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Good evening, good afternoon. Hello, everybody, wherever you are on this great planet. Hello.

Welcome to the show. We are doing a little office hours here. Hi, my name is Jonathan Couey. This is GigaOhm Biological. We're a little bit loose when it comes to star travel. We're a little bit loose. We're trying to figure out what happened a few years ago. If you're getting this message in the past, this message is from the future. We're trying to figure out what happened to the human race around 2020, 2025. We're not really sure because we're trying to look backwards in history, at least from this Star Trek enterprise, Star Trek GigaOhm, if you will enter USS GigaOhm, if you will. That's going to be an ongoing project. I hope you're living in interesting times right now.

I think we are. I'm very excited to share with you a recent blog post from the Arkmedic. If you don't know who Dr. Khan Syed is, if you don't know who JikkiLeaks is, then maybe you're really behind the ball on this one. It's important to understand that this particular blog post, which I'm going to drop in the chat right now, is one of the more important blog posts that's been done in a while because it's been something that I've been trying to say for a long time, and people insist on not hearing it, and I think it's really important. It's a crucial moment in our pandemic history to have someone as independent and far away on the other side of this little planet of ours come to the same conclusion that I have through very disparate sets of data, experiences, a whole other continent.

Every word of this blog post is so important for you to read and share with everybody that you know. I can't really, I can't really say, I can't stress it enough. Nobody wins here, but maybe for the first time people will be able to hear what I'm saying in a way that I haven't been able to say it because I've been so, had my mind so clouded by trying to understand what my friends and allies are doing to push the ball forward and why they were doing things that I didn't think acknowledged what we now know. And it's never been summarized so much better than in this article entitled, “It Doesn't Matter, Stop Getting Distracted by the Sideshows”. I'm one of those sideshows. I've never not said that. It's part of the reason why I wear a Star Trek badge all the time, because I don't take myself seriously as a biologist on the internet giving people advice. And I want everybody out there to realize that this is a, this is here for a reason.

Because if I claim some kind of authority or some kind of real knowledge, then the entire system will work against me. The entire system will judge me. But if I put myself out as some kind of clown or some kind of science officer, I'm not endangering anyone. But in reality, I have been on it all the time, all the while, with this badge right here, this badge. This is the badge that matters, the control group badge. And we're going to find over the next few years, as people stay on this program or get off this program, there's going to be a great disparity in the health of the system. There's going to be a great disparity in the health of the people in the Western world. It's definitely going to happen. Especially if we keep up with these mRNA vaccines. So anyway, here we go. It's been an interesting few weeks in the COVID conspiracy arena. Yes, that's us apparently reports of infighting abound, which is bizarre because most of what we have been predicting has come to fruition particularly the atro iatro iatricide fomented by governments with a combination of lockdowns, masks and the worst vaccines ever. The act of killing a patient by medical treatment. So you would think that team reality would be chilling on a beach sipping margaritas from their I told you so mugs, but not so apparently we've suffered enough over the last three years of medical and scientific fascism are beach margarita ended up more like this.

So I thought it was time to put out a short message. Stop trying to stop being distracted. All the infighting is Kabuki theater. It always was and it doesn't matter. No, seriously, it doesn't matter. Kabuki theater run by people who thought they were solving a problem by the thought that they were solving a mystery catching people on lies. It doesn't matter that JJ Couey was criticizing his good friend Charles Rixie on his stream because both of these guys are right. Charles is right that a viral sequence released as the origin of the pandemic was manufactured.

And JJ was right that such a virus cannot create a lethal pandemic alone. What a beautiful way of saying it. But why did we highlight Kim DotComs expose a with with Charles Rixie, because on their Charles Rixie said that millions have died because of this virus. And so Jikky knows that this virus couldn't have done what they say it did.

No one coronavirus could do that. Not without significant help from the one coronavirus could do that. Not without significant help. Not unless it was in the form of an infectious clone. Jikky understands that, Dr. Syed understands that. It doesn't matter that Michael Senger interpreted this misinterpreted the spat on his substack and declared JJ to have rejected the lab hypothesis because he didn't. He just said it didn't matter because they could have never made a virus transmissible and lethal enough to cause the worst pandemic ever. What that means is that coronaviruses like this, even if you can get them to cause a local outbreak, don't have the genomic stability to traverse the world maintaining their virulence. Well, at least not without the same kind of help that MERS required to produce multiple outbreaks around the world.

It doesn't matter that Robert Malone is suing Braggans for questioning to daring to question him even though they were entitled to do it. Is Robert Malone right to do this? Maybe not.

Maybe. But it doesn't matter. It's a sideshow.

It doesn't matter. I didn't even know that this was happening until I read his article that Malid Nawaz and Alexandros Marinos are having a public spat over Elon Musk.

Alexandros Marinos has always been a very crazy person when it comes to how much he loves Elon Musk. So it's not surprising to me that this would be a drama that would occur.

Another sideshow. It doesn't matter that Matthew Crawford fell out with Steve Kirsch because either Matthew is the statistical rock that I believe him to be or his many detailed analysis will be exposed as incorrect. They haven't. They probably won't be. And he always brings the receipts. It doesn't matter that Alex Berenson thinks those that believe Ivermectin has antiviral activity are deranged loons because the evidence base is so strong that Berenson ended up with egg on his face and those paying attention. Attention. Excuse me. Come on. Those paying attention don't have to pay attention anymore.

It doesn't matter that the Casam versus Hazard case was lost. What mattered was that the case highlighted the abject failure of the courts that led to the judge Robert Beach Jones telling the population that coercion is still consent. This is in Australia, I presume. It matters that Tony Nikolic put a stake in the ground showing that the courts knew that the vaccine did not reduce transmission that infection rates were higher in the vaccinated. The evidence to justify lockdowns, masks and vaccine didn't exist. This is the Australian Health Authority. I believe lied that they had a lawyer in the court to hide the fact that Pfizer's barrister was acting on their behalf. Deaths had been reported from the administration of COVID vaccines and the expert witness for the government received 65 million in government grants and had never treated a COVID patient. Interesting. Doesn't matter whether Ivermectin works or doesn't work in COVID or any other viral infection. What matters is that the doctors that were using Ivermectin like Pierre Corrie, Baron Tyson, Zev Zelenko and Lin Flynn, Finn were actually bothered to treat the patient, not some anonymous protocol. So what he means is that they tried to treat the patient rather than using some protocol handed down by the CDC or do nothing at all, which meant that their patients also got antibiotics to treat the secondary pneumonia that was actually the cause of elderly deaths. Here is where our slide set comes in. So crucially, because our slide set that we have been developing has a slide in it, which describes this very phenomenon, right? We have been talking about this for too long and it's time that we, we really get our act together and realize something happened here, but it wasn't a novel cause of death. In dark blue, you have pneumonia year on year from 2014 up until the start of the pandemic. And if you see this behind my chair here, this increase in pneumonia deaths can be solely ascribed to the sudden disuse of antibiotics antibiotics for the treatment of pneumonia, a standard treatment of pneumonia.

And so that's what we're talking about here. That's what GK, the mouse is talking about here. You know, he's talking about the fact that they changed protocols, told and scared doctors, forced doctors to follow their protocol, which was basically nothing, but certainly getting rid of a very cheap antibiotic. And why? Because antibiotics don't work on viruses. You've heard twibs say that a million times. You've heard Dr. Griffin say it a million times. What does it matter then? What matters is what we know, work out what you know, and the rest is irrelevant because there is enough there to make a case for mass arrests of people in government who just conspired to a democide. This is what we know. More people died in April, 2020 and January, 2021 than would normally have died. This is probably Australia, but it could be a lot other places as well. We, we'd have to talk to Dennis Rancourt about that. In some countries, the overall death rate was normal for 2020, which means the impact of the pandemic was either minor or a pull forward effect. Labs performed PCR tests for a strand of RNA and in some people that was positive.

These PCR tests were more likely to be positive at the time that there were deaths. The PCR primers for these PCR tests were commercial except in New South Wales in 2020. Interesting.

And therefore we do not know what they were testing for. So interesting enough, interestingly here in 2020, I had a spat with a guy from Australia by the name of Ian something, something or other, who sent me lots of DMS about how the PCR tests are crazy accurate, yada, yada, yada. Again, I've said this a million times and I'll keep saying it. There were too many versions, too many versions of this test, too much proprietary reagents and, and, and methodologies and protocols to make an accurate assessment of what was really contained in that data, that huge assortment of data, depending on where you were and what test was prevalent. And so in Australia, it's a little, it's a little tiny, it's a little tiny laboratory compared to what happened in the United States, where there was just this free for all basically. And so what's really cool about Australia and, and what happened there was this combination of perhaps legitimate shutdown in the face of an acute release of a clone and the appearance of no infection because of the specificity of their particular, because then look at the next thing he says, the primers for the first PCR tests in China were wrong and therefore could not have tested for SARS-CoV-2. Interesting posit. I have to look at this article and make sure that he's correct, but I highly doubt that the mouse is pulling something out of thin air here. The protocols for managing post-viral pneumonia were changed in April, 2020 to remove antibiotics. Well, interesting, isn't that? They did it because why? Because they were afraid of curating super bugs by the overuse of antibiotics. Have you heard this story before? It's interesting that we haven't all already died because there are places in India where the rivers flow with antibiotics because they're right downstream from a huge pharmaceutical plant that does not have antibiotics. So it's interesting that they have a huge pharmaceutical plant that dumps all of their leftover remnants in the rivers.

But in those rivers, while there are antibiotic resistant bacteria, they don't seem to be taken over the world or anything yet. Not that I'm saying there aren't dangers from these kinds of antibacterial, microbial resistant, or I mean anti... What am I talking about here? Antibiotic resistant bacteria. But something happened in 2019, which is very interesting, is that they stopped treating old people with antibiotics, which is crazy. If you are an elderly person with a post-viral pneumonia and you are denied antibiotics, you will most likely die. That's true. They did that in New York City en masse. They did it in a lot of places in combination with medazolam in the UK. The overwhelming majority of the deaths in China where patients were treated in Wuhan under Wuhan protocols. Mainland China had a near zero fatality rate from a disease that was supposedly novel and supposedly originated there.

The same disease outside of Wuhan had a 7.5 times lower risk of death than the disease incurring in Wuhan. This is not possible by chance. China, the supposed epicenter of the novel untreatable coronavirus, had the lowest COVID mortality rate per million population in the world in 2020 and 2021. This is not possible with the story presented. I don't know how many times we have to say it. On the basis of the novel coronavirus pandemic with high fatality rate, the whole world was subjected to lockdowns that did not work, mask mandates that did not work, and forced vaccinations with an experimental RNA therapy vaccine, just call it a transfection, that did not work and cause more deaths than the pandemic ever could have.

On the basis of the pandemic arising in China, which did not affect China in any appreciable way, the world's economies were shut down and you are still living with the consequences. Number 13 is a really good one. On the basis of the pandemic arising from China, which did not affect China in any appreciable way, the world's economies were shut down and you are still living with the consequences. For some people, the forced vaccine mandates and government interference with medical treatment resulted in death. That is the reality. The removal of antibiotics from standard post viral pneumonia was done in lockstep around the world. And that's how you got this. This unprecedented number of people dying from pneumonia in 2020 and 2021. That's how you got the record number over decades in America, dying of pneumonia. You got it by stopping the treatment. And so again, the reason why I'm all the way back here and I think that it's important to see what we were fighting about, what we were arguing about, because what we were arguing about is exactly what GK has just described here in this wonderful blog post. If you understand that the majority of people were killed by the protocol change, if you understand that the majority of the people were killed by the protocol change, if you understand that more people were killed by the protocol change than could ever be killed by a coronavirus, then you got to scratch your head and ask yourself, why are some people so insistent? That's the crux of the problem here. That's where I think you, as a discerning person trying to make your way into the future should select your sources of information because it is clear from multiple different angles around this planet, no matter who you talk to, that what they say happened on the television and in social media, which is, you know, you know, you know, you know, they say happened on the television and in social media, which is that a virus come from a market or a laboratory or gate of function or natural has been circulating the globe for three years and we're still feeling the consequences of it when in reality something very different happened. And in fact, from a global statistics perspective, you don't need a particularly dangerous virus at all. You just need the lockstep coordination of this narrative where there is a viral pneumonia that you should not cannot treat with antibiotics and therefore anything that resembles this remember in America, we didn't test those old people in New York. We didn't, we didn't get a test out. We just assumed they had the new thing and we sent them back to their old folks home with no antibiotics and Tylenol. That's it. And so whenever anyone gets the chance to tell that story and instead they say that there's a gain of function virus that has killed millions, we have a problem because that's not what happened.

I've talked about Alex Berenson before. I've told you before what his shtick is.

What his only shtick is, is that he's anti marijuana and he wants to blame schizophrenia in young people on marijuana, strong marijuana. That's his shtick. As long as he sticks to that, he's allowed to do whatever he gets to be rich and famous and yada, yada, yada.

And that's why he got away with this for a little while with the ivermectin thing.

Again, probably encouraged to do it. There's almost no doubt that Alex Berenson is a lot like one of these other people on the internet that's not real. And he might have been real at one point, but he's been co-opted. And you can tell because again, the people that are co-opted are getting rich. The people that are co-opted are making bank right now. And anyone that is making bank is co-opted. That's the way you should see it. There's nobody out there who's got a horse farm with multiple pregnant mares on it that ain't making bank on this. Okay. On the other hand, if you're thinking about maybe you're losing your house or you got to move in with your mother-in-law's, your, your, your wife's family, you're thinking about leaving the country. You're thinking about going to the doctor's you're thinking about leaving the country. You don't own anything at all, except for your car.

And you don't have a sub stack that makes a lot of money and nobody watches your YouTube channel. Well, then maybe you're legit. That's the way I see it.

And this guy's still basically canceled. This guy is still basically canceled. And I really enjoy the fact that we're finally here where people have realized that this is the case, that the story that they've told you on TV is completely inverted in, in numerical and mathematical terms. They have, they have lied to us.

The interesting thing is, is the removal of antibiotics from standard post-viral pneumonia was done lockstep around the world. How could this have happened? Well, a consortium driven by the university of Liverpool and the who those COVID deaths did not need to happen. The people affiliated with Andrew Owen of magic were exposed by test. Laurie is admitting to undo financial influence and rejecting Ivermectin as a therapeutic, but Ivermectin was just part of the problem because the Ivermectin protocols came with antibiotics, which is what prevented the bacterial pneumonia.

Are you blown away or what?

What you should be blown away is, is that there are doctors at the moment on the dissident side who could be upset, could have been done saying this from the beginning, but really haven't. Let me rewind that again, so that you hear it, because I'm saying something that's really important. There are doctors on our side that could have been saying this for years already, and they haven't been saying it. Instead, they've been sticking to the Ivermectin and the hydroxychloroquine. Why? Because sticking to the Ivermectin and the hydrochloroquine does not step on any viral toes. It doesn't say anything about the Scooby Doo. It doesn't say anything about the fraction of people that are actually suffering from a pneumonia caused by a virus that needs antivirals, as opposed to a post viral pneumonia caused by a bacteria that needs antibiotics. Now, to get away with it, again, because you hear this, the Ivermectin protocols come with antibiotics. Now, the question becomes, are those people then aware of the fact that they might just need to use the antibiotics? They might be getting a significant amount of results from the antibiotics, and they're just, they're just saying the Ivermectin is the most important thing because that's what they've been told to say. That's what they've been allowed to say.

I've shown you lots of pictures of me and other people that are on our team. And I can tell you that every one of those people interacted with me long enough so that I have an impression. An impression that's often incredibly on target, smack on point.

And my impression of more than one of these doctors is Sketch House.

And I think what's, what's being explained right here is so important to understand. It is so important to understand. Even Vincent Renson Yellow of TWIV knows that Ivermectin was being used in a hospital in New York as part of their standard protocol, along with antibiotics.

While he does the Dr. Griffin show every week where Dr. Griffin says antibiotics don't work on viruses.

Following my assessment of the situation, taking into account the above-known facts, you are welcome to disagree. Comments are open. I encourage you to rebut this. There was never a pandemic of any lethal viruses. The sequence made by Barak Dezak, she and their buddies in virology labs around the world are viral sequences of RNA, but they are synthetic.

They can be effectively distributed via clones rather than letting an unstable real life RNA coronavirus loose on the world, which would likely regress and flop as a bio-weapon. What they proposed, a scary lethal novel coronavirus causing a pandemic is nigh on impossible, but the scare was real. In order to persuade people of a lethal pandemic virus, the CCP who dictate medical protocols in Wuhan allowed the release of a viral clone that caused disease leading to bacterial pneumonia. They then either withheld antibiotic treatment from cases in Wuhan only, or only reported the cases that failed to respond to antibiotics producing a selection bias in the reports. Either way, this produced an artificially inflated death rate amongst cases in Wuhan that was not replicated in the rest of China. Thus, the fear of the pandemic was born. Once cases of viral infection, which might just have been circulating coronaviruses because the PCR tests were not specific enough to detect COVID only, were seen in other countries propaganda mobilized, seeded by the CCP and lapped up by the West via Tony Fauci to make sure that antibiotics normally used in post-viral pneumonia were not used in post-COVID pneumonia. There was no medical reason for this, only political. You realize this would have also scooped in all of the... What you need to realize is, and that's something that I've tried to point out a number of times, but I'm just not very good at it apparently, is that what you can't put on this graph is how many people got pneumonia and didn't die. These are deaths. This is the total number of deaths in light blue. This is the number of deaths of that total that are made of pneumonia. The yellow is influenza. The red is COVID. And what you see is a huge increase in the number of people dying from pneumonia. Yeah, there are other people here that test positive for COVID and get roped in because that's what we were doing. But this is an absurd increase in deaths due to pneumonia, which in reality, if we could put the number of people that get pneumonia but live every year on here, what we have done is just taken a portion of them and let them die. We let them die.

Once the cases of viral infection were seen, there was no medical reason for this, only political. The political reasoning was to ensure that the populations were scared enough of the scary virus to accept lockdowns, masks, and then experimental transfections. None of those should have happened because they were not in the pandemic plans created prior to 2020. Remember that none of the Chinese lockdowns were real. All of it was propaganda. That's very likely true. All of it was propaganda. That's very likely true. Even the building of that giant hospital. Once you step back, take a step back and look at the entire world shutting down masking up and tossing away human rights and lockstep after China supposedly beat a super virus with fake videos of residents falling dead by locking down one city, the lockdown fraud looks invariably obvious. He's not wrong. The masks were propaganda to keep the fear alive. The lockdowns were designed to neutralize non-Chinese economies such that the only economy that grew in 2020 was China's.

Once those two pillars of the fake pandemic were implemented, the pathway was laid for the introduction of the emergency transfections. They were countermeasures. Countermeasures under health and human services or HHS. What is it? Yeah.

And the DOD I think. The DOD is responsible for the testing swabs. The DOD I think is responsible for the sequencing. I think the DOD was also responsible for rolling out the countermeasures.

And so this is where we have to figure out really what's going on. Instead of pushing back against the CCP propaganda, the West continued down the same pathway.

Oh, sorry. Once these two emergency vaccines for which the mRNA therapy technology was ready to be used and they really focused on that and remdesivir in the United States in particular, they focused on remdesivir getting it in all the hospitals, making it available immediately. And that could have been a twofold play. We can talk about at some point, but instead of pushing back against the CCP propaganda, the West continued down the same fake pathway.

They ignored that mainland China refused mRNA.

They mobilize people like Gideon Marowitz Katz, whose lab openly affiliated with Chinese CDC to push lockdown masks and vaccine propaganda. And they mobilized, they used other people as well, right? Because people like Brett Weinstein and Sam Harris and all these people were queued in.

I've played you that that December 2019 video of Brett's eighth podcast that happened to have Sam Harris on it, where they talked about how there might not be a super virus now, but when there is one, we won't have time for these anti-vaxxers and their nonsense. If you think for one second, that was a, that was a fluke. You are mistaken. Whether or not these people know that they were being used at the time matters not. In doing so, the world fell in line with global dictates that supplied by the magic app protocols, which told doctors not to use antibiotics and Costco post-COVID pneumonia. And in doing that, the world's doctors collaborated knowing or unknowingly in the worldwide Iatricide that was likely entirely preventable.

Did they do this in Italy as well? Where the two years prior the old people of Northern Italy, and particular in that town where it all went nuts, had been immunized to things they didn't need to necessarily be immunized to as a, as a sort of military operation, a secret thing that's now too secret to talk about in Italy. Do you not even heard of that? Because it's real in the Northern town of Bergamo. I think wherever it really got bad in Italy, all of the old people in that town had been vaccinated three years in a row for different things, including shingles. Go figure, right? I'm not even, I'm not even playing, but you can't find that information anymore because it's, it's military classified secret in Italy.

The protocols touted by Zelenko and Corey were simple hydroxychloroquine or ivermectin zinc and doxycycline or azithromycin. Doxycycline and azithromycin are the two antibiotics.

And so Zelenko being dead now, I would like to say out loud and openly that he had a video where he explained that it was a national security issue for everybody to understand that quizertin and zinc was enough to beat most of these RNA viruses. And if we were going to save ourselves from these people, we needed to understand that, that enabling the zinc finger proteins that naturally destroy RNA of viral origin, et cetera, that work together with the total receptors in your, in your, in your cells, the, the, the, having zinc available in your cells, that's what quizertin does was the thing that one of the things that last things that Zelenko said before he left us, which prevents or treats the secondary pneumonia and causes death in majority in cases of COVID some of the safest drugs on the planet. Yet we weren't allowed to use them because the who Fauci and Andrew Owen said so. And then the government stepped in to restrict their prescription. The hydroxychloroquine or ivermectin may not have even been that important. Most likely all that was needed was the three tablets of azithromycin, which represents a course of treatment for community acquired pneumonia, less than a dollar in many countries. If you had a negative COVID test, you would have been given those tablets. If you had a positive test, you weren't allowed them. An elderly person with untreated post COVID pneumonia was set on a pathway to death. $1, three tablets. That was the price the who set as too high to treat your elderly relatives. I guess the who's director Tedros gives too much away in this picture, but then again, this is not the first demicidal rodeo. Having been the health minister who oversaw the systemic health discrimination highlighted in human rights watches 2010 report, but sure everything he does now is purely to protect granny $1, three tablets, wear a mask, take your vaccine, stay indoors. Don't listen to reactionaries, just compliance for your safety. One last question. Who are we supposed to be hiling this time around? It's really important that you understand that this is, this is really happening now. Okay. This is really happening and having the guts to still be watching my show, um, having the guts to be still following me, count yourself as part of this, this awakening, because this is happening, whether people like it or not. Another guy by the name of Joel Smalley with dead man talking has stolen this, um, from GK Dr. Said, more people have died in April, 2020 in January, 2021 than normally have died. Some countries, the overall death rate was normal. The lab performed PCR tests for a strand of RNA. And some people, these were positive. These PCR tests were more likely to be positive at the time there were deaths. The primers for these PCR tests were commercial and therefore we do not know what they were testing. And the primers for the first PCR tests in China were probably wrong.

And so again, you can see how they did it, right? If it was already there in the background, then all you need to do is have a specific or non-specific test and now you get the things you need when you need it in the theater. And you get the theater based on the fact that holy crap, we've lost control of pneumonia. Holy crap. We've lost control of pneumonia. I can't believe how many people have died of pneumonia in the last two years. We used to have it so under control.

$1, three pills.

And so you can just read the whole thing again here because he just is reposting it because that's where we are. That's where we are. And I don't think there's really much more to say about it right now. I have a lot of work that I have to do for Bobby. He's taken a week off or so and I promised at the end of that week, I would have a little bit of a summary done for him. And I promised that summary to somebody else as well. I'm thoroughly grateful, Dr. Said, if you're out there for this summary, because essentially I have this written, but I don't have it written from the perspective of an MD. And I think this, this perspective is really helpful for me to try and craft this next nice set of slides. So kudos to kudos to it doesn't matter. Archimedic sub stack.

Kudos, kudos, kudos. Um, I think he nailed it. I think he's nailed it here. I think this is probably the best summary of what I've been up to and why I've been up to it that has been attempted. And I mean, hats off to Dr. Said for this great Christmas gift. Um, thank you very much. I'm just really, I'm thoroughly pleased that this is here. I'm thoroughly, thoroughly pleased that this is here. I feel really like we are about to make serious progress. Um, just to let you know, I am making preparations to upgrade a little bit, um, in terms of the show so that I can do things a little bit quicker. There's always this problem with, with getting everything to sing right. And when I decide to pull the trigger, then something doesn't work. So that's why I was going to do it at 11 today, but then I didn't get on until 1130. Um, and so I think I've figured out where some of those weak points are. I'm going to get a new, I have a new computer coming. Actually it came already. And then the box was completely smashed. Somehow you couldn't see it on the outside, but the computer inside had been completely, somebody did not like me. Um, so I have to send that back through federal FedExpress and then a new computer will come and then I'll get all that set up this week. Um, along with an easier way to switch from the writing to the green screen. Um, and then, uh, we'll, we'll just be able to put more shows out per week because the office hours does work and we'll try to do one show or two show, probably one show a week with a slide deck and then a few shows a week with office hours. Um, and then we're going to start doing journal clubs again, because, uh, I really like that. Um, and I want to find a way of doing it. So there's going to be some JC on a bike as well. Um, that's a little bit trickier around here right now, but we will see. Um, I'm editing one still. I hate editing. It's, it's just not for me. Um, because I let the pursuit of perfection get in the way of pretty good and I could release a lot more videos if I released them that were just pretty good. Anyway, thank you very much for joining me. I really enjoyed this, uh, reading this with you. Um, and I hope, uh, I will see you again very soon. Thanks.