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Sorry, I'm still trying to sort out my setup here. Good morning, everybody. Is the sync okay? As you know, or maybe you didn't know, but I got a new computer and so I'm still trying to build this all together to make it work okay. So if you can give me feedback on the sound and the correlation with my voice, that would be great. Sync is good. I need it to be great, you know, like it's really, sync is good. Okay, well, then we're going to start the show. This is a study all, which means we're going to take notes and watch something together, which means you might not hear a lot about me or from me rather, but that's okay, because the subject is very important. I thought it would be nice, because I only recently viewed this video, this movie, to discuss this with you briefly. The sync is barely off, slightly off. Okay, well, I'm going to leave it like this for now, because I do, it seems pretty good to me when I checked it before I went on. And so I'm going to just hopefully it'll be fine. As you might be aware, I'm consulting for Robert F. Kennedy Jr. as a biologist. And in doing that, I attended the first annual first ever inaugural conference of the Children's Health Defense in Knoxville, Tennessee, a couple months ago. And going there, I had not seen the movie Vaxxed. And so I met a lot of the people who are now working with CHD, who more or less made their way to working for CHD through the movie Vaxxed. And interestingly, I shook all of their hands. And I said, great to meet you, not knowing anything about what they had done. Not knowing anything really about the monumental heroes these people are, the giants that they are as, as people who have been knee deep in this for much, much longer than I have, who've only recently come to this, to the state of understanding that there's something happening here. And so I think without further ado, it's just best to do this the right way right now. Let's see, oops, is that working? Let's see what we can do here with this. Of course, I'm talking about Vaxxed from cover up to catastrophe. I was working at CBS on the medical talks with the doctors when I was tipped off to a story of a whistleblower inside the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. I decided through a series of outrageous circumstances to team up with Dr. Andrew Wakefield, who is the iconic figure out of England that first connected the MMR vaccine and its potential to autism. He was directing the film. Was that clear that this guy was, was working on, for CBS? Was it clear that he was working for CBS and then was tipped off about something that made him make this movie and start what he's doing now? So he had a job on television. Just make that clear. I think I got to turn that other light on or this green screen is useless. And we worked on making it everything that it could be. So for those of you that think this is just a conversation about COVID and have been wondering how is it that the high wire is so accurate and so good at predicting where things are going, I want to say that the reason for that is the amount of work that went into making Vaxxed. That was a deep dive where I got to speak with scientists and doctors in a way I never had before. But to meet so many parents that were suffering vaccine injury with their children or themselves and to recognize how this whole cover up had taken place. I think this is such an important time because as we move forward and it seems that COVID might be in our rear view mirror, there are still a slew of childhood vaccines out there that have never been properly tested that are going into your children. We have seen a rise in childhood illness that is off the Richter scale. Back when we were getting 10 vaccines in the 1980s, we had about 12.4% of our population of children had a chronic illness, either a neurological disorder or an autoimmune disease. Then we passed the 1986 Vaccine Injury Compensation Program, which is the government program that took all liability away. The vaccine program exploded and now our children are getting a roughly 72 vaccines, 54 shots, 72 doses. In that giant rise in the amount of vaccinations our children receive, there's a coterminous event of the amount of autoimmune disease and neurological disorders. We went from that 12.4% in the 1980s to now 54% of America's children have a chronic permanent lifelong illness, either a neurological disorder or an autoimmune disease. This is the film that set me on course to investigate that and those investigations you've been watching here. So, as Vaxxed was making its way, we had just finished it up and we had entered Tribeca Film Festival. We were accepted into the Tribeca Film Festival, which was really exciting for me as a filmmaker. That's one of those dream moments. There's Sundance, there's Tribeca, Cannes Film Festival, of course, the Academy Awards. Those were sort of those bucket lists you hold dear as a filmmaker. We'd been accepted into Tribeca, but I knew, I knew how big this film was going to be. I did. There was something inside of me. The reason I left my television job, you know, basically in flames, I knew making this film would destroy my ability to go back to the Doctor's television show. They weren't going to be aligned with the perspective, but I was concerned. I, you know, I wanted to make sure the film was screened and so I actually called Tribeca Film Festival. I had been trying to call for several weeks before they're going to announce. Now, at Tribeca, they announce, you know, groups of films. There's so many hundreds of films, I think, at Tribeca every single year. So they have these blocks, like today we're going to announce the drama block and the comedy block and the, you know, and so every day there'd be a different announcement. As the announcement of Vaxxed was getting closer and closer, I kept calling Tribeca and trying to get a hold of the head of PR. And they were like, who is this, Del Baitri? I was like, I'm a filmmaker. And they would eventually just, you know, sort of say, yeah, well, we'll leave a message. Well, I finally did get through to someone at Tribeca that was in charge of PR and they said, what is this? I said, well, look, I want to warn you that the film that you were about to announce coming up, I think it was in four days, my film Vaxxed from cover up to catastrophe is going to be so controversial that I think you're going to come under incredible fire like you've never seen before. So I wanted to say that maybe there's another way you could do this. Why don't you just announce an anonymous or a mystery screening that you'll only know the name and what it's about when you're sitting in the theater at Tribeca at the festival. And I remember she kind of laughed to herself. She said, nice try. That's a, that's a great PR stunt, but we're not into stunts here. We make controversial documentaries all the time. We know what we're doing. So have a nice day. We'll be announcing your film in four days. Well, sure enough, they announced it and the gates of hell opened up upon Tribeca. This is just a taste of what the news started saying about Vaxxed. Well, it is a movie with a frightening message about vaccines. Critics who say that the movie propagates quack theories and junk science. A controversial documentary linking vaccines and autism. De Niro's call to screen Vaxxed at Tribeca led to a huge backlash on social media. Robert De Niro has broken my heart, tweeted one woman. Critics say the film's content and those delivering it have been widely discredited and do not deserve a public forum, especially by a festival as respected as Tribeca. This film is not an anti-vaccine movie. We want an independent testing body immediately looking at all vaccines. The film, directed by Andrew Wakefield, the disgraced former doctor who published a 1998 study blaming vaccines for the rise in autism. That study since discredited. He's lost his medical license and now he's putting out a movie that just raises the same issue. A film by somebody who we know is irresponsible. I think it's really dangerous. You're pregnant for nine months, you don't know when to take an aspirin and they're taking your child and giving them over 60 vaccines before they go into kindergarten. The more people know the better decisions they can make. I think Andrew Wakefield has perpetuated one of the biggest frauds in the world. I'm going to watch it. You need to watch it. I don't want you to watch it. There is absolutely no research regarding the connection between autism and vaccinations. We're really infringing upon freedom of expression, freedom of speech. Protesters took to the streets outside of City Hall today. Protesters turned out in support of the documentary Vax. Whatever your side of the story is, this is about censorship. I am concerned that it is going to just perpetuate those myths and further lead to a situation where not as many people are getting vaccinated. This film is a minefield of controversy throughout the world. Well, it was definitely a firestorm. It was coming from all sides. And finally, as I had been concerned from the beginning, Robert De Niro seemed to cave in and so did Tribeca Film Festival under pressure. Just as that was all taking place, I was preparing to do an interview with ABC News about how excited I was that Vax was in Tribeca. Then I got a call from our distributors, Cinema Libre, who said, Del, they pulled the film from Tribeca. I really didn't think that was possible after Robert De Niro had come out and said publicly, I stand by this film. Many of you don't know. I have a child with autism and eluded the fact that he and his wife, Grace, had had some concerns that the vaccine had contributed to his child's autism. But nonetheless, we did get pulled. It didn't stop. The headlines were everywhere. We were getting hit from all sides. After we'd been kicked out and all the news was ripping into us, ABC News was going to talk about Tribeca. It was like a 10-minute piece. Robert De Niro was there. Jane Rosenthal, his partner that put Tribeca Film Festival together, they made the mistake about asking about Vax and Robert De Niro did not hold back in his support. This is what that moment looked like. There was a bit of controversy, some headlines at the beginning of this year's festival when it was announced that this film called Vaxxed would be screened at the festival. Later, the festival pulled it. Was it because of the backlash? Were you surprised that people reacted the way that they did? I was shooting a movie. I was in the middle of a lot of stuff. I think the movie is something that people should see. There was a backlash which I haven't fully explored, and I will, and I didn't want it to start affecting the festival in ways that I couldn't see. But definitely there's something to that movie, and there's another movie called Trace Amounts. There's a lot of information about things that are happening with the CDC, the pharmaceutical companies. There's a lot of things that are not said. I, as a parent of a child who has autism, I'm concerned, and I want to know the truth, and I'm not anti-vaccine. I want safe vaccines. The thing is that to shut it down, there's no reason to. If you're a scientist, let's see. Let's hear it. Everybody doesn't seem to want to hear much about it. It's shut down, and you guys are the ones that should be the investigator. Do the investigating. I think the film was controversial because people felt that the filmmaker had been discredited. Even he, I'm not so sure about. At the end of the day, even him. It's not questioning how people, some people, got autism, how the vaccines are dangerous, if not dangerous to certain people who are more susceptible. Nobody seems to want to address that, or they say they've addressed it, and it's a closed issue, but it doesn't seem to be because there are many people who will come out and say, no, I saw my kid change overnight. I saw what happened, and I should have done something and I didn't. There's more to this than meets the eye, believe me. There's something there that people aren't addressing. And for me to get so upset here today, on the Today Show, you guys, means there's something there. That's all I wanted was the movie to be seen. People can make their own judgment, but you must see it. Well the controversy never stopped. Vaxxed was attacked in every movie theater it appeared in all around the world. In many ways it was a benefit that we could have never seen coming. All of that controversy made headlines, not just for one week or a weekend at Tribeca, but every single week as we opened in a new theater, because families would go to their local movie theater and say, we want Vaxxed. There would be letter writing campaigns, and the demand became so great that a theater would finally give in and open up and let us screen, and there would be lines down the block. That was an entire year of my life. We traveled with a bus that said Vaxxed on the side of it. People were signing the names of their injured children and their children who had died or they themselves that had been injured. It was a traveling memorial representing that film. We're going to watch that one tomorrow. This film, I believe, is really credited with igniting this movement against medical tyranny around the world. It was world changing. It's going to continue to be relevant because as we move out of COVID, we need to recognize that we have not forgotten all of those that were injured before COVID. All of those children with autism, a rate that is now being said to be around one in 44 children being diagnosed with autism every year is far more prevalent in boys, which means somewhere in the neighborhood of one in 18 to one in 20 boys is being diagnosed with autism. If you are concerned about that, if you're concerned with how you saw the COVID vaccine being made and the coverups by the CDC, wait till you see how this all began. This is Vaxxed from coverup to catastrophe. In California, the worst measles outbreak in 15 years is spreading. The virus is roaring back into the headlines tonight. An outbreak somehow traced to someone who had probably caught measles abroad, visited Disneyland and may have sneezed. Measles on the march in America. This outbreak is showing no signs of letting up. There are already more cases this year. The number tripled to 644 measles cases reported in 27 states. Is this all basically because of the anti vaccination movement because parents aren't vaccinating their kids? Yeah, you know, I think so. A bill that would ban exemptions from childhood vaccines is advancing through the California legislature. We are authoring legislation that will abolish the personal belief exemption. I think you're starting to see why it is that mandates are so important. There has been some inaccurate information circulating about vaccines, mostly stemming from a British study linking vaccines to autism. We still continue to hear that vaccine cause autism, even though that's been debunked. Repeatedly and thoroughly debunked. You may have heard vaccination causes autism in one out of 110 children. Fuck that total bullshit. It doesn't. The bill requiring children to be vaccinated has passed with bipartisan support. Every child must meet immunization standards before joining public schools, private schools and daycares. I would strongly encourage everybody look at the science. Look at the facts. CDC, the Center for Disease Control can give you good information. Get your children vaccinated. I have waited a long time to tell my story and I want to tell it truthfully. I was involved in deceiving millions of taxpayers regarding the potential negative side effects of vaccines. We lied about the scientific findings. The CDC can no longer be trusted to do vaccine safety work. Can't be trusted to be transparent. The CDC can't be trusted to police itself. Just a few thoughts. William W. Thompson, senior scientist, U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. So this is all based on somebody, oops, on somebody admitting that they fraudulently published data. It's what this whole movie is based on. If you haven't heard the story of Thompson, then you don't know the story. I was sitting at my desk where I teach at Simpson University. My phone rings and it's Dr. William Thompson. Brian, you and I don't know each other very well. I don't know how this is all going to play out. You have a son with autism and I have great shame now when I meet families with kids with autism because I have been part of the problem. My son, Steven, was born in February of 1998. Steve, what does the cow say? Two weeks after his 15-month vaccines, then he lost all language. He lost all eye contact. You'd pick him up and he would just hang limp. This is a time where CDC was just starting to do these studies on vaccines and autism. As a scientist, I have over 60 technical and scientific publications and major international scientific journals, and I was contacting the CDC and was deeply critical of their studies. And so the CDC decided that the scientist who was going to interface with me at that time was Dr. William Thompson. Because I was on his back, because he didn't like what I was saying about the statistics, I received a letter from a CDC attorney in 2004 saying that I was no longer permitted to contact the CDC. Fast forwarding to 2014, Thompson said to me, Brian, if you listen to me and if you do what I tell you to do, I can guarantee you will be able to access a treasure trove of data, and I would like to guide you through these steps. So I want it to be a research and I want it to be valuable to you. I want you to have someone in the system. For years, I had been trying to crack this edifice of the CDC and just getting little glimpses of what was not right. The CDC has put the research 10 years behind. Because the CDC has not been transparent, we've missed 10 years of research because the CDC is so paralyzed right now by anything related to autism. I am a licensed clinical psychologist and a board certified behavior analyst. In 1978, I want to say the prevalence of autism was about one in 15,000 children. It was a very rare disorder. I was working at a clinic at... That I just noticed, I'm going to go back to that. I'm sorry to interrupt it like this, but this lady is one of my favorite experts. The CDC has put the research 10 years behind. This lady is sitting in front of all the awards that she's gotten as a therapist and as a behavioral psychologist. We've missed 10 years of research because the CDC is so paralyzed right now by anything related to autism. Wow. I am a licensed clinical psychologist and a board certified behavior analyst. In 1978, I want to say the prevalence of autism was about one in 15,000 children. It was a very rare disorder. I was working at a clinic at UCLA, which was pretty much the only known center for treating children with autism. And we had maybe six to 10 children who we were working with. Somewhere around the early 90s, shortly after I opened CARD, the growth of autism has been so high and so rapid that I've never felt like I could ever catch up anymore. From an official diagnostic perspective, the way that we define autism, we were looking at deficits in two areas. The first is social communication and social interaction. And in that area, we require three specific symptoms to be present. Symptoms such as no social emotional reciprocity, no nonverbal communication. That means eye contact, for instance, or no development of relationships. The second required area of deficit is the presence of stereotypic, repetitive, restricted behaviors. And these are things like hand flapping, body rocking, insistence on routines being the same. One of the new additions is the presence of a sensory dysregulation. If a child has an inability to sense things correctly, not necessarily hearing things the way we do, that could be classified as a symptom of autism. So if you have five symptoms, two in the area of repetitive behaviors and three in the area of social communication deficit, then you will get a classification of what's called autism spectrum disorder ASD. We begin though. So one thing I just want to bring up quick without trying to interrupt the movie too much is to acknowledge what Katie Kane and Kitty and, and I who Guzman whatever, I don't know how to say your names, but there are many poisons in the environment. There are many endocrine disruptors and all these other things that we don't keep track of it all that the EPA fails to protect us from. And there's no doubt that these are all contributors to our lack of flourishing. They could make us more vulnerable to some of these propensity, these, some of these diseases that are, that are going around, they can be, they can make us more vulnerable to developing many of the comorbidities that a lot of Americans have in addition to our bad nutrition. But the one thing that I want to make sure you see and understand is what Kane, Katie Kane is saying that, and this is something that Robert, uh, Robert F. Kennedy jr. Points out a lot during his interviews, the adjuvants of the vaccines that we give our children not only stimulate the immune system to respond to the proteins that are injected in conjunction with them, but these adjuvants also activate the immune system in a way that if during the time period when your immune system is reacting to the adjuvant, you are exposed to another allergen, another pollutant, another chemical that your body decides to make an immune response to, you will develop an allergy to it. And we don't know how wide this window is. We don't know how long the window is open. We don't know what adjuvants open that window better than others. We don't know what, what ways that, that administration of an immunization can cause this. We're not even sure if immunizations of none of mostly inert substance couldn't also cause it. So I wholeheartedly agree with you that all of these rises in auto immunity and allergies in autism are, cannot be divorced. It is from, from the environmental pollution and the toxic pollution of all the things that people can put on their skin and, and eat and consume, be exposed to sit on, breathe. There's no question. So I'm hearing you 100% and that's not what this movie is about because in this movie, the examples that they use are people who have the very specific retrograde. And when, what, what, what, what Dell will make the point of is if you've had kids, you know what your kids are like from an hour to hour and minute to minute, and you can tell when they're upset and you can see them changing. And so if a parent says that they lost eye contact and ability to communicate when they didn't have formal language per se, they weren't using hundreds of words, but they were communicating. They were asking for things. They were reacting negatively and positively. They were surprised. They were, um, able to indicate and all these things that you can do without having formal set of words, make noises for different animals, that kind of thing. If those things disappear, like Dr. Hook to Hooker describes happened to his son and you will hear Polly describes happens to her son. Then we are looking at a very specific group of kids. That is an example of one type of injury that can occur during this administration of these, of these pharmaceutical projects. That's the only thing that we can say for sure. That's what this movie is about. Okay. Now I'm probably won't stop it that long ever again. As always, keeping them on us. Breaking news tonight. Just hours ago, the British medical journal BMJ did something extremely rare for a scientific journal. It accused a researcher, Andrew Wakefield of outright fraud. I got a call on the 19th of May 1995 from a mother telling me the story of her child, his regression into autism following a vaccine. And I said, how can I help you? I know nothing about autism. You've come through the wrong number. And she said, no doctor, my child has terrible gastrointestinal issues and no one will take them seriously. I was an academic gastroenterologist doing research with a particular interest in Crohn's disease and ulcerative colitis, inflammatory bowel disease. I knew nothing whatsoever about autism. When I was at medical school, it was so. Okay. So let me make one more point. I'm going to stop it again. He's talking about inflammatory bowel disease. And I wonder if Andrew Wakefield has ever made the possible connection between that and late adult immunization. When does it develop? How does it develop? It never crossed his mind before this time that this kind of autoimmune disease in the gut could be caused by immunization. I wonder if he ever reached that conclusion as a result of this movie. I've never heard that. We weren't taught about it. We heard a succession of stories which were very, very similar. Medicine is about pattern recognition and there was a clear pattern emerging. So we decided a group of us, including the world's leading pediatric gastroenterologists at the time, led by Professor John Walker Smith decided that these children merited thorough investigation. Well, Dr. Wakefield has been shown, used absolutely fraudulent data, he created a fake paper. The journal allowed it to run. All the other studies were done, showed no connection whatsoever again and again and again. So it's an absolute lie that has killed thousands of kids. And what we discovered and reported for the first time was this link between what appeared to be a novel type of intestinal inflammation and autistic regression in previously developmentally normal children. And among those, the majority had regressed into autism according to their parents following the measles mumps rubella vaccine. It wasn't our place to censor their story because it may be uncomfortable for public health. Our job was to report that story accurately in order that it might lead to further investigation. And the paper explicitly said this paper does not prove an association between MMR vaccine and the syndrome described. More work is needed to resolve this issue. That was the conclusion of the paper. As an investigative medical journalist, I've spent the last seven years working on one of the best medical talk shows in the world. We know in medicine that there have been many, many studies proving that vaccines do not cause autism. But the problem I have always had with that is thousands and thousands of parents all telling the same story. My child got a vaccine, usually the MMR vaccine, and then that night or the next day broke out in a fever. And then when they came out of the fever, lost speech, lost the ability to walk, basically regressed into what we know is autism and never came back. Doctors used to be told to listen to the patient. That was the cornerstone of medicine as we know it. But something's changed recently where the patient doesn't know what they're talking about. And these parents with their story of their children have just been written off as though they have no idea what's really going on with their child. I have two kids. And anyone that has children knows that when we first have babies, we are overly sensitive to every little hiccup, every cough, every sniffle. So to say that a parent was just unaware that their child had issues, and suddenly they realized one year later that, oh, they have autism, that doesn't make sense to me. And so I wanted to look into this story and find out what is this disconnect between medicine, science and real parents. I met Polly and I didn't know she was in this movie. I remember specifically before we even got married talking about how important children would be in our lives. I wanted a daughter first, then I wanted a son. And we were planning on having four children. We were going to be the most perfect parents that we could be. Bella was born and that was a wonderful experience. Bella was just this angelic, perfect child. She hit all her goals. I got pregnant with Billy quite quickly. Bella, say hello to Billy. Hello. We've now got a beautiful girl and a beautiful boy. Life was just amazing. So at two, four and six months, Billy had his normal baby vaccines. A little bit snivelly, chesty, coldy after maybe the last one. So me in my perfect mother mode rushed to the doctor, you know, is he okay? Do I need to give him anything? Yes, you need to give him antibiotics just to make sure there's not an infection in there. It didn't clear up. Rush him back to the doctor and we need more antibiotics. Let's just keep this going in him. And I remember my mother calling me out. My mother's a sort of homeopathic hippie. And calling up saying, what are you doing? You're chucking loads of antibiotics down your son. For what? And I'm saying to her, mum, with all due respect, you're an artist and they're doctors. So they know best. He was due his MMR vaccination at 12 months. So the morning, exactly to the day, my friend, she said to me, listen, I've heard that there may be a problem with this vaccine we're about to take Billy for the MMR. And I said, are you crazy? What is the matter with you? If there was a problem with vaccination, it would be headline news. The doctor would be calling me up saying, do not bother coming in. This is not a safe vaccine. None of that is happening. You're being negative. You're being careless and you're listening to what some rumour that you heard somewhere. Billy could become deaf if I don't take him in now and get him this morning. You know, most of the evidence linking measles with autism is kind of settled down and most of the doctors and scientists agree that it probably isn't the major cause. I've been working in pediatrics for almost 20 years. I think most pediatricians view vaccines as the number one thing they do for kids. I'm young enough to not remember the days of kids in an iron lung because they were battling polio. You know, polio has essentially been eradicated from this country. In 98, the Wakefield study came out. My son had just been born. The study kind of pointed a finger at the MMR. As a parent, I was scared to give the MMR to my son. And as a matter of fact, I didn't give it to him on time because I wanted to see. I wanted to see what additional studies would show. And over time, additional studies did show that, no, no, it's safe. And so he did get the vaccine. You know, if everybody stopped vaccinating, we'd be going back to the dark ages. When a CDC scientist who'd been there at that time, 17 years, tells you this is how you access data, it didn't take me very long to realize, oh, I better do what he says because he knows what he's talking about. I just want to tell you one thing right now. I'm sitting in a very pretty position in terms of providing you a lot of information. He asked me, what what data sets are you going to request? And I said, well, I'm going to request two of the studies that you've done on to Marisol, the mercury containing preservative that's used in some of the vaccines. And he said, well, that's fine, but I want you to request the MMR data set first. And this is the study by Frank DiStefano and his colleagues in 2004. It was the one study where we could end up creating a mess while the CDC tried to, you know, tried to sort out something they couldn't understand. The day Billy got the MMR was for living nine months. Worst day of my life, to be honest with you. I came in and I saw him lying in his cot, listless. He started this uncontrollable shaking, uncontrollable shaking. Imagine coming out of a frozen pond. His eyes were doing this and he was shaking like this. And I remember she grasped him and held him really tight to her chest. There's immediate fear in John and there's immediate mummy, this is not going to happen. Well, I know what is wrong with you, but this is not going to happen. And we get to hospital, we rush him in, doctors are coming in and looking at him. And that's when they said he's had a reaction. He's had a seizure. This is normal. This is common for many, many children who have this, this vaccination. It's absolutely okay. He's going to be fine. Nobody ever told me that there would be any side effect to any of the vaccinations my children had. Following his febrile convulsion that he had the same day of the MMR, we were told to take him home. He slept in the bed with us for the night. He seemed, he seemed just very, very sleepy. In fact, he didn't really ever wake up to the Billy that we had before. For me, it became really necessary to start looking at what types of medical issues are these children going through? What are the other factors that have affected them that have brought them to this level of symptomology that we call autism? This is now probably the mid nineties. I came to notice that there was a very high use of antibiotics amongst these children. But B, what became pretty interesting was seeing the number of families who were reporting that their child had a regressive type of behavior occur right after their vaccinations. A lot of these parents were showing me footage of their children who had been completely developing normally until 18 months. And then all of a sudden post vaccination had developed incredible regression. Children who had speech anywhere close to 50 to 100 words and had completely lost all of their words. Children who were extremely attached and interactive with their parents and had suddenly become isolated, no longer responding to their own name. And this was all happening right after their MMR vaccines. My oldest son, Ian, was born normal, developing normally. He was this beautiful boy. And we ended up at our 12 month visit, which is one year. Then they gave him multiple vaccines at once. And within seven days, he had a 104 fever and a rash all over his body. He had previously been noted in our videos, home videos, that he was walking and actually running at that point. Seven days after the vaccine, he was no longer able to do that. He was falling down. He became a really sick, sick little boy. So the question for those of us investigating autism is age of exposure to MMR a risk for autism? And in order to understand why that might be, you have to understand something of the history of MMR vaccine. In 1987, there was an MMR vaccine that was being used in Canada, produced by SmithKline Beecham. And that vaccine caused meningitis. It was recognized quickly, and that vaccine was withdrawn in Canada. However, in the same month that it was withdrawn in Ontario, it was licensed in the UK. The name was simply changed from Trivirix to Plooserix. In the UK, it was used for four years. And likewise, it caused meningitis and had to be rapidly withdrawn. It was a public outcry. There was an acute loss of confidence by the public in vaccine policymakers. And the vaccine should, at that point, have been destroyed. It wasn't. It was then shipped to developing countries like Brazil, where it was used in a mass vaccination campaign. And there was an epidemic of meningitis. It was entirely predictable. Now, scientists studied that epidemic, and what they found is that the risk for meningitis was associated with age of exposure. The younger you got the MMR vaccine, the greater the risk of meningitis. For people like me investigating autism, the question was, is there a similar risk in autism? Is age of exposure to MMR a risk for autism, just as it was for meningitis? We shared with the US Congress and the CDC the hypothesis. The story as told to us, at which we have an obligation to report, is that the majority of children regressed following a period of normal development in the face of MMR vaccination. That does not mean it is the cause of the disease. The Institute of Medicine is a body of scientists and physicians that review the available data on vaccine safety, and then advise our government on vaccine research policy. Well, because Andy Wakefield had put forth this theory that the age at which you receive the MMR may increase your risk of autism, the IOM looked to the CDC to do that very study. It was a study about timing. Does the earlier you receive the MMR vaccine increase the risk of autism? When we talk about the MMR study, nobody had ever requested those data, because it was a big secret that you can do it. Thompson told me to email such and such a person, and then on the inside, I also found out that one of the people preparing these data sets for me was Bill Thompson. They don't really want people to know that this data exists again. You know, I just can't believe we actually got you that data. Thompson couldn't send these documents directly to Brian Hooker, because that would have been illegal. What Thompson identified was a legal loophole that is referred to as a citizen's request. That allowed Thompson to deliver to Brian Hooker potentially classified information in a legal way. You get checked in England with your babies at certain times by health visitors. So at nine months, Billy had his full blown check, and it says no parental concerns, baby laughing, babbling, talking. So we pass that with flying colors. 18 months is when they next come in. And by this time, we know there's something seriously wrong with Billy. Probably within five or six days, the first signs really was this vacancy. He wasn't the same smiley little baby that he was before. He had a blank expression. Then the diarrhea kicked in. His tummy started to get bigger and bigger, bloated, rock hard bloated tummy. He would start to walk on tiptoes. His hair fell out in this dreadful high pitch scream, sort of whiny scream developed from him. And then came the head bang, the constant banging against his crib, the constant banging against the floor or a wall or anything that he could find to bang his head on. He would thrash it and thrash it. John and I would lie in bed at night, just listening to this thud, thud, thud, thud, thud. There's nothing. He's now not even noticing his sister who used to play with. John comes through the front door after work, no recognition that we were his parents or this child even belonged to us. Nothing, nothing, gone. I mean, that was the time where our boy changed from what he was to a real tragic, tragic case of a child who regressed into this autistic state and lost everything. Lost everything. The CDC, the way that they do research studies is very reactionary. They look at something that's creating a press and creating a buzz that could actually lower vaccination rates. And that's what they study. They don't study vaccines proactively. So if Andy had never done his original study, gotten that published in the Lancet, would have never created the uproar that rightfully it should have created, then the CDC would have never studied this. The press conference for the Lancet paper was called by the dean of the medical school, who was the chairman of the media committee. I had done an extensive research into measles vaccine safety and MMR vaccine safety in the pre-licensing phase. In other words, what safety studies had been done before these vaccines were put onto the market and into children. The 250 page report was compiled by me showing that the vaccine safety studies for MMR in particular were lamentable. They were lamentable. There are many, many assumptions have been made about the safety of this vaccine and there had been problems which had been airbrushed. So I wrote to my colleagues and the dean and I said, going forward, there are going to be questions about what parents should do next. I cannot in due conscience support the continued use of the MMR vaccine having done this research. I said I will continue to vigorously support the use of the single vaccine, but can no longer support the use of the single vaccine. This is important to see what happens here. So the dean, as chairman of that committee, had three choices. He could have... I'm having my oatmeal, sorry. He could have banned me from the press conference. Or when the question came up, as inevitably it would, what do parents do next about vaccinating their children? He knew what my response would be. He could deflect the question to someone else. When the question came up on the day, he directed it straight to me. All I recommended at that press conference was that parents opt for the use of the single vaccines, single measles, single mumps, single rubella until the issue had been resolved scientifically. And then what happened? What happened when I made that recommendation? Unilateral decisions were made by the government in the UK to withdraw the importation license for the single vaccines. Merck opting in the US to cease the production of the single vaccines, giving parents no option. I said to a senior representative of the Department of Health, why, if your objective is to protect children against serious infectious disease, why would you take away the option of how parents do that? And she said, not the objective choice of single vaccines, it would destroy our MMR program. In other words, the concern was for the protection of the program over and above the protection of children. No one's career has ever been advanced in the medical industrial complex by being outwardly and openly critical of the vaccine industry. I'm Mark Blacksell, father of a daughter diagnosed with autism back in 1998. I've written two books that have come out of the autism movement, have been projected into autism advocacy ever since. McKell was born typical, everything was fine, was developing normally through her first birthday. We have vivid memories of early language, joint attention, lots of play. She was adorable, beautiful, cute. And this was somewhere in the months after she began to slip away and she lost language. And she began to retreat into a world of her own. And at two years, nine months, we got a form. This is one of the worst stories. Because the visuals are so hard to see. For me, as a parent of a 13 year old boy, an 11 year old boy and a five year old girl, the images of these young, you know, close to being teenager kids are really the most heartbreaking because I know what a healthy kid looks like. And I know what, you know, silly things I complain about as a parent. And then to think that just these scant images of this young girl and flipping her hair repeatedly and stuff, it's just, it's brutal. And how he can remain so calm. diagnosis of a full syndrome, autism was a hopeless pessimistic future that was laid out in front of us. She was going to be disabled for the rest of her life likely to be non vocal in an institution. And that the best thing we could do was to accept the inevitable part of the story we heard from the where are these children from when I was a kid, I'm going to be going to be 51 in a couple weeks. I didn't know anyone like this when I was a kid. I didn't know anyone like this in college. My kids know lots of them. I have a couple friends whose kids are now older teenagers, adults, like you will see soon in this in this movie. They are going to be millions of them. And at some point, everyone's going to know the truth because they weren't there. And we just didn't label them. And we're living next door to them now. There's not institutions full of old autistic people with disrupted guts. We've got to figure this out. Harvard experts was autism was genetic. It was low and relatively constant prevalence. The more I learned, the more clear was that that whole orthodox view was false, completely false. Revolutions only happen in science when there is an anomaly, an anomaly that the old orthodoxy can't explain. With autism, the anomaly was the explosion in cases, which meant that what people were trying to describe as a genetic, neurologically based condition couldn't be genetic. It could only be environmental. It could only be some set of things that had happened to children. Notice how this movie is very, very good. Surprisingly good for me in terms of describing that there are all kinds of possible environmental toxins and developmental, you know, landmarks that are different for each of these kids. And all of these things are part of this multivariable environment in which some of these kids just get the worst of it perhaps. And he's totally open to the possibility there's one, not one super easy explanation for all of this. And I think over the next year, you're going to find a lot of people offering you a lot of easy explanations for this. And one of the easy explanations might just be that, well, you know, some kids just get injected in the muscle and then it hits the vein instead. And then it damages the endothelium. And then you get these injuries like Marc Girardot would argue. And I think that this will really, really dilute our potential for really turning the system around by trying to come up with another simple explanation for what is obviously a multivariate multifactorial system of dynamic development of children that can go catastrophically wrong. And one of the ways and one of the triggers that can make it go catastrophically wrong is without a doubt, childhood vaccinations. But I love how this movie is so thorough about also pointing out that there are antibiotics involved, that there is malnutrition involved, that there's poisoning involved. And all of these factors must be considered as we move forward to try and understand what is presented very simply to us on the TV as easy to understand problems. What I interrupted him for, and that's what I really am going to shift for this camera for, what I interrupted him for was to say that it's important, I almost forgot, it's important to realize that millions, if not billions of dollars around the world have been spent on getting academicians, that's people who work in universities and do research for our grant money, getting a cat of magicians to pursue questions based on the genetic causes of autism. And if the vast majority of causes of autism are environmental, are medical, are immunological reactions to the environment or to circumstances, then spending billions of dollars to find the genetic causes or genetic correlations with autism is not only a waste of money and time, but it's a waste of, of ideological energy and the spirit of all of these would be good doing doctors. Do you see how twisted and evil it is? Then if you really see what the university system and the NIH and these, the welcome trust, all of these huge weaponized piles of money can be weaponized by encouraging through grant money. Meaning if you don't write about these ideas, you won't get money to survive in the university system by funding neuroscience to look at the genetic causes of autism, by funding neuroscience to look at genetic models in mice of autism. And all of these people are using their careers, using their grant writing techniques, using their students teaching in their classes, that what I investigate is the genetic causes of autism. And what I use is this knockout mouse that has something to do with this rare genetic disorder that has some features that seem similar to autism, but nothing related to this syndrome that's described by these thousands of parents. What I'm trying to explain to you is, is that as a recovering Academy magician, it has become very apparent to me that even after two years of cleansing my mind of, of that pollution, I am still, I'm still emerging. And one of the ways that I'm emerging is understanding the breadth and the depth of this deception that is the vaccination schedule in America and the deception that is the grant funding scheme in America that purports to be trying to solve this problem by funding scientists to look for solutions. And I've come to the realization that none of those solutions are aimed at solving this problem. If they're using genetic models of autism like behavior in animals, which are using genetic correlation studies in humans to try and find a correlation to something that's obviously environmental and circumstantial. It's heartbreaking to realize that this movie was available to me in 2016. I didn't see it until two weeks ago until somebody that I met through children's health defense said, Hey, have you've never seen that movie? You mean you met Brian Hooker and Polly and all these people at the conference and you didn't even see the movie they were in, why they're working for us in the first place. You didn't know that Dell big tree used to work for CBS news and gave that job up. You didn't know that, that Robert De Niro had a, had a sick son and that he spoke out about this until suddenly he didn't anymore. Of course, Robert De Niro's performance with the COVID vaccines is an entirely different light. If you see him here is speaking about climate change at recent world events and global leader meetings is now in a completely different light. Clearly Robert De Niro has changed sides. This movie is part of a trajectory that I never thought I would be on three years ago when this pandemic started. And when I got on my bicycle and rode my first journal club in February of 2020, did I think that I would be a full blown anti-vaxxer in 2023, but here we are. And you had to ask the question, what might it have been? One of my personal training clients was the director of programs for LWT London weekend television. And this guy said, why don't you do a program? And people up there may, there may be someone out there with this condition. He said, this is going to be an unbelievable story. We've got nothing to lose right now. This child is either going to kill himself because he's going to smash his head to pieces or we are going to go insane because everybody here is miserable. That program was aired and we received 250,000 email hits. Computers were kind of new then, the whole internet computer thing. Ours crashed. We'd set up a Billy Tommy website just in case somebody, one person might be able to help us, crashed. The television station's computers crashed. They had never seen anything like this before. The parents had exactly the same story as us. Antibiotics, some were chickenpox a lot. Vaccine, bang, the symptoms are all the same. The diarrhoea, the constipation, the hype, hitch, scream, the banging of the head. We've all lived through it. It's the same story. And it was Polly's idea to put all of this stuff together in a magazine called Autism File. Let's all ask the questions and maybe someone can help. These questions from these parents were not being answered by the doctors that they went to see. They came to us out of desperation and we had 45,000 subscribers within four months. When I originally got the MMR autism data, I came up with my own analysis plan and I stepped through logically and systematically how the data should have been approached. I looked first of all at males versus females. Then I looked at black males. The relative risk of them receiving an autism diagnosis was astronomical and it was highly statistically significant. I really had to scratch my head and say, I know nothing about the MMR vaccine. And so that's when I originally called Andy. Wow. Really? After everything that had happened, everything we'd all been through, everything that the families had suffered for the last 15 years and the CDC had known all along, there was this MMR autism risk. As I started to divulge more of the conversations and I think it really hit him that this was a major crack in the wall of the CDC. The first thing that Thompson did was to plot a graph, a graph of percentage of children vaccinated against age at first MMR vaccination. The children with autism are represented by the pink line, the children without autism by the blue line. Now, if there's no link between early MMR and autism, those two lines should track together whatever the age at first MMR. Now they do track together until they get to 15 months and then they separate and they continue to separate thereafter. This was their first indication that MMR vaccine was causing autism. And that finding alone rocked Thompson back on his heels. This was a huge issue for Andy. So I said to Brian, are you recording these conversations? Recording phone conversations was not really palatable to me. It almost seemed cruel. Whistleburs can disappear as easily as they came. They're like a fish on a hook. And your job is to get them into the boat. Temple walked at 12 months, so he had been walking for an entire month before we went in for the next set of vaccinations. The minute we walked into the pediatric office, Lou, his twin, she's screaming her head off. I mean, she knows what's going on. She doesn't want the doc touching her. I look up and there she's got the shots lined up. Three for him, three for her. By the second shot, Lucinda had flipped herself over. So I had to stop looking at what I was doing, unstrap her, get her out. Well, the minute I get her out and I calm her down a little bit and I look over, he's screaming. I look at the shots and I noticed that one of hers was gone. There are only two shots left for her. And I asked the nurse practitioner, I said, what happened to that other shot? She says, oh, oh my goodness, I gave it to him. I said, which one was it? She said it's the, it was the other MMR. I said, call the doctor. This baby is screaming his head off. You've given him an extra shot. I don't know what the effects of that's going to be. We're leaving. And I left. So she never got her shots. I go home. This baby cried, cry, cry. I put him down on his little blanket. He starts banging his head on the floor, banging his head on the floor. Next morning I go in his room and he's staring in the, in the space and he's looking around like this as if, you know, he's a bit paralyzed, not the baby who was always doing this every morning and smiling for me to get him out of bed. And I pick him up and he does this. And I said, what has happened to my baby? So I call a clinic and I said, I think my child's had adverse reaction to those little shots yesterday. She says, no, no, no. I'm waiting for a representative from Merck. I don't think it was a reaction to that. Bill Thompson looked at African-Americans. He saw that those African-Americans that got the MMR on time were 2.64 times more likely to get an autism diagnosis than those African-Americans that received the MMR after three years of age. What this was suggesting is that among the blacks, the ones that were getting vaccinated earlier, were more likely to have autism. At that point, the group of researchers that was working on this particular study, they were having weekly meetings. This is one of the things that strikes me the most about my own journey to this truth is that we had our children, our first two boys in Norway. And I've told this story before, so I won't tell it in depth, but the way they do it in Norway and the way that they talk to you as a parent in Norway is very different than they talk to you here. And the way that they encourage breastfeeding and, and close contact with a child in Norway is just completely different than they do it here. Just to give you a very brief anecdotal story. When we had our first child in Norway, we took a robot trolley from underneath the hospital after the delivery to a hotel, which was across the street staffed by the same hospital where we had a bed for three nights where whenever we pulled a cord, a midwife or a nurse, someone trained in prenatal care and in, in, in, um, breastfeeding and all, all things newborn would come to your door in a matter of minutes. And so we, my wife and I were allowed to stay in this room for three days to get on our feet. This room would have been available for the second kid too, if we wanted it. And that's not the only thing they did, but just, just think about that versus what happened to us when we had our, our daughter here in Pittsburgh where the delivery was rather rushed. The baby was injected on the same day that it was born with at least one vaccine, which we were not given a yes or no for. And if we were, it was immediately when the baby had just come into the world. So what are you going to do? Make a decision about an injection then? So we either said yes or we weren't even asked. And then we watched as this childhood schedule was rolled out on our daughter in a way years earlier than anything was done in Norway and in a greater and more aggressive manner, including the flu vaccine, which isn't given to kids at all over there. So my daughter, bless her heart, did not have the protection of the father that she has now for the first five years of her life or four, three years of her life, both her mom and dad were unaware of the malfeasance that lies behind the vaccination schedule in America. We are aware now and we are having the unique experience of, you know, what are we going to do next year for school? I don't think they're going to be confronted with the need for another injection next year. So maybe we avoid it, but maybe not. And at which case we're going to find out how this system works because I'm here now. And unfortunately I am 100% on the CHD side of the, let's say skepticism of the CDC, FDA, and a large portion of the NIH. It is an extraordinary place to have come after three years. Colleen Boyle, who was the head of developmental disabilities branch in Marshall and Jurgen Alsop, who was one of Thompson's direct supervisors, Frank DeStefano, who was the head of the immunization safety office, and then a postdoctoral research associate named Tanya Basin. In that meeting, Thompson brought up the fact that African Americans were showing a highly statistically significant risk of autism if they got the MMR on time. What is said in these closed door meetings? I mean, do people say, oh, well, this is unacceptable? Or is it just, do they always say, oh, this can't be right? I'm not going to lie. But I also don't want to say things to you right now that aren't, that aren't some written form. Right. The analysis regarding the African Americans was the eight on the Richter scale earthquake that just shook through the CDC. I take him to see the pediatrician that I know. And she looks at me, she closes the door and she whispers, she says, sure, I believe he has autism. I said, what? Like Rain Man? She says something like that. I'm going to refer you out to a neurologist. And we go see the neurologist the next week. He says he has every classical symptom of autism. I do not believe this. I was angry when he was explaining to me what Kanner's autism is. He told me he was born that way. I said, no, he wasn't. Clearly, there was a very high risk of autism in African American children. But here's the thing. We know that autism is four times more common in boys. And so to see that effect mirror in the African American children was a compelling finding. When I looked at African American males only, the relative risk was 3.36. It just blew my mind. And that's when I wanted to call Bill Thompson on the phone. And his statement to me was, oh, you found it. It appears in the final publication is that race in general is downplayed. Of course it is. Bill's twin is amazing. She is fluent in three languages. She speaks French like a native. She is an A student. She plays classical piano. With all of the guilt that I feel from that day, one of the best decisions I made for her was to walk out of that office without her being vaccinated. At the end of this journey, I don't want to be one of those mothers standing there saying what I wish I would have, could have, should have done. I want to be able to say I gave it everything that I had. I gave it my best shot. His twin has gone into the 11th grade. And for someone who still can't manage to cross the street, now am I grateful he's here, you bet. I'm grateful my son lived. And I was so naive that he would live a fulfilling life. He would end up being a happy man, having a family. My dreams were him. And every year that goes by, the older my son gets, the further that dream seems to be. All about vaccines. So what do vaccines do? Vaccines build up your immune system and make you stronger to fight off disease. Are vaccines safe? Yes. The studies involving millions of children have shown no connection between vaccines and autism. Stick to the schedule. The CDC's own vaccine schedule, which we are required to adhere to as parents in America, recommends that our children get the MMR between 12 and 18 months. But in this hidden data provided to us by William Thompson, it is clear that for African Americans, this is actually the most dangerous time to deliver the MMR. The CDC, in my opinion, is one of the, it's where I go to if I need information about an infectious disease. I probably either go on their website. I wanted to just point out a brief sort of contradiction here that exists in the current narrative that you might be able to use on some of your family and friends. Have you noticed that the future of medicine is going to be personalized based on your genetics? But right now, vaccines work for everybody. But eventually when we get there, mRNA will be adapted to fit your particular genetic needs and they will use your genetic data to craft the perfect mRNA therapeutic for you. But for now, the same mRNA will work great for everyone. Right now, the same adjuvant and protein set will work great for everyone. The same administrative techniques and timeframe will work great for everyone. Even though we know in the future, we're going to need to make genetic specific medicines. Think about how ridiculously contradictory that is how how on its face. That's so absurd. And yet they say it regularly on TV. All these TV people talk biology as if these two things make sense hand in hand and they don't. And they have to hide data like this. They have to hide data like this because otherwise the actual genetic differences between all of the beautiful people on this world will matter. All the unique things about every unique person will matter again. Then the particular set of genes that I represent and my kids represent start to matter again. Ladies and gentlemen, we are at a crucial stage in the development of humanity and our understanding of ourselves. Let these parents help you awaken. Please let these parents help you awaken or open one of the reference books every day. That building is filled with a lot of scientists that are smarter than me. The analysis plan is one of the most important parts of a scientific study. It's the laws or the rules by which the scientists will adhere to while doing the study. And this analysis plan is put together by the scientists themselves. Sometimes their superiors weigh in. But once they've locked that analysis plan, they've said this is how we're going to use the data. And you can't deviate from that analysis plan or you're at risk of fraud, scientific fraud. Did they deviate from the analysis plan after seeing something that they didn't like? If they did, we have a real problem. autism not only played a major role in developing the analysis plan, he was the numbers guy. He was responsible for collecting the data, analyzing the data and presenting the results. And by November 2001, the results were in. Now with the MMR autism one, we had an analysis plan that we were supposed to execute as was written. And, you know, I'm going to be sharing these draft analysis plans that we had. And you can see whether we did what we said we're going to do. That analysis plan had been agreed upon not only by the co-authors, but also CDC superiors. In order to conceal the effect of the MMR, what they had to do was to reduce the number of children in the study in order to reduce what is referred to as the statistical power. That is the ability of the study to detect a difference if one genuinely exists. In the analysis plan, they had agreed to use two sources of information. The first was the children's school records and the second was the children's Georgia birth certificate records. So while every child in the study had a school record, only half of the children in the study had a Georgia birth certificate record because the other half had been born in other states. So the analysis plan was explicit. Information on a child's race was to come from their school record. But when confronted by data that revealed an increased risk of autism in African-American children, so they deviated from their analysis plan. They chose to get the race data not from the school record, but from the Georgia birth certificate record. Instead of having 3,000 individuals in the study, it went down to about 1,800. The relative risk went down from 2.64 to 1.8, but more importantly, that relative risk was no longer statistically significant. And I'll ask you to step forward to receive your prize from the hands of His Majesty the King. I am Luc Montagnier, MD. I am a virologist by training. I'll obtain the Nobel Prize for my contribution to the discovery of the AIDS virus. The vaccine-autism interaction is a worldwide problem, not only in this country, in Europe, but also in Asia, even in Africa. The MMR vaccination, in a very early stage of infancy, before the age of two, was more prominent in Afro-American children, and this was hidden for some time. This fraud, of course, ranks very high, to my opinion, in the ethics of medicine and science. CDC, in the past, has done a very important work on the discovery of AIDS, so I'm very disappointed to see a different situation with CDC dealing with autism. It's interesting to note that he slips in there that AIDS is real, but the CDC is wrong about vaccines, when I think he also kind of knows that the whole AIDS thing was greatly overblown as a disease caused exclusively by the virus, as he said later in his life about how nutrition and good water could help with the AIDS-pinned epidemics in Africa. So I still see somewhat of an interesting response whenever anybody needs to throw in a caveat like that, but it's safe to say that he still supported it. Shortly after Julie Gerberding became head of the CDC, I began to communicate with her and ask her to come to my office. There didn't seem to be objective research going on. There was the CDC trying to promote vaccination for children, and then they were doing the safety research themselves. In CDC's judgment, the best public policy is to continue vaccination unchanged while aggressively working to try to identify causes of developmental disabilities. The CDC, I just thought, was institutionally conflicted. The CDC can't take money directly from pharma, but they can set up a foundation, and the foundation can attract donations from commercial interests and does. Merck, GlaxoSmithKline, now Pfizer, SanofiAventus have huge multi-billion dollar vaccine in businesses. They're profitable. They've grown because some of these new high tech vaccines that are patented, that are high priced get protected by this little cocoon of regulatory capture in HHS and are guaranteed multi-billion dollar franchises. When I was working at Merck, I was a sales rep for Vioxx. The whole scandal started when it was discovered that Merck had manipulated data and covered up the fact that Vioxx actually caused twice the amount of heart attacks and strokes than the placebo. What I learned from that experience was just because things are on the market does not mean they are safe. I think we get into a very dangerous territory with vaccinations. If a drug company gets just one vaccine added to the schedule, they can make upwards of $30 billion in one year. It's no secret. I think they've published their intention, which is they want to create an environment of constant vaccination from cradle to grave. They want infant vaccines, expanded flu shots, DTaP boosters, Gardasil shots, meningococcal shots. They want adult vaccines. They want you and me to come in and get a constant barrage of shots. And then they want vaccines for the elderly. We have a highly profitable product because the safety testing isn't as rigorous as a normal pharmaceutical drug. The gold standard is double-blind, placebo-based, long-term study. And that just isn't done with vaccines because they're classified in a different way as a public health measure. And they haven't been tested in combination with other vaccines. Yet doctors give six to nine doses per visit. It's insane. If pharmaceutical drug was tested like this, it wouldn't be on the market. But because it's a vaccine and the safety testing is less rigorous, our children are being experimented on. I don't like to look at autism from a behavioral perspective. I look at it from more of a what causes it in each child. When I want to define autism, I have to say that it's the inability to detoxify the way you're supposed to or at the rate that you're supposed to. It all has to do with this toxic overload. These children are not detoxifying from the vaccinations. Same thing with GMO products. The pesticides in our food. If I can prevent the child from being exposed to more toxins, then when I'm teaching the child, at least the child's getting better and not continuously getting worse. Without a doubt, what's happened to Billy has changed his life. I did it! Yeah, there you go. You're getting the strike. What I have on my hands now is a 19-year-old man. He's six foot two. He is volatile. On good days, Billy is brilliant. He's an angel. On bad days, the slightest thing can trigger him and he's scary. I'm going to go downstairs and get daddy right now. You need to stay up here, okay? I'm going to kill daddy right now! Bill, listen to me. I'm going to stay with you up here and you're going to try and calm down, okay? The reason they become aggressive and dangerous in some cases is because they have no ability to communicate. Because mummy asked Kent for Kent bringing the sweet corn and then bringing the chickens here. Because this is your fault, mummy. If you were not able to express your needs, your wants, your desires, your happiness and sadness and so on, you would become aggressive. That's often when we see the worst part of autism. We had to occupy his room and use his video player and of course that is a massive intrusion in his space and he got very upset. Where else in this house can we play a video game? Remember, listen, Bill, which is the stress level, Billy. Bill, don't touch daddy. Right there, there's millions of me's, there's millions of Polly Tommy's with vaccine damaged children. I am telling you this because I do not want you to live the life that I've led. I did not want you to go through the pain. I did not want to see you suffer or your family suffer. That is why I'm telling you. I have no other reason to tell you about it. It's not my concern. My kid's already damaged. I am a senior research scientist here at MIT in the computer science and artificial intelligence laboratory. I have a bachelor's degree in biology from MIT and I have MSEE and PhD. Okay, I'm about to say something very controversial. Don't lose your stuff, okay? But I tried to interview Stephanie and she wanted details on exactly why I wanted to interview her and what I wanted to talk about. And she didn't ever really respond again. I'm not saying that she's a bad guy. I'm saying that she responded in a way that I didn't expect her to respond. Given how we met, I thought she would be happy to be on my show, but quite controversy or in my mind, quite interestingly, she responded with skepticism and hesitation and wanted me to outline specifically what we would talk about. I also want to point out to you here that she works at MIT and that she works in the AI and computer division as a professor, not the biological sciences. She has a bachelor's degree in biology, which is great. That's fine. And so it is extraordinarily curious to me that the leading researcher on glyphosate and a prion disease and all this other stuff coming to the fore during the pandemic is someone like her, whose entire research career is not biological. And now we are looking to her to talk about how RNA folds. We are looking to her to talk about how proteins fold. We're looking to her to think about how vaccines might damage children. And she's about to say that it's on an exponential and that sooner or later, 80% of all the male kids in America will be autistic. And of course that's ridiculous. And so I am cautiously dubious. Is that the right word? No, I am cautiously skeptical of Stephanie Sineff. I'm not saying that she's a bad person. I'm saying that I have several independent examples of why it seems weird that out of all the Academy magicians that we should start talking to about all the people that could come to the fore as an expert about these things, it's her. So anyway, I'm not saying again, I'm just saying what I'm thinking. Also from MIT in electrical engineering and computer science. I became interested in autism a long time ago when my best friend at the time had a son who was diagnosed with autism following a DPT shot. And so if that's the case, if this is really true, then I have nothing to say, right? And it could very well be that that's why she got into it. That's why she's been into glyphosate and other things. And glyphosate could very well be a very huge contributing factor here for all we know. So let's just keep an open mind. That's all I'm saying. That's all I'm saying. I ran a high fever after the shot seizures a week later and then was later diagnosed with autism. We have to accept the fact that autism is new that before 1930, the rate of autism in the world was effectively zero. And then for a long time, it was one in 10,000. I got interested in studying autism eight years ago when I saw the numbers go up and I was quite alarmed because I could see that the trend was exponential growth. And exponential growth is extremely scary. Since really the mid to late 80s, we've gone from this low prevalence environment to a rate of increase where the trend is still vertical. We have not seen a flattening in trend. Every couple of years, the CDC provides a number of what percentage of the kids are diagnosed with autism. And you've got the dots going all the way back to 1975. You draw the line. It is a perfect exponential curve. If we assume that things are going to continue as they, if we assume that things are going to continue as they are happening, then I think we're making the wrong assumption. So that's, there's no reason to put that in this, this video. There's no reason for her to say it. What that guy, the father said already was, was plenty that we haven't seen it plateau and it's still increasing. That's enough. Just show the graph. Why say that it's exponential? And if we go into the future, then at some point in time, everybody's going to be autistic. It's not likely. And so instead of putting something that could easily be debunked or even worse taken out of context to show that this movie's full of crap. Why even put that in the movie? That's the reason why I'm skeptical. She doesn't need to say this. And yet it is a key point that she's going to make in this video that I think is one of those things they can take out of the video and go listen to this crack pot. That's ridiculous. Yada, yada, yada. And then they'll say, well, we haven't been diagnosing autism as well as we used to. So that's why those numbers are low in the past and high in the, in the present. And so we're, it's an exponential increase in diagnosis. See, it's easier to say those nonsensical things. When Stephanie Sineff says that this is on an exponential. And if you extrapolate and assume that it's going to go on like this forever, then 80% of our kids are going to be autistic in 25 years. That's my skepticism. I don't re, I don't see why that's in here, but here it comes. For the past 30 years into the future, we can predict that by 2032, 80% of the boys born will end up on the autism spectrum. Half the children, 80% of the boys. But on the autism spectrum, what does that mean? My kids could be on the autism spectrum. Your kids could be on the autism spectrum depending on how many shots they've got, but it's wild speculation indeed. And that's what I think. If you think this vaccine is a mistake for African-American kids like me, you're wrong. There's an even bigger problem. One that puts all kids at risk and it's called isolated autism. This is crazy. This part, it's just crazy. You can't even believe what they're going to see here. When the CDC researchers set out to do the study, they asked themselves the question, if early MMR vaccine causes autism, in which children would we be most likely to find this effect? Their answer is children with no developmental concerns for the first year of life. Children who were perfectly healthy until they received their MMR vaccine. They called this group isolated autism. Now this does not refer to an isolated case of autism or an isolated group with autism. They isolated autism out. These were children who had no comorbid conditions apart from their autism. No cerebral palsy, no mental retardation, no visual or hearing impairment, no epilepsy and no birth defects. This risk group includes essentially every healthy child in the world. So the risk for autism is highest for the healthiest kids that get the injection. That's what he's implying here. That's what the data seem to show. That if you had comorbidities, if you're already a sick kid, you're actually a little less likely to get this ailment as a result of... It is just mind blowing. It's mind blowing. And this was all covered up in 2016. I'm a single father raising a 15 year old, severely autistic, non-verbal teenage daughter. These are so heartbreaking. It's just unbelievable. When she was 15 months old, she received a round of vaccines that included the MMR and the DTAP. She developed a high fever. When the fever broke, she lost everything. My daughter was six weeks old when I took her in for her vaccination. Two hours later, she had a five minute seizure. And two hours after that, she had another five minute seizure. Mom is here. Come on. Come on. Come on. You're okay. You're okay. Come on, baby. Come on, baby. Come on. You can do it. Come on, baby. Come on now. Come on. Come on, baby. Come on. Keep breathing. Come on. Come on. Come on. Come on. The vaccination gave her severe brain damage and she had seizures every day for the rest of her life until she died in my arms at the age of 15. There is no good reason to choose not to get a vaccine. He got his MMR and he got his DTP. And within days, he stopped talking. Projectile vomiting, convulsions. He went blind in his left eye. Vaccines took our healthy, happy baby and made him unwell. She lost all acquired speech. He lost his speech. He lost his eye contact, like the flick of a switch. If vaccines were unsafe, I think this would be an interesting and reasonable discussion. Obviously some minority get hurt like this. Can you believe that Paul Offit has been at it for that long? Vaccines are safe. Get vaccinated. It's like, you know what? Shut the fuck up and let me take every vaccine that Merck wants to shove down my throat. Autism is not a side effect of vaccine. Was that Bobby on the, on the, I think that was Bobby on, on Bill Maher. Vaccination gave her severe brain damage and she had seizures every day for the rest of her life until she died in my arms at the age of 15. There is no good reason to choose not to get a vaccine. He got his MMR and he got his DTP. And within days, he stopped talking. Projectile vomiting, convulsions. He went blind in his left eye. I think that was Bobby on Bill Maher. Happy baby and made him unwell. She lost all acquired. It sure looked like it. He lost his speech. He lost his icon. Paul Offit. If vaccines were unsafe, I think this would be an interesting and reasonable discussion. Obviously some minority get hurt like this. See, it's him. Oh no, it's not. I don't understand why this is controversial. Vaccines are safe. Get vaccinated. I recognize him. Who is that? It's like, you know what? Shut the fuck up and let me take every vaccine that Merck wants to shove down my throat. It sure looks like him. I got to look it up. I got to look it up. Some people don't want, don't hear this well. Vaccines do not cause autism. Hear this well. Hear this well. Please hear this well. Hear this well. Vaccines can and do cause autism. Oh, he was. Seven years ago, he was on Real Time with Bill Maher. Wow, we're going to watch that. Please hear this well. Vaccines cause autism. One day everyone will know the truth about the vaccine. We're going to watch that. I'm glad I didn't watch that part because that lady makes me cry every time I see her. Hear this well, ladies and gentlemen, hear this well. Hear this well. Hear this well. Please hear this well. Hear this well. Vaccines can and do cause autism. Hear this well. My granddaughter, Lily, and my daughter, my son was fully vaccinated. My son, Jackson, I had a healthy, typically developing voice. Please hear this well. Vaccines cause autism. One day everyone will know the truth about vaccines. Hear this well. I actually think the most interesting results are the elevated ones for the isolated ones that don't have other comorbid conditions. The effect is where you would think it would happen. When isolated autism, he saw a very, very strong effect specific to those kids that got the MMR on time. When Bill Thompson ran those numbers, he saw an astronomical effect. Some of the numbers were actually the relative risks were as high as seven or eight times higher with these kids that were diagnosed with just isolated autism, no other diagnosis versus those controls. Isolated autism is confusing because it sounds small, but it really is a big problem because all healthy children, no matter what race are at risk. For example, my sister's 18 months old and she's supposed to get her MMR shot right now. But if she does, she's seven times more likely to get autism than if my parents wait until after three years old. And it is really right now statistically that simple that Norway's intuition of just waiting until two years old or something to start these vaccines is fine, especially since you're going to breastfeed. That intuition is real, even if the vaccines in the end turn out to be completely useless. We know that children are on a developmental curve. The earlier that you damage them, the more damage that will be done. We know this. That's why we encourage pregnant women to be so careful. That's why it matters what time during the nine months a person is exposed to a toxin because exposure at the wrong time during the development of the brain can have tragic, devastating consequences that are avoided if the toxin is exposed to them in as a teenager or as an adult or as a young kid or as a fetus. And so the concept alone that these people who run this schedule have been pushing these these shots ever earlier in the process of parenting ever earlier in the process of development is absurd. And it is in America that this is evident in spades. You just have to compare the vaccination schedule to other Western countries to realize that we are being fooled. That's all you need to do is just investigate what's required here and what's required elsewhere to understand that this is not about biology. It's not about protecting the kids. It is about profit. It is about control. It is about all spectrum dominance over your life. And I say that without meaning to be hyperbolas because right now is the last time that any humans will be free. If we don't learn this biology, your children, my children, and more importantly, their children will be enslaved by this mythology forever. And we're not going to dismiss this mythology by talking laxadaisically about how there are no viruses. We're not going to get there by talking laxadaisically about how dangerous potentially gain of function viruses are at killing billions of people and how easy they are to make. We are only going to win this fight. If we learn this biology at a level greater than they understand it, we can explain the observations better than they can understand it with more parsimony than they can muster and with more expertise than they can bring to the table. And so that's what we're doing here at GigaOhm Biological. That's why I read every day. That's what these study halls are about. We watch, we take notes, and we learn. And we need to understand that this is this is just a process. Everybody needs to have a handheld, a handholds while they move through this process, while they escape Plato's cave. It's just it's crazy how far we have to go. So I hope my parents don't do it. Here's what's really scary. When we look at isolated autism, we see that there's a up to seven fold increase in the incidence of autism between those that received the vaccine between 12 and 18 months versus those that got it after three years old. But let's be perfectly clear. Every child in this study had received the MMR vaccine. What would the numbers be if you compared children who got the vaccine between 12 and 18 months versus children that never got the vaccine at all? This is often referred to as the Vax versus unvaxed study. And the CDC refuses to do this. Not only does the CDC refuse to do it, but unfortunately for them, there's plenty of data out there that they could use. There are plenty of unvaccinated children in America. And they know that there are plenty of unvaccinated children in America that they could use for developmental time points for intellectual developmental time points for physical developmental time points for for incidences of yearly disease. All of these comparisons could be made readily using the existing American population. But they don't. Even though every drug that we take has been through this exact study, there's a group who take the drug and then they compare it with a group that do not take the drug and they see are there more side effects and complications with the group that takes the drug. So why does the CDC refuse to do the Vax versus unvaxed study? Probably because when we look at the results of this study, we realize that the risk would be astronomical and is likely to be one of the major reasons we're seeing this skyrocketing increase of autism worldwide. Just like the African-American children, they went into the room and they sliced and diced the data in an effort to get rid of that effect. This is Colleen Boyle's meeting notes, how they plan to present the data by these age groups that after the fact, when the data are in, she writes reformat and then she puts in new age groups. Even this failed to achieve the desired effect since in the end, they simply omitted the relevant findings from the paper altogether. I was just looking at that, I'm like, oh my God, I cannot believe we did what we did. But we did. Yeah. So it's all there. It's all there. And you in the health field, you who run our health agencies in this country who are sitting here today, you have an obligation to these kids that you just saw there to make sure that these studies are complete, thorough, so that everybody knows that we have all the facts and you don't have that. One of the things we did, because this was such an important topic, was to have them be sworn in. So they were under oath and if they were doctoring the results of a study and they did it deliberately, they committed a felony. This is one of those lawmakers that isn't around anymore in the sense of not working on it, not in Congress anymore. What awesome eyeballs that guy has, holy cow, they're beautiful. It used to be one in 10,000 and now it's one in more than 250 kids that are being damaged in this country that are autistic. Now those kids are going to grow up. They aren't going to die. It's not like a lot of diseases where they get infected and they drop dead. They're going to live to be 50, 60 years old. Now who do you think is going to take care of them? Where are those kids now, right? Where are the 50-year-old autistic people now? Mr. Maloney, trillions of dollars. They're not there yet. They're coming. So we can't let the pharmaceutical companies and our government cover this mess up today because it ain't going to go away. And it's going to cost the taxpayers trillions more if we wait around on it. And for our FDA and HHS and the health agencies to continue to hide behind this facade that there have been studies that conclusively prove otherwise is just wrong too. So the CDC wasn't just doing this study inside of a bubble. In fact, it was the exact opposite. They were under fire. You had Congressman Dan Burton in front of the Congress demanding answers about mercury and the MMR and vaccine studies and the connection to autism. Dave Weldon, Congressman from Florida, is reaching out to Julie Gerberding with serious complaints on how he thinks this entire issue is being handled. On top of that, the Department of Justice is requesting files and data from the CDC because of a previous study called the Verstraten study that had so many anomalies, it looked like scientific fraud was taking place. So they were suspicious. So then you look at the e-mails that Thompson's provided to us, and you see that he's reaching out to his line manager, Dr. Melinda Wharton, throwing up red flags, saying, I first spoke with you in September of 2002 regarding the sensitive results we have been struggling with in the MMR autism study. How do you struggle with scientific results? I mean, facts are facts. Data are data. That doesn't make any sense. So you've got Dan Burton breathing down their necks. The Department of Justice is requesting files. And William Thompson finds out that Colleen Boyle has brought in a lawyer to help her decide what materials are too sensitive to provide to the Department of Justice. This obviously freaks William Thompson out because later in the e-mail to Wharton, he says, I will be hiring my own personal attorney. And it's extremely unfortunate that we need to be concerned about whether our own legal rights are covered when participating in a study such as this. And what's going on here? We have government scientists lawyering up over a children's safety study. Clearly this does not sit well at all with Dr. Thompson because at the end of this e-mail, he makes what looks to me to be a clear threat. My level of concern has also caused me to seriously consider removing myself as an author on the draft manuscript. So then a few days later, Thompson writes directly to Dr. Walter Ornstein, head of the National Immunization Program, saying, I am not interested in taking all of the political heat that will go along with that study. Thompson has gone all the way to the top of his department. I mean, we don't ever get a response from Walter Ornstein. Of course not. But Thompson is very clear. He's not dumb. On what happened next. I'm not going to put it in an e-mail. The higher ups wanted to do certain things and I went along with it. In terms of chain of command, I was number four out of five. Dr. Thompson talked about destruction of documents and that in fall of 2002, there was a meeting with the trash can rolled in and they selected documents to be destroyed. I led all the analyses with the DeStefano thing. By the way, everyone else got rid of all their documents. So the only documents that exist right now from that study are mine. These documents were no doubt federal records. They were very important documents because they showed a very strong statistically significant effect. He felt that quite rightly, it would be illegal to destroy those documents. And so in his office, he kept not only the hard copies, but the computerized files for that study. There was a dramatically different result presented before and after the timeframe that Thompson alleged that these data were destroyed. If I never had the documents before October 2002, there would be nothing that would show that they actually had the results in hand and they decided to destroy those results. I filed a formal complaint to the Office of Research Integrity in the Department of Health and Human Services. I heard back not long after the complaint was filed and the letter basically stated that every co-author except for Dr. Thompson denied that any such meeting was scheduled. They denied that any material was destroyed or thrown away. They were calling Dr. Thompson a liar. It was their word against his. Dr. Thompson predicted that this would happen. There's things I haven't even shared with you because I can't prove it. And that's what I struggle with. I don't want to share things with you that I can't prove, that there aren't hard records because I am worried that the other four people will pollute and say, no, that's not true. Dr. Thompson provided meeting notes to me for precisely the time where the co-authors are claiming that no meeting took place. That's what I keep seeing again and again and again where these senior people just do completely unethical, vile things and no one holds them accountable. So look, once you have the data, a scientific study like this is a relatively simple process. You just run the data, you get the results, and then you publish those results in a paper. In their own analysis plan, this study was only supposed to take six months, from May 2001 to December 2001. So if they weren't destroying data, why did this study end up taking four years? The question everybody needs to be asking the CDC is what the heck happened between October 2002 and February of 2004? The reason you don't see anything else circulating on the study. It was five of us behind closed doors for two years. Wow. So after two years of secret meetings behind closed doors, DiStefano emerges with the final draft of the MMR study, and they're going to present it to the Institute of Medicine. People on the IOM move from industry, government, academia, government, industry, and then they bounce around. It's all the same people, and there wasn't a really good policeman in all this to really make sure that the vaccine safety studies are done properly and that they're done objectively. It just didn't seem to me like we were running a system that was credible. I had written to Julie Gerberding, and I asked her to postpone the February 9 Institute of Medicine meeting. This report, the Institute of Medicine report, I wanted to postpone because of my concern that this was not an exercise in discovering the truth, but was instead a meeting being driven by a desire to short circuit important research and draw premature conclusions. The problem is William Thompson, being the lead scientist, he's going to have to present their findings, and he's not happy about it. In fact, he's so upset that he goes above the lead author, DeStefano, above Walter Ornstein, all the way to the head of the CDC, Dr. Julie Gerberding, and in an email, he says, Dear Dr. Gerberding, I will have to present several problematic results relating to statistical associations between the receipt of MMR vaccine and autism, basically saying, I'm not going to continue this lie, if you put me up there, I'm going to tell the truth. Thompson was originally scheduled to provide a briefing because he basically told Director Gerberding that he would have to say that there is a causal association. He was switched at the last minute with Frank DeStefano, who was able to report to the IOM falsely. We have found no association between MMR and autism. The IOM was the point of no return, and so deprived of the truth, the IOM declared MMR vaccine safe. It was a rush to judgment to shut the door permanently and completely on the MMR autism link. It's absolutely appalling that much of what I said turned out exactly to be true. They were trying to short circuit the research. It's the lowest point in my career that I went along with that paper. After their brilliant work on the MMR study, DeStefano and his team received an award from the Department of Health and Human Services. And then several years later, Dr. Julie Gerberding received an award of her own, a high paid job as head of the vaccine division at Merck. Finally, Merck appreciated the work she had done investigating their vaccine. Just to let you know, I wrote a paper on my results on MMR. Yeah. And it will include something that I got from you. Brian was about to publish a paper using data that could only have come from an inside source at the CDC, a whistleblower, and from that point forward, William Thompson was a marked man. Andy approached me and said, it's time to publicize the CDC whistleblower. Ironically, 12 years later, while Thompson is baring his soul to Brian Hooker, in front of Congress, Colleen Boyle is just peddling the same old CDC fraud, but this time it's to a new player, and that's Congressman Bill Posey from Florida. I wonder if the CDC has conducted or facilitated a study comparing vaccinated children with unvaccinated children yet. Have you done that? We have actually done a number of studies looking at the relationship between thimerosal vaccines and autism and other developmental disabilities. The lies from the CDC were still the same. The difference now is we had William Thompson. Vaccines and their components did not increase the risk for autism. My time is very limited here. So clearly, definitely, unequivocally, you have studied vaccinated versus unvaccinated. We have not studied vaccinated versus unvaccinated. Never mind. Just stop there. That was the meaning of my question. You wasted two minutes of my time. Brian had also submitted a related paper to a journal called Nature Neuroscience, and in that paper he had specifically referred to an unnamed source at the CDC. My worst fears were realized when a journalist from Nature Neuroscience contacted the CDC, contacted Walter Orenstein. The message went on to Frank DeStefano, who sent it out to the co-authors, saying, keep your heads down. This may be coming your way. The fear was all of a sudden we'd be dredging the river for Bill Thompson. I said to him, Brian, we've got to do three things. We have got to get Thompson a whistleblower lawyer. We've got to make sure that his documents are with Posey, and we've got to reveal his name. Whistleblowers are in danger only as long as the only people who know their identity are their enemies. Do vaccines cause autism? In the last 30 years, the childhood vaccine schedule has tripled, while the U.S. autism rate has skyrocketed from one in 10,000 to one in 50. Dozens of published research papers show that, yes, vaccines and autism are linked. Yet, the debate rages on in part because of the 1986 National Childhood Vaccine Injury Act passed by Congress as a result of pharmaceutical lobbying. It shields drug companies from liability for injuries and deaths caused by the vaccines they manufacture. Vaccines that the federal government admits are unavoidably unsafe. Instead of suing the pharmaceutical company directly, parents are forced to petition the Department of Health and Human Services. Wasn't 86, Ronald Reagan? I think Reagan passed that vaccine in the injury act. The case is argued before a special master in the U.S. claims court. Many refer to this as vaccine court. Here are some shocking facts about the so-called vaccine court. Pharmaceutical companies do not have to participate in the proceedings at all. Taxpayers pay for all damages. The U.S. Department of Justice acts as the government's lawyer, with taxpayers footing the bill for their defense. In 2002, there were already thousands of cases accumulating in vaccine court, and the average compensation for an autistic child is in the range of $5 million. So just do the math, the government was facing several hundred billion, possibly a trillion dollars in liability as the autism epidemic grew. They had to develop a fraudulent study that would exonerate MMR to deliberately defeat the cases in vaccine court to avoid paying the trillion dollars. So the thousands of autism petitioners were denied their fair day in court by a corrupt and deliberate obstruction of justice. It is one of the most unethical medical decisions of all time because it was made with knowledge to sacrifice these children as a direct affront to the congressional mandate that they all be compensated. In the fall of last year, I got a call from an inside source who told me that in two weeks there's going to be a whistleblower from the CDC who's going to come out and say that the CDC had committed fraud on the MMR study and that they knew that vaccines were actually causing autism. I mean that's a huge story. Unfortunately it was a story I would not be able to tell on a medical talk show because a lot of our funding was coming from the pharmaceutical industry and we were also very good friends with the CDC who had appeared on our show many, many times. But I knew that once this story broke, two weeks later, that the mainstream news media would pick it up, Fox would be on it, CNN would be on it, MSNBC, and we're talking about the biggest medical story in the last decade or two at least. So that two weeks came. I saw the video that was posted by Andrew Wakefield and Brian Hooker and I heard the words of William Thompson and his confession. Oh my God, I cannot believe we did what we did. But we did. It's all there. It's all there. I watched the blogosphere go crazy, tweets, Facebook, social media, everybody talking about it. But not one mainstream media source went anywhere near the story. In fact, on CNN, someone put the story up on iReport and CNN took it down and in that moment I realized, wait a minute, not only is my medical talk show being produced by the pharmaceutical industry, all of television is. We were never going to get this story. But we certainly did get a story. A highly contagious measles outbreak. Major outbreak. Measles outbreak. Measles on the march in America. This outbreak is showing no signs of letting up. But in 2014, the number tripled to 644 measles cases reported in 27 states. It's really amazing to consider the number of cases of autism every year and to contrast that to, let's say, the number of children who acquired measles by going to Disneyland. It's a tiny number of children who acquired measles and it's a vast number of children who are being diagnosed with autism every day. We don't know what causes autism. I mean, that's fair to say. We're not sure as a scientific community what causes autism, but we know that vaccines do not. Now, I'm not saying that Sanjay Gupta is a bad guy. In fact, I think that he tries to do a lot of good, just like many doctors do. But if they're being lied to by the scientific body that provides them with their information, what happens to all of us? What happens if a good doctor sees the same data that I saw? So you're a scientist, basically. So you're studying this and you feel 100% comfortable. You even said you have kids, so you're a family person. You would feel very comfortable. How long have you been a doctor and sort of what's your area of specialty? Sure. I've been a family medicine physician for over 10 years now and treating families, everyone from newborns all the way up to my oldest patient is 96. So do you administer vaccines as a part of that? Yes, I do administer vaccines. In our clinic, we follow the CDC recommendations and we give that information to our patients and we give them a schedule of when their children are going to need to be vaccinated and so on and so forth. There's something I want to show you. This is the formal complaint about what they've been given by William Thompson, the whistleblower of the CDC. Okay. There's all sorts of reference materials in here and things like that. I'm just going to give you time to look at it, study it as long as you want, okay? When you feel like you have a grasp of it, it's going to take some time, appreciate you taking the time, all right? Okay. So I have sent you what William Thompson has said is the fraud at the CDC, all of that data that was missing. Did you get a chance to really look it over? It's really unbelievable how blatantly the data was switched around. It made me question whether or not this organization that's been mandating how I practice medicine for the past 10 years, if they're lying about this or leaving data out about this particular study, what else am I being lied to about? I'm still trying to digest it because this study, which was used to kind of give the definitive answer to us pediatricians that, oh, the MMR is not related to autism, I kind of feel like I've been lied to. When they set out to do the study, they wanted to look at the data and interpret the data, but then there's a piece of data that they chose to ignore. The data they excluded was really, really significant. Think about it. It's a big deal. It's a big deal for a physician to have to deal with the fact that for the past 10, 20 years, we've been potentially destroying the brains of children. Everything I've been telling my patients for the last 10 years has been based on a lie and a cover-up. Parents making decisions about their children's health deserve to have the best information available to them. They should be able to count on federal agencies to tell them the truth. Once Brian and I had outed Bill Thompson, he got himself a whistleblower lawyer. He provided all of his documents on the fraudulent CDC study to Congressman Posey, who then went before the Congress. Considering the nature of the whistleblower's documents, as well as the involvement of the CDC, a hearing and a thorough investigation is warranted. So I ask, Mr. Speaker, I beg, I implore my colleagues on the Appropriations Committees to please, please take such action. Thank you, Mr. Speaker. I yield back. It's now been seven months since Congressman Bill Posey urged the Congress to subpoena Bill Thompson, and they have done nothing. Bill Thompson wants to be subpoenaed by Congress. As a CDC employee from the federal government, he cannot speak voluntarily because of the threat of jail time. Absolutely, William Thompson needs to go before Congress. He needs to go before the whole nation. Everybody needs to see what he has to say. He needs to be deposed in front of a committee in Congress, and Julie Gerberding has to be brought in and deposed, because this is a very, very, very disturbing revelation for this researcher to come forward and be saying now that they were, indeed, deliberately concealing critical information about an MMR... Who was this guy here? Is this Senator Weldon? Isn't he dead? ...a horrible, horrible development. Is this guy dead? analysis plan, a mission of crucial data. Thank you, Mr. Speaker. I yield back. It's now been seven months since Congressman Bill Posey urged the Congress to subpoena Bill Thompson... I'm going to Google the dude. ...and they have done nothing. Bill Thompson wants to be subpoenaed by Congress. As a CDC employee from the federal government, he cannot speak voluntarily because of the threat of jail time. Absolutely, William Thompson needs to go before Congress. He needs to go before the whole nation. Everybody needs to see what he has to say. He needs to be deposed in front of a committee in Congress. There he is, David Weldon. ...and Julie Gerberding has to be brought in and deposed, because this is a very, very, very, very... Hold on one second. I thought he was dead. He died in a really weird way, too, didn't he? It's in Pittsburgh, even, he died. What? No, that's a different maven. Is that him? No, that's a different David Weldon. Is that him? House of Representatives in Florida. I'm telling you, this is a big deal. Okay, we need to realize that this was going on... This movie came out in 2016? Or 17? Or 18? When did the movie come out? When was it aired? Where had this story progressed in 2019? Where was this dialogue in 2019, when the pandemic started to be prepared and declared? Those are the kinds of questions you need to ask yourself now. Those are the kinds of questions I'm asking myself now. I'm serving a revelation for this researcher to come forward and be saying now that they were indeed deliberately concealing critical information about an MMR, autism-linked, horrible, horrible development. Deviation from an analysis plan, omission of crucial data, destruction of documents, obstruction of justice, misleading the Congress, grievous harm to innocent children. This has to be investigated. You and I are in agreement. Vaccine safety should not be in the CDC. Absolutely. You would end up with an agency like the National Transportation Safety Board. The next thing they need to do is they need to... somebody needs to reintroduce the Weldon-Milony bill. It needs to be very, very quickly enacted, and you need to take all of the vaccine safety responsibilities out of the CDC. These children have been maimed by the actions of Colleen Boyle, Frank DiStefano, Marcelin Jurgen Alsop, and Tanya Basin. My son has been debilitated for 17 years. I think jail time is too good for these individuals who have perpetrated such fraud. The notion of vaccinating children, protecting children against serious infectious disease with vaccines that are safe and effective is laudable. You hear about measles outbreaks in Disneyland, and then they try and sell you MMR. We didn't see autism being reported as a consequence of the single vaccine, only of the triple vaccine. So my feeling is that we need to review vaccination policy across the board. But in the first instance, I do believe we can make the problem far less if we separate those vaccines out into their single measles mumps and rubella. I just cannot imagine what it will be like if we really do face a future in which half the children born end up on the autism spectrum. I mean, it will be so disruptive of the school system. There will be so little money to be able to spend on the normal children to help them, to bring them up and to educate them. We're just going to have extremely sick children and parents that will be so distracted by the challenge of bringing up these children that are so sick that our society will not be able to focus on anything else. The implications of that for our country, for our competitiveness as a nation, for our economy are massive. They must know, and they do know, that there's a national emergency. I mean, this is going to be a complete catastrophe if we just let it happen. What will you say the next time a mother sitting there with her baby in their hands? Says, Dr. Rachel, is the MMR vaccine safe? I'm going to tell her. I'm going to say, you know, honestly, I'm not going to give the MMR vaccine to my babies, and here's why.

Thanks for joining me this afternoon. I'm going to go make a late lunch and then I'm going to take my boys to play some hoops this afternoon. I'm going to try and get my legs back in shape after not riding for a year. 2023 for me is going to be about getting my body back in shape to catch up with my mind again. I've been sitting in this chair too often, reading too much, and I need to spend some time with my kids in the afternoon. But what that means is that regularly every morning, as absolutely often as possible, I'm going to be here in study hall, taking notes, talking, answering questions, trying to push the ball forward. So thanks for joining me for this study hall, and I hope to see you guys again really, really soon for the next one, probably most likely tomorrow morning. Thanks very much, and we will see each other again very soon.