brain barrier one prion is enough one prion is enough so with that i will just say burgul you've missed it sir uh please wind back and um yeah tom it's a tip jar it's nothing else uh there's no books here there's nothing here there's just the grim not grim the base reality and um you can like it or leave i guess and if you want to be um what is an active peptide it's a string of amino acids that's biologically active cobra venom right is is biologically active active peptide sequence okay rabies neurotoxin is a biologically active peptide sequence they're synonymous okay sars-cov-2 has it embedded in it as well as this prion genesis site uh and so with that i am gonna say adieu thank you very much take care god bless and i've just finished with this it doesn't mean it's all over okay um there will be many many that get through it's the genetic lottery okay i seem to have chronic effects for my running with it but you know what i'm okay so far and um we'll see um you know the body's an amazing thing still okay it's not nightmare it's about understanding what it is that you're dealing with and the primary thing that you need to understand is uh when the british government turns around and says to you uh it's not lab-based they're lying to you why are they lying to you because they don't want you panicking they're happy that they that you think that there's no virus they're happy that you think it's nothing right because all all the bodies that they can bulldoze into a ditch that's easy they're done with once we've got a large cohort of people that are that are suffering long-term consequences and going into early parkinson's alzheimer's etc that's a big burden and this dual use technologies got out of hand and i don't know about you but where i come from if someone did that to me and my family or my people uh we go on the hunt and uh we'll make sure someone pays especially grease balls like daisac ecohealth lipkin rasmussen anderson rambaut all of them the list goes on and on and on there's a big long list of people that have been lying to you actively lying to you we know it through freedom of information acts it's somehow somehow cummings a thick irish paddy who sells you diet books and doesn't understand statistics has hundreds of thousands of views this gets hundreds of views why it's a tough message to take again adieu god bless take care