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Michael P. Senger LIVE: Gigaohm Biological High Resistance Low Noise Information Brief

I'm Jonathan Couey, we are having a major shift in how we understand the pandemic. The illusion is sustained only through your active participation and I'm trying to help people to realize that we've all been fooled in a way that we didn't think we were being fooled, which is what makes us so clever, and I'm not suggesting that I'm somehow some kind of super genius for figuring it out, I think we're all going to have to figure it out for ourselves, and I just want to help, I just want to come to the truth at some point here, and that's what Giga Home Biological is all about, I know it's out there, I'm human just like you, I can make mistakes, but I'm trying real hard to constantly check myself, and that's why I've gotten here to the stage where I think we have been Scooby-Doo, as I termed it, I'm not saying there's no virus, I'm not saying that at all, I'm not saying there's no danger from virology or from gain of function research, I'm just saying that the dangers they have tried to make us focus on, call our attention to, and make us most fear are the dangers that are not real, and instead there are some known dangers of coronavirus that they've known about for quite some time, in fact maybe more than a decade or two, and it could be that only now has this danger come to bite us, and maybe to a certain extent for a real, take out a real bite out of our civilization, but in the deepest analyses that I can find, there doesn't seem to be an appropriate biological or epidemiological signature of a singular novel virus that circulated the world over the last three years and perpetuated this variant theory, and this beautiful phylogeny of change over time. I know that's a pretty subtle position to take, I know it's driven a lot of people nuts, but that's the position that we're in, I hope that Michael is going to join pretty soon, I did tell him 10-205, so maybe he's really going to wait until 205, the reason why it's so interesting of course is because on his substack on December 8th, he transcribed much of a presentation that I gave to the UK Doctors for Covid Ethics group, led by one Stephen Frost, and that presentation is pretty succinct, although it's two and a half hours long with the questions at the end, and he sees a lot of what, a narrative of what should fit well with his book, here's the picture of it, Xi Jinping shut down the world, excuse me, and so one of the things I'd like to talk about are a few of the things that are in this substack and how we can clarify them a little bit, maybe the first one I can do already and then recount again when Michael joins us, but let me just check my email to make sure he hasn't sent me something that I need to see, no I don't see that, yes, and so the idea is drastic, a lot of people have been wondering about drastic, you know now I'm, he quotes me as being one of the original founders of drastic and I just want to make one thing supremely clear for everybody to make sure that we clear it up right now, drastic is a Twitter chat group, that's how drastic started, that's the original group of people that was given the moniker drastic, and since it was a Twitter group, this is very important to realize there's only one truth here, it was a Twitter group and that means it could have only been started by one person, one account, and that account is Billy Bo Stixson, so this is factually incorrect in the sense of I'm not a founder of drastic, I was one of the original members of drastic, you could say I was one of the original members, but there is only one founder because only one person controls a Twitter chat group and it was originally a Twitter chat group, so Billy Bo Stixson is the account on Twitter that started drastic, it is the account on Twitter that is still on Twitter and never has been blocked ever, I don't know if he's ever had anything even bounced, and we could go on and on about that but it's important to make that point that there is only one founder of that group, the people that were invited were members and there was an original maybe eight to ten people or accounts that were invited to participate in that chat, so just to make sure I'm not claiming that I was a founder of drastic, I was one of the original members as invited by the founder Billy Bo Stixson, whoever that is, we don't know, that could be Jamie Metzel for example, could be, or Gérald de Genève or whatever the guy is in France, could have been, I don't know, Billy Bo Stixson has never used a real name or anything in any forum that I've been in as far as I know, he's still anonymous, so that's where that stands, but what he does say in here is that you know, I think that there's very little need for a globetrotting virus in order for this to have occurred, in fact, again my biological argument stands on the idea that there isn't a coronavirus that could be contained in a small vial or in a petri dish, that if it infected a person could then by its own nature copy itself over and over and over again to result in millions and millions of infections. That's not how coronavirus works. And so if you want to say that there was a clone of a coronavirus that infected somebody that then went and infected a lot of other people, it's still in my very humble opinion cannot get to millions and millions of people unless you produce a lot of that clone and infect a lot of people with the clone, because then they will have the viral load and the viral purity and the viral replication competent fraction to create a significant event that could I guess infect thousands or hundreds of thousands of people, but again it's just the biological hyperbole here is malevolent. It's the best I've said it in a long time, the biological hyperbole here is malevolent. You can't still be actively saying that millions of people have died, but then again, yesterday we had somebody say that, right? We had somebody say that yesterday at in Congress for questions. Thank you. Oh, no, sorry, that wasn't the right one. We had that happen here, I believe. You are now recognized for five minutes for your opening statement. 1,093,064 Americans have died from COVID since 2020. Rick Bright. For all who have lost someone, this is more than a statistic. My dear mother Jacqueline died from COVID last year. We owe it to those we've lost and to those who have suffered to ensure that this never happens again. Chairman Clyburn. Yesterday. Ranking member Jordan. This guy. Distinguished members of the subcommittee. Hey, there he is. Michael is here. Privilege to be here today. We're stopping this. I'm just going to bring Michael over right away. So this is what we'll cover later on, not with Michael, but with our own little stream in the afternoon. Sling this over here, pop this out. There he is. Hello, sir. They can all see you now. Thank you very much for joining me. Can you give me an audio check and see if you're there? Yes, sir. Oh, yeah, you're there. Great. Hello. Very nice to meet you. You as well. Thanks so much for having me. So thanks for writing a little blurb on your sub stack. It always helps to get a bump from somebody with a semi-significant following. I'm one of these little flea circuses over here in the corner. Absolutely. I was so happy I discovered your work because, you know, for years now, I'd say I had the Lab Lake theory pegged as, you know, controlled opposition. It was just infuriating, just kind of maddening being within the anti-lockdown community and having that view, which, you know, from a purely logical perspective is kind of what it always had to be from the beginning. But, you know, not having a science background myself, it's very tough to prove that with evidence that it's actually being used that way. So here I stumble on your work and you're saying all these things that, you know, I had just known all along had to be true, but now you have firsthand evidence that they were actually happening to control the narrative in this manner. So it's just, you know, a goldmine. I don't usually do those long articles, those long sort of long form articles, except on very high level officials. But with your work, I mean, it was just, you know, it struck me as vital for exactly that reason. I think you must have stumbled on to me at the right time, too, because if you'd have found me even two months ago, I still would have been basically buried in the details of the virus and whether or not the spike protein has a particular poison here or there. And that's still a gray area, in my humble opinion, but more from the reference or the reference to the vaccines and such, rather than the virus that came out in 2020, if it was. One of the things that I'm really curious to ask you, though, is any part of my revelation making you rethink some of the assumptions that your book is based on? And I'm not saying that your book is incorrect, but I'm saying that your book was written at a time when a lot of us were in active Scooby-Doo land. And so in theory, there would have been a lot more information available for you to become confused by or say misled by. And do you still think it's very much simply an orchestrated event that China is orchestrating this? Or do you think it could be more of a double cross or something like this, as complicated as the Scooby-Doo, but then from a state's politics and statesmanship, real politic kind of thing? Yeah, I see what you're saying from the geopolitical perspective. Yeah, Scooby-Doo-ing is a great way of putting it. That's just kind of what I experienced working in this area for the last couple of years is I didn't know how to describe it, but it seemed like people were so stuck on that idea that had to be this cover-up, because the lab leak was briefly being censored there for a few weeks at the beginning, because people could get kicked off social media for saying that it was a lab leak, especially there at the beginning, and it seemed like they were really pushing that zoonotic theory. But then by the end of 2020 and the beginning of 2021, the entire mainstream media had come around and really kind of, for the most part, endorsed the lab leak theory, except for some certain lab-bleeding outlets. So it would drive me crazy, because looking at the seven, it just wasn't very strong. And I could see myself just having that very skeptical lawyer forensic eye, how this was being pushed by very powerful forces that obviously had a lot of funding to really push forward this narrative. So your testimony was extraordinarily valuable in that sense. Yeah, I mean, I definitely, I think my, there are some things I've discovered since I wrote my book. It's been about a year since I wrote Stake Oil, which I have right here. You know, most of, I mean, the vast majority of it has really been born out. It's, you know, I'd say even more than at the time I wrote it. I've actually discovered some more officials that I didn't really realize at the time. For example, White House Coronavirus Response Coordinator Deborah Birx, you know, she wrote her book, which is actually published after my book. And the entire thing, I mean, just reads like a how-to manual of how you would, you know, subvert the United States. I mean, it's just unbelievable the deference that she paid to China and their policy for no reason that, you know, she can describe. Another one is the former Deputy National Security Advisor, Matt Pottinger, who I had absolutely no idea. I'd never even heard of the guy until I started reading some of the sort of prologue. Is it Matt or is it Michael? Is it Matt or Michael Pottinger? I think it's... Matt Pottinger. Is it Matt Pottinger? Okay, Matthew Pottinger. Matt Pottinger. He's actually, and most people don't know who he is because he's kind of behind the scenes and like Anthony Fauci, he gets all the press time. But Matt Pottinger actually played a bigger role, arguably, than any other person in the United States in actually bringing lockdowns to the United States. Because he was very close within the White House, he essentially convinced the entire Trump administration, kind of panicked the entire Trump administration and kind of railroaded them into these policies, and then he appointed Deborah Birx, who was really pushing the lockdowns the entire time. Fauci was always up in front of the press, but it was really Birx who was orchestrating those lockdowns and then advising the states on what to do, kind of twisting their arms in that sense. So I mean, really a lot of it's kind of been born out. I mean, I don't... You know, in the book, first of all, I need to point out that, you know, when I talk about Xi Jinping in the book, you know, Xi Jinping shutting down the world, it's all an allegory. That's all, you know, for the sake of art and for the sake of writing a book that's fun to read. And also, you know, that goes along with what's very established in the Western literary tradition that when you refer to a dictatorship or regime, you refer to the dictator themself and attribute, you know, everything they did to it. Like when we say, you know, Hitler did this, Stalin did this, it doesn't mean they personally did those things. Somebody in the regime did it and we don't know exactly who it was, but they signed off on it as the absolute dictator. So when I talk about Xi Jinping in that sense, it's what I'm referring to as the regime itself. It's all sort of an allegory for the Chinese Communist Party. But which direction that actually flows, you know, the entire story of how the Chinese Communist Party got this level of global influence goes back decades to when the West sort of opened its doors for China, believing that China would change through trade that if he engaged with China economically, they'd become more like us. And of course, that didn't happen. What really happened is the story we're being told about China changed over time, such as now this, you know, just horribly Orwellian totalitarian system that is fully integrated in the global economy. And a lot of what we've seen over the last couple of years is the pushback where, you know, our entire billionaire class is very, very heavily invested in China. And so they're very reluctant to decouple from China, even as, you know, they can't keep the information out of the press, that they have this entire system of concentration camps, that, you know, they have this, you know, really insane social credit system, this most Orwellian system of control that's ever come about. They can't keep those facts out. But the narrative around China is controlled such that people don't know exactly they're not being told exactly how bad things have gotten at China, just how bad it's just how much it's sort of devolved back into the sort of totalitarian roots of Mao Zedong's time. So that narrative is kind of being managed such that, you know, we're being told that China, yeah, it's getting bad there, but not so bad this affecting us domestically, and not so bad that we needed to couple, we need to treat it like the Soviet Union. And that's what we saw during COVID, is that's where they kind of draw the line. They'll say that, you know, things are getting bad in China, but never hint that this is having any effect on our domestic policy, that it's actually, you know, China has that much influence and it's actually gotten that bad that it's a serious geopolitical threat, because that's the point when they would actually be forced to decouple. I think most Western citizens, most American citizens understand that, you know, if we just couple from China, yeah, you take an economic hit, the stocks would fall like, you know, 10 to 20% or whatever, but, you know, that's something that they can understand for a major geopolitical event, like that's something they must be willing to accept. For the billionaire class, it's a completely different story. You know, for them, they're so heavily invested that some might go bankrupt. We're talking more like, you know, 90% of their worth. I mean, that's a tough, long way to fall for somebody who is one of the richest people in the world to suddenly go bankrupt. And that's a very similar dynamic with what we saw with Nazi Germany. You know, their rearmament, we call it their clandestine rearmament. But it wasn't clandestine in the sense, I mean, if you walked into Germany, they couldn't hide all the, you know, tanks and aircraft that were in the building. One could not simply hide those somewhere underground. It's clandestine in the sense that it was downplayed throughout the entire Western world because everybody was in on it. It's an international criminal conspiracy in the sense that everybody had lent the Germans so much money that they couldn't decouple from Germany and actually take this threat seriously. So they pretended it wasn't real. So activists who were trying to call out, you know, what a threat Germany was, they were being silenced and censored. And media outlets were downplaying what was actually happening in Germany. So we're seeing that very similar dynamic here with China that, you know, their influence on the response to COVID is so obvious when you think about how the entire world just took this policy that had no precedent within Western public health policy and no precedent within the Western world since the Middle Ages, this idea of lockdown. And just based on what China said they did in Wuhan for just like a couple of months there at the beginning, they said that this one super lockdown they did in Wuhan just eliminated the virus from all of China. The entire rest of the world copies them immediately after that. It's utterly absurd. And just based on that, you can see how much influence the Chinese Communist Party has across the Western world. But we're essentially being gaslit there by our own elites. The Chinese Communist Party cannot do this themselves directly. They do have some agents, obviously, but primarily this is all being done by our own elites. They don't want us to know about this. And they're the ones who really are in control of the major media outlets. The information we're getting from the New York Times and those other major media outlets is what our own elites, our own billionaire class wants us to know. That's why it's been so warped since COVID came about, because if people knew how these policies actually came about, the very sort of clear story, which I provided hundreds and hundreds of citations for here, it's all hiding just beneath the surface. But the reason the narrative, the mainstream narrative about it has been so off, so obviously fallacious, is because our elites don't want us to know how these policies actually came about, because that would initiate that decoupling, because the Chinese Communist Party's influence was so malicious in that particular instance. It's a pretty complex thing for me to think about. Different fields, yeah. Yeah. Can we go back a little bit? Is it a hobby to be an expert on China? Just for the book, you became an expert? Yeah, it is more or less a hobby. My background is in law and forensics, history and geopolitics has always been a hobby of mine, an interest. I was kind of your typical economist and Wall Street Journal and New York Times reader. So I keep up with the stuff. I kind of knew what was going on in China all before this all took place. But yeah, my interest in really becoming kind of a semi-expert in this area was really just since COVID and seeing how the entire world had copied China's policy on basically for no good reason at all. And obviously, I was very horrified by what I had seen in the spring 2020. So I was just going around and initially, I didn't have a platform. But what is that? What's the power structure that ultimately in your mind is responsible for it? It's a subset of people in the American government that are... Is it a WHO centered thing or a global pharma centered thing because it's not clear to me like what's the end game if there was no virus and the vast majority of the big players behind the scenes are aware of this, then they're making moves for other reasons. What are those reasons? Are some of those reasons then to avoid decoupling with China seems not a good enough reason to do what they're doing because they're risking losing everything if they lose us. If we all decide to disbelieve this and just say, hey, wait a minute, stop the car, I want to get out and talk about this, they could have a serious problem, right? So we still got to... Well, that's a good point. And to some degree, that's kind of what happened. And that's why these mandates, the lockdowns were rolled back so suddenly earlier this year. Because I feel like in a lot of ways, they were losing control of the narrative. And doing that in a lot of ways was effective because people for the most part kind of lost interest in the subject. I've actually been impressed how interested people have stayed in the subject matter given that it's all a thing of the past. For the most part, once events are passed and there's no imminent threat they're going to happen again, it's debatable whether lockdowns will ever come back. But for the most part, people aren't really that interested in getting outraged and holding people accountable for things that have happened in the past. So it remains to be seen whether we will have any real effective inquiry on what happened here. But yeah, I mean, it's tough to say. The actual power structure, it's kind of all the above. It's all one big sort of international... The significance in the Chinese Communist Party in this is this sort of original organizing force behind it all. But the actual power structure is very much international at this point. I mean, the Chinese Communist Party, the first thing you have to understand is it's not a normal government. And that's something difficult, I think, for a lot of Westerners to understand. First, it's not Chinese. The Chinese Communist Party is not Chinese, it's not communist, it is not actually a political party. It's a giant international criminal organization, and that's what it's always been since the very inception. It's a tiny number of people that rule a vast number of others, essentially rule through conspiracy is what it is. During the Chinese Civil War, they won that war with just a couple of thousand members. But through their mastery of propaganda, they were able to motivate millions and millions of others to fight for them, and essentially have controlled China ever since then. They don't actually have to compete for power like an ordinary political party. And that entire idea of propaganda is really very much core to what the Chinese Communist Party is. Not just that they use propaganda, it's that the entire party itself really is propaganda. The entire idea of communism has sort of always been a lie, it's never been real. And even describing themselves as a party, that is not real either, because they never intended to compete politically like an ordinary political party. That's just something for international consumption to legitimize themselves in the eyes of the world. So the way they interact on the global stage is also not—they aren't bound by the same set of international laws as ordinary political parties, because they can't be held accountable within their own country. And so they regularly sort of bribe and blackmail officials. They have an entire network of clandestine agreements and arrangements, this entire sort of clandestine network that stretches throughout the world. And the World Health Organization is part of that. When we say that's sort of the ultimate limited hangout that's so maddening that it didn't get as much attention as it really deserved, is that limited hangout that we really knew about from the very beginning in 2020, that the World Health Organization has been co-opted by the Chinese Communist Party. And it's just been so maddening for the last couple of years to see everybody do what the World Health Organization says. We're told by the mainstream media, like, oh yeah, by the way, the World Health Organization is armed with the Chinese Communist Party. But that's only relevant for purposes of cover-up at the very beginning. And you still do whatever they say anyway. It has a lot of significance. So one of the things that came to my head recently, and I think you're sort of walking around a place where we can bring this up now, is the actual state of the world, right, like in 2018 or 2019, with reference to this narrative. And what I find very interesting is that when we're told the story in 2020 and beyond, we're told the story that there was a ban on gain-of-function research. And so we used USAID money and EcoHealth Alliance to fund a lab in Wuhan to do the same research. And it occurred to me that you could turn that camera around and see it from the perspective of the Chinese lab. And almost immediately, all the alarm bells would go off, like, why is France offering to build this lab for us? Why is America offering to fund this research over here? Maybe they're setting us up. It wouldn't be a crazy assumption, or a crazy, let's say, thing to think about, a contingency to plan for. And so even already back when this funding was occurring and these labs were collaborating, there had to have already been some cloak and dagger happening, where that side is actively wondering, OK, what's the deal here? What's the end game? What is the move? And so for me, the narrative that they sold us from the beginning ended up to be way too simple because of that reason, because there was already, there had to be already machinations going on before the pandemic was triggered. And then what you just bring up, which is that the influence that the America, let's say, the West had in the WHO versus, let's say, the Chinese Communist Party or whatever that side is pushing there, was extremely out of balance at the start of the pandemic. So the WHO actually enabled this push to adopt. Right? I mean, in a lot of ways, the treaties are signed. And so in a lot of ways, you've agreed to follow the WHO's advice in an emergency. The WHO says it's an emergency, so all hands on deck. And so you obviously then find it very scary, any sort of push to give the WHO more control over these future crises then, right? I mean... Oh, absolutely. I mean, it's just asinine. We're essentially being trolled. And that's kind of the entire purpose of all this, was just to kind of create this false reality where it was all justified and we just defer to the narrative that was all happy times and they save millions of lives by having us give up all our rights. Everything we've experienced is just about creating that sort of false reality which goes up against all the data and all the evidence that we see right in front of our eyes that these lockdowns are a horrible failure. And we've experienced this sort of dystopian reality the last couple of years where these policies obviously were horrific for the most vulnerable people. I mean, we're not all in this together. They weren't based on any pre-existing science. They killed thousands and countless thousands of people throughout the developed world just from the stress of lockdowns, throwing people out of work, the mental health crisis, forcing people especially within poor communities to all stay in tightly packed houses. I mean, it's absolutely horrific, not to mention in the developing world where you're throwing people out of their jobs and factories or working hand in mouth, you know, these scenes of people marching off, millions of people marching off in exodus, supposedly to protect them from the super virus and they're in these tightly packed hordes of people. I mean, the whole thing is just asinine. But that's the entire point. The entire point was simply to get away with it, is to create that sort of false reality where you don't trust the evidence in front of your own eyes. To essentially, they want you to cede reality, cede truth over to the authorities, to accept that you can't hold these people accountable, to accept that no matter how bad their policies are, no matter how off from reality they actually are, that simply science is whatever they say it is. They want you to give up and simply defer to them and cede reality to them. I've sort of been getting at what the idea of the Chinese Communist Party and how internationally integrated it is, is it's not clear and frankly not really that important where the evil actually comes from. It's all one big globally connected network and just based on the fact that there's an equal amount of evil within every human race and with every place and country, it probably came an equal amount from both places. So some of these connections stem from the Chinese Communist Party and probably an equal number stem from Western officials making these overtures to the Chinese Communist Party and their vestiges and entities, the World Health Organization, the World Economic Forum, to form the sort of vast, what is essentially a high level criminal network where they're more loyal to the propaganda that's being pushed out by this network than to their own countries into their own duties and what their official job titles are. So it's not necessarily important, was it China or was it primarily the United States? It's really just this one network, this one giant global power structure that is doing this and how do we actually hold that to account. The Chinese Communist Party is certainly a starting point and one that played a huge role given the influence they have, the World Health Organization, the World Economic Forum and also the fact that the entire narrative begins with the Chinese Communist Party at that initial Wuhan lockdown because lockdown had no precedent in the Western world before that. So it all stems from what China did there, not just lockdown, but every single one of these policies. You look back at every single one of these policies, that initial lockdown was so effective at seeding this idea that we're facing this super virus, but from there we get this idea these ventilators, this bad rush for ventilators turned out to be extraordinarily deadly and thankfully were discontinued due to a grassroots movement, but that was also based on what China said they did in Wuhan, this idea that you have to have mask mandates, make everybody wear a mask. It's also just what China said they did in Wuhan, this idea of mass testing because China said that was so effective in Wuhan. So it all comes from China, so that's a key piece and then when you look back at every single one of these officials across every single country, the ones who played the biggest role in the response to COVID, almost all of them have some of these shady connections to China where they're showing this absolute deference to the propaganda of the Chinese Communist Party and treating that as reality. The closer you get to the centers of power during the response to COVID in every single country across the world, the more likely the officials there are to treat the Chinese Communist Party's propaganda as reality and that's really how you got this entire farce of a response. So the significance of the Chinese Communist Party and the reason I focus on that, it's more of a legal angle to get at who was a part of this power structure that put this false narrative above their own duties and sort of loyalties to their own people. It's really just sort of a legal means of getting there. That's a nice way to segue into this question. So we sort of have a series of very, yes, get a drink, we have a series of less than optimal legislations, legislative instruments, whatever you want to call them, laws like the PREP Act and these 21st century's Cures Act and a couple others that make the declaration of a state of emergency give a great deal of leeway and maneuvering room for the people that purport to save us from the emergency, including the people that provide countermeasures, et cetera. But part of me is constantly seeing this what you could call a vulnerability in a sense. If the government has an emergency plan that involves allowing private pharmaceutical companies to take wild advantage of an emergency and your adversary understands that if this is done correctly, you could set off a forest fire that the host country would lose control of and it wouldn't necessarily need to be much of an event. That's what I'm seeing. If you looked across the pond and you saw our system, it wouldn't be hard to identify this as a weakness and then over the course of 10 years try to set it up to be a real weakness with the propensity to over respond and all of the necessary people and ideas in place so that with the right trigger, it would happen. I agree with you. I would go so far as to say that even early on in the pandemic when I was still convinced that there was a real virus, which I still think there probably might be. Oh, I agree on that point. We should be clear on that point because I think some folks read my article and thought that I and you were saying there is no virus. I agree that there obviously is some virus that the tests are picking up and that accounted for at least some of the deaths though not nearly as deadly as the media has made it out to be. I think from a medical perspective, you could release a relatively benign virus that caused respiratory disease and then if you told people to ventilate or do nothing else, you could kill a lot of old people. Exactly. That's exactly what happened. We're in a stage now where it's hard to see at what point the people that were driving the car realized we were going to go over the cliff in that manner and without need. But from a 30,000 foot perspective, would you say now your best guess is that some combination of limited contagion plus overacting in China allowed them to trigger a response in the West that a lot of people in the West were chomping at the bit to initiate for several years? I think we're going to go back several years already and find people making plans to try and shift this whole thing from growing in eggs to mRNA and the Vaccine Research Center was advocating for it for a long time and so there was a lot of potential energy there waiting. Absolutely. I'm really curious to think if there is somebody or somebody like you could look into the people that were involved in setting up this early momentum and see if there is a genuine connection to influence because they can't all be patriots otherwise we would not be here right now. That's the part that frightens me the most I guess. Well that's exactly right and if you look at all the sort of fallacies in this narrative, I mean that's what it comes down to. I refer in my article and you refer to it as this idea, this entire sort of lab leak narrative is being used as controlled opposition in a lot of ways and I think that's what it really is because this narrative, it drives me nuts because people defer to it because it's coming from a lot of the voices that we consider as being a part of the community and they say that oh you know lockdowns are bad, mandates are bad but this virus came from a lab and higher up you go within the you know especially on the political right that'll be the sort of party line is that yes lockdowns and mandates are bad we're with you guys on that but also this virus came from a lab and they just repeat it on and nauseam doesn't really matter what the evidence actually is that's just sort of the party line you have to get in line with it to you know get interviewed and get those big ticket interviews in those media. I would even go so far as to say you even have to attribute millions to dying to it. I think that's also a part of the required state exactly and that's a reinforces that entire narrative reinforces the entire narrative that there was super deadly virus that causes super pandemic so it maintains that baseline of fear and it reinforces the Chinese Communist Party's original narrative that entire original narrative around this virus that you know virus popped out in Wuhan and you know came from a lab or it came from a pangolin and then it killed a bunch of people in Wuhan or people fall into their deaths and then somehow it jumped over to Italy and then oh yeah kill people in Italy really all that happened was the policy of lockdown came from China and then made its way to Italy and then shut down the entire world after that it was really that lockdown itself that created that sense of terror and that entire idea of the super virus I mean the deaths really followed the policy. It's just dawned on me that would you would you speculate that the Chinese are just using the same scooby-doo on their own people in a different way than like saying that oh maybe it's an American virus or maybe they released it over here and so absolutely absolutely you know the Chinese people I think studies I'm seeing show the people in China are even more inclined than people in the West believe that it came from a lab you know they don't trust the Chinese Communist Party they don't like the Chinese Communist Party nobody in China likes the Chinese Communist Party it's just like the Chinese Communist Party just rules them and they can't do anything about it because there's so many layers of controlled opposition they have no idea who's in on it and who do I can trust it's all these mind games have been playing for a century and especially a regime as sophisticated as Chinese Communist Party it's just their daily business is you know establishing these layers of narrative and controlled opposition so they have a lot of experience with this and this is meant as much domestically as it is internationally very much the same narrative and when you think about so we're being told by these big national security officials especially on the political right that like they're so sure this virus came from a lab but at the same time are they actually doing anything I mean they're telling us like that is huge you know if they're saying yeah this virus came from a lab and the Chinese covered up and kill millions of people are the same officials doing anything to actually prevent this data function research that they say is so terrifying are they doing anything to hold China accountable I mean they should be absolutely furious you know the virus just endangered them and danger their own families killed millions of people that would be something that if they actually believe what they were saying you'll be absolutely furious but said they're actually not making a move to do any of this they just reinforce that narrative over and over again oh yeah this virus came out of a lab and killed millions of people hopefully Congress will do something next year I mean yeah that's what they keep pretending to keep doubling down on this theory and say yeah they're sure it came from this lab but they're not doing anything you know actions speak louder than the words and they're obviously not really they don't really believe what they're saying because they're not really scared and they're not really angry as they should be from what would be a very personal and very real risk just to themselves it's not just about us it's not just that you know they're willing to accept that risk for us that would be a very real risk to themselves if they actually believe what they're saying so that kind of belies the notion they actually believe it um you know I'm with you like I believe there is a virus certainly there seemed to be something sweeping across Asia you look at excess deaths were actually sort of um higher within Asia across 2019 but I don't think it's at all clear where the virus actually came from there's a lot of evidence that it was spreading globally by the sort of middle of 2019 especially by fall 2019 we have tons and tons of tests throughout the world um showing there were positives all over the world by fall 2019 um but then what happened is that in early 2020 we got this false economy where you know as you say we're a scooby dude uh we got this narrative that oh yeah there's this virus that popped up in wuhan china and everybody in wuhan is falling over dead and we get those videos that are terrifying everybody and the dictator of china shuts down wuhan you know he shuts down the ones who do with the lab in it it's all that kind of double bluff and that makes everybody think that oh it's a lab leak and then they censor it just for a little bit just for you know for a couple weeks there at the beginning that makes people who think especially on the right people who are distance or hawks or really distrust china that makes them think oh I had to be a lab leak because you know the chinese communist party would do that they're so bad and evil and of course they would cover up a lab leak like that but then they immediately right after that a lot of times the same individuals you know anthony fauci germy farah christian anderson eddie holmes his entire gang uh the first thing to do is report the possibility of lab leak to the national security officials they go straight to the fbi and tell them like oh yeah we're in it's lovely like two weeks later they publish a piece where they're like no no it's not a lab leak it came from a pangolin and they not only sell it for sure they there's no doubt that's how they said it they used certainty in a science paper and then everybody said oh they can't be certain it was yeah in retrospect it's extraordinary yeah it is extraordinary and you know in that false economy continues to this day every time i talk about you know the absurdity the logical absurdity a lab leak theory people say oh so you think it came from that wet market then you must be a wet market guy well no i mean there's so many countless infinite other possibilities for where the virus had to come from just because you don't think it came from that lab in wuhan does not mean that you think jumped out of some pangolin and wuhan at the same time but that power that narrative power and making us believe there was a super outbreak you know the science fiction movie outbreak in wuhan was so powerful that people to this day think it had to be one of these one of the other you know you're either a republican lably guy or you're a democrat pangolin guy but you know the evidence overwhelming clear that it was actually spreading all around the world well before that maybe there was there could have been like a super spreader event around wuhan or could just been pure theater with those videos i mean just never know with the information coming out of china that gave the illusion that there was this big outbreak there and then of course the dictator of china decides to shut down the one city with the lab in it that's great so that sort of powerful narrative uh makes people think that there was this outbreak and then uh you know they contained it with chinese totalitarianism and that's why the rest of the world had to pick up chinese totalitarianism and the other the thing that i'm the biological thing that i'm trying to argue right now is that um the nature of of coronavirus genetics and coronavirus infection is such that that it would only be a laboratory prepared clone of a coronavirus that could do the kind of thing that we seem to have seen in iran and the kind of thing that we seem to have seen in in the northern part of italy um and so that that to me is where i'm at now because it trying to go through the old literature of coronavirus to see how they thought about infection from a genetic perspective and a purity perspective it makes perfect sense to me that in order to weaponize a coronavirus in a useful way you would definitely not want something that went around the world but you would want something that did a lot wherever you let it out and you know decayed exponentially from wherever you let it out and i do believe that for the last 15 years or so it's pretty easy to see if you go through the literature that the only way that they can really use a coronavirus in a lab is to make an RNA infectious clone equivalent of it and so they've been walking this line for a long time where they could get an occasional lab leak and i know that they have and lab workers have been infected hundreds of times over the last 20 years or so and so you can really imagine a scenario where let me just make it as simple as possible let's imagine for the last 20 years that they've been monitoring SARS viruses in the wild and they noticed that every two years there's a novel SARS virus that comes up in the background and causes respiratory disease in humans and they just watch it every year and this year they decided to tell us about it it could be that simple and then the the way that they told us about it is a theater in wuhan and the chinese responded as best they could not knowing what happened that's that's if we did it if the chinese did it it could be what we said earlier that they saw that we had this huge potential energy ready to go and they knew that it would be devastating especially if there wasn't a novel pathogen and so they told us a story about another novel pathogen knowing we'd shoot ourselves in the foot and knowing there'd be too many egos and knowing that they could push those egos far enough so that we would get three years down this road before enough people would start waking up to slow it down exactly it's it's extraordinary yeah not just theater in wuhan we're talking about theater across the world it started in wuhan but then a couple months later you know everything we experienced in 2020 especially in spring of 2020 was all theater you know going to italy and then going across and that sort of domino effect across europe and then making its way to here in california and the rest of the united states that policy of lockdown was not in it wasn't science it wasn't a part of any sort of historical policy it was all just theater that became self-legitimizing through that sense of a sort of global global crisis let me just sophisticated people because you're saying this i want to make sure that i say because i just thought of this and i do think it's important a clone if it was released and then was pulled by people as they went away from china so that's one of the a lot of the theory is why it went to italy and such because of the diaspora so a clone even a clone infection that was then transported by people would still not be some magic virus and so the lockdowns in my humble opinion if there was a real biological agent were part of the required change in behavior in order to create any shadow of what could be called an epidemic if you hadn't locked down the the limited contagion that was there would have disappeared way too rapidly for them to make a story about it so i do think exactly that what people they've they've we've been told the inverse right that the lockdowns prevented a worse outbreak but actually i think the biology is the lockdown allowed any kind of outbreak to happen that they forced it in close these people in to make sure the maximum amount of people would get infected in the short window of time that an infection could occur and so then once the precedence is set and the who says you know fires the starting gun we were done right it's like a water a dam was opened and that was it yeah the lockdowns were dark theater and uh frankly you know i consider it more or less a form of terrorism i mean they just did the exact opposite of what they purported to do that as you said you know they spread infection uh they created you know an astronomical number of excess deaths if you look at that surge in excess deaths which you now know is obviously not explained by the virus not just because of what we know about what how lethal the virus actually was but because those excess deaths are in younger people and that is belied by the only infection infection fatality rates by age of the virus as well so we know those excess deaths are younger people and were caused by the lockdowns themselves and not only did they create a lot of excess deaths in themselves and you know do the opposite of what they were meant to do they made people believe that the virus is hundreds of times juggler and it really was and studies bore this out psychological studies that the primary reason people believe there was a super virus was because their government implemented a lockdown so it's all just that circular logic uh you know they believe they're the super virus because their government implemented the lockdown and believed that lockdown must have saved them from that super virus um and studies at the same time showed that you know your average american by 2021 believed the virus was hundreds of times deadlier than it actually was and it was all just because of that initial lockdown that's how powerful that initial theater was and yet you know i think your work is extraordinarily important and the journey you took to get there frankly is extraordinarily valuable because you so meticulously documented from a biological perspective why it's simply not possible the narrative we've been told it's simply not possible for you know coronavirus or a viral clone to create a global pandemic as we've been told because of that um because it's just not stable enough that's uh you know that level of decay makes it biologically impossible it really just completely undermines this entire narrative that we've been told by both sides whether you're a pangolin guy or a liability guy we've been told that this virus can just kind of pop out and it's so novel and new that we have to toss out everything we know about public health and about science uh because it's this new super virus and it's causing a global pandemic and though it's uh creating all those variants i know this is not biologically possible so i think that's an incredibly valuable journey you've taken an incredible addition to you know um our understanding of what actually took place over the last couple years well it's a very nice compliment i think the next year is going to be the 2023 is going to be defending that position and making sure that it's solid on all sides um yep yep because there is a lot of work to be done i mean the sequencing we need to understand and the phylogeny that they present we need to understand and the heartbreaking thing about it and i'm sure you've become aware of this as you've become deeper and deeper into this is that the the the lack of the average american their understanding of how the health care system works and and and how how it's not really meant to save them um is is something that i think everybody needs to be reawakened to and understand and that's something that you know is a it's a personal journey for everybody really and since so many people have been been spread so thin over the pandemic it's just hard to imagine how we're going to wake everybody up do you have any hopeful thoughts for how we can move into 2023 and what we should be just keep telling the truth i know but uh yep like what directions are you going to write another book are you going to help somebody uh with with the legal directions here or run for office or what are you going to do well i'm certainly going to keep writing you know i read on sub stack uh i'm

Of course like everybody else who's told the truth throughout uh this the last couple years i'm kicked off twitter so i'm just on sub stack now and uh yeah i'll definitely write another book once i figure i want to try to have you tried to apply to get back on twitter i try to do it every morning um i just i do an appeal all the time as well but okay yeah you know i don't know what uh elore musk is doing to be honest you know there's a i think it was they said like eleven thousand two hundred people kicked off twitter for covid stuff and now he's let back on to robert merlot i mean at this rate in a hundred years maybe we'll get back on but yeah maybe yeah i think there's some uh frankly i think there could be some politics going on there in the background to put it lightly so uh we'll see what actually happens there but yeah i mean i'll keep trying but for now it's uh sub stack and yeah hopefully i'll write another book but yeah i am optimistic um i don't think whatever they were trying to do the original instigators of this global lockdown fraud i don't think it worked quite as well as they thought i think they got more grassroots pushback back across the western world that people actually did believe in those values even when it wasn't necessarily in their own self interest and they were forced forced to roll it back earlier this year uh earlier and that would have liked i mean i think uh frankly there's some real psychos out there who would have liked for people to stay in lockdown forever and to have that sort of global totalitarianism they stand on top of it so it didn't work quite as well as they liked it has been effective their strategy of just sort of you know suddenly unwinding it all so it's like some distant memory and people kind of lose interest in the subject matter and nobody can you know quite figure out what just happened uh that has been somewhat effective but i'm still confident that you know the truth will win out in the end in 10 to 20 years you know they might not you know shake our hand and thank us and be like oh you know Michael and Jay were right the whole time like these uh you guys are i don't think it'll work like that but just like our understanding of past global catastrophes you know eventually people come to realize the truth when you talk about iraq war now it's just kind of common knowledge that there were never any wmds and kind of dumb thing to do same with vietnam this is common knowledge that was kind of a mistaken quagmire to begin with um in 10 to 20 years i think people is be kind of common knowledge that it was just kind of this global psychological operation this global coup attempt that was just uh you know irredeemable catastrophe i want to give you i mean i want to give you an idea for a book and for a trial and for a for a legal pursuit but i think in my humble opinion the people that paid the worst psychological price during the pandemic in retrospect are college kids because they were coerced to taking everything and doing what they were told in order to get their lives back in a way that even adults really weren't coerced to that extent the worst part about that in my humble opinion is that more parents should have just said well just stay home for a year honey you don't need to go this year um and i'm really sad about that because um i think i think that was maybe more important in their operation than anything else was trying to convince this younger group of adults that this level of of personal responsibility isn't yours anymore it's ours we we are the who'll tell you what you need to do and i i really my heart really breaks and so maybe the book you need to write is written to them to try to describe to them exactly how they were coerced and uh who coerced them oh absolutely no it's a great idea and that's really you know the point of my book snake oil it's really to be written by kind of a general audience try to put it in layman's terms what the heck happened uh you know yeah i mean it was this kind of global brainwashing operation quite frankly uh especially geared toward young people this is brainwashing operation that this is yeah this is just how we respond to a virus guys like lockdowns and masking forever and mass testing and why didn't we do this forever this is always you know this is the science guys um yeah it's uh and i was geared especially toward young people it's absolute you know it's utterly appalling what's been done to children especially who were completely powerless in all this and simply trust the adults to get this right you know they were forced to they lost years of schooling um like you said college kids lost the best years of their lives i mean i wouldn't give those years for anything in the world uh and you know kids to the extent of they get to go to school there was how to sit there for mass in mass for hours a day i mean i couldn't even they also they also really witnessed they also really witnessed all of the parents submitting to authority i never saw my parents do something that the tv told them to do um i never saw my doctor do something that the tv told them to do and then this is really an unprecedented level of conformity and and top down sort of it's extraordinary to me it's really been uh a thing a thing that i never thought three years in we would still be only this only here um yeah and that is really sad to think you know what because those kids are going to grow up and realize what was done to them and like you said that their parents in some cases uh put that sort of deference to their tribe and their authority figures over the interest of their own children and you know being within the anti-lockdown community in the blue state here in california you know i have parents who have struggled with that and uh you know schools putting these mandates and you know and a lot of times it's kind of um been really hard on their relationships and the links they've had to go to to protect their children from the group think all around them uh you know people tell me that you know like Michael like your work is pretty harsh it's uh you know pretty skating sometimes i mean wait until the kids grow up and see what they're gonna have to say because it's you know mine is going to look tame by comparison to what they have to say and you know that's how history really gets written uh after events happen i think people are far less charitable less inclined to say oh it's just an innocent mistake uh no wasn't an innocent mistake because so many people you know across every place in the world knew what they were doing and did it anyway knew it was a lie and just sort of went along with it anyway so um yeah i mean everything i'm doing is for the kids so they have an idea of what actually happened i think you know they're the ones who are gonna thank us ultimately more than anyone cool well i don't know what to say i was really i'm really happy to have spoken to you today um i'm happy to hear that uh people are still thinking about it um they have your book they have your sub stack um i don't know just thanks again for for the publicity and for a little plug there it always helps this flee circus a lot and uh let me know when uh when you'd like to come on again we can have another one absolutely okay thanks so much thanks Michael bye bye take care bye bye all right ladies and gentlemen that was kind of fun um is it still streaming i hope i'm still streaming over here uh 102 people watching good show thanks oh thanks guys um i think i'm just going to end it like this but you did remember this right um just want to say i'm going to do a show on this later now recognized for five minutes this is rick bright in front of congress yesterday 1 million 93 thousand 64 americans have died from covid since 2020 for all who have lost someone this is more than a statistic my dear mother jacqueline died from covid last year we owe it to those we've lost and to those who have suffered to ensure this never happens again chairman cliburn ranking member jordan and distinguished members of the subcommittee and the witness panel it's a privilege to be here today i'm dr rick bright a career public servant and scientist who has served and spent 30 years addressing pandemic threats for 10 years i served in the department of health and human services and was the director of barter when the covid 19 pandemic emerged it is clear that the united states was unprepared for the covid 19 pandemic as i testified to congress in may of 2020 we had a narrow window of opportunity to build a defense against covid however the early response was chaotic and reckless filled with denials delays and deceptions from government leaders and others entrusted to protect americans and politics prevailed over science our long underfunded health care system buckled and we lost hold on two essential components of a response speed and trust and sadly this led to many unnecessary deaths oh no fortunately we did some things well decades of public investment into technology platforms support from congress and dedication of government and private sector scientists enabled rapid development of vaccines through operation warp speed unexpected partnerships formed unleashing the floodgate of solutions that will serve us for decades to come the overall pandemic response warrants careful review in addition to recent reports congress should authorize a non-partisan commission to scrutinize and memorialize the details the covid 19 pandemic is not over infections hospitalizations and deaths are increasing dramatically especially among older adults the unvaccinated and those who have not had their recent vaccine booster instead of declaring victory we need to intensify efforts this winter to save more lives we must get more people fully vaccinated with covid and flu provide clear guidance on testing wearing a high quality mask and staying home when sick improve indoor air quality through proper ventilation and filtration continue robust testing and genomic surveillance and we must ensure that all vaccines drugs tests and masks are available accessible and free for all americans covid will not be our last public health crisis we must learn from the past and prepare for the future the path ahead should it should include passing and funding proactive legislation such as the prevent pandemics act and the federal government cannot do this alone it's important to align federal state and local efforts with the private sector and global partners despite many challenges i remain optimistic i'm confident that science will enable a healthier safer and more equitable future with scientific advancements from the pandemic we can now make next generation vaccines to reach more people and provide broader protection develop new drugs for combination therapy and host targeted treatments that strengthen our immunity to fight multiple pathogens create more diagnostics for home use to bring the power of health monitoring into our daily routines and detect infections earlier to guide treatment yes reduce the risk of infecting everyday tests and we can build a we can build a modern data infrastructure that strengthens and connects our health care systems and modern genomics oh we can now strengthening the connections of an outbreak weeks or months before it strikes striking and modern genomics oh yeah strengthen the infrastructure we can tell the modern data infrastructure oh yeah strengthens and connects our health care systems and modern genomics and modern genomics we can now see early signals of an outbreak weeks or months before it strikes to be able to fight it head on instead of chasing after it and we can produce vaccines and medicines locally to improve access and quality while reducing cost. Imagine adapting a warp speed model as a best practice for all healthcare needs. A better future is not just something imagine doing everything rush Congress scientists and American ingenuity can make all of this and more a reality. In the face of war, inflation and climate change we cannot abandon pandemic preparedness. We must act now to harness momentum gained through the crisis. We must never again be a nation unprepared. Thank you for your doing your part. That's some extraordinary stuff. Thank you. That's some extraordinary stuff isn't it? Isn't it? It's the common narrative ladies and gentlemen. They're selling it. There's three versions of it. We'll talk about it later this afternoon. I'm gonna try and stream at four if I can. I need to get something in my stomach. I need to get a drink etc. I'll try and come back on and do an immunology update at four o'clock. Thanks very much for joining me. I hope you enjoyed it. I will see you very soon. Like in an hour I promise. I'm not gonna ditch you this time like I did yesterday. Thanks guys.