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Live with Sasha Latypova on DoD ownership of mRNA injectables

Okay, so we are live. Thank you. My name is Dr. Sam Dubé, Canadian, non-clinical academic physician. Joining me today is our broadcast journalist, Vlad Tepes, blog in the background, former computer systems analyst and activist Glenn Macko, and our special guest today is Sasha Latypova. Sasha is the former owner and executive of multiple contract research organizations. She is a former pharmaceutical executive currently living in the United States, actually for a couple of decades now in the United States at least. And she is going to present to us something very important and urgent today, that being the evidence of the Department of Defense involvement with COVID countermeasures worldwide. Sasha, thank you so much for joining us today. I leave it to you.

Hi. Thank you, Sam. Hello, everyone. I'm going to do some presentation, sharing some slides, and then, you know, we can do a questions answer after that. But what I wanted to share today with you, let me share my screen. And so can you see the slides? Not yet. Okay, let me know when it comes. There we go. Intent to harm. Okay, yeah. So today I wanted to talk about this topic, intent to harm, and it covers various aspects of what has been going on for the past, you know, two and a half years visibly. But there's been a lot of preparation and planning for this to happen. And how we can think about this criminal cartel or we should call it enterprise, because actually it is officially a government, U.S. government enterprise. It's called COVID enterprise or PMC. And we will talk about it some more.

So let's discuss a summary. In the summary slide, I want to say what exists today as a summary of all evidence that we have been able to gather and all of this evidence points to intent to harm. I'm not going to have enough time to discuss, you know, toxicity, safety, efficacy. That's been covered very extensively by many researchers. But we know today that these shots, so-called vaccines, have been designed to be toxic. The mechanisms are extensively documented and demonstrated. And in lay terms, they basically instruct the cells of your body to attack themselves and destroy themselves. There is absolutely no safety. In fact, we see horrific deaths and injury toll in all databases that exist, such as, you know, Bayer's, V-safe, Indivigilance, Yellow Card, many, many other databases for pharmacovigilance are pointing to the same thing. We have millions of reports in the U.S. Approximately over a million extra deaths have happened in the last two years, about 600,000 a year of extra deaths and unfortunately in the younger people and in children too. There is no efficacy. We have numerous reports. And now most recently, Cleveland Clinic published a report showing that the more injections you have, the more likely you are going to have COVID. And this is in the young and otherwise healthy population of their employees. There is absolutely horrific manufacturing. I've covered this extensively. I call it very bad manufacturing practices as opposed to current good manufacturing practices, which is the law in the United States and there are similar laws all over the world. These products are being produced completely noncompliant to these sets of laws. And so there is absolutely no assurance what goes into those shots and absolutely anything can be found there. All of this is supported by malignant policy worldwide. Governments are lying, covering up, gaslighting. They're actually all acting from the same script, it seems like. They're gaslighting the injured, they're prosecuting any dissent from the medical community, any whistleblowers and of course they're colluding with the mass media. And there is substantial and very perverse funding of all of the above. And in about a day, our Congress is going to approve yet another couple of trillion of spending to maintain this criminal cartel. Right, the omnibus bill. Yes. So at this point, if you see all of that or if you don't see it, I feel really sorry for you. If you do see it, you're probably screaming and you're saying, you know, why there's no action? And obviously all of this is wrong and why no action by the regulators or by the courts? And here's the explanation why. So I'm borrowing a lot of very deep legal research by Catherine Watt who writes a very important substack. It's called Daily Week News. I suggest everyone subscribe to her. She has an encyclopedia of law traced back to early 1900s on this matter. But I'm going to cover just very key pieces of it and more recent ones. So the first piece of pseudolaw that we have to consider is emergency use authorization in the United States. It was put in place in 1997 under Clinton and it gets rid of FDA safety and efficacy regulations under this framework. Now, originally, as all these things go, it was very limited to certain situations. And there are at least some criteria that apply to this, the most important one being that there are no existing treatments for this condition. And that's why that explains why there was such a perverse and massive campaign to suppress early treatments for COVID because they needed to satisfy this criteria. They needed to pretend like there were no treatments for COVID. And that's why they massively suppressed hydroxychloroquine and ivermectin and other treatments and other treatment protocols and prosecuted every doctor who tried to treat their patients. So that's one piece of legislation that's important here. The second one is not many people know about it, but you should read up on it. And this is really critical for how all of this crime can be committed. It's called other transaction authority. It was put in place a long time ago, amended most recently under Obama in 2015. And this particular way of contracting, I'll discuss it in more detail, but it enables Department of Defense among other government agencies to order undisclosed military prototypes from private manufacturers, such as pharmaceutical companies. And finally, what clicks this whole structure into place is PREP Act and Public Health Emergency Declaration. PREP Act was also put in place before 2020. It was particularly bulletproof and updated, amended with deep participation from Robert Kudlick, who was Assistant Secretary of Pandemic Preparedness and Response under Trump. And then during early 2020, Trump announced Public Health Emergency under Stafford Act, which also has never been used before in the United States. And when this happens, when we when we have Public Health Emergency, all of this thing, this cage clicks into place and covers everyone. So let's look at other transaction authority. So the way, excuse me, so other transaction authority, as I said, this is a way for Department of Defense to order military prototypes and bypass any regulation that applies to regulated companies, such as pharmaceutical companies. So this is very, very important to understand this particular way of contracting originally was put in place in the U.S. in the 60s. Now it expanded to 11 government agencies and the Department of Defense is particularly fond of these things because it allows them to, as I said, bypass any regulations that apply to otherwise regulated products, such as pharmaceutical or biotech or devices or pretty much anything and just call it prototype and a demonstration. And another very critical piece of law. And that's why I'm just quoting it here. So once once the emergency, once the Public Health Emergency is announced, then this comes into play. According to this law in the U.S., use of emergency use covered medical countermeasures. Once they're designated as such by the Secretary of Health and Human Services, which happened on March 10th, 2020, shall not be considered to be the clinical investigation. So during Public Health Emergency, when medical countermeasures ordered by DOD under OTA used in the emergency use authorized manner, they are not pharmaceuticals. So the biggest lie perpetrated on American citizens and people worldwide was our regulatory authorities worldwide who were pretending to regulate these products. They have no authority to regulate these products because they cannot be clinical investigational products. So the clinical trials, so-called clinical trials and research and development, so-called research and development, those are performance art. They're fake. They don't exist. For these things, which are not pharmaceutical products, those exercises, such as clinical trials and research and development activities, do not apply. Now, what does apply? How do they get deployed, these products? Well, it turns out there isn't really any criteria for how they get deployed. It's basically, again, based on the same piece of law from the U.S., this is entirely to the discretion of the HHS Secretary, Health and Human Services Secretary. During HHS declared Public Health Emergency, so there's no criteria to declare Public Health Emergency. As you remember, WHO, unelected, unaccountable private organization pronounced somewhere that we have novel coronavirus pandemic based on 40 cases out of 8 billion people in the world. So they decided it's a pandemic. And then all of them, like the House of Cards, everywhere, all the health agencies fell for this and started announcing their public health emergencies in their respective countries, and that happened in the U.S. too. So once they do it based on no criteria, based on when they feel like it, then the deployment of these countermeasures is entirely at the discretion of the Health and Human Services Secretary, who was, at the time, Alex Azar under Trump, and now it's Javier Bicher. So this piece of law says that the HHS Secretary may issue authorizations if he or she, in their sole capacity, concludes that based on the totality of scientific evidence available, if available, it doesn't have to be available. These products may be effective. That's the only criteria that applies, may be effective because Alex Azar thinks so, or Javier Bicher thinks so, or whoever succeeds them thinks so. And by the way, there is no criteria for stopping. They can continue thinking that they may be effective, and therefore deploying them on every man, woman, child in the United States, because they think that their potential or known potential benefits overweigh their known and potential risks. So that's it. That's how this continues under public health emergency. So that explains why the public health emergency has been extended 12 or 13 times and will continue being extended because this is what's needed for the HHS Secretary to act like a dictator and to push all these untested, very dangerous countermeasures on every man, woman, and child in the United States, and then the same thing exists outside of the United States, of course. So Sasha, essentially, these are, it boils down to being the opinions of unelected, unaccountable, and in many cases, international organizations just saying what they want to say about these injections. Absolutely. That's how it works. And also, as you can see, there are no criteria for changing the opinion of those unelected bureaucrats. They can continue pretending that the data doesn't exist because, well, it says right here, it doesn't have to be available. So they can go on continuing pretending that the data doesn't exist and give us these, you know, answers like, oh, we've looked at it and it's safe and effective, and that's it. The safe and effective here doesn't have any legal criteria. Unlike for real pharmaceutical products, then you have to actually prove it. Here you don't. They banish the requirement for safety and efficacy, essentially. Yes. And then they lie to the public that these products are regulated by FDA in the U.S. or regulated by Health Canada in Canada or regulated by European Medicines Agencies. Those groups have no impact on these products and have no regulatory authority over these products. That's what everyone has to realize. That's the biggest lie. And so, when politicians and media were touting the injections to be, or excuse me, the countermeasures to be safe and effective, this was just what they were being told. Yes. And that was part of the performance art to convince the public. So the regulatory agencies impersonated regulators in this case, and then the media supported that impersonation and propagated that message. So they broadcast this performance art and play, which was called vaccine development and approval. But in reality, no vaccine, no real regulated vaccine development and approval ever happened for these things. Sasha, it's incredible how apt your description performance art is so apt here. Absolutely. So this also, by the way, explains a very curious use of the word demonstration in DOD contracts for vaccines, because that's exactly what demonstration is. Demonstration is fake. Demonstration is art. It's not the real deal. And they exactly ordered them, and I'll discuss that also, the DOD in the US ordered all of these things as demonstrations. And the clinical trials were not ordered by the Department of Defense or HHS because these are not possible for this type of material, the countermeasures. It's not possible to do clinical trials, and it's not possible to do current good manufacturing practice compliance for them again because they're not regulated under those frameworks. And legally, they have never been any clinical trial subjects or investigators. And obviously, there has never been any informed consent. So all of those people who were the clinical sites, the CROs, the clinical trial subjects who volunteered for this, they were lied to. They were told they're participating in a real clinical trial. But legally, it wasn't a real clinical trial. It was voluntary performance act by everyone involved. And by the way, thanks to Barack Obama, who put in place Cures Act, the informed consent today is conditional. It's actually not absolute. It says that if it's not in the best interest of the subject, they don't have to be informed. And this is what was used exactly here. Somebody, HHS secretary, whoever, decided that it wasn't in the best interest of these subjects to be told that the clinical trial is a farce. And so they were not told. And neither were the investigators or the CROs or the clinical sites or anyone who participated in this. And by the way, a lot of people took it seriously. The FDA reviewers took it seriously. Two of them committed suicide. And, you know, a lot of people took it seriously so that this was actually real development and approval where, in fact, it was a lie. So you're saying that there was a limited number of people who actually knew the truth here? Yes, a very limited number. So the lie was perpetrated on everyone, including most of the employees of the HHS, most of the employees of the FDA. There are 15,000 of them. Maybe only a handful at the top knew the true legal status of these products. And so is, I think, majority of Pfizer employees or Moderna employees have no idea what's going on. The people in their general counsel office, of course, knew. The CEOs, the executives at the top knew. The rest of them didn't. That's how this whole lie was perpetrated. And people were acting as if it was real. Well, Sasha, I just want to interject here. A woman who needs no introduction has just joined us. Lara Logan, thank you so much for coming. It's an honor to have you here. Lara will be hosting. And Lara, interject any time you want, OK? Yes. Hi there. It's nice to see you again, Sasha. And thank you very much, Glenn. And welcome, everybody. We have I have the Internet gremlins blocking my access to everything. So it's it's a little more challenging than it should be to get to get onto these. But I just want to, you know, Sasha, you have I'm not sure how many people are familiar with your background. I know that you have been working on this for a very long time and you have an extensive background in medical research. Do you do you mind just taking us through that? Can we introduce ourselves? Let's go through. We'll start with you and go around and Glenn, you want to go next and and then we'll just finish the circle. OK. Yes. Hi. So just to step back, you know, my background is in the pharmaceutical research and development space. I spent 25 years working in this industry. I worked in various capacities. I ultimately ran my own contract research organizations, which are contractors to pharma companies performing clinical trials in humans. And we did certain technical aspects of those trials, assessments of data. And as part of being regulated industry, you know, you need to know the regulations. I did interact with FDA quite frequently on behalf of my clients and also as part of cardiovascular safety research consortium, which was answering questions about cardiovascular safety assessments and clinical trials. And that's how I I know, you know, it's a practical knowledge of these regulations. And that's what that's why I started looking into this, because I realized very early on that hydroxychloroquine and ivermectin were being suppressed. And this is extremely wrong if you think about the medicine and how it's practiced and also how the FDA typically looks at drugs. And there's always preference for something that has been on the market for a long time and has been used. And you understand it versus something completely novel. And here everything was turned upside down. And that's that's what, you know, started me questioning it and looking into it. And, you know, I've done this research over the past two years. And Glenn, just before you jump in there, I just want to point out, Sasha, you are an immigrant. You were born and raised in Russia and you've been here for how long? In Ukraine. But I've been in the U.S. since 97. Which is a very long time. Yes, very long time. OK, and Glenn, you wanted to jump in there? No, that was me. Oh, sorry. Yeah, no problem. I just think it's important to mention, Lara, that Sasha has done extensive work and analysis of vaccine adverse events, the injection adverse events and deaths. And she is one half of the team, along with Craig Prada Cooper, who founded the viral site, How Bad Is My Batch, that correlates vaccine adverse events, their variation and deaths to individual lot numbers, batch numbers of the injections. And that that predates COVID, right? No, this was started with COVID. So what we found when these injections started being rolled out, we found that VAERS, which is Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System by CDC, contained lot numbers. And we started looking at the adverse events and deaths as a measure of variability of these products. And that's the first time I identified in my analysis, I identified that these products were not good manufacturing practice compliant because of the humongous variability, especially if you compare to historical products that are in this database, such as flu vaccines. And, you know, so that led us to start that website. So Craig built the website. And on the website, people could come in and type the lot number. And this was for the U.S., because it is primarily from the U.S., to type the lot number for Pfizer, Moderna or Janssen and get the results for that particular lot. And they could see and show to their relatives that some of the lots had 5,000, 6,000 more adverse events and some had one or two. And, you know, that explains why why a lot of people are saying, oh, I didn't get injured. My friends, I don't have any side effects. You guys are conspiracies. And then, you know, there's a there's a handful of people who are, you know, they drop dead right there after the injection or there's more people who are dying within two weeks from cardiovascular causes. And then even more people are dying, you know, five, six months later from other causes, you know, cardiovascular clotting, neurological cancer. So you could see all that. And that was extremely revealing and very popular website. OK, so Sam, since you jumped in there, why don't you go next? Sure, Larry. Thank you. My name is Dr. Sam Duve. I'm a Canadian academic physician and mathematician. I work as a consultant in the health and fitness industry, and I was one of the very first Canadian physicians to speak out against the public health narrative and question the experimental gene therapy injections. I have a podcast or videocast on rumble called The Fifth Doctor, as in four out of five doctors often recommend bad things, that sort of thing, because science is not consensus and science is not a person. So thank you for that, Larry. And it's an honor to be here today. Well, and you've certainly up in Canada, you've had your work cut out for you. There's been a massive, massive mobilization against people like yourself and doctors, and especially how early, you know, you stood up. That was very significant. So just wanted to acknowledge that because, you know, it takes a lot of courage. We all know that. Thank you, Larry. Myself, I was I was very lucky working in industry. I could come out with a little more impunity, but many of my colleagues have been persecuted to the hilt. And I exposed that with a couple of viral videos very early on and was subsequently banned from YouTube. So it's very important that we get this out, because what Sasha is presenting to us today is literally the linchpin. It's the big ripping off of the bandaid here to show the procedural groundwork that was laid in essentially three steps over the years to set everything up so that these gene injections could be rolled out, essentially bypassing all safety and effectiveness protocols and regulations and for the regulatory bodies to do absolutely nothing and get away with it. Yeah, yeah, you're absolutely right. It's critical. OK, and and. So my name is Glenn Macko, and I'm a retired engineer and an activist. I've been involved now for a year and a half of help helping to try to link a variety of the very best and experts in the world. I don't consider myself that brilliant, but I've I've dealt with enormous number of brilliant players and scientists. And certainly Sasha is one of the best in the world. The thing I bring to the table, I think, is is both my history being in a big company. I built a set of software that was used internationally and also in the sports world of being a coach and how to get people to work together, how to train for things, how to spot techniques that you can go out and make an impact. So toward the end of this, I'm going to be talking about the omnibus bill and the ability for you, the public, to get involved and potentially push that back to not allow that funding for a full year, another year of the kind of things that Stasher believes shouldn't be funded and and give our next Congress a chance to talk about them. Thank you, Glenn. Is that everybody? We have our broadcast journalist and technical wizard in the background there, Vlad Tepes. So I think we should acknowledge him for holding this all together, Lara. Yes, I need one. I need a Vlad. I definitely need a Vlad. Thank you so much. Thank you very much. You know, this is obviously critical research, Sasha. You have a lot that's writing on this. It's a very I mean, it's it's stunning when you read your paper. It's pretty stunning what you have uncovered. And of course, you know, there's it's going to be met with a lot of skepticism. So can you just first just outline for us, you know, what you have based this on? I know some of these are Department of Defense documents. Some of them are from Health and Human Services. Can you just give us a sense of the basis for your research? Well, yes. So it comes from two places. And I've I've collaborated more recently with Katherine Watt. So I'm referring to her. She's a legal researcher and a journalist. And she has compiled on her Substack Encyclopedia of Law, tracing all these pseudo legalization of this atrocity. You know, let's call things the proper ways, proper names. This is this is an atrocity perpetrated by our government and governments worldwide on their own people. So she traced it back to if you're so curious, you can go even to the early 1900s or even before. But there there's a lot of research. And she cited all the laws that I just showed a couple of examples. There are actually six enabling statutes in the in the U.S. law. But I've been covering only three aspects of it in my presentations just for brevity. And so that that's deeply researched and documented chapter and verse. Everything is is there. We have hundreds of pages of documentation of how our Congress gave up their power, the power that they didn't have the right to give up. Yet they did. They gave up the power to the executive branch over time. And the executive branch essentially hijacked it and now is able to do this through these pseudo legalization of a crime. Of course, you cannot legalize a crime, but they did. And so that's that's one part, which is from the legal standpoint. Now, from the practical standpoint, that's what I was looking at. And I found two other areas which are very well documented now. And the first one I've uncovered, as I said, through this batch variability analysis is the fact that these products are not produced to current good manufacturing practices. I've tried to popularize this idea. A lot of people dismiss it and they say, well, you know, it's just a manufacturing error. Oh, they'll fix the manufacturing error without realizing that it's not just the manufacturing arrow. And these products cannot be produced to good manufacturing practice. That's the whole point. And the good manufacturing practices are the law, extensive law. They're violating it in gazillion ways. And it is the only part that is enforceable. So the deaths and injuries are not enforceable because of the PEP Act and other things that exempt vaccines from any liability. But they're not exempt from the good manufacturing practices. And that's the part of the law that's enforceable. And that's why I've been an advocate of this area. And a lot of, you know, experts unfortunately don't understand it because they never had to produce anything to good manufacturing practices. And they don't understand it and they dismiss it and they say, well, it's going to be fixed. It's not going to be fixed. Okay. So just so just so that we understand the documents that you're relying on. In part, you have Catherine Watts's research from Substack. You have those actually passed by Congress over time that are a matter of public record and cannot be disputed. You have documents from the Department of Defense. Can you take us through that? Yes. So the third part is the Department of Defense involvement. Again, while it was mentioned at the beginning, the it was sort of presented to the public as, oh, you know, they're just helping with logistics because of the freezing temperatures that are required. The Army can bring in the hospital offshore in New York and the Army can do this. And, yeah, we can have the military do that. And people feel reassured when they're told there's a time of crisis to know that the, you know, the Defense Department is stepping up and doing its job. Right. That's how it was presented. It was presented that way. But turns out that's not exactly how the Department of Defense is really involved in it. Turns out that they are chief operating officer of Operation Warp Speed, the Department of Defense. That was never really popularized, but it is in their own internal documents, which I have, and they've been declassified now. So the Department of Defense is the chief operating officer of the entire Operation Warp Speed. The different different parts of the government, including HHS, are participating in a huge coordinated effort to develop, design, do the clinical trials, do all the operations. So it's U.S. government led by Department of Defense operation to design and develop these so-called countermeasures. It includes all countermeasures, but majority of the money was spent for the vaccines. So then Department of Defense gave all this money through BARDA, through a set of managers. One of the managers is Advanced Technology International, well-established defense contractor making weapons for the Department of Defense. So they're managing this. About $47 billion were distributed to making countermeasures, of which $33 billion is for the vaccines, just on the R&D side. We're not talking about the purchasing contracts, which were even, you know, bigger than that commitments to purchase. And so that was all that all went through Department of Defense, 100 percent of it. And the contracts are very, very tight. The manufacturer has really no freedom as to how they're going to execute the contract, but they don't require any safety or efficacy to be proven. They just micromanage the hell out of them, give them a lot of money and direct them to use established DOD network of manufacturers to perform these tasks. If I could interrupt for a moment. Yes, go ahead. So, Laura, we have a little bit of a coordination issue here. So much of this material is laid out in print as part of her slide set. All your questions are excellent, but you'll see it in print and it'll be even more powerful if we continue that path. And you can certainly interject questions as we go. So you want to present those slides that go with that, Sasha? Yeah, I can show the slides that answer these questions. It's great if you ask questions we can show. Sasha was in the middle of her slide presentation, actually, and she already covered some of the points here. Covered some of the points, but yes, so let's look at the. Yes, what I just what I just want to emphasize for the audience, for anyone who's listening and to be able to have Sasha be able to present this is obviously she her and her work. Well, ultimately, if it gets enough attention, it's going to be attacked. And so it's important for people to have an understanding early on that this is. This is the Department of Defense's own. It's their own documentation. It's their own records, right? I mean, this is a fact. This is a matter of law. They put themselves in charge of Operation Warp Speed. And we've seen some of this happen in in recent years, there's been there's been unusual responses of the government in times of crisis. For example, when Benghazi happened, this Department of State was running the response and the public has this understanding that it's DOD because that is their responsibility. And then when COVID happens, instead of having the CDC and the FDA and all of these people, the NIH in charge, what you find later is that the Department of Defense was really in charge. You think it's the pharmaceutical companies that are doing their own research on their own, you know, under their own steam. And then you find out actually, this is a DOD managed program. And so this is this is a fundamental shift in understanding for the public. And so I just want you, Sasha, to have an opportunity to show the actual basis of it so that it can't just be dismissed. Absolutely. So that's that's those are great points because this is exactly where I am in the presentation. So even before we talk about Department of Defense, I think very few people realize that the National Security Council was in charge or is in charge of COVID policy and not the Health and Human Services. So that was a very strange response to public health, what was presented as a public health event to us to put National Security Council in charge of COVID policy. So National Security Council is an executive forum for foreign policy and national security to the president of the United States. And it does not include health related agencies as normal attendees and regular attendees, as you can see listed here, include a lot of defense, vice president, secretary of state, secretary of treasury, secretary of defense, assistant to the president for national security affairs, chairman of the joint chief of staff and director of national intelligence. So so the attendees of this National Security Council are primarily defense and intelligence. It has nothing to do with health and health public health agencies do not participate. So so this would indicate this would indicate to me and I wonder if you asked anyone this question that from the very beginning, the United States government knew that this was a bio weapon attack. Absolutely not a health emergency that it was a security and national security emergency. Absolutely, they did. And actually recently, their article came out with another set of documents and contracts awarded by the Department of Defense to vendors who were doing work for them in Ukraine, three months before the global pandemic was announced. And those contracts were specifically for COVID-19 research. Yeah, it's, it's, it's really stunning. The picture that it begins to present, right, because what it what it tells us is, well, first of all, that we were denied this information. The public was never told that part of the problem here is, we want our intelligence agencies and the Department of Defense to recognize if there is an attack on this country. But finding out that months in advance, you're doing commissioning this kind of research that when this hits, you don't tell the country that you're that there's a national security imperative to this. And then you allow the impression to persist that the health agencies are dealing with this because it's a health emergency. You're deceiving the people. You have this country, you're deceiving our leaders, you're deceiving doctors and nurses, the whole medical community. I mean, everybody is deceived by this. Absolutely. Remember, remember at the beginning, you were not even allowed to question the narrative that this was a zoonotic or some sort of naturally zoonotic where it went from animals to humans. Yes, in the in the bat market. Right. Yeah. Yeah. In the Wuhan in wet market, this was a zoonotic, totally natural evolution of virus jumping from animal to human. And you were not even able to question it at all. At the beginning, they were suppressing and hiding this information. So so now we have the set of facts. The DOD knew they awarded work for this several months before this pandemic emerged. Then they knew that this was not natural and they knew this was a bio warfare agent being deployed. And then they covered it up and pretended it was a zoonotic origin virus. So that's a set of facts that's indisputable here. Yes. And one other thing here, Lera, you have to note is also the secrecy surrounding the the ingredients of the vaccine, because the intellectual property is protected by these protocols laid out here. It actually protects other organizations and the taxpayer from knowing what's in these vaccines. Isn't the injection is that correct, Sasha? Yes, correct. So under that other transaction authority, as I mentioned before, that allows them to not only hide the IP from the U.S. government overall, but basically DOD can now hide the technology and IP from, let's say, for example, FDA or HHS in general. So there is a lot of secrecy. Why? Why the secrecy? Do you think the secrecy is because it's their own? So I believe I strongly believe my opinion, given all these facts today, is that DOD is with together with other government agencies, U.S. government agencies are running this bio warfare against American people and against people of the world themselves. That's why they wanted to cover it up for so long, because they built this bio warfare agent. They deployed it and then they deployed the injections. So it's a two part bio warfare agent. So they deployed initial part, which is probably not as effective because we know that biological agents, they denature outside and they're not very effective, don't affect a lot of people. But the most effective part is when you inject somebody with it. And so that's that was the whole plan. They needed to people line up voluntarily, get injected. And that's why they play acted this whole thing for several years like this. So, Sasha, to be clear, you're saying that the original virus was created as a bio weapon by the U.S. government. It looks like. Yes, it looks like a heavy enrollment of U.S. government, including contracts that we have identified. So which contracts are those specifically? Well, the ones that were just recently published, the award in Ukraine specifically to work on covid research and countermeasures and the contracts that I have in my possession for the covid countermeasures themselves, they go back at least to 2012. So those are the same contracts that have been used to develop these so-called vaccines, but they go back many, many years. And I know we're going to go continue with the slide presentation. But my last question on this slide is, do you have any indication as in your research of who was leading this? Well, so one of the definitely on the modern side, there's also a contract or material transfer agreement and confidentiality agreement that has been published recently. I have it. And that that one is between NIAID and it specifically states that NIAID is the co-owner of the modern vaccine. I also they also have two IND investigational new drug application numbers, which I've noted a long time now, and I've been publishing about it. One of them belongs to Moderna, one of them belongs to NIAID. So they're definitely co-owners. They definitely transferred material before. So in late 2019, they transferred Moderna vaccine candidates. And the signatories on that is Moderna, Ralph Baric. There's a bunch of people. So people from NIAID, obviously Anthony Fauci, heavily involved. So they are co-owners of these injections. They have been developing them way before we were told that they've made them over the weekend. You know, somebody gave us a code and we designed it over the weekend. You know, that's just nonsense. Just to remind people that NIAID is the National Institute. It's for infectious diseases. And is that not where Dr. Fauci's wife works? Yes, I believe so. And he is. He's also obviously in the NIH. So he has the overall of this. And so what it effectively means is that the very health experts that were pushing these vaccines on everybody who said things like, let's not forget, right, that this is the plague of the unvaccinated when they were trying to force everyone to take this. And then had to admit later that when they said it would prevent transmission of the disease, that was a lie. When they said that it would keep you healthier, you know, that you wouldn't get as sick. We now know that that was a lie and so on and so on. Right? Yeah. But they needed to scare people initially with this, oh, it's a viral pandemic. It's this naturally evolved scary super virus that's going to kill, you know, half the world's population if you don't get this vaccine. And then they had to suppress the hydroxychloroquine and ivermectin and early treatments in order to maintain this lie so that they could get more people dead or more people sick. Remember, they pushed all this into the nursing homes again to make sure that there will be more deaths that could be coded as COVID and drive this propaganda and nightmare. And people were really terrified and people were terrified and they were told, oh, but don't worry, we're making this vaccine that's going to be magical. And then everyone lined up to get injected. You know, so that's a perfect plan. And you can see the whole pre-planning unfolding in these contracts and how they set it up. You mentioned Fauci and you mentioned Ralph Barrett. Can you explain who Ralph Barrett is? Well, Ralph Barrett is a professor at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. And he was heavily involved. In fact, he's also mentioned in Moderna documents that they have reviewed their non-clinical studies that were supposed to be done before human trials initiated. But of course, that didn't happen that way. And I found a lot of problems with those animal studies. And specifically, they also mentioned Ralph Barrett, who provided a mouse adapted version of SARS-CoV-2 for their experiments. And that's in the same place where they're saying, oh, this is so novel, so novel. There are no animal models. But hey, you know, Ralph Barrett has this mouse adapted one already. And so when did he have time to develop a mouse adapted SARS-CoV-2? And who was paying for it? Because he had contracts. The Department of Defense was paying for it, right? Yes. They were sending their contracts to Ralph Barrett at Chapel Hill University and also Eco-Alliance, right? Eco-Health Alliance, yeah. Eco-Health Alliance. Yeah. Do you see their name in the documents too? There's a lot of names attached to those documents. Oh, and the person everybody should know is Barney McClellan. I forget his academic affiliation, but he's also on those material transfer agreements because he's a key IP holder of what's in these bioweapon shots. So he may be one of the few people who actually know exactly what's in them. And yeah, so that whole operation, Eco-Health Alliance, of course, is heavily involved. They received a lot of grants from the U.S. government, from NIH and from DARPA to develop a bat coronavirus vaccine. So in their documents, they're saying, you know, we're going to be vaccinating the bats, the bats that live 1,300 miles from Wuhan, by the way, in caves. There are no people around. But for some reason, desperately, Ralph Barrett needs to vaccinate those bats. And the way he was going to vaccinate them is through gels that they can eat, that they will be put next to the bat cave so that when they're flying in, they can eat that gel and spread it around. Through aerosol sprayers that will be also installed in the cave when they're flying back and forth and get sprayed with this particular concoction. And, you know, some other formulations of the same thing. So that begs the question, were the bats a model for something like a city where people commute, go in and out, go to work, come back, get sprayed, some gel gets distributed so it's on their hands? You know, I have all these questions that I think somebody needs to answer. So won't you please continue with your presentation, Sasha? Thank you. Okay. So that's just this is just a confirmation of a previous slide. As I said, the policy was set up by the National Security Council. This is from government's document, which was updated and very heavily revised between the 2018 and then 2020, where they put all the structure in place saying that the policy for COVID coordination response should be set by the National Security Council. A regional declaration of the public health emergency was done under the Stafford Act, which was never used before. And this was used to put FEMA in charge, you know, as a figurehead serving in the role of public health incident. And that was a perfect figurehead because FEMA has never had any plans for managing public health events or pandemics in the United States. And so that makes them a perfect figurehead because they have no idea what they're doing. And so somebody else can manipulate everything else. Wow. Okay. So and HHS, as opposed to in the 2018 version of the plan, they were in charge of the public health emergencies, which is reasonable, their health agency. But now all of a sudden, they're not. They're involved heavily in various activities, and most of them have to do with information control and propaganda. Obviously, they are pretending that this is a public health emergency. They need to play act as if it's one, and they have been doing that. They need to control the message. They need to control the message. So in collaboration with their, with their media, you know, propagandists. Propagandists masquerading as journalists. Yes, exactly. That's what they've been doing all along. They have been pretending that this is a public health event where, in fact, it's a it's a bio warfare deployment in the United States by the United States government. And here's the organizational chart from this document that's been declassified. I have it have full document, and it's it was for the vaccines and related biological advisory committee meeting on October 22, 2020, where operation word speed was discussed as presentation by operation word speed. And this organizational chart clearly delineates that chief operating officer of this whole organization is the Department of Defense, and that HHS is here chief science advisor. So who's in charge? Department of Defense. Then we have this whole part of the org chart, which is the top part, the executive part, and that's all National Security Council, DOD, BARDA. And you can see that all of these functions are supply, production, distribution, clinical trials, manufacturing, personnel information, including legal affairs and Office of General Counsel. It's all the U.S. government. And so this explains the curious thing when remember Aaron Seary was arguing in court to get the Pfizer clinical trial data released, which they wanted to hide for 75 years. Yes. Who was he arguing against? Pfizer lawyers were not even present in court. It was Department of Justice lawyers and everybody was like, why are they defending Pfizer's commercial interests? Well, that's why, because the commercial interest is not really Pfizer. It's actually U.S. government. It's that, Sasha, it's just stunning. I want you to continue, but can you just tell us where you got this document? So this was sent to me. It's a declassified document. It's a PowerPoint, which was presented at this October 22nd, 2020 meeting for Vaccines Related Biological Advisory Committee, which is FDA, HHS, basically all the government. And so I have it. I can send it to you. And so this is the org chart from there. And what was just can you just paint a very brief picture? Maybe, Sam, you can paint a very brief picture. What was the picture around at the time? What was the reality that the world was living in? Because this is something that I think is lost right at this moment, right? Right at this moment when this meeting is taking place and DOD is running everything in line to us. What was the impact of this? What they had unleashed on the world? What was the impact? Well, many of us have actually suspected for some time because the the red flags just kept popping up and popping up and popping up. You have to go back to who declared the so-called pandemic. You have to go back to how they were diagnosing the cases with the polymerase chain reaction tests. That was not meant to diagnose any type of illness or clinical cases, as stated by the Nobel Prize winning Carey Mullis, who invented the test. You have to look at how they were counting deaths. You have to look at how the VAERS site actually tells us that people are not considered vaccinated until 13 days, 14 days after their last vaccine. And so like 80 percent of the adverse events actually occur within that two week period. So they're literally blocking that those safety signals. You have to look at the excess deaths now that even insurance companies are reporting on huge standard deviations away from the norm. And I mean, we're talking cataclysmic statistical anomalies here. And it's because only because money is involved, Lara. So many of us are sitting in the background in extreme frustration looking at the real data, the unfiltered data. Yes. And we're getting deaths and we're getting adverse events that are just systematically being deleted. Sasha can tell you horror stories about all of that. And, you know, this is the state of the world today. And you've got people, governments, organizations, you know, individual politicians literally doubling down, tripling down on their positions. And I personally am not incredibly optimistic until and those people start to take some action. People start to wake up and take some action because this is going to be similar to what happened with tobacco. Back in the day, when everyone was recommending it, nine out of 10 physicians were recommending smoking what was a Camelbrand cigarettes. And it's going to fade away. And this is why they asked for 55 years originally to suppress the data. They wanted everybody to end. And then after that, they had the nerve to actually up the ante. Right. And so there's a concerted effort here to cover their tracks and to stick to these guidelines that Sasha has ingeniously exposed. I have to leave very shortly here, Lara, unfortunately, and Sasha and Glenn and Vlad to go speak. But I just wanted to say that for Sasha to actually trace in writing this preparation for the opportunities that a scandamic could could present is nothing short of monumental. What Sasha has done here, I'm not brown nosing you, Sasha, but honest to God, what you have done here is ingenious, meticulous to follow the data and to follow the so-called legal trail. So I just want to leave with that. If people can just appreciate what you've done, it is absolutely monumental. And we are owed a great debt to you. And I know it's going to be attacked. And we have to be prepared for that as well. Well, thank you, Sam. And the best thing is that this is all in their own documents and their own words. I'll show you some more of this. But actually, they tell a lot of the truth if you read the words carefully. OK, so let's Sam, do we have to let you go now? Yes, unfortunately, I have to go. Please check out the Fifth Doctor on Rumble. Lots of great truth being exposed there. And it was an honor to be here with you, Lara. You're a legend. And Glenn, you don't get the credit that you're due with your activism and working behind the scenes. We love you, Glenn, for everything that you do and all the stress you put yourself under. I know it's tremendous. And Sasha, God bless you. We need you. We really need you. Thank you so much, Sam. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Bye bye. OK, so, Sasha, I want you to continue with your presentation, if you don't mind. But just before that, to paint the rest of that picture is by October 2020, right? We had an extraordinary number of people had died in the nursing homes. We had schools that were closed. We had people. Churches were closed. Mosques were closed. Synagogues were closed. Elderly people in the nursing homes had been put into involuntary solitary confinement, right? Dementia rates were going through the roof. Mental illness, anxiety, depression, all of these things. There were, you know, somebody I know, someone close to my family in South Africa was beaten to death by an abusive husband because of these extreme lockdowns. The entire world had really that we had known had come to a standstill by the time this meeting took place, right? Exactly. And remember, people could not attend to their loved ones dying in hospitals or in nursing homes. They had to attend funerals by Zoom. I buried my father by Zoom. I did exactly that. It's incredibly heartbreaking and what was being done to people. What kind of, you know, people were brutalized and it is an atrocity. It's a government committed atrocity all over the world in every country of the world playing from the same script. And here we know who was in charge, at least we know for this country. And I'm sure they're in charge for a lot of other countries, too. This is this is their own organizational structure. This is how they set it up. Glenn, do you want to jump in there before Sasha continues? Well, I was just going to say I also lost my mother in May of 2020. And it, you know, the things they put us through, they they all knew right up front about hydroxychloroquine. It was an ivermectin as well as part of SARS-1 early in the 2000s. Pachi's name is on those papers. He knew. Absolutely. He certainly knew right from the very beginning. Yes. So, Sasha, please, please carry on. Yeah. So just to finish on this part of the organizational chart, again, we see that the government, U.S. government is in charge here and the Chief Operating Officer's Department of Defense. And then this part is the third level down. Farmers, they're not in charge, but they're getting tremendous amount of money. So, you know, they're fulfilling these orders. But as you can see, everything is being designed and developed and tightly, tightly controlled by the Department of Defense. And that was for me as a you know, I'll talk a little bit more about the contracts. But for me, as being part of the pharma industry, that is this is very odd structure, especially when they're pretending that this is all arms deals. You know, just government is just ordering some things from pharma companies. That's not how pharma companies are extremely sensitive about all of these parts that are here delineated as government responsibility. They they need to do all of this themselves. But for some reason, the government is doing it here. So, yeah. So who is really manufacturing these injections? That was the question when I saw this this work chart. So who is really making them? Well, turns out in the same presentation, Operation Warp Speed and BARDA were bragging about their vaccine manufacturing portfolio. And this is not all of them. They have hundreds and hundreds of companies in this portfolio. And but for the purposes of this presentation, you can see that they're calling on the on the right hand side, they're saying vaccine supporting efforts. These are the longstanding established, mostly defense contractors to the government. And I've circled several of them. They even identified them as I forget the acronym, but basically stands for Center of Manufacturing Excellence for the government. And so Emergent Biosolutions is one of them. This other company, Ology, it's been renamed into Resilience now and then some academic institutions such as Texas A&M. And so this is the long stand. So Emergent Contract, by the way, I have it going back for these. They called it PAN influenza vaccines. I have it going back to 2012. And this is a contract that they gave to Emergent in different options. It starts in 2012 and goes to 2037. So as you can see, it's a gigantic relationship. Huge and emergent, emergent, by the way, is there is the government exclusive manufacturer of anthrax vaccine, which is associated with just as horrific problems have been always never have been manufactured to good manufacturing practices. Emergent has never been compliant with good manufacturing practices. They keep receiving audit findings from the FDA and nothing ever changes. They keep producing for the government. So obviously, the government wants them to produce the slopping on compliant, really bad products. And that's that's their purpose. Same goes for this new company, Ology. Probably same goes for the Texas A&M. So that's the established contractors that have. And by the way, you know, another lie that we were sold and everybody somehow believed was that these vaccines were just designed in the weekend. And then in six months, we have 500 million doses being cranked cranked out. That's nonsense. It cannot happen. If you think about a traditional type of manufacturing, let's say cars. Right. Something completely misunderstood has been done for 100 years now. If you go to Ford Motor Company today and tell them, here's 10 billion dollars. I need a million brand new cars from this new, completely new line manufactured in six months. The answer is going to be it's not possible. It's not possible because Ford doesn't have extra production lines built for this. They don't have the new platform. They don't have the designs. They don't have the staff. They don't have suppliers, not enough chips, no parking place to put it. So it's not possible unless you have this already in place, which is what's here on the right hand side. So then the government goes to these people on the left hand side, which they call vaccines. And they're saying here's a bunch of money. Go to these other guys and they'll do everything for you. We already established it. That's exactly what happened. And as I said, they they tell you a lot of the truth in these presentations, because if you read it carefully, you can see that on the left hand side, all they ordered was a demo. All of them say demo. And on the right hand side, that's the manufacturing. So what does that mean? I mean, obviously demo is a demonstration, right? Demonstration, which means fake. So the as I as I was talking about, and here's another example of it. This is from BARDA from the same reaction of the same meeting. This is BARDA from about a year ago, virtual event. They're bragging about their accomplishments and saying that in 2020 we distributed all this money. And if you can see, it's like half a half a billion here, a billion here, two billion for Pfizer. And so we gave we threw all this money from the helicopter and we bought a bunch of demos. But OK, Sasha, that is just I mean, that's pretty stunning. So just take me through that. So make sure that it's clear. OK, so I understand what you're saying, that you go to Ford Motor Company, can't make 10 million cars in that time. So they said, OK, use all of these companies, right? These are all companies that the defense industry had already in place and set up and they had capacity. So you you could argue from the other side, well, you know, we knew we needed a vaccine urgently. And the pharmaceutical companies didn't have the infrastructure to do it. So we use this existing infrastructure that we have. That would be their way to try to, you know, to try to weasel out of a responsibility for this. They'll say we had to do it because it was an emergency. Right. But what you're actually finding, just so I'm clear on this, what they're paying the pharmaceutical companies for is to basically do nothing. Yes, exactly. They're they're paying pharmaceutical company to slap their name on it, to pretend to the public that this is a pharmaceutical brand. Because imagine if they said, oh, you know, we have these vaccines, DOD has been working on this. We're going to write emerging solutions, cranking them out. It's a DOD contractor under DOD contracts. Everybody line up. I don't think so. People would have more questions. Right. So they needed the blessing of the pharmaceutical companies and the and the health industry. And to get that, they they bought it. Basically, they bought them off. They bought them off with a lot of money. And they said, we are ordering a large scale demonstration from you, which is a very key word. And they're they're honest about it here, as you can see. So one other question. Who is BARDA? BARDA is a biomedical advanced research and development authority. Kind of like DARPA, but it's kind of like DARPA, but they technically sit within HHS. They are if you go on their website, you know, if you read their functions, it seems like, oh, you know, it's a government accelerator slash, you know, maybe we can provide some early investment funding and some grants and some technical support to have companies produce and they justify their existence as well. You know, this is things that that are helpful to the society. But there are not there's not enough market for them normally. So the pharma companies don't want to invest in it. So this is a government's way of creating a market and giving them grants to produce these vaccines, which normally are, you know, don't have the market. Now, I'll show you in a couple of slides. It actually now now dominates the pharmaceutical industry in the United States. But they pretend like this is such a niche and, you know, it's just technical support from the government for these companies to to work on these products. But as you can see, there's a huge amount of money that being plowed through this mechanism into the pharma industry for very poorly defined deliverables. So let me show you a couple of other slides that will become a little bit more clear. So here's another slide from from the same place. BARDA in the same meeting goes and brags about their innovation. Remember, everybody was saying, oh, you know, this this development is going to be accelerated. It's so brilliant. They figured out how to cut red tape and accelerate the, you know, normally very long and very rigorous and boring. Yes. Research and development. OK, well, so their key innovation is that BARDA being part of the government can break the law. That's how they innovate. They they are doing large scale commercial manufacturing. I have really detailed records of it for Pfizer specifically. They're doing large scale commercial manufacturing before the product is tested for safety. It's really quite stunning when you think about it, we have all these laws in place because over time, the American society has recognized that if you don't put these checks and balances on manufacturing companies and corporations, then you get hurt, the people get hurt. And now here you have a government agency that is set up in a way to specifically bypass those regulations. Yep, exactly. So you peons in the private sector, pharmaceutical companies, you have to comply with all of this. Ask the government. We don't. We don't. And that's how we innovate. OK, so that's their key innovation. They're manufacturing commercial scale and they're shipping them internationally, violating import expert laws, violating the good distribution law, everything. They're shipping it internationally and interstate before safety was tested. And even after it was proven that they're not in good manufacturing practice compliant, manufacturing these products, they still go on and ship them. So that's just outrageous on so many levels, Sasha. This is I hope you have good security at home. Right. Well, I mean, I've put everything out in the public domain and a lot of people have this information already. So I don't see. And they have two strategies, Sasha. One strategy is they ignore you and they pretend that you're so irrelevant. They don't have to worry about you. And as long as your research doesn't, you know, isn't effective and doesn't reach lawmakers and other people who can actually, you know, act on this, then then they let you live. Right. But but once they have their once you are gaining traction and and something effective is actually threatening to happen, then you become much more of a target, potentially. Well, you know, I you know, you can live a life in fear, but I choose not to. And because if you do live your life in fear, then you give these people authority over you. They don't have authority over me. That's right. That's right. So that's my recommendation to to everyone. But, you know, I've shared this widely. It's available. These are public documents. These are their own documents. And, you know, and several lawmakers already have it. So so and to date, has anyone been able to disprove anything that your research shows? No, I haven't. Nobody even attempted to. So I and I welcome anyone who wants to say, you know, you've got something wrong or debate or, you know, I'm very open to that. You know, please tell me where I made a mistake, because I'd like to know that, too. Sure. Yeah. So let's continue on this. So another thing is very interesting is, as I said before, that FDA does not regulate these products. Well, somebody else claims that they do in the United States, and that's BARDA. BARDA had on November 15th of this year, they had so-called industry day where they were bragging about their accomplishments. And one particularly proud and happy staffer there by name of Tramiel Faison was talking about their accomplishments in regulating COVID countermeasures. And that was a surprise to me, because, again, we're all supposed to believe that these are pharmaceutical products and FDA is in charge of them in the United States. And this gave me a pause and a few of my colleagues a pause. And we said, well, which act of Congress delegated that authority to BARDA, which is a not regulator in the U.S.? They are supposed to be just helpers and distributors of government grants to pharmaceutical companies. They're not the regulator. Yet here, for some reason, they're saying they've regulated all of the doses of COVID-19 vaccines and therapeutics in the United States. They increased industry and regulatory surveillance, which is funny because this is FDA's job. And also they're doing something about good manufacturing practices, although I know they don't, but at least they claim authority over this, which also technically they do not have. So that's a very interesting happening here. Before you go on, there is a typo on that that should have said 600M or 600 million doses. It's their own slide. It's not my slide. It should have been 600 million compared to 23 million. And Sasha and Glenn, I just want to remind people at this moment that the media, the journalists and media companies, they're not turning to the Department of Defense or to BARDA at this moment. I mean, for everything, we are referred to the FDA and to the CDC. And the counter argument to everything and every question that anyone has is, well, the FDA doesn't see it that way or the FDA has approved this or the FDA has put out guidelines or the CDC guidelines, right? The CDC guidelines, the CDC position, the CDC statistics. I mean, so it's not just that these people are secretive. I mean, there's a deliberate act of deception there because journalists think they're going to the source. You think that you're going to the firsthand source. That's the point of going to the CDC and not calling up the environmental department, right? Yeah. So it's not just an impression that's created. It has substance to it. Absolutely. So that was another key deception and information management is that, you know, everyone for two and a half years, everybody goes and knocks on the doors of CDC and FDA and says, well, do something about it. Look at all the injury data. Look at all the, you know, quality data. You have to do something about it. And they're pretending like they do have authority over this. And they're holding on. So this is a diversion of everyone, of everyone's effort to go this way versus here's the real decision maker. He is really who is pulling the strings. And so that is part of the gigantic lie to the American public. And one question about the clinical trials of the pharmaceutical companies, if they were just producing demos, which is, you know, were their clinical trials even real? No. So that's a great question. So let's let's look at that. So, as I said, before you go on, if I could inject one item around completely ignoring everything about the process, I was highly involved in getting public comment into two rounds of of the passing the 5 to 11 and the six month to five year olds. We got over one hundred and fifty thousand public comments in that second round. The FDA didn't even attempt to look at any of them. There were zero of them that were posted ahead of the meeting. They looked at zero of them and then immediately passed it through where virtually 90 percent of the commentary was against the vaccines and they took none of that into consideration. Yeah, that in itself was just a wish theater. Right. It was just a show because it wasn't anything. Absolutely. Because they have no authority over these. They took none of this into account because remember the criteria for this is HHS secretary thinks that they may be effective. Well, he can continue thinking they may be effective if he's never shown that data. And that's exactly what they did. They they they were gatekeepers pretending that they are regulators, pretending that they're taking public comment, but they took none of it into account. And as you as you you've shown. So what who is really pulling the strings as far as money here is is BARDA. BARDA distributed all the money, as I said, you know, forty seven point five billion of which thirty three billion goes to vaccines. Now, these are the contracts. They're publicly available. There are several hundred of them. These are not all, but I think these are the ones that there are some key ones became available through FOIA and Freedom of Information. As you can see, all of them are D.O.D. All of them. D.O.D. D.O.D. And sometimes they have parallel contracts with HHS and BARDA. But like all the vaccine ones are D.O.D. They were approved personally by Robert Kudlick, who is also a lobbyist for emerging by solutions. Surprise, surprise. And they go through the manager, Advanced Technology International, which manages several consortia and is a known defense contracts manager. Here's them. Looks very health care to me with the machine gun. And they're using this magical other transaction authority mechanism, which which allows you to order all these weapons without following any regulations. And in fact, you can order prohibited weapons such as biological and chemical weapons now in daylight, open openly, completely openly, as long as you call them other transactions and you call them prototype and demonstration. Then you can order them. And that's what they've been doing. So. So, yes. So the review of these contracts that I've shown, I've read several of them, especially for the vaccines. They show that, you know, Department of Defense gave huge amounts of money through BARDA and ATI and other mechanisms as demonstrated, huge amounts of money to these vaccine companies. It was, you know, in chunks of 500 million to up to 10 billion, which went to Pfizer for each contract. And just even for a very large pharmaceutical company, this is amount of money that will make them drop everything that they're doing and just do this. But what is this? What is it that they were actually doing? So the contracts specify exactly that what was said on BARDA slide, it specifies that the scope of work is a large scale commercial manufacturing demonstration or large scale demonstration or prototype. So these kinds of words are being used. What do they mean? Well, nothing really. It means that stuff that Department of Defense needs. And don't ask any questions. These contracts are for huge amounts of money. They specify the scope of work as a, you know, prototype and large scale commercial demonstration. And then they said that the company will make reasonable effort. There's no nothing else. Then they mentioned a bunch of things like, oh, you know, good manufacturing practice compliance and clinical trials. But then in the next set of clauses, they specifically carve out those things as those things are not being paid by the government. So the government is not ordering and not paying for good manufacturing practice and clinical trials. That's extremely important. First, when I read it, I found it odd. I said, well, why are you mentioning all this? And then you're saying specifically we're not paying for it. Well, and then, you know, Catherine explained to me why, because using this method, they're ordering essentially. You know, they're they're ordering manufacturing capacity and compliance from the pharma. And then they're not ordering the safety, efficacy and good manufacturing practice compliance. And then the contract says that the pharma is doing it by themselves, which makes it into the under the law that I specified at the beginning of my presentation. This makes it into voluntary activity that they run with FDA. So these clinical trials are not ordered by the contracts. Their voluntary performance art performed by pharma together with FDA, this little dance that is called public health emergency research and development, safe and effective vaccines and all that. So all of that is a lie. In reality, basically what they're doing is paying for it, but then putting in there that we're not paying for it. So yes, they're having it both ways. Yes, exactly. So so that's how they've done it. And of course, there's also a specific clause in each one of these contracts, which describes Prep Act, no liability whatsoever. Everyone is exempt. Everyone is a covered person. In fact, regardless of where so you can hire private contractors, for example, for this activity. But in regardless of who works where under this umbrella of Prep Act, they're deemed government employees for the purposes of this work. So even your your pharmacist that is doing the injections, as long as they follow the orders, they're considered government employee protected under Prep Act from any liability resulting from it. So they can literally inject somebody. Somebody can drop that in front of them and they have no liability. Sasha has so much detail we could do three shows on this. Can I ask that we move forward a little bit? And one of the special areas to cover is the contracts that have been involved with the large universities. Yes. And Sasha, if you can answer that, but also just quickly address the pharmaceutical companies are indemnified. We know that going back to the 80s and to Reagan, they were given complete immunity. So is that another reason that the government has to have the pharmaceutical companies name all of this because they're hiding behind their indemnification? Yes, they absolutely hide behind their indemnification and Prep Act especially makes it so. So they previously had very broad immunity, but Prep Act is just, you know, that it's it's completely bulletproof proof. And as I said, you know, it even covers everyone who is not a government employee as if they are. And when was that passed? So Prep Act was I believe it was amended. So I don't remember when it was passed, but it was amended right before 2020 and especially bulletproof on these matters by Robert Kudlick. So he made sure Robert Kudlick, who was assistant secretary for pandemic preparedness and response under Trump. So he is a key player in this and he made sure that this was absolutely bulletproof before they started this whole exercise. So this was all happening under under Trump still? Oh, yes. And is there any indication from the documents that he knew about it? Well, he must have known. I mean, I don't know exactly what he knew and he didn't, but he is he's keen to enabling and starting a bunch of this, including the announcement of public health emergency, which triggered all this into place. And then, of course, he's a huge proponent of these injections, even beyond sort of, you know, at the beginning, I would give him benefit of doubt. He's not a specialist, right? But at this point, you know, this deep denial that goes on and promotion of these shots, I just I can't I can't stand by this. I can't say that he doesn't know he does. And allegedly he got the shots himself. We don't know that for certain. That's what he says. That's what he says. Yes. And OK, so to Glenn's question, if you don't mind. I just I'd be careful here, certainly he was tricked in a number of areas by the deep state. We know that, you know, the whole Russiagate thing for two years. It would certainly make a lot more sense that he was deceived. Yes. I mean, there there certainly are some things that that he didn't do well. But more importantly, the vast majority of these vile people were in place ahead of time and they continued doing their thing. And they're still in place. Right. And because we know that anyone who was loyal to Trump, they got rid of them. Right. Anyone who was with him or on his side in any way, shape or form was identified as being, you know, loyal to Trump was was, you know, were just pushed out immediately. Right. They did not survive. So these these are bureaucrats in relationships that existed before he took office and after he took office. But it certainly remains a question. What did he know? And when did he know it? Mm hmm. We don't know. Especially especially more recently, you know, I don't disagree that he was probably initially tricked by all these people. But, you know, afterwards, you know, going on Candace Owens interview and denying to her face that there are any injuries associated with these shots. I mean, I don't know. Yes. These things are problematic and we want the whole truth. Right. And we want to come out and say it. So it's always been it's always been hard for President Trump to say that he did something wrong. And that's true. It's a problem. Yes. We have seen. We all know. That's how it looks. That's how it looks. Although we don't we don't really know until we have the whole truth. Right. So and in terms of the the academic institutions and the academic research that that Glenn raised, which is a very significant point. Can you address that, Sasha? Well, so academic institutions, a lot of them are ongoing consortium members for these. So particular particular consortium that was involved here was medical, chemical, biological, radiological and nuclear countermeasures. So if you don't if you call them countermeasures, they're not weapons. But that consortium involves currently three hundred eighteen entities of which academic institutions, huge number of them apart. And they get tremendous amount of money from the U.S. government, including NIH and including BARDA and DARPA and other places that give them money to do research in these areas. And of course, they're bought off. They have been bought off long before even farmers were bought off by the U.S. government. And they're actively participating in this and feeding off the government helicopter money that gets thrown their way with no real accountability. How much money are we talking about? Huge amounts of my so. So NIH, you know, has, you know, gigantic budget. The slide I was shown before where BARDA distributed forty seven billion dollars. Well, just for this was in, you know, just about 18 months of the, you know, COVID countermeasures. Just for reference, the entire U.S. pharmaceutical industry spends about 100 billion on R&D. So that's BARDA alone controlling 50 percent of pharmaceutical industry R&D spend, which means they control the 100 percent of the industry. Because if you have one buyer that buys 50 percent of the stuff with with contracts that don't involve much liability at all, don't involve much regulation, you can do whatever you want. Just follow the orders. Well, they control the entire pharmaceutical industry. We don't have private sector anymore. It's really quite astonishing, isn't it? Yeah. And it was for academia and that's been going on much longer. They're completely bought off, not just the grant money, but also all the money that they get from the government. Like, for example, I think Yale, what this was recently published, Yale gets about 600 million from the state in funding and they get about 400 million from tuition. That's why they don't care if they kill a bunch of students with these mandates. They will go and do mandates because the majority of the money comes from the state. And that's another reason why money controls all this criminal activity and these atrocities. That's how they fund it. They fund it by printing the money, distributing it from helicopters and saying, keep following orders. You'll get more of it. And then at the same time, insisting that every student gets vaccinated without telling the students or their families or their parents any of this. Yes. And denying any injury. I know. I know. Denying the deaths and the injuries. Yes. I know a bunch of Ivy League colleges. I looked into Cornell, for example, had one of the most militant. I have friends, children attending it. One of the most militant vaccine mandates. They were imprisoning students in their dorms without any due process. And they were just absolutely denying any exemption, anything. And even a year ago, they already had five sudden deaths on campus. And they keep doing it. So Glenn, I know we want to talk to you about what can be done about this and how it can be stopped. But Sasha, do you want to have this conversation now or should we continue? How much of your presentation is left? That was it. That was the end of it. So we can do the discussion. OK. That's perfect timing then. So Glenn, can you address for us, what are the options here for people who are concerned about this? Well, there's a variety of avenues. One of them is what's going on in the Congress. And Chip Roy has spoken extensively on bringing back our Congress and especially the House of Representatives to be the people's house. And to do that, to take away all the superpowers that have been given to the Speaker and the elites inside the Congress, and to return to the rules, the Jefferson Manual rules that have been in place for almost 200 years. There's a very clean set of guidelines that are covered by that. And if we were to return to that, individual members of Congress can then back, in fact, vote their conscience and vote for their constituency versus right now they so many times are forced into voting for their party caucus. So that's an avenue we can be looking forward. But more importantly, right now, we're on the throes of a mega bill. It's a $1.7 trillion. And the omnibus spending bill? Spending bill. It's in progress. It's due to be passed. It's expected to be passed sometime a little after midnight tomorrow night. So there is a very small window here. But they're doing this and they're jamming in a period where they don't think people will be around because right before the holidays. Yes. Here's something to be aware of. When the stimulus bill got pushed through, it was passed by the vice president 51 to 50. The Senate can only pass one bill by a bare majority. So this bill has to be has to pass filibuster. So in order to get that through filibuster, you need 10 Republican senators to vote for this omnibus. Which McConnell has how many right now? He's got all 10. He's got himself and nine others. We don't know who they are. We know a couple because they've sort of followed him in the past, but we don't know the others. And they're not going to make themselves visible until they know they got this locked up. So this becomes our task. How can we convince the some of the public to get into the game, to be calling their senators and to say, you know, I sure hope you want one of those those Republicans that are turning on us. And and you are handcuffing our next Congress. Look what you're doing. You're taking that one hundred and seven billion dollars and you're you're looking to forward pay the whole year, including all of these things in the D.O.D. that that are going after us. Is that your duty to somehow do the job of the next Congress? You know, think about this. What you're saying is that this this Senate to pass this bill in the Senate, it's going to require a filibuster and McConnell needs 10 Republican votes. We don't know who those Republican senators are who are going to vote for this. But really, every single person should be calling. If you're concerned about this, you should or could be calling your your representatives to pressure them. Right. So let let people know that let your leaders know that the people are not behind this. And in order to do what, to not vote for the spending bill. Correct. To not vote for this on the bus, to say we can wait. Let let the next Congress. We're only a couple of weeks away. But then what do you do? It's job. What do you gain then? Just is it because the Republicans will have the majority in the House? You're you're counting on that. Yes. Control over the budget. Look what's happening here now. This that this Congress is all done. And what are they doing? They're saying we're going to we're going to give this giant bonus, not not only to the agencies, but also to our our special constituencies, because that's what happens in these omnibus bills. It's it's all the the the front friends of so and so it's all going to the one percenters. Yeah, they'll throw a few crumbs to the to the average players. But this is it's a steal from the public of their dollars and handing it off to the elite. So but Glenn, this is like a Hail Mary here, right, because you don't have a lot of time. And when you're talking about a bill as big as an omnibus spending bill that affects so much of government, is it is it really realistic to think that Republicans would shut down the funding of the entire government? They they do not need to cut down the funding in the same way as they extended it one week to the twenty third Friday. They can extend it for two weeks or 30 days. I mean, right. And then what the House Republicans have been asking, give it a 30 day extension. Then we have the ability to review what's going on. We have the ability to ask questions. Maybe maybe this shouldn't be so hidden. Maybe we should know more. Maybe the public should have a chance. Maybe congressmen should be capable of having debate. Imagine that debate in our Congress. That's what would happen if they if that proceeds and they do follow the Jefferson manual on parliamentary procedure. We will get debate back and voting. So you got people like Chip Roy who have listened, right, and are paying attention. Who else? Who else can people turn to? Well, the there's there's the Freedom, the Freedom Caucus includes us. Congressman Massey includes I I don't have in front of me, especially since I've concentrated a lot on a lot of congressmen and not so much the senators, but both senators from Florida are part of the Freedom Caucus. But to some extent, again, we know the Freedom Caucus is going to be voting for this. This is going to be other Republican senators. Yes, like Susan Collins. You have to be prepared to shame them on what they're doing here. What kind of hypocrisy? None of them voted for these original stimulus bill. But you're going to get Mitch and nine other Republicans to vote to switch after the election. Oh, we would never do this in front of the election because then you would know we're rats. So we'll do it right after the election just before Christmas when hopefully no one's looking. No one's paying attention. They drop it. I spoke to Senator Ron Johnson last night. He said, you know, they drop it in the middle of the night. All these, you know, tens of thousands of pages. Right. It's impossible for anybody to read through all of that in the time that they have. There's just no way. And that's part of the strategy always has been. Now, understand they've fished around to find these extra Republicans and they've probably given them a bunch of things in the bill to convince them. This is on a hair's edge. Mitch has got to get all of them to vote. So all it's going to take is reversing one player. And it can actually either be a Republican senator or he could even be a Democratic senator. I'm sure there are some amount of Democratic senators that still believe in their oath to uphold the Constitution and in our freedoms and to vote for their constituency. And this, you know, clearly on a lot of different avenues, the public is not in favor of the mandates. They're not in favor of the things being hidden and not allowing any kind of debate or review. I mean, we also know that there's mountains of money going into this bill to expand the war in Ukraine. Why can't that be debated? And let's not forget how much money it is, right, that it is the American people's tax dollars. Now, recognize again, this is a hair's edge for Mitch. All it takes is one person to convince one senator. Maybe this is a bad idea. Maybe I should let the next Congress be in charge of their own budget. That's all it takes is one to peel back and the bill will be gone. They will run through a quick multi-week extension tomorrow instead. And then we'll have a chance. We'll have a chance to see more transparency, to see more debate. So you're buying time, essentially, right? That's right. Exactly. OK. So let's say in a magical world, you got your time, right? You got your time window. You got that extension. Then what, Glenn? Then we want to be able to have debate and review and assessment. You know, debate that goes to an end, though, because debate is great and it is an important part of government. But when you look at what, Sasha, I mean, the fundamental premise of Sasha's research, that the Department of Defense was running this strategy, that they knew it was a bioweapon, that they withheld that information from the American people, and then that they went around the laws on, you know, good manufacturing and on research and development. And, you know, many other laws have been broken here. So we need more than debate, right? I mean, what's the point of the debate? Let me address that. You're right that the ability for us to get changes in the law, the changes in policy is very difficult. It takes both chambers to pass it, and it has to avoid a presidential veto. But what can we gain? What you gain is control over budgetary items. So that budgetary extension has to occur. If they just give it 30 days, then the House of Representatives has a chance to review that. And you have to get at least 51% of the vote in the House of Representatives for budgetary items to get cleared. If you don't get them funded, they can't execute. And that's the issue here. There are a number of things we think should not be funded anymore, that they are wrong, and that the inspection by the House-controlled Republicans should be an option for us to learn more about what's going on. And where inappropriate, do not continue funding those portions that are damaging us. So which are the things that you want to stop funding for, top three or four things? Well, there's a lot of different opinions around Ukraine. I simply think there needs to be debate. War is never supposed to be declared by just the president. That's a legislative operation. And in this case, we don't even get serious debate of what's going on or where the money is going, or does it actually go where it's supposed to? I can tell you for sure it doesn't go to Ukraine weapons. They never show up. So that's one avenue, but not my focus one. The focus one is exactly what Sasha is showing us, is the DOD is making all of these things. And so we don't want to use words that aren't used by their documents. So we shouldn't call the injections bioweapons. They don't call them bioweapons. They call them medical countermeasures. Let's use their words. So they have designed this countermeasure, which they want to be using as part of a war action. Unfortunately, they don't care that much if there's dangerous side effects to those countermeasures. As long as it's doing something toward their end, that's OK. But what we know that the side effects of not really knowing and understanding the impacts of the nanoparticles and the spike protein. And I mean, one of the interesting things for Sasha is the spike protein in the vaccine isn't even the same one that's in the virus. So it's like, what are they doing? Yeah, that's based on their own declared data. So what are they doing with that, Sasha? They've never characterized it. So that's another part of that. I mean, it's more of a technical argument, but it's actually very critical. If you are a pharmaceutical manufacturer making pharmaceutical product and you're declaring my product is going to do ABC, you have to demonstrate that it's going to do ABC exactly with experiments. And so if you're saying, oh, it's going to produce this spike protein, which is Wuhan spike protein, then you have to show it. They've never done it. They've shown that what they produce is heavier than Wuhan spike by a lot. But what is it? And isn't the spike protein exactly what the doctors are worried about, that the spike proteins are causing so many of the adverse side effects? Yes, yes. So by itself, it's toxic. So we have a lot of literature in describing that it's very toxic, it's very dangerous. But even the technicality, which is a critical piece, saying I'm going to make the cells make this, they haven't shown it. They're just seeing it. So again, transparency is the issue here that the public really has the right to know about a lot of this. And there certainly are things in defense that need some degree of secrecy. But this has gone way too far. And the public should have the opportunity to understand it. And even if it's scarier, even worse than some of their prior thoughts, once you at least have a sense of, oh, at least I can see how the pieces parts get connected now. It's terrible, but at least I know it's terrible. I can figure out ways to proceed. I can deal with the truth. I might not like it. I might not like it. It may be very challenging or heartbreaking and so on. But at the end of the day, I mean, it's the truth and there's only one truth, right? There is only one truth, no matter what people say about it. And typically what we find with human nature is people would rather deal with that than not deal with it. I know there are lots of people who maybe have taken the shot and given their children the shot and they don't want to face the full reality, the full horror of what could happen as a result. But at the same time, when you really push people, in my 51 years, I have never found people who don't actually at the end of the day want to deal with the whole truth. So let me drill one down as part of our challenge to our viewers, those that are watching now or anybody that comes back and watches the replays. Make contact and a path to do that to quickly get to either your congressmen or to your senators. For the Congress, for the House of Representatives, I mean, you go to and right at the top of the screen, there's a lookup. You give your zip code and it immediately tells you who your congressman is and what their phone number is. For senators, you go to and at the very top of that screen, there's a find your senator. All you have to do is enter your state and it immediately gives you both of your senators and their phone numbers. Now, those phone numbers are manned by people. You want to be efficient, so call those numbers. They will record things. You don't really want to debate with the person. They're not going to know exactly what's going on, but you want your opinion to be made. So simply call and say, I'd like to leave a statement. I believe that this is wrong and that the omnibus bill should not be passed right now and should be allowed to be reviewed in the new congress without constraints on them. Many of them will have recordings, so if you call at night, you can leave your recording at night. Same thing, you give your opinion so that they detect that and they record it as being opposed and that, gee, the public looks really riled on this one. Maybe we shouldn't go forward. And central to this is Sasha's research, right? So where can they find that? So I published it on Substack, and you can look at my name, Sasha Latypova, and my Substack is called due diligence and art. Do you want to put up your additional information slide? Yeah, it's actually on the front page. Let me go back to the front page. So on Substack, people can read you, they can find the original documents. Yeah, let me share. Yeah, so the documents, my presentations and documents are on my Substack. Not all of it, but it links also to my video channel. So here are a couple of methods to find all this. This is my Substack, and also on BitChute, you can search for Team Enigma. Vlad, can we see this? Can you see? We can't see it right now. I'm just asking Vlad if he can pull it up for us. Maybe he's taking a break. We can't see it, Sasha, but can you spell it, please? Yeah, so for BitChute, go to Team Enigma. Team Enigma at BitChute. And for Substack, you can look up just my name. It's S-A-S-H-A-L-A-T-Y-P-O-V-A. Sasha's the easy part. Yeah, then my last name L-A-T-Y-P as in Peter, O-V as in Victor A, dot Substack dot com. Sasha Latypova at Substack dot com. And that's published there, and I refer to my sources. I also refer to Katherine Watts' Substack. And that's Katherine with a K. Katherine with a K, yes. And her Substack is all the legal history and explanation from the legal perspective how all of this was, how this crime was legalized, which you can never do, but they did. And it's not constitutional, obviously. It's not lawful. And that's another piece of work and reform that we need to work on going forward so that this can never be committed. But people need to understand our first step is to stop people from getting these injections, any subsequent injections. And if we all stop, which is already actually very successful because the uptake of these new boosters is really, really minimal. So we know that majority of the U.S. is with us. Majority of the American public understands this. They understand it's dangerous. And so we just need to make sure that that happens. And then we can find one honest judge and one honest prosecutor to start going after this whole criminal cartel. Sasha and Lara, can I just ask one last question? Interject one here. Based on what Sasha was just saying, what are your thoughts about some of these doctors, I'm thinking in particular of the two Australian ones, but some of these doctors that are suddenly coming around now that people are no longer taking the shots anyway and either coming out against them or coming out as victims. Do you have any thoughts about that? Because I'm kind of curious about it. Sasha, you want to address that? Yeah, I don't know. I mean, I welcome anyone at any time to, you know, do a turnaround and say I was wrong. I was mistaken. I was misled. I mean, you know, I did something with that, which I realized is wrong and start the process of, you know, coming clean and helping the good guys. Right. Now, yes, some, you know, there may be various reasons why people are doing it, including fear of persecution. Maybe they're realizing that this will be prosecuted at some point and that it's becoming a bigger reality for them. And money is no longer buying that silence. So, you know, there may be various reasons and that remains to be seen. But people do need to come around and start working for the good guys. And to answer your question, it is it's very significant, especially in a country like Australia, because Australia, New Zealand, I mean, Canada, these countries have been turned into police states. And, you know, they were obviously the building blocks were in place for that. And it seems it's obvious that this is part of the much bigger strategy. But what we can learn from these doctors, I mean, first of all, if there we've been geographically isolated from the beginning of this so-called pandemic. Right. And that has been not just physical isolation, but also geographic isolation where, you know, the airlines and international travel and all of that was crippled. But then at the same time, what we see here is is that if you really dig, you can find lockdown protests all over the world. You can find doctors who have stood up all over the world and parents and health care workers and scientists. I mean, look at the Great Barrington Declaration, which came out, you know, a lot of doctors very early on. Right. Who are united in saying, you know, we need the truth here. This is not what they're saying. And we're we're we're joining forces because we are very concerned from a medical standpoint and from a moral standpoint. And of course, they one by one, those doctors and people were, you know, picked off and targeted and discredited and so on. And and what you you know, is Australia has been I mean, at a certain point in Australia, I was investigating and trying to get over there to to do some work. And people were being kept in restricted areas by their homes if they went outside to go to the store or something like that. And they went too far or they were outside too long. They were getting messages from drones overhead, ordering them back to their homes. And so it's that that tells you, you know, I would think people in this country, they're worried about, you know, the cost of standing up and and even the doctors that do stand up. They don't want to go too far because they're in this space now where they're allowed to say something, but they don't want to go this far and have their medical license taken away from them because there are politically funded organizations targeting lawyers who deal with vaccine or lawyers who deal with, you know, whoever, whatever it happens to be January six, something like that. And there are organizations targeting these doctors to with ethical complaints, threatening their hospital privileges, threatening their licenses and and so on. And so it's it's it may look like it's difficult to stand up in this country right now. But when you look at a doctor in Australia standing up, you know, right, that the circumstances in Australia are that much more ruthless and brutal right now for anyone who does stand up in the medical community. So what it tells you is that in spite of the tyranny, in spite of the suffering, in spite of the pain inflicted on people who do raise their hand, these doctors are so disturbed by what they have seen and what they know that they're willing to risk everything. Because, you know, for them, it is risking everything. And that tells you that tells you that in the end, the lies will all crumble and the truth will prevail and it will be the whole truth. And Glenn, if you don't succeed with this omnibus spending bill, it doesn't, you know, you and I know you've been in this at great personal cost for a long time now. And I you and I both know Sasha knows this. It is not the end of the road. It is not the end of the fight because there is this is the greatest crime that any of us have witnessed in our lifetimes. It is unimaginable the scale of suffering across the world. And for a long time, doctors have said to me, you know, this is why when I was asked on Fox News is Fauci science. You know, he says, if you criticize me, you're criticizing science. What do you think of that? And I said a lot of people I speak to say he's not science. He's more Dr. Joseph Mengele and people were up in arms over that comparison. And they said, oh, you know, how can you say that? But I knew I knew because of what I knew at the time, the doctors who were saying that to me, the scientists who were saying that to me, the ordinary people who were saying that to me, they knew that Fauci knowingly withheld treatments, that they lied about this, that Fauci was not and he's not acting alone is no way that he's acting alone. He is he is a disgusting man who has enriched himself and has been very instrumental in in this show. Right. This cover up that you're describing and exposing such he has been a key player in that. But at the end of the day, in information warfare terms, he's still a useful idiot because yes, that's what he is because he's not the puppet master. That's amazing. Those are great answers. Thank you both so much for everything, for everything you're doing and Glenn. Well, and thank you. And so let's wrap this up here. Sasha, your last thoughts and Glenn, you know, after that, your your final word. Sure. Well, you know, I couldn't agree more with what you said, Laura. This is this is a time for everyone to start speaking the truth. All of us, you know, stand up and join those people who were prosecuted and and canceled and got their licenses revoked and even, you know, physically brutalized. You got it. You got to join the right side of history. This is your time. And let's start bringing the soul to a close and revel and investigate and do a proper persecution of all who are responsible for this atrocity. Yes. And and one one question for you, just a final question for you is how long has this research been out? I mean, how long of our leaders and our medical community and our government had to address this? And how long have they just let it have been just letting it sit there and hoping it goes away? So, you know, I started uncovering, you know, parts of it were available very early on early twenty twenty one by middle of twenty twenty twenty one. We knew for sure the manufacturing part of it. And then later toward early twenty twenty two, we knew for sure about the DOD involvement and all the legal legal shenanigans. So this has been available for about a year now. I've shared it. I've shared it with a lot of high, high level people in many places. So including the government, including the government. Yes. And so this has been available. They've seen it. They know, you know, not all of you know, all of the people so it needs to be more widely shared, obviously, but there's enough out there available that anyone can look it up and make make up your own mind, see where I'm wrong, find me, find me wrong. And yet they don't. And yet they don't. Yeah. And again, your final thoughts. So, again, we're we're at a very special time. This particular omnibus bill is on on a razor edge of passing. It only takes a little bit of a nudge to say delay. Let the let this get finalized in January, not for the rest of the year for all of twenty twenty three. Don't be finalizing it now. Think of the golden rule of doing on to others as you would want them to do on to you from a Senate viewpoint that how shameful these Republican senators to to say, oh, it doesn't matter for us. We'll we'll go ahead and take, you know, take control and do it by our way, even though we know there's going to be a new Congress in place in two weeks. So allow that new Congress the flexibility to act on our behalf. Give us a chance. Give the Congress a chance. I mean, its ratings are so terrible. You know, the the Chip Roy theme of saying, let's go back to come to to rules that were put in place by our forefathers and the founders of the of our nation and and places where debate is allowed, where voting is allowed in the legislature instead of just deferring everything to to the the executive branch. Those are supposed to be equal branches of government. Yes. Also, we're supposed to have equal levels. So let's let's move some of the control down to the local level to the towns and the cities where where the individuals can more directly get involved. And you don't have this monstrous set of big money floating around. Oh, one of the things be aware, be aware. We are not going to know if if if one of the senators decides not to vote for it, you're not going to know which one suddenly going to they're going to say, oh, we don't have the votes. We're going to pull back the bill and they'll vote for an extension. But if that happens and this doesn't go through, it could have been anyone watching this show that that made a call to their congressman, not just to the ones that they're worried that might flip, but to to all the good ones to say, you guys are going to be in that in that room altogether. Arm to arm for two days, starting today, all day tomorrow. You want to go with some of you you suspect maybe turning on us and say, do you really want to do this to your country? Is this what your legacy wants to be? Because they may know they may know who who needs to be pressured. Correct. Right. And again, they're going to be in those rooms together all day long. So that's that's a chance for them to to nudge each other into into being patriotic and supporting the Constitution. Well, there's no question that people all across this country want accountability and they want the whole truth. And so, Sasha, we owe you a great debt for all your work. Glenn, you have been absolutely relentless, a true force in this fight. And and so thank you both so much to both of you for your personal sacrifices. And I'm glad to hear that you're still in the fight because this is an endurance marathon. Right. There's a long way to go. Well, Laura, we appreciate your presence and the audience you bring and the caliber of people that follow you. Thank you so much. Thank you, everybody. Take care. Bye bye. Bye.