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The Clone Wars? Gigaohm Biological High Resistance Low Noise Information Brief

So, you invented the phantom virus hoping it would scare Eric away. That's right, and it worked, till you guys showed up. You were afraid that we would find out who created the virus. So you beamed us into cyberspace. The prize would have been all mine, if it wasn't for us meddling kids.

Darn it, you know, sometimes you hit the wrong button and it sounds like a dork.

Welcome ladies and gentlemen. When Adrian whispers win there, I don't want anybody to think that I'm in this to win, like to be right. Not for any other reason than to be right for all of us. It's not a competition to me. This is not some fight for intellectual property here, this is a fight for my kid's future and for my possible grandkids future, yours. They've been lying to us from the beginning, and in very clever ways, very clever back doors, and there's good reason to believe that we've finally figured out why.

And the streams and the attention that we've received has changed a lot in the last couple of weeks, ladies and gentlemen, a lot. Just understand that there are a lot of things going on in the background in my life now, in the context that I have, and then the way that they have shifted, where it is pretty impossible to believe that everyone is a good person. And I am in a very dangerous spot right now, in my humble opinion, because I don't know who I can trust. And there are few people in this fight that I think have been telling the whole truth from the very beginning.

And I believe that anybody that's able to still project is part of this. And anybody that's been consistently censored is indeed maybe has some corner of the truth that they are trying to hide.

But we've got to learn all of this now before we are disconnected, before they break the system. I'm getting really, I'm getting really, you know, in some ways, kind of worried. I'm kind of worried that these people might win. And I don't want that. And so we've got to understand what I'm trying to say here. I think we, this is a big word to say, we've got to understand. But I feel a, I feel a sense of urgency to try to explain these ideas which are in my head right now, because I have a feeling that if they are right, that they could one, number one, unite the resistance, as it were, between the virus and the no virus people, between the virologists who believe and the virologists who don't, between the anti-vaxxers and the non-anti-vaxxers, even potentially the real biology could reveal the real truth and everybody could see it.

And I think that a large part of this, the reason why the tides have shifted so drastically in the last couple days and weeks is because we have come very close to establishing that these bricks are really visible. That yeah, we are, we are at a stage where, where the bricks are at the back of the theater are visible and I don't know if I'm right about all the things that I say, but I do know that there is a very characteristic response.

And I do know that in the last two weeks, I've seen a number of people, people that you know, and people that you have no idea who have been my supporters behind the scenes, my sponsors, my advisors, my encouragers have many of them have turned and walked away. As if somehow my biological pivot to arguing that infectious RNA clones are the only way to weaponize a coronavirus and that even when you do that, you can't create a real pandemic potential without creating quantity, which all circles back to the idea that either there was a real pandemic and they did it, or there was a real, not a real pandemic and they lied about it, but either way, we have a big problem. And in order to understand this, I think it's weird that somebody like debunk the funk Daniel Wilson can go on a stream and criticize Robert F Kennedy jr. as though his uncle wasn't killed as though his uncle wasn't president of the United States, as if his dad wasn't killed as if the entire history of the United States involving the Kennedy family and Robert F Kennedy jr. never happened at all. And he's just some dude who, despite having a great wealth of family fortune and high connections in government, he's decided to embark on a book writing career that takes advantage of lying about the dangers of vaccines. It harkens back to the day and the comments that Dave Chappelle made as he left show business for a while and that when you call people crazy, it's very dismissive. It says that all of their experiences aren't worth anything that they didn't experience what they experienced and they did. People aren't losing their minds for nothing. I'm not seeing these changes among people and they're not ghosts. These are real changes in their behavior. There are real patterns in their behavior and I'm going to start to point them out to you and you're gonna have to do what you decide what you do with them. But the first thing I want you to consider is that many months ago when I was first contacted by Robert F Kennedy jr. I made no secret about it. I mentioned it on the stream and I've mentioned it consistently several times. I've shown pictures of him and I you know that he calls and talks to me and listens to me because I've been on his podcast. I've written articles for the defender. Some of them are not I'm not totally happy with. I've only written one and that's what I'm not too happy with. Can you hear that furnace blowing in the background? Can somebody tell me this? The point is very simple. We are at a stage now where there are very few banners under which to rally and it is becoming very obvious to me that the fragmentation of the the resistance is happening right now and there are a bunch of people engaged in the fragmentation and I am not one of them. Every time that I've tried to put forth an idea or or criticize someone about splitting about denying for example someone went on Tim's truth stream and debated the Bailey guy from New Zealand and I made some critiques about how it was done and what was said and asked some questions about what was said and what wasn't said and I was attacked rather than you know taking the criticism I was attacked immediately ground into the dirt. Now that video may or may not still be available but I'm very convinced that something strange happened there and we're going to get into that in the next week or so as we talk about sequencing and we go step by step through how it's done and why they have fooled you about the possibility that these various advanced sequencing techniques can so easily be applied to coronavirus in the wild. I don't know where we are here but I think we're going to we're going to start this show after this introduction knockout did you guys can you hear the you can hear the blower yeah it's cold in here because I'm in the back of the garage. We'll just start here.

So as I said today we're not pulling any punches it's really time to stop playing games and I'm going to start a series of daily streams I hope maybe multiple times during the same day of trying to work through this with you so that it gets on record so that everybody knows what's going on behind the scenes and in the front. I want to be forthright with everyone to make sure that they understand who's behind me and who I support and what has happened because I do think that there are many people that have I don't know they have they have convinced themselves that there is one particular narrative that needs to be reinforced and that narrative is the only narrative that can be tolerated and the weird thing about that is that it really feels as though it really feels as though yeah here we go of course I'm not paying attention again I'm out of practice you know that's how that's what happens when you're playing this stuff all the time. The thing that it fits is this pattern of trying to codify a history it really fits into this pattern of trying to to mold and control a narrative so that you can perpetuate it into the future and it's been done quite a few times I think to us in recent American history and I don't I don't think any of us can underestimate how often this play has been has been executed and more importantly how central this type of play is to this pandemic and that's how you tie together the no virus and virus people that's how you tie together ecohealth alliance and barrack that's how you tie together all of this of course it's all related but the trick is to know what the lie is and they have scooby-dooed us they have led us to believe that they have led us to believe that that we figured it out and I was stuck there just like you and now we're coming back and we're starting to understand some of it was by looking at the history some of it was talking to people who knew history better than we did one of my favorite is is mark kulak of hewson tonic live people that have been trying to understand the real American history of the last 20 odd years when we've been alive when things have been available to be recorded when the original sources can still be found it's hard to go to deep history ladies and gentlemen the bottom line is deep history is really controlled so we've only thing we've got is the recent history that's still not completely tarnished not completely scrubbed let me assure you that we have not always been at the top of the wave here at giggle biological but we have tried to stay near it by staying focused on the biology by not taking the bait on television or on the internet and loving our neighbor and loving our neighbor is actually where a lot of times this stuff shows up a lot of times the ghosts are given up by the fact that they can't follow that one simple rule here love your neighbor if people who are your friend and who came to you as part of a united front of people that were interested in saving humanity from whatever this is and then they suddenly change their mind about you they suddenly walk away they don't bother calling anymore oh okay so understand ladies and gentlemen that in the last three years of this pandemic theater i've had that happen almost innumerable times and it's happened quite often in the last two weeks or so where people behave as though the reality on the board is not happening and i'm going to reveal a couple of those things today which i think will help you understand why loving your neighbor is so important because we are all in this together we are all on team human and anybody who is not keenly aware of what it means to be on team human you know is not it's not working for us and i am afraid that quite a few people in the last couple weeks have revealed themselves as either being influenced by pushed by or even paid by probably people that have team human not in mind but team transhuman or team i don't know what ladies and gentlemen this is a stream that is funded by viewers like you including rodney including greg ben piper has been such a supporter of the stream both financially and and spiritually if you will and and a great advisor rodney too of course yeah i've made a lot of friends and i'm i'm well supported at this age which means that my primary ask is that you share my work share my channel and share that review i wrote a year and a half ago and the reason why is because the review is still totally valid it's old it doesn't have the swarm idea codified as well as it needs to be but it has enough of a of a of a series of ladder rungs to get anybody out of the hole um and get them doubting and that's what we need right now we need to wake new people up with doubt and that's i think one of the things that you can realize as you move through the cognitive space over the next couple weeks between now and christmas realize who's still on twitter realize who's still getting boosted realize what stories are getting boosted realize what parts of the story are getting boosted and realize how that should play into your variable set as you try to solve the puzzle that is reality right now and remember you can't look in that kaleidoscope of media and expect to see very many useful things unless you're grounded in something outside of it and in my case i'm relying on the fact that i'm a a long-trained biologist i've i've been a biologist for my whole life and as a professional biologist for over 22 years before the pandemic started um and i should have done this another way i should have done it like this and um and so i found myself in a weird situation in that i could not get another job in academia because the institution of the university of pittsburgh and the people there that could have supported my work going on somewhere else were not interested in talking to me because apparently i had said that this was a lab leak and wasn't following the proper protocols and was a racist and a misogynist now the reason why i say it is because that's how we got involved that's what convinced me that this was definitely a lab leak virus and that the pandemic was likely a lab accident or worse and i like you have to go through the same process of lowering our own hands from our face in order to escape the trap that they've put us in and the only question is is how many of them are there right how many layers to this are there and i think that over the last few months of intense reading and learning as a result of of trying to to to do my best to help uh robert f kennedy jr understand the basics of coronavirus biology i have reread and reread as many pertinent papers to the methodology as i can and read more all the papers of barrack again and again trying to find a pattern and trying to understand what's going on and i think at a certain moment it was just a light bulb that goes on it's very much a a subconscious thing that you just realize wow i get it now i understand what the disconnect is and the story that they're telling with these experiments and how different it is from from the story that they can tell with the limited data that they're able to produce from wild sampling and from wild measurements and from wild observations and so it became very clear to me that there was a huge disconnect here and i've been just trying to expose it and uh over the last couple weeks of trying to you know just discuss these these issues and these ideas biological ideas i have met resistance uh i've met people ignoring me uh it's it's quite extraordinary uh people say they don't remember me or don't know me um even though they've met me before or even met me in extraordinary circumstances um there's a lot of patterns that have broke recently in the background and a couple of them are very important for me to to put out there because i think it's it's important for everybody to understand that that's something very strange is going on um please remember that i'm a neurobiologist i'm just gonna put this up there quick i don't know why i'm doing this um you can find where i worked here the reason why this is important is because while i was doing this i also had a youtube channel and i started covering coronavirus that's what got me dropped from the university of pittsburgh to censor listen carefully social media who mentioned the possibility of a lab leak it can't be true the lancet says it's not true 27 eminent scientists say it's not true only a few scientists in the face of all of this dare to speak up one of them was called gil dominoff he formed a group of researchers called drastic that's an acronym for decentralized radical autonomous search team something that all scientists should be jamie metzel the former nsc officials soon joined the group so jamie metzel was never in the group and the reason why i point that out in specific is because of course i've told you many many times that drastic was featured in vanity fair newsweek and on tucker carlson but none of the people that they're listing were the original members of drastic and so we found it very strange everybody involved in the group found it strange and certain members of the group even said well at least we got attention and that already of course by then i was not part of drastic anymore but but certain group parts of the group certain parts of the group were still communicating with me outside of the main slack group and things that i never joined now the reason why i mentioned jamie metzel is because you can go see the jamie metzel was on lex friedman's podcast talking about this likely to be a lab leak already a year ago jamie metzel supposedly one of the founding members of drastic was never a member of drastic and so the mainstream media already completely contorted a narrative that could have involved a multiracial research assistant professor working hard at the university of pittsburgh busting a story open about about america possibly being attacked or or injured by a lab leak from china but instead they chose to tell a story about an about a guy named jamie metzel and instead they decided to put jamie metzel on lex friedman's podcast to talk about why this is a lab leak that's already a year ago more than a year ago now it's probably a year and a half or two years ago and the reason why this is important to understand is that this battle has been an ongoing battle to try and understand what happened so when somebody says that i want to get to the bottom of this then it is a very easy thing to believe everybody wants to understand what happened here but i assure you there are some people who don't want you to understand what happened here and they want you to come to one very specific conclusion and that's why for all of you international people out there i say we've been scooby dude because we've been tricked into believing that we've solved the mystery that we we found out who the bad guy is and we haven't even gotten close because the entire the entire mystery that we've solved is not the mystery that needs solving that's the part i'm trying to push now if we are going to get out of this little trap that is depicted so nicely here by this hourglass not only do we need to find an alternative social media that's decentralized and whatever like maybe the fediverse thing that i'm starting with other people have already done for years but we need to find ways away from the system where we can we can go back to governing ourselves so this is just to show you that i too believe that the spike protein was a toxin and there was a bio weapon and that they're killing us with it which could be true in fact i'm i'm not sure what to believe when it comes to when the rna is is pure and and you get a good transfection my guess is is that there's some real spike protein there and if the real spike protein sequence is what they say it is then i think we should have these very smart molecular biologists analyze that moderna sequence and see if it really does produce the the gp120 sequence and all the other dc sign sequences that are supposedly so dangerous because if they're there then we have a problem right but again i feel as though there is a there is a concerted effort both on mainstream media and on social media and on the people that you call dissidents to change your mind about things for a reason and the bad guys are doing it too and the short answer to this is is that i believe that that by convincing you that there was a gain of function virus and the gain of function viruses are possible and that serial passage can lead to a pandemic and that you can do this in the garage with the right ebay equipment is a narrative which allows the biosecurity state to exist in infinity and the the global public health security state to be fundable to be justifiable and to be supernational and to be used as a a way of of dissolving national sovereignty for all practical purposes via the who or any other organization and all of these people have a vested interest in doing it if that is their plan under the guise of public health to usurp national sovereignty completely at the same time that these currencies and other things are going to collapse they are going to be ready to usher in a control system that piggybacks on the digital currency system that they're throwing in here and the way they did it was convincing you that coronaviruses are capable of causing and fueling a pandemic and i'm arguing that that is incongruent with what we know about coronavirus biology and these people on the screen only some of them know it the rest of them actually believe wholeheartedly in the story that an rna virus with the right combination of genes could start at one point in wuhan and spread around the globe and eventually produce a trail of high fidelity genetic sequences which describe the point by point evolution of the virus this story this mythology is false and i believe most or many of the people in this picture know it in one form or another they know that the narrative is false they may not understand the biological incongruencies but they understand the policy incongruencies they may not understand the policy incongruencies but they understand the economic incongruencies that have gone on behind the scenes they may not understand the medical incongruencies but they definitely understand the regulatory incongruencies that have gone on behind the scene so all of these people are part of a machine that wants to convince you that there is a national and indeed global security health threat from gain of function viruses that will never go away and is complemented on Mother Nature's team by 1.7 million viruses that are waiting to zoonotically jump and potentially cause a pandemic.

The sustaining of that narrative is being done by people that I thought were good guys. Even when we have, I think, progressed in our understanding of coronavirus literature to come to the admission that actually all or much of what we've done with coronavirus has been based on synthetic clones which are in no way shape or form a reflection of what coronaviruses likely are in the wild. And as frustrating as that is, oh no, what did I do, oh jeez, Merry Christmas. Oh you demon. So sorry about that. So we are right here.

So what I'm arguing is is that they are collecting our data and I can't tell you details about things other than to say that I know for a fact that at least at one university in the United States the remnant samples of PCR COVID tests were used as genetic samples for whole genome sequencing and likely correlation to the any of the known medical databases available in America.

What I'm suggesting to you is is that there was likely a reasonably organized campaign around the United States and maybe around the world but definitely around the United States again because the genetic diversity among these college kids is unprecedented to use regular PCR testing as a way of mass harvesting all the young adult DNA in America. That's not the only reason they did it. I'm just saying that if they did this would be one small aspect of a much grander plan. One small piece of evidence to indicate that I'm not crazy that they want this data that they know that this is the only time that they can collect this data. We're never going to have 9 billion people on the planet again whether they get their way or not. What they've done with this article and many other articles is convinced you that they study human behavior because they want to make a model of human behavior they can have a conversation or they want to make a partner or they want to solve games. No that is just the tip of the iceberg. What they really want to do is take genetic information and they want to ideally they would they would map it back on medical information over the course of as much of a lifetime as possible. Now of course they're not going to get anybody to implant their babies they're not going to get anybody to give up their baby's genetic DNA or genetic information on birth. But if you really thought about it there isn't much stopping them from doing some kind of secret sampling of every baby that's ever born in the United States or around the world of the remnant samples that are left after birth all of which contain DNA. Now at first this might sound crazy but I assure you it's not because if they are going to teach an AI how to play go or teach an AI how to play chess the main way of doing it is to have the AI play itself in that game millions and millions of times until it figures out how the game works by losing and winning and losing and winning yada yada yada that is supposedly how the AI beat the go masters. Now here's the trick in order to get those million games for an AI to solve the use the human genome to solve problems on a medical scale solve problems on a transhuman scale what you need are many examples of the human genome the human genome project that we talked about with Kevin McCarran and it'd be interesting to talk to him about it again with these new revelations or these new ideas I should say they're not revelations but their ideas new ones for me would be to talk to Kevin about how many people are represented in the human genome project because it's very likely very few and in fact what the human genome project is is basically a landmark study that makes landmarks in the genome it understands the basic geography let's say it's a macro scale map of the United States but it's in no way shape or form a topographical map of Wyoming versus Wisconsin it doesn't get into that much detail and in order to get into that much detail what you actually need are many examples of the same genes all genes have infinite many much variation in the human race and in order for an AI to adequately understand any patterns that might emerge you're gonna need many examples they don't have that yet and in fact let's say in 50 years they won't have those examples available anymore you see where this is going and so this is a this is a way of convincing you and more importantly convincing college kids many of whom are still wearing masks look at the look at him see him at the store it's that exact age that's wearing the masks some old people and those college kids and that's where we are right now they're trying to slowly shift our minds so that they can start regularly demanding that we take injections and that we take measurements that we give them data when Joe Biden announced his his cancer moonshot he whispered into the mic they want your data they want your data but you won't share it we've got to share the data that's how he talked that's no joke go looking up on YouTube you can find it it's it's hilarious it's always been about the data about creating a system where we can feed this data into and regularly cross-check it against the medical history of that person this is what the AI needs and millions of examples of it preferably interestingly enough it is possible that some of these DNA samples were also sent to China and so it's a literal race to try and feed our collective AIs enough data so that we can make breakthroughs with the help of the AI and even though I think that this in itself is nuts and will not work that doesn't mean that in private meetings and secret meetings with the lights dimmed they haven't told this story to many a rich man and many a rich woman and ask them to come on board with this big plan I assure you that's where we are it is almost certain that we are at a time point where the diversity of humankind will never be this grand again the number of people the number of mixes the number of mutts like me is never going to be the same as it is right now and not so many unique ones as there are right now and so now's the time to take these young adults and say you know what if you have kids they're ours and your data for will give you health care for free but then we have to get all your data there will be no sovereignty my friends no sovereignty but you will get a universal income and everything will be okay and your toaster oven will always work or they'll replace it but all your data and that's why the principle of informed consent will continue to be ignored and the way the way that they circumvented is is that they tell you explain to you an inadequate model of the biology so that you can't you can't exercise informed consent because they have not informed you and as they purport to inform you they are actually telling you what now turned out to be as far as I can tell bald-faced lies lies about the capabilities of mother nature and lies about the capabilities of gain-of-function viral research so this all started with this podcast that I was on which really doesn't say anything controversial this is the podcast nine days later I saw Robert Malone in person and he couldn't remember me had no idea even after I tried to tell him that we did this podcast together but at the same meeting he remembered Charles Rixie and in fact invited Charles Rixie to his house to discuss the diffuse proposal and in fact he even said that in front of me and Charles Rixie went out of his way to tell me that no less than three times in person isn't it weird that Robert Malone remembered me and not you can't believe I'm going to go to his ranch why don't we blow the system up I mean obviously we can't just turn off the spigot on the system we have and then say hey everyone in the world should get this new vaccine we've been given to anyone yet but there must be some way that we grow vaccines mostly in eggs the way we did in 1947 in order to make the transition from getting out of the tried and true egg growing which we know gives us results that can be you know beneficial I mean we've done well with that to something that has to be much better you have to prove that this works and then you've got to go through all of the clinical trials phase ones phase twos phase three and then show that this particular product is going to be good over a period of years that alone if it works perfectly is going to take a decade there might be a need or even an urgent call for an entity of excitement out there that's completely disruptive that's not beholden to bureaucratic strings and processes so we really do have a problem of how the world perceives influenza and it's going to be very difficult to change that unless you do it from within and say I don't care what your perception is we're going to address the problem in a disruptive way and in an iterative way because you do need both but it is not too crazy to think that an outbreak of a novel avian virus could occur in China somewhere we could get the RNA sequence from that beam it to a number of regional centers if not local if not even in your home at some point and print those vaccines on their patch and self-administer I'm going to argue that this is a lot like what you might characterize as a as a as a a theranos kind of claim by rick bright here this is a is a very hopeful why is it not focusing on me here it's a very hopeful statement that you know this technology is going to work and eventually we'll be able to print it out at your house is the kind of crap that the theranos company was saying it's the kind of crap that the neural links thing is with with with elon musk it's talking as though eventually we'll solve all the problems that we know make it impossible right now and we'll overcome all the barriers that we're currently running up against that haven't allowed us to bring the mRNA product platform to market for 20 years of development but if we assume that we're going to overcome all those hurdles eventually we might even be able to have toaster ovens in your in your kitchen that will vaccinate you whenever there's a new cold that's essentially what he said that's essentially the kind of fairy tales that they've been telling in private meetings in much more detail i'm sure all we have to do is get through these following hurdles and this technology will be great but they've never gotten through any of those hurdles they've never solved any of those problems they've never demonstrated it's worked not for cancer not for genetic disease not for nothing and now suddenly it's safe and effective and we rolled the dice on billions of shots and it just happens to work and it's great and these are the same people who are telling you that it's safe and effective this is what they were talking like in 2019 in october of 2019 right before the last three years started there can be no mistaking the possibility that this narrative is constructed he just outlined it he outlined a narrative where the sequence would be identified and it would be beamed around the world and people would make vaccines from it this is not accidental this is in my humble opinion how they communicate with one another how they actually say it out loud and they've been doing it for years it doesn't say when but it certainly said what and the paper that mark from heusatonic live identified with sena bavari and alison morrow i think no not alison morrow sorry that's a journalist sena bavari and some last postdoc of of ralph barrack where they talk about the same scenario where remdesivir will be used to stave away a pandemic of a new coronavirus it's the same kind of you can't get it that that dead on balls accurate that's not possible and once you start to realize that the coronavirus biology that is actually recorded in the literature does not support a pandemic virus in existence you get kind of confused as to why somebody like ralph barrack would allow people to go on tv and talk about it like that why doesn't he just come out on tv and say hey guys wait wait wait the way that the rna viral swarm works it's not like that and i believe that's why these people are guilty it's not because they made something and that's something went around the world like an out of control lawnmower and now everybody wants their their hair back this is a this is a mythology that has been in the making for multiple decades and has ramped up over the last decade to include stories of all kinds of different viruses that have the potential to kill everyone on the planet if the simulations are correct and what i think is most suspicious about this is that very few people talking about this on our side use this graph this is the graph where all cause everything dead in america is here in blue and the weeks are down here and the years are between 2014 and 2021 and covid is in red and pneumonia is in blue and they just stopped testing for influenza so all that would have been called pneumonia and influenza is here in blue and the red is only slightly higher and this is all dependent on the presence of a pcr positive and nobody starts here anymore nobody starts with the basic premise that hey wait a minute wait a minute wait a minute wait a minute i understand that a lot of people died but the only way we're defining these people is with a pcr test and some of them without even a pcr test just with symptoms which we would have normally called pneumonia viral pneumonia i guess nobody starts here nobody starts here and that is more than suspicious nobody starts with the pcr test nobody starts with the sequencing nobody starts with the sequence nobody starts with the disappearance of the flu nobody starts with the change in protocols nobody starts with remdesivir medazolam in the uk nobody starts with the old people that weren't treated when they normally should have been treated nobody starts with the clearing of the hospitals nobody starts with the sending people home nobody starts with sending home the doctors nobody starts with with the scaring of the young doctors into believing that there was a brand new cause of death. No money starts with the ventilating of people that didn't need to be ventilated. Nobody starts with the on must gonna be making ventilators or the fact that we are running out of them or the fact that they tricked Donald Trump that we needed all kinds of tents in a and us and a boat to be sent to New York City. We start with the gain-of-function virus. We start with Peter Daszak. We start with spooky experiments and serial passage. We start with the Scooby-Doo narrative when the mountain of evidence is over here. Where the foundation of the malfeasance is over here. You can't ignore that the PCR test is what it is and it was used how it was used and was used in as many forms and how it was used and it's all gone now. You can't ignore that anybody that tested positive 60 days or oh and before their death were considered a COVID death as part of those red numbers and then say that millions of people were killed by a gain-of-function virus. Holy shit! That's incongruent with what happened and yet some people are insistent that this little bump here is exclusively explained by a unique combination of genes coming together in a lab in Wuhan and escaping and going all around the world like a balloon with its air escaping and it's still going. I have an alternative hypothesis. My hypothesis is that the who declared a pandemic of a dangerous novel virus that was detectable by a non-specific PCR test for RNA virus genes applied to low prevalence populations and all the false positives were considered positives and in addition to that anybody that went into the hospital and tested positive was treated like they had this deadly disease and there were financial incentives to make sure that they were treated that way and oftentimes that led to them dying. That enabled a very large percentage of all-cause mortality using this PCR test to be converted to what appeared to be a national security priority that could be vaccinated against or at least that we had countermeasures that we could throw at and we had the PREP Act to protect those businesses that would prevent or produce the countermeasures or produce the the diagnostics that would be used. All of these things regardless of the fidelity that they implied whether they faked like until we catch them on this and realize that it could never have been what they say it was we won't wake up because the fraud is here. This is where the fraud is and the 250 emergency use authorized PCR tests that were just passed through FDA without anybody checking their work without any independent sort of verification that the diagnostics work they were all just rolled out thrown out the numbers were added to the rolls and those a lot of those companies are gone ladies and gentlemen they've disappeared those diagnostics certainly have and we need a very accurate accounting of how those PCR tests changed from which targets to which targets what PCR primers were used from what time to when and in what geographic regions were each of these 250 emergency use authorized products used because they all had their different levels of accuracy all had their different levels of false positives all had their different levels of contamination all had their different levels of production quality control and imagine the idea that all these numbers that are on this graph here aren't even verifiable anymore because the products are gone the people that made them are gone they might even live in the Bahamas or any we need those details the FDA has all that paperwork off the record now or off the internet because they're not being used anymore but we need those details because we need to chart it how long were they PCR testing for a spike protein from Wuhan when did they stop how specific is the RNA dependent RNA polymerase amplicon from each one of those 250 products we don't know you might think Jay why are you talking so much about this I'm talking about this because the entire pandemic is based on the fact that the PCR test was testing for something and I'm telling you it didn't I'm telling you there's a very good chance that the background level of coronavirus including SARS like viruses was sufficient and the fidelity of these tests was likely low in the real world that the false positivity rate would have on the rollout of the tests allowed them to do exactly what you see right there on this graph convert a larger portion of all cause mortality allow more people to die of pneumonia and call it COVID than ever before in our history look at how many people are dying of pneumonia on this graph ladies and gentlemen look at that and year on year the peaks were pretty standard this is a change in protocol it is not an unknown virus they didn't know they didn't treat it with anything and so to ignore that gigantic part of the story and to emphasize the fact that Peter Daszak had this grant and this grant was combining coronaviruses from bat caves is disingenuous at best but I'm gonna I really think it's worse than that ladies and gentlemen I think that there is an organized effort to permanently codify the idea that combinations of coronavirus genes are capable of sustaining a pandemic so that they have forever ushered in a biology which allows them to permanently imprison us behind fear and behind public health restrictions and requirements and anyone that is pushing that narrative is pushing that outcome and I'm giving you plausible biological reasons to deny that that's the reality without saying there's no coronavirus without saying that all virology is a hoax which I think is also a trap this is a war for the minds and souls of humanity so you don't think they're gonna try and control both sides you don't think they're gonna infiltrate and pollute both sides you don't think that they've already carefully thought of the forces and groups that they need to control ladies and gentlemen I have tried to reach out to several people who say that there is no virus to try and bring them onside to realize that there are clones to realize that all the virology research that's out there is based on clones and those clones do what they say they do they're sequenceable in a laboratory they're able to create disease models in a laboratory those are not hoaxes the hoax is is that whatever they see in those models whatever they cure in those models is something that reflects usefully on what happens in nature and that's not true because of the purity with which they start and so in a lot of ways Andrew Kaufman and and Tom Cowan and Christine Massey are right they haven't and they haven't isolated this virus their sequencing methods aren't capable of it it's an approximation which when is created in a clone remake of it shows behavior in a dish that looks like infectious behavior it replicates itself in a dish and that's not surprising because they've been working on synthetic viruses for years years and years and years while at the same time not understanding how viruses sustain themselves in nature they can approximate them by making DNA clones of them in the laboratory but it has led to surprisingly little insight into how they sustain themselves and evolutionarily evolve in nature because we can't take pictures of them we can't make regular measurements of them we can only get shadows and wisps of them genetic sequences that are fragments when matched to other fragments that we found last year in the years before seemed to produce a genome which is capable of generating infectious RNA but we don't understand what happens when we put an infectious clone into culture and then get it to be stable and the reason why is because it doesn't happen there is no RNA virus that has been started as a clone and then grown on viro six cells and then you just put some more on viro six cells and then you put some more on viro six cells and if you want to send some to your friends you just put some in addition send it to your friends because it's stable virus and then you'd put some more on virus six cells and you keep doing that and if you want to make more you just keep growing them on viro six cells the reason why that doesn't work is because the virus will constantly evolve and deteriorate from its pure state. It will lose genes and eventually it will get down to this minimum replication competence and very low virulence right that that's that's the nature of things and they all know it but in order to sell coronavirus as a national security threat and a vaccine preventable death set they have told us this narrative the gain of function viruses that that serial serial passage in monkeys will result in viruses that are better than they were when we put them in and that's why I'm calling it the Clone Wars because I really think this battle is about understanding what these clones are and why they don't approximate natural coronavirus why they're the only tractable form of coronavirus and why the vast majority of them in the literature are approximations over the next couple weeks we're just gonna do day by day some work that's gonna push us through and everybody's gonna come to the same conclusion I assure you and if not it'll because people will have emailed me in the meantime and will have changed my mind but we're gonna look through the entire viral literature set not just some thousand article list that you could get by googling coronavirus or by pub metting coronavirus with the right keywords I'm talking about a survey of some very separate viral studies and viral observations and and discussions of the role of viruses in ecology and biology that will belie a set of mythologies upon which this pandemic is based and they know it and more people should be speaking out more people should have realized it except I think the pandemic has been such a exquisite execution of a plan that put everyone on their heels and made everyone's critical thinking just kind of stop their their ability to observe just kind of stopped because they were looking through the wrong windows right looking through the wrong windows to try and figure out what's going on that's what we've all been doing we're all guilty of it so the Clone Wars are about clone versus swarm they're about RNA versus DNA sequencing and they're about the real goals of the pandemic exercise because we're three years into it ladies and gentlemen we're three years into this so let's not let's not make any mistake about it there's something else going on here we should have gotten it all clear a long time ago there should have been a declared and but there's not and we're still talking about whether all the kids are gonna need it next year we're always talking about old people getting shots still and we're talking and lamenting about the fact that all the deaths that are occurring now could be avoided if you guys would just follow the directions that's what somebody said on PBS NewsHour just yesterday and you know where else are we right I mean Jimmy Dore says that the railroad workers are gonna be screwed by the Democrats because the Democrats split it into two votes and they're gonna vote yes on one and no on the other to deny them medical care and then the next day PBS NewsHour says that exact same thing that's what happened they voted for one pretended that that was you know okay and the Democrats did it and then and then down voted the other one and so essentially cut out there seven days sick leave so it's shocking when now the the comedians can call what's gonna happen even tomorrow it's not like next week or making comments about what happened last night but it's like making predictions about how shady these people are and it just continues and I don't touch any of that stuff but that's what you all are seeing in the background and if you stay focused on the biology it can be a little more Zen and it can be a little more heartwarming because a lot of the fear just kind of dissipates away when you realize that these three things once you really get it and they all go so this is what I've been saying this is what's rattling everybody's cage so I'm saying that culturing wild coronavirus is not only difficult it's almost impossible and passaging in cell culture or animal host cannot produce pandemic viruses and so my question is why are they pretending it did I'm saying that you can't take a virus from a bat and put it in in epithelial cells from humans and passage it until you get a pandemic virus that's not how it works and you can't take a virus from the wild and put it in animals like mice or ferrets and then get it to pass through and then on the other end you're gonna get a nasty super virus and they want you to believe that if you choose the sickest animal and then you take the virus from the sickest animal and you keep doing that over and over you will get a real pandemic virus but there are no papers like that there's not one the aerosol ization of the flu virus is very different than an increase in virulence and you should see that we should have seen that already as they touted this as evidence of gain of function and the potential danger of it but I was on my bike telling everybody about those papers telling everybody about how they already did it with flu why wouldn't they do it with this one and now I have come full circle after three years it's December 2nd we are three years into this fiasco and I'm almost a no virus guy but I'm definitely not I'm the guy who is claiming that my concept here my hypothesis here is actually capable of uniting the no virus side with the no vac side it's capable of uniting the pre-pandemic anti-vax crew with the post-pandemic anti-vax crew make no mistake about it ladies and gentlemen I am a person who very wimpishly allowed my daughter born in the United States five years old to be injected with every shot she was supposed to take up until now more or less yes HPV not that's the first time they tried it was this year I didn't say no even though I was like wow I can't believe how many shots you guys are going after when we brought the boys up in Norway they didn't give them any shots till they were like one and yet somehow I didn't have the guts to protect my daughter I didn't have the guts to say no I don't think so because they said what you got to have them to go to school no you don't you can get a you can get a an exemption but they didn't they didn't help me with that they didn't offer that to me they did I am an academic biologist who over the last three years has become full bore children's health defense Bobby Kennedy is a hero Bobby Kennedy and these moms and dads that have been fighting for this issue to come to light irrespective of whether all autism in the world can be blamed on on on vaccination or just some cases I don't know but I do know that none of these people are crazy and I know that Robert F Kennedy jr. is not somebody who needs to it is shocking to me that people are taking the stances that they are while being so silent about who they support and who they don't support I want to make it absolutely 100% clear I don't think there's any other banner to rally under other than Robert F Kennedy jr. and children's health defense I don't know what other banner you're gonna rally under because if you look back on this history of this kind of pharmaceutical government cooperation if you look at this history and you look at who's on his team like Meryl Nass you can't come to any other conclusion if you're being honest that is a good guy his father was killed his uncle was killed his uncle was president of the United States and he chose to go to law school and become an environmental lawyer before he eventually realized that there was also something to be fought for here and has taken all the heat for all these years while most of us ignored him including me and I'm being very forthright when I say that without his support I would not be streaming right now I don't think I would have been able to maintain my belief in this and maintain my endurance in this the wind in the sails that I got from his support the wind that I got in my sails from his attention and his questions and his trust in me cannot be underestimated and as I present these data to you now or these ideas rather to you now and I've presented them in the last few weeks he's not unaware and he's not backing away he hasn't let me go he hasn't stopped calling I think that Brian Maori is a really well thought out fella his sub stack is unglossed he's written an article about should variants happen part one and two I think there are some interesting thoughts here but I do think that Brian is still inaccurately describing the implications of the clone versus swarm idea on on all of the research and all of the data that we were thinking about and so I hope on the 6th of December I'm gonna be able to talk with Brian on Matthew Crawford's rounding the earth podcast so that'll be nice because I do think Brian is a genuine thinker but since this has happened now even peak prosperity and Chris Martinson has apparently solved the mystery and has also been Scooby-Doo'd now remember again I'm not claiming that that I'm not I don't want to win I just want everybody to step back and consider the possibility that the charade may have been more complicated than oh we're trying not you to find out that there's a lab leak oh there's a lab leak okay I guess you found out the charade might be deeper than that and I think that there are many people that are actively pushing certain extreme versions of the narrative that allow this to go on forever, and if you're not aware there's this guy Kim Dotcomm who had some experts on his talk-a-lot thing on Twitter whatever they do there and so I'm gonna try and see… no… if we can get this going and listen to it if that's okay with you. I'm gonna switch to another setup here hold on one second. You know I don't I don't talk a lot about Robert F. Kennedy jr. because I try to stay independent but there's no question that I believe in the guy, there's no question that I've, that I've tried to scrutinize him as well, to try and figure out… this might change things hold on, yes. It might that might I've I've gone through several times this idea of who is Robert F. Kennedy jr. and after having talked to him on in numerous times now and having met him in person having talked to a lot of people who've worked with him over the years, it's very easy for me to see that this is a man that has been the target of influence operations since he was a child, and he's a very intelligent man who's very aware of that, and he's very keenly aware that there are factions inside the US government with ulterior motives other than the well-being of their fellow citizens.

And so as an ally he can be wrong about things but the thing that's really impressed me the most about Bobby is that he's never sure he's right, except for maybe about how to write something, but not about the science, not about the facts not about… he's always learning and he's never considered himself an expert in this stuff, and that's why he defers to people like me why he defers to people like Robert Malone, and why it's important that he's deferring to the right people because if they can damage his banner, if they can get rid of Robert F. Kennedy jr., there's a huge part of the legit resistance that will go down with him lawyers that have put their careers and lives on the line, moms that have rallied under his banner for years will be out to dry, and that's not gonna happen. This is the banner to rally under and so you need to start questioning yourself, questioning hard if someone is disparaging Robert F. Kennedy jr. or more importantly trying to tell you that he himself is not a good guy or maybe not worth following or paying attention to rather than using him as a rally point when I reach out to the no-virus peopl,e they also don't want to rally they don't want to get together they don't want to have a discussion with us, they want us to accept their premises. All of these stances are disingenuous and I believe what we're gonna see here is most likely a recantation of the lab leak theory, and they may even push how they're made and why they're made and how it can happen, and how arrogant they are while completely ignoring all those things I ranted about a little while ago, no PCR tests, no sequences no alternative treatments, no ventilation of people that are speaking, no, no, none of that just deadly virus. Let's see, let's see if they get past deadly virus for those who just joined if you can hear me give me a thumbs up real quick, just checking that the audio is fine. All right and is the audio quality okay? does it sound all right?

You guys know this Kim Dotcom is, he's like a Mega Upload dude? Is that who he is his website is really bizarre.

Our first two speakers up on the stage I'm just letting the room fill up a little bit in the meantime get ready if one opportunity to go to the bathroom real quick or get yourself a drink this is going to be very interesting I think you will learn a lot so let this fill up for a couple minutes and then we get started yeah so he some he did mega upload and by the way this it's some kind of scandal you record it so it will be available later to those who cannot stay for the full time or want to listen to it again later I've set this space to recording. If the two speakers are joining when they're joining just make a request to speak and then I pull you up.

So I just, I just need you to understand that this recording is still on Twitter it hasn't caused it hasn't caused his any problem it hasn't caused anybody any problem it's still you know apparently that's because of Elon they're not censoring anything anymore maybe could be come on let's get it on here I thought it was gonna start right away I'm sorry.

All right I'm still waiting for the other two speakers to arrive I started the space a tiny bit early just so that we can fill it up a little bit but they should be arriving any minute.

Dr. Joseph Lee just needs to contact me he hasn't really hasn't really followed through with that so I haven't been able to figure out how to get him on, I’d love to have him on.


Again I'm just letting the room fill a little bit I think one of our speakers are here now I'm moving them up hey Andrew I invited you to speak so there you are very good hey Andrew can you hear me you are muted yes I can hear you just fine fantastic very good and then we're waiting for Charles right? Charles accepted I'll shoot him a text off of Twitter and see if he's joining I'm sure he is okay fantastic well let's just wait for Charles bring him in as well and then we keep it simple in the beginning it's just going to be the three of us I want to introduce you guys and then I want to ask a couple of questions and then after that I'm planning to open it up to you know a better bigger organ audience and bring other people up to ask questions is that okay that's perfectly okay I sent Charles a text message let's see if he responds okay in the meantime while we're waiting for him we just let the room fill up a little bit more it's definitely quite a bit of interest and where are you right now San Francisco no actually I used to live in the Bay Area I live in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan now which is actually directly north of Wisconsin north the lakes appears to the north and Canada's right on the other side okay fantastic I think Charles has arrived I'm moving them up as a speaker he just has to accept it and then we can get started. I'm very excited.

Let's see should have gotten the invite and now all Charles has to do is accept it and then you move up as a speaker and then we can get started.

So, so, Andrew Huff is the EcoHealth Alliance whistleblower and Charles Rixey is the drastic member who I had on my stream and it was my first stream with Charles Rixey that purportedly was the stream that Malone sat Bobby down and said you got to watch this and then at that stage Bobby and or Bobby and CHD took me and Charles on as scientific consultants so from about May of last year, or this year… excuse me is it this year has to be this year well it's crazy it was in late April that he called me and in May is when we started getting… we were, we were on board as consultants, so Charles Rixey and I have been working for Robert F Kennedy jr. since May I believe May 15th of 2022 as consultants under the pretense that we would help him fact-check his upcoming Wuhan book and Charles Rixey is not working for Robert F Kennedy anymore, and I can't find any place on any of these streams where he says that and since that happened, I haven't heard from him at all not that I've reached out to him either, but there was no real resistance or questioning. What would you do? what would I do if Bobby decided that I needed to be let go? I would, I would definitely want to know why I would definitely know what I did wrong or that maybe could I work harder or do something better, I wouldn't just leave, and I certainly wouldn't just leave and then not tell everybody or… and it's strange because you could promote him, and I don't think there's anything wrong with promoting a relationship with Robert F Kennedy jr., I mean yeah sure there's gonna be people that are gonna like, like Debunk the Funk who are gonna say oh of course anti-vaxxer with anti-vaxxer and blow it off, and not realize that this is the fight for the soul of a nation in the fight for a planet and in that fight for a planet, you just don't behave the way some people are behaving if you're fighting for the planet like we are and it doesn't make me happy to tell these stories, but it really doesn't make me happy to have to tell them because if I don't tell them they may be lost forever and the questions that you have in your head about what am I doing, and why am I talking this way won't make any sense if you don't understand that these people are not behaving like people that have their heart in the right place, they're behaving like directed parties, like an organized campaign to confuse, and I really think that what we're gonna see here is part of that.

You're us you have an invite now you just need to accept it and then you will be moved up on stage as a speaker

I don't know why is this taking so long I apologize I should have just forwarded up a little bit.

When I sent you this invite see it in the request to speak.

There we go another curious thing another curious thing that I'll start with over here just to be sure you're aware of it, is that when we… oops when we went to the end of the slideshow here, one of the people that tweeted and suggested some, some possibles to join the stream TheJikky is included here. Now Jikky is really interesting because Jikky could have come on my stream many times, was invited to come on my stream many times but has always had an excuse why she or he can't and now that I'm not on Twitter there's been no effort to be made to contact me and she is promoting Andrew Huff and Charles Rixey and Kevin McCairn, but not me and that's strange because again appearing in this I'm sorry I'm doing all my own directing here obviously appearing in this tweet conspicuously, here is is a few people none of whom we really trust for sure and that's pretty strange (you can give it to me what is it* oh yeah that's right okay cool) and so it's a it's a very strange place that we're at here when Rixey and Huff are gonna go on, we're gonna just take notes and we're gonna we're gonna take notes on what they talk about, and and we'll just see where it gets. I don't, I don't have any preconceived notions about what we're gonna hear.

Yes sir oh, perfect it worked fantastic thanks for joining us Charles oh not a problem I'm excited sorry for the sound I can't balance it all out that well I didn't do it I'm trying I would like to do is Kim's always gonna be a little low about I want to talk with you guys about the origin of COVID-19 what your knowledge is what your background is and then ask you a couple of questions what I also then want to move to is what's going to happen in the future you know with genetic and engineering of viruses and things like that so maybe we start with just introducing you Andrew can you introduce yourself to the audience sure and I'll try to make it as short as possible even though I have a long strange history for a scientist so I started off my career in the US military I enlisted right after 9-11 and served as an instrument serve two combat tours operation Iraqi freedom and operation enduring freedom where I did counterterrorism work actually in Central America and also did narcotics and addiction so a little bit different there after coming out of the military or degrees in psychology that was my undergrad I switched to engineering for my master's degree which was a lot of work I also have a master's minor in geographic information systems I was going to work in the private sector and I was talked into accepting a full research fellowship for the Department of Homeland Security to earn a PhD in public health emerging infectious diseases which is a subdivision of environmental health but for all practical purposes it's epidemiology I really kick butt I guess at my at my dissertation my PhD program I knocked it out in two and a half years which is pretty much unheard of

It's interesting that he says this because it sounds like to me got a degree in engineering and something in psychology whatever he wasn't thinking about doing public health and virology and infectious disease at all and then somebody came and proposed that he should take this fellowship and do this two and a half year seemingly very accelerated PhD program that in any other American University would never exist because you get a four-year fellowship you're not going to spend it and waste it in two and a half years but you're going to spend it over four years because it will support more than that and it will it's a very strange narrative if you got a fellowship it's for a certain amount of years if you entered a PhD program it's for a certain number of years you don't just jump through hoops in America and then when you've jumped through all those hoops even if you do it in two weeks you get your degree that's not how this works. And he's telling a story that is very incongruent with how how a fellowship oriented PhD program would be run. It's already very suspicious but we've heard this before on other interviews but I just want to point it out now again.

They're paying me about 140k year salary as a research fellow as a PhD student so this is the the ultimate offer as a PhD student and they're basically grooming me to be an Anthony Fauci type of national security I started spending about a week per month on average in Washington DC meeting with also bit soup of agencies where I became an expert in bio warfare bioterrorism and I was presenting my work which was becoming an expert at poisoning people actually and then trying to figure out how to medic mitigate that kind of thing so when I finished my PhD I was offered positions at all the alphabet soup at agencies and my advisors pretty much told me you know if I wanted to work at a specific agency in the government they could get me in there I spoke I accepted a top secret position at Sandia National Laboratories which is where they primarily make nuclear weapons out in the desert near Albuquerque but once again I worked on public health advanced simulation or modeling and I also completed a postdoc or I'd call it more continuing education at MIT and complex systems where we use supercomputers to basically war game and predict the consequences all sorts of what we lovingly referred to as heinous shit well I got sick of working in the classified space and I applied to a job at a place called Equal Health Alliance I was hired right away as a senior scientist I took over a failing department and I brought in about six million dollars in Department of Defense spending to build machine learning and basically artificial intelligence platforms to predict and detect emerging infectious diseases

Okay, let's just pause here because I want to make sure we don't get too far ahead of ourselves. So, in his introduction he started in the US military has degrees in engineering and psychology it is Department of Health and Human Services or Homeland Security public health fellowship got him to go into infectious diseases and he even says that they were grooming him and he became an expert on poisoning people. Then he took a job a top-secret job, a classified job at Sandia Labs, and what was he working on there? He doesn't really tell us which I think Mark Housatonic would say is a little strange just kind of glosses over the top-secret work that he did at Sandia Labs, he goes on to say that he did a little work at MIT which we all know is a great place to be, and full of high ethical people where he learned how to do simulations about heinous shit which we would understand as simulating a pandemic for maximum disasters, so that you can enact maximum countermeasures, and then at that point he took a job at Eco Health Alliance where they loved him, that's the narrative he's telling.

…which is known as biosurveillance well be careful for what you with what you wish for I guess in life I ended up basically ended working on the same kinds of things at Eco Alliance which I was doing on the classified side for the US government but due to my success I was promoted to an executive as a vice president at Eco Health and once I was promoted I saw all sorts of craziness which I couldn't really believe but I went along with it unfortunately I actually reviewed the gain-of-function SARS-CoV-2 COVID proposal when I first started at Eco Health and when I left Eco Health I was really happy I had a follow-up with my old boss Dr. Peter Daszak

Please remember keep in mind what he's saying here is that he reviewed the proposal that DEFUSE proposal that Charles has been singularly pushing as the best evidence that this is a gain-of- function virus that caused the pandemic which again, I'm saying that no coronavirus is capable of causing a pandemic.

I had about a number of things I found him to be a dishonorable person and where my story gets crazy is I went on to be a tenured professor as an attack executive then fast forward to late fall 2019 and I find out about the emergence of SARS-CoV-2 before they're talking about in the news because this is my field of expertise I'm always looking for these kind of things and over the course of 2020 every time the government opens its mouth I know that they're lying about something and I began to investigate I kept all my documents from my time at Eco Health Alliance and fast forward to 2021 I started feeding all my information to a big-name journalist where I believe the Department of Defense the FBI and the CIA had been eavesdropping on my phone calls with these journalists namely Alex Berenson and then I'm targeted and harassed like you couldn't believe and that goes on for about a year and then I publish a book which I just arrived at my house today the first copies

I don't know if you're aware or not but Alex Berenson is not all above board. Alex Berenson is not just a good guy, he's one of these people who has been promoted and seemingly after thrown out of a moving truck has landed and hit the ground running, and made quite a lot of money for himself, and he's got a few interesting takes and a few interesting subjects that he doesn't touch. I find him very very suspicious for a very long time so it's already curious to me that of all the people that Andrew Huff was working with, he was working with Alex Berenson. Could be a good guy I don't think he is.

the truth about Wuhan how I discovered the biggest lie in history and I'm sure you'll have a ton of questions and I'll shut up because I think that's too long of an intro as it is well thank you for the intro and your book which deals with what you have learned in your time at EcoHealth Alliance and what your understanding is of gain-of-function research which you know many scientists now believe led to the creation of COVID-19 but let's talk to Charles for a moment

Yeah so let's codify the narrative right now let's just say it and let's say that Kim said it right now right it is a virus that was crafted using gain-of-function techniques and that's what caused the pandemic. The questioning of the PCR test making it appear like there was a pandemic when there never was, not brought up the changing of protocols around respiratory virus, not brought up the changing of hospital administration processes, and the financial incentives to follow the orders of the CDC, and the who around the world not brought up, we have started at square one with the virus was made and now we're gonna find out how this is the narrative, ladies and gentlemen. I told you that this is the way it was gonna be.

and Charles can you please introduce yourself yes my name is Charles Rixey and like Andrew I formerly in the military in the United States and in particular I was in the Marine Corps and my job was what is called in NATO countries CBRN which is basically weapons to mass destruction defense and so I did that for 15 years and then I got out in 2018 and I was actually in school for my MBA whenever the pandemic started and I actually haven't finished I I stopped I actually got sick in the in early March of 2020 and I only had two classes left to finish my degree and I basically I ever since I I've stopped working and stopped going to school and I've literally been working on at uncovering the origin the entire time and about two years ago I joined the online group DRASTIC which basically formed for a bunch of scientists and researchers who are working here on Twitter and literally ever since we've been investigating the origin and so I've got a background in WMD I'm now very familiar with gain-of-function research and literally all we do all day is try to try to figure out what happened yeah so I would like to explain to the audience really quickly what this gain of function means my understanding of it is and correct me if I'm wrong

Let me just stop here, make sure that you realize that (damn it) the DRASTIC is a group that formed in 2020 around Dan Sirotkin his father Karl Sirotkin, myself, Luigi Warren who was on USA Today front page as one of the co-inventors of the mRNA technology and a whole host of other people that were not really part of drastic when Charles Rixey supposedly joined them and I was already out and one of the things that he was interested in doing was uniting the sides again and he wasn't interested in listening to me when I explained to him that Yuri Deigin had split the group in two, based on the idea that we should not talk about anything other than the origin of the virus and the molecular biology of it, and we should never question the transfection and it's absurd to question the transfection. Yuri Deigin blocked me on Twitter when I tried to debate him on Twitter about the effectiveness of transfection as immunization, and that told me everything I needed to know about DRASTIC and I left. I had always suspected that they were a controlled opposition group, that some of those people had other things in mind, but by the time I was gone and Charles joined there were two DRASTICs. One that was still using my name and picture and one that was called Drastic Science. Drastic Science is the group that put out the DEFUSE proposal interpretation which Charles Rixey authored (so sorry I keep cutting to the wrong screen)

you're trying to virus that is let's say in animals and you're trying to inject it in humanized mice to see if you can you know get it to infect them that they infect each other and gain of function is literally making a virus infect humans is that right well it could there's there's a set of six or seven different things that you can are different ways that you can make a virus or bacteria just any pathogen become better able to infect humans

And so here's the first mythology that I identify right here. They are equilating… equivocating viral evolution and biological evolution of bacteria and they are also equating the selection of bacteria with the selection of viruses even though they are entirely different organisms with entirely different genetic structures and entirely different levels of fidelity in replication. So strike one Charles Rixey this is incorrect and this generalization is part of the mythology that these people are using to bamboozle us. I'm sorry but you're wrong. Viruses and bacteria could not be equally used in a laboratory equally enriched using the same techniques, and in fact there are no papers, none, zero, zip, go look for them, where they use humanized mice to make to make viruses more infectious, and if they did show me how they measured the infectiousness. You won't be able to find it kids. I've been searching for weeks I'm challenging all these people out there, all of them, find a paper where they used humanized mice to make a virus more dangerous and explained to me how they measured how it became more dangerous. I'm excited for someone to respond to that question.

or more stable in a in different environments or more virulence and more more dangerous if you actually get infected but any one of those anytime you're doing an experiment was something that can cause more harm to a human than before anything like that would be considered gain of function yes so that was my and

Now my, my, my, my, my charge here is that the claim is incorrect they cannot do that it does not work and it is a claim against a fidelity that is not there I can't stress enough how important it is that we understand that just gonna go back a little tiny bit.

to see if you can you know get it to infect them that they infect each other and gain of function is literally making a virus infect humans is that right in a nutshell well it could there's there's a set of six or seven different things that you can are different ways that you can make a virus or bacteria just any pathogen become better able to infect humans or more stable in a in different environments there are no there are absolutely no studies that look at the stability of viruses in different environments he's pulling this out of somewhere where the Sun doesn't shine because there is no literature supporting this positive this opposition it's strange that he makes the statement because the only research that's been done has been done on virus like particles completely synthetic nanoparticles and their ability to endure UV light their ability to be crystallized and endure heat yeah he's right about that but it's not something that you can do with cell culture it's not something you can do with a set of ferrets it's not something you can do in a laboratory or with a keyboard it's something you can do with known chemical processes and known chemical processes are not the same thing as Mother Nature these guys are trying to bamboozle us and I can't figure out why when are they gonna mention the PCR tests or remdesivir or the protocol changes or unneeded ventilation or or more virulence and more more dangerous if you actually get infected but any one of those anytime you're doing an experiment there's something that can cause more harm to a human than before anything like that would be considered gain of function yes so that was the only real form of gain of function is the making of RNA infectious clones purified versions of RNA viruses that don't exist in the wild and at any level could it potentially be dangerous to several hundred people or even several thousand depending on the quantity and purity of infection that's the only way they can be weaponized that's the only way that anything remotely resembling what they say happened could have happened but I don't think it did I think they lied to us they lied to us about the background they lied to us about the specificity of this PCR test and that's all they needed to do and keep repeating it over and over for three years that's all they needed to do and these guys are repeating it over and over again except with the scooby-doo twist that Fauci's emails reveal that it was a lab leak that they're lying reveals it was a lab leak that the diffuse proposal reveals that they did it don't allow you and your family and friends to be scooby-dooed if you believe that a lab leak can cause a pandemic then you believe a pandemic of a coronavirus is possible and I'm telling you that I've come to the conclusion that a pandemic with a coronavirus is impossible unless you're spraying it all around the world at the same time from the same stock of infectious RNA clones and then again you're talking about the weaponization of a coronavirus that's unnatural and so the only threat is us and so public health is based on lies and if you see that what's happening here if you see that a real-life biologist is having a mental crack happen because I can't believe that I have become so distrustful and so knowledgeable that I think my distrust is well placed in the CDC the FDA and most of the American medical system including the doctors that I see I'm not happy about this and I don't want to be on this team except I don't think there's any other team to be on and when people do not behave like that when people don't behave like this is a matter of humanity or death freedom or death and instead behave as though this is a scooby-doo mission to be celebrated a scooby-doo mission to be brought to trial a scooby-doo mission that will lead to people going to jail this is going to be a system-wide collapse the FDA cannot stand the CDC cannot stand my understanding of it and you can take a virus you can try and modify it by you know slicing it up with with you know genetic engineering tools that are available today in these modern labs and you can try and combine one virus with another or add a different function it's almost like coding a computer virus I mean we're still early days in this except when you copy viruses on a computer it's flawless it's high-fidelity copying it doesn't make errors it's kind of like a computer virus but not because it's made of RNA and it uses an RNA dependent RNA polymerase technology but what's possible today is you can basically modify a virus to achieve this gain of function to make it either more lethal or more transmissible or just transmissible to humans with lethal or more transmissible or just transmissible to humans as measured in clone form in vitro number one because that's all they're allowed to do and number two that's all they can do say that in a nutshell that's correct yes where you've mentioned like the biological weapons convention and that's exactly right is that yes pretty much anything like that would be considered gain of function and any gain of function that has no potential benefit for research or anything else is by definition a violation of the biological weapons convention and so I'm not arguing with him there I'm saying that all these clones are violations all of them doesn't need to be chimeras pure RNA clone of a SARS virus shouldn't be traded around the world and used in a laboratory unless it's absolutely necessary under the strictest controls and it should never be made in quantity it should always be destroyed yada yada yada but even if they do make a clone and fill up a truck and then dump it on the street a coronavirus is not capable of causing a pandemic in the genetically stable way that they have depicted in the cartoon form on net next strain it's not possible and we have to get our heads around this the idea that these people have been lying to us for years they've been setting this up by making these these clones and the using them to tell stories about how gain of function viruses have pandemic potential but the only evidence they've ever shown are in vitro studies based on RNA infectious clones at a purity orders of magnitude higher than any natural coronavirus is ever capable of sustaining in an animal zoonotic event do you see yet these people are playing a game with us why didn't he ever say he was working with Bobby why didn't he ever explicitly say that I'm helping the one guy that I believe in why isn't he told you that he's not working for him anymore why hasn't he said that he's disappointed that he's not working for him anymore it's probably the same reason why he didn't tell you he's working for him in the first place because maybe he wouldn't support his sub stack maybe you wouldn't believe that he lost his house which he sold not lost I'm not trying to to to wine or anything like that but I don't own my house I'm renting and I wanted to buy a house at the beginning of the pandemic but I got fired from my academic career which made me unbankable and so yeah I've been suffering for a little while I'm not so sure that other people have sounds like Andrew Huff is holed up in in northern Michigan pretty well Robert Malone is doing very well for himself just returning back from a trip to Turkey where he had to be on a cruise and is now suing somebody for 25 million dollars and accusing Peter McCullough of taking a seven hundred fifty thousand dollar bribe from someone just throwing this stuff out on his sub stack no big deal yes and I've pinned a screenshot of the provisions of the biological weapons convention to a tweet in my timeline so you can just scroll down and see it I flagged a couple of items in a dread and I want to get to that I want to talk about that because to me you know gain of function and covert 19 is exactly what is described in that convention as something that shouldn't be done shouldn't be happening and I want to dive into that but Andrew back to your role so just for people to understand eco health Alliance is an organization that worked with scientists in the Wuhan lab in China eco health Alliance employs their own scientists of course and partners with numerous scientists and it was given funding by the US government to do this game of functions research in the Wuhan lab in China can you tell us a little bit more about what your understanding is what eco health has actually done the only infection that antibodies could work for reality is an infection that is initiated by an RNA infectious clone because they're the systemic viral load will be high enough where seroprevalence might help you avoid a severe case and that's the that's the model that they were using an AI ID and USA ID and NIH funding for this stuff DARPA funding for this stuff if you start with an RNA infectious clone then having seroprevalence to that clone does provide some protection in vitro in the dish and in the cell culture and so when they show that antibodies can block in the cell culture then they assume that antibodies block in the animal even though you and Joseph Lee and I all know that none of those antibodies can ever get outside into the mucosal layer those IgG antibodies never make it out there so antibodies that aren't produced by mucosal cells and by resident B cells in the mucosal don't help us at all and in fact just make your blood thicker and the propensity for you know bad immune reaction and inflammation it's really bad news just wanted to acknowledge that I saw you say that in the chat in the Wuhan lab in China absolutely and and actually the story starts before the involvement of the Wuhan Institute of Virology specifically so the history of this is that Equality Alliance received a lot of funding from what's called the United States Agency for International Development or USAID or USAID it's pronounced and what Equality Alliance was doing they're out hunting around the planet for different types of viruses and if you can imagine you know you look at the globe and you have three different companies or organizations the University of California Davis MetaBiota and Equality Alliance they are carving that the planet up into to different chunks of which they were responsible for and then from each one of those countries in which they were responsible for they typically go out and look for two or three different types of virus viruses namely coronaviruses so to do the gain-of-function work later later on in history they actually it begins with the samples they start collecting from this PREDICT program in 2008-2009 and what happens in the PREDICT program is that Dr. Peter Dask and Equality Alliance forms a relationship with China and the Wuhan Institute of Virology and the Chinese CDC and another other Communist Party officials and academics in China are scientists or government scientists and through that that program PREDICT Xi Zeng Li who's known as the the the Batwoman in China is introduced to Dr. Ralph Baric at the University of North Carolina then this through this partnership under USAID PREDICT they decide to put forward the gain-of-function proposal to the National Institute of Health National Institute for allergens and infectious diseases NIAID which is my section of NIH that's the one that Dr. Anthony Fauci is in charge of and his section straight up he just say that that was his section of the NIAID what is that all about why is it his section I didn't think he worked for them what does that mean this party officials and academics in China are scientists or government scientists and through that that program PREDICT Xi Zeng Li who's known as the the Batwoman in China is introduced to Dr. Ralph Baric at the University of North Carolina then this through this partnership under USAID PREDICT they decide to put forward the gain-of- function proposal to the National Institute of Health National Institute for allergens and infectious diseases NIAID which is my section of NIH that's the one that Dr. Anthony Fauci is in charge of and they see he said it he said that it's that's my section I'm confused by that but I'm just gonna go on please straight-up propose this gain-of-function research should be a serial what's called serial passage which was not discussed when you guys were talking about gain-of-function I'll come back to that here in a second serial basically proposed this gain-of-function work serial passage you see this is this this is the slide I'm talking about this this this right here this this is serial passage and he said that their proposal was to use serial passage to alter or to perform these gain-of-function research experiments serial passage the stuff that I just recently came to the conclusion probably wouldn't work to do what they say it would work now these guys are telling you a story that that's exactly how it worked there's nothing to do with a shitty PCR test has nothing to do with crappy protocols or lying to doctors about the danger or the amount of unhealthiness in America the lack of vitamin D or or putting hydroxychloroquine on the back burner or not allowing people to use ivermectin or none of these things matter to Charles Rixey and Andrew Huff the only thing that matters is that serial passage works and they proposed it in a proposal and that obviously means that not only does it work but they did it and I'm telling you that a coronavirus can't sustain a pandemic in such and it's written so eloquently by dr. Dasik that you can't really tell that it's gained a function so he avoids the specific term gain-of-function but it's actually there in in in sort of eloquent scientific language and that proposal is funded in 2013 a number of interesting things happen with that proposal and basically without that work without the USAID predict program you wouldn't have the relationships in place to start doing the scan of function work and when this proposal the understanding the risk of bat coronavirus emergence is submitted to NIH a domestic ban on gain-of-function goes into place which is sort of pushed by the the White House of the Obama administration so all these things are happening simultaneously but but basically they find a way to outsource the research outside the controller of the United States domestically to do the work yeah but just to clarify when they made their proposals to you know Anthony Fauci and and and and his government departments they were understanding what this funding was for I mean an Anthony Fauci was himself a scientist when he reads a proposal like that he understands that this is gain-of-function yes he understands that what they are going to imply with it is that coronavirus is potentially dangerous to the entire world and therefore requires an emergency use authorized rollout of new technologies that otherwise would not have been able to bring to market just like that 2019 video where he says we might have to do it in a very disruptive way I I can't implore you enough to see that the narrative that they are leading Kim comm through is the exact narrative they always intended to tell it's the exact narrative that Tony Fauci's emails were intended for you to buy and that's why both sides of the equation the people out there that thinks that that this is real pandemic and that the vaccines work great and that everybody should take them all of those people now believe it's a laboratory leak and all the people on the dissonance side believe it's a laboratory leak and now mission accomplished nobody understands that coronavirus could never have done this and there was never any danger really except for wherever a clone might have been released and it could have been released in Iran and Wuhan wherever absolutely could have been but it cannot be the point release of a clone at a minimum quantity that spontaneously through normal RNA viral swarming spread around the world for three years that is impossible and it doesn't matter what set of genes you put together it doesn't matter how crafty you are the virus will eventually return to a quasi species defined by the minimum required replication competent genome plus maybe a few genes which impart a noticeable fitness advantage to those virions that have them but even then we are talking about a much more complex gene sorting and genetic entity than what is a RNA infectious clone and the only thing we understand from a laboratory perspective and a countermeasure perspective and from an immunological perspective and the reason why is because that's the way they like it right oh absolutely and so you look at it from from my personal perspective so this is this is my field gain a function has been a hot debate ever since ferret started dying from h1n1 this is you know 50% of the scientists in my field agree with it and 50% of the scientists in the field disagree with it so this is his field and what he's specifically saying is is that some virologists think we should do gain a function and some people think we shouldn't and the ones who think we shouldn't know that it's super dangerous and could potentially kill everybody again just on narrative nothing about RNA infectious clones being even better like that's the point if you released a small amount of the most dangerous coronavirus that Peter Daszak could have conceived it would never go around the earth the only way that it could go around the earth is insufficient quantities and these guys either are too unsophisticated to understand that or they are purposefully telling you a story that they've been telling you consistently for more than a year and a half without pivot without flex I used to call it a very brittle narrative because that's what I hear here a very brittle narrative that involves the same Scooby-Doo nonsense they were tapping my phone they were sending drones over my my property they were trying to stop the selling of my book and now for some reason they've decided to promote these guys on a platform like and let it sit on Twitter it's fine but I can't be back on I can't be discussed Charles will never mention me again even though supposedly we were allies for more than a year Charles will never say that I'm a intelligent smart guy anymore even though we were supposedly friends for more than a year he won't because I'm going against the narrative that he is for whatever reason sure needs to be sustained defended and accentuated over all other parts of the narrative no PCR discussion no sequencing discussion no treatment discussion no censorship discussion nothing in fact he can't talk about the censorship anymore because he's seeing a huge rise in his stardom and that of Andrew Huff I still have two thousand followers on Twitch after come on it's right in front of your face all you got to do is see it and I've always been in that camp but that doesn't mean that we at least at one time in history wouldn't have I guess positive or constructive discourse and arguments that debate that percentage would have shifted now because we've seen what gain of function has done with COVID-19 so do you still think it's 50 50 or oh absolutely not I think people see the danger of this now and there's two points we come back so it's important that you're the audience understand serial passage so serial passage is basically you can create sort of virus or bacterial slurries and petri dishes and you can advance this from one dish to the next with slightly different animal tissues in it or different cells mammal cells typically and that's one way of making what's called a live attenuated vaccine which might have been the case here with SARS-CoV-2 but that is the oldest gain of function technique that that existed before any of this CRISPR technology or splicing technology so that that's an important thing to know and in terms of this proposal being gain of function so when I was hired in 2014 it so it's important to know that it's not like breeding dogs it's not like selecting for birds it's not like crossing flowers even though that is even more complicated it is not simple to do what he is implying here which is serial passage with viruses because why because they're really not very easy to grow in the laboratory and when you grow them in the laboratory what did he say that's what you make live attenuated virus that's the way the virus goes back to a minimally replication competent gene set well holy cow was that was that crazy guy in Pittsburgh correct all along is that what happens when you put cells in a cell culture then if that's how you make an attenuated vaccine virus then why could cell culture also be used to create really dangerous viruses how would that work do you hold the cell culture at a different angle so that the deadly viruses rise to the top or do you use some kind of filter that you can shake out all of the attenuated ones and keep the really good ones and then select for them how does that work Andrew when it's copying RNA at every turn how do you know whether all the sub genomic RNAs are packaged together how do we know how that's done do we know how that's done do you have a paper which discusses how the coronavirus genome is replicated and recompartmentalized into replication competent virions serial passage is the oldest way that we make pathogens it works with bacteria to a certain extent it works with bacteria but you're still selecting on a gene set that already exists you can't generate antibiotic resistance if there already isn't a bacteria in there with the gene necessary to be resistant to the antibiotic otherwise the bacteria is not going to spontaneously develop it can happen in the wild and in nature because bacteria are exchanging plasmids of DNA all the time so they can find their way but in a dish it doesn't work like they're implying here and certainly not for viruses that don't grow in a dish to begin with listen to this mythologist listen to this guy because he's really really laying it on thick here incredibly thick I find it impressive that he really drew the ball back to serial passage I got to listen to that play again please there's two points we come back so it's important that you're the audience understand serial passage yeah a passage is basically you can create survivors or bacterial slurries and petri dishes and you can advance this from one dish to the next with slightly different animal tissues in it or different cells mammal cells typically and that's one way of making what's called a live attenuated vaccine which might have been the case here with SARS-CoV-2 but that is the oldest gain-of-function technique that that existed before any of this CRISPR technology or splicing technology so that's an important thing to know and in terms of this proposal being gain of function so when I was hired in 2014 at equal alliance in the fall and I was asked to review this there this proposal one had already been submitted so I don't really know why they're asking me to review it which is interesting but when I when I reviewed this there was no question in my mind that this was gain of function and in fact the executives at equal alliance we discussed gain of function work all the time because we have two of our scientists engaged in that type work mainly dr. Kevin all of all and the other one was dr. John Epstein not not so much directly as Kevin and then another scientist who has split his time between Columbia University and he go equal alliance and that's dr. Simon Anthony so this so he is using all this time to justify that all these experts including himself agreed that this proposal was gain of function research how far are we into this now we're 25 minutes into this podcast and they have done nothing at all said nothing at all taught you nothing at all and used all their time to explain to you the gain of function virus research is real there are four or five ways that it can be done and it poses an infinitely unimaginable danger for all time starting in 2020 but already a long time ago because we've been funding this for so long understand ladies and gentlemen this is why the no virus crew exists because virology is a highly overextended highly dubious set of papers and observations based on RNA clone behavior in vitro that doesn't accurately extrapolate back to natural virus existence and therefore most of the diagnostics don't work most of the culturing techniques don't work most of the standard ways of evaluating the relationship between a potential pathogen and its pathogenicity or its its symptom set that it causes in people is not an easy connection to make with many of these viruses and so therefore they've approximated and if the clones cause some kind of respiratory disease that has some reflection of what they saw in the patients then maybe this is the pathogen that causes it and any possible connection between immune activation in the respiratory system and a general respiratory disease is dismissed and we focus exclusively on individual individual always unique pathogens this whole 25-minute story has been about individual unique mystery pathogens and a mythology about how they can sweep the world no talk about the malfeasance no talk about the lies no talk about the deception except as it pertains to hiding gain-of-function research I think when you see it this clearly you can't see it any other way these people are posers they are telling you a ghost story because that's the ghost story the DARPA and DITRA and the US government and the Democrats and the Republicans and the rich people and they who are running this show want because it is a narrative that gives all the power to them all the variables are under their control all the monitoring is under their control it is a technocracy by default instead of a sovereign nation full of citizens who shoulder their responsibility of understanding and can't be bullshitted by people in office which is what I want for my kids work was going on and you know we we're all aware of it and we actually you know I was actually proud for Kevin at the time because he received you know a lot of money to do this work and that's always a big deal in science in the soft money world because we're trying to get big contracts and money so we can keep laboratories and make bigger names for ourselves you know I think differently about that now as you know to your last question so where did where does the scientific community sit now on gain-of- function well I think it's politically polarized at least among the stupid scientists it shouldn't be and the the simple way that I explain this to people why gain-of-function is a stupid idea is in the context of SARS-CoV-2 or COVID is that they advanced this this disease a hundred maybe two hundred thousand years into the future by using these laboratory techniques infectious disease evolutionary he's did you just are you kidding holy crap are you joking me he just said that we advanced this virus you see this is exactly the mythology I'm trying to bust this is exactly it this is like a chapter farther than I ever thought that these these clowns would take it there is no conceivable combination of coronavirus genes that has an already already met in the wild or been constructed in the wild we certainly have no way of knowing that but the idea that they have advanced this coronavirus 200,000 years into the future through these laboratory techniques is the most absurd statement I've heard in a very long time and quite frankly if there was any semblance of of expertise that this guy was was exhibiting it has all vanished in one sentence in one statement he went from maybe being kind of sort of talking like a credible dude that seems to have some background in this at least some what he's talking about now you know he's a liar this is a bald-faced liar or it's a person who just simply doesn't understand a damn thing about evolution a damn thing about replication of RNA viruses and has completely overplayed his hand as an expert thinking that no one is gonna watch and call him out for his clownage but this is pure Huff and Puff clownage 200,000 years in the future because Peter Daszak has used some molecular biology tech I mean holy holy moly it's hard for me to believe that he just said that. From a biology perspective they have species of animals basically coming into contact with each other through the engineering of this which would probably never have contact in the real world. So wait is he saying is he saying that they engineered it by putting animals together in the same cages is he saying can you hear that blower in the background the heater came on again okay is he saying that that is so bizarre so the techniques that they used by putting animals in the same cages are animals coming together in this research that would have never come together results in an acceleration of the evolution of a coronavirus to the extent to which that it becomes this high-fidelity pathogen that can go around the earth and sustain itself relatively consistently for millions and millions of infections. These guys are amazing I mean this is really something I mean this is really something they really they really got us they really got us this time.

function is basically also an acceleration of evolution what we are seeing now in nature virus because it's infecting millions of people has this dish of humans to mutate and put out all these different variants and all that so basically what gain of function does it allows you to play God and evolve a virus you know like you said 200,000 years forward.

Do you see how they're advancing the same nonsense that all these transhumanist liars are advancing that we have the power, that our AI has the power that CRISPR-Cas9 gives us the power to play God? It's absolutely against everything that's sacred because that's what these people are against they are against everything that's sacred they are not interested in the freedom and well-being of our kids or their kids, they are interested in something else. And Andrew Huff revealed it in many of his videos he's all about the paycheck, he's all about the Benjamins, so you know he got his house in northern Michigan with the with the guns and the solar panels, and now he's gonna take all the money can with his book and he's gonna keep his mouth shut he's gonna make sure he does what he's told, which is to tell you that serial passage can result in both attenuated vaccines and also pandemic viruses, it just depends on which angle you hold the dish at, and whether you passage into these cells or that cells it's like a choose your own adventure of serial passage nonsense that all of the secrets have been figured out long ago, it's old, it's an old technology. The equation of, of serial passage and, and selection for antibiotic resistant bacteria and, and the selection for virulent viruses is a false equivalence. It has an equivalence that has been made across the board with a number of things including the sequencing. the lies that they tell about the sequencing are based on the idea that technology that can be applied to DNA organisms like bacteria can be applied to RNA based organisms like viruses and you get equivalent levels of high fidelity measurements of all the bacteria or in this case all the viruses in the sample this is MetaBiota's primary bamboozlement it's MetaBiota's primary proprietary technology that Kevin McCairn yelled at the top of his lungs was called millipore sequencing technology and it works like crazy, and that's why the Bailey's are all wrong even though he's a monkey guy who's never done sequencing in his life, but he was sure about one thing when he was on Tim Truth show he was sure that sequencing works, and millipore sequences even better than Sanger sequencing but he's never bothered to do one stream to teach you how those sequencing things work, and how they don't work and we're gonna do that over the next few days and you're gonna find out that it doesn't work like they say it's gonna work, and they even admit it if you just look at videos before the pandemic. It's all, it's all gonna end now ladies and gentlemen, there is no stopping us anymore because that's how the truth works. You pour it on things and it dissolves all the garbage and by pouring the RNA infectious clone idea on everything I thought I understood the garbage has disappeared, the liars have shown themselves and fled from the light. The only people that are really left standing right now in social media and on the mainstream media are the ones that are saying it's a lab leak, gain of function virus, oh my goodness!

correct and you you can do it in a relatively short amount of time a matter of weeks months it depends how many people are working in your laboratory and how fast you're working with a lot of this this technology and the the premise for doing this though I think is even more naive so the idea is in the way that we pitch this at you call the lions to our customers or our partners or investors the people that we're trying to get money from was that by doing the scan of function work we can then make what's known as medical countermeasures that's a department defense term actually vaccines drugs treatments to get ahead of this nasty thing that we just developed in the laboratory.

That's the story that I've been telling you except the one part about it is is that it only works with clones. The NIH funded grants are based on clones, the experiments are based on clones, the papers are based on clones. The only way they know anything study anything or can produce any results that are publishable or peer-reviewable are with clones. Clones. And so it's not just to gain a function virus, if anything happened at all it is a leak of a significant quantity of a clone, that's why a PCR test for a specific spike protein would ever work for any length of time if it did at all. Because it started as a clone. Otherwise it's all a lie and I think it's much more parsimonious to assume that it's mainly a lie, that the background of coronaviruses is sufficient to have a PCR test rolled out en masse, and especially in hospitals, and correlated with respiratory disease allowed to be overridden if the PCR test doesn't work but you see the symptoms, you can call it COVID anyway, and your hospital will get $35,000 if you ventilate that person. Those things are all ignored by Andrew Huff and Charles Rixey for the duration of every stream they're ever on.

And that should stand out to you now as something extremely significant in light of the fact that we need to do that that math and we need to do it very well, we need to do it very skeptically. Because if they are telling us that there is a danger in Mother Nature when there really isn't that's a pretty pretty… that's a pretty sacrilegious thing to say. And it cuts across all religions and all belief systems from agnostic to to atheist. If somebody tells you that outside of your door there is a danger that's not there, and tries to control you and your family on the basis of the existence of that danger, you should not respect them, you shouldn't rally behind them you shouldn't trust them, you should move away from them, and that's apparently what these people are saying.

And I believe that I have described biology in the last few in the last few streams and will describe biology in the next few streams that will clarify once and for all the gray areas are too gray there is no certainty and this kind of certainty that you're hearing here about gain-of-function research gain-of-function viruses and gain-of-function pandemics is a certainty that is a bald-faced lie something is going wrong here these guys are compromised they are telling you a story for a reason I don't know what it is probably national security.

well if it won't if the agent won't naturally evolve that way or it takes a hundred thousand years two hundred thousand years hack ten thousand years for this agent to it naturally evolve that way why are we doing this gain-of-function work in the first place and then spending all this money then trying to develop medical countermeasures and there's a very sinister answer for that which I think we'll get to later in this conversation but logically it just doesn't make sense what could one explanation be that there is an arms race and bio weapons just like in other weapons and that every country is trying to create vaccines or antidotes for potential future bio weapons that other countries may unleash well you just nailed it and you went right there so that that's exactly what's happening there's a biological or biotechnical arms race happening and it's because the bioweapons convention is not enforceable basically.

How different is this than telling us when we were children that we had to do a tornado drill and put our heads between our legs because the Russians might shoot missiles at us? How different is this than saying that we are racing the Russians to build more missiles than them that we have thousands of intercontinental ballistic missiles aimed at them and they have thousands aimed at us? We never questioned that when we were kids, we never wondered if it was really possible that people would be so mad as to spend millions and millions of dollars and resources on that really you only need ten you don't need 50 why do we need 500 why do we have thousands why do we have submarines what's going on here now we're telling stories about countries and garages making viruses that are more dangerous than nuclear weapons let's listen Andrew and Charles will surely tell us how much much more dangerous they are than nukes so because we have this this week international bioweapons convention it's not enforceable all the other all the other I guess laboratories or international powers that be are trying to get ahead in this field the problem is you know my personal opinion is that unless you have really good intelligence of what's happening in those laboratories and I mean excellent intelligence like you're able to read the the laboratory technicians notes every day you have no clue what they're actually engineering so the idea that you're gonna build a countermeasure on your side that's gonna work specifically for the thing that they're developing is naive now the reason why mRNA was actually invented though is to get around that problem yeah so what I never really understood the United States and China are competing militarily right they must also be compete please note that mRNA was invented to circumvent the problem of bioweapons and the need to respond to them quickly RNA was developed for that purpose RNA was developed for that purpose do you hear what he's saying RNA works that's what he's saying the shot works that's what he's saying the technology works there's no questioning the technology for Andrew Huff it's just the virus and gain a function in serial passage don't you see it in the bioweapons space they are peer competitors they are enemies right how did it come that the United States and China were cooperating with this research in the Wuhan lab can you explain that absolutely oh so I'll jump on this quick so my take on this is very simple and this is because I worked in the American sort of classified side of this so this is this the way of the Wuhan Institute of Virology is known to be a bioweapons laboratory by people like Charles myself this is this well-known they have Chinese Communist Party officials working in that laboratory and if you know that this laboratory is making bioweapons you want to be able to get your people in there to see what's going on so a couple of weird things happen so one dr. Peter Dasick asks me if he should work with the CIA well I'm gonna play equal alliance and then over the next few months he tells me that the relationship is with the CIA is progressing so I take that to mean that he was collecting intelligence for the US government on that laboratory that it would also make sense for the US government trying to get other spies or people into that laboratory and I believe the contract with the Wuhan Institute of Virology for five or six hundred thousand dollars initially whatever it was was just a mechanism for the US government to get our scientists our people into that laboratory to collect intelligence in exchange for advanced bioweapons technology so you know China doesn't need $600,000 of money from the United States government which they went to us right I mean it's okay so this is this is a plausible part of the story right that we used EcoHealth Alliance as a wedge to get into the with where we are the Wuhan Institute of Virology where we otherwise wouldn't have been able to get into my friend Mark Kulak has advanced an idea that I find a bit more intriguing and and possibly puts a little bit more alignment on more things and that is that Shengli Shi actually accepted the funding and the collaboration knowing that they were doing that with the full intention of allowing them to feel like they were getting in their foot inside the door that they were really inside those labs and seeing what was going on well at the same time all the Chinese government was really doing was keeping an eye on them and making sure that nothing happened or controlling the narrative basically on both sides they both thought that they were playing each other and it would be naive to think that Shengli Shi would somehow so easily be bought enough the Chinese people are are a very old powerful culture it would be very hard for me to imagine a scenario where someone who grew up in China as a Chinese native would very quickly cast that culture away given the monumental ancientness of it it must be something so much more all-encompassing as an identity than anything that the American history can provide us and it comes with a language and an art and a and a history and a philosophy and a natural medicine and all this other stuff that is based on thousands of years of continuous of continuous civilization Chinese people I don't think in general go double agent very easily so the story is very convenient that that they just played the WIV and the WIV let them in where at the same time Andrew is saying they don't need that money so if they don't need that money then why they let him in they let them in because again they were being played EcoHealth Alliance and the NIAID and the USAID were being played by Wuhan are you seeing it now I think Mark's right about that it's laughable when you think about it but the thing that they did need was our our superior biotechnology so I think we actually traded them advanced biotech for access to their laboratory that's quite an interesting theory it's an interesting theory that the tenure professor gives no concrete examples what technology what are you talking about the restriction enzyme sites and seamless ligation I'm not sure what technology is talking about the only thing that I could come up with is metagenomic sequencing because that's how they pull this intellectual property out of the mud of these samples is through metagenomic sequencing and then they assemble from these metagenomic sequenced samples a coronavirus genome that ends up to be replication competent in a dish and call it a new coronavirus that's how this is done all you need to do is read paper after paper and try to understand step by step what parts of the methodology contribute to what figure and you will find very quickly how these things are done as I have and you will come to the same conclusion that I've come to the coronavirus in a natural quasi species form poses no danger to healthy humans and certainly not a planet of them but a infectious clone purified through the use of DNA and culture of that DNA cultural replication of that DNA and E. coli or whatever system you want to use produces a pure infectious clone of an RNA virus that does present a local epidemic danger a local infection danger but not a pandemic danger and serial passage cannot lead to these viruses passage and animals cannot lead to these viruses but these papers have been published and these claims have been made very specifically to lay down the groundwork for this narrative this is a long con ladies and gentlemen a long con on both sides and the long con is based on the idea that viruses are dangerous coronaviruses that are made in laboratories can go around the world and most of these governments have agreed to use this narrative this biological mythology to make the pivot that they plan to make in the next five to ten years that's the best I can summarize it but all I can do is listen to the biology and call bullshit when I hear it would you agree with that 100% and I think that that's just like just like you full in there to see what's going on so a couple of weird things happen so one dr. Peter dasik asks me if he should work with the CIA well I'm gonna play equal alliance and then over the next few months he tells me that the relationship is with the CIA is progressing so I take that to mean that he was collecting intelligence for the US government on that laboratory that it would also make sense for the US government trying to get other spies or people into that laboratory and I believe the contract with the Wuhan Institute of Virology for five or six hundred thousand dollars initially whatever it was was just a mechanism for the US government to get our scientists our people into that laboratory to collect intelligence in exchange for advanced bioweapons technology so you know China doesn't need six hundred thousand dollars of money from the United States government which they went to us right I mean it's her it's laughable and you think about it but the thing that they did need was our our superior biotechnology so I think we actually traded them advanced biotech for access to their laboratory that's quite an interesting theory Charles would you agree with that 100% and I think that that's just like just like you at the very beginning of this it made no sense why have they told you what this biotech is that we traded have they identified it for you or serial passages have been around forever Andrew said so what exactly did we trade are they gonna tell us are they gonna enumerate the technology that we traded in order to get over there that's all gonna be secret because these guys know but they can't tell you what kind of what kind of nonsense story is this what are they gonna teach us something concrete so that we can take it home and put it in a sandwich this is nothing this is all air I don't understand where they're going I don't understand how anyone can't see through this this is a problem we're in trouble here this technology with with China because technology is he talking about I used to do modeling of potential bio attacks and we we already had all of the the labs and all the nuclear reactors and any sort of potential threat that was in the WMD space we were already monitoring that on the classified and unclassified side so there was no way that we didn't know that the the Wuhan Institute of Virology had at the time the only BSL for lab in China so it's it's comical to think otherwise so I think he's absolutely right and I think that the the diffuse proposal that went to DARPA wasn't it's weird because Charles knows that most coronavirus research is done at BSL three or two but he specifically states BSL for even though I don't understand that because he's the expert right he's supposed to be the expert but the the narrative he keeps laying down is always about a BSL for lab even though most coronavirus research is done bench bail BSL three I don't get it situation of that research which is and if you don't know that I am the person to whom those documents were given to leak so I'm I'm very familiar with with the background of that proposal well at least the Department of Defense still likes you Charles well so right now yes they still they still pay my disability but we'll see what happens so I've been following this story from the very beginning literally I made tweets even before the outbreak warning about you know genetic editing how CRISPR technology can be used to edit viruses and combine viruses and how one day we may end up with an Ebola that has you know the the transmission capability of an influenza virus and you could literally wipe out 70 to 80 percent of the world's population like I've been following this whole thing from day one and to me on my right radar it was always so he's he's telling them what he as he understands it what is possible and I'm telling you that it's not and it's interesting because Charles definitely will claim that he's done the requisite reading he's just put out a substack where he's got the most the largest database of yada yada yada and and and rich Fleming has tweeted out that they're assembling a thousand papers about coronavirus and it's all just this it's all this big hoopla and look we're using all of their sources we're using all of their funded research to show you what really happened and we caught them they were lying all the time it was them I don't know it's not adding up to me because all of these stories all of these stories that Fleming is pushing that Rixie is pushing that McCarran is pushing that Andrew Huff is pushing none of them start with the basics they don't start with the PCR they don't start with the disappearance of the flu they don't start with the change of protocols in hospitals they don't start with the sending home and the retiring of all the lead attending physicians in America they don't talk about this hype of ventilators they don't talk about the confusion they caused by saying there was a novel form of death but we're not going to close down they don't they don't know the confusion that they caused by closing and sending everybody home from hospitals they don't know the number of people that they killed and these guys don't care it's like it never happened it's not part of the story to them the main story is this invisible only detectable by PCR phantom that was created by some the cooperation between some fault bald fat guy and a Chinese lady come on guys we need to grow up we need to we need to pull our pants up we need to we need to take responsibility for understanding that there is a long con that has been played on America and the world and it's called public health it's called the who it's called all of the global pharmaceutical industry because there's no reason to call them to call them big pharma their global pharma and these global pharmaceutical companies that have cooperated seamlessly with the World Health Organization and other multinational organizations to orchestrate and coordinate this bamboozlement all need to be taken out of power we all we need to take a couple steps back from the globalization that they are responsible for coordinating we need to clean up our own nations we need to find our name our our nationalism again our sovereignty again our patriotism again our neighbors and love them again and we need to stop fighting about stories and mythologies that are told by the people who want us to fight I know it's a hard thing to accept but somewhere along the line you're gonna have to accept that it's getting easier and easier to see when people are behaving as though they are really concerned about our collective future or whether they are really concerned about selling books about getting subscribers about being right because for me the clone thing is is biologically able to explain almost everything with very little tweaking or assumptions or or weird exceptions to the rule that the only danger is a RNA infectious clone and if an RNA infectious was clone was released in any quantity at all it wouldn't really matter and it would most mostly be fake it's hard for me to find enough evidence to escape that attractor state it's hard for me to find enough evidence to make me want to think oh maybe they did resurrect a flu virus and lie about it maybe they did combine a coronavirus and and make it spread around the world no it can't it doesn't happen it won't work like that that's not no and it's not a once in a 200,000 year event like he's trying to say because they've accelerated the evolution in a laboratory through serial passage jumping from dish to dish yes fields of science up there with AI and of course nuclear weapons and now that this happened that we had you know the situation I found it first of all stunning that the Chinese were working together with US scientists in a US funded gain-of-function project and then after you know the virus escaped the lab they have both been working on covering it up the Chinese as well as the US the US even going as far as calling this the China virus and trying to blame China for it I remember these speeches that Trump gave back in the day and they must have had full knowledge that they were involved in actually creating this thing but they were trying to blame the whole thing on China who do you think ultimately is responsible here if the US government didn't fund this gain of function research do you think this whole situation with COVID-19 would even have happened or what is your view on this like who is ultimately responsible and so see this is where the narrative gets laid down we all know that it came from a lab in Wuhan now we all know that it spread around the world for the last two years and killed hundreds of thousands of people so now the only question is for you guys who's responsible for this and so it's still a scooby-doo mystery it's a still a false cause and effect and it's still not anywhere near close to the actual set of lies that's been told they want you to believe that they lied about the origin that they knew it came from this lab and the Chinese have covered it up and we've covered it up rather than it being a clone released in China that confused China that sustained itself for a few weeks and months was testable by PCR for a short period of time and confused the Chinese enough to them to think that wow it could have been a leak from us I don't think so but it could have been but we don't have anything in there and then it's gone because we're gonna use hydroxychloroquine as a prophylaxis across the nation and we didn't do that and we did much worse we sent people home we told them there was no treatment we gave them acetaminophen we ventilated them gave them remdesivir we killed a lot more people that by a pneumonia than we ever have in the history of modern America supposedly because there was a new cause of the pneumonia this is incongruent with any set of variables that describes a reality we've known in the past and so either a bunch of new things magical things have happened over the last three years or there's a lot of lion going on and these guys are talking mostly about one kind of lie and a lot of magic that's what I believe okay well so one thing I really want to say first is it there's this I think there's this big assumption that President Trump was aware of everything that was going on because the gain-of-function ban itself was the repeal process started that decision was made before Trump had actually become president and so and then that's a really important thing for the audience to know that President Obama starts the repeal process of that about two weeks before he exits office and Trump takes over sorry to interrupt you Charles yeah so basically and and Trump didn't appoint a new presidential science advisor for another 18 months so there was a period of time during which they they restarted gain-of-function work that Anthony Fauci was basically working without any supervision and he had rewritten the rules so that way anything that he said was part of vaccine work would would just be completely passed over so are you saying there is a real possibility that when Trump gave these speeches and was blaming China for it that he was kept in the dark by his own people by his intelligence services about the involvement of the US government in this game of function research do you think he didn't know about it I don't think that I know that's it I know that for a fact I think that's very true I think that's part of what what ricksy carries that is definitely true I think there's no doubt in my mind that Donald Trump was played from the beginning and they used him from both sides and if he gets elected again they'll use him again just like they use Joe Biden and Jill Biden these people are are playing a role they are puppeteered by tens if not 20 people behind the scenes and they are part of a human octopus that that runs the White House and the executive branch and that human octopus is composed of a lot of people that we never see and so I'm not at all worried about that I know that in reality we we are not really voting for people that matter and if that's not obvious now it will be in 2024 in fact I postulated that two years ago and then last fall when I spoke with congressional investigators in person they confirmed that that was correct that Anthony Fauci had worked with Kelvin Druckmeyer the new presidential science advisor to keep much of the information about what was going on or what had been going on from Trump's administration in fact Trump himself in an interview on Australian TV with Sherry Markson people didn't realize it but he actually answered that question himself and said yeah we weren't told about most of this stuff wow so Anthony Fauci was basically running this entire show in the background when Trump came in Trump was kept in the dark about what happened in Wuhan and Anthony Fauci has basically been in charts also of everything that happened since the virus did make it into the public and has basically worked together with his scientists many of whom he is funding to create this cover story that this is a natural virus that this could not have come out of a lab is that right I think yes I think that I think it's partially true in and the reason why it's partially true is that whatever it needs to realize is that dr. Anthony Fauci is a sub-agency director for the National Institutes of Health he does not have the government control power reach to get into the other agencies that would be required to pull off this kind of charade so it's my firm belief that the US intelligence community played a large role behind the scenes from the Department of Defense probably not so much the CIA but maybe parts of the FBI and definitely the Department of Homeland Security to pull off this big farce yeah I just wanted to say that that's what I was so what's the big farce the big farce is that it's a zoonotic event and it's really a lab leak I think I don't know why he used the word farce say is that it wasn't just him this was this was intelligence agencies and others that had been working on this they were helping they were they were basically working together to cover this up but from the emails that we know today that has been uncovered that had to be disclosed we know that Fauci very early on has emailed a couple of scientists and saying hey we need to write something here we need to put something out that this is not coming from the lab that's correct I mean I think he he was put as the point man to be in front of the cameras and say the right things to deflect blame from the from the United States and also to make this appear as if it's had a natural origin and one of the things that I stress to people over and over again one since when do we trust any data or information that is released to us that is of a technical or scientific nature from the Chinese we never do but for some reason in the case of this emerging infectious disease outbreak which turns into a pandemic we do and to when do we ever trust the Chinese on anything diplomatic or or security related so here here all of a sudden where the US government dr. Anthony Fauci is just spoon-feeding everything that the Chinese is giving us back out to others scientists to basically run interference to actually prevent a objective investigation into the origin from ever taking place so to me when someone is doing that so to me the thing that strikes me most right here is what did Andrew Huff leave out about Anthony Fauci's adoption of the Chinese narrative what did he leave out come on guys I know you're paying attention what did he leave out he left out the lockdown part he left down shutting down schools he left out the part that killed all of our teenagers via suicide and depression you know like let's decide whether we should lock kids down or not hmm what are the top three reasons why kids die well one of those reasons is depression do you think that shutting down schools will do anything for depression oh who cares we've got to save them from a virus the absurdity of the narrative in retrospect looking back over the last three years that they are still telling us the story that I was telling in 2020 about a lab leak virus that went around the world and is causing all this havoc in 2020 it was plausible as you say in the chat back there there were people that converted their t-cells changed they had new antibodies and new seroprevalence they got sick I'm not saying there wasn't a virus but I'm saying that the tests that they use the diagnostics that they use often have overlap with previous coronaviruses non catalog existing endemic coronaviruses including what is now called Omicron which was likely part of the original swarm from way back in the very beginning of the pandemic but because its spike protein was sufficiently different it did not bring up a positive on the PCR test but once you start looking for them you find the variants that have the funny spike protein but still have the minimum replication competent genes the N and the RNA dependent RNA polymerase it's hard to connect all of these dots and see how they're linked together but we're gonna do it over the next few weeks and eventually we're gonna have this down to a level of presentation that everyone will be able to see through and anybody regurgitates this nonsense they will see the the brittle narrative that they are laying down the regurgitation of what the TV now wants you to believe is involved in a operation to cover something up they themselves feel they have a responsibility that they need to cover otherwise he wouldn't have done that oh absolutely I don't disagree with you I'm just pointing out I think Charles was making the point that dr. Anthony Fauci alone doesn't have the power of the reach inside the United States government to orchestrate a big psychological operation and he just I don't see that in the case I do think he was instrumental in his position and the power dynamic of his position it's interesting that he says it's a big psychological observation operation but the psychological operation is saying that there's no there was no lab leak it's a it's a natural virus that's the psychological operation it's not the psychological operation I'm trying to say it is which is they're trying to convince you the gain-of-function viruses are real that the there's six or seven different ways that they can do it and that we traded biotechnology for access to their labs over there they didn't really need our money we were just trying to spy on them it's it's comical we are winning and we are winning big and what I mean by winning is we're gonna be able to unite all sides because all sides are gonna come together around this idea that it's not basically control the scientific narrative and get the publications going get the journals alive and get the science line I think that was his role yeah but his role was relatively simple because he had all these relationships with all these scientists that received funding from him and his departments you know he could easily sway them to come together I remember there was this famous letter that was released by you know a number of scientists saying nah this has to be from nature this cannot be from a lab and that was all literally orchestrated by Fauci would you agree with that or not no I would actually dr. Peter Dasik did a lot of the the I think the orchestration of that letter and so I the way that this typically works and you know I'm speaking here from you know me probably admitting my own past faults and doing this kind of thing because dr. Dasik and myself were actually very good at it so when you put an email if you know that it could be FOIA'd or could be retrieved for velocity something especially a sensitiveness you have to remember the scientists know that before they start writing these emails so whatever they put the email is gonna be it's written with the assumption that someone's going to read it someday and what you really do is you hang you know before you write the emails you call talk to these person on the phone real quick and you were probably even careful about we send a phone and then you know it's what you don't say in the email and you have to sort of read between the lines and that makes the investigation sort of difficult because everyone's gonna look to these emails but that's just that's just not reality and you know for audience members that worked a corporate or government job before I'm sure they all know what I'm talking about yeah but I mean that's like that's also from the emails has been communicating with Fauci about how they are going to deal with with the origin right well it could be a chicken or egg argument because dr. Dasik you know I who knows who learned first about the emerging infectious disease outbreak happening China there's dr. Fauci or dr. Dasik maybe they learned at the same time but instinctually I think they would both go into cover-up mode yeah independently yeah and then you know China of course has done their part they made you know all kinds of data disappear they kind of you know worked on their own cover-up story why do you think China was so eager to cover this up Charles we want to take that one yes so China nobody wants to take responsibility for violating the Biological Weakness Convention even though it's not even though it's basically unenforceable no one wants to be liable for what happens with a pandemic above all and so like to answer your earlier question I would say that the China used our technology in our methods that have been invented by the United States to create this virus with some participation from scientists from around the world and the truth is is it both countries are at fault China used our technology our methods that were invented in the United States to create this virus with some participate so it is there's your there's your narrative China did it using the techniques that we traded for access to the lab you see and so the techniques are apparently Gibson assembly the techniques are apparently seamless ligation using restriction enzymes that allow cassette like substitutions of short nucleotide sequences that everybody uses in every molecular bench around the world for a decade or more so I don't see it I just don't see it there's something wrong with this narrative there's something so wrong with this narrative and you don't even need to go to the clones to see it but once you realize that they haven't mentioned clones once they haven't made the distinction once they haven't explained how clones could do this even better than just to gain a function virus and that the more clone you made the more the more it would the better it would be shows you what's going on here because my idea can't it doesn't it doesn't rule out the possibility of a weaponized coronavirus it just explains to you how the only way you can do it is with quantity the only way you do it is with purity and so that's a concept that's a concept that they could use to sell you on the idea that this is a gain-of-function bioweapon attack but they don't want you to think of infectious RNA clones as the only weaponizable form of coronavirus they want you to think of coronavirus as weaponizable based on the combination of genes the potential is there in nature you can accelerate nature by 200,000 years and get a pandemic quicker they don't want you to understand the limitations of an RNA replicating entity they don't want you to understand the differences between that and a bacteria and between serial passage of a bacteria or an or or breeding of animals and the selection of a virus and that it doesn't work but he almost slipped up and told you and he said that that's how they make an attenuated virus is by passaging it in a culture and I do think that that's a very serious question if you can passage a virus in culture to make it into a live attenuated vaccine what do you do differently to get it to become a highly virulent very dangerous virus it's not that simple ladies and gentlemen it's not that simple your immune system is not that weak our immune systems are not that homogenous and coronaviruses are not something new and so on the basis that all of these things are actually true that there's a new coronavirus that we never really have them around they've never really done any damage before except for SARS one and mares if you tell that story and you tell it there's no other background coronaviruses then you get this idea that yeah okay maybe wow that's crazy but if you realize that every year three million people die in America every week around 57,000 people die in America then when you say 1,000 people died of a respiratory disease it's not that many especially if none of those thousand are super healthy people that wouldn't have died except for the respiratory disease but instead all of those people are people who are already in the hospital with multiple other reasons and happen to test PCR positive now I know the pivot is coming and I'm not gonna say what the pivot is but well I will the pivot is gonna come where they're gonna say that a virus that can make people test positive can be used as a bioweapon even if it's not very deadly but that's not what they're saying here that's not what they've said over the last two weeks they've only said that millions of people have died and it's a virus that was made by Equality Alliance and Shang Li Shi using techniques that US traded for access to their labs that's the story they're telling you that's it there's no PCR bamboozlement there's no sequencing bamboozlement there's no treatment mistakes there are no exaggerations of deadliness there's no fault it's just a bad virus let's go yes with the US probably the dependent probably would have happened if either side had not engaged with each other and so both of them have it they both want to cover it up but they also don't want to close off avenues to blame each other if necessary I mean the damages and the trillions of dollars millions of that obviously neither the US or China wants to take any responsibility for that but you know you just made a very valid point they are both responsible because both have contributed you know their parts to making this happen right yes absolutely and I think that I don't know exactly what it's going to take to to truly solve this problem but the reality is is that we have to because if we don't like lay out for the public across the world what happened then this biological warfare Cold War or active war is going to continue to accelerate and I can assure you that whatever's happened now we do not want to see what happens next if not if no one is held accountable and that's exactly the danger isn't it because if there is no real public debate if you don't have a media that investigates and asks the right questions if you don't have you know the political independent investigations as well then you don't really get any answers with you which means in the background everything just goes forward as usual whereas what we really need is a complete global ban of this type of development correct so I think it needs to be more limited in focus so live attenuated vaccines which is a type of function they work if you don't advance the functionality on the ecological evolutionary timeline too far in the future so if you do keep it within what's he saying vaccines work vaccines work live attenuated vaccines work as long as you don't make them ordained I don't agree that we should get rid of all gain of function I think we should be careful it should be on a limited set are you kidding me are you kidding me right now I think Kim comm is a finish that you keep the genetics fairly similar to what is circulating naturally that is actually a good thing I've probably had if I look at my vaccination card I think I've had a vaccine that vaccinations against 38 different diseases and I know because Charles his work he probably has a similar plush or full vaccine vaccination card or history or record so these are not all bad the problem really lies when you start doing this gain of function work when you're pushing things you know 10,000 20,000 30,000 years in the future and you're mixing species of animals which would never come into contact with nature because it's just logically implausible that these things would ever actually meet face-to-face like John Stewart said you know did the penguin kiss the turtle I mean that kind of thing doesn't happen in the way yeah but you both agree so wait so what is he saying then that that bringing these disparate coronaviruses together in a laboratory causes the pandemic but vaccines work and so I think he's saying that that vaccines work now I think that he's saying the transfections work or at least live attenuated vaccines work and maybe he's just not mentioning the transfections but what are you gonna make a live attenuated vaccine of a coronavirus they tried that it didn't work again generalizing across all viruses generalizing across all pathogens generalizing across all immune systems this is all part of the game it's the same game but it's advanced now because they've sucked some people in with this lab leak idea that now you believe that viruses can do things that they cannot do I was there too guys I was there too and it's not the same as saying there's no virus when you say that a coronavirus can't cause a pandemic it's not the same it's not the same at all and I have an entirely different thought process with regards to those people because the ones that lead that side of no virus don't want to talk to me Christine Massey doesn't have time to talk to me so we're gonna go down the list of people until someone will have a chat private or otherwise about this particular idea because the insistence that viruses are are fake is and and the unwillingness to discuss clones versus the swarm is something that is extraordinary leads me to believe that these people might also be controlled opposition again trying to separate and connect a few disparate groups of people and make sure that none of them ever link up because they talk bad about the others and so you get the unity project talking bad about Peter McCullough and the doctors FLCCC and you get those people talking bad about America's frontline doctors and you get all these groups saying that this is the not the real doctors for COVID ethics and Panda that groups weird why do they use Panda as a name they must be controlled I think everybody should rally under this banner of the Children's Health Defense and under the banner of Robert F Kennedy jr. and under the banner that if we rally under this banner together we will figure it out if it ends up being that the vaccine schedule has been a scam we'll find out if it's legit we'll find out if coronavirus is a big hoax we're gonna find out if we don't rally underneath his flag we're gonna be rallying underneath a flag that I assure you is not one that's gonna win has no potential for winning we've got to understand this biology these guys are not teaching you teaching anyone biology they're not talking about DNA and RNA they're not talking about copy fidelity or replication competence they're not talking about the the quasi species swarm and the difference between that and an infectious clone and what would happen if an infectious clone escaped in a small amount or a big amount they're not trying to teach you any of the biology I'm trying to teach you because they want you to ignore it because it's biology that debunks gain-of-function research it debunks serial passage which Andrew Huff very insistently inserted twice already in this silly podcast the Samoan measles outbreak is a totally real phenomenon they vaccinated them and then it happened that has a responsibility for this nice citation there so both countries have responsibility I think the United States United States portion of the responsibility is more egregious because everyone has been trained the you know if we're training the Chinese and these things we're obviously our countries further along in our thought process our logic our technical ability it's really our responsibility to be good stewards of this type of research and then on top of it the just the systematic failures of the risk mitigate by a risk management process it means just atrocious and I observed observed those folks firsthand while I would think equal alliance and I discussed that my book all right so I have another question now my book don't forget to buy his book somehow arrange a meeting with you and I could somehow convince you to come and work for me how much money would you need to build a lab where you can recreate what was done in one where you could create new viruses of the sort how much would this be well depends how much risk you're going to accept in your bio bio safety biosecurity protocols and facilities so you can actually do this probably you can start doing it for 10 to 20 thousand dollars on the cheap side but that would be a lot of risk to your personnel of an escape to actually do this properly you probably want to draft a budget for this probably three to four million dollars in capital cost to get started for something small plus your operational budget would be another million per year so at the cost of a single missile I could come to the creation of a bio weapon that can kill billions of people is that right absolutely the thing that's actually more difficult to obtain is the scientific expertise knowledge and know-how and that's why the Chinese wanted to work with the United States if you can go buy crisper kits on Amazon right now and become a gene jockey in the garage they actually the United States we've had by gene jockey discussions did he actually say gene jockey gene jockey is what Michael Osterholm said on Joe Rogan's podcast and there's no gene way a gene jockey came up with this sequence a gene jockey in the garage I don't think I need to let this go any longer I might watch it later just to see what he says and stuff like that but I just it's hard for me to understand it's hard for me to understand how this it could get any better we are we are 49 minutes in and we've spent 49 minutes justifying the existence of gain-of-function viral research and without a doubt now we'll get into diffuse and other things after this over the next few weeks we're gonna have to really work together to keep ourselves in check and that means I'm gonna need emails I'm gonna need messages calling me out on my on my nonsense I need questions and I need people to challenge these ideas over the next few days as I present papers from different wings of biology different aspects of viral ecology I need feedback regularly because we are really going into the unknown here we are up against a wall of this it is a it is a it's a wall of of weird encoded opposition that seems bent on not telling the full story and instead blaming everything on a single pathogen and sewing it up nicely in a bow and moving on I heard somebody there say that live attenuated vaccines work I heard nobody there question or even use the word transfection so far in 47 minutes and I heard no one talk about early protocol suppression hydroxy chloroquine ivermectin ventilation use of steroids none of this stuff even though there are many doctors on both sides that agree that there was an egregious amount of damage done by this and the lockdowns and the clearing of hospitals and so with no attempt to account at all for this these guys have told us an almost factless narrative about trading biotechnology to get our foot in the door in a lab that eventually used our biotechnology to make a virus that swept the earth without bothering to explain the details of how that might occur the details of the special qualities of this virus that it has that allows it to do something that no other coronavirus has ever been shown or demonstrated to be able to do no touching of the sequence data that is present on ginsade and neck strain no discussion of Omicron and its appearance no discussion of the odd phylogenetic trees that occur when you look at these viruses and how it implies that they've all been there all the time no discussion of the origin of the meta sequencing technology in metabiota no discussion of how it has an error rate that's pretty high when you use it on bacteria and other things and when they do it in bacteria they use it very specifically on the ribosome genes and since viruses don't have ribosome genes it's kind of an interesting thing to apply to it and the subtleties of it we're gonna go through all of it there's there's videos out there on the internet there's there's texts and there's papers that I've been reading I'm preparing and I have been preparing to teach you about it because I think that's the only thing I can do and so over the next few days I'm gonna be preparing and giving lectures about meta sequencing lectures about next generation sequencing about nanopore sequencing about how it's actually done the error rates that are involved what it can be applied to and I'm gonna be using lectures from people that sell this technology right up until the beginning of the pandemic and what we're gonna do is we're gonna see that there's no way that we can trust the sequence data there's no way that we can trust the the sequence data that they claim describes the variant clusters that have moved around the world there's just no way to take that seriously and that a lot of biologists may just be in the dark as to how inapplicable these technologies are in the context of wild virus and they're just unaware of how their work because of the nature of it is so compartmentalized it doesn't actually allow them to see the clear and present danger of only RNA infectious clones and the that clear and present danger is only local unless you do a coordinated release and of course that's a huge conspiracy that I'm not saying happened but what they want you to believe and again that's it right it started with patient zero and it's spread to patient nine billion coronaviruses don't work like that that is the show that is the show that is the message that's what I want everybody to go home thinking tonight as we move forward and you look forward to what's coming in the next few days I and weeks I hope you will realize that I'm gonna be here as often as possible now office hours in the mornings, and these kinds of longer in-depth discussions more regularly and I'm gonna try and have a few people on the stream but it's amazing how many people don't want to talk to me right now and have gone from “yeah I would love to be on your stream and talk about my idea” to “no way I don't want to be on your stream anymore”. So complain about the guests all you want but there are very few people besides Mark Kulacz that will join me on my stream and I'm not saying that… in particular Kevin McCairn hasn't been invited on my stream Charles Rixey hasn't been invited on my stream Andrew Huff hasn't been invited on my stream but I'm not gonna invite people on my stream that have behaved in the way that they've behaved. Andrew Huff made contact with me already six months ago I'm on a signal chat with him he's made a few jokes with me but it's never actually talked to me about anything. Thomas Renz is supposedly working on a couple lawsuits with people in America and also people in Canada using Andrew Huff as a witness, and again that will codify in forever in trial law and in trial record that there was a gain-of-function virus according to his testimony, and so it seems all hell-bent on the same idea completely ignoring the possibility that coronaviruses are completely incapable of pandemics and that by making RNA infectious clones in the laboratories they've been able to set up an in vitro version of RNA replication that allows them to think about and approximate how this works but they've never been able to adequately replicate how these RNA entities manifest in nature because of the nature of their manifestation their understanding how their genes sustain themselves is a bit more complicated than what they are talking about here there's no mention of non replicating particles there's no mention of the viral swarm because again it goes against their narrative which is that a certain sequence combined in a certain way can represent the acceleration of viral evolution by 200,000 years and result in a pandemic and that is absolutely 100% total BS that's what I think this is what I think too I'm gonna see you guys really soon and then probably in the morning at 10 o'clock is the most likely plan although I might come on later depending on what my friend Mark does because if he's gonna stream tonight I might just sit back and listen that's mark eusatonic he's a tonic live one of my firm allies in this fight as is Robert F Kennedy jr. and children's health defense thank you very much guys and I'll see you guys soon Mark are you streaming today or what are you gonna announce it on here there's a hundred people that want to know if you're streaming talk to me goose thanks a lot guys I'll see you soon yes I will post on soapbox every time I start to stream that's an affirmative I'll do it for you buddy